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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> i'm cooking, baby. [laughter] harris: we're back on monday at noon eastern -- sandra: that's hot food. harris: where is this show going? anyway, have a great weekend, we'll see you then, on monday, like i said. [laughter] "happening now" starts now.
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between rocks and crashing waves. wait until you see how this ended. >> we begin with the anti- trump protest descending in chaos in california. i am jon scott. >> and i am heather childers. violence erupted outside of a billionaire's rally in the orange county. our correspondent said it was a peaceful demonstration but spiralled out of control. a protestor smashing up a police car as the crowd cheers him on
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on. no one was seriously injured. 17 people were arrested on the scene and this is at a donald trump speech before a gathering of republicans. and the golden state looming large in the race for the nomination. hi, johnathon. >> reporter: cameraman eric and i spent five hours in the thick of the protest last night. it began peacefully enough and supporters of trump and thousands of them shouted at the anti- trump. and then the sun went down and tensions rose and it was a much darker moment as hundred of the protestors, blocked a major intersection outside of the event. i saw bottles and rocks thrown at an unhelmeted police officer.
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a protestor smash and stomping on the officer. they tried at one point to turn it over and they were not successful. and the police began to move in. we saw a couple of arrests made. one particular gentleman taken down in front of the camera, as you can see right there. in all, we are told and confirmed by the police department, that they made 17 arrests. ten men and seven women. in the midst of all of this. there was a blocking of the intersection. one of those vehicles was a trump supporters and emerged bloodied face. paramedics were called and he was taken away for treatment. we have seen protest and riots
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on the streets of america before p. that was not a riot. but it was a protest that turned violent at times and what is extraordinary here. this was not 99 percent rally. it was not protest such is as black lives matter. it was outside of a presidential campaign rally and i think that is what the extraordinary thing here is. and that is what is worrying for many. california looms so large on the primary calendar right now. there is a concern that this had scene could be repeated and that could do some damage to democracy rather than dignifying the process of democracy, heather. >> it boggles your mind. what does tipping over a police car have to to with disagreeing with donald trump. that makes no sense. >> the so- called john kitch
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kitch and ted cruz alliance wear withing thing. carly fiorina is urging governor kasich to drop out of the race, as cruz denied they joined forces. saying that kasich withdrew from indiana to protect his own intchlt will that emboldened the governor. we'll talk to alex and nina. i want to start with indiana's governor mike pence endorsing ted cruz. it had a lot of high praise for donald trump. what does it do for cruz? >> it is more significant than
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carly fiorina named his vp. a lot of times the endorsements are overhyped. they think about what it does for candidates. for ted cruz, he needs everything he can to get over the edge in it indiana. and there is a narrative this week that donald trump has it locked up. by having the governor come out and supports cruz. regardless of how tepid, that shows cruz people that there is a fight worth fighting. >> but the governor, had a long experience in washington, nina. ted cruz branded himself a washington outsider if he is getting support from mike pence. does that fly in his face. >> he's not getting support from former speaker boehner who
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called him lucifer. and pence, in his own difficult reelection campaign. i am not sure how much impact that would have. the race is not quite over. i know the narrative is turning in favor of trump. but things are close in indiana. it is still a state to watch and see if carly fiorina can bring in the women votes or the bromance that end happen with kasich and cruz. >> that lasted a nano second. both campaigns suggested they were going to work together, i guess to maximize the the potential in the states remaining and now cruz is saying we don't have an alliance.
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>> they are confusing everybody. everything that cruz is saying. do i vote for kasich? and it puts candidates in awkward situations where they will not say don't vote for me. ted cruz may not like the aliance. kasich will let indiana and leave it up to ted cruz to do. i was talking to a republican who worked for a rival campaign no longer in the race and i asked him about the a liiance. this may help cruz in indiana now, but it goes to hurt that negative, you know, narrative against cruz that he is willing to say or do going to win. and look at carly fiorina and naming her vp. and the arcs liiance. it is an interesting point that hurt cruz down the road.
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>> let me get your thoughts on carly fiorina. maybe larry bird was not available. what about carly fiorina, is that going to help him? >> they are trying to make the play because donald trump is so unpopular with women. he has a cent percent disapproval rating with women, you can give women a place to g. and that that will happen with carly. we'll see. indiana is a testing ground on that. and the point i wanted to make about this bromance or a liiance between cruz and kasich is that it was a flawed agreement in the first place. voters don't vote strategically. and it was concocted by political operatives in the camp. it is not surprising it fella
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part and interesting that carly fiorina was the one who put the nail in the coffin of it so to speak. and telling kasich as she is now, to get out of the race. interesting times. nina easton and alex pat pon, thank you both. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail. focusing on the general election and republican front runner donald trump. despite his delegate devsay the bernie sanders is not giving up. he's in indiana and his campaign is shifting gears as well. hi, rich. >> reporter: hi, heather. bernie sanders is shifting to a campaign trying to shape the party's views than capture the nomination for president.
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hillary clinton has a substantial lead in delegate and sanders is laying off workers. the democrats have only 14 contests left. sanders is staying in the race and criticizing hillary clinton for the fraking and taxing. he urged democrats to abandon corporate allies. >> you can't be on the side of workers who lost their jones because of disastrous trade agreements and support those cooperations that threw millions of our workers out on the street. >> reporter: hillary clinton delivered her first public remarks. and speaking at a breakfast for a new york city school this morning, clinton offered no remarks on sanders or republicans in the race.
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this week her campaign stressed it will compete against sanders in the primaries and shift its focus in the general election. already attacking donald trump on his foreign policy views. heather? >> and so it begins. thank you, rich. families of two teenage boys are in a courtroom battle over a iphone belonging to one of the boys. our legal panel weighs in on this unusual case. >> i don't know if he will blow himself but they said to get down. >> a scary scenario when a man in a panda suit claimed to carry a bomb. what was he really carrying. you think john boehner's
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i believe 18 trillion of debt is handicapping the americans right now.
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>> scary and violent end to a bomb hoax in a baltimore tv station. loud booms. police shooting the suspect three times after he made treats. he walked in the news station wearing a panda outfit and a bomb demanding the station air his thoughts on a government conspiracy. swat officers shot him when he refused to surrender.
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the bomb turned out to be candy bars wrapped in foil. the suspect was hospitalized and expected to survive. the families of two florida teenagers who disappeared last july on a fishing trip are found the iowa phone. they found it last month when the vessel washed you up in bermuda. officials turned over the device to the parents. but the other boy's parents are sowing saying that the phone should be searched for potential clues. we'll bring in brian and the criminal defense attorney. thank you for joining us. why is there a need for the lawsuit to begin with?
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>> there is no reason. if it is true there is a criminal investigation it should be held as positive evidence and possible source of leads so that they can track down and find out what happened to the two young men in a haunting case for me and a lot of other parents. >> they would be 15 years old now and took off on a fishing adventure. and they are still missing and foul play is suspected in all of this. brian, why does the fbi not have the phone? >> heather, the fbi doesn't have the phone because the florida department of conservation made a huge mistake by giving the phone back to the parents. that is pathetic. it is an ongoing criminal investigation. the fbi made it clear. that phone should be in the position of the fbi.
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i had cases where i couldn't get a cell phone back even after a criminal investigation was concluded. that phone needs to get back to the fbi and decode and apple needs to step up and help them do that and help solve the mystery. >> perry, and austin. and the phone was returned to austin's parents and peri's parents suing the other parents. why would they not give it to the fbi. >> you have to understand upon as a prosecutor, your job to make sure there is a chain of custody of the evidence. and ultimately if anyone is indakted or charged with foul play, the fact that the phone was in possession. victim's parents could raise reasonable doubts.
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it should have gone directly to law enforcement and a contention by the family. they have the right intentions. the people lost their son. i can't imagine the pain they feel. but the law has to control here and this has to be done right. >> this brings to mind the case of the san bernardino killers and everything we went to, to break in to that phone. what can be used in this case, brian? >> heather, there was a snap chat allegedly the same day when one of the boy's disappeared and the boy said we're f---. there might be more valuable information on the phone. i will get shamed for the comment. apple's stock went down for a first time in the decade.
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and maybe the reflection and i have a apple phone here and i am on the fence if i am going to stay with them. and they should have helped the family and should have helped in the san bernardino. that is the voice of two young kids that are missing. >> hopefully there will be a resolution for the parents. thank you for joining us. bye-bye. >> ted cruz is trying to take lemons and make lemonade. how the campaign upon is trying to turn the comments by john boehner to go to votes and beef up the war chest. cleared
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welcome back. a tornado unleashing 100 miles per hour winds in central indiana. the twister tore roofs off several homes and destroyed a barn. no reports of injuries. people sheltered in place as all of that chaos unfolded. >> i woke up and heard the last part of it. and i looked out and went, i can't say that on tv. >> i saw the top of the funnel cloud or tornado and within seconds heard the debris. we ran inside and got the dog and went to the bathroom and hunkered down. yeah, it was very scary. >> they know what to do in that part of the country. in mississippi, a law man came to the rescue of a trapped driver in rising water.
10:26 am
that is parts of the gulf coast brace for another day of flash flooding. >> syria state media report that rebel fighters the a mosque there. the area has had intense air strikes and shelling. 200 civilians are dead. secretary of state john kerry condemned those air strikes that targeted a pediatric hospital killing doctors and nurses and children. conner powell has more from jerusalem. >> reporter: jon, the fighting between rebels and pro government forces are increasing. but in a leppo, the death toll
10:27 am
is mounting. more than 200 civilians in aleppo have been killed in the last week or so. a mosque was hit by rebel artillery and killing 15 people. forces loyal to the assad regime or syrian jets or russian jets bombed a hospital run by doctors without borders and international red cross. dozens were killed including children and much needed medical personnel. many of them were injured from the war that was going on and killed in the hospital. increasingly, we're seeing makeshift medical centers attacked in syria, particularly by pro government forces. this comes as the american red cross said aleppo is a humanitarian catastrophe there. and in the last six months or
10:28 am
so. we have seen the assad regime taking the ground from rebel including isis in the entire syrian battlefield. and the assad regime is beginning to win the war, but not regaining control of all of syria. you are see issing the assad regime making significant gains on the ground in syria. this comes as the obama administration sends 250 troops to syria and battle isis. they are there as part of the anti- isis strategy. that causes concern with the rebel groups. but assad and russia who denounced the deployment of the 250 troops to it syria. this comes as international talks to try to bring about a peaceful solution to the ongoing five year civil war in
10:29 am
syria is beginning to fail. the ceasefire in february held for several months, but it is crumbling before our eyes and you are seeing a rising death toll as the situation is getting worse with the summer fighting season. >> just when you thought it couldn't get worse. thank you, conner. >> an investigation of a accidental bombing of a afghan hospital. the factors that contributed and who is held responsible. a brutal regime sentencing a second american to prison. we'll tell you what he's accused of coming up.
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♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪ >> a top u.s. military commander said the bombing of doctors without board ares in afghanistan was a tragic accident and not a war crime. but families of those killed, victims and wounded in that attack strongly disagree and they are calling for justice. here's more from the pentagon. jennifer? >> reporter: the 3000 page report on the air strike that killed 42 people including medical personnel including doctors without borders is protecting the identities of
10:34 am
u.s. military. they were disciplined but will not face criminal charges or a court martial. >> the interpretation, legal interpretation and our understanding of this, the fact that this was unintentional. and unintentional action takes it out of the realm of being a deliberate war crime. that is the principle reason why we don't consider it to be a war crime. >> the afghan hospital was on a no strike list. but the crew could not access the list in the attack due to equipment failure. they were fighting four days to help afghan troops five isis. they were fired on by a surface
10:35 am
to air missile. they department know they were firing on a hospital during the strike that lasted 30 minutes. they were not fired on from the doctors without borders compound. they have paid money. and throw thousand for those wounded and 6000 for those kimmed. heather? >> thank you, jennifer. senator and president candidate ted cruz is looking to benefit from the remarks of jaup boehner who called cruz lucifer in the flesh. he said the former speaker is the god father of the washington cartel and suggested that boehner is in cahoots with donald trump. we'll talk about it with the
10:36 am
democratic staddist >> gidly is on the presidential cam 59. >> hoggen. i don't think i had heard two high level leaders go at each other in such a vivid way. why did boehner say? >> he's not in office and he can express what he feels publicly. a lot of people feel that way about p ted cruz. a reporter covered capitol hill for 26 years and never saw someone so hated as ted cruz. boehner expressed the sentiment of elected officials and the irony of this, ted cruz has martyred it for a long time. there is a difference being
10:37 am
a martyr and a piraira. no one wants going to do with him. no one wants to touch or be be near him. and thus, nothing gets accomplished when ted cruz is involved. >> he must be be doing something right. he is number two in the delegate. >> he is however. ted cruz is facing the ghost of tortilla coast. he violated every protocol on want capitol hill. and the only platting to nomination is to block donald trump and come back to the same as we calls it and gets them to give the nomination and bone p bone made it chlor. this was designed to cause the most damage to ted cruz at the worst possible time. going in california, he needs to
10:38 am
go and win california. i think it is a shot below the water line to sink the ss ted it cruz by john boehner. >> this is a tweet sent out by cruz after the remarks from boehner. >> tell me again, who will stand up to washington. trump who is boehner's golfing buddy. or carly and me? can he turn that to his advantage? >> he can try, but the problem is, it is not genuine. he's part of the establishment. and ted cruz has been on about the washington cartel. and he got name off of it is raise money. but the sweet irony exists as my
10:39 am
co-wofshged out. it goes back to what is said. he will be friends or enemies with anybody just to get elected. he's pulling the establishment close to him to try to get elected. >> garland, it is fair to it say that john boehner might be speaker of the house were it not for ted cruz and the bad feelings he engineered in the capitol hill. >> i don't know he will have to lead the crusade of ted cruz. he can get out of the way and let it out of the way. ted cruz movement is a ted cruz movement. all about ted cruz and i don't think he will go far from that. he might keep the delegates from
10:40 am
trump. >> potential fire works in cleveland. >> thank you, and god bless. >> coming up. catherine herridge joins the fbi. and shows the weapons. >> the fbi, stand away from the car and put your other hand up. rrn ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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. .
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>> take a look at this. intense video of a near drowning in hawaii as three swimmers to stay alive. take a look. you see them there? they spent three harrowing minutes trying to get out of the water. they are up against the rocks. one woman was nearly swept away.
10:44 am
officials warn it could have been much worse. >> the threat of terror is widening at home and abroad. focusing on intelligence and analysis. catherine herridge joins us with exclusive access with the training. >> reporter: thank you, jon. fox news went in the fbi academy where we took and experienced the takedown of a terrorist resisting arrest. it was realistic but we fired blanks in this situation. fbi, stand away from the car and put your hands up. put your other hands up. the suspect is down and the vehicle may be rigged to blow. >> they come up and car is clear.
10:45 am
and that is a thousand agents will graduate this year. and first time the train suggest fundmentally different. assistant for training said the agents ran. >> the expectation of going to the field can integrated. it just didn't make sense. >> we can't she faces. the video takes you inside of the fbi academy. agents and analyst learn side by side. >> after the hostage situation in a paris concert hall where gun authority men killed 90 and injured more than 200. it uses a 25 pound battering ram to shatter the lock. >> sometimes they go on one strike and most of the time they
10:46 am
don't. >> it is it a little practice but i got it. >> the speed in which americans are radicalized. show they bring the fieldang lift and agents together. >> unfortunately they will have to put that training to use. those agents in the field. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> more provocative action from pyongyang as a second u.s. citizen is sentenced to prison in north korea. he was accused of spying and stealing state secrets. last month a 15 year sentence was given to a college student. that follows two missile launches. and north korea's strongest allies has leaders worried with
10:47 am
the military build up in the south china seas. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, heather. >> you believe the incidents are all related and why? >> the ruler of the country, kim jong-un is unsecure. there is a lot of fighting, since he took over from his dad's death. there was a lot of killing of senior officers and hundred senior officials that is put to death. and what kim jong-il needs a celebration of his rule to consolidate his position. if not, there will be years of further rule. >> haft time was 1980. kim jong-un predecessor, who was his dad. he was consolidated and he
10:48 am
didn't worry about the celebration. kim jong-un is in a different position. we is trying to dot missile tests and the sense of crisis that the regime needs a come to surrife. >> and two mefrns; they were targets of opportunity. you had a kid that got a 15 year sentence. he was a prank. but this one is intchlth he had a long history of dealing with north korea. and so therefore, it doesn't seem like he would be involved in spying. that was made up. >> he was sentenced to ten years of hard labor regardless. and two failed missile launches upset pyongyang. and one was successful off of
10:49 am
the submarine. >> this is important. they have perfected the technology of launching a missile out of the submarine it is and having it clear the water and ignite. it went 18 miles or so. and it was better when they had haunched from the. >> and china, military build up with them? >> there is a crisis when the u.n. panel in the hague issues a ruling on china's claims. they are trying to reclaim scar borough outside of manila bay. this is dangerous. this is china taking over and aggression. >> we'll watch it. and thank you, gordon. we'll be right back. stay with us. ar, then smash it into a tree.
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don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. today, but is it too little, too late. and why did he praise donald trump first? we'll talk to the head of california's party about their unique rules and which kaefr they potentially favor. bong hits, gas masks, claims of a hacked twitter account? that's just day one of the nfl draft. he's here to break it down. it was quite a start. the u.s. army making a stunning reversal about the fate of a decorated green beret. it now says that sergeant 1st class charles martlin will
10:54 am
remain in service. the army had been planning to kick him out for beating a local afghan police commander accused of raping a boy. he told fox news, "i am real thankful for being able to continue to serve." the fda grants emergency approval for a diagnostic test for the zika virus in the united states. just in time for summer. when mosquitos like the kind that carry the disease are out in full force. >> reporter: we're also getting breaking news from the centers for disease control that zika has now claimed its first life of a u.s. citizen, a 70-year-old man in puerto rico who died of complications due to getting zika in february. other surprises about this zika virus and the mosquito that carries it, nasa scientists now
10:55 am
joining the analysis saying the mosquito is expected to travel and spread further north and lifl long they are summer than expected. here in miami-dade county this county leads all counties in the country with the most number of confirmed zika cases at 39 with its hot and human subtropical climate and abundant dense foliage which all of those mosquitos love to thrive in. nasa scientists say zika will most likely reach epidemic status this summer in south florida. its new map ranks the regions most at risk, cities in red -- miami, orlando and from new orleans to charleston. cities in orange should have a moderate abundance of the zika carrying mosquito. yellow is low risk. miami-dade spends 1.6 million mr. a year on mosquito control and it's asking for more this year but it is not panicking. >> we feel that we are prepared and we have the resource that we
10:56 am
need to be able to do the appropriate spraying, appropriate surveillance, appropriate education and outreach. >> health officials say the biggest tool in their battle against zika are homeowners across the country removing all standing water from their properties because they say all it takes is this much, a small bottle cap full of water, for this disease spread mosquito to thrive. >> phil keating in florida, thank you. we've seen it happen before, to birds. but now this bear cub is learning the hard way one very uncomfortable lesson about windows. the final 30 is up next. the itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout. down came the rain... ...and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement
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this cit added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like wiped everything clean. my teeth are glowing. they are so white. i actually really like the two steps. everytime i use this together it felt like leaving the dentist's office. crest hd, 6x cleaning, 6x whitening. i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before. a bear cub stops by a house to say hello. but then -- this.
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>> the little guy seemed a bit dazed by the head eer into the windows. it is the second time that particular bear stopped by. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. thanks, guys. senator ted cruz gets an endo e endorsement from indiana's governor today ahead of tuesday's presidential primary in that state. i'm gretchen carlson, this is the real story for this friday. gop candidates campaigning in indiana and the big state of california, the last big prize on the schedule. senator cruz stumping in the hoosier state today with his new running mate, carly fiorina. donald trump and john kasich are in california where 172 delegates are up for grabs. voters hit the polls there june 7th. indiana votes next tuesday. 57 delegates


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