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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 26, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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republicans and democrats. allegedly donald trump and hillary clinton may sweep all five states. let's see what happens. >> it will be a big night for both of them. >> watch it all day here. next, "fox & friends." we'll see you at 4:00 a.m. you're on at midnight. >> yes. "fox & friends" right now. ♪ ♪ tomorrow, we're going to win here in pennsylvania. [ cheers and applause ] >> there is nothing that will hold us back. we will have the future that we deserve if we work together. >> i'm not going to take the low roads to the highest office in the land. i said it all along. i'm not changing. >> the media is not going to decide this race. [ cheers and applause ] >> the people are going to decide this race. [ cheers and applause ] >> we can all unify and we can all go against crooked hillary clinton and beat her, really,
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really beat her big league! >> oh, the battle for the east, ladies and gentlemen. you are looking live at mark's diner in butler, pennsylvania. throughout the morning, it's going to be eggs and issues with anna kooiman reporting live there at the diner. lucky gal. >> lots of people up this morning at the diner. >> this is going to be a big day for both hillary clinton and a huge day for donald trump who will be joining us live and by the way, rick leventhal has been providing excellent coverage for the 5k a.m. show. he's live in blue bell, pennsylvania. the latest in that state where a whole bunch of delegates are available for pennsylvania but only 17 are available to the winner today. right, rick? >> yeah. it's a complicated system, brian. good morning to you, steve and ainsley. the polls are expected to open here in an hour.
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trump is expected to sweep all five of those states and it's closer to the 1237 delegates he needs to wrap up the republican nomination. we saw the strength of trump support yesterday in west chester, pen, where he filled the auditorium at west chester university with 3,000 people and outside there was a line of roughly 3,000 more people that stretched the length of several city blocks and as we've been seeing the last several weeks, a group of several hundred protesters also turning out with police keeping peace. trump came out firing at his republican opponents, cruz and kasich. suggesting they are playing dirt by colluding against him and saying that governor kasich needs to learn some manners. >> he has a news conference whenever he's eating. i've never seen a man eat in
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such a disgusting thing. i tell my son, baron, small little bites. do you want that for your president, shoving a pancake in his mouth? i don't think so. honestly, it's disgusting. >> donald trump is expected to do very well today in all five states. he leads by double digits here in pennsylvania, but it may not matter in the delegate count. as you mentioned, only 17 of the 71 pennsylvania delegates are pledged to the candidate who gets the most votes in the 18 districts. the other 54 delegates are uncommitted. they can vote for whomever they want at the convention in july, so the lobbying for support here in pennsylvania will not stop for cruz, kasich, or trump until that convention in july. >> rick leventhal in blue bell, pennsylvania, north of philadelphia. donald trump was talking
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about john kasich's eating habits. does the control room have a picture? he's eating spaghetti. >> i saw the ony he was eating pan cakes. then we saw the pizza one. >> he ate everything in new york. >> with a fork. >> pizza. >> isn't it funny how food or a water bottle can be the topic of conversation in an election? >> sure, absolutely. >> yesterday, at this hour we were telling you how mr. cruz and mr. kasich had formed an appliance. it's all about -- alliance. it's all about stopping donald trump. just the highlight cruz would drop out of oregon and arizona. this alliance got off to a rough start. mr. cruz knew what mr. kasich was supposed to do. but mr. kasich didn't.
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>> it is big news today that john kasich decided to pull out of indiana to give us a head-to-head. that's good. >> i'm not going to spend resources in indiana, he's not going to spend them in other places. so what? what's the big deal? >> who should your reporters -- supporters vote for in indiana? >> i'm not going to tell them not to vote for me. >> i think indiana is the next state after today and i think he's freaking out a little bit. he's saying oh, my gosh, i agreed to this alliance. i agreed to give cruz indiana but if i don't win the next state then i'm going to be farther behind. >> he's so prideful. he's got 20% support there. he's so prideful for how hard he is working for every vote. it goes against the grain of any politician saying don't vote for we've actually never heard that before.
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what's speculated is there couldn't be two people more likely to have a fan base or a support base more different because you look at john kasich, he's the insider, the medicaid expansion guy, the one who talks about -- the one who talks about getting along. you talk about ted cruz. that's the opposite. he's the outsider. everybody in washington is dumb. you should not get along. no retreat, no surrender. so if you profile as a cruz supporter, why would you like kasich? just because ted kind of told you to. >> because they are opposite of donald trump. >> i guess so. >> if you look in the areas in indiana where mr. kasich is really strong, you are know, the suburbs around indiana do not particularly good for social conservative evangelical like ted cruz, just because john kasich says you got to vote for ted cruz now, are people going to do that? i was watching another network
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yesterday, and they were talking to the early voters, the early voters they were talking to that i hardly ever watch, they said they were going to vote for mr. trump because of the alliance. >> they didn't like the idea. >> he said indiana says they are the big state that the candidates should be walking because they are neck and neck. >> can i pick him for this show? >> it's impossible. >> should i not be quoting him? he's coming on later on today. >> 20 minutes from now. scott rasmussen is going to show us the road ahead for donald trump. let's look at the states voting today. we're talking about connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, and rhode island, and the big one right there, pennsylvania with 17 votes, delegates that brian just mentioned a moment ago. they have 71 up for grabs, but they are only going to dole out 17 to the state winner.
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54 are going to go to various delegates who can pick anybody they want. >> we're going to talk to donald trump about that. he says the system is rigged. >> while you were tawching, ainsley punched me. >> it's not right. you should not be punching people pt. >> just move on. hillary clinton, yesterday, she did a town hall with rachel maddow and one of the things she found very disdainful and offensive, i guess the host was not giving the full credit for leading. >> june 7th, 2016, will be the california primary, this year, if you are ahead in the vote. >> i am ahead in the vote. i am way ahead on the vote! i mean -- wait a minute -- >> look, i have the greatest respect for senator sanders, but really what he and his supporters are now saying just doesn't add up!
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i have 2.7 million more votes than he has. i have more than 250 more pledge delegates. we're going to work together but i am ahead! >> she seems angry. what is that about? >> reminding rachel she's ahead. >> rachel can't say you are the winner because she hasn't been declared the winner. mathematically speaking it might not be possible for bernie sanders to swin. rachel is doing what any journalist would do, if you are ahead in pledged delegates. >> here's the thing, earlier, bernie sanders at another town hall said it would be up to hillary clinton to woo his supporters. she's mad at that because in 2008 after barack obama was clearly ahead and was going to win, she gave her full-throated endorsement to mr. obama s whereas bernie sanders, these are all my people, hillary.
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if you want them, you got to convince them you are on their team. >> i think she's just angry at bernie sanders for staying in because now she has to defend and talk about him and she doesn't want to focus on him right now. >> you talk about angry, heather nauert is checking her watch. she wanted to talk two minutes ago. okay. wrap it up. >> good morning, guys. i hope you are all off to a good day and i have a fox news alert to start out with at this hour. isis now targeting u.s. government employees with a new hit list featuring the names of 43 people linked to various u.s. government departments. officials say the hack doesn't appear to reveal any information that isn't already public. in the meantime, u.s. intelligence chief james clapper confirming fears about the terror group's presence across europe saying isis has active cells operating in u.k., germany, as well. >> sad news to bring you overnight. kid rock personal assistant was killed in an atv crash on the singer's property in nashville.
3:11 am
the detroit rocker found michael sasha's body hours after he went missing. he lost control, crashing the atv somewhere along the way back to the house. kid rock releasing a statement on his website saying i'm beyond devastated. he was a member of our family and one of the greatest young men i've had the pleasure to not only work with but also become friends with. when it comes to needy kids, uncle sam is picking favorites. there is a new government report that shows refugee children get more federal benefits than poor american children. food stamps, welfare, cash, and social security payments as well. now, across the board refugee families get more taxpayer funding than americans do. if you are wondering why, the report says refugees typically get more help because they arrived in the united states poor and usually have no family support system here. and all is forgiven between kelly ripa and michael strahan,
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we'll see about that one. she hasn't been on since last week after she learn herco host was leaving to host gma permanently. she was blind sided by his departure. they are worried she might go off script during today's live show. those are your headlines. that might be an awkward one. >> oh, it's going to be tough. >> we're going to find out everything today. >> if you got to go to work like most of us do, we'll probably some clips tomorrow, right, guys? >> i have a vcr. you have a vhs tape, i'll tape it in my office. >> i have a beta. >> we'll be tuning in because apparently abc has not asked her what she's going to say. the worry is she would go ann curry and blow up the show. an 11-year-old jumps into action as a teenage girl drowns in a pool. >> i saw her floating on the
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floor just like a star. she was all the way at the bottom. >> wow, the incredible rescue straight ahead. and we're having breakfast with friends this morning. anna is at a diner in pennsylvania. she's getting the pulse of the people there on this big primary day. >> i'm hungry again. ♪ ♪ >> trump held a rally in rhode island today where he's made a noticeable pivot. he's focusing less now on insulting his owe poens more on the big issues facing our nation. >> let's start by saying, leave tom brady alone. >> he's always looking out for the little guy. olay regenerist renews from within...
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>> you have got four daughters and you are going on your 12th grandchild. who are you supporting and why? >> donald trump. i feel that he is a doer. one of the things that bothers
3:18 am
me most is that they keep saying only blue collar people are for trump, and that's not true. i'm -- i have four daughters, all educated. i'm one of eight. every one of us went to college. my brother that lives in l.a., he's gay, which is okay, but he's never voted republican his entire life, he is voting for trump. i'm totally shocked. he came to visit. we want someone who can make something happen. one of the most important things ability is dependability and that is one of the things you can count on trump. you know, i saw how he raised my children. i raised mine. i don't like -- i think he needs to be more polite for sure but i think he can make something happen. >> you like that he's a deal maker and how are you doing, this morning, art? how are your eggs? >> excellent. >> now your judge was a judge. you said you've been involved in politics since the first grade.
3:19 am
who are you supporting and why? >> i'm going with trump this year and i like him because he's independent. it's about time he got a business-type person in there. there's too much politics anymore. and with clinton and all the games she's playing and everything is ridiculous and you know trump can sit down and negotiate trade deals or not trade deals or whatever. >> you keep telling me you want somebody who is going to shake it up and you think he's going to really shake it up. i've got some cruz supporters. theo is in economics and statistics at carnegie mellon. you say you are 21 years old. this is your first aelection where you are going to get to vote. why are you supporting ted cruz? >> i'm supporting ted cruz because i feel like he has the best policy prescriptions for what's facing our nation. i just don't see that in donald trump. he's like oh, we're going to make the best deals.
3:20 am
it's going to be great. i'm going to bl a wall. it's going to be great. with what are we going to do? what are the specifics? that's not the way america works. you don't get a strong man to solve all your problems. we solve things the american way which is through democracy and collusion and coalition. >> thank you so much. ainsley and steve, back to you. >> wow. >> that was a great imitation. a little jimmy fallon-esque. >> let me tell you, he actually was at school and his dad went and got him because he didn't fill out an absentee ballot. they wanted to make sure he could be part of the process this year. good job, dad! >> politics and pancakes. >> they are there to see you, anna. >> meanwhile, straight ahead, how does a scenic cruise on the
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we have some quick international headlines for you are. it is a somber morning in ukraine as that country marks 30 years since the chernobyl nuclear disaster. it spewed radiation across several countries leading to thousands of deaths. more depression from north korea. the country placing a powerful
3:25 am
missile for launch. it is unclear if this latest launch was a success. let's change news to something happy. river cruises are taking the tourism world by storm. it's grown exponentially. so what is fueling this trend? >> not only downton anby, joining us is ashley webster. i learned about the scenic river cruises because of watching downton abby. did that contribute to the popularity? >> we're on the danube river in southern, germany. behind me is the scenic amber.
3:26 am
this is a beautiful boat. it is essentially a floating luxury hotel, and it's about 442 feet long and we're going to come into the main reception area here and you'll see what i mean when i talk about -- are the doors going to open? it's not opening. let's go up to the sundeck. come on. come on! so much for those plans. we'll go up to the sundeck which is going to be empty because there's not a whole lot of sun today. we've got it to ourselves. in fact, it's about 40 degrees and it snowed yesterday but i digress. this is what it's like. on the top deck, absolutely beautiful. let me take you over to the river here. the question is who does this appeal to and how much does it cost? those are the two big questions. it appeals certainly to retired people. but you know what? the crowd is getting younger. there are 40-year-olds and honeymooners say yeah, i want to float through europe on a luxury
3:27 am
boat. as for the cost, $300 per person per day on the low end and that goes up to $1,000 a day if you want to do it by a king and queen, and many do, by the way, they are prepared to pay the money. you get to see this beautiful, iconic, european village life if you like. you stop along the way. you can get out and tour. it's all included in the package. they even have bicycles where you can go bicycling, do your own tour. i spoke to the company's owner. i said to him, look, europe is a tough sell because we've had migrant crises, we've had the terror attacks. has that hurt your business? he said, no. this is the safest place to be. >> at the end of the day, when you look at the risks, i understand people's fear, but, you know, september 11th didn't stop people going to new york or living in new york. i think terrorists win if you
3:28 am
stay away, and i don't think that the threats are really that large. paris, i think, what the police are now doing in brussels, i think they are probably the safest places to be. that's my personal opinion. >> here we are, guys. i show you another luxury component. i'm in the pool. at least my toes are. very warm, by the way. by the way, you get a butler. everyone gets a butler. george, come over here please. i'm going to get a cheese plat ter. that's very nice. i need a drink. >> you need a drink. how many people are able to fit on the boat? is it as -- it doesn't look as large as like a carnival cruise. they only allow how many families on there? >> that's a very good question. this boat would handle 169 passengers only. that's part of the appeal.
3:29 am
a lot of people don't want to be on a huge ocean liner that has 12 stories and thousands of people. the beauty of this is it's very relaxed much like the river that drifts by. that's appealing to many people. >> anna goes to a diner and she has to wait on tables and we send you to germany to sit in a hot tub and get a cheese plate. i got to get with cavuto. >> it's in my contract. these four marines hit the beach for the coolest photos you are going to see all day. if trump sweeps all five primaries today, will that officially clear his path to the nomination? we're going to break down the delegate math because steve got an a plus. first. >> happy birthday to melania
3:30 am
trump is 46 years old today. she looks amazing. >> ♪ ♪ how are you supposed to choose one? simple. you don't. at red lobster's create your own seafood trios, you get to pick 3 of 9 all-new creations for just $15.99. and with this many new flavors trust me, you'll be glad you can try three. like creamy baked lobster alfredo and grilled chimichurri shrimp and panko-crusted crab cakes bursting with crabmeat. because some choices are hard, but this one, this one's easy. so hurry in before it ends! he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom!
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just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. this is our shot of the morning. before we play it, i have to kind of explain it. little girl who was like my little daughter, i feel like. she's three years old. she's elizabeth mullen. we're good friends with her family. she said ainsley can you wear pink on monday. her mom recorded this video and in the video she asked me to wear purple today. watch this, brian. >> can you wear green -- can you wear yellow earrings tomorrow? can you wear purple tomorrow with green -- with yellow earrings, please? >> please.
3:34 am
>> yes, little elizabeth. i did this just for you. i wore a purple dress with yellow earrings. i went with gold. >> yellow gold. >> so what she says, you do it. >> i think she's focused on you, ainsley. >> keep on making the requests and ainsley will keep changing. >> thank you, little elizabeth. i love you. the voters get ready to make their selections today on the east coast. senator, ted cruz is in the midwest. the republican hoping a hail mary strategy will pay off in the end. >> john roberts is live from indianapolis with the details. he knows all about hail mary passes. john, is this going to be complete? >> i played one game of football in high school, brian. i don't know how much i know about hail mary passes. i'll tell you what's at play
3:35 am
here is today and next tuesday here at indiana are perhaps the most critical points in the race for donald trump. if he wins big tonight, wins here again in indiana, he can get easily the 1237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination before the convention. might even go as high as 1,300. he only needs to win 54.4% of the remaining delegates. all the states at play tonight are very favorable to him and trump is having a field day with the cruz kasich alliance saying it makes him look stronger. >> they made a deal that cruz was going to take indiana. how weak is that? how pathetic is it when they use collusion? i said to my people, it's great. it's going to make them look weak and pathetic which they are at politicians. >> come out of tonight with a whole roll of momentum but ted cruz is hoping to put a big roadblock in his way in indiana
3:36 am
on may 3rd. he's appealing to john kasich's voters to vote for him and stop trump. >> nominating donald trump ensures that hillary clinton wins the general and i would ask governor kasich supporters to stand with us, to stand united, because it is only in standing united that we can prevail, win the nomination. >> don't forget, as you pointed out just a short time ago, john kasich is saying, whoa, i haven't told anybody not to vote for me, so whether this will work, even rick santorum say it's not going to work, both are still on the ballot. how much can they do? steve, on the other side of the soldiers and sailors monument, nbc is shooting americas ninja warrior. we'll see if we can get into that later today. >> that would be great after your rocky run last week.
3:37 am
>> donald trump says if you are paying attention to the math, his opponents have zero chance of taking the nomination. look at this. >> look, i have a senator and a governor. they both have statistically mathematically, they are gone, they condition win. the only way they can win -- >> but what about trump's chances? how does trump get the delegates he needs to secure the nomination? here to break down the political math is analyst scott rasmussen, the founder and president of stirk. let's take a look at the numbers. >> where we stand today, donald trump needs 1237 delegates to win the nomination. he's got 845 right now. >> okay. i can do the math. that means he needs 37 -- 392 as of today to win the. >> he's going to have a good night tonight. five states voting. he's going to win all five. on my website, i have projections for all the remaining states, howl delegates -- how many delegates donald trump might take, i'm
3:38 am
suggesting 123 today. >> you add that together and you ind wind up just short of 970. >> now, after today, there are ten states left. >> okay. >> four of the ten states are winner-take-all. that's the big -- >> new jersey, will go for donald trump and give him 51 delegates. the other three we expect to go for ted cruz, but the big numbers where did donald trump ends up. add those 51 to the 968, donald trump is over the thousand mark. >> let's move on. these states are important because? >> they are proportionately represented. you get 30% of the votes, you get 30% of the delegates. the midrange estimate would be for trump to get 33 delegates here bringing his total to 1052. >> part of this alliance betwixt organize cruz and kasich.
3:39 am
>> i think it was a little face-saving for the kasich campaign. the night of the oregon primary, megyn kelly is sitting down with donald trump. >> west virginia is a funky state. donald trump is expected to win there but the delegates are elected directly. it's a confusing ballot. there are 34. nobody knows how many trump could end up with? split the difference. that brings him to 1,071 delegates. >> that's so close! it comes down to the end, doesn't it? >> two states. indiana votes this coming week. and california. these states are important for two reasons. number one, we don't know who is going to win. second, we think they can accumulate a lot of delegates. on a good night for donald trump, he wins both these states. he brings his total to 1235. he will get some unbound
3:40 am
delegates. he wins if these get two states. >> that's the scenario. >> if he loses these two states, it could be 66 delegates, he would be 100 short. he loses the nomination if he loses these two states. >> given the fact that he would be 100 short, how close would ted cruz be? >> ted cruz would be a couple hundred delegates behind donald trump. stwo go to a second ballot and that's something we haven't seen for forever. >> come back and talk about that tomorrow. >> it's 20 minutes before the top of the hour. heather joins us with the headlines. yes, good morning. you were just talking about this. the republican frontrunner donald trump and megyn kelly have made up and they are ready for a sitdown interview during a prime time schedule on the fox network. trump appears on megyn kelly presents, where she will explore how events unfolded and the emphasis question about women that started the tension between
3:41 am
the two. extended portions of the interview will air on the kelly file here on the 18th. a quick-thinking 11-year-old boy hailed a hero. angel rivera said he heard screaming from his neighborhood pool. he found 13-year-old girl unconscious. the pool was supposed to be closed at the time. angel leapt in to rescue her. >> i saw her floating on the floor just like a star. she was all the way at the bottom, i picked her up. i took her out and then i had to save her life. i don't know what's happening, but i hope for her that everything goes well. >> look at that little guy. what a hero he is that he could do that. and a neighbor gave her cpr before she was taken to the hospital. she's breathing on her own and
3:42 am
expected to survive. all thanks to that little angel, literally. a reunion five decades in the making. take a close look at these men who served our country. an old photo showing four marine buddies fresh out of basic training. they are on a beach in florida, and now 50 years later, i love it, the same friends on the same florida beach. barely 20 years icture when old. they hadn't seen each other since they were deployed to vietnam. over the weekend they decided to reunite. they went to six stores to find the perfect striped search to match the original photo. those are your headlines i love to see that. >> isn't that fantastic? >> congratulations on nailing that shirt but at 18 minutes before the top of hour, what's next, ainsley? >> we have ted cruz and john kasich, they are teaming up to stop donald trump but our next guest says it's time for all the republicans to unite to stop
3:43 am
hillary. >> i know who that is. and tom brady's deflate gate suspension gets reinstated. is it game over for the patriots quarterback? judge innapolitano is coming on. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one.
3:44 am
real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing . .
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3:46 am
tom brady deflated. the new england patriots quarterback may be the greatest ever, benchd after an appeals court says he does have to serve a four-game suspension in the wake of the deflate football scandal from two years ago. does brady want to go to a higher court or go back to the same court and see if he can get it turned his way again?
3:47 am
fox news analyst judge napolitano joins us. >> looking at this legally, when a player joins the nfl, they sign the collective bargaining agreement because the players union negotiates for everybody, whether you are a member or not. that agreement says the commissioner has broad, wide discretion to decide if a player did something wrong and to determine the punishment. when commissioner goodell conducted an investigation. he found that the balls were deflated, that tom brady was involved with it and he should be punished. tom brady appealed that. the appeals court says the evidence is not that strong and the punishment is too harsh. the league appeals that to an appellate court. >> he played those four games last year. had a great season.
3:48 am
he thought he was in the clear. >> correct. very good. they that you were going to the super bowl and didn't. they did have a great season. the league appealed that decision to the court of appeals and the court of appeals said guess what, it's not the job of judges to substitute their judgment for the commissioner in a situation like that where the player agreed that the commissioner has authority. the court doesn't say that tom brady knew about it. the court doesn't even say the balls were deflated. it says commissioner gooddell had the authority to make that determination. end of case. >> everything you said is true however the circuit judge, denny chen, >> a brilliant judge. >> said evidence of ball tampering was compelling if not overwhelming there was evidence thap brady knew about it and encourage it. that was a body blow. >> the court said when you
3:49 am
destroy evidence, like his cell phone, the court can -- >> they hated that. >> the court can infer, as commissioner gooddell did there's something in that evidence that you are trying to hide so that and the overwhelming nature of the evidence that he was involved in it, helped sink the ship as well. >> is brady going to do anything about this? >> brady has a chan -- there's 15 judges in this court. only sit heard this the case. he can ask the eight members of supreme court to hear the case, extremely unlikely. my advice is get this over with and move on. >> just let it go. >> let some substitute play against the giants. >> i think they will be fine just missing four games at 39 years old. that's why he got a reduced salary. we got to quiet down. >> can i keep laughing? >> always. he's expected to do very well in
3:50 am
today's five primaries. he joins us at the top of the hour, donald trump. the party needs to unite to stop hillary. michaelly joins anna at the diner next. ♪ ♪ one can of bush's beans. homestyle sounds good. country style, not without it's charms. brown sugar hickory. who says no to hickory? single-serve vegetarian? sure! there are no rules here. bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor?
3:51 am
test test test test.
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3:53 am
you know today of course the big primary voting in five states. it's already started in one or two already. it's been interesting over the last couple of days to watch each other beat each other up. but it looks like hillary clinton is looking past the primary, past bernie, past november and the guy who has a
3:54 am
big jet and some big houses. listen to this. >> donald trump says he doesn't support raising the minimum wage and i said, come out of the towers named for yourself and actually talk and listen to people. don't just fly that big jet in and land it and make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of. then go back, get on that big jet and go back to your, you know, country clubhouse in florida or penthouse in new york. i don't think that puts you in touch with what's going on. >> she walked out -- as we know the white house dead broke. >> yeah. flat broke. >> right. she does i believe also have a private jet. i believe she also has got -- she has two homes. >> how much does she make per speaking arrangement? >> $400,000. >> exactly. >> the clintons, didn't they make over $100 million. this is one of the houses she
3:55 am
lives in. worth close to $3 million. chappaqua house a couple million dollars as well. keep in mind, i don't know whose vehicle that is -- there's the chappaqua house right there. she's talking about donald trump. i do believe that hillary clinton has not actually driven herself in a car for 30 years. >> right. >> she's pretty much limoed everywhere. for 30 years. >> must be nice. >> that's a long time -- >> one of the people. >> that worked out great. >> went on the subway. >> donald trump has four planes. all over 20 years old, which a lot of people don't. >> really? >> yeah, they're all over 20 years old. >> he's proud of them. he pulls the plane up behind him that says trump on its. >> i don't think that's anything -- there's anything wrong with it. when it comes to the general, i think that donald trump walking through some middle class and low class neighborhoods is a good thing for him to do. he does very well in town halls. he relates well to them. so i think that would be an asset. >> i remember the day that you talked to donald trump outside of trump towers and here's this
3:56 am
billionaire strolling down fifth avenue. all of these blue collar guys, the driver, the delivery guy, hey, trump. he's waving back. >> people like he's successful and run a business. but you can't win. remember all the stories were coming out about marco rubio and all the debt he was in. do you want a poor guy or do you want a rich guy? what do you want? >> by the way, no one is yelling my name. >> it will come down to though does donald trump in the words of bill clinton, do you feel my pain? does he understand the plight of the little guy? we'll talk to donald trump in four minutes. did somebody say scandal, harry reid to the rescue on hillary's e-mail debacle. >> help is on the way, harry. nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 255 horsepower lexus is 300 all-wheel-drive.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
how many of you are registered to vote? [ cheers and applause ] how many of you are coming out to vote tomorrow? [ cheers and applause ] >> if you vote for me tomorrow, i will stand up and fight for you and for our future through this campaign and into the white house. let's go, seize the future together. >> i'm not going to take the low road to the highest office in the land. i'm not changing. that's it. that's as far as it goes. >> this is the only campaign that can and will beat donald trump and then hillary clinton. [ cheers and applause ] 100% we will make america great again. we will make it better than ever before. >> let's make breakfast great again and anna kooiman is doing that. she is live at mac's route 8 cafe in butler, pennsylvania. good morning, folks. >> good morning!
4:01 am
a restaurant full of people this morning. so what is at stake in today's primaries? pennsylvania is a big state. look at this. republicans 118 delegates up for grabs and democrats have 384. >> that's all day long. pennsylvania will give us 70, but only 17 today. >> isn't that weird? it's interesting. so intriguing, that state. >> we'll talk about the delegates with donald trump who is joining us very, very shortly. thank you very much for joining us as well on this primary day. got a busy two hours to go. let's go to headlines and heather. >> good morning. i hope you're off to a great tuesday. let's start off with a fox news alert right now. isis targeting u.s. government employees with a new hit list. featuring the names of 43 people who are linked to various u.s. government departments. the hack doesn't appear to reveal any information that isn't already public. in the meantime, james clapper confirming fears about the
4:02 am
terror group's presence across europe saying that isis has active cells operating in the u.k., germany and italy. back here at home, sad news to bring you from overnight. kid rock's personal assistant killed in an atv crash on the singer's nashville property. the detroit rocker found michael sacha's body hours after he went missing. sacha lost control, crashing the atv while on his way back to the house during a cookout. kid rock released a statement saying, quote, i'm beyond devastated. he was a member of our family and one of the greatest young men i have ever had the pleasure, not on the work with, but also become friends with. sports caster erin andrews settled her lawsuit against a stalker against the tennessee hotel for a confidential sum. now, this after a jury awarded the tv host $55 million. but the hotel companies that own the nashville marriott appealed the verdict. back in 2008 andrews was secretly videotaped naked in her room by a stalker, michael
4:03 am
barrett. he posted that video online. he served more than two years in prison. and tom brady seidelined. he's weighing his legal options after the four-game suspension was reinstated that was levelled by him by the nfl in the deflategate scandal. now the question is what does brady do? >> brady has a chance -- there's 15 judges in this court. only three heard the case. they sit in panels of three. he can ask all 15 to rehear the case, extremely unlikely. he can ask the eight members of the supreme court to hear the case, extremely unlikely. my advice to him, get this over with and move on. >> it's not clear what action the nfl will take. tom brady and bill belichick have stayed silent so far. >> napolitano, free advice. >> i love him. >> thank you very much. we heard donald trump yesterday coming to the defense of brady and donald trump joins us live right now. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> pretty clear where you stand
4:04 am
on the -- on the mr. brady business. >> well, he's a good friend of mine, he's a great guy. you know, it's a shame that this had to do go on. this could have been -- this could have been settled a long time ago. the nfl spent tens of millions on legal fees. i looked at the numbers it was crazy what they spent. but it's a very sad thing. tom is such a great guy. hopefully they can settle it now, cut it in half and get back to business. >> all right. yeah. he's a great guy. he's a great quarterback. probably going to play until he's 45. let's move what you have now, a game to win, a primary. you have to do it against a new alliance. cruz and kasich. they have seemed to combine forces against you in three separate states but you commented on the plan they put together. doesn't seem to be executed too well. here's an example of the two coming together, kind of.
4:05 am
>> it is big news today that john kasich has decided to pull out of indiana to give us a head to head contest with donald trump. that is good for the men and women of indiana. good for the country. >> i don't see this as any big deal. other than the fact that i'm not going to spend resources in indiana. he's not going to spend them in other places. so what? what's the big deal? >> who are supporters to vote for in indiana? >> i never told them not to vote for me. they can vote for me if they want. >> what do you think? >> i think they're losing by millions of votes to me. you know, the voters -- especially with the votes. i'm winning by millions and millions of votes and could have been by 5 or 6 million vote bess the time it's over. i'm winning by hundreds of delegates. you take a look at kasich, he's only -- like we call him 1 for 42. he's won one state out of 42 contests. okay? so you know he's just a guy hanging in. if you look at dr. ben carson, a
4:06 am
great guy, he was doing much better than kasich. he could have said i'm staying in i don't care. look at rubio or christie or even jeb was doing much better. but this is a guy, he keeps losing losing losing, he stays in. honestly, lyin' ted, lyin' ted is a disaster. everything he says is so dishonest. so many things -- donald -- >> he'll talk about me. it's hard to believe. the whole thing is hard to believe. it makes them look weak. >> i saw one of the kasich canvassers saying that cruz and kasich should have kept this quiet, because they have been talking to a number of the voertds trying to -- voters trying to get out vote today, and particularly next week in indiana. some of the voters have switched to trump because of it. so do you see this potentially backfiring on them? >> well, i think so. when i first heard about it, i said you have to be kidding. they're not going to do that. that's going to make them very weak. it looks like collusion. it proves my words that it's a
4:07 am
rigged system. you see it's a rigged system. these are two insiders. they get together, they want to rig the system against the guy who's going to make america great again. i'm going to make great trade deals and they don't want that, because they're protecting the people on the other side of the deals. they want the deals to be good, and there are so many things happening. it's a rigged system. in certain ways it's corrupt and people are understanding. it's a whole -- the whole delegate system is a sham. despite that i'm winning by a lot of delegates and winning by millions of votes. like the fighter, you have to gointo the ring and knock them out. >> the polls say you'll have a big day. we talked about on the show when paul manafort and others get hired, you were going to change your approach a little bit. but yet on the stump yesterday you were talking about john kasich's eating and lyin' ted and all the other things. does paul manafort not like that? he's a guy with experience, that
4:08 am
helped you to wrangle delegate, what is his reaction? you said that melania not happy with some the things yoyou saidn the stump. what about manafort? >> i know he's very happy. yesterday i had a full stadium in pennsylvania. i had two full stadiums in pennsylvania, and in rhode island it was unbelievable. like a love fest. it's always like a love fest. we have thousands of people who can't get into the things. you know, the areas that i covered yesterday, it was so incredible. and the polls are looking phenomenal. i hope everybody goes out and votes because this is really something special. it's a movement. it's really a movement. people are so tired of horrible trade deals, military that doesn't beat isis, that should beat them in a week. just every single thing we do is wrong. you look at what's going on. our taxes are too high. social security is being absolutely decimated. they all want to kill social security. i'm the only one -- we're going
4:09 am
to make our country rich. we'll be able to afford social security. >> right. >> people are so tired and so sick of incompetent politicians. that's why i'm doing well. >> hillary clinton is now saying if she's elected half of her cabinet will be women. some are accusing her of pandering to the women. what's your thought on that? >> well, i call her crooked hillary because she's crooked and, you know, the only thing she's got is the woman card. that's all she's got. it is pandering. you know, it's a weak card in her hand and in another person's hands it could be a powerful card. i'd love to see a woman president, but she's the wrong person. she's a disaster. remember the famous call at 3:00 in the morning, she was sleeping. she was sleeping. it was her ad, what would you like at 3:00 in the morning? well, the phone rang, she was sleeping. she would be a terrible president. the only thing she's got -- she's got nothing else to play. she's guilty as hell in the e-mails. you have whitewater. her whole life has been crooked.
4:10 am
you look at the foundation, the whole life, and the only card she's got is to play the woman card. it may be good enough. a poll came out yesterday where i was essentially even with her and i haven't focused on her. >> george washington poll, within three points of her. >> i started with 17 people and one by one we knocked them off. you know, very capable people. governors, senators, one by one we knocked them off. they were gone. i haven't focused on her, but when i focus on her, i think you're going to see some very good results. i mean -- >> what about your cabinet, would you have women in your cabinet? >> absolutely. i would have women. i would have the most capable people in my cabinet. but i would have women. >> speaking of women, woman actress by the name of lena dunham she said this yesterday. i know people have been threatening this -- i know a lovely place in vancouver i can get my work done from there. she says she's going to move to
4:11 am
canada, donald trump, if you get elected. what's your message to her? >> well, she's a b-actor. you know, she has no -- you know, no mojo. i heard whoopi goldberg too. that would be a great thing for our country. >> we have a great list of people. >> we get rid of rosie. now i have to get elected. now i have to get elected because i'll be doing a great service to our country. now it's much more important. in fact, i'll immediately get off this call and start campaigning right now. >> all right. so i have to bring you to this, this morning barack obama talked to charlie rose. here's what he said about putting 250 more special ops into theater to take on isis. but not actually fight them. listen. >> let me start if i may about the announcement that you were sending 250 special forces to syria. what did that represent? >> it represents what i have said from the start, which is that us dismantling isil is a
4:12 am
priority, and although we are not going to be sending ground troops in to fight, we are going to try to find out what works and then double down. >> so does sha though he's serious, putting 250 special ops in not to fight? >> first of all, he shouldn't be announcing it because they have a target on their back. 250 people, the enemy which is not stupid is now looking for the 250 people. he shouldn't be announcing it. he's got to announce when he's sending. four months ago it was 50 people. we're sending 50 people. the enemy has a target. he ought to be quiet and win this thing. >> what about the rules of engagement? >> look, the way he's fighting this war he's not going to win. it's the wrong attitude. it's the wrong strategy. everything is wrong with it. every single thing is wrong with
4:13 am
it. you have to knock out isis and you have to knock them out fast. they're chopping off heads. they're drowning people. they're taking over tremendous amounts of territory. they have now taken over the oil in libya. so they now have some of the finest oil in the world. we're doing nothing about it. you have to knock them out fast. >> knock them out without revealing your strategy. >> you have to be quiet. you have to be unpredictable. you know, we're so predictable. we're sending in 250 people. can you imagine like general george patton saying, we're sending this, we're sending that. he wouldn't talk, he'd just knock the hell old of them. it would be over in a week. >> loose lips sink ships. thank you very much. you have a busy day today. we did invite john kasich and ted cruz and hillary clinton and bernie sanders to be on the show today. only donald trump took us up on the offer.
4:14 am
>> we thank him for that. well, convicts casting their ball lots in -- ballots in today's primaries. we are live in maryland in moments. did someone say scandal? harry reid to the rescue on hillary clinton's pesky e-mail debacle. good. some cash back cards are, shall we say, unnecessarily complex. limiting where you can earn bonus cash back... then those places change every few months... please. it's time you got the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. doesn't get much simpler than that. what's in your wallet? feel like this. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk. real is touching a ray.
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4:18 am
convicts will be casting their ballots in today's primary in maryland where a new law is now letting released felons go to the votes. >> so they served their time. peter doocy joins us live from rockville, maryland. will this have an impact? >> it may be. 40,000 felons are eligible to vote today. there's a new law that lets ex-cons cast ballots immediately. as soon as they get out of jail. even if their victims are still recovering from injuries and even if they have not fully paid restitution as ordered by a court. if you're trying to forecast who this may benefit politically, both bernie sander hillary clinton expressed their desire to see more convicts at the ballot boxes but none of the
4:19 am
remaining have said why. >> you allow them to vote, they'll vote democrat and that's throws off the balance totally and i think it's really unfair and not a good thing. >> i don't know any reasonable person who looks at our democracy and says the thing we need is more murderers voting, more rapists voting, more violent criminals voting. i don't think that makes sense. >> maryland is the 14th state that letss felons who haven't finished their sentences to vote. some say it's good idea to let them vote. they repaid their debts to society, but other marylanders are saying why doesn't maryland let them own firearms? they don't do that. >> so can people in prison vote? >> no, as soon as they get out -- >> they've paid their debt. >> in fact, there's no way to
4:20 am
tell how many of the 40,000 registered to vote in today's primary because they don't ask you on the voter registration are you a convicted felon, yes or no. it doesn't matter anymore in maryland. >> wow. >> peter doocy live in rockville, maryland, thank you. well, do you remember the college professor who used some muscle with the reporter? >> you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. >> well, now she says she was fired because of her race. >> exactly. and you won't believe this, a new report says refugee children get more benefits than american children. stuart varney breaks down the numbers. he's coming up next. >> he was a child once.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
we have some quick headlines for this tuesday morning. first up, senator harry reid wants to weigh in on hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. reid lashing out at senator chuck grassley of iowa claiming he's been leaking stories about fbi agents potentially leaking details about the case. if the attorney general decides not to indict the democratic front-runner. grassley has denied any wrongdoing. meanwhile, president obama geeks out on the final day of his international tour. look at this picture. the president and german chancellor angela merkel tried on virtual reality goggles as they tour the manover trade fair. the largest in the world. the two leaders checked out robotic displays and 3-d printers. plus this. >> coming to america may be better than being born in
4:25 am
america believe it or not. at least if you're poor. a new report from a pro immigration advocacy group says that children of refugees are actually getting more in federal benefits than the children of poor american citizens. >> here to react is stuart varney. he's done some research getting set to host "varney show". is this true? >> look, we want to be generous as a society and we think america is exceptionally generous, especially to children. but is it fair if refugee families with children get more benefits than native born citizens, children, who are poor? >> no. >> it's a question of fairness. >> do you have some numbers? >> i do look at this for a second. look at the distribution of food stamps, 30% of children in refugee families get food
4:26 am
stamps. compared to poor american poor children it's 27%. >> why? >> well, it's hard to say why. it's given the circumstances of the families involved. because there's more of this. how about cash welfare. there is still cash welfare in america. 6% of children in refugee families get it versus 4% of u.s. born kids, they get it. so the bottom line here is, that a greater proportion of refugee children get more again fit -- benefits than native born kids. >> the refugee born children, their families have been granted refugee status by the federal government. >> that is correct. >> these are not the illegals that we have talked about in past. >> this is a separate case entirely, but look at the numbers that are involved. this migration policy institute, did that this study. 941,000 refugee children counted between 2009 and 2013. that's an extraordinary number. can we afford this? >> we have $19 trillion in debt.
4:27 am
the answer is no. >> we want to be generous, but can we afford it. $19 trillion worth of debt and president obama wants to bring in a lot more syrian refugees. tens of thousands more coming in. >> right. do you think part of it is the fact that if you're a refugee from a country that for whatever reason people are trying their heck to get out of it, you have nothing but the clothes on your back. you're going to need more government assistance. >> yes, that's why i say, we are very generous. generous in the extreme. but can we afford it and is it fair to local american-born kids? >> i've got a feeling you'll be talking about it on your program 90 minutes from now on the business channel. >> i have one who is withdrawing from more refugees coming to america because of cost and security in u.s. today. >> do not give that name away. >> i won't. >> coming up -- >> i thought he'd give it away. all right, straight ahead, new developments on the tsa's
4:28 am
plan to beef up airport security by screening you for a second time after you get off the plane. and anna is dishing out some politics in pennsylvania. anna, what's coming up? >> hey, there, ainsley, good morning to you and to everybody at home. we hear donald trump the front-runner say he believes that the delegate system, the process is rigged. pennsylvania has a unique way of choosing their delegates. we'll talk to mike kelly and some of their constituents about what they think about that and what issues matter to them. coming up, politics over pancakes. dig in, everybody. allergies. and i'm doing just fine. claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens!
4:29 am
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4:32 am
words, looks like hillary found a running mate. >> whoa. >> there's the biggest controversy yesterday. beyonce, jay z in on it? is this all part of selling albums? >> poor rachael ray. she's getting -- >> rachel roy, not rachael ray! >> she's alleged to have a tryst with -- >> something like that. with jay z. anyway, a little mix-up. >> i love beyonce. she is amazing. >> she's a good dancer. another person we love -- >> that's right. anna kooiman. she is sat the mac's route 8 diner in pennsylvania. butler, pennsylvania. who's that famous guy next to you? >> it's congressman mike kelly. good morning. how are you? >> i'm great. i'm great. thank you for being here. >> thank you. we hear very often from donald trump that he believes the system is rigged and pennsylvania has a unique way of voting on their delegates. 71 up for grabs, but it's tricky. >> the first 17 are hand picked by the party and we have our
4:33 am
national committee man and woman, those 17 are bound on the first ballot to vote the way that pennsylvania voted. the 54 degrees left after that are totally unbound and uncommitted. >> but their names are on the ballot, is that right? but the voters don't know who they're voting for. >> that's right. they don't know who they'll represent. >> is that a problem for you? >> yeah, i think so. because they're supposed to support those people who elected them to go to cleveland. >> you said you're supporting donald trump. what do you think about the commitment that cruz and kasich have made to kind of stop trump? >> you know what, it should never be a never trump or never hillary and i want to see the guys to come together. it angered the people that i represent. they want it to be clean and fair. they don't want it to be flav flavored one way or the another.
4:34 am
something it proved that it was rigged to not allow one of our people to get a fair shot. >> tom donaldson, thank you, you have a gift for us. >> it's a key to the city of butler on bewhhalf of our congressman and us. >> why is donald trump's message resonating? >> he's a real person who can't be bought or controlled by the existing system. i think that's the biggest advantage with him. after eight years of obama we need a fresh start. >> okay. next up, we have a young voter. 23 years old. tell us your name. >> i'm amy, i'm supporting trump. >> why is that? >> like the mayor said he's not a career politician. and i think that he won't be afraid to get in there and really shake things up and make a difference. >> okay. thank you. here's your dad. you're also supporting donald trump, why is that? >> for the same reasons that amy is. we're really tired of the career politicians and we want to see something new. and a change. i think the country is going in the wrong direction right now.
4:35 am
>> all right. thanks so much. and larry, how are you? >> i'm doing very good. >> you were in the steel business. correct? and also u.s. air force for 20 years. why are you supporting donald trump? >> he's a fresh face. and when we look at the two entities in the country that are really important, where we're really hurting, that is in trade, you know? our jobs are going overseas. our workers are being unemployed. the currency manipulation taking place with little for action or that and our r&d is going overseas and a matter of national defense. i referenced earlier to many folks when the russians buzzed our destroyer a week or so back, that was an absolute disgrace. >> you thought it was a weak response? >> very, very -- an anemic response. our president is very, very weak. but the american people are strong. we support our men and women in the armed forces. we want to elect a man that will take things by the horns and do
4:36 am
what he has to do. >> all right. as far as terrorism goes it's a top concern for many of the voters after san bernardino and brussel. do you think donald trump can fix that? >> this a strange speech, we have a republic and we have a right to control immigration. i'm not against legal immigration, illegal immigration, yes, we are a nation of laws. >> larry, thank you so much. as i was saying donald trump is ahead by double digits in the state and is hillary clinton as well. pennsylvania is a closed primary. you are supporting hillary clinton. tell us your name. yes. >> i'm ron savannah. i'm supporting hillary, i have been a democrat all my life. we had an african-american and i want to see a first woman in there. >> you think it's ground breaking and time for a woman to be in there? >> yes. >> that's the pulse of the people here in butler, pennsylvania. >> excellent work, anna.
4:37 am
great. that's who people -- i love the congressman kelly. he thinks it's outrageous too. only 17 bound delegates. >> 71egates up today. but 54 of them get to vote for anybody i would to. >> why would i wait in line in pennsylvania? >> the key though is the trump people because of the cruz people have been effective, they have handed out the delegate lists and they put vote for this guy because he's a cruz person. and, you know, i saw a report last night here on the channel that the trump people have not put those kind of papers in the hands of their supporters. >> which is why a lot of people like him because he's anti-establishment. doesn't necessarily know the rules but yet it can hurt him in the long run. >> cruz should be saluted. he has a better ground game so far. heather nauert, what's happening? >> i thought it's cool we got the keys to the city -- butler, pennsylvania. >> the key, one key. >> good morning. i hope you're off to a great day. i have serious news. in ohio, investigators are poring over brand-new evidence in the murder of the eight
4:38 am
family members there and raising new questions over whether or not that family could be tied to a mexican drug cartel. cockfighting rooster, marijuana grow operations were found at the three of the four crime scenes. the suspect or suspects methodically planned out their execution style murders. no arrests have been made, but police are now looking into a facebook threat made against one of the victims, 16-year-old chris rhoden. and do you remember this woman, it's the former missouri professor, melissa click. >> you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. >> let's get some muscle in here, she said. she is speaking out again this morning about her firing. now saying that she got canned because she's white. the school suspended her after that video, of her yelling at a student and that whole thing went viral. later the video surfaced of her cursing at an officer during a protest. she blames racial politics saying she was an easy target
4:39 am
because she's quote, a white lady. what do you think about that? well, senator tom carper welcomed hillary clinton before her rally in delaware yesterday, but her supporter may want to check some facts before he makes another introduction. watch this. >> hillary was right there in the middle of it all. i saw her. i saw her as a governor, now as a national governor association. she was terrific. >> what? she was a governor? she has a lot of former titles, but governor, that was not one of them. carper confused her name talking about her time as the chairman of the national governor's association. see you back here in a little bit. >> maybe he was talking about how he saw her when she was a governor. >> as a husband of a governor of arkansas. >> oh well. it's now 21 minutes -- thank you, heather, before the top of the hour. >> let's talk about the extreme weather. millions of americans are bracing for severe storms and tornadoes. >> the plains states getting the
4:40 am
early taste of what's to come as hailstones the size of golf balls and ping-pong balls pounded san antonio, texas. >> janice dean is tracking it. >> i want to talk about the threat for severe weather on the screen. we have cold air from the rockies and we have warm, unstable air ahead of it. from the gulf of mexico, and those two combined the clash of the two air masses some of the ingredients we need for an outbreak of severe weather. we have a severe thunderstorm watch in portions of missouri as well as kansas and nebraska already today. it looks like they have expanded that thunderstorm watch and several warnings right on the border of kansas and nebraska and missouri. so large hail, damaging winds already happening. we have the threat for tornadoes. this going to come later on this afternoon. and into the overnight. so you see that shaded area in orange and red. that's the zone where we think all of those ingredients are
4:41 am
going to come together in the atmosphere for a large, destructive, dangerous tornadoes tonight. so of course we'll be following this from the fox news extreme weather center. back to you inside. >> right there is tornado alley, just as we learned from froggy's brand-new book. >> "freddie the frogcaster." >> thank you. one police department has a message for parents -- you're the problem. >> parents, please stop telling your children that we haul them off to jail if they are bad. >> the chief of that department is going to join us live, straight ahead. plus, "the new york times" says hillary is already thinking about running mates. who is on her short list in the clinton even stakes? joe trippi has four names to watch and he's coming up live into the studio with the curvy couch. they say that in life,
4:42 am
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for refinement, it is the small stuff... that makes the biggest impression. the 2016 c-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. quick headlines now. the tsa is back tracking after news got out of a possible plan to screen people after flights instead of before the flight. the idea would have focused on small regional airports but it was killed off by congress when they caught wind of the proposal. they called it crazy. and forgive and forget, she heads back to work hosting live this morning. ripa hasn't been on tv since last week, it's true. after learning that co-host michael strahan was leaving to go to "gma." abc executives are worried she might go off script today and i can't wait. here's ainsley.
4:46 am
>> why are we whispering, but thank you, brian. searching for a vice president can be pretty difficult. >> i really wanted to know how you might feel about being my running mate. >> great. i mean, my people told me i should joke around. >> yeah. >> but i'm a fiercely ambitious man. i know know how to get things done, not that you don't. but people say you don't. >> we're looking at all options. well, i have to head out. thank you so much, i appreciate you coming by. >> she is hilarious. that is such a great show. all right, according to "the new york times" hillary clinton has started the process of selecting her running mate. who was on the short list in the clinton even stakes? democratic strategist joe trippi is a former campaign manager for howard dean and a fox news
4:47 am
contributor. isn't that show great? yeah. >> i watch it a lot. >> let's talk about what she leaked to "the new york times." when we put the names up on the screen, senator tim kaine a democrat from virginia. senator mark warner from virginia. senator sherrod brown, democrat from ohio. deval patrick and thomas perez who is the secretary of labor. out of that group, who do you like? >> i think that the first three, tim kaine and mark warner from virginia, both would be good picks. both were governors. senators and come from the swing state of virginia. sherrod brown what's going for him is, one, he comes from ohio. big, big swing state. and two, he's really highly regarded with the progressive wing of the party. those two things combined make those three of that group -- there's like 15 or 20 people on the list that they're talking to. >> so it's more about the state than it is the person?
4:48 am
>> well -- >> does that have a lot to do with it, at least? >> well, there are two or three states that do matter in the general election. >> which are? >> ohio, virginia, and florida. those -- the combination of those two or three states will probably decide who the president -- who wins. there are other states like colorado and other swing states that are not as big and not as prominent. so when you have two or three really good candidates who are governors or senators from those kind of states like marco rubio would be on the republican side in terms of florida for instance. so candidates, if you have someone good you'll look to those states first. it's not a dumb thing to do, particularly when the general election in november is going to be a tough fought raise and picking up one of those states could make all the difference. >> so democrats and republicans are looking at florida, ohio and virginia for running mates. let's look at a the other names on the list, some others in
4:49 am
discussion. you have senator elizabeth warren, cory booker, amy clob achar. >> bill nelson of florida, there's people -- the one that doesn't make too much sense to me, elizabeth warren. only because she comes from massachusetts, a state that's likely to vote democratic anyway. has pretty -- >> women would love that. >> they would love it and there is precedent as they have been talking about for selecting somebody from the same gender for a long time. >> never been done. >> we'll see. but i doubt -- that one is a little far-fetched. >> great to see you, joe. thank you for being with us. one police department has a message for parents -- that you are the problem. >> parents, please stop telling your children that we haul them off to jail if they are bad. >> the chief of that department is going to join us live with a
4:50 am
message for every parent. there he is. coming up next. but first on this day in 1983, michael jackson was topping the charts with this song, "beat it." ♪ you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here. i need to ask you a favor. not really a favor, just like (gibberish). todd makes more than i do and hes only worked here for 2 years. you know i'm also a really great, leader. really have things... (toilet flushes)
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4:53 am
hey, glad you're up. police in greensboro, north carolina, sending a message to parents -- stop teaching kids that cops are bad guys. >> parents, please stop telling your children we haul them off to jail if they're bad. we want them to run to us if they're scared, not be scared of us. >> how about that for a post? the psa now going viral. shouldn't be, but it is. joining us right now to talk about it is greensboro police chief wayne scott.
4:54 am
why do you think there was a need for this? >> well, i think, you know, some officers are out in the community they overhead parents using corrective action, if you don't do what i tell you, those officers over there are going to arrest you. that resonated with our folks that's not what we need to tell our children. >> why did it go from a conversation to a campaign? >> well, one of the things that we do in greensboro we believe strongly in our outreach. we connect with all our community. we think that the smallest of children shouldn't be anybody that's left out. plus, it was way to explain to parents really what they're doing isn't the best thing for their kids in the long run. >> right. don't you be the hammer. even though in some cases with the parents not hands off or not there, you have to be both. they make you the enemy for no good reason because you care. but you point out that only 10% of what you do is arrest people. >> exactly, brian. you know, i think there's a lot of misperceptions about police.
4:55 am
look at what hollywood has done, with the glamorized television shows, we're out connecting with our community and arresting is a small part of what we do every day. >> give me an idea of an average chief, because you're in charge. but for an average officer. >> in greensboro, we serve about 300,000 folks. we actually answer about 300,000 calls a year. so an average officer for me will have anywhere between 10 and 12 police calls, maybe one or two will involve a custodial arrest. other than that, it will be doing everything from helping people with case reports to just going out and directing traffic. >> wow. hey, chief, thanks for straightening us out. interesting to have this campaign get so much heat. i wish there wasn't a time that we didn't have to define this any further. but sadly we're not in that time anymore. chief wayne scott, thank you. >> thank you. all right, let me tell you what's straight ahead. the never trump is not the first
4:56 am
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here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. i believe that if there is a high voter turnout tomorrow, we're going to win here in pennsylvania. >> there is nothing that will
5:00 am
hold us back. we will have the future that we deserve if we work together. >> i'm not going to take the low road to the highest office in the land. that's it, as far as it goes. >> the media is popularly disguised -- the people are to decide this race. >> we can all unify and we can all go against crooked hillary clinton and beat her, really, really beat her bigley! >> bigley. it's a big battle for the east. so-called a primary today. there are on the democrats side, as you can see underneath the big blue "d," and on the republican side 118 and 384 on the democratic side. 17 will go to the winner. >> oh, look at that adorable waitress there. that's anna kooiman she is at mac's route 8 diner.
5:01 am
>> mac's. >> where's her hair net? >> as a waitress, she doesn't need one. she grabbed it from the outside of the kitchen. she's all good on that. she's also very good at delivering eggs. >> so today the states that are going to go vote with the primary, connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island. >> explain to the folks at home why it's called the excela primary. >> well, that's amtrak's real fast train, it runs through all of those states. in fact, a good possibility that rick leventhal actually took the amtrak excela to -- >> no, i did not. >> you could have taken the train and then taken an uber or had one of your people drive you. >> are you eating blue bell ice cream? >> i could have. >> how did you get there? >> i prefer to have my photographer drive us here. it's easier to just sit there and let him drive. >> right. >> do you know, is that where blue bell ice cream comes from? >> i believe it is.
5:02 am
>> i have to look that up. >> ainsley, steve and brian, on to politics. donald trump holding a double digit lead here in pennsylvania. but you know, even resounding win among the republican voters doesn't mean he'll get the 71 delegates because of the system that's a throw back. only 17 of the delegates are bound to the candidate that wins and the other 54 are do what ever they want in july at the convention. but pennsylvania is still an important state, and he's expected to dominate the other northeastern states and he did not mince words about cruz and kasich working together trying to funnel candidates to one or the other so trump doesn't reach the magical number of 1,237 to get the nomination. >> if you collude in business or if you collude in the stock market they put you in jail, but in politics because it's a
5:03 am
rigged system, because it's a corrupt enterprise, in politics you're allowed to collude. so they colluded and actually i was happy. because it shows how weak they are. it shows how pathetic they are. >> and the donald had choice words for governor kasich in particular saying it was disgusting the way he ate pancakes, suggesting the new nickname is 1 for 41, because he only won ohio. and he used a baby voice to mock kasich in the campaign. >> he's a stubborn guy. he's like a child, i want it, mommy, i want it, daddy. i don't care, i want it. that's all he is. >> turnout is expected to be strong today here in pennsylvania and across the northeast. we could start seeing the earliest returns by 9:00 tonight, guys, when i will not be on an excela train home.
5:04 am
>> hey, rick, your driver is driving you. you'll be checking your smartphone to see how your instagram page doing. >> of course. >> you ever tossed to a sound bite saying, here is using his baby voice? >> no. actually, brian, i think that was a first. >> how did you do it without smiling? >> i can confirm that was a first. >> fantastic. >> we have our fact check e it's true. it was your first. >> rick, we did -- the producers, our other fact checkers are telling us that the blue bell ice cream is made in texas, named for the blue bell wind flower. >> thanks for taking the wind out of my sails. >> sorry. >> i like how confident you were in me. >> all right. that's just me being me. >> there you go. >> thank you very much. however, if you do go to blue bell, not only will you find rick, but also normandy farms which is operated by my friends the hanson family. >> right. >> a beautiful part of pennsylvania, just a little north of downtown philly. >> if you're looking for
5:05 am
insurance, state farm -- >> completely unrelated. but like a good neighbor, brian is there. all right, so let's talk about what's going on in politics, because it looks as if as of today ted cruz would be mathematically eliminated om getting to the 1,237 number on the first ballot. they have had an alliance, mr. kasich and mr. cruz, what they have decided is cruz is going to drop out of new mexico and oregon. so that mr. kasich can concentrate on that. and kasich going to drop out of indiana. here's the problem. mr. cruz knows what's happening, but it sounds like mr. kasich doesn't because he's saying what are you talking about? vote for me in indiana. here's the sound bite. >> it is big news today that john kasich has decided to pull out of indiana to give us a head to head contest with donald trump. that's good for the men and women of indiana. >> i'm not going to spend resources in indiana and he's in
5:06 am
at going to spend them in other places. so what's, what's the big deal? >> who should the voters vote for in indiana? >> i never told them not to vote for me. they ought to vote for me. >> kasich should get the memo, if you want an alliance be on the same page. >> i thought -- the word is that it was kasich's camp's idea to approach cruz that it was a bad idea two weeks ago and then all of a sudden at the last minute, cruz said i'll do that. >> if you're running for president, are you supposed to say, i'll give you that state, you have to say vote for me. >> here's the thing. what is to say -- so the idea was that mr. kasich would drop out of indiana. if you were supporting mr. kasich, are you automatically going to say, okay, ted cruz is now my guy or looking at ted cruz and donald trump and going, between the two, i like this one. >> some people -- >> it's not a -- >> unless you say my supporters say thank you for my support. vote for ted cruz. but you can't say i'm spending
5:07 am
ad money. that's barely an alliance. you wouldn't is survived the first round of "survivor." >> here is what donald trump had to say about it all. >> when i first heard about it, i said you are kidding. it makes them look weak, that's collusion. you see it's a rigged system. these are two insiders, they get together, they want to rig the system against the guy that's going to make america great again. i'm going to make trade deals which they don't want because they want to protect the other people on the other side of the deal, they want the deals to be good. there are so many things happening. it's a rigged system. it's corrupt. people are understanding. the whole delegate system is a sham. >> i don't look at ted cruz as an insider. because in washington, they look at him as an outsider. maybe governor kasich. >> well, he appealed to the tea party and certainly won that way. but he was part of the george bush administration. >> right. well, he was early on -- >> kind of an insider.
5:08 am
>> helped him get elected and then he ran as an outsider, a tea partier. when he went to washington, nobody wanted to hang out with him. >> right. >> i think he even ate lunch alone. >> he doesn't necessarily vote the way that people expect him to vote. that's what you're saying. a lot of the celebrities are saying if donald trump wins they leaving the united states. lena dunham is the latest to say this. if you watch "girls" you know who she is. she said, i no ea lot of -- i know a lot of people are threatening to do this, but i really will. i know a lovely place in vancouver and i can get my work done from there. >> so we had donald trump on earlier and we asked him the reaction to the fact she says she's going to move to canada if he's elected. she's not the only one, there are a number of lefty performers who feel that way. and this is mr. trump's comments regarding that. >> well, she's a b-actor and, you know, has no, you know, mojo.
5:09 am
no, i heard whoopi goldberg said that too. that would be a great thing for our country. >> we have a list of people. >> rosie o'donnell. >> al sharpton. >> rosie, i love it. now i have to get elected. now i have to get elected because i'd be doing a great service to our country. i have to. now it's much more important. in fact, i'll immediately get off this call and start campaigning right now. >> yeah, cher joined the list over the weekend. >> she was going to jupiter. i don't know if that's florida or the planet. [ laughter ] >> i would recommend jupiter, it's beautiful place. florida, i mean. >> right near the planet with the rings. this is what you're tweeting. rambling man, who i think i know. can we build a wall on the canadian border so they can't come back? >> the question is does canada want them? i would say no way. >> linda on facebook said you know moving to canada is not as easy as one would think. canada actually has rules that
5:10 am
they enforce. zing. all right. keep the comments coming. we love to hear from you on this tuesday primary morning. >> remember we had trump's sons on and they said they'll buy the tickets. >> they have planes, they can fly them out. >> true. heather nauert has some headlines. >> isis tried to target u.s. employees with a new hit list featuring the names of 43 people linked to various u.s. government departments. officials say that this hack doesn't reveal any information that isn't already public. nonetheless, folks are concerned about this. in the meantime, u.s. intelligence chief clapper confirming fears across europe saying isis has active cells in the u.k., germany and also italy. and some sad news to bring you from overnight. kid rock's personal assistant was killed in an atv crash on the singer's property in nashville. the detroit rocker found michael
5:11 am
sacha's body hours after he went missing. he lost control of the atv and crashed on the way back to the house during a cookout there. kid rock said i'm beyond devastated and a member of our family and one of the greatest young men i not only had the pleasure to work with but become friends with. and what is a name? above the fbi headquarters in washington, d.c. for 41 years now, but now one lawmaker said the new headquarters shouldn't be named for hoover. patrick leahy said that the obama administration -- he wants to protest another building named after the first director, saying he routinely violated law and infringed on the constitutional rights of american citizens. funding for the headquarters has picked up steam and congress has approved $390 million for the budget in the 2016 budget, that
5:12 am
is. and a reunion five decades in the making. this is my favorite story of the day. take a close look at this old photo. it shows four marine buddies fresh out of basic training on a beach in florida. now look at this. 50 years later, the same friends, the same pose on the same beach. recruiting the picture when they were 20 years old. now they had not seen one another since they had deployed to the vietnam war. over the weekend they decided to get together. one of them went to six stores to find the perfect striped shirt to match the original photo. is that fantastic? how wonderful to see the marines back together again. >> it would have been so much easier had the guy saved the shirt. >> yeah, it's called hoarder. that would have been a lot of time. >> still look great. >> hoarder. >> hey, 12 minutes after the hour. hillary clinton says this campaign is different than the one she lost eight years ago. >> i have a bigger lead in
5:13 am
pledged delegates than senator obama when i ran against him in 2008 ever had over me. i am winning. >> is that the only difference this time around? dr. larry sabato has a history lesson next. and selena gomez in trouble for what she did to the dalai lama. terrible. when josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some. he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. feel me lois? i'm feeling you. boom! look at that pie chart. the ready for you alert, only at
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5:17 am
well, it could be a pivotal moment today as voter in five eastern states make their choice who should become their party's nominee in the white house. at this time back in 2012 mitt romney was already the presumptive nominee against president barack obama. but how does this cycle stack up to 2008 when we had no incumbent in an open seat election? here to help us look back is larry sabato from the center of politics. there he is from the actual seat he teaches students from. >> good morning, steve.
5:18 am
>> as we look back on the democrat side, we just mentioned the republicans, it was pretty close at this stage. april 26, 2008, obama had 1,700 and hillary clinton had almost 1,600. what was going on? >> what was going on was the battle between old and new and new won. what applies to this year, once obama good a lead of about a hundred delegates which does and sound like much over hillary clinton he kept it for months. it never really varied all that much. 20 here. 30 there. but he kept the lead, all the way through the end of the primaries in early june and in california and other places. and he became the nominee. >> sure. >> and that probably is what's going to happen this year. >> you could be right. meanwhile, you know, there's in never trump movement going on. but when you look back, you remember when there was an anybody but jimmy carter movement going on. how did that work out?
5:19 am
>> yes. well, it failed. it was called abc, anybody but carter. and steve, this really -- this shocks people to hear it. but back at that time in the spring of 1976, jimmy carter was viewed as too conservative, as too southern for the democratic party. and the liberals in the party including people like ted kennedy, governor jerry brown, what ever happened to that guy? governor jerry brown ran for president against carter. oh, he's still in office in california, i'm sorry. senator frank church of idaho. a whole bunch of -- >> scoop jackson. >> liberal democrats got together and said, we need to stop carter. well, they tried, but it failed miserably and carter won handily at the convention. >> there's some suggestion this morning that apparently the cruz camp may be vetting carly fiorina to join him as vice president were he nominated. a lot of people forget at the conventions that you went to back in 1976 when you were 10
5:20 am
years old, larry, ronald reagan actually nominated a vice president who was for all intents and purposes a lefty and that -- that didn't help him. >> yes. and by the way, only adults could be admitted to those conventions. they were x-rayed and i was above 10 years old. he chose richard swie gart and he wanted to grab the uncommitted pennsylvania delegates. gee. >> those people. >> gee, doesn't that sound familiar to what's going on today? >> sure. >> the more things change the more they say the same. and people were upset with reagan for picking him. >> thanks for the lesson today. >> i'm delighted to do it. it's free. absolutely free, no bill will be coming, steve. >> that's what they say.
5:21 am
all right. thank you very much, larry. all right. coming up, apparently life as terrorist isn't what it's cracked up to be. isis is hiring marriage counselor, true. we love her and know her as dj from "full house" candace cameron bure. download the new? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure. if you've gone to extremes to escapetry clarispray.ergies. new, from the makers of claritin. with the #1 prescribed ingredient. and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with clarispray.
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real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
5:24 am
time for quick headlines right now. johnny manziel is expected to be indicted on the assault charge. it's going to happen some time today. manziel allegedly hit his ex-girlfriend so hard she temporarily lost her hearing in one ear. selena gomez is banned from performing in china. the pop singer took a photo with the dalai lama two years ago which has landed her in trouble with the communists. the singer reportedly canceling tour dates as a result. the tibetan spiritual leader fled to india in exile after a
5:25 am
failed uprising in 1959. steve will have more on that later. well, it's the battle for the east. today as voters in five different states are headed to the polls but this outspoken celebrity republican is not too excited. >> i just want a do-over, can we have a do-over? a startover? >> at the convention -- >> -- for republicans right now. they have nothing. >> it bums me out, i have to admit. >> she said it it's a bit of a circus. what does candace cameron bure think? luckily she's on the couch, so i can turn and say -- >> welcome back, by the way. >> thank you. thank you. always nice to be here. >> thank you. >> you know, i don't know what it will take. i'm not a political expert -- but i'm an american. i hold conservative values and i think at the end of the day i realize i put my faith in jesus
5:26 am
christ, not in my one person. who ever becomes our candidate, our nominee and eventually our president i will pray for them and support that they make the quest decisions for our country that they can. >> i know your faith is important to you and many of the viewers. do you feel like in this election we pray about it and god will pick the right candidate? how do we -- >> i think we still go to the polls even if -- even if ultimately i'm not satisfied with the candidate. i'm still going to go in and vote. and i don't know who i'm going to vote for at this point. i honestly don't. but i will pray about the decision of who i'll vote for. >> it's amazing a lot of people are getting exposed to the delegate process for the first time because it's usually a done deal already. it's outrageous. >> it is. >> go vote for 17 delegates instead of 54. >> i think we started with so many candidates from the -- and the piece of the pie was so split in so many directions i think it hurt us to this point.
5:27 am
>> when you say us, you mean the republican party? >> the republican party. >> have you ever voted for a democrat? >> i haven't. >> why not? >> because fiscally and politically, i mean, i hold conservative values so i haven't. but, you know, i'm really looking at everyone this year. i have to tell you. i am. >> what's it like being on "the view"? because you have some ladies who are friends on that set, i know you work closely with them, that said they'll leave the country if donald trump gets elected. >> god bless them, did you hear that? canada is a great country. i love being an american. if they want to be a canadian, then god bless them. >> the latest is lena dunham. >> yeah, i was just in vancouver. it's awesome. enjoy it. i don't know. >> how is that? is it tough working with the ladies when you have different views? >> no, i love it. that's what america is made of. i love the conversations. i love hearing whoopi goldberg's point of view and joy behar.
5:28 am
i love hearing it, it gives me food for thought. >> they're open, they're open to opinions. >> so your show is fair and balanced too. get all points of view. >> most of the time. if i can get a word in. >> let's talk about "fuller house." what does it feel like that you're in midseason? >> we start actually in ten days our second season. we are very thrilled. you know, one of the big story lines this season is still is it team matt or team steve for dj? and both men will be back. >> the love triangle? >> the love triangle. i feel it's the new version of ross and rachel and joey. >> it's fun. >> tell us how you teamed up with unilever, recycling. >> to rethink recycling. only 14% of americans recycle their bathroom products. i was not one of them.
5:29 am
>> wait, which bathroom products? >> well, your body wash and shampoos. all your makeup. all the bottles. i never recycled them. i didn't think about it. >> because there's not a recy e recycling container in your bathroom. >> you can stick one underneath your sink. so we're bringing awareness. no bottle bias. don't only recycle your kitchen products, recycle your bath room. you don't have to wash them out. >> why wash the liquid soap, it's already clean. >> there you go. >> pretty much. >> you bring up a good point. i -- if the milk is expired i dump it out in the sink and i wash out the bottle. i don't have to do that. >> we'll get patterned milk next time. >> is there a website? >> #rethink recycling. go to unilever for more information. we are a running lots of different things. there are many ways to participate. but ultimately, recycle your bathroom containers.
5:30 am
>> your family is excited about the hockey playoffs. that's all you're probably watching. >> they are. i'm so embarrassed that i have not kept up. i was just in vancouver filming another hallmark movie. every restaurant i walked into, the games were on. i'm like working my butt off so i haven't been able to watch the games. >> well, always a pleasure. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> all right. coming up on a tuesday, hillary clinton slams donald trump because he uses a private jet. >> you don't just fly that big jet in and land it and go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of. >> well, should hillary actually be the one calling out rich people? doesn't she have a private jet and mansions too? all right, we are also heading back to the diner for some breakfast and some politics. there's anna. what's on the menu? >> well, the kitchen just
5:31 am
whipped up a nice omelet for me. can i sit with you? >> sure. >> in butler pennsylvania, they say that the unique way that the delegates pick their candidates, their votes don't matter as much. we'll have more from butler, pennsylvania, coming right up. you're watching "fox & friends."
5:32 am
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5:35 am
john kasich and ted cruz have formed a game of thrones alliance to stop donald trump. basically they'll coordinate which states they compete in they have a better chance of beating trump. for example, cruz won't devote resources in new mexico and oregon and kasich will let cruz have indiana. as long as it's three months ago it's good plan. >> how many did early voting for instance in indiana? >> good point. >> those votes went for those people and regardless of what the campaigns now. >> rubio wanted to do it. and kasich said i don't know what you're talking about. i didn't tell you to vote for marco rubio. >> 24 before the top of the hour. donald trump dominating the headlines. >> what are the voters in one of the states thinking about? let's talk to anna kooiman, live at mac's route 8 cafe in butler,
5:36 am
pennsylvania. good morning, anna. >> good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. good morning to everybody at home. we have had a lot of fun meeting a lot of folks coming out here to keep us company. and tell us who they're voting for. this is dan, he's a manager at an agriculture and chemical company. who are you supporting and why? >> i'm supporting don trump and the reason why, he's different. he's outside the box. he's not part of the system. and i believe the system is broke. and the system has to be replaced. nothing has changed over the last several years and trump is representing that. >> well, here in pennsylvania, 71 delegates are up for grabs, the most out of the northeastern states that are voting today. 17 are bound delegate, 54 on the primary ballot, but it doesn't say on the ballot who the people are supporting. what was that like when you went in and voted at 7:00? >> this is why i like trump. the one reason why is these people that aren't committed, they can vote for anybody.
5:37 am
when they go to cleveland, they can vote for anybody they feel like voting for. what donald trump says is true. if they take him out for dinner or trips not saying that would happen, but they can vote for anyone. they can vote for whoever they want when they get to the convention. >> dan, thank you so much. donald trump is ahead by double digits here in pennsylvania. it's a closed primary, so democrats vote for democrats. republicans vote for republicans. good morning, how are you, ron? >> good morning. >> you're supporting hillary clinton. you're a construction worker. how do you think she'd serve you and your buddy? >> i think she'll good. i want to see a woman in there. >> so you think it's time, it will be ground breaking to have a woman as president? >> yes. >> and we have patrick tom, how are you? >> good. >> you spent some time living in ohio and because he was governor
5:38 am
there you think he did a great job of balancing the budget and what else? >> he really did. i was a cruz guy but i'm not sure of right now. >> you're a computer guy. why do you support kasich? >> he's been in congress before, he's got a record and he has friends unlike ted cruz. >> all right. that's the latest from the people here in butler, pennsylvania. ainsley, brian and steve, back to you. >> anna kooiman who has friends. >> whoa. anna, brian was realworried abo the table. >> the table was so thin. >> the table in the booth. >> yeah, they're measuring tables here at this end. it looks like a great place. >> you're so close -- you have to be familiar with the person. >> they have a lot of tables, they have to fit them this. like the airline seats. this is obviously is not that
5:39 am
opportunity. let's go over to heather. >> this is pretty surprising. a bizarre story coming out of the middle east. isis is now opening the first ever marriage center, seriously. this is taking place overseas. this program is supposed to discourage those jihadi wives from fleeing their terrorist husbands. that's been a serious problem for the isis groups since the air strikes intensified last year. yeah, who wants to stick around when you're getting bombed and all that stuff? tom brady sidelined. the patriots star quarterback now weighing his legal options after the four-game suspension was relevelled against him in last year's deflategate scandal. now the question -- what does tom brady do next? >> brady has a chance, there's 15 judges in this court. only three heard the case. they sit in panels of three. he can ask all 15 to rehear the
5:40 am
case, extremely unlikely. he can ask the eight members of the supreme court to hear this case, extremely unlikely. >> it's not clear what action the nfl and tom brady will take. hillary clinton bashes donald trump over his quote, vast wealth, labelling him as out of touch with voters. >> you don't just fly that big jet in and land it and go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of. and then go back, get on that big jet and go back to your country clubhouse in florida or in new york. >> i love how the voice is different. clinton failed to mention she has two mansions of her own with a combined price tag of $4.5 million and she flies on a private plane as well. there you go. and boy, oh, boy, this idaho family has been waiting a long time to wrap a newborn in a pink blanket. say hello to the underall
5:41 am
family. that's scott and ashton, holding a baby girl, arelia marie ann. they haven't had a baby girl in guess how many years? 101 years. >> that explains all the blue blanket. >> well, she was in one. >> that'll keep -- >> no kidding, isn't that sweet? >> everyone needs a little girl that's great. >> good for them. >> thank you very much, heather. millions of americans are bracing for severe storms, and tornadoes. >> the plains states getting an early taste of what's to come. the size of ping-pong balls, the hail balls pounded san antonio. >> hey, janice. >> yes, we are tracking the threat for severe weather today, okay, we call this tornado alley because all of the ingredients are coming together for hail, large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. several of them we think we could have a tornado outbreak on our hands for portions of texas, up through kansas and nebraska,
5:42 am
missouri. so if you live in these areas, make sure you have your noaa weather radios on and if we can switch gears a little bit, it's national pretzel day. this is warm, it's doughy, salty and thanks to the folks at philly pretzel factory, i'm about to eat this baby. oh, i love pretzels. >> do they have more for us? it sure looks delicious. >> oh, it's so good. a little mustard on this baby. >> keep in mind, donald trump is watching. he doesn't love when you talk and eat. >> i'll be very elegant then. >> thank you. that's some presidential pretzel eating there. >> there goes the weathercast. >> i hope she remembers she has friends in here who are hungry. >> thank you, janice. >> let me tell you what's coming
5:43 am
up next. john kasich and ted cruz hope to stop donald trump with a collusion team, so can it really work? we are live, next. 85% of men say eating right helps prepare them for a healthy future. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ...from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and magnesium to help support healthy blood pressure. one a day.
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5:46 am
you're welcome. are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home. hey, some quick headlines right now. senator harry reid wants to weigh in on hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. i know what you're think, finally. he's calling out chuck grassley claiming he's behind some of the fbi leaks that appeared in the press. grassley denied any wrongdoing and he's from iowa. america will know if kelly ripa will forgive and forget when she appears on the set with michael. she has not been seen in a week. strahan is in the hall of fame and he's leaving and going to the "gma." they are praying she won't pull an ann curry and go off the
5:47 am
script. what happens if she goes off on him? meanwhile, let's turn to politics, as voters get head to make their selections today on the east coast, senator ted cruz is in the midwest. all about indiana. >> the republican hoping a hail mary strategy in indiana will pay off in the end. fox news national senior correspond end john roberts is live from indianapolis with the details. >> or how about a three-pointer from center court? good morning. will all of this work? you know, certainly john kasich has said he won't campaign in indiana but he also says i'm not telling people not to vote for me. then there's the whole idea of whether the two of them ganging up on donald trump will backfire. certainly donald trump is doing everything he can to try to turn voters against cruz and kasich on the road in rhode island and pennsylvania yesterday, basically accusing them of being political pack animals only
5:48 am
together can they defeat the bear and this morning on "fox & friends" he said this is more proof that the system is rigged against him. listen. >> when i first heard about it, i said you have to be kidding, they're not going to do that. it makes them look weak, it proves collusion and it proves me word it's a rigged system. these are two insider, they get together they want to rig the system against the guy that's going to make america great again. >> ted cruz of course is just rolling his eyes at such talk. even though the results of tonight's primaries will likely leave him with no chance to become the nominee on the first ballot at the convention, he's asking voters here in indiana to deny trump that privilege as well. listen. >> the entire country is looking to indiana to make a choice and it's a choice not just for the state. it's a choice for the republican party. it's a choice for the nation. i am very encouraged that the sound judgment of this great state is going to have such a profound impact on the direction of the country. >> 2012 presidential candidate
5:49 am
rick santorum doesn't think he this will work. he told greta van susteren said he thought about doing it in the last election. donald trump is countering with a big event in indianapolis, hoosier coach bobby knight will be joining him. ainsley, steve, brian, two people more made for each other than donald trump and bobby knight. >> one, the chair man -- >> exactly. john is joining us from indiana. >> bobby knight can have colorful language so i think we should be close on the censor button. >> right. it will be good sound bites. >> that's right. meanwhile, straight ahead, much more on the plan to keep donald trump from the nomination in a couple of minutes and
5:50 am
whether the deck is stacked against him as he has told everybody. no one can stack the deck against bill hemmer. he'll tell us -- >> martha could. >> a question for you guys. does trump come out in a red indiana sweater? >> yes. >> with bobby knight. >> wouldn't you? >> well, i give him a red hat. he would do that. >> good morning. a big morning here, a big lineup. what will today tell us? five states now make their choice. eric trump is here, bret baier and more will analyze it for you. and speaker ryan, what he says about the contested convention and the ominous message on isis delivered just this week by the administration. mike mccaul will talk about this. big morning on the news. we'll see you in ten minutes on "america's newsroom." real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close.
5:51 am
real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums.
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5:54 am
the republican race starting to look like tag team wrestling with ted cruz and john kasich joining forces to take down donald trump. the front-runner calling this a horrible act of collusion and calling it desperation. but is it also a sign that the deck is stacked against candidates like donald trump and bernie sanders? well, peter johnson jr. is here to discuss this with us. >> you know, donald trump is really right on this. i think the republican voters are being played for the mark in this professional wrestling alliance between these tag team wrestlers. so they're saying to the american people, you know, your vote doesn't really matter. doesn't matter who you vote for, as long as i, kasich, i, cruz, get to the convention. so there's a new phenomenon in
5:55 am
american politic, i'm not running for president, but i'm running against someone who is running for president. in the state of indiana, vote for cruz even though you're for kasich. in the states of oregon and new mexico, vote for kasich if you're really for cruz. i mean, you need a wrestling card to figure out what's going on. and this is the true steel chair to the head followed by a staple gun to the back routine that we don't like to see in american politics. so whether you like donald trump or not, donald trump is right. this is part of the rigged game. and so to say, votes don't matter, as long as i get there. whatever it's going to be we'll get there. this is a divided republican party. this is a divided democrat party. we see a new poll now that on the republican side and on the democrat side, that a lot of people will stay away perhaps.
5:56 am
if donald trump were nominated would gop voters back him, 60% would. 40% unsure. the same on the democratic nomination. clinton and sanders. so there is a feeling for a lot of people, saying i don't want to go with the outsider. but more and more, more and more, trump folks they're saying listen, i wasn't for trump really. but now i see this. this is inherently unfair. i don't like this kind of behavior. >> thank you so much, peter. good to see you. it's national pretzel day, peter, and we have them in the shape of candidates. more "fox & friends" moments away. with nasal congestion on notice, find fast, all-day sweet relief behind the pharmacy counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut right on past that aisle... ...and tell your stuffed up nose to stuff it, with claritin-d. a non-drowsy allergy medicine combined with the best
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5:59 am
♪ (music pl♪ throughout) uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪ it's national pretzel day. look, the philly pretzel factory has created the candidates. here's bernie, hillary, donald trump and mr. ted cruz.
6:00 am
>> thanks so much for doing this, the philadelphia pretzel factory. >> thank you. >> you made our picture? >> yeah. we made a picture of you guys. sorry if i didn't do you justice here. >> no, looks just like us. here i am as you can see right here. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. bill: good morning. it's. >> the super tuesday. voters in the east getting their say. a big packed show today. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: we have 502 delegate up for grabs. maryland offers the biggest grab here. only 17 in pennsylvania, but they have that wacky


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