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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 27, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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to talk about today, brett, thanks for joining us on the real story. >> hey, gretchen. >> let's start with the foreign policy. since it wrapped up a little bit
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it ago. we saw donald trump on the te teleprompter today. quite a difference or how did you read it? >> yeah, i think it is a difference and it is evidence that he is trying to get more policy chops out and about into the ether in this race. and you know, this is only the second i think teleprompter speech he has given. he gave one at apac here in d.c., the israel lobby, and then you've got this one. this foreign policy speech, you know, a lot of people look at it, there were social media weighing in and different experts saying -- criticizing, others saying it was good. what it did was it talked about in a populous kind of way, foreign policy and the critiques and of the obama administration and secretary clinton and there will be more opportunities for more, to put more meat on the bone. >> you touch on something
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important here, which it was still a populous message. you could still hear trump simplifying complex issues in the way he delivered it. here is another example of that. when he talks about what he would do with isis. >> we need a long-term plan to halt the spread and reach of radical islam. isis will be gone if i'm elected president. and they'll be gone quickly. we will spend what we need to rebuild our military. it is the cheapest, single investment we can make. we will develop, build and purchase the best equipment known to mankind. >> it is still quintessential donald trump, right, brett? isis will be gone, but pretty straightforward and clear. >> it is. he is hitting points that republicans really want to hear from him, because he is on the trail it seems to the nomination. and i think as you get closer to
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the beginning of the convention in july 18th, you're going to hear more of this as he is trying to hit the points that reaps are concerned about. you may even see more wise men that he rolls out as a potential additions to his administration if he won the white house. >> i want you to listen to john miller, head of the nypd counterterrorism. he took the opportunity to slam cruz and trump on their approach on patrolling muslim neighborhoods. listen to this. >> you had a couple of candidates, one calling for muslim ban, one calling for police crack down in muslim neighborhood, and they were calling for it in the midst of attacks happening in europe because they were afraid. and when we device strategy because of fear, it is when in our history we have learned that we make the gravest mistakes.
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>> i think he is speaking directly to trump today, and he has abgated the muslim ban, do the voters care? >> it is one of these topics that in the general election doesn't play the best, but it does hit home to the base, and the concern that there is radicalization that is happening inside this country. and you can't turn a blind eye on that. how they go about it, and what specific policy issues they roll forward, i think we're going to have to wait and see. >> here is another interesting turn of events, he'll try to use bernie sanders white house bid to his advantage. he tweeted bernie sanders has been treated terribly by the delegates. he should show them and run as an independent, and today, he went farther, saying this. >> i'm going to be taking a lot of the things that bernie said and using them. i can re-read some of his
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speeches, i can get some good material. he said in many ways she shouldn't be there. he said some things about her that are actually surprising that essentially she has no right to even be running. and that she has bad judgment. when he said bad judgment, i said sound bite. >> now, this is interesting. because what we started finding out in the exit and entry polls as people started voting this time around, a lot of people coming to the polls were actually deciding to vote for bernie sanders or donald trump. and we were like what. i mean, they koncouldn't be mor different, although they're the political outsiders. so could trump get sanders' votes? >> it's possible. may not be huge amounts, but possible crossover. we saw it in michigan in the open primary and we had some people at the town hall for bernie sanders, who said the second choice was donald trump. it's the trade issue. it is the kind of populous bent
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to the message. it is also as you mentioned, the outsider kick the table over, start over, do something different in washington mentality. i should point out we're going to layout all the delegates tonight, do all the math specifically in this estimate. and there is a change that has happened since yesterday. >> there definitely is. it's called that halfway mark. also, 15% of democrats last night, in the exit polls, said they would not support hillary clinton. bernie sanders supporters. that could be another coop for trump. we haven't gone down that path yet. we'll be watching you at 6:00 as you do all the math. >> thank you. major announcement at 4:00 p.m. eastern. here is the texas senator. >> john is looking a little tired here. he may need to make that trip. >> i was there early this morning.
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>> i'm looking out for. >> you what is the big announcement? >> we have an event this afternoon, 4:00 p.m. at the pavilion at pan am. we'll be making a major announcement. i encourage folks to come join us. >> so let's go to don roberts. john, i love that. he was having fun with you. when you asked him the tough question, he went right back into political speak. >> reporter: exactly. a couple of things i could confirm. i'm more tired than i was earlier this morning when i spoke with senator cruz. and fox news has learned now from a couple of sources that in a couple of hours, right here behind me, in downtown indianapolis, ted cruz is expected to announce that if he becomes the gop nominee, carly fiorina will be his running mate. this thing, we understand from sources is no the being presented so much as an effort to stop donald trump, because the stop trump efforts as we've witnessed hasn't done too much. rather, it will be premsented a
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a broad policy outline for how ted cruz and carly fiorina should govern if they win the white house. after remarking how tired i looked, we asked him what his requirements were for a vice-president den sha vice-preside vice-president running mate. he said he would need somebody who could step right in. most people running for president, that's the primary prerequisite for a running mate. also good in a running mate could bring something to the table, remember lyndon johnson with john f. kennedy back in 1960. a few things that carly fiorina does bring to the table. she has been vetted in a national campaign. there is not a lot of people unless you're talking about scott walker or someone like that. she is able to hit donald trump on his problems with women.
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now, other than that, though, it's difficult to see what she brings to the table immediately, because she has already been apart of the campaign, gretchen, and it's not known how much more she could bring if she were just to be announced as a vice-president running mate. >> none of it matters if somebody reaches 1,237. trump would be the only one before the convention. >> exactly. >> maybe he is trying to get some of the media attention back after trump had such a big night last night. >> well, that's -- i appreciate it. i was going to say, gretchen, that's the thing. trump has been steam rolling the news cycle for the last 24, 48 hours. but ted cruz has gotten himself on television a lot in just the past few hours. the more he pushes it forward, the more he can combat trump on the news cycle. moving on to hillary clinton, leading bernie sanders farther behind. sanders insisting no chance he'll drop out.
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clinton is looking beyond the convention to november. ed henry is live in washington. taking a day off from the trail interest, but not resting from trying to take on donald trump. >> that's right. what's interesting is that i was there in philadelphia last night, and hillary clinton's victory party. she had a big night. he was talking to one of her advisors, they're confidence this could beat donald trump if he is the nominee, but concerned he is so unconventional it could present problems. they do believe that if he makes comments about women in particular, it can backfire for him. in fact, last night, you saw this comment where donald trump basically said that if hillary clinton were a man, she would only be at 5% in the polls. hillary clinton today tweeting that out and going right at trump. >> the only thing she has going is the woman's card. >> mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. well, if fighting for women's
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health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> meanwhile, bernie sanders today suggesting he is going to stay in the race again through june 7th, at least, the california primary. he is shifting. not talking so much about getting enough delegates to win the nomination. he is talking about enough delegates to shape the party platform in july. that's an interesting shift right there. >> completely. >> reality of the math. >> no doubt. ed, thank you. donald trump, pivoting to the general election in a big way after last night's sweeping primary victories, accusing hillary clinton of playing the woman's card. here is more of that. >> frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. >> plus, bernie sanders to keep up the fight, despite his bruising losses last night. but what can he hope to accomplish by pressing on. i say a lot. what do you think?
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it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon. welcome back to the real story. donald trump taking aim at hillary clinton during his victory speech last night, calling his future foe a flawed candidate. >> she has the woman's card and nothing else going. frankly, if hillary clinton mr. were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. she only has the woman's card. the beautiful thing, women don't like her. >> ben dominic, publisher, marjorie, obama campaign and the principle of clinton consulting. ben, let me start with you, because that was an interesting
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comment, the fact that she is only somewhat popular because she is running as a woman. is that a good stand for donald trump to take as he moves forward. >> i'm not sure that it is a good stance for donald trump to take, given the fact that women don't really like him that much either. if you look at the polling and data, he does very poorly among women. it's one of the reasons why he needs to pivot to a case to women that he would be a better president. he needs to do it soon, because frankly, it will be one of the biggest challenges in the general election if he continues to have the kind of hightives a see there. am mitt romney lost in 2012, and lost to obama by 10 or 11 points. that's a portion that he needs to convince, soured on him and he needs to make it go away. >> congresswoman loumis that
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donald trump should pick condoleezza rice as his running mate to try to mitigate what he has said about women. her words. what do you think of that? >> if they would have him. i mean, i honestly would question any their judgment for aligning with him, because you know, to the point that i was making, seven out of ten women see donald trump as unfavorable and if playing the woman card means that, you know, you don't insult women and you have policy that appeal to women, that would mean sanders, kasich, carly fiorina, they play the woman card too. if you look in 2008, 2012, 53% of the voters were women. they absolutely are an imperative in the election. for him saying something like this to me is only putting the seal on his coffin in terms of appeal to women. >> my take, women have not been really invested in this election so far over the last two months,
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they've dropped off significantly. it's actually men who are really much more interested in the election. so ben, i mean, could that be a hillary/trump effect? >> i think it is. particularly younger women soured over hillary clinton over the course of the cycle because of their support for bernie sanders. they were a lot more open to sanders, which is one of the reasons some of the older fe feminis feminists, men who see donald trump as being a stand in for their needs and fight for their interests, and i think that has led to the situation where you say men have played a bigger role. >> marjorie, i have to wrap it there. no two ways about it. trump had a huge night last night. five blow out wins. the comparisons begin about how enthused voters are.
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donald trump has now surpassed mitt romney's total primary popular vote total from four years ago. we are only in the month of april with 9.9 million votes already after last night. maybe more. that's already 200,000 more than romney earned in the entire 2012 season. so could donald trump secure more total votes in the republican primary than any other gop candidate before him in modern times? looks like it could happen. the modern day record holder right now is george w. bush, who collected 10.8 primary votes back in 2000. definitely those working against donald trump, millions of goppers still like cruz and kasich. but no denying the pur number of votes that trump has received on a trajectory now to be record breaking. speaking of trump, trump showing a new side. >> i will be america's greatest defender, and most loyal
11:21 am
champion. we will not apologize for becoming successful again. >> gop front-runner talking policy while showing off his new presidential persona. is it the right look for him? plus live look now for the crowd getting ready for ted cruz's announcement. do you think ted cruz should announce a vp pick today? tweet yes or no with t the #realstory. we'll show the results throughout the store. #therealstory, tweet. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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announce, less than two hours from now. he is hanging his hopes in the meantime on indiana to revive his campaign, as donald trump broke the 50% mark in pledged delegates. for us, live in indianapolis, where trump is holding a big rally today. jeff, is the race for indiana, saw any signs it is tightening up? >> reporter: well, i don't know, gretchen. i'll tell you, after yesterday, the momentum is really building. we have this fellow here singing a trump song, the trump train rolling on down the line. you can see a line as far as the eye can see, it's going to be tough to turn the momentum around. it's really ted cruz's last stand here. if what reports say are true, he is going to name a vp this afternoon. we'll see if that stops the momentum. i don't know if it will. >> okay, well, something else that might stop the momentum would be whether or not the governor of indiana, mike pence, decides to endorse anybody. so what have you heard?
11:26 am
what did cruz say about pence endorsing him or cruz said something about basketball that has raised a few eyebrows. >> reporter: as a governor, he is in a tough reelection battle. he doesn't gain a lot of political anything from endorsing either candidate. and so the speculation here is that he will not endorse. if he was going to endorse, the sense is he would have endorsed cruz but after yesterday, i think that may be out. as for the basketball reference, these guys here will be treated to ann indiana icon, bobby knigt will be here to support donald trump. last night at the hoosier gym, though, about 40 miles or so east of here, ted cruz talked about hoosier gym is where the movie "hoosier" and he made reference to the basketball ring at the hoosier gym. i don't know if you know anything about basketball.
11:27 am
>> i do. >> reporter: maybe you don't need to. that's up there with 2 corinthians. i guess everybody is not immune to a gaff now and again. >> jeff, it was just hoop, hoop, right. any way, slam dunk, right. >> reporter: so easy. >> who is going to get the slam dunk in indiana. we don't know yet. >> reporter: jump through hoops. >> we could keep going on and on. jeff, thanks. so could donald trump's victory in pennsylvania also help his case with the unbound delegates. we're going to talk to one of the newly elected very important pennsylvania delegates. plus, trump delivers the details on his foreign policy plan. while taking time to lash out republican rival as well, john kasich, for continuing to stay in the race. >> thank you. we have millions more votes, millions more than cruz. we have millions more votes than kasich. i mean, kasich now, i guess he was 1 in 41. so now is 1 in 46.
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headlines now at the bottom of the air. u.s. air strikes devastating blow to isis finance. the terror group lost between $30,800,000,000, attacks targeting where they store their cash. property heir, 72-year-old agreed to the sentence as part of a weapons charge in louisiana.
11:32 am
here is the hook. he still faces a murder charge in california. authorities plan to sell some of the remaining stores in a bankruptcy action. it could allow some stores to remain open. the company will close and liquidate 140 stores nationwide. politics now, donald trump delivering a major address today, laying out his foreign policy that puts america first. fox business network blake berman live in washington with the latest. he covered a lot of ground, five major points in the speech, right. >> reporter: yeah, he really went around the world and here in washington, d.c., donald trump gave a nearly 40 minute speech. it was scripted. he had teleprompters up there on the stage with him. he kind of gave a broad overview as to how he sees the world. trump as we know often talks about flexibility and unpredictability and how much he likes and needs both of those. very few specifics here.
11:33 am
said kind of just a more of a vision of how he would see the world operating under a trump presidency. for example, he decried nation building, he'll build relations with our allies, try to ease tensions with russia, but would know when to walk away from the table. he said he would work with china, because he believes they would respect his strength. isis, he said if he was the commander in chief, their days would be numbered after he was sworn into office. he also went after hillary clinton in this speech. there was a little bit of politics here. as he tried to tie clinton to president obama. here was trump from earlier this afternoon. >> i challenge anyone to explain the strategic foreign policy vision of obama/clinton. it has been a complete and total disaster. >> now, while will there was a mention there of hillary clinton, no such mentions today of either ted cruz or john
11:34 am
kasich. trump potentially keeping his eyes forward here, to a potential general election run. >> yeah, definitely change in strategy. monica crowley, online opinion editor, fox news contributor. trump is saying he should have done the speech a long time ago. >> yeah, but he was in a different mode back then. this is important for two reasons. it does mark a pivot by donald trump to a more serious posture, at least in terms of policy. he is still campaigning with his persona, but he is capable of giving a serious policy oriented speech. the other part in terms of substance, was that he announced that if he becomes president, he is going to reorient american policy to a more traditional approach known as the american foreign policy strategy will be based on the approach of coal calculation of u.s. interest rather than based on eye logical or moral grounds, basically
11:35 am
defined american foreign policy. >> a big shift. let's move onto the other big news of the day. ted cruz getting said to what he says is a major announcement, 4:00 p.m. in indianapolis. we get reports he is getting set to announce carly fiorina has his vp running mate. it is totally out of order, because he is not the nominee. >> he is trying to lay the groundwork for any and all possibilities here. he is also doing a couple of things. look, carly fiorina would have been a great president, my opinion. a great vice-president, this move today, if in fact this comes to pass, has nothing do with either of these things. this is ted cruz doing two things. one, trying to hit donald trump's vulnerability with women voters by putting this ouished woman and announcing she would be his running mate should he become the nominee and something of a hail mary pass, because he knows next tuesday's primary is critical to the survive ability to his campaign, and the
11:36 am
possibility that he could be the candidate. >> so as we've been trying to figure out how a contested convention would work, the delegate system, the interesting point is vp. because if you do find yourself in this open convention, the delegates, they're not bald into anybody when it comes to choosing a vp. they could chose carly fiorina, they could choose nikki haley, somebody, i don't know, that is not even there. >> it becomes a free-for-all. then some of the delegates would be free to split their ticket, and say we choose donald trump and carly fiorina, which would probably come to news to the two of them. because then you would have unexpected bedfellows that may not be p. >> i believe it opens on the first ballot, too. just to complicate it. >> to make it more crazy. >> it is fascinating. naming her today, she could
11:37 am
ultimately end up with somebody else. >> anything is possible this year, gretchen. anything is possible. look, i think ted cruz is making a necessary move in doing this. but i'm not sure how helpful this is going to be. carly fiorina already endorsed him, been on the road campaigning for him. so what she brings to the table above and beyond what she is already bringing might be negligible. >> before i let you go, do you think kasich and trump will also announce vp picks before the convention? >> hard to say. hard to say. probably not john kasich, donald trump is so unpredictable he might. on the other hand, one of his big themes, including the speech today on foreign policy, the country needs to stay unpredictable. so my gut instinct tells me he will probably wait until the convention to unveil his choice, or shortly before. >> what he means by that with regard to foreign policy, as i know you know, he does not agree with what president obama has done for the last eight years in
11:38 am
telegraphing and showing the rest of the world what he plans do. >> it is actually a substantive theory called the rationality of irrationality. keep them off bell. >> we could use that for a bunch of stuff going on right now. monica, thank you. >> you bet. protesters clashing outside anaheim, california. outside city hall. five people, including two girls, even pepper sprayed by a demonstrator. breaking out before the city council, proposed resolution to condemn what it calls trump's divisive rhetoric. no arrests were reported. they decided to stay away from all of that. here is the governor, chris christie, booging down to the bounce at a springsteen concert in brooklyn. rocking out with his movies, he
11:39 am
says he has attended more than 100 springsteen concerts. police investigating whether a massive bridge fire, was it arson? dramatic aerial footage shows a canadian national trussle bridge totally engulfed in flames, billowing over a town near edmonton. police say the latest of 17 fires in the area over the past week. this particular fire believed to have been started at the base of the bridge. federal investigators have located the black box now from the el faro months after the cargo ship sank in the sea off the bahamas. the ntsb using remote control vehicle in 15,000 feet of water, the next step, figuring out how to retrieve it. officials hope it will reveal what happened to the ship last october during the hurricane.
11:40 am
the el faro was en route, and got caught in 155 mile per hour winds. all crew members died. donald trump winning a decisive majority of the votes in pennsylvania. how will the all important unbound delegates in the keystone state vote in the first round of the convention? we're going to speak to one of the delegates, coming up next. plus a terrifying healthcare for kid rock. >> call the a.mbulance now. >> tell me what happened. >> i don't know. my polaris is offer the driveway. it looks like my assistant is dead.
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11:44 am
convention. we'll breakdown the possible t outcomes indiana, where voters essentially have the power to force a contested convention. shepard smith reporting begins in 17 minutes. back on the real story now. frantic 911 call by kid rock, just released after the musician discovered the body of his assistant outside his nashville home. >> tell me exactly what happened. >> i don't know. there is a polar ris, it is off the driveway and it looks to be my assistant to be dead. >> you can hear a woman talking over that call, it appears the assistant was in an atv accident. this is his picture here. he died before emergency responders did arrive. he was just 30 years old. pennsylvania, big prize. delivers a divisive victory for donald trump last night. winning the majority of the votes, more than 56%.
11:45 am
states delegates, confusing. most of them unbound free agents. my next guest, liz is a republican delegate for the second congressional district. explain to me after winning now, we found out that some of these delegates on the ballot, it didn't say who you supported, but that some of the camps knew who delegates supported. did anyone know who you supported? >> well, i was the only candidate in my congressional district that made a pledge from the beginning and stuck with it to vote for whoever won our district. and interesting, now it's not clear who did win, the beginning this morning, i had several media outlets saying trump won, but it looks like maybe john kasich won and i got a call from the associated press that it looks like they're going to call it for kasich. my congressional district may be the only one in all five states that went for somebody other
11:46 am
than trump. >> very, very interesting. so you have said from the beginning, then, that on the first ballot, if it was a contested convention, you would then honor who the people in your district wanted you to honor. >> yes, i will stick by that pledge, whether it is donald trump or john kasich. >> okay. now, what happens, liz, on a second ballot, who do you go for then? >> well, isn't that interesting. well, if the rules don't change, and they're consistent with the last presidential election, where you needed to win eight states in order to be on the first ballot, then i would not be able to vote for the winner if it is john kasich. i would then vote for donald trump. and if it went to a second ballot at that point, i would then honor the role of the people and vote for john kasich. >> wow, okay. so very interesting. we're back to the 40 b i think it is, the rule about eight states. even though kasich won your district, you wouldn't be able
11:47 am
to vote for him. okay, tough to keep it straight. i want to put it on the screen how the rest of pennsylvania fell out last night. you can see, 54 unbound pennsylvania delegates, 28 were publicly committed to trump, of 38 were leaning in that way. cruz had 3 dedicated, 4 leaning, kasich, 0, 4 leaning, uncommitted, 23 and 8 leaning, although you could be the one kasich, i guess. >> i could be. you know, i'm not going break the pledge. what i learned in this election is that it really matters. voters really want their vote to be heard. i heard that at the polling places. i was a top vote getter, and i believe it's because i said whoever wins, i will vote for. with this election has shown is the rules need to change. people need to know their vote will matter no matter what. >> we've been seeing that with
11:48 am
state to state, pennsylvania, having so many free agents. i want you to look at another piece of factoid. 91,000 switched to the gop and 61,000 plus of those, this year alone, were democrats, who decided to become republicans. have you seen that playing out? >> you know, i saw a little bit of it. not a dramatic portion. i suspect that the numbers were not really reflective in the second congressional district, but more in the middle part of the state and the northeastern part of the state where i grew up and i'm told trump is very well liked. so not so much in my township, though. >> okay, liz, great to have you on the real story. we'll see how it plays out in cleveland. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. right now, growing concerns over a mumps outbreak happening at harvard university.
11:49 am
they have 40 reported cases of the mumps, 40. nearly a dozen students in isolation now. the director says he is worried that the whole thing could spread and students need to take the situation very seriously. if the outbreak is not contained, it could even have an impact on the school's graduation ceremony next month. disturbing new reports, detailing just how many pilots on you flights you and i are getting on all the time are flying under the influence of alcohol and drugs. an investigation, and we're going to give them to you next.
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11:53 am
four others injured. let's go to oklahoma now. people reported baseball-sized hail there. heavy rain and hail also falling in kansas. weather experts are working to confirm a report of a tornado there and also in nearby missouri. that system now moving toward eastern texas and the mississippi river valley. large hail and tornadoes possible again tonight. a desperate pilot is in for some turbulence of his own after he's accused of flying the unfriendly skies for him under the influence. it's a story investigated by police arresting the pilot and charging him. trace gallagher live with more on this. trace. >> reporter: gretchen, this jetblue pilot could be facing 15 years. now, it's highly unlikely he'll get that, but his job is certainly in grave jeopardy. the incident happened actually a year ago, but the documents are just now being unsealed, showing last april dennis murphy jr. flew 151 passengers from orlando to new york's jfk when he was given a random breathalyzer. the report says during the walk
11:54 am
murphy's face was red and he was rapidly chewing gum. he then blew a .11. that's about 2 1/2 times the legal limit for a pilot. 15 minutes later he blew a .09. murphy claims the high levels were caused by the gum he was chewing. the airline clearly did not buy that argument. now, earlier this same day murphy also flew 119 people from new york down to orlando, and his co-pilot says on both flights he was drinking an unknown beverage. you know, we told you last week about the american airlines pilot who was arrested in detroit for failing two breathalyzer tests. john mcguire could be seen on surveillance video at the detroit airport being escorted into an office and then emerging with handcuffs on. his flight was canceled before he ever got a chance to fly it. and now's malia zimmerman has uncovered some stunning information about pilots and drug and alcohol use.
11:55 am
between 2010 and 2015, 64 pilots were cited for violating alcohol and drug standards. 38 of those pilots tested positive for one or more of five illegal drugs. certainly the percentage of pilots under the influence is extremely low. unless of course it's your pilot. by the way, the full story is available on gretchen. >> that is very alarming. trace, thank you. talk about this reunion. the concert in the works to play tribute to the late music icon prince. the band agreeing to do it may surprise you. i'm terrible at golf.
11:56 am
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his day of coaching begins this is brad. with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. time to check out what's trending today, what americans are clicking on. prince's band the revolution reuniting now for a series of concerts to honor the late music icon. the group appeared on four prince albums before parting ways way back in 1986. michael strahan may be leaving "live with kelly and
11:59 am
micha michael" sooner than previously thought. he's now reportedly making his exit to "gma" in may instead of september. justin upton's catch. impressive catch in the third inning of last night's game against the oakland a's. but oakland still went on to win that one 5-1. chobani shares its success with its workers. 2,000 full-time employees receiving an ownership stake worth 10% of the future value of the company. the shares can be converted into stock or cash if the company goes public or sells itself. the average employee payout could range from $150,000 to more than a million bucks. chobani's ceo says the shares allow all full-time employees to share in the company's growth over time. great idea. they're called man's best friend, but dogs apparently don't like being hugged. according to a new op-ed in "psychology today" the close physical contact stresses dogs out. better ways to show your love include a pat on the head, belly
12:00 pm
rub, or maybe even a treat. you know, that's true. think about it. you go to hug your dog, they kind of wriggle. not going to do it anymore. thanks, though, for being part of "the real story" today. i'm gretchen carlson. have a fantastic wednesday. here's shep. >> announcer: now "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news desk. it's the race for the republican nomination, and indiana is next. and indiana could be everything. like over, full stop for everybody who's not donald trump. as for last night that's history. clean sweep, as expected, for trump. he won bigger than even the polls predicted. but indiana is what matters, and ted cruz knows it. he's putting everything there. politico's shane goldmacher writes today, "trump can't win the nomination there, but it's where he could lose it." john podhoretz in the "new york post," if trump wins the primary next week in the hoosier state, cruz is toast and trump will almost certainly be the republic


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