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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 26, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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trump and mr. ted cruz. >> thanks so much for doing this, the philadelphia pretzel factory. >> thank you. >> you made our picture? >> yeah. we made a picture of you guys. sorry if i didn't do you justice here. >> no, looks just like us. here i am as you can see right here. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. bill: good morning. it's. >> the super tuesday. voters in the east getting their say. a big packed show today. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: we have 502 delegate up for grabs. maryland offers the biggest grab here. only 17 in pennsylvania, but they have that wacky 34 delegate
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thing that doesn't count today but will count as they get bound going into the convention. >> they ought to both drop out of the race. we ought to unify the republican party. a great poll just came out. you say the on the top of drunk. it has me even with hillary clinton. i haven't even started with crooked hillary. >> from only two people who have any plausible path to winning the nomination. me and donald trump. donald trump is not the best candidate to go head-to-head with hillary clinton. bill: you have got a short day today, don't you? >> the coffee. bill: what your expectations.
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bret: this is super tuesday 5, it's like "rocky," never ending. there is not a lot of suspense. i think there are a few that will be suspenseful on the democratic side. but looking at the polls going in you are talking 30-35-point lead for donald trump. the real battle is indiana coming up and whether they can block him from getting to 1,237. bill: you have been speaking with folk in d.c. what can you report as to whether thing are smooth. bret: any campaign has growing pains from a campaign to a general elect. there has been friction between
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manafort and lewandowski on top of the chain inside the trump campaign. the whole thing whether he was projecting an image to republican leaders down in florida last week i don't think sat well. the question is how trump deals with his internal campaign because transitioning from that fire up the crowd and 20,000 people in the stadium to show me you can sit behind the desk in the oval office is a transition he will have to make into the general elect. >> we have had that conversation for at least a week the past month. i want to play a clip from yesterday. i do not believe this was on teleprompter. hillary clinton if you want to be president of the united states, you have got to get familiar with the united states. you don't just fly that big jet
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in and land it and go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of then get back on that big jet and go to your country clubhouse in florida or penthouse in new york. i don't think that put you in touch with what's going on. bill: there you have a comparison in personality. trump speaks without a teleprompter. that did not appear to be a scripted moment. now he's forcing her to express her personality. bret: trump definitely has an advantage in the authentic category if you ask voters what they think about hillary clinton, authentic and straightforward is not one of the top items they say.
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i don't think it attack against donald trump about going to his plane and his car and country clubhouse is great considering when you look back to the book launch, the multiple houses and she hasn't driven in a long time. the general election battle, if this is what it end up being, is going to be something to watch. i think we have a long way to go until we get to that moment. bill: bret will be with us today. polls close at 8:00 eastern time. we think we can make some calls in. bret and megyn here with analysis only here on the fox news channel. martha: donald trump blasting john kasich and donald trump's plans to team up.
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>> did you see the news today? did you see where they band together, where they collude? it's collusion. if you collude in business other stock market they put you in jail. but in politic because it's a rigged system and corrupt enterprise, kasich, when call him 1-41. he's won one race in 41 states. when he's under pressure he is like a basket case so he is stuttering and stammering. martha: . we kept hearing your dad was going to button it up. but it seems he has had more fun on the campaign trail.
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>> we went to a bunch of different states. we had three different major rallies. and it was electric. cruz really does look desperate. looking into this, it just looks desperate. here is a failed candidate. 1-42. and another candidate who hasn't one a state you need to win the general election. he's not going to win california. they are banding together thinking 1 plus 1 is going to get them to the magic number. it doesn't make sense to me. martha: there have been a lot of changes to the campaign and you are trying to expand for the general election. there is a lot of emphasis on your dad doing policy speeches down the road.
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martha: that's what he's going to try to do, right? >> when you look at the since day one, he brought up the border and the major problems we had. he brought up corporate inversion, and bringing the money back, and talking about bring -- talking about the va and common core. martha: when i talk to people in the field people say what's he going to do? he's not a political insider who debates these topics every day. he hit on those topics better than anybody. and they have been topics. they have become topics based on him. all those same people will give
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him credit for making those relevant topics back in the political discussion. so it's fascinating. but we are gearing up for the general election and hillary is starting to hit us. she conceded the fact she is going to get the ultimate nod. martha: trump-clinton is what this is shaping up to. this is something kasich and cruz are working on. when she talked about his mansion in florida and the penthouse. that was negative for mitt romney. >> the difference between my father and hillary. he embraced his success. that's almost the fact that he has become the epitome of the
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american dream for. americans. he worked incredibly hard and was incredibly sharp. he built a great organization. she lives in chappaqua, new york. it's not like -- martha: he's proud of the fact he made money and he has a blue collar kind of appeal that definitely worked. but if you are going to turn your focus to the general election you have to look at these numbers that were in this editorial. disapproval among women, 70%. you look at the hispanic vote he loses by 51 points. you guys are surrounded by adoring fans everywhere you go. but when you get to the next stage of this the game is going to change dramatically. >> we are directly tied with hillary and he hasn't spent one
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minute campaigning against her. it's interesting, you lock at new york where we won handily. 51% of the vote we won in new york is a female vote. martha: that's a gop vote. when you step outside of that the numbers get bigger. is it a vp pick? is that something you guys are talking about in the campaigns. if so many of those community are quite frankly -- the community hit hardest by so many of the awful policies she put in place, these jobs are leaving the country. they affected many of these community worse than others. bill: house speaker paul ryan on what happens in calendar at the
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trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief bill: jobs, energy, taxes. one of the many things we talked
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about late yesterday with palm ryan. you have six months to get niece ideas out. how concerned are you about losing majority in the house? >> you always have to worry about that. i always run scared. i personally think we'll be fine. but you never take anything for granted. look at what we have done in six months. the most comprehensive transportation law, education. we passed tax reforms. but there are issues we won't get settled with a liberal president. we have to show what we'll do in 2016 and that's why we are asking for a mandate. bill: does donald trump hurt or help your cause?
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>> i don't spend my time fretting about who the nominee is going to be. i spoke with donald trump, john kasich, and ted cruz. we have an agenda we'll roll out in cleveland before we had any idea who our nominee would be when we had 17 people running for president. so this isn't about any particular personality. it's about ideas and solutions. bill: you heard republicans say he could be a drag on the party. do you agree with that? >> i don't weigh in on this. i'm the chair of the convention so i'm neutral on this. i don't worry about how that's settled out whether it comes one who gets the 1,237 before the convention or the dell got come
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up with the nominee. we give the country a clear choice. this is the kind of clarifying election we are desperate to have. we know the path we are on. the question is, is four party offering them an alternative path. that's what we can do and work on. pave the way for whoever our nominee is going to be. bill: the story of the week is this cruz-kasich alliance. >> i don't worry about that. i represent wisconsin. i'm the speaker of the house. what are our ideas and solutions? we'll have a standard bearer and one of those people will be running for president. we are developing the standard.
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the standard is what are our principles, solutions and ideas so our country has a clear choice in the fall to make. we'll have a standard bearer join us that cleveland. bill: in cleveland i heard your answer numerous times. but you are the chairman of the convention. if they rewrite the rules which they can do, someone can put your name into nomination. i know you like -- >> you know how that would look? i don't think it's right. bill: if they put your name in nomination, what will you do? >> i would say remove my name. i made a conscious decision in 2015 not to run for president. i believe we in the country decided years ago not to have people coming out of conventions where delegates make the
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decisions. we set up the system so voters would inform delegates how the party selection is made. i don't know if we'll have an open convention. but assuming we do, i believe -- and i don't think it's right for a person, myself or anybody else to parachute in who never ran for the job. wasn't on the ballot in one state or one pro mary and one caucus to get the nomination when there are people out there doing what you need to do to become president. bill: the white knight will not be you? >> it won't be me. i think our candidate should be somebody who ran for president. bill: there are only so many things you can control. i have seen numerous videos from your office.
6:21 am
they look like campaign video. >> they are pitching our office. i came in saying i'll be more a communications speaker, more of a policy speaker, pushing our ideas and building a confident america. these things i just described are what i think you get a confident america. of all the things lacking in mayor kate's confidence in america, confidence that we are secure and safe and prosperous. we are going to offer an agenda that gives us a confident america. i promised the members that asked me to be the speaker that if i would promote this and communicate that and that's exactly what i'm doing. bill: on top of all of this, budget, spending, huge issues for congress. the biggest issue, time management.
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martha: the terror threat is spreading. new warnings about isis. are they planning another terror-style attack.
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6:26 am
and confusing, a throwback to the days when delegates were chosen in smoky back rooms. even if donald trump were to season 60% of the votes he could wind up with only 17 of the 71 delegates. only 17 are bound to the candidate with the most votes. the other 54 are uncommitted. even if they announce support for a particular candidate. they can vote for whoever they like at the convention, especially if donald trump is 30 vote short of the nomination. >> the pressure, the cajoling, maybe we can even call it legal bribery where you can give gift and pay for transportation for delegates, you can give them ride on airplanes. manage the pressure on these delegates to make a difference with the trump people trying to get them to get to 1,237.
6:27 am
> reporter: senator cruz and john kasich will also be working those delegates for the next several months. martha: as usual donald trump is not holding back on his remark on this. reporter: blistering attacks with trump criticizing his opponents for working together to deny themselves the primary. he mocked john kasich for on winning one primary and the aned lack of manners. i'm always with my kid. i'm always telling them, small, little bites. this guy takes a pancake and he's shoving it in his mouth. it's disgusting. do you want that for your president? i don't think so. reporter: the crowd seemed to
6:28 am
eat that up. bill: the battle for the east is about delegates. we'll crunch the numbers and let you know where everyone stand as of today as we move closer to 1,237. martha: can the cruz-kasich alliance block trump from getting the 1,237. >> i have to ask you about your alliance with ted cruz. why do that? >> it's about resources being directed where you think you have the best chance of getting good results.
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bill: connecticut, rhode island, delaware, tense vein yeah, all go and make their decision today. what would this delegate map look like? he need to get to 1,237. we'll lock out the states in play today. starting next week we may flip after the fox poll came out friday afternoon. today we think trump wins in indiana. then nebraska, we think still favors cruz, so the number doesn't change. you can watch the numbers change. west virginia favors trump, not as much as we thought before. but rather significantly. oregon we think at the moment would favor trump. washington state did not appear to change have much. so we'll keep that in the ted cruz column. we are in the first tuesday in june.
6:33 am
we think new mexico might help donald trump, given the alliance. we think in california, a big bushel of delegates, 172, we have trump at 100 in that state. it takes him to more than a thousand. so without the states that vote today and the delegates that will be pledged today. we think trump is about 110. if our math is right. by the end of the night tonight trump could gain 80-90 pledged delegates which would take that number between 30 and 40 on the number he would need. but in pennsylvania you have 54 who are not bound. but the greater majority of
6:34 am
delegates that are free agents in pennsylvania have said they will vote on the first ballot in cleveland, ohio for the candidate who wins their district. if that is the case, that number in pennsylvania could be much higher for donald j. trump. we shall see. martha: bill o'reilly weighing in on this cruz-kasich alliance they have formed. they are predicting an outcome even if they prevail. bill: there is nothing wrong with cruz and kasich banding together, sometimes politics is intense it's the only way to deny mr. trump the delegates. but i think mr. trump will be very close to winning the nomination outright. and if he arrives in cleveland
6:35 am
and is denied, all hell will break loose. martha: do you agree that all hell will break loose if it doesn't go for trump at the convention. >> if he doesn't get the numbers fair fan square. i don't agree with his analysis, i think he will get it. i think unbound delegates will move forward. if people think there is hankie panky or chicanery going upon, then the question is what happen to the those voters who are with trump? they are going to stay out and you have a president hillary clinton. martha: i think back to all the white boards we looked at and people explaining the percentages out there not supporting donald trump. but it has not co-lessed around a single candidate. it's not a driven committed movement for never trump.
6:36 am
so it's hard to see what those people will be rooting for. >> you take mitt romney. he said anybody but trump but didn't pick a nominee. i consider him a friend, but what he did was not helpful. we have the so-called establishment saying he's the guy. i have noticed some trickling from former colleagues. the biggest challenge they have is saying we don't know him. i say let's pick up the phone so you guys can understand. kids are a reflection of their parents. and these people are dynamic charred charging, successful young people. i think it's important to know who their dad is. nobody speaks bet were their far it or not. and the lets said if they are not there.
6:37 am
martha: you look at the family and they have reflect the person. people look for that credibility reference. let's talk about indiana. if cruz loses in indiana, do you think he will drop out? >> he should have dropped out already. he kept telling kasich, you can't win. now he's mathematically eliminated. they are combines forces and it shows weakness for kasich and cruz in that they can't win without trump calls it collusion, i call it gutter politics getting together to try and stop them. martha: they say they feel they are carrying the flag. >> it's not going to happen.
6:38 am
i like them all. whoever wins. to think a white knight is going to come in -- it will be trump or cruz. trump will get the number. i think cruz and kasich will play pivotal roles. if they want to keep the supreme court choices and cabinet position and ambassadors. how about having a vice president walk into the claim for when there is a tie on legislation and have it be hillary clinton or bernie sanders. martha: charles koch said maybe hillary would be possibly better than some of the people out there. kelly ayotte and others saying i'm not going to the convention. they are throwing their hands up. >> i was in the same position as kelly. i support her. i have come out publicly for her.
6:39 am
i think she is one of the most qualified women in the u.s. senate. she has to focus on new hampshire politics. what will matter for all of those people is if they are going to get behind the nominee to make sure we can retain the senate. also increase the numbers in the house so we can put back into the bottle the genie, the negative things this administration has done over the last 8 years. martha: donald trump said now i'm tied with hillary clinton. we know from talking to clinton folks that they are worried about donald trump. they say they don't know what he's going to do. the reason he says that's tied is it's within the margin of error. it looks difficult when you look at the numbers with hispanics and women. >> it's difficult for her with
6:40 am
men. they both will have the highest negatives of anyone running for president. so they both have high negatives. it means they will cancel email other out and it will be about ground game and getting out there and working and working. and that's i think will be important. i think he wins this. people don't like her, they don't trust her. she is complaining about jets. she spends $2 million a month on private jets. she hasn't driven in years. she has problems and he does, too, and i think he has a better chance of fixing them than she does. bill: stopping isis with a cyber bomb. mike mccaul is here live. does ted cruz have a running-mate? >> it could happen.
6:41 am
it happened in the state of louisiana. i won the state of louisiana and got less delegates. nobody knew this whole thing is a scam it's a rigged system. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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bill: we get an ominous new warning from james clapper saying isis is setting up terror cells in various parts of europe. how are you, sir, and welcome back. you are pushing legislation to do what on counter tear' requiremend fsh oncounter-terro.
6:45 am
>> we do together in homeland to stop this radicalization from within. taking testimonials from the virginia man who was picked up by the peshmerga. he said this is a bad experience. this is the best way to counter the narrative isis is sending every day over the internet. the propaganda. bill: that should be on television and every website around america. why would we need to build that for it to happen. >> the department of homeland security to do this. i want to make sure americans are not getting radicalized. the fact is, they are. bill: there is talk about a cyber bomb. we are dropping cyber bombs, we have never done that before. >> a cyber boy's an offensive
6:46 am
cyber bomb to shut things down. isis has an effective command and control structure. we arrested over 80 isis followers in the united states in large part due to this internet activity. what the department of defense is engaged in,en i have to be careful about the classified realm is a shutdown of a lot of these internet missives coming out of raqqa, syria, into the united states to radicalize individuals in america so they can conduct terrorist operations. bill: does this work? >> it's effective. if we can shut down their communications they cannot radicalize people in the united states to conduct terror attacks like what we saw in san bernardino, chattanooga, and the july 4 attack we stopped in new york. you can be radicalized where you are over the internet.
6:47 am
bill: when this goes out, have we caught up with our own tactics or are we still trailing from behind. bill: if they are throwing out how many tweets it is a day or a week -- >> it many hard to manage. managing the sheer volume of chatter and activity we see over internet coming out of raqqa, syria, out of isis central into the united states. we are worried about europe. they are wide open with foreign fighters. the threat to the homeland, their use of the internet to radical individuals here. bill: isis is growing in europe, where? >> primarily in germany, france, brussels, belgium. the u.k. and germany. these are the main points. there are operational cells as clapper talked about, the
6:48 am
director of national intelligence over there. we have been aware of this for quite some time. the mastermind of the terrorist attack said he brought in 90 foreign fighters with him. that's why europe is wide open and there are active cells there. we want to make sure they don't come into the united states and conduct external operations. that's the biggest threat. bill: do you know much about the migration pattern for isis? are they still able to move between borders. >> i think since the paris attack and brussels it's been a wake-up call to share better intelligence and do watchlists. they passed legislation to help do that. but they are effectively wide
6:49 am
open because of their open bored officers and the fact they migrated from the region. thousands of foreign fighters are there. and the cells are there. and the sad fact is i think. >> the attack will happen. bill: you do? >> i think i am inevitable because of the sheer number of foreign fighters there, the intelligence we are receiving, they made significant arrests. but they are infiltrated by isis. bill: do you feel the same about us here at home? >> i think we are safer, but we are not safe. we don't have as many foreign fighters that have returned. hundreds compared to thousands in europe. this internet phenomenon to globalize the jihad movement and provide the counter narrative that will be on the house floor
6:50 am
today i think is very important. martha: a government watchdog expected to release a bombshell report today and it could spell big trouble. we'll tell you about that. can trump all but wrap it up today or will the race go to indiana in a big way coming up. >> john kasich announced he's pulling out of the state of indiana. that means indiana gets a trait and direct choice between our campaign and donald trump's. by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade
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martha: a government wash dog group is about to release a report about americorps. they are accused of escorting women to be abortion clinics. what exactly are they doing? reporter: it appears to be limited. this allegation was first reported by the hill. the hill report that the practice occurred in new york city that several americorps volunteers escorted patient into the abortion clinics. they were known as abortion dulas.
6:55 am
the hill report -- includes a statement from the parent organization that read, quote, although the office of the inspector general's investigation concluded the misconduct occurred on an extremely limited scope, the grantee broke the law and violated the spirit of national service. we moved to cease the activity in question and suspended the workers until they and their site supervisors were retrained. he added that they reported the violation to authority after learning about the violations. martha: tell us about the program. reporter: it's paid for by taxpayer to the tune of $1.4 billion last year.
6:56 am
volunteers across the country help with disaster services, senior citizens, financial literacy, they are not supposed to help with abortions. bill: the battle for the east is under way. they get their shot today. live team coverage from the mid-atlantic states and beyond. martha: tom brady will be suspended following deflategate.
6:57 am
. .
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6:59 am
martha: so it is decision today day for the northeast. primary voting underway in five states with the front-runners both claiming for a clean sweep. donald trump is expected to easily rout his republican rivals, pushing him closer to clinching the nomination. welcome, everybody, to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'mi'm martha maccallum.
7:00 am
bill: if it is tuesday they're voting somewhere. martha: absolutely. it is all about the race for delegates. donald trump looking to boost his count in five states today with 118 pledged delegates on the line. his closest rival looking ahead already to indiana. john kasich trying to clear the way for ted cruz to compete head-to-head with donald trump in the hoosier state. that will be a big story as of tomorrow. for today, senior national correspondent john roberts live in indianapolis. how are you doing, john? good morning. reporter: good morning to you. a lot of activity. they're preparing for american anyone i can't warrior and preparing for the indy 500. we managed to get them to quiet down so we could talk to you about this. by many analyses if donald trump wins as expected to tonight, wins in a week later in indiana, he will be on track to win the nomination before the convention or win it on first ballot. first of all pennsylvania with
7:01 am
54 unbound directly elected delegates. a week from today in indiana. kasich has left the state, leaving wide open for ted cruz. ted cruz hoping for come from behind wisconsin-style victory on may think. the big question will any of this work? kasich is still on the ballot and has not told anyone not to vote for him. >> i would ask governor kasich's supporters to stand with us, to stand united because only in standing united that we can prevail, win the nomination. >> i have not told anybody to not vote for me. i'm just not there campaigning. you know what, when you don't campaign in certain areas in kind of a race, guess what, your turnout goes down. i don't tell people how to vote. i am not in that state right now. but i will be in other states. and i will be at the convention and brokered convention trying to become president of the united states. reporter: notice the language kasich used there.
7:02 am
he said brokered convention. that is different from a contested convention, bill. brokered convention when the party bosses determine who they want as nominee, put that person up for nomination for the delegates. bill: we've got this alliance. like four corner basketball in indiana, the hoosier state. what is trump doing to thwart that alliance, john? reporter: basically in every opportunity and interviews on campaign trail, trying to paint cruz and kasich weak political pack animals who can only gang up on the bear. he says it is more political trickery. warning of trouble in july if the party tries to engineer trump's defeat. >> how do you vote for a guy who has lost by four or five million votes, who is hundreds and hundreds of delegates down? guy over a year got creamed, right? got creamed. you would have a revolt. reporter: you mentioned a second ago hoosiers.
7:03 am
donald trump has a big event tomorrow night here in indianapolis to counter cruz's basically blanket coverage of the state. he will be appear being here in indianapolis with famed basketball coach bobby knight. on the same stage at the same time the chairman and the chair man. bill? bill: he is the mayor of that place. john roberts in indianapolis. martha: a little bit in common. with 57 delegates at stake cruz says he looks forward to battling trump one-on-one when indiana voters roll in next tuesday. watch. >> john kasich announced he was pulling out of the state of indiana. [shouting] he is focusing his attention on other states. what that means indiana get as straight and direct choice between our campaign and donald trump. [applause] martha: latest "fox news poll" shows cruz trailing trump by 8% in indiana, 41-33, right on edge
7:04 am
of that margin of error. republican strategist lisa booth, president and founder of high noon strategies. contributor to the washington examiner. good to see you this morning. >> hi, martha. martha: what do you make of all this? you can pretend tonight will not happen and advance the action this indiana. tonight is going to happen, likely if trump bears out trump will have a very big night. what is the impact of that? >> tonight is going to happen, the big question for donald trump how big does he win? if you look at results in new york, he exceeded expectations. the question is, can he do the same thing tonight? does john kasich come in second in some of these states, both john kasich and ted cruz are trying to vie for the opportunity to be alternative to donald trump. that narrative becomes muddled depending on what happens tonight and specifically what happens in indiana on may 3rd. martha: you have not been a big trump supporter but how do you feel about the effort to create
7:05 am
an alternative? >> i always believe we should let republican voters speak. they were the ones who ultimately will decide the election. i find it troubling when people come in to try to manipulate the process. what is important looking ahead to indiana on may 3rd, the pact between john kasich and ted cruz they set up indiana as a last stand. ted cruz set up one-on-one competition between donald trump and himself. if he wins the state, this will embolden the never trump crowd who inevitably will see losses tonight, who also saw big losses in new york. if donald trump is to win indiana which look like polls project him to be able to do, that could really hurt the argument and hurt argument of someone like senator ted cruz who already has a tough narrative way it is, because he can't mathematically get 123pledged delegates at this moment. martha: we've seen states where ted cruz closed well.
7:06 am
where he went into the state in the end. we know he is doing good groundwork in advance. there have been a lot of advanced voting in indiana. do you think that will lean towards him? >> ted cruz has. you look at wisconsin. i think there is a 21 point swing in a month. martha: right. >> i don't think we're seeing internal workings in the state of indiana like we did with wisconsin. there were influential people in the state of wisconsin, charlie sykes. i spent time working statewide on wisconsin senate race there. those individuals have big impact in how conservatives and republicans vote in the state. we're not really seeing that in indiana. people seem to be a little bit more neutral. couple things to look for. there are two very competitive congressional primaries in the third and 9th congressional district. in the 3rd congressional district. that is cruz territory. in the 9th you have more reagan type democrats will likely look to someone like donald trump. martha: so after today, if trump sweeps what do you think the conversation is come tomorrow
7:07 am
morning? do you think the never trump part of the equation folds? or are they emboldened? what do they do? >> it will be tough for them. they're looking ahead at may 3rd. ted cruz is looking to turn indiana in wisconsin-type scenario. that is why he is spending so much time in the state. he is held multiple events in indiana. he put up a great ground game, spending 700,000 on tv and radio alone. he is investing heavily in indiana. john kasich kind of telling vote ders. martha: kind of. >> looking for voters to look towards senator ted cruz. if you look at pew research, about 31% of the adult population considers themselves evangelical christians. that is 28% in iowa. so that will help but they have been split along donald trump and ted cruz. so it is going to be a dogfight. martha: lisa, thanks a lot. >> thank you, martha. great to see you. bill: voters also hitting the polls in maryland where there is
7:08 am
a big batch of delegates up for grabs there. peter doocy at a polling station in rockville, maryland. what is the level of interest because it matters this time? good morning. reporter: bill, there is a ton of interest. look at early voting if you want to see how excited people are to be part of a meaningful primary. early voting was triple than 2012. 7 1/2% of the everybody in the state could vote early voted earlier. there was a line at this polling place a little bit before it kind of tapered off as the morning has worn on. not just because people are excited about the presidential primary. because here in maryland, statewide there is a primary to replace long-time retiring senator barbara mick cull sy. that is -- mikulski. it features problem meant democrats, chris van hollen. there is a contest in the 8th district, one the democratic hopefuls has spent
7:09 am
more money than any house hopeful spent in history. $12 million. that businessman, david trone. founder of total wine. he is battling a state senator and a former local tv anchor in the d.c. area in another race that could go to anybody. the ballots here people are voting on are paper. they are switching back to paper there were complaints all the candidates names were not fitting on to the touch-screens. there were concerns about fairness. we're hearing some isolated reports of problems with the paper ballots. so we're checking on those. bill: i smell a hanging chad there in maryland. convicted felons, they are allowed to vote? explain that. reporter: for the first time here in maryland there are 40,000 convicted felons who are eligible to vote even if they are on parole or if they are on probation. we understand that this is, even though the maryland governor,
7:10 am
larry hogan tried to veto this measure, there were enough state lawmakers think once you've done your time you should be able to vote. republican candidates counter, they complain that similar measures in other states like nearby virginia, are just going to flood the rolls with all these felons who lean democratic. that is not a fair thing. statewide, maybe not going to have a big impact but in some of the local races, where there is higher concentration of felons, that live there when they get out, could make a big difference, bill. bill: we'll watch it. peter doocy at a polling station in maryland. thanks. martha: keep it right here with fox news channel today of course. we're covering primaries all day long. polls close in every state. sometimes different times on all the different states. but tonight, boom, boom across the five states at 8:00. bret baier, megyn kelly hosting live coverage tonight as results come in. bill and i will be here too. fox news channel coverage will be where you want want to be for
7:11 am
america's election headquarters. bill: exit polling? martha: exit polling. a lot of states. every time we do them we ask new questions as well which gives you new information based where we are. bill: i will be at the board. martha: you will be over there. bill: see if we can add. hillary clinton apparently getting a little test at this at the town hall over the delegate process. we will play that for you what she said in a moment. stand by. martha: this whole cruz-kasich alliance, is it too little too late to stop the trump train? a fair and balanced debate coming up on that next. >> my team met with the cruz people. they made a recommendation to me. i said i think it's fair. i don't have, you know, like daddy war bucks behind me giving me all this money. i have to be careful about my resources. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready.
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♪ martha: new questions about the cruz-kasich alliance to stop donald trump and whether they should even bother at this point. they certainly believe they should. columnist charles krauthamer says he thinks the effort might be too little and too late. here he is last night. >> this is extremely late. had they worked this out a month or two ago where they each go one-on-one. trump said he wants to go one-on-one with cruz. he will get his chance in indiana. we're really at the point where this is the endgame. earl weaver said momentum is tomorrow's starting pitcher. meaning there is no momentum.
7:16 am
depends where you are tomorrow. there is no tomorrow really. this is a last attempt to try to stop the momentum. martha: how did we get here? rich lowery, editor of "national review," kirsten powers, columnist for "usa today." both fox news contributors. rich, you've been very outspoken you believe he should not be the candidate. criticism from charles krauthamer, folks like you didn't get your act together soon enough or the effort wasn't unified enough to give the american people and gop voter a real alternative? >> yeah, well we had our act together i think. we're just opinion writers. these guys are candidates. i think kasich should have dropped out long ago but there is, charles referred to there is no tomorrow. there is a tomorrow. it is indiana. this alliance is focused on indiana. that is the last chance to really stop trump's momentum. if cruz will go, he had a bad media downdraft last two weeks. it will get worse tonight. the question, can he recover it
7:17 am
in indiana the way he did in wisconsin or not? now they have a lot of advantages in wisconsin. popular governor. backed him fully. talk radio in the state totally on his side. not clear those factors will be there for him. but with kasich's vote at least diminished in indiana cruz is in the hunt there. martha: he has to win indiana or this is over, right? >> yes. also wisconsin was supposed to be a huge game-changer i don't think it was that big of a game-changer. trump still continued with his momentum. look he will do very well tonight. so i think it gets harder and harder to say looking at tonight, if we have like a five-state sweep to say, but cruz won a state. so now he is back on. i think it gets harder and harder to make that case. if the goal is just keep him under the 1237 i guess you know, you could say -- martha: that is the goal clearly, right? >> but i think i think that's a dangerous goal, in the sense that it seems, if you look at exit polls where voters were
7:18 am
asked who should get the nomination, 60% said the person who has the most delegates. not the person who hits 1237. the person who hits the most delegates. that is dangerous game the establishment is playing with donald trump. martha: exit poll it was most votes which is even different equation. >> yeah. martha: they wanted most popular person based on these races to actually be the one who gets that nomination. i just think there is going to be so much monday morning quarterbacking, rich, looking at candidates, marco rubio, chris christie, carly fiorina, all of these people, because ted cruz's problem remains that he is not as likeable as some of these other people who fell by the wayside. so you know, what's the monday morning quarterback on how folks in your camp ended up with ted cruz? >> well, one he has been a better candidate than rest of those guys. marco rubio is very appealing but you need to be able to win states including your home state and he got crushed in florida. and i think cruz has won just as
7:19 am
a matter of technical proficiency, has won the most buttoned up campaign since barack obama in 2008 but he is up against a phenomenon in donald trump who is unlocked a republican coalition that no one quite knew was there by having such a strong hold on working-class voters. that crosses idealogical lines. it crosses geographic lines. why you had this extraordinary phenomenon of him winning almost every state in the south and, winning going away in the northeast. martha: look at the map, kirsten, it face nominal. because there is definitely syndrome, you work in media, politics, how come trump keeps winning because nobody lives in my neighborhood votes for him. >> right. martha: look at the map. if i had a dime for every time someone said we're now moving into states trump favorable, like the south, like northeast, like parts of the southwest, doesn't seem to be there is anywhere where he is not very popular with gop voters. >> it is surprising.
7:20 am
this is anecdotal, place i get my hair done, republican wealthy neighborhood. i was in there, what do people here. every single woman likes trump. you're what? this is not his demographic supposedly. i think he does have this appeal people have a lot of us didn't see coming and gets more what we're talking about right now, too little too late of the establishment coming out to try to stop him. if he is going to be stopped it would have to be beginning. martha: never a unified movement that had both as you say opinion side, and a candidate that they felt they could really put the kind of operation together with. >> at beginning, northeast is different. he won 60% in new york. will blow the lid off a lot of states tonight. otherwise he has been winning having strong plurality against a fractured field. the field stayed fractured just long enough and just in the right way to really give him a major head of steam. martha: you would argue if he
7:21 am
won by won he would won by even more? >> i'm not sure. a lot of exit polls in some states cruz would have beaten him. the game is still on. if he loses indiana he could fall short of 1237. how far short. who wins california to have last bit of momentum going into converges. what do trump's general election numbers look like? poll other day had him closing to hillary. losing by 10 points or more toxic with key groups, you will ask a lot of uncommitted republican delegates to forge look like a suicide pack for the convention and and it could still be up in the a air. martha: thank you. bill: last minute republican, house speaker paul ryan says don't look at him. >> i chose not to do that. i made my own conscious decision. i could have run for president in 2012. i could have run 2016. i decided not to do that. therefore i should not be considered. the way i see it. bill: more of our interview with the house speaker on unifying
7:22 am
the republican party. how is that going to go? martha: great stuff with paul ryan coming up. tom brady benched for 4:00 games. what the latest ruling could mean for the pats when we come back.
7:23 am
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7:25 am
♪ bill: own the ballot four years ago. he is not on the ballot now but house speaker paul ryan continues to face call whether or not he could be a nominee in cleveland. ryan telling "america's newsroom," don't ask him. that won't happen. if somebody put your name into nomination -- >> i would say take it out. look, i don't know how many times you want me to say this, bill. i really believe it ought to come from someone who ran because i don't think that person would have the kind of support that they would need to
7:26 am
unify the party going forward. i think you need to run the race all the way through. you have to run the race, ask for the votes, be on the ballot and then be the standard-bearer. i chose not to do that. bill: well, byron york, chief fox news contributor, chief political correspondent, washington examiner. good day to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: you saw the extended segment last hour. what do you think about what paul ryan was talking about? >> it is time to take the speaker at his word. he said all along he is not interested. you asked him what would happen if someone put his name in nomination, he would say take it out. at this point think forward to the convention. somebody wants to have ryan to be on the ticket and he agrees? he will catch enormous amount of flak for going back to all promises he made, for going back on all these promises he made. i think right now pretty much, take him at his word. bill: the other thing he said repeatedly, i think whoever is running right now should be one,
7:27 am
should be the nominee whomever that is. almost suggesting that the delegate issue should not decide it? >> i think that is his opinion, also he is not just saying that off the top of his head. he knows majority of republicans believe the nominee should be somebody who is running. that's a big variety right there. you have, you have donald trump, you have john kasich and you have ted cruz. besides, you could maybe even broaden that category to have people who run and dropped out earlier like marco rubio. so, the speaker is not just expressing a personal opinion. he is saying what most republicans think about this. p. bill: he has a lot of issues. we mentioned budget and spending issues, trying to get the message out to keep majority. that comes down to taxes, national security and energy policy, et cetera, et cetera. now, ted cruz apparently, there is a report that he is talking with carly fiorina about being a rp here is the tweet. we're vetting potentially vp candidates.
7:28 am
nearly may 2016. from jason johnson, chief strategist, cruz for president. is this possible or do you see it more just a report/rumor right now? >> on the substance of it would make a lot of sense for cruz to consider fiorina. she has endorsed him. they were campaigning together a lot. seemed to work pretty well together. remember as a candidate she didn't go all that far but really shown in the debates. a lot of people, including me, declared her a winner of a number of the republican debates. on the more tactical side, think of it this way, announcing this now or leaking this now, makes cruz look very confident on a day where he is likely to lose five northeastern primaries. and it also, along with the kasich deal, directs the attention down the road. hey look, in indiana, look at convention, don't look at the five primaries i'm about to lose today. it makes sense on the substance, also makes sense on the politics. bill: because he will need a
7:29 am
story tomorrow, right? >> yeah. bill: if you look at these five states, looks like trump, he could go five for five today, byron. what then is the story wednesday? >> well, if, i think if you're most people, the story is trump wins a lot of primaries. the question is where does that leave him? for cruz it is all indiana. for days he has been physically in indiana. he is not in, he wasn't in pennsylvania yesterday or maryland yesterday or rhode island or connecticut or any of those other states. he was in indunion that. if you're -- indiana. you're you're ted cruz you're setting up indiana as the big, big thing. bill: thank you, byron york. i know you will, you shall. >> have a good day. martha: were students of donald trump's real estate school misled? that decision is up to a judge today. will donald trump have to testify? we're live from the courtroom on that decision next. plus here is mitt romney with his take on that?
7:30 am
>> his bankruptcies are crushed small businesses and men and women who work for them. he inherited his business. he didn't create it. whatever happened to trump airlines? how about trump university?
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
martha: voting underway in today's battle for the east and donald trump is hoping to sweep all five states. there is possible achilles heal for trump of his now-defunct real estate school a judge deciding whether students at trump university were misled and left with debt. david lee miller live from the courthouse in new york city. what exactly are the students saying? what is going on with this case, david lee? reporter: martha, many of the students are claiming now trump university was a classic case of bait and switch. after attending a free 9-minute seminar, they were -- 90 minute
7:34 am
seminar, they were, instructors tried to sell them a $1495, three-day course. and then students were offered a $35,000 gold elite program according to the attorney general. more than 5,000 students were misled, taking the courses between 2005 and 2011. and despite claims by trump university instructors that they were personally selected by donald trump, that is what the advertising literature says, the attorney general says not a single one was actually hand-picked. the attorney general also says no specific trump techniques or strategies were taught during the seminars. one former student said in an affidavit, martha, quoting, i was unable to get my refund and still paying off debts from my trump tuition. donald trump received 25,000 of my money from my $25,000 i have a lifetime membership to nothing. new york's attorney general, martha, now trying to get back some $40 million for those students. martha?
7:35 am
martha: we know donald trump has a very different take on this whole thing, right? reporter: indeed he does. donald trump says he has no apologies whatsoever to make about trump university. and even set up a website, touting that 98% of the students who attended rated programs as excellent. he accuses new york's attorney general of filing the lawsuit for nothing more than publicity. and last month when asked about trump university, he said, any type of settlement here simply out of the question. listen. >> you can't settle cases when the person suing you has given you letters and in some cases tapes saying how great it is. it was very nice thing. so we're putting it on hold. reporter: during the hearing today, the attorney general is expected to ask the judge to make a ruling, this afternoon, or a ruling without going to trial saying the evidence here is so clear that this was a scam. if there is going to be a trial,
7:36 am
martha, which seems likely, highly unlikely the judge will make this ruling without a trial. it is not going to be before a jury. the judge ultimately will be one who decides. that means if it does go to trial, martha, donald trump will likely at some point be called to testify. the hearing today gets underway at 2:30. to you. martha: david lee, thank you. bill: frank luntz pollster, fox news contributor with me at the board. how are you doing. >> i love this board. bill: i think it can tell a lot but, a lot of what we're doing here by the way is based on polling, a lot of different political websites to try to give our viewers at home an idea for how things may or may not go. so five states today. but you say that today is not necessarily the most vital aspect of this. you're looking way down the road, to where? >> my assumptions today is just a trump blowout in the end. and how the delegates are proportioned.
7:37 am
tonight will be a trump victory. it will be very tough for cruz. i don't know how many delegates he could get, he could get trumped today completely, but i'm looking at indiana next week because that is a state ted cruz has an opportunity to do well. it is a state with significant percentage of christian conservatives. when you go from indianapolis on south in that state, much more like a southern state than it is industrial midwestern state. and then i have to go four weeks later, i have to go to june 7th, because california is going to determine everything. and right now it is too close to call. cruz in polling that i have seen only five or six points back. bill: that is interesting. go ahead. >> one more point. the trump campaign over last two or three weeks really sharped up. it is one of most professional praises. it knows how to get delegates and knows how to keep delegates something he is failing earlier on. he will maximize everything. bill: that could be real battle head-to-head. we taken five states. we locked them out of our
7:38 am
scenario. trump starts at 845. he needs 400 to get there, to get to 1237. if you don't count the five today, i will explain why we're not doing that today, indiana, last friday we gave that to trump. prior to that we'd given to cruz. we see if that continues. nebraska, west virginia, prior mary trump. cruz slight edge in oregon and slight edge in washington. you talked about california, montana for cruz, south dakota for cruz. we think trump get as few more delegates in new mexico now. we think trump gets 109 delegates in the state of california, the same state as new jersey, winner-take-all, 51. not counting today where we think in pledged delegates, frank, jump could get 80 or 90 as of this moment. take 80 or 90 from 1237, around
7:39 am
30 or 40 from 1237. that is possibility. do you want to argue that or not. >> i don't want to argue that. i want you to if he is only 30 delegates short on june 8th, 2016. how do you deny someone nomination when you are that close? i think following week, 10 days, will be greatest in horse trading that we have ever seen in american politics. bill: between june 8th and july 18th could be significant. there will being 170 free agents basically, unpledged delegates. >> all trump will need 30 or 40 of them. that is where personal offensive, one-on-one campaign becomes so important. not an issue do they two down to florida to visit trump. he gets a chance to sit across the table. this is where he is at his best. he learned this from "the apprentice." learned this from 30 years of negotiating, 40 years. bill: make the deal. >> make the deal. no, actually how to close the deal. bill: i will take that.
7:40 am
one more thing here if we're wrong about indiana, watch how the number changes. we'll take that away. if we're wrong about the state of oregon, watch the number change. now you see cruz-kasich alliance how it may or may not work. >> which was the smartest decision they could have made. that is brilliant political strategy but execution is horrific. you don't talk about what you're going to do. you do it. the fact that both cruz and case i can campaigns have discussed this deal actually gives donald trump credibility when he says the fix is in. big mistake. bill: five states tonight. nice to see you, frank. >> pleasure. bill: martha. martha: hillary clinton getting all worked up telling everyone loud and clear exactly how she is doing in the battle against bernie sanders. plus tom brady on on the sidelines for four seasons. is this ordeal over or is there another chapter. >> so long at this point, let it go. let them play football, you know what i mean? getting ridiculous. >> they need to be stop being
7:41 am
jealous and let the man play. >> just nfl's way of giving everybody else a four-game head start.
7:42 am
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7:44 am
♪ martha: hillary clinton getting a bit riled up it was suggested she might not be ahead of bernie sanders when the nomination race gets towards its end. watch this moment. >> june 7th, 2016, will be the california primary. >> right. >> this year, is that when you, if you're ahead in the vote, if you're ahead in pledged delegates -- >> i am ahead. i am way ahead on both! no, wait a minute, look i have the greatest respect for senator sanders but really, what he and his supporters are now saying just doesn't add up. i have 2.7 million more votes than he has. i have more than 250 more pledged delegates. martha: matthew littman, political consultant, former
7:45 am
speechwriter for vice president joe biden, and matt schlapp white house political director under president george w. bush. chairman of the american conservative union. matt, matt, welcome you guys. good to see you this morning. she was a bit riled up, matthew littman. what do you think? >> well, look, she's right. she has many more votes and let's also remember in 2008, hillary had more votes than barack obama, but you know, after that hillary conceded, and she became secretary of state. so obama, i think when sanders concedes i don't think he will be secretary of state under hillary clinton but she does have almost three million more votes than bernie sanders right now. she is right to be a little bit defensive. she is winning. as matt schlapp will tell you she is way ahead of trump in all polls. martha: that is what matt schlapp was about to telling us right? >> i'm not looking at general election polls. they mean very little. the fact i don't know why hillary clinton does get riled
7:46 am
up. why isn't she enjoying this? has pretty substantial lead in votes and delegates. all superdelegates hang out with her at cocktail parties and love it. on msnbc talking with rachel maddow. why can't she enjoy it? i think she is a little worried. she is fighting two campaigns. trying to fend off bernie sanders people who clearly don't love her. second of all she has the fbi investigation hanging over her neck matthew littman wouldn't talk about, a lot of democrats in d.c. they're quietly very concerned that something bad comes out of this investigation. she has a lot of pressure on her i guess. martha: there is a piece today, you have got sanders voters for one thing, right? he has a little bit of leverage with people who support him and where they are going to go. then there is a concern for democrats, matthew littman, about democratic voters who may decide in general matchup they would rather vote for donald trump. >> well i find that very hard to believe. let's remember in the 2008 election, a lot of hillary supporters said they wouldn't
7:47 am
vote for obama. 90% of them ended up voting for obama. i don't think there is much of a comparison when you see hillary running against trump that democrats will vote for trump. let's be clear, 30% of the republicans said they won't vote for trump. more than 50% of the americans said they would be embarrassed by a trump presidency. martha: they both have huge negatives but there is crossover vote on both sides. you have this weird situation going on, matt schlapp, you have republicans as littman says say they would never vote for donald trump and they would consider voting for hillary clinton. you know, even in the halls of koch industries we heard that over the course of the weekend. but then you have democrats, a lot blue-collar democrats across the country, say you know what? i never voted for republican in my life. i like what donald trump is saying. the question which side are there more of, schlapp? >> that is a great question. when i travel around the country and in car with uber driver i often ask him who you will vote
7:48 am
for. i can't tell you how many times they said either trump or sanders. seems like me scratching my head, seems like their idealogically opposite. their point is simple. you know why 30% of the both parties saying they won't vote for person who will probably get their nomination? because all the other 70% want to send that 30% a message, they're tired of way these parties and way washington has been operating. i think if these insiders don't get that message must be something wrong with them upstairs. martha: matthew littman, when you look at those voters, i was watching a segment in morning in diner in pennsylvania, overwhelming sentiment, why not give someone from the outside a try, right? they don't trust people who have been in washington for a long time. they're willing to throw that cheese board up in the air, why don't you let this guy have a go at it? >> well, democratic side, sanders is has been in office since 1992. so it is not like either of them are really outsiders in the democratic primary. let's remember on republican
7:49 am
side, trump has been fund-raising for democrats for decades. i wouldn't consider a billionaire an outsider either. so i think what you got here, i like it when you call me by my last name. martha: littman and schlapp. >> what you have got here, hillary, very experienced and works hard. very far ahead. the reason schlapp doesn't want to talk about polls hillary is slaughtering trump in polls. >> i like to talk about the polls. martha: go ahead, schlapp. >> according this kind of analysis we would have president dukakis, second term of jimmy carter. you can go on and on people led in the presidential race. listen, it means nothing. we have to get closer to the general election until those polls matter. i think hillary clinton is in world of hurt. martha: o'reilly calls me maccallum. i will call you guys schlapp and littman from now on. good to see you both, thanks, maccallum. here is scott. johnny boy. >> thank you, hemmer. voters in connecticut, delaware,
7:50 am
maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island headed to the polls today. hillary clinton and donald trump hope for clean sweeps. clinton is growing increasingly frustrated with bernie sanders as pressure grows on him to drop out. trump is relentlessly attacking ted cruz and john case is being as they try to team up to stop trump but their coordinated strategy is showing cracks. we'll get into it. "happening now." bill: jon, thank you. primary day yet again. there is more trouble for very gifted young man. he is called "johnny football." today he is could be called before the law.
7:51 am
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♪ bill: we have tough news, bad news for tom brady. the future hall-of-famer told by an appeals court he will have to serve, he must serve a four-game
7:54 am
suspension handed down by the nfl over deflate "deflategate". jim grey start sports kaster. a lot of people thought this was done but it is not. what happens now. >> it is never over. union and tom brady has not said. i imagine they appeal take it to the full second circuit to see what happens there. if you analyze it, four judges looked at it. two said the league is right. two have said the brady is right. they're no longer arguing the facts. they're arguing whether or not the commissioner has the authority. the court riled the commissioner has wide-ranging authority as arbiter. he is within his rights. he should be responsible the commissioner and end this madness this is ridiculous. the nfl is engaging in something just ludicrous. the two sides should come to an agreement and negotiate and end this. bill: does brady fight this or do you think he ultimately sits out the first four games of the year? does happen?
7:55 am
>> well, i think he will try to fight it. there is no guarranty the second court would take it on if he elects to try to appeal the appeal. and so, he may have to sit out the four games. perhaps the commissioner will not continue down this path and come to some reasonable way to end this. maybe a fine. maybe a game. who knows. he has all the authority and that is what the court has said. you would hope he would act responsibly because four games for this is just ludicrous. bill: quickly on another matter. and this really if true is much more important and that deals with "johnny football," johnny manziel out of texas. what is potentially facing on behalf of a court, jim? >> well he could get a substantial fine and could serve up to a year in jail. his football career is really, really secondary. here is a young man who had number of chances already. he is not listening to anybody. last agent druce rosenhaus asked
7:56 am
him to get help. gave him five days. wouldn't listen to lebron james. wouldn't listen to the browns and their coaching staff. now he is in trouble with the law. he will have to listen to the law. perhaps it is a hard lesson that he needs. bill: accusation that he assaulted his ex-girlfriend. and that's what they're deciding, correct? >> very sad. there is a lot of talent there. and, he just can't seem to harness it and get his head in the right place. bill: thank you, jim. very young man, has a ton of talent as you say. time to get that straightened out. jim gray live in l.a. >> thanks, bill. bill: you bet. martha: as you know there are five states up for grabs tonight. it is a big night in this whole amazing, crazy process that we have been covering. we've got all the coverage for you coming up, on the ground next. (man) hmm. what do you think?
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bill: so what are you doing tonight? martha: i'm over here. bill: that is your spot this big m on the floor. maccallum. will be a big m here. martha: exit polls in connecticut maryland we look at tonight. bill: see you tonight. martha: see you tonight, everybody, stay signed. tuned. ♪ jon: jon: big day in politics, voters in five states head to the polls as presidential primaries race towards the finish line this summer. welcome to "happening now." i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. there is a lot at stake especially for the republican candidates. 118 delegates up for grabs across pennsylvania, maryland, delaware, connecticut and rhode island. that total does not include 54 in pennsylvania not bound to voters choices. they can choose whomever they want to at the convention.


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