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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 1, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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(children giggle) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. donald trump gaining momentum in the race for indiana, as he goes head-to-head with ted cruz in tuesday's big primary with john kasich sitting that one out. it is shaping up to be a crucial battle. it could decide the republican nomination, and a new poll shows the frontrunner with the wind at his back. hello, everyone. welcome to "america's election headquarters." >> donald trump pulling further ahead in the latest poll out of indiana, leading with 49% in the hoosier state. ted cruz is in second with 34%.
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john kasich in third with 13%. chief political correspondent carl cameron is tracking the numbers and he's live in indianapolis. carl? >> reporter: it's coming down to the wire in indiana and has the potential to be a decisive state. if trump does win here, he has very, very clear paths to win the 1,237 delegates before the convention and do away with cruz and john kasich's only hope, and that is he is kept from that number and it goes to a contested convention in cleveland. there is some reason for hope for the cruz campaign. there is one poll out today that shows that in this poll by indiana university and purdue university, the institute for politics, that in fact cruz is ahead in the 40s, and it's trump who's in the 30ss and as was the case in other polls, kasich in single and/or double digit numbers. and kasich isn't competing in
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indiana as part of this so-called alliance that has cruz not competing in new mexico and oregon, so they can maximize their abilities to block trump from 1,237. with that said, the cruz campaign also recognizes that trump has some big advantages here. the state is winner take all, but it's split. 30 delegates go to the state winner, winner take all, who wins statewide. but the remaining 27 delegates, 57 in all, are divvied up amongst the congressional districts. and if you win in those districts you can pick up delegates and that is an opportunity for ted cruz. only one poll shows cruz ahead in seven recently, and the average of trump's lead is about four and a half points. it's going to be tough. echoing heidi cruz, who suggested that cruz can unite the party because he's an immigrant. trump has made quite a considerable amount of hay of the idea that cruz was born in
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canada, even though most skal l -- scholars say he's a natural born citizen because his mom was an american. the pacers are in the nba playoffs and they are watching some serious elbows being thrown on the political campaign trail here. >> indeed. thanks, carl. the democrats also hitting the campaign trail just ahead of indiana's primary. hillary clinton holding a rally in the capital city of indianapolis. she's on top, by the way, in the polls in the hoosier state. but not by a whole lot and the sanders campaign is hoping for a big upset. kristin fisher is live in our washington newsroom with more. >> a very defiant bernie sanders just told a press conference to commemorate the one-year anniversary of his campaign, which was yesterday. he told reporters, think how far this campaign has come and think how far it could go if some super delegates are willing to support him instead of hillary
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clinton. he told those super delegates that they should reconsider. here's why. >> i would hope very much that the super delegates fromse states. the wishes of the people of those states and vote in line with how the people of that state voted. >> but clinton is so confident that she has this nomination locked up that she's already sending staffers to general election battleground states. she's considering possible running mates. and she no longer even mentions sanders by name on the campaign trail. here she is earlier this afternoon in indiana attacking the republican frontrunner. >> donald trump actually says wages are too high in america. i think that's what he believes.
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i guess. honestly, i don't know who he talks to. because that's not what i'm hearing as i go out and speak to literally thousands of people around the country. with a nbc news poll out this small lead over sanders in indiana, just four points. but even if sanders does win indiana and all the remaining states, it likely still won't be enough to catch up to clinton in terms of delegates, which is why we heard today sanders going very hard trying to court those super delegates. >> indeed. kristin fisher live in washington. thanks. >> anti-government protesters in iraq are temporarily ending their mass demonstration in baghdad. this comes after militants unleash dual car bomb attacks killing 31 people and injuring more than 50. tensions flaring in the country as it faces a growing political crisis. the attacks coming hours after
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the prime minister ordered authorities to arrest protesters who attack security forces after breaking into baghdad hea's hea fortified zone. >> the protesters withdrew quietly, but they say they'll be back next friday with an even bigger demonstration. earlier today, we saw hundreds forcing their way into baghdad's green zone to voice their anger about delayed government reforms. now, these protesters are followefollow ers of a shia cleric and this is the second day they've breached the secured diplomatic area. protesters say they want new elections and a new prime minister. this crisis has been brewing for many months, but it came to a head on saturday when a crowd stormed baghdad's parliament in chaotic scenes. now, the iraqi prime minister has promised, as you say, to arrest those who caused damage and attacked police and
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politicians. but the iraqi government has more than this on its mind today, because of those two bomb attacks earlier in the southern city. isis has claimed responsibility for these. it does seem to be extending its reach beyond its usual stronghold, which is in the north and the west of the country. it says it targeted iraqi police, but many civilians were caught up in these blasts. now, back in baghdad, the political tensions may have come for now, but this crisis is not over, and there's, of course, concern that his political turmoil could distract the iraqi government from its fight against isis. >> i'm going to discuss this scenario with the general. bowe bergdahl's case is set to resume now after a court of appeals is against an argument brought forth by the prosecutors. they said defense attorneys were
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given way too much leeway to access classified documents. the three-judge panel disagreed. bergdahl is now charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy for abandoning his post. back in 2009 in afghanistan. that second offense, by the way, that could land him life behind bars. tomorrow marks the five years since the death of osama bin laden, the mastermind of the worst terrorist attack ever on american soil. bin laden was killed in pakistan in a daring raid by u.s. navy seals nearly ten years after 9/11. news of his death prompting celebrations in new york and washington, d.c. dirt tenney has more. >> it's one of those moments where almost everyone can remember, where they were when they heard, we got him. there are no events scheduled by the administration to commemorate that mission.
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but we are hearing new details from the president about that night and what went into his decision to green light the mission. in an interview with cnn, the president says it was their best chance to get osama bin laden, and if they didn't, it could have been years before they were able to find him again. >> if it wasn't bin laden, probably the costs would outweigh the benefits and we would lose face internationally because there was probably going to be a lot of difficulty keeping it secret once the operation started. >> the navy seal who fired the fatal shot described that very moment in a fox news special in 2014. >> standing on two feet in front of me was the face that i had seen thousands of times. very quickly i recognized, and it was just pop, pop, pop. >> this morning, rob o'neill says he didn't do it alone and he hopes that others will come out and share their own stories of that mission. >> i'm the face of the team that
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did it. and i hope when more of the guys get out, they tell their stories, because there's going to be 23 different stories to that mission. >> even five years after bin laden's death, this anniversary still leads to increased terror warnings around the globe. evidence that the fight against terror still rages on. >> garrett tenney, thanks. the gdc is investigating an outbreak of norovirus on a cruise ship. 150 passengers and crew tested positive for the illness. it set sail with more than 1,400 people onboard from england about two weeks ago. the ship is expected to depart from baltimore later tonight after getting a thorough scrubdown. and a special show under the big top. why tonight's ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus will be the last of its kind. plus, donald trump starting to consider his options for vice president as he inches closer to securing the republican nomination. what is he looking for in a running mate?
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time now for a quick check of the headlines. a sixth body is found following flash flooding in east texas. the victim identified as a 35-year-old man. the same flooding also killed a woman and her four great grandchildren. elephants will be performing for the last time at the circus in rhode island. the move closing the chapter on a controversial practice that has been entertaining audiences since circuses began in america two centuries ago. and first daughter malia obama is planning to attend harvard university in 2017. the 17-year-old planning to take a year off after high school before beginning her studies at harvard. gop frontrunner donald trump is beginning to weigh his options for a vice presidential pick, but he could have some
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trouble filling that position. several campaign rivals vowing they'd never be a part of his ticket. mr. trump down playing the importance of that decision, saying "i don't care whether people support or endorse me or not, it makes zero influence on the voters historically. people don't vote based on who is vice president. i woont somebody who can help me govern." well, let's talk about that with david hawkings. good to see you. there are reports that people like jeb bush and scott walker and john kasich and senator jeff flake would never agree to be trump's running mate, and after belittling little marco, it's kind of hard to see rubio joining him. say thing with others. is that because trump has, in so many ways, insulted a lot of people? or because these potential, you know, vice presidential nominees are looking at the polls and they think he can't possibly win in november?
1:17 pm
i don't want to ruin my career by association. >> i think it's both of those things, greg. i think that donald trump is obviously as much of an anti-establishment candidate as we've seen in my lifetime. and all the people that you just mentioned see themselves as representatives of the establishment. so this is a little bit like the old groucho marx line about not being able to join a club that would have him as a member. in other words, what i'm trying to say is what donald trump i think probably needs more than anything, and i think that quote that you just played echoes this. he may not be trying to gain votes with his vice presidential nominee, but what he wants to signal presumably is when he says i need to start acting more presidential, which is his most self-effacing thing that he says on the trail. >> right. >> the first signal that you send is who you pick as a vice presidential candidate. and he needs to -- i think needs to pick somebody who is on that
1:18 pm
serious deep bench, but it's the same people who are on that deep bench on the republican side who generally don't want to be with him, because many of them have been insulted by him. and many of them see it as not a career advancement. >> or maybe he needs to pick somebody who can neutralize a bad issue for him. the polls show that 73% of women in america have an unfavorable opinion of trump. so to counter that, he might try to pick a woman, but who is the question. governor nikki haley of south carolina. governor susanna martinez in new mexico. they have made it known that they don't really want anything to do with trump and his caustic tone. but searly, he could find somebody. i've seen the name governor mary fallon of oklahoma as a possibility. i mean, she hasn't lashed out or bri bristled at some of the comments that trump has made. >> mary fallon is somebody you've heard. marsha blackburn, a player in the house republican conference.
1:19 pm
a congresswoman from tennessee. but i would say that neither of those, with all due respect to their career achievements, have really risen to sort of the serious frontier main republican bench that somebody, who if donald trump is serious about saying the very first thing i need is somebody who can help me govern. somebody who can -- who is prepared for the presidency. i don't think either of those women really has the kind of resume that puts them in that position just yet. >> now, 1972 comes to mind. trump could find himself in the position of george mcgovern in 1972. i mean, for the life of him, he could not get anybody to be his running mate for what looked like a lost cause in that election. he lobbied hard to get ted kennedy who said no. then he asked hubert humphrey. he asked walter mondale. they all said no way. finally, tom eagleton, the
1:20 pm
missouri senator said yes, but then he had to quit days later when it was revealed he suffered depression and electric shock treatment. after that, a whole bunch of others were asked, and they all said no. and finally, kennedy in-law sergeant shriver said yes. but by some accounts, he was the ninth, tenth, or 11th choice and it became a running joke and it underscored how doomed mcgovern's campaign was. arguably, is it conceivable the same thing could happen to donald trump? >> it's conceivable. that's a great history lesson. i'm thrilled that you reminded us of all of that. it's one of the great stories in american politics. i don't think donald trump is at that stage yet. i don't think he's going to have to go to his ninth or tenth choice. there are still some serious names out there. i think they all do, however, happen to be white men. there's governor rick scott of florida. there's governor chris christie of new jersey. and i think the one that i think
1:21 pm
we are all going to be talking about more and more as this gets closer, i think newt gingrich of georgia, the former speaker of the house, is probably a terrific choice for him. speaker gingrich has said he's open to this. he was two heart beats away from the presidency for four years when he was speaker. he's a bridge to both -- an avatar of the modern conservative movement, but he has deep roots in the republican establishment. he's a serious thinker. he absolutely would live up to donald trump's mantra about having somebody who could help him govern, who could help him deal with congress. so i think there are still some serious figures in the republican party who are open to donald trump. >> you mentioned chris christie. he's frequently described as trump's sycophant. and i wonder whether he might actually hurt the ticket. he has become profoundly unpopular in his state of new jersey, and of course, he got
1:22 pm
almost no votes in the primary. so he doesn't bring much to the table. what about ben carson? >> i'm not sure that ben carson brings to the table what mr. trump says he wants. he is an outsider, but that's what trump says he does not want. he says he wants somebody who can help him govern. he's been quite explicit in saying he does want a politician. he wants somebody who has experience with the washington lovers of power. that's absolutely not who ben carson is. really the first united states senator to get onboard with donald trump, jeff sessions. he's a player on both the senate armed services committee. knows foreign policy. knows immigration. >> but he's been in washington forever and he's the very kind of person that trump ridicules and demeans as washington establishment. and has hurt america. so that will be a tough twist. has the selection of carly
1:23 pm
fiorina by ted cruz, as much as that's criticized by trump, has it in a way amplified the pressure for trump to pick a woman? >> i think it's amplified the pressure, but you could make the argument that donald trump's ability to overcome this gender gap, that he has helped to make for himself is almost outside of his ability to control even with picking a woman. and that he could do more harm by picking someone who is perceived as not counterbalancing his outsider and level of inexperience. i think in the end he's probably going to go for a traditional white male politician like newt gingrich. >> 1972, i was ready to throw my hat onto the ring, but there were no takers. >> you weren't hold enough then. >> you know, i was 17. you're right. thank you very much. david hawkings. great to see you, as always. >> thanks, greg.
1:24 pm
police clash with protesters in paris during a may day rally. labor unions protesting proposed changes to the country's employment rules. some of the protesters throwing rocks at the police who responded with tear gas. the protesters are upset about a bill being considered by parliament, which would mean longer work hours and would make it easier for companies to lay off workers. when we come back, a historic voyage under way right now off the florida coast. a live look at a carnival cruise ship departing miami beach, the first cruz to head to cuba in 50 years. plus, the growing unrest in iraq could throw a wrench in the u.s. strategy to fight isis in the region. what exactly is at stake?
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i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me, sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. an american cruise ship setting sail for cuba on an
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historic voyage. the adonia is pulling out of florida today. the first u.s. cruise ship to visit cuba in more than half a century. as relations between the u.s. and the communist country continue to thaw. phil keating is live from miami beach. phil, was there a lot of excitement from the passengers there today? >> oh, greg, you know it. enormous excitement. especially from carnival cruise lines and the many passengers who told me as they were boarding that this is the fulfillment of a dream come true. that is the fathom adonia way off in the distance as it is leaving miami's port and government cut. arriving tomorrow in havana. onboard, people paying between $2,000 and $10,000 for this first inaugural trip of an american cruise line from america to cuba. there was some controversy. a federal lawsuit was filed because cuba rules would not allow any cubans who were born
1:30 pm
in cuba from being on this ship. but after all the controversy and seeing the economic dollars that were at stake, cuba killed that restriction, signaling more better ties between these cold war foes. >> that is absolutely historic change. it's a sign that signifies progress. it signifies the possibility for a brighter future, for both americans and for cubans. >> reporter: first up, havana tomorrow morning. we'll be covering that live. and the 700 passengers will be exploring the cobblestones of old havana, checking out the historic city, for the first time in their lives in person, instead of on television or a film and the magazines. norwegian cruise lines hopes to enter the cuba cruise market by the end of the year. >> i think i saw gopher and doc and isaac up there near the
1:31 pm
bridge. no captain stubbing. tourism, it's still against the law, right? so how is this cruise able to even happen? >> reporter: even though this cruise seems a whole lot like tourism, especially once everybody gets on the island, technically speaking, it qualifies as a people to people cruise that is one of 12 categories approved by the u.s. state department, which allows americans to go to cuba. also, as they are there, they will be meeting with cubans discussing culture, art, music, history, and for the americans from all over the country as well as international travelers i spoke with, they say this is a long time coming. >> i wanted to go a zillion years ago, so finally i'm doing it. >> i've always been fascinated with cuba, the music, the culture, the food, the people. and i have a very short bucket list and this is one of them. >> it's exciting. very exciting.
1:32 pm
>> reporter: this is a week-long cruise that will be happening from miami every two weeks. on the east to santiago to cuba, the birthplace of the cuban revolution, and then it returns back to miami. everybody on that ship can't believe they're on the inaugural cruise, but champagne is pouring. they were shooting the water jets here as the ship left. back to you. >> and jillian mccoy is your cruise director. phil keating, thanks very much. >> reporter: shouldn't i be on that ship, greg? >> oh, yeah, you should. the growing turmoil in iraq could have major implications for the u.s. strategy in fighting isis in the region, and that's because the white house leans on iraqi prime minister haider el abdi in battling them. his political viability could be a huge factor in whether our plans succeed or fail. joining us now is retired
1:33 pm
four-star general jack keane. former vice chief of staff of the army and a fox news military analyst. always good to see you, general keane. >> delighted to be here, arthel. >> what triggered the demonstration? >> well, this was triggered by a name familiar to our viewers, a radical shia militant that was responsible for killing many of our soldiers. what he's concerned about here is actually something that's positive, and that is political reform and bringing in new ministers who are not as corrupt as the previous ones that are serving now and have huge power brokers behind them. this has been festering for months. as a result of no progress being made by the parliament, he forced what is obviously a nonviolent protest by tens of thousands of civilians storming the gates, ransacking the
1:34 pm
parliament. they did not go near the executive branch. they did not go near the u.s. embassy or the u.s. compounds, which are also inside that green zone. but that is what triggered it. right now, they're out of the green zone, because there's a huge shia pilgrimage taking place, and they don't want to interfere with that. but they're going to be back on this thing pretty quick if this reform is not initiated. >> and about that reform, how crucial is stabilizing the political situation in iraq? i mean, for the success of the u.s. military campaign against isis. >> yeah, that's really the key problem. and you put your finger on it in the introduction. there's already -- this is already affecting the morale of really army leaders because of the political chaos and the uncertainty that surrounds the sovereignty and the continuance of the government. they're out there fighting for the preservation of that government, and under that government's orders.
1:35 pm
it would be very difficult for the united states military to continue supporting the iraqi army if this government toppled and chaos ensued in terms of political instability. i think it would put off the campaign for mosul for some time. its consequences are worse than that. it would put at risk iraq as we current know it today, and how it exists with the kurds and the sunnis and shias, trying to work together inside that country. it would begin to fracture that country much more dramatically than anything we've seen before. >> would that be an opening for iran? >> well, iran is heavily engaged here. it's one of my biggest frustrations for the life of me, i don't know why our administration with all the emphasis they place on diplomatic initiatives and the rejection of what they believe is president bush's muscular intervention around the world, this is a golden opportunity to
1:36 pm
really use diplomatic skills here to help the government grow its political process. quite frankly, going all the way back to malaki, when the administration came in power, they abandoned the malaki government politically after bush game them the victory and the surge in 2008. they began to disengage from this government, which was so tragic because the iranians influence that government disproportionately. and then we pulled out in 2011 as a result of the political disengagement and a military disengagement. we got isis. and that's why we're back in here because of isis. vice president biden, he's the personal envoy to iraqi. he hasn't visited there in five years. except for the visit three days ago. secretary kerry is really in there. if they had put anywhere near the emphasis on helping to shape iraq politically that they did making the nuclear deal, there would be considerably more political stability in iraq.
1:37 pm
the military operation is crucial to eliminate isis. but the political operation is every much as important if the military operation is going to succeed. >> is that salvageable, the political diplomacy? >> i don't know, to be honest with you. just be straight up. the consequences of what we're seeing there is considerably more than what people are reporting. this is real. he doesn't want to take over the government himself. because he'd have all the responsibility and accountability. but he's going to cause a lot of mischief if progress isn't made. that will put at risk the success of our military operation, to be sure. >> questions in my head, but i just can't have you answer it right now, but i just wonder if iraq will end up being split. but i guess we'll talk about that another time, general,
1:38 pm
because i have to go and i'm always fascinated by your analysis. but i leave it there and i appreciate your time, sir. >> good talking to you, arthel, as always. >> thank you. hillary clinton is gearing up for the general election, to be sure. but also keeping an eye on bernie sanders. he refuses to go away. so can she walk this political tight rope? we'll talk about it. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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1:43 pm
>> senator sanders has been a passionate advocate for issues he kars about. he's brought millions of people into the process, which i think is also very good for the democratic party. but there comes a time when you have to look at the reality. >> john messenger is a hillary supporter. let's get right to it. i want to start with donald trump. he's very astute at branding. he's been able to pick off candidates in the once crowded republican field one by one. he's already starting on hillary clinton. >> absolutely. >> should hillary face trump in the general election? i mean, what's the plan, to deflect or engage that part of trump's strategy? >> she's not going to be able to ignore everything that donald trump is doing any more than any of us can, whether we would like to or not. but i think her plan is to stick to her vision for what she wants to do with the country. where he's saying things that need to be responded to, not for her own sake, not because -- she's probably more used to
1:44 pm
being insulted on national television than any human ever alive. but where he's insulting women, where he's insulting minorities, then you're going to see her speaking up i think. because she's going to see that as her role as a leader i think. >> okay. and while we're talking, donald trump is at it there in indiana. he's in ft. wayne campaigning there. ahead of tuesday's primary there. but before after that, we'll get to california. indiana is important. i know that bernie sanders and hillary clinton are sort of neck and neck in some of the polls in indiana. but let me move forward to california there. the primary there, june 7th. i want to show you a new fox news poll showing clinton up by two points over california likely democratic primary voters. there you see 48% to 46%. a couple of things in your candidate's favor among the subgroup saying they will definitely vote, hillary's
1:45 pm
advantage to six points. sanders, 21% of his backers say they would change their mind, compared with 14%. how confident are you that hillary clinton can take california? what issues would she win? we're talking about 475 delegates up for grabs. >> yeah, we are. and it's important not to make too much of the california primary, because the math at the end of the day is that several million more americans have shown up on their election days, on primary days to support hillary than have shown up to support bernie, despite all of the fantastic energy and enthusiasm. i think she's going to take this one in the end. i really do. i think you're going to see young people there. i think you're going to see it's a more diverse electorate. >> but can hillary get to young voters? young that's been a little bit of a problem. >> it is. and i was thinking about this. when i was a teenager, or when i was in my 20s even, imagining
1:46 pm
what the world was like in american politics, i can't possibly. so you have a lot of young people nowadays who have never known washington, d.c. without hillary clinton in it. she is the establishment to them, even though, of course, when she first came to washington, she came to try and reform health care. >> but not to push back too much, john, that's the thing that's getting some of the young voters behind bernie sanders. >> absolutely. he's articulating a message of change. and this is what's very interesting about the contrast between their messages. he is saying some really wonderful things. we should be talking about why if we are the greatest nation in the world, why can't we have health care for all of our people without burdening them with debt and making them jump through hoops? but hillary is not going to be promising things that she doesn't think she can deliver. she is a change maker. she's very practical. she's the hardest working person in politics. and she wants to get some stuff done. >> i want to squeeze in another question before i let you go. by the way, i'm the one who skipped over indiana. you did not skip over indiana. i don't want anybody thinking that your candidate --
1:47 pm
>> love hoosiers, absolutely. >> assuming the general election ends up being a race between hillary and donald trump, will it be a novelty -- >> the novelty of an outsider has some appeal, absolutely. if you just want to smash everything in washington because you're so frustrated with it, then yeah, there is this possibility of essentially a protest vote for donald trump. so i don't think that it's necessarily going to be a runaway win for hillary clinton if she's going up against donald trump. i do think we have a lot of months to reflect on what it would really look like. an america with donald trump in the white house versus an america with one of the most qualified candidates we've ever seen run for president in the white house. and i feel pretty confident about our chances in the fall. >> okay. maybe we'll talk to you before then. good luck to you and your candidate. >> thank you, arthel. >> absolutely. certainly a great many details coming to life since prince passed away.
1:48 pm
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>>en prince's death caused it. the fact that he passed away without leaving a will is raising legal complications. i mean, nobody was buying the flu explanation from the beginning. in our country right now. you can't expect people not to have that concern.
1:53 pm
>> david, for drug abuse before. he had been in a are -- rehabilitation outpatient program. and six daze before he dies he was given a "save" shot. >> the writing was on the wall. there were a lot of issues with prince. the question is, do we blame it on the doctor? do we bring criminal charges? >> why not? >> conrad murray. >> that is different. >> michael jackson's doctor was convicted of manslaughter. >> he was giving him the shots. >> there is a difference. >> that was negligent. we are jumping. we do not know he gave him too many. because he overdoses does not mean the doctor is culpable. >> when you have people who can afford the personal friends or private doctors asking for more drugs than necessary, that is what the issue is. i can see --.
1:54 pm
>> probably cause in this indication, because a judge signed off on what was essentially a warrant raid of walgreens. >> right. >> probably cause leads you to believe there is substantial evidence. >> look, there was probable cause of an overdose. but there is not probable cause yet that the doctor is culpable. >> i disagree. >> and whether it is a homicide. >> i disagree. the drug issued the warrant to lack into the pharmacy because they are looking for criminal evidence. not in he overdosed. they can find that from the autopsy. >> they suspect --. >> it was possible he was doctor shopping and there may not an criminate prosecution. let's switch over to his estate. now, he did not leave a will or one has not been found yet. isn't that incredibly unusual? rich people usually do sophisticated estate planning, they lebanon their assets in a
1:55 pm
living trust, to avoid probate. nothing here? >> that is unusual. i cannot tell you how man cases of rich people who die without a will. they do not do estate planning and then the laws of the local area take over. >> i cannot see someone as savvy as prince who went through this huge battle with the record label not having a will, i think a will town up or he put his belongings in a a trust so that it will not be made public. >> he was a full sister and five half siblings. does the full sister, in there is no will and it goes through probate, does the full sister get more than half sibling? >> no, they are all treatied actually. >> in the state of minneapolis that is the law. in other states i not be happen.
1:56 pm
they receive it equally. >> you know who will be rich? >> the lawyers. he could have avoided that in he had done a will and a living trust, avoided probate, the litigation. it is a good message to the viewers. >> i am thinking something will town up. >> we will wait-and-see. >> good to so you both, david and kisha. tzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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>> the britain's royal family is celebrating princess charlotte's first birthday with a photo shoot. the pictures are on twitter. she towns one. she is adorable. >> gorgeous. >> that will do it for us. "media buzz" is next. >> on the buzz better, donald trump declares himself the nominee after sweeping five northeast states. ted cruz said the media are thrilled to boost the billionaire. the pundits debate when this race is over. >> he is the presurfive -- presumptive nominee and it will not be the easy path that the democrats want. >> is he? >> i think -- yes. >> the time has come to admit that republican voters want donald trump as their nominee. you see this? >> are the pundits would mocked and minimized his chances finally coming out of the denial? >> is the press being dismissive


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