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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hole you're punching. >> true. >> all right. >> but then again, you like to take selfies. you're a selfie guy. >> no, i don't. >> just teasing. leave that here for the teenagers. >> great to have you here today. >> i'll be back later this week. >> "the real story" with shannon bream in for gretchen starts right now. >> bye. and we begin with a fox news alert. it's all on the line in indiana. less than 24 hours until voters there have their say in this primary year. hello, everyone. i'm shannon bream in for gretchen and this is "the real story." candidates trying to drum up last-minute support in the hoosier state. ted cruz in ft. wayne and donald trump just north of indianapolis and john kasich is sitting this race out as per his agreement with cruz. bernie sanders holding a get out the vote rally in ft. wayne this hour and hillary clinton moving on to west virginia, holding a discussion there in just a few hours. more live from south bend, indiana where he's following the
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gop race. tomorrow could signal the end of the campaign for cruz. without a big win what's at stake? >> reporter: well, pretty much everything for ted cruz is at stake. i'm at a trump real. this won't happen for another five hours, but take a look, shannon, at this line that's already lining up and has been here since 7:00 this morning. pretty incredible. as you point out, ted cruz really pulling all the stops out. has the governor out with him, mike pence, the governor of indiana, finally made an endorsement and is now campaigning with him today, but cruz getting pressure to drop out, and today he waded into the donald trump supporters, the trump protesters that came to his event. he wanted to talk to them. pulling out all the stops and listen to one exchange. >> i appreciate you coming out. i appreciate you coming out and standing up, and i think this entire process, i think anyone that wants to be president owes it to the people of this state to come in front of you and ask for your support, and i'm
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running to be everyone's president. those who vote for me. >> we don't want you. >> well, you're entitled to your view, sir, and i will respect it. >> do the math. >> you know, you asked kasich to drop out. it's your turn. take your own word. >> now i'm curious. >> time to drop out. >> when donald gets to 1,237 are you going to drop out. >> donald will definitely goat 1,237. >> reporter: the sentiment of a lot of people. a lot of trump supporters in the line. take a look at some of those faces. also, carly fiorina out today. ted cruz in addition to the stops he's making split up with carly fiorina. she's got mike lee, senator mike lee with her. louie gohmert from texas campaigning with her in indiana. i think it's fair to say it's do or die today for ted cruz. a lot going on in the hoosier state. >> already there, outside the trump event. hours away. plenty of people there. we saw a lot of heat around some of the trump events this weekend in california.
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what are the odds we see something like this today where you are? >> reporter: i will say indiana ain't california. it ain't chicago. this is not a place where we've seen much of any protests at trump rallies. sometimes you see them early, but i'll tell you. i look at this line, and i don't see anybody, and i would be willing to wager we're not going to see anything like we saw in either california or chicago. >> all right. jeff lock on the scene at the trump event as it's just hours away. thank you, jeff. donald trump calling on republican leaders to unite behind him but also saying he could still win the white house even if they don't decide to help him. >> there should be and there has to be unity. now, with that being said, would i win, can i win without it? i think show, to be honest. i think so, because they are going to vote for me. >> chris stirewalt is fox news digital politics editor. chris, it comes down to indiana tomorrow. but you raise some interesting points in your morning writing.
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who needs to win this more and why? >> ted cruz must win. must win or go home. doesn't matter. if he loses all these delegates, not only -- well, the simplest way to put t.indiana should be good ground for ted cruz. it has a lot of evangelical christian voters. it has the right profile in terms of income, education. it's in the midwest. this should be as maybe as good as iowa or wisconsin. if he can't do it there, the trend that we've started to see over the last month, voters tuning out, turnout is dropping and participation levels going down. the republican party may just be done with this process. remember, a vote for ted cruz is a vote to keep it going. a vote for donald trump or not voting is a vote for ending the process, so cruz must win. in the case of trump though, having set these expectations, if he were to lose, if cruz, even though the polls indicate he's lagging, if cruz were to come from behind and beat trump in indiana, it reinvigorates the
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race. now the expectation is set that trump must win. i suspect the polls are right. i suspect that trump is in a good position to win there, but if for some reason you wouldn't you would see the race extended, roll on and would see this go on maybe to california in june. >> well, you touched on this. how much does the gop not want that to be the case? >> well, they are rather desperate, especially in the republican establishment for it just to be over, and when you see these dropping voters, 6% turnout of the eligible voters in new york for that state's primaries, numbers in the 10% range for turnout of eligible voters in the i-95 corridor or primaries. we're not seeing the kind of participation and turnout that we saw at the beginning here. it seems like republicans are sort of through with it. now, indiana can reframe that. they can re-rack this entire campaign in the sense that they say, no, let's keep going. big turnout, big interest, or they could send ted cruz home. >> i think we have a little bit of sound from paul manafort working with the trump campaign.
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we do not have that, but he's talked about the fact that -- >> i can do it with a sock pup. >> i will play the role of paul manafort and this is what he says, that they have to focus on unifying the party as we head into the home stretch going into the convention, but you just heard donald trump, his candidate, saying, well even if they don't win behind me i can still win without them. >> i have a theory that the best path for donald trump forward is to not unify the republican party but instead to unify disaffected voters, sort of the ross perot coalition and to reach out to disaffected white democrats and blue collar voters, independent and democratic, pick a democrat or non-republican for his running mate and do something to shake it up. there's a poll out of florida today that has him and cruz both just getting crushed in a head-to-head with hillary clinton so it may be necessary for donald trump to get what fueled hits campaign going. i don't know if that will work for him to unify the republican
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party. maybe he needs to keep going rogue and rolling with the punches. >> what was the saying that you had in one of your pieces last week? i think were you referencing the afghanistans who say better to take one beating now than two tomorrow, something like that. >> as i said, the pashtun must be the west virginians of central asia because they have better one beating today than two beatings tomorrow. a rather dauer view of a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush but the republicans may be ready to take their beating today. >> sounds painful. all right, chris. always good to see you. the democratic race, hillary clinton holding an economic barriers event in kentucky earlier today and is now moving on to west virginia where she will be focusing on health and wellness issues. senator bernie sanders kicking off a kick out the vote rally in indiana minutes from now. the latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll shows clinton with a narrow four-point lead over sanders heading into tomorrow's indiana primary.
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mike emanuel is there tracking it all. the democratic candidates taking very different approaches at this stage. >> reporter: shannon, good afternoon. no question about that. hillary clinton seems a lot more focused on the general election at this point. clinton making stops in appalachia on a two-day tour, already stopping in kentucky. will be on her way here to west virginia, and she's also going to stop in general election battleground ohio as well, and part of her message is the stakes in november are incredibly high. >> this election represents such a critical choice for america. yes, of course, it's a choice between different candidates, but i think it's also a choice about something even more fundamental. it's about unity versus division, compassion versus selfishness. >> it appears when hillary clinton gets here to west
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virginia, she will be greeted by a whole lot of trump supporters and trump signage. we're already hearing some people starting to shout about the war on coal. we'll be listening for the reception when she gets here. shannon. >> looks a little bit like you're at a trump event. obviously not the case. all right. let's talk about indiana, the next big contest, that's tomorrow. where do things stand for democrats there? >> shan norngs shaping up to be an incredibly close race us a made reference to that. the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll has hillary clinton with a four-point lead in indiana but that's within the poll's margin of error. bernie sanders is telling supporters his focus is simple. earning more delegates. >> we have won about 45% of them. there are ten states left, and we have to earn over 50 boston of those delegates, and that's what the importance of indiana
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is. >> so sanders' message is the race is not over yet. we will see what folks in indiana have to say about that tomorrow. shannon? >> we shall. mike, thank you so much. virginia republicans are going to court to challenge the governor's controversial executive order giving more than 200,000 convicted felons the right to vote, making them eligible to cast ballots in november. more live in washington. hi, doug. >> reporter: hi, shannon. the executive order signed two days after the general assembly adjourned gives every virginia convicted felon the right to vote and the rights to run for public office and the right to serve of on a jury as long as they are served their term and all parole requirements. >> i believe it is time to cast off virginia's troubled history of injustice and embrace an honest, clean process for restoring the rights of these men and women. >> reporter: but republicans who
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control the general assembly see it as a naked attempt to win this swing state for his longtime ally hillary clinton by potentially delivering more than 200,000 democratic votes for her. the virginia house gop said in the statement at the time under the justice system the murder victim will never get to vote but the murderer will. the gop presidential front-runner has also weighed in on this. >> you allow 200,000 of serious -- these are serious criminals. these are people that committed serious crimes. you allow them to vote. they are going to vote democrat and that throws off the balance totally. >> reporter: now the state gop is suing. they will no doubt bolster their case with words of a former democratic virginia governor and now u.s. senator tim kaine who said in 2010 restoring voting rights to felons would have to be done on a case-by-case basis because a blanket order would be a rewrite of the law rather than the right of executive clemency powers. virginia, ohio, kentucky and
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florida are the only states that deprive felons of their voting rights for life. racial disparities in sentencing means 1 out of every 13 blacks in the u.s. is ineligible to vote. shannon, back for you. >> thank you so much. bernie sanders says he is in it to win it, but delegate math shows he has an uphill battle. that's put it nicely. can he still earn the nomination over hillary clinton? >> she will need super delegates to take her over the top at the convention in philadelphia. in other words, the convention will be a contested contest.
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people are dead as parts of the southeast deal with heavy flooding. texas, louisiana and arkansas particularly hard hit. torrential rains blamed for at least six drowning deaths in texas. the region bracing for possible flooding again today as a trough of low pressure deteriorates over the southwest. meanwhile, a slow-moving frontal system is taking aim at the eastern half of the country, drifting over the ohio valley into new england. senator bernie sanders' path to the presidential nomination saul but closed off. but he is insisting there will be a contested convention for the party's super delegates saying they should be in play if clinton can't earn a majority of the regular pledged delegates. clinton, however, feels a reality check is in order, as she tries to shift focus to the republicans. >> senator sanders has been a passionate advocate for positions that he cares deeply about. i think that's been helpful to the democratic primary process.
11:17 am
he's brought millions of people into the process, which i think is also very good for the democratic party, but there comes a time when you have to look pat the reality. >> a gop are strategist and form er spokeswoman for george w. bush and a democratic candidate joins us as well. woum to both of you. bernie sanders says i do better with hillary clinton when it comes to the gop contender. will that work? >> i don't think that's going to work necessarily. his going to the convention is really more about trying to persuade the platform that will come out of the democratic party going forward because that voting will all happen this sumner philadelphia. with the super delegates and delegates in general, the same with voters, it's interesting -- i've noticed everyone asked how will hillary, you know, capture
11:18 am
all of the sanders' voters but no one asks sanders' voters how he'll capture all of the hillary supporters and what needs to happen and will happen is we'll see the party come together, as senator clinton has said, secretary clinton, that it's been a wonderful process and an expansive one, having the debate that we've had as opposed to what's happened in the gop side where there's been a total splintering of the party but now it's time, you know, and will be as we go into the summer to get down to the hard work and brass tacks and start focusing on the general. >> meantime, sanders not going away. want to play a little bit about what can be described as a lot of optimism on his part. here's what he's got to say. >> it's difficult but it's not impossible. we'll need 65% of the remaining ten contests plus d.c., plus puerto rico, et cetera, to do it. now, 65% is a pretty heavy climb, but these are states, by the way, that i think we'll do very, very well in. >> mercedes, so he's saying
11:19 am
there's a chance. >> well, i think that sanders is being overly hospital mystic. i mean, you look at d.c., for example, with the poll numbers hillary is ahead of bernie sanders in california, again, a big chunk of these delegates out there. hillary is winning, north new jersey, so you're looking at several of these bigger states where we know hillary clinton will perform very well so i think it makes it very difficult for sanders to make this argument, and the last thing the democrats want, shannon, is a contested convex. they are hoping that's something the republicans will do and have to deal with the headache and definitely not the democrats. >> he says and those who support him say he's been a very important voice in this. hillary clinton has said that as well. that he's brought light to a lot of very important topics, but clearly he's been trying to pull her further left to the very important issues that he and his supporters care about. how will that impact her in the general? has she gone as far as she's going and why she's partially
11:20 am
wanting to shut him down and say listen, i got your ideas and i hear what you're saying, you've made a contribution but let's move on? >> i think that's excellent sort of summation. i think she certainly -- in a way, it's brought to light some of her more progressive ideas and some of the things that really she's been talking about for, gosh, you know, as long as i can remember so, you know, i think the goals are very similar and where everyone would like to be going forward. i think that the way they go about it is a little bit different. i don't see her going any further, you know, towards becoming a democratic socialist. i don't see it happening, but in that same sense i'm not surprised that bernie is staying in the race. he actually was elected as an independent so he's not really someone -- >> if that's the appeal of him and donald trump. these are not people who are tied to the political party that there's a general dissatisfaction with on the far left and far right. >> he's generated a lot of excitement, a lot of young
11:21 am
people showing up. will they show up for hillary if he's not the nominee? >> polls are showing 24% of those that support bernie will not support hillary clinton. i mean, hillary clinton really has an image problem, and the fact that she has -- she's untrustworthiness and don't like her ties to wall street. it's going to be a problem for hill hi. i think she will have a difficult time courting those voters because some of these democrats, they don't want a democrat establishment like hillary clinton being their nominee. >> all right. we shall see. in indiana, a big day with a tight poll for the democrats this tomorrow. thank you, both. >> thank you. after three months of gruesome and graphic testimony in the trial of the so-called grim sleeper murderer, it's coming to a close. lonnie franklin jr. with the murders of ten women in l.a. why the dna evidence may convict or exonerate him. also in court, the familiar life mega star prince trying to figure out how to divide the music legend's assets while the
11:22 am
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close arguments are now under way in the so-called grim sleeper murder trial. prosecutors say lonnie franklin jr. is a serial killer. he's accused of stalking and killing ten women around los angeles during the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s. he could face the death penalty if convicted. national correspondent william lajeunesse is live in los angeles. all right, william. how did they catch this guy? >> reporter: pizza crust. actually science stopped the serial killer, according to prosecutors but here's why. cops found dna on multiple victims they thought belonged to
11:26 am
the killer. a young guy in jail whose dna almost matched and was a few markers off. did he may have a relative? his father, ronny franklin physically looked like the ilker and the cops doesn't have a down. a so a cop poses as a bus boy at john's pizza and collect's franklin's dishes at a birthday party and there it is, bingo. saliva on the pizza crust matched sperm and saliva dna on the victims. the match better than 1 in 100 billion. franklin's other problem, the grim sleeper's lone survivor identified him as her attacker in court, and police found a polaroid of her wounded and unconscious in his garage, along with photos of the other victims. closing arguments are going on right now, shannon, and the death penalty, he would join 750 other felons on california's death row. shannon? >> william, what is his defense? >> reporter: his defense attorney claims the dna wasn't properly collected and there are
11:27 am
other men's dna on these victims who were largely prostitutes. they could be the killers, but he's got another problem. the .25 caliber gun used to kill the grim sleeper's final victim was in his home with his dna and got his nickname by a reporter who suggested that the killer went to sleep, if you will, between the first seven murders and the early '80s and then in the '9 as three more. 14 years later. the killer basically woke up, but, again, in this case really pizza crust with science stopped him, and we will find out. closing arguments the rest of the week. back to you. >> we'll check in again. william, thank you. the sister and step siblings of music legend prince a short time ago and why the hearing lasted only 12 minutes and who else could be making a claim on that giant estate. and tomorrow's voting contest could be make or break for candidates on both sides of the aisle as the primary season winds down.
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11:32 am
nomination before the gop convention. if they can do that, we're looking at a contested convention. the rules determine how delegates get picked up and who they have to vote for. those are all very complicated. they vary state by state so here's "the real story." we've tapped into our awesome research department called the brain room to try to simplify t.indiana has 57 gop delegates and it's winner take most which means the candidate who wins the stayedwide vote gets 30 delegates and candidates get 3 delegates for each congressional district they were in. all of those delegates are bound for the first ballot. early primary voting started a month ago so plenty of votes have already been daft. those will get added to tomorrow's votes. we'll have to wait until the polls close tomorrow to find out how the delegates will be allocated. if there's no nominee at the first ballot at the convention theoretically the weeks and weeks of voting will be done for nothing because the delegates
11:33 am
will be unbound after the first ballot and can vote for any candidate they choose. trump has been watching his numbers go up and up and he battles ted cruz for indiana. the real clear politics polling average now gives trump a nine-point advantage. trump at 42% and cruz with 32.7 and kasich at 15.8%. joining us now to sort it owl ought is the co-chair of trump's new york, new york and steve lonergan, director of the cruz campaign in new jersey and former senator al dametto who supports john kasich. governor kasich's argument continue that he polls better than the other two and is lagging a distant third. how does he bring up the >> i endorsed john because i mentioned that had no republican has ever won the presidency without carrying ohio, and he's beloved in ohio, even now, second term. democrats like him, independents like him and i think they should
11:34 am
support him but inevitability is here, notwithstanding that i supported hi. you've got to look at it. the numbers are one guy and that person is trump and trump is going to win indiana and it's over. there's not going to be a deadlocked convention so that kasich would then have the opportunity of saying, hey, guys, in a general i'm the best, take me, so i would hope that the republicans would stop this fatricide and recognize what's taking play, and i think some of the congress a.m. leaders are seeing that. they are going to get behind trump. he's going to win it on the first ballot and now the question is who is his running mate? i still say if you want to carry ohio, he needs kasich and trump is the eventual nominee. >> you're going to take up the whole segment. >> let me finish. maybe i will. >> that's why kasich needs to get out of the race.
11:35 am
>> keep talk, senator, please. >> and so the fact. fact is cruz is acting in desperation. carly fiorina. oh, then we're not going to campaign in this state, this and the other state. >> most of all, donald trump needs to get out of the race. >> this guy in the republican guy in the republican party is not donald trump it's ted cruz. >> why is governor pence campaigning him and why so many conservatives are lining up behind ted cruz. what we've witnessed over the past three weeks is hillary clinton, donald trump morphing into hillary clinton. the two of them support universal health care funded by taxpayer and they both support taxpayer funding for planned parenthood and higher taxes and gun controls and some very popular, you know, american firearms. the two are becoming same person. they both support this
11:36 am
politically correct transgendered bathroom. donald trump is becoming like hillary clinton in drag. >> if he doesn't win in indiana tomorrow is it over? >> no, it's not over. first of all, indiana is not a winner take all state like everyone is saying. >> winner take most. >> based on what joe is saying, you're right. if that's the case, when ted cruz wins, will donald trump drop out? >> absolutely not. >> there's a big lead that trump has over ted cruz. steve is doing what the cruz has been doing for a while, out there, hammering home the talking points week after week and high their candidate. the fact is when they see and hear ted cruz people do not like him. the people in indiana are going to vote against him and the people in california will vote against him. >> he's won several states. >> he's won several states but one thing we've seen over the past few weeks is all the polls are now breaking towards donald trump. as the senator pointed out the majority of republicans are accepting the fact that donald
11:37 am
trump is going to be the nominee. when he takes 45, 50 delegates from indiana it's over. it's ted cruz's alamo. >> geographically we knew the northeast, we knew that would be good for donald trump, but if cruz doesn't prove that he can rebound somewhere as we head back out into the midwest and head west, does he have an argument, steve? >> has a very sound argument because it's going to become about the issues. we'll be talking about the issues which donald trump does not want to talk about but my two northeastern comrades on each side of me won't anight the next republican nominee. we'll go to the west and the west will vote very differently and we'll go into a competitive convention and speeches and discussion on the issues and people will realize that donald trump is becoming more and more like hillary clinton every single day. >> does he make nice with the party and the leaders? >> yes. >> we're hearing more and more about unity. >> more and more you're seeing this, even the republican national chairman has said nice things about donald.
11:38 am
said we're workingings together. i was down in d.c. and don't go there very often and i see more and more my old colleagues recognizing the inevitability and understanding that they have got to come together and that they have got to try to give donald some of the support that he desperately needs and he's going to get it, and pat fact of the matter is that he's out there and outpolled everybody by millions of votes and he's going to carry indiana by six to eight points. that's a conservative stirnlgts and wh -- estimate, it's over. game over. >> case sick losing so badly. own guy throwing him under the bus. >> i'm not throwing him under the bus. >> he's make age partial assessment. >> i am saying look at the facts and don't deal with emotion. look at the facts and the facts show that he is on the way -- trump is on the way to victory. >> if not, really high expectations for him tomorrow,
11:39 am
we should see. come to d.c. more often. all three of you, we'll have lunch. i don't know who is paying but it's not me. what will become of prince's empire in the late musician's sister in court where attorneys are tackling the complicated job of divvying up his estate. it's likely to be split among his six surviving siblings and another firm claims there's another heir who could get in on the fortune. more live from new york city. what happened in court this morning? >>. >> reporter: well, a judge has now appointed a special sfraltor to handle prince's estate, and most of his siblings have signed on to this so it was a very quick hearing. prince left no will behind but a search is still ongoing and unless it's found minnesota law will decide how his assets are split, real estate and royalty, a bunch of stuff that could be
11:40 am
worth as much as $300 million including a trove of unreleased music and an attorney representing prince's half brother alfred jackson said there could be other who might make claims on prince's estate. he said, quote, it's early yet, typical for there to be fruitless claims throughout, shannon. >> what about reports of this other unnamed heir to the fortune? i mean, so much speculation there. >> there are. according to a los angeles news report a firm says there may be another heir. his half brother who dude last year has a granddaughter named victoria and she could be eligible to receive a portion of the estate and that hearing is set for monday to discuss all that have and had the next steps and one thing is for sure. unless that will is found, if it exists, this is likely to be a very lengthy process. shannon? >> having been through with that with a family member that i know, once you get the courts involved with no will, gets
11:41 am
complicated especially with a lot of heirs. >> a fire rips through an historic house of worship. what devastated this landmark. probably see billboards like this every day like this one surrounding times square. what will if we told you they can see you, too. wine too. >> at this point nothing is really surprising. they can track us with everything. you buy a phone. you're getting tracked. maas
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there's know words that the delegates ted cruz worked so hard to secure from behind the scenes of the campaign may be drifting away from him and towards donald trump. we'll speak with a journalist who says if trump keeps winning, those behind-the-scenes victories for cruz won't even matter. that's when "shepard smith" reporting begins in just 16
11:45 am
minutes. historic search in new york city devastated by a massive fire. flames engulfing the 161-year-old serbian orthodox church of st. saba. only hours after parishioners celebrated orthodox easter services. nearly 200 firefighters responding. fortunately no one was seriously hurt. the cause of that destructive fire is now under investigation. >> u.s. senators calling for an investigation into just how much information companies should be able to take from your cell phone. they are going after billboard company clear channel which partners with another company to track user cell phone data when they get close to certain billboards. the company is using that information for advertising. and new york senator chuck schumer says that goes too far. >> news finding billboards are being installed right here across the country, including right here in new york city, and they are being used to collect
11:46 am
your mobile phone data, data that's so pervasive that they ought to get your information even if they say they don't have your name attached to it. >> the fox news legal analyst lis lis wiehl here. spying billboards sundays very "1984" but is it legal? >> let's go back a little bit. chuck schumer is asking the federal trade commission to look into it. they look consumer right and competition affecting interstate commerce and under title w5 and the problem is, probably the linchpin where it's teal, you have as a consumer have to opting in, clicking the i agree button and we're just lawyers and do we punch that thing when
11:47 am
we want something? >> click, click, click. >> you download the app and there's 15 pages of fine print and if you want the app you agree. >> most people just click it. i digs agreed, right, but technically you are opting in. you're saying i do agree to it, so i think legally that's going to be absolutely shield clear channel here, but it's also true -- i mean, i've kind of come toe this position that once you walk outside the privacy of your own house, once you walk outside that perimeter, yeah, when i go to work, 9 train station says you're being watched. >> see the security cameras everywhere, on your street. >> and i kind of liken is to whether you go to amazon and want to purchase an item or something like that and the next day amazon sends you this message saying oh, you
11:48 am
recommended and we give you the information but it's almost as innocuous. >> if you're going i-95 in florida we'll give you information about going to disney world. >> what i don't like are the apps that tell you you're driving too fast. they do know where i'm going and how quickly i'm getting there. >> that's should be a good service. >> i'm not the speeder in the family, just leave it that way. little shoutout there. listen, we do give over -- >> information. >> -- permission for all kinds of things and senator schumer is trying to say there should be a opt-in and basically with all of these services there already is. we have to take the responsibility. >> if you're concerned about this, maybe we should. maybe that's a reaction. maybe we should stop and read the 14 pages. maybe we are giving too much to these companies to say, hey, you know what, i'm not going to
11:49 am
agree to that and then we won't get the app. >> clear channel by the way says they don't use any specific information. >> right. >> they use this as an aggregate way and don't attach names to the information but it's ultimately used for selling and targeting and that kind of thing. >> but it happens all the time. >> yeah. >> maybe senator schumer has a point nas where is the line here? do were draw the line to privacy information and maybe there is a line to be drawn hand this is the company to look at. the ftc is always looking at these things. maybe they need to bemore aggressive about it. >> we'll start printing out this 15-page agreement. >> that's a lot of trees. >> right. >> go round and round and round on this one. >> i know nothing about that, i take the fifth amendment. i think you're well-versed in there. >> thanks so much. >> good to see you. a mother and daughter surviving for days lost in the wilderness. how they finally made it out alive and then there's this.
11:50 am
that's right. lawn mower racing coming to a track or i guess we should say a lawn near you. >> yeah. i didn't want lawn near you. >> i didn't want could come here put it feels all right.
11:51 am
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. here's what america is clicking on today. alternative motor sports in the u.k., what you get when you combine an adrenaline junkie with man who loves a lawn mother -- lawnmower. >> an american walking across a 35-meter span between two
11:54 am
ancient towers. and forth get pillow fights. a new craze. basically tag with foam. a mother and daughter from north carolina now safe after a harrowing ordeal, lost in the new zealand wilderness, trace gallagher has more. >> reporter: carolynwide wag in new zealand visiting her daughter. they decided to hike the area where lord of the rings was filmed, but it was too windy so they chose a different park. a day hike so all they brought was water, trail mix, and a few snacks. they followed orange markers to the top of a summit but on the way down they lost track of the orange markers and followed blue markers, when the blue markers ends they found themselves stuck on a cliff above a 600 foots water pham it was dark so they bundled together to stay warm and to stay awake.
11:55 am
at daylight anytimely meds it down the ridge and followed a stream, but the daughter fell in the water, hit her head, and for three days rachel lloyd said she could not get dry or warm. listen to both. >> she couldn't walk, couldn't go anywhere, so we were there at the mercy of everybody hoping someone would rescue us. >> at this opinion we kind of new i knew i was on the verge of dying. we were even discussing going through my dying wishes, which was not easy for her. >> reporter: because they couldn't move, the mom used sticks and stones and dead leaves to make help signs. one in a riverbed, the other on a bluff. their cell phone, which had no reception, died two days earlier. caroline lloyd never checked out of her hotel, had no contact with her husband in the states so search teams were notified. after five days they thought they were looking for bodies until a chopper pilot pulled over a ridge and saw the signs. mom, as you saw, was okay but
11:56 am
the daughter was suffering severe hypothermia and may not have lasted a few more hours. >> wow, amazing story. with luckily happy ending, trace, thank you. a presidential prom postal, con kashich helping a teen trying to score a big date to the big bash. did they say yes? i'm terrible at golf. he is. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, try new ensure enlive. only patented ensure enlive has hmb, plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you. oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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11:59 am
for one california teen it's not her dress that people will probably remember. it's who helped her get a prom date. >> hey, instinct cork it would be sick if you would go to the prom with julia. >> presidential candidate john kashich lending a helping hand. you will be happy to know that nico said yes. when asked how she pulled it off the teen said she was persistent. >> competitors getting messy in a mud rung in u.k. the racers dassing 400 meters through a riverbed at low tide.
12:00 pm
some looking for bragging rights, others to have a good time. the winner completed the run in 4:18. thank you for watching "the real story" today. here's shep. indiana, the indiana primary is tomorrow, and it's as big as everybody projected. and last week, ted cruz said he knew it. last week, ted cruz said indiana means everything to his campaign. last thursday, cruz said the only thing that stands between us and plunging off a cliff is indiana. and then something happened. then candidates started learning from the polls that indiana is a very long shot for ted cruz. a potential nightmare for cruz and anyone in the not trump camp, and by saturday, cruz had left indiana to campaign in california, looking hailed to a state's primary that is a month away. saturday ted cruz


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