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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 1, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> thanks, doctors. >> good to see you. >> thanks for watching. america's headquarters from washington, d.c. coming up next. >> greg and i are back at 4:00 eastern. >> right. republican front-runner donald trump is about to hold a rally in indiana. getting started now as primary voters there head to polls on tuesday. all three gop candidates are making their final pleas in the hoosier state. behind the scenes, serious deal-making over delegates is going into overdrive. we'll give you an inside look. meanwhile, hillary clinton about to hold a get out the vote event in indianapolis. we can see some of the warm-up acts there making the case that it is time for bernie sanders to go. now, despite cuts to his staff this week, bernie says he's all in and will rally the troops in south bend this evening. a major milestone tomorrow. five years since justice came to osama bin laden courtesy of
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s.e.a.l. team 6. we'll take a look at the impact of his death and how it is still affecting the fight against terror today. thank you for spending your sunday with us. i'm shannon bream. >> i'm leland vittert. welcome to election head quart irz from washington. >> fox news election alert. donald trump has taken his stage at the rally in indiana. the dond is looking to win big. let's take a live look at his speech. >> they don't like -- i'll tell you what, they're falling out of glove with lyin'ted cruz. they don't liars. i get up every day and say, we have to repeal and replace obamacare.
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then i heard him two days ago go, donald trump likes obamacare. i go, what's going on here? no, we're going to repeal and replace it. every once in a while i go and i state the facts because i've never seen a person like this. the good news is he's way down in the polls. people aren't believing it and they're starting to leave town. the other thing is, i was at the hotel room and so many negative ads. and they're mostly wrong, in all fairness. i have to tell you. so, we have a group, crooked as can be. almost as crooked as crooked hillary clinton. she is crooked. 100% crooked. this is a group of lightweights. club for growth, whatever that is. they spend millions on negative ads. so, they come to see me, a friend of mine, says, would you see the club for growth. what's that? this is in new york. i said, what's that? this is a club. they do whatever. they couldn't even define it. i come in. i did it as a favor for
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i said, what do you do? i said, what are you looking for? would you give us $1 million? i said, what? why? who are you people? we can be rich but we don't have to wear a suit. so, this dumb club for growth. so, then he writes a letter and i put it up on the website. he writes a letter asking me for a million dollars. in a nice way i said, i don't even know what they do. i would rather take the money and throw it out the window and let people pick it up. let's distribute if here. so, here's what happens. he writes me this letter, which, honestly, is a stupid thing to do. but he writes me a letter asking for a million dollars for club of growth. i said no. now they're killing me with negative ads. in other words, they liked me. everything was good. would you contribute? when i said, no, i'm not going to contribute, they spent millions of dollars on ads right here. i said, that's the group that wanted money from me. that was the dprup telling me how great i am. now they're advertising.
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it just shows, folks, this is a rigged business. this is a dirty, rigged business. not good. and when you watch those negative ads on television, and they're just false, you know, most of them, a couple of them, you know, truths in there i guess, you know. can't be 100% wrong, but they're mostly wrong. some are actually 100% wrong. there was one that when you add up kasich and cruz, we win. except when you add them both up. you notice that. and you see the number of delegates. and when you add it up, we will stop trump. we will add it up. except there's one problem, and they show the bar graph. so, i'm up here. they're here and here. and when you add it up, they win. so, you add it up and i'm about -- they're about 150 votes short. but they add it up. but the bar graph is up here. they don't say when one gets out, i get a lot of the votes. like when jeb bush left the race, everyone said, if you add jeb and all the other
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candidates, they beat trump. this is a while ago. now they don't beat trump, actually. but this is a while ago. now, it's just such crooked stuff. very dishonest. they said -- i watched this guy, karl rove. he's a dummy. he's on fox. he's saying, donald trump has not gotten 50%. this is, again, a month ago because in new york i got 62 and with pennsylvania and maryland, with all these things we broke 50 and even 60, but we had maryland, connecticut, delaware, rhode island. we won in landslides, every one of them. i watch karl rove say -- >> you've been listening live to donald trump speaking today in indiana. voters there head to the polls. a very important primary on tuesday. he has said, if he wins there, he thinks essentially the gop nomination is his and the race is over. more to come. 57 delegates up for grabs in indiana. ted cruz is not giving up despite the fact that he is trailing pretty significantly in
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at least one poll that is out, cruz has three events around the hoosier state. our carl cameron, campaign carl, on the ground in indianapolis. as you look at indiana right now, cruz 15 points down in the latest "wall street journal" poll. does he have a chance? >> he has a chance to get delegates because of the way in which indiana allots them. they allocate winner takes all stayed wide. there's another 27 allocated based on congressional district. you win a congressional district and you get three delegates. cruz can definitely get those. one poll out today, an nbc/maris poll that shows donald trump has a significant lead, in the 40s and ted cruz in the 30s and kasich way back in the low teens. another poll out today, indiana university and purdue university, institute for politics, that cruz is up double digits in the 40s and trump is in the 30s and kasich is down in the teens.
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the cruz campaign remains pretty bullish on their chances here. you can look at the places he's campaigning. terre haute right now, evansville, south bend. other communities outside indianapolis, more rural areas where the conservativism is more ardant than those flocking to trump. cruz is trying to put forward a brave face even though the average of the polls shows he's down six or seven points. here's a little of the texas senator this morning trying to put as positive a look on this as he can, knowing if he doesn't stop trump in indiana, it will be very hard to stop him from winning the nomination before the actual convention. watch. >> it's going to be a battle to see who can earn a majority of the delegates elected by the people at the convention. and the reason donald is so frantic to say the race is over and trying to get all his media accolites to say the race is over, because donald knows he
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cannot win a majority of the delegates elected by the people. >> reporter: over the course of this weekend, the cruz camp has been at it again, outhustling the trump campaign at state conventions in arizona, in missouri and virginia over the course of the last 36 hours. the trump campaign has not been as well organized as cruz. and in those states, a majority of the delegates will be going to ted cruz, even though trump won them. leland? >> we've seen that organization by cruz, something you've been reporting on a lot, carl. interesting, there was a big dinner in washington last night. the white house correspondents' dinner. i think we missed you. didn't we? >> reporter: yeah. i'm keeping my perfect record of spotty attendance intact. i had to work this morning, man. we had to get out here and cover the race. it was amazing to watch the president drop the mike and say, obama out. it comes two weeks after kobe bryant retired, scored 60 points that night and said, mamba out.
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and for the president, he's a history-maker, but to put himself in the same league with kobe bryant is interesting, controversial and probably going to got him some blowback. >> we will leave you with the last word, carl, with the history. thank you, sir. campaign carl on the road in indianapolis, working much harder than either shannon or i. now we're going to zoom out and take a look at the national delegates. donald trump leads the delegate race as he will tell you in each one of his stump speeches. 996 delegates. it's more crucial for trump he hit that 1237 number before cleveland. after political outmaneuvering by the cruz campaign carl talked about. cruz picked up the bulk of delegate support in virginia and, where trump more delegates. 57 delegates are up for grabs in indiana where fox news poll shows trump with a slight edge.
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>> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are crisscrossing the campaign trail today. sanders first holding a press conference here in washington after attending last night's white house correspondents' dinner. right now, hundreds of voters are turning out for a hillary clinton get out the vote rally in indianapolis. you're taking a live look there now, as we await her remarks. we are following the latest on the campaign trail. hi. >> reporter: hi, shannon. publicly clinton is charging ahead in upcoming states like indiana, but behind the scenes her campaign is taking some very clear steps they signal this primary battle is over. staffers are being dispatched to general election grounds like ohio, florida, and colorado where attorneys are scrutinizing dozens of possible running mates. even clinton herself is beginning to make the case she believes it's getting close to the time bernie sanders drop out. listen to the message she had for him this morning on one of the other sunday shows.
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>> there comes a time when you have to look at the reality. in fact, in '08 i was much closer in both popular vote and pledge delegates to senator obama than is the case right now. >> don't tell that to bernie sanders. just this morning his campaign announced they'd raised $26 million in april, bringing his campaign total to more than $210 million. that is a ton of money. but his campaign still had to lay off about 200 staffers just last week. it's the most public sign yet that his campaign may be winding down. then again this morning on one of the other sunday shows, sanders says he still sees a path to the nomination. >> it's difficult. it's not impossible. we will need 65% of the remaining ten contests, plus d.c., plus puerto rico, et cetera, to do it. now, 65% is a pretty heavy climb. >> up next is indiana on tuesday, where 85 delegates are up for grabs. a new nbc news poll out this morning shows clinton with a very small lead over sanders in
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that state. just four points. clinton is at 50%, sanders is at 46%. he's planning a big rally in south bend, indiana, tonight. even if he wins indiana, it likely still won't be enough to catch up to clinton. shannon? >> thank you very much. after a bruising round of northeast primaries, bernie sanders needs indiana if he wants to boost that delegate count on tuesday. clinton holds a commanding lead in the delegate race. now just a few hundred shy of clinching the actual nomination. 83 delegates will be awarded in indiana's democratic primary on tuesday. the state also has nine of those unpledged superdelegates. we're told seven of them are backing clinton. donald trump says if he wins indiana on tuesday, the gop race is over. that's not stopping ted cruz from trying to get as many delegates in his corner as he can in hopes of a contested convention.
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here to break down the race is frank. how are you? >> good to see you. >> let me ask you, is there any way to separate fact from fiction? what happens on this first ballot for all the delegates as they walk in some already committed to other candidates who are no longer running, what happens on that first ballot? >> first of all, most of the delegates are bound on the first ballot, according to state law and according to the party rules in individual states. so, that takes care of the large majority of delegates. >> someone is committed to voting for, say, rubio, will that happen on the first ballot? >> yes, unless he would release those delegates. i don't want to get too technical but there are a couple states where they might be able to move away from rubio. his delegate concentration is in a couple of states. as long as he remains in the race and doesn't release his delegates, they will vote for him on the first ballot.
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>> okay. so, from there, though, if donald trump doesn't go in with 1237, and he's feeling increasingly confident, and the poll numbers look good for him in indiana, if he doesn't lock it in, we get to the second ballot, how does that play for him? because he and his backers will have a very strong argument that he's the front-runner. you know there will be back lash if they feel the rules are changed or manipulated in any way that he doesn't end up getting the nomination if he's very close? >> right. you know, i think -- i think of of the movie "zero dark thirty," this is the movie how they killed osama bin laden, and they're trying to convince the cia director that they should conduct this raid on his compound and everything. and the cia -- the director says, so you're telling me, this is the least bad alternative? i think the republicans only have bad alternatives at this point. you're correct, donald trump will be the nominee, and probably a split party, or he will be denied the nomination and he may very well take a walk. but delegates have an option
10:15 am
after the first ballot in most states that they aren't bound so they can go in a variety of directions. they can vote for cruz or if they could get a petition together to put someone else's name and nomination, they could vote for that person, too. it's also important to note, no delegates are bound on procedural votes. so, on these important votes at the beginning of the convention to establish the rules and the platform and the credentials of delegates, those delegates can vote their conscience on all of those. >> so, there is a lot of technique to this. you mentioned the procedural rules as well. the cruz campaign has studied this. they were ready for this, whether it ends up working for them or not. they certainly have been very good at maneuvering, much to the consternation of the trump campaign on some of these delegates. >> i would like forward whether or not mr. trump gets to 1237, i would look for the cruz people to put forward a series of
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procedural votes. things on the platform, for example. mr. trump is at variance with republican orthodox on lots and lots of issues. i would look for cruz to challenge him on some of those issues. you know, if trump fights them and he loses, who knows what that will do to the convention. there's also going to be credentials challenges to delegations on both sides. so, there's a lot of land mines still ahead, even if mr. trump gets to the 1237. >> well, of course, indiana will be big in that determination on tuesday. thank you for helping us to break this down a little bit, frank. good to see you. >> thanks very much. >> leland? quick programming note for you. stay tuned right after "america's election headquarters," special "fox news sunday" as the show celebrates 20 years on the air this week. chris wallace interviews republican front-runner donald trump heading into the indiana primary. he also talked with senator ted cruz, whose campaign may depend,
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as we've been reporting, on the hoosier state. 2:00 p.m. eastern/6:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news. of course, we will be covering the indiana primaries all day tuesday on "america's election headquarters" well into the night. fox news alert. the day after protesters in baghdad poured into the heavily fortified green zone and stormed the parliament, iraq's prime minister says he will bring them to justice. the u.s. embassy is inside the green zone. anti-government demonstrators tore down walls and poured into the parliament building. they allegedly attacked to lawmakers and we see jumping and dancing on the parliament meeting hall tables as they waved iraqi flags. they're also protesting delays in what they say are plans to reform things. in brussels today, the airport is reopening its departure hall for the first time since those deadly suicide bombings that killed 16 people
10:18 am
there back in march. passengers on select flights will start using the newly repaired area after a special ceremony. extra security checks have been added to the terminal. passengers have been using a temporary check-in tent because of the extensive damage to the hall back on march 22nd. authorities are hoping to get the airport back to full capacity by mid-june. back here at home, a scary situation this morning as a csx freight train derailed in downtown washington, d.c. authorities say about ten cars came off the tracks and one of them spilled sodium hydroxide. that's a highly kcorrosive chemical. emergency crews say no injuries have been reported and no evacuations ordered. we'll continue to monitor this story just a few blocks from the bure rue a bure rue and bring you updates. s.e.a.l. team 6 took out the mastermind of 9/11. a closer look at the death of osama bin laden coming up.
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the supreme court makes a huge move over the controversial texas i.d. law challenge. we'll ask texas attorney general just how the order from the court will affect his fight to keep that law on the books. we're learning of another death caused by severe flooding in one small town that's still grieving the loss of the young children and their grandmother. residents say the speed of the flooding caught them dangerously off guard. >> about 11:45, so -- and within 15 minutes water was eight, ten feet high. >> it was under water. it was under water. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. fox news election alert. hillary clinton is hoping to maintain her lead in indiana. she's hosting a get out the vote rally in indianapolis now. let's listen in to her remarks. >> visit two plants in northern indiana. my husband has been here in the state because we remember it wasn't so long ago when incomes were going up for everybody.
10:24 am
in fact, as i recall, it was during the 1990s when somebody named clinton was the president of the united states. and i'm not -- i'm not just being personal about this. i think it's historical. people need to ask, okay, what do we need to do? there's lots of forces inside and outside that are working against good jobs with rising incomes. i know that. and we've got to go after each and every one of them. but it wasn't so long ago when we had 23 million new jobs and incomes went up for everybody. not just people at the top. in fact, the median family income in the 1990s went up 17%. and the median african-american family income went up 33%. there were jobs people were working those jobs, people were getting ahead, they were buying houses, they were putting away money for retirement.
10:25 am
so a lot of folks say, well, what happened? well, one thing happened is, unfortunately, we got ourselves a republican president in 2001. and their economic policies haven't worked. and they won't work. but they are persistent. and consistent. i'll give them that. they go back to the failed economic policies and they went back and it was trickle down economics on steroids. and we saw the results. the average family income is lower today than it was when my husband left office. and you had a president who took his eyes off the financial markets, took his eyes off the mortgage market and we ended up in the worst financial crisis since the great depression. it was something that could have fallen into a great depression. and i don't want people to forget that. i know there are a lot of folks here in indiana who are trying
10:26 am
to make up their minds who to vote for. i want them to understand what the real choice is. i also want them to accept this, because i believe it with all my heart. i don't think president obama gets the credit he deserves for digging us out of the debt that we were in. >> you've been listening in live to hillary clinton, the democratic front-runner is there holding a get out the vote rally in ipgs just ahead of the very important primary on tuesday. she and senator sanders are locked in a much tighter battle than the gop field. she knows it and she's out there working it. >> she and her husband, chelsea as well. the stock market, many of our 401(k)s and retirement accounts spent this week on a roller coaster that ended far below where it started. new data shows an alarmingly slow start to this year's gross domestic product, often referred to as the gdp. this weekend our liz asked warren buffett, the great investor, if this weak growth is
10:27 am
the canary in the coal mine to a recession. >> every country's going to have lots and lots of recessions over the years. i don't know how many we've had in the united states. we have had dozens of recessions. we had a great depression. we used to have some panics. we had a panic in 2008-09 and the country keeps head. >> the charment of the house ways and means committee on capitol hill says reversing this trend is possible, and he joins us now from houston. chairman, kevin brady. congressman, appreciate you being here with us, sir. >> thank you, leland. >> all right. so, you said in a press release that the numbers we're seeing right now are a, quote, real wake-up call. what is it waking us up to? >> well, here we have the most disappointing economic recovery in half a century. almost every person i know is either worried about their jobs,
10:28 am
their paychecks or can't even find full-time work. this latest report says that very slow recovery is getting slower. that means more families are going to struggle. one of the reasons this presidential contest is so important, the question is, are we going to continue these very disappointing, slow growth policies we see under president obama? are we going to change course and rev up the economy? >> we will get to the presidential race in a minute but you say a lot of folks can't find work. meantime, from the white house, every time new employment numbers come out, the president goes into the press briefing room and says, employment is rolling back. i've done a great job. where's the disconnect between what you're hearing and what he's saying? >> here we are seven years after this recovery. we hold our breath every month to see what the jobs numbers are. we're missing 6 million jobs from the economy that should be
10:29 am
back, even under just an average recovery. we're missing a hole in the economy the size of canada's economy. a family of four, ms. clinton just talked about it, is missing almost $1,000 a month from their paycheck because of these policies. house republicans believe we can reverse course, actually get this economy revved up again. >> i'll let you put forth the plan to turn things around. >> let's go -- let's start with a broken tax code that discourages investment. doesn't grow middle class jobs. house republicans are going to lay out later this summer our built for growth tax code that actually focuses on growing family paychecks, growing local jobs and the u.s. economy. we're also going to lay out replacement laudable care act because our businesses tell us it's killing their job creation. we need more customers around the world for american products. right now, unfortunately, china,
10:30 am
others, are getting access to those customers. so, we think we ought to start with fixing this broken tax code. >> republican presidential candidates will also say they agree that they need to change the tax code. the question is, change it to what? and is it possible? there's been talk on capitol hill about fixing the broken tax code for decades. for some reason, though, it never seems to happen. whether you've got democrats running things, republicans running things or things are split. why should the american people believe that if they give you the house back and give rnz the presidency, things should be any different? >> under a republican president, tax reform is inevitable. the american public has had it up to here. they're tired of a tax code they can't understand, it's complex, it hurts them. the truth is, feels like everyone gets a break but them. secondly, you have republicans in congress laying out real bold visions of where we can go, and presidential candidates, on fixing this tax code. the missing ingredient is a president willing to lead in a
10:31 am
different direction than what we have today. so, house republicans are laying the foundation. we'll be ready in 2017. at the end of the day, again, i'm confident that fax reform is inevitable and in a pro-growth way. >> mr. chairman, appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. come back once you put the bill on the floor and we'll see what the president has to say about it. >> yes, sir. thank you. >> thanks. all the best. shannon? coming up, a new twist in the fight over voter i.d. laws courtesy of the u.s. supreme court. we'll talk to the man making his state's case before the court. texas attorney general ken paxton.
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10:36 am
homes sustained major damage. several businesses are flooded. water actually hit the roof in some of these places. you can see the aftermath. the latest victim has been identified as a 30-year-old man. earlier reports confirmed a 64-year-old woman and four of her great grandchildren were killed trying to reach safety. texas' strict voter identification law will stay intact after the supreme court denied an emergency request from critics who say the law is discriminatory. the fight isn't really over. there's still a lawsuit pending in federal court. how could it impact november's election in ken paxton is texas's attorney general. thank you for joining us, mr. attorney general. >> thanks, shannon. i appreciate you having me on. >> there had been an emergency request to try to block this law at least temporarily while the underlying lawsuit plays out. the supreme court said no dice,
10:37 am
at least for now. but the door isn't completely closed. tell us about the law. what kind of i.d. is required and why are critics so upset about it? >> texas legislature passed voter i.d. and forms of i.d. to use when you vote. driver's licenses, conceal handgun license, passport, military i.d.s can all be used. it's been in place since 2011. quooef used it in state wide elections and also local elections. it's gone extremely well. all the court said was that we could keep that in place while the litigation is going on. >> texas officials have agreed with the u.s. justice department there are about 600,000 eligible voters, people in the state who are eligible, who may not have the exact right i.d. in accordance with this law. so, how do you respond to that and critics who say, you shouldn't have 600,000 people and they argue is disenfriss
10:38 am
minorities, african-americans, hispanics. if they're legally allowed to vote, why should it be so tough for them? >> it's not tough. we've authorized these voter i.d.s. you don't have a driver's license or military i.d., you can get a free i.d. from the state of texas that allows you to vote like anyone who has a driver's license or other identified form of i.d. that argument doesn't hold water because we've offered free i.d.s and all they have to do is go get one. >> what about those who say this is specifically targeted to make certain certain people have a tougher time to vote and it's just a smoke screen? >> we disagree with that. you can see the success of the program. we've been doing this since 2011. we have had immense success. millions of people have voted without using photo i.d. it's not that hard to get a free i.d. if you don't have a driver's license, you don't have a
10:39 am
military i.d. or passport, it's not difficult to get an i.d. to go out and vote. we've had a great experience with this legislation. >> let me ask you about the underlying lawsuit that is still in play in federal court. what's the timeline on that because the supreme court has made a note about the timeline and when they may get involved again if there isn't a decision? obviously, with november looming, it could be very important. >> our timeline is the court mentioned was some time in july. hopefully the sixth circuit, the whole panel will hear this in the next couple of months. once they've heard it, whatever decision is rendered, the losing party will have to decide if they're going to appeal that to the u.s. supreme court. we have elections going on right now that are being -- you know, this legislation is impacting. so, it's continuing to work even as we speak. >> all right. well, we know many other states are watching and potentially the supreme court getting involved down the line as well. attorney general ken paxton, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it.
10:40 am
quite literally five years ago right now s.e.a.l. team 6 operators were making their final checks and getting ready to load up their helicopters for a flight deep into pakistan. their top-secret mission, to kill osama bin laden. since then, we have, of course, learned much more about what led up to that highly secretive mission. images from new york and washington last year -- five years ago, as the celebrations about bin laden's death took place. right here on fox news a year and a half ago we heard from rob o'neill, the navy s.e.a.l. who came face to face with osama bin laden and fired those fatal shots. right now on twitter, the cia is live tweeting the raid as though it was happening right now in the sequence of events that happened five years ago. it would be very interesting to see what details the agency releases. >> i think that will be fascinating. coming up, will tuesday's indiana primary be a breaking point for campaigns on both sides of the aisle? our political panel will weigh in next.
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depending on whose math you believe, indiana's primary on tuesday could be the key to donald trump clinching the nomination. two days before the primary, a new poll shows trump with a commanding 15-point lead over ted cruz, john kasich far below at 13%. to discuss, ian pryor, american crossroads, chuck roach, democratic strategist. ian, to you, is this thing over? >> well, it's getting close. i think you look past indiana, you see a few states where donald trump is going to win. he's going to win new jersey, 51 delegates there. he's probably going to win west virginia and all 34 delegates there. you add in indiana's 57 delegates, the fat lady won't be singing but she'll be getting ready to take the stage. >> i think he's right.
10:46 am
at this point everyone is going along to try to stop the trump train. they're like two small children throwing rocks at a train as it goes by. they aren't doing anything but wasting their time. >> it's interesting how you see the shift of establishment gop to never trump to, well, trump may not be so bad. even marco rubio. trump's performance has improved significantly. not time to divide the party. ian, is it time for the republicans to get behind donald trump? >> i think what you see, there's a couple of branches of the so-called establishment, right? you have the pro-trump forces out there. you saw jeff miller, veterans committee and bill shoeser. i think if he wins indiana, you'll see a lot of people sitting on the sidelines that will get out there and start to rally around trump. not just the presidency is at stake and the senate is at
10:47 am
stake. we have a senate house majority we're going to look to protect. after indiana, you'll see a lot more people come off the sidelines. if not pro-trump, they'll be accepting of the fact that trump will be the nominee. >> are chucks now smelling blood in the water for down-ticket races ian was talking about if trump is the nominee? >> they are. a lot of people on the left think the trump candidacy will help offset a lot of minority voters who may not think he's their best representation. what we don't know is the political consultant. how many new people does he bring to the party? >> also the issue of blue-collar democrats that suddenly come out. people who are worried about manufacturing -- >> you've seen poll after poll and you'll see the unions starting to address that now. when he talks about trade, he sounds like bernie sanders. there's going to be a lot of parables we've never seen before where you have an unlimited amount of money. >> so, let's view the republican party, perhaps, one could say in
10:48 am
crisis, if you will, danger, opportunity. ian, what wins out with the trump candidacy, danger or opportunity? >> it's too early to tell. you throw conventional wisdom out the window. you see places like pennsylvania, you see donald trump out there. he's talking to bernie sanders supporters. i've never seen this where donald trump gets on the stump speech -- >> bernie sanders is being wronged by the democratic primary. is he going out there, trying to flank hillary clinton from the left. what does this do? >> every day we do this, you can measure the results. that's how we do it as a political consultant. when i can't see what i want to measure, that's a problem. danger. >> danger for you, guys. perhaps danger ahead on both sides. ian, chuck, appreciate your insights. thanks, guys. coming up, just a few hours, the first u.s. cruise ship to set sale for cuba in over 50 years. it is an historic moment. it pulls away from the dock in miami coming up.
10:49 am
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. one month after president obama's historic trip to cuba another big first for the island. a cruise ship sails from the u.s. to the communist country for the first time since 1959.
10:53 am
fox news's laura engel has the story. hi. >> reporter: hi, shannon. roughly 700 passengers will be headed to havana today as part of a week-long cruise from carnival cruise line's fathom brand, the first cruise ship company to be granted u.s. approval for round trip travel to cuba. the cruise set sail from miami and will make three stops in the cuban cities of havana, san fuegos and santiago de cuba. passengers will spend twice as much time on the ship as on the island. leisure activities don't fall under one of the 12 reasons the u.s. accepts for allowing citizens to travel to cuba. the historic cruise didn't come without controversy. you may have heard after the cruise line said it would honor a cuban government regulation banning cuban-born visitors from arriving by sea after demonstrations and political
10:54 am
pressure the trip was postponed. then the cuban government dropped the ban last month, clearing the way for cruising cubans to make the journey. >> just happy today that we can all move forward together in a positive way. it's a victory for cruise. we haven't been able to go to cuba for 50 years. it's a tremendous victory. >> the cruise was marketed toward travellers interested in cultural involvement more than conventional tourism and was planned after the december 24 announcement that the u.s. and cuba would re-establish diplomatic relations severed in 1961. there will be tours and lectures for passengers during the 50 hours of time on cuban soil. that's not mandatory. cruisers have the freedom to wander off on their own. when they jump back on board they will be offered cuban-themed programs including to mix a mojito and salsa dance classes as well. back to you. >> very interesting. we may take them up on that.
10:55 am
laura, thank you. >> thanks. all right, last night was what they referred to as prom for washington's nerds. they aren't nerdy. they just enjoy the party. a trance for the commander in chief to let loose with jokes for his financial white house correspondents dinner. take a look. ♪ with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. trying to be funny but today i'd like to talk to you about something serious. i was nervous about living alone, what if i fell, how would i get help, but now philips lifeline allows me to live with
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10:58 am
check this out. instead of hitting the hay these guys hit the speedway. dashing down duvall street
10:59 am
pushing decorated beds on wheels for the bed race. each crew has four runners steering with a fifth member riding. whoa, hey. that's ghost busters. that's good. the beds had everything from kwo"the walking dead" to "ghostbusters." >> someone said she was sick of politicians standing in the way of her dreams as if we were going to let malia go to burning man this year. it was not going to happen. bernie might have let her go. >> president obama last night at the white house correspondents dinner. >> he always does a good job with that. mixed reviews for the comedian larry willmore. >> there were uncomfortable moments. >> yeah. >> this was the celebrity sights of the night. >> let's show them. >> owen renfro, there we go. >> we clean up okay. >> occasionally we do. >> you much better than me.
11:00 am
all my life all i wanted was a picture with shannon. life the complete. >> you looked very sharp. we had to go to bed so we could be with you today. thanks for joining us. >> 20th anniversary of next. congrats to chris wallace. >> i'm chris wallace. how close is donald trump to wrapping up the republican nomination? today the gop front-runner, only on fox news sunday. ♪ >> i consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely. >> but can he bring the party together? >> the biggest senators, the biggest congresspeople. we have unbelievable support. >> trump, one on one. it's a fox news sunday exclusive. then ted cruz makes a series of dramatic moves before this week's primary in indiana. it could be make or break. >> there is nothing that hoosiers cannot do. >> heaven names a


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