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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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some looking for bragging rights, others to have a good time. the winner completed the run in 4:18. thank you for watching "the real story" today. here's shep. indiana, the indiana primary is tomorrow, and it's as big as everybody projected. and last week, ted cruz said he knew it. last week, ted cruz said indiana means everything to his campaign. last thursday, cruz said the only thing that stands between us and plunging off a cliff is indiana. and then something happened. then candidates started learning from the polls that indiana is a very long shot for ted cruz. a potential nightmare for cruz and anyone in the not trump camp, and by saturday, cruz had left indiana to campaign in california, looking hailed to a state's primary that is a month away. saturday ted cruz said, quote,
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california is going to decide the republican primary, but indiana is tomorrow. and today in indiana, an extraordinary thing happened. ted cruz was getting heckling from trump supporters, so cruz went over to have a conversation with them. it was a rare confrontation, almost seven minutes long and a sight to behold. in it's entirety, here it is. >> nip that wants to be president owes it to the people of the state to come in front of you ask ask for your support, and i'm running to be everyone's president, those who vote for me -- >> we don't want you. >> you're into it toll you're view. >> do the math you. asked kashich to drop out. it's your turn. take your own words. >> i'm curious sir -- >> drop out. >> when donald doesn't get to 1237 -- >> donald is getting to 1237. >> no, he is not. >> going to get more than 137. >> left me ask you something, sir, what would you like at donald? >> everything. >> give me one. >> everything. >> pick anything. >> donald trump! >> the wall. >> okay, the wall.
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>> that's the main thing. immigration. >> hole on a second. do you know on the wall that donald told the "new york times" editorial board he's not going to build a wall or depour anybody. >> you're lying, again, lie n ted. >> civillighted people don't scream and yell at each other, i'm not yelling at you. do you know that donald's words were caught on tape? "the new york times" reported the whole thing. that's a total lie, made up -- >> oh, lyn. >> career politics that killed america. >> you are the problem. >> let the -- >> you're the problem. >> can i ask you something. >> no. >> you are of all the candidates name one who had a million dollar judgment against him for hiring illegal immigrants. >> name one. self-funded,. >> okay. so, you like rich people who buy politics -- >> where is yours goldman sachs
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jacket is. >> i was sport i by 1 .3 million contributions. our average traction is $60. on immigration, trump had a million dollar judgment against him for hiring illegal aliens in florida he brings in hundreds of foreign workers instead of hiring americans. with all respect, donald trump is deceiving you, playing you for a chump, and ask yourself, two questions, why is it that the mainstream media so desperately wants donald trump to be the nominee -- >> back hem every -- >> why is it that john boehner supports donald trump? do you agree with john bane center. >> no. >> do you agree with nancy pelosi? >> the thing is -- >> do you agree with harry reid. >> trump is the only one that's going to put us where we need to be. where what are you going to do our second amendment. >> great question.
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i have defend evidence second amendment in front of the supreme court of the united states. do you know that donald trump supported bill clinton's national ban on some of the most popular firearms in america, and that is a fact. you can go read his book where he said i agree with bill clinton. in fact he said i hate guns. that's a quote from donald trump. have spent 20 years fighting to defend the second amendment, i tell you this, sir, if donald trump ever becomes president, he has said on the supreme court he's going to cut a deal with chuck schumer, he said that in two debates ago, which means he is going to put a liberal on the supreme court and take away you second amendment rights there's a recent who i gun owners of america have endorsed me because i've dee defended the second amendment and while donald trump is a new york liberal who will takeaway our second amendment rights. the is lying to you and taking advantage of you. i appreciate you being out here and speaking. if i were donald trump i wouldn't have shown you that respect. in fact i would have told the
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folks over there, go over and punch those guys in the face if that's what donald does to protesters. i think a candidate is campaigning to work for you. >> lying, just like you always do. >> what word did i say was lie. >> about donald telling people to punch people. >> let me ask you, sir forks home and google, donald, punch in the face, protesters, and at his rally -- this is on national television and you can watch the facts of him standing at the podium saying, punch that guy in the face. in fact he says he'll -- i'll pay your legal fees when you punch him in the face. and there's a problem -- listen, donald trump has accused everyone in this race of being a liar. donald cannot tell the truth in one minute. >> you'll find out tomorrow. indiana don't want you. >> well, sir, you are entitled -- i'll tell you this -- [cheering] >> sir, america is a better
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country -- >> without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments. i treated you respect through the entire time, and a question that everyone here should ask -- >> are you canadian? >> do you want your -- >> are you canadian? >> do you want your kid kids repeating the worlds of donald trump? would you be proud if your kids came home yelling yelling and insulting -- let me give you an example of donald's problems with the truth. yesterday he was on national television, he was asked about his support for mike tie tyson, a convicted rapist, his response was, ted says tyson is a rapist issue that's why we call him lying ted. mike tyson served three years for rape in prison, and yet donald trump screams it's a lie to say he is a raini. truth matters. >> women and children, huh. >> that's actually interestingful you say carpet bomb women children -- >> that's your words. i added the women and children.
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>> sir, let me respond to you. it's interesting you added women and children because your candidate, donald trump, came out and said he would order our military to kill the women and children, the wifes and children, of terrorists, which is a war crime, when he was asked in the debate, what about when soldier don't want to commit a war crime and murder women and children. her said, i will tell them to do and it they will obey me. anyone who served in a armed services, a president who thinks he's going to order american soldiers to commit war crimes is a president who doesn't respect the fighting men and women of this country. said we're going to carpet bomb and isis and target the terrorists and take out their struck command and control and their oil refineries. nobody would tarring tarring during target women children except for a bully like donald trump. i respect your right to speak and also going to say in america, we're a nation that is better than anger and insults and cursing and rage, and i
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believe the people of indiana have a common sense good judgment that they want real solutions. >> every vote trump. >> ted cruz versus trump supporters who declined to give their name in indiana, where cruz is vowing to stay in the race even if he loses to trump tomorrow, which polls suggest he will, potentially by a big number. listen to the words cruz chooses here. >> i am in for the distance, as long as we have a viable path to victory. i am competing to the end and the reason is simple. this isn't about me. it isn't about donald trump. it isn't about any of the candidates. this is about our country and our future. >> a viable path to victory. what exactly is a viable path to victory? he repeated that phrase again and again today. we heard him say it multiple networks, vie able path. donald trump has already blocked ted cruz from winning the nomination outright, and the billion area new yorker told chris wallace yesterday, the
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race is already over. >> it's over. cruz cannot win. he's got no highway, nothing. he's way behind. i'm leading him by millions and millions of votes and lees him by four or five hundred delegate. >> if donald trump wins indiana tomorrow he could reach the 1237 delegates he needs before the convention, some political analysts are predicting the state may be the last stand for ted cruz, because if donald trump gets 1237 delegates does that eliminate ted cruz's viable path in under the rules it does. a new poll from "the wall street journal" and nbc news shows him losing to donald trump by 15 points. would you look at that? and it shows john kashich at 13%, even though he stopped campaigning in indiana as part of the whole team "krasich" thing. that said, combine cruz and kashich for "krasich" and trump still wins in the poll. that never really seemed like much of an alliance in the first place, that whole "krasich"
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thing. kashich said he would not tell supporters not vote for him. but "krasich" was just part of ted cruz's plan to win indiana. he campaigned heavily across the state. got the his governor. did that whole announcement of carly fiorina as his hypothetical running mate, and then ted cruz blinked. he skipped a full day of campaigning to attend the state republican convention in california. it holds its primary a month from now. and cruz claimed that cob test will decide who becomes the republican nominee. truth is tomorrow could be the key. just like ted cruz was saying, before the polls altered his narrative. carl cameron is live in south bend, indiana, where donald trump is set to hold a rally tonight, and carl is next. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates
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improve cash flow; give you access to extra money when you need it and i recommend that every homeowner who qualifies consider getting one now. call one reverse mortgage right now! the rare confrontation we just showed you between a ted cruz and a heckler is another sign of what i at stake. ted cruz going haven't to head with trump supporters and the latest polls out of indiana suggest cruz is running out of time to change their minds. carl cameron is live in south bend, indiana, where donald trump will hold a rally tonight. that was an unusual move from ted cruz. dope know if i've seen anything like that. face-to-face and all that. >> a number of times candidates have talked to the opposition's demonstrators but not a lot of times where trump supporters
12:14 pm
have been the demonstrators. usually its trump rallies being protested. so this being a cruz event where trump dem dem demonstrators came out as million, it gave the former prince torn champion debater an opportunity to rattle off several minutes of his talking points to this civilian who did not give his name and perhaps he was a collegiate debater of some renown, do, because he gave just as good as cruz got. a number of the heckles from the donald trump playbook. so i was an opportunity to see a voter, presumably a voter -- speaking on donald trump's behalf and demonstrating against ted cruz. shoe on the other foot for ted cruz is who is an underdog tomorrow. >> i wonder how telling the new phrase from ted cruz is, that just popped up today, viable path, because couldn't you make the argument that if ted cruz gets swept tomorrow in indiana, that the viable path is no longer viable? >> reporter: well, the
12:15 pm
mathematical path wasn't viable after he lost last tuesday with the five eastern states that trump basically swept. so, the path has to be a little bit different, and the path presumably would include a contested convention, which is what both kashich and cruz and trump and different trump opponents have been hoping for. what keeps the path going is money, and money comes from his donors and from the super pacs that could support his candidacy, even if he loses tomorrow. including indiana, there are ten states left elm over .500 del disaster which is morning enough for trump to clinch the nomination. cruz can't get there mathematically, but trump has to win half of the delegates remaining in order to clinch the nomination. and ted cruz, if he doesn't win here, will make it a heck of a lot easier, shep. >> carl, thank you. we're learning why marco rubio is stopping shoulder of endorsing ted cruz. he is worried it will come back
12:16 pm
to haunt him the next time he runs for president. that's what sources close to marco rubio are saying are saying he could run again in four years, the fearer is that ted cruz and marco rubio might go head to head again in that race and that rubio doesn't want to be seen as having support evident his one-time rival. sin dropping out rubio says cruz is the only conservative left but said that was not an endorsement. as for the delegates rubio won before superintendenting his campaign, he tells politico he is waiting to city howl the primaries play without before releasing them to support other candidate on a second ballot. now john bussey. getting harder. >> rubio wants to hold his put aer see, what is going to happen at the convention. he is thinking four years out possibly for a second run. what happens in indiana, even if trump sweeps this, as our polls suggest he might -- he's 15 points hate of cruz -- he still is going to need june 7th to
12:17 pm
get over the 1237 line. still going to need those five states voting in the june 7th june 7th block. and cruz is still counseling on a contest evidence convention at which after the first ballot, the delegates say cruz is the petitioner candidate. but our poll, "the wall street journal" poll -- janet hook is writing on thing drs the poll says that the vast majority of g.o.p. volters, 64%, say, look, whoever is ahead in the delegate count should be chosen at the convention. that's a big tail wind of public sentiment for donald trump going into the convention. >> it was interesting to me that since the advent of "krasich," this kashich and cruz combination thing or whatever it was that lasted 35 seconds, sent that -- since that donald trump's support in indiana has gone down, not up. >> and also his wins over the last couple of weeks. new york wag huge, the othello states as people call them. it was just incredibly strong
12:18 pm
wins by him. a pole asked this question, the tieup between ted cruz and kashich. was it to their favor or not? fully 58% of g.o.p. voters said they disapproved of that tieup, so, that also is affecting public sentiment and the polling data that we're seeing now. people didn't like the fact that they tied up against donald trump. only 34% of g.o.p. voters said they approved of that. >> there seems to be, from looking at the polls and hearing the sentiment, some -- i don't know -- some sort of resigning at least on the fact of the not trumps. they seem to feel a little beaten up and without hope. >> well, it depends on where you are on the political spectrum, whether you feel relation nation or positive energy. those who are seeking to keep trump from getting the nomination, the last couple of weeks have been one succession of bad news after the other. he is doing very well and he is
12:19 pm
feeling that. he is feeling the sentiment within the g.o.p. shifting and it looks like he is either going into the convention with a resounding lead over his competition, or he is going to have got 'over the 1237. and every single state he does well the makes the succeeding states easier for him to capture the necessary delegates. in other words, the needs fewer of the remaining delegates to get over 1237. >> anything in the new poll from "the wall street journal" and nbc out of indiana that suggests there might be something that would change people's minds before they do the deed tomorrow? >> you never know. polling data can be wrong. sentiments can change, but a 15 percentage point lead on the part of trump at this stage of the game is pretty formidable. this is, after all, state that was supposed to be pretty supportive of ted cruz. evangelical in big chunks, conservative. that was supposed to be his turf. but looks increasingly like it's
12:20 pm
going to be donald trump again with a big lead. >> john busse, thank you. >> trump has a backup plan in case he fails to behind we delegates to lock up the nomination before cleveland. and one of his allies warn that if the g.o.p. leaders try to, quote, cheat trump out of to the nomination, this team is prepared to take down the whole republican party and that's next.
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now seems donald trump has a backup plan to prevent republicans from hijacking the nomination from him. that's a word fromming one of his political allies. he says if trump can't get the
12:24 pm
1237 to avoid a showdown at the convention, supporterrers prepared to mobilize thousands of people in demonstrations to, quote, stop the steal. outside groups are now working to raise money to help make that happen. another trump ally says the groups are preparing to bring the republican party down -- and that's a quote -- if necessary. sarah is live with us from boston globe. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> two things here, take him down and first this mobilization of thousands of people. what is the story behind that? explain the legality of that if you can. >> yeah. well, it is perfectly legal. they're not many rules overseeing or -- laws overseeing what you can do to an either entice a delegate to go for you to bring them to the convention. convenings are not cheap vacation here. you have to go, the hotel rates are expensive, travel is expensive, other fees.
12:25 pm
so what it seems like this group is doing is sponsoring people to go down and protest or help trump supporters in the long run to make sure gets past the first delegate, and though there are people talking about it, if we are headed to a contested con reigns i bet they're not the only ones working to supplement delegates', say, trips to cleveland this summer. >> so paying for their room and board and their transportation and all of that sort of thing, the organization goes along with it, that's all good. >> um, i mean, there aren't a lot of rules. you can buy them gifts. i should say this hasn't happened a whole lot yet. rare we have a cop tested convention. but the "washington post" did a great story about the potential for such gifts being given to delegates, to maybe woo them a certain way or another. and we know from trump himself that -- from his weekend in hollywood, florida, with other republicans the kinds of things -- bringing out crab legs
12:26 pm
and other trump delicacies. he likes to -- >> there's the matter of the other trump al reply who said the groups are prepared to, quote, bring down the republican party if necessary. what do they mean by that? >> so, i think they mean trump first, republican party second. which is -- be something that really comes to a head at the republican convention this summer. if trump is close to 1,237 or they think he's being denied the nomination, you can see a huge conflict coming to a head at the convening, either inside the hall or even worse, outside. >> coming to a head. cleveland is a city within a state that has dealt with protests recently. "black lives matter," you mentioned. >> yeah, absolutely. so, this is why -- it reminds me of putting baking soda and vinegar together. there's going to be an explosion
12:27 pm
you have trump supporters and runs who are not happy with trump supporters and you have a city that is in many ways been one of the hubs of the "black lives matter" movement. inside the arena, don't think you -- you could see some republicans exchange heated word but security tends to be tight inside the arena. what i'm concerned about, looking to the convening, what happens outside the arena in terms of security. the run national committee is preparing and making plans to have extra equipment and people on site because it is going to be contentious out there, and the potential for chaos is big. >> it is indeed. good to see you again. the never trump movement is starting to look more like reluctantly trump. we are seeing more and more delegates wooed by ted cruz moving back toward the
12:28 pm
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the never in never trump is starting to look more like maybe. maybe trump. that's according to an article in the "new york times" newspaper which reports some of the tellings ted cruz courted may be changing their minds. the cruz campaign has worked hard on its so-called ground game, racking up delegates who said they would support cruz in a contested convention. but according to the "times," as donald trump gains momentum some delegates may be starting to switch sides. as one delegate from north dakota puts i he's not part of the not trump campaign but instead the nick but hillary clinton camp. any shift in support is bad news for ted cruz, whose only hope is winning in an open convention.
12:34 pm
donald trump doesn't seem worried about that possibility at all. his aides say they'll have no trouble getting enough delegates to clinch the nomination before the convention in july. the fox business network's jeff flock is outside a planned trump rally in south bend, indiana. how do trump supporters feel in the home stretch in indiana? >> reporter: feeling pretty confident. look at this crowd here. we are hours away from this event. this is his last stop tonight. while ted cruz does ten different stops around the state today. donald trump is doing two rallies only, and you can see the people. they started lining up at 7:00 this morning. in fact we were listening to your show and talking about mobilizing at the convention potentially. a lot of folks you said, hey, look how well he mobilized people. that can happen. >> mobile and waiting in line and calm and everything is cool. right? >> reporter: and calm and cool,
12:35 pm
absolutely. if you look around here, folks sitting round, i don't sew any protesters in evidence right now, but as you know, that sometimes happens but they're pretty good -- there you go, make america great again. going to try. you know, sometimes gets a little funky but this is indiana. this isn't california. this isn't chicago. this is indiana. i suspect we won't see a whole lot of protests. >> jeff flock in south bend, thank you, jeff. let's go to ed o'keefe. they're lined up ready to make america great again if he may get to 1237. >> especially if he wins indiana. at that point he would only need half of the remaining delegates in the states yet to vote. so at that point it's all over really bit measuring the drapes and planning for the convention if he is able to pull it off there are stale few states out there that cruz believes he can do well in south dakota,
12:36 pm
nebraska are two, of course, john kashich has been focused, if you believe he is still in an alliance with senator cruz, on oregon and possibly winning there. while california is a big state witness 172 delegates, still a chance cruz and kashich can pick off some congressol districts and not allow trump to win all of the delegate, but if he win all the other contests, looks lick he could be the nominee. >> what do you make of this idea from the reporting of some newspapers that some of the delegates who cruz had rangeled together to vote for him on the second bullet, -- ballot, that some are phasing. >> it's not my newspaper reporting that. i haven't found that information so i have no way of verifying and it actually find some of that a little questionable, having spent most of the last few weeks talking to these people and seeing how devoted they for getting elected at cruz supporters in different states. but i'll say this also.
12:37 pm
there's still several weeks to good and the more you win, the better your argument for winning the nomination, the more you lose, the harder to continue to convince people to stay with you. so that's probably what is happening here for senator cruz. some of these supporters, especially in states where trump is popular, are finding it difficult to stay with the texas senator at a tame when -- time when trump is doing well. if cruz continues to rack up delegate seats or supporters do in different states, that maintains a little momentum for him. but anything short of winning states and continuing to build up your delegate count i think will make it very difficult for him. a lot can happen between now and july when they gather in cleveland. >> remember eight years ago when ron paul supporters had a vocal protest the, they were working on the rules, and -- i'm trying to see, compared to that, what this is going to look like. if donald trump is accepting the nomination, in front of a bunch of his bitter rival delegates,
12:38 pm
what that might look like in that convention hall. >> could be awkward, and that's part of the challenge that will face the trump campaign as they try to take over the programming and the bells and whistles that come with a convention. usual level the presume nominee get tuesday pick the performers, gets to pick who speaks when and where and what the tone of the convention is. will you really see people who support ted cruz waving donald trump signs on the night he is nominated? we'll have to wait and sew if that happens and make you wonder if the trump campaign doesn't come up with a david way to stage the convention or pack the quicken loans arena with different types of people. it could be very interesting, and that's part of why you're starting to see some cruz supporters waiver because the realize the optics would be difficult for a national audience tuning in. there is growing understanding in the party, perhaps rerye luck tenant understanding, that trump is on the verge, and it will be interesting to see if the party
12:39 pm
accepts it or not. my way for nontrump support tore do some it's in the rule complies meetings which will happen the week before the convention begins. there might be ways they can try to tweak the rules to at least allow a vote on cruz or perhaps make changes to the platform that would be seen as amenable to the senator. all of that remains to be seen. all of it depends on who actually wins the remaining contests. >> ed o'keefe from the "washington post." thank you. fun to watch. >> will be. >> the dems ahead and how bernie sanders is trying to get hillary clinton super delegates to support him instead. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck?
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12:43 pm
and he is promising a contested convention in philly. >> it is virtually impossible for secretary clinton to reach the majority of convention delegates by june 14th, with pledged delegates alone. in other words, the convention will be a contested contest. >> well, sanders call ought the super delegatees the party officials who can change their votes for helping push secretary clinton over over to the top. clinton, couple hundred delegates show to clinch. and 500 super delegates for clinton. sanders argue the super delegates should follow the will of the voters. he points to washington state where the won big but the super delegates are backing hillary clinton. under the bernie rules the tame would apply where clinton nominated and nate says clinton
12:44 pm
would still be on the verge of clinching and hillary has already won enough states to win the majority of the super delegates under bernie rules even if she loses the remaining contests. mike emanuel is live, williamson, west virginia. he low, mike. >> reporter: good afternoon. folks getting fired up for hillary clinton's visit. some protesters have shown up on the scene, more on that in a moment. as we look ahead to indiana, on the tell creak side, it's shaping up to be a very 0 competitive was, a poll has hillary clinton leading of% to a 56%, but that's win the poll's margin of error, and you see hillary clinton break can out of the pattern of campaigning in the next state on the primary calendar and instay focusing on appalachia. >> here in eastern kentucky and west virginia and southeast ohio, appalachia coal has taken
12:45 pm
a huge hit, and it's something that i am really worried.because it -- talk bat ripple effect. it is decimating communities. >> reporter: i made. >> referee: reps to the folks in the background. a lot have not forgotten bat comment clinton made in march saying she is going put a lot of coal companies and coal minders out of business. >> senator sanders' fundraising took hit last month. >> it did and he is trying to stretch the funds the best he can. we saw them cut staffer louisiana week and bernie sanders is doing everything he can to convince democratic voters he still has a chance to win this thing. sanders raised $43 million in march and was beating clinton on fundraising but that has changed. the campaigns report clinton raised $26.4 million in sanders, with sanders $25.8 million, so
12:46 pm
the sanders fundraising edge has finance away. >> donald trump's mega rallies and the protests that seem to go with them create very large security bills. and some cities are left to handle the tab. now "wall street journal" report that local lender -- leaders are invoicing the trump campaign to try to get some of the cash back. is it working? that's next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. dennis. trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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donald trump's campaign rallies continue to draw rowdy crowds but keeping everybody safe does not come cheap and now reports of the controversial g.o.p. front run frere is leaving some towns with a big security bill. according to a survey in march security costs added to more
12:50 pm
than $300,000 for 15 of trump's campaign events. the most expensive was the rally the tucson on march 19th. cost almost $82,000 in security. nearly double what it took to host a bernie sanders rally in tucson the day before. now officials in some of the cities are reportedly doing something you don't normally see, they're sending the bill to trump's campaign. trace gallagher is in the west coast news hub. is anybody being reimbursed by camp trump? >> reporter: of the 15 campaign rallies in march, eight of the cities have billed the trump campaign, vienna, ohio, neardownstown, billed the trump campaign more than $4,700 and was reimbursed every single penny. now, we don't know exactly who else got money back because the trump campaign refers all those questions to the secret service and the secret service won't comment, burt we do know that cities haveless not been
12:51 pm
reimbursed. burlington, vermont, sent a bill to trump for $4,800 and because the campaign issued $18,000 more than it should have burl ton had to bring in dozens of prognosis and firefighters for crowd control but burlington has not gotten back a penny, cleveland has not gotten back a katrina either -- back a cent either, and they build obama and obama never paid a cent. >> costs like a trump campaign in general could be going up. >> reporter: especially after what happened here in southern california last week. we don't really have the numbers yet but experts say you can belt that because of the violence in orange county last thursday and los angeles on friday, those will be most expensive campaign stops yet, and from now on, local police agencies have to take into account things leak the crowd size and the volatility of recent events-meaning just to be safe the cities need to have all
12:52 pm
hands on deck. check this out for comparison. on march 29th it cast jamesville, wisconsin, $50,000 to staff a trump recally, but rallies for con kashich, ted cruz, and bernie sanders, only cost jamesville about 5,000 bucks each. the cost of secret service is on top of everything else. >> not cheap. trace gallagher, thank you. fox urgent. a judge just moments ago agreed to move the trial for a father accused of leave his toddler to die in a hot car. prosecutors say this man could not get a fair trial in georgia georgia's the county because potential jurors know to much about the case. prosecutor says the father left his son in his car. he says he forgot to drop off the kid at daycare didn't realize his son was in the vehicle. although he went back back to tr
12:53 pm
during lunch. prosecutors say the father sent sexual text messages to several women on the day his son died, and that at least one of them was under age. people across the south preparing for more storms and flashflooding. forecasters say heavy downpours are possible through the region. it comes after days of flooding that left thousands without power and caused a lot of damage to dozens of homes. in texas, the storms have killed at least six people. all in the town of palestine, southeast of dallas. more than seven inches of rain fell in less than an hour on friday. this is a look at the aftermath. the 64 year woman and her four grandchildren swept away and died in the middle of the night. police said she was trying to save the kids but water had already reached the roof of her home. some images in our slide show today of the damage and flooding across the southeast. this is the same town in texas, the owners of a bakery went
12:54 pm
through their antiques to try to save what they could. some of the stuff their trying to dry. nearby, volunteers helped clean out a bar, the owners had to close down and hope to re-open next week. red cross opened a shelter have dozens left homes. this is new orleans at the fairgrounds for jazzfest. cut short on saturday as sever inches of rain caused flooding. doesn't take much for the fairground to flood. it this extreme for sure. here a man carrying a child across a huge puddle. the weather caused several festival reps to cancel performance. investigators have not determined what started a huge fire that destroyed an historic church in new york. so they're treating it as suspicious. that's where the fire official tells the "new york post" newspaper.
12:55 pm
happened 20 blocks south of our hawker. the fire start burning last night, few hours after orthodox worshipers celebrated easter. it was so big that firefighters were still putting it out todd. nobody reported killed, thankfully. officials say the church's caretaker ran inside when he smelled smoke. crews had to rescue him. they say he ended up with mine nor mike inhalation. officials purchased the building 70 years ago and it became a city landmark in 1968. today puerto rico was supposed to by pun -- hundreds of millions of door dollars in debt and it didn't happen. now congress is big pressured to do something. $422 million was due today but the island is 370 million short. puerto rico's governor saying it can't make the payment without affecting basic services like schools and hospitals. pour rico is not allowed to declare bankruptcy because it's
12:56 pm
a u.s. territory. u.s. lawmakers debating whether the change the rules to help out the island. we'll be right back with the look at an invention that has been keeping american families fed for generations and, the invention about on this day in history.
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
should news break out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" is coming up. on america's choice for news and information on cable. i'm running to be everyone's president. those who vote for me and -- >> we don't want you. >> your entitled to your view and i respect -- >> do the math you. asked kashich to drop out. it's your turn, take your own words. time to drop another. >> when donald doesn't get to 1237 -- >> don indiana is goes to goal to 1237. he's going to get more -- >> tensions heating thump hoosier state as ted cruz takes on donald trump supporters face-to-face. will this help or hurt ahead of tomorrow's race? welcome, i'm in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." while we are wait fog donald trump supporter to address supporters in