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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 2, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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other contestants head. >> i can't get over that 100-year-old woman, though, unbelievable. >> amazing. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye, everybody. have a great day. good morning to you and to your family. it is may 2nd. i'm ainsley earhardt and we start with this, a fox news alert. mayhem at the may day protest. police officers even left bloodied after viccing several arrests and dramatic new video coming over night. and on the eve of the primary tomorrow in indiana, donald trump and ted cruz focus their fire on each other. >> lie, lying ted cruz. >> i believe in the men and women gathered here and the goodness of the american people that we will not give in to
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evil. >> evil? donald trump is evil? is indiana the texas senator's al amo. >> two fishermen cling to a cooler and oil rig to stay alive. they stayed alive for days. tell everybody your mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you thought you were going to sleep in today and take off the exercising? don't even think about it. today kicks off national bike month on "fox & friends." we have 50 people up and at them already in their lycra clothes bicycling for us. >> they are spinning out there. it's national bike month. fox is normally the no-spin
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zone, but not today. >> how many people write us and say i watch you working out? now we can actually watch the people watch us while they work out. >> it's never been done before. >> maybe we should be working out and if they just watch us, they get credit for working out. >> we definitely should be working out. we were together this weekend at the white house correspondent's dinn dinner. we ate some good food. >> we're going to talk about a brand-new military product. the company is known as line x and they are known for their bed liners and now they have got this indestructible substance which they spray on things to make it absolutely indestructible. >> this is the thing that batman uses. >> i think you are right, brian. they spray it on bridges that are about to fall down. >> see that watermelon right there. completely crushed. you spray this stuff on it and next thing you know they are
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indestructible. >> i want to spray it on my abs. >> you want to keep them the way they are. >> i've got to really fortify them. >> we have some flowers because sunday is mother's day. thank you very much to teleflora. >> you have seven days to buy your mother's day gift. put that on your calendar. >> ainsley and i will have very good ideas. steve, you are a great shopper for your wife and your girls. good morning, everybody. hope you had a great weekend and hope you are off to a great day so far. i'm got a fox news alert to start you out. may day turning to mayhem, riots over night in seattle forcing cops to use tear gas and flash bang grenades. a real scary scene as violent
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protesters clash with police. five police were hurt and are in the hospital right now. this all happening in seattle. nine people were arrested. the mayor there issuing a statement saying the city condemns any acts of physical violence against our police officers and my thoughts are with those officers who were injured. the fbi stopped what could have been a horrific terror attack targeting a jewish community on u.s. soil. a man allegedly planned to shock the world by blowing up a synagogue in south florida that was packed with people during passover celebrations. luckily, this guy never had the chance. fbi stepped in brl anybody was in danger. the cia getting slammed on how it marked the five-year anniversary of the capture of osama bin laden.
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the agency posted a live blow-by-blow account. the brightest stars in country music taking the stage for americas country countdown awards. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> the biggest winner last night was luke bryan picking up two prizes for male vocals and artist of the year. chris stapleton picked up bright est award. >> let's bring him here. >> i can vouch for him. he's amazing. >> turning now to the race for the white house, we're one day away from the big indiana primaries. >> that's right.
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we have live team coverage from the hoosier state this morning. peter doocy is live in evansville. we're going to john roberts first who is covering the republicans. >> ted cruz is barnstorming the state today. he's got five events. two he's going to go out with governor mike pence. they will have a total of ten events. it really is a last-ditch effort to try to stop donald trump here, particularly such well-known establishment figures as former utah governor john huntsman to say it's time to rally around trump. a local poll in indiana has got cruz up by 16. for the most part, polls show donald trump with the lead. last night, in la porte,
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indiana, listen to this. >> i believe in the american people. i believe in the people of the hoosier state. i believe in the men and women gathered here and the goodness of the american people that we will not give in to evil, but we will remember who we are and we will stand for our values. >> cruz encouraging people not to give in to evil which can only be read as donald trump. and something truly bizarre happened last night, something i have never seen before. ted cruz had a heckler. he has hecklers from time to time but this heckler couldn't have been more than 10 or 12 years old. listen to what happened. >> and when we do that -- apparently there's a young man who is having problems.
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thank you. when a child behaves that way in my household, they get a spanking. >> getting a little rough out there for ted cruz here in the hoosier state. 57 delegates up for grabs. it's winner-take-all statewide and on a congressional district basis. cruz is hoping to stop trump. if trump wins, the contest is pretty much over. this is a race for all the marbles, i think you could say. >> we say it all the time. this is the most important day but -- no doubt about it. this is going to be huge because there is no tomorrow really, legitimate tomorrow for ted cruz, which means that's going to reflect on the donors he's going to get and governor kasich must be kicking himself. at the time when he needs the most publicity, he has been out of it for ten days because of a secret deal that no one admits to. >> it looks like that secret
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deal probably undid him and undid ted cruz a bit. there's a brand-new wall street journal poll out and this is the headline you heard in the last 12 hours. donald trump is leading by 15. he's at 49, 34, and 13. 58% of indiana republican voters disapprove of the kasich-cruz alliance. the people there, they don't like it. also you got bobby knight coming out, boom. donald trump is doing real well there. >> it didn't happen that ted cruz's wife might have misspoke. she's speaking to a group of individuals, take a listen, calling her husband an immigrant. >> ted is an immigrant. he is hispanic. we can unify this party. >> later the cruz campaign came out and said she was talking about her father-in-law. not ted cruz, but nonetheless, donald trump saw an opening. took it. >> heidi cruz who is a very nice woman said my husband was an
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immigrant. oh. it became a big story because i've been saying that. i say he's an immigrant, therefore he can't run for president. everybody hates the guy. lying ted. who wants to go around with that name, l-y-i-n, with that little apass troe fee. >> i don't think that's right for mrs. cruz to come out. just like donald trump mispronounced tanzania. >> she said mr. cruz is an immigrant. meaning his father. >> it feeds into the trump narrative. >> she was talking about being hispanic and he pulls the candidate card. it's do or die for bernie sanders. >> the socialist from vermont now saying a contested convention in july is
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inevitable. >> peter doocy is live in evansville, indiana with the latest. >> bernie sanders is starting to sound a lot like ted cruz and john kasich. bernie saying he's banking on a contested convention. >> it is virtually impossible for secretary clinton to reach the majority of convention delegates by june 14th with pledged delegates alone. she will need super delegates to take her over the top at the convention in philadelphia. in other words, the convention will be a contested contest. >> here in indiana, hillary clinton is holding a very slim 50-to-46 lead according to a wall street journal poll. she's trying to position herself
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more and more against trump than she is against sanders. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> and here's how confident clinton is even though she's only ahead 4 points. she's not running campaign ads in the state and will not campaign here, instead moving ahead to west virginia and kentucky. meanwhile, sanders is giving indiana the full-court press. we're expecting the big crowds that follow him around. at this event there is already a line formed and we've been told people in the front have been there since 10:30 last night. there's no denying it's great news this political season and every state counts. every state matters. normally it's done by now. >> and bernie sanders talking about a contested convention. could you imagine if there are two contested conventions? it's quite a year.
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>> if there is one, that would prove the system is not rigged. >> you sound more like regis than bernie sanders. >> you never see them in the same picture. polls put donald trump as winning indiana, but one has ted cruz in the lead.
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tomorrow, votes are cast in indiana, a state that's been called the do or die state for ted cruz. polls show him 16 points ahead of donald trump, 39 to 44 is the latest. that's a stark contrast to nearly every other indiana poll. this one we showed you this morning has trump ahead by 15 points. what do you believe? is trump killing it or cruz killing it? tom, what do you make of the disparity? >> look, brian. every time you have a chance of getting a poll that's an
3:18 am
outliar. that's why you can't look at one poll. you have to look at the whole picture. we've got five polls in indiana, they show trump leading 2 to 9%. on average he's up by 4%. you look at that. six polls favoring trump and one poll favoring cruz. could they all be wrong? sure. i think it's far more likely that says cruz is up big is probably the outliar. >> we're looking at your poll, the average is 39.1 to 35 to 17 for john kasich. there's been a few events that have happened since the new york primary that i think is significant and of course the 5-for-5. that is the naming of carly fiorina and the kasich and cruz alliance. a poll was taken about what do you think about the alliance, kasich drops out and cruz gets
3:19 am
the stage. 34% approve, 58% disapprove. on that, it looks like it blew up, correct? >> yeah. we have that data. it looks like the couple of hail marys that ted cruz threw last week fell incomplete and haven't reset or changed the dynamic of this race. a couple of folks who were kasich supporters didn't go to cruz, they went to trump. we've seen a lot of that going on. it hasn't accomplished what ted cruz hoped it would accomplish. >> i sense that bobby knight has such gravitas in indiana, by him coming out and campaigning with, can you sense what kind of impact that made? >> it's hard to say, brian, you know, what impact these endorsements have. certainly, bobby knight is a revered figure in the state, a popular figure in the state, to have him on trump's side, certainly can't hurt.
3:20 am
we can't actually quantify how much it helps him. indiana was a state that -- it looks like it set up well parts of it for cruz but parts for trump. particularly the evan ggelicaev. he's splitting that with cruz. whenever x'd done that, he's fared well. >> it's unbelievable. tom, it's going to be interesting to see who looks good and who looks bad. we know one thing, everyone is going to be looking at what happens on tuesday. tom bevan thanks so much. >> you bet. straight ahead. call the campus police, the sushi logo might be offensive to students. where can you ainsley, bernie sanders and myself in the same room. i smoked a lot, and quit a lot
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we are back with a fox news alert. look at these pictures, folks. terrible to look at. an historic new york city church burns to the ground on orthodox easter sunday. this incredible video shows fire shooting straight out of the front of a 160-year-old cathedral. nobody seriously hurt. the cause of the fire under investigation. heart breaking pictures. toxic mess right now in the nation's capital after a derailed train dumped 15,000 gallons of chemicals. is 15 cars of the freight train jumped the tracks spilling chemicals everywhere. crews sealed all the leaks. the flipped train may disrupt
3:25 am
some commuter service later today. check on line. a magical story is about to hit the silver screen. ♪ you can escape everything. >> houdini and doyle focuses on the unlikely friendship of two great men of the 20th century. it premiers tonight. and we've got the senior michael todaro. we know houdini, who is doyle? >> tonight they are teaming up for what's called who else, houdini and doyle. i got a glimpse of what this
3:26 am
series is all about. take a look. there's two new sheriffs in town. harry houdini and sir arthur conan doyle are hitting the streets and solving shows -- crimes. >> together they decided to form a team and to help scotland yard. hear houdini, one of the most famous men in the world, he escapes from water tanks. he's an amazing man, and then there's me. i talk a lot. >> inspired by true veents in the early 1900s, the show tackles their modern day obstacles and the unexplained. >> it's like victorian era "x-files." >> it's a real great mix of all
3:27 am
sorts of things and so we have these three sort of epic figures in doyle and houdini and then the first female constable and it creates this really incredible backdrop of personalities. >> it's an honor, mr. houdini. >> i'm sorry. are you really a cop? >> one of the many wonders of the century. >> i have to admit, harry, i'm impressed. >> thank you, arthur. >> in spite of the fact you were an insufferable person the entire time. >> as always for all my celebrity interviews, check out fox news >> you are watching that series. thank you so much, michael. coming up, straight ahead. >> an incredible story at sea. two fishermen cling to a cooler
3:28 am
or two oil rigs. they stay alive for several days. they share their survival story with us live straight ahead. >> can you imagine? this military spray-on product claims it can make anything indestructible. we're going to put it to the test. happy birthday to my body double, dwayne "the rock" johnson. he is 44 years old today. >> to do this. ♪ ♪ >> what is that? ♪ ♪ ♪ what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster
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stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom! you've never seen a number like that! you feel me lois? i'm feeling you. yeah you do! let's do this! watch out he just had a whole thimble full of coffee... woot! woot! the ready for you alert, only at la... quinta! yeah! ♪ ♪ >> it is an honor to be here at my last and perhaps the last white house correspondents dinner. bernie, you look like a million bucks or to put it in term you
3:32 am
understand you look like 37,000 donations of $27 each. you got to admit it hillary trying to appeal to young voters, is a little bit like your relative who signed up for facebook. dear america, did you get my poke? is it appearing on your wall? i'm not sure i'm using this right. love, aunt hillary. you know i got to talk about trump. you got a roomful of reporters, celebrities, cameras, and he says no. is this dinner too tacky for the donald? but in fairness, he has spent years meeting with leaders from around the world. ms. sweden, ms. argentinargenti azerbaijan. there's one area where donald's experience could be inevitable and that's closing gitmo. because he knows a thing about
3:33 am
running waterfront properties into the ground. obama out. >> that was an awesome close. he did a great job. >> what they have done historically is the president speaks, historically, the president is not funny but he's got professional joke writers helps him out, do that. and he's followed by a comedian. larry somebody from hbo. i know he used inappropriate language that everybody is talking about. >> he did. but it was nice because he was just so relaxed. it was his last year. >> you hear table 168 giggling because brian, ainsley and i were at 168. we took some pictures. >> we had a great time together. this is before we went downstairs for the dinner. this is upstairs at the hotel bar. >> it looks like they were edging you out. >> that was kimberly with your son, peter. >> brian and i were with bernie
3:34 am
sanders. >> peter doocy, an excellent reporter, found out that kendall jenner was at the usa party, so we made a beeline to make this picture, if you watch his instagram, he chops me out of all the pictures and actually i mentioned the comedian larry from hbo, i walked out and spent half an hour talking to gabby giffords and her husband mark kelly. >> how is she doing? >> she's doing great. they are traveling around the country making speeches. this is general campbell's last day in uniform. he retired that night. he's a civilian. hopefully we'll get him in studio to talk about all he accomplished and gave to the country. that was great. >> that was great. we have some pictures with heather as well. heather is there for headlines for us. we had a great time. >> we certainly did. it was so much fun to be with all of you and our folks in d.c. as well.
3:35 am
let's start out with a fox business alert we bring you to puerto rico where that debt crisis is getting worse. today the country has to pay back $370 million in debt, but there are a bunch of things it's not going to. the governor says puerto rico would to close down public schools and hospitals to afford that payment and it has another $700 million payment due in two months since puerto rico is not technically a state it can't file for bankruptcy. terrifying moments for the nascar rookie chris busher. >> oh, man. >> oh, goodness. that is him barrel rolling just past the halfway point at tal adag ga speed way. it started as a seven-car pile-up. he said it happened so quickly he didn't have any time to react.
3:36 am
call the pc police. the latest target against racism in missouri is the campus sushi restaurant. a student wrote a letter asking them to change their logo. the restaurant owner agreed to change it if students come up with a better one. he has no legal obligation to create a better one. let's head to maria molina. how are things looking? >> it's been messy out here across parts of the plains, the gulf coast, and even into the midwest. we've been dealing with severe storms bringing in hail and tornadoes. that storm system is farther east and it will be bringing some severe weather across parts of the east. it's not going to be comfortable. across parts of the mid atlantic, we have a bigger
3:37 am
problem because some of these storms could be bringing in some severe weather. that will be something to watch out for. damaging winds, large hail, and also some isolated tornadoes. temperatures farther west across the rockies right now, quite chilly. in denver, just 29 degrees, but it will be heating up across parts of the southeastern u.s. in the 80s in atlanta, raleigh and tampa later this afternoon. back inside to you. thanks a lot, maria. a new military product is changing the way we look at the world by creating a spray-on product that could make anything virtually -- it sounds like a 1-800 number. >> it's before number. >> makes it indestructible. >> we've put it to the test here in the plaza. here's the president. what is the stuff? >> the stuff itself is a polyurethane and polyurea.
3:38 am
once it's combined, it becomes virtually indestructible. >> what's new about what you are introducing today? >> certainly we've made our mark in the automotive after market by spraying bed liners and trucks and covering vehicles. we've got a fun way to show you how sturdy this product is. we've got two can at the -- canteloupes. >> i want to -- this is a cantelope. when was this picked? >> yesterday. >> what happened when you drop a cantelope from a fox ladder? >> there go. it does crack. >> thank you very much. >> i hold in my hand the one. >> here it is the indestructible
3:39 am
one. don't hit it. >> oh, it's like a basketball. >> regular egg. >> ah! >> you just got ainsley. here you go. here's the treated version. >> look at that. >> that's amazing. >> that is a raw egg and it is completely intact. >> we can demonstrate. >> here's the red solo cup that -- just like that. here's the red solo cup that you added the line x too. >> stand on it. >> good job. >> that's amazing. >> ouch. >> what can we do with this? >> there's a whole host of applications and really the accepts product is growing. so today we do our core business
3:40 am
is spray-on bed liners and trucks and we think we have the best product in the market. we use it for a number of applications. we use it for military applications. we spray armor blats or ballistic plates and what it prevents is spalling and fragmentation and we also will encapsulate ballistic fabrics for the exact same principle. >> no wonder it makes such a great liner. >> decaying bridges. it has applications for parking lots. anything that you don't want toco rode and you want to waterproof. >> can we buy you or is it for government use? >> no, you can buy it. we have a great network of franchisees. >> the product is called? >> line x. >> we're going to try to break more stuff.
3:41 am
we're going to try to run over some things with a car. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> maybe we'll use the valdor truck. >> did you hear president obama say this about trump? >> they say donald lack the foreign policy to be president. but in fairness he has spent years leading with -- meeting with leaders from around the world. ms. sweden. >> this morning, ms. sweden, responds. >> really? >> yes. >> the fbi may have accidentally revealed its case against hillary clinton. judge andrew napolitano with the secret details. he read between the lines. ♪ ♪ ♪ gomery and abigail higgins had...
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♪ (music pl♪ throughout) uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ . . . does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪
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♪ ♪ hi, some quick headlines from the campaign trail. are you ready? how's this for foreign policy?
3:45 am
a day after president obama joked about donald trump talking foreign policy with beauty pagent winners. former ms. sweden says she's a big trump fan. camilla handson says she would discuss anything calling him successful and larger than life. and clinton is not welcome that's a message from mayor in logan west virginia. due to her anti coal policy. trouble for hillary clinton in the investigation over her private email server. good morning to you, judge. >> something drops almost every friday afternoon. >> funny how that works. >> it is. we have a lot of moving parts here. on one side are 39 lawsuits under the freedom of information
3:46 am
act. these are people and organizations suing the state department looking for her emails, and the other side we have two fbi investigations. one is for public corruption. the other is for espionage, the removal of a email from a government server to be a server that could be hacked. one of the 39 freedom of action lawsuits sought mrs. clinton's communications with the justice department. what letters did the fbi write to her and how did her lawyers respond? the justice department responded by saying we can't answer this freedom of information act request because it involves a law enforcement matter. why is that significant? that's significant because mrs. clinton has been saying for a year this is not a criminal investigation of me. it's just a security investigation. >> you know what, we've got that sound bite. >> you cued it up so booul. watch. >> i talked to democrats and they worry that somebody is
3:47 am
going to get indicted. >> well, there is no basis for that. it's a security review. i'm delighted that he has agreed to cooperate as everyone else has, and i think that we'll be moving toward a resolution of this. >> that's some pretty good spin. you know, they are just eyeballing it. >> we now know it is not a security review. whether it's intentional or inadvertent, the justice department has recognized it as a law enforcement matter. the he to whom she was referring is brian pagliano, the guy she paid $5,000 to commit the crime of taking her email to her private server. >> he did did at her instructions, so it would sound like i can do the math here. >> two federal judges have already found a conspiracy in the office of the secretary of state when she was secretary of
3:48 am
state to avoid and evade federal law. the question is whether she was personally involved in the conspiracy. >> when congress asked for different documents, it seems like they slow-walk it or stonewall and they don't actually -- the state department and stuff like that, they don't produce them. but with these freedom of information act lawsuits, it seems like they have been able to collect more of the actual damaging email from back in the day. >> that's because the freedom of information act lawsuits are supervised by life tenured federal judges who don't care about the political fallout and members of congress are in there for re-election. >> sure. politics. >> i don't want to denigrate their thoughts and behavior. a lot of them are doing great work but what judges see the law and enforce the law. congress is to see the law and how is this going to help me and a cause that i believe in? should we go hard or should we go easy? this is the first time the
3:49 am
justice department has acknowledged this is a federal law enforcement matter. i doubt mrs. clinton will start saying that. >> i don't think so so. when bernie sanders does, then we've got trouble. >> bernie sandersed dropped the ball by declining to discuss the emails. he might be ahead of her if he had. >> two fishermen clinging to a cooler and at one point an oil rig to stay alive for a couple of days out there. they share their survival story with us next. talk about awkward timing. what just happened to kelly ripa and michael strahan in the middle of their very public feud and break-up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
3:50 am
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♪ no, you're not gonna watch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song.
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it is a miracle at sea. a normal fishing trip turns into a nightmare for two texas friends when a massive wave causes their boat to capsize, leaving those guys stranded in rough waters, but thanks to a cooler that they had on board and a nearby oil rig the fishermen friends survived for more than two days at sea. they join us now with their incredible story of survival. it's great that you're joining us this morning. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> michael, let me start with you. tell me what happened. how did you get in that situation? >> oh, we went out and we dropped anchor rope and we decided it wasn't such a good spot, so we decided to move. we lost our anchor rope, and it had snapped, so we pulled over
3:54 am
to the place where we were at there and tied it off there. >> and that was the oil rig? >> it's not an oil rig. it's just a metal-type gas well. >> pipes with gas lines coming out of it. >> at this point, how did you lose the boat? >> well, the water -- we had a surge of water that rolled over the back of the boat and then it hit the side and it just flipped in a matter of seconds. >> so it took a few seconds, and that boat was under water. what did you guys do? how did you survive? >> it threw us into the water, and i swam to the pipes that were in front of us. and then mike reached out, got this cooler, and then was trying to paddle in. mike can't swim. he paddled close enough, i
3:55 am
reached out and grabbed the cooler and pulled him in, and we both climbed up onto this little platform thing that was out there and that's where we stayed for 24 hours. >> wow. what was going through your mind? did you think this is it? >> no. we were mainly trying to get somebody's attention, but it was so rough. the water was just pounding, the wind was rough. and normally this area, there's a lot of people, a lot of fishermen, so on a calm day, we would have only been out there a couple of hours before another boat would have came out, but it was so bad out there, nobody was coming out there, and we just tried and tried to get attention of the big ships going through the shipping channel. there mauft haust have been 500 that passed us the whole time we were out there and not one of them -- we didn't get their attention. >> the coast guard rescues you,
3:56 am
thank goodness, after day two. what was going through your mind? i understand that after day one, you're like, okay, this is going to be okay, this is where a lot of people fish, but after day two, were you freaking out? were you scared? >> yeah. it was pretty bad. we had no food, no water. we tried to get a game plan to try to get to this bigger platform that was about a mile away, and we held onto the cooler and we were going to try to pad toll that, and mike couldn't make it, and he made it back to the platform that we was on and i got drifted off and tried to make it there, and then the current pulled me away, and i eventually made it to an old rusty pipe. >> i'm so glad you're both with us here today. thank you to those coast guard vings who saved your lives. thank you, gentlemen, for joining us. picture this. you're at a pool and someone
3:57 am
hits the bottom of the pool while they're diving. do you know what to do? and then the fight over prince's estate heads to court this morning. we have just learned about his final moments from his chef. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
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then, one weekend, when everyone has a cold and you've spent the whole day watching tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. good monday morn dwroug. it is may 2nd. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with this. breaking right now, a terrorist plot foiled down in florida. details to blow up a plant ant how that suspect was caught. and on the eve of the crucial primary donald trump and ted cruz are focusing on each other. they're shooting each other. >> lyin' ted cruz. people hate this guy. >> believe in the men and women gae gathered here and the goodness of the men and women and that we will not give in to evil.
4:01 am
>> evil. okay. is it texas's alamo? we'll tell you. >> talk about awkward timing. >> i want to get your take on it because i don't have a take on it because i want yours. so you've gotten divorced. >> look at his reaction. >> howie long never said that to me. >> wait till you hear what happens next. let me remind you. mornings on this set are calm. >> we like each other. ♪ let's take a little ride with you ♪ >> we're in a tend outside today because there's a slight chance of rain and we would hate to get 50 bike cyclists wet this week. >> they're doing such a great job.
4:02 am
it's national bike month. we're going to be out with them. if you never took a spin class, you should. it's a great workout. >> let me say, i've taken spin classes. i've about had instructors tell me what to do and others who try to inspire me. i'd rather have them instruct me. >> they inspire. go, go, go, go, go. they shout at you. >> do you like that? >> i do not. but they give you a better workout. he looks at it and he's like, ainsley, you're not working hard enough. that's not fun. >> you know, you think it impacts from about here down. these guys are able to turn it into a full body workout. find out how to do it today on our big may 2nd telecast. >> we're going hand it over to heather for some headlines. >> good morning. everybody. hope you had a great weekend and you're off to a great start.
4:03 am
riots raging overnight fors cops to use tear gas and flash bang grenades. take a look here. while that scary scene is viole violent, they were throwing rocks, bricks, and moll tootov cocktails. the mayor said, quote, the city is against any acts of violence against officers and my thoughts are with officers who were injured. a terror plot on u.s. soil foiled again. the fbi stopping what could have been a horrific attack targeting a jewish community. a man planned to shock the world by blowing up a synagogue in florida packed with people for passover celebrations. luckily he her got a chance. the fbi posed as terrorists and
4:04 am
got him before he was able to do anything. a battle taking center stage at a minneapolis courthouse. his sister said he didn't have a will and now his things will be split between his sister and half siblings. this comes as personal chef to him reveals that he battled stomach and throat pains in the final months. autopsy results are not finished yet but he reportedly overcoasted on painkillers. >> first michael strahan ambushed kelly ripa that he was leaving the show and then she caught him off guard with this one. >> there's a great article in the paper and i want to get your take on it because i don't have a take on it but i want yours. so you've gotten divorced. >> ouch. you know that's a zinger when
4:05 am
you come out with that one. the morning show saga is taking an awe ward turn after that. the pair just won a daytime emmy for best entertainment talk show. this comes as strahan's last dig after kelly's divorce dig. it's may 13th. >> they moved it up. >> you know it's a zinger when a woman starts out with -- doesn't even look at him. not a kcompliment. >> the ratings are going to increase. is she going to do it to him again? is he going to turn on her? >> turning now to the race for the white house, yes, something safe, we're now just a day away from the indiana primaries. >> and now we have live team coverage from hoosier state with the latest on the democrats but we also have john roberts with the latest on the republicans.
4:06 am
who do you want to start with first? >> let's start with john roberts. >> steve, ainsley, brian, good morning to you. at osceola, they make a country skillet that's absolutely to die for. this is one of five stops ted cruz is going to be making really kind of pulling out all the stops in a last ditch effort. he beal 'peering with governor pence and together with his surrogates, the cruz campaign has got ten appearance campaigns today. a poll showed he's got a 10-point lead. but the local pole says he has a 16-point lead. ted cruz had a big lead last night in which he kind of compared this race in indiana as a batter between good and evil.
4:07 am
here's cruz. >> i believe in the american people. i believe in the people of the hoosier state. i believe in the men and women gathered here and the goodness of the american people that we will not give in to evil, but we will remember who we are and we will stand for our values. >> and then something truly bizarre happened last night. every once in a while ted cruz gets a heckler, but this time at that same rally, the heckler who was going after him saying you suck, and that's a direct quote, was somewhere between 10 and 12 years old. listen to this. >> and when we do that -- [ inaudible ] >> you suck. >> thank you, son. children should actually speak with respect. imagine what a different world it would be if someone had told
4:08 am
donald trump that years ago. you know, in my household, when a child behaves that way, they get a spanking. >> i have covered a lot of politics in my time and i have never seen anything like that. i expect that young man was in for a little bit of trouble when he got home to the parents last night. 57 delegates up for grabs here. by congressional district, by many analyses, if ted cruz can stop him. he will prevent trump from getting the delegates but if trump wins, a lot of people say it could be all over. >> it's interesting. when you've about got ted cruz referring to evil, obviously taking a shot at donald trump. and that reminds me at the end of last week john boehner referred to mr. cruz as lucifer. >> lots of evil. >> there's a lot going on featured in the washington
4:09 am
correspondents' dinn correspondents' dinner tape as if they're both going to be retired soon. >> do you think ted cruz's response to that kid was appropriate? >> hey, parents, spank your kid. >> or do you think he's going to be in trouble and the parents are upset? >> the parents should be there. >> i thought ted cruz handle thad well. >> the respect was already but the spanking part -- >> let's talk about the polls. >> there's a brand-new wall street nbc journal poll out showing ted ahead by 15. nonetheless, the cruz campaign is for the most part pulling out all the stops. they need to win all of team cruise is out there. heidi cruz was out there and at one point in the last couple of points she made a mistake when she talked about her husband and
4:10 am
it sounds like he was born in canada. >> ted is an imzbranlt. he's hispanic. >> she said my husband is hispanic, he is an immigrant, the father-in-law is. >> he's still running and still in it but he capitalized on that heidi mistake, listen. >> heidi cruz, who's a very nice woman, said my husband was an immigrant. ah. it became a big story because i've been saying thachlt i said he's an immigrant, therefore, he can't run for president. i've never seen anything like. it lyin' ted. who wants to go around with that name? l-y-i-n with a little apostro e
4:11 am
apostrophe, bing. >> just like that. let's go to the democratic side. >> bernie sanders is next and neck with hillary clinton in the hoosier state. they're now saying a contested convention is inevitable. >> bernie sanders will not let her. he is now promising to deny clinton the delegates she needs to clinch and just fight it out at a contested democratic conventi convention. >> it is virtually impossible for secretary clinton to to reach the majority of convention delegates by june 14th with pledged delegates alone. she will need super delegates to take her over the top at the convention in philadelphia. in other words, the convention will be a contested contest. >> and all signs point to a nail
4:12 am
biter in the hoosier state. clinton has a lead and her final pitch, very pro-obama, anti-trum p. she's not mentioning sanders. the two young women at the front of the line where his event is going to be later on today got here at 10:30 last night. they say there is no way they would ever vote for hillary clinton if she is the nominee. they're going to write in bernie. >> which would be a vote for trump. >> here's the one thing it's accomplished. between donald trump saying it's rigged and bernie sanders saying super delegates, it's not right, i think it's going to change. people have lost the tolerance. >> could you imagine if there's a contested convention for the democrats and the republicans? >> he's got a long way to go. 12 minutes to go.
4:13 am
donald trump is leading and cruz says it's not matching up. who's right. lisa booth is up next with the chalk. the adorable new photos going viral. lisa, aren't those cute? >> what a photographer, the royal duchess, the queen of cambridge. so you like to walk. but not just walk. speed walk. or you like to bike. in place. next to these strangers. or you want to know your heart rate. when you're doing this steady... this. and a little bit of this. which means you should probably wear this. beat yesterday with vivosmart hr from garmin.
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4:17 am
i believe nobody is going to get to 1237. donald trump is not going to get to 1,237. nobody is. >> we're going to get there. in fact, there's a scenario where i reach 1,400 pretty easily. for him, it's imperative he win. >> well, both donald trump and ted cruz believe the delegate is ahead in their faber. but who's right? let's talk to lisa booth. she's the president of time for strategies and a washington contributor. >> hi, steve. >> what we've got going right
4:18 am
through california. you're going to break down in a conservative way what they could get going forward, right? >> trying to be conservative because you don't know the results of the game until the game's in play. >> and because you're a conservative. >> and because i'm a conservative. >> we have indiana tomorrow night. this is important because there are two tossup states, indiana and california. these states are incredibly important and you're also looking at momentum. so both donald trump and ted cruz are hoping to win indiana. now, there's 30 delegates across the board for just a statewide win and then there's also three remaining congressional districts -- or three delegates per nine congressional districts, so they're projektsing the winner's going get at least 45 delegates. and then you get into the next contest. >> hold on. you've given trump 45 and cruz 45. >> i'm trying to be conservative. >> she doesn't want to indicate today. >> i'm trying to be on the safe side.
4:19 am
>> they're both winners. >> well, well ee see. then you had nebraska and west virginia. nebraska, it's expects at this moment that ted cruz will take nebraska. there's 36 delegates at stake. then we'll give those to senator ted cruz if we wants to block it. >> west virginia -- >> i'm going to give it no donald trump. i'm not going to give any any to ted cruz at this moment. however, there's still going to be three remaining delegates at stake so perhaps cruz or kasich could pick up a congressional district but i don't know at this current moment. >> washington you give to trump and oregon although you give cruz a couple. let's talk about the final contest. >> yes. those are proportional delegates. so the big prize is that june 7th where you've got all these delegate asset stake, 172 in california. new jersey is a winner-take-all state, so is south dakota and
4:20 am
montana. so that's how we did it. >> pretty close by the end. let's do the numbers. >> you're going to have 1,281. >> that would be enough, right? >> that would be enough and i think donald trump has a really great shot. even if he loses indiana, he ask still pick up enough delegates in the remaining states to get there. >> we know if he can't win, he can't win the 1,237, however, that would be enough to block donald trump from getting that 1,237 pledged delegates. >> so under this scenario you've got ted cruz blocking him and him winning. >> yes. this is the ideal situation for senator cruz. it may not happen. he's going to have to get very, very lucky. but this is what he would like to have happen and this is what donald trump would like to happen. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. >> doing the math. >> thank you, lisa. if you thought steve harvey's miss universe flub was
4:21 am
bad, just wait. this beauty pageant flub may go down as one of the worst. picture this. a little kid goes off a diving board and hits their head. do you know what to do next if they were hurt? dr. mark seagal joins us next with life-saving tips. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything.
4:22 am
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4:25 am
an. there are 1 po in the world including one in detroit. >> detroit? thank you, brian. the days are getting longer, an accident that changes a family's life does go up. what do you do if something terrible goes up and you have the make a life or death-decision. >> dr. marc siegel has thence in our series. today we're focused on diving accidents. we're live wre he was born, north shore. good morning. nice to see you. >> brian is long gone but diving
4:26 am
is dangerous. american red cross says don't dive in water in less than 9 feet deep but injuries are occurring when a lot of them are drunk or on drugs. they're trying too many tricks. they're diving in above groujd pools. they can heart their head or neck. i'm in north shore emergency room and i'm joined by the chairman of neurology here, dr. paul wright. good morning, dr. wright. >> good morning. thank you for coming. >> what do you think? less than 10% involve diving boards. we're talking about just jumping into pools. >> it turns out when diving is involved more accidents occur. people feel less inhibited and do tricks. they end up jumping into pools that are very shallow. there are individuals who mimic other behaviors, so when they see their friends jumping or
4:27 am
diving into pools, they go ahead and do the same thick. >> how do you know you have a concussion after you hit your head or neck that you should see a doctor? >> you should see a doctor when you have signs and symptoms where you have a protracted headache, in other words, a headache that's not going away, when you have nausea, vertigo, the room is spinning. also one thing you should be aware, we may bang our heads but you can suffer from a neck joour. when they get numbness or tingling in their hands or feet or they're having difficulty walking, then they should go to the emergency room. >> brian will tell you that an appointment with me might take three months how do you know you have to see an emergency room rather than a primary care doctor. how do you know got go to the e.r. right away, call 911? >> if you have a headache and you don't feel so good that ends up going away, you should be fine. if you have symptoms where you know something's wrong deep down
4:28 am
inside, you also know you're becoming more fatigued, forgetful, where you're having nausea, vomiting, the room is spinning, you're having difficulty standing up, you have weakness in your arms or legs or nurmness or ting ling that's getting worse. >> what's the worst-case scenario here? what's the outcome going to be for doctors who don't go to the doctor or e.r.? >> the worst case is death. if you have a neck injury where you fracture your neck or have a spinal cord injury, you can become paralyzed? >> what are the tips. >> don't drink and drive. you have to listen to the lifeguards. don't drink and dive. >> unless it says nine feet on the side of the pool, do not dive in water that -- it has to be nine feet. also don't dive in above ground pools. great advice for all watching.
4:29 am
great tips. what happens when all liberals are elected in a city? we show you the fallout. that's coming up next. plus, she spent nearly a decade hides from the taliban in plain sight disguising herself as a boy and has become a number one squash player. she's going to share with that incredible story. welcome. come on in. ♪ when consultant josh atkins books at
4:30 am
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oh, my. >> wow.
4:33 am
took forever for those lyrics to come up. that's your shot of the morning. american heather larson successfully crossing between two tall towers of the citadel. it happened overnight. the tower of david was the first since 1987. slack like as it is known is similar to a tight rope walk but experts say it's more difficult. >> look at that. she's hanging upsidedown. >> is that supposed to happen? >> i'm not sure. >> other wide it would have happened at the beginning of the story. >> heather joining us right now with the news. good morning. >> good morning. news headlines right now. the bodies of two american mountain climbers have now been found inside a glacier 16 years after these two were buried by an avalanche. the world-renowned mott near
4:34 am
were killed in the himalayas back in 1999. now years later the ice around their bodies has started to melt. loved ones say they were frozen in time. they were able to identify them by the clothes that they were wearing. wow. back at home, texas could be the next state to enact the so-called bathroom bill. governor dan patrick sharing a petition on facebook this week asking voters to, quote, keep men out of women's and a beauty queen blunder to tell you about bringing you flashbacks of this humiliating woman, steve harvey crowning the wrong miss universe. it's happened again. this time in northwestern brazil. judges crowned the wrong winner before swiftly removing the crown. oh, ouch. that's awkward. and then putting it on the real
4:35 am
winner's head. oh, this is sad. pushing her second place sash away and she walks off the stage and she's demanding a recount and she's threatened to sue. a big day and turns 1 today. i love that little bow. these are taken by her mom, the duess of cambridge. this weekend it was big brother prince george who was mentioned by president obama after the white house correspondent dinner. >> prince george showed up to our meeting in his bath robe. that was a slap in the face. >> i just love that delicious little robe. ainsley, you'll appreciate that. i have a similar one for my son gage. he'll put it on. i love it. >> with his name on it? >> no. but it's so adorable and you
4:36 am
kiss him. ainsley knows what i'm talking about. >> i do. enjoy it while you can. >> they are cute and as soon as they show that -- apparently it was a gift from the manufacturer. as soon as they showed that, they sold out. >> i understand the blankets that they brought the babies out of the hospital again, that blanket, my moeshl gave me for one of my baby showers and we used it to bring our baby home. it's a beautiful cream blanket. >> time for some weather. we return to maria molina where it's an okay morn. >> reporter: it's a pretty chilly day. northeast, great lakes, you're waking up on the chilly side. the northeast is going to have to wake up with rain. it's going to stay unsettled for several days across the eastern u.s.
4:37 am
expect to bring that umbrella. as we head farther south from new york city across parts of the mid-atlantic as we do have the threat today thachlt will be something to watch out for. large hail and damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes will be possible. here's a look at the current temperatures. colder as we head into the rockies. right now you're in the 20s in the city of denver and there's a quick look at your temperatures later today. you're going to make it into the upper 80s across parts of florida. now let's send it over to brian and ainsley. >> maria, she spent nearly a decade hiding from the taliban in plain sight as a boy. now the courageous young woman struggled to leave the tribal regions of pakistan and become a world renowned athlete. she authors a brand-new book called "a different kind of daughter." >> what an amazing life you have had. yore from a country, pakistan, where women can't go to school,
4:38 am
they can't drive. here you are playing a sport disguised as a boy and your father was helping you with this? tell us your story and how this all happened. >> well, i feel very lucky and blessed that i have such a father, especially, you know, the tribal regions are the most left out areas. it's lawless and education is considered as like vulgarity and for men, you become coward if you get education, so we have a gun culture, drug culture in there, and it's more -- very, very tron trow verted and we don't have any facilities like schools or health facilities. >> and they try to marry you off at 15 or 18. >> exactly. girls are a burden and they want to get rid of them. they're sold in family disputes, things like that. but i'm lucky that i have that father. he suffered a lot all his life. he moved from area to area. he was put in jail, you know, he was, like people stoned him or
4:39 am
our house was attacked, but he never gave up and he started to change from his own family. today my sister is the youngest parliamentarian, my mom is educated, you know. she worked really close with all the agencies. and i'm a professional squash player. how did you disguise yourself from the taliban and other boys you played with? >> i grew up like a tom boy. at age 4 i decided to be like that because i wanted. >> doingweight lifting for a while and squash. >> definitely. i participated under a boy's name until age 12. nobody knew that. it helped me a lot to know the men's mentality. then people came to know about me and i was a girl. it was extreme resistance from the society and i was like -- it was a lot of torture, mental
4:40 am
torture. i was very depressed with all the bullying. but squash was the place where i started, you know, just to -- it was a safe haven for me. >> here's an excerpt from your book. just before my fifth birthday i complained to my father i could not suffer another suffocating dress and would prefer to wear loose clothes like the boys. in my part of the world, for a girl to venture out uncovered was a sin against god. why did you write that? >> the boy and the daughter, they have equal rights and values. >> what do you want people to get from this? do you want america and the western world to understand what's happening over there?
4:41 am
do you want the message to girls in general? >> i think today we see a lot of terrorism. everybody is not -- we're not safe anywhere. you see bomb blasts here. it's breeding. the terror is breeding in our areas. it's because we're providing an environment for them, so we have to -- we have to bring aware ps to people, education and sports to connect them. we should become friends just like i came to america and now i have -- they're like a family to me. i will do that for them, you know. >> hearing your story is a great reminder to all of us here in america how we cannot take our freedom for granted. thank you so much for being here and for speaking out. >> thank you. >> god bless you. >> the name of the book is "a different kind of daughter." maria, thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up straight ahead,
4:42 am
steve, why don't you tell us. >> talking about an unwanted guest. how did a behrend up in a second-story apartment? yep. that's the bear. where's the guy who lives there? we're going to tell you. what happens when liberals get elected to all the major positions in a city, it's the direction our country is heading. bo dietl shows us the fallout from liberal policies next live from new york city. nice tie. so you like to walk. but not just walk. speed walk. or you like to bike. in place. next to these strangers. or you want to know your heart rate. when you're doing this steady... this. and a little bit of this. which means you should probably wear this. beat yesterday with vivosmart hr from garmin.
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and victory. live claritin clear. as our business is growing, and you're on the road all day long, it's exhausting. hi how are you? you're on the fourth floor. thank you so much. hey sweetie! how are you? it's important to stay at a hotel with a lot to offer. that's great! and the holiday inn has really been that. holiday inn has been a part of the team. good luck with the meeting today. thank you. i really think small business is tough. it's better to have friends out there. you have a great day. appreciate it. it makes life on the road much easier. holiday inn. together lets make your next journey extraordinary. some quick headlines on this monday morning. an apparent hungry bear somehow made it to the second floor of an apartment building. >> come on. come on. go on. ya, ya. >> who buzzed the bear in?
4:46 am
>> no one trained the bear. he went the other way. >> colorado firefighters chasing the bear down the hallway as the bear was caught rummaging through the fridge. of course. look at thachlt bethat. a girl was pulled over so her boyfriend could pull off the proposal. >> will you mair me? >> yes. >> that's the perfect response. caught it all on camera. liberals taking over in a city. property crime in the bay area has climbed by more than 60% in 2010. last year alone, many involving smash and grab thefts from parked cars. >> san francisco has the highest per capita crime rate among all major american cities. what's the reason behind it?
4:47 am
let's talk to former new york city police department detective bo dietl. bo, it's not only happening in san francisco, but we're seeing it happen in new york city, places like baltimore. what's going on? >> i mean it's starting. when you let people get away with it. not very surprised. bill bratton started his career with the transit authority. also they found out they had active warrants. some of them were homicides. you know what? when you've got quality of life things going on, i remember the squeejy guys. next thing if you didn't give them money, they held a squeegee over your head. that's robbery. what's happening in san francisco with the breaking of the cars, they've pulled back. they've pulled back with the policing there. they have to put anti-crime and cameras. >> bo, you find what's going on with these cities and the liberal policies from the leadership, the mayor. >> let's see. chicago, your number one crime
4:48 am
city, ram de blasio. new york, and de blasio. you talk to the cops on the streets of new york and i talk to them all the time. you can't do this, you can't do that. hey, where is the rights of the people. when we had those demonstrations when they shut the roads down a year ago, people were told they wanted to go home and have a nice dinner and they blocked the streets and he allowed it. what do you want, dead cops now? this whole environment. and the poor cops are trying to walk the tightrope because now with the advent of the cellphone, whenever they do anything, it's going to be on the news at night. >> and it doesn't tell the whole story. >> it's not going to tell the whole story. that i don't want to lose their job and they don't want to get indicted. >> did you see where the wry yachts got totally out of control with the riots with trump. >> where are the rights for the
4:49 am
demonstrations? >> where are the rights for the trump supporters who get punched in the face because you're wearing a shirt that says trump? come on. we've got the other way. it's going to get worse when trump becomes the nominee. all these useless -- if they -- if there was a line for jobs and all these people were there, they would run the other way. my problem here is the whole progressiveness is being called by these atticus people, same occupied by wall street and the pop-up. my friend, george soros, the commi there, i guarantee, these signs are professionally raised. these are organized efforts to disrupt. >> what this does is shows a lack of support for law enforcement. we need to thank the cops out there. thanks for what you've done for our city. blue lives matter. >> blue lives matter. every life matter, including
4:50 am
cops. we have to stand by them. >> all right. bo dietl. thank you. when do we stop the bleeding? because it's continuing. bet baret baier coming up a top of the hour. guys, it's time for a spin. why cycling is better for your body than you might think. but first, happy birthday to joan jett. on this date -- oh, i'm sorry. it's not her birthday. on this date joan jett flew to the top of the charts with her hit "i love rock and roll." >> she does have a birthday coming up. >> we don't have to say it now.
4:51 am
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off national bike month on the plaza withwith cycle bar, a new cycling trend. >> put that down. ainsley is behind one of the wheels. here to tell us more is adrian selly. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it's a brand-new franchise. >> absolutely. we have 100 studios that are going to be opening by the end of 2016. another 100 in 2017. so we're going to be wherever. >> what do you bring to the table? we've heard about spinning and soulcycle. what does this bring? >> we offer a great that it were monitors where we do live videos which have a great musical theater. if you go to a class and you'd love to play this and you want to know what songs to listen to in your car, as soon as you're done, it's there. >> you've got your own store.
4:55 am
>> besides that, we're cycle giving. we're a big believer in charity. >> this is carolyn. >> from the american heart association, everybody. >> we're going to find out if this is good or bad for your heart. doctor? >> it's very good for your heart and your brain, and we're really excited because today is the initiative of cycle nation, which is the copart nevership with the american heart, american stroke and cycle nation to improve health. >> it's not just your legs. it's a full body workout? >> full body workout. >> we do our weight segment in our classes. we use the bar. so we do -- we do a lot of shoulders, we do our chest, we come up and do -- >> how does it feel?
4:56 am
>> it looks really easy but after you're working 45 minutes, it's hard. >> you've been doing this for 20 minutes. >> i keep pedaling and i don't move anywhere. >> you go nowhere fast. >> i found if you don't love working out, go to the store and get great workout gear. you all have beautiful things on that really helps -- it helps you feel better about yourself when you're in these classes. >> does everyone feel better about themselves? >> yeah. >> okay. more from the folks from cycle bar coming up. the democratic side, bret baier is going to come up. and communist cuba. i can't wait to see a communist. you totaled your brand new car.
4:57 am
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good morning to you. it's monday, may 2nd. left wing activists storm the streets. that is seattle. the dramatic video coming. in this week, it could be tomorrow, the determining factor for the republican side for president. the stakes are high and the candidates on the attack at each other. i believe in the men and women gathered here and the goodness of the american people that we will not give in to evil. >> two last ones, they're like hanging by their fingertips. >> will tomorrow be ted cruz's last stand?
5:01 am
bret baier joining us with analysis on indiana coming up shortly. and they are cute, they are fast, they are cuddly. one zoo has a dozen new cheetahs, and we're live, so we're going to check up on them because the vet's going to come in there. they're cute. and i think they're going to grow up to be great house pets, according to reports. mornings are better with friends and animals. all right. welcome aboard, folks. thank you very much for joining us. we were just outside spinning and about an hour earlier we got a sneak peek at a brand-new military product that could potentially make an item indestructible. they spray this goo on things. it is famous by the company line ex-for truck beds and so if you cover different products like that concrete block with this stuff or a watermelon, it makes it indestructible.
5:02 am
>> we did it with an egg. >> a cantaloupe. >> it didn't break. >> yeah. it's unbelievable. it's almost like from another generation. it's almost like something you'd get from a spacecraft a long time ago that crashes into new mexico and then we're able to find what that's made of and it changes our lives. >> it was taken to area 52. this is from another galaxy, i believe. meanwhile over the weekend we were down in washington, d.c. we were lucky enough to be invited to the white house correspondents dinner. bret baier used to cover the white house. he was there. he took some pictures. right? >> good morning. that's my wife amy, she looks lovely and i was happy to be with her. i'm playing above the rim and i sat next to gladys knight. it was fun to sit next to her.
5:03 am
president obama came by and said, i love glad is in night. in fact, i'm the original pip. >> she is a lovely lady. a lovely person. >> the thing about this correspondents dinner. i don't know about you but every person who is not normally on the fox news channel or fox & friends, i would go up and say, hey, when are you going to come on "fox & friends" or fox news. >> it's a good booking opportunity. >> and they do. >> fox got off easy. i was thinking there was a page missing or something. i think we did okay. >> it was great. >> it's the first time i remember fox not being targeted by just about anybody. >> you know what? steen was our leader. brian and i were trailing behind him and we ran into bernie sanders. look at that, brett. he was coming into the hotel and i chatted with his wife and i
5:04 am
said, thanks for coming on fox and she said it was a lot of fun. >> i tried to book him for our show. >> and, of course, we're going to talk about it in a second. of course, mrs. sanders, jane was on saying, hey, when's that fbi investigation going start kicking into gear? then you see ted cruz doubling down -- or bernie sanders doubling down on not giving up. meanwhile, take a look at this poll and try to make sense of it. the nbc/wall street journal poll shows trump up. how do you explain the disparity in these polls because there was another poll that came out from purdue university that showed cruz by 15. >> i think the polling in indiana has been all over the place. i think the trend of polls is trump's up 7 or 8 if you look at it and it matches the interjs of the campaign. it's possible that trump pulls off the sur praise.
5:05 am
clearly he's invested a lot. he's doing ten events today. so they're banking that indiana pulls off a surprise for the cruz campaign and that helps them obviously with momentum, but not necessarily the numbers because it's still a narrow path for cruz. >> is there a tomorrow, brett? if he loses tuesday, is there a wednesday for the cruz camp? >> i think so. i mean they're already signaling they're going on to california and with the hopes of stopping donald trump from 1,237. for example, if trump wins big in indiana, the numbers start to tack up where he would only have to win about 35%, 38% of the remaining delegates and you can see the psychological effect of the wins building up. but the cruz campaign is signaling they're staying in it until june 7th. >> that's right. and they're waging a a final push and here's some sound yesterday from both of them.
5:06 am
>> i believe in the american people. i believe in the people of the hoosier state. py believe in the men and women gathered here and the goodness of the american people that we will not give in to evil. >> i've never seen anything like it. lyin' ted. who wants go around with that name. l-y-i-n with a little apostro e apostrophe. >> you have donald trump called h him lyin' ted. >> some of the volunteers are saying they're hearing misgivings from some of the people talking on the phone where the lyin' ted thing seems to have stuck and there's some idea that ted cruz is rigging the system. the drip, drip, drip of the trump campaign seems to be working in mr. trump's favor in
5:07 am
these instances where they listen to some of these volunteers. >> i will say that on the flip side that governor mike pence with that endorsement, he cut a radio ad that was very different than his original radio endorsement, and it is running all over the state. pence, you know, is well liked, although his favorability down from what -- a big high, but pence is going to be on the campaign trail today. they're banking to turn around those numbers. the question is, you know, if he doesn't, what happens going forward. >> yeah. cruz was hoping pence will help him and he's also hoping the evangelicals will help him as well. let's talk about the democrats. if you look at the polls, clinton and sanders are neck and neck. there's a margin of error. >> so they're basically tied. >> they're tied basically. >> let's listen to bernie talking about the possibility of a contested convention for them. >> it is virtually impossible for secretary clinton to reach the majority of convention
5:08 am
delegates by june 14th with pledged delegates alone. she will need super delegates to take her over the top at the convention in philadelphia. in other words, the convention will be a contested contest. >> i mean is that a possibility? could you imagine? >> well, listen. they have a system where the super delegates are, again, free agents, and so far 500 of them are backing hillary clinton. he's making case the ones you have to win, the pledged delegates, he's right there and he could still pull off something on the pledged delegates. that's just not how the system works and he's making a case much like trump makes that the system is rigged. remember, bernie sanders has won 17 states. hillary clinton's won 19. i believe it's going to be part
5:09 am
of the platform. >> it's going to be an exciting night. of course, bret is going to be heading it up. thank you. have a good day. >> i remember mitt romney suffered so much from the obama campaign. he said, i'm going to save my money from the general, but he got damaged during that time. hillary clinton can't damage trump because she has to get rid of sanders yesterday and he's shown yesterday he's not going anywhere. >> he's her worst nightmare. "fox & friends" will be at a diner in indiana tomorrow morning, tune in. >> we definitely will. >> we're still trying to figure out who got indiana. all right. good morning to all of you. hope you off to a great day. we start with a fox news alert. mayday turning to mayhem raging
5:10 am
overnight. cops using tear gas and also flash bang grenades. take a look. a scary scene unfolding there azoulay bore rights protesters clash with police, pelting them with rocks, flares, bricks, and molotov cocktails. five plooem police officers were hurt and in hospitals. the mayor says he, quote, condemns any acts of physical violence against police officers and my thoughts are with the officers who were injured. a terror plot foiled on u.s. soil. the fbi says it stopped what could have been a horrific atact targeting a jewish community. a man allegedly planned to shock the world by blowing up a synagogue in south florida packed with people during passover celebrations. luckily he never got the chance. fbi agents posed as terrorists and foiled the plot.
5:11 am
we're still getting the details. releasing the pages of the 9/11 report would be a mistake because of what he says is inaccurate information. take a listen. >> i think there's a combination of things that were accurate and inaccurate. it was a preliminary review that were put in there that was not corroborated. >> john brennan writing the pages were lauter later put in. former senator bob graham is pushing for the release saying the pages do point to saudi back and we'll hear a lot more about this. and the british stars and country music taking the stage. watch this. ♪ >> the biggest winner of the night, luke bryan picking up two top prizes. newcomer chris stapleton also had a big night taking home album of the year for his debut
5:12 am
"traveler." and those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in a little bit. straight ahead, the man who shot and killed osama bin laden, revealing something we never knew about the investigation on here on fox. all abort, next stop, communist cuba. the ship "adonia" moments from docking. thanks, styx. ♪ set an open course
5:13 am
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5:16 am
fox news alert and news. a cruz ship heading to the port of havana less than two miles out. >> this is the first time a cruise ship has gone there in 50 years. >> alex is live with the story, hey, alex dea a rmas. good morning. >> reporter: let's show you some
5:17 am
news. it's the first time a cruise ports in or docks in havana in more than 50 years, but you've got to understand. a lot happened before this moment. as of about a week ago cuban law stated that people born in cuba were not allowed to return to the island by boat. well, cuban-americans threatened carnival cruise lines with a lawsuit. it was dropped when the cuban government changed its policy allowing cuban-born passengers on board. >> to be a part of truly making history and preparing for an even more positive future for seven one of the greatest honors anyone can have. >> there was a lot of kroers. some of my friends thought i was foolish but something i always wanted to do. >> reporter: and now here's some video of cuban-american protesters in miami. they believe this cruise will further enrich the cash flow
5:18 am
regime as the cuban people continue to suffer. as you can imagine, there's been a lot of passion behind these protests in the past few months. imagine, these are cuban exiles here in south florida. they want a better future for cuba. we're told this cruise ship is soon approaching cuba. we have a live camera. you can see that cruise in the far distance. it should be arriving by 9:00 this morning. >> alex, thank you very much for the live report from the port of miami. thank you very much. malia obama, she's going to college but a big decision. that's coming up next. from addicted to drugs and going behind bars, now he has a message for athletes like johnny manziel. it's not too late. he wants to help. ryan joins us right now. welcome back. ♪
5:19 am
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oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home.
5:22 am
some quick headlines for you. call the police. a student asking the sunshine sushi logo to be changed saying it resembles the rising sun flag which has a controversial history tied to world war ii. the restaurant owner agreed to change it if students can come up with a better one though he has no legal obligation to do so. malia will take a gap year. she'll enroll at harvard in 2017. no word yet on what she's going
5:23 am
to be doing with that year off from school. brian? college football came only second to peyton manning. a lot of people thought he was better. >> with the second choice in the draft they select quarterback washington state university ryan leaf? his fall from grace came. he couldn't fulfill his potential. after retiring abruptly from the nfl, he got addicted to vicodin and was caught burglar rising homes. ryan leaf is now a program ambassador for recovering communities. welcome back. >> thank you very much. >> you came in fox news and i interviewed you. >> i do. it was a whirlwind. i was 2 years old. >> a lot of people thought you
5:24 am
wither going to be better than peyton manning. >> i hoped so. clearly he warked harder than i did, and you can see by the results. >> ryan, why did you end up where you were? during that time, what was wrong? >> i think that behaviorally for me it started a long time ago. it wasn't necessarily about that. i had never failed until i got to the highest level and when i did, i didn't know how to deal with it in a healthy way at all. i didn't ask for help. i didn't accept help when offered. >> no one sees the big football player who seems to have it all ask for help. so, therefore, there was no precedent for you. >> when you watch tv, you don't see the star quarterback standing in front of the team asking them for help. it's usually vice versa. and i never looked at it as a strength. i saw vulnerability as a waeksness and i could never turn to that until ultimately i had to be humbled. >> after that, you had to find
5:25 am
your identity. you coached for a while and you had problems with prescription drugs. >> i was taking it because i had emotional problems. >> you say you were addicted before you were doing drugs. what do you mean? >> when i talk to young adults out there, i tell them i was an addict long before i took the drug because the behaviors i know now happen from being an addict. the fear, the judgment, the insecurity, all of those things manifest themselves, and that boarish behavior, the way i acted to reporters, the way i acted to my teammates. >> then we see johnny manziel come out. it's almost identical. everyone thought you were going to be the best. he was battling to stay in the first round. not only that, he gets picked in the first round, gets a starting job twice and lost it by his own behavior. >> this happens to anybody who's addicted to anything.
5:26 am
it's about substance abuse. it's about whatever you use as a maladaptive behavior. people use sex, people use gambling. people use alcohol. it helps them numb whatever they're feeling and i can relate totally to what he's going through. i said it's like holding up a mirror sometimes seeing the behaviors he's exhibiting. >> i've seen so many people go to rehab where it didn't work and we have rehab at different places now advertising for people. you get behind transcend recovery communities. what works for you, that worked for ryan leaf? >> i believe the integrity. they care. it's about accountability and spirituality. i do things completely different than i did just four years ago. it's a 180-degree lifestyle change and it's been instrumental i stay in the recovering community and being their program ambassador. it's helped me and others struggling. >> you had to go to prison, you
5:27 am
believe, in order to get to rehab, to fully get committed to changing? >> yeah, i do. i think i had to be humbled to the point of waking up on a prison floor. why didn't i get it the first time when i got in trouble in texas for doctor shopping? why didn't i get it then. i thood be humble ld to the point where i was like willing to take my life. that's where those pills take you and that's the epidemic in this country and transcend offers people solutions and options and it's about saving lives for them. >> so both you and peyton manning linked forever starting at the same age. are you okay being ryan leaf today? >> i am. i say the mantra every morning, an affirmation, that what other people think of me is none of my business and it's taken a long time for me to get healthy with that. i do it every day, and i go out and tell my story because it's about the message and not the merger. as long as i understand that this has nothing do with me but
5:28 am
about helping the guy that struggles because i don't want anybody to be as miserable as i was. >> i think people can relate to your story even as much if not more than peyton manning. no one understands that type of gr greatness and the redemptive process. >> i think being in the public eye help med to get help easier. for people in the shadows, it's difficult because no one sees it. i wish them the best. >> ryan, hopefully they saw it and they're going to get help. >> thank you, brian. >> best of luck. straight ahead, the man who shot bin laden. something we never knew about the case and the mission. the government lied about certain omissions. he's reviewing the truth. and they're cute, fast, and cuddly. no, i'm not talking about myself. a zoo has new cheetahs. we're going to go there as the vet gives them a checkup. with the right steps,
5:29 am
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like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at and when we do that -- [ inaudible ] >> all right. apparently there's a young man who's having some problems. >> you suck! >> thank you, son. children should actually speak with respect. imagine what a different world it would be if someone had told donald trump that years ago. you know, in my household when a child behaves that way, they get a spanking. [ applause ] >> that's ted cruz in indiana. you heard him say when a child
5:33 am
does that in his house, you get a spanking. you thought about your comment and comments are pouring in. >> we have a 14-year-old. he says i'm a 14-year-old trump supporter and feels cruz handled that heckler perfectly. i would get the same. >> one says why aren't there more people going crazy saying cruz inciting the crowd to spank. >> another, the kid was a plant. >> i think if that's how we parent, that's fine. you know how hard it is to be on stage. people start yelling stuff. >> the part about the respect was very potent. >> right, right. >> the spank part got us all talking. keep the ooechls coming. in the meantime, 27 minutes before the top of the hour and
5:34 am
heather has got a terrible story out of arizona. >> that's right. good morning to all of you. >> a couple of headlines. new overnight. a new york historic city church burning to the ground on orthodox easter sunday. it show s the fire shooting straight out. amazingly no one was hurt. look at that. what a tragedy. the cause of that fire is now under investigation. the church was built in the 1850s. it became a new york city landmark in 1968. for so many of our friends, happy easter to them. a historic backstage pass marking the five-year anniversary of osama bin laden's death. listen to what the cia did. they tweeted yesterday a minute-by-minute account of taking down osama bin laden. they sent the most chilling
5:35 am
tweet. quote r quote, osama been laden found on the third floor and killed. meantime something they never found about the government plan. it deliberately showed fake stories to try to weed out bad sources. he never had kidney problems. that's all counter intelligence. that's something you tell him so when the source comes in to get paid t analysts can be like, we know you didn't. he didn't have one. terrifying moments for nascar driver chris buscher. watch this. >> buscher, watch this. on his lid. >> oh, man. >> that's buscher barrel rolling just past the halfway point at the geico 500 tall guy
5:36 am
superspeedway. he walked away from that horrifying crash. it started as a seven-car pileup. danica patrick our friend getting in trouble on pit road during the first stop when she slit across the nose of paul menard's car and hit a wall. she was able to recover by mid race. glad she's all right. concussion concerns may be keeping your kids off the football field but what about the monkey bars. the cdc issues a new safety report saying the monkey bars are a reason for the spike of concussions. those are your headlines. who knew. >> poor kids on the monkey bars. they like them. >> put a pell met on and spray that stuff on you that's unbreakable. now to extreme weather to tell you about. reports of two tornados touched down in indiana.
5:37 am
[ siren ] along with the frightening sirens as warning, hail hit the state. gusty winds wreaking havoc through georgia. that same storm system tearing through louisiana leaving thousands in the dark and the new orleans jazzfest, one of the world's most famous music festivals is under water. >> oh, boy. where is the weather now? >> it's that time of your where we see severe weather and big-time hail and tornadoes. we're expecting to see that threat later on across portions of the mid-atlantic and extending farther south. first taking a look at ray dark you can see we're seeing rain across western parts of new york state and also in louisiana. so a big chunk of the nation is going remain unsettled. as we head into this afternoon or evening, places like georgia
5:38 am
into maryland and delaware, you could be looking at that. heads-up on that. temperatures, chilly from the northeast to the midwest. right now only in the 40s. as we head into the 40s, it will stay cool across parts of the great lakes. take a look. nice as toasty in tampa. let's head back inside. >> thank you, maria. over the past two months, the metro zoo has welcomed in 13 cheetah cubs. >> today we get to join them as they get their checkups. >> jim, as we're watching, how adorable is that little cheetah. jim, when i think of where you in the united states to see a lot of cheetahs, richmond, virginia s probably not the first place that pops to mind. tell us about your program there. >> well, you know, it's program that we just started a few years ago, and we've actually been tremendously successful. we've had 36 cubs born in the
5:39 am
last 2 1/2 years, and this last month, we've had three litters. we're doing the month old exam right now. as we do that, we're bringing them up and weighing them. we're sjale little identifying spots on them so we can tell them apart from each other. 14.80. and deworming them. the older ones are getting vaccines as well. >> well, let me ask you something, jim. is there a chance being that you brought them up in captivity and you're giving them regular doctor visits they can be domesticated and maybe brought home? >> no. these animals don't make good pets. as cute as they are, they are wild animals, and they do have those wild instincts, so they're not good for pets. >> why are you doing this? why is this important, jim?
5:40 am
>> well, you know, in the wild there's only 7,500 of these cats left. they have declined rapidly in the last ten years and so conservation is very important and sew we're working with other zoos around the nation in breeding these and helping to build the cat population and also allowing for potential reintroduction to the wild if needed. >> right. you can't get a thermometer under the tongue there, right? >> no. >> all right. >> an exciting thing we do here at the zoo is we actually have a live cam. two of these litters can be viewed 24/7 and people get an opportunity to watch them grow with their mom. that's been viewed by millions and millions of people throughout the world. we're excited to provide that
5:41 am
because it's not often you get to cease these cubs at this size. >> they're so cute. fastest animal, right? >> they're squealing a little bit. excuse me? >> they're the fastest animal? >> yeah. they're doing a little bit of a chir chirp. that's the noise a cub makes. of course, we brought them away from their moms to do the checkup, and it definitely helps to keep them away. the mom gets a little agitated if the cubs are chirping. >> if you'd like to see it go to met metrod k metrorichmondzoo,.com. speaking of squealing, there's a lot of shouting out in indiana and donald trump ready to fight out there in the hoosier state. >> i knocked out 17 people.
5:42 am
i mean the two last ones, they're like hanging by their fingertips. they're choking, don't let me fall. don't let me fall. let me choose carly. maybe that will turn them around. >> is he holding voters american hostage? a perspective you have not heard coming up next. well this a predicament. homestyle sounds good. but country style, not without it's charms. brown sugar hickory. who says no to hickory? single-serve vegetarian? sure! there are no rules here. no rules on aisle four! with 17 delicious flavors cooked according to our secret family recipe, bush's has the variety you can't resist. did you get a can of bush's beans? yes, yes i did. bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor? oh, hi! ooh. hi! goodbye thick sunscreen. hi! [ nervously laughing ] hello coppertone clearly sheer. it provides beach level protection
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
5:45 am
brand-new nbc/marist poll has cruz trailing. could that mean the end of the road for mr. cruz? >> you don't know what's going to turn out tomorrow. i'm certainly not endorsing nor will i endorse donald trump, but it's been a tough week for ted cruz. we've got kids heckling him now in the audience. they're talking about god's
5:46 am
will. he's talking about evil. the people in indiana, about 58% say they don't like this alliance, world wrestling federation alliance thing. so the opportunities narrow for ted cruz after indiana. the winner takes most of the state. so if ted cruz doesn't win and he said over the weekend that he's going on to california. so what he's basically saying is the popular will doesn't matter. i can't win it on the delegates on a first ballot based on the fact that donald trump has millions of more voters, that i intend to almost under the rules it's okay, but nullify or invalidate what millions of people have said as the most popular candidate in the republican primaries after 17 of them. and so that is his path to say, listen, people love me the most. they haven't voted for me the most. but in the end i'm going to go to the party bosses in a brokered convention that i'm now
5:47 am
going to call a contested convention. >> peter, that's the only way. >> that's the only way. that's the only way anybody can possibly win over donald trump in terms of this election. but in doing so, do you violate the trust between voters and candidates and do you say to them their votes don't really count and do you say, i don't want your support in a general election that you can walk away as long as i get the nomination. a selfish man.patriot. he's obviously ambitious. >> he wants to win. >> at some point folks have to make an assessment of what's in the best interest of the country. i think in the end he will because i think he'll understand that at some point if he loses indiana, which he needs to win and maybe he will win if these polls have been wrong very, very often that it may be over at this point. and so, you know, but the probability is based on yesterday, based on what he said
5:48 am
the day before, based on him going to california, he may go to california. and he may say, listen, i'm going to win this one way or the other at a brokered convention at a ballot other than the first ballot. donald trump says, listen, i think i'm going to have the votes by that point. but it's been a very interesting and exciting and kind of strange week in national politics this week. we receive things that we never thought would have happened, especially i watched this clip over and over again this morning, you know. ted cruz and the kid. i mean who would -- who would -- who is that kid. >> is he going to spank the kid? >> i don't know. >> is he going to spank the kids in the audience? what's that about. >> all right. thank you very much. >> all right. straight ahead, a military spray-on product claims it can make anything indestructible. will a clay pigeon survive being run over by that vehicle that ainsley is piloting? we're going to find out next.
5:49 am
but first coming up in 12 minutes, bill hemmer -- >> looks like a science fair. >> exactly. is it make or break for ted cruz? we'll be on the ground for that. we'll talk to the judge about that today. five years aftered by laden was taken out, what we're learning about his so-called early condition. and can a billboard spy on you? we'll find out in about ten minutes. me. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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5:52 am
squlook . look at this stuff. they're spraying line-x. now you can take the same substance and put it on all manner of things and pretty much
5:53 am
make it indestructible, which could have many different benefits. >> and we're bringing in the president of this fabulous product, line-x. good to see you, dennis. >> we're having a good time trying to break this stuff. what do i have in my hand. >> a disk with line-x and one without. >> is it going to shatter? >> it's going to shatter. >> straight dourng steve. >> all right. >> okay. >> now do this one. take a look. >> there we go. clay pigeon. there you go. that will frustrate any sharpshooter. >> dennis, why did you start this company? >> you know what? >> really we started in the automotive aftermarket as a great alternative. >> ainsley, get behind the wheel of this jeep. >> can someone help me get in this jeep?
5:54 am
>> we're going that in a minute. >> how many times have you heard about those darn kids down the street, they keyed my car. what have you put on this car? >> on this jeep weav he a new product, this is called line-x ultra. >> kids, don't do this at home. this is the key. >> okay. you can swap it out. >> that's unbelievable. >> it's incredible how durable this product is. >> let's take a look at what's under here. according to reports, that is a line-x egg, a regular egg, regular clay pigeon, line-x clay pigeon. even a light bulb. >> come slowly. >> slow. there goes an egg.
5:55 am
wow. >> that was smart. >> okay. >> okay. wow. >> let me demonstrate a couple of things. if you look at the clay pigeon and the light buc. normally what will happen is the fragments will throw stuff out from the building but with this product it will keep it intact and prevent serious injury. >> if people would like more information about this stuff. >> visit us at we have a network of 400 franchisees across the country. >> this is why batman has been successful. >> will he wear this? >> we'd love for him to wear it. >> good driving, ainsley. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> there's an alert here at 48th
5:56 am
and sixth avenue. all right. back in a moment. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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5:59 am
the iconic elephants. the ringling brothers took their final bow. that a great feature began 145 years ago. later today the 11 elephants will be taking to a conservation center in central florida and be retired forever. >> good news. all right. you now can get married in front of cinderella castle inside disney world which used to be off limits. the cost $25,000 and up. a lot to talk about. i'm wearing this suit. i'm flying out to indiana. >> what are you trying to do? >> i'm trying to get the egg off, thanks, ainsley.
6:00 am
that egg didn't explode. >> that was the exploding egg. >> i just was looking out of that front window and i saw both of you get splattered with egg. >> literally the yolk's on me today. see you tomorrow. >> have a good one. bill: good morning. hoosier candidate -- who is your candidate, indiana. donald trump, ted cruz trying to drum up last-minute support as they go head-to-head in indiana. it's monday, it's raining in the northeast and will be for some time. hoosier ... martha: i'm. martha


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