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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 26, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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and help make tomorrow possible. ♪ you're only a day away ♪ welcome back to this two-hour live edition of "hannity". donald trump goes five for five in the primaries. with us now is newt gingrich. i got a lot of e-mails. he said they're going to have to get over it, meaning the establishment. do you think they're having a hard time dealing with the insurgency here? >> i think someone can have a profitable business, just having trump adjustment classes. >> there are psychology classes for those suffering under trump, i guess, victory syndrome in cases. >> you look at the data. trr a lot of things i disagree
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with trump about on policy and style. but you look at the data and the degree to which he has assembled millions of americans, creating a really new movement that is more aggressive, much more inclusive, and nobody thought he could do it. so i hear people who were wrong for the last year tell me their newest idea, my question is why would i have believed them now? i think this is absolutely one of the most-amazing experiences in american political history. and as a historian and a reasonably successful politician, i'm fascinating with what we're living through. >> he said in a speech tonight that hillary would be easier to beat than any republicans he went up against now. in hypothetical, head to head match ups.
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others have had hillary in the lead. do you think he would beat hillary clinton? >> well, i think he would beat her, second, my point would be, why would we think any of us understand what a trump general election campaign will be until we see it? he's going to turn with the same energy, the same drive, the same risk taking. he's going to follow his own gut. not going to follow paul or lewindowski. trump got to this point with intense focus on his intuition. and my idea that he would run a campaign against hillary clinton that would be so inclusive, so
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aggressive. and have appeals to people. >> let's talk about donald trump tomorrow, giving a foreign policy speech from what i understand this, is going to be the real deal. like what he gave at a pack. evaluate his tone and cadence. and i will be competitive, i will make better trade deals. we'll make america great again. >> i think it's if washington elites would listen to him for a while i supported nafta back
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when he passed it. he's making a sophisticated statement about the nature of the world. have you to be idiotically out of touch with reality if you think global warming is more of a threat than nuclear weapons. so i listen to him and i was impressed. and i think, correct me if i'm wrong, sean, i think he got through the evening without one lying ted. >> he did get crooked hillarys in there. >> but that is all right. >> that is an important point you're making. if you're following social media. the antipathy, the rhetoric going back and forth, it's been
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intense and i was emcee the night you became speaker of the house, i'm saying we're going to indiana, california and new mexico and we're fighting. >> football teams don't stop in the third quarter. they have an obligation, i'm saying i don't see how they get there but that doesn't mean they shouldn't try. he is himself, the presumptive nominee. the guy has got to unify the party. the guy has to unify the party
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is the presumptive nominee, namely, donald trump. >> i asked you a question on radio today. and we had 17 people start this process. governor perry, john kasich, marco rubio, scott walker. we can add that didn't run. and would it be smart to announce this is going to be my secretary of state, my secretary of defense? would that be a wise, maybe unconventional idea? from an unconventional candidate that could work? >> look. it's worth considering. and i agree with you.
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that was a remarkable level of talent and trump can take some satisfaction in the notion he's still standing. there are first rate personalities out there. and he just outgrew all of them. and a lot of this to me is a surprise, we've known donald a good while. i had no idea he had this level of talent and ability to put together a majority. >> to be fair, the previous poll up by six, you have this alliance that didn't get a lot of good, favorable reaction but
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there are reports tonight that ted cruz may announce the vice presidential candidate and you're shaking your head before i finish the question. >> there are two parts to this. bringing weakness to each other because in a year, to be trying to make a deal like this personifies everything people are mad about. second, i think here is where trump is right about this. you don't start thinking about the vice presidential nominee until you have delegates. the idea that the guy losing is now going to announce his vice presidential nominee doesn't make sense to me. because it makes it look like the person is out of touch with reality. aren't they aware of the fact they're not winning?
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>> let me go through this last question. i promise i'll let you go home and go to sleechlt i know you had a long trip back from europe. >> trump won 27. cruz won 11. rubio won three. kasich won one. if he falls short, will they be able to take it away from him at that convention? what would be the reaction if they did? >> you'd have a nationwide movement bringing pressure to bear on cleveland. >> the other side is characterized by stop trump. not by positives or by stop trump. trump represents a pro found
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rebellion. and those millions of people are going to do whatever it takes and you can have an amazing number of people coming to cleveland if they thought this is going to get stolen. >> coming up, more reaction to tonight's primary results. we have analysis. willy robertson is here with his beard and everything and kimberly guilfoyle will join us as "hannity" continues, stay right there. ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore?
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we're honored by this night and i started off for 17th. i'm down now and winning and it's over. as far as i'm concerned it's over. so why would i change? if you have a football team and you're winning and get to the super bowl you don't change your quarterback, right? so i'm not changing. >> here with reaction, is editor in chief, laura ingram.
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is he the prufrpive nominee? >> i'd say yes. everybody is spinning out fantasy that's indiana is going to change momentum, then, we're going to go to california and cruz and kasich together are going to peel away dozens of districts. i guess that could happen, anything could happen, but i think if it were anyone but trump, the party would be rallying and people would be basically wrapping this up. i don't want to take away anything from ted cruz. and if there is a real change for some rb, it could change. but right now, in my home state of connecticut, the people contacting me today from connecticut are saying finally, we have someone who speaks for us.
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and these are my family, friends, college friends and you know, not too far away, this is a profound thing. i know a lot of them, the never trump people are upset. i get that. i don't like hostility on social media. do you think that they stand there when they're going to compare and contrast whoever the republican candidate is. trump now, if you look, he's won 27 consefts. cruz won 11. and indiana is not over. and do you see the path for preventing trump from getting
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that number? there is a possible path. when reading pieces tonight that allies are in rebellion according to politico about this deal, we just spent 10 months and now, you're telling us we have to be quiet? this was maybe the only play they had so far, it's gone over like a led pal yoon. my callers were just over the top including cruz supporters. my family is for cruz. this is the last straw. and so that base is being
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expanded. certainly issues not discussed as passionately in previous elections involving trade, immigration and building a wall and other issues. seems to be resonating. reagan democrats seem to be coming back to the party. establishment seems to want no part of that. >> if what we see now is conservatives are come nating the republican party. bushism is over. that is gone. there is no audience.
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this is a great moment. we love these people that work for other folks and i know they're mad. i'm going to say the life for conservatism will be much worse and it's for television cameras to see a disaster at the convention. hillary wins this race. we have lots of supreme court for a lifetime. and if trump and cruz can somehow get together, i think the sky is the limit. new england just voted for a populist conservative tonight. i grew up in connecticut. my family is from massachusetts. there is a populist wave sweeping this country and it is real.
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and to demean it it is not going to give these what we want. >> i have to let laura go. otherwise she's going to get arrested. >> don't say that. >> she only knows what i'm talking about here. this is the real deal. i will come up and bring a cake with a file in it. >> thank you, sean, as long as i get off easier than hillary. >> you won't be wearing orange with shoes and laces. >> not my color. >> my colleague greta is hosting a town hall in indiana. if you live around indianapolis, and you want to attend go to and find out how you can be part of the audience, coming up, our good friends from "the five". and that guy with the beard, you
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trump and i brought all of these people into the party? the republican party is up almost 70%. those people are going to be unset. everybody is talking about how hot the republican party is. the democrats are 35% down from four years ago. the republicans are almost 70% up. from four years ago. so i mean it's an amazing tribute. that is not because of kasich or cruz. that is because of me. >> donald trump after sweeping all five primaries. that is maryland, delaware, connecticut, rhode island and pennsylvania. look. we all look back during this and i'm getting notes from cruz people saying this isn't over yet. this isn't over yet. people saying all right. let's talk about the path others might have. they can't -- neither can get to
8:26 pm
1237. and how does that work out today. >> how can you try to recover other candidates after this momentum and five wins in new york? he's got momentum with him and we saw a improvement with the ground game and so that is going to be important going forward. >> they were a skeletal staff. it was trump, and cory and hope. so for the first time he's built a team which all campaigns had earlier on. is that a disadvantage? eric? >> no. and there is some leakage and
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they realize we have to tie that up. and he does that. i've been here seven months saying i see the path to 1237 for trump. there is a path to 1237 for trump. trump points out his numbers were off. >> democrats are down 20%. that tells you they're coming over to vote on the republican side and he's giving a lot of them. the antitrump crowd said it became a ceiling of 50. tonight and nbc poll had him at 50% on the presidential election on the g.o.p. side. that is into tonight, trump had
8:28 pm
2.1 million more votes than mitt romney had at this point in time. >> and ted cruz has a very impressive run so far. and 3 million more after tonight. so go through your path. how do you get there? you've done this how many years? it's all about momentum. >> 34 to 50. >> i'm 95 years old. >> so you're very young. >> so there is momentum, right? it's momentum, time, and money, right? >> i love that five. i'm taking five now. >> so he's got all of the time in the world, now.
8:29 pm
the number of states are pro found. if you're an unbound delegate, they see this big mass momentum. what are you going to do? turn your vote against someone else? >> get your wagon. >> so i had you and your dad on the show. they're both debating. if trump wins how would your dad react to that? >> he'll be fine. he said he'd support mr. trump. he doesn't like what is on the other side of this. and i got home and -- >> that was a cool spot. >> yes. it was. yeah. until he said that, you know,
8:30 pm
we're all backing cruz. >> and you came out. >> well, i called -- >> i know you did a prayer around the dinner table. any chicken legs being thrown back and forth? >> no. no. he's fine with things being thrown over there. whoever it's going to be he's fine with. that is how our family works. we have arguments around it. >> around the country, in many ways you're like a preacher. you speak in churches and different groups. what are the things that bill hemmer was saying okay, trump is organizing in the northeast and in the pacific northwest? >> they say i don't look like a preacher. that is what they tell me. this is not a preachery look. so if you're antipolitician,
8:31 pm
it's a great year to be trump. cruz made a big mistake with this saying i think he's going to have to play it perfect to take him on. if you look back at what trump has done, he just got into politics. and here he is, just steam rolling everyone. i think it looks weak and it's going to -- it didn't help. >> the team. >> some exit polls confirm issues we have talked about now for a long time. pennsylvania, 60% of rbi rbis feel betrayed and that is a massive number. it's not we have 50 million in poverty. 46 million, food stamps. 57% are very worried about the economy. 83% believe in outsider is going to be able to fix it. and 71% believe the country how
8:32 pm
do you interpret that data? >> he has encapsulated that issue and he came in and was able to connect with them. why would i switch up my game? you know? >> do you worry about party unity? >> i do. as a prosecutor i'm very concerned about the u.s. supreme court. if republicans that go into this they go into that convention and going forward, it's going to be game over. >> he's going to start tomorrow,
8:33 pm
he told me he will give the names of the 10 or 12 people he'd consider for the supreme court. they'll be and areas that he advanced may not experienced in and there are is concern about that. he did great with the delegate process. that list of data you just outlined, americans are really worried about, that is his basically campaign philosophy against hillary clinton instead of fighting with ted cruz, turn it over.
8:34 pm
>> interesting, battle ground poll yesterday in margin of error. if they make that argument why aren't they doing better? >> if you go back to when trump first started and you looked at polls and seen how they have changed once you started getting momentum and steam rolling people, i think hillary clinton is a terrible candidate. i think she has a -- >> just trial for obama. now she has this other baggage. people don't like her. and i think she'll see the people start moving. i decided that is a bad argument. >> thank you for being with us good to see you. great to have you in town. now, programming note. right after the show in 26
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minutes from now, kg and all of our friends at "the five" will be live for analysis and coverage and coming up, we have more reaction to tonight's five primary races and we will weigh in as we continue tonight on "hannity". i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound)
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the other day, mr. trump accused me of playing the quote, woman card. well, if fighting for womens' health care and paid family leave and equal play is playing the woman card then deal me in. >> i work far more for women
8:40 pm
than hillary clinton will ever do. including protecting our country because she will not be good with the military, she will not be good with protecting our country. >> that is hillary clinton and donald trump trading jabs earlier tonight. we have geraldo riviera and monica crowley. all right, geraldo and what is that? >> the fact at times she's screechy. what i would do, if i were her, i would have the nblg give her an ear piece so she can hear what the microphone is hearing. and i think it would solve the
8:41 pm
problem. and it's a simple thing. >> you are so honest and you can get away with it because of your politics. if i said what you just said -- >> i think donald trump can and should go after bill clinton with monica lewinsky and using that -- >> coming from you? i am shocked. >> and in this across the stage, hillary clinton. >> this first of all, donald trump is not a politician. so we can get away with a lot more than the average politician or more traditional candidate can. secondly, that sort of rash
8:42 pm
persona, he doesn't care who you are. he doesn't care hillary clinton is a clinton or a woman. he blasted bill and her, and is getting away with it. >> he is getting in tune with the nomination. he's not about to stop now. >> is this -- do you, i urge people on both sides, i'm getting notes from trump supporters and cruz supporters that this is not over. big night, almost a full delegate sweep of six states. but indiana is coming up. and what do you think? >> the shock among republicans is bold. really believing that this voters are out of touch and they
8:43 pm
believe that. and they're blaming voters for something they can't control. so the new idea is they're just liberal, i mean, sent americans to die in the middle east. they're lecturing and the question i want to ask you, will they want the republican insurgent candidate to lose so they can say see? we told you how dumb you are? >> they're just saying well, you're just crazy.
8:44 pm
and because you'll have more foreign wars say so. but they don't. >> let's talk about a vp candidate. the number of delegates we have, 105 is. >> he's got choices. one would be ted cruz. >> ted cruz? >> well, he's given donald trump a run for his money. second choice, i think, marco rubio. and john kasich's mission was to prove he can deliver ohio.
8:45 pm
he would be a obvious choice. >> i think kasich is the obvious choice and i am sad that i think now, when you see -- and i like john kasich. this makes all the sense in the world. and they should police bathrooms. >> when you start making sense, you go off the deep end. you do. you're almost there for a little bit. >> yes. and trump can't share a stage with a man. it's just uncomfortable to watch. and he can only exist with --
8:46 pm
>> i disagree with that. >> that is who he is. >> and we have this television show. i want the best, brightest and smartest people surrounding me. >> you can't factor out instincts. and that is one reason -- >> well, i don't agree with the premise but would say he might have to choose -- >> well, okay. >> and.
8:47 pm
>> little marco? >> i don't believe that. >> so now, kasich is rehabilita rehabilitatable. >> we'll put that in a new dictionary. >> coming up, weighing in on the primary results tonight as "hannity" continues, straight ahead. let's celebrate these moments... this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing. after christine exhausted the standard treatment options for her disease, doctors working with the center for advanced individual medicine at cancer treatment centers of america suggested advanced genomic testing. the test results revealed a finding that led to the use of a targeted therapy that was not
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>> i call her crooked hillary. she's crooked and knows nothing about job creation. when it came to answering the phone she was sleeping, okay? you look at syria and in many different ways. and she will not be a good president. she doesn't have the stamina. >> donald trump tonight, five for five. we have larry elder. let's talk about that. he said it would be easier to
8:52 pm
beat hillary than any teams he's helped. >> i think he's showing great confidence and ready to go toe to toe and head to head and snob except for seanhannity understood he had at built to be the position he is in now. and tomorrow, i'm going to tell you my views and other issues going forward. here is the full campaign. based on someone who wants to win. >> let's talk about this new approach to thick things. they expect traditional
8:53 pm
philosophy coupled with specific names. so will this help those conservatives that don't like him that are supporting, say, ted cruz. >> that is the obvious step to go. i just saw the movie "batman versus superman". i feel like after the beat down that that man put on us, and is that poll just mentioned showing him three points behind hillary. the argument has been against donald trump. that he's entertaining but he can't beat hillary. that is almost as big of a deal
8:54 pm
as what happened tonight. >> do you think he's the presumptive nominee? >> what he's going to demonstrate is a few issues. reform, rejuf nation, and redemption. and he is not vetted to the lost and broken principles of some in the republican party. so will have ability to reach out to democrats and say i can be a true conservative. they'll have a hard time stopping them on those issues. he's so different. >> does this become a big part?
8:55 pm
it is still the economy, stupid. and this is the worst economic recovery in our lifetime. and people are upset. incomes are stagnant. and that is why they're so upset. donald trump tapped into that. >> yes. you don't want to go into those numbers. and 83% believe we need an outsider. >> thank you. >> we've got more "hannity" right after the break. stay with us.
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welcome back to "hannity" go to my great friends at the five have a special midnight edition and take it over from here. have' great night. >> hello, everyone, it's midnight and we're not joking, and this is "the five". >> fantastic dancing. >> we have music and thanks for joining us. it's a special edition of our show "the five" on the battle for the east. donald trump winning all five states up for grabs, up to 927 delegates, which is


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