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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 30, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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tonight's campaign flash. see you monday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. don't forget to go to monday night 7:00 p.m. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing. >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, a bong cost one player million. and it is one of the reasons why i support returning to the ancient greek tradition of competing in the nude. and finally a pop up confession in new york city lets you confess your darkest sins to a nonjudgmental robot m.
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>> back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. she is such a national treasure nicholas cage will be here any minute to save her. >> i hate him. >> joanne nosuchunsky. he never met a pizza he never met. >> little known fact his beard is a clip on. the host of the gavin mcginnis show. gavin mcginnis. and he is the former of new mexico and the current governor of our hearts. sit ks next to me, the next president of the united states , libertarian superhero, gary johnson. let's start the show. >> tunsil was expected to be the third overall pick. right before the big event, video surfaced of him smoking pot through a gas mask. we have all done it.
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the offensive tackle fell to 13th pick. tun sigh l who -- tunsil who played at mississippi said his account was hacked. it was costly dropping 10 places. just laughing is knocking me off my game here. he knocked off millions in his potential salary. the video was taken years ago, he said, and it was a mistake. i bet you are wondering what does chris christie think of all of this? >> it is unbelievable. it is not enough. >> it is a great photo. >> it is incredible. i can't take my eyeses off of it. >> the governor was clearly delighted by the video. christie who opposes legalizing weed said, quote, when i was a prosecutor i would have gone in and cuffed this guy. is that what prosecutors do, ben? do they do the cuffing?
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that never happens on law and order. >> i don't think colombo does the cuffing. >> he was having a good time and it is too bad he fell so far in the draft. who doesn't give themselves the old darth vader every now and again. it is a great way to inhale. it does look grim when you see the video. essentially forget the visual. it was a guy smoking pot, right? >> yeah, i mean it is not that big of a deal. he was drafted by the dolphins. dare i say he will be living in miami having a great time. i think he won. i think he won in the deal. good thing he didn't get drafted by the green bay packers because he would be obese in a month. all we do is eat cheese and butter burgers. >> welcome to the show. what did you think when you saw this video? >> what a bum wrap. >> you did? i thought you were going to say what an amateur. >> first time i smoked pot as an athlete in high school, wow, this is just so much
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better than alcohol. that's what it was all about. athletes use pot. let's not -- what a bum wrap. and christie, what makes me mad is he wants to cuff the guy and that's the reason tens of millions are for the drug laws otherwise the tax tax paying law abiding citizens are now felons. >> would he reel cuff a guy for using a little weed? >> i think christie would do that. he might be the vice presidential pick under trump. who is to say? >> this is a real digital age. i will paraphrase television host greg gutfeld. he said if the internet was around when he was younger he wouldn't be working here today. do you under what that means? >> yes, but this guy should have known that. he grew up in this culture and he is
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younger than us. don't you know this is going on? don't you know the dolphins will get their tunsils out. >> he was a possible step-father. >> this pot today, i want it legalized. it is green lsd and it will get you so high -- >> you will say goodbye to millions of dollars and think it is a good decision. >> it is too strong. >> he is giggling in the video. maybe it is a little more aggressive behavior if you will. >> hitting their girlfriends and their wives. >> this is a problem the nfl is talking about and that's one you should gladly accept. >> michael phelps. >> 18 gold medals and they should have bumped him from third to the first because they knew he smoked weed. >> he also said it was a mistake. these athletes say no it is a
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mistake and i learned my lesson. what do you think? they should have said mind your own business? >> they should say mind your own business, but i can understand why they say it is a miss -- mistake. running for governor of new mexico it is a mistake to smoke pot in your youth. no, it wasn't a mistake. everybody did it. give me a break. >> donald trump is piling up delegates and endorsements. the "washington post" reports many gop elites are resigned to trump as the standard bearer. people are realizing that he is the likely nominee. the range of emotion is from emotion to enthusiasm. on thursday two more members out in favor of trump cor ce r -- corker said it amounted to an atta boy and not an endorsement. it is an atta boy. that's still good. in other news, john kasich picked up a coveted go get em
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tiger from senator jim. and on friday indiana governor mike pence said he is on. are you on sleek? >> i am not. i never heard of it. >> i think it is a phrase that has come and gone. >> now that we said it here on fog news -- fox news it is gone. >> have to check this out. >> what do you think? on the endorsements or the nonendorsements of trump people are starting to come around. it is like a resignation. i bet you are not resigned, are you? >> i don't know how the table is set any better for the only third party candidate that will be on the ballot in all 50 states. >> aren't you sick of these people?
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we need a third candidate and he is nominating people, but i am over huer -- over here. >> recognizing the libertarian party is the only one in all 50 states. i am seeking the nomination. the nominee will be on the ballot in all 50 states. the only in all 50 states. >> what about mcafee. >> getting dirty. trump is -- are we going to be talking about this until june? trump will get it, right? >> trump's got it. he will definitely get it and likely become the next president. >> i just read an article from will ron. he said stop laughing. why do you think since he is down in the poll what makes
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you think he will be the next president? >> this is the first election in a longtime the dads are getting off the couch. if we had the demographics we had for regan then romney would have won in a land slide. what are you doing now? >> obama was a mess. he was like true dough. he was voted by women because he is cute. >> and now -- >> i kind of agree. >> the interest is on the trump side. >> the republicans are up 70%. if you look at the voters in the primary there is the gop process and a poll to put trump 38% to 38% and it is very, very possible that in the head to head fight he
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could beat the extremely flawed candidate that is mrs. clinton. >> did you say 38-38? >> that leaves 24. >> if you don't put my name in the polls it will fill the gap. >> why is it? why can't the party get a foot hold? >> it is because donald trump is new and exciting. donald trump is the cronut. when it first came out there is all of this buzz. what is it? is it a donut? is it a croissant? it tasteses great. no way i am going to eat a cronut. but everybody is secretly eating it and you have to resolve the fact that, you know what? i gained 20 pounds. my pants don't fit and i will not try to stuff myself into these skinny jeans anymore. i give in. i will eat cronuts for the rest of my life. >> if trump is a cronut, what are you? >> joanne took the show.
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>> are you an avocado. >> that's very trendy. >> meanwhile trump is in california where he will beholding a rally and in just 19 hours let's take a live look. they haven't really set it up yet, but momentarily in 19 hours trump will be speaking to is supporters right here. they will be building a stage and thousands of people are expected. we are asking you to stay tuned. we have coverage of the trump rally that is starting at any hour now. watch what it would be like if john kasich won the nomination. the new campaign ad, imagine an improbable future. >> and the gop nomination for president goes to john kasich. what a long, fascinating trip it has been.
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how did it go from the final three to the one the establishment didn't think they could win. running for president is not about the establishment. it is about the delegates and the delegates decided this election was about winning the presidency. >> that's right. it is not about the establishment or the voters. it is about the delegates. it is a representative democracy represented by the brave american pro-kasich delegates. >> in the final hours it came down to the brave americans, delegates, you who over came tremendous personal pressure and did the right thing. they nominated the only candidate who could win the only election that happened. >> i am not sure that will happen. kasich is so far from the nomination he can't get his own chia pet. our friend pointed out cruz, trump, clinton, sanders, they
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all get chia pets. even the presumptive nominee of the libertarian party has one. take a look. >> i just knew it ahead of time. >> did you see it coming? >> our special thanks to five fan photoshop. always does great work. joanne, on this ad can you imagine a future of that happening? >> a lot of people can't imagine it. technically what they were saying is true. in the match ups, he is the candidate who can beat hillary without it being too close. but my main problem with this is the female voice they use in attack ads where it is the black and white video and she is sounding like that and it is slightly positive, but it is an attack. there -- this is a nice ad for him and it felt wrong.
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it feels wrong. >> she seemed a little sexy. she is like, you don't -- you over there you handsome devil. >> i should be paying money to hear such a voice. >> what do you think? he seems to have broad appeal, but he is not appealing to republicans. the only reason he polls well is because nobody knows who he is. they don't know they don't like him yet. people consider trump the reality show candidate. i believe he is, but you have cruz picking a vp even though he is not close to the nomination. it is fiction. they are both fiction candidates. it is absolute nonsense. i would like to see a state of the union where he cracks over some tales as he tells us how we are going to war, but other than that -- >> i want to see him eat more. >> we love watching him eat. gavin, he does have appeal. he has across the aisle appeal. >> he may have appeal, but so
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does a banana. do you want that forour next president? >> i think the chee yaw -- the chia pet thing could be the straw that breaks the camel's back. i can see him going that's weird. everyone but me. and then at 2:00 in the morning he is calling his campaign manager and saying the chee yaw pet thing -- the chia pet thing there is nothing in it for them. >> and then he is up all night and eventually he realizes, no chia pet no presidency. >> they know there won't be a lot of pre-orders. >> the chinese are good with mathematics and algorithms. they have done the mathematics and that won't sell chias. >> are you saying you saw the joke coming a mile away? >> kasich, he deserves credit for really protecting the
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balanced budget that did occur. based on that ad maybe he is partaking of my hat. >> maybe i will hang out with the guy after all. >> talk about vice president, that would be a good pick for trump. don't you think? he has ohio and he has the cross over appeal. what do you think? >> i think trump will go for the guy in new jersey. what's his name? the governor. >> christie? >> christie. i think that's what has been set up. >> interesting. >> and christie wants to put the football player in cuffs. >> what about you? what about mac afee? would he be good for you? >> probably not. >> i love his brief answers. let's check back in with the trump rally.
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they are still setting up, and in under 19 hours he will be speaking to supporters. we'll bring you live coverage. we'll be checking in. >> coming up, what's wrong with team usa's uniforms? i guess they are too nice and we can't have nice things.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. five more protesters arrested at a donald trump appearance. this one at the california gop convention outside san francisco. demonstrators waiving america can flagses and throwing eggs at police
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before breaking through police barriers. trump went into the venue through a rear entrance saying he felt like he was crossing the border. 20 people were arrested at a trump rally on thursday. ted cruz campaigning on friday and picking up endorsement of governor pike pence. the governer said cruz is a principalled conservative who has shown the courage of his convictionses. indiana's primary is next tuesday. 57gop delegates are up for grabs and cruz hopes to slow trump's march to the convention in cleveland. the third candidate in the gop race he took part if a town hall meeting in san francisco on friday. kasich took questions about gay rights and marriage equality saying more people should take a, quote, chill pill and try to get along with one another rather than turning to legislation. the governor walked a fine line and in the end he said he does not believe in discriminating against anybody. but he added religious views
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may be honored. several tornadoes touching down and it left a lot of destruction in their wake. luckily no deaths. they warned residents to take cover as the storms were moving in. air bus grounding all of its flights. the helicopter is following the fiery crash of one off the coast of norway on friday. all 13 people on board were killed. witnesses say they saw the rotor blades breaking away from the chopper while it was still in the air. it was ferrying passengers from an oil platform in the north sea. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." apparently nobody likes the new olympic team uniforms. the outfits debuted on "the today show." they were designed by ralph lauren for the closing ceremonies taking place in waters world. i mean rio de janeiro. they were described as prep school hell.
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jess -- jessebell called them waspy, bs. but everyone is over looking the real fashion faux-pas, the official sunglasses of the olympics, oakley. it was announced with little fanfare. here are the folks from "the today show" saying you don't need a medal to look like this and this. or this. or this. i think he does the weather on "the today show." >> it is not al roker. >> gavin, i am going to you. fashion do's and don'ts. >> i am an expert. >> this is what they always look like. they are athletes. they should look preppy. >> they should look neat and prim and proper.
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>> my problem is the stupid name and his name 1* ralph stigelwitz and he is ralph lauren and he gave him striped shirts. that's as french as a beret and the cigarettes and the scarves. >> it has a big usa on it. >> it has to or you will think they are french boaters. >> thank you have a brob with the waspy angle? >> they built the country and made it great. way should be admiring them. >> did you ever wear a blue blazer and beanie? >> i swear to god i never wear shorts. this is as nice as i can possibly look. i wish we went to -- who ever makes the clothes for tag teams in pro wrestling. go with the road warriors. it would be fun if the team showed up with spiked is shoulder pads.
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let the world know we can win the gold. >> they have to dress it up. it is for the closing ceremony. they are not supposed to show up. >> we can put the head of our opponents on the spikes for the closing ceremony. we should look tough again. >> joanne, look, we will go to you on this. you have to make the final decision. i think they look well. >> i kind of like them. >> it is a button down and khakis. everyone criticizes. we shame them for what they are wearing. >> and we hate french people because they are annoying whim pes. wimps. >> let's run some -- i think we have photos from some of the other teams. we have sweden and france. governor, you are an athlete.
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>> i don't think they could have made -- this is the worst choice they could have made. these are the best athletes we have. how about making them look bad ass. >> make them old school olympics. >> they are yankee white. >> that's what it is. everyone is saying they -- that's what all of the blogs are saying, governor. why don't you address that for me. all of the jesibelle -- >> they are all right on. this is not yachting. this is not cricket. this is the olympics. make our team -- >> but america loves the rich. what did stein beck say? the poor vote republican because they see themselveses as temporary embarrassed americans. >> this is ralph lauren. it looks like a ralph lauren design. >> he donated the flag to the
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smithsonian. >> what about the stripes on the flag? >> we are all about stripes here in the united states of america. >> before we move on, let's check in on the trump rally. >> and then the big event. trump will be speaking to supporters in less than 19 hours. stay tuned for the live coverage. panel, i want you to laugh. >> we are straight faced and part of the bit. >> andy is already nodding his head. the pod cast is back. this week's available now. tune in on fox news
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy. >> we'll take another look at the scene from the upcoming trump rally. >> my understanding is this rally is not happening for like two months that they are actually going to build a structure, but we want to make sure we are there on time so we are just -- we have this -- we are set. >> let us know any changeses. >> i definitely will keep you
12:32 am
up-to-date. before i get started actually, it wasn't noticible to viewers, but you have a slight tick or something during the show? you know what i'm talking about? can we show that video? >> don't want anyone to stand out because it is a team effort. this is training to be in the nfl. >> nobody seemed to notice it. >> you were watching the not at all edited clip and nobody noticed it at all. it is something i picked up on so i was curious. >> tunsil smoking weed and not a good thing. >> at least marijuana is not the drug of choice for miami.
12:33 am
>> what is the drug of choice for miami? >> i have no idea. cocaine. i haven't done a bunch of cocaine in miami so i don't know it is cocaine. >> chris christie wanting to lock him up is the whole problem with the war on drugs. >> later in the interview they talked about the new york nicks coach who was caught -- he faved some pornographic pictures and he said live and let live. a bit of a difference there president. >> a bit of a difference. >> look, the first thing he thinks about is putting cuffs on the guy? >> yes. >> he has a case of the shillues. >> the reason he feels that way is because he is an awful human being. >> gavin, you said tunsil should have known better because he is young and he knows social -- social media and whatever. he said something happened years ago and it was a mistake. do you think he meant the pot
12:34 am
smoking or letting himself be videoed. >> he wants you to think pot smoking. come on, kids. you guys in vented this stuff. why are we having to tell you how to use it? >> he used it perfectly. >> he knows how to use it. >> i shouldn't be talking, but you don't cost yourself millions of dollars for social media. >> take it from me, kids. >> it is a psa. >> that's a former criminal talking to kids. they are telling them -- they are scared straight. >> joanne you are completely correct. >> governor johnson, you said it was a mistake except the nfl still has an anti-nfl policy, so he had to say that.
12:35 am
>> i understand that and that's what so many people say is it is a mistake. why didn't you just say look, it wasn't a mistake. 100 million people partake in this. come on. it is everybody. it is your friend and your family and your co-workers. you want to put them in jail? republicans do. >> it didn't look like a mistake. he knew he was smoking weed. there is nothing accidental about it. that was not a contact high. by the way on friday the dolphins announced tunsil would not be at a press conference because of an allergic reaction, but then he showed up. who knows? trump picks up an atta boy. you seem surprised he didn't know term on sleek. when did you learn it? >> since i went over the scripts today. >> so hours and hours ago. >> almost a whole day. >> i have been worrying about
12:36 am
it ever since i made the comment. >> joanne, you said trump is the cronut. >> it is tastier. >> governor, what is going on with john mcafee? >> is he a nuty nut job who is nuts? jay you know, just google john mcafee and have a look. that's all i want to say. >> have a look. >> no, no. i think he is very endearing. i think he is a nice guy. he is very personable. google him and have a look. >> you pronounced kasich's name, kay-sich. i was wondering if you did that on purpose like you call an ex's new girlfriend by the wrong name. >> i did do it on purpose. >> you said trump has it meaning the nomination. you are right about that. i don't think you are right about him beating hillary. i think he wills loo, but
12:37 am
stranger things have happened. >> tsunami of dads will come roaring off the couple. >> it is entirely possible. >> the kasich super pack ad. tom as you pointed out he didn't mention the voters. running for president is not about the establishment, it is about the delegates. it is aimed at 1237 people. why not send it to them and spare the rest of us? >> they seem to be talking to the delegates. >> yes. >> gaff -- gavin, you said kasich has appeal, but so does a banana. i want to give you kudos. >> there is not enough publics. on -- puns. it is a different type of humor. >> when you are lining to -- when you are lessening to dire straits -- >> we are the sultans of pun.
12:38 am
>> you could see your chee yaw pet come -- chia pet coming ahead of time. was that a pun? >> i do like my chia head. >> if there was a john mcafee, chia head what do you think it would look like? >> you are really going after that. >> we are trying to break some news. everyone hates the new u.s. olympic uniforms. do you think john mcafee doesn't like the kidding. gavin, ralph always makes the logo too big. i couldn't agree more. they shouldn't let him do that. >> i mean i guess roots did it with the canadian uniforms awhile ago, but can you take a day off from your logo, please. this isn't about you. >> totally agree. >> and his name was ralph
12:39 am
lifshiz. underrable why he changed it. you said the uniforms look well. >> yeah, that was weird. >> did you mean they are healthy? they look healthy or they are doing a good job of looking? >> they look well. they look well in those outfits. >> the outfits look well. >> ben, look, we all agree that these are hideous, right? >> i mean i couldn't fit in them. >> they will only be worn at the closing ceremonies. they won't be competing in these. >> you can't swim in them. you can't jump in them. >> they are fine. i don't care. >> what do you mean? this is a story we are doing. >> i am deeply concerned. >> i still like my idea of shoulder pads. >> didn't you pitch the story? >> it did you president matter. >> if i didn't get thig in today. >> just lastly, joanne, you are absolutely right. this is what you get when you hire ralph lauren. don't hire him if you don't
12:40 am
want prepy looking stuff. >> i am three for three. you're welcome, america. >> i'm done. >> thank you, andy. time to take a break. real life experiences when we come back.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. another american behind bars
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in north korea. they naturalized a u.s. citizen for hard labor. he was charged with spying and stealing state secrets. china is denying a u.s. navy request to dock an aircraft carrier. they were set to visit hong kong. the move reflect intensify tee in china and u.s. security relations. a key witness in the trial of dylann roof testified. meeks said roof said it would spark a race war. will farrell said he will not play a dementia-stricken ronald reagan. a new comedy script of the former president falling into the disease and it was met with backlash especially from members of the reagan family saying there is nothing funny
12:45 am
about the disease. the supreme court is denying an emergency request to hear airing mebts on the -- hearing arguments on the law and they say it is discriminatory. there is a government photo id required to vote. and they are refusing to pass a measure to honor john wayne. wayne grew up in california, but it was quickly shot down because of statements he made during his life about minorities. i'm jackie ibanez and now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel. >> life is filled with experiences. life experiences.
12:46 am
churchill said that. they deserve to be documented. i was perusing the experience category today and it is filled with extraordinary firsthand accounts. let's look at some of them. he should have watched ski school 2. a classic. i grew up in a cemetery, but the bonus, no curfew. i say the man dressed as santa. >> i owe the world's fastest tortoise. if i could, i would. experience. i ran over a school bus -- i ran a school bus over a cow. >> what a lucky day for those kids. >> these are real experiences. >> do you read "the guardian." >> i do not.
12:47 am
>> you would read stuff like this week in and week out the. >> we did a column called it really effing happened and it was the exact same. >> they stole it. how many things? let's go back to your earliest days and how many of your things have been sold? i talk about the fashion do's and don'ts. you started that. >> a lot of things. >> 47 things. >> ever have any experiences? >> yes. >> it happened very recently. i may do a book about it. and i want to do a talking tour about it. i was at a restaurant and i got time off. i have maybe an hour. this woman was talking in my face one hour nonstop and i don't know if she was on drugs. i couldn't order a drink and i said i will order it for you. i didn't know how to get out of it. and one hour nonstop. it was traumatizing. >> how did you get out of it? >> i ate my cold sandwich.
12:48 am
it took forever. the waitress couldn't find it. i took it all and then eventually i had to leave and pay the check. i was shaking. >> as somebody running for president get over it, man. it happens all the time. >> oh my gosh, it is the worse. >> and a connoisseur of bad breath i have to say. >> oh my god, i never thought of that. >> imagine what you are talking about with bad breath added in. >> you can't say shut up i ?eed to go. i need to go. >> you will lose that vote. >> i know what gavin is worried about. >> my wife goes to this place so i can't say shut up you boring old turd. she may spit on my wife's food. i had to sit there and go -- >> kissel, any experiences ? >> the oscars used to be
12:49 am
popular. i thought how fun it would be if there was a fat oscar. i shaved my legs legs and spray painted my body gold and my friend said you can die if you do that because you can get toxic shock or something like that so i spent four hours as my friends sporadically came in and tried to brush me off. "broke back mountain" was a hell of a big winner that year. >> joanne? >> i had to go to the hospital because they put anti--perspirant on before the make up and my face doesn't breathe. >> i should be the governor of new mexico. >> i obviously haven't lived. all of this is crazy. >> when i was at miss usa they try to brand every girl. who had the most tragic life experience? who had the craziest thing happen to them? they do these interviews. i live in hell's kitchen and i
12:50 am
never cook in the kitchen. that's got to be something. they are like, we can't work with this. >> she gets takeout. that's worth the crown right there. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story. they brought this on themselves.
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now it's war, and i want them dead! the fleas and ticks? their whole gang. we can do that. only bravecto kills fleas & ticks for up to 12 weeks with one tasty chew. starts killing fleas in two hours and kills nearly 100% in under twelve. and it's fda approved. bravecto is for dogs 6 months of age or older. don't worry, princess, we'll settle the score.
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tonight we ride, with bravecto!! ask your vet about 12-week protection with bravecto. to a robot 1234 i would as long as it is nose allowed to contact the police. they will be traveling around new york city in the coming weeks and volunteers can confess to a robot who willisen and ask follow-up -- will listen and ask follow-up questions. it is about art official intelligence. here is video of the robot responding to a confession. >> after the confessional booth you can go to a separate penance booth.
12:55 am
>> that wasn't the hbo documentary. that was a different video. they were putting post-its on his face. what do you think? a confessional booth? >> i think there is a weak question in every show and i think this was the weak question. >> i object successed over this and i didn't understand it was volunteer. i was thinking it was a gotcha thing. you made your confession and you came out and hbo came and said sign off on allowing us to air this and somebody would have confessed to a murder or stealing $10 million and don't you think we need to disclose it.
12:56 am
>> that was my exact answer verbatim. did you read my notes? >> we are catholic. we don't need to confess to robots. >> don't they know that we go, we don't need religion. christianity and catholicism is a waste of time. we have advanced now. and then we keep coming up with ways to mimic the bath water we threw out with the baby. >> actually let's do confessing, but to a robot. you hear madonna finds judiism or the liberals find buddhism. i was super stressed so i turned to meditation and some tibetan crap. even rehab, that's just lent. we have a 2,000 year old tradition and it works. >> this is another way thet us e war occur. much like scientology and catholicism they will know everything and they will have the upper hand. >> joanne? >> usher could have benefited from this instead of putting
12:57 am
confessions on an album. >> are you right. hbo will use this. this documentary will not be anonymous. it will be like the "taxicab confessions" show. thank you to my panel. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you, tom. o'reilly.
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candidates pitch the delegates directly. one climbing over a wall to avoid protesters today. and another touting an unconventional endorsement. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier, the race son to the gop nomination. texas nor ted cruz picked up a big endorsement while his opponents insisted it wasn't all it was hyped to be. and donald trump likened his entrance to california's republican convention, to crossing the border. after hundreds of protesters lined the streets outside the hotel, where he gave a


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