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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 27, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> let's keep talking about the race for the white house. do you think indiana will be a game-changer? log on to "fox & friends" facebook page for a live debate. #keep talking. that does it for you, heather. long night for you. >> it has. thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" is next. good-bye. ♪ ♪ we're going to have our country back. we're going to make america great again and i want to tell you for the five states, i am so honored. this was to me our biggest night. >> with your help, we're going to come back to philadelphia for the democratic national convention. [ cheers and applause ] >> with the most votes and the most pledged delegates! >> i got good news for you, tonight this campaign moves back to more favorable terrain! >> fight the fight that we are
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waging is not an easy fight. you are the revolutionaries. [ cheers and applause ] >> get bernie a lozenge. he had something to crow about, but so did hillary and so did donald trump. >> trump swept all five states yesterday and hillary clinton wins four of those. bernie sanders wins one. >> and he was really challenging connecticut until late bernie sanders, he almost made it 3-2. it was clearly in hillary clinton's camp. as you look at the leaderboard, republican party, the numbers for donald trump, he has 950 delegates and the percentage of the vote he got in those five states are significant. all 60%. ted cruz had a nightmare and governor kasich must have trouble getting up today. >> what's he doing? why is he still in it? keep in mind, ted cruz is about
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400 behind donald trump and john kasich is 400 behind ted cruz. there's absolutely no way john kasich can win on the first round and mathematically ted cruz was eliminated yesterday and it all is now looking to next tuesday in indiana. that pretty much is ted cruz's allah -- alamo. >> last night, donald trump was saying it's time for you to get out! he's calling himself the presumptive nominee. >> when the boxer knocks out the other boxer, you don't have to wait until for a decision. >> i consider myself the presumptive nominee. >> he made that clear. nobody else was surprised. he was going to come out and make remarks. he was donald trump. just like he was earlier in the week in rhode island and pennsylvania, when he was campaigning, so he was -- had
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some points, but he was sitting there on half of a page reading out some of the things he said and i don't think he was being -- he wasn't sarcastic, he wasn't hostile. i think he was very direct. i'm looking to move on and i'm focusing on hillary clinton. >> it's all momentum at this point. last night, according to the statisticians who follow this, they are saying all he needed was 103 from the delegates from yesterday in order to move forward to get that 1237. he did. he has 105. it looks like there might not be a contested convention, if it carries on into the next primaries, he might be the nominee. you look at the size and scale of his win. pennsylvania, he got 56% of the vote. maryland, 54%, connecticut 58,% and rhode island he got '64. it was not a good night for ted
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cruz. in connecticut and rhode island he got about 10%. that will makes his case saying he's the viable alternative to donald trump on a second round is even harder. we know donald trump pivoted and talked a little bit about hillary clinton. ted cruz continues to hammer donald trump, as well as he should be in his position, but he also then turned his attention on the people with the tv cameras. watch this. >> the media is going to say donald trump is the republican nominee. if you find yourself wondering why the media is so eager to have donald as the republican nominee, you don't have to look any further than "today's" usa front page. 40% of gop. i want you to think for a second. the network executives, are they
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democrats or are they republican? >> look. ted cruz, what he's doing right there is trying to say that donald trump is unelectable on the conservative hope. however, ted cruz always knew he was going to have a problem on the east coast. he always knew this from the get go and if ted cruz is going to approximate blame anyone, blame himself for doing so badly on march 1st. if he did better in the south, he would be in a much stronger position right now now that we're in the east and now all eyes go may 3rd in indiana. that's his waterloo. no doubt about it. >> we invite ted cruz on every day. we invite john kasich on every day. we invite hillary clinton every day and bernie sanders every day. >> and donald trump. >> he winds up taking us up on the offer. he's going to join us 7:20 eastern time. if you've got a question for him, let us know. for him to also say, donald trump, he's the choice of the
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media, you know, keep in mind -- nobody, going in donald trump had a media strategy. by some estimates it's between $2 to $3 billion which is brilliant. nobody has had more ferocious coverage than donald trump. think about all the things he's said, how it's blown up on papers all across the country. he's certainly been baptized by ink. >> why do you think it's shaking out all the way it is. ted cruz says it's the media's fault he's not winning. send us your emails no us -- to us. >> hillary clinton, in '08, when she was trailing badly she stayed in this race in 2008 against barack obama all the way through june, but she's essentially saying, she's essentially saying i'm the person, let's get the sanders people behind me. we'll talk a little bit later why it should be tougher for hillary to get her people behind
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barack obama, but donald trump quickly pivoted to the general and pointed out something he said on this show earlier this day, that donald trump says that hillary clinton's strongest card is her gender. >> i think the only card she has is the woman's card. she's got nothing else going. if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card and the beautiful thing is women don't like her. okay? and look how well i did with women tonight. >> hillary goes on to say she has no problem playing the woman card. take a listen. >> the other day, mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. >> boo! >> well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in! >> well, i'm sure donald trump
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will say he will stick up for women too and he actually did very well with women yesterday in connecticut he got 55% of their vote. pennsylvania, 54% and in maryland, 50%. we only have three states on exit polling because that's all we did. we just did those three. >> how much did you want ainsley to do? >> she was busy. >> you can only be in so many states with a clipboard. >> excuse me, can i ask you a question? >> i can't be everywhere. >> he keeps saying donald trump, does that mean he's leaning toward a female? he's a pretty good strategist. >> earlier in the week, hillary clinton has suggested maybe i would have a woman as a running mate. an all female ticket. >> in bridge, there's the trump card and hillary says she's playing the woman card. >> i don't have any friends so i never play bridge.
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the candidates are switching into high gear campaigning in indiana. that state could decide the gop nominee. >> knox news -- fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is live from the indianapolis motor speedway where they run the indy 500. good morning to you, john roberts! start your engines! >> 100th anniversary running of the indy 500 by the way. politics very much like the indy 500, except only 33 cars start the race and they go round and round in circles until somebody wins. it's coming down to a huge race here. not the one on memorial day, but may 3rd. donald trump is going to be here later today, big event with bobby knight, the famous hoosiers coach in indianapolis. last night, when he won every county in all five states, all
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of this talk of him changing and being more presidential, why should i do that? it's working. >> i started off down 17th. i'm down now. it's over. these two guys, it's over. why would i change? if you have a football team and you are winning, you get to the super bowl, you don't change your quarterback. i'm not changing. >> ted cruz says put your money on me. that is the argument he's making here in indiana. it's a state that sets up well for him. 31% of the population identifies as evangelical. that's right in ted cruz's sweet spot. he's hoping for a wisconsin-style come-from-behind victory. here's cruz last night. >> together, the people of indiana are going to send a powerful signal to the media, a
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powerful signal to the washington establishment that the chosen candidate of washington, the chosen candidate of big money and the lobbyists, they are not going to decide the republican nominee. it is going to be we the people. >> one big question, like governor scott walker endorsed him in wisconsin a week before the race, will the governor of indiana endorse cruz? next hour, we'll watch the very first political report while driving around the indianapolis speedway. >> last week, in front of the rocky museum, you ran up -- you are telling us, is that a pace car behind you, could you get the things to that thing? >> that is the official pace car. you got to bump it up. last week, the rocky steps. this week, the speed way.
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>> john roberts live at the brick yard in indy. coming up on this wednesday, does donald trump need 1237 delegates to secure the nomination? maybe not. turns out his magic number is actually lower. we'll show you as we do the math next. have you seen this video? a woman caught on camera walking her dog from her car. >> that's lazy and dangerous. >> people are outraged about this, calling it animal cruelty. what do you think? >> she's driving her dog down the road. disgusting. ♪ what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster
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well, after sweeping all five states, donald trump now has 950 delegates. he needs 1237. but that number could be much less because of the unbound delegates. he could pick up at the convention. so what is donald trump's real magic number? this guy knows right here. scott rasmussen. >> you need 1237 or do you? >> well, you do need 1237, but some delegates are pledged and some are unbound. they are free agents. there's almost 250 free agents in the whole list. to get you that 1237. >> so this is the number right here, unbound.
3:17 am
245 that donald trump would have to pick from. >> right. sort of. and these numbers very fluid. all of these rules very flexible. there's 112 delegates in these five areas. 69 of them say they are going to vote for ted cruz. i think trump gets maybe five out of this whole batch. >> that's not a very good average. >> so let's move elsewhere. >> marco rubio has 171 delegates. some states rules if he's not campaigning, they are available. i think he's maybe getting six out of this group. >> that's not good either but they are adding up. >> donald trump is winning lots of places last night. in pennsylvania, we've been talking about this a lot. 54 delegates directly elected. i've heard from some of the delegates who won yesterday and they are becoming much more favorable to donald trump than they were before, but i still
3:18 am
think he can only count on about 18 of these delegates if he needs them. and this is the thing, when you good to the bank, they will give you money if you don't need it. donald trump will get all of these unbound delegates if he's winning big everywhere else but that's not when he needs them. >> in pennsylvania, there were 71 delegates in all and right now it looks like trump wind up with -- >> half of them. >> west virginia, directly elected, he could end up plus or minus of 19. a lot of people are including these delegates in their totals they say are pledged. they are not pledged. this is a very fluid group but i think donald trump gets somewhere around 19 or 20 of these delegates. >> that's not bad but these numbers are starting to add up one by one, adding up and there you have another -- what's the other delegate? >> jeb bush delegates.
3:19 am
>> this next screen tells the tale. >> donald trump with all these estimates gets about 50 of the unbound delegates, that's assuming now that he loses next week and it's a contested convention and all this really matters. >> so that's the addition of all those states and all those territories put together, which means the magic number is actually 1187 pledged delegates is what donald trump needs. >> from the estimates i've seen on this network and other networks as well, that's doable. >> sure. look, none of this will matter if donald trump wins indiana next week. if ted cruz wins indiana and we go into california and it's close there, then these numbers become very important. i think donald trump's strategy on the unbound delegates is to say i'm going to win so big i don't need them. he hired his team too late to get started on this. ted cruz has been fighting this battle for two years. >> when people think the magic number is 1237, when you look at the other delegates, the real
3:20 am
number is 1187. >> think about if he gets to 1186 or 5, i would hate to be an unbound delegate with all the pressure they are going to be under. coming up, he's a convicted burglar so how is he allowed to sue the man he's accused of robbing? it's happening and we have the creepy details coming up. and which candidates are voters most afraid of? the answer right on that screen. who is it? we're going to tell you next. 98,352 what's that? the number of units we'll make next month to maximize earnings. that's a projection. no, it's a fact. based on hundreds of proprietary and open data sets folded into a real-time, actionable analytics model.
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thank you! thank you! what a week! we sat down, we kicked back, and we watched tv! [ cheering ] this win is just the beginning! it doesn't end here. because your laundry can wait! keep those sweatpants on! order another pizza! and watch on! [ cheering ] don't wait a whole year for xfinity watchathon week to return. upgrade now to add the premium channel of your choice so you can keep watching. call or go online today. good morning. it is now 23 minutes after the hour. let's start with your headlines.
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an extreme weather to bring you. more than 50 million americans now in the path of a storm as it heads in the direction of the great plains and also the midwest. take a look at this. touching down in oklahoma and also southern indiana, bringing baseball-sized hail and torrential rain. now, overseas, where we're about to take a look at live pictures coming out of paris, this is the palace of justice there. this is significant today. the admitted terrorist salah abdeslam is expected to appear before a judge today. he was just excited to france in secret. we've learned he has a lawyer. the lawyer is saying his client is falling apart and is ready to cooperate with investigators. the attacks in paris leaving 130 people dead. will bring you more throughout the day. fox news investigation. we got our hands on faa records
3:25 am
that show that pilots fly drunk and engage in criminal activity. one pilot a month is caught trying to fly drunk. in 2015, the faa investigated pilots and evoked the 38 pilot licenses. hillary clinton takes home four out of the five democratic races. and donald trump swept all five states yesterday. the exit polls, the folks are walking out and you are asking them about feeling betrayed by the politicians and why they are voting a certain way. what did you find? >> this is a big number. six out of ten voters say i feel betrayed by politicians and we're seeing this number grow and grow and this plays right into trump's narrative.
3:26 am
he says i'm an outsider. i'm going to do things differently. i'm going to make government work for you and make america great again. this is why we're seeing a surge here. a lot of people are saying i'm dissatisfied with government, i'm angry with government. that's why trump is doing well. >> when you ask people if they prefer the next president to be a political outsider, what did you find? >> well, this plays right into the trump show. 83% are voting for trump because of the fact that he's an outsider and he is really, you know, of all of the candidates, i think cruz started this saying he's an outsider, sanders says he's an outsider but both of those guys are senators. trump is a true outsider. he's coming at this in a whole new way. we've never seen a candidate
3:27 am
like this before. people are saying he's authentic, he's real and he's really getting those people who are looking for that. >> you ask people during the exit polls if they were concerned or scared about certain candidates. what did you find? >> this is one of the surprising things to me. 60% of voters said they were scared of ted cruz as president. used to be donald trump. >> why is that? >> i think we're seeing a real shift here. i'm not sure if they are now really seeing him as the insider, as the one who is pulling the strings, i don't know because of what happened on sunday with him and kasich going behind closed doors and seeming to collude as trump is calling it. whatever the case is, i'm pretty sure we're seeing that rise and it's interesting to see how it plays out in indiana or something in the east coast state. indiana is critical next week for cruz, if he does not win there, it's going to be hard for
3:28 am
him to make a case to keep going to the convention. >> the number one issue people are worried about is the economy. >> 56% are really concerned about the economy and that plays right into trump. trump does so very well on folks that are concerned about the economy. they hear his message about making america great again. i'm going to bring back jobs. his trade message, we're going to get manufacturing back to this country, makes people really, really hopeful he's going to be the guy for the job. >> thank you. lee is going to join us later on with another breakdown. ted cruz and john kasich teamed up to take on donald trump. is their plan falling apart? our panel is going to analyze it next. have you seen this video? a woman is caught on camera walking her dog from her car. >> she's driving her dog down
3:29 am
the road. disgusting. >> what do you think about that? people are outraged. they are calling it animal cruelty. happy birthday to our friend si robertson. he's 68 today and willie is going to be on with him today. >> the bottom line is you got to understand me to understand hey, hey, hey, let's get it done, boys. get ready...
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or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. it's time to wake up and understand what we're dealing with now. donald trump sweeping five states in yesterday's primary races and after cruz and kasich teamed up earlier this week to try to stop him and are they too late and is this collusion is going to work? let's ask our panel.
3:33 am
for donald trump, i thought the five wins is not the big story. how close they got to 60% in all those five states is the bigger story. do you agree? >> absolutely. the margins were enormous. they capped them at 35%, we've seen them at 47%. now he's at 60%. he's crushing these states and he's crushing them with a crowded field. i think that's the big news story last night to win all five states is important, but moving forward, he's starting to flex a little political muscle and that's what you need, that momentum, that appearance that you are starting to take control of this thing and that's what he's got right now. >> have you figured out what happened now from wisconsin, the declining numbers of donald trump at 34% to the unstoppable numbers of donald trump? what happened? >> the anti-trump movement has not really coalesced around a candidate. kasich stayed in the race. and cruz is competing. now they are getting together but i think it's a little too late and trump has been able to
3:34 am
rebound in ways that other candidates aren't traditionally able to, and also i think that the fundraising is an issue as well. trump is obviously doesn't have that big of a problem with it. he's spending his own money. i think it gets harder and harder for cruz and kasich to continue that and that's why they made this alliance, to really allocate and get those resources. >> you know what we're seeing too jessica, we're seeing the fact that this collusion is taking place and nothing has really happened positively yet and we're about to see in indiana what happened when kasich says i'm going out west, i'm not going to be there. i'm not telling my people to vote for you, ted cruz, but i'm just not going to be there and taking out ads. would that make up five points what the polls say? >> i'm not really sure. the entire premise of a cruz-kasich alliance is so disingenuous when you look at their ideologies, kasich is a republican moderate. the premise that they would do this together i think only
3:35 am
further graefts voters. will it make up the five points? i don't know. cruz doesn't need to win indiana actually and trump doesn't need to win it himself either -- i take that back. cruz needs to win indiana. trump doesn't need to win it to get the delegates. >> the whole collusion was ill-timed, ill conceived, clunky from the get-go. it wasn't positive to be for somebody, it was set up to be against somebody. >> they didn't execute the plan well. all of a sudden, donald trump has something to talk about in front of 10,000 people who have been waiting to get in. >> donald trump is winning more delegates than projected, winning by larger margins. that makes it harder for harder for cruz. >> does he winnie of those five states if the general election is tomorrow? >> he could, potentially. with that working man's message,
3:36 am
he could do way better. >> i think it's going to be tougher. >> i still think that a lot of republicans would not vote for him, so i think that would be problematic. >> you think all five states, blue, talking to eric trump, he believes firmly that pennsylvania will be in his column. most people believe what you guys believe. let's talk about hillary clinton now. the word from the -- from the senior adviser to bernie sanders is we're going to reassess our campaign strategy not no get out but maybe to lessen the attacks. do you buy that? >> yeah, i buy it. he's been the most honest of anyone on the bernie sanders's front. bernie sanders is trying to dictate the democratic platform when he's losing in a landslide. when you look at the popular vote, she's 57-43 right now. it end up 60-40.
3:37 am
she only lost to obama by 2 points and more generous with her endorsement with prem than bernie sanders has been. >> she's saying i convinced my supporters to go for barack obama in '08. will bernie sanders be just as effective doing it? i sense that bernie sanders supporters are a lot different than hillary clinton supporters in '08. >> i think they are more reluctant and i think it will take sanders conceding the race and if there's any chance of unity, which i think there is s more chance on the democrat side than the republican, it will take a big overture by bernie sanders. a public brace. hillary clinton and barack obama met behind the scenes. he agreed to pay down her campaign debt. >> the yucker -- younger voters who support bernie sanders have no loyalty to the democratic party and certainly no loyalty to the clintons.
3:38 am
they are in there for the movement. i think the bernie sanders campaign ends where it begins. the thought this is just a movement. he wants to get a message out there. as jessica alluded to, i think he wants to effect the democratic platform. >> thank you so much for coming. i don't even have the power to tease out this segment. i have to toss. i do it with grace. >> you are a man with power, brian. i've got a couple of headline i i want to bring you right now. 38 minutes after the hour. he's a convicted burglar so how on earth is this guy allowed to sue the man that he's accused of robbing? this is happening right now in indiana and here's the back story. the home owner shot the suspect in the arm as he was running away from his home. a jury then convicted that home owner. saying he was reckless. now, the convicted thief, david bailey, is suing the home owner for more than $100,000. we'll follow this case. interesting one. a disney cruise picks up
3:39 am
unexpected passengers. three fugitives. the ship spotted two men and a womanled hanging on to their capsized ship. it turns out they we wanted for credit card fraud. a woman caught on camera walking her dog while she was driving. >> she's driving her dog down the road. disgusting. >> that owner now defending herself, claiming the dog wasn't dragged and saying hey, there's a lot of slack on that leash. talk about running an extra mile. a 12-year-old girl runs a half marathon by mistake.
3:40 am
lee an rodriguez registered for a 5 k race in new york. she took off and run four miles before figuring out what happened. >> she said it was like 13 miles and that's when it struck me that i think i was in the half marathon instead of the 5 k. >> two hours and 43 minutes later she crossed the finish line. she just kept going and going. she didn't real she had gone. those are your headlines. how far did you wind up running? >> almost a 10 k. >> so double the time. god bless her that she was in good shape. we're talking about the story with the lady with the dog. >> yeah, we couldn't get over that. in traffic. >> it's a little crazy. i will tell you this. on several occasions, i walked my dog charlie on a bike. >> that's good. >> which was good. >> but you are not lance armstrong. >> he pulled me into the ditch and that wasn't good. i stopped walking him that way. >> in a nice neighborhood, not a
3:41 am
lot of traffic, fine. that was on a busy road and we were saying maybe she has bad knees or something. just bad knees, i feel sorry for her but a busy highway, come on! >> what do you think she was doing? if you are that woman driving, call us, aaa tell fox. the push to stop donald trump continues. one former candidate says denying the donald could make the republican party crumble into pieces. that candidate donald trump supporter ben carson. the doctor is making a couch call next zblxt and ted cruz peeking called out for a big-time sports slip. did you see this? >> the amazing thing is that basketball ring here in indiana it's the same height as it is in new york city and every other place in this country. >> oh, no. we had to rewind it in our house to maybe sure we heard it right. >> i want to play gene
3:42 am
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whe gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some. he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. feel me lois? i'm feeling you. boom! look at that pie chart. the ready for you alert, only at well, the donald trump five for five last night sweeping the northeast and getting closer to the nomination, he says he's inevitable, but will the gop, will the party agree? >> former presidential candidate turned trump supporter dr. ben carson joins us right now to answer that question. good morning, dr. carson. >> good morning. >> so what does this say about the election going forward from yesterday? >> it says the people themselves in the conservative movement have a much better sense of how to save the party and how to save the country than the
3:46 am
pundits and the political establishment. and interestingly enough, you know, a few weeks ago, they were all saying, you know, brokered convention, a contested convention, it's inevitable, but i think the people have discovered that it doesn't have to go that route and that's why they are flocking in droves to the trump campaign because they know what will happen if we have a contested convention. they know that the enthusiasm will disappear, the party will be frarktd, we not only lose the presidency but the senate and the supreme court will shift significantly, and you think some of the stuff coming out of the supreme court now is whacky wait until you put a few more progressives on there, you will not recognize this country. >> donald trump wound up 64.4%. last night in delaware he wound up with 61% and rhode island.
3:47 am
what do you make of this alliance between ted cruz and john kasich? >> well, ted cruz and john kasich, i think both are thinking that somehow the situation can be manipulated and they can become the nominee, but what they are thinking about are themselves and their ambition. they need to put that aside and they need to think about the country, the future, and recognize if they fracture the republican party and they fracture the conservative vote and they deny donald trump the nomination, they are basically handing it over to hillary or a hillary substitute. that's not going to be good. they need to think about their children. they need to think about their grandchildren. they need to think about the overall scheme and they need to know that they can still have a
3:48 am
future but they need to play this thing for the country. not for themselves. >> what do you say about some conservative columnists saying the end of reaganism is over if donald trump gets the nomination because of iraq, social security staying the way it is, nato, a lot of people are worried that donald trump will blow up the party and their tenets for good. what's your reaction? >> my reaction is donald trump is a much more reasonable person than they think he is. they will find that he's not an ie delog. he's willing to listen to reason. no one, if you go back and you look at the things that people have said who have been running for office over the years, you will find very little correlation between what they are saying and what actually
3:49 am
happened. >> interesting analysis in this post game show. dr. ben carson joining us from west palm beach, florida. >> we've been talking about donald trump, the big winner yesterday. he's going to join us in the next hour. if you have a question for him, email us at fox and or tweet us. ted cruz being called out for a big time sports slip. >> that basketball ring here in indiana it's the same height here as it is in new york city. >> did you hear it? did he call it a basketball ring or a hoop? >> clay morris is here with the moments going viral next. and jessica alba, it's not pretty even though she is pretty.
3:50 am
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i used to like that song.
3:53 am
the amazing thing is that basketball ring here in indiana it's the same height as it is in new york city and every other place in this country. and there is nothing that the hoosiers cannot do.
3:54 am
>> yep. ted cruz's hoosier fail, one of the top trends on social media. gives us a sneak peek into indiana. >> that's a bless the heart moment. whattess was trending in the battle for the east? >> clayton morris is here to break it all down for us. at least he didn't talk about a football bat. oh, that was brutal. >> we were kind of playing the tape back because earlier in the sound bite, 30 seconds prior to the sound bite he said rim and then he said ring. you hear a hush in the stadium. this is where the "hoosier" was shot. they didn't invent basketball in indiana -- >> but i will say i might have made that mistake. >> okay, here's some tweets. people are supporting you. did ted cruz just call it a nas consider ring?
3:55 am
is he looking forward to seeing nascar run the indy 500? >> and one wanted to show the original -- you can see in the bucket, they used soccer balls. >> dr. naismith, i believe. >> let's make this easy for ted. give you a history lesson with another tweet. he captured most of the attention, but then chris christie at trump tower capturing the attention again and really blowing up social media. because you recall the first tuesday -- super tuesday victory for trump and he was standing behind him with that christy face. never smiled. someone in chris christie's office told him to smile harder or the memes would return. #super tuesday. he still looked like he didn't want to be there. >> going back to indiana with bobby knight on the stump. you know he's going to bring that up with donald trump.
3:56 am
>> well, he was -- actually, there was some vine videos last night that showed knight throwing a chair. >> right. >> you have some video of chris christie. >> why didn't he have that same enthusiasm at the bruce springsteen concert. he was there afterwards and he's standing behind trump, he doesn't show that enthusiasm. >> if he did the fist thrust behind trump -- look, it's appropriate for a springsteen coner. >> doing the fist bump and he was dancing in the dark. >> i have no problem with someone going to the concert and enjoying themselves. >> no, people don't have a problem with this. it's something fun to talk about. >> if you go to the billy joel concert again, people will be filming you when you don't think no one is watching you when you're dancing. we'll roll it on the air. >> america doesn't need me to dance. but if i choose to do that, i would hope clayton morris wouldn't trot out here --
3:57 am
>> if you dance at a concert, we're putting you on "fox & friends." >> clayton morris. thank you. the trump train is showing no signs of slowing down. trump will join us in the next hour. stick around. you're watching "fox & friends." advil liqui-gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. a vehicle so versatile it owns anything outdoors
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4:00 am
now, we didn't only win, we won big. in the state fives. this is our biggest night, because it shows -- so thank you very much. >> what a great night. let's win the nomination and in july let's return as a unified party. >> this campaign is not just about electing the president. it is about transforming our nation. [ applause ] >> tonight, this campaign moves
4:01 am
back to more favorable terrain. [ applause ] >> and five states within 30 minutes of the polls closing, it's a blowout. it was for donald trump and hillary clinton did very well. although bernie sanders wound up getting one state -- the state of rhode island. >> he almost took connecticut for a while, but didn't actually take it. here you're looking at a delegate math right now. 950 for donald trump. that could grow, we're still waiting for the final tally to come in and a lot more delegates to be had at pennsylvania. 560 for ted cruz and then trailing badly is governor kasich who didn't get anything last night. he hoped to grab some, but he didn't. coming up in 15 minutes it will be donald trump. it's hard to argue with who has the momentum right now. >> sure. >> also hard to argue with the fact that he definitely has within his grasp 1,237. >> you're right.
4:02 am
many people said he had to get 100 delegates at least last nig night. he got 115 -- >> he has 105 and could get a lot more. a lot of the delegates in pennsylvania which are 54 more, who ever wins by congressional district i'm going with. donald trump took them all. >> sure. we had scott rasmussen on 45 minutes ago, everyone says the magic number is 1,237. given the fact that donald trump when you look at the unbound delegates would wind up with at least 50, donald trump's magic number is actually 1,187. perhaps that's why last night from trump tower donald trump himself said, look, i'm it. listen. >> when the boxer knocks out the other boxer, you don't have to wait around for decision. that's what happened tonight. i consider myself the presumptive nominee. >> he went on to say that cruz and kasich, you need to drop out of the race, he said. brit hume agrees with what donald trump just said. take a listen.
4:03 am
>> i think it gets harder and harder to stop him, even if he's headed off in indiana to some extent and doesn't quite get to 1,237. i don't think when you get to the convention if he's close that the party as a whole would want to risk alienating his voters by denying him the nomination or refusing to come up with the delegates to give it to him. they can't afford to lose the number of voters they think they would lose if it looked like he had been cheated. >> you know, there's something else that donald trump brought up last night that i thought was significant. didn't get much play. he said bernie sanders should go independent. if i'm bernie sanders, they're doing him wrong in the democratic party. he should go independent. i thought that's genius. >> absolutely. that's genius strategy. we should talk a little bit about ted cruz. ted cruz had a terrible night. he finished in third place in three states behind john kasich. in fact, in connecticut and rhode island he wound up with only 10%. so it's hard for him to make the
4:04 am
argument, that you know, on the second ballot i would be the person even though he diddl bad there. and john kasich said he'd do good in pennsylvania and he came in third. >> marco rubio is doing better than kasich is. >> right. he's got more. 163, something like that. >> marco dropped out a long time ago. >> just to build on what you said, they say that little marco might be big because he might have 171 delegates to give out to the person that he feels as though would do the best job for the party. he might be able -- >> you were breaking down the statistics. fascinating to me. look at how -- right. >> in pennsylvania, ainsley -- >> did you like my segment? >> yes. >> in pennsylvania, donald trump wound up with 56% of the vote. in maryland, 54%. in connecticut, 58%. keep in mind, last week he wound up with 60.4% here in new york state. in delaware last night, it was a blowout number. donald trump wound up with 61%.
4:05 am
in rhode island, 64%. now, of three of the five states we did exit polls, and in pennsylvania, we talked to republicans and democrats. republican voters people betrayed, 60% of them said by politicians. which makes sense. which is one of the reasons why an outsider like donald trump would resonate so well. >> why collusion might be -- might boomerang on people who think the politicians of the past are colluding against us. the gop, this is another question we asked in the exit poll. gop in pennsylvania voters prefer the next president to be a political outsider, obviously donald trump wins that by a wide margin. >> when you talk about outsider, ted cruz a tea party favorite but he's a u.s. senator. he's part of the machine. >> right. people also asked what would you be concerned or scared about, 50% said if kasich won and then 37% said if donald trump won.
4:06 am
>> that's unbelievable to me because kasich is as traditional as you can be. they know what he's like as governor. they know what he was like in the private sector. to me he's a known quantity. i don't know how he finished second in that. >> seems the numbers flipped. people were most afraid of donald trump and now it's ted cruz on the republican side. then what are you worried about regarding the economy, how worried are you? this is really telling because when you think about it who has made jobs, jobs, jobs the cornerstone of his campaign? donald trump. 56% of republican voters in pennsylvania are very worried. you add that with somewhat worried what does that come up to? 94% are either or somewhat worried about the economy. >> that's not changed. we have noticed everyone is always concerned about the economy every election. >> except after san bernardino, terrorism was number one. >> for a couple of weeks. >> ted cruz has talked about
4:07 am
jobs, but if you look at what bill clinton said two days ago on the stump, they went up to him as he was leaving the statement, they said what is everyone so upset about, what's so different about this election? 80% of the country has not gotten a raise and they blame the administration. they say quickly, bill, get out of here. that's why donald trump gives hope that he might have a magic pill for the economy. >> so many companies are move toerg countries and he said that's not going to happen under me. >> see that bother me a little. i want the company to stay here because the taxes are less. not because they're threatened to stay. because they have to make it attractive to the shareholders. >> stay in the u.s. >> taxes have to go down. >> when you look at the exit polls people feel like things are going in the wrong direction. they don't trust somebody from washington to do it. they want somebody to essentially start from scratch. do it in a different way and according to this stuff, that's
4:08 am
why donald trump did so well last night. so with another big night in his rearview mirror, ultimately in high gear, next stop, the hoosier state of indiana. >> that state could decide the gop nominee. >> fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is live at the indianapolis motor speedway. >> wait, he's driving around the track? >> is this one of the driverless c cars? >> we're coming out of turn four and down the homestretch. a big race coming up here clearly on the 29th. but also a big race coming up next tuesday. that's when donald trump hopes to really kind of seal the deal and also when ted cruz hopes to stop donald trump from getting to the 1,237 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination. donald trump is going to be spending a lot of time in indiana over the next week. he's got a big rally tonight with bobby knight here in indianapolis. going to california for a couple
4:09 am
of days and then is going to be in indiana pretty much all the way through until tuesday night. trump, you know, the car race if everybody crashes out before the race is over, the person who led for the most laps is the one who's declared the winner. donald trump is hoping that if he doesn't get to 1,237, that's the kind of formula that the republican party will apply to him. here's trump from last night. >> how do you pick a man on second or the third or the fourth ballot who has millions of votes -- 5 or 6 million votes less than trump, i'm the one that brought all the people into the party. you know what's going to happen? those people at a minimum they're very upset and very angry but at a minimum they're not going to vote. >> of course, trump warning there that if his supporters don't get what they want, they're likely to stay home in november. ted cruz is making the opposite argument saying if donald trump ask declared the nominee, there are millions of voters, many of them conservatives in the republican party who will stay home in november rather than vote for donald trump.
4:10 am
cruz is hoping for a wisconsin-style come from behind victory next tuesday. certainly he's got the evangelical votes that he can rely on. 31% of people in the state of indiana describe themselves as evangelicals. coming through turn four again. you can feel the gs here. ted cruz appealing to voters here in the hoosier state to back him. because he's the best person to become the nominee and president. here's cruz from last night. >> the nation is looking at this state as a crossroads. to make a decision for our country. do we want to support a campaign that is based on yelling and screaming and cursing and insults? or do we want to unite behind a positive, optimistic, forward looking, conservative campaign? >> one of the big questions here
4:11 am
in indiana between now and next tuesday, remember, in wisconsin, governor walker endorsed ted cruz a week before the primary. helped push him over the top in wisconsin. will governor mike pence endorse ted cruz or sit on the sidelines? we have a different election this year and he's thinking about taking the chance. >> john, you said when you're going around one of the corners you can feel the gs. how fast are you going right now? who's driving, and do you have your seat belt on? >> i have my seat belt here. i'm here. the media communications director here in indy -- >> you have a pr guy driving? >> 90 miles per hour. 90 miles per hour, coming in tow to turn -- this is three? turn three. >> you can feel the gs. you know the banking on indianapolis is nowhere near what it is on a course like daytona. here we're coming into turn four. so you do get a lot of sideways g forces here. yeah, go ahead, ainsley.
4:12 am
>> in nascar, the winner kisses the brick. in indy, they drink the milk. which one are you doing for us? >> well, we don't have any milk this morning. so maybe some water. speaking of brick, don't forget this was called the brickyard coming up here right by the -- what do you call it again now? >> the pylon. >> right by the pylon. there are three feet of bricks, boom, we went over it. that's all that's left of the original course here at indy. the 100th running of the indianapolis 500 coming up on the 29th. and let me tell you, we're going fast. they're going more than twice as fast as this around this track. >> all right. hoosier reporter, that's john roberts. thank you very much. this is great. >> does this beat the rocky steps, you guys? >> it's up there. >> we love all your reports. >> to be going almost 100 miles per hour and tossing to a sound
4:13 am
bite, great move. we are the ones asking donald trump the questions this morning it is your turn. that's coming up next. remember the black lives matter leader arrested during the baltimore riots who then ran for mayor? so how did he do yesterday in maryland? the results are in and they're not pretty. more live from new york city, coming up in two minutes. allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. this is how it begins... with a mighty roar... that tells the world...
4:14 am
we're coming for you.
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4:17 am
good morning. welcome back. 17 minutes after the hour. some headlines, beginning with a fox news alert. a virginia deputy shot at point blank range. he was responding to a domestic call and hadn't even knocked on the door yet when the gunman opened fire. that suspect surrendering after a standoff. the deputy is expected to be okay. some extreme weather to bring you, affecting more than 50 million americans who are in the path of this storm as it heads in the great plains and the midwest. tornadoes, look at this right here, touching down in oklahoma and also southern indiana. bringing baseball sized hail and torrential rain. and not another breaking story, moments ago the admitted
4:18 am
terrorist salah abdeslam arriving at the french palace. he's at the palace of justice, and that's where he'll go before a judge later today. he was secretly extradited to france and we have now just learned he has a lawyer. the lawyer is saying that his client is quote falling apart and is ready to cooperate with the investigation. the attacks in paris left 130 people dead. and do you remember thematt was arrested during protests in baltimore? well, he went on the run for mayor and he became a real media darling, but the results are now in. here's a picture of him right here. he was crushed in the election. deray mckesson is his name. he received less than 3% of the vote in the democratic primary. and now it goes on to somebody else. those are your headlines. see you back in a bit. >> thanks, appreciate it, heather. straight ahead on this show, we are always the ones asking donald trump the questions. this morning it's your turn. he'll answer a few of your
4:19 am
questions. we'll squeeze in some of ours. please get dressed.
4:20 am
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4:22 am
welt, donald trump had a really good day yesterday and he won the five primaries. he joins us right now on the phone. donald trump, we saw you on tv last night. how did you celebrate the big win? >> well, i was up early this morning. i did a couple of shows. but yours has to always be in that list, otherwise, i would be in big trouble with you folks and that would not be a pleasant day. >> right. >> but -- >> how'd you celebrate? >> i didn't really celebrate. you know, i like to celebrate when things are over. we're just about there. you have two people that are really hanging around and they did very poorly last night. you know, we very much exceeded what everybody thought. i mean, we're in the 60s. you know, it's very hard to get into the 60s when you have three people. very, very hard and i'm in the
4:23 am
60s. if you look at pennsylvania, i got most of those delegates tied up by the way, on the record i can say that. most of the people are tied up now. >> what do you mean? >> well, the -- most of -- as you know, i won only 17 by winning the state in a landslide. only win 17, because the whole system is horrible. and it's just a horrible system. this whole delegate system, but nevertheless, we have tied up many of the delegates. they were trump delegates, so they're officially ours. it's the substantial number, like 26 or something in addition to the 17. then the rest of them we will be able to get. but think of it, i win the state in a landslide and you have cruz and his minions going out and trying to sign people. he came in third place. sign -- trying to sign people, desperately, you know, taking them out to coffee and to dinner and to steak and to the hotels. trying to sign people to -- this is not the process. this is not the american way. and it's frankly, it's very disgusting. but we had a tremendous night
4:24 am
and a tremendous victory. far greater than even the polls thought we were going to do. >> a lot of people were saying, it will be a contested convention. then we see the results this morning after last night. many of the stasis titions said you had to get over a hundred delegates and you did that. people are thinking, all right, maybe this is not going to go to the contested convention. i know you said that all along. do you consider this a turning poijt or what do you say -- point or what do you say to the voters who are thinking differently? >> no i think it's not a turning point. i think new york was a turning point last week. i got almost 100% of the delegates. 95 delegates, we got almost all of them. we got 62%, you know, again, with three people. the point is if you had two people, 62% is a good number. but against three people, 62% is hard to get. i got it. and this week we did almost the same except with a more diverse group. you know from delaware to rhode island and then you have pennsylvania and maryland and
4:25 am
connecticut, and, you know, it's a very diverse group. i won them all conclusively. it wasn't even close. we got most of the delegates. so it was -- actually, we got -- i guess you have the count better than i would. but we far -- yeah, we were happy with 80. i think we got more than 105, right. >> so donald trump, i have to ask you, you said in your address you don't change quarterbacks in the middle -- as you get into the super bowl. you don't change quarterbacks. i was wondering if that meant behind the scenes because there's some talk behind the scenes that corey lewandowski is back, front and center and maybe the new guys have stepped back. were you feeling as though you were leaving your personality a bit and being less flamboyant and now corey lewandowski stepped back and now corey lewandowski is stepping forward again? >> no, there's harmony behind the scenes. these magazines like politico
4:26 am
papers who writes without calling me. i understand what's going on. they get along great, paul and corey and the whole group get along great. they'll write a story. it's almost as though they're like, write a story on trump. they don't call anybody. they don't talk to anybody and they write a story. it's always a good story, you know, because they write that oh, well, they're fighting. they're really not. i'm telling you, they're not. i'm the only one who knows. i would be able to -- you know what? you folks i would tell. you're the only ones i could tell, you know? but brian, they get along great. different responsibilities. paul is focused on delegates which is a good responsibility. that's why with pennsylvania we got so many delegates. everyone was saying the 50 odd delegates are floating delegates, well, we have gotten most signed up and done. >> no doubt you had a good night. there's a story out this morning, donald trump, ted cruz may name carly fiorina as his running mate later on today.
4:27 am
do you think that would help him going into indiana next tuesday? what does that do for him if she joins his ticket? >> well, i think it hurts him. i don't think he -- i can't imagine he does it. first of all he shouldn't name anybody because he doesn't have a chance. he's millions of votes behind. he hurt himself horribly when he did the collusion deal with kasich. everyone is upset about it. everyone is angry about it. but more importantly he's millions of votes behind. he's hundreds of delegates behind. i mean, what is he, 400 or 500 delegates behind. he has no path to victory and he's naming a vice presidential candidate. i guess that's cute. you know, his whole campaign has been based on psychology. but the psychology is no good. it's not working because you know what happened yesterday was a disaster for them. it showed weakness. it showed how weak they were. naming carly -- carly didn't do well. she had the one good debate. not against me, by the way.
4:28 am
i have to tell you. because i had an unblemished record of victories in the debate, but she had a good debate on the smaller stage as you say. that was it. then she went up in the polls and every week she went down down down. she ended one a very small number and had to get out. i think she's a nice woman. i think that it's not going to help him at all. and shouldn't be naming anybody now. to me it looks ridiculous. he's not doing to get the nomination. >> mr. trump, we have been asking the viewers to write in the questions because we think it's important to hear from the viewers and answer the questions. this is an e-mail, overwhelmingly your supporters say they'd never cast a vote for ted cruz an cruz's fans will never cast a vote for you. how can you convince cruz republicans to cross over? >> i know that my supporters will never cast a vote for him, but his will cast a vote for me. we're already seeing it. let's say i averaged over 60% in five states, very diverse
4:29 am
states. a lot of the people were cruz supporters previously. because before they were talking about he didn't break 50. it's hard to break 50 when you have eight people running. i never get -- i tried to make a big point of that last night. but i watched my first pundit show this morning before you went on. i saw they didn't cover it again. it's amazing. they don't talk about it. but when you have six, seven, eight people vying -- let's say i get 34 in new hampshire -- >> we get it. >> that's a massive, that's almost impossible to -- and -- 50, you can't get 50 when you have that many people running. right? look, i made that point. but even when you have three it's hard to get 50. you know? if you had -- if i had -- right. it's very hard to get 50. so now i'm getting 60 and 62 and i have three. so it's been just very exciting. >> right. >> we're getting a lot of his people turning over to us. >> here's clayton who wrote us this. would you have your attorney
4:30 am
general reopen the investigation of mrs. clinton's classified e-mails, and benghazi if she isn't charged with anything? >> yes, i would. >> quick answer. >> would you be more likely to name a female vp should you get the nomination to counter hillary clinton's gender? >> it's possible. there are a couple that are really very good. it's possible. i don't know that it counters her gender. i don't think she does well with women, frankly. you know, her poll numbers are very bad with women. but i watched her last night and i said it. i mean, hillary clinton is playing the woman's card to a fare thee well. the only thing she has going. i said if she was a man she wouldn't get 5% of the vote. >> speaking of a man, bobby knight is joining you out in indiana. next stop, indiana, the hoosier state. good luck, mr. trump. >> he is indeed a man. a great guy and a great coach and a brilliant guy.
4:31 am
that'll be fantastic tonight. >> it will be fiery. we'll put you on a five second delay. >> okay. >> mr. trump, like we always say, we asked all of the candidates to join us this morning. thank you for taking us up on that invitation. >> i think the other candidates are too depressed. >> they're sleeping in. >> well, have a great day. thank you. >> thank you very much. all right, up next, you just heard donald trump say that he's the presumptive nominee. does the math back that up? karl rove is here with his white board. there it is. >> yes. and want to get rid of refugees? one country has a unique way to do it. they're offering them a cash bonus. more "sit" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper.
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steady... this. and a little bit of this. which means you should probably wear this. beat yesterday with vivosmart hr from garmin. it's super tuesday, the east
4:35 am
coast edition. clean sweep for donald trump in going 5 for 5 in connecticut, pennsylvania, maryland, delaware and rhode island. >> and trump has 950 delegate, 400 more than ted cruz. the candidates are focused on may 3rd's contest in indiana. >> and hillary clinton went 4 for 5 with her lone loss coming in rhode island where bernie sanders took 55% of the vote. >> well, clinton has more than 2,100 delegates to sanders' 1,300. she needs 19% of the remaining delegates to secure the democratic nomination. well, he's got his white board and erasable dry marker, karl rove is joining us now. >> they're not mine, but yours. >> we had them in the supply clos closet? >> exactly. >> let's talk about what you have right here. >> let's talk republicans first.
4:36 am
trump had a really good night. in order to get the trend line of 1,237 he needed to be in the range of 34 to -- excuse me, 93 to 98 and he got 105. his opposition got six. one for cruz and five for kasich in rhode island. so that leaves the count at 950 for trump, to 1,020 not trump, but that's the uncommitted delegates in pennsylvania. >> because there were 71 delegates in all, 17 to the winner, 54 floaters. >> right. this is the way it's been forever in pennsylvania for a long time. three per congressional district. but if you dig down, i spent the last couple of days going through the pennsylvania newspapers, there are about 150 delegates, delegate candidates in 16 congressional districts. there were two districts where only three people filed for each one of them a. they're anti-trump, so there are six people who are not for trump. but of the remaining, nearly 150, 50 of them told the papers i'm going to vote for whoever
4:37 am
wins my congressional district and trump carried every congressional district, at least on the first ballot they said. 44 -- >> do he would wind upper happens with 50. >> well, we have to find out who won. but 50 out of roughly 150 said i'll vote for trump if he won in my district. and he did. 27 were on the cruz slate, and 22 said i'm officially uncommitted and then there were a handful of people that nobody could pin down or get ahold of. so my point is if you have about 140 some odd people who are going to get elected in the 16 districts and 94 of them say either i'm on the trump plate or i'm going to vote for whoever won my district, meaning trump that's a lion's share of the 54. >> here's what bothers me. i meet a few people, some cruz people have some charisma, they take me out to dinner. by the time july rolls around, i know i said that in april, but i changed my mind in july. does that mean there's all this
4:38 am
tension at the -- >> look, there's going to be that no matter what. there are people who say i'm not for trump and got elected on the basis of that at the state conventions who wind up voting for trump if they think he's going to win. that's politics. we don't automatically create a vote for trump at the national convention or for cruz at the national convention or for kasich, by how they performed in the primaries. we send real honest to goodness people, because we have had convention, democrat and republican, where nobody had a majority going into the convention and you have to arrive at the consensus. >> do you think that donald trump will get to 1,237? >> i don't know. right now he's above the trend line. that nate silver has done a lot of work at are forecast what does he need to get there? the question is does cruz compensate in indiana by doing better there than was anticipated? that's -- you know, both sides, the trump and not trump, have a
4:39 am
narrow but plausible path to where they need to get. 1,237 for trump. more than 1,237 for not trump. >> yesterday, ted cruz mathematically was eliminated. >> well, this -- if you have multiple candidates, trump likes to use -- likes to denigrate the idea -- >> it's mathematically possible he could get it on the first round? >> no no no. >> that's what i'm saying. >> no, trump dismisses the multiple candidate, uses it for an excuse, well, i didn't get 50% of the vote until the 39th contest until there were so many candidates and he says, well, you can't -- cruz can't get there because there are multiple candidates. well, you know, it is what it is. the question is can trump get there and can the not trump forces keep him from getting there? on the second ballot he'll bleed. there are people who are being elected to the state conventions who are legally committed to him for the first or the second or the third ballot who will not be
4:40 am
for him -- >> will you agree it will be between ted cruz and trump if it goes to the second ballot? they won't write a white nooigtd in. >> i think you're right. but it's happened before. 1880, ulysses s. grant is leading 303 votes in the first ballot. he needs 500 to win the nomination. second place is james g. blaine of maine. they fight for 34 ballots and grant gets between 303 and 313 ballots but can't get there on the 34th ballot they say, wait a minute, what about the nice young guy from ohio who nominated the treasury secretary? he gave a nice speech. what about him? two ballots later, garfield was the republican nominee for the president. >> the coolest beard out of them. >> thanks for history lesson and the numbers. coming up, hillary clinton fires back after trump says the only reason hillary clinton is winning on her side is because she's a woman.
4:41 am
>> in fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal paid is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> so which candidate is really winning over women? peter johnson jr. weighs in on that next. and do you want to get rid of the refugees? one country has a unique way of doing it. they're offering them cash bonuses. >> to leave? nexium 24hr is the #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. ♪ "i hope you like it spicy" get complete protection with the purple pill. the leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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4:44 am
good morning and welcome back. it's now 44 minutes after the hour. a couple of headlines. the bathroom battle wages on. oxford, alabama, making it illegal to use a public restroom from the gender on your birth certificate. the ordinance passed in response to target's new policy which allows employees and customers
4:45 am
to use bathrooms based on their gender identities. keep you posted on this and any updates. norway now willing to pay refugees to leave its country. the government offering asylum seeker more than $1,000 if they agree to leave that country voluntarily. they say that's cheaper for them to stay in immigration centers there. the big winners of last night's primaries, steve, has a look at that. >> i do, thank you very much, heather. big winners are waging a huge war over how the election deck is stacked on the women's card. >> frankly in hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card. and the beautiful thing is, women don't like her. okay? and look how well i did with women tonight. >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the women's card then deal me in. >> so which candidate is
4:46 am
actually holding the woman card? here to weigh in, fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. peter? >> i think this is the first day of the rest of our lives on that issue. this would be a critical, critical issue going into the general election this year. can hillary clinton capitalize on her strength with women over the last three decades, perhaps? and will donald trump be able to create a new narrative for him with regard to women? the democrats say, well, donald trump is a misogynist, a woman hater. he doesn't understand women. he says i do understand women, i love women. i hire women at a higher rate in my companies than other companies and i give them better benefits. i love my wives, i love my mother, i love my daughters. i love women. and so will america believe that or will they believe that hillary clinton because she is a woman and because of her -- because of her stances onnender in -- stances of ender, will
4:47 am
three do well? and back in 2012, women compromised 53% of the electorate. and women broke this way in that election, 55% for obama. and 44% for romney. so what donald trump is saying last night about the 5% that hillary clinton would get if she weren't a woman that's a risky thing to say for a lot of different reasons. but for a lot of people that support donald trump they understand that statement. and they don't need to explain it. and it goes to what does hillary clinton really have in terms of qualifications? so that becomes the ripe issue here. >> sure. you look at the exit polls about what is the number one priority for you and the number one thing with voters in the three states we did exit polling was jobs and the economy. so ultimately, you might not like -- you might feel donald trump is not fair to women or, you know, the way you have
4:48 am
depicted some pundits have said, but does that importance on jobs overweigh anything else? >> that's what donald trump is saying that's what a lot of the voters are saying. listen, let's not get into the orthodoxy or that liberal orthodoxy of the past. that only a woman understands a woman. that identification in terms of gender or race or religion should be the ultimate factor in america. donald trump has an opportunity if he plays it well to create a new paradigm, to explain that he does understand women. to explain he's not part of an old republican orthodoxy, because he's not tied to that. he's helping blow up the republican party to some extent. i'm not part of that in the past. i'm creating something new. and different. but it's going to be up to him. he's got hurdles to surmount. number one, he fields to increase -- he needs into crease women in terms of his race and his election. but number two, how does he
4:49 am
attract women who have walked away from the polls? democrats even. some republicans even. and how does he say to them, listen, i do understand you. i do get you. your economic needs are the most important, and i will resolve those. >> stay tuned. just getting good. >> it's getting good. >> peter johnson jr., thank you. coming up, ted cruz being called out for a big-time sports slip in indiana. >> the amazing thing is that basketball ring here in indiana, it's the same height as is it in new york city and every other place in this country. >> yep, he just talked about a basketball ring. also known as a basketball hoop. clayton morris is here with the political moments that have gone viral, coming up next. but first on this date in 1988 whitney houston was topping the charts with her hit "where do broken hearts go". ♪ where do broken heart goes, can they find their way home ♪
4:50 am
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4:53 am
we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. okay, on this super wednesday, the battle for the east trending big time on social media. >> and we have a sneak peek on what we can expect from indiana's race including this gaffe from ted cruz. >> the amazing thing is that basketball ring here in indiana, it's the same height as it is in new york city and every other place in this country. and there is nothing that hoosiers cannot do. >> wow. >> oh, a mistake. bless his heart. >> social media, clayton, was
4:54 am
all over that? "fox & friends" co-host clayton morris. >> he might have lost big in delegate can count, but he crushed it on social media. but not in the way he wanted. he was cringing at that moment, because there in indiana, at the -- >> from the movie. >> the place and he calls it a ring instead of a hoop. >> it happens. >> it happens. >> john anthony though on facebook -- >> my dad's favorite movie. >> yeah, this is the court where this happened. >> got it through the basketball ring. >> here's what john anthony wrote last night, ted cruz, did he really call it a basketball ring while trying to recruit a scene from "the hoosiers?" you're no gene hackman. bobby knight was probably throwing a chair. this went viral and this was retreated thousands of times. a vine video of him throwing a chair. ted crthrew a table. >> oh, man. >> i will say i might have made
4:55 am
that mistake too. >> really? >> oh, come on. >> i might have called it a ring. >> no, you wouldn't. >> but if you're rewinding the video, earlier in the night he said rim. >> yeah, we did that too. we did the same thing. do you think maybe he -- i called it -- wait is it called a ring, i'm going it with a ring next time? >> he combined the two. >> let's rewind it ted cruz, twitter -- so ted cruz may have dominated social media last night. chris christie right there in second place. he tore it up all day because you remember back during the first super tuesday he was standing behind donald trump. >> yeah, i remember that. >> i call it resting christie face. he doesn't want to clearly be there. >> he didn't know he was on camera probably. >> how did he not know he was on camera, he was standing behind the man. >> with a hundred cameras pointed at the guy. >> some of the aides must have gotten to him, because he was smiling a bit. he still had the resting chris
4:56 am
christie face. later in the night, he went to the springsteen concert. and he was caught on camera. maybe he could have had the same energy during the trump event, he could have pull out the dance moves. it was dark and people are filming him, kind of rude. >> he knows every song and drum beat. >> if he was acting like that behind donald trump he would have been leading every newscast. >> i think karl rove said, look, you caught me on camera dancing, i'll never do it again. >> i loved that video. that was adorable. lived it. yeah. >> yeah. rappin' rove. something like that. >> clayton thank you. coming up, does trump need 1,237 delegates to secure the nomination? maybe not. turns out the magic number is much lower.
4:57 am
we'll tell you what it is. and plus, willie robertson, guys. he was celebrating with trump last night. this morning he'll join us live. what was its like partying with trump? oh, wake up. wake up. we'll ask him. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages.
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we're going to have our country back. we're going to make america great again. i just want to tell you for the five states i am so honored. this was to me our biggest night. >> with your help, we're going to come back to philadelphia for the democratic national convention. with the most votes and the most pledged delegates. >> i have good news for you. tonight, this campaign moves back to more favorable terrain. >> despite the fight that we are
5:01 am
waging, it's not an easy fight. you are the revolutionaries. >> i think he needs a lozenge. bernie sanders actually had a pretty good night last night, despite the fact they didn't think he'd win anything. he took home rhode island. the other four states went to hillary clinton. on the other side, donald trump's biggest night. he got 56% in pennsylvania, maryland, 54, connecticut, 58, delaware, 61 and rhode island, he got 64 of the republicans who voted. >> wow. >> as of right now, donald trump has 950 delegates. that number is looking to rise. cruz shut out 560. kasich handful. stuck at 153. still trailing marco rubio in the big picture and not competing in indiana. that number is not going to grow. he's hanging out in new mexico or oregon. that's part of the deal. >> right. >> they have not cut a deal yet on california. so i guess there's no deal
5:02 am
that's going -- >> if you look at the polls real clear politics they combined all of the polls together. trump is leading in that state in indiana. >> right. >> by about six points. >> right. >> also john kasich had talked about you know in pennsylvania, i think i'm going to do pretty well and he came in third place. then when you look at ted cruz, going forward this is going to make his argument that he -- you know, he's the alternative to trump he came in third place in three states and in connecticut and in rhode island, he only got 10% of the vote. that's one of the reasons donald trump said regarding governor kasich, you have to get out. i'm the guy. watch. he said that on this show. >> we very much exceeded what everyone thought. it's very hard to get into the 60s when you have three people. very, very hard. i'm in the 60s. if you look at pennsylvania, i got most of those delegates tied up, by the way, on the record i
5:03 am
can say that. think of it, i win the state in and landslide and yet cruz and his minions are trying to sign people. he came in three place. he's trying to sign people desperately, taking them out to coffee and to dinner and to steak and hotels and trying to sign people -- this is not the process. this is not the american way. >> but ted cruz's strategy is i cannot win there. i'll meet you there. here meaning i'll meet you in indiana. that's more like my state. so ted cruz might be making some news. he's got to do something. >> there's going to be a big announcement and some think he might name carly fiorina to be his vice president. >> we asked donald trump what he thought about that and then brian asked him a follow-up about him asking a woman to be his vp. >> you'll hear me playing my voice. >> he's millions of votes behind. he's hundreds of delegates behind. i mean, what is he 400 or 500 delegates behind. he's got no path to victory and he's naming a vice presidential candidate. i guess that's cute.
5:04 am
his whole campaign has been based on psychology. but the psychology is no good. and it's not working because you know what happened yesterday was a disaster for them. it showed weakness. >> right. >> it showed how weak they were. he shouldn't be naming anybody now. it look -- to me it looks ridiculous. he's not going to get the nomination. >> would you be more likely to name a vp nomination should you get the nomination to counter hillary clinton's gender? >> it's possible. there are a couple that are very good. it's possible. >> you know what's interesting? at this stage of the game, historically, with donald trump what 400 points ahead -- delegates that is to say ahead of mr. cruz and then cruz is 400 ahead of kasich, in the average year by now, party insiders would be going, we've got to unite around donald trump. because donald trump is on the live path. but donald trump, you know, the republican establishment hates him. absolutely hates him, so they won't say that. as we're going to see from scott
5:05 am
rasmussen coming up, while we have thought that donald trump's magic number is 1,237 given the number of delegates he has amassed, it's actually lower than that. so it looks very doable for the donald unless next week, next tuesday, ted cruz is able to have a big win in indiana where it is winner take all. >> right. go ahead. >> a lot of people were surprised when carly fiorina backed ted cruz because a lot of people really liked carly fiorina and from the republican side, many women want to see a woman do really well. and a lot of women really liked her. thought she was smart. so i am fascinated when someone -- when someone who's really liked supports a candidate who's not really the front-runner. she thought ted cruz and he still has a chance if we go to the contested convention. but mathematically he doesn't, and trump can get to 1,237. >> any thought that donald trump
5:06 am
would tone it down on the stump is out the window. if you watched him over the last few days he'll be himself. the one thing with carly fiorina if you read her book, you understand her story, unbelievably competent and poised. i don't know why she'd take the risk to go with somebody -- >> that's what i'm saying. >> who's the longest of the long shot to get the nomination and she doesn't have the rock star quality that's going to bring some momentum into that campaign. >> well, she's already signed up to the cruz campaign. so she's all in and if that could help him win, probably up for it. >> but anything could happen. she could say no if he asks her to be vp. >> that would be terrible. can you imagine that? >> so if trump does get a woman, who woman is he thinking? >> i will guarantee it will not be carly fiorina. right? >> i don't think. so we did hear a couple of days ago that apparently carly fiorina was being vetted by the cruz campaign. is that going to be the big announcement later on today? we didn't know. we just know that donald trump
5:07 am
who is with us 45 minutes away -- >> could that be the saving grace maybe? >> maybe. >> hey, john roberts he has another big night as he reviewed what happened with donald trump. john roberts is looking ahead to may 3rd in indianapolis and he's at the indianapolis motor speedway. >> good morning to you, brian, steve, ainsley. don't ask me to be your running mate that's all i ask, please. vetted to be a correspondent, but that's as far as it goes. we do not know what this supposed big announcement from the cruz campaign going to be today. a source told me this morning that the campaign was telling folks last night it will make worldwide news. certainly carly fiorina as his running mate would make worldwide news or the other possibility is governor pence is getting behind him. i don't think that would be worldwide news though. donald trump will be here later
5:08 am
on today. he has a big speech in washington, d.c. and then he'll be here with bobby knight. trump trying to seal the deal in indiana. we talk about so many states being very important, critical for the contest, but this is. it could make the difference between trump getting the nomination before the convention or having to fight it out on the floor if he loses. you know you talk about trump changing what paul manafort was saying he was a different guy going forward, and trump put that to rest, i like who i am, it's worked for me and i'm going to continue that way. here's trump. >> i started off with 17. i'm down now -- i'm winning. it's over. as far as i'm concerned it's over. these two guys cannot win. no path. why would i change? if you have a football team and you're winning and then you get to the super bowl you don't change your quarterback, right? no, i'm not changing. >> ted cruz for his part got beaten up pretty badly last night, losing all five counties, together with new york, six big losses. he'll make the case here in the hoosier state he's the one best
5:09 am
positioned to become both the nominee and president. it's a state that sets up pretty well for him. a big evangelical population here. about 31%. cruz appealed to them last night, speaking at this hoosier gym where he talked about the basketball ring, to support him and he'll deliver for them. >> together the people of indiana are going to send a powerful signal to the media, a powerful media to the washington establishment that the chosen candidate of washington, the chosen candidate of big money and the lobbyists, they are not going to decide the republican nominee. it is going to be we the people. >> cruz is going to spend an awful lot of time here in indiana in the next six days. he's going to try to turn it around like he turn around wisconsin. the polls show that he's potentially within reach of doing that. the big question, brian, steve and ainsley, trump is coming out of what lasted night with a huge amount of momentum and will that
5:10 am
just roll over indiana or will cruz be able to stand up against it? >> stay tuned. all right, john roberts who an hour ago was going around the indy 500 track. at about 100 miles per hour. thank you very much. great reporting. >> thank you so much, john. good to see you. heather is over there with the headlines. >> good morning, everybody. i hope you're off to a good day. while you were sleeping important news taking place overseas. the admitted terrorist salah abdeslam arrived at the paris justice where he's about to meet face to face with a judge there. he was secretly extradited overnight with no warning and now we have just learned that his lawyer is saying that his client is quote falling apart and ready to cooperate with the investigation. the attacks in paris left 130 people dead. back at home, an officer shot in the line of duty and this morning that deputy who was shot in the head is lucky to be ali alive. this unfolded last night in
5:11 am
keeling, virginia. the deputy was responding to the domestic call and before he got to the doorsteps the gunman opened the door and fired. the suspect, brian cundiff, then barricaded himself inside the home for hours and the s.w.a.t. team stormed the house, made the arrest. the deputy was treated and has been released. amazing. and now some extreme weather and a very important story to tell you all about. more than 50 million americans now in the path of dangerous storms. tornadoes forming across the plains like this one. take a look. happening in oklahoma overnight. another storm is set to bring baseball sized hail and torrential rains to the great plains and the midwest. we just got in live images of destruction north of dallas, texas. that's where it's believed that two twisters touched down. our janice dean will have more on this throughout the day. a disney cruise picks up three fugitives. take a look at this. the ship was out and it spotted two men and a woman clinging to their capsized boat in the
5:12 am
caribbean. they were trying to flee to cuba. they were pulled aboard the fantasy liner and handed over to the u.s. coast guard. turns out they were wanted for credit card fraud in florida and in louisiana. officials say they believe they were trying to avoid being prosecuted so they were leaving florida and headed to cuba. you don't hear about this very often. >> bad choice. >> it's usually the other way around. >> stay in florida. >> thanks, heather. coming up on a wednesday, protesters from the #nevertrump movement have no problem speaking their minds. >> he's a brat. yeah. my way or no way. and he's a brat. i just think he's a brat and a bully. >> but our next guest also a political outsider says they're all wrong about it. former presidential candidate herman cain next. have you seen this video? a woman caught on camera walking her dog from her car while she was driving. people are calling it animal cruelty so what do you think? >> she's driving her dog down the road.
5:13 am
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quite like the human foot. introducing the 255 horsepower lexus is 300 all-wheel-drive. with twenty-five percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back. all right. ev after donald trump secured the sweeping wins last night, the never trump movement claims
5:17 am
it can still topple the business man. >> however, former presidential candidate herman cain is making a case against the group, explaining why its game plan is flawed, saying quote if you're a republican voter who refuses to accept that hillary is a more appalling choice than trump, then you have made a choice that a hillary presidency is not something you're willing to do everything you can to prevent. you have to own that choice. >> all right. here to react and expand is fox news contributor herman cain. herman, you think there's something missing from last night's five state victory for donald trump. what is it? >> what's missing is the anti-trump movement realizing that this is inevitable at this point. that's not an endorsement. but here's what they're doing. they're still insanely delusional that they can stop trump. the voice of the people is being heard. it's nothing short of astonishing as newt gingrich
5:18 am
said last night that donald trump won every county in those five states. what part of astonishing doesn't the establishment understand? get behind the ultimate nominee, so that we can hillary out of the white house. all of these are top priorities, not their egos. >> when we were charting with you during the commercial break, if you're a republican, don't like trump, get over it and get behind him. >> yes. because that's the way the system is supposed to work. a lot of people complain they don't like all of the rules and they complain about the system. but you can't now come back and say okay, i don't like trump so i'm not going to get behind the nominee. i think that that is foolish, and if they break up the republican party by continuing to push back they will be responsible for hillary's presidency. not the people who are screaming that they want a leader, a winner and a fighter.
5:19 am
that's what came through last night as well as in some of these other primaries. i believe you're going to see that same thing beyond the political noise as we go forward. >> so herman, you're a fighter by nature. if you were ted cruz in second place and you knew getting to the second ballot might give you the nomination, would you be doing the same thing as him? or would you step back and say what's better for my party? >> i would step back and say what's better for my party? secondly, when ted cruz and governor kasich did this alliance, some of the cruz voters voted for trump. some of the kasich voters voted for trump. why? they felt betrayed. okay? they felt betrayed so they voted for trump. i believe that's going to happen in indiana and some of the other states. if i were ted cruz and governor kasich i would step back and say, okay, let's do what's best for the party, which would be best for the country now. that's putting patriotism above the delusional idea that there's
5:20 am
a path to victory for them and there is no path for victory, even on a second ballot. >> right. that is herman cain, he's got great radio show coming up shortly. we're getting you warmed up. thanks so much. >> thanks for being with us. >> thanks for the warm-up, brian and ainsley. >> you're welcome. >> now you won't pull anything over the next three hours. does trump need 1,237 delegates to secure the nomination? maybe not. it turns out the magic number, much lower. we're doing the math, next. plus, willie robertson was celebrating the donald's big win at trump tower. this morning he'll join us live to tell us what happened behind the scenes. >> yeah. >> there he is getting makeup done. >> someone comb his beard. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company. ♪
5:21 am
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5:23 am
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5:24 am
now to some other political headlines, trump university headed to court. the republican front-runner is accused of defrauding thousands of students out of millions of dollars and trump denies the allegation, saying he's ready to fight. are hillary clinton supporters paying online activists to harass sanders supporters? according to reports they're spreading pro sanders pages with x rated images and then they report them. and "time" magazine named the most 100 influential people in the world. on the list, hillary clinton, donald trump, bernie sanders. the only presidential candidate not on the list -- john kasich. steve? >> he was already having a bad day. all right, thanks, ainsley. donald trump picked up dozens of
5:25 am
bound delegates and he's eyeing the magic number of 1,237 bound delegates to secure the nomination, but that number could be less because of the unbound delegates. so what is his magic number? we'll put it right up here right now, aren't we, scott rasmussen? >> we sure are. >> what's an unbound delegate? >> someone who got elected, like yesterday in pennsylvania, steve doocy's name could have been on the ballot. you vote for steve doocy as your delegate. steve can do what he wants. >> okay. >> there's almost 250 of them right now in the republican party out of the 1,237 that you need. >> so in other words, you need 1,237 bound delegates -- >> you need 1,237 delegates toetsle to -- total to win. >> you have the floaters if you can get some of those. let's look at the odds of donald trump getting as many of the 245 -- >> he's not doing well among the group. i expect donald trump to get
5:26 am
only five. ted cruz -- >> that's not many. >> ted cruz has secured 69 out of the delegates. >> let's add five. pick up five there. with rubio he could pick up six. >> yeah. >> 11. >> up to 11. 171 rubio delegates only 40 are lukely to be -- likely to be unbound. trump not doing well among this group either. >> let's look at pennsylvania. this is what you're talking about. >> this is a biggie. look, the people were elected. they hate the process. and people are blaming some of the delegates. >> sure. there were 71 delegates in all. 17 which the -- went to the state winner, leaving 54 unbound, right? >> some of these people pledged to run for the winner -- to vote for the winner of their district. some for the winner of the state. they could all change their mind up to the last minute. you know what happens here? if things are close, donald trump probably gets about 18 of those 54. >> okay. >> if they're not close, he gets
5:27 am
them all. >> okay. 18 there. 19 in west virginia which yesterday you described as a funky state. >> funky state. again, there's -- they're selected, you vote for the delegates not for the ticket. and the whole process here is crazy. cruz and kasich campaigns are sending out people saying, i think you should vote for this person or that person. sometimes the delegates don't even know it. >> finally, let's look at the others. miscellaneous. >> jeb bush delegates. they're not going to vote for trump. that brings you a grand total, 50 unbound delegates that donald trump could get if he needs them. >> you know what? i was going to do the math. i know what the answer is. it's on the next screen. so instead of 1,237, he actually -- his magic number could be -- >> as low as 1,187. again, steve, very fluid process. if donald trump wins indiana next week and wins california at the end, he's going to be way over the magic number. we're not going to worry about this. if he loses indiana next week
5:28 am
we'll talk about this a lot more. >> he'll be pretty close to it and then the pressure on those unbound delegates is going to be enormous. >> there wouldn't be enough money in the world to make me be one of the unbound delegates if it's that close. >> thank you very much. steve makes it easy to understand. meanwhile coming up on a wednesday, have you seen this video, a woman caught on camera walking her dog while she's driving her car. >> she's driving her dog down the road. disgusting. >> well, a lot of you are outraged. some calling it animal cruelty. what do you think? we'll read some of your e-mails next. plus, our friend willie robertson was out late at a trump wing ding party. he's rolling out of bed early to give you the scoop. willie, next on "fox & friends."
5:29 am
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5:32 am
now we didn't only win, but we won big in the five states. i'm so honored. this was to me our biggest night because it shows such -- so thank you very much. >> what a great night. let's win the nomination and in july, let's return as a unified party. >> this campaign is not just about electing a president. it is about transforming our nation. >> tonight this campaign moves back to more favorable terrain. [ cheers and applause ] >> now you have a sense of what happened last night.
5:33 am
well, you had something going on, but not as good as willie. that is willie robertson of "duck dynasty" fame. fox news contributor. he's with two important people in this order -- your wife and donald trump jr. >> it was quite a night. >> you got a call to leave fox and go over and hang out at trump tower? >> actually, yeah. i was having dinner with trump jr. >> trump jr. >> he said, do you want to come over and hang out? dad is going to give a speech. i was like, oh, heck, yeah. i had to come back to fox. >> but you were on stage. >> i was on stage. mr. trump said when you've got to go, just go. so i was kind of waiting for that moment. finally, i stepped out with all the cameras watching me. >> you come back to the studio to be with hannity. were you dascared you get out a the wrong moment? >> i was worried people would think he said something i didn't
5:34 am
like. >> is that the same shirt and bandana? >> no, incorrect. it's a different shirt. i went down to the store because i -- >> well, where do you shop? >> i was at the gap. >> fall into the gap. i told my wife, she was like, oh, let's go look for shirts. no, we'll make -- i went one, two, three, we're good. >> that's the way i need to start shopping. don't pack a bag. just buy everything there. >> obviously you like donald trump. you were at his victory party last night. john kasich had a very bad night. ted cruz had a very bad night. donald trump was on this program earlier saying it's time for them to cash in their chips and get out. >> i think so. i think they made a big mistake with the whole -- they came together and picking states you're not going to go to. i think he had to play it perfectly to beat trump. it make made him look weak.
5:35 am
>> what does your dad think? he's a cruz supporter? >> i called him last night, i'm on the tv. i get to gloat a little bit about -- >> you came out for trump. >> i did. and i called him, mom said, he went to bed. [ laughter ] i missed my mom. >> as you look back, i know it's not over, but really ted cruz lost in the south. march 3rd when he was unable -- with the evangelicals where he thought he'd dominate, it was donald trump. now in the northeast where he tends to do well, what happened in the south? >> he just didn't come across -- i don't know. he got phil, so he got one guy in the south, got my dad. >> why does a rich guy from the northeast resonate in the south? >> i think because people all over, not just the south, but people want a change. i think this is the people saying we want something different from both sides. we want something totally different. blow it up, change it up. >> but isn't ted cruz also an
5:36 am
outsider? >> to me -- well, i mean, he's a senator so he doesn't seem like -- i mean, he's still in the system. but to me, i wasn't sure if he was going able -- was it going to be more grid lock? >> because he doesn't get along with the people? called mitch mcconnell a liar? >> i don't think he got along with anybody. say what you want about mr. trump i feel like he can work with people. you're not a successful business guy in new york city like he is without getting along with a lot of different people. i may have a hard time -- >> you have a lot of mutual friends, steve, brian, sean hannity that we're friends with. but also tim tebow. your family is close with him. this year, i ran into jason and misty on the red carpet and i asked them a few questions. >> it's weird at the dinner table because phil is pitching everybody to vote for ted cruz. >> willie's doing the same thing. kind of made for some fiery
5:37 am
meals. but i kind of like it because i get to weigh all the options. >> blue shirt. >> he's talking about the politics at the dinner table. what is that like when -- when you have opposing views? >> sometimes it's a food fight. gets ugly. no, you know, we all have different opinions. >> that's like a lot of families. >> yeah. probably a lot of families. especially my wife and i have have had many a conversation about politics. >> she's not -- she doesn't support -- >> right now, she's still trying to figure out where she's at. >> real quick -- >> she's asleep. >> about the party last night, when steve and i have parties, celebrations, and we have so many victories, we drink. hanging out. 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. the trumps don't drink. what is the party like, there's no liquor. >> i don't know where that energy comes from but there's a lot over there in the camp. i guess it's the new york attitude and charisma. >> the way that brian introduced you're a fox news contributor. you have a podcast.
5:38 am
>> yeah. i'm set up, i'm trying to be like brian. got my little things, and the microphone. >> always trying to be like me. tell me about it. >> i interview people in the family, friends, celebrities. i just got it started. >> daily? >> weekly. >> where can we find it? >> on fox radio. fox radio. >> fox news >> yes. >> willie, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> so good to see you. >> so tomorrow i'll see you in another shirt kind of like this? >> go buy more. totally different outfit on. >> okay. heather, doesn't it look like the same shirt? >> no, it's a different shirt. >> yeah. yeah. >> i'm just glad to hear you're not shopping at sax's. i'll take it from here. good morning. we have a couple of headlines to bring you right now. do you remember the black lives matter leader who was arrested during the protest in baltimore? you can see him right there? well, he went on the become a media darling. then ran for mayor of baltimore.
5:39 am
so how did he do? well, he got crushed. deray mckesson got less than 3% of the vote in the democratic primary. the winner is state senator katherine pugh. current mayor stephanie rawlings blake not running for re-election. she was criticized for the way she handled the protests. and a pilot arrested for being behind the controls. it happened in detroit and there's a brand-new investigation that found this is just the latest in the series of incidents. the faa records show one pilot every month is caught trying to fly while being over the legal limit for alcohol consumption. in 2015, the faa investigated more than 1,000 pilots and revoked 38 licenses. for more information on that, go to our website, well, do you remember the guy who got arrested for not returning a vhs movie 14 years ago?
5:40 am
>> sir, i don't know how to tell you this, but there's a warrant for your arrest in 2002. apparently you rented a movie "freddie got fingered" and you never returned it. >> he never returned the vhs. how funny is that? the man is still headed to court later this morning. you remember the star of the movie, tom green? >> yes. >> he offered to pay the $200 fine for this guy. rumor has it he may even show up in court today on his behalf. sounds like something you would never do. not return the movie. beta max. okay, the video creating a lot of outrage, a woman caught on camera -- this is really disgusting. she was walking her dog while she was driving. take a look at this. >> she's driving her dog down the road. disgusting. >> yeah, disgusting.
5:41 am
did you see that other car with the trailer drive by? well that owner is now defending herself, claiming there was slack on the leash. you know, therefore, it was safe for the dog. police say there's no evidence of animal abuse, but our viewers are really disagreeing on that one. >> yeah. >> a lot of people writing in. what are they saying? >> we don't know her personal circumstances. >> she might have bad knees. >> we don't know. but that neat stopping you from weighing in. jackson on twitter, it's not cruel, but not the smartest thing i have seen either. the dog seems to know where to run and is enjoying it though. >> christa says pure laziness. i can also see how the dog could get hurt by other cars passing by. especially if the leash had some slack like she said. >> i know. plus, it was a boat weaving around him. chris says this in a much higher voice, someone should do the same thing to her right before she goes to jail. >> oh. >> i didn't -- this whole country cannot fill up their jails with people who walk their dogs -- >> here's the thing that we're
5:42 am
not talking about. how about the woman who took the pictures? wasn't she driving behind -- >> good point. >> taking -- >> was she on the passenger side? >> if anyone was taping that woman taping that woman walking the dog, let us see that video. we want to get her. >> meanwhile -- sit, boo-boo, sit. coming up, which candidate are voters most afraid of? the answer right in front of you, and it's going to surprise you. that's coming up next. "fox & friends" from new york city. >> comparatively surprised. i take these out...
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fox news alert. frantic at 11 calls just released after kid rock's assistant was killed in the atv wreck at rock at -- also known as bobby richie's house, in nashville. >> send the ambulance now. >> tell me exactly what happened. >> i don't know, there's a polaris -- my polaris is off the driveway. looks like my assistant is dead! >> okay. >> the body laying next -- >> you can hear bobby richie's frustration with the 911 operator, as they demand an ambulance to come to the house. the assistant, michael sacha, died from severe head injuries. ri richie's a friend of the doocy family and we knew mike. everybody is devastated. ainsley? >> wow. his family is in our thoughts and prayers this morning. well, donald trump strengthening his shot of avoiding a contested convention
5:47 am
as hillary clinton takes home four of the five democratic races. so what has led to their victories? well, here to break down the exit poll numbers, lee carter, a pollster and partner with maslansky & partners, and our friend here at fox. good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> let's go through the exit polls. a lot of people are feeling betrayed by politicians, right? >> this is really, really fascinating. fully six out of ten people that we spoke with feel that they're betrayed by politicians. even when you dig deeper we are seeing that there's something like four out of ten people are saying they don't trust -- they feel they don't trust the federal government. so this is a really big -- this is a really big ground swell that's moving towards trump. we see it growing week after week and week and the numbers are trending towards trump and each week his numbers are growing. >> you asked about political outsiders. people don't want the establishment. >> they do not want the establishment and that is just going right after trump.
5:48 am
so you see 83% of the people who don't want the establishment are going after trump. cruz used to say that he was an outsider. i think people are saying you know what, he's a senator. he's got all of those people behind him that are the establishment. what he did this last week, going, you know, -- the alliance, quote/unquote alliance he had with kasich is making it seem under more closed doors. the symbols of it -- people are saying that makes him seen more like an insider than he was. so he's not getting the outsider vote. >> what did you find when you asked people who they're more scared of? >> 60% of the voters said they were afraid of ted cruz as president of the united states. now, this is the first time i have seen a number this high. it used to be the absolute reverse. 37% said that they were afraid of donald trump and that used to be the flip. >> great to see you. >> great to see you too. coming up, you know her best as elaine from the tv show "taxi." but this morning she has a different role. she's a hero.
5:49 am
marilu henner and her husband with the story of how she helped him beat cancer. but first, let's go to martha to find out what's going on at the top of the hour. >> good morning. as you were talking about, trump's solid sweep of five states sets up what may be the final showdown in indiana. the ground is clearly shaking under the gop and hillary said she's ready and willing to deal the woman card to trump. we'll look at the race, tucker carlson, so do they believe this is over or not? we'll tell you why. and later today a foreign policy speech that will lay out the mission for the united states if trump becomes president. that's when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. "i hope you like it spicy" get complete protection with the purple pill. the leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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5:53 am
you might know know her best as elaine from the tv show "taxi." but this morning she has a different role. he's been helping her husband fight cancer without traditional chemotherapy or radiation. >> together, they have written the new book "changing normal, how i helped my husband beat cancer." and they join us right now. marilu henner and her husband, michael brown. >> good to see you. >> so he was dating your college roommate. >> well, she became my roommate, but yeah. she met him like the first week of school at the university of chicago. and i met him and i thought, you know, she met him first. but i thought there were other guys like this on campus. 33 years we got together. i ran into him after i married the first husband. >> how did she react to it? >> okay. well -- yeah.
5:54 am
>> married for the first time, i called her and -- >> let's talk about something less controversial like cancer. >> yeah. >> let's talk about what you found out in your journey to help your now husband? >> well, my parents died very young. my father died in his early 50s of a heart attack. my mother died at 58 of arthritis. i became a student of health. >> not long after you met, the second time, 30 years later, you got sick. >> yeah. very sick. i was diagnosed with bladder cancer two months after we got together. >> eventually, it wasn't just bladder cancer. >> yeah, i started to go through treatments and getting ready. i had a full body scan and i found a spot on the lung. i had lung cancer also. >> oh, my goodness. not one but two cancers. so you started a journey. >> yeah. we started a journey. i call myself the doctor concierge, so i took him to the best of the east and the west,
5:55 am
we went through immunotherapy, detox, all kinds of things that we outlined in the book. no kchemo, no radiation. they were telling him he had to have his bladder and prostate removed and didn't have to do that. within the year he was completely in remix. that was 12 1/2 years ago. >> how much did you learn along the way? >> how much the body wants to change. people listen to one opinion, get all kinds of procedures but they don't change anything else in their life. if you can change some of the things, like the food you eat, or managing your stress, i think what ends up happening is you can really help conventional and nonconventional therapies help your body. >> this is going to help a lot of people. michael, you call it a love story, why? >> i think in talking about stress, but not the love i got from marilu, and without that i don't think i could have addressed the stress and would have been strong enough to go and find alternative methods.
5:56 am
>> were you terrified to go for it with alternative medicines? because it's not exactly what the doctors were telling you. >> it seemed a better alternative than getting surgery. they wanted to remove my bladder and prostate. it was terrifying to go that route and going the other route seemed more natural and healing. >> the book was -- it's on number nine on amazon, so i think a lot of people are hearing your message. >> so we'll continue the message after a brief time-out. the book is "how i helped my husband beat cancer." we'll be back in two minutes. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything.
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and with this many new flavors trust me, you'll be glad you can try three. like creamy baked lobster alfredo and grilled chimichurri shrimp and panko-crusted crab cakes bursting with crabmeat. because some choices are hard, but this one, this one's easy. so hurry in before it ends! hello new coppertone sport. it's reformulated to feel lighter on your skin, but still protects and stays on strong. new coppertone sport. hello sunshine. before it's history, it's news. >> well, greta van susteren will be hosting an hour long town hall with donald trump. 7:00 is the time, watch the whole thing. >> all right. and then in the "after the show
6:00 am
show" we'll be talking with marilu henner and her husband, michael brown. "changing normal, how i helped my husband beat cancer." you had a perfect memory so that was handy in recounting the trips to the doctor's office. >> yeah, it was help bill: good morning. how big you a night was this? it was so big, not even donald trump predicted it, grabbing more pledged delegates and improving his chances of winning that nomination. martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum. it was not the results senator cruz and john kasich were hoping for. but they are not giving up the fight. but donald trump says it's time for them to call it quits. >> i consider myself the presumptive


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