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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 2, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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you are watching "fox & friends first" on a monday morning. i am anna kooiman in for heather. >> i am abby huntsman. we begin of course for the race for the white house. a fight to the finish for the hoosier state. >> donald trump leading by double digits but senator ted cruz not giving in just yet. >> kristin fisher is live for us from washington, d.c. >> if ted cruz has any chance to win he has to taken in. a new poll out yesterday shows trump with a 16 point lead in that state. 49 to 34 according to the waut streel journal poll. kasich in third. kasich is not putting any effort into indiana because of the alliance. this will be the first true test
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of the alliance even though trump calls it pathetic. look at how he made fun of them? >> i knocked out 17 people. the last two they are joking. let me choose krar lee, maybe that will turn it around. >> at the same rally trump said if we win indiana it will be over. ted cruz essentially said the same thing. activists and polls show cruz walked back from the comments as he made the rounds on the sunday shows. as he made the final pitch in indiana he didn't hold back. the fate of the entire country is in their hands. >> this is a battle for our kids. this is a battle for our future and our freedom. the men and women here are going to decide. the course of the battle not just for indiana or the republican party, but for the entire country.
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>> dude trump will be having a rally in indiana. he is warn storming the state doing everything he can. as the poll shows you it may be too late. ab lee and anna, back to you. on the democratic side it is do or die for bernie sanders. showing him locked with a virtual tie with hillary clinton. now saying a contested convention in july is inevitable. >> it is virtually impossible for clinton to hit the delegate majority with pledged delegates alone. she will need super delegates to take her over the top at the convention in philadelphia. in other words, the convention will be a contested contest. >> meantime hillary clinton
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escalating her attacks against gop frontrunner donald trump. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> clinton accused trump of encouraging hate and violence on the campaign trail. >> it may turn into mayhem. riots raging overnight in seattle forcing cops to use tear gas and grenades. >> multiple officers hurt and even more folks raised. kelly wright with more. >> good morning. this was a dangerous flash. it started with protests earlier in the day. you can see things got out of hand. the flash became ugly.
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molotov cocktails were thrown at them. five police officers were injured including one officer who was bitten. nan protestors were arrested. police chief kathleen o'toole said police made it clear if the protests became destructive to property or violent toward people in any way the police would step in and take action to stop it. >> we allow people to assemble and march even if it is unpermitted we try to let it happen. but when it becomes violent and property damage becomes significant we have to do something and we did. >> seattle mayor ann murray issued a statement condemning the violence. he says quote this city condemns any acts of physical violence against police officers and my thoughts are with the officers who were injured. the mayor and police chief visited the injured in the
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hospital. calm has been restored to the city. the fbi stopped what could have been a horrific terrorist attack targeting a jewish community on u.s. soil. the man apledge he hadly planned to shock the world by blowing up a synagogue in florida packed with people there for passover. he never got that shot because someone posed as parents. >> releasing the 9-11 report wod be a mistake because of inaccurate information. >> it is a combin gnawings of things that is accurate and inaccurate. preliminary review that put information in there that was not corroborated and unvetted. >> the pages were written early on saying there was no evidence the saudi government okayed the attacks. the 9-11 hijackers were funded by saudi arabia.
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>> 5 minutes after the hour historic new york city church burns to the ground on orthodox easter sunday. this incredible video showing fire. hours earlier the church was packed with people in the 1850's made in a city landmark in 1968. >> a toxic mess after a de trailed train dumps 15,000 gallons of chemicals. crews sealed all leaks and cleanup is now underway. the train cars are expected to disrupt commuter service today. >> that could be a nightmare. >> the extreme weather reports two tornadoes touching down with piles of hail and
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nonstoplightening. >> many homes damaged downed power lines and trees. the same storm system carrying through out louisiana leaving thousands in the dark there. new orleans jazz fest one of the world's most famous music festivals under water for a second day in a row. >> maria molina tracking a new threat along the east coast. >> we are expecting possible severe storms across parts of the southern mid atlantic. we have had a lot of activity across parts of the plains and midwest and southeast. it is the east coast dealing with potential severe weather. we have storms rolling through parts of western pennsylvania and eastern ohio and also storms across texas and louisiana. it will remain unsettled out there. temperatures in the northern plains are relatively chilly. waking up to temperatures in the
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30's and 40's. a little bit chilly out there even for this time of the year. as we head into this afternoon take a look at the temperatures across the southeastern u.s. it will be heating up. some of the heat will provide the fuel for the storms in this area. temperatures in the 80's in atlanta and rally. high temperature 90 degrees. it will be toasty across florida. hot, hot, hot in florida. >> first he ambushed her with his news he was leaving their show and then she caught him off guard with this. >> there's a great article in the paper and i want to get your take on it because i don't have a take on it but i want yours. you have gotten divorced. >> now their morning show saga is taking a turn for thebetter. kelly ripa and michael strahan won a daytime emmy and comes as strahan is plotting revenge
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after his her divorce dig. >> i guess that news is right on time for them. the brightest stars in country music taking the stage for last night's american country count down awards. ♪ the biggest winner luke brian taking home artist of the year. >> this will be cherished. fans again, radio, everybody we love i. thank you so much. >> stapleton was the other big minut winner of the night taking home album of the year "traveler. >> i am sorry i couldn't be with you tonight. thank you for the fans and everybody who bought this record. >> carrie underwood female vocalist of the year and winner
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>> it's not the indiana sky but a beautiful shot there. before the sun comes up this morning. donald trump has a commanding lead over ted cruz. new polls showing him 15 minutes ahead. does he have a prayer to stop trump from getting the magic number or does trump win taking another step toward sealing up the nomination. here to weigh in democratic strategist and political reporter ashley pratt. good morning. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. the new nbc poll 15 minutes ahead. is this a done knedeal for nem? >> they are like two kids throwing rocks at a train going by. the good country music will hunting and fishing, there's a lot of people in indiana and west virginia and states that come up that love them hunting
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and fishing and guess what they are voting for right now? donald trump. it will be hard to stop him. there is no way they will vote against him. >> mime p-- announcing his running mate earlier than expected krar lee fcarly fiorin. he knows this is a must win state. >> this is the cruz last stand and trump movement last stand. this isn't wisconsin. we are seeing him down by 15. in wisconsin we saw him constantly pulling ahead of donald trump. now with trump in the lead it is hard to deny indiana could lean his way. he could get the delegates with the win. it doesn't seem to be working in
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any way to stop him from getting near the necessary delegates. that will actually back fire against them there. >> it seems it could back fire. there is a race on the democratic side going on. who has the momentum to win after a series of losses and cuts. >> he changed the way we do politics in america. i have run campaigns for 20-years and i have never seen an up swing of grass-roots support. he owes it to his supporters and he keeps going to the movement where he is heard. that's the key no democrat can bettany republican without his support and movement.
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>> it is not like hillary clinton is running away with this thing. it is still very, very close. it is better with the democratic party while this is a correlation with clinton he is surprised with the outcome with that 74-year-old self proclaimed socialist from vermont has been the youth age of the democratic party. that's what president obama said the other night. in the sense that his message is resounding especially with the young people. they need them to come out with 08 and 012. as trump was mentioning it is hard to deny. he is saying he has a passport and this election is going to a contested convention. >> hill country clinton will need bernie sanders supporters. thank you for being with us this morning. appreciate it.
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>> 17 minutes after the hour on a monday morning. beware millions of cars with bad air bags and seat gets are on the way right now. 5 minutes to live. your kids are swimming with friends they hit their head diving. what do you do? we are kicking off a brand new series with "fox and friends first to survive the summer darrenings coming up straight
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new york city. welcome back to "fox & friends first". fox business alert for you. butting the brakes on 4 million cars this morning. lauren simonetti is here with what you need to know. good morning. >> good morning. nissan recalled over 4 million cars because passenger air bags or seat belts could fail in a crash. the larger recall has sensors that can incorrectly deem a seat empty and turn off the air bags. the other recall is more important because it involves centras with a deformed seat belt that could hurt a child seat security. this is 15 million technology that let's you track your bags with an app. it uses radio frequency id that allows you to track it through out the journey. i do to the magic kingdom, weddings during park hours. it takes place at the east plaza
2:23 am
garden near cinderella's castle. receptions at other parts of the resort. >> it is the jungle book dominating the box office for the third weekend in a row with $42.4 million. the huntsman took home 9.4 million. >> ladies, back to you. >> magical series about to hit the big screen. they focus on the unlikely real life friendship of the two great men of the 20th century. step in the fox light with michael tammero. good morning. >> good morning. real life friends and historical figures, harry how deanie and-- houdini and doyle are teaming up inspired true events. i got a sneak peek at what this
2:24 am
era sci-fi series is all about. take a look. >> there's two new sheriffs in town. hair rae hue teen knee and sir ar sure conan doyle are hitting the london streets on the fox show houdini and doyle. >> in 1991 he met doyle and together they decided to form a team and help the yard. >> houdini is the most famous man in the world he escapes from a water tank. he's an may amazing man. doyle the wriert. >> inspired true events in the early 1900'ses the show tackles their modern day obstacles. >> it is like victorian era "x-file
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"x-files". >> it is quite spooky, horror a great mix of all sorts of things. >> we have these three sort of epic figures in doyle and houdini and the first female constable. it has a backdrop of personalties>> it is an honor, mr. houdini. >> one of the many wonders of the 19th century. >> i have to admit, harry, i am impressed. >> thank you. >> the fact that you were insufferab insufferable. >> a little like "x-files" meets csi. be sure to meet houdini on fox at 9:00 p.m. eastern. check out more of the fox interviews or follow me on instagram or twitter. we will get a history lesson and be entertained at the same time.
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thanks so much. 25 minutes after the hour. coming up on "fox & friends first". starbucks getting the cold shoulder. the coffee customer that filed a $5 million lawsuit over ice? >> the paintings cell for 100, almost $120 million. good grief.
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>> it is monday, may 2nd.
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2015. tomorrow's crucial contest in indiana, could this be ted cruz's last stand. the brand new poll showing who is pulling ahead. >> demolition derby in the nascar race. the unbelievable crash sent the rookie flying and how he managed to walk away unscathed. beware of the billboards tracking your every move. is this invasion of privacy? we report you decide on "fox & friends first". ♪>> orlando, florida. >> that's where my mom is from. >> good to see you, too.
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i feel better when i am dancing, too. >> 30 minutes after the hour. we are one day away from it the indiana primary. it is do or die for republican ted cruz. >> the texas senator dragging far behind donald trump in a ba brand new poll. could this be his last stance? good morning, kristen. >> good morning, ladies. after all of this time and money it could come down to indiana. trump's opponents are doing everything they can to stop him. ted cruz formed that alliance with john kasich. carly fiorina as his running mate. he got the endorsement but all of that won't be enough if this new poll turns out to be true. it came out yesterday with the nbc-2 journal. it shows trump with a 15 point lead in indiana 49 to 34. cruz is in third at 13 percent. trump said if we win indiana it is over. also ceased upon something that cruz's wife heidi cruz said on
2:32 am
friday saying her husband is the best candidate to unite the party because he's an immigrant. >> cruz who is a very nice woman said my husband was an immigrant. hmmm. big story. i have been saying that. he is an immigrant therefore he can't run for president. >> ted cruz essentially admitted indiana would be a make or break moment for his campaign. after the poll came out, he made his final pitch to voters in indiana he did not hold back. he said the future of the republican party and the entire country is in their hands. >> do we get behind a campaign that is yelling and screaming insults. or do we unify behind a positive optimistic forward looking conservative campaign? >> today trump will be making
2:33 am
one campaign stop. compare that to cruz's 5 stops all over the state, 57 delegates are up for grabs tomorrow. it could come down to this one day and this one state. hannah? >> thanks for the report. kristin fisher live in washington, d.c. we have a knocfox news alert for you. riots raging overnight in seattle forcing cops to use tear gas as grenades. multiple officers hurt and even more people arrested. art kelly right here live with the breaking details. good morning to you, kelly. >> good morning to you. the protest in seattle started peacefully when supporters for workers and i am grants demonstrated on the street. at the end of the day something went terribly wrong. violence erupted the clashes between protestors and police getting ugly. rocks, bricks, even molotov cocktails thrown at them.
2:34 am
one officer was bitten. nine protestors were arrested. kathleen o'toole says police made it clear if the protests became destructive to property or violent in any way the police would step in and take action to stop it. >> we had violence and property damage and officers attacked. demonstrators put some innocent people in jeopardy so we had to take action. >> seattle mayor ann murray issued a statement condemning the violent actions condemning the property damage and police officers. quote this city condemns any acts of physical violence against our police officers and my thoughts are with the officers who were injured. chief o'toole added they wanted people to be able to express their first amendment right. but when that right is jeopardizeed by gals the police step in and stop it and the
2:35 am
mayor said he wants to restore calm to the city. two tornadoes touching down along with piles of hair with nonstoplightening. winds wreaking havoc. downed power lines and trees damaged. it left thousands in the dark there. one of the world's most famous music festivals under water for a second day in a row. we are live outside on the plaza with a new threat on the east coast. >> you are going to need the umbrellas on the east coast. you have showers and thunderstorms out there. it is across southern parts of the mid atlantic and taking a look at the radar. showers and storms across parts
2:36 am
of the deep south. temperatures are on the chilly side. new york city is only at 46 degrees. only in the 30's as we head further west into denver. it will be hot out there and some of the heat will be providing the energy needed for thunderstorms to fire across the southeastern u.s. you are expecting highs in atlanta and rally and tampa florida. >> 36 minutes after the hour. it is hard to image anybody walking away from this. >> oh, man, chris busher on his led. >> rocky chris booker barely rolling past the halfway point of the geico 500 at talladega speedway. it started as a 7 car pileup on
2:37 am
lap 96. after the race it happened so quickly he didn't have time to react. >> more jobs offering video when a scooter leading a cycle race stalled causing massive pileups. a group in new york sky couldn't see much in front of them. a few managed to get around the scooter but unlikey riders couldn't get out of the area. >> the ringling brothers took their final vow. the greatest show on earth began 145 years ago later today. >> the 11 elephants will be taken to an elephant conservation center. this follows decades of protests by animal rights protests who claims elephants are trained and housed the way they were were cruel. >> new video overnight athletes heather larson successful between the two towers the sid dell and fee at the jerusalem
2:38 am
towers is the first since 1947. a tight rope walk is said to be more difficult because of the slack in the rope. i am incredibly afraid of heights. >> 38 minutes after the hour on your monday morning. hope you are starting off the week with a smile. a 15-year-old historic church destroyed by fire. they search the rubble for a cause. >> beware before you take another bite of secret ingredient in your oatmeal could kill you. yikes.
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: : : : : :
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>> times square in new york city. the sun is about to come out.
2:42 am
historic new york city cathedral goes up in flames on orthodox easter sunday. >> awful things to see the 161-year-old church. now the story. wnyw reporter teresa with more live at the city. >> good morning everyone. crews are still assessing the building behind me checking for hot spots. they tell us at this point it is all but gone with the exception of the facade that you see behind me out here in front of the flood iron district of manhattan. we have video to show you from the fdny. the fire erupted after 7:00 last night after hundreds of sushian families gathered to celebrate the high holy day of orthodox easter. there was a mass and celebratory luncheon and after everyone asked we are told the plum of smoke was seen rising in the sky and flames were tearing through the building. so many of the parishioners returned to the church to watch
2:43 am
their building, their beloved church go up in flames. this as the crews worked to attempt to save it and extinguish the flames and also protect the buildings around it. at this point according to fire crews, no word yet on a cause. they don't know if it was a candle that was lit or perhaps something suspicious contributed to the cause of the blaze. they tell us it is all part of the investigation. this cathedral on the national register of historic places was given landmark status in 1968. this is a building that means so much not only to the sushians here in new york city and abby but also to serbians around the world. it was the first serbian church in america, and the first one on the east coast. send things back to both of you. >> high-tech billboards under fire for spying on people. new york senator charles schumer is now calling for a federal
2:44 am
investigation into the spying billboards as they are calling them. the ads could effect privacy because they effect cell phone data through the space. they do scoop up the data however consumers couldn't be identified. the spying billboards, are they an invasion of privacy? log on to "fox & friends first" our facebook page right now and after the show we will be continuing our live debate. it is hashtag keep talking. >> you may want to rethink your breakfast. suing quaker oats over plans they put wheat killer in their oatmeal. they point to their use of glyphosate the process of the oats. the world health association added that to a list of substances who are probably cancer causing to humans. the suit seeks $5 million in
2:45 am
damages. starbucks renders are mad. they are suing for a second time because of the drink sizes. this claims they are putting too much ice in the drinks leaving less room for coffee. the woman filing the suit is asking for $5 million damages. they are happy to remake drinks for any one who isn't satisfied. i like my ice in my coffee. >> what a joke. quarter until the top of the hour. she just had a baby. now she wants a free car. she is treating to honda asking for a new ride after she allegedly gave birth in the back seat. it has been retweeted nearly 10,000 times since it was posted yesterday. some doubting whether or not the story is true since her twitter file claims she is an editor for a fake news magazine. >> it is a big day for a little royal. this is adorable. british prince charlotte turns 1 years old today. they are releasing the adorable
2:46 am
photos. they were taken by charlotte's mom the dutches of cambridge at their family home last month. >> this picture of the little princess shows she is getting ready to take her very first steps. good genes those two. >> just like every other baby. just like all of us. >> 46 minutes after the hour on this monday. 5 minutes to live. your kids are swimming with their friends and they hit their head while diving. what do you do? we are kicking oh of a brand new series to survive the summer dangers. >> who invited this guy? >> image guys coming home to this they are caught ram sacking a refrigerator on a second floor apartment. >> we are going to check in with brian kilmeade on "fox & friends." >> i have not planned anything. only kidding. let me tell you what we have coming up. on the eve of the all important
2:47 am
i a ini primary -- indiana primary a look at the numbers. some are trump up by 15 some have cruz up. judge napolitano. going to college to learn out the law. inside this e-mail scandal of hillary clinton spells bad news. ryan leaf was supposed to be a superstar. his career fell apart. he had add viets for young athletes like johnny man zell. the new military product that makes any merely indestructible. we are putting that to the test. [ cheering ]
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thank you! thank you! what a week! we sat down, we kicked back, and we watched tv! [ cheering ] this win is just the beginning! it doesn't end here. because your laundry can wait!
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keep those sweatpants on! order another pizza! and watch on! [ cheering ] don't wait a whole year for xfinity watchathon week to return. upgrade now to add the premium channel of your choice so you can keep watching. call or go online today. hey, everybody. how are you feeling? i hope you are doing well. summer is on its way. as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, kids are more likely to get hurt.
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>> so what can you do if you have to make a life or did he go decision? we have dr. marc siegel who has the answer part of the brand-new series, "five minutes to live." today's topic is diving injuries. doctor, good to see you, good morning. >> good morning, abby, good morning, anna. we're here inside north shore university emergency room. now is the time people are taking the top of off your pools. the american red cross says you should not dive into less than nine feet of water. most people are diving into pools four feet or less. they hit their head or neck. they are running around drunk or in drugs, they are not watching what they are doing. a trick drive. we're joined today by an expert in this, the chairman of neurology at north shore university hospital, dr. paul wright. we're going to talk to him today
2:52 am
about what happens when you hit your head when you are diving. dr. wright, welcome. >> good morning. thank you for coming. >> how do you feel about what i just said? is that what the set-up is for you this is that people are diving into shallow water drunk? >> yes it. turns out more accidents occur around pools when people dive into shallow water. it also turns out there's a high incidence of head injuries when individuals are drunk or one other thing when people mimic other people's behavior. >> one person does something stupid, someone else does something stupid, how do you know if you hit your head whether you should see your doctor or not? >> if you are starting to have symptoms, a headache prolonged, nausea, vomiting, suddenly feeling that you are having increased fatigue, lethargy and another thing that's something we should be aware of is we're having symptoms of numbness and tingling of our arms or legs or weakness of one or more of our
2:53 am
limbs. >> you hit your head, you are feeling okay, nothing is bother you, no headache, no nausea, you don't need to do anything? >> correct. >> how do i know whether to see a dumb internist like me or a gp or they need to go to the emergency room? how do you know? >> if you are having mild headache or lower back pain, you should see your regular internist, but if the symptoms are worsening, where you are suddenly getting worsingen headaches, nausea, vertigo, numbness, tingling of your limbs. weak innocence, go to the emergency room. when i evaluate a patient, i listen to the symptoms of a patient. i do a full neurological examination. >> what's going to happen to you? worst-case scenario. >> worst-case scenario is obviously death. if you ignore the symptoms, you could end up with permanent
2:54 am
paralysis, weakness of limbs. even in a wheelchair. >> what should they watch out for? memorial day is coming up. >> be safe. listen to life guards. read the signs and don't drink and dive. >> let's all listen to that. especially teens. back to you. such important stuff. thank you both for that. almost five minutes until the top of the hour and $300 million on the line, the battle headed to court over prince's estate. a new bombshell revolution from his sister. a 100-year-old woman breaking 100 meter records. >> wow. >> unbelievable. ♪ forever young ♪ may good fortunes be with you ♪ then - those places change every few months? i think i'll pass... quicksilver from capital one puts nothing in your way.
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those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and i love helping little ones get off on the right foot. ask your doctor about lyrica.
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here what is happening today. students from more than 40 public schools in detroit are home today because of a teacher sick-out. they are calling in sick to protest a funding issue one day after the district announced it could not afford to pay them through the summer. the battle is over prince's $300 million estate taking center stage in a minneapolis courtroom. the sister is taking the dispute to court. the first cruise service from the u.s. to the island of cuba left miami yesterday afternoon. time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly.
2:59 am
first, the good. it is never too late to make your mark. 100-year-old ida she shattered a world record completed the 100 yard dash. she didn't start running until she was 67. the next the bad, hungry bear, somehow made it to a second-floor apartment. >> come on buddy. come on. come on. >> go on. >> all right. >> there you go. >> hold on. >> he should have had some honey or something to lure him out. colorado firefighters chase the bear down the hallway after he was caught rummaging through the fridge. finally the ugly. flashback of this. this time in northwest brazil organizers named the wrong winner before quickly removing
3:00 am
the crown and moving it to the other contestants head. >> i can't get over that 100-year-old woman, though, unbelievable. >> amazing. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye, everybody. have a great day. good morning to you and to your family. it is may 2nd. i'm ainsley earhardt and we start with this, a fox news alert. mayhem at the may day protest. police officers even left bloodied after viccing several arrests and dramatic new video coming over night. and on the eve of the primary tomorrow in indiana, donald trump and ted cruz focus their fire on each other. >> lie, lying ted cruz. >> i believe in the men and women gathered here and the


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