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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> hero. >> at the university of british of columbia. he said 250 dogs hugged by adults had signs of stress. >> they don't like it. they are like get away from me. they think you are a monster. >> continuing election coverage throughout the night. hillary clinton scoring wins in four of the five primaries. it is 1:00 a.m. in the east 10:00 p.m. in the west coast and 11:00 mountain time. everyone forgets about 11:00 mountain time. >> better than 1:00 a.m. on the east coast but we love that too. glad you are joining us. welcome to america's election headquarters. hong kong hillary clinton is 90% on the way to clinching the nomination after wins in delaware, pennsylvania, maryland
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and connecticut. bernie sanders won rhode island. clinton looking to you knunify tonight. >> whether you support senator sanders or me there's more that unites us than divides us? >> we all agree wages are too low and inequality is too high. that wall street can never be allowed to threaten main street. we should expand social security, not cut or privatize it. she may face an uphill battle as she works to win over supporters for sanders. on the republican side, donald trump walks a narrow path to the republican nomination. he scored a decisive victory tonight in connecticut, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island. mr. trump now says he has delivered knockout blows to
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senator cruz and governor kasich. >> i use the analogy of the boxer. when the boxer knocks out the other boxer you don't have to wait for a decision. that's what it is. and that's what happened tonight, last week in new york and that's what's been happening throughout. we have millions more votes, millions more than cruz. we have millions more than kasich. i mean kasich, now i guess he was one in 417 seen now he is one in 46. >> the boxers remain in the ring and don't seem to be going anywhere. to connecticut today there was a huge turnout. one newspaper reporting 52% of the people in greenwich, connecticut, turned out to vote. that compares to 14% when mitt romney was the nominee in 2012. joining us is j.r. romano. thank you for joining us this early morning hour. mr. trump says, as you heard,
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he's the presumptive nominee and it is time for cruz and kasich to drop out. do you think he is and should they leave the race. >> it is part of the primary process where every candidate in a fight probably until the end end. you know, many people are looking at you have to get the magic number. i think tonight was a substantial victory for donald trump and it will impact and have an impact in the primaries going forward. >> do what do you ascribe the victory? almost 60% in your state. >> the nation has to understand here in connecticut we have government that implemented many policies that clinton would like and it destroyed our economy and we're frustrated here. i think you are seeing donald trump having captured that frustration and anxiety
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republicans came out strong to make a statement. it is time we are looking for new leadership, someone that will make decisions and lead us in to prosperity once again. we see all too well what democrats do when they are in control. >> you hit one of the main points. look at this graphic in which it shows the economy is the number one issue in connecticut on the minds of connecticut voters when they voted. immigration is only 12%. the economy and jobs is 45%. terrorism even in an area hit by 9/11, 70% government spending. mr. romano you are talking about greenwich, connecticut. that's home of the wall street bankers, hedge funders the richey rich, hedge fund type millionaires the country club republicans and they are concerned about the chip and going for donald trump, according to the incredible turnout in greenwich.
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>> it goes beyond greenwich. we are diverse in the state. i know the rest of the nation thinks of it as just greenwich. we have blue collar workers that voted today. and so many people impacted by poor economic policy that dan malloy that will probably -- god forbid hillary clinton becomes the president, dan malloy will end up in her cabinet. he's an awful governor. >> i want to point out to the national audience he's the democratic governor of connecticut. in the time we have left, bernie sanders did well. four points or so from hillary clinton. why do you think he almost got her in connecticut? >> well, i think, hillary clinton is such an unlikable, untrustworthy candidate based on her long legacy of inconsistency and lack of leadership that she's being rejected by a large swath of democrat voters because, you know, she's --
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she's not -- i don't think that people think she can win the general election. >> do you think she could win connecticut. >> donald trump is in eight points of hillary clinton after hundreds of millions of dollars of negative advertising against him and he is within eight points of her and that is without bernie taking a shot at her in connecticut. so i think connecticut is a prime state of the election. >> we thank you for joining us in the early morn ing hours. a spectacular night for your state. we'll see what happens as we go forward. thank you. >> thank you. >> of course, connecticut has a great independent senator lieberman is a democrat and became an independent. was re-elected to the last term as an independent. connecticut has quite a history and astounding what happened in the swath of greenwich, fairfield county where all of
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these wealthy people voted for donald trump or some for bernie sanders. >> we will talk more about those independent and unaffiliated voters as we go to rhode island. the republican primary, one of the states swept by donald trump could independent unaffiliated voters have been the key to his win? joining us on the phone is brandon bell, chairman of the state's republican party. are you there? >> i am. >> thank you so must have. doing great tonight. a big night for donald trump at least sweeping five states. you are saying there's an unprecedented number of voters that turned out in rhode island. tell us about that. >> it is fascinating. you look back. we have 75,000 registered republicans here. we are a semi open primary as you know. the largest swath of voters here are unaffiliated. i want to say there's 380,000 unaffiliated and 385,000
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democrats. to want wed had 61,000 plus show up for the republican primary. so put that in to perspective, in 2000, mccain versus bush, the total in that primary, the total vote was 35,000. donald trump, he, himself eclipsed that number by receiving 39,000 votes tonight. >> that's amazing. >> it's incredible. >> what do you think resonated with all of these voters and brought them out today? >> i think it's quite insurgency against the status quo. we have an unpopular governor who's a little after her first year. she hasn't delivered. she's got an elitist establishment attitude here. she's very much like hillary clinton, as a matter of fact. she's, you know, had a lot of problems with transparency,
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accountability. that's the problem, some of the problems that plagued hillary clinton. it just so happens, that stood with bill clinton the last week. entire democratic establishment here, our congressional delegation, pott of our senators and congressman who are democrats go with hillary clinton. all of the super delegates are with hillary clinton and she got whooped tonight by bernie sanders. >> one and only state he won out of five. >> absolutely. i attribute that very much to popularity of our governor, the lack of jobs, lack of manufacturing in this state. you know, it's a real issue. >> the economy, huge issue as it is in so many others. i want to ask you about rhode island being a sanctuary state, immigration was very important. >> it really is. one of the topics in the general
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assembly's hands right now, that i believe the governor supports is driver's licenses for illegals. that's a big issue here. donald trump really capitalizes on an issue like that. a lot of people don't think of rhode island as having big immigration issues but that's a big issue for people here. that issue resonates very much so with folks when they are looking to donald trump. i think economy and jobs are the number one issue, but, you know, certainly because we have such problems we are always last out of a recession here in rhode island. it's been a huge focus. people are really rallying against the worst economy in new england. the trex of the state. our governor right now is at a 31% approval rating. that's like two days ago. a poll that was produced. 6.5% think she is doing an excellent job. that's pretty bad.
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>> as we wrap up up, this was, as we mentioned, one state in five that independent voters, unaffiliated voters could participate. do you think it is an indication of what will happen moving forward with the rest of the primaries in terms of how well donald trump did in your state with independents? >> i do. i think it's really -- it's a really big challenge. in terms of -- i think that if donald trump is the nominee, i think independents will play a part regardless. so going forward we have some really anti-moving the economy forward laws enacted here. tolls on trucks, things of that nature and i think a candidate like mr. trump or senator cruz and governor kasich will capitalize on that. >> we will see what happens. brandon bell joining us. thank you so much.
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we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> more on the democratic race. hillary clinton, as you know, her path to the democratic presidential nomination appears clearer than ever on the. she won four of the states but bernie sanders and his supporters still put out one win, that in rhode island. tonight, it's a small state but made a statement. we heard from the state's republican chairman. let's check in on the democratic contest with lauren green who is joining us with details. >> reporter: as you said, hillary clinton won big tonight, taking the biggest prizes but it wasn't a clean sweep. clinton won four of five state primaries in pennsylvania, delaware, maryland and connecticut. bernie sanders won in rhode island with 55% of the vote. although clinton is short of clinching the democratic nomination, statistically she is virtually assured of getting the needed delegates. here how it is stacking up.
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2383 are needed to win the nomination. clinton kept her ire on the gop opponent donald trump who had accused her of playing the woman card. >> well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, than deal me in! >> clinton showed a shift in strategy against her adversary bernie sanders almost appealing to his supporters sensing the need to heal the political and philosophical divide. listen. i applaud senator sanders and his supporters for challenging us to get unaccountable money out of politics and
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greater emphasis to closing the gap of inequality. i know together we will get that done. >> senator sanders gave no sign of giving up his quest as mrs. clinton pull aid head. speaking to a crowd of 6500 in west virginia, bernie sanders said he was in a better position to beat trump. >> in a general election, everyone, democrat, independent, republican has the right to vote for president. you know what, those folks and independents all over this country will be voting in november for the next president of the united states. >> hillary clinton is less than 300 delegates away from securing the democratic nomination. she only needs to win less than 19% of the remaining delegate and uncommitted super delegates. bernie sanders would need
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1% of the remaining delegate and uncommitted super delegates. eric? >> of course, lauren, the rhode island primary was the only one that had an open primary and sanders is historically -- >> that's his advantage, the open primary. that's his point. >> worked for him tonight. we will see how it goes moving forward. joining us now the bureau chief of talk media news judy miller. her book "the story, a reporter's journey" is out on paper back and the executive vice president of jamestown associates. thank you for joining us. >> good to see you again. >> trump completes a five-state sweep. every county in every single state. clinton goes home with four. what are your thoughts on what happened today? >> you know something, last september i ran in to a prominent democrat who said to me they wanted to run against trump. i thought to myself, be careful what you wish for.
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it's not going to be the easy path. i think he is the presumptive nominee and it isn't going to be the easy path that the democrats would like. >> i think that what was striking about tonight is that donald trump beat his competition by more than hillary clinton beat bernie sanders. i mean, it is a huge, huge night for donald trump. he seems to be crossing over the 36% of the republican base that we thought he had in to 67, 70% territory in some states. even moderate republicans chose donald trump over kasich. which is an astonishing. good night for trump. >> no doubt for trump, the story is the magnitude of the win. you mentioned at the top he won every county in stafrt by the time every vote was cast. that is virtually unprecedented. not only did he perform better
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than hillary clinton did against bernie sanders he did better than mitt romney did in these states when he was running and he was at that time considered the presumptive nominee. that's another big score for trump. you mentioned to eric when you talk about connecticut. fairfield county, vermont, montgomery county, pennsylvania, montgomery county, maryland, high education levels. very affluent, suburban communities. trump is winning across the board and it's beginning to end the idea that he has this ceiling. tonight he came close to or exceeded 60% in three of the five states. crossed 50 in all but also breaking through the idea that the only types of supporters he's able to win are poorly educated, low-income whites. it's clearly a much larger coalition aligning behind him. >> one shows people consider themselves most conservative went for trump and not for cruz. what does this mane next? we go to indiana, out west, you think that would be cruz
10:18 pm
country. >> you are dealing in the, you know, in the amtrak area. you are dealing with conservative doesn't necessarily mean socially conservative and cruz came off as socially conservative which is not popular in this neck of the woods. >> i think the cruz-kasich alliance or collusion, as donald trump would call it lasted less time than donald trump's makeover. >> looks like it backfired big time. >> both immediately backfire and donald trump announcing he wasn't going to change. why should he change? everything he is doing seems to be working. the poll results would suggest he is right. >> was he the one i heard say you don't change the quarterback of the team if tur heading to the super bowl and winning all along. >> in that respect certainly. let's keep our eye on the fact
10:19 pm
in pennsylvania, where trump scored a major win, 54 of the 71 delegates are uncommitted. let's see what the newly formed team of paul manafort and others is able to do in trms of getting these uncommitted delegates who are not necessarily bound by the results of the state to vote or support -- >> 27 of those, that's more than double, more than half. i'm not a math major, a big chunk, are for trump. you think they will stick and my final question is, what does this mean next? what does it mane for indiana next week and as we go out west, as i said, it is supposedly more cruz territory in i was in ohio over the weekend and it's shocking that governor kasich has not done better in pennsylvania and indiana, which should be his home state given it is next to the great state of ohio. >> also, i think that, you know, when you have the kind of build up now, the momentum that you
10:20 pm
have, it's going to give trump a huge leg up in the state like indiana where he wouldn't normally have been strong. i think that he does pick up themes simply as he goes along and all of the things people are saying about him have proven not to have sway with the voters. >> f he wins indiana does the he get the nomination. >> it is predicated on indiana. if trump can take the momentum as judy suggests in to indiana it makes it virtually impossible. if cruz wins indiana still has south dakota, montana, nebraska, other state he can pile on his delegate count that could go toward the goal of deprooifing trump of 1237. the big prize is california. and new jersey where donald trump seems to have a lot of support. >> yogi berry said it ain't over until it is over. >> up next, i want to ask our panel why they think there is a difference between what is going on with democrats and republicans in terms of who
10:21 pm
should drop out and who shouldn't. >> we have reporters and guests here all evening. stay with us here on the fox news channel. we're up. please stay up. >> party all night with us. sfx: climbing sounds duracell quantum lasts longer so kevin jorgeson can power through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones
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welcome back. fox news exit poll suggests conservative voters in pennsylvania want an outsider as their nominee. >> that could explain why donald trump did so well in the keystone state. kelly wright has been tracking the exit polls an has the secret of mr. trump's success this tuesday night. >> i don't know if i have the secret. i'm sure he has something up his sleeve, as well. good morning to you. the trump sweep in tuesday's primaries can be attributed to many factors. what seems to be the main reason for his sweep is the anti-establishment sentiment that many gop voters share in common. every primary that we focused on, since march, is a reflection of the feeling that republicans have. here's a breakdown from the exit polls from tuesday. republican voters overwhelmingly chose the outsider, donald trump, 59% said they feel betrayed by gop politicians. that's a biggie. the most important issue voters are concerned about is the
10:26 pm
economy and jobs at 39%. terrorism ranks second at 24%, followed by government spending and then way down at the bottom is immigration. in pennsylvania gop voters expressed concerns about the economy. 56% are very worried about the state of the economy. 83% who voted in the state are in favor of an outsider winning which gives the advantage to mr. trump. what condition dates are gop voters concerned or afraid if they were to make it to the white house? the exit poll reveals they are worried about ted cruz more than john kasich or donald trump. look at the numbers. cruz has the highest number at 58%. kasich 51% and donald trump 36%. he's making inroads to conservatives. tonight in his victory speech, trump attacked hillary clinton says hillary is not a likable person. that women don't even like her. how does trump stack up or rate with women voters?
10:27 pm
let's look at the exit polls. he swept all states among women gop voters. 55 pennsylvania, 54 dth kth, 47 in maryland. mr. trump doing well with women voters. looking to the general election, 71% of gop voters see donald trump as the candidate of change that they are looking for. so there you have a snapshot of what's going on from the exit polls. can donald trump go all the way? he declared himself as the presumptive nom mee. >> he sure did. >> all right, kelly. >> thank you so much. a prediction, you heard about this? a newt gingrich says that donald trump n his view, will almost certainly be the nominee. and the challenge for the republicans are to get over it. stay with us. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends.
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10:32 pm
to stop him from winning the nomination. the challenge for the republican establishment is to get over it. >> can they get over it? we are joined from new york with the political correspondent for the conservative review and a fox news contributor. early morning to you. >> fwoorm. >> are they going to get over it? >> they do need to get over it. listen, the stop trump campaign between cruz and kasich, this alliance, i think is too little too late. if you look at the momentum that donald trump was able to garner with individuals coming out support of him, the momentum is huge. connecticut, for example, had a significant number of voters who came out to vote today. the momentum is on donald trump's side. this aplooins lines is too little too late. i think that as newt gingrich
10:33 pm
says they probably should try to get over it. >> we saw tonight a somber donald trump. a contrast actually to hillary. hillary had the typical political effervescent, excited, celebratory rally. trump started it and then a news conference given a lot of free air time. one of the things he said at the trump event tonight was talking about carrier air conditioning. we know they are moving 2100 jobs to mexico. he's been hammering that away an the factory closing is in indianapolis, indiana. you know what happened in indiana five days from now. think that will help him? >> sure. this is part of the momentum. that's part of the story. these jobs that we really do need to keep in the united states of america to keep americans employed and not to send them overseas. that's a really big problem facing our country. a lot of things are going on in our country that we need to address. but keeping jobs in america
10:34 pm
really is a key initiative for this presidential campaign. >> so he will be in indiana tomorrow, a town hall meeting with greta, that will be broadcast on the fox news channel from indianapolis. what's interesting about this, you have three names on the ballot, but even though kasich says -- there's kasich and cruz are splitting it up. kasich says you can still vote for me any way. even though his name son the ballot, what's to stop people from supporting him in terms of this allege ed agreement between mr. cruz and mr. kasich? >> we don't know what the voters will do. some of it could be confusing, i think, to people, as well. but the other thing is that, looking at the party, it is so divide. you have the establishment. you have the conservatives. you have the populous. what is important right now, what is key, is to unite the republican party because so many people are divided right now. you know, we have to be able to beat hillary clinton and we
10:35 pm
can't do it being divide a we are. hillary, by the way, has a lot of issues on her end with the fbi investigation. she can't garner the young voters' support and support from women. she has her own issues going on. >> she has a lot of women supporters but finally what's the republican party going to do? they have donald trump coming at them like 100 mile an hour speed train and they are getting run over. >> they need to catch the wave. if you watch the mark and the trend is your friend, catch the wave and be in line with what is really going on with reality and not to ignore reality. the momentum is there. we need to get on board. >> that wave washed over five states tonight big time. thank you for your insight, as always. >> thank you. >> heather? >> well, an exit poll in pennsylvania found that about 90% of republican voters were dissatisfied or angry about the
10:36 pm
way the federal is working. our next guest says donald trump benefitted from a vacuum created when the party establishment couldn't find a candidate that voters could get behind. with us now is the director of the center for politics and public affairs at franklin marshall college in lan cast canner, pennsylvania and the director and creator of the franklin college poll, the longest running poll in pennsylvania. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. i want to get your reaction to what happened today. were you surprised that donald trump swept big time? >> i think it was not surprising that donald trump won. the real clear politics average had him 20. he ended up -- i'm sorry, he was in the 19, 20-point range. he ended up winning. he's going to get 57% of the vote. that's a huge increase over what the polls showed. that's the big surprise.
10:37 pm
the decline of cruz in this state. the drop in support for cruz was remarkable. and kasich didn't even do as well as expected. the momentum is certainly with trump. he won a whole range of demographic groups that four, five weeks ago, if you and i had been talking, you would say, what he will win moderate voters, voters with college education, voters with high incomes? but that's literally what he did. >> he sure did. >> in the state of pennsylvania. >> what do you think the difference was? what changed? >> i think the fact is there's a growing sense, i think among republican voters, that trump is the inevitable nominee. imagine you are john kasich, neighboring state, the governor born in mckies rocks, pennsylvania in allegheny, county. imagine, the argue, oh, by the way, vote for me because if it gets to the third ballot, i might be the nominee. now, what level tuz that make
10:38 pm
any sense as an argument to vote for a candidate? vote for me. i can't win mathematically but by the way, if it comes to a contested convention, i might win. >> >> that's what they say they are counting on, he and cruz. they teamed up together. do you think that also backfired on them? >> of course it did. that only fed the narrative that trump has been using all along that it is the establishment. it's the party p, o balls they have all lined up against me and that angers this solid core of trump voters which he has had almost from the moment he announced. this one-third which is growing, by the way, as you can see in the northeastern primaries which he swept quite handedly today. >> yeah. >> i think the growing narrative that trump is the indefinitable nominee has played a big role in what's going on. in pennsylvania, for example,
10:39 pm
for cruz there isn't the same kind of number of evangelical born agains and other christians in others states that have helped cruz all along. this was a sweeping victory along virtually all demographic groups and regions for trump. in a state that traditionally is -- republicans have been thought of as moderately conservative, particularly in the eastern part of the state. >> a huge win. really remains to be seen what happens beyond these five states today. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate your insight. staying up late. >> we know donald trump may think he is the presumptive nominee but there are a slew of states to go and the biggest battle happens to be the battle for the delegates in indiana. >> we talking about what is next but he keeps winning. so i don't know. ted cruz and john kasich turned their attention to the hoosier state but what needs to happen
10:40 pm
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he was chief financial office other mitt romney's presidential campaign. that means he knows how to count. that means you know how to count the delegates. trump is racking them up tonight. way ahead. but mr. cruz has been picking them off one by one. what do you predict will happen as we go forward? >> well, tonight was a big night for trump. there's no doubt about that. there's two factors to look at. one is momentum. with the overall vote and the other is the delegate count. right now you still have half of the delegates that are opposing donald trump and the other half with trump. and as he inches toward 1237, those ones that are opposing him become more and more important because whether they are going to flip to somebody else on a second ballot or he gets close enough he can pick a few off and
10:45 pm
win it on a first or second ballot is going to be absolutely key. >> how strong do you think those opposing him are? what is that type of wall? it is a brick wall or a rice paper wall? >> that's a great question. i don't think tonight's results really answer it. donald trump's had a great eight days. i go back to new york a week ago an the five states today. he exceeded expectations and then picked up a lot of delegates, but this is in his home territory of the northeast. next week, you have indiana, which is a winner-take-all a state. what happens there is going to be absolutely critical. if ted cruz can put up up a fire wall in indiana, and pick up that state and in the winner-take-all delegates he picks up momentum in to nebraska a week later, which is another winner-take-all state. if trump is able to keep
10:46 pm
momentum going and win indiana, then he is on a glide path to getting the delegates he needs for the first first ballot. >> despite that glide path there are predictions even though he is flying high he will reach turbulence. let me read you what plil "politico" says. they say it is halftime in the hustle for loyal convention dgts. by this weekend, 1300 will have been elected or selected. so far cruz consistently dominated the contests. trump on the other hand has consistently flopped. a political analysis suggests the mogul is headed for a rougher second half, limiting his opportunities to survive a contested convention and dramatically raising the stakes to secure the nomination outright. it seems some are saying, look, cruz can deny him the nomination because he has the ground game
10:47 pm
therk inside legal fwam that is far superior to what donald trump has. >> i think that is absolutely right that ted cruz has taken this whole process seriously and worked to get the grassroots supports you need to fill the actual delegate slots where donald trump's really done an air war and come in over the top and won popular votes in states but didn't put the work this to winning the dgts to fill those slots. this only matters if you get to the second ballot. if donald trump goes to the convention with over 1237, that magic number, he will win it on the first ballot and all of that ted cruz work isn't going to matter. >> do you think that will happen that he will secure the nomination? get those 1237 once we talk about california and june 7th and we're talking about that. >> ask me in two weeks. if trump wins indiana he will have a lot of momentum in to
10:48 pm
nebraska, the next week. that's two weeks from today. nebraska, if he has won indiana and nebraska the math becomes virtually impossible to stop him. >> i'm getting my coffee ready for june 7th. we will be here and hope to get you back. >> delegate exert pepert apprec you joining us. >> that will be a long night. analysis -- analysts say it is beginning to look more and more like a clinton-trump race to the white house. coming up, our political panel will look at the latest delegate count they were just talking about and what it means for the front runners as they rack up the delegates. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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let's recap the hour with our panel of political insiders. let's talk about the delegate count. after today, i believe we can put the numbers up, the delegate count so far is trump with 950. cruz with 560.
10:53 pm
hopefully i'm getting these correct and kasich with 153. then on the democrats side clinton with 2141 and sanders with 1321. so my question is -- if my by the end of all of this we fwet through california an new jersey, june 7th, and trump is close to 1237 but not quite there, what should we do? and what to you think will happen in. >> i was just in the great state of ohio and everybody thinks that trump is going to get there. if he doesn't get there, they say he will get within 60 or 100. there's an arcane law about not being able to bribe delegates but there isn't anything in the republican national committee about giving away golf tournaments or anything like that and he may take the 60 or 80 delegates that he is short and say come over to my side. >> i think the appeal of trump may outweigh cruz's ground game.
10:54 pm
we'll see. we still have indiana, nebraska and california. i have to point out, this delegate count is growing for donald trump. 950 is a lot more than 560, which is cruz's number. and please notice that marco rubio still has 171 delegates, which is more than john kasich's 158. if anyone at this point should drop out of the race -- >> what do you think he will do with that? you think little marco is going to give support to the guy that boxed him around and force him out of the race. >> it depends what donald trump is willing to offer marco. he is a politician after all. >> there is an element, by the way, that a lot of these delegates will be pledged to vote the way they were supposed to on the first ballot. it is not until the second ballot and beyond where there is maneuverability. the idea that trump can't be deprived of the nomination, if
10:55 pm
he comes close enough, i think is due, in part largely to trump's marketing and messaging brilliance. he's been, in my opinion, wrongfully so but been on a crusade the last two weeks, calling the process unfair, calling it rigged, calling it back ward and it's worked. the voters actually in these exit polls are showing they firmly believe the person with the majority of delegates should get the nomination, even if they don't make the threshold of 1237, which is the simple majority threshold. that's because of trump and the way he positioned the whole thing. remember, if he doesn't get that money. >> and hasn't spent money doing it. >> if he dunn get that, between june 7th and the convention he has time to pick up nearly 200 uncommitted delegates from the rnc. >> there are even -- the cruzzen and kasich supporters that believe that, as well. the person with the highest number at the end of the it should win the nomination.
10:56 pm
so it is across the board with republicans. >> this is a reversal of how the parties have chosen their nominees. the idea was the parties were going to be the check on grassroots, any kind of unusual extreme or outside candidate. and this time, trump has turned it totally around. >> except on the democratic side you do have the party establishment via the super delegate process that accounts for 15% of the total delegates allocated on the democratic party playing that role. >> the tale of two different situations in both republicans and the democratic situation. we're out of time for now. we have another several hours to go. stay with us. >> stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:57 pm
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11:00 pm
hillary clinton and donald trump were the clear victors. >> big wins tonight. mrs. clinton taking four out of the five contests while mr. trump compled


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