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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 27, 2016 7:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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tomorrow night we'll have charles krauthammer and anderson cooper. yes, from cnn. is coming over here to "the kelly file." set your dvr right now. we'll explain tomorrow. tonight, donald trump stakes his claim on the republican nomination. >> as far as i'm concerned, it's over. these two guys cannot win. >> and senator ted cruz makes a huge announcement. >> if i am nominated to be president of the united states, i will run on a ticket with vice presidential nominee, carly fiorina. >> newt gingrich is here tonight to react to all of it. and then all eyes are now on indiana in the battle for the hoosier state. >> last night was donald trump's night. today is indiana's day. >> herman cain and dr. benjamin carson, they're here to waeigh n on the 2016 race. plus donald trump unveils his foreign policy agenda in a major speech. >> and then there's isis.
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their days are numbered. >> "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." now, donald trump is one step closer toward securing the republican nomination after sweeping all five races last night in a battle for the east, in mid-atlantic, and tonight the republican candidates are descending on the state of indiana where 57 very important delegates are now up for grabs on the gop side. donald trump was in the hoosier state earlier today campaigning with legendary basketball coach, the one and only bobby knight. take a look. >> you know, normally they come out, they introduce trump. here i'm coming out and going to introduce bobby knight, okay? >> and they talk about, you know, he isn't presidential. i don't know what the hell that means. i think the most important thing in the world is that we vote for the best man there is for this job, and you've already met him.
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>> we had a big, big, big night last night. we had five, five. oh, we're going to build that wall and you know who's going to pay for that wall? >> and earlier today senator ted cruz made a big announcement announcing that carly fiorina would be his choice for vice president if he should win the nomination. watch this. >> carly is a vice presidential nominee who i believe is superbly skilled, superbly gifted at helping unite this party, bring us together so we stand united as well. >> this fight is far more than about a ticket, this fight is about far more than ted cruz and carly fiorina, this is a fight for all of us. for our party, for our future. for our children's future. >> here now with reaction, the author of "the new york times" bestseller "duplicity" former
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speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. mr. speaker, good to see you. big day today. >> good to see you. it is a big day. actually i'm talking to you from purdue where i'm also involved in giving a talk and seeing what's happening in indiana. >> all right. let's talk about indiana. let's start with ted cruz's announcement. carly fiorina. i thought carly, by the way, was a great candidate. she aggressively was able to prosecute the case against hillary clinton. i think stronger than some of her male counterparts. does this help ted cruz? >> oh, i think at the margin it might help him. carly fiorina is a very smart person. she understands technology and the evolution of the modern world probably as well as anybody running for president in either party. i thought she was very effective on the debate stage. you know, this is a little bit parallel to what ronald reagan tried in 1976 when he was trailing gerald ford and so he announced his vice presidential
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choice. didn't happen to work. but it was, again, throwing a hail mary pass at the last moment of the game. i think cruz by doing this is a little daring -- you know, if you lose five states, you come back the next day and announce your vice presidential nominee, may not be the best timing. you can understand why. he's got to shake the game up and this is a serious effort to try to shake up the game because if it keeps going the way it is now, he will lose and trump will be the nominee. >> let's talk about donald trump's reaction in a town hall earlier today with our colleague and friend, greta van susteren. he was asked about this move by ted cruz. here's what he said. >> well, i think it's really a waste of time, honestly. i think that -- i think it should be over. if indiana treats us right, we're going to make america great again. we're going to get rid of these politicians and we're going to do the right job. i just think it's so early in the process. you have to first get the nomination. here's a guy picking a vice
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presidential candidate. he has zero chance. he has no path. it's sort of crazy. so i think it's -- well, it gets him in the news cycle because he's been totally taken out. he had a horrible day yesterday and he came in third, meaning third out of three. most of the time. most of the -- i guess four out of five, he was third, and he picked up no delegates and, you know, major states like pennsylvania, like maryland, we're talking about big stuff, and connecticut. he came in, he got nothing, and i think he wanted to something to get out of that negative cycle. in that sense, it was probably good for him but people will not like it. >> the trump delegate count is at 950. let me ask you this question, but it also seems -- remember, he won 17 bound delegates in pennsylvania, but there were 54 unbound delegates. my analysis today gets him at least 40 more of the 54 available. so it brings him very close to
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1,000. is that now unbeatable in your opinion? >> well, i don't know that it's totally unbeatable. again, everybody's allowed to play out the game, whether it's basketball and you're in the last seconds of the fourth quarter, or it's football and you're right down to the end of the game. you still get to play. and the team that's behind still gets its at-bat in the ninth inning. but the fact is trump is way ahead. probably better than a 90% likelihood he's going to be the nominee now. and i think you find that there are people who analyze this every single day who are reaching a conclusion, he overperformed yesterday, he got at least 40 more delegates than he needed to be on track to get the nomination. if he wins indiana, it is for all practical purposes over because at that point, he'll have closed out anybody else being able to stop him. and i think even if he only gets a third of the delegates in indiana, he is still on track to get the nomination.
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>> yeah. let's talk about -- so many people have said they want to see donald trump a little more presidential. he gave a foreign policy speech today. serious, significant speech. here's part of it. get your reaction. >> and then there's isis. i have a simple message for them. their days are numbered. i won't tell them where and i won't tell them how. we have to be unpredictable. and we have to be unpredictable starting now. but they're going to be gone. isis will be gone if i'm elected president. and they'll be gone quickly. they will be gone very, very quickly. >> he also talked about china. he talked about russia. he talked about radical islam. he talked about building up our nation's military, taking care of our veterans. it was long. it was substantive. a relationship with israel and other countries. what were your thoughts on it? >> well, i read the speech on
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the way out here, and i saw part of it at the airport waiting for the plane, and first of all, i thought on television he looked presidential. he looked serious. he looked controlled. and overall, i thought it was a good presentation. the speech, itself, is a very serious speech. i think you're going to find it ridiculed by some of the washington establishment. in part because it challenges so many of their assumptions. but i think his challenges are pretty useful. he has a very bold view of russia and china. something which will startle all of the traditional, you know, anti-russia, anti-chinese mantra, but what he's saying is pretty straightforward which is the first stage ought to be is there a way to get to a relationship that is friendlier rather than more hostile? now that's kind of the opposite of what people would be expecting him to say a year ago and tells you he's been thinking about the u.s.' role in the world and how do you end this cycle now running for 15 years of us losing young men and women
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in wars that don't get won, don't accomplish anything, and leave us, frankly, a weaker country and a country that's mired down in a number of places -- >> you know. >> -- and i think he's trying to wrestle with that. >> it's a very complicated issue. it's frustrating to me when 5,000 americans get killed, iraq, afghanistan, many thousands more injured. they win mosul, fallujah, ramadi, tikrit, then we give back the land and isis takes it over or 58,000 people in vietnam are killed and then we pull out because -- because all of these wars then get argued through the prism of washington politics. we don't fight these wars to win them anymore. i don't think we can risk american treasure and lose that treasure going forward any further. do you? >> well, that's part of what trump said on that topic is exactly what reagan said in '81/81 2, called at that time
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the weinberger doctrine, you don't go to war unless you're going to win. if you do go to war, you go to war with overwhelming force. he's clearly sending a very clear signal he's going to rebuild the american military which it desperately needs. his report on the decline in the size of the military, the size of the navy, the size of the air force, how old some of our equipment is. all those things are i think very, very solid and i think you're going to see somebody here who wants to -- complicated for the news media and the washington elites to understand, he wants to rebuild american strength to minimize the need to use it on the grounds that if you're overwhelmingly powerful, people don't come and play with you. >> that's the reagan doctrine. >> they recognize you're going to win. >> yeah. >> that's the reagan doctrine. >> we'll come back and continue more with newt gingrich after the break. also coming up, donald trump surpasses mitt romney's vote total from 2012 and there are still contests left in this 2016 presidential race. a full report. and later dr. ben carson and
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herman cain weigh in on last night's primary results and senator cruz's vp pick. plus find out which celebrities are threatening to leave the country if donald trump is elected president. i have an offer for them. that and more as we continue. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. s no going back. your business hours as your insurance company's. now claim calls are eating into work.
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live from america's news hq, i'm patricia stark. some 60 million people are in the path of a severe storm system that's spawned several tornadoes in the country's midsection. three twisters touching down in northern texas. reportedly killing one person and injuring four others. the violent weather also tearing up roofs, uprooting trees and tossing vehicles. tornadoes also touching down in oklahoma, kansas, indiana, missouri, iowa, and nebraska. oklahoma hospitals say at least 12 injuries have been linked to the storms. real estate heir robert
7:14 pm
durst sentenced to more than seven years in prison. it's part of a plea deal on a weapons charge in new orleans. durst also faces a separate murder charge in california. he's accused of killing a female friend in 2000 to keep her from talking to new york prosecutors about the disappearance of his first wife. i'm patricia stark and now back to "hannity." for all your headlines, log on to welcome back to "hannity." so republican voters, they're energized this election cycle and it's led in part by front-runner donald trump. here now to explain a lot more is "fox & friends" own heather nauert. >> donald trump has sbeen sayin he's ahead of his republican rivals. after sweeping all five primaries last night trump accumulated more than 10.1 million total votes. that's 3 million more votes than his top challenger senator ted cruz who has 6.9 million votes. trump has 6 million more than
7:15 pm
governor john kasich who racked up 3.7 million votes. if you look at the total, 2016 republican contests won, trump has a big advantage with 26 victories compared to cruz's 11 and kasich's 1. that was his home state of ohio. and then there is this interesting figure, sean. if we look at this from a historical perspective, trump is on pace to set the republican record for total votes won. he's already surpassed mitt romney's 2012 primary and caucus total of 9.8 million votes and there are still ten races to go including california and, of course, that one is massive. sean, we'll keep a close eye on this story and get back to you. >> all right, heather. thanks so much. appreciate it. back with reaction is former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. that's an amazing figure. 2016 gop turnout up 6 0%. democratic turnout depressed down 20% to 30%. you got to interpret that if you're a republican that there's a wide open field for them to win a general election but
7:16 pm
hillary often outperforms in the hypothetical matchups. why? >> well, i mean, first of all i think in the short run, the country's had, you know, a long time, 24 years, to get used to hillary clinton. she has a base in the democratic party that's very stable. they're going to vote for her under almost any circumstance. and trump is still both largely unknown and largely shaped by the news media. so if you're an independent or a weak democrat, you haven't been part of the republican primary process, all of your understanding of trump comes as mediated through the news media who are not exactly his friends. the question is, if you look at exactly what you just said, here's a guy who is bringing lots of new people into the party. he's bringing people in who are switching, by the way, from democrat to republican to vote in the republican primary. we have every evidence that there's a continued increase in interest in what he's doing.
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and i'm always amazed at all these folks who have been consistently wrong for a year. every stage for a year they've underestimated trump. they now tell us about the general election. my advice is he will run a different general election than any of us can imagine. just as he has run a different primary than any of us could have imagined. and i sort of wait to see how trump solves these problems before i assume that folks who don't have a clue are the right ones to tell us what's going to happen. >> you know, you actually made a lot of news last night when you were on the program and you said get over it as it relates to the establish the. a couple stories out there, the house -- i actually found this pretty funny. this was in the "washington examiner." some house conservatives warning trump to keep their promises. well, isn't that one of the problems we've had is house republicans did not keep their promises, they didn't -- they've shown no willingness to fight president obama and stop his agenda, use the power of the purse or repeal the parts of obamacare they could or stop
7:18 pm
executive amnesty? didn't they kind of cause that themselves? who are they to lecture? >> well, look, i think, again, there are factions in the house republican party who have a digit different approaches to these things. the freedom caucus sees itself as a very hardline group. i think what will be a surprise to everybody is that trump wants to get things done and wants to move toward making washington governable again. i suspect he's going to actually be a pretty reliable partner with paul ryan in trying to think through what can we do to get back to a balanced budget, what can we do to protect america's interests, how do we rebuild the american military? a point he said in passing today, how do we fix the veterans administration which is a corrupt disaster? i think he's going to be very aggressive about moving on these kind of issues, and i think he'll find the large part of the house republican party very eager to work and frankly a good number of senators will find that they have things they can
7:19 pm
do with trump that they may not have expected. >> you know, i want to talk strategically, tactically. whoever the nominee is, in the case of trump, he made the statement that he would -- he's ready to hit the hillary scandal encyclopedia, crooked hillary. is that the best strategy? >> well, i think it's an inevitable strategy because between the clinton foundation, the clinton interest groups, the various businesses and governments that have tried to manipulate the state department, her total failure to use her e-mails in a professional way, fitting national security, i mean, there's so much -- you know, think of hillary as sort of this mound of scandals of various kinds. you can hardly ignore them. but i think there's a bigger issue. hillary is the personification of the bureaucratic welfare state that has failed. my hope is that trump is going to decide to take this same aggressiveness, the same boldness, the same energy that
7:20 pm
he's used in the republican primary and go into places like south side chicago, go into baltimore, go into places where you can draw a real contrast and ask people, do you really want to keep the same failures in charge ruining your lives, ruining your neighborhoods, crippling your children's future or are you ready to try something really different? >> let's talk about terry mcauliffe, speaking of corruption, he announced he's restoring the voting rights of 206 felons including violent felons in the commonwealth of virginia. now, this is a purple state. swing state. an important state. is this to help hillary? >> well, you have to assume it is. the key question in virginia is a constitutional one. the governor clearly has the powerful to commute individual sentences. there's a real serious legal question whether he can commute 206,000 as a bloc.
7:21 pm
i think that's something that has to be looked at very seriously. as you point out, to say everybody who's been a convicted felon will automatically have their rights back including people who committed the kind of crimes that frankly might have led to a lifetime sentence of various kinds. i think you got to look at it more carefully. now, to be honest, 37 states have followed the notion that once you serve your time, you get the right to vote again. so there has been a long movement toward trying to reintegrate people back into society if they paid for the crime and if their sentence is over. but the way mcauliffe did it was classically terry mcauliffe, it was crude, it was one sided, it was a surprise and it makes him look fairly dumb frankly. >> last question. we had the never-trump, never-cruz movement. trump supporters don't like cruz supporters, cruz supporters don't like trump supporters. governor rick scott of florida
7:22 pm
weighed in calling on the stop-trump unit to disband. do you worry about unity in a general election? >> sure. first of all, we aught to have a never-hillary movement. >> that's what i say. >> remind everybody in the other movements to join the never-hillary movement. second, this will be interesting to watch, trump now describes himself as the presumptive nominee. fine. that means the burden is on him to unify the party now. burden isn't on the losers. the burden's on the winner. and he had better figure out a strategy between now and cleveland to bring these folks back in because he will have beaten them. he will be standing astride the party. in order to make sure a third of the party doesn't walk out, he's going to have to figure out how to accommodate them. that will be an interesting test to the art of the deal. >> wow. well said. former speaker of the house, newt gingrich, thanks for being with us. >> take care. coming up, senator ted cruz announced he's picking carly fiorina to be his vp if he wins the nomination. how is this going to impact the 2016 race? we'll check in with dr. benjamin
7:23 pm
carson and herman cain. that's next. later, more analysis of donald trump's foreign policy speech with sebastian gorka. plus these celebrities are going to leave the country if trump becomes president in 2016. we'll tell you who they are and i have a special offer for them straight ahead. we can't contain it any long... oh! you know, that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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♪ he has a sharp wit.
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a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. after a great deal of time and thought, after a great deal of consideration and prayer, i have come to the conclusion that if i am nominated to be president of the united states that i will run on a ticket with my vice presidential nominee, carly fiorina. >> that was senator ted cruz earlier today announcing carly fiorina is his pick for vice president if he wins the gop nomination. here with reaction former 2016
7:26 pm
presidential candidate dr. benjamin carson and the author of "the right problems" fox news contributor, radio host, nationally syndicated, herman cain. sir, how are you? >> i'm great, sean. thank you. >> all right. first your reaction to the announcement and do you think this helps? >> well, you know in football, they call it a hail mary and it works about 11 they call it a hail mary and it works about 1% of the time. this is a hail carly and i don't think it's going to work. now, that's no disrespect to carly fiorina, ted cruz, because carly and ted cruz as well as dr. carson who's on with me tonight and you, along with donald trump were amongst my pick six eight months ago. i have a lot of respect for all of them. i just don't think at this point since ted cruz has no path to winning the nomination on the first ballot, and possibly the second ballot, that naming the vp candidate now really is going to add any momentum to his campaign. i don't think it will work, but
7:27 pm
i respect both of them. >> i respect them both, too. by the way, i said this earlier, carly fiorina, i think single handedly was one of the most effective at prosecuting the case against hillary clinton. dr. carson, do you agree with herman cain? to you think this is a hail mary? do you think this helps? traditionally, historically, vp selections don't really impact races. >> no, i don't think it's going to make a huge difference. i think it's a good pick. you know, i've known carly for 20 years. we joined the kellogg board on the same day 19 years ago. and she's very smart. but the fact of the matter is, you know, the numbers are what they are. there is no pathway whereby ted cruz can get the nomination without some manipulation of the system that will significantly alter the will of the people. and that is what the republicans must recognize. i think many of the
7:28 pm
establishment do not understand what the impact of that will be. >> yeah. you know, what do you think -- you talked about your top six, herman cain, and i think this is really important. i'm worried about the intensity out there. the anger. the resentment. especially between cruz supporters, trump supporters. look, donald trump now clearly has the only -- he's the only person that can get to 1,237. the only way people can stop him is getting to a contested convention and prevent him from getting to 1,237. at the end of all of this, do you think they're going to put aside their differences and unite with the common purpose of defeating hillary clinton and ostensibly a third obama term? >> if they want to preserve the republican party and if they want a victory in november for a republican nominee, they will have to put aside all of that resentme resentment. the only thing they hasn't changed yet, sean, as you know, that i'm disappointed in, is
7:29 pm
that the never-trump anti-trump movement appears to not be letting up when the voice of the people is being heard. this is what they don't understand, and i don't understand why they're digging in their heels. i respect ted for trying to do something. he did the alliance with governor kasich. that appeared to have backfired, in my opinion. if you look at the overwhelming results from the primaries yesterday. now he's trying something else. well, he's going to keep trying, but like dr. carson said, i don't think this to add any unexpected momentum to his campaign at this time. the people -- the people are speaking. the voice of the people is the most important thing that's coming through this republican primary. >> yeah. >> and there are too many people that are ignoring it. >> and it may end up, if the numbers hold up and continue the way they've been going, that donald trump will accumulate more votes than any nominee in the history of the republican
7:30 pm
party. dr. carson, you started out with 17 people. i understand. by the way, all of them good people. i could make the case for all 17 of you that you would be better presidential material than hillary clinton. your supporters were disappointed. marco rubio's supporters were disappointed. scott walker's, rick perry. all good people. is there any chance you see a possible coalition of some of the best and brightest in the republican party that has a deep bench, problem solvers, joining together in an administration to fix the mess we're currently in? is that a pipe dream on my part? >> no, i don't think it's a pipe dream at all. i think it will become a reality because the people that you just mentioned, and some others, recognize that if we don't do that, and we throw the election to hillary or a hillary substitute and they get two, three, or four supreme court
7:31 pm
picks, that will be the end of america as we know it. you look at some of the stuff that has come out of the supreme court with the numbers that we have now. can withdryou imagine what willn with a more progressive supreme court? >> trump is going to have a series of these speeches. we'll get into his northeforeig policy speech from herbalier tod today. he said to me he'd name a list of 12 people and only those 12 people would be considered for the supreme court if he becomes president. that's interesting because we'll know his knew durabjudicial pol in. thank you. when we come back, donald trump and hillary clinton traded jabs last night. trump accusing clinton of playing the woman card. our panel will respond coming p up. also later tonight -- >> my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. has to be first. has to be. >> we'll have more reaction to
7:32 pm
donald trump's major foreign policy speech from earlier today. plus, find out the names of celebrities that threaten to leave the country if trump is elected. i have an offer for them. that's coming up straight ahead. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief and intellectual propertylines about bubeing stolen.g hacked that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime.
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and you've spent the whole day lying around watching monster movies on tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. no matter who you are or where you end up in life, with the right financial partner, progress is possible. welcome back to "hannity." so last night both hillary clinton and donald trump scored several big primary wins and wasted no time turning their focus toward a general election face-off. watch this. >> the other day, mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> i'll do far more for women than hillary clinton will ever do. the only card she has is the woman's card. she's got nothing else going.
7:38 pm
and frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card and the beautiful thing is women don't like her. >> joining us now with reaction, conservative columnist a.j. delgado, from the federalist, d.c. mcallister with us, and founder and president of high noon strategies, lisa boothe. all right. i'm asking all three of you this question, is hillary's screaming hurting her? i'll start with you, a.j. >> i don't know if it's the screaming that's hurting her. it's really her record and the fact she's somebody who has ridden her husband's coattails to becoming the presidential contender. that's why you see her unfavorability rating among women in the 50s. it might be the screaming isn't ta going to help. really, sean, it's who she is and how she got to where she is. she's not likable and not a role model. >> what do you think, d.c. mcallister? she seems to for whatever reason, we got into this discussion the other night with
7:39 pm
geraldo, she gets louder and louder and screams and screams. it seems like nobody's telling her and her campaign it may not be the best delivery. your thoughts? >> she is very unlikable. . i guess she has to overcome her deficits by yelling louder. women do not like her. she's not the kind of feminist that women want. the younger women especially look at her and just see her as a white privileged woman who has ridden her husband's coattails and so they don't like her a lot. the only problem is is that donald trump has a women's problem as well, but hillary clinton, boy, she has a long ways to go when it comes to attracting them. >> what do you think, list sa? >> sean, the bigger point donald trump is trying to make is the pandering. hillary clinton is a prolific panderer. she was accused by an african-american radio host before the new york primary pandering to hot vovoters sayin carries hot sauce around in her purse.
7:40 pm
and when she tried to pretend like she is just like everyday americans who take the subway, she was mocked by "snl" because there was an epic failure when she tried to use the metro. i think that's the broader point that donald trump is trying to make here. >> that was a pretty funny moment, you got to admit. oops, oh, they use metro cards now? a.j., let me go back to you. the one time that hillary tried to the gender card earlier, donald trump hit back hard because the issue of bill clinton and women and he actually called hillary an enabler in that process going after and smearing, besmirching women that made allegations against bill. i don't think she'd get away with it if donald trump's the nominee. >> right. and, i mean, this is something she normally gets away with because it's never discussed. it's something you're not supposed to talk about or even mention in the mainstream media. really she does have a very shaky record in terms of how she has criticized and in some cases according to some set out to ruin some of these women's lives
7:41 pm
that bill behaved inappropriately with, to put it lightly. yes, trump does have the courage to bring that out. i think americans, including women, are going to see what's hillary's real record with women? it's not pretty. >> yeah. what do you think, d.c.? i know you're not supporting the premise. you're supporting ted cruz. you think the race goes on. would ted cruz prosecute that case in a similar fashion and should he? is that the best strategy? >> absolutely. i mean, he should definitely do that. i agree. one thing i do want to say about trump is it is nice to see a republican really be bold and go after hillary clinton because we're too soft on her and we need to attack her so i think ted cruz would also attack her as well. i think he would be just as bold. >> yeah. what do you -- lisa, what do you think? your thoughts. >> well, the issue with the bill clinton thing is hypocrisy of it because hillary clinton, herself, said that every victim has the right to be heard but we know she did everything she could to drag monica lewinsky's name through the mud, to drag other accusers' names through
7:42 pm
the mud. >> kathleen willie, juanita broderick. all of this is going to come up. all of it. let me ask this question. because i think this is fundamentally to the case. hillary is a weak candidate. hillary doesn't have the ability to, i guess, energize a crowd the way barack obama has, or bernie sanders or donald trump. she certainly doesn't have the interpersonal skills of her husband, bill clinton. she's got ethical issues hanging over her head. but yet she still does okay in matchups. hypothetical matchups. a.j., will that go away? >> yes, because the american public, since we're still in primaries hasn't had a chance to sit down with two candidates, okay, we have two, let's watch a debate between the two. let's look at the two records, not 16 digfferent records of 16 candidates and see who has a good record. with women even, trump has a record of being a champion of women including in the
7:43 pm
workplace. once the american public can compare the two, hillary has no shot. >> i think donald trump doesn't have a good record when it comes to women. only 58% of women don't like hillary. so he has a zef sit. plus we have to remember that people assume the -- >> they're both pretty -- >> he won, i'm sorry, he won more women yesterday than ted cruz did. trump won more women's votes -- so who has the women's problem? >> lisa, you're a delegate -- all right. hang on. lisa, you're in the middle. y you're the delegate expert. does trump get to 1,237? >> i think he does. he gets pretty darn close. the problem with hillary clinton, this is something nobody's talking about. hillary clinton does so poorly among women and she is a woman. her unfavorables with women voters is 58%. if you look in the midwest, it's 62%. in the south, it's 60%. hillary clinton is a woman. it's something nobody wants to talk about.
7:44 pm
they want to focus on donald trump's unfavorables. >> good to see you all. preesh appreciate it. coming up next on "hannity" -- >> our military dominance must be unquestioned, and i mean unquestioned by anybody and everybody. >> donald trump, he delivered a major foreign policy speech earlier today. dr. sebastian gorka, walid phares weigh in. also, you hear about these celebrities, they're vowing to leave the country if donald trump becomes president. we'll tell you who they are and i have an offer for all of them, straight ahead. heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. we shouldn't sweatlife, the small stuff. but when you're building a mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff.
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welcome back to "hannity." so, earlier today 2016 gop presidential front-runner donald trump delivered a major speech on foreign policy. in case you missed it, here are some of the highlights. >> my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. america first will be the major and overriding theme of my administration. our military dominance must be unquestioned, and i mean unquestioned by anybody and everybody. our goal is peace and prosperity, not war and
7:50 pm
destruction. the best way to achieve those goals is through a disciplined, deliberate and consistent foreign policy. with president obama and >> we've had the opposite. >> here with analysis tonight, dr. sebastian gorka as well as walid peres. one of the things trump said is that we're too predictable. but he will hit them and hit them hard. that would be a shift in policy. do you remember the build up to the iraq war? >> yes. and my wife is on senator cruz's national security team.
7:51 pm
very been waiting a hong time for this speech. the fact is that this would be a seat change. still, i don't see enough meat here on the bone. the speech is in various places contradictory. >> in what way? he said he'd rebuild our defenses, talking about china, russia, isis. where was the contradiction? >> let me give you a couple examples. first we're going to build up our nuclear forces and talks about how nuclear weapons are horrific. which is it? we're going to stand by our agreements but rip out the iranian deal. which is it? >> he's talking about allies versus an enemy. right? >> well, he talked about trust, trust, trust, trust us and our word stands. well, which is it? and on top of that, the whole relationship with -- >> let me go to walid.
7:52 pm
>> this is important. my interpretation is that he was distinguishing how we treat our enemies and whether or not people will be our allies. >> absolutely. the security and interest of the american people unlike the obama-clinton administration which failed in libya, failed in iraq, and maybe now, in yemen. now, mr. trump is trying to say we need to revise these poll says and as you said, sean, the issue with regard to isis, you have to have a decision to dismantle, not contain. that is a three-mile wide difference with the current administration. the iran deal is harming the region, of course you're going to revise it. >> i'm running out of time.
7:53 pm
dr. gorka, did you view this as presidential? you say you want more meat on the bone. a good step for you? >> well, i was impressed by his ability to read a teleprompter, again, are we going to stand by israel? >> well, he said yes. he was very clear. >> but he also said what? he said our allies but defend themselves, no more free loading. well, which is it? are we going to stand by israel? is everybody going to have to defend themselves? it's a different quality of speech. it's an improvement. >> walid? what did you think? >> well, flying from one point to another and doesn't see in between. he spoke about the ideology of radical islamism and mention the muslim brotherhood. this is 100 miles more advanced than the past. >> we've got to leave it there. and when we come back, we need your help with our question of the day and which celebrities are threatening to leave the country if donald trump is elected and i have an offer for
7:54 pm
them, straight ahead.
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then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet? time for our question of the day. do you think donald trump is the presumptive republican nominee or not? let us know what you think. finally, i've been telling you all night, there are celebrities that have said they're going to leave the country. mily cyrus, cher, al sharpton, raven simone, john stewart and eddie griffin vowed to leave if donald trump wins. i will give you a one way ticket to the country of your choice with the stipulation that you promise never to come back. the offer stands. that is all the time we have
8:00 pm
left this evening, thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> our foreign policy is a complete and total disaster. no vision, no purpose, no direction, no strategy. >> after his big victory yesterday, donald trump acting presidential with a major foreign policy address. talking points will analyze tonight. [shouting] >> california now ground zero for the anti-trump forces. and violence is growing. >> a woman set off a taser and several other people used pepper spray. >> for no reason at all. somebody walked up to my sister and shot her in the back and killed her.
8:01 pm
>> also ahead, violent illegal aliens running unchecked. tonight, the inside story. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why the voters are propelling donald trump. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. much has been said about the feckless nature of the republican leadership. as the primary reason why mr. trump is this close to the g.o.p. nomination. that's an element but not the decisive factor. a broad disenchantment with the direction of america has fueled the trump campaign and that can be laid right on the progressive doorstep. with his sweep yesterday, trump simply needs only to win indiana next tuesday to secure the nomination. that will not be easy and he
8:02 pm
will still need some delegates but it's essentially over if he takes the hoosier state. there are four, four main themes that donald trump is exploiting. first, illegal immigration. many powerful progressives like bernie sanders and the "new york times" are open borders people. they want a european union situation where anyone can pretty much go anywhere they want. to the far left, borders are obsolete and anti-poor many americans are horrified by that stance and watched with anger as u.s. immigration law has been disrespected and even mocked. trump promises to end all that. second, economic anxiety. most americans know someone who has gotten hammered in the marketplace. most americans do not have much money in the bank. do the math. trump says he will punish concerns that steal american jobs and are unfair on the trade front.
8:03 pm
economic justice is appealing to both the right and the left this primary season and both trump and sanders have capitalized. third, u.s. weakness. americans are appalled over the continuing atrocities coming out of the muslim world. yes, it is islamic extremists who drive this, but, in country after country, horror is on display. president obama's policy of containment and his refusal to define the islamic jihad as a true danger to the u.s.a. has lit a fuse of deep resentment in many american precincts. trump is not at all sympathetic to the muslim world. thus, he has captured the resentment over our perceived weakness. finally, political pee trail. it is widely perceived that the progressive american unit are on the march and traditional folks on the decline. the question where did my country go captures that.
8:04 pm
trump portrays himself as an avenger, a man fed up with political correctness and the social fascism that often brings. his outspoken attacks galvanize americans who are bitterly disenchanted by a society that puts grievance above achievement, permissiveness above order. after nearly 8 years of the most liberal president in u.s. history, millions of voters have had enough of a social system that directly den greats their values and indicaters to nonworking individuals. they want someone to blow that system to hell. that's why trump is winning. he pinpointed festering disenchantment long before anyone else. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. a major foreign policy address today by donald trump. >> isis will be gone if i'm
8:05 pm
elected president. and they will be gone quickly. they will be gone very, very quickly. [ applause ] their days are numbered. i won't tell them where and i won't tell them how. we must, as a nation, be more unpredictable. we are totally predictable. we tell everything. >> joining us now from washington former cia director james woolsey and jillian turner a fox news analyst who worked in the white house under presidents bush and obama. what grade would you gives[kaz mr. trump's address today, jillian and why? >> i will give him a p for pass because he did well. considering where he has been in the past on this issue, this was really a come-to-jesus moment for him with the washington policy establishment. he brought this speech here to them, to their home turf. and he really played by their rules. i mean, he hired a speech writer for. this he used a teleprompter and he really put a lot of preparation, word on the street has it, into the speech and i think it showed. >> all right.
8:06 pm
but you didn't tell me why him. what did he say in your foreign policy expert that impressed you that you had not heard before? >> i think, to me, the biggest thing today was that he provided an historical framework for some of these issues. which he has never done in the past. he started out the speech talking about the wars in iraq and afghanistan. and he really connected the dots to today to the obama administration and iraq, syria, libya, and other middle eastern states. and it's the first time we have seen the wheels turning there and seen that he really is thinking about the consequences that foreign policy decisions have over decades. to me, that was the most important thing for me to see from him. >> mr. woolsly, what grade would you give mr. trump? >> i like jillian's pass. i suppose if i had to stay within the traditional ab, c, d a b minus. that's a strong step up from where he has been in the past. he has really been very peremptory and insulting and
8:07 pm
so forth after his fashion up until this speech. and his speech although there were cause caustic parts were substantive. he gives reasons for things. he gives historical background and that's new for him. >> is there anything you heard in the speech that you disagreed with? >> oh, yes. i don't like his propensity for protectionism and basically defining our problem as not spending enough on the u.s. and needing to spend less on things like foreign aid and the rest. i think he is really too hard over on that. >> why? the main point he made, mr. woolsey, is that other countries should pay their fair share? why are we protecting japan? japan doesn't do anything for us. we trade with them. they have a huge deficit. i thought that was a strong point. if japan is is not going to pony up the money why do we
8:08 pm
pony up up it all. if not you are out that's a strong point. >> nothing wrong with leaning on nato allies and other allies like japan to make more contribution. but he by talking about rethinking nato, for example, and particularly when you put that together with his insults over the previous months to our allies and friends and his acquiescence to various steps by the syrians and the russians and others, adversaries, he-i think -- i think trump has done a good job of critiquing some of that. >> he has put everybody on notice and i don't think that's a bad thing because we are foundering overseas. what about you, gillian, he threatened japan and nato countries. he absolutely did. he said if you don't come up with more more money and
8:09 pm
more help for america interests and your interest, we are going to let you go. put you out there. is there anything wrong with that. >> i think the sentiment of what he is saying when he talks about nato sort of deterioration over time when he talks about weaknesses inside the eu and he has this very mercenary approach, i would call it, to foreign policy and national defense, is he right in the sense that a lot of people agree with that but, the problem is it is shortsighted ultimately. pause, by pulling back from foreign operating bases in western europe, by saying things like we would allow central asian countries to nuclearize because it would be cheaper for us, it's short-sighted. it discounts the fact that this is how we project power, how we project influence across the world. it's how we gather intelligence. there is a lot of unseen benefits or benefits that he is discounting when he says things like that. >> i'm going to talk to donald trump tomorrow about the foreign policy situation. and it's going to be quite an interesting interview, i
8:10 pm
think because i'm very interested in this. but, real quickly, you both agree with his main point that america is perceived around the world as much weaker than we were eight years ago? you both agree with that. >> yes, i do. >> i would. >> i think the obama administration has taken us there. >> right. so we are going to start with we are weaker now and how specifically is mr. trump going to make us stronger? tomorrow on the factor and we appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. next on the rundown, hillary clinton preparing to run against donald trump. ed henry has the inside stuff on that. also ahead, violence in california over mr. trump's success. dennis miller with some thoughts upcoming. savings whiplash.
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8:14 pm
nominee for president unless she is indicted over the email situation and nobody can predict that last night celebrating her victories in pennsylvania, delaware, rhode island and connecticut mrs. clinton said this. >> mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. [crowd booing] well, if fighting for women's healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. [cheers and applause] >> okay. joining us now from washington ed henry is covering the clinton campaign. are they happy they are going to be running against trump? >> i think they have mixed emotions. publicly they are ecstatic and saying we can beat trump. he's going to step all over himself. this is going to be a slam dunk. but i was there in philadelphia with hillary clinton last night at that victory celebration. i spoke to somebody who raises a lot of money for her. he was saying, look, we think the demographics a on our side. we think she is going to get great turnout with women and
8:15 pm
minorities and she can beat trump but we are not certain of that, this person told me, because he said that inside the clinton camp they have been watching trump closely how unconventional he is. how people are in the mood for change. she is obviously a big time establishment figure. and they say he has sort ofk0 confounded the pundits. he has pushed out all the other republican candidates virtually and they are not so sure that he will be as easy to beat as the, you know, supporters of the clinton team believe. they are looking at this wearily. the machine kerr that donald moniker that donald trump has put on her crooked hillary. does that bother her? bother him? >> they think they can get passed it when talk to people inside fundraiser camp last night he said look, donald trump is going to give hillary clinton endless fodder. that clip you just played. that was something she said before donald trump spoke
8:16 pm
about previous comments. he came out later in the evening last night and, at the end of his remarks, basically said if hillary clinton were a man, she would be at 5% in the polls. she is only because she is a woman. well, that's the kind of thing that whether you are offended or not or i'm offended or not, hillary clinton is going to take and in fact overnight they immediately turned it into a video ad and put it all out there on social media. >> put what out there though? >> that donald trump. >> she was a man she wouldn't have a chance. what are they putting out there? >> because he was saying that all she has is the quote, unquote woman card. >> what are they saying to counter that? >> they are saying that she brings a whole lot of experience and a unique perspective as a woman to the table and you might not be offended. i might not be offended by what donald trump said. all kinds of people might not be offended. what it does is whip up some female voters who frankly in the primaries haven't been that excited about electing hillary clinton. >> we have a segment about that coming up with later
8:17 pm
on. now, it seems to me that the clinton campaign is going to try to segment this election out. they will say trump is antiwoman. we expect that right? antiwoman. >> right. >> antiblack, we expect that right? >> anti-muslim. >> anti-hispanic, anti-mexican, anti-everybody, except white guys. old dumb white guys. >> that's my point is that they believe is he going to continue to make these controversial statements. >> no, no, let's stay on her. i mean, trump can say anything at any time. >> right. >> but, at this point americans are pretty numb to it. so you either like him or you don't. you are either considering him or you are not. the strategy seems to be we will target our crew and the crew will turn out either because they like our candidate or they don't like him and that will be enough. that's the strategy, right? >> yes. the only adjustment i would make is they know that people -- it's not because they like hillary clinton. voters are not excited or
8:18 pm
enthusiastic about her. so what they want to do is make it about donald trump and controversial comments. >> demonize him further. >> because they are having a hard time getting people to be excited to vote for her. >> yeah. >> so vote against trump. by the way i wore the green. speaking to people in ireland they are excited that you are not moving there full time. >> they're not excited. that's misreporting. they would love to have me move there full time. >> i don't know. >> i would liven that island up and you know it ed henry, everybody. national polling shifting toward a hillary-donald trump race. we will have the latest data for you. then miller. some violence in california yesterday over the trump campaign. [shouting] >> you want to pepper spray me? [shouting] >> the factor is coming right back. the e-class has 11 intelligent
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gain 2016 tonight. according to the real clear politics crew hillary clinton leads donald trump by 9 points in the national polling. that doesn't really mean very much other than a snapshot in time. joining us from washington kirsten anderson a republican pollster and author of the book "the selfie vote" about millennials. here in new york city patrick murphy who conducts monday mouth polling. >> i'm skeptical about polling before the two candidates are defined. should i be? >> absolutely. this is still hypothetical for most voters. general election appealing to -- most people are not paying attention. >> even now? >> they don't pay attention. >> you call them up on the phone and ask them who you are going to vote for, they
8:23 pm
give you a gut reaction based on. >> do they know it's trump and hillary in the lead? do they know that much? >> they do know that much. >> they do know that much. >> they do know that much. it's really going to be fascinating to watch. because we have got two candidates right now who are very unpopular. >> but they both have total name recognition, ms. anderson. everybody knows them. everybody has an opinion on them. even in the dimmest of us. so, the polling, once it gets established, i think will be fairly easy rather than, you know a guy like john kasich, people don't know him. he doesn't poll that well because of that. or am i wrong? >> hillary clinton and donald trump have been in national headlines for decades. so they have a pretty established brand. and there is a large segment of americans who have a pretty unfavorable view of both of them. as we move forward in this election, it's likely this is going to be a really negative, really nasty campaign. it's hard to see how anybody's favorables get
8:24 pm
better from this point forward. >> that doesn't really matter because you have to choose one or the other. when you call somebody up, you are going to say all right, i don't care whether you like them or not, who are you going to vote for. right? >> i think that's one of the things that donald trump is sort of back banking on. at this point hillary clinton has bad favorables, donald trump's are worse. but, in donald trump's case, he is sort of banking on the fact that people will go i'm tired of the traditional remedies. >> yeah, i'm tired of the country being screwed up. >> crew even -- cure even if donald trump has side effects go for him because is he a person different than we are usinged to. hoping there are a lot of voters who may not like him but will vote for him. >> you can make argument turnout is going to be enormous because the primary turnout was big or people are going to stay home because they don't like either of them. what argument would you say is stronger? >> we don't know yet. >> you don't have a gut feeling on that. >> i actually do think it's going to be decent turnout. >> you do? >> i think one of the things we are going to be looking at and very closely is the
8:25 pm
potential for third party candidates. >> but they are fringe. >> yeah. it gives people who want to vote. >> reasonable to show up not even on the ballots in most of the states. >> libertarian candidate be on the ballot and whoever the nominee is going to be. and green party candidate on the ballot in almost all states. never trump?q#:4 people, bernie sanders people still not happy with those nominees but they will come out to vote. >> i don't know. >> it's like the nader thing, 3%, 4%. >> no, that's all it's going to be. >> but i think it makes the gap more. >> do you think, ms. anderson, people are going to stay home? i hear a lot of conservatives going they are not going to vote for trump and i hear a lot of democrats going i'm not voting for hillary clinton. just last night i was in a shoe store getting my shoes mended and a lady comes in i'm not voting for any of them. give me my shoes. i think that could be a reality. >> you know, negative emotion is a really powerful motivating factor. and so i think there may be
8:26 pm
a lot of folks who say i'm not crazy about hillary clinton, but i'm terrified of trump. or, on the other hand, i'm not a fan of trump, but i'm terrified of hillary. that's a really motivational sort of thing. so, even if you look at a group like younger voters who are totally disillusioned with hillary clinton but also aren't really fans of donald trump. if they get served a message that says one or both of these candidates is going to do horrible things. deport your friends, be mean to your gay friends, that's going to favor a lot of them. >> i hope when you both do polling you do will you vote at all? it's who do you support? hillary or trump or are you sitting it out? i think that's going to be very, very important this time around. thank you both. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. miller on a nasty situation in southern california. pro and anti-trump forces clashing again in public. also, illegal alien criminals hurting americans at an astounding rate. we'll have an explosive story for you and we hope
8:27 pm
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8:31 pm
williams and monica crowley. first of all, carlie foreignna, what do you think of that. >> a cruz/fiorina ticket would be a great ticket and great governing team. that's not what this is about. this is about ted cruz show throwing a hail mary pass going into the do or die indiana next week trying to hit trump's jurent with women voters. >> also had to get back in the discussion, eboni because trump obviously dominated yesterday so this was a way to get focus back on cruz. miss fiorina doesn't bring any electoral votes. got whacked in her run for the senate in california. very smart. i mean, do you think she has enough appeal should cruz pull a miracle and win it. would she have enough appeal to really help him? >> i don't think so, bill. i thought it was remarkable here's why. no offense to ms. fiorina. if she was the magic twhand would have wound up enthusiasm she would be in the race still herself.
8:32 pm
quite frankly. there is a reason why she is on the sidelines. she had legitimate people paying attention and interested in her and they weren't so impressed with what they saw. >> don't forget she has already endorsed ted cruz and been on the campaign trail with him already. >> there is nothing wrong with that you always pick people you trust. >> right. >> all right. women. not paying attention. we work at cable news. and you guys, obviously are watching, so you are paying attention. i'm not going to patronize the audience but i want to give you a compliment. you want to do this because you love your country you watch this and you are informed. 31% of american women. that means 69% don't give a hoot about who is nominated for president? is that possible? >> what is saying about this gallup poll is it cuts across both parties and demographics like age and educational level. this is not a fluke. american women are not largely paying attention. >> why? >> primary fatigue. women are burned out by the day-to-day coverage. >> can't tough it out 8
8:33 pm
months? >> i hear it all the time, bill. a lot of women are factoring into this idea that trump and clinton are likely to be the nominees so they are tuning out. >> why? >> and also donald trump has been dominating the media and his support tends to skew male. >> that doesn't matter. they don't have to like him. but you want to pay attention to the process, no? >> i think women have very pragmatic generally speaking, bill. when you have won it two candidates like monica just said clinton and trump very unfavorable. clinton is at 39. trump 29. the lesser of two evils, i'm not that interested. >> why wouldn't they be interested though? american women, as you said, are either very practical. >> yes. >> i don't think anybody is real happy except the real hard core left with the direction of the country. everybody understands there are serious problems. you know, i mean i'm not saying that you have to watch 10 hours of cable news. but, not paying attention at all? >> let me just talk about the democratic women because monica is right it cuts
8:34 pm
across party lines even more impactful on the democrat side. even less engaged than republican women. they are the side with the presumptive female nominee for the first time in history a woman nominee for the presidency. >> they don't want to want to hear what hillary has to say? >> you know why? many people are tired of her. she is not new. not barack obama. >> t.j. may happen. hillary loses, and trump, don't be surprised if beyonce throws her whatever she wears on her head into the ring. >> that's hilarious. so then if it was new and fresh, you would say women would come over? they are tired of the same old thing? >> this is a huge problem for hillary clinton because she needs women to come out in droves for her in november assuming she is the nominee. if women are already tuning her out because she has been on the national scene for 30 years, they already know her. they don't find her honest, trustworthy or likeable, she will have a big problem.
8:35 pm
>> i want the ladies to pay attention more than the men. >> because we are smarter. >> i don't know if you are smarter but you have more common sense. >> that's true. >> men have all this ego and macho. >> i can't imagine how are talking about. >> what men are you talking about, bill. >> i hate that macho ego stuff. when we come right back, illegal alien criminals hurting americans. it is worse than you think. also, miller on violence in southern california over the trump run moments away. seems lid block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. "w"well you don't want to live with mom and dad forever, do you?" "she says...bazang!" "ok, good one." "uh, how do i check my credit score?" "credit karma, it's free." "credit karma. give yourself some credit."
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8:39 pm
thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the unresolved problem segment tonight. illegal alien criminals. they were the subject of a house judiciary subcommittee hearing last week. >> today there are over 350,000 known criminal aliens in the united states who are not detained by ice. the number of criminal aliens living in the united states not in custody, not separated from society is larger than the city of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> in addition, what's the deal on kate's law which
8:40 pm
still hasn't passed that's off the terrible murder of 32-year-old kate steinle by illegal alien in san francisco. joining us from washington is congressman trey gowdy. let's take kate's law first, harry reid killed it in the senate. what's the house doing? >> well, bill, thanks for having me on. house judiciary passed our iteration of kate's law in the davis oliver bill. i say our iteration, there are many minimums after entry after removal. there is a provision that deals with sanctuary cities and provision that deals with local state law enforcement. if you take the murder of kate steinle, that defendant had served north of ten years in federal prison, so it was double the mandatory minimum in kate's law which is five. without the sanctuary city fix and without empowering state and local law enforcement simply having a law from this administration not to enforce won't prevent the next kate steinle. >> here's the fallacy of
8:41 pm
your argument. you are neverring if to get sanctuary cities under this president never in a million years. it's an exercise in futility. he would, i think he would have to sign kate's law as a stand alone. that's a start. you send a message and it makes easier for law enforcement to round up the aliens that you talked about last week because they wouldn't have to commit a crime. all they have to do is defy deportation. if they're aggravated felon you sweep them up and arrest them right away and put them in jail for five years. when you tie it in and that's what they did in the senate with sanction jerry cities you know it's not going to pass, congressman. >> well, at the risk of disagreeing with you on your own show. >> you can do that come on. go ahead. >> i have been in congress for five years. and i have watched this administration not enforce a plethora of laws, including laws that have mandatory minimums like our drug laws. remember, eric holder passed a memo explicitly so
8:42 pm
prosecutors could get around mandatory minimums. this administration has no interest in ebb forcing immigration laws whether it's kate's law. >> it's your job as head of the judiciary committee to go around the president. we all know he is not going to enforce the law. we all know he is going to stick up for sanctuary cities. we know that but kate's law is different. i think you can mobilize both parties and you would want to know "on the record" who is against that. who is going to vote against that? stand alone and just start the process. >> i am not disagreeing with you that it would be great to have a vote on the record. i'm not disagreeing with you that kate's law in the house could pass as a stand alone bill. my point is this. having yet another law for this administration to not enforce while you open up the broader discussion about what to do with the 12 million, which is not proven to be a very good discussion for folks on our side, all the while you are not going to get what you and i want, which is a mandatory minimum. keep in mind, even if you
8:43 pm
had kate's law, like you have other mandatory minimums, you don't control the prosecutor's. you don't control the executive branch. >> i got it but you are embarrassing the opposition who has allowed the situation to get out of control. and you are giving relief, at least to the steinle family and the thousands of other victims, families, who have lost people to violent illegal alien felons. you are doing something. we know this administration is corrupt on this issue. everyone knows it embarrass them. i will give you the last word. >> well, thank you. i, again,m house judiciary passed does have mandatory minimums. so it is similar to kate's law. i do get your point that including sanctuary cities and local law enforcement adds additional reasons to not support it i would be thrilled to vote for matt salmons' bill, kate's law. i think our better spent finding a chief executive who is actually going to enforce the law.
8:44 pm
>> you can walk and chew gum at the same time, congressman. think about it if you would with all due respect. i would love to you break it out, because i could go with it and we can really pinpoint the bad guys here. that's what the people need to see. who the bad guys are in congress. hey, congressman, we always appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. >> yes, sir. >> miller is on deck. serious story tonight. silence in southern california over donald trump's quest to be president. right back with it. everyday millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪ you've finally earned enough on your airline credit card. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles.
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motion to condemn the
8:48 pm
rhetoric of donald trump. the council voted not to take any action. very wise. but outside the chamber, bad things were happening a man mashed a bull helicopter into this trump supporter's face. the first of several confrontation between supporters and opponents of donald trump. a woman set off a taser and several other people used pepper spray. two young girls got sprayed in the face and had to be treated by paramedics. the protests took place before city council meeting where members were set to discuss a resolution regarding, quote: divisive rhetoric used by trump. many in the crowd criticizing council woman chris murray who added the resolution to the agenda. tension remained high throughout the meeting. the mayor had police remove two men who were arguing over trump. >> at this point we really don't know who started the fracas outside but it was obviously nasty. joining us from santa barbara, dennis miller. so it looks like the golden state, california, where the sunshines and you have got
8:49 pm
the nice beaches and mountains is ground zero for anti-trump forces. how do you see it? >> you are kidding, bill. you have seen this stuff in new york all over leading up to this. we live in the age of the violent do gooder. if you are saying you don't really know who is starting some of this stuff. you remember the rally that trump shut his speech down. are you saying this just happened in california because i don't get that at all. and, by the way, can i say to any parent out there in any of the 50 states if you are going to a political rally, you are a moron if you take your kid with you. you are a moron. >> that's a good point. >> a bad parent. leave your kids at home. it's gonna get weird out there. >> here's my point. >> california? >> number one, this wouldn't happen in my opinion in indiana, all right. now it happened in chicago and you were absolutely right. it was organized by this far left website. but this wasn't. this was like a local thing,
8:50 pm
an anaheim, city council. condemning rhetoric. why waste anybody's time. what is it about people that they want to spray each other with pepper stuff because they don't like the candidate? i don't get it. you know this country is split in half. >> the regular folks i'm surprised. >> when you say i don't know who sprayed who, you can't do that. you have to find out who sprayed who. >> it's impossible. we tried. >> that person is at fault. >> we tried. >> if you're going to do -- well, i'm sorry. >> you can't do it. we tried to find out who was at fault in anaheim. the police don't know. nobody knows who set it off. there were protesters on the anti-trump side. there were protesters on the pro-trump side. who threw the first, you know,
8:51 pm
whatever they hit the guy with i don't know. all right, let's go to trump himself. now, today he was presidential in the foreign policy address. but i think it was yesterday or the day before he was after kasich. roll the tape. >> i'm always telling my young son baron, to all of them, i say, children, small, little bites. this guy takes a pancake and he's shoving it in his mouth. it's disgusting. to you want that for your president? i don't think so. >> because he was on the food channel or something. i mean, i think trump no matter how presidential he acts is going to always revert back to the one-liners when he can. >> well, listen, this whole thing about acting presidential, i remember when obama said, i don't know anything about what happened in boston, but the cops acted stupidly. i assume he was president when he said that so acting presidential is all over the map
8:52 pm
from what it used to be. acting presidential quite frankly since bill clinton had interns has changed a lot. you have to give him that. as far as the eating thing goes, blut toe bla tarski in animal house didn't eat like kasich eats. by the way, kasich just asked trump to be his vice president today so you think john is living in a dream world. i don't know what to tell you. he is asking us to turn over the presidency to him. he eats like beowulf. if he had survived a chilean plane wreck in the andes. did you see him take the bite? chew your food. you look like you're crazy. look at him. he's always crazy. then he'll look up after he's got all this spilling out of his piehole and say, i met a young girl today. she fainlted because she met me. she's not fainting because she
8:53 pm
thinks you're a rock star. she's fainting because you eat like a carrying bird. >> what was bluto's last name again? >> i don't know. but when they ask him to raise his hand when he's president, he'll just have potatoes in his mouth and go, ppfff! >> i think miller wrote trump's line a couple of days ago. we would like to remind everybody we have the best father's day gift on earth, tickets to see miller and me in person. who wants to be president live show, fairfax, virginia, in ten days. father's day weekend, also yum coming reno, denver, atlanta, make dad and granddad very happy. they'll never forget it. factor tip of the day, analyzing how we have called the presidential race so far. the tip moments away. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece
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bill, it's time you take donald trump seriously. you were stunned by the new york victory. that's not true. trump now has more votes than mitt romney received. steven, lake havasu city, arizona. bill, why haven't you pointed out that cruz and kasich are both politicians and as such are part of the political corruption we have. because that would be grossly unfair, steve. both the governor and senator are honest men of accomplishment. o'reil o'reilly, your discussion with
8:57 pm
charles krauthammou krauthammer shouting at the tv. krauthammer had it right about strong families and a good k-6 education. that's what will get students ahead. i think i've said it one million times, dick. millions of american kids do not havegood parents. they need help above what the system provides. mr. o'reilly, please explain why you seldom show any respect for charles krauthammer. you constantly interrupt him, which is most annoying. i think i've said this a million times. the factor is a debate show. we go back and forth within a strict time limit. therefore, interruptions take place. come on. so watters found people who want free stuff? surprise! i suspect all the tax breaks o'reilly pays high priced accountants to exploit would be considered free stuff. you are misguided, ralph.
8:58 pm
i render to caesar. a tremendous amount of cash. caesar needs a wheelbarrow to take it. caesar makes the rules and i follow them. by the way, my accountant swifty will be thrilled you consider him high priced. i became interested in politics because of "the fact or." you tell the truth, o'reilly. any chance i can get your books here? ships to india. all you need is a valid credit card. we ship to all parts of the world. if you want like signed booksor now father's day, get those orders in. . check out our store for the parrot reets welcome mat and other great gifts. all the money i get from no matter where it comes from is donated to fine charities, some of which are listed on the website. finally tonight, the "factor" tip of the day. anytime you make a prediction about a political situation, some people object and you get nasty letters. but the factor's presidential primary coverage has been right
8:59 pm
on since last summer, we have made very few mistakes and have always been out front of the media pack. here's what i said one week ago. talking points does not see a way for the gop establishment to stop mr. trump. even if he doesn't have the 1237 delegates needed to be nominated on the first ballot. simply put, trump is so far ahead that cruz and kasich or any other republican phantom simply doesn't have the constituency to take the nomination away from trump. got a lot of heat from that, but a trump victory is all but certain unless he gets ham erd in indiana and california. here is the tip. it takes courage to prognosticate. if you want to be a leader, you have to be bold. not fresh but bold. that's it for tonight. tomorrow a special report from san francisco. check out the fox news website. we'd like you to spout off about the factor. word of the day, i love this, do
9:00 pm
not be a pol trun when writing to the "factor." again, thanks for writing to us. please always remember the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. senator ted cruz of texas may be facing his very own alamo, as he and donald trump go all in over a prize that could finally decide who is the republican nominee for president. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the cruz campaign firing up supporters in indiana today with a big announcement, confirming that senator cruz has carly fiorina as his choice for a running mate. >> today i am very proud and very humbled and honored to announce that i have accepted senator ted cruz's offer to be his vice president for the republican nomination.


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