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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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donald trump and hillary clinton have both said they would keep this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal in place. as president, i will rip to sheds this nuclear deal with iran. >> it is 8:00 p.m. on the east coast where polls are now closed in five states and fox news can now project that donald trump will win at least three of them. maryland, pennsylvania, and connecticut in the republican presidential primaries based on fox exit polls. in fact, trump is on track to win north of 50% of the vote in each of those states, something he has only done once before, last week in new york. >> on the democratic side, fox can also project that former secretary of state hillary clinton will beat vermont senator bernie sanders in maryland. mrs. clinton is also leading sanders in pennsylvania. although fox exit polls show it is too early to project a winner in that state or in
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connecticut. now, there are no exit polls in delaware or rhode island. so, we have to wait until actual vote counts start to come in before the fox news decision desk can project winners in either party in uneither one of those states. i want to go now to trump tower in new york city where the celebration is on and our own chief political correspondent carl cameron is there live. carl? >> hi, megyn. well, here at trump tower, they are looking for yet another decisive set of wins. the trump pain believes that he can sweep all five of the contests tonight. since we have called the other three, that leaves rhode island and delaware outstanding. and those were states where trump believes he has a very, very strong, strong campaign. it's interesting to note as we were watching ted cruz make his remarks a short while ago, he, much the same way john kasich has been arguing, made the case that donald trump can't be the nominee because he cannot defeat hillary clinton. well, tonight the trump campaign is going to pivot and donald trump is expect to do begin to take on hillary clinton as a general
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election presumptive nominee. he has begun to do it in recent weeks but as said in each occasion that he hasn't really started in on her, meaning the former secretary of state. tonight he intends to do that. and it's meant as sort of a shot at both cruz and kasich for their alliance trump says it's another example of political cronyism, the crooked nature of the nomination process that he has been complaining about for the last two months. so, tonight, look for donald trump to play hard against hillary clinton, pivot away from ted cruz and john kasich, except with the sort of standard rised christian that he has given the two of them for this -- standardized derision that he has given them. it is entirely likely on june 7th when california votes, that will be the only day we will be sure to know whether or not trump can clinch the nomination beforehand. if he wins all five tonight and gets the 90 to 95 delegates that he expects out of the 118 that are up
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for grabs in these five states, he will be on track to do that but he also has to get a good percentage of the pennsylvania unbound delegates. there are 54 of them. by the trump campaign's calculation, if he gets about two thirds, somewhere between 30 and 35 of those 54 delegates, he will be on a pace to clinch the nomination before the convention and shut kasich and cruz up for good. megyn? >> carl, thank you. >> nice job with the echoing carl cammeron in trump tower as fox is on there. let's get back to the panel. steve hayes, dana perino, juan williams joins us now, charlie hurt and dana loesch back with us. okay. charlie, not a real surprise because we saw in the polls going in that donald trump had the lead. if it holds he has 50% plus, maybe high 50's in these states tonight, what does that tell you? >> well, certainly, it looks like it's going to be a very good night for donald trump.
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problem that ted cruz has right now is that, you know, before the utah race, he urged john kasich to get out because he had no mathematical chance of nomination.ning, cinching you know, now it appears that donald trump can make the exact same argument to ted cruz and to john kasich and they basically are going to have to make the argument to republicans and supporters why they shouldn't go on from here because they do not have any path except to go to brokered convention. and if we learn nothing else from the big autopsy that we did after the 2012 is that, you know, convention brokered conventions where you are talking about delegates do not pick good general election nominees. nominees should come from primaries. >> except for eisenhower. >> and abe abraham lincoln. >> what we are seeing tonight as opposed to this
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enough trump movement which we have seen in many states is more of a never cruz decision in at least maryland, maryland and pennsylvania. those who say they would not vote for trump in maryland 36%. not for cruz 30. those who say i would not vote for trump 41% in connecticut. 41 cruz. and so the question is, does this reflect, do you think, starting -- the beginnings of a shift in the republican party or is this just as cruz was suggesting the northeast, you know, more liberal republicans? >> well, i think he is right. it is more northeastern and more liberal republicans. i don't think there is any getting away from that. i think what you are seeing here is emblematic of a broader shift. you really are down now in many minds to trump vs. cruz. and i think that you have evidence here of the fracture between the two. that people who are trump
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supporters, and he is winning big in the states we just cited are saying i'm not even going to consider ted cruz. usually we have been having the discussion in terms of i won't consider donald trump. well, cruz is now such a profile that he is getting some of that heat right now tonight and i think it's illuminating the divide in the party. >> dana loesch, you know, ted cruz, we just heard him in that speech we cut off the top of the hour to give you these results. he is starting to make these policy cases where he is linking donald trump to hillary clinton. it doesn't seem to be sticking, at least not yet, if you look at all of these states. now, these states don't line up for him tonight. but, it seems like he needs another debate. he needs something else to be able to stick these landing points on policy. >> well, i think another debate would be helpful, particularly now that the primary field is down to really two people. but three people for all intents and purposes. you can actually go into long form where some of these candidates answers. but in terms of the results from these states, i don't think trump would carry
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these states in the general election. no republican is going to carry these states in a general election. and i think we should be focusing on policy instead of populist talking points. i mean, ask somebody who has been out protesting since 2009. we have been talking about getting away from the populist rhetoric like somebody on barack obama trade policy, immigration, job, real issues that americans care about and categorize in top 5 and exit polls. >> you know, steve i couldn't see is not exactly coalescing the republican party. just to follow up, there are still many republicans who say that is why they need to stop trump on the first ballot and if they get to the second or third ballot they need to fly in the white knight. >> i don't think there is going to be much of serious talk of flying in the white knight. if it gets close to seeing
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donald trump get the nomination, then maybe you will have more talk about a third party candidate. these were states going in that were supposed to be good for donald trump. the polling coming in, pennsylvania he was plus 20. maryland plus 21. connecticut plus 26. rhode island plus 29. and delaware plus 37. so we expected donald trump to do well. i think the cruz campaign is right to point out that there is more favorable round ahead. in terms of this question. cruz has constantly said i want a one-on-one with donald trump. republicans and conservatives are coalescing around me. you are right. it doesn't appear this that's the case. >> dana, bernie sanders is telling andrea mitchell of nbc that he will stay in the race until the last vote is cast. >> tonight? [ laughter ] kidding. it's entertaining. there are mixed messages coming from his campaign. almost like the staffers inside the campaign that are talking to the press are saying we're getting out and meanwhile he and his wife are saying we are in.
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you are going to stay and finish this meal. you are not going to get up and leave the table. i also think it's very good strategy for donald trump to go after hillary clinton. i said yesterday, just ignore cruz and kasich. if you think they are that inconsequential. show the republicans you can take her on one ond one. let's see what he does tonight. i think that would be a good strategy for him. >> let's head over to the clinton campaign now. fox news projecting hillary clinton has won maryland and is leading in pennsylvania. ed henry is live from philadelphia. ed? >> bret, good to see you. a big cheer went up when fox and other networks called maryland for hillary clinton. they believe she may sweep all five states tonight. she already went to indiana today, which votes next tuesday. they feel good about their prospects there bernie sanders tonight went to west virginia. they don't vote for two more weeks. it gives you an idea how the momentum is shifting against him. by the end of tonight, hillary clinton may have roughly 90% of the delegates
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she needs to seal this nominati. they feel very good in the clinton camp tonight. the only real question moving forward, bret, is going to be whether or not he can get bernie sanders and more importantly his supporters energized behind her candidacy for november they have already had a lot of tension going back and forth. right here in philadelphia the democratic convention starts. he had. >> hillary clinton on with rachel maddow passionately saying i am winning, i am. how much will this campaign really try to push bernie sanders out of this race? >> they are trying very hard not to directly do it. but they are having people close to the campaign do it. david plouffe tweeting, for example, the former obama campaign manager who is -- who has now endorsed hillary clinton that is wrong for bernie sanders to continuing to raise money when he knows
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that his mathematical chance of winning is becoming slim and none. they are pressuring him very subtly to get out, bret. ed henry right in philadelphia. he had a segue way and didn't know it. >> i want to go lye now to david plouffe former white house senior advisor to president obama. let's start with this. do you believe that this is locked up on either side. >> on the democratic side it's been locked up for months really. hillary clinton is going to strengthen that delegate lead tonight. i'm sure sanders will stay in until june. hopefully he will sort of tone town some of the attacks. i think on the republican side it's in donald trump's control. so now his campaign organization could screw up a one car funeral. he may still not do as well as he should in some of the states in may. and, you know, in the state conventions he has done a terrible job organizationally. he is losing delegates that he gained on election day in the primaries. he is in control of his
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destiny which is amazing thing. >> what do you think the odds are on the g.o.p. side of a contested convention. >> well, the question is he may not enter it with 1237. let's say he has 1130 or 1150, is he going to be conditioned? i always thought if he got that close to target deny him. maybe he falters and maybe he enters with 1050 or 1075. it's between trump and cruz in my view. you are not going to go pick a white knight who didn't won or john kasich who won run state. kasich or cruz. at the end of the day donald trump has a super strong position and, again, if he can figure out how to land the plane, and that's a big challenge for a campaign like his, it is going to be a trump clinton matchup. >> let's talk about that you have had differing views on that potential matchup over the past year. how do you view it now? >> well, i have said since way back we had super tuesday every tuesday way back in martha it was going to be trump-clinton. listen, i would be the first one to say a year ago i
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don't think none of us would believe trump would have this kind of staying power. right now he is in the dominant position. again, he has got to secure all the delegates he has gained through the elections he has already won and do as well as he shouldn't states coming up. in that race, listen, i still believe that the most likely scario clinton wins by significant margin but, you know, trump is unpredictable. and he could make this closer. i think with cruz you have a much more manageable race if you are clinton. he is not going to lose by 10 points but it's a very predictable race i think a race that's much more easier to conduct day to day. >> what do you think of trump's claim he will turn blue states red states like new york and missouri and other states? >> well, missouri we lost it in 2012. almost won it in 2008. that's probably going to be a red state. new york that's insanity. hillary clinton is going to win new york by comfortable margin. >> michigan is a red state? >> i don't see michigan or pennsylvania. right now it would take amazing contortions to have
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donald trump or ted cruz put either of those two states in play. it's possible in iowa, wisconsin, those are states that maybe trump could overperform a little bit in. michigan and pennsylvania right now, they were solid obama states. they weren't close really either one of them. again, to win a state like pennsylvania or michigan, it would take historically bad democratically bad turnout and historically strong republican performance with independence. at the end of the day, trump is going to hemorrhage support in suburban areas even if he picks them up in more rural and blue collar areas. >> do you have faith in his ability to drive her favorabilities down. >> no he will probably drive them up by comparison. i think at the end of the day, the comparison with trump should help her. i think she will enjoy that matchup. i think she will campaign with maybe more relish than she has to date. you know, politics, it's always better whether you have a competition and you are not judged on your own. so at the end of the day, i know, listen, trump will run a tough race. he will say anything about anyone to anyone.
5:15 pm
and that's hard to deal with the old rules don't apply about what would be appropriate for a nominee of a major party to say. he will say anything and you have to cover it because he is the republican nominee. that will be hard. i think at the end of the day, you know, he is not going to be able to sink her unfavorables beyond what they are now. >> david, great to see you. >> thanks, megyn. >> see you soon. donald trump already off to a good start tonight. fox news can project he will win at least three of the five states up for grabs this evening. >> he is set to speak from trump tower a short time from now. we will take you there live when it happens. don't go anywhere. fox news live coverage of the battle for the east continues next.
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this is an election alert. more results coming in right now. fox news can project that ohio governor john kasich will place second in connecticut's republican presidential primary leaving texas senator ted cruz to finish third there. earlier, fox news declared donald trump the winner in the nutmeg state. did you know nutmeg state. >> i kind of like that for obvious reasons. so meantime delegates for tonight now being allocated. donald trump is up to 904.
5:20 pm
333 short of the 1237 he needs to clinch the nomination. bill hemmer is breaking down the math. bill? >> love me some nutmeg. i mean, we have got like eight hours tonight, right? so, you are right, megyn. here is where we are right now on the delegate map. we will go back on the board here. we called trump in three of the northeast states so far. here is the number 904. 333 realtime shy of pledged dels. forget about the five up here in the northeast the few we called here. look at the calendar and now we can project further into next week and beyond. next week we think favors trump. that's indiana. puts him at 949. maybe that's right. we'll come back to that in a moment here. the week after nebraska we think that's for cruz. same day we think west virginia favors trump. is he very close now to 1,000 at that point. third week in may we go to oregon. favors trump. week after washington state favors cruz. at the moment. look where he would be at 999. that would be where we would
5:21 pm
go toward june 7th. that tuesday, on that day we think cruz in montana, cruz in south dakota. we think trump and kasich right now split the delegates out in new mexico. that puts him over 1,000. that same day as california. give him 109 in california. same day new jersey, winner-take-all and he would be 68 shy. but, again, we're not done with the night tonight. we don't know how these delegates are going to sort themselves out here in the northeast. we were anticipating at the low number that trump would gain 08 delegates tonight. at the high number be well over 100. based on what we are seeing right now it looks like 100 plus that number is going to change. also these delegates in pennsylvania that are free agent, essentially. if you look at each congressional district in pennsylvania, and you break down the number of delegates in each district that are on the ballot. and what they have said so far, many have suggested they will follow trump. others have said cruz.
5:22 pm
but the majority have said they will go with whoever wins their congressional district tonight in pa. we will keep on looking at this throughout the night and let you know what we find over here, guys. back to you. >> thanks, bill. so the path for cruz and kasich to get to the nomination, they are dwindling. will we see a contested convention in cleveland? tom bevan is executive editor for real clear politics and lisa booth is a republican strategist, for "the washington examiner" and founder of high noon strategies. thank you for being here. >> hi, bret. >> tom, first to you, what do you think, does it come down to indiana as bill laid out on the map there adding up these delegates? or does trump have a real path seeing tonight's victories to 1237? >> i think it does come down to indiana. i mean, ted cruz senator from texas and so he knows the history. indiana is the alamo. if the never trump folks are going to stop him, they have to do it next weaning.
5:23 pm
he is going to get 90, 100, maybe over 100 delegates tonight. and so their best chance is next tuesday and, look, momentum matters. and cruz is going to finish third in a lot of these states and lucky to come away with 10 delegates tonight while trump will get 100. next week will be crucial to the outcome of this race. >> cruz people say listen these states were not going to be won by a republican in the general election anyway. they say the focus should be elsewhere. but, how compelling is it if trump gets pretty close, 100 or less to 1237 to the delegates who are unbound? >> well, and, bret, you still have to get to 1237 number. whether it's the pledged delegates becoming the presumptive nominee or on a first and second ballot. those unbound delegates become incredibly important. because, if donald trump comes up shy of 60 or so delegates as bill hemmer laid out just before, then
5:24 pm
there is an opportunity of looking at 150 to 200 unbound delegates to try to get on his side to clinch the nomination on the first ballot. but to reiterate tom's point, indiana is going to be huge. and what senator ted cruz has really done, most specifically with this alliance with governor john kasich, is really see up the expectations game. so he is going to ride or die by that expectations game. he has now set that up as a one-on-one competition with donald trump. so, if he wins, that's obviously going to embolden him, give great enthusiasm to the never trump crowd. however, if he loses, and donald trump surpasses expectations tonight, that narrative is really hard for senator ted cruz, especially when you can't get to 1237 pledged delegates. your mathematically eliminated from doing that. >> tom, i guess my point about unbound delegates is tonight pennsylvania, 71 delegates total. only 17 up for grabs tonight in the bound category. 54 are unbound.
5:25 pm
the case for those unbound delegates, how does cruz tell them that, yes, i lost the state, yes, i lost the congressional district that you are representing but you should vote for me in cleveland? >> it's a tough case to make. and we know from national polls and exit polls that anywhere from two thirds to 70% of republican voters say that person who wins the most votes should be the nominee. that's uphill battle for cruz. he tried to start making that case tonight which is, look, donald trump will lose to hillary clinton in the general election. if he can make that case effectively to some of these delegates, that will make the difference. >> is that accurate, tom? you look at the polls every day. ted cruz, you know, john kasich makes the point 15 polls that he beats hillary clinton. but can ted cruz make that point that he runs better against hillary clinton than donald trump? he does win better than hillary clinton than donald trump but he still loses to
5:26 pm
her. hey i can beat her in the general election. we did have a poll showed trump within a couple of points of clinton. that might have taken a little bit of out of cruz's argument, so it's going to be a tough case for him to make. >> lisa, final word. i mean, do you think it's shaping up that he comes up short? >> potentially. look, i mean i think it's going to depend on what his delegate haul looks like tonight and also what happens in indiana next week. i think the never trump crowd loses significant steam if donald trump comes out tonight with 100 delegates and he wins indiana next week. if you are senator cruz, how do you possibly make the case to these delegates and the voters in the remaining contests that you deserve the nomination when your mathematically eliminated from getting 1237 number. i also think that he is setting the expectations incredibly high, setting this up as a one-on-one competition with donald trump so that will either help him greatly if he wins
5:27 pm
indiana or hurt him significantly if he loses to donald trump. >> lisa, tom, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> this is a fox news election alert for you now. we are getting news that fox news can now project donald trump will win rhode island's republican presidential primary based on the early vote tallies. earlier fox had declared that trump was the winner in maryland, pennsylvania, and connecticut. so you can add rhode island to the list. now we await just one more state. it's a small one. delaware. >> delaware. do you know what it is? nutmeg state? >> i was going to say. can you be more specific? in the northeast? small? >> i don't know. do you know? >> joe biden? i don't know. >> @ bret baier, @ megyn kelly. let us know. four republican primaries already called. one to go. >> one to go. donald trump is four for four this evening. we are expect to do hear from him in just a few
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5:32 pm
>> delaware. >> delaware is what -- that's from the domiki konst. other states too early to call. >> by the way lindsey had it first on twitter. >> nicely done, lindsey. >> let's take a look at the exit polls. martha maccallum has that. martha. >> we're sure do. now we are telling you everything we are seeing in the numbers. annual at this establishment fever very high out there, folks. trump riding that wave. let's look at how he won big tonight. 60% of republican voters say they feel betrayed by g.o.p. politicians. betrayed is the word that is used in that question. that ties the record high this season. they want donald trump. clearly it's all about the economy and jobs. people very nervous about these issues. and the businessman seems to have convinced these voters that he can be a game change error for them. 39% says that's what matters most to them economy and
5:33 pm
jobs. immigration very bottom of the list even though that was such a headline issue for donald trump. it's not primarily what's on people's minds. nearly 57% of pennsylvania republicans say they are very worried. that's the quote, about the u.s. economy. 83% of them believe that outsider is the person to deal with]eñ job. nothing nor than this issue has been more important. clearly he is viewed as outsider. g.o.p. voters in pennsylvania when they were asked if they would be, quote, concerned or scared if this candidate made it to the white house. ted cruz got the highest number of concerned or scared. 58%. john kasich got 51% would be concerned or scared if he was in the white house. and donald trump gets only 36% of these three. the fewest voters concerned or scared if he would go all the way to pennsylvania avenue in november.
5:34 pm
how did donald trump do with g.o.p. women? swept all three states tonight. pennsylvania, connecticut, maryland. you can see the numbers in front of you there. what about the issue of can win in november? trump wins in pennsylvania. cruz wins by a hair in maryland on this measure. and chron kasich comes in third. this is the issue that he has made his corner stone. that he is the one that can beat hillary clinton. but the voters tonight in these states do not seem to believe that. pennsylvania republicans say the top candidate quality can bring needed change. this ties everything we are talking about together here. look at the number for donald trump. 71% say he can bring the needed change. cruz gets 15%. kasich gets 14% on that measure. can you see how the numbers stack up and clearly demonstrate how we got here tonight, guys. back to you. >> martha, thank you. >> fox news can now project that donald trump will win delaware's republican presidential primary. turns out the first state is the last state called tonight. making him five for five in states holding contests
5:35 pm
today. trump's clean sweep tonight coming on the heels on his victory in new york a week ago. significant momentum heading into next week's primary in indiana. >> first state is the last state. nicely done. it's almost as if people pay to you talk for a living. >> amazing. >> are we making another call here? yes, we are. we are going to make a call on the democrat side where hillary clinton is now project to do win that state, delaware over her competitor, bernie sanders in a contest that had been too close to call earlier this evening. fox has also declared clinton the winner in maryland so far tonight. meantime, senator cruz now hoping indiana is going to turn things around. his campaign holding a rally in knightstown where senator cruz spoke moments ago. senator john roberts is following the cruz campaign and he is live tonight in knightstown, john? >> famous jim centerpiece of
5:36 pm
the hoosier movie. finished speaking, shaking hands, signing pictures, signing autographs. he had a difficult tonight he acknowledged in his speech. probably worse for ted cruz than he thought it was going to be. still makes the case even after losing six contests in the last two weeks that he is the guy to stick with reached out and said the media is going to tell you this race is over that donald trump is the winner. but i'm going to tell you i can go all the way. 57 delegates up for grabs here. winner-take-all in a statewide congressional district basis. of course, he has got this packed with john kasich. kasich is not going to campaign here. going to clear the decks for cruz. cruz really believes that if he can win here next week, he can stop donald trump from getting 1237 delegates prior to the convention and winning on the first vote at the convention. it's a state that sets up well for ted cruz. 31% of the population here identifies as evangelical. and he is hoping for wisconsin style
5:37 pm
come-from-behind victory here on may the 3rd. cruz's only play though is for a contested convention. this is something the party has to think long and hard about all these unbound delegates between now and july the 18th do. they want to go in and have a contested convention with all the potential ramifications and upheaval that that will bring with it or do they want to unite behind the candidate who goes into the convention with the most delegates? there is a lot to chew over in the next month and a half that's left, megyn. and a lot of people will be prognosticating a lot of different things. as far as ted cruz is concerned, is he in this until the bitter end. back to you. >> john, thank you. >> turning now to senator bernie sanders. he is holding a rally right now in huntington, west virginia. mike emanuel covers the sanders campaign. mike? >> bret, good evening. even though it's been a long night for the sanders campaign. is he in pretty good spirits behind me. talking to ache pad1m2v, house here in huntington, west virginia.
5:38 pm
a crowd estimate of 6400 people. he has had a new line here making a case to the delegates that some of these closed primary states, independents and republicans cannot come and vote for him. but he says in november, if he is the nominee, independents could vote for him and he makes the case that independents favor him over hillary clinton. there has been a lot of buzz over the last day or so about whether he would reassess his campaign after anticipated a long night for him and fellow primary he and his campaigns say that he is in it until california. they make the case that democrats in the largest state have a right to have a choice. and so they say they are in it to win it or as long as possible. and that they also want to have an influence on the democratic platform at this summer's convention. bret? >> mike, thank you. fox news can now project that hillary clinton will beat bernie sanders in pennsylvania. democratic presidential primary according to fox exit polls and the early vote returns starting to come in. earlier fox donated clinton
5:39 pm
th winner in maryland and delaware. >> a clean sweep tonight for donald trump here in the northeast. and we are now awaiting a speech from trump at trump tower in new york city. this as fox news projects he will win all five states holding primaries today. >> hillary clinton as we mentioned also having a good night so far. the latest in the battle for the east right here on america's election headquarters. i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for 30 years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months
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you are looking live in new york at trump tower and in philadelphia at the clinton campaign headquarters and we are awaiting campaign victory speeches tonight from both hillary clinton and donald trump. you will see them here live. >> so is this a preview of the general election? joining me now nomiki konst who is the executive director of the accountability project monica crowley. >> thank you, megyn. >> what do you make of it. let me start with you nomiki on this.
5:44 pm
hillary vs. donald. >> i think it's a dream for the hillary clinton campaign except they have blinders on about a few demographics that they thought were shrinking one being blue collar workers who have a very tendency they initially went with bernie sanders and now they are starting to tip in favor of donald trump. those are the voting drem graphics that will determine this election. can i say it right now. you can write it counsel. nomiki konst says it blue collar workers will determine this election and independents. >> do you believe then, before i get to monica, do you believe to the extent that trump struggles with hispanics and blacks, women, and young voters, he can make that up with that voting block of blue collars who typically in many states vote democrat but might vote trump this election. >> do i believe so. i think he will be able to peel off some of the women. there are conservative women who have conservative tendencies and are the conservative base of the republican party. there is also the independent women who are
5:45 pm
not -- they are not going over to hillary clinton. i don't know if they will pull from the bernie sanders coalition and go to trump. i don't know if bernie sanders' support will go to hillary clinton. i'm not so sure that hillary clinton is going to get this nomination because of all this talk we have about the math. hillary clinton with her margins of victory and with california coming up where they are tied in california, she may not hit the 2384 pledged delegate number that based on dnc rules she needs to hit before the convention. that's before super delegates. >> we should point out that nomiki is a bernie supporter. >> i'm also a democrat. former dnc member. >> monica, let me ask you. that's nomiki saying that's one thing i want hillary clinton to worry about. this is the group thee needs to not take for granted. what would your advice be to donald trump? he needs to do and not take for granted? >> yes. and i think he understands the point that nomiki just laid out. the democrats, over the last maybe decade, two decades have really written off blue
5:46 pm
collar workers. and they know that. >> written them off or assumed they will get them. >> essentially both. paid no attention to them. taken them for granted. this is something that donald trump has very powerfully tapped into. i here antidotally all the time people union members voted their entire lives from cab drivers to construction workers who say the democratic party is not speaking to me. and they are not speaking to the two issues that directly effect why livelihood. >> what would you tell trump he should focus on to shore up. >> he has a lot of work to do in a number of different areas, women in particular. he has enormous crossover appeal. >> how does he do that? how does he appeal more to women? >> well, look, this is a project he has got to take on immediately because his numbers among women are pretty poor. but, donald trump is not a politician. he is not the that additional kind of candidate. so whereas the negative numbers would probably doom a traditional politician in
5:47 pm
this race, to me a look at trump's numbers and i i see more elasticity, megyn, he has more room to run. >> they have gotten a little better. he had 72% disapproval with women a month and a half ago now it's to 66. still high but going in the right direction for him. he came out tonight and said he is at the time 100 gala here in new york. he said you know what? i don't want to change. there has been all this talk is he going to change? he says i don't think i want to change. which will hearten his supporters, core group of supporters. you tell me nomiki, does he need. >> to i think both of them need to. both of them are discounting the fact that there are people disaffected, disenfranchised. there is a large independent population millennials on both sides republican and democratic. most millennials are independent that they assume will go to the polls. i feel this might be the election where both of the candidates most likely to win the nominations have high disapproval ratings
5:48 pm
where it's going to be -- people are going to be staying home. both of them have to work very hard to overcome their numbers. whether it's hillary clinton, blue collar workers and independents and millennials or donald trump and women and minorities. both of them have to work very hard and compromise their values. >> i think we are seeing a major realignment going on. i think there is a major realignment going on within the republican party, within the democratic party. and then cross party lines as well, megyn. i don't think we have a firm handle yet on actually what is playing out here. but it is very egg is -- significant. >> amazing to see the sanders supporters saying they would voted trump instead of hillary. good to see you both. >> thank you. >> right now we are waiting for donald trump and hillary clinton. big night for both frontrunners. we will take you to their speeches when they get started. >> so what happens next? well, indiana in a week. june 7th is california. this is far from over, folks. we'll talk about that next.
5:49 pm
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5:53 pm
earlier, fox news declared that donald trump has won the state of rhode island in this primary. kasich has now come in second in two states tonight, having done so earlier in connecticut. connecticut and rhode island for kasich. >> it is all about the delegates. just to prove how concerned even the trump campaign is about this, trump is traveling to virginia and california for the state conventions where they pick the delegates to lobby firsthand the old-fashioned way to try to get these people on board. let's bring in the campaign cowboys, chris wallace is anchor of "fox news sunday," joe trippi was howard dean's campaign manager, karl rove deputy chief of staff to george w. bush. chris? >> thanks, bret. two big speeches coming up in the next hour, probably. donald trump, hillary clinton. put you back in the olding position as a campaign strategist. what would you tell donald trump he needs to say tonight? >> he won't try to sound presidential in the conventional way, but i'd say don't sound how
5:54 pm
you sound when you're angry. aim for the new york republican fund-raising dinner tone. warm, personable, talked about what he had done here in the city, talked about the personal relationships he had with people in these projects. >> does he need to just forget about cruz and kasich and focus on, i'm running against hillary? >> i wouldn't tonight make this all about hillary clinton. i'd wait longer. i'd make this about, here's donald trump and the reason that i won in the northeast is because my neighbors know what kind of a person that i am and what i've been able to achieve in new york. >> these are the people who know me best. >> i'd hold off because he can't be hot and cold. he'll be hot if he starts talking about hillary. >> joe, put new the same boat with hillary clinton. what would you say she needs to do tonight? >> i think she needs to do what she did after new york which start to talk to the sanders people, talk about the divide between us is not as strong as what unites us. then turn immediately and start defining the race against trump as a way to get them in. >> how much is sanders'
5:55 pm
continued -- the fact is, he's continuing to hit her some and criticize her some. how much is he hurting her, and can they get him out of the race? do they even want to try to do that? >> i don't think they want to did that. that sort of works the wrong way and offends his support ez e.'s not hurting her with his attacks but she's not able to define republicans and trump. if she can do that, that's a much better strategy to spind the time now. >> karl, obviously this is a big night for donldz trump tonight. he going to win almost twice as many delegates as are in indi a indiana. >> indiana matters the lo. he was expected to do well tonight. if in the three states we have delegate totals he is running ahead of what he needed to get in order to get to the lower number. but he's rining four delegates ahead. there are a bunch of delegates at stake. 27 statewide, 27 at congressional district level.
5:56 pm
that could be determined over the contest. >> all right, gentlemen. we'll wait for the speeches, see if they follow your advice or not subliminally. back to you guys. >> thanks, guys. celebrations are under way at frump tower tonight. fox news projects a clean sweep for donald trump winning all five republican primaries here in the northeast this evening. we are expecting his victory speech any moment. we will bring that to you live just as soon as it happens. >> and you never know what that could bring. on the democratic side, hillary clinton projected the winner of three of the races called so far. and it's pretty close in connecticut at this hour. it's all right here on america's election headquarters.
5:57 pm
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6:00 pm
it is 9:00 p.m. in the east. welcome to a brand-new hour. here's what we know. a clean sweep for donald trump. >> yes, it is. donald trump winning all five states up for grabs. that was really smooth. the fourth hour. >> we're getting a little punchy now. we have to get back on our game. >> here we go. pennsylvania. he won pennsylvania. he won connecticut. he won delaware. he also won rhode island. >> and maryland. and on the democratic side, big night for hillary clinton as well. so far, she has won maryland, pennsylvania, and delaware is still too early to call. and delaware.


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