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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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this nerd prom. for obvious reasons. >> and your adoring fans will be there. >> highlights tomorrow. see you. >> thanks for joining us. hello, everybody. live in new york, tensions cooling outside the california gop's convention at this hour following a chaotic day against donald trump and his campaign agenda. we will tell you why the golden state is playing a key role for the first time in decades as the scramble for delegates continues against the backdrop of that state's gop convention. we'll get reaction from ed rollins and former governor mike huckabee. plus -- >> the current setup invites troubling micromanagement of a wartime effort and risks inhibiting results. >> tough talk from defense
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secretary ash carter taking aim at republican members of congress. "america's election headquarters" live from new york starts right now. welcome, everybody. even though it's indiana's primary that is next up, it's california that is heating up to be the big focus with the gop contenders to seek as many delegates as they can. that state's gop party continues at the state convention this weekend and ted cruz has been meeting with folks that he hopes will support his effort to block donald trump's momentum at a time when trump continues to lead in the polls there. unlike recent elections, california is playing a key role for the first time in decades. let's bring in john roberts who is standing by at the gop convention happening outside of san francisco. john, what's going on right now?
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>> uma, good afternoon to you. this entire room full of people are thrilled that california means something this time around. i think you can make an argument in some circles that the folks are happy that their votes are going to count this year. they are not selecting delegates at this convention. they are doing some party business selecting a committeeman and woman. it's submitted by the campaigns themselves and when they win statewide, they win the delegates in the congressional district. those delegates are picked from their slate and so they actually go to the national convention. there is none of this post primary or post caucus selection that we've seen in so many other states. it's going to be a big afternoon for ted cruz speaking here this afternoon because he will get the endorsement. former republican california governor pete wilson, particularly in terms of the
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ground game, even though wilson has come under criticism from a lot of circles that he did a lot of damage to the republican party, particularly among hispanic and minority voters, he still has a very powerful machine here. ted cruz seems to take advantage of that. yesterday, cruz had another announcement, this one in indiana when current governor mike pence came out for him. a bit of a lukewarm endorsement, though, as pens said he was going to vote for ted cruz and said he will be campaigning for him on monday. he talked about how wonderful donald trump was and ted cruz pushed back on that saying he knows the media wants to poo-poo the endorsement of mike pence but it will serve him well in tuesday's primary. >> it was a chaotic scene outside the party convention and drew a lot of headlines. are we expecting any more protests today? >> reporter: it's been
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absolutely quiet here today and they forced the secret service not to bring the secret service in the front way as they wanted to. they had to stop on the 101 freeway and cut a hole in a fence to let donald trump come in. he was a little more strident in the speech than i thought he was going to be. he was talking about a lot of issues that would constitute red meat in terms of the way that his campaign has been and he talked about it on the campaign trail. while he wants to see unity, he may not see it. here's trump. >> there should be and has to be unity. now, with that being said, would i win, can i win without it?
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i think so. they are going to vote for me. they are not voting for -- jeb bush didn't support you. big deal. like i care. okay? >> he's going back to the low energy thing with jeb bush. he said there is some people whose support he would not want. it's beginning to look like it's neck in neck in indiana on tuesday. right after this, all of the candidates are going back to indiana. we'll be following them there, uma, and it will be flat out until the polls close on tuesday night. uma. >> flat out indeed. i know you're covering all of this very closely. great to see you. thank you so much. >> thanks, uma. >> for more on the upcoming california primary, let's bring in ed rollins, former principle white house adviser to president
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reagan and long-time adviser to business leaders. welcome. you know california very well. >> i grew up in california. i know the political system very well. the endorsement is kind of important. >> how much does it really matter? >> not that much but it's the ultimate media state and a lot of new californians don't remember pete wilson even though he was a senator and two-term governor. i think trump has momentum. if he squeaks out a win in indiana this week, it's going to be awful hard to stop. the unique thing about california where the primary hasn't mattered since literally 1994 when i was at college, every other cycle it's been reagan or nixon, it will matter this time and obvious trump could wrap it up. >> why do some say that trump is tailor made for the california
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gop? >> it's a unique place. it's unique in the sense that 13% of the population of the country is -- there's a certain element in parties that like their politics and to a certain extent they've had good times and bad times economically and i think he taps into that message pretty well. cruz has a very strong organi organization. i think it -- >> the ruling of delegates in california, is it any different? >> this convention is not important in the sense of -- it's the party operatives but you're not automatically a delegate. each campaign picks their own delegates. 53 congressional seats. there's -- you get five for each senator and three for the national committeeman and woman. there's 13 large delegates which is smaller than most places. >> and folks know if you're voting that way which delegate is backing each candidate?
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>> it's very clear. the delegates pledge to and they have it listed. the key thing is it's a closed primary. there's a big effort and 4.7 million californians registered as republicans. it's about 27% of the electorate out there. about 4 million plus independents. >> and that's key. >> a lot of effort to switch the independents. you can switch up to 14 days before the election and if you want to go back to being an independent, you do that. >> i'm going to be discussing this later on in the show but i want to get your take about the party elite now starting to basically throw up their hands and say, all right, trump may end up being the nominee and we have to live with that. >> well, the way it looks at this point, no one else certainly can't win the nomination on the first ballot. they have to go second or third ballot. trump has that potential. people are seeing it more inevitable and close to 1,000 delegates today and getting
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close to that magic number that he needs and so at the end of the day, rather than have this war, let's get it together. >> what happens if, in indiana, cruz makes headway. he got the endorsement of a very popular governor, albeit he did it in a lukewarm fashion. what impact could that have going forward? >> they could split the delegates ahead. there's some places that cruz would do well. >> does that give cruz the incentive and make the demand that, hey, i am winning and headway here so we need to have a contested convention. that number is not reached before the convention. >> it will be a contested convention if the magic number is not reached before then. you have to have a majority of the delegates to be the nominee of the party. my sense is, just because you come close, you don't win it. the trump plan at this point in time is to get if.
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if they don't get it, it's what we've talked about for weeks and weeks and weeks. because of the momentum of last week, he has a far better chance of getting it. >> california in play for the first time in decades. >> since i was a boy. >> now you're all excited about it. and of course, for those of you wanting a wrap of what is going on on the democratic side of the aisle, we'll bring you a complete wrapup of the news as it happens later on in our show. and moving right along now, let's focus on news from the campaign trail where we go to the latest from reaction from mike huckabee who gave us insight on how he feels about ted cruz's campaign and the momentum that he's receiving with endorsements from the indiana governor. let's listen in. we have the indiana governor pence endorsing cruz a
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a positive find for his campaign. i'd like for you to give me your reactions of that endorsement and also to reflect for a moment on whether in this campaign year, unlike any other that we have seen, do political endorsements really matter anymore? >> they don't seem to have the punch as they did before. this is not a normal year but it does help but getting the endorsement of a former congressman, very popular, good guy, that's a good thing. you want all of the endorsements that you can get. if nothing else, it's a great media buzz. the problem ted cruz is having is the momentum is totally with donald trump right now and donald trump got an endorsement that may be far bigger than any sitting governor. he got bobby knight. any governor will tell you, you may be the governor but you can't hold a candle to a sports
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icon in your state. it's a great moment for ted cruz. will it be enough to swing indiana? we'll find out. >> did you find it unusual in the formal endorsement to ted cruz that he started out by first praising donald trump? >> i'm sure ted cruz was cringing through all of that because the first part of the endorsement was what a wonderful person donald trump is and how he would be able to support him and i almost thought for a moment he was going to have that last-minute thought and say, i'll just endorse trump. of course, he didn't. it was about as tepid an endorsement, not an anti trump endorsement as some endorsements for cruz then. you got the impression they were not endorsing cruz. they were unendorsing donald trump. but still, bottom line, cruz got the endorsement and you have to say that's a big plus. the downside for cruz in all of this is that cruz has not yet faced the reality of what he's
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in and he continues to say over and over the same well-rehearsed lines that conservatives are coalescing around a candidate. well, they are, it's just not coalescing around him. and i think that's going to be the challenge for him, not just in indiana but the rest of the states going forward. >> >> there's also a bit of a dust-up with cruz denying there's any formal arrangement between the two sides in their effort to try to go after donald trump. at a time when we know that both sides have planned strategic moves in which state the campaign is. that angered the kasich camp and ted cruz is distancing himself right now from making a suggestion that there's any type of an alliance. >> it's one of the most remarkable points of this past week. ted cruz and his campaign, his
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campaign manager came out and made a big deal about the deal that they had made. and then a few days later when it kind of backfired and blew up in their face, ted cruz looked straight into the camera and basically said, no, what you heard me say, i didn't really say it. i mean, that's what makes it very difficult sometimes because this is the ted cruz who will say, no, i didn't support tpp. but he did. no, i didn't support h1b increases of 500%, but he did. on and on. this is one more example where he's on record. it's his face, his voice, his mouth moving and he'll sit there and say, no, i didn't really do that. you just can't lawyer everything into oblivion and i think that's hurt ted cruz with people because they want someone who says, yeah, i made a deal. there you go. >> do you think there's actually negative fallout with voters as opposed to the inside baseball and what goes on behind the
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scenes in politics? >> yeah, i really do. i want to be very clear, there was nothing untoward about what they did. it was just pure, raw, old-fashion politics. it was deal making. nothing to get legal about. there's nothing even unethical about it. there really isn't. i know some said this is terrible but it is insider politics so that's what i think caused the damage. people are just tired of it. they want transparency, openness and they saw this as one more sort of backroom deal and i believe that's why it was really -- received a very negative reaction when it came out. >> i'll have more of my conversation with governor huckabee later on in the show as he talks about whether or not there's an aura of inevitably of trump getting the nomination. and now i'd love to hear from you about whether this will lead to a contested convention or not. if donald trump doesn't reach
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1237 delegates, should that force a contested convention or should the candidate with the most delegates win the nomination? there's a sentiment towards that feeling? tweet me @umapemmaraju. we're happy to say that "fox news sunday" is celebrating a 20th anniversary tomorrow. chris wallace will have an exclusive interview with donald trump and talk to senator ted cruz. we ask you to check your local listings for the time. and now to this fox news alert, a developing story overseas. the iraqi security forces firing tear gas on protesters pouring into baghdad's green zone. most of the country's government ministry and foreign embassies are located. there was a statement issued that it was, quote, gravely concerned about the breach.
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anti-government crowds are calling for political reform and security forces largely choosing to stand down. outside of the use of tear gas. we'll keep you posted as the developments become available. back in this country, texas trying to dry out from torrential rain as dangerous floodwaters are now being blamed for the deaths of a woman and four of her grandchildren. and that's just part of the extreme weather plaguing the lone star state. plus, ohio attempting to move past the murder of eight family members. one of the victims is being laid today. and bernie sanders is making a major announcement about the democratic national committee while vowing to fight on in his race against hillary clinton. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better.
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thank you! thank you! what a week! we sat down, we kicked back, and we watched tv! [ cheering ] this win is just the beginning! it doesn't end here. because your laundry can wait! keep those sweatpants on! order another pizza! and watch on! [ cheering ] don't wait a whole year for xfinity watchathon week to return. upgrade now to add the premium channel of your choice so you can keep watching. call or go online today. welcome back, everybody. texas is dealing with the aftermath of severe storms. we're hearing reports ofeveral injuries and rescue efforts were hampered with downed power lines
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and tree limbs and a grandmother and her four children died in floodwaters. the second of a shooting massacre in rural ohio has been laid to rest. the 20-year-old was the fiancee of another victim. many of them were found dead in their beds one week ago. investigators are remaining tight lipped about any suspects or possible motive at this time. now back to the presidential sweepstakes. the sanders camp now announcing that he's dropping his lawsuit against the dnc for blocking his campaign access to a voter database. it looks like the senator is also trying to ease up on his
12:23 pm
campaign attacks against hillary clinton. >> reporter: if her campaign schedule is any indication, she's not too concerned about indiana's primary on tuesday. it could be a tight race. the candidate herself has hardly spent any time in the hoosier state. she held a couple of events there on tuesday but has left the bulk of the campaigning to her husband and daughter. clinton has a six-point lead against sanders. over the last few days, though, clinton has hardly mentioned bernie sanders and is clearly shifting her focus to the general election and the republican front-runner donald trump whose been stepping up his own criticism of the former secretary of state. >> i'm not going to deal with their temper tantrums or bullying. if it means standing up for the concerns that they have, then deal me in. >> reporter: despite laying off
12:24 pm
more than 200 staffers, bernie sanders' campaign says it's pushing on all the way to the convention. there has been a change in tone this week, though, with fewer direct attacks on hillary clinton. in fact, at a rally in indianapolis, sanders didn't mention her at all and talked about the importance of uniting against donald trump. >> if we stand together, if we do not allow the trumps and the others to try to divide us up, if we stand together, not only can we stop united technologies from throwing thousands of indianans out on the street, we can transform this country. >> hillary clinton won't be too far away attending a fund-raiser in michigan. uma? >> thank you very much. protesters are making their way to the very heart of the
12:25 pm
iraqi government. what this means for the stability of a key u.s. partner. plus, president obama sending more troops into syria in the fight against isis amid a fiery hearing on capitol hill this week between lawmakers and the top military brass over the direction of u.s. strategy. >> do you agree that you have the capability to take out assad's forecast? >> i do, senator. >> we have not declared war on the syrian regime, senator. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. ii did my ancestrydna. where my family came from. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me.
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on the day before easter orthodox, a fire appeared spontaneously from jesus' tomb to remind followers that he has not forgotten them. >> today is a very important day in orthodox christianity. we're expecting the holy fire to go down on the christian people all over the world and symbolize. >> the holy fire ceremony dates back 1200 years. a u.s. aircraft carrier will remain in the persian gulf an extra 30 days now as the pentagon tries to take out isis. the white house will continue to keep the pressure on iraq and syria. the president announced a 250 special ops forces will be deployed to syria. strong words from defense
12:31 pm
secretary ash carter accusing lawmakers from getting in the way and hampering military efforts in that war-torn region. listen. >> we're required to submit reprogramming requests, as you all know, to the defense committees. and so far on these funds we've received different responses and different timelines and sometimes with conflicting demands. the current setup invites troubling micromanagement of a wartime effort and risks inhibiting results. >> joining us now with reaction and more, lieutenant oliver north great to have you on board today. >> unfortunately, the news is not all that good. is it, uma. >> no, it isn't. i want to ask you about the remarks from defense secretary talking about the micromanagement by congress in our syria policy.
12:32 pm
fascinating that he decided to go out on a limb like this because many have accused the general's work out there. >> you kind of wonder if secretary carter had said the same thing to the national security council staff that has been mucking about it. he's got to be for congress because they ask to reprogram money and haven't gotten any answers yet. that's going to be essential to training more of the syrians who are fighting back against isis in a tough fight because fighting against the assad regime. so very tough tasks for those 250 assigned to the 50 already there. there is also good news. the fact that you're keeping a carrier in the persian gulf, they can't do enough maintenance on these vessels to make enough strike groups to keep them available, one in the med and one in the persian gulf. the real problem is lack of
12:33 pm
leadership from the white house. the president has not made this fight a priority. unlike vladimir putin who has thrown everything he needs into the fight for his ally assad, we have not done enough things to back up what needs to be done out there for our troops and those who are loyal to us. there's been no real effort to enlist the help of the sunni tribes at anbar province and no effort to get the egyptians involved in this, the jordanians and the saudi money that's been talked about but very little seen. what is happening in baghdad may well determine the outcome in the fight against isis. >> let's talk about the protesters happening right now. this is dramatic video that we've been witnessing today. >> well, it is dramatic. a government is about to collapse. this could result in a sunni/shiite civil war, a sectarian war inside iraq. if that happens, forget about isis. isis will have free reign as
12:34 pm
long as they want. this is how ineffective joe biden's trip was out there. he tried to pull the government together. you can see on the screen, it's pulling apart. >> right now the folks protesting the government mismanagement in terms of the people? >> it's that and the corruption and failure to give due to -- look, you've got three factions that really matter. the shiites, the sunnis and the kurds. they have done very little to help the kurds and enlist the aid of the sunnis in the anbar province. they still haven't pacified ramadi. they will probably produce something in the neighborhood of half a million refugees. they are going to fly north all up into kurdistan. all of these things are happening because of the ineffectiveness of the administration to deal with the iranian problem. the iranian problem is the
12:35 pm
elephant in the tent here because what we've done is essentially told the sunnis, we're now tilting all of our policy towards tehran and of course tehran has a lot to say about what happens inside the government of baghdad. >> but as you're pointing out, if what you're saying happens and that government falls, the united states has incredible consequences to deal with and, in kt fa, you pointed out, dealing with isis will be a secondary issue because you have to get stability within the government of iraq first. >> and you also have to protect the american troops. >> sure. >> we have more than 4,000 troops in iraq right now. we started with 10,000. >> right. >> they are now building back up to try to get some stability and to try to train the iraqi military. it's driven bisect tey sectaria as well. they allowed the army to be taken over by the shiites and purged it of all of the good
12:36 pm
sunnis and good kurds that were in it. >> i heard in the hearings this week that some of the members of -- i think it was ash carter that was talking about the fact that they have not been satisfied with the performance of the kurds at this moment in iraq. that they are disappointed that they are not stepping up. what's going on there? >> well, look it, i was out there. i was with the kurds. every armored vehicle that i saw -- and i would ask, where did you get this, they said, we captured it from isis because the cowards in baghdad gave it away. in other words, they fled. early on in the fight in 2014, they captured thousands of armored humvees, tanks and they are now using those and when you go back into a city like ramadi, where there's thousands of ieds, what they really need is engineering support. they don't have any. all of that kind of stuff is not happening because of the instability in baghdad. >> this is really a shame because the kurds have been the ones willing to fight on the
12:37 pm
front lines for the u.s. and for their own interests to go against the insurgence within iraq. >> the only force that is consistently beat isis since 2012 are the kurds. and, of course, the kurds have gotten very little except ammunition. they've gotten very little from the united states. the weapons that they've got, armored vehicles, piecemeal, put back together. it's a tragedy what's happened to the kurds and ultimately the kurds want their own homeland and we may be watching the beginning of the end of a government of iraq as we know it and seeing the country break up into a kurdistan. >> the stability of the government, you know, hangs in the balance at the moment. >> as a matter of fact, i've got a daily report from a group out there that is protecting us from our last trip out there. i see what they are saying.
12:38 pm
i look what is happening on the ground and the stuff coming from reporters. we have no western reporters out there in any of this area. these are all feeds coming in from stringers or freelancers and that's because it's so dangerous, no one's insurance company wants to cover them while they are out there. >> wow. a very, very tough and dicey situation taking place as we speak. colonel north, i appreciate you joining us with your insights today. we'll keep a close watch on the situation as it continues to unfold. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. iback in this country, president obama pushing for new measures for gun control for police agencies, the manufacturers would have to meet but some gun rights activists are saying that the president is overstepping his authority. laura laura ingal is is joining us.
12:39 pm
>> this would ensure mental health records with the background check system along with proposed rules from law enforcement agencies which would buy and use them. the idea behind smart technology is similar to what we see with our smartphones and only work in the hands of the owner by using fingerprints or hand grip identification or by using a ring fab that let's the gun know, so to speak, it's in the right hand. president obama taking to his facebook page saying this week, these commonsense steps are not going to prevent every tragedy but what if they prevented even one? white house spokesperson josh earnest spoke about the new actions being taken to get the technology developed and says making products safer is pretty common in many industries. >> just about every other industry that i can think of, that's what people do. that's what manufacturers do, that is the source of innovation in a variety of field, the the best example of this is in the auto industry. >> the national rifle
12:40 pm
association telling fox the nra doesn't oppose smart gun technology but they do oppose any law prohibiting americans from owning firearms that don't have the smart gun technology. adding in a statement released to us today, "at a time when we are actively fighting terrorists at home and abroad, this administration would rather focus the military's efforts on the president's gun control agenda. right now, the department of defense, homeland security and justice continue to conduct or sponsor research into the technology and expect to have a report out on all of the requirements by this october. we'll keep you informed. uma? >> all right, laura, thank you very much. just ahead, more of my conversation with former presidential candidate mike huckabee who says despite donald trump's negative, more are lining up to get ready to back the front-runner and why that matters now ahead of the convention.
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welcome back, everybody. this week there's been a great deal of talk that gop has been resigned to accepting that donald trump may indeed wind up as the party's nominee in order to avoid a nasty convention fight this summer. former governor and presidential candidate mike huckabee has his reaction and why he says this matters. there are now published reports that members of the gop elite are actually resigned to the fact that they believe that there's a sense of inevitably about donald trump being their nominee and that they are just going to make peace with that. are you hearing the same thing at this point, from your perspective? >> i am and i think a lot of people recognize and say, the people have a right to make this decision and donald trump has already received more votes at this stage of the process than neither mitt romney or john mccain did when they had secured the nomination and went to the
12:46 pm
convention. that's significant. some people say, well, but donald trump may turn off some voters. well, it's pretty apparent that they are not paying attention. donald trump has turned on a bunch of voters and that's why a whole bunch of people, who are independents and democrats have come to vote for donald trump. now, what people ought to be looking at is saying, that's important because you cannot beat hillary clinton if all you have is the narrowest slice of the republican party. you've got to get independents. you have to bring some working class, democrats and others who are dissatisfied with their party. donald trump is doing that. that's how you win the general election. >> a lot of elites want to see a very messy, contested convention. but at this point, do you think we're still -- there's a good chance that this convention could go on being a contested one, particularly if he doesn't get the exact number of delegates needed for a first ballot nomination? >> uma, it looks like donald
12:47 pm
trump will be several hundred delegates ahead of ted cruz even if he doesn't get the matching 1237 and i think there's a good possibility that he will get that. if he gets 43% of the remaining delegates, he has the 1237. he's doing much better than 43% of the election so far. so he's in a position to pull that off. but let's say he's just under but he's hundreds of delegates ahead, i think that there extrad cruz to take one for the team, step aside, don't let this go and be a complete mess and, frankly, i think that the republicans can avoid that and unite, go forward, beat hillary clinton and try to reverse the damage of the past eight years and there's been plenty of that. >> it's been a tough week for cruz all the way around with the former speaker of the house john boehner even going on the record calling him lucifer in the flesh.
12:48 pm
now, does this do anyone any good when you have a high-profile member of the gop going after another member of the gop who right now is in the spotlight in a big way? i mean, i don't recall john boehner going after either harry reid calling him lucifer in the flesh but to take on cruz this way i think has really upset a lot of people within the gop to have boehner go very public in a very negative way against a candidate, even if he doesn't support him, to do it this way. >> well, it shows how let's say free-spirited that a person gets once they leave office and they no longer give a hoot and i'll use the word "hoot" about political consequences. no, it isn't positive. it's not good for the party. certainly not good for ted cruz. but i think john boehner was -- didn't appear to be in an unguarded moment. >> no, not at all. >> it appeared to be quite intentional. i think he was expressing what he really felt and i think the
12:49 pm
trouble for ted cruz, ted cruz has spent what little time he's had in the senate and he hasn't been there long not making friends but making a lot of enemies. and let's be fair, it's not always because he was challenging the system. it's because people felt he was using the system to elevate himself, not to elevate a particular issue. >> all right. shifting gears in a big way, we're going to tell you about a unique discovery that's century's old. and a look at some of the ancient findings that you will see that workers accidently uncovered. plus, the world's most largest blackout. wait until you hear what was behind all of the havoc. ♪ if a denture were to be put under a microscope,
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>> and has earned the distrust the united states senate armed services committee, ted cruz does not need any tutoring on the clear and present dangers to america's national security. [ applause ] and the next president of the united states will have as many as five supreme court vacancies in his or her first term. we know what kind of justices hillary clinton would nominate. heaven knows what justices donald trump would pick.
12:55 pm
but what can we know to a certainty is that ted cruz will choose judges who will interpret the law and not legislate it. [ applause ] his sterling record as chief justice, the brilliant clerk to chief justice rehnquist as solicitor general of texas are ample evidence he is committed to preserving our constitutional liberties. now, we can't afford a wild card when it comes to a president who will be making critically important supreme court appointments. let alone hillary clinton whose liberal democratic appointees
12:56 pm
will be believers in a living constitution, which enables them to justify expanding the powers of the federal government that are not found in the constitution at the cost of shrinking -- >> the former governor pete wilson endorsing ted cruz who we expect to hear from just shortly there in california. that's going to be a wrap for me from new york city. i want to wish my mom a happy birthday today that's celebrating at her home in texas. see you next time. i've just aa and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me, sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries.
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all eyes seem to be on indiana just ahead of tuesday's primary. but the 2016 race is now ramping up out west as well. the state of california and right now former california governor pete wilson has announced his endorsement of senator ted cruz for president. governor wilson explaining why cruz about to speak at the state's gop convention. stepping up his campaign's battle to try to stop donald trump ahead of the national convention in july. hello, everybody i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to this hour of america's


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