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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums. it. >> it is 7 p.m. on the east coast. tonight's outcome could go a long way in deciding to wins the nomination on both sides of this race. good evening, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. >> i'm bret baier. fox news reporters are fanned out across the country as candidates await tonight's results. more than 500 republican and democratic delegates are up for grabs tonight. on the republican so wide, donald trump looking for a big night. tightening his grip, perhaps, on the republican nomination and extending his lead in the delegate count. ted cruz and john kasich looking to hang on. >> i'm about to beat a senator who doesn't have a clue ted cruz. i'm about to beat a governor
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who is one for 42. >> the race is going to shift back west. as it shifts back west, there are a lot of states that are going to be very good. >> there are more important things in life than winning every inning. we will keep plugging this way. now we are starting to rise. last night town hall on fox. lots of publicity today. i money, we will see where this goes. >> 118 republican delegates are up for grabs. 384 over on the democrat side. >> as we mentioned, five states in play tonight, connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, and rhode island. donald trump not only needs to win those states, he needs to win big if he wants to close this thing out. >> we have representatives on hand from all three republican campaigns tonight. but woe begin with sarah huckabee sanders, senior advisor for the trump campaign. sarah, thank you for being here. we heard the message on trump and cruz. yes trump is going to have a good night tonight but they are looking forward to
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states like washington and indiana. and they believe that donald trump if he loses those states can and will be stopped from hitting the magic number. what say you? >> you know, i think they have been wrong for several months. i think they are going to be wrong again tonight. we're going to, i think, do extremely well tonight. and then i think we are going to go in places like washington and indiana and do well there, also. i don't see any path for cruz or kasich moving forward at this point. and i hope that senator cruz will do what he has been calling on john kasich to do. once it becomes mathematically impossible for him to clinch the nomination, which i think will happen tonight for senator cruz, i hope he will follow his own advice and get out of the race so that donald trump and all of the republican party can start to focus on hillary clinton where our target needs to be now. >> trump has compared himself in some instances to reagan in this campaign. but ronald reagan was a tremendously unifying force in the republican party. and the polls tonight show that the republican party remains sharply divided.
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what is donald trump going to do to unify this party? >> you know, i think as republicans narrow the field more and more, you're starting to see donald trump win by bigger margins. you know, as the field dwindles, he is bringing those groups together. he is winning across all demographics. there was a poll that came out just in the last day or so that has him in a dead heat with hillary clinton. so, i think that that is already starting to happen, and i think as the field narrows and he becomes the nominee and focuses solely on hillary clinton, you're going to see the republican party come together, but not just the republican party, and i think that's one of the things that people are missing in this race. donald trump has done tremendous with independents, and even appealing off democrats. so i think he will solidify republicans and bring other candidates can't speak to and bring into the process. >> that one poll that you mentioned showed hillary clinton beating donald trump in three points in
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battleground states only it came in the same day as another poll showed her beating him by 11 points. and of the last 19 head-to-head polls between hillary and trump, she has won all of them, sarah, all of them. >> and you've noticed that that gap is starting to close. again, she has had this -- the race to herself for the most part on the democrat side. she has been the presumptive nominee since the day she announced. donald trump has had to fight through 17 different candidates on the republican side and really become the republican nominee. where hillary clinton has been more of a coronation. i'm not saying she hasn't had to fight for it bernie sanders has given her a bit of a run for her money. at the same time, she has been running for the general election since the day she announced. and donald trump is just now getting the opportunity to do that. and the more we move in that direction, the more you see that gap close, and the closer that race becomes. and in november i think he is ultimately the winner and beats hillary clinton by a landslide. >> give us a look, if you can, into the trump
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campaign. because there was a report earlier this week that paul manhattan for the who man mann paul manafort. he went down to florida and told a bunch of the party elders of the rnc don't worry, trump has been playing the part. you know, he is going to be more presidential and so on. then suddenly we heard reports that manafort was no longer in his perch. tell us what's going on. has there been a campaign shakeup. >> megyn, you know this as well as anybody else, because you have experienced this. since the day donald trump got in this race and until the day he gets out there will be one person in charge and one person only and that's donald trump. he is the leader of his campaign and he was then, is he now. and he is going to continue to be. there is obviously, as he becomes the presumptive nominee and moves into the general election, he is going to have to grow his staff and grow his team.
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hillary clinton has probably 10 times the number of staff that he has currently. so, of course he is going to expand. but i would certainly not call that a shakeup. but i would call that becoming a nominee and becoming a general election candidate. >> sarah, great to see you. >> thank you, meg begin. >> the number of delegates up for grabs is quickly shrinking. so are the odds that ted cruz and john kasich can stop donald trump from reaching the magic number of 1237 before the republican convention in cleveland. look there. bill hemmer at the billboard with the math. >> if it's tuesday, there must be a primary somewhere, right, bret? in fact, there are five primaries tonight. all in the northeast, which is going to set the table for you and give you an idea about where we think we might be in this delegate battle here as we start the night all five here pennsylvania is the biggest one. 71 in the state. but only 17 will be pledged tonight. we're going to explain as we go throughout the evening. which gets a little complicated, too. you can get arguments on both sides of what's
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happening there. okay. here we go on the delegate map. donald trump starts tonight 845 pledged delegates now. he needs just about 400 to get to the magic number of 1237. so, this is what we have done. we have been doing this for weeks now where we check the polls in all the states and cross-reference a lot of the leading political websites. what we think in rhode island tonight trump picks up several there. woe think in connecticut he might get 2 dozen. we think in maryland he could get a lot of them. in delaware he could get all of them. pennsylvania he could get the 17 that i just mentioned there. so it's possible. and maybe this is the sweet spot for tonight and maybe it's -- maybe it's too low. it's possible but right now we will say 943, which would leave him about 300 delegates to go. and then we would move into the month of may. what happens then? indiana. for the next 8 days will be after tonight the center of the political universe. indiana, based on our fox polling and late friday
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afternoon we think favors donald trump so that would put him at 988. the following week is nebraska. we think that favors cruz. the same day west virginia, which will mostly go for trump. so, on may 10th, if our calculation is correct, donald trump would be over 1,000 pledged delegates. so, where do you go on the board? we think since the cruz-kasich alliance was announced, we think trump and kasich kind of split the delegates right now in oregon. maybe it changes. for now that's what we are doing. following week washington state. favors cruz by a couple delegates here and there. now we are in the month of june, it is june 7th. it is winner-take-all in montana. winner-take-all in south dakota. both right now favor cruz. in new mexico, this is interesting. since the alliance was crafted and announced late on sunday night after our town hall in philly, we actually think trump will pick up two more delegates in new mexico than he would have before.
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suggesting that kasich might do a bit better in new mexico. then we get to california. at 172 in the delegate meter there, how will trump do? we had him at 100 about a week ago. weave think he is 109 now. so he is at 1157 june 7th, the same day that new jersey is a winner-take-all with 51 delegates. if this math is right, if the projection is right, look where donald trump would be on that day. 1208, needing 29 delegates. are not pledged back to the tonight in the state of pennsylvania. if he even gets half that number, this would keep him on track to get him to that magic number of 1237 bound for cleveland, ohio. throughout the night, we'll change the map. we will mess and mix with a couple of different combinations for what may or may not come out tonight. we will go back to indiana. we will go back to california and show you if cruz puts on a hard rush there and takes those states away from trump how this
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number down here gets bigger and bigger. but we will show you that throughout the night. bret and megyn, back to you. >> bill, thanks. >> so is indiana ted cruz's last stand? the texas senator is in nights town, indiana this evening. voters in that state, of course, head to the state next week. ken cuccinelli is the operations director for ted cruz for president. thanks for being here. >> good to be with you. >> you just saw or heard bill's layout of the delegates there, potentially donald trump can get there. if he has a big night tonight, how do you characterize that? >> well, i don't think it will be a surprise that donald trump does well in the northeast. states that republicans don't really win in the general election. then we move into may which is much more favorable for senator cruz. of course, we did great in the beginning of april. it's just these two weeks in a row where you have got new york and the northeast. we will pick right back up again this weekend, winning delegates, beating the trump
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campaign all across the country with a grass roots organization where they really don't have one. and i'm not quite sure how their supporters expect heir candidate to win in november with no grass roots organization at all, which is what we're proving in the cruz campaign. they don't have it. and we built a campaign on the grass roots vision that senator cruz has advanced for more freedom and opportunity. and that is inspiring people to come in, to stay in, and to work. and so we're winning on the ground. once we get out of the northeast here tonight, i think things look a lot better for senator cruz and we're, of course, going to push through june 7th and then through the convention and then it's on to hillary in november. >> so, ken, is indiana a must-win for ted cruz? >> well, we have run a national campaign. and we've gathered support everywhere. i don't think we have ever pinned our hopes with the exception of texas, where we said, you know, this is one that a senator from texas
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has to win. looked at it as a singular racemaker or race breaker. indiana is a good state for us, like wisconsin. and i would remind you all that a lot of the talk before wisconsin sounded an awful lot like the run-in talk that we heard from bill earlier about indiana. so, senator cruz is a strong closer. when he can make his case, one voter at a time, one state at a time, is he a great retail politician. he has a great message for getting america back on track. and that's selling to people when they hear it. >> let me interrupt you there. >> sure. >> you say you have had a national race. but, potentially, after tonight, senator cruz could be 0 for 6. you are saying may lines up for him better. if you get at the end of june 7th in california and donald trump is 500, 70, 100 delegates behind the magic number of 1237. he has hundreds more delegates than ted cruz, millions more people have
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voted for him than voted for ted cruz. how do you make the case that he -- donald trump shouldn't go to the convention well positioned to be the nominee? >> well, he's in a decent position to compete for it but he will have gotten nowhere near a majority of votes. and he won't have a majority of delegates. and you have to get 50% plus one to win. and he has gotten nowhere near a majority in this contest of people supporting him. and for the last two months you've heard senator cruz talk about. >> what is near? >> let me just finish this point. unifying the party and coalescing. all of these other great candidates who have gotten out of the race, the most support has gone to senator cruz, not to anybody else. and that's because he is able to unify the party and that's the kind of person you want leading your party. and that's what we're hoping to do when we get to cleveland. >> but what is near? i mean, let's say he has
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1175. 1220. i mean, at what point is it pretty close that those delegates, the unbound ones, made to avoid a confrontational convention swing his way? >> well, you're asking about individual delegates, and i can't really speak to that. but i will say that until donald trump is over 1236, it's game on. and we're going to compete to be the nominee and we're going to compete to get 50% plus one. and we've been on track to do that as more and more people see and hear senator cruz's message. they come back to him. and the delegates that we are winning locally across the country, are coming to that conclusion. a lot of these people used to support governor bush or senator rubio or governor perry or carly fiorina. they are coming on board with senator cruz. so there is only one candidate really coalescing and unifying the republican party, which is a process that really needs to take place if we're going to win in november. >> ken, thanks for your time tonight. >> good to be with you. >> many arguing the alliance
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between ted cruz and john kasich simply will not work. joining me now trent duffy national communication director and advisor for the kasich campaign. let's just start with kasich's disadvantage here. there is a very real possibility he could enter this convention if we go there with 200 delegates? how is he possibly going to convince some 1,000 delegates, some party representatives that he is the appropriate nominee? >> well, because he is the only one, megyn, as you cited earlier, that can beat hillary clinton. donald trump loses in 15 of the last 19 polls we saw. and it would be doomsday for republicans across the board. we would lose the senate. we would lose senators like senator rob portman, senator pat toomey. senator kelly ayotte. we would lose people all across the board. >> who has come after john kasich? at what point in this campaign has anybody focused on him or unleashed negative ads against him has he withstood the barrage that trump or cruz have at this point?
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>> oh, i think we saw in wisconsin. we have seen ads elsewhere across the country. we saw a lot of that from donald trump yesterday ripping into the governor because, i think he sees him as a threat. i mean, there is 1237 delegates. >> you do? >> yes. absolutely. why would he attack him because he views him as a threat. >> because he is ticked off about the alliance. that's what he would say. is he ticked off about the alliance. he thinks it's collusion. he doesn't like these two guys going up on him to cross the finish line. >> he attacked the way the governor ate pancakes. >> he was cutting a rather big piece of a pancake in trump's defense. here it is. >> megyn, his negative ratings are eclipsing david duke's in 1992. 67% of americans view him negatively. he does abysmally with republican millennials that we learned today. i'm looking forward to your interview. maybe you will hug it out. i don't think you can undo
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the damage he has done with women in this party or america. and so that spells doomsday for republicans and the delegates that gather have to weigh all this as they look who best can represent the party. we learned today that trump may have to testify in a fraud trial. how is he going to take on crooked hillary when he is sitting on trial for fraud? i mean, there is a lot more october surprises that people got to think about as we go forward. so there is a big risk factor with trump. i mean, as ken just mentioned, 63% of republicans have not voted for donald trump. millions more have voted against donald trump than voted for him. >> but the numbers are something like 93% of republicans have not voted for john kasich, right? he has almost no delegates. so even though he may beat hillary in a head-to-head matchup. maybe paul ryan beats hillary in a head-to-head matchup. maybe bret beats hillary. >> do i have a chance? >> so you are saying there is a chance? >> sorry, bret. >> but the point is you have got to win the nomination. and as trump was saying about john kasich said today is he like the boy that won't leave the room. you say get out and he won't get out.
4:18 pm
other guys have done better than kasich in the campaign like marco rubio they left. therefore some are looking at john kasich saying it's your turn to go. i will give you the final word. >> look, it's a good thing that john kasich stayed in this race or else donald trump would have crossed the finish line months as. we are going to pick up delegates going forward. we are going to do better in the pacific northwest and out west as we go forward. that's all part of the strategy. donald trump will be a blood bath in this party in november and everybody knows it. >> i predict there will be no hugging but i will take your. >> i will be tuning into the fox news exclusive with you, megyn. >> good to see you. >> that was a big pancake. donald trump's campaign reportedly urging the frontrunner to be more presidential. how is that working out? >> we'll speak with laura ingraham about that as we count down to the top of the hour and the first poll closings in the battle for the east.
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the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. a live look at trump tower in new york city just down the road. the iconic elevator there, escalator i should say where the campaign was launched. there are reports that donald trump is resisting calls from his campaign to be more presidential. you got that sense, perhaps, during the rally last night.
4:23 pm
>> lyin' ted announced that he can't win by himself. he cannot do it. you know, is he a joker. the kasich thing is interesting because here is a guy that just says i'm going to stay like a stubborn. like if you have a child who is a spoiled brat where they go i don't care, daddy, get out of the room, daddy. then you see him eating in the morning, do you ever see -- i have never seen -- he is stuffing pancakes in his mouth like this. >> laura ingraham a s. a radio talk show host and fox news contributor. what about it? it really was a big chunk of pancake. >> yeah. >> what about this push and pull we hear about inside the trump campaign? >> i think this is part of the show right now. i think probably voters are happy to have donald trump be brash but not crude. i think that was kind of brash. i got a bunch of texts from kids that were at the warwick rhode island rally that go to providence
4:24 pm
college. the younger voters, i mean, keeping with the pan take theme. they are eating it up. this doesn't bother them at all. they did grow up on this type of, you know, back and forth and social media. it doesn't really bother them. and i think trump does get annoyed when people keep saying you are not acting presidential. but the pancake thing was how many times have we heard that comment played? i think what's more interesting is that trump tonight in pennsylvania looks like he is absolutely trouncing john kasich and likely the issue of trade, which is a substantive, really important issue that's thankfully been at the forefront in this election cycle that that made a big difference in pennsylvania. i would rather focus on those issues. >> does he -- let's say moving forward, that he gets the delegates and he starts to go into a general election. >> yeah. >> how does he stack up in the long run issue by issue with hillary clinton? >> well, i think he is obviously the populist
4:25 pm
alternative to the more conservative ted cruz now. and it's the debate between the conservatives and the populists. but, against hillary? hillary will try to claim that she is not for all these trade deals. everyone knows her husband was instrumental in pushing nafta. supports the wto. when hillary was in the senate, i must have missed all other speeches reeling against the cheating and currency manipulation and substances that china steel industry and so forth. hillary has a different game on the trade front. on immigration he is obviously on the opposite side of hillary on that. she wants amnesty. he doesn't. on the issue of nato and foreign policy, he wants a more what he would say more prudent foreign policy where we don't do a lot of nation building. there might be a little bit more of a blurry area there i think on the two issues that have animated this campaign, trade, immigration, political correctness as well, bret, i think those are pretty big
4:26 pm
distinction between old trump and hillary. >> very quickly, laura. as you look at the exit polls tonight, it is a split divided republican party. is hillary clinton the unifying factor? >> i think so, bret. and i think the key exit poll numbers that i'm looking at are out of my home state of connecticut. 68% of the voters saying if someone doesn't get to 1237, the person with the most votes should get the nomination. 70% of the pennsylvania voters, g.o.p. voters said the same thing. so i think people are understanding this is a rough and tumble process. but, in the end, they want the party to come together. if the party doesn't come together before the convention. hillary is going to be president of the united states. >> laura, as always, thank you. >> thank you. >> well, both donald trump and hillary clinton already appearing to look past the primaries. aiming their fire at each other. so has the general election sort of already begun? >> we will talk about that with the panel as we make our way to 8:00 eastern time and the first poll closings
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america's electionsf headquarters. through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones
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♪ (music pl♪ throughout) uh oh. what's up? ♪
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♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪ it's the bottom of the hour now. just 30 minutes away from poll closings in five states. 118 republican delegates are at stake. 384 for the democrats. >> the frontrunners on both sides of the race, donald trump and hillary clinton looking to shore up their leads tonight and both candidates sharpening their attacks really looking ahead
4:31 pm
to a general election fight. >> oh, that crooked hillary, the same old stuff. years and years of watching it. it's always the same. but she's not bringing back jobs. she doesn't know the first thing about it. she's going to open up the borders. we're going to go on and we're going to beat crooked hillary and we're going to win the white house. >> if you want to be president of the united states you got to get familiar with the united states you don't just fly that big jet in and land it and go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of. [ laughter ] and then go back, get on that big jet and go back to, you know, your country club house in florida or penthouse in new york. i somehow don't think that puts you in touch. >> well, let's bring back our panel now. steve hayes, dana perino, kirsten powers, charles hurt, and dana loesch joins us as well. great to see you all. so, let's just start with that steve hayes, on the --
4:32 pm
what might be the general election matchup and getting a feel for how that would look. >> yeah, well, it was pretty interesting. hillary clinton is already trying to play a populist card against donald trump. i mean, all of the attacks that you just played were basically class based attacks suggesting is he rich and out of touch. if you look back at what democrats did rather successfully with mitt romney who certainly was very wealthy but probably wasn't the kind of caricature that i think donald trump may become if hillary clinton attacks him this way. at the same time, i think a lot of republicans are saying, look, donald trump is willing to take on hillary clinton if he is the republican nominee in a way that other republicans haven't been willing to. he is willing to sort of touch the very raw nerves that other republicans have long thought were, you know, too raw to even contemplate. >> like bill clinton. >> like bill clinton. like monica lewenski. all of these things. so i think what this portends, if this is, in fact, the general election matchup, is a very nasty, nasty battle between these two candidates.
4:33 pm
>> you know, kirsten, i have talked to democrats who say there are just a lot of vacialgs when it comes to donald -- variables when it comes to donald trump. the playbook general election is easier when it comes to ted cruz because it follows the standards that they've used. donald trump has kind of a different playbook. >> right. well, it will make everything unpredictable. i think if you were to look at the other republican presidential candidates who have sort of been vanquished by trump, you can see how somebody like a marco rubio, who is this rising star, was really dispatched with and that trump has this way of labeling people, now it's crooked hillary which, again, nobody else would actually say, no other candidate would actually say. we have seen how these things attach to the candidates and take on a life of their own. i think running against him is precarious. >> but can he detach the unfavorables that he has because they are higher than hillary's. >> well, that's the ultimate question. i guess we are going to have to see if that's something that he can turn around. but they also, both have
4:34 pm
very high distrust numbers as well. so they cancel each other out. fewer people trust her than trust trump even though they are both very high in terms of distrust numbers. they both have these things that they have to overcome. in a way it makes the matchup a little bit easier. >> dana, what's interesting about them is some of those unfavorables, i guess many of them, on both sides, are self-inplaintiff's -- self-infl. trump has driven unfavorables higher with some of these groups because of some of his own comments. no question he has also been attacked by the republicans. she is barely getting it from bernie sanders on the issues that would effect a general election. she is getting it on wall street and things like that. republicans aren't necessarily going to be moved by that he won't touch the emails. he won't touch the server. is he not touching the so, the question is whether -- when they are going head to head and they are both slugging it out on
4:35 pm
all the issues that are right to be exploited, whether those numbers could dramatically change. >> i think it could be a extremely close like too close to call. >> that's helpful. >> i don't know what's going to happen. >> thank you so much. >> i'm really going out on a limb because i'm very confident in my views. can i tell you something i thought about her tonight in that clip that you just showed? it's the first time we have actually seen her having fun. she was making her audience laugh, which is something that donald trump has been able to do. he gets his audiences, you know, they are doubled over in laughter as laura ingraham was just saying they can't get enough of it. it might be more entertaining. do those numbers cancel each other out as matthew said this year if it's a race to the bottom we can win it i do think that donald trump could probably get his numbers up a little bit but you are right. bernie sanders hasn't really ever wanted to win, this in my opinion, because he didn't go after hillary clinton's most vulnerable point which is what donald trump is willing to do.
4:36 pm
is he saying i'm going to narrow this down to one word, one active and it is crooked. that will probably stick to her. >> charlie, ted cruz says republicans are unifying around his campaign. john kasich makes the case that in polls, 15 of them he says, he is beating hillary clinton. can they make the case that they are better positioned to run against hillary clinton than donald trump? >> well, i think without a doubt they have successfully made that case with a lot of, you know, republican voters and a lot of the establishment. but, you know, the reason we take polls is because these things change. and, you know, in terms of the vulnerabilities of hillary, and donald, i think as you mentioned, megyn, with so many of the -- of donald trump's problems are self-inflicted. and he can help himself by, a, stop, you know, stop inflicting self-inflicted wounds. and then try to address those negatives. but with hillary clinton, she has been with us for a
4:37 pm
long, long time. and she started out as our first lady. first ladies, that's a pretty good job. and people tend to really like you. michelle obama a 66% approval rating. and even though her husband is very divisive, and somehow hillary clinton has turned that into just an incredibly negative view of her largely because people don't trust her and i have heard she is crooked. i don't know if that's true or not. you know, it's -- you know, it's easy to look at the numbers right now and determine that, oh, there is no way that any of these -- that donald trump is -- can win. i think he can change a lot of that. he just has to sort of alter some of his strategy. >> dana loesch, the website, the resurgent, which is the eric erickson website has a piece saying this romp that is expected by trump today doesn't matter. they believe that march will
4:38 pm
be, and i quote, a death march for donald trump because the map -- i'm sorry, may will be a death march because they believe the map looks much better for the nontrump people. is that wishful thinking or do you think that's realistic? >> do i think it's realistic, megyn. i mean, we have to keep in mind these five states that are having their primaries tonight, these are the states -- this is the northeastern part of the united states. some of these states are states that republicans don't normally carry in a general election anyway. so, obviously, you are not going to have constitutionalists or grass roots conservative candidates in a republican primary do exceptionally well in these states. i'll be interested to see how many delegates are allocate to do either trump or cruz in pennsylvania. but, looking forward to may, these are state where cruz has been doing incredibly well. nebraska cruz has been doing incredibly well. he has been polling very well in very republican areas in california in orange county and parts of northern california where these are also delegate-rich areas, too. so, he is tending -- he is going to do better in may. and while trump says, well,
4:39 pm
you know, neither cruz nor kasich are mathematically eligible and cruz won't be after tonight to get the nomination on the first ballot. well, let's keep in mind neither is trump right now. he is not mathematically eligible right now to get the nomination on the first ballot. and he has a razor-thin pathway to do that before cleveland. sweep in indiana where cruz is expected to do well it may be tight. he has to sweep california in order to make that math work. i know, megyn, you have been drunking the delegate map there. that's being generous with these states in may. and allocating from congressional districts that he may not win. i personally think we are going towards a contested convention. >> dana, great to see you. we will be back to you in a minute. >> folks who are at the polls right now in five states. what are voters thinking about while they are casting their ballots.
4:40 pm
a look at the exit polls. >> and if donald trump gets a clean sweep or close to it, is it game over for cruz and kasich? or is that wishful thinking by the trump crowd in the campaign cowboys have some answers. they're up next. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. howto choose one?sed simple. you don't. at red lobster's create your own seafood trios, you get to pick 3 of 9 all-new creations for just $15.99.
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welcome back, everybody. we are awaiting remarks from senator ted cruz live in night town, indiana. he is there for a reason. this is the scene there we will go to those remarks as they take place. >> worry also getting word that four polling stations in baltimore, in maryland are going to stay open a little bit later because of problems this morning. we're following all of that let's bring in the campaign cowboys. chris wallace is the anchor of "fox news sunday." karl rove was the deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush. joe trippi was howard dean's campaign manager. both are fox news contributors. chris, take it away. >> thank you, bret. and it's so i3teresting because with about 15 and a half minutes of until the polls close the cowboys are already crunching the numbers and there are no numbers yet but they still are crunching them. one of the question is what are you guys looking for when we start getting actual votes in 15 minutes? on the republican side,
4:45 pm
karl, 118 delegates at stake. also those 54 unbound in pennsylvania. what are you looking for in those 118? >> i'm going to be looking for who gets what because both sides, the trump and not trump sides have a narrow path to achieve their goal. we have 845 delegates, according to the a.p. in trump and 954 in somebody else's hands. >> not trump meaning cruz, kasich rubio or whatever. >> unable to come out for trump. very narrow path for each one of them. take for example nate silver his analysis at the website says his view is if trump gets 94 delegates, that leads to him ultimately having at the end of this campaign 1155, short of a majority. on the other hand, if he gets 103, that leads him, he thinks, to suggest that in the future races, if that all. >> real quickly, why does 9 delegates tonight make a difference of almost 100 delegates down the line? >> because it indicates the direction. is he going to overperforming?
4:46 pm
if he gets 103, is he overperforming and likely overperform in other races. >> joe, let's look at the democratic side. 384 delegates at stake tonight. what's a good night for hillary clinton? what's a great night for hillary clinton? >> well, she is on target. she does 195 delegates tonight. that's keeps her well on target. but i'm looking for can she get over 200? did she get 211 delegates. i think she could could of it. the margins of these states. if she pushes them out. if she can actually start getting high 50's and 60's, she could get to 211. she is only 437 delegates short of the nomination right now if you count her super delegates. >> if she gets 200 tonight then she she needs to get how much of the rest. >> 212 delegates the rest of the way essentially. there is over 1,000 did he goes left. she has to get about 20%. >> 20% of what's left. >> 20% of what's left. >> okay. let me ask you, karl, about this kasich, cruz deal announced sunday night.
4:47 pm
a lot of controversy. was it an effective deployment of resources, the nontrump movement or did it show kind of a desperate move and make them the insiders and the establishment? your view? smart or foolish. >> you ask was it a smart use of resources or does it look desperate? and the answer is yes. >> both? >> both. it was smart to keep them focused in different places, but it does look desperate. >> it looks like one of the candidates in that cartel is there, ted cruz, back to the anchor desk. >> chris, thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ for the stars and stripes ♪ and the eagle fly. ♪ it's a big old land with
4:48 pm
countless dreams. [cheers and applause] >> god bless the great state of indiana. [cheers and applause] the chad and clay and mike, i want to thank you for being here. thank you for your strong leadership. thank you for everyone coming together. on a terrific evening here in the hoosier state. you know, tonight donald trump is expected to have a good night. [crowd boos] donald trump is likely to win some states and the media is going to have heart palpitations this evening. [ laughter ] they're going to be excited oh so very excited at donald trump's victories. and the media is going to
4:49 pm
say the race is over. thed media is going to say donald trump is the republican nominee. [crowd booing] now, if you find yourself wondering why the media is so eager to have donald as the republican nominee, you don't have to look any further than today's "u.s.a. today" front page. 40% of g.o.p. doubt they would vote for trump. 40%. now, i want you to think for a second the network executives, are they democrats or are they republicans? >> democrats. >> every one of them are ready for hillary.
4:50 pm
and donald trump is the one man on earth hillary clinton can beat in a general election. and so the media has told us the candidates in this race, the republican and democrat, they're both going to be new york liberals. but i got good news for you tonight, this campaign moves to more favorable terrain. [cheers and applause] tonight this campaign moves back to indiana and. [cheers and applause] and nebraska and north dakota and washington and california.
4:51 pm
[cheers and applause] now, the media want to say everything is decided. and the question is county state of indiana stop the media's chosen republican candidate? [cheers and applause] well, as you all know, we are here on the hickory basketball court and bruce, who travels with me -- bruce, i want to ask you something. do you have a tape measure with you? [ laughter ] tell me something. how tall is that basketball rim? 10 feet. you know, the amazing thing is, that basketball ring here in indiana, it's the same height as it is in new york city and every other place in this country. and there is nothing that hoosiers cannot do.
4:52 pm
[cheers and applause] now, there has been a lot of media speculation lately about vice presidential vetting. and i have an announcement to make. a major announcement. hillary clinton has decided on her vice presidential nominee. hillary has picked donald trump. [ laughter ] now it's important to note, hillary had a very careful vetting process that went into this. she wanted someone who shared her vision of the federal government. you know, donald trump did recently a town hall. he was asked name the top functions of the federal government. he said security, and then
4:53 pm
he said healthcare, education, and housing. [crowd booing] funny thing is if you asked hillary she would say the same thing. if you asked bernie, bernie would be like wow, that's aggressive. [ laughter ] you don't only want socialized medicine, you also want to put the federal government in charming of all education, education, common core. [crowd booing] >> according to donald, that's the core responsibility of the federal government and housing. how many people are ready for the federal government taking over the housing market? [crowd booing] >> and you know, donald and hillary, they are flip sides of the same coin. hillary clinton has made thousands of dollars selling
4:54 pm
power and influence. donald trump has made million dollars of dollars buying politicians like hillary clinton. [ applause ] but some in the media might say oh, come on, that's not fair. it's not reasonable to suggest that donald trump and hillary clinton could ever run as a ticket i'm going to walk you through 13 policy issues where donald and hillary have the very same views. let's start with the area of jobs. my number one priority is jobs. bringing back jobs and economic growth. [cheers and applause] bringing manufacturing jobs back to the state of indiana. [cheers and applause] raising wages for the hard-working men and women of this country. it's interesting. don and hillary both agree
4:55 pm
that our taxes should be increased. [crowd boos] >> last week donald trump went on national television said yes, we should increase jobs. well, that's a great idea -- increase taxes, that's a great idea if you want to kill jobs. if i'm president, we're going to cut taxes. [cheers and applause] second critical area under jobs, donald and hillary both support the obamacare individual mandate. [crowd booing] >> both of them think it's a terrific idea. if you care about jobs, you know that obamacare is the biggest job killer in america. as president, i will repeal every word of obamacare. [cheers and applause] a third area where donald and hillary get it wrong on jobs is immigration.
4:56 pm
both donald and hillary believe that illegal immigrants who are here should be able to become u.s. citizens. now, donald thinks that we should fly them back to their home country first. let them right back in and make them u.s. citizens. let me tell you what i'm going to do as president. we're going to stop amnesty, secure the borders, end sanctuary cities and end welfare benefits for those here illegally. [cheers and applause] >> let's talk about freedom. the fundamental freedoms of the bill of rights. [shouting] >> amen. donald trump and hillary clinton both support taxpayer funding for planned parenthood. [crowd booing] indeed, donald trump and hillary clinton both described planned parenthood
4:57 pm
asterisk. as president, i will instruct the department of justice to open an investigation into planned parenthood. [cheers and applause] donald trump and hillary clinton both supported bill clinton's national ban on many of the most important firearms in america. [crowd booing] as president, i will defend the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. [cheers and applause] donald trump and hillary clinton both believe we should negotiate with harry reid and chuck schumer and the democrats on supreme court nominations. [crowd boos] >> i give my word to the
4:58 pm
people of indiana and the people of america that every justice i appoint to the court will be a principled constitutionalist. [cheers and applause] and unlike donald and hillary, i will not compromise away your religious liberty. [cheers and applause] and donald trump and hillary clinton both agree that grown men should be allowed to use the little girl's restroom. [crowd boos] now, let me say it is just common sense. this isn't a matter of right or left or democrat or republican. this is basic common sense. that grown adult men, strangers, should not be alone in a bathroom with a little girl. [cheers and applause]
4:59 pm
and yet donald and hillary care more about the pc police than they do about speaking the truth on basic common sense. let's talk about security. the eighth policy issue where donald and hillary's views are identical is donald trump and hillary clinton both believe the u.s. government should be neutral between israel and the palestinians. [crowd boos] as president, i will not be neutral. we will stand with israel. [cheers and applause]
5:00 pm
the ninth area they agree is donald trump and hillary clinton have both said they would keep this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal in place. as president, i will rip to sheds this nuclear deal with iran. >> it is 8:00 p.m. on the east coast where polls are now closed in five states and fox news can now project that donald trump will win at least three of them. maryland, pennsylvania, and connecticut in the republican presidential primaries based on fox exit polls. in fact, trump is on track to win north of 50% of the vote in each of those states, something he has only done once before, last week in new york. >> on the democratic side, fox can also project that former secretary of state hillary clinton will beat vermont senator bernie sanders in maryland. mrs. clinton is also leading sanders in pennsylvania. although fox exit polls show it is too early to project a winner in that state or in


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