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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  May 2, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

1:00 am and i'll respond on twitter @howardkurtz. back here next sunday. hope you'll join us then fo an epic showdown months in the making is about to rock america's heartland. i'm patti ann browne. this is "the fox report." the stage is indiana. and how hoosiers vote on tuesday could determine whether the republicans head to a contested convention in cleveland. donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich all spending significant time there. indiana is winner take most. a win for trump could go a long way toward preventing a contested convention in cleveland. he's won 52% of all the delegate as warded so far but now needs 56% of the remaining delegates to get to that magic number, 1237. trump says the continued primary fight is, quote, a waste of
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time. he says he'd rather spend these next few weeks gearing up for a showdown with hillary clinton. and speaking today on "fox news sunday," trump was already talking like he is the presumptive nominee. >> yes, it's over. i think it's over now, but it's over. cruz cannot win. he's got no highway. he's got nothing. he's way behind. i'm leading him by millions and millions of votes, and i'm leading him by 400 or 500 delegates. >> meanwhile, ted cruz says the primary fight is far from over regardless of the outcome on tuesday. >> i agree that indiana is incredibly important i think regardless of what happens in indiana, donald trump is not getting to 1237. no one's getting to 1237 pop we're headed to a contested convention. >> so we have fox team coverage. kristen fisher following the democratic race. let's begin with carl cameron who's covering the republican side. he is in indianapolis tonight. carl, on the eve of indiana, who's the favorite?
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>> reporter: well, ted cruz set expectations very high, saying that he would win this red state after a spring of blue states on the east coast where donald trump had been successful. and it looks like he may not live up to his own expectations based upon the polls. two new polls today came out. both -- and each contradicting the other. first the nbc/"wall street journal poll." cruz in the low 30s. kasich withdrew from the state in order to give cruz the opportunity to maximize his opportunity. then there was another poll that came out from the university of indiana and purdue out of its institute for politics. and it has it reversed. ted cruz is the leader in the 40s. donald trump in the 30s and then kasich again far off the pace. an average of the last seven polls here in indiana, only one is cruz actually leading. and yet he is absolutely defiant suggesting that even if he doesn't win, he'll go forward which is telling. he's now focusing on california for a justification to go on to
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the convention. and that there's just too much hype either way you look at it, it's going to be close. here's an example of how he's trying to fight back against what he says is the conventional wisdom against him. >> the mainstream media wants this race to be over. the new york power brokers want this race to be over. the wash waub lington lobbyists this race to be over. john boehner wants this race to be over. they've all made their decision. and how it affects the people of indiana. >> reporter: cruz has been advertising aggressively, focusing on evansville, terre haute, south bend. here in indianapolis trump is expected to do very well. cruz has lots of ads. not so much for trump. patti ann? >> meanwhile, trump and heidi cruz actually on the same when it comes to an old controversy. >> reporter: yeah. on friday, little notice was heidi cruz's remark, campaigning alongside carly fiorina, ted
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cruz's would-be running mate, suggested that her husband could unite the party in part because he's an immigrant. and that caught the attention of donald trump who has long been saying ted cruz born in canada shouldn't be eligible for the presidency. here's what heidi cruz said on friday. >> ted is an immigrant. he is hispanic. we can unify this party. we have libertarians joining our cause. i have people every day from the democrat party telling me that they re-registered to vote for ted as a republican so they understand what he stands for and he represents american values. >> reporter: mrs. cruz also made the argument that ted cruz is much stronger than women than donald trump would be. here's trump's response with a decided emphasis on an issue he was eager to talk about, ted cruz being from canada. about >> heidi cruz who's a very nice woman said my husband was an immigrant. oh. it became a big story. because i've been saying that, he's an immigrant, he can't run for president! but she said, my husband was an
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immigrant. i guess that's in front of a group of people. i've been saying that. now, i don't want to cause any problems. and it's not going to matter. >> reporter: both cruz and trump are campaigning here in indiana tonight. most folks won't be looking for politics. they'll be looking for the pacers in the nba playoffs. patti ann? >> carl cameron in indianapolis, thank you. and turning now to the race for the democratic presidential nomination, hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders, both busy on the campaign trail today. clinton getting ready to deliver the keynote address at detroit's naacp dinner. earlier she stumped? indiana at a get-out-the-vote rally. senator sanders is also in the hoosier state holding a rally in south bend. indiana voters make their choice for the democratic nomination on tuesday. 83 delegates are up for grabs. kristin fisher is live in washington with more. hi, kristin. where does the race stand now? >> reporter: patti ann,
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clinton's ahead but not that much. a new poll out just this morning has clinton ahead by only four points, 50-46. even if sanders win indiana, it likely still won't be thuf to catch up to clinton in terms of delegates which is why today sanders went after the superdelegates. at a press conference here in washington to commemorate the one-year anniversary of his campaign which was yesterday, sanders singled out superdelegates in states where he beat clinton by a wide margins. states like washington and minnesota. and he asked the superdelegates in those states who are supporting clinton to reconsider. >> i would hope very much that the superdelegates from those states where we have won with big margins or, in fact, where secretary clinton has won with big margins. to respect the wishes of the people of those states and vote in line with how the people of that state voted. >> reporter: so sanders is saying wait, there's still a
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way. but the clinton campaign is already moving on to the general election. staffers are being september out to the november swing states where attorneys are starting to scrutinize possible runle mates. and even clinton herself is now making the case publicly that it may be time for sanders to get out. >> there comes a time when you have to look at the reality. in fact, in '08, i was much closer in both popular vote and pledged delegates to senator obama than is the case right now. >> reporter: now, today clinton was in indiana. later this week she'll be in california. but behind the scenes, her campaign is taking very clear steps that signal they believe this primary battle is over. patti ann? >> but sanders still raising millions for his campaign. >> caller: right. just this morning his campaign announced they had raised $26 million in the month of april. that sounds like a lot of money, and it is, but it's a lot less than the $46 million that he brought in in march. when you take that combined with the fact that he had to lay off nearly 200 staffers last week, those are the clearest signs yet
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that this may be a campaign that's winding down. patti ann? >> kristin fisher live for us, thank you. and fox news is america's election headquarters. don't miss a minute of the battle for indiana on tuesday. we are live all day with in-depth analysis and up-to-the-minute results right here on fox news channel. well, tomorrow marks five years since the death of al qaeda leader osama bin laden. on may 2nd, 2011 local time, navy s.e.a.l.s stormed the compound where the 9/11 mastermind had been hiding out in pakistan and killed him. when president obama announced the death, americans around the world breathed a sigh of relief. and now new details are coming to light about that raid. garrett has that story in wash wa washington. >> reporter: it's one of those moments most people can remember where they were when they heard "we got him." there are no events scheduled by the administration to
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commemorate that mission. but we are hearing new details from the president about that night and what went into his decision to green-light the mission. in an interview with cnn, the president said it was their best chance to get osama bin laden. and if they didn't, it could have been years from they were able to find him again. >> if it wasn't bin laden, probably the costs would outweigh the benefits. you know, we would lose face internationally because there was probably going to be a lot of difficulty keeping it secret once the operation started. >> reporter: the navy s.e.a.l. who fired the fatal shot that killed bin laden described that very moment in a fox news special in 2014. >> standing on two feet in front of me was the face that i had seen thousands of times. ubl. very quickly i recognized him, and it was just pop, pop, pop. >> this morning rob o'neill said he didn't do it alone, and he hopes that others will come out and share their own story of that mission.
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>> i'm a face of the team that did it. and i hope more of the guys tell their stories because there's going to be 23 different stories to that mission. >> reporter: even five years after bin laden's death, this anniversary still leaves the increased terror warnings around the globe. evidence that the fight against terror still rages on. patti ann? >> garrett tenney, thank you. right now a u.s. cruise ship making history with its maiden voyage to cuba. what's on deck for the group of passengers getting in on the first journey of its kind in half a century? ahead plus it's the end of an era for part of a world-famous circus. the kurt coming down on a 150-year-old act. so what's next for the ringling brothers' elephants? p?p?h
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the debt crisis in puerto rico is worsening. the governor says the island will not be able to make its $470 million debt payment tomorrow. negotiators for the u.s.
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territory's government failed to reach a last-minute deal today to avoid a third default. the governor now says he's issuing an executive order to withhold most of the payment. pay it without threatening basic necessities like schools and hospitals for the people on the island. and this could put new pressure on congress to find a legislative solution. right now the first u.s. cruise to cuba in more than 50 years has left its dock and is on its way to havana. the carnival cruise ship "the adonia" left miami on its historic voyage this afternoon with 700 passengers on board. it's expected to dock at havan tomorrow morning. bill ke phil, this is yet another sign of the rapidly changing relationship between the u.s. and cuba? >> reporter: absolutely, patti ann. a year and a half since president obama and raul castro historically ended 50 years of diplomatic detente.
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tonight, u.s. capitalism and u.s. tourist dollars are on a cruise ship to cuba. carnival's "adonia" departing port miami with great fanfare. water cannons below, champagne up on the deck. the 700 passengers will spend tonight on the ship and then pull into havana 9:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. passengers paying $3,000 to $10,000 each for this one-week voyage and they'll sleep on the ship every night. once they get into cuba, they'll have four days to explore the city by foot. under the people-to-people cultural exchange mission. meaning seeing the communist monuments for the first time. carnival cruise line is very proud to make this historic juni journey. >> that is absolutely historic change. it's a sign that signifies, you know, progress. it signifies the possibility for a brighter future for both americans and for cubans. >> reporter: and norwegian cruise lines also eager to get
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on this boat. metaphorically speaking, they hope to have their own cuban cruises by the end of the year. patti ann? >> so phil, some controversy, of course, surrounding all this. >> reporter: as always, anything dealing with communist cuba and miami, you've got controversy. over the past month, there were protests at the carnival headquarters. also a federal lawsuit was filed. and today on the water, shadowing the big ship, this protest vessel bannered up with "democracia." for decades they didn't allow you to return to the island by boat. once carnival announced that these trips would wait for that to be ended, cuba quickly did just that. >> i wanted to go a million years ago. so finally i'm doing it. >> i've always been fascinated with cuba, the music, the culture, the food, the people. and i have a very short bucket list, and this is one of them. >> exciting.
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very exciting. >> reporter: this cruise is not only havana, it also visits the enfuegos, santiago where in 1959 fidel castro stood on a balcony declaring the revolution was won. patti ann? >> phil keating live in miami, thank you. well, the final curtain closes today on the elephant act with the world-famous ringling brothers & barnum & bailey circus. circus elephants have been performing in the united states for more than 200 years, but controversy surrounding their treatment and changes in americans' attitudes prompted this move. according to the humane society, more than a dozen circuses in the u.s. still use elephants, but none are as widely known as ringling brothers. the retiring elephants will soon be headed to a conservation center in florida. brussels taking another step toward normalcy following the deadly terror attacks back there in march. the latest recovery efforts at the airport where 16 people were
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killed. and chaos in iraq. isis claiming responsibility for deadly car bombings amid violent anti-government protests.
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at least 30 people were killed in car bombings in southern iraq after a scary weekend of unrest in that country. isis now claiming responsibility for the bombings. police say two vehicles exploded within minutes of each other around midday. the first near government offices. the second at a bus station. the bombings rattling the city. the attack coming just hours after iraq's prime minister ordered the arrests of violent protesters speaking out against delays in government reforms. that group of protesters now reportedly withdrawing from baghdad's green zone. kitty logan has more now from london.
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kitty? >> reporter: patti ann, the protesters had left baghdad's green zone for now. they withdrew quietly but say they'll be back with an even bigger demonstration next friday. hundreds staged a 24-hour sit-in, voicing their anger about delayed government reforms. these are followers of shia cleric muqtada al sadr, and it's the second day they've reached security diplomatic area, tearing down heavy walls. they say they want the prime minister to resign and for the country to hold new elections. this newest demonstration was one of a series of anti-government protests in recent months which came to a head on saturday as an angry crowd stormed baghdad's parliament and chaotic scenes. the prime minister has promised to arrest them. the iraqi government has more than this political turmoil on its mind today. earlier bomb attacks killed at
1:23 am
least 30 people in the southern city. isis has claimed responsibility saying the intended target was iraqi police. but many civilians including children were caught up in these blasts. and the geography of this violence may create a new challenge for the iraqi government. it's unusual for isis to attack in these mainly shia areas in the south. and while the situation in baghdad's green zone has calmed since yesterday, the crisis is far from over. all this come at a time when the u.s. is counting on the country to help it in the fight against isis, patti ann. >> kitty logan, thank you. well, the part of the brussels airport that was badly damaged in the march terror attacks is now back open. the departure hall had been closed since the suicide bombings that killed 16 people and caused extensive damage to the surrounding area. until today, anyone leaving from that airport had to check in at a makeshift tent. belgium's prime minister was at today's ceremony. and the head of the airport
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called this an important day in belgium's recovery. officials are warning d.c. commuters to expect major delays tomorrow after a train derailed and spilled hazardous materials. 14 cars of a csx freight train went off the tracks. one of the cars leaked an ingredient used in various household cleaning products. two other cars were leaking nonhazardous materials. luckily no one was hurt and no evacuations have been ordered. crews have since contained the leak, but it's unclear just how much spilled, and some commuters could see service disruptions at the start of the workweek. the cause of the derailment is still under investigation. next up, the political insiders, hillary clinton calling on democrats to unite as she prepares for the general election. but will many of the most loyal bernie sanders supporters back her in november or stay home? raises the key question of how exactly does a candidate wind down a political movement?
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also looking ahead to tuesday's primary in indiana, will donald trump seal up his path to the nomination? >> i knocked out 17 people. i mean, the two last ones, they're, like, hanging by their fingertips. they're choking. don't let me
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i'm patti ann brown. this is "the fox report."
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right now all eyes on indiana ahead of a crucial republican primary tuesday. a win for anyone other than donald trump could force a contested convention on the gop side. so how will the hoosier state vote? the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows donald trump with a double-digit lead over ted cruz. but this poll ending just days earlier shows cruz with a 16-point lead. of course, we won't know until people actually vote. let's bring in our political insiders, former republican congressman for new york, pat cadell, a fox news distributor and doug schone, welcome to you all. >> thank you. >> doug, who's going to win i indiana, and if it's trump, does this wrap it up? >> i think it will be. i put greater credence in the "wall street journal"/marist poll than the other poll you cited. i think it will almost certainly wrap the actual delegate count
1:30 am
up if trump wins. and i think he is headed towards being nominated, but there are a lot of hurdles along the way. >> yeah. you know, trump won big last week, but he still has to really keep on winning big, pat, in order to get to 1237. what does last week tell you about the way it's going? >> it was an unbelievable stunner, actually, if you want to know the truth. i mean, he won every state, all five states. the lowest percentage he had was around 55% in maryland. he had two states over 60%. he was winning republican women, not quite as much as men. upper-income republicans he swept. he won the new york suburb with a majority of the vote. he won the philly suburbs with -- and you would think if he were having trouble with republicans, that's where it would be. but it was across the board, he was taking very conservative, somewhat conservatives. he was taking evangelical voters, for instance.
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i mean, all kinds of -- and you look at that, and no one predicted he would come out even after new york and those kinds of margins. and it gave him momentum. and i think it reflects one quick thing. ever since wisconsin, after wisconsin and he lost, he got on this rigging of the system issue. he went to the thing that is viral with voters. a corrupt political system. >> yeah. >> and he has ridden that this far although he seems to be departing from it week. >> john, what do you think about this argument is that the winning message for trump? >> it has been, but then we have this week -- we have other things that happened this week zpp and wh. and what we don't know in the polling is these three things that took place. the deal to keep casing out of indiana, which is a weird deal by itself. and kasich's behavior. the nondeal and all that. we have the announcement of carly fiorina as a running mate. and then i think the most
1:32 am
significant one was john boehner coming out at stanford university at the end of the week, comparing ted cruz to lucifer which when i heard it, i said it's the best break that ted cruz has had in weeks because we know from previous polling among republican base voters, 60% of them distrust boehner and mcconnell terribly. so to have boehner com say he's the most miserable s.o.b. i've ever worked with, makes lucifer look good -- >> they've been referring to it -- >> he should be running tv ads with that clip in there, and then cruz himself looking in the camera and saying the reason the former speaker hates me so much is because i'm the only one who stood up to obama. >> right. >> tried to stop obama. >> by the way, given that "saturday night lifeve" excuse , like skit with boehner and the president, i swear to god if i had been cruz, i would have been up this morning with those spots
1:33 am
along with what you are saying, and i would have been driving this because when he finished so badly in the five primaries in the northern region where he was running 10%, 11%, he was -- his anti-establishment credentials had disappeared. another consequence. that would have given those back to him. >> doug -- yeah, he has mentioned, cruz, that look, you know, he hates me because i won't cave in on my conservative deals. i was, you know, blocking him from his agenda. >> sure, sure. >> is this going to work for him? >> here's the problem, patti ann. it's what john and pat were alluding to. cruz has lost the battle of the narrative. with the kasich deal, the carly fiorina deal, attacking trump on the bathroom issue, then coming back to this, there is no clear theme, argument or message to what ted cruz is talking about. it's why i think he's going to
1:34 am
lose and why -- and we'll get to it, i know, both today and in future weeks, the issue of the rules challenge stands so large at the convention. but candidly, when you look now, this is donald trump's race to win. he's driving the message. and it is trump who is controlling the narrative. >> yeah. let's go back to that cruz and kasich teaming up. they were trying to stop trump from reaching 1 in1237. let's show this. this move not going well with the public, as we've mentioned. john, their whole goal here is to get a contested convention and then kind of start from scratch. >> right. >> but you've obviously got trump supporters who are saying, look, we'll just sit it out if it's not our guy. we think it's unfair. does it have to be trump at this point? >> well, it doesn't have to be. and it may not be. we don't really know yet. we'll know more on tuesday, as we said. that deal -- first of all, the word is bad. yes, the idea of rigged systems,
1:35 am
dirty deals, behind the scenes, guys trading off, you take this state, that state. this is not the way to go. and not this year. they want open -- the public wants openness. they want no b.s. they want to be told the truth. and they perceive trump -- perceive him -- the voters, the republican voters, as telling them the truth. >> and the consequences of those numbers you can see are that in -- i was looking, again, at pennsylvania and connecticut's exit polls. because i think they were both interesting. but the number of trump voters, it was in the 70 percentile in both states who said they would not vote for cruz or kasich were the nominee. huge. >> this raises another very important issue that, again, we'll get to a second. but it's donald trump's ability to mobilize nontraditional republican voters. i think in pennsylvania there
1:36 am
might have been half a million former democrats who potentially participated in the republican primary because they changed parties. and it raises the issue that as john was saying, there'so much tumult and uncertainty in the electorate that a trump cand candida candidacy, while beginning as a decided underdog, could shake up the race if he's nominated in a way that is hard to completely appreciate now. >> let me just make one statement about pennsylvania. because that is a state i know well. >> quickly. >> i've looked at it. the democrats have a ten-point registration lead. almost as boehner republicans voted as depths, trump got almost as many votes in pennsylvania as hillary clinton got. which is a stunning result given registration, the fact that democrats had a competitive senate race. >> yeah. excellent point. all right. well, senator bernie sanders is promising a contested democratic convention this summer. despite the fact that he's far
1:37 am
behind hillary clinton in the hunt for delegates. so can he convince clinton's superdelegates to support him instead? the fox news political insiders will be right back.
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in states where i as a candidate, secretary clinton or myself, has won a landslide victory, those superdelegates ought to seriously reflect on whether they should cast their superdelegate vote in line with the wishes of the people of their state. >> senator bernie sanders criticizing superdelegates who he says may be letting down their constituents. is he working to cut into hillary clinton's support at the democratic convention as it's becoming clear he will not reach the number of delegates needed to win the nomination outright. the fox news political insiders
1:41 am
are back. john, pat, doug, thank you again. >> sure. >> so hillary clinton has more superdelegates than she theoretically should proportional to the voting so far. >> right. >> sanders is trying to woo some of them over. could this get messy? >> it's gonna get messy. i think one of the things we as political insiders have all agreed on and said is this is not a conventional election. there will be many twists and turns before it's over. let me say what bernie sanders is doing opinion. he's laying down a marker to challenge the rule at the convention that allows for superdelegates. he's going to seek to require them to vote to reflect their state. he's going to challenge the platform. and there's the possibility of demonstrations as well. both pat and john remember 1968 when the elm dids had similar tumult. >> is that a joke there? >> well, it's just the reality. with the old white males, right. but i think seriously, it is it
1:42 am
is a huge, huge developing story that we have been on to for a long time about the uncertainty and instability in the democratic party. i think that's what he's talking about. >> and let me say, i think what he's done today in this press conference, for the first time, i've been waiting for him to really raise the heat on this issue. he has been talking about platform issues he wants. this is what -- there's no way he can represent his movement. without challenging the rigging of the democrat ic primary whic is the most outrageously rigged. and you was there when they put in rules for superdelegates, make sure the candidates like bernie sanders could not win. and it was done purposely to keep outsiders out. and it has been manipulated in the press. and i have to say this. the falling over for hillary clinton that the press, cnn, the clinton news network and the others do, about how we must get out of the race and the whole
1:43 am
thing, they fail again to understand the mood of the voters, particularly sanders voters. and he has to do this because he's leading a movement, not a campaign. >> i try to put myself in a candidate's head a little bit. and when bernie sanders puts that 74-year-old head down on a pillow at night and looks back over the last year, of all the candidates, he's maybe run the most remarkable campaign. and he's got to lie there and think, can i still win this thing? and maybe the odds are one in five, he figures, this fbi thing could still blow up. the wife. they have to be thinking this. that either -- hold on. if something could come out of it, a leak, something that alters the chemistry of this thing and makes the democrats, including these superdelegates, go uh-oh, we are nominating a loser in november in hillary clinton. bernie sanders runs better in the general than all of the five candidates that are left in the
1:44 am
race. >> yeah. sanders right now speaking himself in indiana. but doug, you know, even if he doesn't see a path, he says he's fighting for the future of the democratic party. >> sure. >> and as you mentioned, he's also fighting for rules changes that may not happen this time around. but he -- he's a true believer. he is fighting for the future here. >> there are two issues that are also involved. john makes a very good point. we have what's called the fbi primary coming up at some point. we don't know when. but there's the issue of money. he's raising $25 million to $40 million or more a month. why should he stop doing that until he has to? and then there's the issue with the platform. he's going to keep pushing the democrats. hillary clinton wants to pivot back to the center to run on the bill clinton record. bernie sanders wants to run on redistribution, income i equality and the like. so there's going to be a real fight on those themes as well. >> let us remember that he is -- i'm sorry, patti. you started to ask me a
1:45 am
question. >> i just wanted to know, what if she's indicted? >> if she's indicted, look, let me tell you, you auwant to see change. by the way, i think it's irresponsible for the fbi not to decide this, get something before the convention. it would be irresponsible to the country. and i believe that she could be, and if she's indicted, the democrats, i guarantee, will do this. they will attempt to insert joe biden who did not run just like humphrey in '68. those of us who were alive, if you watch bernie sanders' supporters, when a candidate who's run when millions of votes are denied running, the same picture you could have on the republican side. but the other thing with her is, she is -- look, when she finally gets challenged being what she is, which is a chameleon, she will say anything to get elected, left, right, center. she's taken herself very far
1:46 am
left. she has thrown her husband under the bus except for on the economy. and now you say she wants to move to the center. why should anyone believe anything she says? >> john, last word? >> no one can believe anything she says. so we end up running -- after the commercial-- >> do you believe anything she says? >> well, you would, but listen, we're going to end up having the two most distrusted candidates running against each other in a year when the country wants to believe that someone better could run this thing. and they don't have it yet. >> yeah. >> yet. >> all right. well, coming up next with the insiders, donald trump says his long primary battle is wasting time and money that he could use to fight hillary clinton. the insiders on the general coming up next.
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they are running for the senate races or congressional races and doing a lot of things. instead of wasting our time with these people. we are wasting time. >> donald trump clearly ready to move on to november but the race for the republican presidential nomination is far from over. and so far none of the three candidates have the necessary delegates. all refuse to drop out. so is trump right? is the fight over the nomination taking away from the general election? and is the same true on the democratic side? and create an eruption, and let me turn to what donald trump was saying.
1:51 am
>> uh-huh. and it's better for my candidate, secretary clinton, who virtually all the polls, not everybody but virtually all in a situation where trump has a very high negative. so the longer the republicans fight, the better it is for hillary clinton. >> even with the -- on the republican side, sanders is doing damage there. very dramatic. >> let me just say, i look at the polls and i'm someone who knows something about polling. look at the margins. first of all, we've never had this. what is missing from some of this is the problem that her negatives are almost as bad as trumps and in some areas, on honest and trustworthy, are worse, much more intense. that look at what trump's doing in the race, i'm going, there's an anomaly going on of some kind, maybe it straightens itself out but most of the polls
1:52 am
don't ask the important question which we've seen today and we saw in the battle ground poll last week which has been a quarter of the vote in both of those polls where the race is very tight. it's 38 and 38 and 24% of a vote are saying i'm going to vote for a third-party candidate even though i don't have one or i'm going to stay home and that is -- business is not done yet and she -- and i believe somebody will -- has got to step in this vacuum. >> john, that is huge. that's right. a quarter of the voters saying they are going to sit this one out or vote for a third party if it's clinton versus trump? >> well, week three for five years together have been saying the day is coming when an independent will can run and win the presidency by running against two parties that are seen as a two-headed monster that has ruined the country. so we're almost there. we don't have a person yet but
1:53 am
that could still happen. >> the and the rules are rigged such to keep them out. understand right now, that is a possibility this country doesn't want to run with, is an illegitimate president in november. they've risen up and caused this disruption that upsets so many of the nice people in washington and new york. >> do you disagree that secretary clinton is well ahead? >> no. wait a minute. this thing the press has is an, oh, she's got it in the bag. these people are the same people that have been saying this for 15 months and have been wrong about everything. >> there are little indicators of things that would make you be pro hillary. they are mine north. >> minorities. >> 80% say they are registering
1:54 am
to vote against the donald. >> yep. >> in november. >> north carolina, virginia, georgia, arizona, colorado, these are states where a little uptick of hispanic turnout against trump, we're talking electoral votes here. not popular vote. electoral vote. it favor as democratic anyway. trump is going upstream against this. >> not only that, it's not just the presidential election impacted by the increase in registration. >> the proof of that is how many republican senate candidates want no part of donald trump? >> donald trump is engineered in takeover a hostile takeover of one of the major parties and on the way to becoming the republicans and the primary voters say there and in other states and i want to tell you this, a poll that quinnipiac had
1:55 am
out, we need a strong leader who will go out and solve the problems for america. that's terrifying. >> look, there's enough tumult below the surface that this could be a competitive election which we couldn't anticipate and we did say this would happen, john especially. >> crazy. final thoughts coming up next. stay with us.
1:56 am
1:57 am
and we're back now with final thoughts from our political insiders. john, pat, doug. we want to ask you a question, we got a tweet from robert asking what if a third party upsets the required 270 electoral votes sending the decision to the house of representatives. john? >> to the house, each state is one vote. every delegation. so we just talked off the air. little montana has the same one vote as big california does. and the vice president is decided in the senate. >> so what's the implication there, pat? >> the vice president who is elected by the senate depending on who's in control could become president. >> this is 1830s revisited. the turmoil of that decade over democracy is the same that we're seeing now. >> doug? >> it is just that if there's a third-party candidate, we can have even more turmoil, more
1:58 am
upset, more possibilities than we could ever imagine. >> yeah. quite the -- >> all right. our political insiders, thank you so much. always a pleasure. and that is going to wrap it up for us. that's the "fox report" on this sunday. thanks for watching "legend & lies" is up next. have a great week. >> it is monday may 2nd. a fight to the finish in the hoosier state. the candidates hit the campaign trail hard ahead of the next contest. could it be ted cruz's last
1:59 am
stance? >> fox news alert breaking overnight. mayday mayhem. >> acoulds as people protest turn violent ending with riots, tear gas and flash grenades. ♪ >> country music's finest sharing the stage last night. we have the big winners from the country count down awards. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> jackson five to get you going this morning.
2:00 am
good morning everybody. you are watching "fox & friends first" on a monday morning. i am anna kooiman in for heather. >> i am abby huntsman. we begin of course for the race for the white house. a fight to the finish for the hoosier state. >> donald trump leading by double digits but senator ted cruz not giving in just yet. >> kristin fisher is live for us from washington, d.c. >> if ted cruz has any chance to win he has to taken in. a new poll out yesterday shows trump with a 16 point lead in that state. 49 to 34 according to the waut streel journal poll. kasich in third. kasich is not putting any effort into indiana because of the alliance. this will be the


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