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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 28, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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realized i think chris stirwalt was wrong. i'm going to reverse my reversal. "special report" is up next. >> i was being ironic! the former house speaker gets cheers for calling a presidential contender in his own party a miserable s.o.b. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. lucifer in the flesh, is one description former republican house speaker john boehner used this week to describe presidential candidate ted cruz. the criticism comes as resistance to front-runner donald trump, whose candidacy was once thought a joke, seems to be easing on capitol hill. chief political correspondent carl cameron with the fight on the right. zbl ted cruz with carly fiorina
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at his side in indiana. slammed the front-runner for sexist criticism of hillary clinton. >> it is not surprising that donald trump attacks hillary for being a woman. donald has a problem with strong women. this is not subtle, it's not complicated. he has a real problem with strong women. it's one of the reasons he cannot win a general election. >> but icy opposition to trump may be melting on capitol hill. the number two senate leader, john cornyn of texas had been chilly toward the billionaire, but now notes trump could expand the gop. a point trump was eager to make in the hoosier state. >> we're going to win states nobody thought were winnable as a republican and do really great. >> cruz and voters got a blunt reminder of the senator's unpopularity from former house speaker john boehner. >> lucifer in the flesh.
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>> cruz said boehner sleting his inner trump out and slammed him as a bought-and-paid for trump crony. >> he described donald trump as his texting and golfing buddy. donald trump gave john boehner's superpac $100,000 a few years ago. >> cruz outraged congressional leaders, he let a budget shutdown go forward in 2013. cruz argued that he offered to negotiate with boehner and got shut down. >> john boehner's response was i have no interest in talking to you. what could be having a conversation, no, i will not meet. >> kasich has pulled out of indiana to give cruz a better shot. it saves resources for cruz and kasich, whose donations have slowed as trump's momentum has grown. trump says if he wins indiana the gop race is over.
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he's increasingly focused on clinton who has been careful to insist she will not take bernie sanders or his voters for granted. she's so comfortable with her lead, her campaign has decided it won't spend money on tv ads in several upcoming states where sanders continues to advertise. >> many republicans think trump could blow a golden opportunity. if he wins indiana, the odds of him becoming the gop nominee go way, way up. >> are you having fun, carl? >> it's a different kind of campaign. it's a ride. >> it's good to see you in washington. >> and fun. the effort to keep donald trump from the nomination continues behind the scenes. senator marco rubio is out of the presidential race, but is still fighting to keep the delegates, for now. correspondent dan springer, from alaska, tonight. >> the hunt for republican delegates has migrated north to
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alaska. when marco rubio suspended his campaign following his loss in florida, the fight began for his 171 delegates. the five of five delegates rubio won in alaska will be decided today. part of a delegate process where donald trump has often been out-maneuvered, leading to charges of a conspiracy and a defense of the system. >> because of me everyone sees that the republican primary system is totally rigged and broken. >> we have a system. our framers entrusted the states to make these determination. >> a quirky rule may help trump. when a candidate who earns delegates drop out. the state is recalibrated and because delegates are based on results of districts. three delegates would go to trump and two to cruz. >> delegate two, three, four or up to five. i think it's exciting for the people of alaska to understand that we're going to have an
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influence on who is the nominee of the republican party. >> but marco rubio wants influence, too. and is positioning to keep his state delegates from trump for as long as possible. at issue here, does suspending a campaign equal dropping out? in yet another alliance of political necessity, the cruz campaign now backs rubio. >> he did not drop. he suspended his campaign. so my interpretation was always that it was his choice on what he wanted to do. >> but with the delegate's shoe on the other foot. the trump campaign now wants to go by the book. >> i like rubio, i think he's a good guy. but rules are rules, let's apply them here just like we do every place else. >> feeling confident about the way things are going, the trump campaign tells me, these few delegates are not worth going to war over. we'll have to see if that tune changes after the party leadership in alaska makes a decision on its own rules.
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here in fairbanks in a couple of hours. >> thanks, dan. rumors are swirling that discontent among republicans over a possible trump nomination, some are thinking of a third-party candidate. >> as the trump train appears to be chugging toward the gop nomination, some in the never-trump group of republicans have floated the idea of a third-party conservative run and for that many are pointing to this man -- retired marine general james maddis. it's much more than a whisper campaign, but it's also not clear that potential candidate is on board. >> have you given any thought to it? and how serious are the rumors about it. >> no i haven't given any thought to it. >> how serious are the rumors? >> i think people like you know
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that better than i do. >> find it the hard way. >> it battle-hardened warrior, mattis was nicknamed the warrior monk, known for his tell it like it is speaking manner and his devotion to his troops. >> probably no officer in our military had as much experience in the middle east as jim mattis, he commanded central command as a four-star, he never lost the warrior's edge. he was always known as a guy who would get out there with the troops. >> mattis is a student of history and economics and has almost a cult-like following in the u.s. military. >> what he is, as a person, is closet intellectual. a man of character. and strong values. i know for a fact that when general mattis travels around the country at times he finds out who the gold star families are, that in the area where he's visiting and he coordinate and
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arranges with them to come to their homes. and to express sympathy for their loss. their loved one and i think it's quite unusual and a testimony to the connection and the emotional and psychological connection that general mattis still has with his troops and family. >> all testimony to mattis' character. but is the draft mattis campaign real? the "daily beast" wrote close to a dozen influential donors, including politically-involved billionaires with conservative leanings are ready to put resources behind mattis, the rnc chairman was impressed about all the chatter about mattis. >> have you talked to other party leaders, other conservatives about that and how concerned are you? >> i've talked to lots of folks within the party and the conservative movement. they all conclude it's a dumb idea and it's never going to work and it's not going to happen. it's a nothing burger and it's
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something that the media likes to spin, but i don't buy it. >> john noonan, a former national security adviser on the jeb bush and mitt romney campaigns, he's not only buying it, he's now trying to sell mattis to more republicans. >> the response that we've gotten from the veterans' community has been overwhelmingly positive. i do think the american people, when faced between a choice of hillary clinton and donald trump will take a serious and solid look at decorated war hero and united states marine. >> when it comes to the logistical challenges of getting a third-party candidate on all the ballots around the country? >> it's difficult, but it's not impossible. especially if we see the support that we've seen over the past month or so for the general. and that momentum continues to build. it's totally doable. it's, it can be accomplished. it won't be easy. but it can be done. >> larry sabato is highly
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skeptical? >> i don't see a way for him to get on all 50 ballots, it would take an enormous effort. it's unlikely to succeed. and if he waits, as is more likely until mid-summer, he'll be lucky to get on 40 ballots, not 50 ballots, he won't really be a national candidate. just because it's being discussed, doesn't mean it's going to happen and just because it happens, if it does, certainly doesn't mean it's going to succeed. >> so far, general mattis is not saying much on this. he is weighing in on the current state of the country. >> the bottom line on the american situation, though, i think is quite clear, the next president is going to inherit a mess, that's probably the most diplomatic word you can use for it. >> he just said he wasn't interested in anything to do with politics, i believe him. >> bottom line, most experts say general mattis' third-party run potential seems a bit far-fetched. however, the believers say, that if he did get in, that he might
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have a path. even if he prevented hillary clinton and donald trump from getting to the 270 electoral votes needed, then the race for president would go to the house of representatives. where republicans would make the final decision. still, is it a dream for the never trump crowd? or reality? so far the potential candidate says he doesn't want anything to do with politics. neither did general dwight d. eisenhower, though. shannon? >> interesting point. thank you, brett. knock it off, that's what the defense secretary says russian pilots need to be told after another russian fighter jet buzzed a u.s. military plane. the incident happened off the coast of russia late last week and comes two weeks after a pair of russian fighter jets conducted more than 30 dangerous low-level fly-about fly-byes of navy destroyer. the war against isis is not
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going as planned. today vice president biden made a surprise visit to iraq in an effort to help resolve that. correspondent kevin corke with a status report. >> the vice president's trip to iraq comes on the heels of visits by other high-ranking administration officials, defense secretary ash carter and secretary of state john kerry. each meant to assess the pace of the fight against isis and to embolden the country's battered prime minister. his push for more national iraqi community. comes at a time when the vice president is under strain. >> it's an attempt to shore up abadi. who is the obama administration's man in iraq. clearly looking to back. that just goes to show there's a whole host of problems that iraq still faces. >> problems the ongoing fight against isis, extending into syria, where a fragile cease-fire has given way to violence, including an air
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strike on an aleppo hospital overnight. that killed a dozen doctors and patients. >> these tactics are abhorrent. they're immoral. but unfortunately they're entirely consistent with the actions we've seen from the assad regime for quite some time. >> that was the subject of a heated exchange on capitol hill. as ash carter and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff were grilled by lawmakers about the incremental build-up of force strengths in syria and the plan for syria with or without assad. >> the state department is not going to take assad out. is there a military component to plan b? >> i think what, or is -- >> or is plant b just bs? >> i'm sure it's not bs. >> when i came in last october there was a strategy. we made some recommendations last october. to accelerate the progress against isil. those recommendations were accepted by the president. and i would say i'm in my job seven months, i own it.
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>> for its part, the administration is assisting the combat isis, along with training, advice and assistance, but experts caution that may not be enough. >> i think the average american sees the vice president going to iraq and is a reminder that there is a component to this war that's taking place against isis, that isn't just the military. it's not just defeating them on the battlefield. >> shannon you saw in the piece we talked about an intentional air strike by the syrian government in aleppo. tonight i can tell you about an accidental hospital bombing that took place in afghanistan last october. 16 u.s. service personnel have been disciplined by the pentagon for their role in the accident that cost the lives of 42 individuals and injured dozens more, none will be charged criminally. we're told tonight. north korea tries to show its military might and fails. that brings the number of apparent flops in recent weeks
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to three. correspondent benjamin hall reports tonight on the lackluster launch. >> an embarrassing day for the young dictator, kim jong-un, as his military tried and failed to test two medium-range ballistic missiles, both exploding shortly after launch. the missile which is believed to have a range much 2500 miles has yet to be fired successfully. nevertheless, u.s. officials today requested a meeting of the u.n. security council to address the tests. >> they get closer to the day when they have the capacity to strike at our allies, partners and the united states with the ballistic missing armed with a miniaturized nuclear warhead. >> today's failed tests come a week before north korea's first major party conference in 36 years. the last conference was held in 1980, under kim jong-un's grandfather and analysts believe the dictator will announce plans for economic development and an improved nuclear weapons
3:16 pm
capability. president park of south korea has been warning of a fifth nuclear test that might coincide with the conference. >> translator: there will be no future for north korea if kim jong-un's regime carries out an additional nuclear test despite warnings from the international community. >> in recent months defectors have moted how the country's elite are doing more business, embracing markets and even amassing fortunes. any such progressive changes, no matter how small will likely be seen as a threat. which is why it's expected that kim jong-un will stamp his authority on the country in the coming weeks and continue his provocative actions. up next, a congressional move that could set up a showdown with the administration. here's what fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 5 in new york, three top aides to mayor bill de blasio have been subpoenaed in an
3:17 pm
ongoing campaign finance probe. helped raise money for upstate new york senate races. the mayor denies any involvement. fox 45 in baltimore, police shot a man dressed in an animal costume with what looked like explosives on his chest. at our fox affiliate this afternoon. police say the man went into the station and made a complaint about the government. employees evacuated the building and police shot and wounded the suspect when he walked back outside. police say the bomb was actually candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil with wires coming out. a live look at los angeles from fox 11, the big story, arrests of three people with connections to one of the san bernardino shooters. the three were arrested on federal conspiracy, marriage fraud and false statement charges. one of the suspects is the brother of sayed farouk.
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man 2: don't use your phone. it's not just security, it's defense. bae systems. . a dozen detroit principals and an administrator are accused of stealing 900,000 dollars from the public school system. even as the district lacked basic necessities like textbooks and even toilet paper.
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federal authorities say the bribery and kickback scheme started as early as 2002 and ended earlier this year. teen pregnancy has fallen to a new all-time low, according to analysis from the centers for disease control. the cdc reported the birth rate fell 9% among 2013 and 2014, the biggest decline is in hispanic and black teens. the cdc cites birth control and. the gross domestic product is down .5%. the dow is down 211, the s&p 500 lost 19 and the nasdaq down 58. victims of terrorism could be one step closer tonight to being able to sue foreign countries for any role they had in the attack. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel has details tonight from capitol hill. >> good evening. fox news has learned senator
3:23 pm
lindsey graham is expected to lift a hold in the senate on a key piece of legislation as early as monday. graham met with three weddos from the 9/11 attack. the women talked about how difficult it has been getting answers over the past almost 15 years and made the case if they could sue saudi arabia that might help them find out what led up to their husbands dying that day. 15 of the 199/11 hijackers were saudi. aides say graham wants to assess the impact. after the meeting we spoke with the women about their message to graham. >> if saudi arabia funded those attacks, decimated lower manhattan and killed 3,000 people it would mean justice finally for our loved ones that died that day. >> it's about making our nation safer. so we want to use the lawsuit as a deterrent for future funders
3:24 pm
of terrorists. >> this was a big issue before president obama's visit to saudi arabia last week. there have been bipartisan calls to declassify the so-called 28 pages which still remain classified. it's believed that the 9/11 hijackers had support from the government, wealthy people and charities in saudi arabia. as for the ability to sue a foreign government, the white house has expressed concern about the impact, if other countries take similar steps against the u.s. >> the whole notion of sovereign immunity is at stake. and it has more significant consequence force the united states than any other country. >> the power of any one senator to slam the brakes on a particular bill. shannon? >> mike emmanuel live on the hill. thank you, mike. house lawmakers hammered the administration today over the release of thousands of criminal aliens eligible for deportation.
3:25 pm
the house oversight committee wants to know why over a three-year period more than 86,000 criminal aliens have been released in the american public and point to statistics that show thousands of them go on to commit more crimes. the director of immigration and customs enforcement defend the agency saying the report was politically manipulated. a look inside a training academy, next.
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from paris to brussels, even san bernardino, the threat of terror is widening. with the shift in threats comes a dramatic change in the way the fbi is training the next generation of agents. with new emphasis on intelligence and analysis. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with exclusive access to how the bureau trains for danger. >> can you identify yourself as fbi. she is armed and dangerous it
3:30 pm
may be a deadly force situation. fox news went inside the fbi training academy in quantico. virginia. >> fbi, stand away from the car, put your hands up. put your other hand up. the suspect played by an actor is down. but the vehicle may be rigged to blow. >> we had the student come up. they would clear the car. car is clear. and covering. at this point i could come in and handcuff. >> with a growing terrorism threat, these essential skills matter even more. >> to me the give-away was no eye contact. right? >> yes. >> as she's being given commands, but not complying, that's an indication there's something going on. most people go -- what do you need? and they comply immediately. >> no agent wants to draw a weapon. but sometimes there is no choice. >> seat belt off, open the door. >> and nearly 1,000 agents and intelligence analysts will graduate this year. but for the first time since
3:31 pm
1908, the train something fundamentally different. >> it is a biblical shift. >> assistant director for training mark morgan said the old program had agents who ran field investigations in one classroom and intelligence analysts in another. >> when they would get done with their training separately, the expectation was they would go into the field and expect them to be integrated. >> this exclusive video takes you inside the fbi academy. where for the first time agents and analysts now learn side by side. they have a better appreciation of each other's duties and responsibility. >> the fbi director james comey speaks often and publicly about the intersection between intelligence and investigation. >> sometimes it's like searching for a needle in a haystack and the great fear that dominates our lives is that the need sl going to reair peer at a train station wearing a suicide vest. >> a familiar scenario that played out recently if brussels. the speed at which americans are
3:32 pm
radicalized demands close coordination. >> i'll use the director's basketball analogy. a guard can't be a center and a center can't be a forward. but it's necessary that they all come together. >> this live-fire exercise teaches agents how to safely handle a weapon within close quarters. most shots are fired within seven yards of a suspect. in june 2015, an isis suspect was shot dead outside a boston cvs, after he threatened local cops and fbi agents with a knife. after this hostage situation at a paris concert hall last fall where several isis gunmen killed 90, this training exercise takes on new meaning. it use as 25-pound battering ram to shatter the lock. >> this slyke the achilles heel for the door. >> exactly. sometimes they go on one strike, most times they don't. >> in a threat environment where al qaeda and isis are leveraging technology to tap new recruits,
3:33 pm
the fbi is evolving, too. >> one of the most important ways we stay ahead of the threat is integration. without that integration, we won't be successful. >> in quantity ccquantico, virg. catherine herridge. tomorrow we learn how recruits are tackling hard issues facing the agency, like rebuilding trust with the public after riots in baltimore and ferguson. not just men, but women, too, could soon be requested to register for the military draft. the house armed services committee backs a bill in a close vote it comes months after the defense dpatment lifted all gend gender-based restrictions in combat. what may have been done with good intent turned out to add to the already-long list of troubles for veterans affairs. the va inspector general found management in a regional office in kansas told staff to erroneously list medical conditions for dozens of patients in an effort apparently
3:34 pm
to speed up the claims process. the incorrect data may have resulted in veterans not receiving the correct information regarding their claims. the wichita office agreed with the report's finding and says it plans to implement changes. is the gop warming up to the idea of a trump nomination? we'll discuss it with the panel, next. my mom loves giving me advice. she even gives me advice...
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i think the party is seeing me that way. i'm getting calls that as i said, you wouldn't believe. i'm getting calls from people that i really can't even know how they can do it. because they've said such horrible things about me and now they want to join the team. >> donald trump talking about now that he's going to be acting like the presumptive nominee. let's talk about it with the panel. judge andrew napolitano, and julie pace, white house correspondent for the "associated press" and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer.
3:39 pm
>> judge, i'll start with you. is it smart, he hasn't locked up the nomination but absent something unforeseeable. close cleveland. >> it's smart of him to portray himself as the presumptive nominee. that generate an aura of inevitabili inevitability. in his case, i think it has caused significant people like senator mitch mcconnell to look at him and lay low in their criticism. we only have five days to go until indiana. i know there's a theory that the "new york times" put out this afternoon that he doesn't need indiana. if he wins indiana effectively it will be over. if he loses indiana he's got to spend all his time in new jersey and california. there does seem to be a feeling in washington and my colleagues may have a better feel for this than i, since i'm stationed in new york, that it's time to consider how the campaign would
3:40 pm
look. how the down-ticket would fare and how the establishment would be involved with a ticket headed by i know this seemed impossible to think five months ago, donald trump. >> julie, he is making an effort in his campaign to build relationships. he's got today about a dozen congressional endorsements, but the folks inside these meetings he's had inside capitol hill say the numbers are growing and he's trying to build relationships here in washington, what do you make of that? >> i think you're starting to see among some republicans a noticeable shift in how they view trump. there's a handful that have come out and endorsed him. there's a growing number that are coming to terms with the prospect of him being the nominee. coming to terms with that they would support him if he's the nominee. i don't want to oversell it because it's not as if you're seeing a huge rush to back him. republicans are saying if he is going to be our candidate, some of us may feel like we need to line up behind him a and try to
3:41 pm
get elected. >> in the meantime we have the former house speaker, john boehner, captured saying some not so flattering things about the man who is still trying to challenge donald trump, senator ted cruz. here's a bit of what the former speaker had to say. >> lucifer in the flesh. >> i've never worked with a more miserable [ bleep ] over my dead body would he be president. >> the former top republican of the house, not long ago saying over my dead body with ted cruz, a current sitting senator of his own party, be president. >> cruz is not the warm and cuddly type. i don't think there's been a candidate, serious presidential candidate, could be since nixon. for whom people had, let me say less warm feelings, but nixon did win. he showed that you don't have to be popular to win.
3:42 pm
nobody really liked him. but nonetheless he was trusted. with cruz, look, he's got -- his appeal has never been personal. it's always been ideological. i'm the conservative and now he says trump is not. so -- that's what it all hinges on. it's not a very strong argument in this particular year where the issues which divides voters is not ideology. but insider-dom. how much are you anti-establishment how populist are you. but in the end of the movement towards trump being the nominee i think we're going to wait until indiana. indiana is the place. if cruz loses, it's over for him. he may stay in the race like a wounded deer, but he's in the going to go anywhere. if he wins, he lives to fight another day. the irony is if he manages that, it's a very narrow path and
3:43 pm
extremely unlikely. if he manages that, trump has to win on the first ballot. >> cruz responded to some of the boehner remarks. a lot of folks in his camp think it's actually a plus for the senator. here's a bit of cruz's response. >> i've never worked with john boehner. truth of the matter is i don't know the man. i've met john boehner two or three times in my life. what boehner is angry with me for is standing with the american people if you're happy with john boehner as speaker of the house, you want a president like john boehner, donald trump is your man. >> there's been an angt in washington, so judge, does it work for him. >> i think that ted cruz welcomes that comment. john boehner is the exact type of middle-of-the-road democrat-lite congressional republican leadership that has given the perception that the republicans in washington are impotent and ted cruz, along with a couple of others in the senate and a gaggle in the house. held john boehner's feet to the
3:44 pm
fire. he was effectively deposed by his own party as the leader of the republicans in the house. this works well when you're holding yourself out as the most conservative presidential nomination since barry goldwater. >> cruz is in a moment where his strategy is trying to unite the republican party. trying to cast trump as more of the outsider, more damaging than him. so to have someone who is still popular in a certain segment of the republican party. donors and elites to be fair. for him to have that come out at a time where he is trying to promote the message of unity, i don't think is helpful to his effort. >> what's so odd is if the criticism of boehner is welcome, because he represents the faction of the party that gave up, was moderate, conceded, was in the end, not conservative enough, the choice of the party up until now. the popular choice, is a guy who isn't even conservative at all. it's a very odd year in which
3:45 pm
you rebel against the establishment. as being insufficiently ideological. and your choice is a guy who is not ideological at all. >> and boehner made a point of saying some nice things about trump. he talked about them texting and golfing together. he said nice things about hillary clinton. but went on to say he would not vote for cruz. >> i don't know that he has most respectful, any juice any more. he may with some of the elites. he was in palo alto, california, way off of cruz's radar screen at this point. i think that ted cruz made the most of it. >> i think he's been squeezed dry. >> cruz or boehner? >> boehner. >> well we'll continue that debate during the commercial. next up, the war on terror, are we really winning the fight against isis? we'll talk about it.
3:46 pm
test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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we're required to submit reprogramming requests, as you all know, to the four congressional defense committees. and, so far, on these phones, we have received differing responses on differing time lines and sometimes with conflicting demands. >> and as we have seen from paris to san bernardino to brussels, this threat is
3:50 pm
increasingly capable of targeting us as many of us predicted that it would. and, yet, at this strategic level we always seem to be a step behind a day late, and a dollar short. >> discussion on the hill today about how we're really doing in the fight against isis. let's talk about it with our panel. charles, i will start with you, because vice president boyden made a surprise trip to iraq today. it is seen as an attempt to bolster the prime minister isis.and their efforts to the discussions continue. >> it's not even about the fight with isis. it's the fact that the government in iraq on which we have put a lot of emphasis, we are supporting the abadi government which succeeded the al maliki government. iraqi of iran, persecuted the sunnis and sort of destroyed what we had built. the government right now, abady is falling apart. there have been huge
3:51 pm
demonstrations and al-sadr, this is the radical shiite militia leader who killed a lot of americans during the car, who is an instrument of iran. is he now back. he disappeared for several years. he is back. is he leading demonstrations against the green zone. and the fear is that the government is going to collapse or that somebody like him is going to inherit the same. what you weep about is to see the vice president there. he had been given the iraq portfolio in 2009 when obama came. in his job was to manage the elections at the time. to end up that are there was a pro-american candidate. he failed. and his other job was to work out the balance of forces agreement. he failed again. and now he is back. doesn't look good. >> yeah. and he was last there, julie, 2011, i believe it was, and a lot had transpired since then. you mentioned the protest. abadie tried to do some things, changing around the cabinet members and those kind of things there have
3:52 pm
been all kinds of protests and soldiers who had been out on some of the battle fields regarding isis had been called back to handle the crowds in baghdad. very complicated situation. >> it's enormous problem. you can look at the white house strategy, the military strategy for taking on isis and quibble with a lot of it. but the administration was right in one sense which is that you can't just have a military solution. you have to focus on the political conditions in iraq. that has proven to be just as difficult as going after isis on the battlefield. just a reminder that we are dealing with a country that, one, does not have a long history of democracy. withtwo, is factions that just do not want to be together in one country. you are trying to keep a country together that often doesn't want to be together. and if you're vice president joe biden, i don't think you are in iraq right now and looking at this situation as something that's going to be a favorable part of your legacy. >> so, when i woke up this morning and learned that he was in iraq, here the way my brain works.
3:53 pm
hillary is going to be indicted and he is trying to bolster himself to take the democratic nomination. my colleagues are correct. this is the last thing he wants to be associated with personally, iraq is such a miserable failure. the president's policies against isis are 250 here. 500 there. but they are not really boots on the ground. they don't really have guns, they don't really shoot. none of that stuff is going to stop the kinds of things that john mccain is worried about. because this administration doesn't have the stomach for it the congress doesn't want to declare war. the american public is not ready for the type of massive land assault that's necessary. but something needs to be done. sending joe biden there, to try and rehabilitate what has become a political military cultural religion disaster is not going to move the dial. >> what's so tragic here is obama himself said in december 2011, as our troops were leaving, we are leaving behind a sovereign, stable, self-governing iraq. and we were. what we needed was to
3:54 pm
maintain a presence as we did in korea and germany after japan -- japan and germany and korea later after those wars. we didn't. and that's the reason we have almost no influence. it's why biden has been away for half a decade. iran is ruling the roost. and as you say, the factions in the country are completely disunited. they were run by monthly can maliki who increased the divisions. now we are in a position where we really have no cards to play. we had all these assets on the ground, including control of the air, we gave them up gratuitously and right now we have no cards. >> well, and julie, we don't have much time to get to it but on another foreign policy front we have provocations by russia, the bombing of the hospital, the medical facility in syria. there are a lot of fires to be put out. >> there are. i think it really raises the stakes for the nominees of both these parties. with isis, this is a problem
3:55 pm
that the next president will inherit, whoever they are. they do owe it to the american people to lay out a strategy for what they would do differently. >> so if muqtada al is is sadr takes over the government are we going to invade again? absolutely not. based on what he said in downtown d.c. the other day. >> still parsing the contours of his foreign policy and speech and more to come, panel, i'm sure. panel, please stick around. that is it for the panel. take a look at how scary technology can be in real life.
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, sometimes new technology can be intimidating, even scary. well, one man thought it would be fun, not only to put his mom behind the wheel of his new self-driving car, but to video it as well. >> oh there's cars coming. oh, there's cars. [ laughter ] >> put me back for me to drive. oh dear jesus. i could never -- awe, awe. where we going? >> oh, boy. if you have ever ridden with charles, it's a little bit like that. [ laughter ] watch out. if he offers you a ride, you
4:00 pm
get in at your own risk. but you get where you are going and get there fast. thanks, charles. that's it for "special report," good night from washington. greta goes "on the record" right now. tonight "on the record," all your news right here. two young boys lost at sea and now word that may be foul play. also a creepy note left by two sons after joining forces to murder their own parents. plus, why is a group of nuns at war with singer katy perry. the nuns and the "on the record" legal panel is here. also big news from the campaign trail will coach bobby knight's endorsement from candidate bobby trump shape up the race in indiana? yes, you saw that big moment at our "on the record" town hall last night. right now you never thought it would get this awful. lucifer in the flesh. ouch. well, that's how former speaker of the house described senator ted cruz lucifer in the flesh. this is getting brutal. >> ho


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