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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 2, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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martha: the biggestperformers under the big top, elephants putting their final performance in for ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus. the show was in rhode island yesterday, they officially dropped the elephants from their act after more than 100 years of rising concerns from animal concern activists . we saw them when we were little. bill: different time. martha: have a good day everybody. see you tomorrow.jon: we are on the eve of one of the most important showdowns in primary season. will indiana lockup of the nomination for donald trump or become the firewall that sends republicans to a contested convention? good monday morning. i'm jon scott. heather: i hope you had a great weekend. great to be with all of you. i'm heather in for jenna lee. indiana voters heading to the polls tomorrow as ted cruz and donald trump barnstorming their way to the state
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advance of schedules. cruz has the endorsement of the republican governor mike pence but trump has a biglead in the most recent poll . jon: john roberts, he is live in osceola where cruz made the first of many stops in that state. reporter: good morning. it seems like every week we tell you this is the most important contest of the primary process. tomorrow actually is. ted cruz was here a little while ago at the cafc in osceola, about 200 people inside and another couple hundred in the parking lot waiting to see him, making a final last-minute ãto try to rest victory in indiana from the clutches of donald trump. he hopes he can do it. 57 delegates up for grabs, winner take all . while some polls show donald
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trump in front there's another poll that shows ted cruz has got it so it's a mixed bag and we don't really know how this is going to go going into tomorrow it could go either way. ted cruz got five events today, two of those with governor mike pence. his surrogates doing another five so as you can see really barnstorming the state in the final hours.last night in the port, west of here ted cruz made the point that this battle forindiana is similar to the battle between good and evil . just a short time ago talking to the media, he suggested donald trump wouldbe the sort of president who would embarrass america. here's cruz . >> do you want to turn on the television and see a president , republicanor democrat , who embarrasses you? ask yourself, do you really want to go through the next four years with a president who if your child came home and simply uttered the words coming out of that president's mouth would make you punish your child? reporter: donald trump for
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his part continues to portray ted cruz as someone with quote, a rotten personality. someone that no one likes. donald trump again yesterday in fort wayne talking about the importance of party unity going forward. once the party to coalesce around him but suggests he can get the nomination it even if there is no party unity. >> frankly, we could all team up together. the republican party has to come together and if it doesn't come together it's going to be hard but i'll tell you this. i'll tell you this, they said to me well, if it doesn't come together does that mean you can't win? i think i can win. you think it helps jeb bush by two votes? jed and his wife. reporter: remember john and heather, tomorrow is the crucial contest in this primary process unless it turns out in such a way that california becomes the crucial comments contest in the process. the interesting thing about all this is all these folks who have really been ignored through all of this over the years really get a chance to make a difference here. 14 indiana very excited about it.
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in california, folks very excited. they are seeing something they haven't seen in their lifetimes and they are interested to be a part of it. jon: all of a sudden those later states are very much in play. john roberts area osceola, indiana. thank you. heather: hillary clinton campaigning in kentucky and west virginia today i have primaries in those states. the one topic that has been front and center of those places is the future of the coal industry and jobs there. voters in coal country often disagree with the democratic push for renewable energy and also those regulations pushed by the obama administration that have pushed people out of jobs there. peter barnesis here with what else is on mrs. clinton's agenda. good morning. >> a header. if her husband's visit to logan west virginia was a preview , secretary clinton is going to get a cool reception in coal country, primary day next week. former president bill clinton was heckled and booed at an appearance thereyesterday. >> . [doing] the difference
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between us and then is that we listen to them. reporter: secretary clinton's support for clean energy and curbing fossil fuels, coal in particular has not warmed voters to her in west virginia. in march she said she hoped to boost economic activity in regions hurt by cole's decline saying her economic plans were necessary because quote, we are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. and indeed, several major coal companies have filed for bankruptcy and laid off thousands of workers. not much recent polling in west virginia where 29 delegates will be up for grabs in the democratic primary next week but one in february showed bernie sanders clobbering clinton, 57 percent to 29 percent thanks in part to strong support for sanders among younger voters once again.
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no recent polls for kentucky to show you now.clinton later called her comments on coal mistaken, trying to say that a business with west virginia she will talk up her $30 billion economic plan she announced in november to help revitalize coal communities. heather question mark the seventh peter barnes in washington. thank you. jon: at least 18 people dead after a car bombing this morning in the iraqi capital. it happened while peter were gathering to commemorate the death of a beard and mom. 45 other people wounded. isis is claiming responsibility. benjamin all live from our london bureau with the latest. we saw a number of attacks this weekend, what's going on? reporter: john, these attacks highlight a moment of growing instability in iraq. at a time when they should be coming together to fight isis, they are in fact caught up in political wrangling. today's bombing as you said
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was the third in two days. it with 18 dead, wounded 45 and that is adding to the huge death toll in the country. last month alone 741 iraqis killed. the last month, over 1100. this weekend tensions came to a boiling point as supporters of the shia cleric stormed the green zone, tearing down walls, demanding better government services and an end to political corruption. after taking over the parliament building itself they left this morning but have vowed to return when this weeks major shia pilgrimage comes to an end and that is a pilgrimage which will surely be a target for isis in the weeks ahead. john? jon: benjamin hall. it's all coming though as the government is trying to defeat isis right? what's happening on that front? reporter: that is having a real effect on the battle against isis. as instability has directed into their ability to fight on the front lines. in march, operations against
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the terrorist group in and bar grew to a near fall because the security forces had to be pulled away to deal with these issues. while isis has suffered a number of territorial disputes recently, many people say that attacking baghdad and the rest of the country is a way for isis to further weaken iraq from the inside. the other issue, this political train they are talking about was will benefit another country, iran and in turn lead to a reduction in us influence so a lot of issues. the isis groups, the political instability and none of those good news for the us. jon: and the mess continues. benjamin hall in london. heather: police investigating a murder mystery. a man shot and killed while he was answering his front door at home. why investigators believe he was targeted. plus, our coverage of indiana primaries continue. we preview that with brett and we want to hear from you. it will indiana voters keep the tape campaign live question up and running. go to and join the conversation. >>
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heather: welcome back. it's 12 minutes after the hour. let's talk politics in indiana. it could be a make or break contest for ted cruz. a win there will keep his campaign alive and possibly force a contested convention in cleveland but the latest nbc news wall street journal poll shows donald trump with a 15 point lead. talking about the democrats, the race is a whole lot closer but it still shows hillary clinton in the lead. brett behr, the actor of special report will cover us in the indiana primary along with megan kelly. great to see you. >> good morning. heather: let's talk about donald trump. 15 point ahead. why is he doing so well in indiana? >> he tapped into what he has happen to across the country. this feeling against the establishment, against washington and really it seems like he has a bit of a steamroller through some of these states.indiana is a state line supported crews
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which is why that poll from in the a wall street journal is so surprising. john robert pointed out earlier that another poll last week at the end of last week that had ted cruz of the double digits so we take it with a grain of salt but if you look at the average ease up about seven and this is a big moment for ted cruz whose invested a lot of time last week and a half.he's been parked there in indiana p7 well there? >> i think it's a moment and there will be a lot of pressure. there have been some people like karl rove and others who said it's effectively over . elegant lies, it seems like donald trump will start to have this momentum that he could get the 1237, the majority of delegates needed but by the time california rolls around. >> ted cruz has 10 different events today? he isbarnstorming across that state, doing something with mike pence as well. what difference will that endorsement may question mark . >> mike pence has a pretty effective radio ad that is airing all over the place in indiana.
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pence is well thought of as governor there although his favorability numbers have dropped a little bit in recent months . this endorsement and the campaigning could make a difference for cruz. i also think there is more never trump advertising in indiana then in wisconsin for example. heather: really? >> it's kind of the last stand for that group i think. heather: good to know. let's talk about the democrats. bernie four points behind, just about. let's talk about a contested convention because that's something he brought over the weekend. could you imagine a scenario where that happens for the democrats and republicans? >> not really. i think it's a real long shot because there are these
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superdelegates on the democratic side, 500 of them have pledged to support hillary clinton. bernie sanders is making the same case donald trump makes on the stuff that the system is rated and that is an effective case to make but as far as making the case to those superdelegates , he is the guy, that might be a tough sell. he has one. if he wins tomorrow in indiana, 18 states versus hillary clinton's 23 and he will clearly have an impact on the parties platform and going forward it's tough to see him reading the needle to get the democratic nomination . heather: breast, with last week's contests, now reports that fundraising is slowing down a bit and layoffs of staff. how do you see that affecting donors? >> 'snumbers are down. bernie sanders are but remember he had historic games, dollar amounts from 42,000,002 months ago. last month he had 26 million. so i think there is a little bit of shrinkage in donors overall supporting candidates as you are getting to the end of the primaries. i think the real question will be for both parties whether there is this coalescing of the party with
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a look toward the opponent on the other side. that oftenis the unifying factor in a lot of these races . heather: brett behr from washington, we look forward to seeing you in indiana. it was greatseeing you over the weekend .>> good for you too. heather: make sure to stick with fox news for our coverage of the indiana primary. brett will be out there with megan kelly. live coverage all day long. reports from the hoosier state and then when the polls close, brett and megan will have the results as they come in. jon: the head of the rnc speaking out against hillary clinton. why he is criticizing the democratic front-runner as she kicks off a tour through kentucky and west virginia. and the massive fire breaks out at a historic cathedral in new york city. why the timing is especially
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tragic area . >> we saw smoke once we came outside. the church was on fire. i don't know what to say. >> ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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heather: quite a story. a historic church in new york city gutted by a massive fire. i watched out as the smoke just pours out the ceiling and the flames right out that front window. if the serbian orthodox church, this happened last night hours after more than 1000 worshipers had just celebrated easter. 200 firefighters responded to the scene. it took them nearly 3 hours to put out most of those flames. officials still monitoring the hotspots today. the purchase caretaker had to be treated for smoke inhalation after he ran inside to put out the fire. no one else was hurt. the cause of that fire is under investigation. happy easter for our orthodox friends there. jon: we take you to
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evansville indiana right now where senator bernie sanders is holding a rally one day before voters their head to the polls. bernie sanders says he is not getting up . mathematically improbable that he becomes the democratic nominee but he says he still has a movement to lead and he intends to do that all the way to the national convention. we will monitor his speech if he makes news. we will bring it to you live. in the meantime, hillary clinton kicking off a two-day tour through the appalachian region today. the democratic front-runner is looking ahead to kentucky and west virginia's primary later this month. she is also trying to remind voters of a $30 billion pledge she's made to help coal regions. she's apologized for comments she made in march about plans to put cold companies and coal miners out of business. let's talk about the strategy here. we are joined by joe trippi, the former campaign manager for howard dean. karl rove is old with us,
8:22 am
former senior advisor and chief of staff to george w. bush, also a fox news contributor. joe, this clinton to work in a couple of coal mining state. is it good politics? is it smart planning by the clinton campaign? >> of course it is. these are primaries coming up and i think getting the van out and going through these states, explaining her position is a smart thing to do particularly given the problems the republicans are having right now where you've got 30 percent of cruz voters saying they won't vote for donald trump and vice versa the other way. it's a good chance for her to make the case not just in the primary but these very difficult red states that what will likely go republican anyway. jon: but there are those democratic primaries in indiana, other states that she is not looking so strong in carl. why go to those two states right now? >> joe is right. she wants to get the
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delegates. she's behind and west virginia by a good margin behind sanders. well into the double digits are that no recent polling on kentucky but joe is right. she's going there for the primary. the idea that she has a good chance to carry these in the general election, her chances are slim to none and slim is now cinching up the saddle and getting ready to ride out of town. these days were battlegrounds in 2000 but they have moved against the democrats, particularly in the obama years and hillary clinton is ill placed especially after comments earlier this year to get than that you want the last time west virginia voted for a democrat was 1996 her husband, bill clinton. so can she i don't know, turn the historic tide and win that whole country vote? >> well, carl is right. it's a tough uphill fight but given the problems on the republican side, there may be an opportunity. you look at this and a lot of people in these states if they had to choose between
8:24 am
obama economy, the bush economy or the clinton economy would probably look favorably on the clinton economy when her husband was president so i agree with carl. it's uphill. she's got a tough case to make but it's good for her to make it and we're a long way from november at this point. jon: a lot of voters carl would see hillary clinton as a third term barack obama. he has made an anti-coal agenda a centerpiece of his administration. how does she tried to convince voters in appalachian coal country that she wouldn't do more of the same? >> she doesn't. i don't expect to see her back in west virginia between the primary and election. i wouldn't be surprised if she went back to kentucky. they have a choice between the clinton economy, the bush economy and obama economy, they clearly don't like the obama economy and it was the clinton administration that began to move against coal
8:25 am
with epa support for a decision that would stop mountaintop mining in west virginia. it's why bush won the state by six points after bob dole lost it to bill clinton in 1996 by 16 and it's one of the reasons why bush on kentucky by double digits . look, in west virginia they are socially and economically conservative and populist and that is not the right mix for the democrats in 2016. these are states that are going to be in the republican column, particularly west virginia where a great amount of liability and particularly. jon: let's talk about the economy because that's one of the issues our next president is going to have to address, not particularly good economic numbers out recently joe. how does hillary clinton separates herself from president obama when she was at his hip during his first term? >> she's got her own case that she's making and is making. she's got a plan to put billions of dollars into
8:26 am
revitalizing the economy in these two states . in the appalachian. she's got to make that case. i agree with carl that if republicans are fighting, if they don't win kentucky and west virginia there's no chance at all of winning the presidency in november. trump is going to have to put his economic plan out there he hasn't done that really yet . cruise as one and they're going to fight over that in november. the economy is going to be front and center but hillary clinton is making inroads and is in the lead in most states , most of the swing states anyway. currently, again that's all going to change between now and november but that's what the general election is about, that fight. jon: onpaper the recession ended several years ago but what, 40 percent of americans think we are in one . >> it's a sign of how weak and any make this recovery has been. it is the most anemic in the
8:27 am
recorded economic history of the united states dating back to the last quarter of the 19th century. it is the only recovery in which median household income drop and even now, even though we now have finally more people working in america that we had when the recession began, we have more people working part-time for economic reasons. that is to say they can't find a full-time job and again, that desperate thing is if people don't feel like they are in recovery. their wages have not risen. we've only seen wages begin to rise recently and then they look at the country as a whole and say the president doubled the deficit. double the national debt to $19 trillion and he made us a whole series of promises about what would happen to the economy if we passed the stimulus bill. none of those came to pass and he made promises about my health care and none of them came to pass so there's a
8:28 am
great deal of angst about the economy. thepresident's approval rating is in the 30s. that's not a good place to be. if you are hillary clinton and given him an a for his performance on the economy. jon: one of the big issues that voters will decide in november. karl rove, joe trippi, thank you both . if you want to read more from carl you can check out his weekly editorialsonline. go to and check the opinion tab. heather: -statesdiplomacy came taking place .. negotiators restore a partial cease-fire or is that simply too late smart plus, ted cruz slamming the media as he blames reporters for his campaign. our media panel will take a closer look when we come back. >>
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jon: right now quick look at what's come to this hour of happening now. the south bracing for more rain and potential flooding. your forecast. and closing arguments today in what's being called the grim sleeper murder trial. we have that story and talk about an unbearable houseguest. the amazing story of a man who woke up to find a bear in his kitchen. heather: right now syrian peace talks are underway as that country reels from new bloodshed. secretary of state john kerry meeting with his saudi counterpart in geneva trying to find a way to restore at least a partial cease-fire in syria amid continuous attacks there. connor howell is live in our middle east bureau. that didn't work before. why are they saying work now?
8:33 am
reporter: secretary here kerry has remained optimistic throughout the last several year of this war in syria. there is not a lot of expectation that there is anything in the near future that's going to and the overall war but kerry has said that both the united states and russia are dedicated to finding some type of solution to draw down the violence here, at least in the near term. what we've seen in the last few weeks is really heavy fighting in the northern syrian city of aleppo where more than 250 civilians have been killed. the regime airstrikes have targeted both hospitals and other civilian centers and while much of the country is still holding on at least somewhat to this every cease-fire, aleppo has been raging with violence in the last 10 days or so and that really has been the center of the fighting. that's why secretary carrie and his foreign minister
8:34 am
counterpart as along with the un envoy to syria and the russian officials are trying to find a way to get the violence in aleppo to be reduced at least some what here because it is really much more inflamed than other parts of syria right now in large part because the syrian regime has made a lot of progress around other parts of the country of extending and expanding their control over areas that were held by rebel fighters, at least in the last six months read the syrian regime led by bashar al-assad has made progress in consolidating rebel territory and that as pressure on some of the areas particularly like aleppo that is very much a divided city where you still have a large amount of rebels holding onto at least half of that city right now but you are still seeing outside of damascus and some of these other places but right now the focus of diplomacy at least between secretary carrie and the russian counterpart is aleppo. kerry said there are several proposals on the table
8:35 am
heather but nothing that is concrete and that all sides can agree on but he said the united states and russia have pledged to leave at least some more personnel and staff in geneva to work around the clock to find a way to reduce the violence in aleppo right now. heather: personnel and staff in geneva, that will solve the problem. connor powell, thank you so much. jon: texas senator and presidential candidate ted cruz takes aim at a familiar foe, the media. he faces an increasingly uphill battle with donald trump. the texas senator is blaming reporters for his lackluster showing. on meet the press, chuck todd was calling out ted cruz saying it's not the media but the voters who have spoken. listen to this testy exchange i recognize that many in the media wouldlove for me to surrender to donald trump .
8:36 am
[overlapping conversation] >> it's about the numbers he may win. republicanvoters are the ones rejecting you. this is not a media conspiracy. jon: let's bring in our media panel. allen calls his host of the alan coles show syndicated by fox radio. tammy bruce is a radio host and a fox news contributor as well. these two are engaged , ted cruz and donald trump . ted cruz, donald trump, engaged in a contest. why, when chuck todd asked him nine times if he would support donald trump, why does he expect an answer? should he get him one? >> how many republicans have said i will support the nominee? it's not brain surgery. he asked nine times. this is what people don't like about politicians. they won't answer the question. then cruz blames, he says nbc is full of democrats and blames that when in fact donald trump is not exactly a democrat as he's running for office. it made no sense, his
8:37 am
argument. blaming the media is the last refuge of political scoundrels . jon: should ted cruz have answered the question? should he have said it donald trump is our nominee i will support him? i don't think anybody in speaking with the press, the press isn't anybody's boss. they can ask whatever questions they want and people are going to answer the way they see fit whether you be a politician or someone in the news. in this case what you are looking at is because they are out. you answer that question when you have no path. ted cruz has a more unusual path than mister trump but he does and in answering that question it presumes you will be out and you will not be the winner. when you are presenting yourself as a candidate for the candidate, you are not going to answer that and i would like to see of course mister trump the asked that question. i would like hillary the asked if she's going to support bernie sanders if he's going to be the nominee. that's my point. because it's asked of the person the media wants out. [overlapping conversation]
8:38 am
bernie sanders has a path. it's also unusual. he said yesterday they might expect the contested convention for the democrats but this is what the media does. it's was badgering, it was bullying and chuck todd wanted the answer he wanted. he wasn't getting it. >> if you can't handle chuck todd, how are you going to handle isis? >> that's my point. it's good he handled it this way. this is nothing compared to what's going to happen with the media and with the general and with the world. [overlapping conversation] >> it's always blame the media. it's not the media's fault as chuck todd pointed out that he's not popular among republican voters. he's not popular in general. people are biting their lift and putting) on their nose . >> i would love to todd to have tell hillary clinton she's not popular with millennial's and how she's going to win this election when bernie sanders is getting millions more boat with those individuals and rallies with 30,000 people. you don't see the same approach because the legacy media has thrown in their lot with the democrats.
8:39 am
what i'm leading the media in a classic sense but ineffectively a propaganda machine for the democrats. >> ted cruz has the ability to pick up the phone and call shows on television and radio just like donald trump does. i know a number of people in our business we invited ted cruz on their shows. they have said no. >> that's what you get donald trump is more readily available. when ted cruz blames the media, he has been less media available then donald trump has. >> what chuck todd didn't understand is the irony of the accusation of ted cruz has been proven by the badgering that chuck todd was giving him and donald trump has experienced some degree the same. i'm still waiting for hillary clinton to be handled in the same manner that both of the men on the gop side have been . >> hillary clinton has been raked over the coals for years now. to say that she hasn't had to deal with a hostile media for how many decades now? come on. jon: all right. but.
8:40 am
>> just to the question tammy asked, should chuck todd asked her why he's not popular among millennial's question mark. >> fine. >> but you would ask. someone at nbc would not ask it the one i wouldn't agree. >> you're right. it has been years. it's been over a year. we saw bernie sanders moves forward strongly. she's never been confronted with her popularity ratings, the approval ratings. >> the liberals get a pass by the media. >> but the average person can watch it as well. [overlapping conversation] >> it's obvious when you watch the television. jon: you're going to have to continue the argument in the green room. alan coles, tammy bruce, thank you both. as we count down to the primary, be sure and catch this as donald trump sits down with sean hannity for an interview as the proper hopes to put the hoosier state in his win column. 10 pm eastern on fox news channel. heather: the alleged trial or
8:41 am
the murder trial of an alleged serial killer known as the grim sleeper goes to closing arguments later today. new details revealed in court on how police caught this suspect and many public schools closed today in one major city as teachers protest a looming budget crisis. >> we have acted in good faith as educators and now it's time to stand strong in solidarity to send a message to the officials and the state that enough is enough. >>. >> and with this many new flavors trust me, you'll be glad you can try three. like creamy baked lobster alfredo and grilled chimichurri shrimp and panko-crusted crab cakes bursting with crabmeat. because some choices are hard, but this one, this one's easy. so hurry in before it ends!
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heather: right now some crime stories we are keeping an eye on. authorities searching a florida airport veteran who vanished five days ago. 30-year-old tricia todd never showed up to pick up her child last wednesday. her car later found near her home with her purse and keys inside.
8:45 am
contact police if you have any information. a judge will consider whether to move the trial of a georgia man accused of leaving his toddler in a hot suv to die. justin ross harris charged with the murder of a little boy step in june 2014. his attorney filed a motion for a change of venue three weeks into jury selection. police in birmingham alabama investigating the murder of a man who was shot after he answered the door of his home. the victim ronald brown was home with his wife and son at the time of the shooting. investigators say they don't believe it was a random crime and the shooter was looking for someone inside at home. no arrests have been made. jon: at least 21 public schools in detroit or close today due to a mask sit down by teachers across the school system. detroit school officials say the teachers union urged the callout in response to an announcement that the district is running out of money and might not be able to pay teachers this summer. a number of those teachers
8:46 am
instead attended a rally today demanding of funding next and fast. heather: clothing arguments set today in the grim sleeper murder trial. prosecutors call lonnie raichlen junior a serial killer accused of stalking and murdering 10 women across los angeles during the crack coney came epidemic in the 1990s. our correspondent is live from los angeles with more on this. william, why is he called the grim sleeper to begin with? reporter: the nickname came from the gap between several murders in the 80s and then the suspect went to sleep for 14 years before waking up and killing again. here's the most fascinating part of this story. police have suspect dna from five victims but it was no exact match at the database but there was a young felon whose samples were close so please look deeper and they found the kids father matched the killers description. a cop poses as a bus boy at a pizza shop to collect lonnie franklin's dna at a birthday party and bingo, the saliva on the pizza crust matches the dna on the victims.
8:47 am
>> it was significant in solving this case was that an unknown but identical mail dna profile emerged for each of these victims sexual assault kit or crime scene evidence meaning each of them had intimate contact with the same unknown man. reporter: the defense attacked the evidence but police found pictures of the victims in franklin's home including a survivor who remembered raichlen taking her picture. sure enough, found a photo of her wounded and unconscious in his garage. hours of video of naked women, mostly prostitutes that franklin had brought home. each victim was shot with a 25 caliber handgun. raichlen is 83. a former car mechanic with the police department. closing arguments begin today. remember heather how the aclu fought dna databanks years ago as an invasion of privacy? franklin does have a prior record and had police
8:48 am
collected dna in the 80s, it wouldn't have needed the pizza crust to tie him to the crime. shows you how valuable dna can be. >> no kidding, it could have saved lives as well. william life for us in los angeles, thank you. jon: severe weather leaving destruction all across the south. strong storms, hail and tornadoes in the mix. we are live in the weather center with the latest. plus, new trouble for the la county sheriff's department as a pop official is top to resign. new details on why he is stepping down. >> and 45 calories a slice. that's 45 reasons to layer, fold, mix, match, beg, stack, sneak, peek, tease, taunt, like, love. because real cheese people bite with abandon. hold the sacrifice, no compromise. sargento ultra thin slices, we're real cheese people.
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8:52 am
indiana but after seeing the hoosier state will decide the primary, ted cruz is suddenly trying to downplay it for performance question mark is he getting nervous? the gender were receding up. is hillary clinton the one who crossed the line this time? and billboards that spy on you. why on senator is calling for an investigation but in the age of digital, over sharing? is it a problem for most people? all that plus a hashtag one lucky guy. outnumbered, top of the hour. jon: everything is fine on us these days. >> assume so. we are very watched. jon: thank you. heather: right now in los angeles the racially insensitive emails costing a high ranking sheriff's job., angel has now resigned from his position as the
8:53 am
department's chief of staff. the emails sent a few years back included jokes with derogatory comments about african-americans, latinos and muslims. here's the la county sheriff . >> it would be incumbent on him to use this as a transformative moment to think about the culture out there okay and how we cannot react to it and cannot be consumers or sponsors of it by circulating that kind of information. heather: in every the former sheriff pled guilty to lying to federal officials who were investigating jail abuse. jon: parts of the south could see more severe weather this week. strong storms, hail, even tornadoes could hit gold coast and mid-atlantic states. other areas preparing for heavy downpours and flash flooding. marino molina live in the fox weather center to tell us how long this bad weather will stick around. >> good to see you john, hello everybody at home and we are tracking messy weather out there. we picked up a lot of heavy rain across places like texas, arkansas and louisiana throughout the weekend. a storm system roll through your producing your weather so of course the big concern is what it will be that we
8:54 am
are expecting additional rainfall and flash flooding. we have a number of watches in effect across he's in texas and louisiana and it's going to be unsettled out here for a couple days. justin parts of the gold coast but also part of the northeastern us, a lot of rain in the forecast. take alook at future radar. here's where you can see more rainfall over the next few days . eventually that moisture continues and portions of the eastern us. the next concern will be the prep for severe weather, something to watch across parts of the mid-atlantic. several inches of rain in the forecast across louisiana, georgia and even into the carolinas we could be looking at localized last flooding. some areas seeing four inches of rain over the next couple of days and here's a look at the threat for severe weather. across the mid-atlantic into the carolinas, damaging
8:55 am
winds, hail and isolated tornadoes. a more marginal threat as we had further south and west across parts of the gold coast. nonetheless, still there. anyone who lives across the eastern us, stay safe and heed those weather warnings today and into tonight. jon: keep those weather radios close at hand. thank you. heather: new in the next hour, the battle for indiana heats up. can ted cruz beat donald trump in the hoosier state or will donald trump close the deal? the latest from the campaign trail. plus, protest get ugly over the weekend. why the police say they had to arrest a whole bunch of people. >>
8:56 am
. .
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♪ >> bear gets caught looking for, what bears look for, a late-night snack. this is in colorado. a guy found the bear in the living room of his second floor apartment early saturday morning. crews say he was dig around the fridge for a midnight snack. the resident locks himself in another room until help got there. firefighters chase the bear away. nobody pot hurt. >> that happen to cousin of mine
8:59 am
in montana. bears were earned and they had to hide. they're hungry critters. >> they have great noses. >> or beer. it's a bear and it is colorado. >> we'll see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. see you soon. ♪ sandra: happy monday, everybody. it is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, is harris faulkner. host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy. from fbn. co-host of after the bell, melissa francis. today's #oneluckyguy, you two know each other. "after the bell." and by the way host of "forbes on fox," david asman. you're "outnumbered," sir, good to have you. >> thank you for being here with my co-host. >> "after the bell." like pre "after the bell." >> we got away with it once before.
9:00 am
>> my television husband here. >> hey. sandra: hopefully arguments on the couch today. >> we'll find a way. we'll find a way. harris: you won't argue with me. sandra: may all come down to the hoosier state. in less than 24 hours, indiana voters heading to the polls in a primary that could be make-or-break for candidate ted cruz. 57 republican delegates up for grabses as new "nbc/wall street journal" poll front-runner donald trump up by commanding 15 points over the texas senator. cruz on friday said the nomination will be decided in indiana. by sunday he changed his tune a bit. he appeared, senator cruz on "fox news sunday" saying this. >> i agree that indiana is incredibly important, regardless what happens in indiana, donald trump is not getting to 1237. no one is getting to 1237. we're headed to a contested convention. i will have a ton of delegates at the convention. >> if he beats is this race over.


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