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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 27, 2016 10:00pm-1:01am PDT

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tomorrow night we'll have charles krauthammer and anderson cooper. yes, from cnn. is coming over here to "the kelly file." set your dvr right now. we'll explain tomorrow. tonight, donald trump stakes his claim on the republican nomination. >> as far as i'm concerned, it's over. these two guys cannot win. >> and senator ted cruz makes a huge announcement. >> if i am nominated to be president of the united states, i will run on a ticket with vice presidential nominee, carly fiorina. >> newt gingrich is here tonight to react to all of it. and then all eyes are now on indiana in the battle for the hoosier state. >> last night was donald trump's night. today is indiana's day. >> herman cain and dr. benjamin carson, they're here to waeigh n on the 2016 race. plus donald trump unveils his foreign policy agenda in a major speech. >> and then there's isis.
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their days are numbered. >> "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." now, donald trump is one step closer toward securing the republican nomination after sweeping all five races last night in a battle for the east, in mid-atlantic, and tonight the republican candidates are descending on the state of indiana where 57 very important delegates are now up for grabs on the gop side. donald trump was in the hoosier state earlier today campaigning with legendary basketball coach, the one and only bobby knight. take a look. >> you know, normally they come out, they introduce trump. here i'm coming out and going to introduce bobby knight, okay? >> and they talk about, you know, he isn't presidential. i don't know what the hell that means. i think the most important thing in the world is that we vote for the best man there is for this job, and you've already met him.
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>> we had a big, big, big night last night. we had five, five. oh, we're going to build that wall and you know who's going to pay for that wall? >> and earlier today senator ted cruz made a big announcement announcing that carly fiorina would be his choice for vice president if he should win the nomination. watch this. >> carly is a vice presidential nominee who i believe is superbly skilled, superbly gifted at helping unite this party, bring us together so we stand united as well. >> this fight is far more than about a ticket, this fight is about far more than ted cruz and carly fiorina, this is a fight for all of us. for our party, for our future. for our children's future. >> here now with reaction, the author of "the new york times" bestseller "duplicity" former
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speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. mr. speaker, good to see you. big day today. >> good to see you. it is a big day. actually i'm talking to you from purdue where i'm also involved in giving a talk and seeing what's happening in indiana. >> all right. let's talk about indiana. let's start with ted cruz's announcement. carly fiorina. i thought carly, by the way, was a great candidate. she aggressively was able to prosecute the case against hillary clinton. i think stronger than some of her male counterparts. does this help ted cruz? >> oh, i think at the margin it might help him. carly fiorina is a very smart person. she understands technology and the evolution of the modern world probably as well as anybody running for president in either party. i thought she was very effective on the debate stage. you know, this is a little bit parallel to what ronald reagan tried in 1976 when he was trailing gerald ford and so he announced his vice presidential
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choice. didn't happen to work. but it was, again, throwing a hail mary pass at the last moment of the game. i think cruz by doing this is a little daring -- you know, if you lose five states, you come back the next day and announce your vice presidential nominee, may not be the best timing. you can understand why. he's got to shake the game up and this is a serious effort to try to shake up the game because if it keeps going the way it is now, he will lose and trump will be the nominee. >> let's talk about donald trump's reaction in a town hall earlier today with our colleague and friend, greta van susteren. he was asked about this move by ted cruz. here's what he said. >> well, i think it's really a waste of time, honestly. i think that -- i think it should be over. if indiana treats us right, we're going to make america great again. we're going to get rid of these politicians and we're going to do the right job. i just think it's so early in the process. you have to first get the nomination.
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here's a guy picking a vice presidential candidate. he has zero chance. he has no path. it's sort of crazy. so i think it's -- well, it gets him in the news cycle because he's been totally taken out. he had a horrible day yesterday and he came in third, meaning third out of three. most of the time. most of the -- i guess four out of five, he was third, and he picked up no delegates and, you know, major states like pennsylvania, like maryland, we're talking about big stuff, and connecticut. he came in, he got nothing, and i think he wanted to something to get out of that negative cycle. in that sense, it was probably good for him but people will not like it. >> the trump delegate count is at 950. let me ask you this question, but it also seems -- remember, he won 17 bound delegates in pennsylvania, but there were 54 unbound delegates. my analysis today gets him at least 40 more of the 54 available. so it brings him very close to
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1,000. is that now unbeatable in your opinion? >> well, i don't know that it's totally unbeatable. again, everybody's allowed to play out the game, whether it's basketball and you're in the last seconds of the fourth quarter, or it's football and you're right down to the end of the game. you still get to play. and the team that's behind still gets its at-bat in the ninth inning. but the fact is trump is way ahead. probably better than a 90% likelihood he's going to be the nominee now. and i think you find that there are people who analyze this every single day who are reaching a conclusion, he overperformed yesterday, he got at least 40 more delegates than he needed to be on track to get the nomination. if he wins indiana, it is for all practical purposes over because at that point, he'll have closed out anybody else being able to stop him. and i think even if he only gets a third of the delegates in indiana, he is still on track to
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get the nomination. >> yeah. let's talk about -- so many people have said they want to see donald trump a little more presidential. he gave a foreign policy speech today. serious, significant speech. here's part of it. get your reaction. >> and then there's isis. i have a simple message for them. their days are numbered. i won't tell them where and i won't tell them how. we have to be unpredictable. and we have to be unpredictable starting now. but they're going to be gone. isis will be gone if i'm elected president. and they'll be gone quickly. they will be gone very, very quickly. >> he also talked about china. he talked about russia. he talked about radical islam. he talked about building up our nation's military, taking care of our veterans. it was long. it was substantive. a relationship with israel and other countries. what were your thoughts on it? >> well, i read the speech on
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the way out here, and i saw part of it at the airport waiting for the plane, and first of all, i thought on television he looked presidential. he looked serious. he looked controlled. and overall, i thought it was a good presentation. the speech, itself, is a very serious speech. i think you're going to find it ridiculed by some of the washington establishment. in part because it challenges so many of their assumptions. but i think his challenges are pretty useful. he has a very bold view of russia and china. something which will startle all of the traditional, you know, anti-russia, anti-chinese mantra, but what he's saying is pretty straightforward which is the first stage ought to be is there a way to get to a relationship that is friendlier rather than more hostile? now that's kind of the opposite of what people would be expecting him to say a year ago and tells you he's been thinking about the u.s.' role in the world and how do you end this cycle now running for 15 years
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of us losing young men and women in wars that don't get won, don't accomplish anything, and leave us, frankly, a weaker country and a country that's mired down in a number of places -- >> you know. >> -- and i think he's trying to wrestle with that. >> it's a very complicated issue. it's frustrating to me when 5,000 americans get killed, iraq, afghanistan, many thousands more injured. they win mosul, fallujah, ramadi, tikrit, then we give back the land and isis takes it over or 58,000 people in vietnam are killed and then we pull out because -- because all of these wars then get argued through the prism of washington politics. we don't fight these wars to win them anymore. i don't think we can risk american treasure and lose that treasure going forward any further. do you? >> well, that's part of what trump said on that topic is exactly what reagan said in '81/81 2, called at that time
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the weinberger doctrine, you don't go to war unless you're going to win. if you do go to war, you go to war with overwhelming force. he's clearly sending a very clear signal he's going to rebuild the american military which it desperately needs. his report on the decline in the size of the military, the size of the navy, the size of the air force, how old some of our equipment is. all those things are i think very, very solid and i think you're going to see somebody here who wants to -- complicated for the news media and the washington elites to understand, he wants to rebuild american strength to minimize the need to use it on the grounds that if you're overwhelmingly powerful, people don't come and play with you. >> that's the reagan doctrine. >> they recognize you're going to win. >> yeah. >> that's the reagan doctrine. >> we'll come back and continue more with newt gingrich after the break. also coming up, donald trump surpasses mitt romney's vote total from 2012 and there are still contests left in this 2016 presidential race. a full report. and later dr. ben carson and
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tornados touched down in oklahoma, one striking tulsa. two weaker ones hit near oklahoma city. no fatalities but 12 people were injured. dennis hastert is sentenced to 15 months in prison aftering guilty to violating laws. he lost an illinois teacher pension since the suit involves former students of hastert. welcome back to "hannity." so republican voters, they're energized this election cycle and it's led in part by front-runner donald trump. here now to explain a lot more is "fox & friends" own heather nauert. >> donald trump has sbeen sayin he's ahead of his republican rivals. after sweeping all five primaries last night trump accumulated more than 10.1 million total votes. that's 3 million more votes than his top challenger senator ted cruz who has 6.9 million votes. trump has 6 million more than
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governor john kasich who racked up 3.7 million votes. if you look at the total, 2016 republican contests won, trump has a big advantage with 26 victories compared to cruz's 11 and kasich's 1. that was his home state of ohio. and then there is this interesting figure, sean. if we look at this from a historical perspective, trump is on pace to set the republican record for total votes won. he's already surpassed mitt romney's 2012 primary and caucus total of 9.8 million votes and there are still ten races to go including california and, of course, that one is massive. sean, we'll keep a close eye on this story and get back to you. >> all right, heather. thanks so much. appreciate it. back with reaction is former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. that's an amazing figure. 2016 gop turnout up 6 0%. democratic turnout depressed down 20% to 30%. you got to interpret that if you're a republican that there's a wide open field for them to
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win a general election but hillary often outperforms in the hypothetical matchups. why? >> well, i mean, first of all i think in the short run, the country's had, you know, a long time, 24 years, to get used to hillary clinton. she has a base in the democratic party that's very stable. they're going to vote for her under almost any circumstance. and trump is still both largely unknown and largely shaped by the news media. so if you're an independent or a weak democrat, you haven't been part of the republican primary process, all of your understanding of trump comes as mediated through the news media who are not exactly his friends. the question is, if you look at exactly what you just said, here's a guy who is bringing lots of new people into the party. he's bringing people in who are switching, by the way, from democrat to republican to vote in the republican primary. we have every evidence that there's a continued increase in interest in what he's doing.
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and i'm always amazed at all these folks who have been consistently wrong for a year. every stage for a year they've underestimated trump. they now tell us about the general election. my advice is he will run a different general election than any of us can imagine. just as he has run a different primary than any of us could have imagined. and i sort of wait to see how trump solves these problems before i assume that folks who don't have a clue are the right ones to tell us what's going to happen. >> you know, you actually made a lot of news last night when you were on the program and you said get over it as it relates to the establish the. a couple stories out there, the house -- i actually found this pretty funny. this was in the "washington examiner." some house conservatives warning trump to keep their promises. well, isn't that one of the problems we've had is house republicans did not keep their promises, they didn't -- they've shown no willingness to fight president obama and stop his agenda, use the power of the purse or repeal the parts of obamacare they could or stop
10:18 pm
executive amnesty? didn't they kind of cause that themselves? who are they to lecture? >> well, look, i think, again, there are factions in the house republican party who have a digit different approaches to these things. the freedom caucus sees itself as a very hardline group. i think what will be a surprise to everybody is that trump wants to get things done and wants to move toward making washington governable again. i suspect he's going to actually be a pretty reliable partner with paul ryan in trying to think through what can we do to get back to a balanced budget, what can we do to protect america's interests, how do we rebuild the american military? a point he said in passing today, how do we fix the veterans administration which is a corrupt disaster? i think he's going to be very aggressive about moving on these kind of issues, and i think he'll find the large part of the house republican party very eager to work and frankly a good number of senators will find that they have things they can
10:19 pm
do with trump that they may not have expected. >> you know, i want to talk strategically, tactically. whoever the nominee is, in the case of trump, he made the statement that he would -- he's ready to hit the hillary scandal encyclopedia, crooked hillary. is that the best strategy? >> well, i think it's an inevitable strategy because between the clinton foundation, the clinton interest groups, the various businesses and governments that have tried to manipulate the state department, her total failure to use her e-mails in a professional way, fitting national security, i mean, there's so much -- you know, think of hillary as sort of this mound of scandals of various kinds. you can hardly ignore them. but i think there's a bigger issue. hillary is the personification of the bureaucratic welfare state that has failed. my hope is that trump is going to decide to take this same aggressiveness, the same boldness, the same energy that
10:20 pm
he's used in the republican primary and go into places like south side chicago, go into baltimore, go into places where you can draw a real contrast and ask people, do you really want to keep the same failures in charge ruining your lives, ruining your neighborhoods, crippling your children's future or are you ready to try something really different? >> let's talk about terry mcauliffe, speaking of corruption, he announced he's restoring the voting rights of 206 felons including violent felons in the commonwealth of virginia. now, this is a purple state. swing state. an important state. is this to help hillary? >> well, you have to assume it is. the key question in virginia is a constitutional one. the governor clearly has the powerful to commute individual sentences. there's a real serious legal question whether he can commute 206,000 as a bloc.
10:21 pm
i think that's something that has to be looked at very seriously. as you point out, to say everybody who's been a convicted felon will automatically have their rights back including people who committed the kind of crimes that frankly might have led to a lifetime sentence of various kinds. i think you got to look at it more carefully. now, to be honest, 37 states have followed the notion that once you serve your time, you get the right to vote again. so there has been a long movement toward trying to reintegrate people back into society if they paid for the crime and if their sentence is over. but the way mcauliffe did it was classically terry mcauliffe, it was crude, it was one sided, it was a surprise and it makes him look fairly dumb frankly. >> last question. we had the never-trump, never-cruz movement. trump supporters don't like cruz supporters, cruz supporters don't like trump supporters. governor rick scott of florida
10:22 pm
weighed in calling on the stop-trump unit to disband. do you worry about unity in a general election? >> sure. first of all, we aught to have a never-hillary movement. >> that's what i say. >> remind everybody in the other movements to join the never-hillary movement. second, this will be interesting to watch, trump now describes himself as the presumptive nominee. fine. that means the burden is on him to unify the party now. burden isn't on the losers. the burden's on the winner. and he had better figure out a strategy between now and cleveland to bring these folks back in because he will have beaten them. he will be standing astride the party. in order to make sure a third of the party doesn't walk out, he's going to have to figure out how to accommodate them. that will be an interesting test to the art of the deal. >> wow. well said. former speaker of the house, newt gingrich, thanks for being with us. >> take care. coming up, senator ted cruz announced he's picking carly fiorina to be his vp if he wins the nomination. how is this going to impact the 2016 race? we'll check in with dr. benjamin
10:23 pm
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after a great deal of time and thought, after a great deal of consideration and prayer, i have come to the conclusion that if i am nominated to be president of the united states that i will run on a ticket with my vice presidential nominee, carly fiorina. >> that was senator ted cruz earlier today announcing carly fiorina is his pick for vice president if he wins the gop nomination. here with reaction former 2016
10:26 pm
presidential candidate dr. benjamin carson and the author of "the right problems" fox news contributor, radio host, nationally syndicated, herman cain. sir, how are you? >> i'm great, sean. thank you. >> all right. first your reaction to the announcement and do you think this helps? >> well, you know in football, they call it a hail mary and it works about 11 they call it a hail mary and it works about 1% of the time. this is a hail carly and i don't think it's going to work. now, that's no disrespect to carly fiorina, ted cruz, because carly and ted cruz as well as dr. carson who's on with me tonight and you, along with donald trump were amongst my pick six eight months ago. i have a lot of respect for all of them. i just don't think at this point since ted cruz has no path to winning the nomination on the first ballot, and possibly the second ballot, that naming the vp candidate now really is going to add any momentum to his campaign. i don't think it will work, but
10:27 pm
i respect both of them. >> i respect them both, too. by the way, i said this earlier, carly fiorina, i think single handedly was one of the most effective at prosecuting the case against hillary clinton. dr. carson, do you agree with herman cain? to you think this is a hail mary? do you think this helps? traditionally, historically, vp selections don't really impact races. >> no, i don't think it's going to make a huge difference. i think it's a good pick. you know, i've known carly for 20 years. we joined the kellogg board on the same day 19 years ago. and she's very smart. but the fact of the matter is, you know, the numbers are what they are. there is no pathway whereby ted cruz can get the nomination without some manipulation of the system that will significantly alter the will of the people. and that is what the republicans must recognize. i think many of the
10:28 pm
establishment do not understand what the impact of that will be. >> yeah. you know, what do you think -- you talked about your top six, herman cain, and i think this is really important. i'm worried about the intensity out there. the anger. the resentment. especially between cruz supporters, trump supporters. look, donald trump now clearly has the only -- he's the only person that can get to 1,237. the only way people can stop him is getting to a contested convention and prevent him from getting to 1,237. at the end of all of this, do you think they're going to put aside their differences and unite with the common purpose of defeating hillary clinton and ostensibly a third obama term? >> if they want to preserve the republican party and if they want a victory in november for a republican nominee, they will have to put aside all of that resentme resentment. the only thing they hasn't changed yet, sean, as you know,
10:29 pm
that i'm disappointed in, is that the never-trump anti-trump movement appears to not be letting up when the voice of the people is being heard. this is what they don't understand, and i don't understand why they're digging in their heels. i respect ted for trying to do something. he did the alliance with governor kasich. that appeared to have backfired, in my opinion. if you look at the overwhelming results from the primaries yesterday. now he's trying something else. well, he's going to keep trying, but like dr. carson said, i don't think this is going to add any unexpected momentum to his campaign at this time. the people -- the people are speaking. the voice of the people is the most important thing that's coming through this republican primary. >> yeah. >> and there are too many people that are ignoring it. >> and it may end up, if the numbers hold up and continue the way they've been going, that donald trump will accumulate more votes than any nominee in the history of the republican
10:30 pm
party. dr. carson, you started out with 17 people. i understand. by the way, all of them good people. i could make the case for all 17 of you that you would be better presidential material than hillary clinton. your supporters were disappointed. marco rubio's supporters were disappointed. scott walker's, rick perry. all good people. is there any chance you see a possible coalition of some of the best and brightest in the republican party that has a deep bench, problem solvers, joining together in an administration to fix the mess we're currently in? is that a pipe dream on my part? >> no, i don't think it's a pipe dream at all. i think it will become a reality because the people that you just mentioned, and some others, recognize that if we don't do that, and we throw the election to hillary or a hillary substitute and they get two, three, or four supreme court
10:31 pm
picks, that will be the end of america as we know it. you look at some of the stuff that has come out of the supreme court with the numbers that we have now. can withdryou imagine what willn with a more progressive supreme court? >> trump is going to have a series of these speeches. we'll get into his northeforeig policy speech from herbalier tod today. he said to me he'd name a list of 12 people and only those 12 people would be considered for the supreme court if he becomes president. that's interesting because we'll know his knew durabjudicial pol in. thank you. when we come back, donald trump and hillary clinton traded jabs last night. trump accusing clinton of playing the woman card. our panel will respond coming p up. also later tonight -- >> my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. has to be first. has to be. >> we'll have more reaction to
10:32 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." so last night both hillary clinton and donald trump scored several big primary wins and wasted no time turning their focus toward a general election face-off. watch this. >> the other day, mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> i'll do far more for women than hillary clinton will ever do. the only card she has is the woman's card. she's got nothing else going.
10:38 pm
and frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card and the beautiful thing is women don't like her. >> joining us now with reaction, conservative columnist a.j. delgado, from the federalist, d.c. mcallister with us, and founder and president of high noon strategies, lisa boothe. all right. i'm asking all three of you this question, is hillary's screaming hurting her? i'll start with you, a.j. >> i don't know if it's the screaming that's hurting her. it's really her record and the fact she's somebody who has ridden her husband's coattails to becoming the presidential contender. that's why you see her unfavorability rating among women in the 50s. it might be the screaming isn't ta going to help. really, sean, it's who she is and how she got to where she is. she's not likable and not a role model. >> what do you think, d.c. mcallister? she seems to for whatever reason, we got into this discussion the other night with
10:39 pm
geraldo, she gets louder and louder and screams and screams. it seems like nobody's telling her and her campaign it may not be the best delivery. your thoughts? >> she is very unlikable. . i guess she has to overcome her deficits by yelling louder. women do not like her. she's not the kind of feminist that women want. the younger women especially look at her and just see her as a white privileged woman who has ridden her husband's coattails and so they don't like her a lot. the only problem is is that donald trump has a women's problem as well, but hillary clinton, boy, she has a long ways to go when it comes to attracting them. >> what do you think, list sa? >> sean, the bigger point donald trump is trying to make is the pandering. hillary clinton is a prolific panderer. she was accused by an african-american radio host before the new york primary pandering to hot vovoters sayin carries hot sauce around in her purse.
10:40 pm
and when she tried to pretend like she is just like everyday americans who take the subway, she was mocked by "snl" because there was an epic failure when she tried to use the metro. i think that's the broader point that donald trump is trying to make here. >> that was a pretty funny moment, you got to admit. oops, oh, they use metro cards now? a.j., let me go back to you. the one time that hillary tried to the gender card earlier, donald trump hit back hard because the issue of bill clinton and women and he actually called hillary an enabler in that process going after and smearing, besmirching women that made allegations against bill. i don't think she'd get away with it if donald trump's the nominee. >> right. and, i mean, this is something she normally gets away with because it's never discussed. it's something you're not supposed to talk about or even mention in the mainstream media. really she does have a very shaky record in terms of how she has criticized and in some cases according to some set out to ruin some of these women's lives
10:41 pm
that bill behaved inappropriately with, to put it lightly. yes, trump does have the courage to bring that out. i think americans, including women, are going to see what's hillary's real record with women? it's not pretty. >> yeah. what do you think, d.c.? i know you're not supporting the premise. you're supporting ted cruz. you think the race goes on. would ted cruz prosecute that case in a similar fashion and should he? is that the best strategy? >> absolutely. i mean, he should definitely do that. i agree. one thing i do want to say about trump is it is nice to see a republican really be bold and go after hillary clinton because we're too soft on her and we need to attack her so i think ted cruz would also attack her as well. i think he would be just as bold. >> yeah. what do you -- lisa, what do you think? your thoughts. >> well, the issue with the bill clinton thing is hypocrisy of it because hillary clinton, herself, said that every victim has the right to be heard but we know she did everything she could to drag monica lewinsky's name through the mud, to drag other accusers' names through
10:42 pm
the mud. >> kathleen willie, juanita broderick. all of this is going to come up. all of it. let me ask this question. because i think this is fundamentally to the case. hillary is a weak candidate. hillary doesn't have the ability to, i guess, energize a crowd the way barack obama has, or bernie sanders or donald trump. she certainly doesn't have the interpersonal skills of her husband, bill clinton. she's got ethical issues hanging over her head. but yet she still does okay in matchups. hypothetical matchups. a.j., will that go away? >> yes, because the american public, since we're still in primaries hasn't had a chance to sit down with two candidates, okay, we have two, let's watch a debate between the two. let's look at the two records, not 16 digfferent records of 16 candidates and see who has a good record. with women even, trump has a record of being a champion of women including in the
10:43 pm
workplace. once the american public can compare the two, hillary has no shot. >> i think donald trump doesn't have a good record when it comes to women. only 58% of women don't like hillary. so he has a zef sit. plus we have to remember that people assume the -- >> they're both pretty -- >> he won, i'm sorry, he won more women yesterday than ted cruz did. trump won more women's votes -- so who has the women's problem? >> lisa, you're a delegate -- all right. hang on. lisa, you're in the middle. y you're the delegate expert. does trump get to 1,237? >> i think he does. he gets pretty darn close. the problem with hillary clinton, this is something nobody's talking about. hillary clinton does so poorly among women and she is a woman. her unfavorables with women voters is 58%. if you look in the midwest, it's 62%. in the south, it's 60%. hillary clinton is a woman. it's something nobody wants to talk about.
10:44 pm
they want to focus on donald trump's unfavorables. >> good to see you all. preesh appreciate it. coming up next on "hannity" -- >> our military dominance must be unquestioned, and i mean unquestioned by anybody and everybody. >> donald trump, he delivered a major foreign policy speech earlier today. dr. sebastian gorka, walid phares weigh in. also, you hear about these celebrities, they're vowing to leave the country if donald trump becomes president. we'll tell you who they are and i have an offer for all of them, straight ahead. h when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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10:49 pm
welcome back to "hannity." so, earlier today 2016 gop presidential front-runner donald trump delivered a major speech on foreign policy. in case you missed it, here are some of the highlights. >> my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. america first will be the major and overriding theme of my administration. our military dominance must be unquestioned, and i mean unquestioned by anybody and everybody. our goal is peace and
10:50 pm
prosperity, not war and destruction. the best way to achieve those goals is through a disciplined, deliberate and consistent foreign policy. with president obama and >> we've had the opposite. >> here with analysis tonight, dr. sebastian gorka as well as walid peres. one of the things trump said is that we're too predictable. but he will hit them and hit them hard. that would be a shift in policy. do you remember the build up to the iraq war? >> yes. and my wife is on senator cruz's
10:51 pm
national security team. very been waiting a hong time for this speech. the fact is that this would be a seat change. still, i don't see enough meat here on the bone. the speech is in various places contradictory. >> in what way? he said he'd rebuild our defenses, talking about china, russia, isis. where was the contradiction? >> let me give you a couple examples. first we're going to build up our nuclear forces and talks about how nuclear weapons are horrific. which is it? we're going to stand by our agreements but rip out the iranian deal. which is it? >> he's talking about allies versus an enemy. right? >> well, he talked about trust, trust, trust, trust us and our word stands. well, which is it? and on top of that, the whole relationship with -- >> let me go to walid.
10:52 pm
>> this is important. my interpretation is that he was distinguishing how we treat our enemies and whether or not people will be our allies. >> absolutely. the security and interest of the american people unlike the obama-clinton administration which failed in libya, failed in iraq, and maybe now, in yemen. now, mr. trump is trying to say we need to revise these poll says and as you said, sean, the issue with regard to isis, you have to have a decision to dismantle, not contain. that is a three-mile wide difference with the current administration. the iran deal is harming the region, of course you're going to revise it. >> i'm running out of time.
10:53 pm
dr. gorka, did you view this as presidential? you say you want more meat on the bone. a good step for you? >> well, i was impressed by his ability to read a teleprompter, again, are we going to stand by israel? >> well, he said yes. he was very clear. >> but he also said what? he said our allies but defend themselves, no more free loading. well, which is it? are we going to stand by israel? is everybody going to have to defend themselves? it's a different quality of speech. it's an improvement. >> walid? what did you think? >> well, flying from one point to another and doesn't see in between. he spoke about the ideology of radical islamism and mention the muslim brotherhood. this is 100 miles more advanced than the past. >> we've got to leave it there. and when we come back, we need your help with our question of the day and which celebrities are threatening to leave the country if donald trump is elected and i have an offer for
10:54 pm
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then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet? time for our question of the day. do you think donald trump is the presumptive republican nominee or not? let us know what you think. finally, i've been telling you all night, there are celebrities that have said they're going to leave the country. mily cyrus, cher, al sharpton, raven simone, john stewart and eddie griffin vowed to leave if donald trump wins. i will give you a one way ticket to the country of your choice with the stipulation that you promise never to come back. the offer stands. that is all the time we have
11:00 pm
left this evening, thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night ooooooooooooooooooooo onli. >> going to be spending numerous days in indiana and it's going to be having really really special. >> fresh off a sweep in five states, donald trump moving ahead to the key state of indiana. and that's not all. trump also making a major foreign policy speech. >> containing the spread of radical islam must be a major foreign policy goal of the united states. and, indeed, the world. i will not hesitate to deploy military force when there is no alternative. but, if america fights, it must only fight to win. the whole world will be safer if our allies do their part to support our common sense and security. a trump administration will
11:01 pm
lead a free world that is properly armed and funded and funded beautifully. ♪ ♪ >> and welcome to the "on the record" one hour town hall with presidential candidate and g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump. we are here in minneapolis at the theater home of the indianapolis symphony orchestra. i have many questions of donald trump and so does our audience. so, now, let's welcome presidential candidate donald trump. welcome, donald. [chanting trump, trump, trump] >> and now my first question to you, donald. first of all, thank you very much for joining us. >> this is very exciting. do we love indiana. this is great. thank you. thank you, all. >> i want to start with the political news of the day. senator ted cruz has announced that his vice presidential candidate is carlie fiorina. what's your reaction to that? >> well, i think it's really a waste of time.
11:02 pm
honestly. [ laughter ] it should be over. if indiana treats us right, we're going to make america great again. we're going to get rid of these politicians. and we're going to do the right job. i mean, two days ago it was kasich and they were going to form alliance and collude and get together and then all of a sudden kasich didn't live up to his side of the teal and they are fighting with each other and now he is doing the carlie thing. i just don't see it it's awfully early. number one, very early. not supposed to be doing it this early but i don't see it. >> who is on your list? >> i have a lot of great people. i like to finish the deal first. cruz has no path to victory and neither does kasich. i like to finish the deal first. we have got to get it done. and once the deal is done, you will be -- i will make her the first to know. we will make her the best to know. but we will let you know. we have some really great people, but i just think it's so early in the process. you have to first get the nomination. here is a guy picking a vice presidential candidate, he
11:03 pm
has zero chance. he has no path. sort of crazy. so i think it's -- well, it gets him in the news cycle because he has been totally taken out. he had a horrible day yesterday. and he came in third, meaning third out of three. most of the time. [ laughter ] i guess four out of five, he was third. and he picked up no delegates. and, you know, you are talking about major states like pennsylvania, like maryland. i mean, we're talking about big stuff. and connecticut. he came in -- he got nothing. and i think he wanted to do something to get out of that negative cycle. and in that sense it was probably good for him, but, people will not like it. >> all right. today is a big foreign policy speech that you gave in washington, d.c. among some of the things that you said i will not send our finest into battle unless necessary and only if we have a plan for victory. how do you define necessary? >> well, necessary and victory. number one, i define necessary is protecting our country. that's what necessary is. it's protecting our country.
11:04 pm
[ applause ] >> we don't look at it that way. and it was interesting. i got a big hand, i am only going to send them in if we win. we don't win. as a country, can you look at trade -- we don't win anymore. we just don't win. even with our military we have these incredible people but we are not taking care of them properly. it's being depleted. our vets are being taken care of horribly. that's going to change immediately. that, i can tell you. we don't fight -- you know, when i was growing up the united states always used to win. and it was a long time ago. we vice president been winning so much. but we certainly aren't winning now in any capacity. is there a point now that you consider necessary? if you were the oval office now and president would be deploying any troops in any place? >> to me, when i heard the other day i heard president obama say the single greatest threat to our country is global warming. [ laughter ] was he serious?
11:05 pm
was he being serious? we have global warming but of the nuclear variety. that's the biggest threat we have. that is the single biggest threat we have. and frankly, if it weren't for that capability and the incredible power of weaponry today, i would have been out of there a long time. i have been saying this to you for years don't go into iraq. don't go into iraq because we totally destroyed the balance of power. we destroyed the whole equilibrium of the middle east and now iran is taking over the middle east. it's terrible. if we didn't do anything in the last 15 years, if we just forgot the middle east was there, we would be in such great shape today in comparison with migration, people pouring into our country which is obama's fault in our fail fairness. we are taking tens of thousands of people into the united states. we have no idea, greta, who they're. there is no documentation. there is no paperwork. but victory to me is victory. if we go in to fight, we have to fight to win and get it over with, fast. [ applause ]
11:06 pm
>> you brought up -- you brought up the issue of nukely north korea is imminent. if you are not president of the united states. would you be doing anything about the fact and they also just launched a missile from a submarine. >> they are having a field day with us. it's a form of extortion. you want to know the truth. it really is. it's a form of extortion. that's what i think we're doing it for. monster in terms of economics. any time you order a television set lg or samsung. whatever it comes from. essentially south korea. biggest ships. they pay us very little. and we protect many other countries china has tremendous power over north
11:07 pm
korea. tremendous, beyond anybody. now, they don't tell us that they like to tweak us and say we don't -- we have total control. china can't even survive without us because economically they have been ripping us for many years to come. they have been sucking our blood. >> how do you get them to act? >> we tell them we're going to either -- you are going to have to straighten out this north korea problem or we're not going to be doing so much business with you. they don't do so much business with us, greta. they would have a depression the likes of which you have ever seen. we have tremendous economic power over china. i want to get along with china. we're going to get along with china. china can strangle because it comes in through china and it's -- china is powerful. china can strangle north korea. it can make them -- bring them to the table. >> how fast is the outbreak. >> i think it can be very, very quick. at what point are we the guardian of the world? at what point are we going to say, folks, you have to protect yourselves or you have to pay us properly, okay? or you have to pay us
11:08 pm
properly. and. [ applause ] and a lot of people don't know this because i give the speeches and i talk and i'm a very -- you know, i'm a very business-minded person and the country isn't business-minded. politicians are not business-minded. we protect japan. great people. we protect saudi arabia. we protect south korea. we protect so many countries and we protect germany. look at germany. it's an economic behemoth. they have so much money. we protect germany. it's okay to protect and i understand that we don't want them to arm ideally and all of that but at what point do we say we can't afford to do this anymore as a country? you'll have to protect yourselves or you have to pay up. look at saudi arabia before the oil went down they were making plenty. $1 billion a day we protect them. they wouldn't be there, in my opinion, saudi arabia wouldn't be there for two weeks if we weren't protecting them. it would be a mess like you have never seen before.
11:09 pm
we have to get smart and we have to help our allies and be good to our allies. but they have to remember that we are good and they have to take care of us. >> donald. [ applause ] >> donald, you have an audience question from kelly. and first of all, kelly, you have made up your mind how are going to vote for? >> definitely. i have always voted republican. and i will only vote for trump. >> did she say always vote for trump. >> always vote for trump and says only vote for you. >> that's good. that's what i thought you said. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. >> my question is. my father owns a custom -- a small custom manufacturing company here in indiana, which employs about 50 people. the two major problems that we face are the high cost of healthcare, the health insurance and also that we are losing jobs -- we are losing our customers to cheaper prices outside of
11:10 pm
the u.s. so i was wondering, mr. trump, when you become president, what will you do. [ applause ] what will you do to help our family keep our business. >> such a great question. i was looking at indiana because i always get these statisticians. get me the list. 15 minutes. did i it last week with new york, new york city. all the same problems. did i it with pennsylvania and every place i have been to the last couple of weeks. i look at the numbers and look at our jobs. look at carrier airconditioning a larger way what is happening with your father, where jobs are being ripped out of our country, out of our states but out of our country. we have got to do a couple of things. when they want to play games with us, countries or companies, when a company wants to leave like carrier and they want to go to mexico and going to make air conditioners and not tax them and let the 1400 people from indianapolis go, they are going to fire them, there has got to be
11:11 pm
consequences. and the same thing with your father. when countries are able to too numbers on us, there are going to be consequences. we have to do some some form of taxation. i believe totally in free market. that's great. our leaders are not smart. they are not smart people or they are controlled by special interest groups that have reasons for letting it be this way. one or the other. [ applause ] >> by the way and it's one of those two things was i'm self-funding so i'm working for you. i'm working for your father, okay? what we're going to have to do very strongly. we have to take the situation, tax these products coming. in people said they are going to cost more. in some cases they are going to cost a little more. in some cases like carrier not even going to cost more. we have to tax the product coming. in and what's going to happen the second part is we are going to have more workers. we're going to have more people and more jngets maybe the product is going to be more expensive, so we are going to have more jobs. that's the good news. as far as healthcare repeal obamacare, replace it with
11:12 pm
something great. okay? you have your healthcare savings account. the amazing things about healthcare. if we get rid of the lines wrapped around every -- this is for the benefit of the insurance companies. have real competition whether it's healthcare savings accounts or so many different things. there are so many things you could have privately to take care of healthcare. obamacare is out of control. your premiums are going up 35, 45, 50%. we're going to repeal it, replace it with something great. thank you. great question a question from steve. steve, have you decided how are voting for? >> who am i voting for? >> yes. >> well, i think my question might answer that question. >> okay. what's your question, sir? >> mr. trump. >> yes. >> i was likely going to vote for governor kasich in indiana'ek but feel that he and his campaign have turned their back on indiana with his agreement that he has now with senator cruz.
11:13 pm
what can you say now to convince me to vote for you next tuesday instead of switching my vote to cruz as suggested by their strategy to defeat you? >> okay. well, first of all, i think you did the right thing by switching because i think that what they did in colluding like that, i think it was such a slap in the face of the people of indiana, in particular. i thought it was a slap in the face. both of them. actually you couldn't go to cruz because it was equal if not worse. i just think it was terrible what you what they were doing. if they had to do it again they would have never done it typical politicians make bad deals. on top of it kasich broke the deal he said no i want you to vote for me in indiana. typical precisions. h. politicians. i'm going to save the second amendment which is under siege from everybody. [ applause ]
11:14 pm
getting rid of common core and bring in education locally because our education, the system is a total wreck. we're going to strengthen our military, take care of our vets. we're going to go through a list of things and make this country so strong again so, great again, we have to strengthen our military. our military is being absolutely depleted at the highest level. i mean, you look at -- i made a speech today and i was talking about the military compared to 10 years ago, it's incredible. it's just getting smaller and yet the world is getting more and more dangerous. but, in terms of yourself, you look like you might be a businessman. we're going to lower taxes. i have the plan that lowers taxes by more than any other candidate by far. larry, a friend of greta's, gave it his best review. larry is an amazing economist. a friend of greta's and everybody's, actually. he gave it his best review. we will lower taxes. but we're going to bring jobs back. the other thing is we are not going to let jobs go. if a carrier came to me and said we want to move to mexico.
11:15 pm
that's okay but you will pay a 35% tax every time an airconditioning unit is sold through what will be a strong border, and i will tell you something, they are going to say, sir, we're going to stay in indiana. nobody can do more than that. [ applause ] we will bring you much more from our town hall record with donald trump. we have surprise guests too. that's coming up. don't go away. you're driving through the woods when a majestic beast runs into view. then you run into a tree. but your totaled new car isn't totally replaced. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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[cheers and applause] and welcome back to our special "on the record" town hall with g.o.p. presidential candidate, frontrunner, donald trump. and we are coming to you from indianapolis. and in less than one week it's indiana's turn. indiana voters will hit the polls. let's get right back to our questions with donald trump. donald, we have another audience member who has a question. isaiah, you have a question for him. first of all, how old are you. >> i'm 18. >> so you are going to vote next week, right? >> i am. yep. >> have you decided how are voting for. >> i have not. that's why i'm here. >> okay. fire away. ask your question. >> mr. trump, thank you for meeting with us tonight. i'm actually a senior this year at trader's point and heading off to wabash college in the fall. >> good. >> as we all know senator sanders is offering free college tuition. [ laughter ] >> i think he is leaving the race today by the way. so he has got some difficulty but go ahead. >> i think this is unattainable and obviously unachievable. >> sure. >> it would also devalue a person's degree.
11:20 pm
however, being a high school senior, financial decisions play a massive role when deciding where to go to college. my question is do you have anything in place to combat the everrising cost of college tuition. >> it's a great question. it's a question i get asked more than any other question especially when i'm in areas where you have young folks going to college. it's very sad, the students are literally they borrowed up to here. and what the colleges have done is they haven't watched their costs because basically the students are the conduit between the government and college to get money. college rates keep going up, up, up much faster than any other cost if you take a look. we will look into that. the students are borrowing up to here. the other problem they have and we will work on student loans and work on some kind of a deal for low interest and really good student loans. give them a longer term to pay it out. maybe may it out after they get jobs. they have to pay it back. look, we work a deal where the students can li with it because they are not able to live with it right now. but, the biggest problem is you go to college, you go to
11:21 pm
a good college, that's a good college, you go to a great college, and you graduate, and you do well, and you get out, and you can't get a job. and that's the biggest problem. because they can't get jobs. there are no good jobs. even the other side admits the jobs we have are bad jobs. the real unemployment rate is like 20%. not 5%. that's done so the politicians look good. because if you go out and look for a job and quit looking for a job. they consider you statistically you are considered employed. so, here's what we do. we're going to work on jobs. we're going to bring our jobs back from mexico and from china and from japan. >> how? >> we're going to make our products here. we are going to start making our products here. [ applause ] >> countries are abusing us. believe me, folks, countries are abusing us. the reason the politicians don't do -- they know the problem. corporate inversions and everything else. they are leaving like you couldn't believe it look, i looked at numbers. 40% of your manufacturing is gone in this area.
11:22 pm
40% over a fairly short period of time. we're going to stop it. companies are taking advantage of us and companies are abusing us. and the way you stop it is so easy. it's called consequence. if they want to play that game and it's a dirty game that they are playing, again, free trading, i love it i always want to defend it. but we can't do it because we don't have the people. we don't have the smart people. what we're going to have to do is tariffs and taxes for the countries that don't behave. and do you know what's going to happen? as soon as we say we are going to impose it, they are going to behave very, very nicely. [ applause ] the problem we have from the student standpoint, greta, they are graduating from college, they're wonderful, they are great, they graduate high in their class. they can't get jobs. >> we have a question, donald from steven in the audience. steven, have you decided who you are voting for? >> i have. he is sitting on the stage with you. >> oh, i love you.
11:23 pm
[ applause ] >> i can tell. >> do you have a question. >> i do. thank you for taking this question. thank you, mr. trump. >> early in your campaign, you made the comment that you would be neutral on israel. i believe that this takes the handcuffs off israel to operate nationally as a sovereign nation whereas you were criticized in the media for this statement. how do you envision our role in israel and the middle east going forward? >> okay. that's a great question. and, look, i want to see peace. i want to see if it can be done. when you talk about the all-time deal in terms of toughness. that's it. a deal between the palestinians and israel. that's the all-time -- we all have -- it's called our dream deem. what's the deal. >> next book. >> earn tells me it can't be made. the israeli tells me -- you know, i have never met a person from israel and i know so many of them, that didn't want to make a deal. but they say that's the hardest deal because it's
11:24 pm
years and years. centuries. it's like engrained. but i will be trying to make that deal. i am a big fan of israel, i have to tell you. there is no bigger fan of israel. [ applause ] and i want to be able to get both sides together and see if we can do something. but there is nobody who will be more loyal to israel than donald trump. [ applause ] >> and we're going to make -- you know, one of our great allies, and honestly, when you look at this horrible deal that obama made, that president obama made, with iran, where we give them 150 billion -- we got nothing out of the deal. $150 billion. we actually got nothing. even our prisoners didn't come back until we gave them the money. and i will tell you what, you will never see deals like that made with me. you understand that, steven, that's why you are with me. we have to protect israel and take care of israel. they are sort of a bagsian bassian all by themselves right now.
11:25 pm
president obama is the single worst thing that i have ever seen happen to israel. it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. [cheers and applause] i love the question, steve, but we are going to take great care of israel. we are going to protect and cherish israel. we will see if we can make a deal. i just have to do that. almost from a competitive standpoint. they all say you can't do it. it can never be done. i say you can do it. we will see what happens. thank you. we are going to take another quick break. we have more questions from donald trump on second half of "on the record" town hall. plus we have two special guests. that's next. [ applause ]
11:26 pm
11:27 pm
11:28 pm
11:29 pm
you don't need an introduction here in indiana and probably not any place across the country. former indiana basketball coach bobby knight is here. [cheers and applause]
11:30 pm
well, coach, nice to see you. [shouting] >> i have already given the coach trouble back stage because indiana beat wisconsin just too many times. but, anyway. i'm delight to do talk to the coach. coach, why are you a trump supporter? >> because i think, you know, i'm not a republican. and i'm not a democrat. and i have always voted because i think that voting is a special thing that we have in this country that isn't in a lot of different countries. but i have always voted. but i have always voted for the person that i thought was best for the job. [ applause ] there is no question in my
11:31 pm
mind that the man sitting between the two of us is far and away the best person to lead america back where we all want to be led, and that's the guy that can do it right here. >> oh, thank you, coach. >> so who contacted who? donald, did you contact coach or did coach contact you. >> i will tell you it's a funny story. i have been a fan for a lot of years. >> you and the whole state. >> the whole country. not just the state, everybody. i get a call about a year ago from bobby. he said if you run for office, i'm endorsing you. and i hadn't even really decided at that point whether i was going to run. he just called up. i said you know what, coach, do me a favor. first, i had to make sure it was really him i said bobby knight. that was like a big deal for me. i said will you do me a favor? give me your number and we will see what happens and i will call you back. and about a week ago i said, hey, we're going to indiana
11:32 pm
and we all love indiana but who is more mr. indiana. who has done more for indiana. look at all the championships and the beauty is it's not even that. he is up believable leader. is he tough, he is smart. and he knows how to wish. because we don't win anymore. bobby. we were saying before we don't win anymore. i said hey, and i called the number. he picked up. yeah. i said, coach, it's trump. do you still want to endorse me? he said absolutely. i've been waiting for your call. so, anyway. [ applause ] >> that, to me is, a little indication of the kind of man we're talking to right here. and is he absolutely right in how things worked with me having a friend call him and get a chance to talk to him and i kind of said well, you know, i hope that works out because i would really like to be in a position where i can be of some help to him. not really thinking well, i
11:33 pm
will tell you, on the exact day that he told me would call me about two or three months later, that morning at 7:00, he called me to ask me if i was ready to go. now, i think that most people in his status would have forgotten about that a long time ago. but, let me tell you, when he tells he is going to do something, and when he is on the side of what has to be done, he never ever forgets what he is doing. i will tell you that right now. and what is he doing, best man there is for the development of the united states. [ applause ] donald and coach, we have a question from a member of the audience, forest, who is part of the greatest generation, served in world war ii has a question for donald trump. [ applause ]
11:34 pm
and, forest, thank you. thank you, forest. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> as an indiana university graduate and world war ii vet, i have a tremendous respect for the general bobby knight. [ applause ] and, mr. trump, how would you compare your successful career and philosophy with coach knight? >> well, that's actually a great question. i just love his philosophy. i mean, we're in a different world. he was in the world of sports and nobody did better. and you know one of the great things about bobby that a lot of people don't know, is he really trained a lot of great coaches. some of the best like you look at duke and you look at so many of the different
11:35 pm
places where they have the great coaches, they were trained and they worked with bobby. but bobby was -- you know, his field, a tremendous leader and what he has done is phenomenonnal. so i would like to put myself in a category even close to bobby as far as that. you talk about the word leadership, that's leadership. thank you. >> that sounded very nice of you to say that i appreciate it. but let me say another thing about mr. trump. and i think we're a little bit alike in that regard. if we're involved in something where we want to win, and particularly something that's necessary, if there's something out there where we need to win, we're going to try and beat your ass every time we can. [cheers and applause]
11:36 pm
>> thank you very much for joining us, we will take a quick break. we will be right back with more questions with donald trump, president of -- candidate for president of the united states. the "on the record" town hall continues next.
11:37 pm
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11:40 pm
welcome back to indianapolis "on the record" town hall with g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump. indiana is the biggest delegate prize until california. and right now let's get back to the question. donald, i'm going to ask you one. it's no secret our country doesn't have a lot of money. we're in debt. what would the foreign aid policy be of a trump administration for -- this is a two part question. one is to use money as coercion for countries that we aren't particularly friendly with and may not deserve but we want to get them to do something and the
11:41 pm
other for humanitarian aid like i was just down in ecuador where earthquake victims and you have got nepal and you have haiti and all these countries where people are desperate. what would you be doing with foreign aid policy on money. >> can i see both to be honest with you. we do have countries that we are not in love with them. if we don't help them it would be bigger problems. i can sort of see both. at the same time we give money and a lot of things and a lot of help to countries that absolutely don't deserve it the absolutely, they are not our friends. they don't do anything good for us. it's like a one-way street. you look at nato, as an example, we 28 countries. many of those countries are delinquent. they haven't paid up and they have the money to pay up. we have trillions, probably, trillions of dollars out there of past due. i said i want these countries to pay up and we will protect them and we will take care -- we are protecting them. they are not doing anything for us. they have got to pay up. i said not only do they pay up, they have to pay us all of the past arrears. >> let's say a country like pakistan is sometimes
11:42 pm
doubled dealt us. >> the problem with pakistan they have nuclear weapons which is a real problem. the single biggest problem we have nuclear weapons. nine countries right now with nuclear weapons. but it's semi unstable and we don't want to see total instability. it's not that much, relatively speaking. we have a little bit of a good relationship. i think i would try and keep it that's very much against my grain to say that but, a country and that's always the country i think. we give them money. we help them out. but if we don't, i think that would go on the other side of the ledger and that could really be a disaster. at the same time, if you look at india and some of the others, maybe they will be helping us out because we are going to look at it but we have many, many countries that we give a lot of money to and we get absolutely nothing in return. that's going to stop fast. >> what about the countries that may have deep need but whenever i do these stories like on ecuador people say what about here? >> well, that's a problem. you have to understand, though, greta, we are a debtor nation. we owe $19 trillion.
11:43 pm
we used to be the police -- we are now the policemen of the world. we take care of everything. everybody says our military. weigh spend many, many times what any other country spends on military. but we don't spend it for ourself, we spend it to protect everybody else. we are protecting everybody. it's not our military. our military as i said before it's depleted. you look at that we have to start, you any, getting rid of debt. balancing budgets. we just can't continue to keep giving, giving, giving. now, there are countries that can do it. >> would you cut out giving some of this humanitarian aid to the countries that are uttering hurting? >> i would try to keep some of these countries going. we are a debtor nation. we are sitting on a bubble like you wouldn't believe. we owe $19 trillion. we will be at $21 trillion like almost immediately because of the horrible omnibus budget that was just passed which by the way funds obamacare it funds people pouring into the country. it people syrian migration. we have no idea they are. they could be isis. i know how involved you are.
11:44 pm
i'm not surprise to do have this question to be honest with you because you are amazing. she goes all over the world helping people. we are going to try. but we do have problems. we have a debtor nation. we do have problems. and we have to -- you know, i gay a speech this morning. one of the -- i mean, the primary thing was america first. we have to fix our country. it's so broken. we have to fix it. [ applause ] >> and our conversation with 2016 g.o.p. presidential candidate and frontrunner donald trump continues in just moments. plus, we have another special guest. [ applause ]
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11:49 pm
welcome back to indianapolis. we are at the theater for the "on the record" town hall with donald trump. we are now joined by one of his three sons, donald trump jr. nice to see you. >> great to be here, greta. how are you? [ applause ] >> okay. how much fun was tuesday night with the five primaries and the sweep? >> it was amazing. i can't be more proud of what he h done. as an american, as a father, just to see this and see the voice he is giving to the people of this country for a change. it's just amazing. >> did you expect. >> it they even surprised us. buff the people are getting it they are seeing the system is rigged against them. they are seeing their voice often time doesn't matter. they are looking to change that in a resounding win like we had that night is actually going to give them that voice again. [ applause ] >> donald, one of the fun things about my job is i get to meet all the candidates' children over the years. you are proud of your kids, aren't you? >> i am. i have great children. i have five children. the older ones are really helping me with the campaign and ivanka, don and eric. tiffany, also.
11:50 pm
she has been terrific. barron is a little young right now. he will be there, eventually. but they are fantastic children. and there is nothing -- people oftentimes say they are impressed by success. the most successful people that i have met because they are the happiest are people with great families. more so than the people with money. i know them all. i know them all. [cheers and applause] >> the really successful people are the people that have the great families. these are the happiest people. >> don, has there been a family discussion in the event that your father is the nominee and goes on to win in november how you are going to extricate him from the business and who is going to do what? >> if there is anything he has given us over the past few years it took us a while to prove ourselves to him. he wasn't just going to turn over the company worth tens million dollars of. he has obligation to people who served him so well so long. set only one up here who has actually created jobs.
11:51 pm
is he actually signing the front of a paycheck. that's a big deal. that's a big deal to me. [cheers and applause] >> since then and over the last decade i think we have proven ourselves to him. we work incredibly well as a family between eric, ivanka and i. it has gone well. he has given us autonomy to do this. ultimate trust that we can do it. >> they better do it right. [ laughter ] >> donald, you have another question from melanie who joins us. melanie -- thank you for joining us. have you decided how are going to vote. >> i am undecided. that's why i am here. >> fire away. this is your chance to ask candidate donald trump a question. >> and thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> and, mr. trump, it was brought to my attention on the record by greta the amount of wasteful spending in the government. >> tremendous. >> and the lack of accountability. >> right. >> and, my question is, what
11:52 pm
will you do about that and would you consider a woman who is very informed, caring, and smart like greta as part of your cabinet? >> that's not a bad idea. [cheers and applause] >> that is not a bad idea: she would be excellent. >> i think more than an hour with me would be enough for donald. >> the truth is she is doing so well i'm not sure she would want it. if you want to know the truth. >> what about government waste? >> i will say. this it's such a great question and nobody ever asks that question. we talk about how do you get money and bring the jobs back and all of that is going to be easy. the way the easiest thing for me is cutting. we call it waste, fraud, and abuse. we have billions and billions and billions of dollars. you see it where a highway is going to cost x dollars and it costs five times more than it is supposed to. you can imagine the money
11:53 pm
making things on country out of control including military spending. military spending is tremendous and very important to me and we will rebuild our military. things cost three times as much, not supposed to happen that way. it won't happen that way with the right contractors, frankly, and the right people knowing how to negotiate a contract. so there is tremendous waste and there is tremendous fraud and abuse. and we are going to save billions and billions of dollars. such a great question because and it's so easy. it's so easy. that's one of the easiest things. so, very good. i hope you are going to vote for me. >> we will take another quick break. coming up, closing thoughts from the "on the record" 2016 town hall. that's straight ahead.
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test test.
11:58 pm
[cheers and applause] >> and we are in downtown indianapolis at the historic gilbert circle theater as presidential candidate donald trump and donald trump jr. we have a few closing thoughts. donald, now that we are getting down close to the convention and we are looking sort of at the numbers and whether you will get the 1237 or whether you can numerically do it. when you think that when all is said and done you can work with governor kasich and senator ted cruz. >> i think so. i really do. i think it's going to happen. so many people have called me up over the last couple of weeks because we have been doing so well. big victory last week far above anybody's expectation. it was a blow out and last night it was a total blowout. five states that everybody, every one of them was beyond expectation. i will tell you what, i have been getting so many calls for people that i will see on your show and other shows that say the worst things about me. it's like -- >> -- you say bad things, too. you can fire back just as hard. [ laughter ] >> that's true. but they will say these
11:59 pm
things. >> your son nodded yes by the way. >> i know him well, true. >> no, but the, but, greta. they say such bad things and they call me over the last couple of weeks. they want to get on board. they want to come in. i actually said to a couple of them how you can -- after what you said about me -- it's okay. i want to have you. but how you can possibly do that? and they say don't worry about it you know what? because they are politicians. they can do it. it doesn't matter. they all want to come. tremendous numbers of people are coming on board. they will be announced pretty soon. a lot of people. and people that you wouldn't believe. people that said the worst things and they are going to -- no problem. >> politics s. a unique business. >> it's a strange world here. >> thank you don jr. and donald trump, a big thanks to both of you for joining us and for our town hall tonight. that's all for now. see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night from indianapolis. [cheers and applause]
12:00 am
welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy. exciting stories, andy. >> thanks for the half sentences. coming up on the big show, ted cruz announces carly fiorina will be his vice presidential running mate. and he has plans for a lesbian kiss and a cross over episode. and in what promises to be the least shocking thing you will see in your life, tom shillue leads the panel in a discussion about what it means to be white. and finally a man is sucker punched for looking like shia lebeouf. something tells me that won't be the last time that happens. back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy.
12:01 am
let's welcome our guest. she is back from texas and still sweating barbecue sauce, joanne nosuchunsky. he covered the trial of rob blagojevich and all he got was unused hair product. bill mcmorris. she hosted a cooking show on the food network. finally a woman who knows her place is in the kitchen. and he looks like this because his other beard is in the wash. sitting next to me is comedian joe devito. let's start the show. >> we begin with politics. on wednesday ted cruz made a major announcement. >> i am not getting to 1237 delegates. >> wow. a lot of build up for that one. in fairness he added that neither is donald trump, in his opinion. the big news is he picked
12:02 am
carly fiorina to be his running mate. crews called her brilliant and capable and deeply principalled and praised her for having shattered glass ceilings. fiorina took the stage. >> ♪ i know two girls i just adore ♪ ♪ i'm so happy i can see them more ♪ ♪ cuz we travel on the bus all day ♪ ♪ we get to play ♪ we get to play >> i think she was singing to cruz's daughter. she had pretty good intonnation. >> what do you text to make her not do that again. >> it makes me wish she was running again. it makes me miss her songs. >> not good for ted cruz. announcing his vp pick, it is like a dwie who fantasy football thinking he is going to the super bowl. he can nominate the seven
12:03 am
dwarvs. dwarves. >> he got the news cycle for the day. nobody was talking about anything else other than the fact he has a vp running with him. >> hope he enjoys it because that's a is far as it goes. >> joe may be right. >> i don't know what joe said. i barely ever listen to joe. >> don't even listen to him when he is next to you on the tv show. >> i will say when she was singing i was thinkinged ted cruz should have put a ball cap on and they could have done a king and i moment. >> ted cruz would be up for it. he likes doing sketches and whatnot. i think this is a good pairing. it may be a little late. he keeps doing these things and he teamed up with kasich. >> it is all just a little too
12:04 am
late. i also support the arts and i appreciate the singing. i think the most interesting thing we have all over looked is that carly flew to indy in coach. she was on a plane and flew coach. i think that is just like cruz and she will eat some soup with him. and it is just gonna be a sad spiral down. for the next two months. >> he is playing the woman card. theoretically it is something they are playing on their side. >> he is like what can i use? okay, i will go with the woman. >> no excitement came out of this for him? >> none. i don't even see tweets. >> really? bill, no tweets. >> it is a panel show.
12:05 am
>> i am so blown away by how brilliant this pick is. the naysayers up here. you foe if you are the captain of the debate team which ted cruz was and you are running to be president of the united states and nobody likes you, you nominate a cheerleader and sadly those are absent in the republican party. he went with the next closest thing which is the only girl in the av club. >> carly is a cheerleader i think. jay she was one. >> she was a cheerleader. >> was she a base? was she the bottom of the pyramid? >> that is what you call them. the cheerleading terminology, i minored in it. >> you can't blame him. >> if you don't have charisma you might as well have a silicon valley executive.
12:06 am
nobody likes me and if nobody likes you you may find the second least popular person and say that's the one. >> in other news the texas senator called the basketball hoop a basketball ring. during a rally at the hoosier gym in indiana they measured the hoop to recreate a scene from the famous high school movie "teen wolf." take a look. >> you know, the amazing thing is that basketball ring here in indiana it is the same height as it is in new york city and any other place in this country. >> okay, he said basketball ring. now look, come on, i don't know what the big dole is. sometimes i forget things on the should i -- show me sports items.
12:07 am
football tuning fork lady's hand handkerchief. that's the thing the nuns used to hit me with. mr. leather hand. a butterfly net. a prop from the warriors. do you see what i mean? it is hard. >> half of those weren't sports though. those were british sports. >> because they are british they are not real sports? >> look. this is what happens. when you i'm pro -- i'm pro vice they have to find things in a split second. >> where was cruz when he made that gaff?
12:08 am
>> i think the big story was it was not his picking carly. he got his ass handed to him behind kasich. >> he was behind kasich at four out of five. >> it was all about trump, but nobody was noticing how far down cruz was. >> and it is not from kasich. >> he is a northeast republican and that's his area. >> and you want to defend ted cruz. >> i don't want to defend ted cruz. i want to attack kasich. >> how can you attack john? >> this is a guy who is appealing to the least
12:09 am
republican states in the country. if you go, oh, rhode island, that's really if we nominate john kasich you are not following too closely. if they are a toddler, then john kasich is an umbilical cord who has not dropped off yet. >> parents calf them and they are important for the baby book. >> what parents do you know? do you have kids? no you throw that away immediately. >> i have forgotten the analogy. i disagree with bill. the one thing kasich is saying is that he can do well in a general election and i think he is right about that. >> all of the pollings show that he is the only one who can respectfully pass her.
12:10 am
cruz need to quit while he is ahead and i will give him a passo on the basketball ring. >> he called it a rim a few seconds before. i will give him a pass on that. >> it has a rim. when i go to canada i say oops. you are running for president. you are in the hoosier state. i am pretty sure i should not run for president. >> the sport 1* basketball. there is only one name to know. >> is playing the woman card what clinton is doing? >> the only card she has is the woman's card. she has nothing else going.
12:11 am
and frankly if hillary clinton was a man she would get 5% of the vote. the only thing she has going is the woman card and the beautiful thing is women don't like her. >> they can take a closer look. >> the only thing she has going is the woman's card and the beautiful thing is women don't like her, okay? >> clinton's campaign responded tweeting this video. >> if they are paying for paid family leave and that is playing the woman's card, deal me in. >> you can't play a card unless you are already dealt in, right? >> hillary clinton is very well known for her honesty as we all know. so i'm sure there is nothing up her sleeve. i am just very impressed that
12:12 am
donald trump is pivoting in the general election. he was handed the speech and he said call her out and he demerred. he is he is getting more mature. he is going in a different direction. >> i have no idea. >> that was the speech i wrote for donald trump and he has not called me back. >> maybe this is not the place to ask the question. she has a lot going for her. >> why didn't she say you bet your life it is the card i am going to play.
12:13 am
>> it is like i am a female comic. if you want to turp around and call me a female comic, fine. if we were sitting here and you said i want a female comic, fine. i want to be part of the party. go f yourselves. >> i like your answer over hillary. >> hillary is a yale graduate, lawyer. >> she is a privileged woman. >> she is playing the yale card. >> it is not a card. >> i don't think she is playing playing -- donald said all she has going is she is a woman. >> i don't particularly love hillary by the way. i just don't think -- listen. it is like two families and it
12:14 am
is not my fault i wanted to vote republican this year. i'm sorry, the republicans put their two crazy uncles and they hospital have. i have to vote for my barn owl aunt. i didn't want to, but have i to. >> did you vote for mitt romney? >> i am not going to say anything about anything. >> i don't know, do you think lynn was ready to vote vote republican? >> he said it should only be 5% but do you think she is playing a woman's card? >> first of all i think lynn has been drinking. >> i am sober right now. >> i think he makes a good point. the bad news is people playing identity politics it is not like you called them out and they say you got me. i am becoming a rational person. if that was something we could call people out on, why is it more than 90% of
12:15 am
african-americans vote for obama, but if a white candidate gets more than 50% of the vote it is considered a racist tragedy. it is inconsistent. of course hillary will try to get the vote so let's stop acting like people will say okay, i realize you should have seen the light. >> in other news, to put it in a way millennials will understand this guy made terrifyingly realistic maskses and i'm screaming. before they show the mask they put up a warning. that is a little disturbing. the artist, landon meyer, brought the mask to the horror convention which is called monster palooza. he told buzz feed, i made bernie the sexy socialist
12:16 am
hippie and made trump a white trash dude and made hillary a male dominatrix i guess. >> i was disturbed. >> the worst thing about masks is having to be by your own breath for that long. you know what i mean? it is the sweat inside. it is not enjoyable for anyone. it is just not worth it. >> especially the latex ones. they don't breathe at all. at least when i was a kid i could cut a hole in the paper masks. bill, i think it shows a little bias on the artist. he made hillary a male dominatrix. >> i didn't even rec cog. that is hillary clinton. i bet bill wouldn't have strayed if she dressed like that a little more often. have to go. what is it like?
12:17 am
we ask my panel of experts.
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12:20 am
live from america's news headquarterses i'm patricia stark. donald trump delivers his first foreign policy speech telling voters his goal is peace and prosperity and not war and destruction. the gop front runner says his goal can be achieved through a, quote, disciplined, deliberate and consistent foreign policy. the overriding thoam of his administration -- theme of his administration will be america first. >> no country ever prospered that failed to put its own interests first. both our friends and our
12:21 am
enemies put their countries above ours. and we doing the same. >> ted cruz picked carly fiorina to be his running mate should he win the presidential nomination. fiorina was the only woman in a crowded gop field before dropping out earlier in the year. she is a former ceo of hewlett-packard. fiorina never held elected office losing to barbara boxer in the 2010 election for one of california's two u.s. senate seats. former u.s. speaker of the house dennis hastert will serve 15 months in prison after pleading guilty last year to violating banking laws. he was paying rush money to years to a former student to keep sexual abuse accusations quiet. hastert also losing his illinois teacher pension overcharges he sexually abused students. and texas facing more severe weather today. a houston area woman was killed wednesday when a tree fell on her home. and three confirmed tornadoes
12:22 am
touched down tuesday night in north texas damaging homes and injuring people. more tornadoes are possible for oklahoma today. three twisters touched down in the tulsa and oklahoma city areas injuring a dozen people. i'm patricia stark and now back to your favorite show, "red eye." now log on to fox >> when i got my job, for example, i walked in there and i just looked clean cut white person and they hired me pretty much because of that and it just -- small things that nobody notices but life is a little easier being white. >> that's nicholas from "the white nuss project in which white people from different backgrounds are asked about their, quote, relationship and
12:23 am
understanding of their own whiteness. many returned again and again to the same suggest, guilt. >> always knew if i got in trouble i could get a lawyer and suit up and show up and it was a slap on the wrist. >> white people are the root of all evil and whatnot and i was just like, wow i almost couldn't be hurt by it because i agreed with it. >> i don't want to sound boo-hoo, but it is hard to know that i will be given more because of who i am and it makes me want to call into question my merit.
12:24 am
>> don't let it. are all white millennials guilty? i hope not. how do you feel l remember paw rations, cheney? >> i didn't do that to you and i can't help what others have done to your ancestors, but it is not like specifically i am hurting black people today or hispanics or asians. i didn't do anything to you so step off. you can't get things for people who are dead. >> cheney, i love cheney. you can't get things for people who are dead. that's true. >> i think more people should say step off. in politics in general. he should just go step off. >> i love her spunk. >> i didn't do anything to you and your dead ancestors. bill a lot of these young people -- i feel like they are more -- they are more guilty
12:25 am
than the civil rights generation, aren't they? >> oh 100%. i am impressed that cheney, the obvious drug user of the entire group was the most rational. jay she is shaking around and maybe she is nervous in front of the camera, but when you look at these people, it is so great to see they recognize how talentless they are. all of them are like i wouldn't have this barista job if not for my privilege. i couldn't misspell the name on this cup if not for my privilege. the huffington post noted about how nuanced and brilliant the people who acknowledged the white were. and they noticed this man named whitney was really into this project. is there any job whiter than documentary film maker with no studio backing?
12:26 am
literally whitney we know your dad is putting up all of the money for this. he made -- he has cred. >> did whitney do his research? i think the rise in white guilt is replacing the decrease in religious affiliation in young people. we are seeing that a lot of young people are not in organized religion. we no longer have the jewish guilt and kids get attended now. now if i am the one doing the offending i feed to feel the guilt. it is the white guilt. we need some more organized religion and then you can help those in your community versus just be raying yourself -- be rating yourself. when we were young we were guilty for our sins.
12:27 am
these kids think they are guilty for being white. you are white. why are we doing this film? >> italian only white. very late to the party. this is white nays project .org. who is whiteness >> he does president want to profit. >> these things are so bizarre. they say we need to have a conversation, but usually it consists of i am having a conversation and i will sit quietly and take it. while people con constantly do that. if it is wrong to generalize, don't generalize against white or black. you need to be judged. oh i would be in jail. how about you stop committing crimes.
12:28 am
>> i can just suit up. >> he was saying pretty good racket. >> don't be a jerk. >> i want to read whitney said he created it so it will have people become more self-reflective. is it doing that for you, lynn? i the other day stole a belt because there was a black girl in the store with me and i said keep an eye on her. and then i put it in my purse. >> did that work? >> it is very expensive in new york city. i appreciate black people very mop for that reason. >> and that fubu belt looks fantastic. >> coming up, you know him and you love him. andy levy is back with half time. don't forget the "red eye" pod cast is back. the nsa listens and you should too.
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12:32 am
welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's an anne de levey from the "red eye" news deck. >> before we get started, built built -- bill, please explain your picture. >> i finished fourth runner up in a dad bod competition
12:33 am
despite being the only father in it. we did. we raised a lot of money for cancer. >> cancer research. >> so there were three guys with a better dad bod than you? >> yeah. >> is a better dad bod a worse body? >> no. >> are those cutoff shorts? >> i do not own a bathing suit. i found out the day of the competition. my wife cut my yardwork jeans. >> you have yard york jeans? yardwork jeans? you are a dad. >> i have children! >> i knew the internet would never come back. >> cruz names fiorina his running mate. full disclosure i was watching the islands and lightning game for most of the show.
12:34 am
i may have gotten a lot of things wrong. joe, tom said -- oh tom said it wasn't bad and you said it wasn't good. >> i stand by that. >> as well you should. >> it is not that she is a horrible singer. it is where she was doing it. >> you put creep emu sick is under that. that's a horror movie. >> he said you barely ever listen to joe. point to you. but then you expected him to put on a ball cap and now i have to picture ted cruz in a ball cap and minus 50 points. youd it he was keeping up with kasich and this is what you
12:35 am
were thinking, but this was the spider-man with a different euro. >> it might work for him. >> you said if it does president work you may choose the second worst person and run with them. he got the nomination, but he didn't get the nomination. four years later he was president and this could work. >> i am going to pretend to remember that. >> cruz could be playing the long game here. the basketball ring thing. i was ready to give him the benefit of the doubt. these guys tuck all day and sometimes -- talk all day and sometimes make mistakes. even i occasionally make one. he said it trying to quote the
12:36 am
movie hoosiers. if you are going to screw up a movie quote you get no sympathy. don't do a movie quote unless you nail it. >> write it down. >> he did this with "princess bride" which he claims was his favorite movie. he did a scene and called it a mutton lettuce and tomato salad. it is a sandwich. a mutton lettuce and tomato salad doesn't make sense. you wouldn't expect cruz to do well in something called the osello primary. >> i don't even know what that is. that's the train, right? that's what people were calling it because of the northeastern states. >> it is one thing to lose to trump, but to lose to kailey sick. >> it is northeast. >> trump plays the woman
12:37 am
card. i agree with you that what she said wasn't that bad. >> i don't know what to do when he said he agrees with me. >> hillary is going to portray the attacks as sexist. the problem is it won't be wrong. it is not sexist. it is an analysis. >> if he said she was playing the black card wouldn't that be racist? what she has hot sauce? >> she does play it. >> we should call it the robot card. >> this was all in the programming. >> it sounds like what the 40-year-old calls the queen.
12:38 am
>> on wednesday they call him the best man to step into the united states. do you think they were referring to his military experience? >> trump will throw chairs at opponents. you want the trade deal? i would vote for him if he pledged to do that. >> that wouldn't be bad. >> the while privilege thing. you played a clip of that guy saying life is a little easier being white. >> do you not agree with that? just answer the question, yes or no. >> you don't think you can say life is easier when you are white? no. blanket statement and not true. >> how about all things being equal it is easier to be white in america than black or brown. >> because all things are not equal. we are a bunch of individuals.
12:39 am
>> all things being equal. >> no. it is a trap. don't fall for h. >> you don't have to feel guilty. just recognize it. people live their lives as individuals and they don't walk around as a race. >> they walked around as a race under jim crowe and they walked around as a race undery. the only people that get to say they don't walk around as a race is white people. >> anyone gets to say that, andy. everyone gets to say it. >> jews in nazi germany didn't get to say it. >> we are not there. we are not in jim crowe. >> but the affects of those -- that's hundreds of years of policies and it has an affect on how people's lives are. >> okay i changed my mind. >> i don't think you have. >> the problem is it removes a person's ability to judge for themselves. when you remove
12:40 am
the consequences for someone's actions it is easy to say you don't have a choice. people revel in that because victim hood is nice, but you said you are not in control of your own destiny and that's where it is wrong. then that is a den gnaw grating race toward black people because it says they are unable to control their own fate. >> i agree with you that that is wrong. >> then you agree with plea? then you agree with me? >> zombies gety -- zombies get evicted when we come back.
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12:44 am
live from america's news headquarterses, i'm patricia stark. the nation's midsection is being battered by a series of storms and forecasters warn the danger is far from over. it is bringing strong winds and rain across texas and oklahoma, shredding rooves and uprooting trees and snapping power poles. tornadoes have been reported in nebraska, illinois and iowa. we know of at least one death so far and many more injurieses. the forecast calls for more severe weather through saturday. some 15 million people could be hit before it is over. a house committee has approved an amendment to the annual defense policy bill that requires women to register for the military draft. it was authorized by congressman duncun hunter, but he voted against his own
12:45 am
amendment. he did it to provoke a debate about opening combat jobs to women. vice president joe biden will introduce doctors, patients and researchers at the cat tau -- at the vatican tomorrow. he will also visit with pope francis. it is his final year in office. his son died of the disease last year. and this just in. south korea media say suspected it powerful midrange north korean missal crashes after its liftoff. it is confirmed to be the same type of missal and it is the second such failure in recent weeks. a defense ministry official said the launch was likely the second attempt for the inaugural test of a new powerful midrange missal that could one day be capable of reaching the far off u.s. and now back to your favorite late night show "red eye." for all of your headlines log
12:46 am
on to fox you are watching the most powerful maim in -- the most powerful name in news, fog -- fox newschannel. >> the undead are unwelcome. a homeowner association in nashville, step 10 is -- tennessee is crushing one man's dream by forcing him to remove the zombie from his lawn. he received a letter stating it is noted that there is a zombie in your yard that need to be removed. though there is no rule that prevents lawn art he must banish claude. yes, it is claude spelled c-l-a-w-e-d. explain. >> we could have gone with the traditional spelling, but c-l-a-w-e-d fit his personality and told you what you need to know. to know he has to go is like losing a family member.
12:47 am
it is disturbing. >> not only are they taking away a zombie from his family, but they are leaving jim defenseless. >> i don't own guns, but i have a zombie. it is my perm choice choice -- it is my personal choice. it may save our lives in the the biggest crisis this world couldtface. bigger than global warming. he said he will comply, but won't speak for claude. doesn't he have a right to protect his home with the zombies? >> the scarest thing is the zombie had jazz hand. >> he is ready to push up. >> the scary thing is claude is like a member of his family. i really think we need to check on the rest of his family right now. >> claude is -- they caught him at a bad moment. i think claude is charming.
12:48 am
>> it is from sky mom magazine and i like it. i have always seen it. >> are you telling me claude is not even his own creation? >> no, it is from sky mall magazine. and it is a face in the tree and i'm telling you right now i would put him in the backyard. i don't under. stuck him in the backyard. no one is coming from the back. he needs claude to protect him from the front. >> they are coming from the back. >> well maybe zombies, but that's maybe why you need a claude for the front and the back. if they are in sky mall, i am going to get one. i don't think clawed is a good name because you have to spell it. >> look, home invader, it is clawed with a w. i actually applaud this guy because the fact he has claude -- clawed in his front yard distracts
12:49 am
from the fact there are kids in his basement trying to get out. oh no that was plaster. >> >> i know what the really scary thing is, the hoa fee. they can be a whole lot of money and he should get good money and put it where he wants it. >> let's isolate that. >> and he apparently had that there for five years. he has lived in this home for a decade or longer and that's how you have a great bm in the morning. you are leaving your house and you lock up and you scare yourself every morning. the kids in the neighborhood, my kids would be scared. they wouldn't like it and they wouldn't go by his house. >> i don't have children, but i think i may get -- listen. it is his yard.
12:50 am
put it in the backyard. his wife is dying and now he will put it in the living room. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story. ♪
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♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars.
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td ameritrade. says he was sucker punched for looking like shia lebeouf. he was leaving the subway station on the lower eastside when a man walking in the opposite direction clocked him and then shouted, that's because you look like shia lebeouf! he says it is not the first time he was told he looks like the hollywood bad boy. >> people have been telling me for a longtime that i resemble shia lebeouf. but it is in a good way. it is not like i want to punch you in the face. >> it looks like shy -- shia until he open his mouth. >> the man did punch him because he looks like lebeouf. the hater fled down the subway
12:55 am
stairs and hoped on a train as they always do. >> either shia lebeouf did something terrible to him, or i i have a punchable face. >> or both. >> bottom line the attack was justified. of course i'm kidding. he seems okay now. joanne? >> he is laughing about it. >> but why? why do you want to punch shia lebeouf? >> because you had your first beer on the lower eastside and going home and you are like, wow, this would be great to punch this guy in the face. if i were him i would be like, you're right i am and i will sue your ass and take your money in court. >> i'm sure the guy is loaded. usually guys that punch shia lebeouf are pretty successful. >> why don't we apply this to the time square people? hey spider-man, this is it.
12:56 am
>> i think they do. >> what is it with white privilege here? i thought it prevented him from getting punched randomly. >> if you know anything about shia lebeouf he is a douche. he is a total douche. he does the art piece with the thing over his head and people tweet horrible things about him. >> he is an artist. >> he is an idiot. that kid should make money and there are a lot of people who would like to punch him. you can stand there and say i am next best thing. punch shia lebeouf. >> it is like a dunking booth for charity. as annoying as that celebrity may be, you can't go around punching tom, dick and shia because they irritate you. what would be crazy is the guy who punched him was shy yaw bough love.
12:57 am
shia lebeouf. >> it is going to be! >> he did it to us again. >> special thanks, joanne nosuchunsky and bill mcmorris and devito. look at him in his t-shirt and cool jacket. see you later.
12:58 am
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you simply earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. you can't dodge the question... what's in your wallet? this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. ted cruz is trying to resuscitate his presidential campaign tonight with time and states running out. the big news today? that former presidential candidate and businesswoman carly fiorina would be his choice on a possible gop ticket. now, the question, will the move move the needle? in must-win indiana for cruz? the cruz announcement comes as donald trump celebrates a huge delegate haul in tuesday's primaries and begins his effort to try to establish his foreign policy credentials cliff political correspondent carl cameron is here. good evening, carl. >> ted cruz is


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