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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 25, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bill: ted cruz back on the trail today, we will see how he addresses the kasich cruz strategy. born indiana, that's where he was last night. martha: is going to be hammering that all the time so we will see you tomorrow. have a good day everybody p8 bye-bye. jon: the battle for the easy heat up as the candidates make their final pushes. one day before five states hold primaries, good morning. i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers, in for jenna lee. did you have a good weekend? jon: i did indeed. heather: it was very nice.
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ted cruz and john kasich, they dropped the bombshell on the republican race. to the two candidates announcing last night they are teaming up in an effort to deny donald trump the nomination. cruz will focus on indiana while kasich says he will campaign in oregon and new mexico. >> we are going to an open convention. i have been saying it for two months. people were saying he doesn't know what is talking about. it turns out i'm right. we are going to go there and i tell you what people are going to think. delegates are going to think about who can win in the fall. i've read you these numbers and i can review more numbers. [applause] i don't know why they are booing. we want to win. we can't lose. the stakes are too high. and we don't want to hand the general election to the other side. if hillary is the next president, we will lose the supreme court for a generation. the bill of rights is put in jeopardy and in all likelihood
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we will lose the senate and possibly the house. our kids are buried in trillions more debt and we stay trapped in the same economic stagnation we are in now and the differences, if i'm the nominee, we beat hillary clinton. jon: john kasich has said he will not campaign in indiana. he will see that state to ted cruz, hoping he can beat donald trump. let's listen to ted cruz. he is important indiana, let us see if he brings up this strategy. >> this is about winning the votes of the hoosier state. giving indiana the opportunity to choose and we're at a fork in the road. we are at a fundamental fork in the road. if donald trump is the hillary nominee, hillary wins. hillary beat donald trump by double digits and if hillary wins, and wins in a landslide that not only cost us the presidency, we lose the senate. we may lose the house. we lose the supremecourt for a generation. we lose the bill of rights , it gets put into real jeopardy and i will tell you, here in the
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state of indiana donald trump at the top of the ticket losing in a landslide would cost republican seats all throughout the state of indiana. we're not going to let that happen. the stakes are too high to allow our kids and grandkids to be buried and millions more debt. to continue on down another eight, more years of the failed economy. the stagnation we've been facing. if donald trump is the nominee, hillary clinton wins and indiana's coal industry will be bankrupted. tens of thousands of jobs will be lost in the state of indiana if donald trump is the nominee because itguarantees hillary clinton a win . if i am the nominee, we beat hillary. we beat hillary in swing states, we beat hillary among independents, we beat hillary with young people. >> do you feel he would work with you?
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>> we had conversations in both campaigns agree. we are focusing our energy on the state of indiana and governor kasich is focusing his energy elsewhere. that is this is a decision, and allocation of resources that makes sense and is devoted to the principle of beating hillary clinton in november and turning this country around. >>. [overlapping conversation] >> summarizing this is a sign of desperation from both camps that they have to beat donald trump together and you can imagine donald trump is going to use that today as he talks about what's being done. >> listen, i don't doubt that donald trump is going to scream and yell and curse and insult and probably cry and whine as well. that has been donald's pattern and i recognized everyone got all excited because last week donald on his home state. which i'm amazed that's news anywhere, of course donald on his home state. i can tell you in the five elections that preceded new york , over the course of three weeks, we on landslide elections in all five starting with utah, then north dakota, then wisconsin, then colorado,
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then wyoming. we on landslides in a row, beanie donald trump five times in a row and 1.3 million people voted in those five states. it was a massive turnout. we on landslides and indeed, i heard more votes in the state of wisconsin then donald trump did in new york so yes, i agree. there is desperation on the trump side and the reason donald trump is desperate is because it is now abundantly clear nobody's getting to 1237. >> is this a hail mary? >> it is abundantly clear that nobody is getting to 1237. we are headed to a contested convention and at a contested convention, donald trump is in real trouble. why? he cannot earn the support of a majority of the delegates elected by the people. donald has said consistently hard ceiling of 40 percent that he can't break. donald has been a minority candidate, a fringe candidate. he benefited early in the race by having a multitude of
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opponents the opposition to donald was diffuse but what we had seen happening over the last month is the republican party uniting behind our campaign. of the 17 candidates who started this race, i have now endorsed our campaign. rick perry, lindsey graham, jeb bush, scott walker and carly p arena. we are seeing the full spectrum of the republican party uniting and let me say something about the hoosier state. there is a common sense sensibility about this great state. you had leaders like governor mitch daniels, governor mike pence who roll up their sleeves and solve problems. to understand when you cut taxes and lift regulation, the solution is job expand. we need a president in the spirit of mitch daniels and mike pence. that is exactly what this campaign is based on. my number one priority as president is jobs and economic growth.
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if i'm elected president we will repeal every word of obamacare. we will pass a simple flat tax and abolish the irs. we will rain in the epa and federal regulators, especially the epa that is killing the coal industry, killing tens of thousands of jobs in the state of indiana and we will stop amnesty and and sanctuaries. and the effect of all that is we are going to see millions and millions of new high-paying jobs coming back to america. we are going to see wages rising again. we're going to see manufacturing jobs coming back to indiana coming from china, coming from mexico and we will see young people coming out of school, two, three, four, five job opportunities. [overlapping conversation] >> last question. >> voters who have watched you run as an outsider all these months who now see you making a deal with john kasich, how do you justify that as not collusion? >> i have been from day one and outsider and the proof is in the pudding. >> but now you are making quick
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let me answer your question. the proof is in the pudding. the voters can ask who has stood up and led the fight against the washington cartel from day one and i am the only candidate in this race that has taken on not just democrats but leaders in my own party over and over and over again.when i ran for senate i promised the people of texas i would lead the fight against obamacare. that's what i did in the senate, much to the annoyance of the washington cartel and as president i will repeal every word of obamacare. when i ran for senate in texas i promised the voters lead the fight against amnesty. that's what i did in the senate, leading the fight against the gang of eight amnesty bill. at the same time donald trump was funding the gang of eight, getting over $50,000 to the proponents of amnesty, i was leading the fight and we
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defeated amnesty in congress. as president i will stop amnesty, secure the voters, and sanctuary city and we will and welfare benefits for those here illegally. [overlapping conversation] >> senator, you didn't answer the question. what you say to to those people who said it collusion? i respectfully ask that again. donald trump is saying you are colluding and you expect to hear that from him again and again. >> i understand that donald will whine. that's what he does. donald is a sore loser. when he lost five states in a row and landslide elections, donald threw atantrum . and his response is to attack the voters. his responses to attack the people. yes, i get that the trump campaign is scared. they are scared of indiana. donald wasn't scared he show up in indiana and have a debate but he would much rather hide in trump tower. he'd much rather stay in northeastern states. jon: ted cruz campaigning in indiana, a state that has been seeded to him by the kasich campaign as the two campaigns try to coordinate to do the most damage they can to the donald trump candidacy. joining us now for a look at
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all of this inside politics, brett behr, the host of special report. there has been talk of forming this alliance in the past. it never really seemed to go anywhere from what i can understand that this time cruz and kasich are going to team up to try to deny donald trump the 1237 delegates that he hopes to get in a first round ballot at the convention. i guess the question is, will it work? that is a big question john. the last time this was attempted was marco rubio with john kasich. marco rubio saying to his supporters, vote for john kasich in ohio. kasich never returned the favor to say vote for marco rubio in florida and that failed miserably in the end of the rubio campaign. this is interesting the way each candidate is talking about it. you heard senator cruz saying we are going to devote our time in indiana and not in oregon
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and new mexico to clear the field therefore the kasich campaign. john kasich asked about this said i never told the people of indiana not to vote for me. they ought to vote for me but i'm not over there campaigning and spending resources. we have limited resources. so how they talk about it is important. bottom line, is this too little too late? and can a stop trump from 1237? that has yet to be seen. it's going to be closeif you do the math. jon: donald trump has gone on a tear on twitter criticizing this new alliance if that's what you call it. one of them that he put out a little before eight this morning eastern time says , lying ted cruz crews and one for 38 kasich are unable to be on their own so they have to team up. collusion in a two on one shows weakness. there were several other tweets of the same variety. i guess i have towonder bread , and i don't know if anybody knows the answer but so many trump fans are fans of his because he is an outsider. he doesn't come from the
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political sphere and when they see this kind of thing, it might just drive more people to want to vote for donald trump. >> it's true and that's why you hear donald trump talking about this process on the trail nonstop saying it's a great process and it's not fair and he has the most votes in the most states. all things that are true. however, once you get to the point of actually sealing the deal, this is the system that has been set up. whether good or bad, if the system everyone is playing in now and he needs to get 1237. if he comes up short, he has some time between the last primary and the start of the convention, 41 days to convince unbound delegates that the number needs to get over the top on that first ballot and that will be the focus at that time to june 7 and july 18.
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jon: so the idea is that governor kasich will campaign heart and his campaign will go all out in oregon and new mexico. they will not do any campaigning in indiana. the idea being that oregon and new mexico both have 32 delegates. indiana has 37 so it's sort of a parity between the two campaigns but there's no guarantee this is going to work. no guarantee that is going to keep donald trump from reaching that 1237 number no guarantee. however it does increase the chances that trump may need more of the percentage of remaining states to get to that 1237 number. now i think it's at 58 percent of the delegates on the table in the 15 remaining states. he's expected to do well tomorrow in the five oh called primary states in the northeast and mid-atlantic but i think indiana will be a key moment in this race and if trump and up winning indiana, he very well could get to that 1237 number. jon: the last i saw, trump was winning indiana in the latest poll but ted cruz was within
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twopoints which is probably within the margin of error . it could go very well for ted cruz in that state. >> it could but that is the reason i think they are dividing up resources. when you go head-to-head it's two points. when you put john kasich in the mix it's more like six or seve . jon: interesting. we will see what happens. brett behr, after a special report.much to talk about on your program tonight, i'm sure >> thanks john . heather: a medical program helping six students get back to class fast and the telemedicine initiative that is catchingon in a major us city. we want to hear from you. you think the mainstream media has given too much coverage to the gop race and too little to the democrats? join us at . >> that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly.
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newspaper industry. gannett, which owns usa today and more than 100 other newspapers around the country wants to acquire tribune publishing. the offer, $815 million. tribune owns several major newspapers including the chicago tribune and los angeles times. tribune has not publicly responded to the gannett proposal. heather: a new program to tell you about that helping six children get the treatment they need and get it fast. dozens of public schools in dallas are using something called telemedicine equipment on campus. that's allowing doctors to treat children from miles away. casey spiegel is live in dallas with more on the plan. hi casey. translator: reporter: this is not just in dallas, this is also in other surrounding schools around north texas. boy have times changed. typically when a child gets sick at school, we know a parent often has to leave work and then you spend hours trying to get into the doctor, wait
8:19 am
for a doctor or at a pharmacy for a prescription to be picked up but that could soon be a thing of the past with this new high-tech approach to healthcare. children's health systems in north texas rolling out a telemedicine program where students get sick, they go to the school nurse and instantly their videoconferencing with a pediatrician or nurse practitioner. virtual scopes and stethoscopes give the doctor a live look at what is going on with their tiny patient miles away. >> i would explain it to my dad and i'd say remember the veterinarian jetsons dad question? my doing. that was so futuristic that being able to see a doctor on a screen that was miles and miles away but still be able to get the care you need. reporter: the virtual doctor program is currently in zip codes where data shows a large number of er visits for nonemergencies so parents now won't just take their kids to the er for something like a
8:20 am
sniffle. children's health started this into schools. it was so well received more than 50 now have an next school year they plan to be in more than 80. school nurses say this is a blessing for working parents because there are no lost wages . not to mention the ease and speed of it all. >> it's so easy to use. kind of looks like a robot and looks scary at first but everything is so user-friendly. it's very easy. i'm very confident when i'm using it. reporter: right now the program is free for all students but the hospital group is working at ways to eventually be able to build insurance, make money and make this more sustainable. heather? heather: that's what i was about to ask, about the payment. see casey spiegel live with us, thank you. jon: one of the places in
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brussels that saw so much death and destruction is up and running again more than a month after the deadly terror attacks , more on the reopening of that subway station and how passengers can remember the victims. plus, on the mainstream media giving too much coverage to the conflict in the republican player presidential campaign and too little coverage of the democrats infighting? our media panel weighs in. that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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heather: happening now, no more progress in brussels as the city recovers from last month's deadly terror attack. the multi-subway station where 16 people were killed by a suicide bomber reopening this morning and security is now much more visible across the belgian transit system and a special memorial also set up where commuters can leave messages of hope and support. jon: brand-new data shows the republican race for president is getting much more attention on television news networks
8:25 am
than the democratic contest. according to the media research center, conservative media watchdog. why is that happening? let's take it up with our media panel. tammy bruce, a fox news contributor. alan colds, host of the allen colds show indicated by fox news radio. do you agree with the premise? does observation support the premise that the republican race is getting more attention? >> it's getting more attention, i think that's clear. they are much more interesting people. on the other hand, there is i think i don't think it's conscious on the left anymore. i think it's subconscious because anytime you cover bernie or hillary, it's got to be negative. you've got to discuss the nbi's investigation of that candidate. you have to discuss bernie sanders and how he's a lunatic on the issue of the economy. you got to go into issues that where none of it can be fun.
8:26 am
it's all bad and so why should you even do it and especially when really, no one really does want to see them on television. maybe a rally bernie is great but on television not so much so you got both the wonderful aspect of the republicans being fascinating and on the other hand, the democrats not so muc . jon: fascinating people. the premise is right but your reasoning i believe is not exactly accurate. >> you know, it's because the conflict is on the right. the conflict in the republican party, we believe that this point request will be the nominee. you've got fractured republican party with two top candidates in cruz and kasich where it's anathema, they don't even like them. we have a possible contested convention. that's where the story is and plus, donald trump is out there making ridiculous, offensive, insulting statements and those kind of statements get press, they get attention.
8:27 am
plus you got guy who did 14 years on the apprentice. course it's going to get attention. jon: on the democratic side, the number two candidate is democratic socialist who is not even officially a member of the democratic party. >> the caucuses with democrats and he's more of a socialist democrat and a real socialist but he's a big story too. he gets 20,000 people in washington squarepark . the story there isn't a different kind of story. >> but he doesn't get the coverage even when you've got a rally that really challenge even obama's numbers, in fact he did better than obama with delegates in new york but you wouldn't know that. he on virtually every district in new york, even though hillary on the state. those are fascinating stories but they say well, he would be every republican candidate allen, it's because no one is talking about the fact that who he is, what he stands for. >> if this is such a popular socialist, would miss go against your theory and the republican theory that we have a liberal media that's going to
8:28 am
go? when they go in automatically with that story. >> that's why we're discussing this and were discussing it because he will be the nominee. they don't want to discuss why not because it's the superdelegates and that brings in the issue about why hillary is effectively tied with him because she's under investigation. [overlapping conversation] we want to talk about the corrupt system it's on the other side. >> you know how i know i'm right? when alan changes the subject. >> how did i change the subject? >> i just mentioned hillary in the fbi, you started talking aboutcolorado. >> she's not going to be indicted , they're not going to do it in the middle of an election. you can say the words ben ghazi and email all you like. [overlapping conversation] jon: what up for premise that the legacy media as tammy likes to call them are focusing more on the democratic race because, i'm sorry more on the republican race because they like to tear down the republican candidate mark.
8:29 am
>> the republican candidates are caring themselves down. you have conflict within the republican party itself. youhave the establishment that's repulsed by who the likely nominee is going to be or the secondary nominee could be. you've got a potentially contested convention and that's where the story is. the media didn't make up the conflict, the republicans are at each other's throats . >> and in fact you could cover it that way or you could cover it as i see it as being people who absolutely want the presidency, are willing to fight for it but you wouldn't know about the conflict on the democratic side with a racist type, hillary doing worse than she did in 2008 and a man who's got incredible support who is just being pushed off to the side. you don't hear about that at all. >> she's on a number of states, got millions more votes than bernie sanders and she is likely going to get the nomination. it's not a lock at this point but it's likely.
8:30 am
jon: but overall, republicans are leading in the vocab through the primary season by five or 20 million. >> when you have non-close, open primaries, a lot of people are encouraged to go out and vote. whether that's goingto translate to a general election, it's hard to say. >> of course it is. the same state with "for the republicans, the democrats have. you don't see republicans , i've got to go and vote for hillary. >> know, but you've got candidates on the other side, you've got higher negatives trump and crews and whether those translate to general election boats and he wins with hispanics and blacks. >> 7 million more people have been able to switch over and you're going to see the crap majorities switching to the republicans. [overlapping conversation] we don't see that sweet to the democrats for a reason because we want a president who is not in prison. >> i didn't hear that story. i miss the news cycle question mark somehow she got indicted.
8:31 am
>> it's called fact. >>it's a fact that she's in prison? jon: we didn't even get to the part of the conversation where donald trump calls the media, dishonest, disgusting people . >> he wouldn't be where he is without the media. jon: we will save that for another time. tammy bruce, alan combs, thank you both. heather: still to come, powerful storms in the midwest bringing hail and a tornado and the danger is far from over. what to expect inthe days ahead. and donald trump and hillary clinton now going after each other. are we getting a preview of a very rough general election campaign? our political panel debates . >> get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound)
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we can provide the right care, right at home. jon: people in nebraska are in cleanup mood after at least one tornado touched down late sunday. officials are still assessing the damage but there are reports of injuries and more bad weather on the way. return to meteorologist jana lane in the fox weather center with more. >> it is that time of year where we could see the potential for more tornadoes as we get into tomorrow and wednesday but there are your career reports since yesterday in parts of nebraska toward wisconsin and minnesota where we could have the threat for more severe weather today. let's take a look at the past 24 hours. this stalled front will being the potential for hail and winds today and then our main system across the rockies that's going to give us perhaps one of the biggest severe threats that we had in so far
8:36 am
this year so severe threat through tonight for milwaukee, chicago and peoria. large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes.not looking at a severe outbreak today but tomorrow as we watch this low, it juts out into the central plains. all the ingredients we need for severe weather. that's the goal of moisture, thecold air from canada and we got that cold front lysing across the central plains so the storm prediction center has said people who live across the central us , texas, oklahoma, kansas and toward the nebraska , you need to be on alert for large, destructive, maybe deadly tornadoes but we want people to be on alert know what to do if and when there is a watch in your area so we've known for days now that this region is going to be hit perhaps hard with destructive tornadoes. heading into wednesday, the
8:37 am
risk diminishes a little bit but still across the mississippi river valley need to be on alert so the bottom line is john and heather, tomorrow we could have a severe weather outbreak with dangerous long-lasting destructive tornadoes. people need to be on alert and we will keep you posted from the fox news extreme weather center. jon: your pal freddie is helping kids stay on alert for tornadoes, isn't he? thank you tran one. we are educating kids and making them aware of how they can stay safe during tornado season, thank you for that. jon: is just out today right? >> we debuted it on fox and friends and your copy is on your desk right now. jon: my kids are a little old to read it to them but i might try it. >> i would love to read to you. be on let's make it a date. janis ian, thank you. heather: i want to see that. take pictures, to it. presidential front-runner's hillary clinton and donald trump now taking aim at each other in a preview of what could be a nasty general
8:38 am
election fight. listen. >> i really want to fight hillary. i really do. [applause] i don't know if you will be easier or harder but that's the one i want to be. they came out with apoll recently , and election between crooked hillary and wonderful donald, it will be the biggest most incredible vote getting election in thehistory of our country. >> he's already showed us what he believes and he's already said what he wants to do and he wants to go after everyone of the rights that we have . heather: will weather her, he's a republican strategist and former florida speaker of the house and jessica ehrlich, a democratic strategist and former democratic congressional candidate. thank you for joining us. wehave crooked hillary and wonderful donald . where do we think the direction of this campaign, the general election direction is going to go if these are the two
8:39 am
candidates? is that a sign of things to come? >> it probably is and it's unfortunate. donald trump needs to careful. he's not out of the woods yet. he's not going to secure the delegates before the convention so there's going to be a tricky path for him but there's no question these two are going to go after each other but i would say it donald trump plans to attack and insult his way to victory, that's not going to work. he's got offer a 21st entry vision of what a conservative looks like. he's going to show how we lift people out of poverty, how we keep ourselves safe in the united states. how we are going to bring the healthcare problem that the self-report challenges. it's got to be an optimistic message. negative insultingmessages i think is a disaster . merrick garland. jessica, what you think? all the candidates are saying they are in it for the long haul. is it wise for hillary to refocus and concentrate on trump?
8:40 am
>> i think certainly from the democratic side she's got the numbers add a little bit of the wind at her back now, particularly. we will see tomorrow with this primary we've got in the northeast. certainly with the sanders campaign, they have a little less rhetoric for them. they are a little more focused on how many folks they can get before they head into the convention so for hillary, i think it's good to sort of start making the transition at this point into what her messaging is going to be for the general election and certainly there's a little bit less of the back-and-forth between her and senator sanders so on the democratic side i think we are all comfortable. the message is coming together, the emotion and moment tomorrow coming together and the republicans are still fighting it out. cruz is talking this morning nonstop about donald trump and how he's going after him and how he said there's no way he
8:41 am
can get to 1237 which is the opposite of what everyone else is saying.definitely donald, i agree with will to some extent. he's been throwing punches though this entire campaign and it's worked so far. will it work against hillary is the question. heather: he does have punches coming at him from all angles. let's talk about cruz and kasich. we've been talking about that all morning, teaming up against him so he has them against him has a pair and he's got hillary focusing her campaign as well. >> he's in a tricky position. he's been a bareknuckle fighter this entire primary and it's worked to a large extent but now he finds himself close to the nomination and he's looking for friends so he can get to the 1237 delegates that needs to sew up this nomination but i just think he's going to have to change the way he runs. if he continues with the negativity, if he continues with the insults, that is not going to win in november.
8:42 am
he's going to have to be a statesman. he's going to have to learn to focus on the positive aspects of what our belief structure with the republican party can do for people and if it's not a voice of optimism, it's the voice of negativity and attacks, i just don't think it's going to be successful and candidly, that's what our party is about. we are not solutions, we're about ideas and trump needs to figure that out and the game he's been playing so far is not going to work in the future. heather: he has new people on his staff working for him. they say we are going to see trump focusing more on policy moving forward and if you look at some of these ads, the recent ones that come out, they do focus on the economy so we will see if that continues. jessica, one more question for you. i want to go back to what you said about sanders and hillary clinton and one of the problems she seems to have moving forward to the general are, the people that are in favor of him and this one poll asks sanders supporters what they would do in the general election it doesn't up being hillary clinton which it appears to be
8:43 am
an 15 percent of sanders supporters say they would stay home on election day and 16 percent and they would vote for the republican nominee. how does she change those numbers by focusing on trump at this point? >> i think we will see particularly after the convention when everyone comes together and really solidifies what the message is going to be from the democratic party and what our vision of the future look like for the country. i think the will come together particularly because it looks like there's going to be a contested convention on the republican side and it's going to be so ugly that for those small percentage of people who say they support bernie but they're not going to support hillary, there are so many others who are dissatisfied who are republicans who are moderate independence or looking at this like, watching the cost of service going on and they want adult to show up. they want someone who has a plan for the future and it's something they can get behind. that's what i think we are going to see following the summer and it just continues to go, i think trump is going to
8:44 am
have record turnout in terms of voters. we seen this entire election cycle and it is definitely something that people are motivated in every state . >> that something to be excited about for sure. seven weeks left in the primary season and a lot can change as we know for this election season. will, jessica, thank you for joining us with your insights. >> thank you. >> thank you. jon: a nightmarish look at some of the details of the sinking of the titanic. artifacts go up for auction including grim photographs from a recovered lifeboat with corpses on board. >>
8:45 am
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8:47 am
be on fox news alert, it is baseball season but we have football news for you. an appeals court in new york has decided that tom brady must serve the four-game suspension that was handed down to him by nfl commissioner roger goodell
8:48 am
as a result of the deflate gate scandal. brady as you know was accused of using underinflated football during the championship game in january 2015. when the nfl got the details, he was given a four-game suspension by the commissioner. brady appeals, went to a federal judge in new york who throughout the suspension but now an appeals court has reinstated it . this could be the last word, could mean that brady is out for games of the upcoming season. we are working on a guest with more information. we will have that for you later today on happening now. heather: deflate gate doesn't go away.a classic new glimpse at the tragic ending of the titanic. objects up for
8:49 am
auction detailing the discovery of the ships last lifeboat. three corpses and a woman'sring found on that boat. the gruesome find documented in photographs and a handwritten note. joining us now on the phone from london is andrew alldredge of henry alldredge and son auctioneers. thank you for joining us . >> thank you for having me on the show. heather: the auction held at your house last saturday and i understand that 9092 percent of the items sold. take us about these new items that were discovered recently. >> that's correct. lots of dreams are known about the titanic but with these particular photographs, they illustrate the graphic reality of the disaster. the titanic in many courses, not to use a clichc but she was described as the ship of dreams and here we have the other side of the coin. here we have a collapsible life that's recovered just under a month after the disaster with three bodies on board. with these three photographs not showing the bodies but showing the recovery of the lifeboat with this incredibly graphic first-person primary account of the recovery
8:50 am
operation. heather: the first person account, that's who wrote the letter . do we know who that was? >> we don't, it's completely unknown and i will read it to you because it does give a flavor of the horrors that were encountered at this point. heather: as you just hold one moment, i'm going to have you read some of that when we come back after a quick break. we will talk a little more about where these items have been for so long as well. we want to know about that. andrew alldredge, he will join us after the break so stay tuned for more onitems discovered from the titanic . >>
8:51 am
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8:53 am
jon: back to that story on the titanic in a minute butlet's
8:54 am
check out what's ahead on outnumbered at the top of the hour. sandra and harris . >> i don't know what to say about that. ted cruz and john kasich eating out for the first time, saying they will team up and take down, according to them, donald trump. what they had to say and whether their strategy will work plus, then the democratic race getting nastier now and bernie sanders surrogate invokes monica lubinski while slamming hillary clinton. and a middle school choir is ordered to stop singing the national anthem at a 9/11 memorial. wait until you hear why. all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy, judge andrew napolitano is on the couch and outnumbered. top of the hour. jon: you never miss that laugh. thank you. >> can't mistake it. jon: see you at the top of the hour speed. heather: back to our discussion about artifacts that have recently been discovered that went down with the titanic. joining us on the phone from
8:55 am
london, andrew alldredge of henry alldredge and son auctioneers where the auction was held this past saturday for some of these items. thank you for sticking around. you were going to talk to us a little more about this letter that was found by one of the survivors. it was part of the what you call it, the collapsible lifeboat that was found as well. >> this was a month after the sinking, the oceanic came across this collapsible lifeboat in the north atlantic and one of the passengers on board that oceanic wrote an accompanying note to go along with the photograph and it really does give us an idea of how dramatic and graphic the events were then unfolded. heather: tell us a little of what he says in the note. >> he says, i crossed the atlantic one month after the titanic catastrophe. we picked up one of the lifeboat with two unrecognizable works is, just held below the seats. the arms came off in the hands of the oceanic boarding officer. this is truly horrific stuff. heather: it really is.
8:56 am
>> this is what happens with the disaster be seven advanced of the story. >> exactly. heather: so this collapsible lifeboat that is now what, up for auction or someone before it? >> know, we had three photographs. it's a 19-month-old montage of three photographs and this account of the recovery ofthe lifeboat . heather: and it was used to actually rescue people off the titanic as we just heard some describe but some were rescued as well. >> what happened was as the case unfold after the titanic single, collapsible a's were washed off the deck. in the rush for this to happen because it was a collapsible they did manage to raise the signs of the lifeboat in time but you had 13 people in the night in that lifeboat in freezing cold water but it saved their lives. heather: amazing stuff and
8:57 am
quickly, we are out of time but where's all this man? that particular lot, that has been in the private collection . we sold about 50 lot. heather: thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. remarkable stuff. we will be right back, stay with us.
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> heather and i are back if one hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. breaking news in the world of sports the appeals court ruling on tom brady's "deflategate" case, says that he must now serve that "deflategate" penalty, the four-game suspension is back on for new england patriots quarterback tom brady, after the league found it was more probable than not tom brady ordered the team to deflate those footballs. he still stands by that he did not but he will not be suspended for the first fouram


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