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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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all sorts of cake. harris: and you were not dating when she was your intern. >> arthur aidala. stay right here for outnumbered overtime on the web, "happening now" -- >> whoo! [laughter] and we begin with a fox news alert, the presidential race in full swing in indiana. republican front runner donald trump is set to take the stage in evansville. we'll cover all of the news "happening now". >> fireworks on capitol as two top military minds get grilled on the battle against isis. is the obama p administration doing enough to defeat the terrorist network. >> chilling evidence left at the scene of a gruesome murder. with a community on edge.
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who the police want to look at now. >> the race to rescue a pilot when the twin cessna, plowed in to a tree. it is all happening so fast. i didn't think. >> we began with donald trump setting his sights on indiana as we go to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am heather childers in for jenna lee. we are waiting for the rally by the republican front runner that is scheduled to begin. and ted cruz announced that carly fiorina would be his running mate. the texas senator hoping to give a jolt to his campaign. but donald trump, blasted cruz's announcement and called it
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a waste of time. >> he is the first presidential candidate in the history of this country whose mathematically eliminated from becoming president who chose a vice-presidential candidate. a record. honestly i wish them well, but folks, they are not going to do it for you. >> we have carl cameron live in washington with more on this. >> reporter: yeah, the battle for indiana is intensifying. ted cruz knows he has to win the hoosier state which is in part why he added carly fiorina to his ticket. and he slammed donald trump for hillary clinton. >> i am surprised that donald trump has attacked hillary.
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donald has a problem with strong women. it is not subtle or complicated. he has a real problem and why he can't win the general election. carly fiorina slams the claim that the republicans are waging war on women. and cruz took a hit from former are house speaker boehner who said quote. lucifer in the flesh. i never worked with a more miserable son of a blank in my life. cruz fired back and cast boehner as a donald trump crony. >> he described donald trump as a texting and golfing. and donald trump gave boehner's
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super pa c hundred thousand. >> and cruz has problems. texas senator john cornyn who was chilly toward trump. poin could expand the party. that sounds good. and no doubt that cruz realizes that winning indiana is crucial for him. if he doesn't, it could be the talk of never trump and contested convention no more. it will be an incredible battle, jon. >> it is fascinating to watch. >> reality tv at its finest. in the democratic race drama there, too. bernie sanders laying off staffers. and he insists he will carry on to the end of the primaries but with fewer people. he has little more than three
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weeks from oregon primary. here's more on that from a washington newsroom. >> reporter: bernie sanders' campaign down played the play-offs. and the campaign no longer requires those staffers. in a statement sanders still has 3 300 workers. and we'll marshal our resources to win the democratic nomination. sanders will compete in the june 7th california primary and he claims to be able to win in a general election. >> the political reason is obvious. that is this campaign is getting the support of the vast majority of democrats and reaching out to independents. [applause] >> reporter: so sanders lost
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all but one of several primaries and trails in delegates and hillary clinton's campaign is focusing less on sanders' and more on donald trump and the general election. her campaign de denies it is fully potential to the general. her campaign sent a press release targeting donald trump, calling his views reckless. her campaign said they respect his campaigning. clinton has no campaign event ises today or yesterday. sanders is holding a rally in oregon. and the next primary is tuesday in indiana. >> over 500 delegates up for grabs in california. thank you, ed.
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and the race shifts to indiana, donald trump is about to hold a rally in evansville. he had a string of land slide victories this week. according to the real clear, mr. trump is leading ted cruz by more than six points. and we'll talk about the possibilities of chris wallace. donald trump not only won the northeast corridor states but bigger than expected in the polls going on. is he on a roll and unstoppable. two question bes. on the rol; i have to i think that in trump wins against cruz next week trump will be the
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nominee and get to 1237 well before the convention. on the other hand, if cruz beats him in indiana, then things, it is front runner but it will get tighter just for the race in places like montana and nebraska that would tend to favor cruz over trump and then california. and with the momentum stopper i am talking about a potential cruz victory in indiana. you rather be in trump's spot but indiana is so important. it is an opportunity for donald trump to put an end to the campaign. >> and the naming of carly fiorina as a potential vice-presidential running mate. and what does it do for him?
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and why make that gamble; is it daring or desperate? >> the answer is yes. >> that is a great answer. look. it is certainly daring. i can't think of another time, ronald reagan picked a running mate for a contested convention. but he had a path for the nomination on the first ballot. trump pointed out. trump doesn't. he was mathematically eliminated on the first ballot and it is far out to happen, a couple of months before you get to may and june before we get to the convention. as far as the desperate side of it is concerned, i am not sure. i think a lot of political analyst are questioning what she does for him. she helps him in the short term of changing the subject and cruz
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did need to change the subject after trump's sweep on tuesday. and his foreign policy. to win one new's cycle. it is a big gamble. and not that fiorina did so well. she is accused of outsourcing and has a record of outsourcing with the head of hewlett packard. that is a sore subject in indiana. she's not doing very well against barbara boxer and a lot of people are wondering what he gets putting carly fiorina on the ticket. >> she is a consistent critic and seen as a political outside are. if ted cruz wants to be the guy willing to take on the
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establishment, pretty good choice. >> this is the same ted cruz getting endorsed by lindsay graham and ted bush. and same ted cruz who made a deal with john kasich, the governor of ohio. is he an insider or outsider. welcoming the establishment or putting it away. it doesn't give you a clear sense of what he expects to gain by carly fiorina and why it makes a difference on the ground in indiana in five days. >> chris, thank you. >> we didn't talk much about donald trump in that conversation. there is a reason for that. donald trump will sit down with chris wals on on fox news sunday and discuss the state of the race and stakes in indiana. check your local listings for
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where fox news runs. it also runs here on the fox news channel. >> as we continue to wait for his rally. a pilot mean team recalls the escape from burning wreckage. >> we had to put her down in the trees. >> how the man walked away somehow from a fiery plane crash. >> top military leaders updating us on the plans to retake the strong holds. do you think that president obama's policy speech will sway the republican establishment in his favor. go to to join the conversation. re, e and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card
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>> a pilot in alabama survives a dramatic brush with death after plowing his twin engine
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ceis ssna in a row of trees. witnesses thought no one could survive when suddenly there was signs of life. >> i could see him trying to get out. >> the dorwas opening and i went by the corner and i could see him. me and another guy ran in behind him. and i told him don't jump. but roll out. >> and he walked away with minor injuries to his hands and didn't even have to go to the hospital. >> very lucky. >> nice job. >> defense secretary ash carter in the hot seat along with the joint chief dunnford. they are updating the committee on the fight against isis. the republicans are harsh
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critics of the administration's approach and there were fireworks. jennifer is with us. >> reporter: hi, heather, this is the first time we heard from ash carter and dunnford. and comes after president obama ordered 250 more special operation forces to syria. senator john mccain called the move long over due and insufficient. >> the u.s. response is looking confused and inadequate. none of this is happening because our adversaries are ten feet tall and sophisticated. isil has major strategic capabilities. >> reporter: general dunn ford
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admitted he has concerns about the group of kurd. >> will they take away raqqan and told it? >> not in and of themselves. >> reporter: the number of foreign fighters has been drastically reduced thanks to the deadly affect of u.s. air strikes. the deputy commander for intelligence and operations for the u.s.- led coalition said air strikes destroyed 800 million in isis cash. >> we have done a lot of bank strikes and cash facilities are destroyed and the ability to finance their war through oil refineries is destroyed and keep their taxes and impress their children has been destroyed. >> reporter: the number of foreign fighter ares has
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decreased 90 percent. 200 foreign fighters entering iraq and syria to fight for isis, down 2000 a year ago. >> thank you, jennifer. the foundation fighting blindness. dining in the dark and give a attendeys what it was like to eat in the dark. see pictures with the narrator reading descriptions. it raised more than half million in the efforts to cure blindness. the world health association estimated there are 39 million blind people around the world. >> a fox news alert. all eyes on indiana and that's where donald trump is holding a rally in old nation event's
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plaza. >> if you decide to run. people were talking maybe i would run. if you would decide to run, i would love to endorse you. because you could be like good. bobbi, i appreciate that. and first i had to make sure it was really him and we did. i said give me a number. and i put it aside and that was a year ago, and june 16th, i decided to run, who knew that indiana it is over. and all of the sudden, indiana has an impact on the decision on who it is going to be. [applause] >> and i am the only one that will beat hillary and beat her so badly. the others are cookie cutters and i watched ted cruz, oh, i can't listen, so dramatic.
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can't watch it. so anyway, i called bobbi, hey, boeb, it is donald trump. >> he said i've been waiting for the call. that was three weeks ago. when do you want to do it. it is good. >> we did it last night, because the place went crazy. he is a winner. i mean, we need. it that's what we need to the country. we are going to start win. and charlie is back there. great friend of poeb, give me the whole thing. i anyhow he won the national championship and three olympicses and pan am. and won 900 games. [applause] then he had the perfect season, okay. he had a perfect.
10:22 am
i didn't realize this and never or hasn't been a perfect season since. do you mind if i talk about it. the season before he lost one game. and he said it was my fault as a coach and tell them that. just say, if he didn't screw up, he would have two perfect seasons. he said say it, it was my fault. one loss and then the next season a perfect season. and he loves, loves you people. that i can tell you. i want to introduce absolute winner, and smart and tough and he's got the whole package. and he endorsed me, and then i will come back and talk a while. bobbi knight. bobbi knight.
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[applause] >> let me first tell you that i was very, very selective with players during the time i was here and i tell you one thing that man just up here a moment ago, that son of a [bleep] could play for me. and this was a real, a real neat thing for me and i have for sometime leading up to where we
10:24 am
are now, felt that above anything else, this country needed donald trump. and that was before, that was before i ever got to it know him. i thought that just reading about him and studying about him. i think it is a tremendous opportunity that you folks you. you know, i have never voted. i am not here to repreponderate the republican party. i don't give a dam about the republican party. and on the other hand. i don't give a dam about the democrats either. [applause] but i really think that we have -- >> it is a donald trump rally.
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trump working hard to win that state which could deliver the republican nomination to him. of course, with the help of california and others. but if he wins big in indiana, he would be unstoppable. as bobbi knight takes the podium. and if donald trump goes to the podium we'll take you back. we'll see. >> chuck and a democratic advisor. chuck, if you want to win indiana, it doesn't hurt to have bobbi knight. when he retired he was the college coach. and a legend in the game and state? >> you know, a game respects game. i may disagree with everything that donald trump stands for. i give him credit with political
10:26 am
strategy. and i put campaign. and it is a dream shot to bring lobby knight. and who yesterday i love what he said. i don't care about democrats or republicans. i couldn't have wrote that speech any better. cuddos to him and his entire team. >> what do you think about the strategy thus far? ted cruz seized the megaphone with his carly fiorina announcement. and trump grabbed it back here. >> absolutely. ted cruz had to use the lifeline to cut off the narrative. i agree with chuck here. when it comes to indiana, there is no one better that general robert montgomery knight and calling trump the most prepared person. that is the seal of approval that trump needs. and that might go beyond
10:27 am
indiana. bob knight is the revered figure in the remaining contest. >> donald trump got in trouble by suggesting that hillary clinton is playing the woman card. there is a back lash on that. could that hurt him? >> maybe in the general election. think of all of the people he talked about. whether it was muslims or latunnos. he's continued to win, baby. i don't agree with his policy, but he continues to win and nothing he said hurt him in the process and he keeps on winning. i think the damage in the general if there is damage there. >> he was a brand name and not a guy with any political experience and to this point, he's run an admirable campaign. >> he is a unique political animal and closing in on the
10:28 am
republican primary record is i- popping. and i have to agree with chuck here. the key for donald trump he has a eeinstein and mediaesque iq. and tone can bite in the general election. but the fact that he is framing his opponents. lying ted cruz or crooked hillary or little marco. it sold to a primary voter that is focusing on it. >> there is a lot of democratic voters out there. is he speaking to them? >> i think a portion of them. what i have seen working with bernie. there is an upperheaval of unrest. people feel like unless you have someone on capitol hill, the government forgot about you.
10:29 am
and so they want to do something different. and bernie sanders and donald trump tapped in to that with the crowds that show up and bernie's follow-upped raising and just because you are rich, you shouldn't have all of the say. it is a unique time in history. >> 63 percent of the registered voters turn out to vote. if trump is winning in a general election will push him over the top. because of the electoral college. trump needs to get 600,000 than mitt romney got in 4 or 5 states and florida, ohio and pennsylvania. >> it will be interesting to see what happened in indiana. >> ha is a state to do with
10:30 am
a batch of delegates when their candidate quit the race. marco rubio asked to keep them. that handful could influence the nomination. donald trump and ted cruz. finding common ground in slamming the media. >> the media is going to have heart palpitations this evening. they are going to be excited. oh, so very excited at donald trump's victory.
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>> fox news alert and potentially big news out of the nfl. oakland raiders wants to move from las vegas. they are now in oakland. how about the las vegas raiderses. he is willing half a billion to the project that is under conversation. sheldon aldlesson is a casino magnate and soccer star david beckam would be on board with the construction plan. might they be the las vegas raiders? >> republicans in alaska are meeting to decide what to do with rubio's delegates.
10:35 am
he picked up five after suspending the campaign. the florida senator asked to hold on to them? dan springer joins us live from fairbanks to explain the ins and outs of all of that. >> it means a fight over delegates and five rubio delegates and it is an odd alaska rule that could give them to donald trump even though he lost back in march. it was a close vote. cruz 37 and trump 34. and rubio at 15 percent. the delegate count was 12, 11, and 5. but senator rubio suspended his campaign. when a candidate drops out, the vote is recalibrated. and doing that math, trump gets three and cruz two. for a 12- 12 delegate tie.
10:36 am
>> it is 3, 4, up to five. it is exciting for the people of alaska to understand that we are going to influence the nominee of the republican party. but marco rubio is trying to keep his delegates and challenging the alaska rule saying technically he suspended his campaign and didn't dropout. meanwhile, ted cruz who won these delegate. supports it. and now they want the alaska gop to go by the book. >> and with respect to mr. trump. he's not an expert in the republican party. we'll before the rules here, we always do. >> and state party leaders will
10:37 am
make that delegate decision this it afternoon. >> as if there were not enough wrinkle in the political season. that is a new one. >> thank you, dan. >> you know who is to blame for that. the media. after donald trump swept five primaries, he is riding a wave of momentum that could carry him all the way to the republican nomination and next up is indiana, where he is holding a rally this hour. we are monitoring this hour. trump's criticism of the media, and his success leads to more coverage. and now ted cruz, he's slamming the media, too, for those headlines. >> i recognize that the new york media executives and the washington lobbyist running donald trump's campaign want the campaign to be over and desperate to be over because they recognize that this
10:38 am
campaign has moved in much more favorable be territory. >> here is howard kurtz. hi, howie, so it is all our fault? >> everybody hates us. ted cruz was clearly trying to do deflect the attention in the five state wipe out by blaming the media and saying we are having heart palpitations for donald trump. he's a liberal and we are liberal. no candidate has attacked the media than donald trump. he's had negative coverage from the right. and mainstream media types and never thought he would get this far. and clearly, the other thing, donald trump gets more air time because he had said yes to the
10:39 am
interviews. more than the senator from texas. >> everybody said we love the other person. ted cruz' camp. you are a fan of donald trump. and then donald trump's camp said we are fans of ted cruz. so we can't win for losing. >> there is a growing consensus that trump is close to locking up the nomination in terms of his ability to be the closest to the 1237 number. it is not because we love trump, some of us know how to comath. what about this trying to use the media to change the narrative? ted cruz tried to change the narrative, he and john kasich to form an alliance and that did not work for them well. and then he tried to blame the
10:40 am
media and then announces the v, pick, carly fiorina, and most recently, he's in a battle of words to john boehner. it plays in the outsider argument. >> i will give cruz a pass on boehner. when somebody calls you lucifer you are entitled to say. i don't blame ted cruz. he has to change the story line. donald trump won the last six to the nomination. 60 percent and i think the psychological impact of those back-to-back to back victories was casting a pall over the campaign. it got him head lines and live
10:41 am
cable coverage of his speech introducing her. and when you don't have many bullets left to fire. you do it to get publicity. it is worth a shot but not sure if it is effective. >> media, math and momentum and psycheicology. >> people think that you are likely to win. >> and we'll see if that happens. thank you so much. howie kurds. right here on the fox news channel. >> and on "happening now", we ask you to weigh in on the news of the day by p joining our live chat on line. and sometimes we take to the streets and ask people in person. this is what people think about the results. >> the independent can only go so far. and the republican destroyed and the democrat party is destroyed.
10:42 am
i think people like him because he is radical. >> he can't be stopped. people are rallying against him and he moves forward. >> i think it is the craziest election ever. and like it is a reality show. and you don't know what will happen next. it is interesting to watch it play out and see what will happen in november. i don't know what to say. >> our live chat is up and running. and go to and you might want to talk about donald trump because he is back in the mekro phones in evansville, indiana. >> when is he getting out, right? we'll do great here and all polls indicate we are going to do well. it is important to get out to vote on tuesday. we have a movement going on. we want to be smart again.
10:43 am
we don't win combrm. but we are not smart. and we call it the smart movement. is there somebody named chad on television this morning on nbc. outside we have thousands and in another room; is that you. were you wearing blue or is that it. oh, that there it is. that is my chad. he was so great. he was so great. right. [applause] on nbc. i was watching this morning and he's stand ing in line for hours. they asked what do you think? they are the world's most dishonest. and you were not changing for anybody. i am going to mark it down.
10:44 am
if i see chad i will give him a shout out. now tomorrow, you will see chad announce he's running for mayor. thank you very much, chad. we have the most loyal people of anybody. that is not me saying it. they said 92 percent were as sturdy and ten. and if cruz sneezes, his people leave him, believe me, no loyalty. who can listen to him? i have been campaigning we are going to end obama care and protect our second amendment and end common core. and then i am watching this morning. and lying ted, i never saw it. donald trump loves obama care. my whole thing we are going to end it. i said to a few people watching
10:45 am
it. do people believe this? that is terrible. and that's why in the september he is known as a liar. and marco rubio called him a liar in the debate. i said that is great. when a senator can call another senator a liar, i can do. lyin- ted. it is true. it is terrible. and now he's getting creamed in the polls, and he lost the five elections. he was saying, i am the only one that can beat donald trump. i have proven it time and time again please. and i am killing him. i won seven times, remember the debate. and i said yeah, i won 21 times. and i am sorry.
10:46 am
i won seven times and now he's getting clobbered and he goes to new york last week. they run him out. you can't run if you can't get 12 percent of new york. i think i am going to win new york in the general election. i really do. and no one else honesty. crooked hillary clinton, we got to beat her. she is crooked. but you know, no republican other than me will campaign in new york. they are not going to do it because they have no chance. and kasich has no chance. 0. and i happen it. and for years and years, they don't go to new york and campaign. they assume and lost. if someone won new york. it totally changes the map and i think we'll win new york.
10:47 am
i think we are going to win michigan and pennsylvania and florida, and win places and look how well we did in florida. a lot of people say you can't win as a republican. you can't win. and michigan's a great example. no body else will go to michigan. i will be encamped in michigan and we'll win states that no one thought were winnable as a republican. and we'll do great. i love this. the whole political world is see evil. you hear about people that you never heard of before. and it is just worst in business. somebody said what's the difference you know, the certain politicians. certain are terrific. and senator corker is fantastic. we have a lot of great people. senator jeff sessions is fantastic. and there are others. once we get to the top, it is
10:48 am
going to be so magnif cent. you saw what happened. cruz had a horrible thing coming in three and last in all of these states and came in last in new york. and pennsylvania and he went and they said don't come here. and he got ridden out of town and he left. and i hate to tell you, he came to indiana. he might as well. he came to indiana and starts lying and that's why i wanted to get here last. i didn't take a big vacationing after winning all five by a land slide. [applause] >> i didn't want to take too much time. i know he's in indiana lying like hell. get me bobbi knight fast, please. it is true and i won. and people say take a day off.
10:49 am
i went to syracuse and out in long island and beth page. i was always over the place. the businesses are being sucked out of our courtry. look at new york, indiana and pennsylvania and maryland. i won them all. they all have one thing in common, no matter where you g. 40 percent, it is 50 percent or 60 percent jobs are gone. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump talking about the electoral will and promising to win states that are not typically friendly like new york and michigan. he has to win the primary in the state of indiana and he and ted cruz locked in a death match. could be the death of the cruz campaign, if donald trump wins.
10:50 am
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former speaker john boehner reveals why you won't see him supporting a cruz 2016 sticker any time soon. and bad blood between them and now cruz is hitting back. plus, just one state under his belt, why is governor john kasich still in the race? we'll ask one of his campaign architects. and questions swirling today about what was found on prince's body the day he died as well as new details about the emergency landing that happened days before his death. all of that just eight minutes from you now.
10:54 am
>> right to work laws face a big test in virginia. the state grappling with a proposed amendment that would make mandatory union membership illegal. we have the story from the new york plaza. >> for decades unions have been losing membership and popularity and some say that's changing. they use compulsion to force people to join them. >> he has been fighting kpuls tri union membership and kpulsry union deal as part of the anti-union movement, right to work. >> one of the main objections is political participation which for unions usually leans left. >> that's right. we found that one of the injustices is the notion i can take your money and spend it on a cause or idea you would oppose. that's an route rage.
10:55 am
>> now he wants to enshrine the concept in virginia's constitution. we call it a desperate action among little enial workers. >> worried about young people, the most pro-union population alive right now. >> brandon duke is from the economic poll center for american progress, a working class think tank in washington, d.c. >> 55% of young workers now view unions as favorable. that's 9% higher than their elderly counterparts. >> what this is about not trusting future generations with their own decisions about what kind of labor market and what kind of virginia they want to be. >> your critics say you are fearing future generations which may be more pro labor. >> that's what the critics might say. >> the fact is no right to work law has been overturned where we
10:56 am
haven't gotten it back immediately. >> reporter: he says he does not expect virginia's right to work law to be overturned now or in the future, john. that's it from here. back to you. >> douglas kennedy, thank you. >> still to come, one of america's most polarizing figures getting the hollywood treatment and wait until you see who's playing him. thank you for dining with us. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck. ...cleasee ya!ake off. when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting.
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>> time for our final 30, oliver stone giving his take on another polarizing figure. the world is getting its first look at the trailer for snowden, that's actor joseph gore gordon levitt. >> and speaking of first looks, totally different, a trio of tiger cubs making their public debut at the san diego zoo. the cubs are three months old. and they are cute. >> let's make a movie about them. >> it would be better, i think. i would see that one.
11:00 am
>> i agree. thank you for joining us on this thursday. thanks for being here. >> i'm be back tomorrow. >> real story with gretchen starts now. >> let's focus on indiana right now. gop race takes two candidates to the cross roads of america and win for donald trump in next week's primary may play a key role in him locking up the nomination. ted cruz trying to eek out a victory in indiana in an event to derail the trump train. three stops for him there today. holding a rlly before heading out to california and john kasich steering clear of the hoosier state choosing to stump in oregon. you're an honorary hoosier because you've been so much time in indiana. what's the feeling there? can cruz stop trump in that state? >> reporter: it's


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