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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 26, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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i'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon for just a long stay. it's a great state. i have many, many friends there. i have a coach, bobby knight, the great bobby knight. we're going to be spending a lot of time with bobby and bobby's an amazing guy. he's tough. he's sharp. he's smart and he wins. he knows how to win. and the people of indiana love him. and bobby's endorsed me. we're going to spend tomorrow night and i think the next day with bobby. so it's going to be a lot of excitement and fun. and that's called the gold standard for indiana. i would say bobby knight has to be the gold standard. and we have so many other people that have endorsed us there so that will be great. we'll be spending -- we'll start in the afternoon and we're going to be spending numerous days in indiana and it's going to be something really, really special. so i want to thank the media. the media has really covered me very fair for the last two hours. no, they've been really very fair over the last few weeks, and, you know, it's been amazing what's been happening.
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the crowds we have are record-setting crowds. bigger than bernie, but bernie's second, i have to say. in fact, i suggested today, you probably saw that the democrats have treated bernie very badly and, frankly, i think he should run as an independent, okay? i actually do. i actually -- i think they've treated him very badly. you know, the system is a bad system and whether it's their system or our system, you look at what goes on, but, you know, the best way to beat the system is have evenings like this where you get record-setting votes, where you get record-setting delegates. and i use the analogy of the boxer. you know, when the boxer knocks out the other boxer, you don't have to wait around for a decision. that's what it is. that what happened tonight. that's what happened last week in new york. that's really what's been happening throughout. we have millions more votes. millions more than cruz. we have millions more votes than kasich. i mean, kasich now i guess he was 1-41.
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so now he's 1-46. why is he here? i can tell you that if you look, dr. ben carson did much better, he could have hung around and done very well. if you look, chris christie did much better. if you look, marco rubio did much better. in fact, marco rubio right now has more delegates than, you know, kasich. i mean, he's got more delegates. so many others. all they had to do was hang around. they thought it was inappropriate. it's like a spoiled person that just says i'm staying for whatever reason. so kasich -- by the way, as soon as kasich gets hit with the first negative ad, he's had none, being that's the end of that. it's the only thing he can say. today we came up even against hillary but we will beat hillary so easily and, you know, remember this -- [ cheering ] remember this. i was not going to run according to everybody, and i ran.
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i was not going to sign, basically you sign your life away and i signed 4 may. everybody started saying wow. then we put if financials. the financials were phenomenal. a little bit like this evening. far better than even people thought. great financials. i built a great company with the help of my sons and my daughters and, i mean, with the help of my family, frankly. i mean, it's been great. but we built a great, great company, and that was good. and then everybody said, again, well, he's just going to have a good time for a couple of weeks. he's enjoying it. and very shortly, we went to number one over a three or four-week period and we've been there ever since. we've been number one ever since. and, again, millions of more votes. hundreds of more delegates. and i think this one is maybe the biggest of them all. new york last week, almost 62% was incredible. far better than what people thought. they said if you can break 50%, again, with 3 people, it's very
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hard to break 50%. we hit almost 62%. picked up so many delegates. last week, we had -- last week we had 95 delegates in new york state, new york city. the whole thing added up to 95. we picked up almost every single one of them. it was an amazing victory. this one is a diverse victory. rhode island, then maryland and you go connecticut and you go pennsylvania. i mean, the whole thing. delaware. and every one of them was conclusive and every state is so different. i mean, it's so digit. i think one of the greats was when you look at almost 50% in massachusetts, and almost 50% in the state of alabama, now, that's pretty different, but we have all across the board, and i think we're going to do really well in washington state. i think we're going to do amazingly well in oregon and every place we're going to. i mean, we're going to be going fighting hard, new mexico. we're going to be fighting really hard. i think that governor kasich and
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senator cruz have really, really hurt themselves with a faulty deal that was defaulted on before they even started because kasich said, well, what do you mean, aren't they going to vote for me in indiana? well, i said, i thought they just made that deal. so what it is is politicians, all talk, no action. they can't get it done and certainly can't straighten out our country because we're going to bring back jobs, take care of our military. we're going to be doing so many things. and to me, especially over the last two weeks, because i traveled new york state, and i went to syracuse and poughkeepsie and rome, this rome, our rome. rome, new york. as opposed to there's another rome out there someplace. but we went to rome, new york, and we went to the island, beth page, and just every place we went, manufacturing down 40% and 45%. and even more. then we go to pennsylvania and we see the same thing. you look at what's happening
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with steam ael and look at what happening in so many industries. i get statisticians to give me numbers, before i leave all the time, give me numbers. every single place i go is a disaster. manufacturing down 40%, 45%, 55%, 60% sometimes in a relatively short period of time. our jobs are being sucked away from our country and we're not going to let it happen anymore, folks. we're going to make it very, very difficult to do that and when companies want to leave this country, our great country, and they want to lay off all of these people that in many cases helped build the country, there will be consequences for that company to pay. when they think they're going to make their product and send it in, no taxes, through a very weak border, which by the way, our border will be very, very strong. we will build the wall. just remember i said it, okay? but when -- when they think they're going to send their product right through this weak border and they're going to pay no tax and have absolutely no
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consequence for what they did, it's not going to happen that way. and you know what's going to happen? when we do that, all of a sudden companies are going to say, i'm staying in syracuse and i'm staying in pennsylvania and i'm staying in maryland and i want to thank the people of maryland. they've been so incredible. we had some rallies, all of them. we had some rallies in maryland and pennsylvania that were absolutely unbelievable. yesterday in pennsylvania, we were in an arena that was like madison square garden. they turned away thousands and thousands of people. unfortunately, the press never reports it. they always show my face. they go like this. i said, does anybody ever want to show this arena that's got tens of thousands of people in it? but they don't do that. that's okay because i'll explain it to you. but we're going to have our country back. we're going to make america great again. and i just want to tell you, for the five states, i am so honored. this was, to me, our biggest night because it shows such diversity.
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so, thank you very much, and we will take some questions. yes? pbs. [ inaudible question ] >> yeah, it's all been -- i don't know what the final number is but the money would have been -- [ inaudible ] >> q&a. >> for the most part, yeah, for the most part it has been distributed. millions of dollars. yes? i consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely. governor kasich should really get out of the race. they have no path. there is no path for them. honestly, they should get out of
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the race and we should heal the republican party. the reason the republican party -- i will unify it. i unify people. that's how i did it in business. i unify people. we will have people that are -- [ inaudible ] you folks will not even believe. we're going to have such unity. now, i'm not -- some people got too far over the edge but we will have people back in the party and back in the presidency and we're going to win. we're going to beat hillary clinton and it's not -- [ cheering ] thank you. [ inaudible question ] >> well, look, let me give you an example.
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of course, we look at different places and i don't want to do that. we're leading by so much. i think we're going to hit the numbers pretty easily. probably before we -- [ inaudible ] but if you look at pennsylvania, first of all, they -- and one of the things with pennsylvania, you know, we thadhad a massive victory, 60%, above 60%. pennsylvania has been amazing. we get -- we get 17 delegates outright and then you have 54 or so delegates that are, you know, up for grabs. the one thing different with pennsylvania and i've been hearing about it -- i've heard about it for years, actually, is that the winner of pennsylvania, there's a moral obligation at least on the first round to support the person that won. now, we didn't only win, we won big. again, we have to get in mind, you have the three people and when you have three people to
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get 60%, that's almost unheard of. honestly, if you had two people and got 60%, that's a really big victory. here you have a case where we have a great leader, great republican leader and have a moral obligation in pennsylvania that those people -- all i care about is the first round. you know, when you people write about cruz is going around giving people dinner, buying people everything, riding them around all over the place, getting them into hotel rooms, because he's looking for the second and the third and the fourth. i'm not really too interested in that because we're going to win on the first -- i'm not looking to go second, third, fourth, fifth. maybe i'm making a mistake. i mean, the truth is even if this did ever go there, can you imagine if donald trump -- because in california, we're up today.ost 50%, i think we hit and they're at 18% and 16%. a massive difference. we're going to have a big california. i think we're going to do great in indiana, the home of carrier air-conditioning which is
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leaving for mexico that i've been talking about for the last four months long before i knew indiana would be so important. i'm saying that won't happen if i'm president. carrier will not be leaving indiana if i'm president. i've been talking about this for a long period of time. so when you think of it, and the really unfair thing that the pundits never report, when i began the process, we had 17 people. very capable people like chris, governors, senators, dr. ben carson. very smart, tough, highly accomplished people. 17. a record in the history of politics. 17 people. so i go and i start winning and i'll win new hampshire and i'll get whatever it may be. 32%. and people would say, why didn't he get 50%? you can't get 50% when you have 16 people. then i go to south carolina. we have a massive victory. that was cruz's stronghold except i won it in a landslide and i won it because of the evangelicals who backed me. the evangelicals have been unbelievable and they backed me.
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so i won there. and we had 12 or 13 or 14 people. we had many, many people. i got lot. then we went to nevada, went to the south. alabama, with all of the people we had, we almost got 50%. massachusetts with all of the people we had, we almost got 50%. the pundits, i was watching tonight, the pundits never talk about the fact that these early states, especially even now we have three, three is unfair. you know, hillary has one. i have three. there's a big difference. there's a big difference between fighting one person and fighting two person -- people, in terms of percentages. so what i'm saying is when you talk about the 1,237 number, the first 70% of these things we had from 16 people, even 17 people, to 10, to 8, to 6, to 5, to 4, now we're at 3. so it's really unfair when you try and -- i mean, i've always been very good at math.
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nobody ever discusses that. when i watch the people on television, whether it's cnn, fox, or any of them, and i watch, they never talk about the fact that we have all these people and that if you got a 32 or a 35 or a 38 and you have 7 people running, that's an -- that's like 75. so we are really honored by this night, and i'm really honored to have hit over 60% in virtually every race with 3 people in the race. okay. go ahead. [ cheering ] i didn't want to bore you with that long, long -- but i'm telling you, it's never discussed on television. go ahead. >> senator cruz announced -- [ inaudible ] starting the vetting process. >> he's wasting his time. so -- in fact, i heard he had a news conference tonight and i heard the news conference was for the purpose that he's getting out of the race. that's what i thought. and instead he just had a news
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conference. more talk, you know, but -- [ inaudible ] no, i don't want to think about it right now. we're not doing that. we're going to set up a committee at some point in the not too distant future. i want to finish it off. [ inaudible question ] i think chris christie is fantastic. [ cheering ] [ inaudible question ] >> no, i am -- you know, it's interesting, sara, i hear that, he'll be presidential, he'll be not presidential. it's very easy to be presidential. by the way, much easier. i'm not playing a part. look. i started off with 17. i'm down now, i'm winning. it's over. as far as it'm concerned, it's over. why would i change? you have a football team and you're winning then you go to the super bowl, you don't change your quarterback, right? so i'm not changing.
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[ inaudible question sfch] >> i think quhoowe'll do great e general. when i speak to a group of ten people in a conference room i'm not going to be speaking the same way i spoke in pennsylvania to 25,000 people. it's a very different thing, but i'll be saying very similar things. yes, go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm doing a foreign policy speech, yes. [ inaudible question ] yeah, which i look forward to. >> are you concerned you'll lose enthusiastic long-term supporters -- >> it's an interesting question. i've had many, many people write in, tweet in, modern way of writing, write in, tweet in, call in, please don't change, please don't change, just stay the way you are. look, i'm not changing. you know, i went to the best schools. i'm like a very smart person. i'm going to represent our country with dignity and very well.
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i don't want to really change my personality. i think, you know, it got me here. somebody said, if you change, and if you were that way, you wouldn't be maybe where you are right now. you know, we beat a lot of people. lot of people are sitting back saying, what happened, darling? why are we sitting here? we're watching television. don't forget, when i announced, there were many favorites that were going to win. one of those people raised over $100 million in a pac and a lot of money personally. others had other big advantages, governors of major states, et cetera, et cetera. they were all going to do great. they were all going to do great. one after another after another, here we stand with big five victories over 60%. david? >> tonight in her speech, hillary clinton said she's going to have a -- [ inaudible ] how do you fight back against somebody who calls you a hateful person? >> sure. hillary, i call her crooked hillary. she's crooked.
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she'll be a horrible president. she knows nothing about job creation. her husband signed nafta which destroyed this country economically. i will tell you, you look at new york state, you look all over new england, look at pennsylvania, nafta was a disaster. her husband signed it and it was a disaster for this country. hillary will be horrible. absolutely horrible on economic development. she will be terrible on jobs. she knows nothing about jobs except for jobs for herself. and when it came to answering the phone -- [ cheering ] when it came to answering the phone at 3:00 in the morning, she was sleeping, okay? she wasn't with benghazi and all the other problems. look at what she did with syria. you look at what she's done in so in different ways. she will not be a good president. she doesn't have the strength. she doesn't have the stamina. i know about dealing with china. i've made billions of dollars dealing with china. china can be dealt with and you can get along with them, but hillary does not have the strength or the stamina to deal
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with china or other things. but bottom line is, one of the big problems our country has is problems with trade where you have china, japan, mexico, so many countries just ripping us left and right. the politicians cannot handle that problem. two reasons. number one, they don't have the competence to do it. number two, most of them are paid off through campaign contributions so that they don't touch certain things that the people want touched. when people are makinglee ining money in real wages than 18 years ago then some people say, wow, he had a big crowd. that's one of the big reasons. you have people making less money today as you know because you see every stat. less money today, david, than they made 18 years ago and in some cases they're working two jobs. so they're getting older and they're working harder. shouldn't be that way. >> you're not worried at all, though, about being labeled -- >> no, i don't worry about it. i don't worry about it. i'mhate fful person.
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i'm a person that loves people. and make america great again -- i mean, that's just the thing. she's going with that because she thinks it's great. i'll do far more for women than hillary clinton will ever do including -- remember this, including protecting our country because she will not be good with the military. she will not be good with protecting our country and she's had her shot and she also raised her hand when it came to iraq and she shouldn't have voted and if you remember, just take a look at the things that bernie sanders was saying about hillary clinton. he said she's not qualified. he said she's not qualified to be president but he said something else that was what's qualified? meaning you have to go out, have to run and see what happens. but he said some things about her that were so incredible, incredible. and so incredibly bad. there's a great level of hatred right there but he's been telling the truth. and i really mean it. i think bernie sanders should run as an independent. i think he'd do great. okay.
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>> you describe yourself as -- [ inaudible ] even after a night like tonight. >> i think the party is seeing me that way. i'm getting calls that as i said you wouldn't believe. i'm getting calls from people that i really can't even know how they can do it because they've said such horrible things about me now they want to join the team. chris can tell you that. ben carson can tell you that. other people can tell you that. i'm getting calls, corey can tell you, paul can tell you. we're getting calls from people where i actually say how can you do this, how can you do this? and they have no problem. the fact is names that you wouldn't believe. names that you interview and say, oh, trump, trump, trump, and now they're calling to want -- they want to join the team. [ inaudible question ] a lot of them will be coming out soon. they want to come out soon. yes? [ inaudible question ]
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>> sure. i mean, tomorrow is going to be, i think, interesting. it's going to be some of my views on foreign policy and defense and lots of other things so we'll be discussing -- and part of it is the economics. i mean, we -- i was asked a question recently by wolf blitzer on cnn and he talked about nato. i gave a great answer. i gave an answer at first people didn't like then said you know what, trump is right, experts said. i said it's obsolete, and too many people are getting a free ride. because we're funding 72%, 73% of nato. you have 28 countries and many of these countries are just taking advantage of the united states and you have to pay up because we don't have a country with $19 trillion in debt that can afford this anymore. you have to pay up. and part of what i'm saying is people -- we love our countries. we love our allies. but our allies can no longer be taking advantage of this country. this isn't 40 years ago and it's not 20 years ago. this is now. and we have to rebuild our
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infrastructure. we have to rebuild our country. we have to get rid of isis and have to get rid of them fast. our military is totally depleted. we have to build it up. it's going to be the cheapest thing we can do. a lot of great things can happen. we're going to make america great again. [ inaudible question ] >> no, no, you're going to really hear different things, yeah. i'll never change one thing, you know what i will never change? make america great again. i will never change -- that's one thing. [ cheering ] [ inaudible question ] >> no, it's not going to be the trump doctrine. when i say -- it won't be the trump doctrine. in life you have to have flexibility. you have to change. you may stay one thing and the following year you want to change it because circumstances are different. i've followed people for years. i have friends that are the most successful people in the world. many of them are endorsing me. carl icahn, many of the great
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businesspeople are endorsing me. you have to have flexibility. you can't say, this is my doctrine, i will not move. the world changes. countries change. leaders change. lots of things happen. so you can't say that. okay. yes, sir. go ahead. >> you talked about winning in the last few races as well as talking about the ceiling you have -- >> we don't have a ceiling. you know what our ceiling is? i think it's 100%. we don't have a ceiling. again, the ceiling was always so unfair, i'm going to just do it again because i want to do it because it's so important. but the ceiling -- wait a minute. the ceiling, they kept saying he doesn't hit the 50%. well, now they don't say that anymore, but how do you hit 50% when you have 16 people in the race? you can't do it. >> we're talking about up here in the northeast. >> no, no, you don't understand, i have many people running. >> how are you going to -- >> i think i'm going to win new york. no other republican can say it. i think i'm going to win -- excuse me, i -- conservative voters, did you see the polls
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where they're coming out tonight, the most conservative people in the republican party tonight back donald trump. the most conservative. the most. go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> yeah, that is the single biggest question i'm getting, student debt. we're going to work on that. we're going to make it much different. the biggest problem the students have, they have the problem with debt but they go to a good college, they borrow right up to the -- right up to here and they're choking on debt and they graduate, they work hard, they get good marks and then they can't get a job. i'm going to bring jobs back this country like you've never seen. that's the biggest problem. [ inaudible question ]
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>> well, we have a lot of contrasts in terms of jobs. we have a lot of contrasts in terms of how i would handle wall street. look, hillary clinton is funded by wall street, folks. she's going to get the nomination unless she gets herself indicted with respect to what's happening with the e-mails. okay? you know, what i don't understand, you look at what's happened to so many other people and, you know, they went through hell. their lives have been destroyed for doing less than what hillary clinton did. what she did is an outrage. it's an absolute criminal outrage. and for her to be able to run as a democrat, that's why maybe bernie sanders isn't finished, but the only way you can say that is if something happens to her. she's being protected by the democrats because what she did, and i see it, and whether i read about it in the papers, or i watch it with experts, legal experts on television, virtually every single one of them said what she did is a criminal act. and what she did is a very, very
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dangerous thing for our country. and yet here she is running for president. so i think that hillary, honestly, she's a flawed candidate and i think she's going to beizes easy to beat. i think she's going to be much easier to beat than most of the 16 people that i competed with just recently. go ahead. [ inaudible question ] if you become president what's the number one security threat to this country, how you see it? >> to me, always the number one security threat to the united states is nuclear. that's our biggest threat. it's our biggest risk. the power of weaponry. and we have to be unbelievably careful. the single big -- it is not global warming. president obama said the biggest threat to our country is global warming. give me a break, okay? the biggest threat to our country is nuclear and we cannot
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let iran get a nuclear weapon. we're going to do something where we'll have a real partnership with china. you know, we have a lot of power over china. china has rebuilt itself by making a fortune over us. china has power, tremendous power over north korea. we have to be very vigilant on north korea. we cannot let this guy go much further. and china should handle that problem. china can handle that problem very easily. they say they can't. they're toying with us, okay? they're toying with us. we're going to have a great relationship. we're going to have a great relationship with putin and russia. but let me tell you, china has a lot of power over north korea. a tremendous amount of power. they just refuse to use it and they refuse to talk about it and they're toying with us and right now they don't respect us. they don't respect our president. and because of that, they're getting away with murder. and this guy is getting away with murder. what's going to happen is, and
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something very important to me and to a lot of other people, but very, very important to me, is nuclear weaponry, that is your single biggest threat in the world today. go ahead, tom. [ inaudible question ] >> no, that's a civil case. i'm going to win that case very easily. go ahead, sara. go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> well, my unfavorables have come down a lot over the last few weeks. remember this, okay -- i saw it on all of the cable stations and a lot of the networks and i read it in a lot of papers. i've had 55,000 negative ads against me. when i ran in florida, i had 14,000 negative ads. millions and millions of dollars and i won in a landslide. i've had negative ads all throughout and i've won races in a landslide. okay? in ayou know it.
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you report it. you all report it. i'm not -- even carl would agree to that, all right? landslides. yet i have this tremendous amount -- you almost say do ads mean anything? i think we're going to hurt the industry pretty much because people are going to say what does an ad mean? but i've had -- now, largely the ads were false. a little truth to some of them, perhaps. but largely false. i had 55,000, 100 million, and even more negative ads. even in new hampshire. jeb spent millions and millions of dollars on negative ads and i won new hampshire in a landslide. [ inaudible ] no, no. now what's happening is most of these people that have been fighting me are gone. and when i'm one-on-one with hillary, she will be as i said easier to take down, much easier to beat than the people, many of the people that i've already beat. okay. [ inaudible question ] >> well, i think you're hurting the party because, again, they have no path, zero path to
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victory. we're going to win on the first ballot. we don't look for the delegates, number two, three, four, five ballot. here's what i say. let's assume it did go beyond the first ballot and let's assume you're reince, very good man, head of rnc, reince priebus. and let's say, oh well, trump was 12 short or 15 delegates short or 25 short, but 500 more than cruz and far more than that ahead of kasich. so you go to a second ballot. now trump by that time will be 5 million votes because of california and the size of california and i think indiana and other places. trump by that time will be 5 million votes ahead of cruz. we'll be much more than 5 million votes ahead of kasich. i mean, kasich should be -- he ought to get -- i call him -- now i change it to 146. i mean, how do you stay in the race? i would have won ohio had i not been given a dirty poll saying
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that florida was tougher than i thought. i stayed in florida for two more days instead of going -- if i spent two more days in ohio, i would have won it. okay. how do you pick a than on the second, third, or fourth ballot who has millions of votes, 5 million, 6 million votes less than trump and i'm the one that brought all these people into the party. that's why the republican party is up almost 70% from 4 years ago. you know what's going to happen -- [ cheering ] those people at a minimum, they're going to be very upset, very angry. at a minimum they're not going to vote. how do you do this? how do you say, okay, trump won by 5 million votes. trump is 500, 600 delegates cruz and much more than that having to do with kasich, and he brought millions of people into the party and everybody is talking about the party worldwide how hot the republican party -- you know some people used to say it -- well the democrats are 35% down from 4 years ago. the republicans are almost 70% up from 4 years ago.
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so i mean, that's an amazing tribute. and that's not because of -- believe me, that's not because of kasich or cruz. that's because of me. so here's the thing. how do you say to them we're going to choose a man that lost by 5 millilion votes and 500 delegates, we're going to take him because trump was 14 delegates short of winning on the first ballot? i don't think you can do that. now with that being said, i intend to get enough delegates but that's it. okay. yes, ma'am? one more question. go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> i'll stick with my feelings on immigration. if you think of what's going on immigration and just look at the record numbers of people right now that are pouring aro roscro borders of this country, they're pouring -- excuse me, excuse me, i just read it and i read it in actually a legitimate journal. all right. we need protection in our country. you look at the kind of crime,
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you look at what's going on economically. we need borders. by the way, i want people to come into our country but i want them to come in legally. they have to come in through a process. i will do one more. [ inaudible question ] >> excuse me? [ inaudible question ] >> well, i think the only card she has is the woman card. she's got nothing else going. frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card and the beautiful thing is women don't like her, okay? and look how well i did with women tonight. okay? [ cheering ] so ladies and gentlemen, thank you, thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank you. >> all right. that was donald trump addressing supporters after winning all five gop races tonight and on the democratic side, this was just in, fox news can now project that hillary clinton
7:35 pm
will beat bernie sanders in connecticut's democratic presidential primary. now clinton has won four out of five contests tonight. all right. lot of delegate issues. let's head on over to bill hemmer standing by at the big board to give us a big delegate count. what do we got. >> sean, good evening to you. on the board now our delegate tracker here has donald trump at 950 delegates. needs to get to 1,237, magic number. he's just shy of 300 needed so far. on the night, sean, he's won 105 delegates that were up for grabs out of a total of 118 and some of this could change a little bit. 105 is a blowout number based on all the estimates prior to tonight. he swept connecticut, got all 28 delegates in connecticut. he won winner-take-all delaware, got all 16 delegates in delaware. maryland has 38 delegates on the map tonight. so far, trump has taken 35 in the state of maryland. that may go a little higher. we'll see. three delegates outstanding. he won all 17 at large in the
7:36 pm
state of pennsylvania. so that's where we are at the moment at 950. so as we go forward now, and we'll -- well, tuesday, a week from now is indiana, right? and you know the fox polling came out last friday afternoon. if it stays this way, sean, you know, that's another pickup for trump and we can -- we're going to talk more about the hoosier state in the next seven days than you've heard about in a very long time. then we'll go to nebraska the following tuesday. looks good for cruz. same day, west virginia, looks good for trump. not all 34 but a good chunk of it in west virginia that day. following week, oregon seems a bit of a split right now between donald trump and john kasich. we'll see how that continues. but trump a slight delegate lead in oregon. cruz has a slight delegate lead in washington state. so now we're in the month of june and we'll tick through this quickly. we believe as it stands today trump wins winner-take -- excuse
7:37 pm
me, cruz wins winner-take-all in montana, cruz wins winner-take-all in south dakota. also that day new mexico, we did a little calculation the last couple of days. we think trump picks up a few more delegates than the others as it stands right now. then you're in california. 172 on the line delegate total. we think trump will win 109 in the state of california. that same day now, over here on the east coast winner-take-all new jersey. so he's at 1,164. he'd be 73 shy of the magic number of 1,237. winner-take-all new jersey at 51 would put him at 1,215 making him 22 delegates shy. now, already tonight, nate silver has been crunching the numbers among the 54 delegates in pennsylvania that are free agents basically, sean, if you go to the list on his website, they have the winners from the delegate face-off tonight in pennsylvania. of those 54, a total of what
7:38 pm
appears to me as i count them up, 36 of the 54 have said they'll either vote for trump on the first ballot or they will vote for the person who won their congressional district. so let's drill down a little bit and see on the results page here just what happened in these five states tonight, okay? trump is in purple. this is rhode island with the county map. trump 64%. 99% reporting. this is connecticut tonight. trump's in purple. 58%. 82% reporting. this is pennsylvania. few counties outstanding. four more to fill in at the moment. 72% of the vote outstanding -- is in, rather. trump's at 57%. this is the state of maryland tonight and this is delaware. so far, he has won every county in every state that had a
7:39 pm
primary tonight. 5 for 5. and a clean sweep, not just of the states, sean, but of the entire counties in these five areas. i mean, that is extraordinary. and i don't know anyone in this business or in politics or in the country who made that prediction prior to the vote today. that's just -- i mean, that's what you call a clean sweep with a capital "c" and capital "s" all the way. how does trump make the argument for winning in a general election? if you look at some of the geographic regions in the country so far, he's won in the northeast. we marked that. new hampshire, then down here in massachusetts, he's at 35% in new hampshire, shy of 50% in massachusetts a while back. down here, so that's the northeast. deep south is mississippi. next door, alabama. trump has won in both states down there as well. a few others in between.
7:40 pm
granted. i'm just making the point about geography here. out here in the southwest, in arizona, 46% of the vote in arizona. up here in nevada, that's clinton/sanders -- hillary clinton beating bernie sanders by five points. on the republican side in the state of -- let me try and get -- hang on one second here. we'll try and get this thing. it was cooking with gas there for -- okay. here we go. trump, you know, 46% of the vote. you see the point. you see the argument he's building here for this general election. i know you've got newt coming up here in a moment here. sean, one other thing here, very curious to get his take and yours as well, trump's going to make the argument that he can win in states like pennsylvania and after tonight you're like, wow, maybe he can. he's talked a long time about that he could win in the state of new york. maybe he can. but if you look at the primary raw vote total from week ago in new york, the democrats had 1.8 million votes cast. republicans had 800,000. that's a 1 million vote spread.
7:41 pm
in pennsylvania i was just looking at the numbers, about 6 0% of the total vote in between republicans and democrats and there's still a couple hundred thousand more raw votes on the democratic side than the republican side. if you're going to make the case you need a better turnout in november. that's just the point on that. there's a lot more to get into. we'll go to the look ahead and change some things up here and show you if trump does not do what we said, what the scenario could be, sean. >> bill, we'll get back to you. think about this. we have new york, we have about, what, 92 out of 95. tonight, 105 out of 118 bound delegates. then we've got the 54 unbound delegates and we'll be going back to bill hemmer all throughout the night finding out what happened with those. i put up, as we talked about last night on my web page, those delegate names on the ballot in pennsylvania and whether they were supporting trump, cruz or kasich. so we should have more of those numbers coming in as well. all right? so we'll get back to bill hemmer at the big board. now, before we go, quick programming note.
7:42 pm
tomorrow, my friend, my colleague, greta van susteren is going to be hosting a town hall with donald trump in indiana. the next big state. one week from tonight. if you happen to live in and around indianapolis, you want to go to tomorrow's event, just go to and find out how. now coming up, we're going to have a lot more live reaction to tonight's results. we have newt gingrich, laura ingraham. also later, governor mike huckabee, and much, much more. stay right there. we'll continue. ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore?
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7:47 pm
delegates tonight. then you've got 54 unbound delegates of which many have said and pledged that they will support trump or the winner of their district. looks like most of pennsylvania went that way. so you got trump very clearly approaching 1,000 tonight in terms of delegates. you said in your newsletter that tonight would tell us a lot. how to you interpret tonight's results? >> well, i think, look, it's an even bigger sweep than i expected. i think bill hemmer said that trump will have carried every single county in all five states. that is an astonishing achievement. that means, of course, he's going to get all the congressionally allocated delegates. now so this is a big night for him. and it raises a very interesting question about the mindset of the news media and the mindset of washington which is what is it you think is going to change when you get to the next big fight? why do you think california where trump is ahead by at least
7:48 pm
18 points, what is it that's going to suddenly go sour for trump? what is it that's going to go sour for him in indiana? and you see the momentum building here. i think it would be very, very stop him from winning the nomination at this point. and i think it's -- i understand why cruz and kasich don't agree, but for everybody else who's looked at the data, this is an enormous achievement building on new york and means that he's almost certainly going to have an absolute majority of the delegates before you get to the convention in cleveland. >> yeah. and the argument that has been made by his opponents is that it's going to be a contested convention. now, after tonight's results, based on -- you're laughing. i always know that laugh. i've known you since 1990. okay, what? >> my question, my friends who talk about a contested convention, if trump comes out of california and new jersey at somewhere -- i think bill hemmer had him about 1,250 at that
7:49 pm
point. now, what's the contest? he won. and the challenge then for the republican establishment is to get over it. >> i want to pick it up there. this is the back of the show -- the back of the hour. we're going to have a nice, long segment with you. we'll reset at the top of the hour. we'll have a lot more reaction from newt gingrich to tonight's results. also talk about hillary clinton, a potential matchup. laura ingraham is with us. kimberly guilfoyle. eric bolling. willie robertson. hemmer at the big board. two hour special live edition of "hannity" continues, and please stay with us. your insurance coy won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr,
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7:53 pm
. welcome back to the special two-hour edition of "hannity" we have laura ingram coming up and we're back and i want to go particularly, 105 of 118 delegates so far. that might change tonight. >> could be higher but not by much. >> not by a lot. >> could be. i'm -- could he hit 110? he could. i think the trump people thought, even today, if they were 80 or 90, that would be a blowout night. >> this is --
7:54 pm
>> i want to go to pennsylvania. i wanted to explain one more time, because trump won the state of pennsylvania. so he has 17 delegates for winning the state. >> right. >> there are 54 unbound delegates. people of pennsylvania voted for delegate names not associated with the candidates. tell us what they did. >> the trump team put a list out of delegates that would vote for trump on the first ballot in cleveland. you can see that on the ballot, by the way. you can see that name. >> this is interesting. this might be the first example. they brought in a team for delegates. >> could be. >> and are we saying maybe that -- >> i think so. i think he'd make a good point about that, too. i can't say for sure. maybe that is in the works. it appears you might be right. >> 90% of the vote.
7:55 pm
>> philly down here in the southeast, this is delawaretown. this is philadelphia. these are the counties around the city. you come out here to montgomery county. almost 50%. pop down here to chester county. plus 44. >> those are the three counties. >> do we have any numbers? >> yes. the ones you can see in gray are information not in. not in. not sure what is going on there. that was a huge rally in pennsylvania yesterday, right around -- just southwest of scranton. >> we have to take a break. we'll be watching closely and we'll have newt gingrich, he'll come back, full analysis, what this means for the state of the republican party. laura ingram joins us and more, as we continue tonight on
7:56 pm
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ask your heart doctor about entresto. and help make tomorrow possible. ♪ you're only a day away ♪ welcome back to this two-hour live edition of "hannity". donald trump goes five for five in the primaries. with us now is newt gingrich. i got a lot of e-mails. he said they're going to have to get over it, meaning the establishment. do you think they're having a hard time dealing with the insurgency here? >> i think someone can have a profitable business, just having trump adjustment classes. >> there are psychology classes for those suffering under trump, i guess, victory syndrome in cases. >> you look at the data. trr a l


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