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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> my television husband here. >> hey. sandra: hopefully arguments on the couch today. >> we'll find a way. we'll find a way. harris: you won't argue with me. sandra: may all come down to the hoosier state. in less than 24 hours, indiana voters heading to the polls in a primary that could be make-or-break for candidate ted cruz. 57 republican delegates up for grabses as new "nbc/wall street journal" poll front-runner donald trump up by commanding 15 points over the texas senator. cruz on friday said the nomination will be decided in indiana. by sunday he changed his tune a bit. he appeared, senator cruz on "fox news sunday" saying this. >> i agree that indiana is incredibly important, regardless what happens in indiana, donald trump is not getting to 1237. no one is getting to 1237. we're headed to a contested convention. i will have a ton of delegates at the convention. >> if he beats is this race over. >> the battle to see who can
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earn the majority. >> of course not. sandra: donald trump telling a boisterous crowd on sunday he can wrap up the nomination with a win tomorrow allowing him to turn his attention to bigger things. >> if we win indiana, it's over, okay? [cheers and applause] we're going to get there. i shouldn't say that because it takes away your incentive. we'll get there anyway. if we win indiana most people they think will quit the race. we can focus on "crooked hillary," we can focus on hillary, please. sandra: he said i've been barnstorming state, have a family, going everywhere. initially said this was make-or-break moment. but he has to win indiana. he has changed his tune a bit. >> he sound more desperate than ever. calling donald trump another show calling him evil. some of his supporters are sounding desperate and
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lindsey graham is trump is elected we'll have another 9/11. this is desperate. turning a lot of people off. i don't usually quote "the new york times" but they had a piece about a lot of delegates from colorado and other places cruz thought he had, he doesn't, they're beginning to have qualms now. too early to say they're backing off of him completely but i think that desperation, the sound of desperation and his voice and his supporters voices is turning a lot of people off. sandra: harris, you're nodding your head. you're keeping track of the delegate count. is this make-or-break moment for senator cruz? harris: to complete your thought on that, "new york times" called a softening of delegates for ted cruz of the 12th 37 that is be for grabs in republican party. here is another part that is it tricky. another report, that john kasich locking up most of the delegates in indiana. he is not even deploy aground game traditionally going to knock on doors. he is going after the delegate count.
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that is troubling for cruz because i thought they had a deal. >> they do have a deal. they do in fact. you're rights kasich still has ground crew there in indiana. it's not quite as robust as cruz's but he is personally stepped aside. he is not complaining in the state. and it is definitely a tricky alliance which you know, obviously at this point it doesn't appear to be working. donald trump has almost anight-point lead according to real clear average, the 15-point lead in "nbc/wall street journal" you pointed out, sandra. cruz has imploded since wisconsin. on my fbn show tonight how cruz needed to maintain strategy from wisconsin, very strong endorsements, solid ground game which he has but he also needs trump to make missteps. trump has not. >> by the way i forgot the name of your show snoop "kennedy." >> why i love him by the way. sandra: going from one money to another money melissa francis. the cruz-kasich alliance, donald trump continues to hammer on this.
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he actually was heard saying the people of indiana are smart. they don't go for this. but the latest polling coming out of "the wall street journal," that same one we're citing, the 15.lead. 58% of likely primary voters in indiana say they disapprove in that alliance. will that play a part in the turnout of the state. >> this played out to the trump narrative. the problem with the strategy if you had to do it you would be twice as strong because if it didn't work you would look eight times as weak. that is exactly what happened. if this is them banding together that is not a good sign at all that. plays the narrative. trump needs to keep them in the game talking about the establishment and this and that. he needs people to act that out. these people have done that perfectly. sandra: as far as uniting the party, harris, donald trump said, hey that is not my goal. if it doesn't happen i will still win. harris: we'll get back to that in a second. i want to get to the point about
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john kasich. remember last delegate count john kasich had fewer delegates than marco rubio who is to longer in the race. if he scoops more delegates, that is death knell for campaign of ted cruz. you know he is thinking about that. the big question, what will the upcoming event that he has with governor pence look like? hillary clinton took on governor pence on couple hours ago on subject of abortion. she is hitting us ted cruz from that direction through governor pence. this is sticky time. this is make or break moment. >> by the way, a number of pieces coming out today, and over the weekend how trump can be hillary from people skeptical of that. he is turning 25% of the his attention just on hillary, a lot of people saying, the poll numbers are looking a lot bert one-on-one against hillary. so, i think that is also helping to turn a lot of those delegates around professing that i recall faith to cruz. they're beginning to think, maybe trump could do it. >> there was a poll this weekend had him pulling ahead of her and
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certainly much closer, margin of error and more than one outlyer poll. sandra: stick with fox news all day tomorrow. we'll cover the battle for indiana, from the pole openings to final result. live coverage all day long, late into the evening right here on fnc. >> we'll get to the point sandra was making. donald trump is raising eyebrows claiming he does not have to bring the republican party together in order to win the white house. we heard it first as he was campaigning in california. he said it yesterday again in indiana. watch. >> i'll tell you this. said to me, if it doesn't come together does that mean you can't win? no. i think it can win. you think it helps jeb bush, what is that, two votes? jeb and his wife, jeb and his wife seriously. i don't think it matters but it would be nice to have the republican party come together. with that being said, i think i will win anyway. i think i will win new york state. i think i will win michigan.
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harris: melissa, he seems pretty confident. in terra haute, he said look, if we win here it's over, okay? >> what you heard that is good negotiation. we said it before. you can't negotiate effectively unless you're willing to stand you to walk away from the table. i will win whether we're united or not. i don't really care. i don't need these people. that is sign i'm not going to do anything to get you on my side. of course that is a lot of talk. i'm not sure that is what is going on behind the scenes. also he is marketing bean just. he puts his finger on pulse of every single moment. he knows having the party on board would be death to him. at least, to outsiders, the way it looks. he probably needs the infrastructure. he needs reality of it, but doesn't want his voters think he is buddying up to the rest of the party. harris: kennedy, is this where a man like paul manafort comes? you can be whatever you want to be right here but he got you over there? >> what is says to me is really what melissa was say, this line
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of logic who appeals to independent voters who don't want to be boxed in. you talk about 58% of the indiana voters resentful of that kasich-cruz alliance. they don't want to be told lou to vote by issue, party or candidate. they will make their independent decisions themselves, whether or not they are registered, unaffiliated voters. i think that is what he is doing. it is far more strategic then some impromptu throw away line from the campaign. i think that is paul manafort crafting that message from within. harris: behind the scenes. remember the trump campaign is having weekly on the hill meetings with lawmakers. it started out with those that supported him. he is trying to bring on board those who don't. sandra, i want to ask you about this, david, you alluded to the reporting show how close hillary clinton and donald trump are. one of the articles, you and i think both read the same thing, if you take out number of people who say they won't vote at all, he pulls ahead of hillary clinton. if you factor them in, they're kind of head-to-head. people who say we'll stay home.
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but if everybody ends up going and numbers that we usually see, 50 to 60% of the registered voters actually head to polls in general election he pulls ahead. sandra: i think as far as polling and matchup with hillary clinton there will be a lot of time for that to change but that being said i wonder about endorsements. we saw endorsement of ted cruz by indiana governor, that tepid endorsement but at the same time he was complimenting donald trump as candidate. i wonder how important that is going to be going forward? donald trump saying there are some people i honestly don't want their endorsement. >> yes. sandra: as you get more republicans who say i have to back the front-runner, i got to back the winner, what will that look like? >> i have to allude back to something you folks don't remember because i'm the old guy here. ronald reagan also faced a very establishment-oriented republican party that hated him, that didn't want him you about he managed to bring them into the fold. he managed to turn them once he proved to them that he could get
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the votes, particularly crossover votes, democratic votes. there has to be a time when donald trump takes that turn. when he takes all of the republican party because it is stuffy, establishment, out of date as it is it can be used to his tremendous credit in november if he wants to. if ronald reagan was able to do it, maybe they're just two different personality, i don't know, but if ronald reagan was able to do it i think donald trump can and i think he will before november. harris: that is interesting. rasmussen reports did a phone survey that donald trump a appeals to more democrats that hillary clinton appeals to gop voters almost twice the percentage. exactly what you're talking about. >> good point. >> it has to be somewhat troublesome for democratic party they had much lower turnout in the democratic primaries than on the republican side. if you're seeing this passion, electorate that is really passionate about these candidates, that could be one of the things that falls into his favor. he has got other problems.
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harris: electorate that is electrified. >> grease lightning. on eve of all important indiana primary, we'll get you to be sure to watch sean hannity's interview with donald trump. 10:00 p.m. eastern here on the fnc. dust off your women card they say. the gender war is heating up between hillary clinton and donald trump. questions about whether clinton crossed line with what she said and how the media might have reacted difficultly if the same words had actually come out of the mouth of donald trump. former president bill clinton scoffing about the fbi investigation and calling it a game. he got into it with protesters. is one of the most famous husbands on the planet helping or hurting the clinton campaign? stay close. ♪ this is brad.
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♪ sandra: the gender war between hillary clinton and donald trump is getting more intense. the former secretary of state was asked this interview about the billionaire businessman's attacks on her how he comes up with nicknames for his opponents. listen how she brushed it off. >> i have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the
9:16 am
way they behave and how they speak. i'm not going to deal with their temperature tantrums or their bullying or efforts to try to provoke me. he can say whatever he wants to say about me. i could really care less. sandra: the clinton campaign walking that back, apologizing on social media after native-american activists pointed out the saying is offensive. trump also responding. watch. >> that is a horrible expression. now, if i would have used that expression, maybe in the opposite form, it would have been a front page story. she uses it she gets away with it. that is very demeaning mark to men in my opinion. sandra: some noting in the wake of all of this response to her comments that this is a saying that is often used and people don't really understand the meaning behind it or even mean it, to use it in that way, david. >> if we were talking, melissa and i were talking about "seinfeld," one episode of "seinfeld" he was dating indian,
9:17 am
native-american woman, and he kept falling into the phrases. i will call the restaurant to make a appointment to have dinner. something nick can slip into. can you imagine donald trump for a second trying to reverse himself on saying something like that? sandra: this falls into the gender war we expect that we're going to see more of in recent days, weeks and months. >> i understand. but it also falls into the trap i think donald trump was making. i don't think he does these things by accident. he focused on gender issue if he said only reason she has gotten this far because she was a woman, would focus on her track record. what did she do when weigh was secretary of state. what did she do when weigh was senator or lawyer in the private sector? by suggesting she got where she did as woman, focuses on the record and that record he says, and i think is a pretty poor record. >> tv wife wants to -- >> i may disagree little bit with you.
9:18 am
it goes into even deeper theme, donald trump, a lot of people are supporting him, sick of getting things because of abuses of the past which may be right, may be wrong. these people are right now struggling. middle class people who have fallen behind in terms of wages and their net worth, wait a second, i'm sick of people getting things because they belong to protected class. drawingdrawing that analogy. she is part of a protected class. does she deserve it. trying to use that clearly very smart, capable. have a lot power behind her. >> you're too smart. now you all see why i love him. >> i think it is simpler. this gives us a chance to focus on record. state department, benghazi, egypt, all these problems, russia, lawyers. she made all the mistakes with the billing records, blah, blah. gives him a chance to focus on her record. >> when dealing with donald trump, a man, she says i have a lot of experience dealing with men. when asked about his rhetoric,
9:19 am
she says i could care less about trump's rhetoric and what he says. your take? >> we should turn this issue to some of our finest american colleges and universities who are so politically hamstrung, by political correctness. why don't you sub second the phrase she used to that prism and one of the jokes she made with mayor because because. sandra: right. >> this humor culturally insensitive f not, listen, this was i had yo mat i can expression, people use this stuff all the time. that is fine. we can no longer nitpick each other as candidate, as parties for political correctness to base on these things that may not have any ill intentions. harris: kennedy brings up a good point. you hear a lot from the democrat party, the rules are s she needs to tell us what the rules are. looks like she is snared by her own rules. if you get offended everything comes out of your mouth however
9:20 am
offensive or not so it may be, that is the rule she has to live by it. regardless, this is not just a person. this is very good person. she would know that coombs from a time when the u.s. government wouldn't let native americans go off the reservations we put in place to mon to are their behavior and movement. they were forced to sign treaties in order to move about this country. certainly hillary clinton knows that. and i take issue with what you said just a little bit because i don't think it is just about holding someone's feet to the past. what donald trump is doing now, telegraphing every time she make as mistake. if she gets special treatment, binge, because of the woman's card. >> i think there is also could be that. harris: that is interesting to watch. it is a mark connect move. sandra: harris came off the weekend feisty. harris: i was with you this weekend. sandra: more on "outnumbered overtime." >> why weren't we invited? sandra: today marks five years since the world's most wanted terrorist, usama bin laden was killed but between isis and
9:21 am
resurgence of al qaeda, many say the world has become an enmore dangerous place since then. what's to blame for this and how do we turn it all around? plus donald trump, under fire, why former pentagon chief robert fates says he has real -- gates says he has real worries about a trump presidency. are his concerns valid or another attempt by the establishment to take down trump right after the show as promised catch more from the couch on the web., click on the "overtime" tab. if you want to hear more about what harris was doing that made her so feisty. >> what you both were doing. e ♪
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♪ harris: five years ago today navy seals culled usama bin laden. some experts are saying though the world is more dangerous than the raid in pakistan that took
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him out. the network bin laden founded as you know did not die that day. let's look what happened since then. some 30,000 sunni fighters from more than 100 countries traveled to syria and iraq to join extremist groups. we've seen unchecked global expansion of the islamic state savages. one official warning that they have quote, big ambitions for enormous and spectacular attacks, end quote. at least 34 extremist groups pledged their allegiance to the islamic state. al qaeda and its affiliates are gaining strength, even establishing new affiliates. terrorists are returning to the west from syria like those involved in the paris attacks in november. and there have been 23 isis-linked plots to attack inside of the united states since 2014. now one thing we can definitely say, david, our guys are amazing, guys and women who keep us safe here at home but clearly the threat is looming. >> well let's remember going back to the beginning where isis came from. there was a guy named
9:27 am
al-baghdadi, who used to be a buddy of saddam hussein who escaped from jail. went to turkey. the turks by the way gave him safe passage for a while. this was before isis was really named. he came back to iraq. once the american troops left thanks to president obama, our commander in chief and i guess hillary clinton was secretary of state at the time if she had any input there and robert gates may have had input that is really where isis started. they saw that fertile ground, the vacuum created as a result of american troops leaving those, those brave americans who brought piece to iraq, sort of unsteady peace but they brought it there. when they left all hell broke loose. it really comes back to the question of what this past -- what this current commander-in-chief has done over the past five or six years to sort of impregnate if you will this terrorist organization with everything they needed. harris: that's an interesting word, to give life and oxygen wholeheartedly to this work. >> it was al baghdadly.
9:28 am
he is still the titular head somewhere of isis. harris: some things though, kennedy, have changed. you look how technology played a part. back when we were first in iraq we didn't have the internet doing what it is now, to help out with that i am preg nation if you will, that infusion of recruitment. >> like al qaeda with marketing degree. isis figured out how to brand themselves and do it pretty efficiently. almost like, and this is not making a metaphor idealogically but donald trump using technology to further his presidential campaign while spending very little money. isis has done essentially the same thing. harris: but you're not comparing those two? >> i'm not comparing those two at all. what i'm saying they have figured out how to use technology to move their message forward. al qaeda in iraq grew into isis. the death of osama bin laden has done nothing to tamper down islamic jihad. so what happens if baghdadi dies? what happens if there is the end of isis?
9:29 am
harris: you think he is that important to the whole scheme? >> that's what i'm wondering f it met at that more sizing into that group, what happens to isis if he dies and can it get worse. harris: look how different this isis is compared to the back in the day al qaeda, if you will. they have a whole division run and by dedicated women lawyers, who they have no freedom. they're rapacious with them as -- sandra: the point john brennan, cia director was making. spread of isis, he said their expansion into libya is deeply-worrying factor of all this. not to mention franchises in places like indonesia, somalia, yemen and pakistan, but i heard the navy seal who killed usama bin laden on fox news say how in the world could not be a safer place with the death? >> because doesn't matter how
9:30 am
you quantify it. no matter how you look we are less safe. number of groups, number of people joining them. james clapper says there are more sunni extremist violent groups and safe havens than anytime in history. there is a lot more physical danger out there. you can argue how we got here but there is no question we're in a lot more danger. >> to david's point those vacuums created that fertile environment. meanwhile former defense secretary robert gates who was in office when bin laden was taken down he is now getting political. suggesting that the real estate mogul does not have the experience or temperment to negotiate with world leaders. voicing concerns about trump's willingness to take advice. watch. >> you have somebody who doesn't understand the difference between a business negotiation and a negotiation with sovereign powers. one of the things that worries
9:31 am
me, martha, is that he doesn't appear to listen to people. he believes that he has all the answers. that he's the smartest man in the room. >> now, as i watched that, david, i'm wondering what is his motivation? secretary gates, what is his motivation? because he obviously doesn't like president obama. he has had pretty glowing reviews of secretary clinton. now he doesn't like donald trump. is it sour grapes because he didn't run for president? >> he is consummate washington insider and survivor. he has been with republicans and democrats, who knows, maybe he is bucking for a job with the hillary administration. i can't get into his head, if he doesn't like presidents who don't take advice, why wasn't he talking about president obama? we were talking about iraq. all of the military was saying don't pull our men precipitously out of iraq as you're planning to do it. president obama did it anyway against all the advice of his military. why didn't robert gates talk about that? >> he makes a point a lot of
9:32 am
make about donald trump that he is smartest guy in the room and doesn't take advice from other people. >> no more than president obama. >> as he has been going along, not listening to other people has really worked for him. there is lot of positive reinforcement not listening to conventional wisdom. there is criticism that you do need to listen to outside people because you don't necessarily know everything that is going on. harris: what would we have for the current president though? this president dished up isis on a plate and called them jv. how could you have more concern about any of the other people who are running now in terms of listening than you do about the current one. >> what was senator obama's foreign policy experience before he came to be president of the united states? would secretary gates have the same criticism with dr. ben carson if he had delegate lead on republican side. >> maybe he said he listened to them and made a bad choice. sandra: motivation to say such things, look at comments he made
9:33 am
about hillary clinton in the past, called her smart, idealistic pragmatic and funny. >> funny? sandra: that being said i wonder about difference between a business negotiation and negotiations made with sovereign powers. david, you're the business guy, i don't know, a negotiation, a deal is a deal. is there a big difference? >> of course there is, talking about human lives as opposed to business decisions and dollars and cents. you can't put a value on human lives. on the other hand i think getting back to the business experience of donald trump, how often did he make a move without consulting the people around him? we all talked to his children, talked to people in his organization, realize that he is, he does consult a lot with the experts whether they're engineers he is working with or the architects or whomever it is the financial guys. i can not imagine him doing at least a little more than what the current president has done in terms of taking advice from people that know better than he does. but you know -- >> i don't know.
9:34 am
other thing you always hear about him he only trusts his family. that is who he goes to for counsel, donald trump. >> maybe ivanka will make a great vp? >> wow. >> sandra reads glowing adjectives gates used in his book to describe hillary clinton. is he angling to be her vp. >> no official endorsement. >> wouldn't that be interesting. >> very good, as the investigation into hillary clinton's email server rolls on her husband bill, calling it just a game perpetuated by her political opponents of course. would the fbi agree? is the former president helping or hurting his wife on the campaign trail! oh, bill. stay here. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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>> call bill clinton defender in chief. stumping for hillary clinton,
9:39 am
down playing fbi probe into the email scoffing that thousand of e-mails later classified, 22 reportedly found to contain top secret information. listen as mr. clinton take as bold claim and raises a lot of eyebrows with this apology. >> now you think about this when you go home. if you're driving in a 50 mile-an-hour zone, and a police officer pulls you over when you're driving 40, i'm sorry i have to give you a ticket because you know the speed limit here should be 35 and you should have known it. [laughter] everybody is all breathless about this? look, this is a game. >> talk about a bank shot, huh? meantime the 42nd president ran into buzzsaw of hecklers when he stumped in west virginia's coal country. a lot of folks there are not at all happy about hillary's recent promise to phase out coal in favor of renewable energy, a vow she would later try to walk back. [shouting] >> this is where they start
9:40 am
screaming because they don't want to hear this. [shouting] scream scream. >> you know, right, look, look. look, the difference, between us and them, we listen to them. >> i don't know, trying to pull a donald trump there. he did actually, effectively went after a heckler with "black lives matter" group couple weeks ago. he backtracked even though i thought he did a pretty good job confronting him. he is taking on hillary's worst statement ever, that she was, she was going to destroy jobs in the coal industry. you don't say that if you're running for president. >> watching these clips makes me feel really old because i remember when bill clinton was smooth and charming and everyone loved him and the most gifted politician on earth. i do not know what happened. age is rough on all of us. he has gotten very crank sy. he is always getting into fights
9:41 am
with people. speeding analogy i thought was really offensive, taking this thing that put lives in jeopardy -- i guess when you're speeding you're being careless so you could kill people. when you put your email in your server out there you're putting out information that can get people killed. other than i don't think there is much of annalgy there. >> that analogy breaks down so quickly. what he is saying speed limit changed arbitrarily, you weren't told, you were going to get a ticket and get in trouble. the difference his, his wife was allowed to set the speed limit. harris: exactly. >> his wife was the one able to determine and create information that was automatically classified. there is no comparison. >> and, harris, she signed a document saying that she would treat these emails as secret information. harris: everybody on her staff. >> the terms of a document that she signed. it was not hard to understand. it was two pages. it was simple language. she signed it. harris: everybody on her staff would have had connection she was touching too.
9:42 am
this is course, two-page course, you read it everybody goes through. but kennedy hits the nail on the head. it wasn't did you know the difference between what was classified or what wasn't. doesn't matter how it was marked, you're one of markers. did you know the speed limit was 55 or 70? it doesn't matter you put up signs and print them. come on, are we expected to believe over time she doesn't know what rules were? that is is suspension of belief. leaves us with two questions. mrs. clinton did you choose not to do the job the right way or did you not know how to do the job and why didn't you get help. as president, if you make it that far, and you don't know how to do something will you hire somebody who does. >> i will refer to the judge an draw napolitano, often one lucky guy on this couch, fbi has overwhelming evidence to indict and convict hillary clinton. he stuck to she calls this security review. state department conducts security reviews. this is the fbi. this is criminal investigation.
9:43 am
if the judge were sitting here, i'm sorry, judge, i'm speculating on this, i would imagine he would say to bill clinton, tell that the fbi investigators. many of them who are conducting this investigation that she probe is a game. harris: sandra, i want to ask you, you traded commodities and everything. this administration and hillary wants to continue this, made an effort to destroy one part of the energy industry, the colbies and they have gone a long way in destroying a number of companies. we put them up. we've seen their stock fall to zero in many cases. thousands of people out of work. here is bill clinton, picking on people that defended coal industry. i think that is a very bad strategy. >> right back into donald trump. because donald trump has owned that fact. you heard him many times on campaign trail reference that fact and rally voters on that. >> absolutely right. if you don't like coal, coal is too dirty, renewable energy is not there, and not employing people hurting in places like
9:44 am
west virginia. allow for fracking to be honest for that, how much cleaner way? >> driving a tesla, another electric car you're using coal. >> of course you are. what do you think powers the grid? harris: oh, my goodness. >> whole another can of worms, folks. meanwhile if you feel like you're being watched you're probably right. harris: uh-oh. >> even by billboards that can l phone as you walk by. one lawmaker says it is like scary movie. in fact there was a scary movie about this. it is business as usual in the digital age. we'll dethat coming up. heartbu! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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harris: "outnumbered" we're making more in a moment. first to jon scott for what is happening second hour of "happening now." >> when you make more "outnumbered" we're doing this. bernie sanders pulling out stops to win hillary clinton's superdelegates. plus snapchat at center of a legal firestorm. why that popular app is now being blamed for a serious car accident, why the company is
9:49 am
being sued by one of the drivers. disturbing new study by the cdc shows increased risk for concussions on the playground. what you can do to try to keep your kids safe. all coming up "happening now," top of the hour. harris: thanks, jon. >> thank you. >> new concerns for your privacy now. senator chuck assume every calling for an sec probe, sounds awful, into so-called spying billboards being spying nationwide. they reportedly collect data from smartphones and taylor ads just for you. the new york democrat raising alarm about the practice. >> something out after scary movie. personal cell phones should be just that. personal. shouldn't an be a james bond-like tracking device for corporation. >> all right. but owner of billboards, clear channel outdoors says individual customers can not be identified and that the ad technique uses
9:50 am
only aggregated and a none mizeed information from other country which must follow consumer protection standards. i feel so much better, melissa. >> james bond, like he couldn't even come up with a more modern character. harris: sean connery. >> i do agree. i think it's a little creepy they can walk around gather all the information. you should have to opt in and sign off say it is okay with you. mainly because it is valuable information. but i don't know, i mean i think i'm being followed wherever i'm going, like they know what you're doing. every time i think about struggilng someone, there is record of where i am. i'm not going to get away with it. >> i love working with this lady. >> i can't do it. i want to strangle you. i can't. >> wow. >> sandra there is big difference between the government using illegal methods, warrantless searches on innocent americans and a private company, using what you allow them to if you have your
9:51 am
location services on, on your phone. >> which by the way i still think there is a large percent of americans who don't understand that is actually on going on your phone. look, you could be tracked anywhere, at any given moment if that is on your phone. that being said, wasn't it just a few days ago a few weeksing a we were talking about the fbi director james comey who said he put as piece of tape over his webcam sitting at his desk because of ability of hackers to tap in and watch him and listen to him whatever he is doing in his office? i do fear this kind of thing, kennedy. i do think the government to some degree, dare i say this to libertarian has to look out for this, has to be aware of ability of private companies to watch what we're doing and monitoring every step we take. >> i think the government has to look out for itself first. harris: i think it does. i think it does. i think we're pretty naive what we saw with apple and some other companies with regard to the iphone from one of terrorists in san bernanadino couldn't be widespread. i mean, i think it is a little
9:52 am
disingenuous when i hear a politician complaining about watching people. i don't know if i buy all of it but i do understand where he is coming from. it would be nice if you check a box and everybody knew about the locations services. give you two words, google earth. a lot of people had no idea the houses with their cars and driveways, so many identifiable markings that when google earth came out. nobody understood that technology. i didn't hear schumer and some of the others. that to me is more dangerous. that is your home. >> he doesn't even understand technology. >> movie reference. it wasn't james bond, it was tom cruise's "minority report." that was the movie reference. what is creepy this is life imitating art. >> or government. >> when was it, 15, 20 years ago. movie came out, the people would walk by billboards, hey, jack you look like you could use a beer, guinness in particular. it's a little creepy.
9:53 am
harris: how is this any different i use a site and use my email, you ever notice, wherever you have been anything like what you bought pops up in ads middle of what you're trying to do? how is that any different? >> 2002, he told us. that is when "minority report," still life imitating art. maybe we'll eventually have time machines, right? >> i hope so. i saw jeff goldblum at white house correspondent's dinner. >> we'll be able to turn ourself into ants? >> brundel fly. we have to talk about playdates, taking on a whole new meaning. froing trend of parents deciding who their kids hang out with, based on how mom and dad can benefit most. harris: oh, boy. ♪ it's your home. it's everything you've always wanted.
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9:58 am
favors, like help getting into a exclusive apartment. sandra smith, you are laughing. so this is woman from brooklyn. she wrote this book. she -- you're sitting there and your kids are playing whatever. you're totally trapped. you can't grab your kid and get out. the mom says, oh, i have the most wonderful facial cream. do you know about this secret? you're like, where is the door. sandra: i believe it but welcome to new york city. they're writing about women that live in brooklyn or the boroughs of manhattan, this is, they're are a lot of stay-at-home moms who do sell skin care lines or things like that. if they have a captive audience, bingo! >> captive is the key word. sandra: that is automatic sale, if your kids play together how can you refuse right? i think it is sad. playdates. i don't even call them that. my kids are two and under. we to -- go to the park. i don't think this playdate thing has gone too, far, david. >> i remember there have been
9:59 am
tupperware -- how is it different in one way. >> this is different because it is under the guise my child, they're in second grade together. oh, my goodness, my child loves your kid. wants to have them over. you're there one-on-one. you expect you sit there, eat a little cheese and watch kids play, all of sudden people have hidden agenda. harris, i didn't think you would appreciate that. harris: i don't like playdates that turn into crowd funding or job search. i have to be careful in case i had moms with one of the playdates -- i don't care. i will be honest. not a big fan of getting together. like i like to go to the park. i love for kids to play. volunteer to watch your child. you can use my house as drop zone if you want. drop-off zone. do whatever. i'm good with that. but i have a hard time making chitchat with people i might not ordinarily -- >> kennedy loves to do that. >> we found a lovely group of parents at gym masstics.
10:00 am
friday nights our kids practice four hours at a time. everyone comes whoever and go to the kids room. harris: do they crowd fund. >> i will start to crowd fund. get a kickstarter campaign. harris: we have interesting pictures from the white house correspondents dinner. we'll share them in overtime. now "happening now." >> i have nothing to do. "happening now". in the grown zone. take the battle to defeat isis. >> severe weather destroying homes and others without power but lucky to be alive. >> i am here and i am safe. >> where


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