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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 26, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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hillary clinton and donald trump were the clear victors. >> big wins tonight. mrs. clinton taking four out of the five contests while mr. trump completed a five-state
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sweep. following their big night. both mrs. clinton and mr. trump turned their attention to each other. they traded indirect jabs giving us a sneak peek of what may be the 2016 general election. >> the other day mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, trump women's card. well, if fighting for equal pay is playing the women's card, deal me in. >> i will do more for women than hillary clinton including protecting our country. she will not be good with the military or protecting our country. >> it was a clean sweep for
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donald trump. we are joined from our washington news bureau. every county in every state. >> we knew going into last night he would do very well, but even his own campaign is surprised how well he did. he won every single county in pennsylvania, maryland and delaware. while john kasich won second. this is how it breaks down -- he went on to add maryland's 35 delegates and in pennsylvania trump easily picked up the state's 17 at large delegates. and in connecticut donald trump one all but six counties.
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in rhode island ted cruz and kssich won their only delegates of the night. trump picked up another nine delegates. here is how the total delegate picture looks. trump has 950. cruz 560 and kasich at 153. donald said he considers himself the presumptive nominee. and he sounded like it going after the democratic front-runner hillary clinton. i think hillary is a flawed candidate. i think she will be most easier to beat than most of the 16 people i competed with recently. >> the only hope is to prevent
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donald trump from reaching the 1237 delegates he needs. the next big primary and potentially their last big shot to do that is indiana. where ted cruz told supporters the race is moving back to his territory. >> good news. tonight this campaign moves back to more favorable terrain. donald trump loves to style himself an outsider. when it comes human decency, respect, he's right. >> kasich sent out a tweet the fight goes on and he will make his supporters proud. >> thank you. >> hillary told supporters she plans to come back to their city as the presidential nominee.
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she has 90% of the delegates to be the first woman nominated for president in history by their party. >> tit wasn't a clean sweep. she won four of five in kentucky, delaware. sanders showed his strength in delaware. statistically clinton is assured of getting the needed delegates. right now it stands at -- in her victory speech clinton
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kept her sites on the general election aiming her ire on donald trump who had accused her of playing the woman card. >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> she showed a shift in strategy against her adversary beshie sanders. >> whether you support senator sanders or me, there is much more that u nights us than divides us. >> we all agree that wages are too low and inequality is too high. that wall street can never be allowed to threaten main street.
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ed >> sanders gave no sign of giving up his quest. he rallied that he was more electable and better positioned to beat trump. >> in a general election everyone, democrat, independent republican has the right to vote for president. the elections are not closed primaries. >> hillary clinton only needs to win less than 19% of the uncommitted and super delegates. >> the sanders campaign says he is going to reassess, but is going on to california. >> he's in it. >> join us now, we are trying to
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figure out the delegate count. we have been reporting that it did appear that trump would win all countees ies in all five st. in connecticut he did not win six counties, but receiving all of the delegates there. still trying to figure that out. we wanted to talk about bernie sanders. >> yeah, what does he do? >> he absolutely stays in. we have said that if in fact hillary -- if he drops hillary clinton would move so fast to the right she would need an emt to pick her up. she was conciliatory towards his people.
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but if he could move, he would. >> he wants $15 minimum wage. dealing with wall street, breaking up the big banks and trying to put that into a potential clinton nomination. >> no more fracking. >> i think that's his game plan. if he cannot get the nomination himself, and i don't think he will be her vice presidential nominee, i think he wants to move the party as permanently to the left during this race as he can. that meebs staying until the bitter end unless he gets make jor c -- main -- major concessionings. >> i listened closely to what she said during the town hall. she said $15 was the goal but
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they had to get there state by state and each state's economy would determine if they could pay that. >> she was talking about $12. what do you tell all of those true believers? >> queen for jean. >> what do you tell those young people on the streets demonstrating, come out on the college campuses. they are passionate, believe in the cause and at the end you say never mind. one of these people asked him should i support hillary clinton and what would you tell me to do. he said i can't tell you. >> in the exit polls among
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voters under 30, bernie sanders are getting 8 out of 10 votes. sanders the candidate who does not have a pathway to the nomination, but he is part of a revolution. he used that term. that revolution can do damage to hillary and already has. let's look at the trade issue, the wall street issue, all vulnerabilities of hers. among sanders voters, only three in ten say they view hillary as honest and trustworthy. he has revealed serious vulnerability that can have long-term damage. i do find it very possible -- unit -- >> you think of those eight that
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are committed to sanders. they are not all young people. but do you think they will go for him ri clinton? >> yes. >> we have spoke with they will and they say no. >> they may stay home and not vote for trump over hillary. >> the turnout in this primary is down, 20% lower than the last contested democratic primary in 2008. so already democrats have a turnout problem and enthusiasm problem. he will have to say something energizing. >> donald trump said that the democratic party has treated
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bernie wrong and he should run as an independent, so he's making a run for those votes. >> even the states hillary is wi winning significantly, it's almost on the back of old coalition, black, senior citizens, over 55. sanders are winning young single women, young voters over 45, highly affluent. she has been doing miserably in that demographic. >> if trump gets bernie to run as an independent, which he won't, then he wins because it would break up the democratic bloc, no question about that. >> can the democratic party hold together, unite in a way that
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will give her not only momentum, but enthusiasm, because without that the democratic party is in trouble. i know the fund-raisers for him ri are working nonstop. it's not just a question of the size of the donations, but the rapidity. you have people giving $20 five or six times where you get one larger contribution for him tri. >> i think there is a jeopardy. he has pushed her so far to the left on trade, on a number of issues that she will need for the general election, i'm very worried about that and i think our people are. >> if the numbers start going down because they don't have the enthusiasm or they think that senator sanders will lose, will they come out? >> sanders remains competitive in california which i think is another reason he's not eager to
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leave the race. he wants to go with as many delegates as possible to influence the platform, get keynote speakers more aligned with the party. he's in the process of trying to gain as much as he can. even david who has run for obama's successful re-election, has questioned hillary. as much as his victory in 2012 was significant, it relied on overperformance from african-americans, hispanic fwrups. i'm not sure she can rely on them. >> she can because that's how she won maryland. >> it was historical high.
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that's the yes. not will she win them. will she overperform the turnout in those constituencies. >> they will not stay hole if it's trump and hillary. >> a lot of criticism over the media being blamed or credit for donald trump's success. >> we also get blamed for cruz's success. we do. read twitter. >> here is what senator cruz said about the media and donald trump. >> if you find yourself wondering why is the media so eager to have donald as the republican nominee, you don't have to look any further than tod
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today's usa today. 40% of gop doubt they'd vote for trump. 40%. now i want you to think for a second. network executives, are they democrats or republicans? >> well, is it the media's fault or credit? >> very reliable tactic and to watch donald trump get $2 billion of earned media that's free because of his abilities to galvanize the cameras and ink. i don't think anyone can accuse the media being in love with donald trump. but i think you can see the
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trajectory change. donald had a bad beginning of april and it looks like he has made a change. they are made on data and things we see. >> which is more important, knowing how to work the media and having free media coverage or knowing how to work the system which clearly donald trump hasn't known how to do that. >> what is amazing is that we are not the ones who talked about values. the republicans have rallied around him kind of, sort of because they don't like him. we are not the one who told him
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to patrol muslim neighborhoods and a remark which brought out the mayor of new york to denounce that statement. he has inflicted so many statements. all we have done is cover them. >> his supporters would argue that donald trump has made a lot of those as well and we have covered those, but perhaps not covered them in the same way. i think fox has been skating about donald trump. >> but even though it's the same message, it's heard in two ways.
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>> i think that's some of the tone you will get. >> who knows what we will get. >> we know that hillary clinton did win four states earlier this evening, except for rhode island. what does that mean for her? >> more after the break. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. really hard.
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welcome back. after wins in four more states, mrs. clinton has tmore delegate. what was driving? and delving into the exit polls is kelly wright. >> democrats share a comic concern with republicans. what you might ask. the biggest thing is the economy. in three of five states where exit polling was taken.
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connecticut, maryland and pennsylvania. you can see that 63% are worried about the economy. except in the state of rhode island where bernie sanders win, they believe clinton has the experience to lead the country. hillary clinton is the presumptive democratic nominee. and this is clinton winning over trump.
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and clinton doing well for the women's vote. then we go on to look at her support among blacks which has always been strong. black voters getting out the vote in kentucky as well. so hillary wins four out of five states. once again many established democrats are asking for sanders to step down. he's mathematically out of it. but he vows he will stay in the race anyway. >> and hillary is focusing more on donald trump and lesson sanders. heather? >> i will take it. rhode island was the only open primary where if you are a member of the other party, you can vote of. >> also apparently helped trump,
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i think the only card she has going is the women's card. if she was a man i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. she only has the women's card and women don't like her. look how well i did with women. >> donald trump turning his attention to his possible general election foe. thank you for joining us this early. >> my pleasure. >> are we about to see this head-to-head with hillary clinton and donald trump and what will it be like? >> they are heading in that direction. they are talking about each other on the stump, and you don't do that unless you are looking to make them your
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primary candidate. you have donald trump talking about the rationale for him ll clinton's candidacy is that she's a woman. donald trump is saying how can you be a candidate and be suck s successful outside of being born of a certain gender. >> mr. trump accused me of playing the quote woman card. well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the women's card, then deal me in. >> isn't that playing the woman card? >> big time.
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the answer to the question is yes she's playing the woman's card. she just said it so now we know. when it comes to these two candidates i think we have learned something explicit both by the way they have campaigned and what they said. hillary clinton is running on identity politics. she is making her campaign among gender issues. bernie sanders is saying it is giving middle class a bad deal. it doesn't matter whether you are male or female. i think you are beginning to see the preview.
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>> and something that could be a problem for hillary clinton. how does she separate herself and win over bernie sanders followers? they are anti-establishment. how does she keep them from a, staying home or b, switching to donald trump. >> she has a tough road ahead of her. she may choose somebody like elizabeth warren. but she sees a battle in front of her and doesn't want bernie sanders to stick around because he represents a different politici
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politician, how hillary fails to appeal to these yuck voters. it is the appeal about how the lower and middle class feel like they are getting a raw deal in a system that doesn't work for them. it's a matter of whose path to follow. they don't care. they want the outcome. >> we talked about rhode island being the only voting with unaffiliate unaffiliated voting and they went heavily with trump and sanders. >> it's a sentiment around the country. in that voters are looking to e be -- they are so disenchanted they are looking for outside
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alternatives. donald trump has taken advantage of that sentiment. from people not liking the politicians to not liking the process. it is rigged against him. that has helped him. i think that went along way this week. >> what an exciting election. see you in a little bit. >> one of the favorites of trump was china. he attacked them again, but said he knows how to deal with them. we have a special guest, gra grandson of richard nixon who knows something about china.
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i have made billions of dollars dealing with china. china can be dealt with and you can get along with them. hillary doesn't have the strength or stamina to deal with china or other things. one of the problems with our country is china, japan, so many countries ripping us left and rights. politicians can't deal with it. >> we will likely hear more
11:41 pm
wednesday when he heads to wada for what is being build as a major policy speech. we are joined by the grandson of former president richard nixon. thanks for coming in at this early morning hour. your grandfather historically opened china. it was so symbolic because of his anti-communism. we have donald trump slamming china left and right. what do you think we will hear when he addresses this. >> i was in china a few weeks ago and spoke to a lot of my friends and they said in this presidential election they like donald trump a lot and think he can deal with him. i think he will talk about how
11:42 pm
china and the united states can have a close relationship and close working relationship with north korea. i think that will be the focus. he also has talked about trade which we know has been a sticking point in the relationship between china and the united states. i think mr. trump's tough talk on trade will roughly feathers in china. but donald trump is a businessman and he will work with china he needs to. >> are you talking about real chinese friends versus americans? >> yes. >> they like him? >> yes. a few years ago hillary led a conference on certain human rights issues and significantly
11:43 pm
offended the chinese. there is lingering distaste for her. that sort of relationship feeling you can deal with sb someone is a good start. >> your father is head of the republican party and your father did endorse donald trump. but you wouldn't expect your grandfather to extend the hand to china. perhaps you wouldn't expect donald trump to follow in the footsteps and do the same. but as you said he has big chinese banks. i got off on the wrong floor and he has chinese tenants. do you think he's a good
11:44 pm
negotiator? >> absolutely. i think he will be a realist. the speech tomorrow is at the old nixon center which to me is an indication he may be thinking of being a realist in terms of his foreign policy approach. that may be a signal. for me that is a hopeful signal. that would be a great return to a realist point of view in american foreign policy and something i would encourage him to do. >> wisconsin, talked about the loss of delegates in indiana. then he recalibrated. something your grandfather did. do you think donald trump is learning? >> absolutely. if you lock at his career, it has been a career of resilience. he has come back stronger than
11:45 pm
ever. i think that shows who he could be. someone who can come back even ifdefeated. we know donald trump will find a way to make america great again. that's what is at his core. he won't let defeat or hardship get in his way. have you endorsed him publicly? >> i am not working for the campaign but obviously i follow my dad and his endorsement. >> thanks for your insight and historical knowledge. >> thank you so much. >> fascinating. >> very interesting. >> has won the lion's share of delegates, but can hillary clinton win over bernie sanders' die-hard is supporters? ♪
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. as the defacto winner of her party's campaign, she will need
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to woo bernie sanders followers. >> i applaud him for trying to give greater emphasis to closing the gap of inequality. i know together we will get that done. >> joining us now is danielle. >> how are you doing? >> give us your take on what happened this evening. hillary took four of five states. >> secretary clinton needed to unite and pivot. she united the party in the sense that she reached out to senator sanders and tried to
11:51 pm
bring him into her mission which is winning. and she tried to unite the party, talking about the issues and thiks like income and equality, wall street, big banks and those kind of things. >> but yet besrnie sanders is nt prepared to step aside and give her his support. he said he's sticking it out until the end. she wanted it clarified she's ahead, but not in the super delegate. are they concerned he won't bow
11:52 pm
out? >> i think he will bow out. he has a mandate, millions of supporters. hillary clinton needs those if she's going to win a general election. for the longest time even secretary clinton had not seen donald trump as a threat. but she needs sanders behind her. it will be interesting what happens at the convention because even quite late he put out a press release what kind of platforms he wants to see her adopt, including banning fracking, a $15 minimum wage. >> she's taken issue to that comparison to 2008 because you pointed out when she threw her
11:53 pm
support behind president obama, she had no contingencies. do you think she will allow for any of those to be part of the platform? >> i think so. i think we have already seen some of those things bubbling up since she entered the race and became a contender. i read her 2008 concession speech this morning. she made no conditions. i think she's hoping he will open her with open arms, but there is a little more horse-trading here than in 2008. >> she is not the only one making a play for his supporters. donald trump as well. he said they treated bernie sanders wrong, and he should run
11:54 pm
as an independent. >> there is no question why donald trump suggest sanders make a third party bid. because ultimately it would hurt clinton more than it would hit him. clinton talked about bringing people together, talked about the real problems that working people face. donald trump talked about polling and kasich. i think he's making a play. independents will be very, very important as we hit into november. >> hillary clinton did reference the woman vote, talked about equal pay. that is something that donald trump said that she would probably do and that would be to try to apiece women. can we do what donald trump had
11:55 pm
to say? do we have that sound? i don't think we have anyone in the control room. apparently he said the only thing she has going is the women's card and if it was the general vote she would probably get about 5%. >> donald trump is completely wrong about the amount of support that hillary clinton has amongst women voters. she has consistently shown -- she has been in the lead since t the beginning. sanders has captured the millennial vote, but this is
11:56 pm
what she needs to do, bring the supporters into her party. what she did tonight was one of the most important steps in doing that. >> we will see if that can continue. november election is a long ways away. >> just armed the corner. >> seems like it was forever this started. our primary coverage does continue. despite hillary's win, it is far from being over. >> supposedly joining forces and trying to stop donald trump in indiana. will that work? special coverage here in the fox newsroom. >> do not move. >> we will be right back.
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it is 3:00 in the east and just after midnight in the west. >> so it is all the same day across our country, except in hawaii. one day we will look at the last night as a turning point in donald trump's campaign. thank you for staying with us. i'm eric shawn. >> it is an exciting day and morning. i'm heather childress. thank you for sticking with us all of these hours. trump swept all northeast primary and bringing in a big haul of delegates. the wins are in connecticut and by the way that was all of the counties. delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island an


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