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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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so good to see you. [laughter]. after all the things i said. >> sorry i'm on your last show. >> great to have you. harris: did you have fun. >> it was great. this was great fun. harris: stick around online,"outnumbered overtim e" tab. "happening now," now. for presidential nominee. >> the battle for the east, voters in five key states head to the polls. hillary clinton and donald trump poised to solidify their leads. >> and the final moments of three teens trapped in a sinking car the sheriff said they had stolen. does this video prove that the deputies could have save issed
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the girls? >> we need to stop and slow down the trend. >> terrifying moments as a car gets stuck on the train track. and the helicopter above it trying to avoid a catastrophe. how it all ended now. we begin with the voters in five states going to the polls. there is a race for the nominations and welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am heather childers in for jeopaly. voters turning out in five states and on the democrat 380. and republicans. 153 not including the delegates
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unbound. >> and the republicans are engaged in high- stakes maneuvering, cruz and kasich are working together to unend donald trump. we have carl cameron live from trump tower in new york city. >> reporter: much like it was in the case in new york, donald trump is not looking to see whether he's going to win, the question is how much. they are awarding the delegates porportionately. it is tough to get all dell willigates and out of the 118 pledged delegates. trump is trying to win 90 or nichlt and that would insure he could maintain clinching the convention and shut off ted
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cruz, who has a tiny chance of getting the necessary delegates still open. in addition in pennsylvania, there are 54 unbound delegates and trump would have to get those in order to keep his winning streak going. as for the alliance. more he's asked about it he refuses to say how indiana voters should vote. it is designed between cruz and kasich and kasich would not compete in indiana to give ted cruz the advantage and cruz would not campaign in new mexico or oregon and they would hold trump back with the delegates necessary to clinch the nomination. and if the trump campaign were a week ago, we talked about how
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trump hired paul manafort to take over the campaign. but over the last weekend, corey ledew ski. paul manafort talked too much about p trump and that trump was acting and a lot of his rhetoric and performance is that and not the words of a politician. >> glad you are responsible for keeping that straight and explaining it to us. thank you so much. while the battle rages on the east coast. it is about to move to states where cruz and kasich are planning attacks against trump. kasich plans to stand aside in indiana. and cruz would do the same for
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kasich in oregon and new donald trump is not too happy. >> i am beating them by millions of votes and delegates and they have no path to victory where as, i think we can clean it up and knock it out. >> if you don't want to seep donald trump the nominee and hillary clinton as the next president, i ask you to join us because this is the only campaign that can and beat donald trump and hillary clinton. >> i would like to see an open convention and i think trump would not. he has no chance of winning. >> well, his partnership is showing cracks with kasich suggesting that indiana voters should vote for him if they are so inclined. >> and we'll have shera here,
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and politics makes for strange bed fellows and susan, this a li yaps is 24 hours old. how is it going? >> kasich and cruz attacked each other in the campaign upon and suddenly they are allied together. the problem with the a liiance, the ultimate goal is not helping one candidate or the other. but stopping trump. this is about stopping trump from getting 1237 delegates. there are risks in the strategy. it may not work and second, just pushes the whole idea of the rigged system. voters expressed what they don't like. >> could it boost donald trump? >> i don't think it is going to help cruz or kasich for a couple
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of reasons, one that susan alluded to. it plays in the argument that donald trump is fighting against the establishment. and ted cruz who run as an outsider for month ps, will be looked on as part of the system. that is the first problem. it is too little too late. marco rubio tried to do this with supporters in ohio in midmarch. that was when it would have been effective. that is when they would work together before all of the delegates had been accumulated and ignores today this pact. they are feeding five huge states. >> they were not going to win those states from the polling. >> now, they still poured resources in the state. and kasich was campaign nothing pennsylvania which has a different delegate system.
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but campaigning in a lot of those states and could used the resource ises on something else earlier. >> it is not the first time political campaigns teamed up. why is this getting the attention. >> they need the public. the voters are not exposed to what goes on in the process of choosing a nominee. we go to the polls and we vote for a candidate and that is not the case this year and the republican establishment is not getting behind their front runner. they are trying to stop the front runner. i am hear aring from voters, i was not sure who i would vote for. it bother ares me so much, i am voting for trump. >> cruz can close that gap and get kasich voters.
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what damage will it do to cruz, who advertising himself an outside candidate. they have a risk. but neither can win on their own. >> the feeling is out this year, that trump could sweep these states voting today. does that slingshot him to the nomination or potential road blocks ahead. >> the big road block is in the end of the road california in midjune. the group of five states and then indiana and west virginia and smaller states. but really what we are doing is waiting five long weeks until the california primary. looking at the delegate count and he has an awesome night tonight and in indiana, he may not have delegates to get to
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1237. that is a long time. and a lot can happen in the five or so weeks. >> when was the last time the california republicans got to decide who the presidential nominee would be? >> i can't remember. >> long time it, it has been a long time. >> thanks very much. shera and susan, thank you both. >> how to the democrats, hillary clinton hoping to sweep bernie sanders. she could end up with 90 percent of the delegates that she needs for the nomination and clinton has 1944 delegates and sanders has 1192. and clinton saids she's not worried about sanders catching up. >> i have 10.4 million votes and
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2.7 million real people showing up to cast their vote to express their opinion than senator sanders and bigger lead in pledged delegates that president obama had over me. and i am winning because of what i stand for and what i have done. >> she said she is winning. ed henry joins us live in philadelphia. hi, ed. >> reporter: absolutely right. hillary clinton is right. winning but defensive about you heard her say real people supporting her because of the super delegates that are party bosses to give her a margin. she is emphasizing she is leading with the pledged delegates. and frustrated that bernie sanders will not stop the
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attack. he was with susan ser randon who is going after the republicans and hillary clinton. >> the only thing consistent about hillary clinton is her inconsistency. now, the man. our man and our candidate is consistent because he's been true to his moral core forever. >> they know that this election is so consequential because there could not be a bigger difference between where i stand and believe and where the republicans are. and remember, the goal here is to make sure we have a democrat in the white house next january. >> reporter: hillary clinton jumping to indiana which does not vote until next tuesday.
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trying to show her strength in the country. and coming back here to philadelphia where a victory party tonight she believes and get ready for july when the city of philadelphia will host the democratic nomination. he expects to be the nominee. >> thank you, ed. >> and keep it right here on fox news channel. our special election coverage starts at 6:00 this evening. bret baier and megyn kelliy will be here. fox news is america's election headquarters. >> i will be here at 1:00. and tune in. i expect you to wake up. >> hope you get a nap. ballot in pennsylvania, means that voters will not see who they are actually voting for. and a major first for air bus. and what is so p special about
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the brand new plane. we want to hear from you. dew expect donald trump and hillary clinton to sweep all five states today? deputy to fox"happening now" p to jn the conversation. bunot every y understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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>> fox news is america's election headquarters. and voters in five states are flocking to vote today. in pennsylvania, voters will choose delegates. and pennsylvania has the most of them to offer today. molly ryan is there in pennsylvania outside of pittsburg. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi, heather, pennsylvania is a big prize but unusual. they will choose the candidate of choice and look at delegates. it is most unusual in the dpop
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side. candidates have been criss-crossing the state. only 17 of them are going to the person who wins statewide. the others are unbound and they could vote who ever they want to. and some have pledged to vote for a person. but it is not on the ballot. >> and democrats have 189 delegates at stake. the big issue is the economy. the major industries coal, fraking and tech sector and we had a chance to it spoke with the voters today. >> i am for hillary. a thousand percent. over and over and over again. >> what made you vote for hillary clinton. >> i will take a quon thee.
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>> i am my boy trump. we have to do something for the people on the same old politicians. and i think we need a reset. and it was ronald reagan who it last. >> pennsylvania leans democrat. but we are seeing a republican resurgence. we had a good mix of voters to chat with today. heather. >> molly, thank you. historic air bus. mobile, alabama. assembled in the city's manufacturing plant. built entirey on u.s. soil. it will be with jet blue. the airline raked in $200 million so far this year. and thanks to more passengers
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and the falling cost of jet fuel. a little boy, in the right place at the right time is a hero. >> i feel god is looking at me and thanking for me. >> how the 11-year-old saved the life of a drawning teenager. >> reports of mounting fiction between trump and paul manafort. regardless of what the advisor told gop leaders. >> mr. trump can be anything he wants. being presidential is the easiest. ...clear for take off.
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>> there are reports that donald trump is not exactly pleased with his new campaign chief. paul manafort promised that america will see a presidential trump. he brought in manafort. but trump may be growing efforts with manafort efforts to reign trump in. it is increasingly clear that trump is unwilling or unable to follow-through and resents efforts to transform him. leslie marshal is a fox news contributor and kevin is a talk show host with salem media group. before we begin the conversation. hear what manafort had to say on fox news sunday.
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>> the campaign said you are hearing from donald trump who believe in his candidacy. i deal with the committee who have a different role and they wanted to know, will he give speeches on policies. >> after he made comments to the republican national committee meetings suggesting that donald trump would tone it down. which donald trump? >> is there any doubt? the only attempt at reforming his wild shoot from the the hip campaign style was to bring enforcer manafort and he's now kicking him to the corner. we'll see guns blazing and the ugliest of america. and no stopping it at this point. >> lesly, you have a read on which donald trump will appear.
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>> i think will the real donald trump stand up. we have seen the real donald trump. half republicans support him that leaves another half that do not. as i a democrat i am happy real donald trump will be out there front and from. this speaks to donald's inability to work with others even people he hires. he's in a primary right now. that is different than the general election if he is nominee. you have to play nice with congress and the pentagon and our allies. donald trump's stick has been working for a long time. he hit a bump in the road and he would be best to listen to the advisor and that's not the case and that's the true donald trump.
10:27 am
he doesn't want to take advice from others. >> people out there think that playing nice with others got us in a quagmire and they are looking for candidates that can kick the tail. >> i am not sure that idea is fully vetted out. what we have turned the election 2016 into the angriest darkest natures of who we are and the trump candidacy represents that in the most vibrant way. and what it is telling about this story coming out. trump understood at some level after wisconsin. there is a segment of the base and party, he's got trouble to win over as any independents he will face going forward. and the idea that you bring manafort in. and get a cooperative side.
10:28 am
think of what. i am agreeing with leslie, this is dangerous material that we are dealing w. but in the end of the day, donald is not going to listen to anyone else. if you like that or scares you to death, that is the reality we are in. >> and nbc was out with a poll, that said trump is win withing the support of the republican voters and reached the 50 percent for the first time. and for whatever his faults or you know, his personal characteristics might be. people are warming to it him. >> and honestly, john, can i dot i told you so. i predicted that when he would start to gain more ground and traction and looks like he would be the nominee, we would see more and more republicans stand beside him.
10:29 am
one because he is an outsider and not a washington guy and doesn't have the political background. and they look at kasich too moderate and left leaning. and ted cruz too right except for the evangelical community that is an appeal. and kevin, i agree w. he brought out not in a brighter way the dark side of americans and our mindset. and i know that trump speaks to political correctness. it is okay now for us to be darker and uglier. and it is sad for the american voters but that helps donald trump. >> if you two are agreeing. we'll put it in the calendar. thank you. >> with the battle for the east underway. ted cruz is focusing his efforts further west.
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this could be the last chance to stop donald trump, plus this. >> they are in the water stranded. and trying to crawl out. and somebody in a window and i see a foot coming out. >> police officers accused of not doing enough to help teens in a sinking car. it is sparking a huge public out cry. cleared +++zxj
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s >> just over six hours of voting left in the five state battle for are the east. and that is delaware and rhode island. ted crews has his sights not on indiana. it could be his last chance to stop donald trump. >> we made a decision to go all in on indiana and sich is sich made the sdoigz pull out of indiana and focus his attention elsewhere. each of us believe it is in our best interest. and the count uponry. >> john roberts join're joinses us. >> reporter: it was a week ago in the primary and that is the
10:35 am
indiana primary and will do it in a historic spot. this is the hoosier's gym. it is a babble version of the field of dreams and one where ted cruz hopes to end donald trump's dream by beating him here in indiana next week. ted cruz going around the state in a barnstorming fashion urging indiana voters to stop trump by voting for him. >> it is it a choice by the republican party and nation. i am encouraged that the sound judgment of the state will impact the country. >> famously cruz and kasich signed noncom pete pacts.
10:36 am
kasich cancelled all of his campaign. and cruz will not compete or new mexico or oregon. but that deal does not extend to the other states in pennsylvania. listen to cruz on the radio today in philadelphia. >> a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump. the only cand uponidate and campaign to beat trump is our campaign. >> now the jury is out on whether or not this pact will remain. kasich is on the ballot and said i am not telling anyone not to vote for me. i am just not campaigning there. but they made it public. and so people are getting a look behind the scenes.
10:37 am
very often when people see how the sauceage is made they don't want to buy sausage again. >> and a sheriff in southern florida defending his deputies of not doing enough to save three girls that drowned. they stole a car early that morning and crashed in a cemetery pond. critics are accusing the department of mishandling the situation. the sheriff said the video was edited and producing the two deputies after they waded in and tried to save the girls. and we have a former federal attorney as well. thank you for being with us. >> you have alternate views on this story.
10:38 am
emily. in your opinion, the officers did nothing wrong? >> absolutely. so the florida attorney general's office issued an advisory opinion saying the standard of care whether on duty or off exhibit such competent of skills. and ie first responder training. and wading or diving in a pond full of snakes and crocodiles without a help. and they did rise to the level of care when they called. >> you say they went beyond the scope of the duty that showed the police cruiser chasing the car. i think we can show that video
10:39 am
as well. what do you think is going on here as well. >> first of all, the sheriff said they were going only 30 to 35 miles per hour. and look at this video. this is video from the cameras of the deputies. they were going 93 miles per hour. and so what this shows, heather. is that the deputies were chasing these girls into that cemetery and in the pond. and chasing them in the pond. into their daechlth and into their death. they did not go and cess crew them. it was a time line of 31 minutes. 31 minutes that are not accounted for where they stood there and watched those girls
10:40 am
drown. unaccounted time. >> this is a technical issue with the camera to determine the time frame. >> emily, you want to respond. >> ought of the 10000 autoimmersions. the golden time to save 30 or 120 seconds. here that time lapse. they had 30 or 120 seconds to get. there i understand that the chase is part of the causation. it was an erratic high speed driving that they choice to embark on instead of pulling over. it was parking lights only shining. and with complayance, the officers demand them to pull over on.
10:41 am
>> oh, no. no, no. >> one of the officers did attempt to go in the pond and happened to be on duty. and he did try to save them. >> stealing a car. the supreme court ruled in 1985 on this, stealing a car is not a warrant for a license to kill someone and not a reason to go after someone in a high speed chase and literally drive them in to the pond on death. >> did they know there were three teenage girls? >> it doesn't matter. two age 15 and 116. and they drove them to their death. it could be a 90-year-old. it doesn't matter. driving a car that was stolen is horrible, but not enough to kill. >> they had been arrested
10:42 am
before. >> it doesn't matter. >> the case of trump university. you may have heard about that case. we are waiting for the judge's and it could bring the gop front runner to the witness stand. and how a chopper's quick thinking may have prevented tragedy on the ground. hey!
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>> right now, two california police officers can prevent a deadly collision. they noticed that a vehicle rolled over on the tracks of a fast- approaching train. the officers maneuvered the helicopter ahead of the locomotive. and then thankfully he got the message bringing the train to a stop with 40 feet to spare. >> it was close tort train and gave us less time. they arrested the driver of the car on suspicion of dui. a new york judge could issue a ruling on trump university. they were accused of misleading
10:47 am
5000 students nation bide getting them to shell out 5000 for something they thought was a licensed university. bring us up to date. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney general said it was a case of bait and intich. donald trump describing education that the attorney general upon said students did not receive. and listen to what trump said about the instructors. >> we'll have professors and adjufrpth professors that are terrific brains and successful. >> despite trump's claims, not a single instructor was hand picked by the mogul. and the instructors who invested in real estate filed for
10:48 am
bankruptcy. the core allegation and free seminar was a three day coach and that was a 35000 gold elite program. students said trump was a big sham. another affidavit. and a great deal of pressure to sign up for training programs. and they are targeting them for the publicity p. last month when asked about the possibility of settling their case trump said no way. >> you can't settle cases when the person suing you gave you letters and tapes on how great it is. the attorney general is making
10:49 am
a ruling. >> and if the case goes to trial it is very possible that donald trump could be called to testify. respiratory >> cyber security center stage today. director of the fbi talking about the global problems that come with more and more people being on line. [ soft music ]
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. one local reporter says the real story is that the fight for
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delegates actually begins tomorrow. she's going to join us to explain why. donald trump just tweeted out something very interesting. it was advise for bernie sanders and he didn't call for him to get out of the race. we will tell you what he said. all of that minutes from now. >> as more of the world conducts it's business online, securities -- it's online security worries grows. the fbi director james comey is discussing cyber security, addressing problems home and abroad. >> what we're hear from intelligence officials privately is that they're very concerned about this idea of a cyber attack in the virtual world, crossing the threshold to what amounts to a conventional attack on a target.
10:54 am
and we heard the director of the fbi discuss this very publicly today when he spoke about the cyber attack in 2014 on sony, that amounted to an attack by north korea on the entertainment giant, it was like physically dropping a bomb on the company and destroying all of the computer networks. >> this was north korea, unhappy with the contempts of a particular film that sony was about to release and before it could be broadcast and they quite literally shut a whole company down because they didn't like the contemnts of a movie. >> the fbi director also talked about san bernardino and the decision to go to an outside contractor and purchase this third party technology at a price of more than a million dollars to get that phone open.
10:55 am
as we have reported widely here on fox news, that technology is limited to the iphone 6-c. we have now had two senior administration officials just in the last couple of days really describe how the number of foreign fighters has begun to drop. i hesitated there because that would be the impression that the military campaign and iraq is some way decreasing those numbers. what we have heard from the dni clapper and what comey said today, is that they are electing to go another route. the number is down, but it's just not clear why that is the case. right now, a little boy making a big safe in south florida, the 11-year-old being called a hero now after saving this girl from drowning.
10:56 am
this 13-year-old, her rescuer angel rivera said he noticed her at the bottom of this eight-foot pool. >> i saw her on the floor, just like a star, she was over at the bottom. so i went and i jumped in, what i did was, when she was down on the bottom, i picked her up, i took her out and i had to save her life. >> and that he did. paramedics rushed the girl to the hospital in critical condition. the pool was closed at the time of the incident. one of britain's youngest royals becomes quite the trend setter, the final 30 up next. ♪
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well done. >> 5-year-old prince george proving you can be a fashion icon at any age.
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>> the duke and duchess let him stay up past his bedtime to meet president obama. now the p.j.s and robe are sold out. fox news alert kicking off of six hours of voting left, as the battle for the east is under way. an exciting day. hi, i'm gretchen carlson. how many delegates are up today? maryland offering the most gop delegates, 28 in connecticut, 19 in rhode island, 16 in delaware, 17 in pennsylvania, but remember this thing about pennsylvania, there's also 54 delegates unbound, free agents, so to speak, who can vote for whoever they want.


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