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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 25, 2016 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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you cut our budget. nobody takes responsibility. we all miss our flight, we carry the bag. >> tsa are big fans of the show. >> thank you tsa. ganging up on trump. ted cruz and john kasich come together in what the front-runner calls a horrible act of collusion and desperation. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. the proverb has new means in the never a dull moment increasingly cut throughout republican race. ted cruz and kasich are joining forces to stop a donald trump nomination. it could receive a major boost during five primaries tuesday. we have fox team coverage
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tonight. ed henry with the democrats. we begin with chief political correspondent in pennsylvania and the new world order for now republicans. good evening, carl. >> thanks, brett. my states are tomorrow. trump leads it polls in all of them. still, most of the focus is looking ahead to indiana, which doesn't vote until next tuesday. cruz and kasich are teaming up. >> we are in in indiana. >> reporter: winner take all, kasich will not compete so cruz will have a better chance of denying trump delegates. >> big news today, john kasich decided to pull out of indiana to give us a head-to-head contest with donald trump. >> cruz will avoid oregon and new mexico where kasich has a better shot at undercutting
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trump. the collaboration is cheaper and tactical. >> i don't have, you know, like, daddy warbucks behind me giving me the money. i have to be careful about my resources. furthermore, the reason i'm in this race is i'm the only one that beats hillary clinton. >> reporter: it could outrage trump backers that heard him complain the gop is corrupt. >> it's colluding. if you collude in business or collude in the stock market, they put you in jail. in politics, because it's a rigged system, a corrupt enterprise, in politics you are allowed to collude. >> cruz added an element for opposing north carolina's law to use restrooms assigned to their birth gender. >> if donald trump dresses up as hillary clinton, he still can't
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go to the girl's bathroom. and i think the american people are looking for leadsers who embrace common sense and are willing to once and for all speak the truth. >> trump's new campaign team of washington insiders promises to act more presidentially, it didn't start today. >> he has a news conference all the time when he's eating. i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. >> reporter: they tweeted, we were looking for trump sticks for the governor, but nobody seems to sell them anymore. to stop trump, kasich and cruz teams have already begun vetting their vice president potential picks. it may be wishful thinking in trump's mind, but they are serious about it. >> thank you. hillary clinton could soon be in o decision to slam the door on bernie sanders in the democratic race. 384 delegates are at stake in
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tomorrow's primaries. clinton leads sanders in the polls in the three big states, pennsylvania, maryland and connecticut, as you see here. chief white house correspondent, ed henry, is with the clinton campaign. >> reporter: she's confident she's on the verge of locking up the race, aids are rumoring vice president picks. she's focused on hammering donald trump. >> come out of those towers and actually talk and listen to people. >> don't just fly that big jet in and land it and go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of. >> reporter: to the chagrin of the sanders camp, he won't stop attacking her. >> secretary clinton chose to raise her money a different way. [ booing ] >> she has a number of superpacks. >> reporter: a curious way to reach out to clinton. they are angling to have a major
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role drafting a party platform at the convention here in philadelphia. a taunt may be difficult with former obama campaign manager like david plouffe. raising more money when he knows there's little chance of victory. sanders allies like rosario dawson is rubbing salt in the wounds by using monica lewinsky and antibullying initiative. >> we are literally under attack for not just supporting the other candidate. now, i'm with monica lewinsky on this, bullying is bad. now, as a campaign strategy, we are being bullied. >> reporter: pressed to disavow the comments, he ducked and dodged. >> rosario is a great actress and doing a great job for us. what i will be doing is issue
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oriented, not by personal attacks. >> reporter: with a new tv ad featuring a song written for her by andra day. clinton seems to be getting a lot of love from republican, charles koch who says she could be a better president than anyone the gop offers. >> it's possible. it's posz zable. >> reporter: koch added her actions have to be different than the rhetoric. as for clinton using a private jet, she uses one, too. brett? >> thank you. perhaps the biggest danger to a clinton presidency is not bernie sanders or the republican nominee, it could be the investigation into her e-mail scandal. kathryn has new information tonight on one avenue we have
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not explored so far. >> thank you, brett. there's no question the intelligence community is doing damage after e-mails contained information. >> they are looking at determining the scope of breach that is may have happened and the damage assessment that is go with them. we all understand that we have classified information channelled that weren't secure on secretary clinton's server and risk associated with that. >> classified information is outside channels such as as personal server. the goal is to determine whether messages were compromised. when asked what the state department is doing, a spokesman says 22 top secret e-mails are still in dispute. >> there are reviews and investigations ongoing looking at that. we want to make sure that those
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reviewers and investigators are able to do their job cleanly without interference from us. >> meantime, the chairwoman of the democratic national committee said sunday, the fbi investigation will come to nothing, but said mrs. clinton's use after a private server was not the same as previous secretaries of state who occasionally used personal e-mail accounts. >> she was doing something and using private e-mail in the same way previous secretary of states have. >> we know that's not .
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>> we have the place -- we have an entire campaign organization that's helping them run. >> trump is hiring a veteran strike that gis and most recently ken mckay a political director for the republican governor's association. it was supposed to mean a better delegate -- trump playing catch up when they made this plea to voters. >> four votes, one for donald trump and three for delegates. >> reporter: without tell whog the trump delegates are.
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they circulated an easy to read hand out. >> he understands, in order to possibly win a contested convention, his way to getting the nomination would be through this courtship with the delegates. >> reporter: one early sign of the paf, the candidates show up to the rally. ohio governor, john kasich plays little role in his campaign's cultivation of delegates leaving it to charlie black and likening himself in his capacity of delegation to a figure from the bottom. >> he was deciding every dispute in the community. his father-in-law went to him and said, you know, moses, you decide the big ones and let somebody else decide the little ones. >> reporter: aids to donald trump said the front-runner was unaware. that's why today, those who
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attended trump's rally in westchester, p.a. saw him hold up a card saying we have a slate of people, go vote for the slate. >> thank you. we'll have a series of stories about delegates and who they are. >> international news, police in bangladesh suspect radical iz rammists in the murder of a gay rights activist. the man's friend was killed. a security guard says he, too, was attacked by five or six young men posing as employees of a courier service. a wave of attacks on foreigners and secular bloggers. at least six people were killed when a car bomb exploded in damascus today. the bombing in the same suburb in february killed 130 people. new questions about how involved u.s. troops may be
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inside syria. president obama is upping the u.s. commitment to fight isis both on the ground and in cyber space. kevin has the story from germany. >> given the success, i have approved the deployment of up to 250 personnel to keep up this momentum. >> reporter: in announcing the biggest surge since the war began there, president obama said today, adding american special forces would help them keep isis on the run. >> they are not leaving the fight on the ground, but, they will be essential in providing the training and assisting local forces they continue to drive isil back. a foreign tour that took them to saudi arabia and great britain. they uncorked a flood of concern. it could put american forces at risk of being hit by russian air strikes. >> you can't give 50 troops up
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until today, then an additional 250, now 300, then also, you know, say that americans are not going to lead this and we are looking for the kurds to do the groundwork. we are going to get intel. it's an unserious policy. >> reporter: critic question if it's a case of mission creep. it was in october the president announced 50 americans will be heading to syria. today he said 250 would join them in the effort to drive back isis. uncontrary to the dozen statements by the president, promising not to put boots on the ground there. >> will they be engaged in the search and kill? >> i won't go into details about the mission steps that they are involved with as a general rule, the rule is not to engage directly with the enemy, but rather to work with local forces
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that is consistent with the local policy. >> reporter: the updated plan in syria comes as the u.s. and isis and recruitment capability, use zing so-called cyber bombs to disrupt their networks. director of national intelligence said today there's evidence of isis cells operating throughout europe, the kind we saw in brussels which underscores the challenge of on and off. >> kevin, thank you. next, why obamacare premiums may be going way up, soon. some of our fox affiliates around the country. fox 19 in cincinnati, as the manhunt continues in the execution style killings of eight family members in rural southern ohio. the attorney general says it murders were preplanned and sophisticated. there were marijuana growing operations at three of the four
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crime scenes. fox 25 in boston ruled patriots quarterback tom brady must serve a four-game suspension for his role in deflation of footballs during the 2015 afc championship. last september, a lower court allowed him to play all season. this is a live look at cleveland from fox affiliate 8. the city reaches a $6 million settlement in the lawsuit of a police shooting of a 12-year-old boy. rice was killed by a white police officer playing with a pellet gun. a grand jury declined to bring criminal charges. that's a look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. o view. o view. then you run into a tree. but your totaled new car isn't totally replaced. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. the tsa says it confiscated 73 guns from airline carry on bags during the week that ended last thursday. that's a record. tsa says 68 of those guns were loaded. more than 2 dozen had a bullet in the chamber. we have more evidence tonight that the cost of obamacare is going up, way up. chief legal correspondent is here with a look at the numbers. >> despite assurances the
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affordable care act would make health care more accessible, deductibles and premiums go up was care narrows. the former administrator and also oversaw the glitch-ridden roll out of is now the president and ceo of america's health insurance plan and premiums are set to trend higher than previous years. that is deductibles, some reporting spikes as high as 76% this year. >> the companies that are putting the plans together have learned that the only way you can comply with all of the many requirements and regulations and mandates built into obamacare and have a product that isn't outrageously expensive is higher deductibles. >> insurance companies are having a tough time complying with the law and remaining
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viable. people are signing up now that they have better access and others are risking the tax penalty instead. they put a cap on the so-called bailout programs designed to protect insurers will expire. united health care will exit most obamacare markets. the administration says costs are being blown out of proportion. once tax credits are factored in, the increases will have less of a real-world impact. skyrocketing premiums, coo of cmf says opening rates that folks file are certainly not the impact that consumers will feel and you should take them with a grain of salt. polling, just 15% of americans say they benefited from the health care law. 26% report they have been harmed by it. brett? >> thank you. a group of middle schoolers from north carolina tried to pay
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their respect at the 9/11 memorial friday by singing the national anthem. we say try because two security guards stopped them from single the star spangeled banner. they needed a permit to sing. they say it was mishandled. dow was down today. not enough people in seattle say they want to ride their bicycle. what the government is doing about it, when we come back.
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a follow up tonight to a story we brought you last week about what could be a major breakthrough in the treatment of a deadly disease.
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today, patients and family members took their case to the decision makers. we were there and report from hyattsville, maryland. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people packed this conference room to push a skeptical faa for a new precision drug for the treatment of muscular dis fri. it weakens muscles in boys resulting in a cruel decline and death fwi mid-20s. 10 of 12 boys were able to continue walking after three years. jones has been taking it for a year. >> it was four and five times a day, now four or five times a month. >> reporter: despice compelling stories like that, they picked a apart the study, noting the small size, flaws and questionable findings. >> there is not a large difference in age of angulation between the treatment patients and the natural history.
3:29 pm
>> reporter: it infuriated families. >> posture and fine motor skills are improved immensely. he's had zero side effects. >> recognize the safety and effectiveness of the drug. >> reporter: fda handcuffed by the plotting, despite authorization to accelerate the approval of drugs for fatal illnesses. >> make sure they realize what this family is going through, what the child is going through and look at every possible chance of approving a drug. >> reporter: in a recent op-ed, they seem to enjoy issuing reports and watching the company's stock crater. another agonizing wait for thousands of young patients whose time is literally running out. brett? >> doug, thank you. the city leaders in seattle
3:30 pm
believe in the case of public transportation, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again with taxpayer money. tonight, dan springer tells us about the latest in the string of people moving schemes that just don't move people to use them. >> reporter: go anywhere around downtown seattle and you will see them, green bikes, parked, locked and lonely. they ran a bike share program and ran out of money. first year, ridership was one year of what was expected. instead of pulling the plug, they decided to buy and expand pronto to get people out of their cars. >> when you have great car share and tran sis and you can walk, all of a sudden, it becomes easier to live without a car, if you want to. >> reporter: the buyout cost taxpayers 1.4 milli$1.4 million. operations could run 2 million a year. they voted no. >> it's a failed system.
3:31 pm
it's not working. i just didn't feel that we had good business plan for going forward. >> reporter: the few people who are renting the bikes for $8 a pop or $85 a year are usually only riding downhill. the city is built on seven big hills and often wet from seattle's famous rain. still, bike advocates say it can work here. >> here from the east coast, the rain compared to the snow, it's not a huge obstacle. >> reporter: they follow a strain of transportation projects like the monorail and the streetcar that is often empty. >> seattle claims they can't afford basic services. this is an extra thing to do when we can't afford police and parks and libraries and homeless services. >> reporter: not a single city councilmember who voted for the bike share would respond to the questions. they didn't break it, now they own it. now we'll have to see if their training wheels stand any
3:32 pm
better. brett? >> dan springer in seattle. dan, thanks. ted cruz and john kasich team up to try to stop donald trump. we'll get reaction from the panel, when we come back. shmorange. and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. hey, baby, make it your first word! sfx: baby speak not even close. reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange! once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? i spoke to my doctor and she told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. but eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. knowing eliquis had both... ...turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless you doctor tells you to.
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if collude in business or the stock market, they put you in jail. in politics, because it's a rigged system, because it's a corrupt enterprise, in politics you are allowed to collude, so they colluded and actually i was happy. it shows how weak they are. >> i don't see this as a big deal other than the fact i'm not going to spend resources in indiana and he's not going to spend in other places. so what? what's the big deal. i never told them not to vote for me. i'm not there campaigning and spending resources. >> that is a decision that makes a lot of sense and devoted to the principal of beating hillary
3:37 pm
clinton and turning this country around. >> john kasich doesn't talk about it the way ted cruz does, but it is a deal between the two. cruz is not going to campaign or spend money in new mexico or oregon for kasich to have a one-on-one shot. here is why they are doing it. look at the states tomorrow. pennsylvania, donald trump up big in pennsylvania. connecticut, the average there even bigger over john kasich in second and maryland, donald trump up big over kasich and cruz. those are three states of the five tomorrow. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, mara from national public radio and charles. mara, does this work? >> i don't think it's really going to work. i think donald trump is on track
3:38 pm
to get the delegates he needs, not necessarily 1237, but to get the delegates he needs to get the nomination on the first ballot. >> what number is that? >> 1100ish. i think if he shows up in cleveland with around 1100 or above and he's hundreds of delegates above ted cruz, you are going to see delegates come his way. he has to get 1237, but there's a way to do that for him. we have seen in poll after poll big majorities of republican voters think the nominee should be the candidate with the most delegates, not necessarily 1237. and, what's going to happen tomorrow is, i think he'll sweep the primary and every time he does that, even new york where everybody knew he was going to win, it's a psychological notch that tells the never trump people they don't have a chance of stopping him. >> if you do the math, steve, it seems like he could come on short. he's at 58%, of the remaining
3:39 pm
delegates to get to 1237. but, still momentum mean as lot. >> momentum can mean a lot. didn't mean much to cruz after wisconsin. if you look at the victory in new york and couple it with the polling, it looks like trump is picking up steam, certainly not losing steam. if you take the polling we have seen in indiana and beyond the polls, tomorrow he looks like he could be on track to get to 1237. if he's at 1100, there's a big fight. i think it has to be considerably higher. look, i think there are republicans who would like to fight if he's at 1236 and they have every right to fight if he's at 1236. for practical purposes, a lot of republicans have been anti-trump or sounded like they were in the never trump camp backing off that a little bit. you are seeing a normalization
3:40 pm
of trump. some of these other folks and the more that he wins, the more that that happens and the more it weakens the never trump -- i don't think it weakens their argument but the more it makes their cause difficult. >> i heard a lot of people talking about this today, charles. some said, wow, it's kind of late. >> it's extremely late. had they worked this out a month or two ago where they each go one-on-one, trump said i want to go one-on-one with cruz, look at his chance in indiana. this is the end game. momentum's tomorrow starting pitcher, meaning there is no momentum. there's no tomorrow, really. this is a last attempt to try to stop momentum. it means something. the result is about 61%, a huge blowout. if you get the five state sweep
3:41 pm
on tuesday, you have a candidate on the road coming into cleveland. if he's on a road, mara is right, you could be 50 away, maybe 100 away. there will be a sense that the people want him, you have to go with the people. that's what the momentum will mean. this can work to the extent if he stopped in indiana, if cruz is strong enough to do that, that could have a psychological effect. i think everybody says it's all about numbers. no. it's about what the sense is. what the people want in a broad sense. if you stop them in one place or in california, then i think you can have a fight on the floor that looks like it is a legitimate fight. >> indiana is the next big moment in this race. fair to say? >> fair to say. and i think that cruz and kasich, if they want to stop trump are smart to try to do this. the question is, can cruz replicate what happened in
3:42 pm
wisconsin? you had an unusual situation. you had a governor, a well respected speaker though he didn't endorse, it was clear where he was at. talk show hosts lined up against trump. a lot of forces against him. i don't know that's going to be the same in indiana. >> the governor not understanding how popular he is. >> polling in indiana. there's not a lot of polling in indiana, the fox poll on friday had trump up by seven. take kasich out and it's a two-point lead for trump. >> even if this deal never happened, it was likely to be tighter than that. indiana, there are a lot of reasons to believe indiana could be a friendly state to ted cruz. it is the case that the people have spoken if trump head sbos the delegation with the most. of the group, a significant number, i would argue, a
3:43 pm
plurlalty of people said they are never going to vote for trump, they are not going to vote for him, period. that is a huge problem for the republican party going forward. >> their argument is that no single candidate gets more than trump. >> it's a totally fair argument. it's logical. we have the be careful. there are a lot of people, particularly trump supporters who threw around the phrase, the people as if everybody has spoken and this is an overwhelming win. there are a huge number of people who don't support trump and will not support trump in cleveland. >> even if the chouls is hillary clinton? you think they are going to stick to their guns? >> not a normal election. >> let's stay on this issue and listen to one of the koch brothers on this issue. >> you couldn't see yourself supporting hillary clinton, could you? >> well, her -- we would have to
3:44 pm
believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric, let me put it that way. some of the republican candidates, before we could support them, we would have to believe their actions would be quite different than the rhetoric we have heard so far. >> that kicked up a storm. hillary clinton didn't want money from the koch brothers. >> i'm sure if the koch's offered money anonymously and untraceably, she would say yes. she can't do it in public. with the koch brothers, it's not as shocking as people think. they are libertarian in their thinking. trump is a big government guy. cruz, who is small government, nonet nonetheless is libertarian. if you hear them say they could actually not support the top two, that reinforces what steve is saying. there are a lot of republicans who will stay home or write in or do something else. that is a threat, which is why i
3:45 pm
think this idea of the people's choice is a matter of perception. i'm not saying i defend that argument. you have to win a majority. nonetheless, it will be seen as legitimate if taken away when he's that close. >> to the point of the republican race is hillary clinton. >> there is no unifying figure in the republican race. hillary clinton will be unifying to a certain extent. she can't overcome what donald trump is and has done for many republican voters. >> listen to the focus groups, the walmart moms, peter hart, republican leading women, they all say they can oh, they dismiss the things donald trump says. i think you are going to find a lot of people coming around to trump. >> the polls show people who say they would strongly consider a third party candidate, if it were a hillary clinton/donald trump head-to-head match up, 43%. you can't just shrug that off.
3:46 pm
people objected trump on ideological grounds and principal grounds. they think he's not a man of integrity or character. they are not going to change their minds. >> we will see tomorrow how it stacks up. next up, president obama sends more u.s. troops to syria. everyday millions of women worldwide
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what does it represent. >> us dismantling isis is a priority anticipate although we won't send ground troops in to fight, we'll try to find out what works and then double down. >> i got a lot of thing on my plate. but my top priority is to defeat isil. and to eliminate the scourge of this barbaric terrorism that's been taking place around the world. well the president today talking about his announcement about 250 u.s. troops going to syria, adding to the 50 already there, trainers and supporters, and his last month, top priority and a priority. the difference there. so that brings the question, is this going back on the no boots on the ground pledge that he made about syria and that was a topic today at the state department. >> for months and months and
3:52 pm
months the mantra from the president and everybody else in the administration is no boots on the ground. >> no, that's not true. >> what? >> that's not true. i just flatly absolutely disagree with you. i've been speak being about this when i was in uniform for over two years ago. >> we have tape, right? >> guys are going to be wearing sandals. >> first of all, let's get to the number of troops and what this means. just on that video real quick. it doesn't happen every day that the press corps laughs at a spokesman. a spokesman spins b.s. all of the time. this is what they do for a living. you have to say something totally utterly absurd to get laughed at by the press corps, particularly a press corps that needs to keep up with a relationship with you. of course they said it. they said it consistently.
3:53 pm
on the president's comment that this is a top priority. think about that. think about the video you just played. the president said his top priority in his remaining time in office is defeating isil and we now have 250 soldiers on the gound to do it. there's a reason that the president isn't taken seriously on this issue and his rhetoric, repeatedly saying things like that are laughably absurd whether it's the spokesman or the president himself that's one of the reasons. you had last week once again a senior adviser to president obama saying the president should have bombed bashar al assad at the time. this plan is deemed inadequate by obama's former advisors, by virtually everybody in the u.s. military. this is not a plan to win a war. this is a plan to try to avert further catastrophe until the president is out of office. >> ben rhodes and others said this is not direct combat and all these things. >> they are support, they are
3:54 pm
trainers. >> to the families it's combat. >> what he said to charlie rose we won't send these troops in to fight, we're going to try to find out what works and then double down. so it's an experiment. almost like throwing spaghetti to the wall and see what sticks. we'll find out what works because we don't know yet. >> he's upping the troops in iraq now to 4,000, putting apache helicopters there foreclose air support trying to help the kurds and others in the fight against isis there. >> let me just say, unfortunately, it's not spaghetti against the wall. it's soldiers into the teeth of an enemy that is fanatical and have 20,000 armed men against 300 americans. look, he is trying to do something. i think he doesn't think steve is right. he doesn't want to lead off with americans being helicoptered off
3:55 pm
roofs in a defeat, historic defeat like vietnam. this will be enough to hold the field. there is a serious war in the north. there are kurds. and christians. and local sunnis who want to fight against isis but we've not shown the backing that they need. this is a holding operation so he won't be humiliated. not a way to win a war. >> iran, russia, all testing missiles, north korea as well. that's it for the panel. stay tuned. was the caped crusader caught committing crimes instead of stopping them? go ahead... leave the competition behind. lexus gs 350 and 200 turbo. there's no going back.
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finally tonight shifting blame has never looked so cute. a 2-year-old caught drawing on a mirror with his mom's lipstick. what did he do? did he call a superhero to help him out with the punishment from his mom? no. he blamed the superhero. >> who drew on the mirror? >> i don't know. >> was it you? >> no. >> who was it? >> batman. >> batman. >> batman did that. >> just didn't work, i don't think. thanks everybody. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. tomorrow i'll be up in new york for america's election special. megyn kelly and i will take the air at 6:00 p.m. we'll have on scene reporters, exit polls and the all-star panel.
4:00 pm
make sure you tune in. it will be a big night. five primaries. they are all in the east, mid-atlantic. be sure you don't miss it. greta goes on the record right now. tonight on the record, ganging up on trump. senator ted cruz and john kasich are doing that. the two trump opponents striking a deal to derail trump. their goal to deny trump the gop nomination but trump is not taking this lying down and immediately aimed fresh attacks between eyes of his two opponents. >> they announced they are pulling out, leaving this as a direct one on one choice for the people of indiana between our campaign and donald trump. >> it takes two guys long time politicians to try to get-together to try and beat trump and yet they are way behind. >> i don't see this as a big deal.


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