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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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races? this is our poll result. 80% say yes, 20% say no. here's what you had to say. they'll all but finalize their nominations today. happy birthday to my dad today, 82 years young. >> 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, and out here, voters in five states could give presidential front rners the big sweeps they need. donald trump looking to shut out team kasich as the alliance between ted cruz and john kasich show new signs of strain. also, word of trouble onboard the trump train. reports the front-runner is pushing back at a top adviser's call for him to act more presidential. now, donald trump himself is responding. and on the democratic side, hillary clinton just might run the table tonight. so where would that leave bernie sanders? and what would it take for his supporters to cozy up to hillary clinton? let's get to it. >> now, "shepard smith
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reporting" live from the fox news desk. >> first from the desk, this tuesday afternoon, donald trump is shaping up his political team again. and refusing to act more presidential. that's according to the reporting of the website politico. it reports the republican front-runner is frustrated with his new hot shot political adviser paul manafort and his efforts to run a more conventional campaign. last week, somebody leaked an audio recording of manafort telling republican leaders donald trump was just projecting an image and he would start toning it down soon. politico reports that did not go over well with trump, and he's giving some power back to his campaign manager, corey lewandowski. this morning, trump told fox and friends everything is fine between manafort and him. >> he's very happy. yesterday, i had a full stadium in pennsylvania. i had two full stadiums in pennsylvania. and in rhode island, it was unbelievable, like a love fest. it's always like a love fest. >> looks like the love fest may
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be paying off. the latest polls show donald trump dominated the five primary contests today in the northeast. of course, that's his home turf. the biggest of these is pennsylvania. but most of it's 71 delegates are unbound, so each delegate can vote for anybody he or she wants at the convention. as for not trump, today, ted cruz reveals another crack in team krasich, his alliance with john kasich. he told a philly radio station he's the only one who can win the nomination. >> if you don't want to hand the election to hillary clinton, do not volt, i ask you, for donald trump. if you want to beat donald trump, don't vote for john kasich either. if you vote for scrawn kasich, as mitt romney said, a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump. >> doesn't sound like an alliance, does it? john kasich says he will not campaign in indiana in an effort to help ted cruz pull delegates away from donald trump, and in
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exchange, ted cruz claims he will stay out of oregon and new mexico to help john kasich. kasich said again today, he is not telling people in indiana not to vote for him. he just won't be campaigning there. confusing? i know. donald trump calls this alliance desperate and pathetic. with that, we have team coverage. john roberts with the latest on the team, such as it. first, to carl cameron live at trump tower here in manhattan. what is the thinking about how well trump needs to do tonight? >> he has to do very well in order to keep his chances of getting 1237 delegates before the convention, and what trump considers to be that unholy alliance kind of a marriage of inconvenience, and some even call it a shotgun wedding between kasich and cruz, isn't playing in these five states and it won't take place until indiana and after, next week. here in the five states voting on the east coast today, he needs to get between 95 and 90
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of the 118 unpledged delegates up for grabs across the five states. if he does that, it will basically keep him on track to be able to win a majority and of course pretty much blank both kasich and cruz. in addition here in pennsylvania where you mentioned the 54 unbound delegates, trump would pretty much have to get about two thirds of it, so call it like 33 to 35 of the 54. and then he would be on track. and he can do that. and the kasich and cruz battle or rather alliance now, doesn't really have anything to do with it until next week in indiana and then new mexico and oregon. >> what do you make of the signs of trouble in the trump campaign, carl? >> it's not so much trouble as is very public growing pains. a week ago, we were standing in this very spot in front of trump's tower in manhattan talking about how corey lewandowski had been sidelined or layered by bringing in paul manafort, who was supposed to be essentially the convention coordinator and delegate chaser.
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manafort went on tv and there was recordings as you played earlier when he was talking about how trump was essentially acting, and that his rhetoric was more for show and that he would become more presidential. and that's really what ticked off trump. the idea that manafort was on tv and advocating a $20 million ad blitz for the last ten states when trump can go on any station, any network, any radio show and make news for nothing. so corey lewandowski has some of his powers back. the small group, about six to ten loyalists with trump from the beginning had been kind of pushed aside, but they don't dispute the fact they definitely needed more help and trump is now bringing that in. the question is whether or not it will undermine his image as a straight talking not politically correct, brash politician, or whether he's going to surround himself with so many washington insiders it will hurt his brand. >> we'll see. carl cameron, thank you, from trump tower in new york. we're seeing some -- well, if
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there's anything left of this team, i don't know what the rest of its schedule looks like. john robert is live in indiana, just east of indy. john. >> yeah, the famous hoosiers giment where they shot the movie in 1986. like any competition, shep, you have to be on top if you want to win. and ted cruz knows that if the results of tonight's five primaries come in the way they're expected to, he will have no chance of becoming the nominee, clinching before the convention, even if he wins every remaining delegate. his only path to the nomination is a contested convention in july. cruz is putting all of the money on indiana's contest next week in an effort to stop trump from getting to 1,237 delegates. the 57 delegates up for grabs here, they're alkalted winner-take-all in a state-wide basis and in the nine congressional districts. cruz also pushing back at trump's assertion this partnership would be illegal. >> what donald trump calls collusion is actually called
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coalition building. and it is how you win, to win, you have to build a majority. i understand this is something very foreign to donald trump because he has not been able to build a majority anywhere. >> the latest polls have trump up anywhere between five and eight points here in the hoosier state. shep, so you can imagine that ted cruz is going to work this state very hard in the next six days. >> i'm sure he will. the idea, as we understood it, was for john kasich to basically get out of his way in indiana. but it doesn't really look like that's what's going on. >> for ted cruz to get out of john kasich's way in new mexico and oregon as well. you know, they're getting out of each other's way as much as any candidate trying to put the other person away can possibly do. john kasich has canceled all his campaign event here, but he did meet with governor mike pence earlier today, and his campaign is also working all of the delegates hard. a pac is still running an anti-kasich ad, and cruz pointed
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out, hey, a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump. then there was john kasich this morning saying, hey, i'm still asking for people in indiana to vote for me. listen. >> i have not told anybody to not vote for me. i'm just not there campaigning. you know what, when you don't campaign in certain areas, in any kind of a race, guess what. your turnout goes down. i don't tell people how to vote. i am not in that state right now. but i will be in other states, and i will be at the convention, at a brokered convention, trying to become president of the united states. >> and then, don't count donald trump out either because while we have the hoosier gym tonight with ted cruz, tomorrow night, mr. hoosier himself, bobby knight, is going to be appearing in a big rally in indianapolis along with donald trump. the chairman and the chair man together on stage. >> john roberts, thanks. there's also potential trouble for team crasic in oregon where
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cruz is saying he'll clear the way for kasich. we have details on that. a little trouble. >> little trouble. in oregon, their primaries aren't for a few weeks. everything there is done through the mail. folks are getting their ballots. in addition to that, they get these handy pamphlets which detail information on every candidate running for every office. except for john kasich. his group missed the deadline to put the governor on here. now, people in oregon point out this is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise. it goes to every household. it's free if you get enough signatures. again, kasich missed the deadline. his campaign isn't saying why they missed it. but they say, you know, the governor is on the ballot, obviously, and they'll do what they can to educate voters about him. but, you know, a chance to get everybody. >> it's comical if it weren't so important. thank you, ryan. this came in just about a minute and a half ago. the "new york times" is now reporting that bernie sanders will reassess his campaign after
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tonight's democratic primaries. an aide tells the paper sanders will stay in the race, but he's r reassessing. what does that mean? details on the democrats ahead. >> first, we heard from donald trump saying his top adviser is happy with him. our next guest says the real question is whether trump is happy with his adviser. coming up, what she says we should watch for when the front-runner takes the stage tonight. hang on, it's primary day on the east coast. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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refusal to act more presidential despielt his new adviser's push for him to do just that. the "new york times" reports trump's new campaign chief, paul manafort, told members of the republican national committee that the republican front-runner is evolving and has been playing a part. trump, of course, has not toned down anything. he did for about, i don't know, three minutes, but that was it. he even joked with the crowd in connecticut recently that if he didn't rant and rave, people would fall asleep. there's also word trump is returning some previously stripped power to the campaign manager, corey lewandowski. now, we heard trump tell fox news that things with his adviser are all good, everything is fine here, and that manafort is very happy with the, quote, love fest going on at the campaign events, which he probably is. let's bring in ashley reporter, political reporter for the "new
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york times." >> how are you? >> they want to be like, this is normal, this is what happened in every campaign. nothing is normal in this campape. no campaigner has said the things he has said, therefore this transition is not like other transitions, is it? >> no, it's certainly not. i think what you're seeing are the natural growing pains that any campaign would have when they bring in new advisers and when you shift from a primary to a general. but as you said, this is not like a typical campaign, so trying to go from very, very, very unconventional to sort of what you would need to clinch the nomination and then win on election day is probably a little more fraught for someone like donald trump to make that transition to presidential. >> is it your sense that paul manafort is going to want donald trump to unsay some things? >> it's certainly a fine line. i think paul manafort understands that. donald trump's campaign manager, the original guy, corey
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lewandowski, has a sign on his desk that says let trump be trump. i think what paul manafort wants to do is let trump be the best version of trump. so kind of reining him in, but not too much. >> so some of the more controversial things that igniting debates and arguably brought in new people to his campaign, people who maybe previously were not engaged in the process. you want to still hold those, but maybe you're looking to get a few more than 10% of all hispanics in the country or you're looking to get a few more women or something like that? >> yeah, absolutely. you're looking to sort of modulate your tone for a general election audience. some of that might mean reaching out to more diverse groups of people, and some of that would also be even taking some of that sort of fiery controversy that people love about donald trump and focusing it more on hillary clinton than his republican rivals or than a certain group of people. that would be a more productive use, i think, in ineyes of trump's new team. >> real policy specifics have been hard to come by in the
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trump campaign, but tomorrow, what they're calling a teleprompter speech. what are we to expect from that? >> yeah, it's funny. what you were talking about before was that donald trump was saying i'm not going to tone things down and he even said how fun would it be if i even become another teleprompter guy. it's telling that tomorrow he is going to be speaking from a teleprompter. i'm told he practiced with a teleprompter over the weekend. it's a foreign policy speech, a military engagement speech and one of several policy speeches we can expect in the next few weeks. >> we don't know details of what he plans o s to lay out tomorroo we? >> no, they're keeping it close to their vests. >> thanks a lot, ashley parker from "the times." good to see you. the polls had trump leading going into today's primaries but today is actually the day for the primary, so forget the poll for a minute. simply winning tonight, we know, will not be good enough. coming up, how the primary rules
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. recent polls donald trump would sweep all five states holding republican primaries today. he would not automatically get all 118 delegates. in fact, it looks like he won't get all 118 delegates. a lot shy if it goes to best case scenario. most of pennsylvania's 71 delegates are unbound. 17 of them have to vote for the
12:21 pm
candidate who wins the state. and the rest, well, they can do what they want. right now, donald trump has 845 pledged delegates by our count. political analysts say he'll need to win big to eventually reach the magic number of 1237. the ruleerize different state to state today, but from everything we saw prior to today, it looks like a very big trump day. >> looks like a big trump day, a big hillary day, and most people are now looking beyond today. right? they figure that this is going to be a strong showing for the two leading candidates of the two parties. it's going to reaffirm their positions, and people are looking to what's going to happen to that complexion of indiana, oregon, and new mexico for cruz and kasich who teamed up to divvy up the states, kind of teamed up, against trump. and what's bernie sanders going to do? if in fact he loses as bad as the polls suggest he will, four out of five states. >> we'll get into that.
12:22 pm
on the matter of trump and crasich, indiana became this huge thing all of a sudden, almost out of nowhere. >> yeah, and reason is they both see there's no way for them to get to 1,237. the best thing they can do is stop trump from getting there so they can have a contested convention. they're figuring they can't do it on their own. they're splitting the votes. why not let the voters gravitate toward one opponent of trump in indiana and toward the other in oregon and new mexico. it's a gamble. but it's politics. and the rules are the rules. you can do this. >> it's like the guy in the nine hole swinging for the fences in the ninth. you know, like you hit this out of the park or that's it. is that where we are with indiana? >> i think we are. from the standpoint of cruz and kasich, they need to somehow prevent trump from getting 1237 before the convention. their only hope is a contested convention in which the second ballot goes -- >> i think what i'm asking is if this swing for the fences in
12:23 pm
indiana doesn't work and trump wins indiana, then is that it? >> not necessarily. >> he goes to california. >> he still has to get to 1237. the momentum he's already established is even further affirmed if he takes indiana. in a substantial way. and he gets that much closer to 1237, he gets that much closer if he's 1235, 1236, 1234, harder for the convention to say no to somebody that clos in the meantime, the business community is really concerned about what's happening. we have a story, tim rose has a piece in today's journal on the website, talking about how ceos see this kind of essentially the loss of the center in politics, the gravitation left by hillary and sanders. the gravitation right by trump and cruz. pulling away on critical issues for business. the need for immigration reform, affirming the transpacific partnership. kind of worrying about issues
12:24 pm
that business worries about. you saw it over the weekend really kind of surprisingly. charles koch, who is a big conservative donor, saying that he's not so sure about the so-called conservative leaders of the republican party, the contenders for the presidential nomination. he's even thinking he might vote for hillary clinton. >> i haven't really heard anybody who is established or entrenched in any way from politics from the right excited about ted cruz or donald trump. i haven't heard from anyone, who i heard of before this cycle. >> you look at people like charles koch, who has hundreds of millions of dollars behind him. his own money, the donors that he organizes for conservative causes. and when he is talking about how much of that is, he said this on abc television, how much otthat is perhaps just an expression of frustration, but his libertarian, more libbertarian view of the world, there are a
12:25 pm
lot of social issues that he's more in accord with the democrats on, incomekcome inequ, things like that. he's worried about what leaderoffs the republican campaigns are talking about are not in accord with the best interests of business. >> thank you, sir. that article on great coverage there. >> i mentioned we all got a flash alert on our phones a minute ago from the "new york times" with a report from the times that bernie sanders will reassess his campaign after tonight. which is listed as breaking news. i'll show you that in a minute, but really, it's not new news. they're going to go on to california, they have made that clear. what does a reassessment tonight mean? if it happens in a certain way, it could be a very big deal. we're going to get into that in a minute because it's new from the "new york times." i know it's urgent because it flashed on my phone. and word of a new clue at the scene of the family massacre in ohio. remember that thing?
12:26 pm
first cops were talking about a pot farm nearby. now potential evidence of another criminal operation. that's next as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news.
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i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ a fox report. headlines from the fox news desk. a grand jury in dallas indicted johnny football on a charge from a domestic violence complaint. johnny manziel's girlfriend says he hit her and threatened to kill her back in january. his lawyer says he will plead not guilty. the former cleveland browns player and texas a&m star could face up to a year in jail. a coroner said seven of the eight family members killed in ohio on friday night were shot more than once. one of them nine times. investigators say they found evidence of possible cloaulk fighting at one of the crime scenes. they also said they discovered marijuana operations on three of
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the four properties. it happened in piketon. no arrests yet. >> and firefighters went to the rescue of a stranded hiker in los angeles. this was the same park that's home to the hollywood sign. officials say the hiker walked away with no major injuries.
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just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. close to 400 delegates up for grabs for democrats tonight. hillary clinton staffers say she could end up with 90% of the delegates she needs to clinch the nomination. bernie sanders trying to rally some last-minute support today in pennsylvania. that's the biggest prize on the map. he's also insisting again that he will not drop out until every vote is counted. but i want to show you first what it is that's sort of changed things in the last few minutes. with all these screens, we can't. so i'm going to bring it up here, down here where i usually look, and this is the "new york times." can you get this? this is the "new york times." they came out with breaking news just a few minutes ago. this is the top of their page. see this right here? breaking news.
12:32 pm
sanders to reassess race after vote but won't drop out. i want to read you the most interesting part of this that comes from tad devine. he's an old hand at this and an adviser to him. if we're sitting here and there's no sort of math mematic way to do it, we'll be up front about it. iffee have a really good day in the five democratic states, if we have a really good day, we're going to talk about winning most of the pledged delegates because we will be on a path toward it. if we don't get enough today to make it clear, we can do it by the end. it's going to be hard to talk about it. see that? he says the word talk there, and he goes, if we do really well today, that's what we're going to talk about. that's not going to be a credible path. instead, we will talk about what we intend to do between now and the end -- and how we can get there. tad devine is saying it will change our narrative. right this minute, they're talking about trying to get all the delegates they can to maybe eventually win the nomination. if they don't do well today,
12:33 pm
they'll change their talking points. they're not expected to do well today. mike emanuel is following the sanders campaign. it's not as if this is a new concept. last week, after a bad week for senator clinton, we heard similar things, that we'll reassess next week. he went home without the press corps, back home to new england, and what came of that was, well, let's see how we do in the five states next week. it seems like tad devine has told the times if it's not a good day, which it's not supposed to be, we're going to change our words tonight. >> that's right, shep. i talked to a senior adviser after that breaking news alert came out. he says they're in it through california. california being the biggest state, they feel like democratic voters need to have an option and they want to take as many delegates to the convention as possible to help shape the platform there. in philadelphia earlier today, sanders himself was asked about getting out. he called that idea absurd.
12:34 pm
>> people in california have a right to choose who they want for the president of the united states. what we need to do as a nation is focus on the disappearing middle class. >> in terms of a reassessment, there could be an idea of perhaps softening some of the language, the attacks against senator clinton. unless his money dries up suddenly, there's no reason sanders would have to get out. >> the sanders supporters are saying what about calls for him to get out or quiet down? >> well, they have been lined up here in huntington, west virginia, hours ahead of a rally with him tonight. they say bottom line, that sanders should keep going, no matter the results tonight. >> the clinton camp has been calling for senator sanders to leave the campaign for a long time. yet we continue to win. yet we continue to rally. yet we continue to gain delegates and cut into that lead. >> i think he should fight until
12:35 pm
the very end because just like in michigan, it was a huge upset and shock so you never know what's going to happen. >> sanders die hards are out in force ahead of tonight's rally here in huntington, west virginia. early voting starts here in west virginia tomorrow. sanders getting a jump where he feels like his income inequality message will connect with voters. shep. >> mike, thanks very much. ed henry is covering the clinton camp in philadelphia. he's live with us. ed, hillary clinton sounded, i don't know, frustrated with rachel maddow on msnbc because i think what she's trying to say is, look, we're ahead. stop it already. that is what she said. >> yeah. well, she was being pressed on, look, hillary clinton dropped out, you remember, in 2008 at the beginning of june because barack obama had an insurmountable lead. rachel maddow is saying, look, if you're in a similar place with bernie sanders, should he get out. hillary clinton was trying to say, look, i'm already in that place. i already have a big lead.
12:36 pm
she does not see a path for sanders, and that's why she lashed out a little. watch. >> if you're ahead in the vote, if you're ahead -- >> i am ahead in the vote. i am way ahead. >> on june -- >> wait a minute. look, i have the greatest respect for senator sanders, but really, what he and his supporters are now saying just doesn't add up. i have 2.7 million more votes than he has. i have more than 250 more pledged delegates. >> so hillary clinton will be back here in philadelphia tonight for what her staff is calling a victory party. remember, we're just 90 days away from her potentially returning to philadelphia to accept the democratic nomination. shep. >> ed henry live for us. thanks. >> i want to show you more of the brand-new "new york times" article. i told you the hieadline just a moment ago. more from ted divine. look here, we may decide we have
12:37 pm
to pick up more delegates in some of the caucus states. maybe we have to get more people on the ground between now and the state convention, some places, because we're not going to win as many as we thought we were going to win in primaries, but we have to make up the difference elsewhere. that's reassessment. then there's this. reassess does not mean he's going to be a part of -- wait. reassess does not mean that he's not going to be a part of this race, mr. divine said. reassess does not mean that his message that we think is the most powerful message, is going to change. let's bring in heidi przybyla, senior political reporter for usa today. i don't think anybody is openly from the clinton campaign saying to the sanders campaign, get out, not right now. what they're saying is stop beating us up because it's going to hurt us down the road, especially if after today it's going to be crystal clear that bernie sanders can't win. is that your understanding of things as well? >> that's exactly how they're feeling. i talked to them this morning, and that's why you hear the clinton campaign and the
12:38 pm
candidate herself repeatedly harkening back to the 2008 model when she enthusiastically got behind barack obama when it was clear she wouldn't have the votes to clinch the nomination. in this case, we don't know what reassessment really means because i think you showed yourself from reading two separate portions of that article that were kind of contradicting in terms of them, are they reassessing their approach to just gathering delegates or are they reassessing their message? i think it's the latter, if anything. they're going to have to reassess basically how they talk about hillary clinton. i talked with her campaign this morning and they said, look, we think it's totally fair game for them to, you know, draw points of distinction on issues that are important to the american people. but the question from their perspective is, is he going to continue to attack her in a way that they feel is kind of personal, like calling in to question her judgment, and donald trump is in many ways backing up some of these concerns that they have by
12:39 pm
tweeting out today, you know, bernie sanders has been mistreated by the democrats. he should run as an independent, and then a couple days before that, also using bernie sanders to beat up on hillary clinton. i believe it was on her wall street connections or something like that. so he is playing into the argument that the clinton campaign is making right now that he will become a pawn of trump if this continues on too long. >> i think we have to go back a little further for greater context on this. and by that i mean he has said from the beginning, bernie sanders, that whoever the democratic nominee is, he will wholeheartedly support that nominee in an effort to, as he has put it, keep the republicans out of office, which is standard democratic fare. not so standard for a nonhch democrat, but you know what i mean. has there been anything since the early statements, and they were forceful and clea anything that suggests that he's changed his mind on that, and if not, doesn't this make perfect sense? >> i think bernie sanders' definition of that is different from your conventional democrat.
12:40 pm
yes, and his mind, he will be supporter her, b at the same time, he sees himself now making this transition from being a leader and someone campaigning for office as the leader of a movement, and that he owes it to his followers to hold her feet to the fire and try to extract more from her in the run-up to the convention. >> on certain issues. like trade and wall street and things like that. >> right, and that's the question, what are her asks going to be going into the convention. does he want a ban on fracking, something more firm on the minimum wage, primetime speaking slot, all of these things are probably reasonable asks in his mind. >> it seems anybody who thinks the drama in all of it is going to go down may be wrong because conventional wisdom tells you that what hillary clinton needs to do after having been pushed so far left by bernie sanders is begin a canter, if not a run, toward the center. if bernie sanders is in a tug of war with her on this matter,
12:41 pm
with all of his millions of supporters neck to him, this move toward the center is going to be hard for her, maybe even harder than it will be for donald trump, arguably. >> arguably, yeah, because bernie sanders, well, people feel pretty strongly about donald trump, so i don't know. >> that's what i'm saying. donald trump, his flock seems to move more like sheep than like cats. his are easier to herd than hers. >> yeah, well i think that we're seeing that in the polling right now, right? >> that's where i got it. >> 40% of his voters are saying that, you know, they wouldn't support her. they potentially wouldn't consider supporting her. however, i went back and looked at 2008. by the time it was all over in june of 2008, there was about 40% of hillary clinton's people saying they wouldn't vote for barack obama. so really, it kind of falls on sanders like it did to clinton to try and rally those people, but hillary clinton also has a role in this, right?
12:42 pm
if she's the winner, she's got to extend an olive branch to him. i think in this case because bernie sanders does see himself as a leader of kind of almost a new political movement that she's got to offer something to him in addition to that, and i think that's where she's irritated, because she thinks those aren't the rules, not how it's been in the past. not what i did to barack obama, so bernie sanders, you know, fall in line. it's not going to go down that way. >> doesn't feel like it, at least for now. the rules are out because of one guy. and the sentiment across the nation, too. both of those things. heidi przybyla, nice to talk to you. we'll see what this means in the end, but make no mistake. when the two competitors are defined, when you have somebody who is going to run as a democrat and somebody who is going to run as a republican, they're going to try to go to the middle. and they are only going to go as far and as fast as those who are supporting them and their previous -- their previous
12:43 pm
competitors will allow them to run. and the one traditionally speaking who gets to the center or more close to the center has the better shot at getting the center, right? the intrigue is not going away, that's for sure. ahead, why donald trump could soon end up inside a courtroom. a judge just made a very big decision about a lawsuit over -- remember trump university? that's next. here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares,
12:44 pm
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. a judge has decided the fraud case against trump university will head to trial. but what does that mean inthat means donald trump could have to testify. here's what the gop front-runner had to say in a promotional video when he launched that university back in '05. >> at trump university, we teach success. that's what it's all about. success. it's going to happen to you. >> turns out trump university wasn't a university at all. at least not a liceanted university. it was a bunch of real estate workshops, lots of them online. people paid up to $35,000 for them. new york's attorney general filed a lawsuit a few years ago claiming trump university built -- i should say bilked
12:48 pm
students out of a total of $40 million, but trump claims most students who filled out evaluations said they were extremely satisfied with the program, and it's the filling out of the evaluations that seems now to be at the center of all of that and bl that was coerced. david lee miller is live at the courthouse in new york. tell us what happened there today. >> shepard, just moments ago, a new york state supreme court judge ruled the attorney general's case against donald trump is going to go to trial. not only though is it going to go to trial. it could go to court before the november election. there's still a great deal of legal wrangling that's going to take place with one of the things being discussed whether or not this case is going to be heard by a jury or whether it's going to be decided by a judge. as for the core of this case, former students say that they were cheated by trump university. they say they attended a free seminar that turned out to be nothing more than a sales pitch to buy a $1500 three-day course,
12:49 pm
and that was another sales pitch to buy a elite program that they say many say was absolutely worthless. an affidavit filed by one student said, and i quote now, i was unable to get my refund, and i'm still paying off debts from my dump tuition. donald trump received $25,000 of my money. for my $25,000, i have a lifetime membership to nothing. another affidavit from a student said, quoting again, with all the pictures of donald trump and the type of -- and the talk of a special guest speaker, i thought that donald trump would make a personal appearance. but he did not. many of the students say they simply had their photograph taken with a lifesize cutout of donald trump. >> what's the word now from trump on all of this? >> from the very beginning, trump has defended trump university. he even established a website to say that 98% of the student
12:50 pm
reviews gave trump university an excellent rating. we reached out to donald trump yesterday. we have not heard back, but he has gone on record reatedly, on the campaign trail, saying any type of of settlement here is completely out of the question. >> you can't settle cases when the person suing you has given you letters and in some cases tapes saying how great it is. it was a very nice thing. sop we're putting it on hold. >> reporter: trump says that new york's attorney general filed this case tom further fuel his -- to further fuel his political ambition. this is simply a case of malicious prosecution. shepard. >> david lee miller at the courthouse in new york. north korea's dictator, lil kim as we call him says he can hit our country with a nuke. a claim that president obama seems to be taking seriously. up next, how the president says the united states is preparing for a potential north korean nuclear attack.
12:51 pm
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the united states is setting up of a missile shield in response to the nuclear threat from north korea. that's the word from president obama to cbs news. >> even as we try to resolve the underlying problem of nuclear development in site of north korea, we're also setting up a shield that can at least block the relatively low level threats that they're posing right now. >> the president said his administration is trying to keep those low level threats, as he calls them, from getting any worse. especially because of how irresponsible the dictator kim jong-un is. officials say there is little evidence that he is preparing for a test. the last one happened in january
12:55 pm
when north korean officials claimed they blew up a hydrogen bomb. officials think it was smaller, but nonetheless. it was big enough to cause concern. what else is the administration doing to confront this north korean threat? >> reporter: well shep, they're clearing the north lawn of the white house. we'll get to you with exactly what that reason is, but as i can quickly explain this to you. the administration is moving assets into that region as part of of a broader shift. there are economic sanctions that have been pushed as well. there are negotiations with the south koreans on putting a missile defense system there. as for those economic sanctions, the white house press secretary acknowledges they've yet to stop north korea's behavior. >> we have not yet seen the desire change in behavior that is long overdue. but what we have succeeded in doing is working with the international community to ramp up the pressure on the north korean government even further. and that includes by targeting
12:56 pm
specific aspects of the north korean economy that we know are used to fund that. >> reporter: shep, i want to get back to what's going on here at the white house. they're just clearing the north lawn, there's police activity, the secret service is telling us to move off right now. we don't know precisely what's happening. we're going to check back in as soon as we do have an idea of what this activity is going to look at pennsylvania avenue right now. right in front of the white house. they're clearing tourists across the street. dogs are sweeping across the north lawn here. we'll update you as soon as we know what's going on here. >> so we can see that. is that possible? >> reporter: christian, let's get to -- >> christian, i know it'll be ugly, but it's okay to widen out and show us what you can show us. >> reporter: doing this right now. christian, right behind this, there's more activity, chris, do you want to swing to that? so, police dogs here, shep, just as you were coming to me a short while ago. those dogs ran across those officers were running across the
12:57 pm
north lawn from here. you now see police cruisers moving down pennsylvania avenue. not as though this is something that's routine, clear things this for suspicious packages, we're not sure what's going on. >> more when we have it in just a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian
12:58 pm
was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. coming back out of the commercial break back early. is rich still there? >> shep, i'm right here. i'm standsing behind the camera right now. and this is a view of west executive way. it's to the western edge of the white house where there's been police activity, dogs running through. you can see secret service running throughout the north lawn. not sure exactly what is happening. this happened very quickly. we had no warning. the secret service sweeping through the area here. clearing the white house north avenue area. pennsylvania avenue is now cleared to the north through the park across the street, lafayette park, they're moving tourists back that way. there's been a very rapid in police activity, we're not quite sure why secret service has been doing this, we're contacting the
12:59 pm
white house now to figure out exactly what's going on. >> rich, i'm curious, i know that any time something a little unusual goes on and they start to scramble, it's a site, you know, with the cameras on it, but how unusual based on your experience there, is them coming out and swarming and closing things down without notifying the white house press corps? >> yeah, these things do happen, shep. any time there's a suspicious package perhaps, or when you've got somebody jumping the white house fence. we've seen that before. these things happen. they develop very, very quickly. there's always a quick response. remember, secret service has gotten criticism for a number of the incidents that had happened over the past few years here at the white house. and so, you are seeing even greater responses, more barricades, more of of a secret service presence in front of the white house and when they move, they move quickly and that's what we just saw. >> well, i guess if you're at the white house, you have to add an abundance of caution and we can hope that's what's going on right now. i can tell you that in a matter
1:00 pm
of seconds or minutes, we will probably know with some degree of servitude what exactly is going on. and neil cavuto will keep you updated. we're going to stay with the live pictures. and allow neil cavuto to pick up the coverage now. have a great weekend. >> all right shepard, we are keeping an eye outside of the white house. the executive office building and the treasury all on that same row the northern part of the white house as well wie keeping an eye on it for you. of course all of this happening on a very, very big primary day. super tuesday three or beneath the super tuesday, whatever venue or movie title you want, we're on it. five states up for grabs. 170 delegates that will decide whether donald trump can make the momentum with th


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