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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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friday nights our kids practice four hours at a time. everyone comes whoever and go to the kids room. harris: do they crowd fund. >> i will start to crowd fund. get a kickstarter campaign. harris: we have interesting pictures from the white house correspondents dinner. we'll share them in overtime. now "happening now." >> i have nothing to do. "happening now". in the grown zone. take the battle to defeat isis. >> severe weather destroying homes and others without power but lucky to be alive. >> i am here and i am safe. >> where the dangerous weather
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could hit today. >> scenes of anarchy and chaos. and violence in a major u.s. city. it is all "happening now". >> but we begin on this monday for the battle for indiana where the stakes could not be higher for ted cruz. >> that texas senator badly needs a moose -- hooser state. 87 republican delegates are up for grabs in indiana. donald trump is leading the delegates. >> i believe in the american
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people and the people in the hoosier state and the goodness of the american people that we will not give in to evil. >> if we win indiana, it's over. and i shouldn't say this, but if we win in indiana, and then we focus on hillary. please, let's focus on hillary. >> we have the latest. and chief political correspondent carl cameron in south indiana. >> reporter: ted cruz is throwing everything he can throw at donald trump with the exception of the kitchen sink. he went after trump for transgender bath p rooms and suggested that this is a state he would name his running mate and do so.
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and creating an ala iance. six of them had donald trump with a hefty lead here and when the numbers are that stacked up it suggests that trump has the advantage. cruz said he would win indiana, a conservative red state and bobbi knight is campaigning with trump. cruz said no matter what happens. >> i am in for a distance with a competing to the end. >> tomorrow, when indiana votes, that will leave only nine states remaining and for cruz and the stop trump folks that leaves
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only california left. as for mr. trump, he said the republican party should unite around him. they should get behind had his candidacy. and yesterday, he doesn't need it. listen. >> seriously. i don't think it matters, but it would be nice to have the republican party come together. with that being said, i think i will win anyway. >> reporter: very confident trump and very determined cruz. 24 hours left before the polls close and the campaigns have worked hard. trump racked up a bunch of wins on the east coast and cruz said he has to win here. he set the expectations very high and if he doesn't meet them it will be bad news for the stop
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trump crowd. >> republican front runner donald trump sits down with hanitiy right here on fox news channel. on the democratic side hillary clinton attending a jobs and where bernie sanders will hold a get-out-the-vote. mike emmanuel joins us from williamson, west virginia. >> reporter: hillary clinton on a two-day bus tour trying to shift her are focus to the general election and improve her standing with rural white class voters and talking about what is at stake in november. we can't let bark bookkeeper
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obama's legacy fall in donald trump's hand. for example, i am upon the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as key in coal country and we'll put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> reporter: that made west virginia democratic senator joe man dht chin furious. he said she called and apologized. and sanders' message. >> for us to win the majority of the pledged candidates, we need 710. that is 65 percent of the remaining pledge delegates. that is admittedly and i do not
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deny it for a second, a tough road to climb. sanders is hoping his supporter ares will continue to believe in him and we'll watch to see what kind of reaction hillary clinton will get in the west virginia/kentucky border. >> great to see you over the weekend. >> thank you. >> senator sanders is making a public push for hillary clinton's super delegates calling for them to switch allegiance. >> of the 719 delegates committed themselves to secretary clinton even before we got into this campaign in states where i as a candidate and secretary clinton won a land slide victory. those delegates out you ought to
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look at the votes in line of the wishes of the people of the states. >> does he have a chance? we'll talk to our guests. welcome to both of you. marjorie, as the democratec strategist. convincing the super delegateses to go to his side? >> he's tireless. so you are saying there is a chance and he sees an opening and nothing is off of the table. i would never, never assume anything anymore especially after the presidential cycle system. the likelihood of this happening is slim. and i think the only chance he had is moving the super
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delegates and in 2008, the major its of the super delegates moved to obama. and that was huge in him clinching the nomination. that is the only chance he has left. >> so much of a attention on a contested convention, on the republican side. but bernie is saying it would be the democratic side. >> it would be a brokered convention and the super delegates that are going to go in the back room and make deals employer unlike the democrats, they are public officials and party bigwigs and donors and they will have the say to who the nominee is.
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in the republican party system, you don't have that. it is undemocratic. >> one of the people who supports bernie sanders is one donald trump. this is what he had to say about this. >> it is super delegates just handed it to hillary. she walks away with the teleigates and sanders keeps winning. he has no path to victory they say. it is a dirty rotten and horrible business. does he have a point? >> yes, trump and bernie sanders, there is a lot of similarities. that is an reordering of the american dream and mistrust of the system.
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hillary clinton is the system and cruz is the system. old school candidates is why mrerns have an allergy to them. and they are flocking to trump and sanders. and that's what they are campaigning on. energy against the system. >> the delegate system is not pure democracy, brad. it is kind of designed for the party to put forward a nominee the party thinks is most opportunity. >> it is. both systems have 50 states and territories that make up the system. and the system in the electrical part of this process is different than the selection process. it is more.
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they don't understand. and it is probably not good. and they can modernize them. and we see what happens. and we will have live results on fox news channel. and we'll have the ketails on the financial crisis in puerto rico. plus this. chaos in a mayday rally in one u.s. city. and we want to hear from you. will the indiana voters keep ted cruz alive. we'll go to fox
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fox news alert and bad news for puerto rico. the island will default on a debt payment due today. today's missed payment is the biggest yet. puerto rico owes a staggering $72 billion. house law makers are working on a bill to let puerto rico file for bankruptcy protection that is available now only to u.s. cities and that opposition is from u.s. taxpayers. >> chaos on seattle. protestors clashing with police on may at a. nine people were arrested. dan springer is live with us in
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seattle. it look terrible. >> this is annual event. every may 1st. they clash with police. hundreds of an ark chift wear mask ands black clothing and carry baton and sticks. police had an overwhelming presence and wouldn't let the protestors go where they wanted to g. cops blocked access to the retail stores. and so they threw rocks. and one police officer got hit in the face by i chunk of conkret. another ron was hit poi a molatov cocktail. and the injuries were not serious and the police got the upper hand by using rubber
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bullets. and in the past the department was critized for being too passive. >> we'll respect first amendment rights. but when they attack and injure individuals. the police will act. >> damage was lighter than in previous years. starbucks had a window smashed and it was boarded up and the business was opened and that was the case in a target store. they had little impact on commerce. protestors arrested, eight were men in their 30s. they are facing charges of assault and property crime. >> thank you. >> and new surveillance video of a air strike in a hospital in the syrian city of a leppo. people were walking in the
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hallway moments before the strike of the people including one of the last pediatricians left in the city. meanwhile secretary of state john kerry is holding talks in againeva aimed at restoring a partial truce. >> we had death threats on facebook. we have been put through it. >> that man's daughter accused of causing a car crash by taking this accident after the accident. the other driver is suing her and snap chat. more legal action. starbucks in hot water. the coffee giant said the lawsuit is absurd.
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>> right now, a woman suing starbucks for putting too much ice in the cold drinks. the coffee drink advertising the drinks by fluid ounces and they are only accurate when the ice is added. starbucks fired back that customer understand that ice is a component of the ice drink and the lawsuit is without merit. another legal story to tell you b. a georgia man injured in a car crash is suing the driver who caused the accident and a social media app, snap chat. that app lets users snap the pictures. and one that shows time and
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temperature and user's location and how fast they are traveling. that speed filter caused this car wreck. that is according to court documents. crystal mcgee, the driver was trying to capture her 100 miles per hour speed and she hit another car behind had. she said she was not driving that fast and the other driver pulled out in front of her. she snapped the picture in the emergency room with a caption lucky to be alive. neither the app or his daughter caused the crash, listen. >> i think they are looking for something that is off of something. that man caused the wreck and we are getting the flame for it. >> our legal panel is here. and heather hansen is a trial
10:25 am
attorney. john, make the case for dwr snap chat is not responsible. >> this is a dumb fetture and a speedommeter in snap chat. but snap chat did not cause the accident. if i jump off of the bridge and ruin your boat dew so the bridge in no, it was my damage. it was the driver and not snap chat. >> they did not encourage you to take the picture? >> the trend is holding more and more people responsible in this way. texting to the driver. this is an expension of the law. and one of the arguments that can be made, snap chat had other cases in this particular filter was implicated in a case. and if that starts happening and snap chat refuses to take that
10:26 am
filter down, there is exposure and good chance of being found liable. >> they can add thing ands look at things in a different way. if you snap chat, jana, why have it as an option sfoed. it is a dumb foirt. they are capable of distracting us. there is a speedommeter in the car and not talking about snap chat and we are blaming her. that's why it bep longs to begin with. there is no safe selfie when you are behind the wheel. the fact that people are using it in the car is not good. when you have a terribly injured plaintiff who was innocent. >> her family claims he pulled
10:27 am
out too slowly. and caused the accident. >> that is challenging. >> and he's terribly damaged and a lot of times, jury's look to give money. and if she has none, and snap chat does. >> they are going after the deep pocket because she is a young girl and not enough insurance. and they need to compensate him. in this case it is snap chat. >> she's strapped up the board and snaps it is lucky to be alive. does ha prove the case for the man who is injured. >> against her, but not snap
10:28 am
chat. it doesn't matter, but for them were they negligent to have that filter. only way they prove that is similar cases. >> the insurance company could be liable, too. they are only on the hook for 25000. maybe you don't get to take your cell phone in the car. if you can't control yourself doing dumb things. snap chatting and drinking and driving. what do we do? you have to have self responsibility. >> which one does work on behalf of a family who lost a daughter. >> i learned how distracted you can be. talking and driving is a single tasking event and you should be
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doing just driving. >> my kids in the back seat. >> thank you so much. and heather hanson and jana silver. i upon not that mean, really. >> and that is is thing them straight. i am distracted there. and there is growing turmoil in iraq. protestors go to baghdad. and general jack keene is on deck. >> historic voyage on the high seas. an american tourist on a special p trip decades in the making. >> to be a part of truly making history and preparing for a positive future for everyone is a great design for any company.
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>> "happening now" the first cruise ship from the u.s. to cuba. most american passengers that are taking advantage of the sen day voyage. hi, phil. >> reporter: with the land mark voyage. carnival cruise line starts its
10:34 am
cub cruise every two weeks from miami. and first stop havana. the ship arrived in the communist capitol at 9:00 a.m. many cub ans turned out to see what they thought would never happen again. a u.s. ship docking in the port. >> it is a sign this signifies progress and a possibility for a brighter future for americans and cubans. >> the vessel left sunday with great fanfare. water cannons and champagne on the deck. it came with convideo versy as miami and cuba go together. a protestor boat. and a rowel that forbade cub ans
10:35 am
from returning to cuba on boat. they aloud alberto to return to cuba for the first time since 1962. >> i am not here to change the cub an government. i am proud to be an american. and i am just wanting to learn about p my heritage. >> reporter: this qualifies as a people to people cruise. all four days off of the boeshths they will meet with cubans and discuss art, music and culture and seeing the art cult nurhavana. and the passengers who paid 3000 to 10000 were excited. it was a dream of a lifetime coming true and the cruise hits
10:36 am
on the south and to cuba on the east of the island where fidel castro went on the balcony and declared the ref , revolution had been one. >> "happening now" now, san bernardino county chief executive bashing apple. 14 people were killed in the massacre five months ago today. john hunt is live for us in san bernardino. >> reporter: the man overseeing the san bernardino continuing recovery has a stark warning for america, it needs to wake up and deal with a different kind of threat. that is gregory devereau.
10:37 am
he was waiting to take off from washington when suddenly, urge end text messages began to flood his phone. >> i jumped up and said i have to get off of the plane. the recovery is slow and difficult. >> i haven't been able to come back to work. others are not able to come. and some will never be able to come back to work. >> reporter: seeing an insider attack. he believes that the country has to do something different. >> once you move from events that are being planned by terrorist groups, to as they termed this one, inspired events, bee have to realize that that is a fundmental shift in
10:38 am
how government is going to be able to detect that and protect us. >> reporter: that brings him to the role of apple and the encryption debate. >> i as a american citizen wish they would engage in the legitimate need of our government to be able to counter these kinds of events. >> reporter: now, you probably noticed him wearing the san bernardino strong pin. he said the community is getting stronger every day. and despite all of the specialist help they are getting, sometimes the employees the best thing is to just go hug somebody. >> thank you. right now, chaos in baghdad
10:39 am
and it raises questions about the stability of the government there. a car bomb in the capital killed 13 shiite pilgrims. dozens were hit in the blast. this after the anti- protestors stormed the green zone and invaded the parliament building. they have since left but vow to return if their demands are not met. general jack keene said it shows the short comings in the strategy to defeat the islamic state. he writes, on present trend mr. obama will not have defeated isis. and most of the middle east will be in turmoil. >> and so the writer of the words. general jack keane, a fox
10:40 am
military analyst. >> i was not aware of the number of troops we had in iraq right now. president obama pulled out all of the forces and military advisors wanted 10000. >> that was the minimum. initial was 20000. >> it is my understanding in dribs and drabs. we have 5000 assigned now. >> yes, unofficially we don't account those who come in 3 or 4 months and doing creative accounting here. it is it probably 1500. we are north of 6000. and we have made, jon, in those two years of 2014, 10
10:41 am
incremental increases from 300 to where we are now. in vietnam, we called it gradual escalation which is what we are in now. >> so much for ending the iraq war. it is not over? >> not by a long shot. the political crisis is significant and under reported in the potential consequences. what is happening it is festering for months. >> that's correct. >> someone who was a thorn in our side. and organizing demonstrators and he brought tens of thousands nonviolent to be be sure. if reform doesn't insure. he will bring us down. and the iraqi army in the field supporting that government and
10:42 am
answering to its orders. and morale is affected. and it puts in question whether or not we could succeed if the government goes down and it's crippl crippled. imagine if a mob destroyed the capitol building. it is teetering. >> don't underestimate the power. they ran all of the parliamentariarians out. but did not go near the president or the u.s. embassy. but they could return and cause mischief. >> if we had the 10 or 15000 troops in the early years of obama p administration, would isis be the threat it is today? >> absolutely not. what happened here isis
10:43 am
ree4e6r7br remerged. in 2011, there were few hundred operators and they saw the situation in syria. they go to syria as a result of a stalemated syrian war. we did not help the moderates. he has no interferrance. and in two years, a terrorist army, invades iraq and establishes nine affiliate nations this support him and creates a worldwide problem in europe and san bernardino. >> general jack keane, always
10:44 am
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let allstate help protect your rates. talk to a local allstate agent and discover how much more their personal service can do for you. call 888-429-5722 now. >> well, that extreme weather in texas is blamed for another death and that is rising to sex. heavy rains. and swamping the streets as you can see and rising high as the roofs of some houses. casy is live there in dallas. >> palestine, texas is the hardest hit area. hit with water over the weekend. 115 southeast of dallas. look at pictures. the rain pouring so fast. more than seven inches in one hour that six people died
10:48 am
including a 64 year old woman and four great grandchildren all under the age of nine. they were swept away by the fast- moving flood waters very quickly. >> after the water receded. we found two boys, floating in the yard. and we went out there and got them. covered them up. >> major flooding problems in neighboring louisiana as well. more than six inches of rain in southwestern louisiana. several roads had to be closed and lake charleston, and henderson, louisiana. there were high water rescues. and impacting new orleans jazz
10:49 am
fest. several acts like steve wonder and snoop dog had to be cancelled and more flooding is possible this week as swollen rivers continue to rise. >> stay safe there. >> advertising comes under fire in the digital age, new billboards using smart technology to target consumers personally. one senator calls it spying. a new study to keep your kids off of the monkey bars. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support.
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why does donald trump need to win tomorrow? chris explains and bernie sanders argues it is difficult but not impossible to win the party's nomination. hillary clinton calling for a reality check. and one daughter's story of survival after five days lost in the new zealand wilderness. >> we'll be watching miss shannon bream. the cvc shows the number of children suffering from brain injuries. up from 23 in 2005. 30000 kids are treated for concussions each year. most common culprit are the swings and monkey bars. parents need to listen.
10:54 am
i have a little boy. >> maybe that is what happened to me. >> might exmrin a lot. none new york senator is bashing a billboard that spy on consumer phone. it violates personal privacy. clear channel denies the claim and schummer is calling for an investigation. tell us what p it is all about, liz? >> reporter: this is the cross worlds of the world. and clear channel has a program called radar. if you walk by any clear channel billboard, it will get your location data from at&t and hook up with a technology company to find out where you go and update billboards to target you for the marketing. if you are a millennial or nfl
10:55 am
or soccer mom. senator chuck schummer not liking it and demanding a phone. >> your personal cell phone should not be a james bond gadget that is used against it. it is your phones and privacy and you should have to give them permission to follow you when you drive by or walk by a billboard. >> reporter: that's the issue. unbeknowns to you and without your consent, it is information that is given over. we got mixed reaction. >> you should be able to maintain privacy and to have access is absurd. >> i don't know if it is invasion of privacy but i would
10:56 am
like the right to opt in or out. >> if you don't know they are doing it, they shouldn't do it. >> clear channel said it has consumer safe guards built in. and reaction here is negative here in times square. nselfies are taken. and one state is saying no thanks. we'll tell you about the life experience you will not be able to document on your phone. that's next.
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11:00 am
hole you're punching. >> true. >> all right. >> but then again, you like to take selfies. you're a selfie guy. >> no, i don't. >> just teasing. leave that here for the teenagers. >> great to have you here today. >> i'll be back later this week. >> "the real story" with shannon bream in for gretchen starts right now. >> bye. and we begin with a fox news alert. it's all on the line in indiana. less than 24 hours until voters there have their say in this primary year. hello, everyone. i'm shannon bream in for gretchen and this is "the real story." candidates trying to drum up last-minute support in the hoosier state. ted cruz in ft. wayne and donald trump just north of indianapolis and john kasich is sitting this race out as per his agreement with cruz. bernie sanders holding a get out the vote rally in ft. wayne this hour and hillary clinton moving on to west virginia, holding a discussion there in just a few hours. more live from south bend, indiana where he's


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