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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 26, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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john: we are back in an hour, outnumbered starts now. ♪ >> here today, sandra smith, melissa francis, julie and hashtag one lucky guy former republican presidential candidate and renowned neurosurgeon doctor ben carson, you are outnumbered for the first time and we are so excited to have you here. >> i am not really outnumbered. >> you are right at home. this is your sweet spot. good to have you. we will get to the news, closing the deal we begin with five
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primaries as both frontrunners hope to put away their rivals for good. all three states considered favorable for donald trump and hillary clinton. for the democrats clinton wants to shut down bernie sanders and delegate count, trump is expected to route his opponents putting him closer to the nomination, all this is the anti-trump alliance between ted cruz and john kasich may be showing some cracks. just hours after they announced john kasich could step aside in indiana and ted cruz would step aside in western states done k-6 at this. >> i never told them not to vote for me. they out to vote for me. we have limited resources. >> in response to it all donald trump said the last 24 hours, he was on sean hannity. >> collusion and business you go to jail for that but collusion where they are coming together
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because they are getting beaten badly ted cruz is getting absolutely killed, was reduced to nothing last week in new york, got almost no vote, john kasich is doing terribly, if i were to campaign two more days in ohio i would have won. >> we may make some news with this first question because i haven't seen anybody ask you this. there were reports that ted cruz approached you. what was that conversation like now that you have seen a two partner? >> we have talked. i think really the issue is not ted cruz or donald trump. the real issue is the people. that is what has been forgotten in this election, the reason it is an unusual year is people have risen up saying we don't want all this stuff, this intricate back room stuff.
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we want straightforward things to happen and we want our voices to be heard and we have all this collusion going on and it is frustrating to people. i think it will backfire big time. >> collusion you call it, is it politics? i want to get back to how surprised you are these men have teamed up. >> it is politics i will agree and everybody says politics is like that and that is what people are always saying to me, you can't go in that world, your too nice, too pure, does it have to be that way? do we have to accept it that way or should we try to change it to make it into something decent and pure that reflects the will of the people? i don't think we should give up on that. >> you say it is collusion. is this the art of the deal? are these two men cutting a deal
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together, a master or doing, why would you criticize them for doing this, donald trump claims he is good about it? >> the art of the deal in business. that is the difference. that is america. this is a place that was founded on principles that are different than anybody else. this is a country where our founding document says that our rights come from our creator also known as god. we have values and principles that guide the way we do things. it is not business as usual. >> his business acumen will entitle him to be a great president. what is the rationale for a trump candidate? >> the rationale for a trump candidacy is someone who has the ability to draw people because he tends to speak truth, tends
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to talk about things other people believe but are afraid to say because of political correctness and he gives them an avenue to express themselves. >> there were reports and speculation that following your endorsement of donald trump you were having a little buyer's remarks but that was pinned on contextual things that you set on talk shows. have you had, are you fully supportive of donald trump at this point? >> i truly support him but i was saying i am pragmatic, i grew up in a world of science where we do things based on evidence and facts and when you look at the pathway other people have it only works through a brokered convention. what will happen if you have a brokered convention? tremendous strife and discord, no possibility of bringing
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people back together and what john kasich and ted cruz have to recognize is maybe they think it is nice to be president, but put that aside and think about the party and think about what you are potentially doing, it far supersedes any personal ambition. >> we sat down a few weeks before you decided to pull out of the race and you said if i get down to 1% or 2% you are going to get out of there and a two men left in the race against donald trump, numerically it would be very difficult for them to get to 1237, the nominating delegates needed. what would you say to these men? you mentioned you and ted cruz had some talks. >> i would say think about the country. think about what this election means right now. on the one side the progressives want more government, government
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involved in their life, from birth till death, they believe they have all the solutions. on the other side we have people who believe in personal responsibility, self-reliance and compassion toward your neighbor. i am talking real compassion, compassion is not hitting people on the head and i'm going to give you free healthcare and food stamps. compassion is saying we are going to provide a letter of opportunity so that you can climb the ladder based on your god-given talent and hard work for the fabric of america? >> back to this issue of ted cruz and john kasich teaming up. do you believe they could abide by that? john k-6 sounds like he is backpedaling which is what he did to marco rubio over florida and ohio, do you think the deal knowing their character?
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>> i won't talk about what they would do or not because that is judging them but the fact of the matter is people who are very ambitious and who will do whatever it takes in order to achieve their goal are people that probably should not be president. >> that is the only way to become president. and of course this is the place to be all day and all night. at 6:00 pm eastern, megan kelly and bret baer will call the races, keep it right here on f and c. hillary clinton surges closer to the democrat nomination, she is making a promise that if elected women will make up 50% of her cabinet. what to make of her pledge and is she pandering to female voters? clinton is attacking donald trump for his enormous wealth.
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>> hillary clinton making a promise about what her cabinet will be like if elected president and raising questions whether she is pandering to women, here she is at a town hall late last night. >> i will have a cabinet that looks like america and 50% of america is women. women deserve the same rights as men in every aspect of the economy and society here at home and around the world. >> first she made the suggestion to run this thread and she is vowing to do that. >> i thought we had gotten away from i will have this percentage of this kind of person and this percentage of that kind of person and move more toward this
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position? it turns out the society we live in today there are a lot of highly qualified women in the area. i do a lot of speeches at colleges all over the country and i noticed in the last decade that the majority of graduates are women which means as time goes on you will probably have even more women. >> business faces the same dilemma, you hear about the boards of big american companies, technology firms lacking women and suggestions of a quota but be careful what you ask for. you don't always get the best person for the job. >> i would hate to be picked because i was a woman. i want to be picked because i'm the best candidate for the job. i don't need to have my gender
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as a qualification. if hillary clinton is more comfortable with women, she would naturally choose more women so she doesn't need to say that. >> why does she have such a woman problem. he has not gotten the support from women that one might think when you are the next female president. >> as democratic primaries, women are not always friendly toward other women. i worked in the senate when she was in the senate and her chief of staff was a woman, her communications director, surrounded herself, very smart women, the head of her policy shop, i think she would do that naturally. she would do it either way. >> sounds like you want to jump in but there is speculation she is pandering to women with a suggestion like this. >> he does pander, no question about it. that is beside the point. the point is i look at my own
9:16 am
wife, i had a successful life as a neurosurgeon and i believe with all my heart that a lot had to do with the women around me, my senior physician assistant carol james was with me my entire career from the beginning until the day i retired. audrey jones, my office manager, i had several other female pas, colleagues, tremendous people, the first pediatric neurosurgeon in our fellowship program. >> that is not because you had a quota. it was because women excelled at what they did. >> is she going to compartmentalize what is next? how many african-americans are latinos in her staff? look at it the same way, early on i remember the event where she had to invite men to that
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rally because not a lot were showing up and that was the second time she rolled out her campaign but statistically she has been pulling up a little bit but there have been some challenges among white women for hillary clinton. >> among white people in general in the primary. there is no question in the trump matchup, women are going to be behind her. i don't think she is pandering, from the day she became first lady, the day she became first lady she was consistent, she made a famous speech about women's rights being human rights and that is something she has been passionate about for 40 years or longer. >> hillary clinton with a new line of attack against donald trump, the democratic front-runner blasting trump's wealth suggesting it makes him out of touch with ordinary
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people. >> donald trump says wages are too high in america and doesn't support raising the minimum wage. i have said come out of those towers and talk and listen to people. don't just fly the big jet in and land it and make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of and go back and get on the big jet and go back to your country clubhouse in florida or your penthouse in new york, i don't think that put you in touch with what is going on. >> oh my goodness, >> those remarks from hillary, when you consider her wealth, hillary and her husband raking in an estimated $230 million since leaving the white house, their $1.7 million house in chapel hill, new york, located in one of america's wealthiest suburbs and clinton's $2.8 million colonial, not too shabby, it has been a long time
9:19 am
since she has driven a car, she travels by private jet and there is a manhattan apartment involved. all the time remember she and bill left the white house dead broke. >> i would be a major hypocrite if i were to suddenly -- i criticize her campaign for having her meet more voters. not even talking to the press the first few months. it is a fair criticism against donald trump but the messenger is not the person making the fair criticism. she is not a poor woman. she earned all her money but this is the middle-class talking to the upper-class. >> he earned all her money? i don't know about that, she makes $250 million an hour, talking $12 an hour. a woman who can't use her metro card.
9:20 am
why is she criticizing trump for coming from his ivory tower. >> my only problem is she demonizes the very businesses that wrote her those paychecks. the public criticism of her complaining about donald from. >> it is about class warfare. read the book if you haven't by saul lewinsky, rose for radicals and his other writings. you must always keep class warfare on the front burner because there are more poor people than rich people. she happens to know, hillary knows very well that when she says there are certain groups of people who will take it as gospel -- >> what is donald trump's strategy? he is the opposite of her and he boasts of his wealth and beautiful vacation home. >> it is resonating with people. look at the numbers of people coming out to vote, the people
9:21 am
who are giving these polls and saying trump would lose against hillary, it is a bunch of garbage. they could get whatever answer they want by asking who they want and asking the question in a certain way and they try to manipulate people. >> part of the difference to me between trump and clinton is he is not talking about money as much as he is talking about how to make it grow bigger and it is an authentic message he is giving. people know she is taking the funk, trying to be something different. when she was here in new york for the new york primary there began a drumbeat at bernie sanders rallies that were 28,000 strong with people in washington strong in the city and people were saying they were picketing for verizon and on strike and she had taken $220,000 in a speech to verizon but another transcript we haven't seen. >> only thing to disagree with, you are one of the most
9:22 am
brilliant people in the city right now if not the country. how can you say statistical polls, same stuff we heard in 2012, polls are polls, you know better than anybody else but -- >> who you ask the question of -- >> the people who are coming out, look at the masses of people coming to the rallies, the masses of people coming out and voting, i guarantee you, i guarantee you a lot more of those people are going to be in the conservative camp. >> the young people i was talking about with bernie sanders at those rallies, they are attracted to that authenticity. >> we have a lot more to get to with ben carson on the couch today. a disturbing new terrorist threat, a kill list with personal info on dozens of state department workers as the us spy
9:23 am
chief warns of isis's growing strength in europe and donald trump coining a new nickname for john kasich targeting hillary clinton, whatever happened to presidential? is trump's a blunt talk helping? catch more from the couch on the web and join us for outnumbered over time by logging on to and click on the overtime tab. secrets from doctor carson you may have never heard before. don't -- you may not have realized, we will answer your question. this is brad.
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>> a pro isis group is claiming it hacked into state department records and is distributing a kill list with personal information on dozens of us government workers, the hackers
9:28 am
posted this cryptic message, quote, usa, you are on our primary goal, your system failed to tackle our attacks, now we will crush you again. all this as james clapper is warning islamic state has cells operating in britain, germany and italy. watch. >> continue to see evidence on the part of isil, they are fanatic, very offset conscious, operation and security conscious, mindful of that, to some extent the migrant crisis in europe. >> doctor ben carson is obviously our hashtag one lucky guy, at some point you would see some intelligence because candidates have to get ready.
9:29 am
i am curious about our fight against the islamic state. >> to a much greater extent than we think, you may remember a couple months ago president obama said that isis represents no existential threat to us. i think he is dead wrong about that because the world has changed substantially. a weapon of mass destruction is the cyberattack attacking our electric grid, dirty bombs coordinating all those things, we look at the number of terror cells in america, i went to the border, talking to the sheriffs and they were telling me about other than mexicans coming across the border, people from syria and somalia and all kinds of places and they apprehend some of them but a lot of them get through but these people are
9:30 am
setting up shop so it is not just europeans who are in trouble. >> people who are coming across the border, how are we tracking them? they go wherever will they want to go? >> that is the problem. when we talk about solidifying our border, it is not for the mexican door it shouldn't be, the primary people we should be worried about are the terrorists. >> will they will make a difference? >> i go back to empirical data. in yuma county, arizona they put in a double fee with an asphalt road for quick access, they put in border guards, border guards at the border and a quarter mile of each other they see each other and they had a policy of prosecuting
9:31 am
first-time offenders, can't release what we have now and they were able to stop the illegal traffic of people and products by 97%. if they can do that across that stretch we can do it across the entire tween 9 stretch. >> in people's mind they see a wall and you are seeing a militarized zone, not demilitarized but a militarized zone that works. where are we? going back to the story, hacking into the state department obviously the kill list is one thing but our secret, vulnerable to these types of attacks, how secure are we, what a weakness we are seeing? >> we are not safe and the chinese have done amazing things in terms of getting into the system but what it should tell
9:32 am
people is this situation where our former secretary of state has information on a private server, it demonstrates an incredible unbelievable lack of judgment to take american secrets and expose them like that and not to know the difference, a senator for 8 years, secretary of state and take that kind of judgment and say give you the key to everything, does that make any sense? >> back to politics despite promises to be more presidential, donald trump is rolling out a nickname for another rival, billionaire businessman tweeting a new label for john kasich, quote, lying ted cruz and one for 38 john kasich are unable to beat me on their own, they have to team up and it shows weakness. that came after it was announced the governor was teaming up with ted cruz to stop donald trump from winning the nomination.
9:33 am
in the meantime trump again referencing a rival's look as well as his own. watch this. >> do i look like a president? somebody said he really does look good but i don't know if he is president and i look at my competitors. does hillary look presidential to you? >> doctor carson, i got to ask, you seem like somebody who -- i heard you laughing, we all laughed, he talks about himself and says he is so handsome. talk about hillary clinton. >> i wouldn't do it. he is donald trump. >> what does that mean? why is that an excuse? >> it is not an excuse, it is an explanation. he has done reality tv, he knows how to appeal to an audience. obviously his saying a lot of
9:34 am
stuff tongue-in-cheek, his opponents jump on him and he is not serious. >> the donald trump we see every day, throwing out nicknames, and a private donald trump you have gotten to know, who is that donald trump? >> that is the donald trump who is the public figure, getting an audience response. >> who is the private donald trump? >> the one who would make a very good president. >> why should we as voters not having access to the private donald trump take his word that he is going to be presidential in private when in public he is that it has marked carly fiorina, a competitor for the republican nomination, said horrible things about other prominent women. >> mocking people's looks is a
9:35 am
bad thing. i would not recommend that he do it. i want to look at the big picture. right now we are in a situation where as people say i am not voting because i don't like you and i don't like what you said. without looking at the big picture, what are we voting for, are we leaving for our children, if people take the immature attitude that i'm going to sit on my hands because i don't like him because he said that just realize you really are voting but you are voting for the other side. >> you spoke to where i want to broaden this out. we do live tweeting and people are giving blowback with none of this is a surprise about donald trump, they want to know why you endorse him, you don't like the name-calling, the big picture, what are the things he is doing
9:36 am
a promising that you say in private, now publicly for all of us, this is why. >> thank you for asking that question. when i talk to him about our fiscal situation, he gets it immediately. he knows what the fiscal camp is. most people don't know it. the unfunded liability, all the monies that we have coming in an money we should have coming in. this country owns $150 trillion in assets and we have $150 to a well-run organization, they will not be running the kind of deficit we have, they will be making money off of that but you have to know how to do that. he understands that, he understand the concept of taxation and when done in an unfair way -- >> we do watch -- i would be remiss if i didn't ask the question pouring in from so many of our viewers, if asked to be
9:37 am
the vice presidential ticket for donald trump would you say yes? >> i do not want to work within the government. it is not my desire to work within the government but i have a strong desire to save this country and working in an advisory capacity would be wonderful. this would be my ideal situation. >> i want to be clear. you want to know? >> that is my ideal situation. >> still supporting you will those voters vote for donald trump? >> many of them will because i have been traveling around a lot and people tell me i don't like donald trump but if you are going with him i will. i tell people again think logically. what will happen if we have a brokered convention and -- do you think all these millions of new voters who come up, people
9:38 am
who have transferred -- >> bombshell report that could rock hillary clinton campaign. benghazi email, allegedly hidden for nearly two years. significance of this, why this could change the whole narrative about clinton's private server.
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♪ sandra: judicial watch out with stunning new report on hillary clinton's emails. the conservative watchdog group saying the obama state department admitted last week that it withheld a key benghazi email of former secretary of state hillary clinton since at least september 2014. the folks at judicial watch saying this is significant because if the state department had disclosed the email when it first supposedly found it, clinton's email server and trove of hidden emails would have been disclosed nearly two years ago. before clinton authorized the alleged deletion of tens of thousands of emails. and before she was presidential candidate. how much does this report change things, dr. carson. >> well, it changes things for those of us who are thinking individuals who care about our country, who care about the
9:44 am
military, who care about the truth. it changes nothing for those who just are clintonites and will follow her no matter what she does and no matter what she -- sandra: to dr. carson's point, this is still been a republican witch-hunt and one of their talking points. hillary clinton supporters have not paid much attention. >> i think they have paid attention, i think when you have, i said this consistently, scandals are almost baked in for her. unless there is something like fbi recommendation to indict over emails which we'll see if there is or isn't, everything else will look at partisan witch-hunt and going on consistently for 20 years. whether that is fair or not is a different story. the public at large sayings okay, clinton scandals have been time and time again. there has been a lot of smoke and maybe there is fire, nothing ever come of it. i'm not sure that they are not paying attention. it is too much -- sandra: timing is everything.
9:45 am
if they had discovered this secret server sooner, harris, we would be certainly at a different point heading into the election? harris yeah, maybe. except for the fact that we also would be right back where we are with an fbi investigation which you can not speed up or slow down. you have no control over it. i'm curious to learn from you, doctor, you were talking about judgment earlier in the show with regard to this private email server and hillary clinton. you know to be president, these are things that you personally have thought about recently, these sorts of things are more than just sticky politically. they sort of show who the character is. >> right. harris so what does the american republic, i call it, country, really need to know about all of this? >> well, obviously we need to know the details of this because, you know, this is about far more than just hillary clinton. this is about how our government works, and i think that is one of the things that people are concerned about.
9:46 am
you know, but here's the big issue when it comes to benghazi. those were our people, our soldiers, our navy seals, who went in that place against orders on top of that compound with those machine guns firing away. a lot of their people were able to escape because of that, they were saying if we can just hold on, help is on the way, but help was not on the way. when did it become acceptable in america for us not to send help for our people? >> i will never get over the fact that ambassador bolton would work for secretary state and gone to bed, turned out light, when people called overseas. he never worked for someone like that. that made it meaningful to him. sandra: good to get your insight, dr. carson. kelly ripa's absence after words leaving show. it created a lot of buzz. you probably saw i will all over the place. she was on fire.
9:47 am
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first to jon scott coming up second hour of "happening now." what is it? >> we have super tuesday in five states today, harris, connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, rhode island primaries. we have fox team coverage and in depth analysis of today's races. plus new fallout after john kasich and ted cruz will coordinate campaigning in an effort to deny donald trump the nomination outright. is that strategy already showing cracks. we're watching out for possibility of severe wither in several states. best chance for dangerous storms in texas through oklahoma, kansas and southern nebraska. it's all ahead "happening now." harris? harris season is upon us. jon, good to see you. we'll see you then. >> thank you. >> kelly ripa returned to "live" today. she did not hold back. she addressed week-long absence, that she needed time off to process the fact that co-host michael strahan was heading to "good morning america" full time. media outlets reported that she
9:52 am
was blindsided by news. only given a 30 minutes heads up after the world found out as well. in her first comments ripa thanked the fans and talked about, quote, respect in the work place. >> i always speak from the heart. i didn't want to come out here and say something i might regret. so what transpired though, over the course of a few days has been extraordinary in the sense that it started a much greater conversation about communication and consideration and most importantly, respect in the work place. [applause] harris okay, you know what? >> i don't know about that. harris hurt me deeply to see somebody act badly to get reported for it. there is a way to handle that professionally. i know how she feels. i worked in markets, they take the town off the air. they find out about it next day. what happened? shot in the dark, what happened? i mean, the bottom line is money and business.
9:53 am
they don't want to disturb that. she is telling audience she couldn't control herself and a few days made a difference. >> her brand is personality. >> looks like she was reading prompter. >> she is kelly ripa. that is the fact herself, the fact she couldn't control herself, i disagree, the fact she couldn't control herself or burst in tears or get angry and yell at michael strahan. >> you're lacking professional alism. >> her personality is her thing. >> dr. carson, before you weigh in, it is business. it is not personal. you show up to work. you have a problem. you handle that problem behind closed doors. don't takes it to work and definitely don't take it on the air. that is my take pgh harris: ame.
9:54 am
>> i can tell you as neurosurgeon, if you allow stuff like that to get in the way, people would die. harris: we're talking about television here but you're paid to do a job. >> millions of dollars by the way. harris: oh, yeah. just because you may not like it on that particular day does not excuse you from that job. by the way, is she going to complain when they replace her? if you give up that seat, anything can happen. sandra: all if you havely happy to be there, by the way. >> a lot of people including myself. she made it a. mo, anywhere on television, i love being anywhere on television, let me be clear, i love that more than anything, she started a movement about the respect in the work place? like she will hang her hat -- i love kelly ripa, come on. >> that is not what it was about. listen the woman made the show what it is. she basically did.
9:55 am
harris: i thought regis did that, and cathly lee did that. >> the show whatever it is called, with "kelly and michael," not with anybody else. my point she has the right to treated with respect. >> fair to point out, regissing microphone was asked about everything. he sided with her. said they should have told it to her before it was made public. >> didn't have the right to go awol. >> it is right to tell her about it. that is reasonable thing to do. harris: unless she thought she would lose it. >> they should have sat her down, you will hate the news. we need him on gma. that doesn't give her right to go awol for days and days. you can not show up for work. harris: there are clauses in talent contract, but not just confidentiality, but way we act. for extension of the brand. >> she was on her, not her honeymoon, anniversary trip. that was time she was always
9:56 am
going to take up. went awol one day or two days. maybe unprofessional, wait a second, listen. would i have done it? probably not i expect her right to say to the executives i made billions of dollars and you're treating me like crap. >> i can't previous this is most heated conversation on the couch. we'll be right back.
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these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors so we invented a word thatuten, means that.tificial flavors. shmorange. and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. hey, baby, make it your first word! sfx: baby speak not even close. reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange! harris: melissa francis reminded me that kelly ripa could like sit in the seat and replace me tomorrow.
10:00 am
if that is the case, it has been so good to see you. [laughter]. after all the things i said. >> sorry i'm on your last show. >> great to have you. harris: did you have fun. >> it was great. this was great fun. harris: stick around online,"outnumbered overtim e" tab. "happening now," now. for presidential nominee. >> the battle for the east, voters in five key states head to the polls. hillary clinton and donald trump poised to solidify their leads. >> and the final moments of three teens trapped in a sinking car the sheriff said they had stolen. does this video prove that the deputies could have save


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