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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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all eyes seem to be on indiana just ahead of tuesday's primary. but the 2016 race is now ramping up out west as well. the state of california and right now former california governor pete wilson has announced his endorsement of senator ted cruz for president. governor wilson explaining why cruz about to speak at the state's gop convention. stepping up his campaign's battle to try to stop donald trump ahead of the national convention in july. hello, everybody i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to this hour of america's election
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quarterba quarterbacks. >> what are you here with me nonow with 172 delegates at stake, california is playing a usual role in the gop primary for the first time in four decades. they're saying trump won't be able to get a majority of delegates before the convention. >> here's the simple reality i believe nobody is going to get to 1237. donald trump is not going to get to 1,237 nobody is. we're going to go into cleveland. i'll have a ton of delegates. >> meantime, donald trump addressing those same gop leaders yesterday. mocking cruz 's decision to nominate his vice presidential running mate, carly fiorina. >> cruz did something i never seen. he picked a vice presidential
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person, carly. he picked carly. and i like carly. but, you know, when she left she had no votes. was she one or zero? she had no votes. do you know what? maybe it's a good move. >> john roberts is live outside san francisco with more. hey, john, so a big day there in california for cruz. what's going on? where you are? >> it's a big day for ted cruz. governor pete wilson, former governor pete wilson just gave him a ringing endorsement. much stronger than the endorsement he received from mike pence in indiana yesterday. mike pence told what he liked about donald trump before he endorsed ted cruz. ted cruz has got mike pence, ted cruz has been doing off over an endorsement that mike tyson made for donald trump saying that mike tyson spent time in an indiana prison for rape years ago and not the kind of guy you
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want to have endorsing you, mocking donald trump for saying that mike tyson was a tough guy. much different environment, too, than it was yesterday. remind you of what happened yesterday. a lot of protesters who were organized by a group here in san francisco. the answer coalition came out and protesting donald trump. forced his motorcade to make a diversion. they had to stop on the side of the freeway. donald trump had to walk along the barricade, jump down between the barricade and the fence and walk in the back door of the convention center here. but donald trump saying to the crowd here yesterday, that if they go with him here in california and nationwide in november they're going to get a very good result. here's trump. >> and i'm telling you, you are going to have an unbelievably good result in november. i started with 17 people. governors, senators, people of
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accomplishment. some people of great accomplishment. every week, boom. boom. boom. believe me, i knocked them off. i knocked them off. >> now, despite the fact that ted cruz is still battling donald trump very hard, particularly in indiana and here in california, john kasich is still in the race. increasingly, members of the establishment are starting to say it's time to clear the way for donald trump. most recently, john huntsman, former governor of utah, presidential candidate himself has said it's time for the party to rally around donald trump. a source close to governor huntsman said it's not an official endorsement. just an indication that the longer the race goes on the more damage it does to the republican party. huntsman saying trump has been able to put together a no non-traditional coalition of voters and it's time to allow him to become the nominee. ted cruz will fight that all the way to the convention. >> i was going to say don't tell
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ted cruz that behind you. thank you very much. ted cruz is actually given the speech at the california gop lunch banquet. donald trump and john kasich speaking to the same group yesterday. this is just outside san francisco. 172 delegates at state. and voters are hitting the polls a little more than a month. let's listen quickly to ted cruz just for a moment. >> and someone who understands what it's like to struggle. one of the things that impresses me about carly is she has shattered glass ceilings her entire life. she knows the struggle. and she's prepared to fight for it. i got to tell you, carly, terrifies hillary clinton. you know, i can just picture hillary thinking about carly. tossing and turning. and tossing and turning.
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in her jail cell. this election is going to come down to three critical issues. jobs, freedom, and security. my number one priority as president will be jobs and economic growth. bringing jobs back to america. what ronald reagan understood and what jfk understood before him. when you cut taxes and you reduce regulations on small businesses, the result is millions upon millions of new high paying jobs. i intend to follow the path blazed by reagan and jfk and lift the boot of the federal government off the back of the necks of small businesses. [ applause ] if i'm elected president, we will repeal every word of
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obamacare. [ applause ] we'll pass commonsense healthcare reform that makes health insurance personal and portable and affordable and keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors. [ applause ] we will pass a simple flat tax. where every one of us can fill out our taxes on a post card. and when we do that, we should abolish the irs. and we're going to rein in the epa and the federal regulators who have descended like locusts on farmers and ranches and small businesses killing jobs all across this country.
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listen, as republicans in california, y'all are a hearty bunch. you are used to adversity. and you have seen first hand the absolute disaster the absolute train wreck that is out of control liberalism. you don't need to look any further than out of control environmental policies that have resulted in since 2008, 1.4 trillion gallons of fresh water being dump into the pacific ocean because of a little three inch fish. now, i'm sure it will drive our friends in the media crazy when i observe in my experience, three inch fish go great with cheese and crackers.
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>> we aren't going to get that excited. i agree fish and crackers are great. >> he's referring to the smelt and environmentalists were able to prevent fresh water from going down into the valley where all the agriculture is. instead they simply dump it out, all this water that california needs into the pacific ocean. >> yeah. >> because of the smelt. >> because of the smelt. and california, obviously, has been crying out that they need more water and more water and he's -- it's interesting to watch him speak in the state of california and being such a liberal state and listening to him. he's got the governor's endorsement. >> he does. that's an easy option. but he's -- >> he's in liberal land. >> yeah, up in san francisco where my home for eight years. i love the place. but, you know, it's liberal. let's get to the democrats now. senator bernie sanders is dropping his campaign's lawsuit against the democratic national
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committee. the sanders filed a lawsuit back in december. we're live in washington with the details. elizabeth? >> hi, yeah, all eyes on indiana. clinton is showing a six point lead over bernie sanders and the clear politics average of indiana polls, both her husband bill and her daughter chelsea have been stumping, hitting hard on the topic indiana residents want to hear about. we all know that's jobs. bill says hillary has the best plans for the future. >> one is to invest in an infrastructure program that motemo modernizes this country because you can't export jobs. the other is to get incentives to make sure we keep winning the race against china and germany and be the number one manufacturer of clean energy technologies. >> take a look at the delegate
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count. hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders. sanders trails with 1,357. indiana which voters there will head to the polls on tuesday, offers 92 democratic delegates. the sanders camp may be laying off hundreds of staffers but the candidate vows to push on. he reduced a schedule that include rallies in fort wayne and indianapolis. sanders will tackle money and politics and plan to make public college and universities free and insuring universal healthcare. this week he took jabs at republicans as opposed to focusing on clinton touting his opposition to trade agreements. >> these trade agreements all of them written by corporate america have cost us millions of good paying jobs in every state
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in this country since the passage of nafta alone in 1994. indiana, this great state, has lost 113,000 good paying manufacturing jobs. >> so we know his stance. clinton says she's open to trade agreements if there are safety nets and job retaining programs provided. she's hitting the campaign trail hard in indiana ahead of tuesday. back to you. >> elizabeth, thanks. horrific murders in san jose, california. two brothers arrested for killing their own parents at their home. police say the brothers went to a convention after the fatal shootings. will carr is live in los angeles with all the details. this is horrific. >> yeah, not only horrific but bizarre as well in this double murder. there are a lot of questions and not many answers right now. here's what we do know, as you mentioned last week in san jose,
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family members found the bodies of them inside the home. the father was shot 12 times, the mother shot once in the head. next to their bodies, several disturbing notes, including one that said sorry my first kill was clumsy. authorities now say their sons are the ones responsible. they say the 22-year-old pulled the triggerer. why is unclear at this point. they say his 17-year-old brother omar was at home during the shooting and is the one who checked to make sure blood was not seeping out of their garage before the brothers went to the anime convention. they also have the older brother's confession at this point saying he did shoot the father and beyond that investigators found several notebooks in the brothers' bedrooms matching hand writing of the notes left next to the body. >> the note seems to imply it was not a random act of
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violence, but probably something that had design behind it. some purpose. that shocked us even more. >> the big question here, julie, motive. the older brother says a stranger told him to shoot his father so he did. he said somebody else shot his mother. police maintain he was the one that shot both. they'll be looking into mental illness here. both brothers pleaded not guilty yesterday in court. if they're ultimately convicted they could face life behind bars. julie. all right. will carr in los angeles. thank you. conjures up images of the men m brothers. there should be and there has to be unity. with that being said, would i win can i win without it? i think so to be honest.
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i think so they're going to vote for me. i'm a conservative but who cares? we've got to straighten out the country. give me a break. you're here to buy a car.
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a fox news alert. we're now getting a new picture
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of flood victims in plin texas. a 64-year-old grandmother and her four grand children have died. in lindale you can see the damage after one tornado was reported. resc rescue efforts have been hampered by downed power lines. we'll keep you posted. well, donald trump sending a mixed message during a kickoff banquet for the gop convention in california. 172 delegates will be up for grabs in the golden state. but, here's the but, the june 7th primary wasn't only the focus of his speech. trump instead mocked his republican rivals and his critics. and then seemed to waiver on the importance of party unity.
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>> there should be and there has to be unity. with that being said, would i win can i with without it? i think so. to be honest. i think so. because they're going to vote for me. folks i'm a conservative but at this point who care? we've got to straighten out the country. >> let's bring in our political panel. tammy bruce and joe trippi. thank you both for talking to us. does trump have this nomination in the bag or what? >> i don't see how he gets stopped. i mean, i know there are people who still think they can pull enough delegates away from him. i expect him to get the nomination. way before the convention, i think he can seal it on june 7th. >> with trump facing a contested gop convention, yesterday tammy he talked about the need for unity. he said he felt confident he would win even without it. so can trump win with or without his party backing him, or does his party finally come around and back him once and for all
1:21 pm
knowing inevitably he is going to be the nominee? >> look, if he's the front runner and the nominee, in a way they'll have to. there will be perhaps some that won't. but already enough have come over to where he's got control of that. look, this is about being the winner and being the nominee and winning the presidency. ultimately we all care about the country, want to get the country back on its feet. if suddenly personalities come over and you take your marbles home because you don't like the nominee perhaps the priority for you wasn't correct. for trump, he can without the elites being united because of the nature of how the population has responded to him. he's correct. i think he can win without the bureaucratic unity. in the end, and i think joe would agree with this, for a general election at a nationwide level, he will need some of the infrastructure that the party can provide. remember, a lot of people say romney lost because of the failure of the party infrastructure. it could be a little bit of the
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good elements of both, being independent and having a good party. >> having the gop elite behind you doesn't necessarily help. mitt romney, perfect example. it seems he's leaning less on the republican elites and holding out hope that bernie sanders supporters might come out in support of him. he doesn't necessarily need the gop establishment. i mean, it's pretty clear he's made it this far and he's done fabulously without it. >> i think he may be able to get the nomination against the establishment, the establishment may not be able to stop him. but i think that's a far cry from trying to win the general election with a divided party. there has been no instance of that ever happening. you look at reagan ford in '76. kennedy carter in 1980. every one of those -- and democrats were worried about that kind of split in 2008.
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you know, if hillary clinton had gone into that convention fighting barack obama for the nomination, she didn't do that, she made the magnanimous motion to make it unanimous. so if -- i think trump is right about the primary. i think he's wrong if he -- it's his challenge to unify the party going forward and then try to expand if he can get bernie sanders' supporters, all the people he thinks he could expand to. could be possible. i don't think so. he doesn't get anywhere -- >> oh, my gosh, anything is possible at this point. >> that's what everybody likes to say. but i don't believe that. >> i don't know. i just think there's been one surprise after the next. really nothing would surprise me. i mean, you know, we talk about strategy here. and you look at ted cruz, you look at john kasich and they together have recently strategized to try to prevent him from getting the nomination. you've got ted cruz announcing
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he's basically chosen a running mate if he were to be nominated. and then he chooses carly fiorina. he is not the leading front runner in this. how will fiorina help him at this point or will she? >> part of this dynamic now is about winning the mind of the people. that you've got to look presidential, you've got to look like you could be the nominee. attaching yourself with a vice president is supposed to be able to do that. she also could bring some of the certainly the republican element over in california. clearly she's from there. but also she's also a texan. she also does represent the nature of the values. he establishes him more of an outsider in a certain way. she clearly is i think much more dynamic on the stump. she brings in her own audience. there's a lot of things she can help with. at this point, this is mr. trump's. >> yeah, i was -- carly fiorina was a favorite of mine. but i see -- >> i remember that. >> so this --
1:25 pm
>> she just didn't poll well. that's the bottom line. >> she couldn't translate to the crowd. >> trump called it. i mean, he called her a zero. that's a big harsh. she was single digits. she never made it. >> but united with cruz she seems to be a bit of a different approach with cruz. what you'll see is for mr. trump the challenge for him now. reagan democrats, gop elites and the voters. the combination he'll be fine. >> all right. thank you both. very interesting. we appreciate you both coming in and talking about this. appreciate it. >> good to you with you. and you can catch more of the gop candidates tomorrow. "fox news sunday" hosting its 20th anniversary show. chris wallace will be speaking with donald trump, along with presidential candidate ted cruz check your local listings or you can watch it here on the fox news channel. it airs 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow, sunday. stay tuned. and the white house is making a new push for gun
1:26 pm
control. the president announcing smart gun measures for police agencies. why gun rights activists are blasting that move. plus, this. the shocking new video that isis does not want the world to see a horrific inside look at life as an isis fighter. very different from their slickly edited online videos. captain chuck nash is here to weigh in. next. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. you're all set to book a flight
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this is being called the videotape isis does not want the world to see. here's part of it. this is a go pro video. the camera mounted on the helmet of a dead isis fighter showing the horror and chaos as the militants fight kurdish peshmerga forces. when the isis fighters shoot at
1:31 pm
each other it's clear they're not necessarily the slick fighting machine their propaganda would have you believe. retired captain chuck nash is with us. we're going to play several clips of this. the first clip, this video begins with a suicide bomber saying his good byes, may got accept you as a martyr says one man. the bomber says do not be sad for me. all of a sudden you hear another guy say, come on, hurry up brothers there are war planes around. please. i mean, it's stunning video, but then the action begins. we'll go to the next video. isis fighters jumping in their armored vehicle. they head toward the peshmerga. a rocket hits the vehicles. they try to fire on the kurdish base. a fighter's weapon flicked and it starts firing on their own
1:32 pm
vehicle. you hear voices say stop fighting stop fighting. what does this tell you? >> having never been in ground combat but having friends who have it, they can tell you it's a definite scary oh, my god kind of a thing. even our troops who are well equipped and the morale is high, they train together. to them the environment is challenging. you take a group of ill trained or not trained at all fighters, you give them semi automatic or automatic weapons and you turn them loose on a battlefield. it's probably pure chaos out there because their commanders don't care about them. they're poorly led. it's a mess. they are not the ten foot tall image that their information operations tries to portray them. they have nor experience, no training. let's go to the next videotape. i'll try to describe what's on it. you hear this guy say i told you
1:33 pm
to aim higher, what's wrong with you? you're firing the bullet casing straight at us. seconds you hear aim higher be careful you're going to kill us. then you also see and hear as captain nash described it. total confusion. the weapons don't always work. they grab the wrong weapon. they start turning on each other. and they start accusing each other of incompetence and stupidity and constantly you're hearing what's wrong with you? what's wrong with you? you know, these guys are sort of the curly three stooges of isis warfare. >> it really is. it's f troop only not funny. again, you've got very inexperienced people out there. this guy abdul abdullah everybody is yelling off. has firing off accidental discharged inside an armored vehicle.
1:34 pm
they're mad at him for that. and then they pick up the rpg's about that time is when the kurdish forces really take a beat on them. and they're starting to hit their vehicles with really accurate fire. these guys are going to have to get out of there and start running on the ground. >> well, and they don't make it out of there the best we can tell. the isis vehicle is struck. it's disabled. they climb out of it. you hear them screaming where is my weapon, where is my weapon. they are pleading for help. there is no help. finally, the man with the go pro camera on his helmet is hit. and you hear him screaming over and over again i've been wounded i've been wounded. and then he dies. they discover him, the peshmerga the next day. they see the go pro and release the video to show. i think essentially that you know these isis fighters are not
1:35 pm
what they claim to be. >> they're not what they claim to be yet they're in the ghettos of europe, the enclaves of europe. and they're preaching their mantra to a bunch of impressionable young men and they're picking up their bags and they're going to syria and we're learning from the desse deserters that the living conditions are gross. i don't know what they had in their minds when they've seen cut off heads. they're messed up in the head. when they get there they find out it's nothing like the promotional videos. >> this one is the real thing and it's very revealing. captain chuck nash, always good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you.
1:36 pm
controversy is growing over a new push by the white house for gun control. president obama announcing requirements for smart gun for police agencies manufacturers would have to meet and for sharing mental health records across facilities. gun activists said he should focus on crime. >> indeed, the president outlined the progress being made to curb gun violence. as you mentioned. the included requirements on the smart guns that would mandate sharing mental health records with a federal background system to keep guns out of the wrong hands. the idea behind smart gun technology is similar in what we see with our smartphones. the high techweapons can only work on the hands of their owner by using hand grip identification or a ring fob. president obama taken to his facebook page this week saying this, these commonsense steps are not going to prevent every
1:37 pm
tragedy. what if they prevented one? white house spokesperson josh ernst talk about the technology and said it's common in many industries. >> i couldn't think of another industry off the top of my head that isn't interested in looking at new technology that could make their product safer. >> reps with the national rifle association say they don't oppose smart gun technology but they oppose any law prohibiting americans from having firearms that don't have it. at the time when we're actively fighting terrorists at home and abroad the administration would rather focus on the military's efforts. just this month there were reportedly nine accidental shootings in one week involving children as young as two years old. federal officials expect to release a report this october on the next step they'll be taking,
1:38 pm
julie. >> all right. thank you. >> thanks. for years now veterans have been using service dogs. they've gotten help from the va in caring for those wonderful animals. now the program is facing some pretty serious questions about just how much service dogs really do help veterans who suffer from ptsd. we'll talk about it coming up. this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company
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a veterans affairs department program that pays veterinary bills for veterans. >> this program is facing serious questions, indeed the effectiveness of the program and the service dogs helping with post traumatic stress disorder. it's difficult to prove. the department is conducting a $12 million study to see how much they do help. only about 50 dogs have been placed with veterans suffering ptsd. >> around 15% of vietnam war
1:43 pm
veterans reported the condition. 12% of gulf war veterans. and nearly 14% of operation iraqi freedom veterans. do you see any problem with using these dogs? these service dogs to help people with ptsd? i mean, dogs are used to help sick patients. but ptsd, is this addressing the matter? or is it sort of curbing the problem? >> that's the controversy here today. you know, the dogs offer comfort security and companionship to the veterans. and, you know, a lot of these folks suffer tremendously, especially if they've been in combat. one of the topics that was brought up though, the issues really that are important is they're concerned maybe the dogs' behavior is carrying on some of these battlefield scars so to speak. what do i mean by that? they use the dogs for protection. when they walk into say, a 7
1:44 pm
eleven. the dog will scan for threats. you wouldn't want them to be that hypervigilant here in the u.s. some people have said this may not be a great idea. it prolongs the battlefield mentality. just a thought. >> so, actually, it would reinforce the paranoia and not really treat the root cause of the ptsd, is that it? >> that's what they're saying. normally the traditional therapies like cognitive therapy, psychoanalysts, things like this are not being used in lieu of the dogs as a substitute. many of the soldiers have said they feel much better since they've had the dogs. like you say, is it actually carrying on the paranoia. >> some of these veterans suffer so severely from ptsd they've become actually agore phobic. they can't leave their homes. does the dog ease the fear so they can get out and participate in society. second of all, these vets tend to be hypervigilant.
1:45 pm
with the dog being vigilant, does that ease the vigilance? >> some of the veterans have said with the dog around, their level alertness or their readiness has decreased. that may help. one of the things that, you know, is concerning, is, you know, you have to look at does the veteran have a strong family support? you know, and family and friends. do they have a strong network of support? that may improve their ability to, you know, recover after post traumatic stress disorder. >> reemerging yourself after you come back from ward is difficult especially when you're suffering from such traumatic stress issues. does the dog set you back in a way? you're leaning on a dog, which we all know if we've had pets are lovable reliable and committed companions. but we need to be able to lean on humans. if you can't lean on a human or can't reenter society and interact with humans, what kind
1:46 pm
of life do you have? >> that's a big important topic. that's why i brought up. if they have the strong family and friend network that may help them assimilate even quicker in lieu of using the pets or the dogs. you're right. some of the dogs have actually been implicated in maybe biting folks out in the public. that brought up just one extra layer you have to be careful. >> aggressive behavior that's not by the vet that suffers ptsd to the dog. people could be injured. there was a study by kaiser permanente. they found veterans with animals had better mental health, less substance abuse and better personal relationships. can that really be proven that it was because of the dogs or might it just be a coincidence? >> well, that's the $6 million question i imagine, right? it probably has a little bit to do with that. i don't know if they can actually prove that. you know, it's all -- >> too many variables.
1:47 pm
it all depends on the individual veteran we're talking about as well. some of them have tremendous reserve and can come back after these horrible traumatic things they've witnessed in battlefield. others may not. >> sad. all right. >> it is. >> doctor thank you so much. >> pleasure to be here. millions of orthodox christians around the world are preparing to celebrate easter sunday. so do you know why orthodox followers celebrate easter on a different date? we'll tell you and show you preparations for the big day from all around the globe. i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i always came back to smoking. i was absolutely frustrated, absolutely. i did not think chantix would work as well as it did. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven
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and now for a look beyond the headlines, here is liz trotta's weekly comment. >> the order to kill osama bin laden may rank as the president's most indelible act. accordingly, five years ago this weekend, u.s. navy seals descended on abadabad, an obscure town in pakistan, cornered their target and blasted him to his perverted heaven. it was dramatic payback. ten years overdue. with an election on the horizon, president obama's gamble failed off and pointed the way to how we fight in the middle east. no more troop build-ups he
1:52 pm
promised. let special operators do the heavy lifting now. not in his own words, battalions moving across the desert. oddly enough, we fought the vietnam war in reverse. starting with a nice quiet little war and building to the thunder of a half million american troops. is anyone thinking clearly about how we start and end wars? the question lingers as veterans mark a half century since the marines landed on the beach. but our present business is the so-called islamic republic and its attendant franchises murdering their way across europe. time to reassess. so the pentagon is ever so gingerly increasing the number of advices to the fight. 300 in iraq and 5,000 in syria. the numbers fungible and therefore not reliable, will continue to rise amid reassurances that no american boots will hit the ground.
1:53 pm
we've been in steady combat for 15 years in the muslim world. but little help of finding a solid policy to confront islamic terror until we elect a new president. it's worth noting that if it's a republican president who sends even one more unit into conflict, the liberal media will explode in its customary antiwar furor. emotionally, the death of bin laden restored our confidence, except for conspiracy crackpots, the mission is viewed as the most efficient known operation since vietnam, steel mystique imbedded itself in the culture. its glamour not unlike that of the army special forces, the green berets during vietnam. with help from the white house, movies and books about the seal mission, the navy launched a spectacular recruitment
1:54 pm
campaign. but public statements by some seals seemed to contradict the warrior code that obligates them not to advise the nature of their work nor seek recognition for their actions. five years later, most of us are better for knowing about these men. the country needed a sign, an example that such exceptional acts of routine discipline and bravery are still part of our heritage. presidents may come and go, but we'll always have abadabad. >> millions of orthodox christians around the world are celebrating easter this weekend. they use the julian calendar introduced under julius caesar rather than the gregorian calendar and that's why the date falls much later this year. in russia, church leaders are blessing easter gifts, including traditional eggs and cakes. crowds gathering in jerusalem to celebrate. there are approximately 200 million to 300 million
1:55 pm
orthodox christians around the world. coming up, a big night in washington, d.c., what some call the nerd prom. yeah. politicians journalists, celebrities. getting set for the white house dinner the zingers were flying last year during the ceremony. >> i am determined to make the most of every moment i have left. after the midterm elections, my advisors asked me, mr. president, do you have a bucket list? and i said, well, i have and i said, well, i have something that rhymes with bucket list.
1:56 pm
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1:59 pm
president obama expected to take a few shots at his fellow politicians and the media again during his final white house correspondents dinner. >> of course it comes right in the middle of a heated presidential campaign, which is expected to provide plenty of material at the event. comedian larry willmore is hosting tonight. and in the past, the president has described the dinner as, well, washington's celebrating itself. i thought they did that every day. others affectionately call it the nerd prom. take your pick. there are aefew other phrases for it as well, but this is a family program and we can't really use those descriptions. >> i mean, here is what i like. you get to see the president and his sense of humor.
2:00 pm
and he does have one. >> he does. he's very funny actually, or he gets really funny speech writers. >> he has good speech writers. >> all right. that's it for us. on the record town hall hosted by greta is next and fox report at 7. numerous days in indiana and it's going to be having really really special. >> fresh off a sweep in five states, donald trump moving ahead to the key state of indiana. and that's not all. trump also making a major foreign policy speech. >> containing the spread of radical islam must be a major foreign policy goal of the united states. and, indeed, the world. i will not hesitate to deploy military force when there is no alternative. but, if america fights, it must only fight to win. the whole world will be safer if our allies do their part to support our common sense and security. a trump


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