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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 27, 2016 3:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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history. >> jerry quarry fight. >> with aliali? >> that was hilarious. "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. ted cruz is trying to resuscitate his presidential campaign tonight with time and states running out. the big news today? that former presidential candidate and businesswoman carly fiorina would be his choice on a possible gop ticket. now, the question, will the move move the needle? in must-win indiana for cruz? the cruz announcement comes as donald trump celebrates a huge delegate haul in tuesday's primaries and begins his effort to try to establish his foreign policy credentials cliff political correspondent carl cameron is here. good evening, carl. >> ted cruz is throwing a hail
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mary, telling republicans if they nominate him who his running mate will be before the primaries are over, that's fairly rare, if it's ever happened. most of time when such a thing happens it's at the contested convention, still two and a half months away. the nomination as it were, his acknowledgement that carly fiorina would be his running mate is meant to one, sort of erase the memory of donald trump's big five-state win last night. which keeps him on a path, as able to be able to win the 1237 delegates necessary for the nomination before the actual convention in cleveland in july. and it gives cruz another potent weapon, carly fiorina, distinguished herself as able to really go after hillary clinton when she was a candidate for the presidency or the republican nomination. she didn't last all that long after the first primary in new hampshire she ro dropped out. one of the first rivals to endorse ted cruz. she's been campaigning with him for quite some time. the question is can this move, if it does sort of take away the story from trump's wins last
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night, whether or not it will give enough juice for cruz to win in indiana. which votes now six days from now. and really has the potential to be decisive. if cruz cannot win indiana, then donald trump does, it puts him way closer to being able to clinch. and really hard to stop in terms of momentum. >> carl, obviously the trump camp is calling this desperation. inside the cruz campaign, what is the calculation on this move? and what are they saying strategically this helps them do? >> well for one thing, it's showing that cruz has had the forethought and the presence of mind to plan the type of administration he would run. and really get to work at it as opposed to taking it at a much more loose fashion as donald trump has. the other is, again he can't mathematically clinch the nomination himself, that ended with trump's victories.
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this is an opportunity to show that he's willing to put it all on the table to stop trump. watch. >> i have come to the conclusion that if i am nominated to be president of the united states that i will run on a ticket with my vice presidential nominee carly fiorina. >> hoping to shift attention away from donald trump's five-state sweep, ted cruz in indiana were a huge showdown looms, tapped former rival turned supporter, carly fiorina as his running mate. >> over and over again, carly has shattered glass ceilings. >> fiorina developed a reputation in a pair of strong debate performances for launching potent attacks on hillary clinton. >> people all across the great hoosier state, all across this nation know that donald trump and hillary clinton both will be disastrous for this nation. >> fiorina quit the gop race,
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after taking several tough shots at cruz. >> says one thing in manhattan, says another thing in iowa, he says whatever he needs to say to get elected. >> cruz needs help with women voters and must beat donald trump in indiana or trump will be able to clinch the nomination in california. a new suffolk university poll shows john kasich beating cruz by 5%. among women, kasich's strengths are even more pronounced, while he's viewed favorably. cruz and trump are viewed very unfavorably. despite trump's problem with women in the polls, his victory makes it mathematically for cruz to win at the convention. cruz's speech was short on specifics -- trump's speech was short on specifics. >> there's isis, i have a simple message for them. their days are numbered, i won't tell them where and i won't tell them how.
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we must -- -- >> having mocked others as weak for using a teleprompters, trump used one for the second time during the campaign, but still managed to mispronounce tanzania. >> look at what happened in the 1990s. our embassies in kenya and tanzania -- >> the white house mocked trump. >> apparently the phonetics are not included in the teleprompter. >> trump dismissed attempts by staffers to have him act more presidential. >> why would i change? if you have a football team and you're winning and you get to the super bowl, you don't change your quarterback. >> he accused clinton of playing gender politics. >> the only card she has is the woman's card, she's got nothing else going. >> as part of a prospective ticket, fiorina can ramp up attacks on cruz against trump as sexist and clinton as dishonest. six days to indiana, not clear there's a lot of time for those things to stick. >> thank you, carl. let's break down the
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delegate math. 10 states still have upcoming contests, gop contests, donald trump after last night has 954 delegates. after the five wins he has. one caveat, pennsylvania has 54 unbound delegates. so that is not in this total. we'll come back to pennsylvania a little bit later. let's break down the map going forward. may 3, you have the contest in indiana. 57 total delegates, expecting now trump to win there. it could be close. it's proportional by congressional district. we'll give trump 45 of those delegates. but ted cruz will fight hard around this could all change. may 10, nebraska, 36 total delegates, expecting cruz to win all of those. no change in the trump delegates. west virginia, 34 total. trump gets 24. again 1237 to win, there he is at 1023. in late may on may 17th, oregon has 28 total this is a proportional state it favors
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donald trump. we'll give him 12 delegates in our estimate. may 24th, washington state, had 44 total delegates, proportional, slightly favoring trump, we give him 18. the final day of contests, june 7th, first montana. that favors ted cruz, 27 total. no change in the trump number. south dakota. kind of the same story, favoring cruz, no change in delegates there for the total number for trump. new mexico, 24 delegates on the line. it's allocation is proportional. trump in our estimation gets 10 of those delegates, a few more than his opponents, it's added to the total and the big prize, california, 172 delegates up for grabs, we'll give trump 109 of those. and then new jersey. 51 delegates, winner take all. all 51 to trump. now 1223, you need 1237. so six, seven, carry the zero. that leaves 14 delegates to
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reach. the majority of 1237. now let's go back to pennsylvania. remember, that contest he won big in pennsylvania. every congressional district. it has 54 unbound delegates. we're waiting to hear exactly the numbers, some estimates have it at 38, 39, maybe 40 of the 54 committing to donald trump. that would obviously put trump over the top. as we've said, there are 2,472 total delegates to the rnc, more than 150 of them are unbound on the first ballot. essentially they're free agents at the summer's convention. now the date of the last voting as we said was june 7th. the republican national convention starts on july 18th. so 41 days to get to the magic number. those are possible scenarios. as it lines up right now. but it looks like trump gets over the 1237 hump. he made clear in a speech last
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night, he has no interest in changing his style or approach now. >> i hear that you know, presidential, not presidential. that's very easy to be presidential. by the way much easier, but i'm not playing a part. look, i started off with 17 i'm down now, i'm winning and it's over. as far as i'm concerned, it's over, these two guys cannot win. there's no path. so why would i change? >> let's get more on the trump path to victory. paul manafort is convention manager for donald trump, thanks for being here. we're going to be by june 7th, we'll be the nominee of the rb party. >> let's get reaction to the news today, ted cruz announcing carly fiorina. if he gets the nod, she'll be the vp. >> the second desperation move of the week. the first one didn't work. and this one won't work, either. frankly she's been out there campaigning for him for the last
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month or so. so this is not a new addition to his team. and frankly, it's a bit strange that they would announce in indiana where she, who is known, when she was in the private sector for outsourcing jobs and outsourcing is one of the major issues in indiana, and ted cruz has shown he's more focused on free trade than fair trade i don't know if it's very smart to do this in indiana. >> here's what she said a few moments ago about your candidate. >> you know i think donald trump clearly has a problem with women. clearly. i mean the week we had a terrorist attack in brussels, he attacked heidi cruz. one thing i'm certain of, if you have more big government, crony capitalism, which is what both donald trump and hillary clinton promise to bring, that we're going to continue to have record numbers of men out of work. record numbers of women living in poverty and record numbers of young people who think the
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american dream is a figment of someone's imagination, but doesn't apply to them. >> clearly they're going to go after unfavorables with donald trump with women. >> the vote that donald trump has been getting in the northeast, he's doing 40%, high 40%, low 50s, he got 57% of the female vote in new york. this is an issue that's clarifying itself. donald trump is campaigning on the issues, i'm not worried about it at all. >> you clarified with chris wallace here about your statements down in florida to republican leadership and rank and file about donald trump portraying something else. is there a battle between getting presidential and his campaign style? >> not at all. i mean he said it last night. he said it on the campaign trail. i mean we're talking in florida about settings, not personality. donald trump doesn't need to change. he's winning, and you saw today in his speech, in washington on
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foreign policy, the same donald trump, the speech he gave today, framed his vision in foreign policy. but he's been making those same points on the campaign trail over the course of the last several months. it's not a new trump. just new environments in which donald trump is speaking his positions. >> here's how politico wrote it up. donald trump is bristling at efforts to introduce a more conventional campaign strategy and expressed misgivings about the political guru behind them. donald trump expressed concerns to bolster the campaign by bringing in associates from his lobbying days, campaign insiders say it's become increasingly clear that trump for all of his boasts about his ability to become more presidential is unwilling or unable to follow through and resents efforts to transform him. >> that's the -- >> fair? >> not fair at all. it's the ted cruz line. donald trump is running on
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issues as an outsider. he's talked about political corruption. rigged system. the economic rigged system. he's talked about the banking rigged system. his issues haven't changed. last night is another example. not only is he continuing to win, he's winning bigger. several months ago they said he couldn't break 30%. he couldn't break 40%, then he couldn't break 50%. now he's breaking 60%. his message is resonating, it's resonating in every section of the country. and that's why it's pretty apparent that he will be the nominee. one more week, i think everybody will recognize it. there's no candidate running for president today who can be nominated for president of the republican nomination except for donald trump, period. that's it. >> you're confident you can get to 1237 before the end, are we going to see more of these teleprompter speeches about policy? in the future? >> that's going to be up to him. this setting makes sense, he gave it a grate speech.
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he enjoyed the speech. he thinks he connected with his audience. the future will be decided as we move down the road. what is clear, though, is that he will continue to speech spooek in all different environments and all different sedings. now that he's becoming the presumptive nominee. there's something more than campaign rallies we have to take into account. >> paul, thanks for the time. >> thank you. hillary clinton won four of tuesday's five primaries, all but putting bernie sanders away for good. but chief white house correspondent ed henry tells us sanders is not giving up. >> we are behind today. but you know what, unusual things happen in politics. >> with a bernie sanders was hinting at potential legal problem for hillary clinton in an email investigation or hoping for another stumble, the senator was trying to pick up the pieces from another big night for clinton. sanders pivoting from trying to win the nomination to aiming to shape the democratic platform this summer. >> we're going to have the votes
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to put together the strongest progressive agenda that any political party has ever seen. >> sanders reiterated he's staying in the race through the california primary on june 7th. and clinton stopped short of calling for him to get out. instead, more diplomatically urging his supporters to focus on party unity. ♪ >> after arriving at her victory celebration in philadelphia to the beat of a rocky theme, clinton was resting today and off the campaign trail. but still turning her attention to republican donald trump and the general election. by tweeting out a video that includes new jersey's governor, chris christie's wife, mary pat, rolling her eyes an this declaration. >> if hillary clinton was a man, i don't think she would get the vote. the beautiful thing is women don't like her. >> an adviser told fox while the
3:16 pm
clinton camp is confident she can beat trump, they're concerned the unconventional nature of his approach will make it more formidable than expected. today she immediately jumped on trump's comments to try to exploit her edge with female voters. >> well if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman's card, then deal me in. >> breaking news, sanders spokesman mike briggs confirmed hundreds of field staffers were laid off last night. part of right-sizing the campaign as primaries wind down. but cutting staff is also typically a sign the campaign is almost done. brett? >> ed, thank you. how the mighty have fallen. prison time for a man once second in line to the presidency. to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. an amazing fall from grace tonight for a man once second in line for the presidency. former house speaker dennis hastert is headed to prison. correspondent mike tobin tells us why from chicago. >> calling him a serial child molester,en angry judge thomas durkin hit former house speaker dennis hastert with a sentence more than twice as harsh as what the prosecution called for, 15 months in prison and a mighty
3:21 pm
fall for a man once two heartbeats away from the presidency. an admired winning wrestling coach. >> mr. hastert's legacy is gone and in its place are a broken humiliated man. that is as it should be. >> the charges to which hastert pleaded were lying to the fbi, and illegally structuring withdrawals of hush money. a motivation was to cover up the abuse of at least five students. one, a former wrestler tearfully testified about years of pain inflicted on his life. the surviving sister of a man hastert admitted he abused. said hastert took her brother's life. not because he died of aids, but because the former coach took his youth and innocence. he did not just mistreat the students, he molested them. >> it's reprehensible that denny hastert acted that way. and i'm grateful that the judge
3:22 pm
recognized it as such. >> hart of the statement . >> it follows dozens of letters written on hastert's behalf. one from former majority leader tom delay reading we all have our flaws, but dennis hastert has very few, he doesn't deserve what he's going through. >> some of the people have even asked to retract some of those letters. so i don't think the judge really looked at too many letters. >> in addition to prison time, hastert will need to do two years of supervised release, undergo sex offender treatment and pay a quarter-million dollars to a sex abuse survivors program. the judge pointed out any sentence he could hand down for obvious violations of banking laws pale in comparison to what hastert would have gotten had the statute of limitations not run out on sex abuse cases. how does the freedom to express a person's religion apply to the men and women who lay their lives on the line to preserve that freedom? that's the question tonight in
3:23 pm
the case of a u.s. marine discharged for among other things, refusing to remove a bible-inspired note from her work area. chief legal correspondent shannon bream looks at both sides tonight. >> the religious liberty for every person serving in uniform is at stake. >> for the first time in history, the u.s. military's highest court is considering if and how the religious freedom restoration act applies to service members. the case argued before the five-judge panel today involves former marine lance corporal monica sterling who was court-martialed in part after refusing to take down a bible verse she had posted in numerous places around her desk. the text of her posting said quote no weapons formed against me shall prosper. sterling said it was derived from isaiah 54:17. sterling was ordered to take the signs down because she shared the work space with another marine. after she refused a superior removed the signs and sterling replaced them she was found guilty of refusing to obey an
3:24 pm
order. the government says sterling never raised a religious objection until after she got into trouble and the law require as sincerely held religious belief in order to trigger protections, writing in its brief that sterling's quote placement of unattributed multiple large signs referencing weapons against me. demonstrated the sign's self-evident purpose of sticking it to her superiors. the government cites other conduct by sterling as disrespectful and disobedient. but her legal team says there's only one issue at stake. >> the hostility to religion in our military is increasing in frequency and severity. it's unfortunate. i think it hurts our nation's military. and anything that hurts our nation's military issed about for our nation and bad for our national security. >> there's no timeline for a decision in sterling's case. but a decision is expected this summer. should she lose, her attorneys are not ruling out a direct appeal to the u.s. supreme court. bret? >> and shannon today the supreme
3:25 pm
court was busy with another high-profile case involving former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. >> in 2014, mcdonnell and his wife were convicted of counts of fraud after they accepted gifts from a donor. in return for favors for a product the donor was promoting. most of the justices did seem skeptical about the statute used to convict the mcdonnells. justi justice breyer worried that baying baseball tickets could give an oversteal zelous prosecutor power to convict a lawmaker. the fed raised the benchmark rate from a record know near zero in december. stocks took the news in a mixed way. the dow gained 51. the s&p 500 was up 3, the nasdaq
3:26 pm
lost 25. the battle over the national security council, a bloated bureaucracy or necessary advice for the president? that debate is next. everyday millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪ ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪
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the man accused of coordinating logistics for last november's terror attacks in paris is back in the french capital after a transfer from belgium. salah abdeslam was arrested shortly after the terrorist bombings, today his belgian lawyer called abdeslam a little jerk among delinquented and someone with the intelligence of an empty ashtray. his attorney. the obama administration is fighting back against a plan from congress to cut through some of the president's red tape when it comes to national security. correspondent kevin corke is at the white house with why lawmakers want the changes, and
3:31 pm
why the president does not. >> with competing interests at the white house capitol hill and the pentagon, it's a washington power struggle while the country's national security hangs in the balance. >> the nsc, national security council is not just advising the president, they are directing operations. they are micromanaging military operations in the field. >> gop lawmakers led by house armed services committee chairman mack thornberry are looking to reign in the president's tendency. by slashing the ranks of the national security council and having the national security adviser subject to senate confirmation. critics argue the president's response to international crises has been slowed by the increasingly bloated national security infrastructure. established in 1947 by congress, the nsc provides national security and foreign policy advice to presidents and while originally envisioned as a small cadre of advisers, the council has roughly doubled since 1992, to about 400 people.
3:32 pm
thornberry and gop leaders want to cap of just 50 people. each of the president's three previous defense secretaries, gates, panetta and hagel have expressed deep concerns about the nsc's growth and scope. >> it was the operational micromanagement that drove me nuts. of white house and nsc staffers calling senior commanders out on the field and asking them questions of second-guessing commanders. >> too many people talking and you know, special will i young smart, 35-year-old ph.d.s, allowed to talk, that's the way you let everybody know how smart you are. is how much you talk. >> white house officials say new eat levels make the need for more strategic coordination essential. >> insuring that the commander-in-chief has access to the information and judgment. of his advisers. not just here in the white house, but across a variety of
3:33 pm
national security agencies is vitally important. >> thornberry hoping to add his proposal to the national defense bill. we'll see how the bill turns out. the administration is crediting susan rice, the national security adviser for trimming the roles over at nsc, mostly through attrition and they say they hope to have the numbers down to the same number as they had when the president came to office in 2009. bret? >> kevin corke live on the north lawn. thank you. ted cruz chooses carly fiorina as a potential running mate. if he gets the nod. but will it matter in the race for delegates going on right now? the panel joins me, when we return. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways
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test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test one of the most solemn choices you make is the choice of selecting a vice presidtial candidate. i have come to the conclusion that if i am nominated to be president of the united states, that i will run on a ticket with
3:38 pm
my vice presidential nominee, carly fiorina. >> it's, the second desperation move of the week. the first one didn't work. and this one won't work, either. frankly, it's a bit strange that they would announce in indiana where she, who is known when she was in the private sector for outsourcing jobs and outsourcing is one of the major issues in indiana and ted cruz has shown again he's more focused on free trade than fair trade. >> the big announcement, ted cruz saying he would run with carly fiorina. a businesswoman. former presidential candidate. you saw reaction from the trump campaign. john kasich's campaign has weighed in now. saying this, carly fiorina ran an honorable campaign but most republicans will meet this decision with a collective shrug. >> okay. let's bring in our panel. charles lane, opinion writer for the "washington post." editor in chief of life z.
3:39 pm
>> i think kasich is probably right. a good deal of affection i think for carly fiorina. i shrink think she ran a good campaign. she didn't win any states, manafort is on to something and indiana, which i assume trump is going to hit the globalization as failure theme that he struck today in his foreign policy speech, the outsourcing issue is a disaster. that is just, that's not going to be a positive one. and fairly or unfairly, you know, fiorina, hp, that outsourcing issue, which was discussed obviously during her run against barbara boxer in two 10, she lost by about a million votes in california. that became really an albatross around her neck. i think trump has to be careful, isn't going after carly fiorina, i think i'm not sure he'll do it. but i think surrogates probably will and i think you saw manafort do that. i don't think it changes the math in a positive way in
3:40 pm
indiana. if he's going to win indiana. cruz is going to win it on his own. it's no going to be with a veep selection. >> fiorina fought back against that whole charge on the presidential campaign. >> absolutely. chuck, how do you think it plays? >> desperate times call for desperate measures, is what it looked like to me. so desperate after this rout tuesday night in the northeastern states that ted cruz seemed to want to just come up with something spectacular to change the narrative out there. i suppose that if carly fiorina brings anything positive, maybe it's a little help in california? that's her home state. she ran a pretty good senate, senate race against barbara boxer as a republican. though she lost and perhaps ted cruz is thinking she can help him out there. but for the most part, i think this just looks like what it is -- somebody who is way beyhid in the delegate count and the window is rapidly closing, trying to throw a hail mary. >> you mentioned the sweep last
3:41 pm
night. donald trump, as you look at the map of the states, did put up some amazing numbers, in republican, in republican primaries, take a look. 60% in delaware, maryland, rhode island, 63%. pennsylvania, he won every congressional district. cruz people and others say that although these are blue states, and the general election, but as you look towards indiana, which is coming up next week, the real clear politics average of polls has it now with trump up about six points. over cruz. and kasich essentially not campaigning there. charles? >> well, just on the carly issue, i think it had only one purpose, which was news cycle management. he wanted to do something to slightly obliterate the power of last night's election. and it worked in the sense that we just led the panel with his decision. but it won't do anything beyond that. there's a heal carly, and it isn't going to do much.
3:42 pm
the trump success yesterday is, he won every county in all five states. that's a sweep. it's clear that everything now hinges on indiana. even if trump were to lose it, it's extremely hard to see how he's not nominated. but if he wins, i think it will be definitively over for cruz. and i would add, we'd be able to close the candidate casino. which would save me a lot of money. so i'm hoping we'll do at. >> still has general election possibilities. >> well yes, that's true. >> clearly carly fiorina is going to go after trump on the women issue. as you look at the "u.s.a. today"/suffolk poll on fave unfave for women for example, 24-56, donald trump and you see hispanics and among blacks in this particular poll and it matches s tes to other polls a >> i think carly fiorina ought
3:43 pm
to think further down the line than just maybe the next week or so. it would be a shame given i think her positive influence in the campaign. if it turned out that carly was featured in a lot of hillary ads in the fall. i would imagine that the hillary clinton campaign is cutting and marking the time cues on these various appearances. think we should remember looking at the exit polls in pennsylvania and my home state of connecticut, and so forth, you see that trump won every demographic group, every one. he woman women, he won college-educated. the high school-educated. i believe every age group as well. so does he have work to do with women? i think so. yes. without a doubt. but i just think i said tht other night, at some point we have to have a come to jesus moment here. i understand ted cruz wants to be president and i think he's done an amazing job so far. but do you really want to give the fodder to the democrats
3:44 pm
going into a critical election cycle? and i think it would be a shame really if that turned out to be one of the favorite commercials for the clinton campaign. >> the push-back, we did the delegate math and all kinds of reaction saying we're making assumptions on these states. these are the projections, and they're pretty optimistic when it comes to donald trump. but he still gets over the hump. pretty significantly. before the end. >> and there's another factor here, which is there's some polling data that show republican voters don't want him denied the nomination if he comes very close. right? if he's up at, i guess the target is 1237, if he's up at 1200, as of the eve of the convention, it's going to be, it's going to be a tough lift politically to deny it to him at that point. i think that's what influences me the most and thinking about this, is that he is now so close to being that close. that he is, you know, in his own words, he is the presumptive
3:45 pm
nominee. but it is such, it is such a radical thing to have him as the nominee. that i think ted cruz and the others simply can't get their minds around it and they're going to fight until the last ditch. and in fairness, i don't see why they shouldn't, as long as they've got the money. >> i think the other factor here, is the psychological effect. of the win in new york and the win in these states, which is essentially over 60%. if he were to back into the nomination, or to back into say 1220, so he's just near it but he's been on a losing streak, i could see people saying -- no, he's not the choice. working on the numbers. if you come into the convention, having really swept in the east and if he does reasonably well, indiana on the west coast. i don't think there's any way in which if he falls short of a handful of votes, 15, 20 even, 50, that he would be denied. that psychological effect, the momentum i think is huge.
3:46 pm
>> next up, donald trump on foreign policy. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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♪ ♪ since 2001, more than 700,000 comcast nbc universal volunteers have lent a hand to their communities. this year, we're extending our partnership with our friends at red nose day and global citizen. making it our most rewarding day ever... hands down. we went from mistakes in iraq, to egypt, to libya.
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to president obama's line in the sand in syria. each of these actions have helped to throw the region into chaos. and gave isis the space it needs to grow and prosper. very bad. it all began with a dangerous idea that we could make@ of countries that had no experience or interest in becoming a western democracy. we're getting out of the nation building business and, instead, focusing on creating stability in the world. america, first, will be the major and overriding theme of my administration. >> donald trump here in washington, d.c. with the speech that was delivered on teleprompter. one of the rare events in this campaign. only the second time. had reaction from several foreign policy experts saying they thoug solid. others questioning it and the cruz campaign putting out statement right away:
3:51 pm
with that, we bring back our panel. charles? >> well, i can understand that is a line from the cruz stump speech, but it has no relationship to the speech that was made today. it's not about foreign policy speech. there was no teaming up with lobbyists. the problem i had with the speech is that it doesn't change my perception trump or i don't think other people's on trump and foreign policy. it was remarkable. he has given a speech written and reads off a teleprompter wandering and
3:52 pm
meandering and incoherent as when he speaks off the cuff. i thought the purpose of the speech was to give it a theme and a frame, we saw one of the staples there. even the statement he gave is contradictory. if we are out of the business of building nations, meaning sustaining them after we go in, how do you produce stability? if you aren't in a region, it will become unstable or becomes unstable. we have no control. he complains about iran's advances in the region, but, unless you have got a presence in there, unless you want to be active in there, unless you are looking to something larger than the narrowest nationalism, you are going to have to be involved. on the one hand it was sort of semiisolationist, a bit like rand paul. respectable but i don't think mainstream among conservatives. on the other hand, i think it wasn't consistent. in that he put forward a lot of objectives that require intervention. and a lot of the critiques he offered were critiques of obama for not acting as in
3:53 pm
syria. >> populist in tone, again, trying to take, it seemed, make america great again to america first in foreign policy. laura? >> i was in thefyuip room. and there were a lot of foreign policy experts in the room. i think tepid applause in the room which didn't really surprise me. i think for this sort of regular americans watching it, it seemed to confirm what they believe, many of them, that after the cold war, our foreign policy has been confused. and confusing. and not necessarily producing positive results for the american people, our allies, our security. we don't enforce our own borders but we are really vexed about syrias and iraqs with thousands of men and women who have lost their lives, ptsd, suicides, and yet the region is very unstable. a lot of that has to do with obama. i think people want a sense that when we go into another country if we have to it really redounds to america's benefit. that's not radical.
3:54 pm
sense call that you can go into a country that's not really a country cobbled together over the decades and disband their armies and somehow bring western values to that place. i think say dramatic turn in u.s. foreign policy and i think it's going to get a lot of the right people upset and a lot of the experts are going to be really angry because they know that their days are numbered if trump is the commander and chief. >> chuck, donald trump has had kind of -- well, fits and starts when it comes to foreign policy questions at debates and your "the washington post" editorial board interviews. there was one "new york times" as well. this was an effort to kind of put it all in one place. >> well, i don't think he managed to overcome the doubts. in part, pause he seemed to contradict himself at so many different points. oron the one hand he is saying we have to be reliable ally.
3:55 pm
next breath main thing need to be unpredictable. too much predictability. that's one of his favorite lines by the way. he says there are certain groups in this world that are never going to like us how hard we try. then over here he says we can make up with vladimir putin because there is, you know, room to improve there. sounding very much by the way like hillary clinton when she handed him the re-set button at the beginning of the obama administration. look, this is clearly not his forte. and at the same time, i think there is -- there is an historic quality to it for the reason laura says. is he repudiating 25 years of u.s. foreign policy, including republican foreign policy very firmly. >> we will be talking about this, i'm sure much more. that's it for this panel. stay tuned for your voice in our contender's app.
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
it is time check out this week's results "special report" contender's app. the statement about education that was most agreed with was, quote. we need to repeal common core we need federal government out of the business of dictating educational standards that statement belongs to texas senator ted cruz, who now has a winning streak on this app., not necessarily in delegates but on this app. for four weeks. panelists, you took the quiz. who did you get. >> i found myself in agreement with john kasich on education and big disagreement with bernie sanders and ted cruz, too.
4:00 pm
>> all right, laura? >> cruz and trump. >> weirdly kasich. >> that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. here comes greta. no online show tonight. >> going to be spending numerous days in indiana and it's going to be having really really special. >> fresh off a sweep in five states, donald trump moving ahead to the key state of indiana. and that's not all. trump also making a major foreign policy speech. >> containing the spread of radical islam must be a major foreign policy goal of the united states. and, indeed, the world. i will not hesitate to deploy military force when there is no alternative. but, if america fights, it must only fight to win. the whole world will be safer if our allies do their part to support our common sense and security. a trump administration will
4:01 pm
lead a free world that is properly armed and funded and funded beautifully. ♪ ♪ >> and welcome to the "on the record" one hour town hall with presidential candidate and g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump. we are here in minneapolis at the theater home of the indianapolis symphony orchestra. i have many questions of donald trump and so does our audience. so, now, let's welcome presidential candidate donald trump. welcome, donald. [chanting trump, trump, trump] >> and now my first question to you, donald. first of all, thank you very much for joining us. >> this is very exciting. do we love indiana. this is great. thank you. thank you, all. >> i want to start with the political news of the day. senator ted cruz has announced that his vice presidential candidate is carlie fiorina. what's your reaction to that? >> well, i think it's really a waste of time.
4:02 pm
honestly. [ laughter ] it should be over. if indiana treats us right, we're going to make america great again. we're going to get rid of these politicians. and we're going to do the right job. i mean, two days ago it was kasich and they were going to form alliance and collude and get together and then all of a sudden kasich didn't live up to his side of the teal and they are fighting with each other and now he is doing the carlie thing. i just don't see it it's awfully early. number one, very early. not supposed to be doing it this early but i don't see it. >> who is on your list? >> i have a lot of great people. i like to finish the deal first. cruz has no path to victory and neither does kasich. i like to finish the deal first. we have got to get it done. and once the deal is done, you will be -- i will make her the first to know. we will make her the best to know. but we will let you know. we have some really great people, but i just think it's so early in the process. you have to first get the nomination. here is a guy picking a vice presidential candidate, he
4:03 pm
has zero chance. he has no path. sort of crazy. so i think it's -- well, it gets him in the news cycle because he has been totally taken out. he had a horrible day yesterday. and he came in third, meaning third out of three. most of the time. [ laughter ] i guess four out of five, he was third. and he picked up no delegates. and, you know, you are talking about major states like pennsylvania, like maryland. i mean, we're talking about big stuff. and connecticut. he came in -- he got nothing. and i think he wanted to do something to get out of that negative cycle. and in that sense it was probably good for him, but, people will not like it. >> all right. today is a big foreign policy speech that you gave in washington, d.c. among some of the things that you said i will not send our finest into battle unless necessary and only if we have a plan for victory. how do you define necessary? >> well, necessary and victory. number one, i define necessary is protecting our country. that's what necessary is. it's protecting our country.
4:04 pm
[ applause ] >> we don't look at it that way. and it was interesting. i got a big hand, i am only going to send them in if we win. we don't win. as a country, can you look at trade -- we don't win anymore. we just don't win. even with our military we have these incredible people but we are not taking care of them properly. it's being depleted. our vets are being taken care of horribly. that's going to change immediately. that, i can tell you. we don't fight -- you know, when i was growing up the united states always used to win. and it was a long time ago. we vice president been winning so much. but we certainly aren't winning now in any capacity. is there a point now that you consider necessary? if you were the oval office now and president would be deploying any troops in any place? >> to me, when i heard the other day i heard president obama say the single greatest threat to our country is global warming. [ laughter ] was he serious?
4:05 pm
was he being serious? we have global warming but of the nuclear variety. that's the biggest threat we have. that is the single biggest threat we have. and frankly, if it weren't for that capability and the incredible power of weaponry today, i would have been out of there a long time. i have been saying this to you for years don't go into iraq. don't go into iraq because we totally destroyed the balance of power. we destroyed the whole equilibrium of the middle east and now iran is taking over the middle east. it's terrible. if we didn't do anything in the last 15 years, if we just forgot the middle east was there, we would be in such great shape today in comparison with migration, people pouring into our country which is obama's fault in our fail fairness. we are taking tens of thousands of people into the united states. we have no idea, greta, who they're. there is no documentation. there is no paperwork. but victory to me is victory. if we go in to fight, we have to fight to win and get it over with, fast. [ applause ]
4:06 pm
>> you brought up -- you brought up the issue of nukely north korea is imminent. if you are not president of the united states. would you be doing anything about the fact and they also just launched a missile from a submarine. >> they are having a field day with us. it's a form of extortion. you want to know the truth. it really is. it's a form of extortion. that's what i think we're doing it for. monster in terms of economics. any time you order a television set lg or samsung. whatever it comes from. essentially south korea. biggest ships. they pay us very little. and we protect many other countries china has tremendous power over north
4:07 pm
korea. tremendous, beyond anybody. now, they don't tell us that they like to tweak us and say we don't -- we have total control. china can't even survive without us because economically they have been ripping us for many years to come. they have been sucking our blood. >> how do you get them to act? >> we tell them we're going to either -- you are going to have to straighten out this north korea problem or we're not going to be doing so much business with you. they don't do so much business with us, greta. they would have a depression the likes of which you have ever seen. we have tremendous economic power over china. i want to get along with china. we're going to get along with china. china can strangle because it comes in through china and it's -- china is powerful. china can strangle north korea. it can make them -- bring them to the table. >> how fast is the outbreak. >> i think it can be very, very quick. at what point are we the guardian of the world? at what point are we going to say, folks, you have to protect yourselves or you have to pay us properly, okay? or you have to pay us properly.
4:08 pm
and. [ applause ] and a lot of people don't know this because i give the speeches and i talk and i'm a very -- you know, i'm a very business-minded person and the country isn't business-minded. politicians are not business-minded. we protect japan. great people. we protect saudi arabia. we protect south korea. we protect so many countries and we protect germany. look at germany. it's an economic behemoth. they have so much money. we protect germany. it's okay to protect and i understand that we don't want them to arm ideally and all of that but at what point do we say we can't afford to do this anymore as a country? you'll have to protect yourselves or you have to pay up. look at saudi arabia before the oil went down they were making plenty. $1 billion a day we protect them. they wouldn't be there, in my opinion, saudi arabia wouldn't be there for two weeks if we weren't protecting them. it would be a mess like you have never seen before. we have to get smart and we
4:09 pm
have to help our allies and be good to our allies. but they have to remember that we are good and they have to take care of donald. [ applause ] >> donald, you have an audience question from kelly. and first of all, kelly, you have made up your mind how are going to vote for? >> definitely. i have always voted republican. and i will only vote for trump. >> did she say always vote for trump. >> always vote for trump and says only vote for you. >> that's good. that's what i thought you said. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. >> my question is. my father owns a custom -- a small custom manufacturing company here in indiana, which employs about 50 people. the two major problems that we face are the high cost of healthcare, the health insurance and also that we are losing jobs -- we are losing our customers to cheaper prices outside of
4:10 pm
the u.s. so i was wondering, mr. trump, when you become president, what will you do. [ applause ] what will you do to help our family keep our business. >> such a great question. i was looking at indiana because i always get these statisticians. get me the list. 15 minutes. did i it last week with new york, new york city. all the same problems. did i it with pennsylvania and every place i have been to the last couple of weeks. i look at the numbers and look at our jobs. look at carrier airconditioning a larger way what is happening with your father, where jobs are being ripped out of our country, out of our states but out of our country. we have got to do a couple of things. when they want to play games with us, countries or companies, when a company wants to leave like carrier and they want to go to mexico and going to make air conditioners and not tax them and let the 1400 people from indianapolis go, they are going to fire them, there has got to be
4:11 pm
consequences. and the same thing with your father. when countries are able to too numbers on us, there are going to be consequences. we have to do some some form of taxation. i believe totally in free market. that's great. our leaders are not smart. they are not smart people or they are controlled by special interest groups that have reasons for letting it be this way. one or the other. [ applause ] >> by the way and it's one of those two things was i'm self-funding so i'm working for you. i'm working for your father, okay? what we're going to have to do very strongly. we have to take the situation, tax these products coming. in people said they are going to cost more. in some cases they are going to cost a little more. in some cases like carrier not even going to cost more. we have to tax the product coming. in and what's going to happen the second part is we are going to have more workers. we're going to have more people and more jngets maybe the product is going to be more expensive, so we are going to have more jobs. that's the good news. as far as healthcare repeal obamacare, replace it with
4:12 pm
something great. okay? you have your healthcare savings account. the amazing things about healthcare. if we get rid of the lines wrapped around every -- this is for the benefit of the insurance companies. have real competition whether it's healthcare savings accounts or so many different things. there are so many things you could have privately to take care of healthcare. obamacare is out of control. your premiums are going up 35, 45, 50%. we're going to repeal it, replace it with something great. thank you. great question a question from steve. steve, have you decided how are voting for? >> who am i voting for? >> yes. >> well, i think my question might answer that question. >> okay. what's your question, sir? >> mr. trump. >> yes. >> i was likely going to vote for governor kasich in indiana's primary next week but feel that he and his campaign have turned their back on indiana with his agreement that he has now with senator cruz. what can you say now to
4:13 pm
convince me to vote for you next tuesday instead of switching my vote to cruz as suggested by their strategy to defeat you? >> okay. well, first of all, i think you did the right thing by switching because i think that what they did in colluding like that, i think it was such a slap in the face of the people of indiana, in particular. i thought it was a slap in the face. both of them. actually you couldn't go to cruz because it was equal if not worse. i just think it was terrible what you what they were doing. if they had to do it again they would have never done it typical politicians make bad deals. on top of it kasich broke the deal he said no i want you to vote for me in indiana. typical precisions. h. politicians. i'm going to save the second amendment which is under siege from everybody. [ applause ]
4:14 pm
getting rid of common core and bring in education locally because our education, the system is a total wreck. we're going to strengthen our military, take care of our vets. we're going to go through a list of things and make this country so strong again so, great again, we have to strengthen our military. our military is being absolutely depleted at the highest level. i mean, you look at -- i made a speech today and i was talking about the military compared to 10 years ago, it's incredible. it's just getting smaller and yet the world is getting more and more dangerous. but, in terms of yourself, you look like you might be a businessman. we're going to lower taxes. i have the plan that lowers taxes by more than any other candidate by far. larry, a friend of greta's, gave it his best review. larry is an amazing economist. a friend of greta's and everybody's, actually. he gave it his best review. we will lower taxes. but we're going to bring jobs back. the other thing is we are not going to let jobs go. if a carrier came to me and said we want to move to mexico. that's okay but you will pay
4:15 pm
a 35% tax every time an airconditioning unit is sold through what will be a strong border, and i will tell you something, they are going to say, sir, we're going to stay in indiana. nobody can do more than that. [ applause ] we will bring you much more from our town hall record with donald trump. we have surprise guests too. that's coming up. don't go away. you're driving through the woods when a majestic beast runs into view. then you run into a tree. but your totaled new car isn't totally replaced. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds
4:16 pm
to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums.
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[cheers and applause] and welcome back to our special "on the record" town hall with g.o.p. presidential candidate, frontrunner, donald trump. and we are coming to you from indianapolis. and in less than one week it's indiana's turn. indiana voters will hit the polls. let's get right back to our questions with donald trump. donald, we have another audience member who has a question. isaiah, you have a question for him. first of all, how old are you. >> i'm 18. >> so you are going to vote next week, right? >> i am. yep. >> have you decided how are voting for. >> i have not. that's why i'm here. >> okay. fire away. ask your question. >> mr. trump, thank you for meeting with us tonight. i'm actually a senior this year at trader's point and heading off to wabash college in the fall. >> good. >> as we all know senator sanders is offering free college tuition. [ laughter ] >> i think he is leaving the race today by the way. so he has got some difficulty but go ahead. >> i think this is unattainable and obviously unachievable. >> sure. >> it would also devalue a person's degree.
4:20 pm
however, being a high school senior, financial decisions play a massive role when deciding where to go to college. my question is do you have anything in place to combat the everrising cost of college tuition. >> it's a great question. it's a question i get asked more than any other question especially when i'm in areas where you have young folks going to college. it's very sad, the students are literally they borrowed up to here. and what the colleges have done is they haven't watched their costs because basically the students are the conduit between the government and college to get money. college rates keep going up, up, up much faster than any other cost if you take a look. we will look into that. the students are borrowing up to here. the other problem they have and we will work on student loans and work on some kind of a deal for low interest and really good student loans. give them a longer term to pay it out. maybe may it out after they get jobs. they have to pay it back. look, we work a deal where the students can li with it because they are not able to live with it right now. but, the biggest problem is you go to college, you go to
4:21 pm
a good college, that's a good college, you go to a great college, and you graduate, and you do well, and you get out, and you can't get a job. and that's the biggest problem. because they can't get jobs. there are no good jobs. even the other side admits the jobs we have are bad jobs. the real unemployment rate is like 20%. not 5%. that's done so the politicians look good. because if you go out and look for a job and quit looking for a job. they consider you statistically you are considered employed. so, here's what we do. we're going to work on jobs. we're going to bring our jobs back from mexico and from china and from japan. >> how? >> we're going to make our products here. we are going to start making our products here. [ applause ] >> countries are abusing us. believe me, folks, countries are abusing us. the reason the politicians don't do -- they know the problem. corporate inversions and everything else. they are leaving like you couldn't believe it look, i looked at numbers. 40% of your manufacturing is gone in this area.
4:22 pm
40% over a fairly short period of time. we're going to stop it. companies are taking advantage of us and companies are abusing us. and the way you stop it is so easy. it's called consequence. if they want to play that game and it's a dirty game that they are playing, again, free trading, i love it i always want to defend it. but we can't do it because we don't have the people. we don't have the smart people. what we're going to have to do is tariffs and taxes for the countries that don't behave. and do you know what's going to happen? as soon as we say we are going to impose it, they are going to behave very, very nicely. [ applause ] the problem we have from the student standpoint, greta, they are graduating from college, they're wonderful, they are great, they graduate high in their class. they can't get jobs. >> we have a question, donald from steven in the audience. steven, have you decided who you are voting for? >> i have. he is sitting on the stage with you. >> oh, i love you. [ applause ]
4:23 pm
>> i can tell. >> do you have a question. >> i do. thank you for taking this question. thank you, mr. trump. >> early in your campaign, you made the comment that you would be neutral on israel. i believe that this takes the handcuffs off israel to operate nationally as a sovereign nation whereas you were criticized in the media for this statement. how do you envision our role in israel and the middle east going forward? >> okay. that's a great question. and, look, i want to see peace. i want to see if it can be done. when you talk about the all-time deal in terms of toughness. that's it. a deal between the palestinians and israel. that's the all-time -- we all have -- it's called our dream deem. what's the deal. >> next book. >> earn tells me it can't be made. the israeli tells me -- you know, i have never met a person from israel and i know so many of them, that didn't want to make a deal. but they say that's the hardest deal because it's years and years.
4:24 pm
centuries. it's like engrained. but i will be trying to make that deal. i am a big fan of israel, i have to tell you. there is no bigger fan of israel. [ applause ] and i want to be able to get both sides together and see if we can do something. but there is nobody who will be more loyal to israel than donald trump. [ applause ] >> and we're going to make -- you know, one of our great allies, and honestly, when you look at this horrible deal that obama made, that president obama made, with iran, where we give them 150 billion -- we got nothing out of the deal. $150 billion. we actually got nothing. even our prisoners didn't come back until we gave them the money. and i will tell you what, you will never see deals like that made with me. you understand that, steven, that's why you are with me. we have to protect israel and take care of israel. they are sort of a bagsian bassian all by themselves right now.
4:25 pm
president obama is the single worst thing that i have ever seen happen to israel. it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. [cheers and applause] i love the question, steve, but we are going to take great care of israel. we are going to protect and cherish israel. we will see if we can make a deal. i just have to do that. almost from a competitive standpoint. they all say you can't do it. it can never be done. i say you can do it. we will see what happens. thank you. we are going to take another quick break. we have more questions from donald trump on second half of "on the record" town hall. plus we have two special guests. that's next. [ applause ] ♪
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4:30 pm
well, coach, nice to see you. [shouting] >> i have already given the coach trouble back stage because indiana beat wisconsin just too many times. but, anyway. i'm delight to do talk to the coach. coach, why are you a trump supporter? >> because i think, you know, i'm not a republican. and i'm not a democrat. and i have always voted because i think that voting is a special thing that we have in this country that isn't in a lot of different countries. but i have always voted. but i have always voted for the person that i thought was best for the job. [ applause ] there is no question in my
4:31 pm
mind that the man sitting between the two of us is far and away the best person to lead america back where we all want to be led, and that's the guy that can do it right here. >> oh, thank you, coach. >> so who contacted who? donald, did you contact coach or did coach contact you. >> i will tell you it's a funny story. i have been a fan for a lot of years. >> you and the whole state. >> the whole country. not just the state, everybody. i get a call about a year ago from bobby. he said if you run for office, i'm endorsing you. and i hadn't even really decided at that point whether i was going to run. he just called up. i said you know what, coach, do me a favor. first, i had to make sure it was really him i said bobby knight. that was like a big deal for me. i said will you do me a favor? give me your number and we will see what happens and i will call you back. and about a week ago i said, hey, we're going to indiana
4:32 pm
and we all love indiana but who is more mr. indiana. who has done more for indiana. look at all the championships and the beauty is it's not even that. he is up believable leader. is he tough, he is smart. and he knows how to wish. because we don't win anymore. bobby. we were saying before we don't win anymore. i said hey, and i called the number. he picked up. yeah. i said, coach, it's trump. do you still want to endorse me? he said absolutely. i've been waiting for your call. so, anyway. [ applause ] >> that, to me is, a little indication of the kind of man we're talking to right here. and is he absolutely right in how things worked with me having a friend call him and get a chance to talk to him and i kind of said well, you know, i hope that works out because i would really like to be in a position where i can be of some help to him. not really thinking well, i
4:33 pm
will tell you, on the exact day that he told me would call me about two or three months later, that morning at 7:00, he called me to ask me if i was ready to go. now, i think that most people in his status would have forgotten about that a long time ago. but, let me tell you, when he tells he is going to do something, and when he is on the side of what has to be done, he never ever forgets what he is doing. i will tell you that right now. and what is he doing, best man there is for the development of the united states. [ applause ] donald and coach, we have a question from a member of the audience, forest, who is part of the greatest generation, served in world war ii has a question for donald trump. [ applause ] and, forest, thank you.
4:34 pm
thank you, forest. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> as an indiana university graduate and world war ii vet, i have a tremendous respect for the general bobby knight. [ applause ] and, mr. trump, how would you compare your successful career and philosophy with coach knight? >> well, that's actually a great question. i just love his philosophy. i mean, we're in a different world. he was in the world of sports and nobody did better. and you know one of the great things about bobby that a lot of people don't know, is he really trained a lot of great coaches. some of the best like you look at duke and you look at so many of the different
4:35 pm
places where they have the great coaches, they were trained and they worked with bobby. but bobby was -- you know, his field, a tremendous leader and what he has done is phenomenonnal. so i would like to put myself in a category even close to bobby as far as that. you talk about the word leadership, that's leadership. thank you. >> that sounded very nice of you to say that i appreciate it. but let me say another thing about mr. trump. and i think we're a little bit alike in that regard. if we're involved in something where we want to win, and particularly something that's necessary, if there's something out there where we need to win, we're going to try and beat your ass every time we can. [cheers and applause]
4:36 pm
>> thank you very much for joining us, we will take a quick break. we will be right back with more questions with donald trump, president of -- candidate for president of the united states. the "on the record" town hall continues next. 85% of men say eating right helps prepare them for a healthy future. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ...from food alone.
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duracell quantum lasts longer so kevin jorgeson can power through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones welcome back to indianapolis "on the record" town hall with g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump. indiana is the biggest delegate prize until california. and right now let's get back to the question. donald, i'm going to ask you one. it's no secret our country doesn't have a lot of money. we're in debt. what would the foreign aid policy be of a trump administration for -- this is a two part question. one is to use money as coercion for countries that we aren't particularly friendly with and may not deserve but we want to get them to do something and the
4:41 pm
other for humanitarian aid like i was just down in ecuador where earthquake victims and you have got nepal and you have haiti and all these countries where people are desperate. what would you be doing with foreign aid policy on money. >> can i see both to be honest with you. we do have countries that we are not in love with them. if we don't help them it would be bigger problems. i can sort of see both. at the same time we give money and a lot of things and a lot of help to countries that absolutely don't deserve it the absolutely, they are not our friends. they don't do anything good for us. it's like a one-way street. you look at nato, as an example, we 28 countries. many of those countries are delinquent. they haven't paid up and they have the money to pay up. we have trillions, probably, trillions of dollars out there of past due. i said i want these countries to pay up and we will protect them and we will take care -- we are protecting them. they are not doing anything for us. they have got to pay up. i said not only do they pay up, they have to pay us all of the past arrears. >> let's say a country like pakistan is sometimes
4:42 pm
doubled dealt us. >> the problem with pakistan they have nuclear weapons which is a real problem. the single biggest problem we have nuclear weapons. nine countries right now with nuclear weapons. but it's semi unstable and we don't want to see total instability. it's not that much, relatively speaking. we have a little bit of a good relationship. i think i would try and keep it that's very much against my grain to say that but, a country and that's always the country i think. we give them money. we help them out. but if we don't, i think that would go on the other side of the ledger and that could really be a disaster. at the same time, if you look at india and some of the others, maybe they will be helping us out because we are going to look at it but we have many, many countries that we give a lot of money to and we get absolutely nothing in return. that's going to stop fast. >> what about the countries that may have deep need but whenever i do these stories like on ecuador people say what about here? >> well, that's a problem. you have to understand, though, greta, we are a debtor nation. we owe $19 trillion.
4:43 pm
we used to be the police -- we are now the policemen of the world. we take care of everything. everybody says our military. weigh spend many, many times what any other country spends on military. but we don't spend it for ourself, we spend it to protect everybody else. we are protecting everybody. it's not our military. our military as i said before it's depleted. you look at that we have to start, you any, getting rid of debt. balancing budgets. we just can't continue to keep giving, giving, giving. now, there are countries that can do it. >> would you cut out giving some of this humanitarian aid to the countries that are uttering hurting? >> i would try to keep some of these countries going. we are a debtor nation. we are sitting on a bubble like you wouldn't believe. we owe $19 trillion. we will be at $21 trillion like almost immediately because of the horrible omnibus budget that was just passed which by the way funds obamacare it funds people pouring into the country. it people syrian migration. we have no idea they are. they could be isis. i know how involved you are.
4:44 pm
i'm not surprise to do have this question to be honest with you because you are amazing. she goes all over the world helping people. we are going to try. but we do have problems. we have a debtor nation. we do have problems. and we have to -- you know, i gay a speech this morning. one of the -- i mean, the primary thing was america first. we have to fix our country. it's so broken. we have to fix it. [ applause ] >> and our conversation with 2016 g.o.p. presidential candidate and frontrunner donald trump continues in just moments. plus, we have another special guest. [ applause ] frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable.
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welcome back to indianapolis. we are at the theater for the "on the record" town hall with donald trump. we are now joined by one of his three sons, donald trump jr. nice to see you. >> great to be here, greta. how are you? [ applause ] >> okay. how much fun was tuesday night with the five primaries and the sweep? >> it was amazing. i can't be more proud of what he has done. as an american, as a father, just to see this and see the voice he is giving to the people of this country for a change. it's just amazing. >> did you expect. >> it they even surprised us. buff the people are getting it they are seeing the system is rigged against them. they are seeing their voice often time doesn't matter. they are looking to change that in a resounding win like we had that night is actually going to give them that voice again. [ applause ] >> donald, one of the fun things about my job is i get to meet all the candidates' children over the years. you are proud of your kids, aren't you? >> i am. i have great children. i have five children. the older ones are really helping me with the campaign and ivanka, don and eric. tiffany, also.
4:50 pm
she has been terrific. barron is a little young right now. he will be there, eventually. but they are fantastic children. and there is nothing -- people oftentimes say they are impressed by success. the most successful people that i have met because they are the happiest are people with great families. more so than the people with money. i know them all. i know them all. [cheers and applause] >> the really successful people are the people that have the great families. these are the happiest people. >> don, has there been a family discussion in the event that your father is the nominee and goes on to win in november how you are going to extricate him from the business and who is going to do what? >> if there is anything he has given us over the past few years it took us a while to prove ourselves to him. he wasn't just going to turn over the company worth tens million dollars of. he has obligation to people who served him so well so long. set only one up here who has
4:51 pm
actually created jobs. is he actually signing the front of a paycheck. that's a big deal. that's a big deal to me. [cheers and applause] >> since then and over the last decade i think we have proven ourselves to him. we work incredibly well as a family between eric, ivanka and i. it has gone well. he has given us autonomy to do this. ultimate trust that we can do it. >> they better do it right. [ laughter ] >> donald, you have another question from melanie who joins us. melanie -- thank you for joining us. have you decided how are going to vote. >> i am undecided. that's why i am here. >> fire away. this is your chance to ask candidate donald trump a question. >> and thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> and, mr. trump, it was brought to my attention on the record by greta the amount of wasteful spending in the government. >> tremendous. >> and the lack of accountability. >> right. >> and, my question is, what
4:52 pm
will you do about that and would you consider a woman who is very informed, caring, and smart like greta as part of your cabinet? >> that's not a bad idea. [cheers and applause] >> that is not a bad idea: she would be excellent. >> i think more than an hour with me would be enough for donald. >> the truth is she is doing so well i'm not sure she would want it. if you want to know the truth. >> what about government waste? >> i will say. this it's such a great question and nobody ever asks that question. we talk about how do you get money and bring the jobs back and all of that is going to be easy. the way the easiest thing for me is cutting. we call it waste, fraud, and abuse. we have billions and billions and billions of dollars. you see it where a highway is going to cost x dollars and it costs five times more than it is supposed to. you can imagine the money
4:53 pm
making things on country out of control including military spending. military spending is tremendous and very important to me and we will rebuild our military. things cost three times as much, not supposed to happen that way. it won't happen that way with the right contractors, frankly, and the right people knowing how to negotiate a contract. so there is tremendous waste and there is tremendous fraud and abuse. and we are going to save billions and billions of dollars. such a great questi because and it's so easy. it's so easy. that's one of the easiest things. so, very good. i hope you are going to vote for me. >> we will take another quick break. coming up, closing thoughts from the "on the record" 2016 town hall. that's straight ahead. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it.
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4:58 pm
[cheers and applause] >> and we are in downtown indianapolis at the historic gilbert circle theater as presidential candidate donald trump and donald trump jr. we have a few closing thoughts. donald, now that we are getting down close to the convention and we are looking sort of at the numbers and whether you will get the 1237 or whether you can numerically do it. when you think that when all is said and done you can work with governor kasich and senator ted cruz. >> i think so. i really do. i think it's going to happen. so many people have called me up over the last couple of weeks because we have been doing so well. big victory last week far above anybody's expectation. it was a blow out and last night it was a total blowout. five states that everybody, every one of them was beyond expectation. i will tell you what, i have been getting so many calls for people that i will see on your show and other shows that say the worst things about me. it's like -- >> -- you say bad things, too. you can fire back just as hard. [ laughter ] >> that's true. but they will say these
4:59 pm
things. >> your son nodded yes by the way. >> i know him well, true. >> no, but the, but, greta. they say such bad things and they call me over the last couple of weeks. they want to get on board. they want to come in. i actually said to a couple of them how you can -- after what you said about me -- it's okay. i want to have you. but how you can possibly do that? and they say don't worry about it you know what? because they are politicians. they can do it. it doesn't matter. they all want to come. tremendous numbers of people are coming on board. they will be announced pretty soon. a lot of people. and people that you wouldn't believe. people that said the worst things and they are going to -- no problem. >> politics s. a unique business. >> it's a strange world here. >> thank you don jr. and donald trump, a big thanks to both of you for joining us and for our town hall tonight. that's all for now. see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night from indianapolis. [cheers and applause]
5:00 pm
"the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> our foreign policy is a complete and total disaster. no vision, no purpose, no direction, no strategy. >> after his big victory yesterday, donald trump acting presidential with a major foreign policy address. talking points will analyze tonight. [shouting] >> california now ground zero for the anti-trump forces. and violence is growing. >> a woman set off a taser and several other people used pepper spray. >> for no reason at all. somebody walked up to my sister and shot her in the back and killed her.
5:01 pm
>> also ahead, violent illegal aliens running unchecked. tonight, the inside story. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why the voters are propelling donald trump. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. much has been said about the feckless nature of the republican leadership. as the primary reason why mr. trump is this close to the g.o.p. nomination. that's an element but not the decisive factor. a broad disenchantment with the direction of america has fueled the trump campaign and that can be laid right on the progressive doorstep. with his sweep yesterday, trump simply needs only to win indiana next tuesday to secure the nomination.
5:02 pm
that will not be easy and he will still need some delegates but it's essentially over if he takes the hoosier state. there are four, four main themes that donald trump is exploiting. first, illegal immigration. many powerful progressives like bernie sanders and the "new york times" are open borders people. they want a european union situation where anyone can pretty much go anywhere they want. to the far left, borders are obsolete and anti-poor many americans are horrified by that stance and watched with anger as u.s. immigration law has been disrespected and even mocked. trump promises to end all that. second, economic anxiety. most americans know someone who has gotten hammered in the marketplace. most americans do not have much money in the bank. do the math. trump says he will punish concerns that steal american jobs and are unfair on the trade front.
5:03 pm
economic justice is appealing to both the right and the left this primary season and both trump and sanders have capitalized. third, u.s. weakness. americans are appalled over the continuing atrocities coming out of the muslim world. yes, it is islamic extremists who drive this, but, in country after country, horror is on display. president obama's policy of containment and his refusal to define the islamic jihad as a true danger to the u.s.a. has lit a fuse of deep resentment in many american precincts. trump is not at all sympathetic to the muslim world. thus, he has captured the resentment over our perceived weakness. finally, political trail. it is widely perceived that the progressive american unit are on the march and traditional folks on the decline. the question where did my country go captures that.
5:04 pm
trump portrays himself as an avenger, a man fed up with political correctness and the social fascism that often brings. his outspoken attacks galvanize americans who are bitterly disenchanted by a society that puts grievance above achievement, permissiveness above order. after nearly 8 years of the most liberal president in u.s. history, millions of voters have had enough of a social system that directly den greats their values and indicaters to nonworking individuals. they want someone to blow that system to hell. that's why trump is winning. he pinpointed festering disenchantment long before anyone else. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. a major foreign policy address today by donald trump. >> isis will be gone if i'm
5:05 pm
elected president. and they will be gone quickly. they will be gone very, very quickly. [ applause ] their days are numbered. i won't tell them where and i won't tell them how. we must, as a nation, be more unpredictable. we are totally predictable. we tell everything. >> joining us now from washington former cia director james woolsey and jillian turner a fox news analyst who worked in the white house under presidents bush and obama. what grade would you gives[kaz mr. trump's address today, jillian and why? >> i will give him a p for pass because he did well. considering where he has been in the past on this issue, this was really a come-to-jesus moment for him with the washington policy establishment. he brought this speech here to them, to their home turf. and he really played by their rules. i mean, he hired a speech writer for. this he used a teleprompter and he really put a lot of preparation, word on the street has it, into the speech and i think it showed. >> all right.
5:06 pm
but you didn't tell me why you pass him. what did he say in your foreign policy expert that impressed you that you had not heard before? >> i think, to me, the biggest thing today was that he provided an historical framework for some of these issues. which he has never done in the past. he started out the speech talking about the wars in iraq and afghanistan. and he really connected the dots to today to the obama administration and iraq, syria, libya, and other middle eastern states. and it's the first time we have seen the wheels turning there and seen that he really is thinking about the consequences that foreign policy decisions have over decades. to me, that was the most important thing for me to see from him. >> mr. woolsly, what grade would you give mr. trump? >> i like jillian's pass. i suppose if i had to stay within the traditional ab, c, d a b minus. that's a strong step up from where he has been in the past. he has really been very peremptory and insulting and
5:07 pm
so forth after his fashion up until this speech. and his speech although there were cause caustic parts were substantive. he gives reasons for things. he gives historical background and that's new for him. >> is there anything you heard in the speech that you disagreed with? >> oh, yes. i don't like his propensity for protectionism and basically defining our problem as not spending enough on the u.s. and needing to spend less on things like foreign aid and the rest. i think he is really too hard over on that. >> why? the main point he made, mr. woolsey, is that other countries should pay their fair share? why are we protecting japan? japan doesn't do anything for us. we trade with them. they have a huge deficit. i thought that was a strong point. if japan is is not going to pony up the money why do we
5:08 pm
pony up up it all. if not you are out that's a strong point. >> nothing wrong with leaning on nato allies and other allies like japan to make more contribution. but he by talking about rethinking nato, for example, and particularly when you put that together with his insults over the previous months to our allies and friends and his acquiescence to various steps by the syrians and the russians and others, adversaries, he-i think -- i think trump has done a good job of critiquing some of that. >> he has put everybody on notice and i don't think that's a bad thing because we are foundering overseas. what about you, gillian, he threatened japan and nato countries. he absolutely did. he said if you don't come up with more more money and
5:09 pm
more help for america interests and your interest, we are going to let you go. put you out there. is there anything wrong with that. >> i think the sentiment of what he is saying when he talks about nato sort of deterioration over time when he talks about weaknesses inside the eu and he has this very mercenary approach, i would call it, to foreign policy and national defense, is he right in the sense that a lot of people agree with that but, the problem is it is shortsighted ultimately. pause, by pulling back from foreign operating bases in western europe, by saying things like we would allow central asian countries to nuclearize because it would be cheaper for us, it's short-sighted. it discounts the fact that this is how we project power, how we project influence across the world. it's how we gather intelligence. there is a lot of unseen benefits or benefits that he is discounting when he says things like that. >> i'm going to talk to donald trump tomorrow about the foreign policy situation. and it's going to be quite an interesting interview, i
5:10 pm
think because i'm very interested in this. but, real quickly, you both agree with his main point that america is perceived around the world as much weaker than we were eight years ago? you both agree with that. >> yes, i do. >> i would. >> i think the obama administration has taken us there. >> right. so we are going to start with we are weaker now and how specifically is mr. trump going to make us stronger? tomorrow on the factor and we appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. next on the rundown, hillary clinton preparing to run against donald trump. ed henry has the inside stuff on that. also ahead, violence in california over mr. trump's success. dennis miller with some thoughts upcoming. and i'm doing. claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me and victory.
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don't be dull. you've finally earned enough on your airline credit card. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet? personal story segment tonight as we told you weeks ago hillary clinton will be the democratic democrat
5:14 pm
nominee for president unless she is indicted over the email situation and nobody can predict that last night celebrating her victories in pennsylvania, delaware, rhode island and connecticut mrs. clinton said this. >> mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. [crowd booing] well, if fighting for women's healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. [cheers and applause] >> okay. joining us now from washington ed henry is covering the clinton campaign. are they happy they are going to be running against trump? >> i think they have mixed emotions. publicly they are ecstatic and saying we can beat trump. he's going to step all over himself. this is going to be a slam dunk. but i was there in philadelphia with hillary clinton last night at that victory celebration. i spoke to somebody who raises a lot of money for her. he was saying, look, we think the demographics a on our side. we think she is going to get great turnout with women and
5:15 pm
minorities and she can beat trump but we are not certain of that, this person told me, because he said that inside the clinton camp they have been watching trump closely how unconventional he is. how people are in the mood for change. she is obviously a big time establishment figure. and they say he has sort ofk0 confounded the pundits. he has pushed out all the other republican candidates virtually and they are not so sure that he will be as easy to beat as the, you know, supporters of the clinton team believe. they are looking at this wearily. the machine kerr that donald moniker that donald trump has put on her crooked hillary. does that bother her? bother him? >> they think they can get passed it when talk to people inside fundraiser camp last night he said look, donald trump is going to give hillary clinton endless fodder. that clip you just played. that was something she said before donald trump spoke
5:16 pm
about previous comments. he came out later in the evening last night and, at the end of his remarks, basically said if hillary clinton were a man, she would be at 5% in the polls. she is only because she is a woman. well, that's the kind of thing that whether you are offended or not or i'm offended or not, hillary clinton is going to take and in fact overnight they immediately turned it into a video ad and put it all out there on social media. >> put what out there though? >> that donald trump. >> she was a man she wouldn't have a chance. what are they putting out there? >> because he was saying that all she has is the quote, unquote woman card. >> what are they saying to counter that? >> they are saying that she brings a whole lot of experience and a unique perspective as a woman to the table and you might not be offended. i might not be offended by what donald trump said. all kinds of people might not be offended. what it does is whip up some female voters who frankly in the primaries haven't been that excited about electing hillary clinton. >> we have a segment about that coming up with later
5:17 pm
on. now, it seems to me that the clinton campaign is going to try to segment this election out. they will say trump is antiwoman. we expect that right? antiwoman. >> right. >> antiblack, we expect that right? >> anti-muslim. >> anti-hispanic, anti-mexican, anti-everybody, except white guys. old dumb white guys. >> that's my point is that they believe is he going to continue to make these controversial statements. >> no, no, let's stay on her. i mean, trump can say anything at any time. >> right. >> but, at this point americans are pretty numb to it. so you either like him or you don't. you are either considering him or you are not. the strategy seems to be we will target our crew and the crew will turn out either because they like our candidate or they don't like him and that will be enough. that's the strategy, right? >> yes. the only adjustment i would make is they know that people -- it's not because they like hillary clinton. voters are not excited or
5:18 pm
enthusiastic about her. so what they want to do is make it about donald trump and controversial comments. >> demonize him further. >> because they are having a hard time getting people to be excited to vote for her. >> yeah. >> so vote against trump. by the way i wore the green. speaking to people in ireland they are excited that you are not moving there full time. >> they're not excited. that's misreporting. they would love to have me move there full time. >> i don't know. >> i would liven that island up and you know it ed henry, everybody. national polling shifting toward a hillary-donald trump race. we will have the latest data for you. then miller. some violence in california yesterday over the trump campaign. [shouting] >> you want to pepper spray me? [shouting] >> the factor is coming right back. be made better by
5:19 pm
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5:22 pm
gain 2016 tonight. according to the real clear politics crew hillary clinton leads donald trump by 9 points in the national polling. that doesn't really mean very much other than a snapshot in time. joining us from washington kirsten anderson a republican pollster and author of the book "the selfie vote" about millennials. here in new york city patrick murphy who conducts monday mouth polling. >> i'm skeptical about polling before the two candidates are defined. should i be? >> absolutely. this is still hypothetical for most voters. general election appealing to -- most people are not paying attention. >> even now? >> they don't pay attention. >> you call them up on the phone and ask them who you are going to vote for, they give you a gut reaction
5:23 pm
based on. >> do they know it's trump and hillary in the lead? do they know that much? >> they do know that much. >> they do know that much. >> they do know that much. it's really going to be fascinating to watch. because we have got two candidates right now who are very unpopular. >> but they both have total name recognition, ms. anderson. everybody knows them. everybody has an opinion on them. even in the dimmest of us. so, the polling, once it gets established, i think will be fairly easy rather than, you know a guy like john kasich, people don't know him. he doesn't poll that well because of that. or am i wrong? >> hillary clinton and donald trump have been in national headlines for decades. so they have a pretty established brand. and there is a large segment of americans who have a pretty unfavorable view of both of them. as we move forward in this election, it's likely this is going to be a really negative, really nasty campaign. it's hard to see how anybody's favorables get
5:24 pm
better from this point forward. >> that doesn't really matter because you have to choose one or the other. when you call somebody up, you are going to say all right, i don't care whether you like them or not, who are you going to vote for. right? >> i think that's one of the things that donald trump is sort of back banking on. at this point hillary clinton has bad favorables, donald trump's are worse. but, in donald trump's case, he is sort of banking on the fact that people will go i'm tired of the traditional remedies. >> yeah, i'm tired of the country being screwed up. >> crew even -- cure even if donald trump has side effects go for him because is he a person different than we are usinged to. hoping there are a lot of voters who may not like him but will vote for him. >> you can make argument turnout is going to be enormous because the primary turnout was big or people are going to stay home because they don't like either of them. what argument would you say is stronger? >> we don't know yet. >> you don't have a gut feeling on that. >> i actually do think it's going to be decent turnout. >> you do? >> i think one of the things we are going to be looking at and very closely is the
5:25 pm
potential for third party candidates. >> but they are fringe. >> yeah. it gives people who want to vote. >> reasonable to show up not even on the ballots in most of the states. >> libertarian candidate be on the ballot and whoever the nominee is going to be. and green party candidate on the ballot in almost all states. never trump?q#:4 people, bernie sanders people still not happy with those nominees but they will come out to vote. >> i don't know. >> it's like the nader thing, 3%, 4%. >> no, that's all it's going to be. >> but i think it makes the gap more. >> do you think, ms. anderson, people are going to stay home? i hear a lot of conservatives going they are not going to vote for trump and i hear a lot of democrats going i'm not voting for hillary clinton. just last night i was in a shoe store getting my shoes mended and a lady comes in i'm not voting for any of them. give me my shoes. i think that could be a reality. >> you know, negative emotion is a really powerful motivating factor. and so i think there may be a lot of folks who say i'm
5:26 pm
not crazy about hillary clinton, but i'm terrified of trump. or, on the other hand, i'm not a fan of trump, but i'm terrified of hillary. that's a really motivational sort of thing. so, even if you look at a group like younger voters who are totally disillusioned with hillary clinton but also aren't really fans of donald trump. if they get served a message that says one or both of these candidates is going to do horrible things. deport your friends, be mean to your gay friends, that's going to favor a lot of them. >> i hope when you both do polling you do will you vote at all? it's who do you support? hillary or trump or are you sitting it out? i think that's going to be very, very important this time around. thank you both. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. miller on a nasty situation in southern california. pro and anti-trump forces clashing again in public. also, illegal alien criminals hurting americans at an astounding rate. we'll have an explosive story for you and we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
5:27 pm
5:28 pm
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trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪ as his running mate should he get the republican inspection. new gallup poll american women not paying as much attention as men. 44% of men are paying attention. just 31% of women. here now to analyze eboni
5:31 pm
williams and monica crowley. first of all, carlie foreignna, what do you think of that. >> a cruz/fiorina ticket would be a great ticket and great governing team. that's not what this is about. this is about ted cruz show throwing a hail mary pass going into the do or die indiana next week trying to hit trump's jurent with women voters. >> also had to get back in the discussion, eboni because trump obviously dominated yesterday so this was a way to get focus back on cruz. miss fiorina doesn't bring any electoral votes. got whacked in her run for the senate in california. very smart. i mean, do you think she has enough appeal should cruz pull a miracle and win it. would she have enough appeal to really help him? >> i don't think so, bill. i thought it was remarkable here's why. no offense to ms. fiorina. if she was the magic twhand would have wound up enthusiasm she would be in the race still herself.
5:32 pm
quite frankly. there is a reason why she is on the sidelines. she had legitimate people paying attention and interested in her and they weren't so impressed with what they saw. >> don't forget she has already endorsed ted cruz and been on the campaign trail with him already. >> there is nothing wrong with that you always pick people you trust. >> right. >> all right. women. not paying attention. we work at cable news. and you guys, obviously are watching, so you are paying attention. i'm not going to patronize the audience but i want to give you a compliment. you want to do this because you love your country you watch this and you are informed. 31% of american women. that means 69% don't give a hoot about who is nominated for president? is that possible? >> what is saying about this gallup poll is it cuts across both parties and demographics like age and educational level. this is not a fluke. american women are not largely paying attention. >> why? >> primary fatigue. women are burned out by the day-to-day coverage. >> can't tough it out 8
5:33 pm
months? >> i hear it all the time, bill. a lot of women are factoring into this idea that trump and clinton are likely to be the nominees so they are tuning out. >> why? >> and also donald trump has been dominating the media and his support tends to skew male. >> that doesn't matter. they don't have to like him. but you want to pay attention to the process, no? >> i think women have very pragmatic generally speaking, bill. when you have won it two candidates like monica just said clinton and trump very unfavorable. clinton is at 39. trump 29. the lesser of two evils, i'm not that interested. >> why wouldn't they be interested though? american women, as you said, are either very practical. >> yes. >> i don't think anybody is real happy except the real hard core left with the direction of the country. everybody understands there are serious problems. you know, i mean i'm not saying that you have to watch 10 hours of cable news. but, not paying attention at all? >> let me just talk about the democratic women because monica is right it cuts
5:34 pm
across party lines even more impactful on the democrat side. even less engaged than republican women. they are the side with the presumptive female nominee for the first time in history a woman nominee for the presidency. >> they don't want to want to hear what hillary has to say? >> you know why? many people are tired of her. she is not new. not barack obama. >> t.j. may happen. hillary loses, and trump, don't be surprised if beyonce throws her whatever she wears on her head into the ring. >> that's hilarious. so then if it was new and fresh, you would say women would come over? they are tired of the same old thing? >> this is a huge problem for hillary clinton because she needs women to come out in droves for her in november assuming she is the nominee. if women are already tuning her out because she has been on the national scene for 30 years, they already know her. they don't find her honest, trustworthy or likeable, she will have a big problem.
5:35 pm
>> i want the ladies to pay attention more than the men. >> because we are smarter. >> i don't know if you are smarter but you have more common sense. >> that's true. >> men have all this ego and macho. >> i can't imagine how are talking about. >> what men are you talking about, bill. >> i hate that macho ego stuff. when we come right back, illegal alien criminals hurting americans. it is worse than you think. also, miller on violence in southern california over the trump run moments away. this is . hate drama? go to research. price. find. only helps you get the right car
5:36 pm
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5:39 pm
thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the unresolved problem segment tonight. illegal alien criminals. they were the subject of a house judiciary subcommittee hearing last week. >> today there are over 350,000 known criminal aliens in the united states who are not detained by ice. the number of criminal aliens living in the united states not in custody, not separated from society is larger than the city of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> in addition, what's the deal on kate's law which
5:40 pm
still hasn't passed that's off the terrible murder of 32-year-old kate steinle by illegal alien in san francisco. joining us from washington is congressman trey gowdy. d it in thekate's law first, senate. what's the house doing? >> well, bill, thanks for having me on. house judiciary passed our iteration of kate's law in the davis oliver bill. i say our iteration, there are many minimums after entry after removal. there is a provision that deals with sanctuary cities and provision that deals with local state law enforcement. if you take the murder of kate steinle, that defendant had served north of ten years in federal prison, so it was double the mandatory minimum in kate's law which is five. without the sanctuary city fix and without empowering state and local law enforcement simply having a law from this administration not to enforce won't prevent the next kate steinle. >> here's the fallacy of
5:41 pm
your argument. you are neverring if to get sanctuary cities under this president never in a million years. it's an exercise in futility. he would, i think he would have to sign kate's law as a stand alone. that's a start. you send a message and it makes easier for law enforcement to round up the aliens that you talked about last week because they wouldn't have to commit a crime. all they have to do is defy deportation. if they're aggravated felon you sweep them up and arrest them right away and put them in jail for five years. when you tie it in and that's what they did in the senate with sanction jerry cities you know it's not going to pass, congressman. >> well, at the risk of disagreeing with you on your own show. >> you can do that come on. go ahead. >> i have been in congress for five years. and i have watched this administration not enforce a plethora of laws, including laws that have mandatory minimums like our drug laws. remember, eric holder passed a memo explicitly so
5:42 pm
prosecutors could get around mandatory minimums. this administration has no interest in ebb forcing immigration laws whether it's kate's law. >> it's your job as head of the judiciary committee to go around the president. we all know he is not going to enforce the law. we all know he is going to stick up for sanctuary cities. we know that but kate's law is different. i think you can mobilize both parties and you would want to know "on the record" who is against that. who is going to vote against that? stand alone and just start the process. >> i am not disagreeing with you that it would be great to have a vote on the record. i'm not disagreeing with you that kate's law in the house could pass as a stand alone bill. my point is this. having yet another law for this administration to not enforce while you open up the broader discussion about what to do with the 12 million, which is not proven to be a very good discussion for folks on our side, all the whilyou are not going to get what you and i want, which is a mandatory minimum. keep in mind, even if you
5:43 pm
had kate's law, like you have other mandatory minimums, you don't control the prosecutor's. you don't control the executive branch. >> i got it but you are embarrassing the opposition who has allowed the situation to get out of control. and you are giving relief, at least to the steinle family and the thousands of other victims, families, who have lost people to violent illegal alien felons. you are doing something. we know this administration is corrupt on this issue. everyone knows it embarrass them. i will give you the last word. >> well, thank you. house judiciary passed does have mandatory minimums. so it is similar to kate's law. i do get your point that including sanctuary cities and local law enforcement adds additional reasons to not support it i would be thrilled to vote for matt salmons' bill, kate's law. better spent finding a chief executive who is actually going to enforce the law.
5:44 pm
>> you can walk and chew gum at the same time, congressman. think about it if you would with all due respect. i would love to you break it out, because i could go with it and we can really pinpoint the bad guys here. that's what the people need to see. who the bad guys are in congress. hey, congressman, we always appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. >> yes, sir. >> miller is on deck. serious story tonight. silence in southern california over donald trump's quest to be president. right back with it. es hybrid. ♪
5:45 pm
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5:48 pm
rhetoric of donald trump. the council voted not to take any action. very wise. but outside the chamber, bad things were happening a man mashed a bull helicopter into this trump supporter's face. the first of several confrontation between supporters and opponents of donald trump. a woman set off a taser and several other people used pepper spray. two young girls got sprayed in the face and had to be treated by paramedics. the protests took place before city council meeting where members were set to discuss a resolution regarding, quote: divisive rhetoric used by trump. many in the crowd criticizing council woman chris murray who added the resolution to the agenda. tension remained high throughout the meeting. the mayor had police remove two men who were arguing over trump. >> at this point we really don't know who started the fracas outside but it was obviously nasty. joining us from santa barbara, dennis miller. so it looks like the golden state, california, where the sunshines and you have got
5:49 pm
the nice beaches and mountains is ground zero for anti-trump forces. how do you see it? >> you are kidding, bill. you have seen this stuff in new york all over leading up to this. we live in the age of the violent do gooder. if you are saying you don't really know who is starting some of this stuff. you remember the rally that trump shut his speech down. are you saying this just happened in california because i don't get that at all. and, by the way, can i say to any parent out there in any of the 50 states if you are going to a political rally, you are a moron if you take your kid with you. you are a moron. >> that's a good point. >> a bad parent. leave your kids at home. it's gonna get weird out there. >> here's my point. >> california? >> number one, this wouldn't happen in my opinion in indiana, all right. now it happened in chicago and you were absolutely right. it was organized by this far left website. but this wasn't. this was like a local thing,
5:50 pm
an anaheim, city council. condemning rhetoric. why waste anybody's time. what is it about people that they want to spray each other with pepper stuff because they don't like the candidate? i don't get it. you know this country is split in half. >> the regular folks i'm surprised. >> when you say i don't know who sprayed who, you can't do that. you have to find out who sprayed who. >> it's impossible. we tried. >> that person is at fault. >> we tried. >> if you're going to do -- well, i'm sorry. >> you can't do it. we tried to find out who was at fault in anaheim. the police don't know. nobody knows who set it off. there were protesters on the anti-trump side. there were protesters on the pro-trump side. who threw the first, you know,
5:51 pm
whatever they hit the guy with i don't know. all right, let's go to trump himself. now, today he was presidential in the foreign policy address. but i think it was yesterday or the day before he was after kasich. roll the tape. >> i'm always telling my young son baron, to all of them, i say, children, small, little bites. this guy takes a pancake and he's shoving it in his mouth. it's disgusting. to you want that for your president? i don't think so. >> because he was on the food channel or something. i mean, i think trump no matter how presidential he acts is going to always revert back to the one-liners when he can. >> well, listen, this whole thing about acting presidential, i remember when obama said, i don't know anything about what happened in boston, but the cops acted stupidly. i assume he was president when he said that so acting presidential is all over the map
5:52 pm
from what it used to be. acting presidential quite frankly since bill clinton had interns has changed a lot. you have to give him that. as far as the eating thing goes, blut toe bla tarski in animal house didn't eat like kasich eats. by the way, kasich just asked trump to be his vice president today so you think john is living in a dream world. i don't know what to tell you. he is asking us to turn over the presidency to him. he eats like beowulf. if he had survived a chilean plane wreck in the andes. did you see him take the bite? chew your food. you look like you're crazy. look at him. he's always crazy. then he'll look up after he's got all this spilling out of his piehole and say, i met a young girl today. she fainlted because she met me. she's not fainting because she
5:53 pm
thinks you're a rock star. she's fainting because you eat like a carrying bird. >> what was bluto's last name again? >> i don't know. but when they ask him to raise his hand when he's president, he'll just have potatoes in his mouth and go, ppfff! >> i think miller wrote trump's line a couple of days ago. we would like to remind everybody we have the best father's day gift on earth, tickets to see miller and me in person. who wants to be president live show, fairfax, virginia, in ten days. father's day weekend, also yum coming reno, denver, atlanta, make dad and granddad very happy. they'll never forget it. factor tip of the day, analyzing how we have called the presidential race so far. the tip moments away. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the...
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
bill, it's time you take donald trump seriously. you were stunned by the new york victory. that's not true. trump now has more votes than mitt romney received. steven, lake havasu city, arizona. bill, why haven't you pointed out that cruz and kasich are both politicians and as such are part of the political corruption we have. because that would be grossly unfair, steve. both the governor and senator are honest men of accomplishment. o'reil o'reilly, your discussion with
5:57 pm
charles krauthammou krauthammer shouting at the tv. krauthammer had it right about strong families and a good k-6 education. that's what will get students ahead. i think i've said it one million times, dick. millions of american kids do not havegood parents. they need help above what the system provides. mr. o'reilly, please explain why you seldom show any respect for charles krauthammer. you constantly interrupt him, which is most annoying. i think i've said this a million times. the factor is a debate show. we go back and forth within a strict time limit. therefore, interruptions take place. come on. so watters found people who want free stuff? surprise! i suspect all the tax breaks o'reilly pays high priced accountants to exploit would be considered free stuff. you are misguided, ralph.
5:58 pm
i render to caesar. a tremendous amount of cash. caesar needs a wheelbarrow to take it. caesar makes the rules and i follow them. by the way, my accountant swifty will be thrilled you consider him high priced. i became interested in politics because of "the fact or." you tell the truth, o'reilly. any chance i can get your books here? ships to india. all you need is a valid credit card. we ship to all parts of the world. if you want like signed booksor now father's day, get those orders in. . check out our store for the parrot reets welcome mat and other great gifts. all the money i get from no matter where it comes from is donated to fine charities, some of which are listed on the website. finally tonight, the "factor" tip of the day. anytime you make a prediction about a political situation, some people object and you get nasty letters. but the factor's presidential primary coverage has been right
5:59 pm
on since last summer, we have made very few mistakes and have always been out front of the media pack. here's what i said one week ago. talking points does not see a way for the gop establishment to stop mr. trump. even if he doesn't have the 1237 delegates needed to be nominated on the first ballot. simply put, trump is so far ahead that cruz and kasich or any other republican phantom simply doesn't have the constituency to take the nomination away from trump. got a lot of heat from that, but a trump victory is all but certain unless he gets ham erd in indiana and california. here is the tip. it takes courage to prognosticate. if you want to be a leader, you have to be bold. not fresh but bold. that's it for tonight. tomorrow a special report from san francisco. check out the fox news website. we'd like you to spout off about the factor. word of the day, i love this, do
6:00 pm
not be a pol trun when writing to the "factor." again, thanks for writing to us. please always remember the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. senator ted cruz of texas may be facing his very own alamo, as he and donald trump go all in over a prize that could finally decide who is the republican nominee for president. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the cruz campaign firing up supporters in indiana today with a big announcement, confirming that senator cruz has picked carly fiorina as his choice for a running mate. >> today i am very proud and very humbled and honored to announce that i have accepted senator ted cruz's offer to be his vice president for the republican nomination. >> ms. fiorina will be joining
6:01 pm
us later this hour for her very first prime-time interview since the announcement today. and the stakes for her team could not be any higher. trump is holding a slight lead in the real clear politics of all polls from the state of indiana. if cruz does not win the 57 delegates up for grabs in less than a week there, the political analysts are saying donald trump will effectively become the republican nominee for president. we're speaking tonight with former romney campaign strategist stuart stevens and trump adviser senator jeff sessions. we'll go live as well to indiana and hear right from the voters when pollster frank luntz joins us with his folk is group. there they are. first let's speak behind the man with the alamo aanalogy tom blevin. tom, why do you say that? explain the stakes for cruz in indiana. >> well, he was mathematically eliminated last night, megyn. this is it. >> meaning he can't get to 1237
6:02 pm
just by votingers pry to june 7 >> correct. and so really if you do the math and you look at the contest from here on out, the only realistic chance of stopping donald trump from getting to that 1237 number is cruz winning in indiana next tuesday. and he's within striking ze ini distance but that might not be enough. but it all starts next week. if cruz cannot beat trump in indiana, it's good to be over. i think trump will easily get to 1237. >> how does indiana decide, is it wairn take all? >> it's three per congressional districts, nine districts so 27 that way. and also then 30 for the winner whoever wins statewide. it's really important that ted cruz wins statewide and wins as many districts as he can and takes the lion's share of those votes if not sweeps them all. that's best case scenario for him obviously. >> he's doing everything he can. he has an alliance with kasich in which kasich basically pulled
6:03 pm
out all of his resources out of indiana and left it to cruz and trump. how does he look there, cruz, right now? last poll showed trump up i think eight points in indiana. >> yeah. fox news poll that came out, we had three polls came out the middle of last week, and they had trump on average up six points, 39-33. and we're dying for some new numbers to see because this pact was announced on sunday. so we don't know. in that fox news poll, interestingly, though, they did -- you guys did a matchup just trump against cruz without kasich. that was two points, 46-44. one of the other problems, megyn, is that people have been able to early vote in indiana since the beginning of the first week of the month. more than 140,000 votes have been cast, about 68% of those republican. a lot of those folks or at least some of the folks have already cast their vote for john kasich. so if this race comes down to a few thousand votes that could be
6:04 pm
a deciding factor. >> obviously trump has the momentum with his five-state sweep last night and new york state the week before. but a lot of people say that indiana is more tailor made for cruz than trump. what say you? >> i say it's pretty evenly divided. certainly without question it is better suited for ted cruz than any of the states he's had since wisconsin. but even then, though, trump is splitting evangelicals in the state. cruz is winning among the more conservative self-identified more conservative voters. but it's neck in neck there i think. and again, momentum and context matters so we'll see if we get new numbers hopefully in the next 24, 48 hours how that plays into where this thing is headed next tuesday. >> you've got to check out real clear they put the numbers together and explain them. great to see you, tom. >> thanks. >> joining me now stuart stevens
6:05 pm
former mitt romney strategist and author of "the innocent have nothing to fear." stuart, good to see you. >> thank you. >> it is -- indiana is a make or break state for ted cruz. he cannot lose there, correct? >> i agree with that. i think psychologically it's important numerically it's important. you put them together and it's the big each lanchilada for him >> if the never trump movement understands that, what did they do to make indiana like wisconsin but it doesn't have the talk radio to sort of make those inroads. they don't have a governor yet endorsing cruz. how do they make indiana look like wisconsin? >> you know, i think the question that i would try to pose is who can best represent the values of indiana? who is someone you would vote for if they were running for governor of the state of indiana? to me, that matchup is something that ted cruz wins. i mean, he's just someone you could see more likely to win a
6:06 pm
republican primary for governor in the state of indiana than donald trump. i would try to localize it to bring it back to who would make you most proud to represent our state? that, to me, i think is something that when it exists in these races donald trump doesn't do as well in certain states. when it doesn't, when it's missing, it seems to play to his favor. it wasn't there in south carolina. it was there in iowa. you look at these states that just voted yesterday. these are states that you could pretty well imagine donald trump getting elected governor in easily. i think that's less true for indiana. but conversely, if he pulls out a win, if trump can win in indiana, i think it will be significant. >> what do you make of the trump we've been seeing over the past few days? because originally the reports
6:07 pm
wur trump was going to be more presidential. and then it was kind of like, i don't want to. i want to just be me. it's worked for me so far. then last night he took a shot at hillary clinton suggesting if she were a man she'd have 5% in the polls which has caused some controversy. >> right. i think we should step out of politics and look at our experience in life. if all of us had a friend who was marrying a 69-year-old man and there were a lot of thing you didn't like about him but he said he was going to change, i think our advice to that person would be, you better like what you're getting because the odds that someone at 69 years old is going to change is not great. donald trump is not going to change. he is who he is. you have to like what you're getting. just the idea that you can get different advisers that can help him tactically. i think paul manafort has helped tremendously. >> appears to have been pushed off a little to the side. >> well, campaign struggles. you have one culture that's
6:08 pm
existed in that campaign. >> but he was the one who was trying to sort of get trump in line, like you can do this thing, and then trump or the campaign just said, that's not going to work for us. we're going to do what we've been doing. those are the reports. >> here's the push and the pull. they say, we've been successful because we're winning the republican primary. that's true. you are winning a republican y prima primary. but you're getting crushed in a general election with the highest negatives recorded since we've started tracking these things. that's not success. >> you know, brit hume once told me when you get older your give a blank meter just changes. he didn't say blank, but fill it in. it changes. you get more honest and you just -- anyway, stuart, great to see you. >> good to see you. >> joining us with his thoughts on that, republican senator jeff sessions of alabama who is chair of the trump national security advisory team. great to see you, senator. let's start with stuart's last point because i actually just looked into that. it is true that trump has the
6:09 pm
highest negatives for a gop front-runner since the beginning of tracking, since they started tracking that kind of thing back in the '70s. so does he need to do something a little different at this point? >> well, you know, he's been himself. he's been frank. and his vote totals continue to rise. he's had tremendous victories carrying every county in five states. i don't think i've seen something like that in years. >> but stuart's point is it's the primary he's killing it. you have to look at the general at this point. >> he's been subjected to incredible negative advertising for months and months and months and it's really not working. 's getting stronger. i think he'll continue to get stronger. and as more people realize what he's doing, he's defending american working people, he's going to fix and fight back against unfair trade policies,'s going to make sure we have a foreign policy that serves the national interest, he's going to
6:10 pm
end illegal immigration. he's going to fix this border. and he's going to protect american jobs. that's what people have been asking for. that's the kind of leadership they want. that's what the republican establishment has refused to give. so this next election is going to be a big deal, and indiana people are going to vote. not politicians. not the establishment. they're going to decide who wins indiana and who becomes the next president. it's going to be the american people. he's doing pretty well right now. >> trump had a big night here in the northeast last night, a five-state sweep with big margins. today ted cruz who is not a dumb man. everyone can agree ted cruz is smart, announced a running mate. he doesn't have the nomination yet but announced the running mate carly fiorina who will be with us exclusively here in a moment. what do you make of that move and the selection of carly fiorina? >> well, i think it's a very unusual and surprising move, but i guess when you're behind and you're facing a critical
6:11 pm
election like indiana and you've got to maneuver with kasich to try to beat trump and block the people's choice so far, then this is desh's going to make a try. maybe it's a desperate move. maybe it will work. it will be decided by the people of indiana. >> what do you think of her? it neutralizes -- i guess the thinking is she helps neutralize the gender history that would be made on the other side. >> you know, megyn, i don't know how to figure all of that. people have their own perspectives. i would just say that right now it does appear trump is doing well in indiana. it will be a big election coming up next week. and we'll see how it comes out. >> senator, great to see you. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> so the folks that could decide it all, as you may have gathered, are the voters in indiana. up next, we will go live to indianapolis where frank luntz will poll those voters. there they are! on what they're going to do next tuesday. plus, new reports suggest
6:12 pm
that senator marco rubio may play a surprise role before this is all done. and dana perino and chris stirewalt are here on that. and then carly fiorina was the big story today. there she is live, and we'll have her in moments for a prime-time exclusive. stay tuned. >> she is someone you can be confident in if the occasion should arise to be commander in chief and keep this country safe. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. ♪ (music pl♪ throughout) uh oh. what's up? ♪
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breaking tonight. in just the last 24 hours, we have seen reports that the cruz and trump campaigns along with various political action groups have committed to spending more than $4 million on political advertising just this week in indiana. the vote's on tuesday. and you can bet that number is going to grow. tonight we're going live to a special frank luntz focus group to hear what the voters in indiana think about these critical role that now falls to them. frank, take it away. >> reporter: megyn, they're excited to be here and they're excited to be the decision makers. first question for you all, you're aware obviously of the kasich/cruz pact, correct? by a show of hands, how many of you are bothered by it?
6:17 pm
that's an awful lot of people. what's the problem? >> it's backroom deals. they don't really care about what's going on with us, the voters. >> but isn't it just like what politicians do to help themselves get elected? >> that's why we don't want them. >> jessica? >> if he were going to do this, they should have done it a long time ago. if they were really going to stop him, it's way past time. >> it looks desperate. >> how does it look desperate? >> again, they should have done it a long time ago. now it looks like they're just grasping at straws. >> in the back? >> we're supposed to be the republican party and the two on the team are coding against him to knock him out? what's with that? >> against the will of the voters, in my opinion. >> that's pretty strong. do you think they don't care about you? do you think the candidates care about you? >> no. they care about themselves. >> but they've been campaigning and they've been spending money and they've been engaged and they all were here today.
6:18 pm
you don't think they care about you? >> you have to take out of consideration what these men have done in the past from their time fighting for the constitution, fighting against obamacare, fighting against amnesty. you have to negate all of that to say they don't care about us. they took on the entire washington establishment for us. for the last several years. >> but if everyone is fighting and fighting and fighting, then we find that nothing gets done. so that's one of my fears, that if we get someone in there that cannot get along with anyone, then we're going to end up with the dysfunction we have right now. >> who do you fear the most that can't get along? >> ted cruz. >> go ahead. >> donald trump knows how to make a deal, and he's talked about compromise. that's just the way you have to did it. we've watched cruz do nothing. we've watched kasich side with the establishment. we want someone to represent us. trump will do it. >> kasich was in the bill
6:19 pm
clinton white house. i mean, he -- gosh. >> as a member of congress -- >> he as a member of congress, he balanced a budget under bill clinton. they were in a $5 billion surplus. that's something that cruz has not done. he has not worked with obama. in ohio as governor, he has dropped unemployment. >> we're not doing a campaign commercial here. parker, how old are you? >> i'm 19 years old. >> this is your first vote. >> it is. >> who are you going to cast it for? >> i'm for ted cruz. >> why? >> because i feel like he's the most consistently conservative candidate out of the group. >> so just ideology. >> yes. >> he is the only constitutional conservative running. >> you shouldn't go with anyone else. >> he is the only constitutional conservative running. >> i have to ask all of you, who have changed your minds in the last two weeks? that tells us where things are going. what did you go from? >> i switched from kasich being my number one to probably
6:20 pm
leaning trump because kasich decided not do come to any campaign as if we're not important. he and cruz have combined together for each other's benefit, not for ours. >> but he did that for you to support cruz here. >> i was not going to support cruz. >> who else switched? why? >> i switched from kasich to trump because kasich/cruz have proven they can't win a national election. >> who else switched? why? >> cruz doesn't tell it like it is. i think he's lying to me when he's talking to me. that's how i feel as a person and a voter. >> so when donald trump uses the phrase "lyin' ted" -- >> i believe it. >> you believe it. that doesn't bother you? >> what has ted cruz lied about again? >> let's start with iowa when he fold everybody all of the supporters that he's going home to florida and then he ends up winning iowa, he has never apologized for that. i mean, come on. no, he hasn't!
6:21 pm
>> was there proof that he -- >> hold on, hold on. >> was there proof -- >> this sind iis indiana. indiana is respectful. >> there was never proof he had any fault in that. >> it came from his campaign. if he's a leader he has to take responsibility. the buck stops with the leader. >> do you guys agree with that? go ahead. >> here's the thing. he did apologize. if you watched the debates -- >> no, he didn't. >> in the back, i don't want this battle over iowa because we're in indiana. but i want to make this point, meg megyn, which is, even though we are moving towards the final decision of who is going to be the nominee that they are more divided than in most focus groups i have done. there is more animosity and i'm wondering whether these people are going to come together. are you going to support the nominee? >> yes. >> you are. >> no. >> there's no issue there? >> no. >> who's the most electable of the three? which is more likely to defeat
6:22 pm
hillary clinton? >> donald trump. >> how many of you say trump? now, you know that trump is not doing as well in the polls as either cruz or kasich so why do you think trump is most likely to win? >> i think that the media has sabotaged trump. i think they've ran lots of negative ads on him and they've made him into something that he really isn't. he's not establishment. that's what i like about him. >> partly going along with what she said, i went to a rally with trump in ohio. and they talked about all of the protesters there, it was very respectful. i went to the greta show tonight. all professional people. i went to the rally last wednesday. again, it was all professional and it was young, old, black, white. but the media is portraying a certain type of blue collar, uneducated voter that goes to the trump rallies. that's not the case. >> how many of you think the media is against trump? on that we all agree. >> no. no, i disagree.
6:23 pm
i firmly disagree. >> go ahead. >> certainly fox news i think gives him more time than any other candidate. >> what about cnn? >> it's ratings. >> he's good tv. >> it's all about ratings. >> the reason trump can do it, trump is the toughest guy. that's why he can beat hillary. he's the toughest of the candidates. ted cruz is a nice guy, but we don't need any more nice guys in the white house. we need a tough guy, someone not afraid to say what they think. >> go ahead, angela. >> trump is winning and i think the main thing is, how can we expect cruz or kasich to win when they can't even beat trump? they have to beat the primaries. how can they beat hillary? >> numerous conservative pundits out there have said that hillary will beat trump. and there's -- >> one of the things that we believe here in indiana is in hoosier values and hoosier hospitality. at the end of the day we're all
6:24 pm
going to walk out of this room and we've got to decide what we're going to do with ourselves, whether we'll walk out as friends or enemies. we're fighting against the same people. that's why i love cruz. he recognizes that. >> absolutely. >> so carly fiorina is coming up. i want a one-word phrase to describe her. >> inexperienced. >> fierce. >> tough. >> irrelevant. >> accomplished. >> sharp. >> strong. >> outsourcer. >> brilliant. >> who's got a favorable impression of her? most of you. wow like her to be the vp? >> yes. >> no. >> how many of you would like her to be the vp? >> absolutely. >> tell me why very quickly. >> i think she's a consistent conservative and i think she's a fighter and i think she will be able to take down a lot of hillary clinton's attacks as well as donald trump's attacks. >> rebecca? >> i like her because it seemed like she really had her finger on what was going on in the middle east whenever they brought up any kind of -- any talking pointss she knew what was going on. >> final question, how many of
6:25 pm
you believe that the republican nominee is going to be defeat hilalary clinton in the fall? raise your hands. who believes hillary clinton will be the next president. clearly most of you aren't reading the polls today. megyn, it's a tough group. they know it matters. it's a tough time. emotions are pretty high. but i like what seth said right there, which is i do believe when this is done they're going to walk out friends, they're going to walk out allies and they're going to back whoever the nominee is. >> good for them. responsible citizens. they've got a lot to weigh. thank you all so much. frank, thank you, too. breaking tonight, she is the first vice presidential pick of 2016. you can hear the voters in indiana love carly fiorina. she will be here right after this break, live on "the kelly file". plus, new fallout after donald trump goes after hillary clinton. we'll show you what has happened after this. >> frankly, if hilalary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. [ male announcer ] love drama? don't be a yes man.
6:26 pm
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from virtually anywhere. to warn of danger it's been smashed and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... and dragged through the mud. the 2016 gle. it's where brains meet brawn. lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. franchts the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. breaking tonight, the first vice presidential pick for 2016 has been called. today senator ted cruz announced that he will now share his ticket with the former gop
6:30 pm
candidate carly fiorina. cruz made the big reveal this afternoon to cheers and applause from his indianapolis supporters. but it was carly fiorina who stole the show, rounding out the event with a widely praised acceptance speech. her message? watch. >> this, this is the fight of our time. and i believe ted cruz is the man to lead that fight. and i am prepared to stand by his side and give this everything i have to restore the soul of our party, to defeat donald trump, to defeat hillary clinton, and to take our country back. >> joining me now, republican vice presidential candidate and the first vice presidential pick of 2016 carly fiorina. carly, great to see you again. >> thanks for being with me. >> you know this is odd because
6:31 pm
cruz doesn't yet have the nomination. and as you pointed out earlier, this whole election has been odd. but what do you say to those like trump who say it was a desperation play by senator cruz? >> well, of course donald trump would say that. donald trump has been trying to say that ted cruz should get out of the race for a very long time. the only thing is donald trump hasn't won this nomination yet, despite so many people in the media just wishing it would all be over and he would be our nominee. but as i said in my speech, i do think this is about the soul of our party and the future of our nation. donald trump and hillary clinton are virtually indistinguishable in their positions. they are virtually indistinguishable in the fact that they have always been insiders to this corrupt system of crony capitalism and selling access and influence. and he cannot be our nominee. and if he were to be our nominee, hillary clinton would be our president, and that is a future that i'm not prepared to lay by and allow to have happen. >> you know that the polls show,
6:32 pm
including last night, that some 70% of voters in these states say the one who goes into that convention with the most votes and the most delegates should be the nominee even if he doesn't have a majority. what are they missing? >> well, first of all, i would say that a majority of republican voters don't want donald trump to be their nominee. and 1,237 delegates represents the majority of the delegates in that convention. so if you can't win 1,237 delegates, then you don't have the majority of your party and you can't win. of course, as for john kasich, you can't lose 49 out of 50 times and win. but ted cruz has beaten donald trump many times. donald trump had a good night last night. absolutely he had a good night the week before. absolutely. but this isn't over until someone reaches 1,237. and donald trump hasn't and, no,
6:33 pm
close doesn't count. and i believe ted cruz will be our nominee. >> how ke can he be the nominee when the party isn't coalescing behind him either? you look at the numbers here in the northeast, primaries last night. he failed to break 25% in these states. so his critics say even if they don't love trump, cruz isn't getting the party either. >> well, you know, actually, the party is unifying behind cruz if you look at the endorsements that he has received. i think there will be more endorsements coming. if you have the endorsements of everyone from mike lee and scott walker to jeb bush and lindsey graham, that's a pretty broad spectrum of the republican party. what is also true is the majority of republican voters don't want donald trump as their nominee. and the thing is, donald trunnell p tends to win in open primaries, but he tends to lose in closed primaries. and i thought it was republicans' job to elect our nominee. i think the point of today's announcement is to make crystal
6:34 pm
clear what the choice is. on the one hand you have cruz and fiorina, two proven conservatives, two proven fighters who actually know what this fight is about, our jobs, our prosperity, the possibilities and potential of our nation, our liberties and our security. oernld r on the other ha on the other hand, you have donald trump and hillary clinton who are two sides of the same coin, who are ultimate insiders who have played this game all their lives. and i think what hoosier values means is that people understand that someone's character is revealed in the pattern of their life, not in what they tend to say behind a podium when they're looking for a job. hillary clinton says whatever she has to say to get elected. so does donald trump. the pattern of his life reveals who he actually is. >> what do you make of he's being in hot water in some circles tore suggesting that hillary clinton would be at 5% in the polls if she were a man. you were famously on theing end donald trump made. >> as were you. >> both of which got him in some
6:35 pm
trouble, you could make the argument, in the polls and with some voters. what do you make of that comment today? last night that he made about hillary. >> well, you know, i think that donald trump honestly has trouble with strong people who stand up to him, whether they are men or women. and i mentioned that the character -- someone's character is revealed in the pattern of their life. i, for example, think that when we had a terrorist attack in brussels and donald trump immediately pivoted to attacking heidi cruz that reveals his character. and he cannot be our nominee. >> now, the drudge report tonight is raising questions about you that i want to ask about. they point out that in june of last year a ted cruz affiliated super pac gave your super pac $500,000 at a time when you were at 2% in the polls. do you know why that happened? they're suggesting something strange was going on there. >> well, you know, the last time
6:36 pm
i looked what super pacs do, they're not coordinating with candidates by law, and most super pacs give to a variety of like-minded candidates. i think there's been no doubt to anyone who's been watching this race for a long time that ted cruz and i are like-minded. we agree on virtually every position. we are both conservatives. we are both fighters who have challenged the system. so i don't find it particularly unusual, but i don't know the particulars of it. >> i'll ask you the last thing. of course you ripped on ted cruz in the primary season, as -- i hate to make a big deal about it because the candidates rip each other to the shreds and then say, welcome to the ticket. do you want to take any of that back, that he's too divisive to be president, maybe there was a question on his canadian citizenship? i'll give you the last word.
6:37 pm
>> i think it's overstating it to say i ripped him to shreds. in the heat of a basketball game, you make some fouls. here's what i would say. i've been with ted cruz for the past seven weeks. i've come to know him well. what i've come to know is a man who is who he says he is. he believes what he says. he has practiced what he says. he has convictions and principles and values that have been consistent throughout his life. that is not true of donald trump. and it is not true of hillary clinton. and what i see based on the people who get on that bus with us is a guy who unifies people. he also happens to be a fair amount of fun. so what i am proud to say tonight is that i'm proud to stand with him in a fight which i think is all about actually the nation and not about cruz or fiorina or trump or clinton for that matter. it's about what works. and what we know doesn't work is
6:38 pm
crony capitalism, a corrupt system, and the wealthy, the powerful and well-connected who use that system to get ahead. and that defines donald trump and hillary clinton. >> carly fiorina, great to see you again. >> thanks, megyn. >> all the best. coming up, senator marco rubio says donald trump has his backing if the gop front-runner secures the nomination. and where else might that alliance go? a bespectacled chris stirewalt and dana purina join us next on that. >> mr. trump, yes or no? >> i'm with dobnald if he's the nominee. the democrats have two people left in the race. one is a socialist and the other one is under fbi investigation.
6:39 pm
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6:43 pm
join ted cruz's campaign for president. now questions are being raised about another former presidential candidate, senator marco rubio and where his support now stands. the senator sparking intrigue after these remarks about donald trump. >> look, let's not divide the party, have someone here who has all these votes, very close to 1237, let's not ignore the will of the people or they're going to be angry. >> if indeed it is donald trump, will you support him in. >> yeah, i've always said i'm going to support the republican nominee. that's especially true now that it is aparent that hillary clinton is going to be the democratic candidate. >> joining me now, chris stirewalt and dana perino. that was a ringing endorsement. that's the thing, the rubio sound bite we just listened to, he sounds more enthusiastic than he has, chris, more
6:44 pm
enthusiastic. last time it was like, it gets harder every day. >> you're saying he was more enthusiastic than when he was making fun of trump's anatomy. >> even thereafter. >> that's setting a low threshold. i think rubio is probably representative of what you'll see for a third of the republican party. i think you'll have a third that is dela trump dela trump dela trump trump trump and a third or less that's anti-trump or they will withhold their endorsements. then you'll have another third roughly speaking in the middle that will take a position like that which says, i comply, i welcome our insect overlords and let's talk about how bad hillary clinton is. >> marc thiessen, i said, will you vote for donald trump? he said, like i like to say, i'll walk off that bridge when i come to it. dana, do you think there's any possibility that marco rubio is gunning for the vp slot? >> i think there's a lot of
6:45 pm
people who think so. but based on a couple of conversations i had today with people who know him well, they don't think that that is the case. in fact it was just a few weeks ago that marco rubio was on mark lavin's radio show and he said that he thinks that a conservative should be the nominee and that the remaining conservative in the race at that point was ted cruz. now, he didn't come out and endorse ted cruz either, and i don't think that marco rubio is gunning to be anybody's vice president at this point. i think that maybe he's looking beyond, like maybe to the future of whether or not he wants to run again if at all. >> stirewalt, if rubio wanted to be trump's vp, hypothetically, what could he do with his delegates that would be helpful to donald trump? >> well, he could start by having more than john kasich, and he does do that. but what could he do for donald trump or more likely ted cruz, i think if marco rubio decides to help somebody, i think dana is
6:46 pm
100% right, it would much likely be cruz who is a conservative like rubio. he can peel back some round by round, state by state. rules control whether a candidate can unbind his delegates in that state. rubio could unbind some first round. >> he can't direct them to vote for any candidate. >> no. >> he can free them up to do that. >> like born free, he can release them into the wilderness. ♪ as free as the wind blows dana, what about carly fiorina? >> i think there's a couple of things. i think that if you wanted to change the media narrative for the day, you were able to do that. ted cruz was able to do that. i think he will benefit from having her on the taiicket in indiana. i shouldn't say the ticket there isn't one. >> he's 400 delegates behind. >> right. some have said too little too late. i said it might be too little too early because it's not quite at that point. >> he understands the importance of indiana. >> i think you pick a vice presidential candidate for a couple of reasons, one because
6:47 pm
you trust them and by all accounts they get along very well. they're of like mind when it comes to constitutional conservatism. and she can bring a crowd. i also think that he thinks she can govern. that's a really important pick. like if you -- he was right. ted cruz said it's the most solemn decision you make as a president, that's true. i think he put a lot of thought into it. does it help him in indiana? maybe in terms of getting enthusiasm out there. i think that 98% of the people when they go to vote they vote for who is at the top of the ticket. >> might happen elp in californ >> a little bit. >> stirewalt, your thought on fiorina? >> it's a slate, not a ticket. look, i think from a trumpian media point of view good because it broke the narrative for today. otherwise the narrative for today is everybody in the establishment press would have said, it's happening! trump! everybody shut up. so he broke the spell.
6:48 pm
so that did something. and the other thing is, they like her. the republicans like her. >> >> yeah. >> and if you're ted cruz, why the heck not? >> i have to ask you before i let you go, did you suffer some hillary clinton-esque concussion like with the glasses? we saw her give the testimony in benghazi first time around? >> whatever concussions i have suffered are not related to the spectacles. these are a result of pollen and i can't wear amy contacts. >> mystery solved. very deb anair. great to see you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i have dana perino here. i have to tell you a joke. she gave this to me for my children. why did the chicken fall into the well? >> why? >> because he couldn't see that well. >> corny jokes. there should be a segment on "the kelly file." great one. moving on, is it friday? no. after putting himself one step closer to the gop nomination with a sweep of last night's contests, donald trump takes dead aim at hillary clinton.
6:49 pm
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frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote.
6:53 pm
the only thing she's got going is the woman's card and the beautiful thing is women don't like her. okay getting in some trouble for that remark. fairly or unfairly? robert zimmerman is a democratic superdelegate. david is a trump supporter and attorney. fo good to see you both. your thoughts? >> the issue isn't whether hillary clinton is playing the woman's card, donald trump is not playing with a full deck. he has negatives amongst women voters at 60% according to "usa today." gallup at 70%. he's losing national polls against hillary clinton between 8 pk and 11%, losing states like arizona and now hillary clinton is tied in utah and mississippi. this candidacy has no message, no principles and ultimately the hatemongerers have one card to play, the trump card. >> david? >> let's talk about what he said, robert. hillary clinton's unfavorables skyrocketed over the last year.
6:54 pm
nearly 50% now among women. you have this e-mail server scandal hovering over her head, dozens of fbi agents investigating that, a potential criminal indictment coming down the pipe. we don't know for sure. that's going on. classic clinton scandal. despite that, she just mopped the floor with bernie sanders. she's doing very well. now, it's safe to say anecdotally speaking she's benefiting from the novelty of being the first female presidential candidate. >> how about -- how about being the most qualified candidate ever to run for president? >> let me argue with that. >> how about being the most qualified person ever to seek the presidency? >> she clearly -- >> as a former senator and secretary of state. >> go ahead -- >> david, let me get the point out to you if you want to look at her standings with women versus donald trump in every poll from the "wall street journal" through every other polling source, she's beating donald trump amongst women by 30 points or 27 points. >> go ahead, david. >> when is the election? the election is six months from now. what are the issues? when it comes down to the issues of national security, the border, jobs, 2nd amendment,
6:55 pm
women in the end are going to agree with trump's core issues. it's not going to be a matter of gender, this gender versus that gender. he's got six months to drive that in. you're not going to be able to separate people and drive a wedge between men and women. the reality is trump has better ideas, clinton does have the fact that she's a novelty -- >> that presidential stature is really working well for your campaign. >> are you suggesting hillary clinton's only credential to be president is she's a woman? >> no, i'm suggesting that helps her, megyn. there are clearly women who will vote for her because she's a woman. that's understandable. i think trump understands that. he's saying that gives her a big benefit. >> okay. >> until at least the issues are -- >> i'll give you the last word. ten seconds. >> let's be very clear about this. hx hk hillary clinton winning in every poll against donald trump, record states she's never been competitive in because of her issues. meg megyn, as long as you're queen of hearts, we're fine. >> good to see you both. we'll be right back. day
6:56 pm
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tomorrow night we'll have charles krauthammer and anderson cooper. yes, from cnn. is coming over here to "the kelly file." set your dvr right now. we'll explain tomorrow. tonight, donald trump stakes his claim on the republican nomination. >> as far as i'm concerned, it's over. these two guys cannot win. >> and senator ted cruz makes a huge announcement. >> if i am nominated to be president of the united states, i will run on a ticket with vice presidential nominee, carly fiorina. >> newt gingrich is here tonight to react to all of it. and then all eyes are now on indiana in the battle for the hoosier state. >> last night was donald trump's night. today is indiana's day. >> herman cain and dr. benjamin carson, they're here to waeigh n on the 2016 race. plus donald trump unveils his foreign policy agenda in a major speech. >> and then the


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