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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 30, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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own hit or miss, tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. thanks to you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. the fight for the hoosier state. could tuesday's indiana primary prove fatal to one or perhaps more than one of the remaining republican candidates? meanwhile, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are fighting just as hard for indiana. we will be checking in with both campaigns. and just days after ted cruz announces carly fiorina as his pick for vice president, we take a look at the likely vp candidates for the others in the race. good saturday to you. thanks for spending it with us. nice to be with you.
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nice to be with you at home. i'm leland vittert. >> the final three republican presidential candidates are scouring the golden state in hopes of swaying voters during june's primary day. in just a couple hours, ted cruz is scheduled to address the california gop luncheon. donald trump and john kasich spoke there yesterday. will the voters get trump to 1237? john roberts joins us with the very latest from beautiful burlingame. >> reporter: that's the big question going forward, particularly to the indiana primary. first, what a difference a day makes. the sun is out as it was yesterday but there's no protesters blocking the entrance to the hotel here at the san francisco airport unlike yesterday, when the answer coalition, which is a nationwide professional protest organization, rallied people outside the hotel to protest donald trump's speech here yesterday. they managed to create enough of
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a disturbance that the secret service had to reroute the motorcade. take a look at this video here. donald trump actually had to stop at the side of the 101 highway, go through a -- go behind a jersey wall through a fence that was cut out, up the back of the hotel, into the back driveway and into the hotel. about 45 minutes before trump arrived, california highway patrol motorcycle officer cutting through the fence there to give him a pathway to get to the hotel. look at this photograph. here's donald trump coming up the hill into the back of the hotel. when he got here, he remarked it kind of felt like he was trying to cross the border. he also said here in front of the california republican party that he wants to see the party unify, but that might not be necessary for him to win. here's trump from yesterday. >> there should be and there has to be unity. now, with that being said, would i win, can i win without it? i think so, to be honest. i think so. because they're going to vote for me. they're not voting for -- jeb
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bush didn't support you. big deal. like i care. okay? i heard him on television yesterday. low energy, very low energy. >> reporter: trump in fact said there's probably some people whose endorsement he doesn't really want to have. the protest here, as disruptive as it was, nothing compared to costa mesa which is a conservative stronghold in the state of california where a bunch of other protesters actually got into a little of violent confrontation with police and some trump supporters, smashing out a police car. trump supporter got punched in the face after somebody stole his hat. according to the chairman of the california republican party, such protests when it comes to republican candidates, are nothing out of the ordinary. >> if you were a republican running for president in california and you don't get protested, you are doing something wrong. so this is standard fare. when i traveled with george w. bush, we got protested.
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ronald reagan got protested. so this is standard fare for california. >> reporter: after trump left, it was kasich's moment in the sun last night. gave a speech here. but today is ted cruz's time to shine. he has a speech at 3:00 eastern, noon pacific time. carly fiorina, his running mate, will also speak to the convention tonight. we are hearing that former california governor pete wilson will be giving a speech here at the convention, about the same time as cruz is slated to appear which is raising speculation that like he did in indiana yesterday, cruz may be getting set to announce another big name endorsement in california. from here, everybody's back to indiana because the fight for the hoosier state is very critical this year. that could make the difference between whether donald trump gets the majority of delegates before the convention or if they have to go to a floor fight in july. >> i know you covered a lot of campaigns but probably the first time you mentioned a presidential candidate cutting through a fence to get to an event. thank you very much.
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>> that's true. it is. a little more on indiana. voters head to the polls there on tuesday. 57 delegates are at stake on the gop side as john roberts said. they will be critical as we go forward. 30 of those will go to the state-wide winner, 27 awarded based on congressional districts. as a reminder, donald trump holds a narrow lead in the state. still waiting to see if that fourth quarter endorsement from governor mike pence or choosing carly fiorina will help cruz. trump grew his pledge delegate count to 996 after sweeping five northeast states earlier this week. cruz trails with 565. john kasich has 153. 1237 is the magic number. coming up later in this shower, we speak to a father who supports trump's immigration plan because his son was killed by an illegal immigrant. be sure to tune in to "fox news sunday."
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the show is celebrating 20 years on the air with an exclusive interview with donald trump. we will have special live coverage tuesday as indiana voters go to the polls. you don't want to miss that. a very important state. now for the democrats. indiana is worth 92 total delegates, including nine super delegates. se several polls show hillary clinton leading bernie sanders there. she is taking the day off the campaign trail. this morning, bill clinton spoke to a sold-out crowd in a fund-raiser for his wife's campaign. the pancake breakfast was held in kokomo, indiana. bernie sanders has the weekend largely off as well from campaigning. tonight he will be at the annual white house correspondents dinner here in d.c. we are joined now with the very latest from the democratic campaign trail. >> reporter: if hillary clinton's campaign schedule is any indication, she isn't too concerned about indiana's primary on tuesday.
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that's despite polls indicating that it could be a tight race there. the candidate herself has hardly spent any time in the hoosier state. she held a couple events there on tuesday but has left the bulk of the campaigning to her husband and daughter. right now, she has a six point lead over bernie sanders in the real clear politics average of polls. over the last few days, clinton hardly mentioned bernie sanders and is clearly shifting her focus to the general election and the republican front-runner, donald trump, who has been stepping up his criticisms of the former secretary of state. >> i have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak. i'm not going to deal with their temper tantrums or their bullying. if playing the woman's card means standing up for the concerns that women have and they express to me, then deal me in. >> reporter: despite laying off more than 200 staffers this week, sanders' campaign says
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it's pushing on all the way to the convention. there has been a change of tone this week with fewer direct attacks on hillary clinton. in fact, yesterday at a union rally in indianapolis, sanders didn't mention her at all. he talked about the importance of uniting against donald trump. >> if we stand together, if we do not allow the trumps and the others to try to divide us up, if we stand together, not only can we stop united technologies from throwing thousands of indianans out on the street, week tra we can transform this country. >> reporter: sanders will campaign all over indiana tomorrow and monday. hillary clinton won't be too far away, attending a fund-raiser and naacp dinner in michigan. >> thanks. as we take a look at the numbers now, hillary clinton
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strengthened her commanding delegate lead over bernie sanders on tuesday. she won four out of five northeastern states. in that important super delegate tally, remember, the super delegates are delegates who can support whomever they choose and they can change their mind, clinton, 520 compared to sanders at just 39 super delegates. the two square off again tuesday in indiana. 83 democratic delegates at stake, nine super delegates come out of indiana. the latest fox news poll show clinton now with a narrow four-point lead over sanders. the hoosier state may not be so used to the spotlight during primary elections. indiana is usually a footnote on the path to the national conventions. but this year, every delegate vote matters. this week, we have seen some wheeling and dealing and a unique vice presidential pick for a second place candidate. josh is a political editor at the national journal and joins me now. first, thank you so much for joining us.
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i want to play a sound bite and get your reaction. we heard governor mike pence of indiana come out on friday, he had an interview with a radio station. he didn't necessarily vote he said against any candidate but said he was going to vote for ted cruz. i want to play a sound bite and get your reaction. take a listen. >> thrilled to have governor pence's support. i'm a huge fan of governor mike pence. he's a principled strong conservative and look, i recognize the media wants to do what they can to pooh-pooh the endorsement. it is significant to have the strong conservative governor of indiana making clear that he is voting for and supporting me. >> i want to get your reaction to the timing and also are endorsements really heavy hitters this election cycle? >> mike pence was the most important republican in indiana that ted cruz could have counted on to swing votes in a very close race there. the problem is, it was one of the most half-hearted endorsements i have ever seen from an important figure.
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he spent more time on the radio praising donald trump than he did praising ted cruz. the real question is with trump with at least a small advantage in the final stretch in indiana, will such a lukewarm endorsement really swing enough votes that ted cruz needs to win the state. >> one thing we have noticed with senator ted cruz is his strategy, almost like he's played this game of chess throughout the primary election cycle. which is more influential, do you think, picking out a vice presidential pick before you are the nominee or creating an alliance with another candidate when you go to a state as important as indiana? >> all three are hail mary plays, basically realizing the clock is running out. ted cruz does not win indiana, it's very unlikely he can get the republican nomination. he's throwing out every play in the playbook. the most effective was the pence endorsement. when you can get someone who is a respected governor, up for re-election on your side, it is important. it would have been better if that happened a week ago. would have been better, mike pence has been spending time on the campaign trail touting ted cruz's campaign. he hasn't done that yet.
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we are expecting one appearance perhaps in the final days of the campaign. but this is sort of a little too late for ted cruz to really have a big impact in the race. >> we are hearing not only from the cruz campaign, but pundits that indiana is really the last straw. that's not the first time we heard that. we heard that ahead of super tuesday, we heard that ahead of other contests. is indiana really the last straw for him? does he have to win indiana? >> ted cruz has to win indiana. it is really important in the race at large, because if ted cruz comes from behind and wins indiana, he will get a couple weeks of the comeback kid. cruz having an unlikely victory in the state it looked like he was going to lose. the map moves further west into may and june. >> are those more cruz-frndiend states? >> they are. the math is still there for cruz to deny trump the magic number 1237 delegates but he needs to win indiana and build off momentum if he has any chance of doing so. >> my last question is about indiana. we talked about the alliance formed between him and kasich. is there any risk there?
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could they be perhaps speaking to voters that may say well, i'm going to vote for trump and not kasich? >> john kasich isn't really going along with this so-called alliance. he's still telling supporters to vote for him in indiana. he's really the key to the indiana race, because trump is polling around 40%. they are about 60% of indiana republicans who want to vote for someone other than donald trump. kasich is right next door in ohio. he's still getting about 15%, 20% of that vote. if he continues to hold to that 15% to 20%, it's very hard for ted cruz to build a plurality. >> thank you so much for joining us, helping us make sense of it all. appreciate it. fox news alert now from the middle east. as of now, 21 people dead, dozens injured after a car bomb explodes in iraq. the attack targeted an open air market as well as religious pilgrims who are traveling to a shrine there. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. according to a posting on one of
10:14 am
their affiliate websites. keeping track this month in april, more than 40 civilians have been killed by bombings in baghdad this month alone. meanwhile, iraqi police forces fired tear gas at thousands of protesters storming the parliament in iraqi's green zone. the group is protesting the iraqi parliament's stalemate over placing cabinet members and other reforms. this marks the first time protesters have scaled the walls of the highly protected green zone, which housed many iraqi ministry buildings as well as foreign embassies. as the fight against isis continues, the pentagon has ordered the uss harry truman to stay in the persian gulf an extra 30 days. the navy says the aircraft carrier is needed in the region to continue strike missions against the islamic state. several defense officials, though, tell fox news the extension is due to a shortage of aircraft carriers and forces already committed to other missions around the world.
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well, naming a running mate is all part of the buildup and excitement of the presidential convention and on tuesday, ted cruz jumped the gun when he announced carly fiorina as his vp pick, while the fight for a nominated gop candidate rages on. the only other time a runner-up has named his running mate was 1976, when ronald reagan picked pennsylvania senator richard schweiker. joining me with a look at the running mate race is the former deputy assistant to president george w. bush brad blakeman. thank you for joining us. first and foremost, i want to talk about timing. really captivated the news cycle over a 24-hour period but does this leave him vulnerable for donald trump to make some type of announcement ahead of the convention, have momentum at a time when he really needs it? >> i think typically, historically, you pick a running mate not during a primary season to win you a state.
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you do it in electoral season in the general election at the convention to get you a state that's going to help you in the general election. so premature announcement by cruz is seen again as more desperation. then a tactical move for the general election. >> we talk about him so much having a really good understanding of how the primary process works. so does it look like it is more of a desperation move? is there any sort of chess move that we may not be understanding that this could be a big advantage for him? >> we have to see. carly fiorina has been on the campaign trail prior to the announcement for seven weeks and we haven't seen that kind of advantage from her being publicly out there and we are not even seeing it now that she's been announced. let me say if i were advising donald trump i would tell him save your announcement until the convention. it would create such excitement. there's no need, trump has no trouble getting press, and the convention needs that type of excitement and boost. that would certainly help to have that kind of excitement as
10:17 am
you are transitioning from a primary season to an election season. >> i want to play on that, if we could, play a sound bite. i want to get your reaction to it. this is donald trump reacting to the announcement like i said, it captivated the news cycle for a period but then we sort of saw trump take over. take a listen. >> he has set a record, though. he is the first presidential candidate in the history of this country who is mathematically eliminated from becoming president who chose a vice presidential candidate. okay? it's a record. >> then you see him talk about the desperation card there. i also want to bring up the fact that donald trump and other pundits brought up what happened in 1976. what similarities do you see that happened in 1976 that could possibly happen now? >> well, again, we saw ronald reagan make his early selection but he came in second to a sitting president. i also think that the convention is a place where you are going to need that type of boost,
10:18 am
especially for donald trump. donald trump is such an overpowering figure. he's going to have to pick somebody who balances him, both politically and temperamentally. i think that by announcing early for donald trump, he gains nothing. because again, he has no problem in the news cycle generating publicity. he was able to knock cruz off the news cycle just by his appearances in california when carly fiorina was still brand new to the announcement. so i think there is very little similarity and very little historical value is there in having somebody come on early. >> i do want to ask you one last question. i wish we had more time to talk about the democratic side of the race. do you suspect we will hear anything before the convention because we talk about bernie reaching a more progressive class, if you will, progressive group of voters. who will she pick for her nominee, do you suppose and will we see that before the convention? >> i think on the democratic side, again, just like the
10:19 am
republicans, have yyou have to somebody who complements the ticket. hillary needs somebody younger, i think a male minority candidate would be the perfect balance to a hillary ticket. for republicans, we need to balance donald trump. perhaps a woman. perhaps a former adversary, maybe john kasich. politics makes strange bedfellows. the idea of picking a running mate is to be complementary. >> both parties say they want unity. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. breaking weather news out of texas today. we will tell you what devastating act by mother nature has claimed the lives of a grandmother and her four small grandchildren. as you can see right there by her home. details just coming in. much more on the developing story as we get it. plus, a new push from the white house in the name of gun safety that has some gun groups
10:20 am
saying not so fast. and fallout from the anti-trump protests in california. many of the protesters holding signs calling for amnesty for illegal immigrants. one man who joined trump on the stage this week is pushing back with a devastating story to tell about the loss of his son at the hands of a killer who he says should have been deported years ago. >> we don't care. we don't care about illegal aliens. we don't care. americans first. first things first. donald trump has given us hope. all of our loved ones who were murdered, we miss them every day. there's no such thing as closure. it's never over.
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shoshow me more like this.e.
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. fox news extreme weather alert from palestine, texas. flood waters swept away five people early this morning, killing all of them. police were called to a neighborhood in palestine to help evacuate residents after reports of flood waters reaching the roofline of a home. you see the home there. the bodies of a 64-year-old woman and her four grandchildren ranging in age from 6 to 9 were recovered a few hours later. police had received calls of a missing family. so far, investigators are not
10:25 am
releasing the names yet of those who died. meanwhile, the same storms that caused the deadly froloodi spawned a string of tornadoes which ripped through the southwest last night. in lindale, texas the storms left behind severe damage to homes and businesses and also knocked down trees and power lines. in oklahoma, residents are cleaning up after several homes were hit by a tornado. one family's mobile home was completely destroyed. fortunately, they were able to take shelter in a nearby building. the storm system is now moving across the south. president obama says he wants more research into so-called smart gun technology as part of the administration's push for more gun control. it is the latest move that has second amendment supporters up in arms. laura engel joins us with more on the president's plan. >> well, the president outlined
10:26 am
these new steps to help curb gun violence friday which include requirements on the so-called smart guns that would mandate sharing mental health records with the federal background check system along with proposed rules for law enforcement agencies which would use them. the idea behind smart gun technology is similar to what we have seen with our smartphones. the high tech weapons can only work in the hands of their owner by using fingerprints or hand grip identification or by using a ring fob that lets the gun know it's in the right hands. president obama taking to facebook this week saying this on his post. these common sense steps are not going to prevent every tragedy but what if they prevented even one? white house spokesperson josh earnest spoke about the new actions being taken to get the technology developed and says making products safer is common in many industries. >> despite every other industry that i can think of, that's what people do that's what manufacturers do. that is the source of innovation
10:27 am
in a variety of fields. the best example is in the auto industry. >> the national rifle association telling fox the nra doesn't oppose smart gun technology but they do oppose any law prohibiting americans from owning firearms that don't have the smart gun technology. adding in a statement here, at a time when we are actively fighting terrorists at home and abroad, this administration would rather focus the military's efforts on the president's gun control agenda. some people wondered what if the gun doesn't fire when you need it to. technology experts say so far, there's no evidence of any flaws. >> say that for example, in a heated moment, where you would need a gun, you might have dirty hands or sweaty palms and would it fire? well, so far the technology proves to be pretty accurate. >> right now, the departments of defense, homeland security and justice continue to conduct or sponsor research into the technology and expect to have a report out on these requirements
10:28 am
by october. one we will watch for you. >> critics just now saying this is one more piece of government overreach. laura, thanks. liz, what's coming up? the race is on to find survivors in the rubble of a six story apartment building. we will have the search efforts. this happened in kenya. also, the father of a teenager killed by this illegal immigrant is now speaking out about his son's death at trump rallies. we will speak to him live after the break. >> you got illegal alien on your third gun charge. never been deported. same day he got out he was looking for blacks to kill. r di. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what?
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several big primaries still ahead of course but right now, the focus for presidential candidates are on two states. former president bill clinton made a stop in indiana at a
10:33 am
pancake breakfast. president clinton making the pitch to democrats to vote for his wife on tuesday and took a jab at some of her potential gop competitors. >> i get so crazy in modern politics when everybody's turned into some sort of two-dimensional cartoon. you forget there are people and you act like every inch of you has a bumper sticker answer. >> hillary clinton is not on the campaign trail today. she will be heading to michigan to speak to the detroit naacp dinner. senator bernie sanders taking the day off as well. he will be attending the white house correspondents dinner tonight in d.c., heading to indiana tomorrow. meanwhile, donald trump has nothing scheduled for today. interview with chris wallace, fox news sunday tomorrow, then he will head to indiana ahead of the state's tuesday primary. senator ted cruz spending the day in california today, where he will speak at a state gop lunch banquet. we are less than an hour away from a town hall meeting with
10:34 am
governor john kasich in san jose, california. awaiting that event. bring it to you live as it happens. donald trump describing his arrival at the california republican convention as quote, like crossing the border. rioting protesters forced him to hop a median just to get there. trump continued his tough talk on illegal immigration in the golden state this week. at a rally on thursday he brought family members of victims killed by illegal immigrants onstage, including jameel shaw, whose 17-year-old son was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant. the illegal immigrant was also a gang member with a criminal record. jameel joins me now. thank you so much for joining us. we can't say it enough, we are so sorry for your loss. >> thank you for inviting me. >> i want to ask you a question. you said, we all agree, your son's life was taken too early but you also said that donald trump's rhetoric makes you feel happy. so what about donald trump's
10:35 am
stance on illegal immigration makes you feel like there will be one less murder if he is in charge? >> because he's doing it for -- the motives that he's doing it for, he doesn't like that kind of stuff. he doesn't have to even be around that kind of stuff in his life. he can avoid situations like that. so he must want to help the people. he's doing it for me, he's doing it for everyone. he wants to make america great. he wants to bring it back how it should be, where people can walk around, feel safe. if my son's walking down the street, gets shot dead, that's a problem for anybody. there's a lot of people it happens to. so his motives, you know, that he wants to do it because he would like to live in an america where things like that doesn't happen. >> you talk about his motives. do you have any specific policies that you align yourself with that you feel would fix the illegal immigration problem? >> yeah. like you know, with the lapd or
10:36 am
the police department follow i.c.e. when they do gang raids, letting the police department, sheriff's department go into jails and deport violent criminals. how else they going to catch them? they're not catching them on the street because you see all the dead people. they're not catching them in the jail. what are you going to do? you have to go out there, take the fight to them, go get them, do e-verify, bring the jobs back. you have to make people accountable to make their own country great and giving them a sanctuary city and places to where they can hide out and regroup, that's not good. >> you talk about sanctuary cities. we have certainly heard more and more about sanctuary cities, especially after the murder of katelin steinlee in san francisco. within the past six months, several cities have spoken out against donald trump or in other ways touted the success with
10:37 am
status as a sanctuary city. what is your reaction to cities that hold those policies? >> well, they are hurting black people because black people are being affected first. the first thing they're doing is going into the communities and finding a place to live and stay and work and that's our community. we are the first ones being affected. then for black politicians to turn a blind eye and act like all black people support that and we are all kumbaya, we're not. black people are upset because black politicians do not have what we want. they are thinking about themselves and trying to get paid and are allowing our families to be collateral damage in the big picture of legal immigration. we are not going to have that. we love our kids, too. we want jobs. we want to walk the street. we want to go to the pier without being shot. come on. this is not right for them to do that, to say we're in l.a., all the black politicians do nothing for black people. everything is for illegal
10:38 am
immigration, illegal aliens because they want to stay relevant so they go to them so they can still get paid and they neglect black people and they just want to give us section 8 and welfare and they think that's enough money for us. it's not. we want the american dream. we are americans. why can't we get the american dream instead of american nightmare? >> i will leave it there on that very powerful note. again, we couldn't be more sorry for the loss of your son. thank you for coming on today. >> thank you. just want to make america great again. a race against the clock for rescue workers digging for survivors after this building collapse. an update on that search coming up. plus, recently found go pro footage shows some discord, shall we say, among the isis ranks that. video, what it means still ahead. and in indiana, workers are
10:39 am
angry as manufacturing jobs continue to get shipped to mexico. we will have an expert break down how the gop candidates differ on trade and why it matters to you. >> when a company wants to leave and go to mexico and they will make air conditioners and send them and we are not going to tax them and they will let 1400 people from indianapolis go, they will fire them, there's got to be consequences. no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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with olay, you age less, so you can be ageless. olay. ageless. a desperate search is under way right now for survivors trapped under the rubble of a collapsed apartment building in naerobe, kenya. the six-story building collapsed due to hefavy rain. as of now, ten people dead. no idea how many others could be trapped under tons of concrete. rescuers report hearing voices from underneath the debris but fear using heavy machinery to remove the debris could actually
10:44 am
kill those who are merely injured and stuck underneath. to business news now. tens of thousands of investors are flocking to omaha, nebraska for an event known as woodstock for capitalists, the annual meeting of one of the most successful companies in the u.s., berkshire hathaway. liz is in omaha with what we can expect to hear from warren buffett. >> reporter: it is a marathon meeting and the madness began at 9:00 a.m. omaha time where you can see behind me, we have thousands and thousands of people descending from many different countries just to hear the oracle of omaha. they wanted to hear what he has to say about business, about the economy but guess what? fox business was shoulder to shoulder with him this morning. what did i get out of him? there were a bunch of issues he is talking about but we have livestreaming now so the 40,000
10:45 am
people here are now joined by millions around the world who can now for the very first time see warren buffett and his vice chair talk about everything from all of the 90 plus companies they own to broader topics such as banks that are too big to fail, et cetera. but he did touch upon a couple subjects. geico which warren buffett owns, the big insurance company, getting hit by a sudden flurry of more severe accident claims and more frequent claims due to distracted driving. we will read that as texting while driving. he made a point about that. he was asked by shareholders who are allowed to ask anything during the five-hour meeting. coca cola, of course, berkshire is the largest owner of coca cola stock, why keep dodging the negative health effects of drinking coke. he shut them down and said it makes me happy and it's a good investment. his vice chair simply said that's a quote immature and stupid question. these guys are in their 80s and 90s. they love coca cola, but we also
10:46 am
talked to them this morning about the feel of the country right now when we are facing an election that seems to be very contentious. listen to what he said about that this morning to fox business. >> no matter who becomes president, all of this rhetoric that oh, things will be horrible if this candidate gets in or that candidate gets in, what happens to american business? >> american business will do fine over time. no matter who's president. obviously, it makes a difference to the country what kind of policies, but this country can't be stopped. >> reporter: he said that once again during the meeting. i can tell you that these thousands and thousands of people are buffett faithful. why does it matter? listen, his company employs overall moreha t 300,000 people across the united states. that truly matters. but we are going to get much more deep in the conversation with warren buffett come monday, 3:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. my one-on-one with mr. buffett and what matters is it's post
10:47 am
the meeting. we can ask about all the news flow from it along with bill gates, who is a board member. when he's saying people are immature and stupid for asking about coca cola investments, have you to listen to what else they are going to say. plain-spoken, very smart. richest men on the planet. back to you. >> i like when he said this country can't be stopped. that's wonderful. thank you so much. and -- >> well -- >> there we go. live television. >> go ahead and take this. >> no problem. it may not be the most exciting topic to talk about. trade deals. where exactly each republican candidate stands on trade. obviously it's been something donald trump has been talking a lot about. but what do these trade deals mean to your wallet? your pocketbook and potentially, your jobs? we break it down coming up. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you.
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the american law enforcement officers live in very trying times dealing with riots in ferguson and baltimore to trying to adapt to the global threat of terrorism within our own borders. fox news katherine harris went behind the scenes to quantico, virginia, for an exclusive look into the training of the future of u.s. law enforcement agents as well as their international counterparts.
10:52 am
>> reporter: best known for training secret agents, the bureau's skrulg campus in quantico, virginia, is home of the fbi's national academy. >> it's not just in the u.s., it's all over the world. >> founded in 1935, the ten-week training course now brings together law enforcement executives from overseas as well as all 50 states to tackle the big issue. stephanie shannon is from seemy valley, california. >> it's an extremely tough year. violence against law enforcement is at an historic high. >> reporter: the riots that involved ferguson, missouri, after michael brown was shot dead and the violence that erupted in baltimore after the death of freddie gray put community policing front and center. >> they're talking about the disenfranchisement with the protect and serve. we have great subject matter experts here that are not only knowledgeable here at the fbi training staff but they're good facilitators. >> reporter: those accepted to the prestigious national academy are required to take leadership
10:53 am
training such as range formations and community involvement, both are signature initiatives of the attorney general. >> taking these flashpoint incidents, using them as a starting point for the dialogue, for the conversation -- >> reporter: as the global threat of terror increases, the academy strives to build relationships between local and international law enforcement. the recent indictment of iranian nationals who hacked a new york state dam impacted cyber crime. juan gonzalez is from spain. >> global war it's very important to have different things with the police. >> reporter: the terrorist threat whether it's a plot to attack the spanish commuters nets or a prophet muhammad cartoon contest, local cops are first on the scene so the academy emphasizes men tatal an physical conditioning. >> ultimately work up to a six mile run with an obstacle course which is very demanding and
10:54 am
aggressive. >> reporter: for shannon, an officer of 26 years, it's an opportunity to learn during challenging times. >> we have terrorism to consider, we have cyber crime to consider. for me, it is to learn what are better ways of doing what we do every day. >> reporter: in quantico, virginia, katherine herridge, fox news. and coming up on america's election headquarters, we are waiting for ohio governor john kasich to speak at a rally in san jose, california. that's a picture you're looking at live. we will take you there live once we start speaking. we'll get the very latest from all the other presidential candidates and what they're saying this weekend. look at this dramatic new video being released by kurdish fighters. they claim it gives you an inside look into the lives of isis fighters. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen.
10:55 am
that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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10:59 am
thanks for being with us. hour two, i'm leland vitters. >> i'm elizabeth prann. welcome to america's election headquarters in washington. kasich and other election candidates are fighting for votes as the state's republican convention is in full swing. it's where donald trump said he'll win the nomination and general election without support. it's where we find our own john roberts, hi, john. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, elizabeth. i wanted to bring you out here. what happened yesterday with donald trump was something i've never seen in seven years of covering the president of the united states, covering campaigns since 1996. this is the 101 freeway that heads back to san francisco airport. this is where donald trump had to come because we'll show you. protestors yesterday out in front of the hyatt hotel had blocked off the area. the secret service had to use a backup plan to a backup plan. they came down to the 101, they turned around on the access ramp here. everybody got out of the cars
11:00 am
and we can try to put up the video of donald trump as well as he walked along here, this access ramp behind this jersey wall. i'll try to hurry up here so it doesn't take too long to an area where, we'll see if we can put up the picture we have of that, a california highway patrol motorcycle officer came to this part of the fence which had been blocked off and took this down so that donald trump was actually able to come over here, jump down this little step here, walk up this embankment and get into the back of the hotel where he was addressing the republican convention to california where he said that he is the person who should be the nominee because he can win places where other candidates can't. here's trump. i can tell you already just give me the name of the person and show you exactly what states he's going to win and what states he's going to lose. i'm different because i'm going to win states that nobody else
11:01 am
c c can. >> reporter: of course ted cruz is playing in california. he wants to stop donald trump from getting the majority of the 172 delegates up for grabs on the 7th of june. more importantly he's trying to stop donald trump in indiana where he was campaigning heavily where he got the endorsement of indiana governor mike pence which should be very important for him. pence will campaign for him monday and tuesday as well making a couple of appearances. yesterday afternoon ted cruz imploring people to give up trump and vote for him. >> there are good people right now who are supporting donald trump and you are because you're angry with washington, but i will say to the many donald trump supporters who have been told he is an outsider, the single biggest fraud of this campaign is donald trump is the ultimate washington insider.
11:02 am
>> reporter: after that big endorsement from governor pence in indiana yesterday, speculation around whether ted cruz will announce another endorsement today. we have learned that former republican governor pete wilson of california is going to be speaking here at the convention at the same time as ted cruz. we don't know if he's going to endorse or if he's just going to introduce cruz. ted cruz certainly trying to capture the news cycle, if you will. so some big announcement today wouldn't be surprising. i've got to tell you though, again, i've never seen anything like what happened yesterday. they want to keep the president, vice president, very confined, out of the public eye. for trump to stop here at the side of the freeway, walk all of this way, jump down here and then walk up into the back of the hotel really is something that i believe is unprecedented and i'll tell ya, they completely took the protesters by surprise. they had no idea. elizabeth, leland. >> this is something we've never seen before.
11:03 am
john roberts, that was really neat. thank you for that perspective and thank you for joining us. one of the many things we have seen firsts of this time around in 2016. before the race swings around, it stops in the midwest. indiana primary is three days away. many say it is win or go home for republican ted cruz. yesterday governor mike pence of indiana endorsed him. is that enough? james yardy is our fox political reporter. james, thank you for taking time away from the trail to join us. appreciate it. nice to see ya. >> sure. thanks for having me. >> as we look at this in the past week or so, we've seen what folks have really called two hail mary's from ted cruz, one is the mike pence endorsement. the other naming carly fiorina in which you could say is an unorthodoxed move for a disenfranchised candidate. are either of those enough? >> well, you said the mike pence endorsement. was it really an endorsement
11:04 am
though. he kind of preceded it with here's who i'm voting for but i really like donald trump. hey, john kasich's not that bad. i'm not going to tell you who to vote for but i'm going to vote for ted cruz. then carly fiorina, that kind of came out of nowhere. i'll tell you, she was polling really poorly in indiana. in fact, her -- one of her campaign workers actually when she announced that she was dropping out switched and now works for donald trump in indiana. so will they work? no, i don't think they will. i think ted cruz is praying for a wisconsin like situation here in indiana, but you've got to think scott walker is no might pejs. -- pence. >> mike pence is up for re-election in indiana. scott walker had nothing lose by throwing 110% -- >> given that pence is up for
11:05 am
re-election, is that part of the reasons we see the governor doing this kind of sort of endorsement on radio? do you think that's one of the reasons he really hedged his bet in the endorsement, he doesn't want to upset any of his other constituents? >> 100%. he needs donald trump supporters to get re-elected here in indiana. if he isolates them, there goes his re-election. he's facing a tough re-election here. that endorsement was kind of a half in, half out measure of support i guess you could call it. no, i don't think either of those moves are enough to stop donald trump here in indiana who, by the way the other day in evansville had a crowd of 12,000 people. this guy draws immense numbers. >> we've got your prediction. trump in indiana, which would be a huge win there and obviously another nail for ted cruz. moving over to the democratic side, i understand you were at a
11:06 am
bernie sanders rally. huge crowds in spite of the fact that a lot of people say he doesn't have a chance. what's your prediction going into tuesday there? >> so we spoke to bernie one on one. he spoke at i.u. he spoke at purdue. he's hitting the college towns hard and then he also spoke in indy. bernie has been talking a lot, as has donald trump, about carrier. i don't know if you're familiar, but the company laying off 2100 employees here in indiana. he ranks incredibly high among union workers. obviously he's a democrat. but the fact that he mentioned carrier, he's really struck a cord i think among the working class democrats in this state. he could do very well. he had 10,000 people, a campaign advisor told me, 10,000 people show up to a rally in bloomington. a few thousand had to be turned away because they couldn't fit in the auditorium. that's huge. but keep in mind these are college kids. it's one thing if they show up to a rally to hear him speak.
11:07 am
it's another thing, will these kids turn out to the polls? we know finals week is next week. we know a lot of college students are registered in other towns where they go to school. whether or not 10,000 kids translates to 10,000 votes, we don't know, but if it does, bernie does very well here. fox news poll that came out a couple weeks ago had hillary clinton over bernie by 4 percentage points. that's really nothing. well within the margin of error. bernie sanders could do very well in indiana. >> as you point out the same thing sanders has been pointing out since the beginning, since iowa, his game is all about turnout. big turnout he does well. mr. girardi, appreciate your work. great reporting on the trail. look forward to hearing from you as tuesday rolls around. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. now to international story that's certainly making headlines. amateur video allegedly retrieved from a dead isis soldier's go pro camera showing
11:08 am
members of the terror organization maybe a far crime from the organized group. its propaganda videos make it out to be. >> then it goes on. kurdish soldiers claim they pulled this video off the body of an isis soldier after an intensifier fight. the video has not been independently been verified. it shows panic, confusion, overall chaos among the supposed isis fighters. kurdish officials said they gathered the cameras, ammunition and other equipment off the body off the soldiers following the firefight back in december of 2015. i think it's pretty jarring to see this video we hear so much about their online presence. very articulate.
11:09 am
>> recruited so many people. >> we see inspire magazine praising the attacks, lone wolf attacks. very organized, well thought out. >> one thing with isis and al qae qaeda, you saw their ability to use this. now you see what actually is happening on the front lines. really embarrassing in terms of just basic military skills. so whether or not that image starts to get out and what that means for people who are inspired by isis are thinking of joining yet to be seen. more on that coming up with congressman will herd. in the meantime fox news election day california as we look at john kasich taking the stage in a town hall out there. >> i'm sort of a hybrid of the two of them. my mother very, you know, just like tell it like it is and my father had that twinkle in his eye and depends on what day it is as to whether i have the twinkle or whether i have the toughness. but the town was all democrat.
11:10 am
i don't ever remember meeting a republican, and by the way, we had a lot of corruption back in that town. i was just there for the pennsylvania primary. and i went to my hometown and i met a guy there who i saw him at my high school reunion. and i had become a congressman. like wore my best suits, my nicest tie to the reunion. he walked up to me. he said -- i said, johnny, i understand you're a congressman. i'm like, yeah, i am. he said, i voted for you to be one of the most likely to succeed. what happened? that's a true story. and so that's -- you know, where i grew up everybody was -- they work in the steel mill, the chemical plant, fix it men, all that kind of stuff. so i have been given a lot of grace, i think.
11:11 am
i was thinking about it last night. when i say it, i don't know what people think. i've had great things happen, lightning strikes, because i've been in a lot of positions. i was a member of the legislature. i was the youngest elected. didn't have one connection. didn't know one soul and i got elected and then i went to congress. i was 30 years old. it was like, you know, the first thing i do is i get on the defense committee so i spend 18 years studying national security, then i got on the budget committee which i spent a lot of time on and balanced the federal budget, got to work with, you know, everybody. then i went out for ten years and that's how i found my way out here particularly to silicon valley. when i first came out i thought if you just sit on a bench by stanford you'll be a billionaire. you don't have too do anything, just show up and sit. and then i become governor. and the governor's job i've been
11:12 am
able to do two really big things that i'm -- i think are really great. one is we went from a loss of 350,000 jobs to now we are up over 420,000 jobs, okay? so that's like such a big deal to me giving people an opportunity to work, and then the second thing that happened as a result of the first thing is that we've had more prosperity. and so as a result of that we've been able to help people who are the mentally ill, the drug addicted, the working poor, raising the developmentally disabled, helping our friends in the minority community. it's great, right? >> governor john kasich on the stump in san jose, california, going through his resume, some of his accomplishments there as a governor of ohio. a very distant third. some say how much he is able to take on hillary clinton, a common theme among him. one of the big themes of
11:13 am
this presidential election has been the fight against isis. we just saw the video coming out of iraq that made isis fighters look like the keystone cops. on the micro sense, not very disciplined. on the macro sense they have been able to carry out horrific and spectacular attacks, including ones all the way in western europe. that's exactly what senator john mccain has been talking about. >> isol has taken the strategic offensive launching sophisticated attacks into the heart of western civilization and deepening its presence in libya with thousands of terrorists in training camps and reports of external attack plotting in that country. we see all the warning signs that existed in afghanistan on september 10th, 2001. once again, the president's response has been reactive, slow, and unsufficient.
11:14 am
>> republican congressman will herd served ten years. under cover with the cia. recently returned from a congressional trip to the middle east joins us. pleasure to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> as we looked at the video of isis fighters who at best looked like a cub scout troop scared, disorganiz disorganized, unable to fight, then you juxtaposed that with their ability to launch these attacks in western europe, where's the disconnect? >> isis only has to be correct once, right? when you're defending against these kinds of attacks, you have to be right every single time. what's important is isis is a clear and present danger to the united states. clear and present danger to our allies in europe. we also need to be showing these images that they're not ten feet tall and that they can be beat and that when they attract folks, like you said earlier, their ability to leverage social media, to inspire people even if they're 6,000 miles away is
11:15 am
unprecedented. we have to be able to counter that. >> why aren't we doing a good job of that? why isn't this video on the state department's website? why isn't it being pushed out by the cia, special media operations and other things? >> that's a good question. that's the question i'm asking. we recently passed legislation out of the house forcing the department of homeland security and the state department to use public testimonials of folks who have gone into iraq and syria to fight with isis and have come back and said, it was terrible. they're bad muslims. >> you just said we had to pass legislation to force them to do this. why aren't they doing this in the first place? it seems that that's sort of 101 social media counter programming. >> this is information operations. when you have the truth on your side, information operations should be easy. you should tell the truth. why they weren't doing it, we don't know. that's why congress said, hey, we're behind the 8 ball here. time is not on our side. we need to be promoting these
11:16 am
messages. we need to be leveraging the message of our friends. i was recently in the middle east. one of the positive things that i heard is that our sunni arab partners are looking to create a coalition of islamic countries to counter this ideology because we can kill and we can drop bombs on this but we also have to ideology at the same time. >> there's something that obviously muslims can address a little bit better than we can back here. i wanted to zoom out a little bit. you've just returned from the middle east. zoom out from the world view. we hear about isis. at the same time you have the rise of china who won't let u.s. air craft carriers dock in hong kong, you have russia buzzing u.s. planes and u.s. warships and all the media focus seems to be on isis. do you think that's right or do we need to have a little bit different view? >> it's a complicated world. the threats to the united states have only increased and that means our attention needs to
11:17 am
increase. we need to be able to think on multi-different levels. you talk about russia. here's the thing that drives me crazy, the russians a number of weeks ago said they were leaving syria and you had -- >> if you believe the russians. >> yeah. you had senior administration folks in national security say this is a good step forward when all the russians were doing, they took a dozen of their fighters back to moscow. >> and switched in helicopters? >> absolutely. >> somehow we managed to buy all of that. it is a complicated world. dangerous world. appreciate your time protecting it for us, protecting us from it and your service in congress. come back and talk to us about your trip. >> absolutely. >> thanks, congressman. liz. this is a fox news election alert. you're looking live at a cruz event in plainfield, indiana. where carly fiorina and heidi cruz will be rallying supporters ahead of tuesday's primary. keep it here for the latest on fox news on 2016 all day. plus, one california family
11:18 am
is dealing with an unthinkable tragedy. a couple is dead and the suspects are their 22-year-old son and his younger brother. we're going to have the latest on that very sad investigation. orthodox church is celebrating one of the holiest weeks of their religious calendar. we'll take you inside one of their very traditional ceremonies.
11:19 am
11:20 am
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11:22 am
fox news election alert. this is plainfield, indiana. that's where heidi cruz is stumping for her husband, presidential candidate, ted cruz. in indiana there are 57 delegates at stake on the gop side. 30 of those will go to the statewide winner and 27 will be awarded based on congressional districts. also joining heidi cruz we will hear from ted's running mate, carly fiorina. in the meantime, let's take a listen live now to heidi. >> returning those funds to you in indiana so that you and your school boards can educate your kids and choose your own curriculum. the second thing that we know
11:23 am
ted will do for our country, as mike so eloquently stated and has a career in doing, he will restore our constitutional freedom. ted knows the meaning of the first amendment, our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech. he has argued in court and won over and over and over, the second amendment, your right to keep and bear arms. and he has protected life over and over. we have so many candidates who know that to run in a republican primary they need to be pro life, but how many of them have a 20 year record of arguing for life in the courts and winning over and over? that's how we know someone is pro life. and, finally, the tenth amendment, returning power to the states. that will be a hallmark of this administration.
11:24 am
>> heidi cruz speaking to a very enthusiastic group of voters in plainfield, indiana. they will be taking to the polls on tuesday. there are 57 delegates at stake. we have heard from the cruz campaign saying this is a must-win state. after heidi takes the stage we will then hear from carly fiorina. if there are any candidates that come to the stage we will bring it to you live. our economy has grown significantly since nasa. most of these trade deals are designed to reduce the barriers of other countries. now i grew up in pittsburgh where, you know, i saw steel mills, you know, kind of be destroyed. >> nafta, it's sucked our jobs away. it sucked them away. and john kasich approved nafta when he was in congress. he was a deciding vote for nafta. you look at your empty factories, you look at what's going on -- you look at -- by the way, you talk about an
11:25 am
industry that's getting hit, take a look at your steel industry, and i know what to do to fix it, folks, believe me, these guys don't. >> donald and hillary are flip sides. they want an optimistic, fresh new campaign based on leaders who will do what they say and who will fight for the working men and women of this country. my top priority as president is jobs and economic grout. we will bring manufacturing jobs back to the state of indiana. >> you heard the three remaining republican candidates trying to win over the vote on trade policy. for indiana voters, how these candidates handle economic trade could have a direct effect which is manufacturing. as we continue to break down where the candidates stand, we bring in jesse richmond, associate professor of science and international studies. co-author of balanced trade. professor, thanks for being with
11:26 am
us. >> afternoon. >> as we look at the trade proposals of each of these candidates, donald trump saying i'm going to renegotiate, john case s kasich, a free trade guy. family of four making $80,000 a year, this is how x candidate is going to affect your pocketbook. that's harder with trade. it's much more complex. a lot simpler for how things work out. >> trump is arguing that we really need to pursue companies that are running large trade surplus surpluses, china, mexico, the u.s., so forth? does he succeed? >> can he even do it? you think he's railing against nafta. nafta is an agreement the united states made. can the next president come in and rip it up? >> there are things the president can do. all of these agreements, you could back out the way they're structured. ideally one wouldn't want to do that necessarily. i think what trump is hoping to do is put pressure on trading
11:27 am
partners to get concessions and to change -- >> his argument is essentially i'm a great negotiator. i'm going to get a better deal than we've asked. an issue ad for donald trump playing in indiana. >> that trade deal supported by ted cruz has hurt indiana. cruz voted for obama's job killing trade deal and voted to expand visas for foreigners by 500%. >> back in the 1920s we practiced not only america first in terms of foreign policy but really american protectionism in terms of trade. is that where donald trump is -- you're listening to him wants to take us again? >> there's an important distinction. back then we were the big mercantilist power. we're running big deficits. in the 1930s brittain put in place policies that forced the united states to rethink its trade policy. it was ultimately a very positive way in terms of moving
11:28 am
towards more free trade. best case scenario is trump is able to do that with china, to force china to change direction and stop running such large trade surpluses. >> fast 30 seconds. is it possible for a president with a strong will and assuming other countries take him at his word to really drastically change how the other countries treat the united states in terms of trade policy? >> we'll see if trump gets elected. i think it will be a hard lift. trade is an important policy though. i think it's a good thing it's getting attention. >> interesting it is getting attention because it's so important in terms of many americans in terms of your bottom line, pocketbook. professor, appreciate you being here. >> welcome. we took a look at the republicans. we'll take an in depth look at the democrats. that's coming up here on america's election headquarters. and after the break, all three republican presidential candidates are vying for votes in california. that primary is june 7th.
11:29 am
at the same time, more and more gop leaders seem to be warming up today via candidate trump. we'll have our political panel to vote on that. >> we'll have a heated primary. everybody will come together and we'll unify. as donald trump gets closer and closer to the 1237 i think people will start supporting him more and more. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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11:33 am
donald trump of course hopes indiana will be the next addition to his win column riding the momentum he picked up after a five state sweep in the northeast. the gop front-runner is inching closer to securing the nomination despite an outcry from some establishment members of his party. so is it time for the establishment gop to fall in line behind donald trump? to answer that question fox news contributor angela mcblou win and mark levine.
11:34 am
angela, we have the two sides of the gop right now. we have john boehner saying ted cruz is lucifer in the flesh and some other things we wouldn't repeat on the family friendly program and then he also says, okay, i can get behind donald trump. on the other hand you have john huntsman saying the same thing in slightly less colorful language, thank you. is it time the gop sort of accepts this idea that trump will be the nominee? >> no, it's not time. what we need to do is run the race until it's over. trump go 66% of late voters, last-minute voters so people might make their decision by a campaign speech by debate. i don't think the party should come together until we have a nominee. >> until we get to 1237? >> yeah, or the second ballot, first ballot, third ballot you about i think people should have it right to vote. >> mark, this is a softball.
11:35 am
you listen to john kasich, he says you nominate anybody other than me you're giving the election to hillary clinton. do you view this as a cake walk? >> bring them on. >> does kasich scare you? >> no, but he has no chance and ted cruz and donald trump will be very easy to beat. i'm looking forward to president hillary rodham chin be ton. i think she's going to do a good job. >> mark sounds so confident. >> look, your party is falling apart. you can -- >> donald -- >> look at me. l leeland's a journalist. >> donald trump is not going to make it, you can hope, you can pray, you can click those trump never together shoes. >> i'm hoping everything which i don't do but i think donald trump will give hillary clinton a race for her money. kasich -- >> i think you're afraid. >> it's not going to happen. kasich has fewer delegates than marco rubio who left the race two months ago. >> once we go into a contested
11:36 am
convention all bets are off. >> i think donald trump will get 1237. >> first ballot. >> he's there. in terms of where you look at the polls, there is some polls that says trump gets trounced. the one place that democrats have a vulnerability at least according to the polls is john kasich. john kasich supported the affordable care act. he supported obama care. >> no, no, no. stop. he actually gave it -- >> in ohio. >> gave it to his constituents. he was one of the republican governors who gave it to his constituents. he's proving he will do whatever to help the people. >> far too reasonable to be endorsed by your party. >> what do you make of this as we pivot towards the general election? suddenly the traditional republican voter and democratic voter may not hold anymore in terms of donald trump's blue collar union type support and also a lot of hillary clinton supporters who could be more upper middle class folks who
11:37 am
wouldn't necessarily vote for a democrat but certainly aren't going to vote for donald trump. >> i do think that the republican party traditional voter is falling apart. you look at ted cruz representing the social conservative. donald trump helping to represent them. he represents the more blue collar. but the democratic coalition is strong. i think we're going to be fine. we're going to get more people who want a sane, competent president. >> all sane represent the core gop. when you say traditional -- >> i said every republican candidate. he wants to do something about taxes, doesn't he? he wants smaller government. i mean, i can go down the list. the bottom line is you guys want to put out there that we're falling apart but bernie isn't doing so bad, mark. >> bernie's not going to win. >> he might not win the nomination. he might not win the nomination but he sure is giving her a run. >> and you have to admit, mark, there's a lot of democrats, a lot of bernie supporters who say they're not going to support
11:38 am
hillary clinton. >> they will. they'll come in. >> you know, we record these programs. >> i understand that. >> we're going to bring you back. >> bring it on. >> mark, angela, thanks, guys. >> thank you. fox news election alert. we take you back to plainfield, indiana. heidi cruz has wrapped up her speech. i guess you could call her vice presidential candidate carly fiorina, although she has not been nominated by the gop, is on stage now hoping for a vote from the people of indiana. and what is getting the democratic presidential candidates fired up? well, they're talking a lot about trade. we'll break it down. >> we need to change our disastrous trade policy. since 2001 our nation has lost almost 60,000 factories. ♪
11:39 am
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now to israel where crowds of worshippers are celebrating easter weekend. the ceremony is called the holy fire and takes place in jerusalem's holy city where they believe jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected. thousands of torches are lit for the ritual which dates back thousands of years. they ramp up security and have 3500 extra officers on hand during all of this. i will not support any trade agreement that i don't think creates more good jobs with rising incomes. that's why i'm against the trans-pacific partnership. it's why i voted against the only multi-lateral trade agreement that came before me when i was in the senate. i have a record that is very clearly on the side of working people. >> we need a new set of trade
11:44 am
policies. trade policies designed to protect working families and the middle class, not just the ceos of large corporations. if corporate america wants us to buy their products, they have got to start manufacturing those products in indiana, in vermont, in america, not just in mexico or china. >> all right. you heard hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders defending their stances on trade agreements and what they believe is best for america's manufacturing. with indiana's primary day just three days away, all eyes are on the hoosiers and their manufacturing hub. so let's take a look at the difference between both the candidates on the democratic side. joel jackman is a professor of international law at tufts school of law and diplomacy. thank you for joining us, sir. we appreciate it. >> it's my great pleasure. thank you. >> i want to break down the two
11:45 am
candidates. i want to start with bernie sanders. help to break down some of their policies. bernie sanders first and foremost does not support any trade agreements. he wants to avoid trade deals that benefit corporations and he wants to withdraw from world trade organizations -- from the world trade organization. i want to ask you what makes his stance so unique before we get to secretary clinton's stance. >> well, other than donald trump, i think that bernie sanders stance is unique american history. the idea that we would withdraw from trade agreements and as he voted in 2000 from the world trade organization, the multi-lateral organization that includes 164 countries would be very strange. and it would reduce export opportunities for u.s. businesses. if the united states raised tariffs and other import
11:46 am
barriers in response to the termination of those agreements it would make goods and services much more expensive for people. >> we look at secretary clinton and she doesn't have, like you said, quite an, if you would, harsh stance. i want to put up some of the bullet points from her records. first and foremost, she's still open to agreements if there's a safety net in place for job retention. we know she supported them in chile, singapore, morocco and oman. she supported the t.p.p. which we've heard quite a bit about. does this jibe with her record, with her history? >> well, as you know, her history has been largely to support trade agreements. she voted against the central american free trade agreement but generally her history has been to be in favor of trade agreements. i think she wants to be selective and her main point has been that we need to make sure that we take care of the workers who are competing with imported
11:47 am
goods who lose their jobs in an appropriate way in order to have those trade agreements. i think she recognizes that there are other workers who are involved in exports who will get more jobs and better pay because of those export opportunities that those free trade agreements provide. >> we've heard senator sanders hit secretary clinton really hard on some of these points. does he have the upper hand in this dispute here? especially as we head to indiana. a lot of those voters do care about where their jobs are going. >> you know, free trade agreements provide opportunities for exports and they make sure that we have cheaper goods but on the other side, there are export jobs that we get but on the other side, import competing industries contract. as a net matter we get wealthier. i think that bernie sanders
11:48 am
seems to be ignoring those opportunities for exports and the desires for consumers for cheaper goods. in indiana where the primary is coming up there are exports of goods and important exports of agricultural products and if we don't have the free trade agreements that we have and if we don't sign and enter into some of the free trade agreements that we have the opportunity to enter into, the people of indiana will have fewer opportunities for exports and they may pay more for their consumer goods. >> sure. joel, i certainly wish we had more time. it's really interesting to hear your perspective in breaking down what can be some very complex issues. thank you for joining us so much today, sir. >> it was my pleasure. thank you. two immigrant parents who tried to give their children the american dream ended up brutally murdered and police say their own children did it. we have some disturbing details into that investigation. ♪ ♪
11:49 am
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new details emerging in the death of a california couple. police say the san jose parents were murdered by their own two sons. will carr is joining us from los angeles. >> the community is trying to wrap their mind around the arrest of these sons because it's already a shocking double-murder to begin with. the father was shot 12 times and the mother once in the head and the killer said, "sorry my first kill was clumsy." this happened last weekend in san jose when family members found golam and shamima golamrabbi in their home murdered. police have arrested hasib and omar golamrabbi. the older one is the one that pulled the trigger and admitted to shooting his father but a stranger who he couldn't name
11:54 am
assaulted him in the home and told him to shoot his dad and another person shot his dad but he did indeed was shot by him. the younger brother checked to make sure that blood was not seeping out of their garage. it's unclear if mental illness was at play or if the crime scene was staged to look that way. what we do know is that investigators found several notebooks in the brother's room matching the notes next to the body. >> it was not a random act of violence but probably something that was designed. the younger brother, who is 17, will be charged as an adult and if if convicted down the line, both would face life in prison.
11:55 am
>> will carr live in los angeles, thank you. what's coming up? be sure to mark your calendar monday at three on fbn, speaking with the biggest names in business finding out the secret from some of america's richest minds. hello, everybody. coming up in less than ten minutes, it's make or break time for the presidential hopefuls with indiana's primary just days away. but with california on the horizon, we'll crunch the numbers with political guru mike rollins. and more troops in syria. that and much more on the way.
11:56 am
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12:00 pm
this nerd prom. for obvious reasons. >> and your adoring fans will be there. >> highlights tomorrow. see you. >> thanks for joining us. hello, everybody. live in new york, tensions cooling outside the california gop's convention at this hour following a chaotic day against donald trump and his campaign agenda. we will tell you why the golden state is playing a key role for the first time in decades as the scramble for delegates continues against the backdrop of that state's gop convention. we'll get reaction from ed rollins and former governor mike huckabee. plus -- >> the current setup invites troubling micromanagement of a wartime effort and risks inhibiting results. >> tough tal


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