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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 28, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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rywhere. you can't dodge the question... what's in your wallet? this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. ted cruz is trying to resuscitate his presidential campaign tonight with time and states running out. the big news today? that former presidential candidate and businesswoman carly fiorina would be his choice on a possible gop ticket. now, the question, will the move move the needle? in must-win indiana for cruz? the cruz announcement comes as donald trump celebrates a huge delegate haul in tuesday's primaries and begins his effort to try to establish his foreign policy credentials cliff political correspondent carl cameron is here. good evening, carl. >> ted cruz is throwing a hail
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mary, telling republicans if they nominate him who his running mate will be before the primaries are over, that's fairly rare, if it's ever happened. most of time when such a thing happens it's at the contested convention, still two and a half months away. the nomination as it were, his acknowledgement that carly fiorina would be his running mate is meant to one, sort of erase the memory of donald trump's big five-state win last night. which keeps him on a path, as able to be able to win the 1237 delegates necessary for the nomination before the actual convention in cleveland in july. and it gives cruz another potent weapon, carly fiorina, distinguished herself as able to really go after hillary clinton when she was a candidate for the presidency or the republican nomination. she didn't last all that long after the first primary in new hampshire she ro dropped out. one of the first rivals to endorse ted cruz. she's been campaigning with him for quite some time. the question is can this move, if it does sort of take away the story from trump's wins last
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night, whether or not it will give enough juice for cruz to win in indiana. which votes now six days from now. and really has the potential to be decisive. if cruz cannot win indiana, then donald trump does, it puts him way closer to being able to clinch. and really hard to stop in terms of momentum. >> carl, obviously the trump camp is calling this desperation. inside the cruz campaign, what is the calculation on this move? and what are they saying strategically this helps them do? >> well for one thing, it's showing that cruz has had the forethought and the presence of mind to plan the type of administration he would run. and really get to work at it as opposed to taking it at a much more loose fashion as donald trump has. the other is, again he can't mathematically clinch the nomination himself, that ended with trump's victories.
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this is an opportunity to show that he's willing to put it all on the table to stop trump. watch. >> i have come to the conclusion that if i am nominated to be president of the united states that i will run on a ticket with my vice presidential nominee carly fiorina. >> hoping to shift attention away from donald trump's five-state sweep, ted cruz in indiana were a huge showdown looms, tapped former rival turned supporter, carly fiorina as his running mate. >> over and over again, carly has shattered glass ceilings. >> fiorina developed a reputation in a pair of strong debate performances for launching potent attacks on hillary clinton. >> people all across the great hoosier state, all across this nation know that donald trump and hillary clinton both will be disastrous for this nation. >> fiorina quit the gop race,
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after taking several tough shots at cruz. >> says one thing in manhattan, says another thing in iowa, he says whatever he needs to say to get elected. >> cruz needs help with women voters and must beat donald trump in indiana or trump will be able to clinch the nomination in california. a new suffolk university poll shows john kasich beating cruz by 5%. among women, kasich's strengths are even more pronounced, while he's viewed favorably. cruz and trump are viewed very unfavorably. despite trump's problem with women in the polls, his victory makes it mathematically for cruz to win at the convention. cruz's speech was short on specifics -- trump's speech was short on specifics. >> there's isis, i have a simple message for them. their days are numbered, i won't tell them where and i won't tell them how.
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we must -- -- >> having mocked others as weak for using a teleprompters, trump used one for the second time during the campaign, but still managed to mispronounce tanzania. >> look at what happened in the 1990s. our embassies in kenya and tanzania -- >> the white house mocked trump. >> apparently the phonetics are not included in the teleprompter. >> trump dismissed attempts by staffers to have him act more presidential. >> why would i change? if you have a football team and you're winning and you get to the super bowl, you don't change your quarterback. >> he accused clinton of playing gender politics. >> the only card she has is the woman's card, she's got nothing else going. >> as part of a prospective ticket, fiorina can ramp up attacks on cruz against trump as sexist and clinton as dishonest. six days to indiana, not clear there's a lot of time for those things to stick. >> thank you, carl. let's break down the
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delegate math. 10 states still have upcoming contests, gop contests, donald trump after last night has 954 delegates. after the five wins he has. one caveat, pennsylvania has 54 unbound delegates. so that is not in this total. we'll come back to pennsylvania a little bit later. let's break down the map going forward. may 3, you have the contest in indiana. 57 total delegates, expecting now trump to win there. it could be close. it's proportional by congressional district. we'll give trump 45 of those delegates. but ted cruz will fight hard around this could all change. may 10, nebraska, 36 total delegates, expecting cruz to win all of those. no change in the trump delegates. west virginia, 34 total. trump gets 24. again 1237 to win, there he is at 1023. in late may on may 17th, oregon has 28 total this is a proportional state it favors
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donald trump. we'll give him 12 delegates in our estimate. may 24th, washington state, had 44 total delegates, proportional, slightly favoring trump, we give him 18. the final day of contests, june 7th, first montana. that favors ted cruz, 27 total. no change in the trump number. south dakota. kind of the same story, favoring cruz, no change in delegates there for the total number for trump. new mexico, 24 delegates on the line. it's allocation is proportional. trump in our estimation gets 10 of those delegates, a few more than his opponents, it's added to the total and the big prize, california, 172 delegates up for grabs, we'll give trump 109 of those. and then new jersey. 51 delegates, winner take all. all 51 to trump. now 1223, you need 1237. so six, seven, carry the zero. that leaves 14 delegates to
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reach. the majority of 1237. now let's go back to pennsylvania. remember, that contest he won big in pennsylvania. every congressional district. it has 54 unbound delegates. we're waiting to hear exactly the numbers, some estimates have it at 38, 39, maybe 40 of the 54 committing to donald trump. that would obviously put trump over the top. as we've said, there are 2,472 total delegates to the rnc, more than 150 of them are unbound on the first ballot. essentially they're free agents at the summer's convention. now the date of the last voting as we said was june 7th. the republican national convention starts on july 18th. so 41 days to get to the magic number. those are possible scenarios. as it lines up right now. but it looks like trump gets over the 1237 hump. he made clear in a speech last
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night, he has no interest in changing his style or approach now. >> i hear that you know, presidential, not presidential. that's very easy to be presidential. by the way much easier, but i'm not playing a part. look, i started off with 17 i'm down now, i'm winning and it's over. as far as i'm concerned, it's over, these two guys cannot win. there's no path. so why would i change? >> let's get more on the trump path to victory. paul manafort is convention manager for donald trump, thanks for being here. we're going to be by june 7th, we'll be the nominee of the rb party. >> let's get reaction to the news today, ted cruz announcing carly fiorina. if he gets the nod, she'll be the vp. >> the second desperation move of the week. the first one didn't work. and this one won't work, either. frankly she's been out there campaigning for him for the last
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month or so. so this is not a new addition to his team. and frankly, it's a bit strange that they would announce in indiana where she, who is known, when she was in the private sector for outsourcing jobs and outsourcing is one of the major issues in indiana, and ted cruz has shown he's more focused on free trade than fair trade i don't know if it's very smart to do this in indiana. >> here's what she said a few moments ago about your candidate. >> you know i think donald trump clearly has a problem with women. clearly. i mean the week we had a terrorist attack in brussels, he attacked heidi cruz. one thing i'm certain of, if you have more big government, crony capitalism, which is what both donald trump and hillary clinton promise to bring, that we're going to continue to have record numbers of men out of work. record numbers of women living in poverty and record numbers of young people who think the
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american dream is a figment of someone's imagination, but doesn't apply to them. >> clearly they're going to go after unfavorables with donald trump with women. >> the vote that donald trump has been getting in the northeast, he's doing 40%, high 40%, low 50s, he got 57% of the female vote in new york. this is an issue that's clarifying itself. donald trump is campaigning on the issues, i'm not worried about it at all. >> you clarified with chris wallace here about your statements down in florida to republican leadership and rank and file about donald trump portraying something else. is there a battle between getting presidential and his campaign style? >> not at all. i mean he said it last night. he said it on the campaign trail. i mean we're talking in florida about settings, not personality. donald trump doesn't need to change. he's winning, and you saw today in his speech, in washington on
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foreign policy, the same donald trump, the speech he gave today, framed his vision in foreign policy. but he's been making those same points on the campaign trail over the course of the last several months. it's not a new trump. just new environments in which donald trump is speaking his positions. >> here's how politico wrote it up. donald trump is bristling at efforts to introduce a more conventional campaign strategy and expressed misgivings about the political guru behind them. donald trump expressed concerns to bolster the campaign by bringing in associates from his lobbying days, campaign insiders say it's become increasingly clear that trump for all of his boasts about his ability to become more presidential is unwilling or unable to follow through and resents efforts to transform him. >> that's the -- >> fair? >> not fair at all. it's the ted cruz line. donald trump is running on
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issues as an outsider. he's talked about political corruption. rigged system. the economic rigged system. he's talked about the banking rigged system. his issues haven't changed. last night is another example. not only is he continuing to win, he's winning bigger. several months ago they said he couldn't break 30%. he couldn't break 40%, then he couldn't break 50%. now he's breaking 60%. his message is resonating, it's resonating in every section of the country. and that's why it's pretty apparent that he will be the nominee. one more week, i think everybody will recognize it. there's no candidate running for president today who can be nominated for president of the republican nomination except for donald trump, period. that's it. >> you're confident you can get to 1237 before the end, are we going to see more of these teleprompter speeches about policy? in the future? >> that's going to be up to him. this setting makes sense, he gave it a grate speech.
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he enjoyed the speech. he thinks he connected with his audience. the future will be decided as we move down the road. what is clear, though, is that he will continue to speech spooek in all different environments and all different sedings. now that he's becoming the presumptive nominee. there's something more than campaign rallies we have to take into account. >> paul, thanks for the time. >> thank you. hillary clinton won four of tuesday's five primaries, all but putting bernie sanders away for good. but chief white house correspondent ed henry tells us sanders is not giving up. >> we are behind today. but you know what, unusual things happen in politics. >> with a bernie sanders was hinting at potential legal problem for hillary clinton in an email investigation or hoping for another stumble, the senator was trying to pick up the pieces from another big night for clinton. sanders pivoting from trying to win the nomination to aiming to shape the democratic platform this summer. >> we're going to have the votes
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to put together the strongest progressive agenda that any political party has ever seen. >> sanders reiterated he's staying in the race through the california primary on june 7th. and clinton stopped short of calling for him to get out. instead, more diplomatically urging his supporters to focus on party unity. ♪ >> after arriving at her victory celebration in philadelphia to the beat of a rocky theme, clinton was resting today and off the campaign trail. but still turning her attention to republican donald trump and the general election. by tweeting out a video that includes new jersey's governor, chris christie's mary pat, rolling her eyes an this declaration. >> if hillary clinton was a man, i don't think she would get the vote. the beautiful thing is women don't like her. >> an adviser told fox while the
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clinton camp is confident she can beat trump, they're concerned the unconventional nature of his approach will make it more formidable than expected. today she immediately jumped on trump's comments to try to exploit her edge with female voters. >> well if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman's card, then deal me in. >> breaking news, sanders spokesman mike briggs confirmed hundreds of field staffers were laid off last night. part of right-sizing the campaign as primaries wind down. but cutting staff is also typically a sign the campaign is almost done. brett? >> ed, thank you. how the mighty have fallen. prison time for a man once second in line to the presidency.
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an amazing fall from grace tonight for a man once second in line for the presidency. former house speaker dennis hastert is headed to prison. correspondent mike tobin tells us why from chicago. >> calling him a serial child molester,en angry judge thomas durkin hit former house speaker dennis hastert with a sentence more than twice as harsh as what the prosecution called for, 15 months in prison and a mighty
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fall for a man once two heartbeats away from the presidency. an admired winning wrestling coach. >> mr. hastert's legacy is gone and in its place are a broken humiliated man. that is as it should be. >> the charges to which hastert pleaded were lying to the fbi, and illegally structuring withdrawals of hush money. a motivation was to cover up the abuse of at least five students. one, a former wrestler tearfully testified about years of pain inflicted on his life. the surviving sister of a man hastert admitted he abused. said hastert took her brother's life. not because he died of aids, but because the former coach took his youth and innocence. he did not just mistreat the students, he molested them. >> it's reprehensible that denny hastert acted that way. and i'm grateful that the judge
1:22 am
recognized it as such. >> hart of the statement . >> it follows dozens of letters written on hastert's behalf. one from former majority leader tom delay reading we all have our flaws, but dennis hastert has very few, he doesn't deserve what he's going through. >> some of the people have even asked to retract some of those letters. so i don't think the judge really looked at too many letters. >> in addition to prison time, hastert will need to do two years of supervised release, undergo sex offender treatment and pay a quarter-million dollars to a sex abuse survivors program. the judge pointed out any sentence he could hand down for obvious violations of banking laws pale in comparison to what hastert would have gotten had the statute of limitations not run out on sex abuse cases. how does the freedom to express a person's religion apply to the men and women who lay their lives on the line to preserve that freedom? that's the question tonight in
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the case of a u.s. marine discharged for among other things, refusing to remove a bible-inspired note from her work area. chief legal correspondent shannon bream looks at both sides tonight. >> the religious liberty for every person serving in uniform is at stake. >> for the first time in history, the u.s. military's highest court is considering if and how the religious freedom restoration act applies to service members. the case argued before the five-judge panel today involves former marine lance corporal monica sterling who was court-martialed in part after refusing to take down a bible verse she had posted in numerous places around her desk. the text of her posting said quote no weapons formed against me shall prosper. sterling said it was derived from isaiah 54:17. sterling was ordered to take the signs down because she shared the work space with another marine. after she refused a superior removed the signs and sterling replaced them she was found guilty of refusing to obey an
1:24 am
order. the government says sterling never raised a religious objection until after she got into trouble and the law require as sincerely held religious belief in order to trigger protections, writing in its brief that sterling's quote placement of unattributed multiple large signs referencing weapons against me. demonstrated the sign's self-evident purpose of sticking it to her superiors. the government cites other conduct by sterling as disrespectful and disobedient. but her legal team says there's only one issue at stake. >> the hostility to religion in our military is increasing in frequency and severity. it's unfortunate. i think it hurts our nation's military. and anything that hurts our nation's military issed about for our nation and bad for our national security. >> there's no timeline for a decision in sterling's case. but a decision is expected this summer. should she lose, her attorneys are not ruling out a direct appeal to the u.s. supreme court. bret? >> and shannon today the supreme
1:25 am
court was busy with another high-profile case involving former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. >> in 2014, mcdonnell and his wife were convicted of counts of fraud after they accepted gifts from a donor. in return for favors for a product the donor was promoting. most of the justices did seem skeptical about the statute used to convict the mcdonnells. justi justice breyer worried that baying baseball tickets could give an oversteal zelous prosecutor power to convict a lawmaker. the fed raised the benchmark rate from a record know near zero in december. stocks took the news in a mixed way. the dow gained 51. the s&p 500 was up 3, the nasdaq
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lost 25. the battle over the national security council, a bloated bureaucracy or necessary advice for the president? that debate is next.
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the man accused of coordinating logistics for last november's terror attacks in paris is back in the french capital after a transfer from belgium. salah abdeslam was arrested shortly after the terrorist bombings, today his belgian lawyer called abdeslam a little jerk among delinquented and someone with the intelligence of an empty ashtray. his attorney. the obama administration is fighting back against a plan from congress to cut through some of the president's red tape when it comes to national security. correspondent kevin corke is at the white house with why lawmakers want the changes, and
1:31 am
why the president does not. >> with competing interests at the white house capitol hill and the pentagon, it's a washington power struggle while the country's national security hangs in the balance. >> the nsc, national security council is not just advising the president, they are directing operations. they are micromanaging military operations in the field. >> gop lawmakers led by house armed services committee chairman mack thornberry are looking to reign in the president's tendency. by slashing the ranks of the national security council and having the national security adviser subject to senate confirmation. critics argue the president's response to international crises has been slowed by the increasingly bloated national security infrastructure. established in 1947 by congress, the nsc provides national security and foreign policy advice to presidents and while originally envisioned as a small cadre of advisers, the council has roughly doubled since 1992, to about 400 people.
1:32 am
thornberry and gop leaders want to cap of just 50 people. each of the president's three previous defense secretaries, gates, panetta and hagel have expressed deep concerns about the nsc's growth and scope. >> it was the operational micromanagement that drove me nuts. of white house and nsc staffers calling senior commanders out on the field and asking them questions of second-guessing commanders. >> too many people talking and you know, special will i young smart, 35-year-old ph.d.s, allowed to talk, that's the way you let everybody know how smart you are. is how much you talk. >> white house officials say new and expanding threat levels make the need for more strategic coordination essential. >> insuring that the commander-in-chief has access to the information and judgment. of his advisers. not just here in the white house, but across a variety of
1:33 am
national security agencies is vitally important. >> thornberry hoping to add his proposal to the national defense bill. we'll see how the bill turns out. the administration is crediting susan rice, the national security adviser for trimming the roles over at nsc, mostly through attrition and they say they hope to have the numbers down to the same number as they had when the president came to office in 2009. bret? >> kevin corke live on the north lawn. thank you. ted cruz chooses carly fiorina as a potential running mate. if he gets the nod. but will it matter in the race for delegates going on right now? the panel joins me, when we return. [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
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one of the most solemn choices you make is the choice of selecting a vice presidential candidate. i have come to the conclusion that if i am nominated to be president of the united states, that i will run on a ticket with
1:38 am
my vice presidential nominee, carly fiorina. >> it's, the second desperation move of the week. the first one didn't work. and this one won't work, either. frankly, it's a bit strange that they would announce in indiana where she, who is known when she was in the private sector for outsourcing jobs and outsourcing is one of the major issues in indiana and ted cruz has shown again he's more focused on free trade than fair trade. >> the big announcement, ted cruz saying he would run with carly fiorina. a businesswoman. former presidential candidate. you saw reaction from the trump campaign. john kasich's campaign has weighed in now. saying this, carly fiorina ran an honorable campaign but most republicans will meet this decision with a collective shrug. >> okay. let's bring in our panel. charles lane, opinion writer for the "washington post." editor in chief of life z.
1:39 am
>> i think kasich is probably right. a good deal of affection i think for carly fiorina. i shrink think she ran a good campaign. she didn't win any states, manafort is on to something and indiana, which i assume trump is going to hit the globalization as failure theme that he struck today in his foreign policy speech, the outsourcing issue is a disaster. that is just, that's not going to be a positive one. and fairly or unfairly, you know, fiorina, hp, that outsourcing issue, which was discussed obviously during her run against barbara boxer in two 10, she lost by about a million votes in california. that became really an albatross around her neck. i think trump has to be careful, isn't going after carly fiorina, i think i'm not sure he'll do it. but i think surrogates probably will and i think you saw manafort do that. i don't think it changes the math in a positive way in indiana.
1:40 am
if he's going to win indiana. cruz is going to win it on his own. it's no going to be with a veep selection. >> fiorina fought back against that whole charge on the presidential campaign. >> absolutely. chuck, how do you think it plays? >> desperate times call for desperate measures, is what it looked like to me. so desperate after this rout tuesday night in the northeastern states that ted cruz seemed to want to just come up with something spectacular to change the narrative out there. i suppose that if carly fiorina brings anything positive, maybe it's a little help in california? that's her home state. she ran a pretty good senate, senate race against barbara boxer as a republican. though she lost and perhaps ted cruz is thinking she can help him out there. but for the most part, i think this just looks like what it is -- somebody who is way beyhid in the delegate count and the window is rapidly closing, trying to throw a hail mary. >> you mentioned the sweep last night.
1:41 am
donald trump, as you look at the map of the states, did put up some amazing numbers, in republican, in republican primaries, take a look. 60% in delaware, maryland, rhode island, 63%. pennsylvania, he won every congressional district. cruz people and others say that although these are blue states, and the general election, but as you look towards indiana, which is coming up next week, the real clear politics average of polls has it now with trump up about six points. over cruz. and kasich essentially not campaigning there. charles? >> well, just on the carly issue, i think it had only one purpose, which was news cycle management. he wanted to do something to slightly obliterate the power of last night's election. and it worked in the sense that we just led the panel with his decision. but it won't do anything beyond that. there's a heal carly, and it isn't going to do much.
1:42 am
the trump success yesterday is, he won every county in all five states. that's a sweep. it's clear that everything now hinges on indiana. even if trump were to lose it, it's extremely hard to see how he's not nominated. but if he wins, i think it will be definitively over for cruz. and i would add, we'd be able to close the candidate casino. which would save me a lot of money. so i'm hoping we'll do that. >> still has general election possibilities. >> well yes, that's true. >> clearly carly fiorina is going to go after trump on the women issue. as you look at the "u.s.a. today"/suffolk poll on fave unfave for women for example, 24-56, donald trump and you see hispanics and among blacks in this particular poll and it matches s tes to other polls a >> i think carly fiorina ought
1:43 am
to think further down the line than just maybe the next week or so. it would be a shame given i think her positive influence in the campaign. if it turned out that carly was featured in a lot of hillary ads in the fall. i would imagine that the hillary clinton campaign is cutting and marking the time cues on these various appearances. think we should remember looking at the exit polls in pennsylvania and my home state of connecticut, and so forth, you see that trump won every demographic group, every one. he woman women, he won college-educated. the high school-educated. i believe every age group as well. so does he have work to do with women? i think so. yes. without a doubt. but i just think i said tht other night, at some point we have to have a come to jesus moment here. i understand ted cruz wants to be president and i think he's done an amazing job so far. but do you really want to give the fodder to the democrats
1:44 am
going into a critical election cycle? and i think it would be a shame really if that turned out to be one of the favorite commercials for the clinton campaign. >> the push-back, we did the delegate math and all kinds of reaction saying we're making assumptions on these states. these are the projections, and they're pretty optimistic when it comes to donald trump. but he still gets over the hump. pretty significantly. before the end. >> and there's another factor here, which is there's some polling data that show republican voters don't want him denied the nomination if he comes very close. right? if he's up at, i guess the target is 1237, if he's up at 1200, as of the eve of the convention, it's going to be, it's going to be a tough lift politically to deny it to him at that point. i think that's what influences me the most and thinking about this, is that he is now so close to being that close. that he is, you know, in his own words, he is the presumptive
1:45 am
nominee. but it is such, it is such a radical thing to have him as the nominee. that i think ted cruz and the others simply can't get their minds around it and they're going to fight until the last ditch. and in fairness, i don't see why they shouldn't, as long as they've got the money. >> i think the other factor here, is the psychological effect. of the win in new york and the win in these states, which is essentially over 60%. if he were to back into the nomination, or to back into say 1220, so he's just near it but he's been on a losing streak, i could see people saying -- no, he's not the choice. working on the numbers. if you come into the convention, having really swept in the east and if he does reasonably well, indiana on the west coast. i don't think there's any way in which if he falls short of a handful of votes, 15, 20 even, 50, that he would be denied. that psychological effect, the momentum i think is huge. >> next up, donald trump on
1:46 am
foreign policy.
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test they brought this on themselves.
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sand in syria. each of these actions have helped to throw the region into chaos. and gave isis the space it needs to grow and prosper. very bad. it all began with a dangerous idea that we could make@ of countries that had no experience or interest in becoming a western democracy. we're getting out of the nation building business and, instead, focusing on creating stability in the world. america, first, will be the major and overriding theme of my administration. >> donald trump here in washington, d.c. with the speech that was delivered on teleprompter. one of the rare events in this campaign. only the second time. had reaction from several foreign policy experts saying they thought it was solid. others questioning it and the cruz campaign putting out statement right away:
1:51 am
with that, we bring back our panel. charles? >> well, i can understand that is a line from the cruz stump speech, but it has no relationship to the speech that was made today. it's not about foreign policy speech. there was no teaming up with lobbyists. the problem i had with the speech is that it doesn't change my perception trump or i don't think other people's on trump and foreign policy. it was remarkable. he has given a speech written and reads off a teleprompter wandering and
1:52 am
meandering and incoherent as when he speaks off the cuff. i thought the purpose of the speech was to give it a theme and a frame, we saw one of the staples there. even the statement he gave is contradictory. if we are out of the business of building nations sustaining them after we go in, how do you produce stability? if you aren't in a region, it will become unstable or becomes unstable. we have no control. he complains about iran's advances in the region, but, unless you have got a presence in there, unless you want to be active in there, unless you are looking to something larger than the narrowest nationalism, you are going to have to be involved. on the one hand it was sort of semiisolationist, a bit like rand paul. respectable but i don't think mainstream among conservatives. on the other hand, i think it wasn't consistent. in that he put forward a lot of objectives that require intervention. and a lot of the critiques he offered were critiques of obama for not acting as in
1:53 am
syria. >> populist in tone, again, trying to take, it seemed, make america great again to america first in foreign policy. laura? >> i was in thefyuip room. and there were a lot of foreign policy experts in the room. i think tepid applause in the room which didn't really surprise me. i think for this sort of regular americans watching it, it seemed to confirm what they believe, many of them, that after the cold war, our foreign policy has been confused. and confusing. and not necessarily producing positive results for the american people, our allies, our security. we don't enforce our own borders but we are really vexed about syrias and iraqs with thousands of men and women who have lost their lives, ptsd, suicides, and yet the region is very unstable. a lot of that has to do with obama. i think people want a sense that when we go into another country if we have to it really redounds to america's benefit. that's not radical.
1:54 am
sense call that you can go into a country that's not really a country cobbled together over the decades and disband their armies and somehow bring western values to that place. i think say dramatic turn in u.s. foreign policy and i think it's going to get a lot of the right people upset and a lot of the experts are going to be really angry because they know that their days are numbered if trump is the commander and chief. >> chuck, donald trump has had kind of -- well, fits and starts when it comes to foreign policy questions at debates and your "the washington post" editorial board interviews. there was one "new york times" as well. this was an effort to kind of put it all in one place. >> well, i don't think he managed to overcome the doubts. in part, pause he seemed to contradict himself at so many different points. oron the one hand he is saying we have to be reliable ally.
1:55 am
next breath main thing need to be unpredictable. too much predictability. that's one of his favorite lines by the way. he says there are certain groups in this world that are never going to like us how hard we try. then over here he says we can make up with vladimir putin because there is, you know, room to improve there. sounding very much by the way like hillary clinton when she handed him the re-set button at the beginning of the obama administration. look, this is clearly not his forte. and at the same time, i think there is -- there is an historic quality to it for the reason laura says. is he repudiating 25 years of u.s. foreign policy, including republican foreign policy very firmly. >> we will be talking about this, i'm sure much more. that's it for this panel. stay tuned for your voice in our contender's
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it is time check out this week's results "special report" contender's app. the statement about education that was most
1:58 am
agreed with was, quote. we need to repeal common core we need federal government out of the business of dictating educational standards that statement belongs to texas senator ted cruz, who now has a winning streak on this app., not necessarily in delegates but on this app. for four weeks. panelists, you took the quiz. who did you get. >> i found myself in agreement with john kasich on education and big disagreement with bernie sanders and ted cruz, too. >> all right, laura? >> cruz and trump. >> weirdly kasich. >> that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. here comes greta. >> it is thursday, april 28th. a major shake up in the race for the white house. is it a bold move or an act of desperation? >> with my vice presidential nominee, carly fiorina.
1:59 am
>> there is a lot at steak. this is a fight. this is a fight. >> how frontrunner donald trump is now responding to the new alliance. >> that right there is not cool. >> this is a parent's worse nightmare, a terrifying moments her to the on the dock and she is on board. >> the college campus where you will need a permit to do just that. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪
2:00 am
>> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. feels like friday but it is only thursday. >> we can always wish. i am heather childers. thank you. as always we begin with the race for the white house. a major shake-up. ted cruz picks carly fiorina picks his running mate. >> is it another hail mary pass that may end up back firing? >> we have trump's response. >> good morning. heather and heather. good morning. ted cruz is pulling out all of the stops ahead of tuesday's primary in indiana which is likely the last real shot they have to stop donald trump from winning the nomination. that's the argument cruz and carly fiorina is making now. this race isn't over and they are the best pair to take donald trump and take on hillary clinton in the general election. >> donald trump and


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