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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 2, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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that egg didn't explode. >> that was the exploding egg. >> i just was looking out of that front window and i saw both of you get splattered with egg. >> literally the yolk's on me today. see you tomorrow. >> have a good one. bill: good morning. hoosier candidate -- who is your candidate, indiana. donald trump, ted cruz trying to drum up last-minute support as they go head-to-head in indiana. it's monday, it's raining in the northeast and will be for some time. hoosier ... martha: i'm. marthamartha maccallum.ted cruzh
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voters at osceola, indiana. donald trump in indiana, john kasich sitting this one out. >> i'm not going to win all the primaries. we just need to make sure we go to an open convention. delegates will look at two things. one is who can win in the fall and who can get elected. i can promise you if donald trump is the nominee, the republican party will get wiped out all across this country. >> with case itch he made a decision about allocation of resources. and i decided to focus on indiana. both of tower cam pains did it from the perspective of where we
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felt we were best positioned to win. >> i'm leading him by 400-500 delegates. bill: a new poll showing trump up 15. martha: john, good morning to you. reporter: good morning you have to from the bravo cafe. he's going to take a few pictures with the family. they will spray windex on his campaign. talk about some folks this morning. they are very excited here because they say every may, every four years we vote. this year it does make a difference. indiana could be the tipping point as to whether or not donald trump is able to get
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1,237, the majority before the convention. the latest poll shows donald trump up 15 points. the fox news poll shows him up by 9. but a purdue university poll shows cruz up 15. cruz had a heckler 10-12 years old to called to him. cruz said people need to learn respect. he said if someone said something like that in his house they would get a spanking. cruz said the battle for indiana is a battle between good and evil. >> i believe in the american people. i believe in the people of the hoosier state. i believe in the men and women gathered here, and the goodness of the american people that we'll not give into evil but remember who we are and stand
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for our values. reporter: this appearance at bravo cafe, and it's jammed full of people, and there are a couple hundred out in the parking lot which is one of five events cruz will hit today. the governor of indiana endorsed cruz. can in a last-minute blitz to try to win this state. martha: trump has a closing argument there, too. reporter: the closing argument is ted cruz doesn't have a path to get a majority of the delegates before the convention. kasich is playing for a contested convention. he says why would you want to vote for ted cruz. because he says in his way of
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thinking, nobody likes him. >> cruz is so heard it web's got such a rotten personality, they can't and think guy. he will never be able to make a deal. he doesn't get along with anybody. reporter: never be able to make a deal, according to donald trump. barnstorming all day today. he should be arriving in a couple minutes. this is a major battle, one indianaians have not seen, one that nobody can remember. martha: a lot of excitement going on at the diner. bill: let temperatures analyze . byron, good morning to you. with time running out, ted cruz makes a stand in indiana. you were there, how do you see this. >> he's going to a lot of stops
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today. also team cruz has split up. carly fiorina, cruz's vice presidential choice here. he has his wife heidi cruz. team cruz is blanketing indiana right now. but it doesn't look good. a new poll showed a significant trump lead. other polls have shown smaller but meaningful trump lead. it's fair to say cruz has his back against the you'll. bill: cruz won in wisconsin. but there are significant differences. >> after that big win in wisconsin, cruz people said keep your eye on indiana. that's where it would happen again. but talk radio was a huge force for ted cruz in wisconsin. it's not been as strong for ted
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cruz in indiana. governor scott walker's endorsement was very meaningful. here governor mike pence, his endorsement was relatively late and lukewarm. it's the first time and it's the first day before the election. so it hasn't worked out the way it did in indiana. bill: trump is there, he's holding rallies, what about you seeing and hearing from him. >> his argument is basically, this is over. let's just put an end to all this campaigning. we have seen around the country, some evidence of republicans deciding the best idea right now to support donald trump. i think his argument has become an argument of inevitability. that changed when ted cruz became math mathically
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eliminated. after that, donald trump has basically been saying, i have won, let's put a stop to this. byron york in indiana. martha: as the fight drags on the rhetoric is getting nastier. ted cruz is calling donald trump's argument bogus. >> donald trump is about to perpetuate one of the greatest fraud in modern eef recollections. he's trying to convince people he's some sort of outsider. bill: bernie sanders fighting back from what seems an insurmountable deficit in the delegate race. he's saying there is no reason to give up. >> we cannot let barack obama's
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legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> he started out 60 points behind secretary clinton. the next couple weeks several polls have had us ahead or behind by a few points. we have come a long way. bill: the latest polls show him trailing hillary clinton by points. martha: indiana could be the turning point in the entire race. we are going to be right here all day long on fox news. bill: if it's tuesday, it's a primary somewhere. martha: all the way through june we'll watch this every tuesday.
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bill: severe weather leading a deadly path of destruction. six people from flooding in palestine, texas. a strong storm also hitting central indiana. some of the hail the size of a golf ball. and severe weather hitting parts of georgia. >> i was praising god and scared. >> it's hailing, not realizing it was the insulation had come through the ceiling. give god the glory. i'm here, my neighbors are safe. and we are okay. bill: firefighter responding to a number of reports of trees crashing down on homes. martha: may day protests that turned very violent. watch some of this. fireworks out there, rocks,
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gasoline bombs. they became weapons in the clashes between police and the protesters. what started as a peaceful march got really out of hand. bill: a massive blaze ripping through an historic house of worship. martha: as we get closer to july's convention, are some top republicans starting to warm up a little bit who may have been frosty in the past. we'll talk to governor john sununu. first here is the former texas governor and former presidential candidate rick perry. >> he's even incredibly talented marketer. we have never seen anyone on the political stable, i will suggest to you, that has the talent to sell a brand the way donald trump does.
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martha: an historic church in new york city was engulfed in flames this weekend hours after parishioners celebrated orthodox easter services. 200 of the brought in to deal with this blaze. fortunately nobody was seriously hurt. the cause that fire is still under investigation. bill: are top republicans warming up to donald trump. marco rubio warning delegates
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need to listen to people. he said let's not divide the party. you have someone with all these votes, very close to 1,237. let's not ignore the will of the people or they're going to be angry. do you think this is happening right now, the warming up stage? >> that's the line the trump people are sending out to all their friends in the media. i think what's happening is the republicans are trying to deal with both possibilities. one a trump mom nation and "b" a not trump nomination. i heard from a lot of folks in the states trying to figure out their down ballot candidate. they are doing a lot of structuring there in case that turns out to be the situation?
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bill: we had intraparty fighting. it's been clear almost from the beginning that donald trump has the ability to assemble a non-tradition tall block of support among voters. >> that's the same jon huntsman where people were wondering yes was running in the republican primary instead of the democratic primary. bill: gop slowly runs to trump. and here is rick perry when i asked about his support. will you support donald trump? >> sure. i said it from the get-go. he's not my choice. none of the three up there were my first choice. i was my fir choice. but the american people made a clear decision they didn't want a governor who had had experience that they were looking for somebody that was an
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outsider. whether reluctant or not -- >> a lot of republicans will vote a republican ticket. that doesn't mean they are warming to it. it means they are trying to accommodate the process going into november. and you will see a lot of people making both tactical and strategic decisions on how they are going to handle the ticket, how they are going to handle what they are saying about the nominee it's trump, and how they will handle protecting the senate and governors and congressmen on the ticket with them. bill: i this the story wednesday? >> if trump takes indiana, he will probably go into the convention with the 1,237.
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bill: will you vote for donald trump? >> i'll vote a straight republican ticket. bill: which means yes. >> yes, of course, i'm voting republican. bill: if trump is the nominee versus hillary clinton. i know you have been a non-trump guy for a long time. do you think he eventually pulls that block of voters over to his side? >> i think if it's a trump-clinton race, from all the dat itch seen, unless something amazing happens, it's a clinton landslide. that's why i have had this concern all along. bill: meaning trump has no chance? >> meaning trump not only has no chance, but he costs republicans the senate and costs republicans a lot of congressmen and a few of the governors that are running.
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martha: time has run out for puerto rico. they are about to default on a huge debt payment. will u.s. taxpayers pay for this and bail them out? bill: an american city chaos at a may day rally. how in the end this turned out. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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martha: taxpayers could be on
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the hook for puerto ricos financial problems. they could default on the debt payment due today of $470 million. puerto rico owes $70 billion officials say they don't have the money to pay. so who has to pay it? what happens? how did they get here? melissa: their economy has been in recession for a decade. people are living in poverty, they are leaving in droves pushing home prices down. they continue to have public tension. it's a mess, a disaster. there is no way out. they will have to depend on credit and loans from someone. and the question is who and how do you do it.
6:25 am
martha: 46% of people in puerto rico are living under the poverty level compared to 14% in this country. what needs to be done, what's the united states going to do? >> the rules are a little different because it's not a state in the way think would file. congress is trying to set up how can we bail them out. we are setting a precedent going forward. the problem is you have other places like the state of illinois saying we also can't pay our bills. whatever they get, they will be in line for next. you have big companies who have sold bonds -- bought bonds and taken on this debt. if they don't get paid, they will not want to get in the next time there is a problem. you also have to think about when you have other states and municipalities. people can promise anything in
6:26 am
order to get elected knowing the federal taxpayer down the road will pay the bill. it's a crisis. they need money from someone. they are not going to pay today. they say we have to pay our basic obligations, we have to keep our country running. we have to may workers and electricity and food. 30% of the revenue that comes in is going just to service debt. not to pay for anything new. martha: is there hope they can turn this around? melissa: you hear from paul ryan there is a financial person that could go in and put it into receivership. but it will take time and it's a question of who is going to bear the most pain. that's always wait is in these situations. people don't feel they should feel the pain. they are already in pain because they are in a recession.
6:27 am
they are saying you knew what situation you were in when you borrowed this money. martha: it's not the money, although they have should have understood what the credit risk was they were taking on. things that happen in this country and the taxpayer ends up paying. mel require's a mess, a disaster, and it's coming to a head right now. bill: scary moments at this nascar event. >> chris busher on his lid. bill: you have this car flipping over three times before coming to a halt. that was only half of it. martha: donald trump is not backing down after he says
6:28 am
hillary clinton is playing quote the woman card. is he being too dismissive of the democratic frontrunner. >> bernie sanders said she is not qualified to run, that she is not capable.
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bill: chaos on the streets of seattle. protesters clark with police on may day. 9 were arrested. five police officers injured. dan springer is live in seattle. how severe were these injuries. >> the injuries suffered by the officers were not that bad though one looked bad at the time.
6:32 am
a bicycle officer was hit over the left eye with a rock. he was bleeding pretty badly. another officer was hit by a molotov cocktail. another officer was bitten by the anarchist. as far as damage, there were store windows broken in downtown seattle. a bank of america branch was targeted. in past years the nike store was hit hard. the anarchists have been hijacking the may day celebration for years. they come from portland and olympia and are ready to do battle. >> we had some violence and property damage. we had officers attacked. the demonstrators put innocent people in jeopardy so we had to take action. reporter: nine of the protesters were arrested. 8 of them were men.
6:33 am
bill: the police officers had to figure this out. they had a massive presence out there. seattle had hundreds of officers on the scene. they got help from a state patrol and surrounding cities. in fast years they got criticized for being too passive. last night the cops were in control. they set up roadblocks like they were herding cattle. they effectively used non-lethal blast balls and pepper spray to disperse the crowd. martha: the republican frontrunner appeared on "fox
6:34 am
news sunday." he talked about his attacks on hillary clinton and what he's calling the quote woman card. >> she is a strong person and she will have to take it. the fact is the only card she has is the woman's card. even women don't like her. it's the woman's card. i'll let you know in six months whether she plays it well. i don't think she plays it well. if she weren't a woman she wouldn't be in this race. martha: katie, he's basically started to defiant attack against hillary clinton. one is crooked hillary. number two is she is merely pulling the woman card and leaning back on that. she wouldn't be getting anywhere. she wouldn't have 5% of the vote fit weren't for that. >> i think it's correct in
6:35 am
calling hillary clinton crooked. when he says that hillary clinton is relying heavily on the woman card, he's absolutely correct. she is what makes her scene outsider to the washington political scene. it's because she would be the first female president. she set herself up for those kind of attacks. the fact is hillary clinton claims to represent women everywhere. she'll have to take the hit just as a man would out on the campaign trail. >> this is what donald trump is doing. he knows the only way he can beat hillary clinton is to raise her unfavorability ratings, period. so first and foremost he's trying to unite the republicans behind him, including everybody
6:36 am
who didn't support him. our common denominator here is hillary clinton. donald trump also knows the more negative a campaign is, the less likely women are to vote. when a campaign gets negative. they simply don't vote or they may not vote for him. that's the bet donald trump is making. donald trump criticizing hillary clinton as a woman. hillary clinton is criticizing donald trump in front of the naacp saying you cannot leave barack obama's legacy in his hands. martha: donald trump has 67% of women who disapprove of him. that's a fox news poll from the end of march. american opinions of hillary clinton among women. 51% disapprove.
6:37 am
4% approve. this whole woman card, katie is very interesting to me. you can't say she would be at 5% if it weren't for the woman card. in terms of whether or not it's wise for her to be playing that gender card, and saying elect me because i'm a woman, i think it would be stronger i'm stronger for this position. elect me for the job. >> when it comes to running the race she yous out the woman card and acts like she should be treated differently. carly fiorina pointed this out multiple times by saying women are a special interest group. they vote like anyone else, and for hillary to act like she should receive special treatment like a woman running for
6:38 am
president doesn't add up with women should be treated equally. i will point out that yes, i certainly disagree with what donald trump says hillary clinton would only get 5% of the vote. that is not fair to say. it's also important to point out donald trump has serious issues with female voters. i agree with maryanne when she says this is about trying to keep women home at a whole because they don't want to vote for donald trump, but they don't want to vote for hillary clinton either. martha: if that's the case, it's crafty. you are saying instead of trying to embrace the female vote, you are saying he want to get them to day home. >> this is where donald trump is running an unconventional but very shrewd campaign and everyone underestimated him. people say he has got to ray his
6:39 am
favorability ratings. he knows the on way to do that is to tear down hillary clinton and jack up her unfavorability ratings. if you add up the two, women who day home and don't vote because this is such a negative campaign. it's not that much in the end. over 6 months this whole race is going to be aligned on race and gender. the problem is, nobody knows where the bottom is. buckle up, it's going to be like a vertigo inducing ride for the next six months. martha: i agree. it will be like betty davis would say, buckle your seat belt. always good to see you both. thanks so much. bill: nascar in talladaga marred
6:40 am
by a series of wrecks. take a look. here is the deal. 8 laps to go. kurt busch appears to run jimmie johnson into the wall, then later there was this. roll it. 8 laps to go, danica patrick hit the inside wall. matt kenseth's car flipping over. both driver were shaken up but they were okay after that. the kid out of michigan, a good store the. keselowski took the flag. martha: it makes you realize
6:41 am
how much safer they are. they are inside a caged box that does not buckle under those circumstance. thankfully they could all walk away from that. cia director defending his decision, what he says should day secret about 9/11 and why. we'll explain. bill: you probably see a billboard every day. but can the billboard see you? [♪] another day, and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly to provide consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours. toujeo® also provides proven full 24-hour blood sugar control
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martha: new york senator chuck schumer calling for an investigation into what he calls spying billboard. it tracks people's cell phone data including where they are going and how they are getting there.
6:45 am
clear channel who owns the billboard says the data is collected, it's anonymous, and they use it for marketing purposes only. there i a big debate, 15 years since we were attacked. john brennan says the 28 pages from the 9/11 report should not be made public. >> i think the 9/11 commission took the joint entry and the 8 panels and followed through on the investigation and came out with a clear judgment that there was no evidence that indicated the saudi government as an institution or saudi officials individually provided financial support to al qaeda. bill: k.t. mcfarland, good morning to you. why does he not want to make public? >> what is he hiding? it's 28 pages. it's long thought that's where
6:46 am
the money trail is. where did they get the money. the thought was always and the assumption was it came from saudi arabia. the saudi royal family is very large. thousands of members. and members of that family have supported radical islam. they supported al-qaeda, and in fact the september 11 terrorists. so what is the connection. those 28 panels probably hold the evidence. why did john brennan say don't release it. democrat in congress want it released. what's he hiding. maybe he's worried that that's going to put the smoking gun in the hand of the saudis. >> you are suggesting he is hiding something or we as a country have something to hide.
6:47 am
>> he says there is no connection. maybe there isn't. maybe there is. the wording of the september 11 commission report that has been made public says there is no evidence of an official saudi connection. there is no evidence that senior members of the government participated. we should know what that is. bill: maybe that's the case, or maybe that's not the case. >> we are grown-ups, let us decide for ourselves. >> we needed their oil. they need our protection.
6:48 am
the saudis have always played both sides. but they are not helping us fight isis. they are trying to fight iran. we are 15 years down the road. and you are suggesting we don't need the saudis anymore. tough neighborhood, right, k.t.? >> we want friend to do something for us as well. we are no longer dependent on middle eastern oil. so we don't have the same relationship or need. at this point. bill: how does this come out or does it. >> i have always thought sunshine is the best disinfectant. if those 28 pages are showing a link, let's find out what it is
6:49 am
and deal with it. if there is no link even more reason to have those 28 pages come out. my guess is yes. and you? >> i think probably and let the chips fall where they may. march where american tourists on a special trip more than 50 years in the making. bill: this guy is no little guy. this is a big guy. [♪]
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bill: a second floor apartment in colorado, second floor, a video released by the eagle river fire department shows the big guy rummaging through the fridge and down the hallway. the person living there hid in the bedroom until the firefighters arrived to coax the bear out the front door. how did he get to the second floor? he took the elevator. bill: we think. martha: a fox news alert. there is history being made on the high seas. all of s. crews ship dock at the port of havana. it's the first u.s. cruise ship that docked there in 50 years. phil keating is live in miami. certainly a landmark arrival for big indications for tourism in
6:54 am
the future, bill. puvment s. tourist dollars, tens of thousands of them. this really is foreshadowing that this is going to happen a lot more, a lot sooner than later. carnival's 700-passenger vessel making the historic voyage. champagne on the deck. this first cuban cruise came from controversy. all because cuba had a decades old rule that cubans on the island could not return there by boat. but when carnival said they would delay these big money cruises unless they changed it. >> i'm not here to change the cuban government. i'm an american citizen and
6:55 am
proud to be an american and i want to learn more about my heritage. reporter: more we've june cruise lines plans to offer its own cruise by the end of the year. martha: since tourism remains illegal, for american sit southerns, how are they getting away with this. >> it seems like a vacation and tourism. but there is qualifies as a people to people visit. yesterday as we spoke to the passengers from around the country boarding, they were quite excited. >> the food, the people, i have a short bucket list, and this is one of them. reporter: tomorrow night in
6:56 am
havana the 700 passengers will depart and go to santiago de cuba, the birthplace of the castro communist revolution. bill: the countdown is on. what will indiana do? a new poll shows one of these candidates can be in big trouble if they make it to the general election. many people clean their dentures
6:57 am
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martha: it is crunch time on the campaign trail today. one day left before the now crucial indiana primary this time around. when was indiana ever crucial? this time it is folks. pinning their hopes on the hoosier state as folks hope for
7:00 am
a knockout tomorrow night. welcome, everybody, hour two of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. pivotal primary, republican candidates, 57 delegates on the line tomorrow. >> if we win indiana it's over, okay? [cheers and applause] most people think they -- we can focus on "crooked hillary." please let's focus on hillary. >> carly terrifies hillary clinton. [cheering] i can just picture hillary thinking about carly, tossing and turning and tossing and turning, in her jail cell. [cheering] >> in six teen separate polls i beat hillary in the fall. the reason i win in the fall, that is when people say, i really want to have somebody that knows how to land the plane. bill: brand new polling shows
7:01 am
that hillary clinton would lose the state of indiana head-to-head matchups. indiana has been ruby red for decades against all three republican contenders. trump beating clinton 48-41. cruz, 50-43. kasich way ahead. martha: tucker carlson, daily caller and host of "fox & friends" weekend and fox news contributor. good to see you this morning. >> good morning, martha. martha: bernie sanders also wins in the indiana matchups. look at those. well, he loses to trump actually and loses to kasich by one which is inside of the margin of error. we'll call that one a tie. sanders over cruz, 48-45. what do you make of all that? can hillary be beaten is the question? >> sure she can. if you think she can be beaten by cruz or kasich you have to answer the question, why didn't mitt romney beat the current president, four years ago. why didn't john mccain eight years ago? the truth is there are probably a lot more democrats in america
7:02 am
than republicans. last couple elections suggest that. immigration trends are moving in very democratic direction. in other words the country is more democratic than it was even four years ago. in order to win you need to convince a lot of people who didn't vote for mitt romney in 2012 to vote for republican this time. can kasich or cruz do that? maybe. kind of hard to see how. you know the people say trump could never win a general are looking at polls that are snapshot of right now but i think that is probably an overstatement. martha: you watch how tough trump is becoming with hillary, calling her crooked, the woman card, all that stuff. that will get sharper. you believe he is the only person who has a shot at her -- >> you have to get voters, people who didn't vote republican last time, it is kind of that simple. the wildcard here, republicans in washington, how are they going to react if and when trump basically soes up the republican nomination.
7:03 am
that could come as soon as tomorrow? are they going to continue to talk about a third party run? conversation about that has accelerated from what i can tell within d.c. people i talk to are increasing little saying hillary will win anyway, so we need to preserve the republican party as it stands so really? >> oh, absolutely. people you know, people who are sober-minded and smart and conservative, absolute talking third party run. martha: will throw it over to hillary but want to protect the party brand. so they're talking serious by launching a third party raise with cruz up ahead of it? >> i'm not sure with cruz. that is obviously choice because he has campaign in place. he is obviously a very articulate spokesman for conventional traditional conservativism. he already pick ad running mate i express in carly fiorina. he would be the obvious vessel. there is talk of a bunch of other people, i know you've been following this too, but it has been kind of confined in the fringes. i think you will hear more of that talk.
7:04 am
will it go anywhere? that will of course guarranty a hillary win in the fall. you will hear more talk in the fall. that is interesting. martha: back and forth of sunday shows with chuck todd and ted cruz. i want to get your thoughts. >> can you support him? can you -- support donald trump? well you may not the. >> i recognize, i recognize that many in the media would love for me to surrender to donald trump. >> not no the media. it is about the numbers. it is about the numbers. he may win. republican voters are the ones rejecting you. this is not media conspiracy, senator. >> well, actually, with all due respect the media has given $2 billion of free advertising to donald. martha: that is argument. >> media's fault. they created him. they wanted him pause he would lose to hillary guaranteed in the fall. it is not connected to reality.
7:05 am
the truth is, the press didn't take trump very seriously at all. i did not take trump seriously, i will concede that until late in the game. until large numbers of voters started to taking him seriously. he started breaking through the ceiling. we didn't know what we were talking about. he got media exposure and he was willing to go on shows and try to book. tried to book marco rubio. not at acting him. ted cruz, jeb bush, kasich exactly. martha: agreed. numbers started to prove donald trump was on to something, that he was getting traction. in many ways media started to follow that and give him more attention because he was starting to win places. then he became the front-runner. that is chicken and egg syndrome battle that will bo on for some time. last thought, tucker. >> the idea that trump is immoral. the people that support him are
7:06 am
immoral for embedding his candidacy. we have to cover the news, whether it is plane crash or sunrise. martha: that's right. >> if you consider your own voters immoral you reach ad crisis point in your party i think. that is where republicans are. martha: tucker, always good to see you. >> thanks, martha. bill: here we are now. tomorrow is indiana. over here at the board, 57 delegates on the line. winner of the state will get 30 of the 57. they divide the remaining up over nine congressional districts they break down for you tomorrow. after this long primary battle now, the calendar has 10 more remaining contests. trump starts tomorrow, 99delegates. needs to -- 99delegates. he is 240 shy. this is unpledged from pennsylvania last tuesday. here is what our projection is. nebraska is cruz, we think west virginia it trump.
7:07 am
we think oregon is trump slightly. so is washington state a bit of a flip a week ago. we think montana and south dakota are cruz. we think new mexico slight edge for trump. we think trump wins more than 100 delegates in california and wins new jersey same day. that would put him 1225, only 12 delegates needed for nomination. so what happens in indiana tomorrow. at the moment we think based on all polling we've seen so far that the hoosier state goes for trump. he would then be more than 36 over the number required to get to 1237. not all pledged but again, he would be over that -- he would be well on track to be the nominee come july 18thth, that monday in cleveland, ohio. rest of the calendar has to play out. this is the projection we see as we go into june after tomorrow night, martha? martha: bill, thanks. democrats bracing for nail-biter
7:08 am
in indiana. sanders looks like do-or-die for him. hillary clinton heads into the primary with more than 90% to win the party's nomination. sanders says because just he is down in the delegate count does not mean he is out. >> we need to win 710 out of the remaining 1083. that is 65% of the remaining pledged delegates. that is admittedly, i do not deny it for a second, a tough road to climb but it is not an impossible road to climb. martha: that from bernie sanders. peter doocy live in evansville, today. what is bernie sanders saying that he still has a chance and they should hang in with him, peter? reporter: bernie sanders is sounding a lot like ted cruz and john kasich betting on a contested convention as his best opportunity to become the democratic party nominee. for that plan to work he will
7:09 am
need a lot of superdelegates to flip from clinton camp. he is starting to explain to the superdelegates why they should do just that. >> in those states where we won in landslide, fashion, 65, 70, 80% of the vote, we do believe the superdelegates should reflect the wishes of the people in that state and vote for us, not secretary clinton. reporter: clinton leads indiana very slightly in new "nbc/wall street journal" poll, 50-46 and raised more money than sanders for first time in four months. 36 million in april to his 26 million. clinton concentrating on the general election and new embrace of president obama as part of that new strategy. >> we can not let barack obama legacy fall into donald trump's hands! reporter: clinton may be ahead but sanders is drawing enormous
7:10 am
crowds. pickup truck is very inconveniently blocked our view of most of it but there are thousands and thousands of people. along the line you see for any event anywhere in the country. many of them have been here since before noon. he may be a long shot as he admits. his most enthusiastic supporters are with him, martha. martha: turnout and these rallies at the events for sanders and trump have been phenomenal. a big part of the story. peter, thank you very much, in evansville. bill: stay with us tomorrow or tomorrow night. live coverage all day long right here on the fox news channel. prime time tomorrow night. we'll see where we are, right, maccallum? martha: right. bill: we'll see you here. martha: hillary is attaching herself more strongly to president obama as the numbers go up. seems like a pretty wise idea for her. in the meantime it has been five years since the navy seal team killed osama bin laden.
7:11 am
watch this. >> standing two feet in front of me was the face i'd seen thousands of times, ubl. very quickly but i recognized him and just pop, pop, pop. martha: boy, what a story that is, right? can never hear that story enough times. rob o'neill, the man who fired that shot that killed the terrorist mastermind joins us live with a look back five years after. and also a look forward to where terror goes from here. plus this. [shouting] >> whoa. bill: that is a massive crash at a bicycle race. a dozen cyclists went testimony blink to the pavement. what led to this? martha: senator ted cruz ready to go head-to-head with donald trump at republican convention but is his delegate support starting to waiver? here first, is senator cruz. >> reason donald is so frantic to say the race is over and try
7:12 am
to get all his media acolytes to say the race is over because donald noise he can not earn a majority of the delegates elected by the people. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors
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mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of the at&t network, a network that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t. bill: busy intersection in washington back open this morning after cleanup of a train derailment. freight train left the tracks spilling hazardous material. leaks were stopped, no evacuations was ordered but traffic shut down causing major
7:16 am
delays. we don't know what caused the derailment. luckily no one was injured in washington. martha: word that some of those unbound delegates said to be supporting ted cruz may be shifting to rival donald trump. texas senator has been quietly winning delegates but trump's primary winning streak may be changing minds of so-called free agents at the republican convention in cleveland. man, this is a complicated story, folks. ron nehring cruz campaign national spokesman. booed to have you back on the show this morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. martha: tough to get a handle what is going on out there. we have the dell bat number what we are the abouting. donald trump at 996. ted cruz at 565. but then on friday, i read this piece by kimberly strassel in the "wall street journal," which claims that the picture is changing on the ground in some places. for example, in virginia, what you want to talk about in a second.
7:17 am
here is what kim strassel said. sources suggest to me of the 950 trump delegates, as many as have despise former reality star. maybe one quarter want him currently as nominee. what is your take on this? what is going on here? >> i think what you see happening here that the grassroots of the republican party, not in favor of trump trump. they recognize donald trump nomination at end of the day would result in a hillary clinton being in the white house and democrat control of both chambers of congress and the supreme court going to the left for the next. martha: if that is true why is he winning all primary? why are the same delegates voting for him in the primary. >> i want to answer the, give you second part of the answer. that is what you see happening around the country is that donald trump consistently smears republican activists and volunteers and calls them party bosses and insiders. we just were at the california republican party convention this past weekend.
7:18 am
there are no party bosses or insiders there. these are activists. people walk the presents or people make sure phone calls get made at neighborhood republican headquarters get open. for them the opportunity to be a delegate to the national convention is reward, even though it costs them several thousand dollars out of their own pocket to be able to go. not surprising so many of these republican party volunteers who get consistently smeared by donald trump don't want donald trump to be the nominee because this is guy who alienates everybody within the party and outside of the party as well. martha: you know, but the problem is, that the way this works is that this is the party. that is the way the system works. but you've got all of these primaries that donald trump is winning. what do you anticipate -- in virginia, which donald trump won, it is my understanding that over the weekend cruz won a larger number of the delegates that are going to go to the convention there, can you explain that to us? >> he did. there are two elements at work.
7:19 am
number one, people who come to republican party conventions are there because of issues. they care about some issue that brings them to politics in in te first place. ted cruz has been champion of those issues for very, very long time. throughout the entire career, they see in him someone fighting same battles. martha: why didn't he win virginia, ron? >> but the second part is, that donald trump and ted cruz so on, will receive every single delegate that they're entitled to on the first ballot at the convention. every single one of those delegates has to vote in the manner in which they're bound and that is going to happen on the first ballot. what is then going to happen is donald trump will not get a majority on the first ballot. on the second ballot because ultimately the convention has to produce nominee to gets majority. on second ballot up to ted cruz to put together a majority of the delegates and i believe that after the first ballot you will see the biggest run of on donald trump stock since enron.
7:20 am
and people will abandon him like crazy because they will recognize that, what people already recognize. if donald trump is nominee this party is headed to wipe out of biblical proportions. republican activists who are volunteers and delegates don't want to see that happen. martha: you know, a lot of people think the odds are not in that direction in terms of that scenario. but you guys are looking at looking on ground. you may be absolutely right. we'll go along for the ride to see exactly what happens but it will be fascinating if that does indeed happen. what about other discussion about a third party run? we talked to tucker carlson. a lot of insiders in washington saying that they believe that hillary will win and they want to have a third party, perhaps with ted cruz at the lead of that third party and basically you know, republicans are going to lose anyway, so we might as well preserve the integrity of the party they're saying? >> you know, it never ceases to amaze me how many crazy fantasies emerge from one area code, that is the 202 area code
7:21 am
in washington, d.c. that is not going to happen. the way that we win, the way we have conservative republican in the white house at the end of the cycle is to nominate ted cruz. third party runs and other weird ideas those are not going to happen. in fact they're distractions from what needs to be done. we have 10 states remain to vote. those voters will have their say, going all the way to california on june 7th, where we've been organizing since august of last year. that is how we win. we don't win with donald trump. we get wiped out with donald trump. hillary clinton would be a continuation of barack obama's policies for another four years. and ted cruz is our candidate. that is where the focus has to be. martha: ron, thanks. good to see you again. >> thank you. bill: it has been five months since isis inspired killing spree in san bernardino. top official lashing out at apple. did the company fail the family and friends? that is allegation. martha: it has been five years
7:22 am
since bin laden was taken out by u.s. navy seals. rob o'neill pulled the trigger. what he says is not true about the al qaeda leader. rob o'neill next. >> i'm a face of the team that did it. hope more of the guys of the team get out they will tell their stories because there will be 2different stories to that mission.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
martha: ted cruz is campaigning hard on the ground in indiana today. they have a ton of events scheduled ahead of tomorrow night's vote. we'll keep close eye on this gaggle, let you know any news comes out of it. >> iranian nuclear deal. if you agree with the iranian nuclear deal, if you think it is good idea to send $100 billion to the ayatollah khamenei, a radical islamist terrorist who chants death to america, then you should vote for donald or
7:26 am
hillary. as president i will rip to shreds this iranian nuclear deal. this election is about fundamental issues. and at the end of the day about the good people of indiana. let me ask every parent at home. think forward to the next four years. do you want to turn on the television and see a president, republican or democrat, who embarasses you? who would make you feel embarrassed if your children came and spoke the words uttered by the president? you know the presidency, we had lead that's inspired us. fdr told us the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. john f contend did said ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. the president has a unique role of a bully pulpit to speak out for our shared values. now ask yourself, do you really
7:27 am
want to go through the next four years with a president, if your child came home and simply uttered the word coming out of that president's mouth would make you punish your child, would make you bear assed for your child? we need a president who inspires us, speaks to our better angels and speaks to our shared values. my priorities as president are jobs, freedom or security. not one of those is narrow 51% wedge issue. everyone of those are broad, unifying issues, 60, 70%, every american wants to see more jobs in america, wants to see wages rising. why we're seeing tremendous support not just from republicans from independents, from libertarians, from democrats. at every event here in indian that, across the country, democrats come up to me say i've been a democrat my whole life. i'm now with you. these are values of americans.
7:28 am
>> last question. >> your remarks yesterday you spent six minutes talking about the race. you suggested that the country can not afford to get into evil. that evil you're talking about was donald trump or what was that? >> you know what, i trust the good people of indiana differentiate. we're not a country built on hatred. we are not a country built on anger, on pettiness. we are not a country built on bullying. we are not a country about selfishness. no country in the history of the world has spilled more blood, saving the lives of others, preserving freedom than has america. i'll tell you my most fundamental belief, i believe in america. i believe in the american people. we are not a bitter, angry, petty big gotted people. that is not america. i reject that vision of america. we are the land that 1957 gave my father as immigrant from cuba, hope and a dream.
7:29 am
a teenage immigrant with $100 in his underwear washing dishes with nothing, could achieve anything. that's who we are. that is who we are as americans. we are not -- >> who is this evil? >> we are not, an angry, ugly people. and the people of indiana, the people of indiana have good judgment, have good values. the people of indiana are the heartland of this country. and we have a choice. we have a choice about our national character. who we will be. and i believe in the people of this nation with all my heart. it is why i'm so proud, this week, to be standing shoulder to shoulder with indiana's governor mike pence, why i'm so proud this week to be standing shoulder to shoulder with my vice-presidential nominee, carly fiorina. we are seeing the republican party unite. we are seeing us unite behind positive values and real
7:30 am
solutions to bring jobs back to america. if you care about jobs, if you care about wages, if you want to see manufacturing jobs coming back, to indiana, there is only one campaign that has real economic policy solutions to make that happen, there is only one campaign who has been fighting for the working men and women over and over and over again. this is a fundamental decision for our nation and i have tremendous faith in hoosiers across this great state. >> evil is pretty charged word, senator, talking about your opponent. martha: senator ted cruz making his case in indiana. making a couple of big points. he went back to a theme he has had in the past. said remaining other candidates would quote embarass americans over next four years. he says we're not a untry built on hatred. we're not bitter. we're not angry. we're not bullying, we're not petty. he believes the people in state of indiana will respond to his message.
7:31 am
he says everywhere they go he has democrats coming up to him, that they voted democrat their whole lives and they're planning to support ted cruz if he makes it to a national contest. stakes are very high. bill: think about 10-year-old boy was yelling whatever he was yelling at cruz over the weekend. i not heard him go after trump that way. he will not inspire. trump will embarass you if you're embarrassed for your child. martha: things trump sighs on tv have to cover your children's ears. you would have to explain to them. that is not presidential. bill: maybe this is whole new line of cruz in indiana. this is on eve of the primary. what it suggestion here, how much there is on the line for ted cruz. look at some polling and everything we've seen so far. watch that story throughout the day. bill clinton comparing the fbi investigation of his wife's email server to a speeding ticket. the server why he says it is all a game. >> so now we want to see all
7:32 am
your emails. fine. she dumped them all. they adobe long to me. they belong to the state department.
7:33 am
7:34 am
>> . >> .
7:35 am
>>. bill: former president bill clinton on the stump dismissing the fbi investigation of hillary clinton's server as a game traded by her political enemies. >> if you're driving in a 50 mile an hour zone and a police officer pulls you over when you are driving 40, i'm sorry, i've got to giveyou a ticket because you know the speed limit should be 35 . so everybody's all breathless about this? , look, this is a game. bill: the judge napolitano senior judicial host. again? >> i guess the internal polls are showing her campaign that this issue of her honesty
7:36 am
with respect to the proper handling of state secrets is resonating with democratic voters bill, because this is the first time, president clinton has addressed this in public. bill: why did he do this? >> this is consistent with one of her defenses that the rules were changed midstream. one of her defenses. bill: she said that? >> here's what she said. i didn't know that many of these were confidential secret or top secret until after i sent or received them. they were classified afterward. that defies an oath she took her first day in office which said i have an obligation to recognize a secret when i see on whether it's marked confidential, top-secret or not. there were so many in that category . that contain state secrets.00 of those, 20 contained top-secret. of those, four were so secret that the fbi agents investigating her lacked the
7:37 am
clearance to examine them. bill: you think the polling suggests this is a safe zone for her and so now you got the analogy of getting a speeding ticket from a police officer.he's never used that before?right. >> marquise never called it a game before. >> the fbi watches and listens, right? negative for ms. clinton. this out of the mouth of her husband, not her mouth, mocking the seriousness of what the fbi is doing. there are two teams of fbi agents. when i say teams, i say dozens of agents. i don't know the number. we saw a number, 141. i think that's the total of both teams. one team investigate whether or not she used her power of secretary of state to confer american governmental benefits on foreigners in foreign countries that contributed materially to the clinton foundation. the other investigating the emails. that is nearing an end. we know that because they had already called in her aides. the next and the last step is for them to calling this clinton herself.
7:38 am
bill: so there's three tracks here based on how you describe it. there will be an interview if she is called in, that has not happened yet. and you got the investigation of the server/email which is drawing to an end. and the clinton foundation. that is where? >> that is not drawing to a close. that involves several hundred thousand pages of financial documents with the fbi didn't begin examining until january. my guess is, we will know where the justice department is going to go on the email investigation before the democratic national convention. we will know about the public corruption investigation after the democratic national convention phy you say that? >> because it will take the fbi, defense counsel always likes to set a comeback with limitless resources. they are limited. the fbi has a lot on its plate, they can only devote many human beings to analyzing these documents and they don't know if they can get done in time for the dnc. significance of the dnc is the democrats and the public have a right to know.
7:39 am
if the democrat are going to nominate someone who's going to be an investigation. bill: what do you know of the clinton financial investigation if you did not know of the server? yes, you would know about that because of independent research that was done tracking interactions ms. clinton has had as secretary of state with foreign governments and contributions from those governments to the clinton foundation and in some cases to her husband's speaking fees directly. bill: thank you judge, you are welcome. >> my pleasure. martha: donald trump bashing the primary system yesterday. watch this. >> the republican form of rigging the system is much more sophisticated form because the superdelegates, they just handed to hillary. martha: does he have a point about this or is it sour grapes? we talk about that. fair and balanced debate coming up plus this. >>. bill: you don't want to be there.
7:40 am
that is hard pavement there. what has happened and how. >>
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
bill: this year was a annual bike race in brooklyn new york when this happened. whoa. that's a motorcyclist leaving the race, caused a massive pilot. at least a dozen cyclists colliding with one another. that happened seconds into the race. seven people were injured. they did finish, incidentally. martha: donald trump crying foul on the political process after losing to ted cruz at the arizona convention trump accusing his rival of essentially bribing the delegates there. >> it's a reg system . a terrible, corrupt and really system. it's run by the party leaders
7:44 am
so that very capable outsiders can't get into the party. it is run by the special interests, by the lobbyist so they can continue to make millions of dollars off these characters running for office. it's run, it's really a disgusting system. martha: tony is a republican strategist and fox news contributor, brad woodhouse is president of correct the record and a former dnc communications director. welcome. great to have you both year. i spoke with one of the cruz spokespeople a little while ago and let me start with you on this, he says basically the people who are running these parties and work for the parties, they are people who have been dedicated to this their whole lives area they are not insiders, they are not rigging the system. this is the way the system works. >> he's absolutely right. most republican delegates are grassroots organizers, people who have been involved in local elections, state elections so this is not what you have on the democratic side with big party bosses, big donors to the party elected officials. that being said, donald trump is talking about the
7:45 am
delegates that fill the slots that go to the convention. these delegates are irrelevant. if you wins on the first ballot. he wins that 1237 threshold which is the majority plus one that needs to avoid having to go into a real contested election. right now if donald trump wins on the first ballot, all 58 arizona delegates are bound to him. the part of this that is a lot more interesting frankly then just filling these delicate boxes that matter later in the contest is the unbound delegates. i've percent of our delegates are what are called unbound because even on the first ballot they don't have to vote any particular way. they get to decide. democrats have 15 percent of their, that's comparable being superdelegates. of this group, donald trump is doing extremely well especially after pennsylvania where the 54 unbound
7:46 am
delegates on the first ballot, he secured about 40 of them. right now in the total number he has about 41 of 117 he needs where cruz has 27 so donald trump is actually winning. martha: we were just talking about virginia where he won the state but he apparently lost when the convention met with the delegates, more of them went toward cruz. >> this is exactly my point right now which is this really generally matters only if it goes into a second ballot and beyond. it happened in virginia for him, louisiana, georgia, south carolina. in new hampshire bernie sanders beat hillary clinton by 25 or so points. he basically tied her in delegates because of the superdelegates system which frankly is a lot more aggressive in terms of being rigged than the system which allows the delegates to vote their conference or the way they want to only if the candidate doesn't meet the basic majority +1 threshold . martha: was over to your side brad because there's discussion that it could be congested on the democratic side as well because bernie sanders who rails against wall street with his own party decided there is some
7:47 am
file play he would say in the superdelegates system. >> not at all. i think what happens on the democratic side is the same as on the republican side in this sense. there are rules and when you decide to run to be the nominee of the party, you have to to play by those rules. look, everyone knows who the superdelegates are. they are also in many cases rank and file who have been elected to the dnc. some of them are elected officials or former elected officials and they are allowed to go the way they want. what bernie sanders needs to do, he wants to go out and convince those people to go with him so he's actually appealing to superdelegates. it's our little rich to say the system is rigged if he's asking those people to vote for him be night i think the big eye-opener in this process for a lot of voters who frankly have had to watch
7:48 am
the process that closely because it usually wraps up sooner is this is a process where each party chooses its nominee. this is not a process where voters go to the polls and pick the person they want to be the nominee. people think that stinks and should be changed, they have every right to force changes in that system the next time around but this time, that's the way it works right? >> i totally agree with you marco. i'm sorry brad, real quick. i anticipate you and i may agree on this. i think both parties are going to do a lot of soul-searching now that our actual system, the inside game called the baseball game we always referred to as been exposed to the public and it does appear to really not be met very favorably. six out of 10 republicans say the person who gets the majority of the votes, not majority of the delegates should get the nomination. martha: i'm sorry brad, i know i gave tony more time. we will have you back but we got to see one more thing in the show. good to see you. bill: coming up next with tran one, a preview.
7:49 am
jon: hillary clinton is touring: country time to win voters in that economically depressed region. can she sway appalachia? karl rove with their thoughts plus ted cruz blames the media for donald trump's success. does he have a point or are republican voters buying what the front-runner is saying? posing arguments in the grim sleeper trial. the man accused of stalking and killing 10 women is guilty as charged. this all ahead on happening out. bill: we will see you in 11 minutes. bin laden killed five years ago today. that in a moment and here you see them packing up servers. guess who's taking a final bow in the ring? say goodbye. martha: goodbye. >> ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words. and my brother ray and i started searching for answers.
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7:53 am
american people and the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda bill: what a night. five years ago this weekend, the man who pulled the trigger on bin laden's life is with me now, rob neil, fox newscontributor. good morning . >> i did not catch this earlier but you were talking about this weekend that bin laden did not have a kidney issue? >> i brought it up, it's common knowledge but nobody picked up on it. i brought it up because of
7:54 am
the anniversary. you read thetwitter feed, bin laden died of kidney failure earlier in 2001, conspiracy theory but that was something that was made up my rental gin services. bill: we have the impression that he's walking through mountains in afghanistan carrying a dialysis machine. why the request mark. >> if you've seen these mountains it's difficult enough to carry the water that's keeping you hydrated let alone your weapons and entourage and a dialysis machine through the western himalaya , how are you going to power it? where are you flushing your kidneys out? is one of those things where the sorts comes in that was to get paid he's going to say i found him, i saw the dialysis. that is an indicator you didn't find him, there's no dialysis. bill: does that happen a lot? >> the men and women fighting these people, running sources, they are really a people and they come up with different ways. it's a cat and mouse game. even the sources that come in, they are smart enough to realize play both sides. i'm going to tell you the amount i need to tell you so i can get paid. it's a back-and-forth and there's not a lot of truth being told. bill: where are wefive years later? >> five years later, the death of osama bin laden was good and it was able to , it got rid of the leader of our qaeda but it also provided a vacuum for, you can pull one
7:55 am
out of iraq. our eyes were on theprize there but once we thought al qaeda was done, isis was able to come up from syria. isis is there now and now we got our eyes on isis. we got to be careful about al qaeda because they are still big. most areas of the world they haven't forgotten about them . they are about and still dangerous. bill: when the state comes up every year what do you say to yourself? >> when the day comes up, of course i'mamazed it's been five years. it doesn't seem like that long ago. i can picture what it looked like going up that final set of stairs, the curtain, seeing bin laden. time flies. it's almost to the point where i know what the story was, it's hard to believe it happened . this is one of the many missions that great team was able to do. i was lucky to be a part of the great great team for seven. the guys from my generation if you will of seals, our first deployment with seal team six we were part of a coalition to rescue the main survivor. then we were part of the guys that rescued captain mitchell phillips.
7:56 am
before that we were on the base when bo bergdahl walked off. we ended up going after him a number of times that after the bin laden rate i was part of the team being cast go across to pakistan to rescue bergdahl so it's a right place right time with some amazing people. i can't thank the men and women i served with enough you and your fellow men and women have seen the history making events that have shaped our world today. it was at a point, a small group of people where you would have a friend do something amazing, worldwide headlines. you run into him in the locker room and he's like thanks, you want to work out? amazing people. bill: let's see where we are on the 10 year period. >> appreciate it. bill: great to see you. martha: donald trump and ted cruz barnstorming across indiana in a last-ditch effort to win tomorrow's primary. who's got the edge with just one day left before voters go to the polls. >>
7:57 am
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martha: the biggestperformers under the big top, elephants putting their final performance in for ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus. the show was in rhode island yesterday, they officially dropped the elephants from their act after more than 100 years of rising concerns from animal concern activists . we saw them when we were little. bill: different time. martha: have a good day everybody. see you tomorrow.jon: we are on the eve of one of the most important showdowns in primary season. will indiana lockup of the nomination for donald trump or become the firewall that sends republicans to a contested convention? good monday morning. i'm jon scott. heather: i hope you had a great weekend. great to be with all of you. i'm heather in for jenna lee. indiana voters heading to the polls tomorrow as ted cruz and donald trump barnstorming


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