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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 26, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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welcome back to "hannity" go to my great friends at the five have a special midnight edition and take it over from here. have' great night. >> hello, everyone, it's midnight and we're not joking, and this is "the five". >> fantastic dancing. >> we have music and thanks for joining us. it's a special edition of our show "the five" on the battle for the east. donald trump winning all five states up for grabs, up to 927 delegates, which is only 310 of
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the 1237 needed to win the scored four out of five victories. and bernie sanders in rhode island. the two front runner as dressed supporters tonight. first up, donald trump. >> we're going to have our country back. we're going to make america great again. and i just want to tell you from five states i am so honored so thank you very much. >> hillary clinton outlined her mission for america during her victory speech. >> their approach is not going to build in america where we increase opportunity for decrease inequality. so we want america to be in the
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future business. and that is why i want you to imagine a tomorrow where instead of building walls we're making it work. likely that americans will be part of a prosperous, inclusive, decent society. and there you have it. all of us had a chance to be on tv tonight except for you, greg. >> well, i had food poisoning. i spent a lot of time. i just want to thank the makers of immodium for aallowing me to be here. we knew trump was going to do well. and i love his victory speech. it's like a director's commentary of everything that happens. he gives you an update and the tone was interesting.
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it wasn't like a previous tone but like nelson from the symptoms going see? see? and hillary, i would say finger nails on a chalk board but that is an insult to finger nails. >> and chalk board. >> yes. >> not only did he win the states but he did win every county in those states. >> such a great point. margins do matter, right? it shows these were decisive victories and he's had people come out and support him in huge numbers. >> i don't want you to overdo you it given your weakened condition. he seems like he was rested and on top of his game.
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>> i'm just going to say this sets up the next tuesday night. i don't know if we're going to be here. >> let me guess. >> i don't know. >> in indiana we could know more. it's -- there is no question. what do you think is going to happen? >> i thought he's going to get to 1237. i think this momentum, new york said oh, his home state, yes. and it's still victories. 50-65% in states. and every county, you know? if i'm asking what is going to take to win, he just shows he brought it. i think it's going to carry the momentum. they're about 150 delegates that
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are unbound right now, floating around. they say they're going to go and don't have to go until it goes to the convention. and. >> let me ask you something, juan. democrats seem to be taking comfort in turnout numbers because republicans don't win five states in a again ral election and republican members, there are more democrats into those states. i'm trying to help you make a case for the democrats. >> we can talk about hillary clinton. everybody is talking about big winner, big loser? ted cruz. why?
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>> i was going to get to that. >> if you can call that up we had ted cruz give a speech tonight. and trump is, i don't know every state but a couple states very conservative voters. and he tried to paint a front runner as the same candidate in indiana. take a look. >> donald, hillary. both agree that our taxes should be increased. donald and hillary support the obamacare individual mandate. donald and hillary believe illegal immigrants should be able to become u.s. citizens. trump and hillary clinton. both support taxpayer funding for planned parenthood. donald and hillary care more
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about the pc police than speaking the truth. >> so sean, i'll let you continue to comment. >> to see, donald trump had an amazing night. i'm about the delegate count. and there were 118 delegates available. it's way above what anyone in the trump camp thought he's going to do tonight. it's possible he goes up to 20. so that is incredible. hillary clinton is more comfortable, and had a terrific night. what she did was, to me, not only talk about the future opposed to make america great again, she talks about focusing on the future and she reached out to bernie sanders folks. so bernie sanders has for think
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about what is next. one final thought, talking energy now begins to talk about third party. we saw this in a lot of blogs. who can come in? so could some run a third party race? >> there is a possibility of four. you can have the presumptive nominee, and the conservative party, putting up somebody like a cruz. and this is maybe the most
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honest way to look at this country. who knows? to sanders, it would be left. and so you need to have one on every side. >> sanders put out a statement. one of the things he said is i think this is, i think he's heading towards concession. he said he's going to be going to the convention and going to fight for a progressive party platform calling for a $15 an hour minimum wage and per his laundry list, seems to me i am going to ask for something. >> yes. that is his platt form, maybe he'll get some of the clinton
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money. he'll be a big force in the country. he'll have sway and a voice and movement. and this is the best thing he could have anticipated and so it would help trump? >> yes. part of the deal. >> hillary's low, but he's picking up terms bernie sanders has been using. >> a lot of people have said -- he's. >> do you realize that that doesn't make sense? >> i know.
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>> and you admit it. you admit it doesn't matter if it's left or right. >> that draw is that he's -- you're talking about sanders so that means you have no principles. >> well, sanders is outside of the outsiders. >> yes. so outside, he's inside. >> on that note we're going to talk about this. up next after getting defeated tonight, ted cruz places blame on the media. >> boo. >> does the strategy help or hurt him? >> [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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. >> so who is responsible for the results?
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or is the media to blame? >> donald trump is going to win states and the media are going to have heart palpitations and are going to be so excited at donald trump's victory and the media is going to say the race, trump is the republican candidate. >> the media likes trump but hates trump too. >> i know. >> it gives palpitations. >> yes. palpitations. >> yes. that made me nervous. >> man down here. you know he's got to fire up his base and get them excited because this is like six in a row. so he's got to try to drum up enthusiasm to say it's us, versus them, don't give up the fight and let's focus on indiana.
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which is what he was saying to begin with. that is the only play he's got. he's got to do well there and outstanding in california. >> is that -- an easy blame? blaming the media? well, look. going back to 2008 or 2012 when newt gingrich blamed the media and saying that is one of the reasons he was able to pull off a win in south carolina. >> yes. >> and remember, i was thinking -- >> yes. >> it worked out well for him. >> and he's south carolina on my back. >> and you got the chair. >> yes. >> the chair? no. that wasn't until later. >> and i lost my train of thought. >> and blame the media works. good strategy for ted. i would be a hypocrite if i said blaming the media. that is how i make my living,
9:18 pm
blaming the media. is the media covering donald because he's successful or is he successful because of the media? it's a fair question. trump is more entertaining and interesting to watch than cruz. that is just the reality. >> not everybody can be as charming. >> i remember my point. >> the primary process as rigged or screwed up as donald trump likes to say, it does favor the front runner in terms of winner take all states and these states being favorable to romney. these states though romney didn't come close to winning them, and donald trump, he wins, so big. and then, he spent a lot of time talking about how he had these negative ads against him. and they're ineffective. so there is, i think trump had a lot to celebrate. cruz didn't but he was dealt a bad hand.
9:19 pm
>> so, let me just say it. looking towards indiana cruz's great hope is that there is a large evangelical poll in the state. big companies said stop. his hope is the evangelicals right? tonight what did donald trump say? don't forget what happened down south. evangelicals saved me. boosted me, carried me. he's -- saluted the evangelical community. tomorrow, he's going to be with bobby knight. and is it true he referred to the hoop as a ring? >> i'm saying nudging. >> a ring? >> because if you do -- >> no. no. i don't know a lot about sports. >> let's talk about this.
9:20 pm
it's been a hot topic. is donald trump going to start changing his tone on the campaign trail? >> why would i change? when you get to the super bowl you don't change your quarterback. i may act differently but my thought process is the same. i'm not going to be speaking the same way i spoke in pennsylvania to 25,000 people. that is a very different thing. >> look. i went to the best schools. i'm like a smart person. >> i heard cory lewindowsky's campaign manager saying he is not going to change. >> how do you win over people who seek your -- the people who aren't voting for them. can he be himself?
9:21 pm
i mean, will you say i don't know smart people that tell people i'm a smart person. oor saying i've gone to the best schools. but that is him. >> donald trump is going to put out policy features going forward. and there is enough change? >> i think that will be welcome. is it enough? i have been saying i don't think he needs to change. end favorables are baked in. when they say never trump, i think they mean it. how do you make that up? there are going to be people turned off by him and not going to vote for him.
9:22 pm
so tomorrow, he has to change the venue. going to be at mayflower hotel. i have an open mind. >> so to try to reach out to conservatives. you know, that he'd consider who you pick for vp. lay it out there so people feel there is comfort and safety. >> you're winning big. you're winning big. >> change the play book. >> the argument is that he can't win the general election. he's trying to make the case if he can win. cruz is now tired. it's not convincing to me to hear cruz say i can win and donald is running and that stuff. it's not ringing truth but donald has to do something to convince he can win. >> we've got to go. >> you heard druch call himself the republican nominee.
9:23 pm
after tonight's wins. campaign carl is up next and will join us to get us the scoop on what the buzz is behind the scenes.
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trump leading all five republican primaries tonight. campaign carl, thank you for covering that. >> thank you. >> and donald trump, all of his staffers and they didn't expect it to go over, and they're pretty clear what trump said i am the republican nominee, he's made the charge to hillary clinton. he said my question is a very good question then didn't answer it.
9:28 pm
talking about if you're being treated unfairly you like to hit investigate and sue f they take away your nomination, would you sue the republican party? and he didn't answer it. >> you know, i love a press conference. and so, donald trump they've done so well is the staging of events but the sound, can you give him a, just let them know. it was clear that we're overcrowded and the press is in others clothing.
9:29 pm
normally they'd have a boom mic and think didn't happen smoothly. trump stuck to the front row, and that is the kind of thing why they need more bodies. >> donald trump got ben carson, chris christie. and this has been a while since getting back behind him. do you think this win will get people to come back sth. >> there is no question. the establishment republicans, the guys on capitol hill are rethinking their opposition to
9:30 pm
trump. there is a study trickle of republicans never going to back him, now they're doing outreach so there is a warming going on. >> juan? >> well, you know, and i kept thinking to myself, well, looks to me like there is no stopping him now. is that assumption? >> it's still a conservative party. yes, trump is winning with outsiders and a yes tonight this is the state where mike pens took on a religious liberty argument and got slammed by republicans for the card that cruz is going to continue to
9:31 pm
play. whether issues that go to the republican party and they're big in indiana. cruz has to win it. if he doesn't, he can't clinch. and this is sort of predicting this. and so if this is ride or die, what does the trump campaign have to do ensure victory over the cruz people? >> the tone of the. >> lions is contradicted between kasich and trump. and trump's rhetoric will change to say you can't trust these guys. they don't trust each other.
9:32 pm
trump's going to make that point over and over again. >> i will try. >> david brock, a couple weeks ago was bragging about opposition research. >> do you think it's real? and if that matters? he has an immune bubble. and if what kind of office this research is? >> in every campaign, the wet work is the stuff about who had affairs? who has got dirty secrets? and they used to pass this stuff around in the envelope under our
9:33 pm
hotel room doors at 1:00 in the morning. >> that wasn't me. now, the "new york times" has hundreds of investigators, and several colleagues say they're outfits have stories lined up about donald trump and about his divorces and about his wife. and they could come out and yet, they don't. >> and if i have a gap, i ought to have with kasich and cruz.
9:34 pm
and floated before the convention to try to trip up trump. >> very arranged marriage. >> yes. >> yes. and it's not -- it's not an arranged marriage. these two just don't like each other. >> all right. >> there you go. >> up next, after scoring a win, hillary clinton seemed focused on the general election tonight. don't go away. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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"oh, that didn't hurt at all." "yeah, completely painless." "credit karma. give yourself some credit." hillary clinton scored a victory in four out of five primaries tonight. ed henry, that is his real name,
9:39 pm
joins us from philadelphia. hold on, ed, i'm still talking. >> i have the floor here. >> no. you -- >> sorry. >> what is the mood, ed? what is the mood out there? >> the mood right now? >> yes. >> it's grim it's after midnight in philly and we're on the streets so there is not a mood, greg. the mood is that i'm going to bed in just a moment. >> perfect. perfect. >> why fancy pajamas? >> i thought i'd turn a greg gutfeld question with a greg gutfeld answer. >> we're going to go to break and talk to our superiors. >> hillary clinton's tone seemed to be different tonight. and she doesn't seem to edgy and
9:40 pm
irritated when she speaks. she had a better message and wasn't getting that shrill, yelling type of thing. >> she wants to turn the page on bernie sanders and he won't go away. a big majority were saying that they think hillary clinton is best suited to beat donald trump in november and democrats are saying enough is enough with this primary. and dana said it's a new poll for bernie sanders. he's talking about winning the nomination and platform here in philly. big difference. >> and maybe two women on the
9:41 pm
ticket. there is another school of thought it should be sherard brown. she dominated among african american voters. donald trump's strategy is doing better than with white voters which would be difficult. and so idea is that hillary clinton needs to do better with a liberal. >> i still think it's early, actually.
9:42 pm
and almost 1:00 a.m. >> the last question in trump's press conference is about hillary clinton. and that is quite a shot. i know supporters will love it. i wonder how the hillary campaign will respond. for women who are questioning his feelings is that line, i thought was maybe a little bit too far. oh, sure. this is what they're counting on. if donald trump is the nominee, he's going to make all kinds of
9:43 pm
statements and hillary clinton wants to jump on it. and she's going to take it to the republicans. >> donald trump realizes he's got a tremendous liability and he thinks he can beat hillary clinton. hillary clinton is still struggling with millennials, especially young women. >> the clinton camp believes donald trump will be a gift with them. we'll see. it's not that easy.
9:44 pm
and people were saying he'll never do well. and tonight, he rolled big time. so one senior person said we feel confident now. and they said look. he has ripped up the play book. it looks like he's ripped up that paper. >> and another effort, good job. >> yes. >> i don't want to believe your account. >> not your -- >> just your twitter account. >> directly head, hillary clinton gets called out for allegedly playing the woman card to get elected. why one of her rivals slamming
9:45 pm
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hillary clinton is not only pushing to become our nation's
9:49 pm
first female president, she promised to make half of her cabinet women if elected. that, of course, clinton responded to comments tonight. >> mr. trump accused me of playing the quote, woman card. well, if fighting for women's health care and paid leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> involving clinton's remarks, donald trump doubled down on his comments. >> the only card is she has is the woman card. she's got nothing else going. if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card and the beautiful thing is that women don't like her, okay? look how well i did with women tonight. okay? >> well, look how well he did
9:50 pm
with women tonight. >> here is the thing. so i'm in the a millennial woman, obviously. come on. you have to see she did win two senate elections and was secretary of state. whether good or not, and he she's going to be the -- she is the presuchtive nominee for the democrats. one thing that is a danger in politics if you don't think your opponent is worthy you risk not
9:51 pm
fighting them head to head and win. i thought that tonight. if i were advising donald trump i wouldn't have said that. >> you know, she has to play that card. it's a strong one for her. why not? do you remember when poor, sweet mitt romney said he had binders of women and everyone went bananas and all he said is he has a lot of qualified. >> he wanted to hire more. >> his intentions were good and he had already taken steps toward doing so. it depends on who's the person giving the message, how it is communicated but she has to ride that. that helps her i think. >> let's break it down. we are not talking about black or latino women. we are talking about white women, right? for the large part not republican women because i don't think they will support her but independent, suburban white women. can donald trump win them? >> i think they showed he was
9:52 pm
struggling in the suburbs, but in the five states that went tonight he did well. >> that is among republicans. >> i don't know. here, i think what he was saying she shouldn't play the gender card. you are right she has to play the gender card. it is a great card to play. he should too. >> what about greg. you always play the gender card. >> when she said half of her cabinet would be women. bill is like what half? we talked about this before. she plays the women's card and played it hard. don't you remember how she pandered. the only thing out of her mouth was i'm a woman, hear me roar. >> all right. you know what, i have to roar. one more thing, up next. [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
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it'ss time for one more thing. there are a few tick remaining. get it to. if you are in indiana and watch
9:57 pm
tomorrow night at 7 p.m. it's going to be fantastic. >> is that for you or somebody else? >> not for me. >> you are next for one more thing. >> can i be perfectly honest? i had nothing. we did the show and then i had to do audio book stuff and it was getting late. so, take a look. >> as a great democratic president once said, there's nothing wrong with america that can't be cured by what's right with america. >> that is one more thing. >> was that good? >> great. i think the point is that bill clinton looked happy. they had a moment together. >> he is looking good and chipper. like the old bill we used to know and love. >> he's the vp. >> i will try to do better.
9:58 pm
hawaii. hawaii is setting records for tourism. .6 million vids tors last year. four years of breaking records. but it is creating tensions with the locals. so the tourist authority had to put out a psa asking the locals to be nice to the tourists. take a look. >> we serve many tourists. we have a lot of tourism in our family and we take care of family. take care of tourism. it's a family business. >> now, greg, as i recall, your show used to be number one in hawaii. >> time to take its statehood, don't you agree? worst thing that happened to hawaii the movie "the descendants." >> where does he come up with that. >> "the descendants were awful." >> i agree with him.
9:59 pm
>> as you know i'm a huge basketball fan. let's roll the ted cruz thingy. >> tell me something, how tall is that basketball rim? ten feet. you know, the amazing thing is that basketball rim here in indiana is the same height as new york city and every other place in this country. >> everybody knows it's not called a ring. it is called a circle. please. >> oh, boy. this is -- >> liein' ted cruz. >> liein' ted cruz. >> i had something i want to disagree. >> okay. so there's a study that says 81% of all dogs hugged by their owners are uncomfortable and want to be put down. >> true. >> this is not true. i am very offended. it is done by a doctor who say parentally a canine expert.
10:00 pm
>> hero. >> at the university of british of columbia. he said 250 dogs hugged by adults had signs of stress. >> they don't like it. they are like get away from me. they think you are a monster. >> continuing election coverage throughout the night. hillary clinton scoring wins in four of the five primaries. it is 1:00 a.m. in the east 10:00 p.m. in the west coast and 11:00 mountain time. everyone forgets about 11:00 mountain time. >> better than 1:00 a.m. on the east coast but we love that too. glad you are joining us. welcome to america's election headquarters. hong kong hillary clinton is 90% on the way to clinching the nomination after wins in


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