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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 2, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> why lining up? for fbn's elect results. we have live reacts from the candidates and markets all on fox business. neil cavuto and crew kicks it off at 6 al-tomorrow.
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he's way behind. i'm leading by millions and millions of votes. he can't win. >> cruise maintains the race is not over. >> i think, regardless of what happens in indiana, donald trump is not getting to 1237. no one is getting to 1237. we are headed to a contested convention. it's going to be a battle to see who can earn a majority. the reason donlald is so franti to say the race is over is because donald knows he cannot earn a majority of the delegates elected by the people. you have to win a majority. >> tomorrow night, we are going to need to hear on "the five" and again at midnight because we have a tuesday where we are like this is it. this is the supertuesday.
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this really could be tomorrow night. >> feels like it. ted cruz, prior to the latest round of polling with donald trump up by 15 in that poll, 17 in the wall street journal poll the other day. prior to that, cruz was saying, hey, indiana means a lot. indiana probably is the most infinitive race up until now. when the poll started to widen -- >> it's not that important. >> it's not that important, he went to california. he threw the towel in. bobby knight's endorsement was huge. it outshown -- outshined? >> we'll take either. >> the carley fiorina vp picking. he's trying to stay relevant in indiana. interesting, very quickly, the anti-trump crowd said trump can't break -- he had a ceiling of 20%, 30% then 50%. the most important poll i have seen isn't any of these.
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rasmussen has trump beating hillary clinton in a match up. that's what the anti-trump crowd is hanging their hat on. now those polls are coming around. >> looking for a lifeline. it's true in terms of watching the trend. there was a number, like 23 national polls that show something other than that. it showed hillary beating him. now the trend is moving in a different direction. whether you can keep that momentum and capitalize is another thing. it's going to come down to true match up. when they start going at it to determine the outcome. >> we don't have to rely on a poll here. clearly, way, way off. polls do not show, that one doesn't count. >> not that it doesn't count, it's not realistic. besides, you don't need that. you have to say the voters,
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republican voters, so far, know they are not picking on the basis of the likability in the general election. they are still picking trump and trump seems to be gaining momentum. the spread he had in indiana stays with a large block of evangelical voters. they say trump is on the wrong said with making a deal with kasich. that turned out according to the wall street journal poll is very unpopular with indiana voters. the choice of fiorina doesn't help him. you don't have to stretch to say all of a sudden, he can beat hillary. that's not true. >> maybe that's why. >> we have you at the table, brian. >> i am filling in for greg one day. i want to salute ted cruz. the american way. do everything i can to be
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successful. i'm going to name a running mate, see how that goes. i'm going to do ten stops in one day, see how that goes. >> why not? >> i would go down with a fight. if he hangs on after, it seems inevitable you are going to get 1234 or 1237, it's egotistical. trump is confusing. on foreign policy, he is less aggressive than hillary clinton. domestic, he's not somebody that can be -- he does not want to revamp social security or blow up medicare. you can't say he doesn't like medicaid or poor people. he's going to be harder to play chess against much to the consternation of many conservatives. >> can i get this in? senator cruz, back when there
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were 17 candidates and you thought who were going to be the final three, i don't know that you initially would have said cruz so i agree with the campaign money. he was on "meet the press" with chuck todd. take a look. >> if he's the nominee, you can't support him, can you? >> i believe if the republican party nominates donald trump, we will lose to hillary. >> can you support him? lay down your arm and support him? >> i recognize -- i recognize that many in the media would love for me to surrender to donald trump. >> why can't you answer the question of whether you can support donald trump or not. you can't answer that question. why not answer that question, straight forward. >> let me finish the point i'm trying to make. >> are you going to support trump if he's the nominee. say it, for him or against him as the nominee. >> chuck, you are welcome to lobby for support for trump as
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much as possible. we are going to beat trump. >> let the record show, you cannot support trump if he is the nominee. >> you tried very hard to get me to supporting trump. >> he kept his cool there. i can't say i would do the same. he has hillary in the chair, if he's going to question her as hard as cruz. >> i'm going to win. i'm going to beat donald trump. i'm going to be the nominee. chuck took it too far, was not courteous at the end. >> it's fine to say i have not made up my mind, i haven't made a decision if i'm going to support him. say yes, i'm going to hold off. i'm going to reserve the right to make a decision after the votes and delegates have been counted. thank you so much for the question, mr. "todatodd.
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>> it's not the question you ask the person who is winning, it's the person in second place. of course you should have asked that. >> asking him to move on. >> he asked every candidate, are you willing to support the eventual nominee. at that point, cruz said yes. it's telling that he won't say yes now. that's the difference. >> i would like to see a side by side. hillary clinton is going to get up there and refuse to answer a question, like forexample, every question. i want to see a side by side if he's going to have follow ups. russert would have backed out, making it clear to the viewer, he doesn't want to answer the question. nobody was tougher than tim russert. >> he could have said if he wins, he wins, fair and square. i prefer donald trump, as much as i don't like him, over hillary clinton.
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i can't do it or i won't do it. look, i don't think chuck todd should have gone back six and seven times. end it. pick one or the other. couldn't have been worse than that. can i point out, jon huntsman came around and said, look, it's time for the party to unite. if it's donald trump, it's going to be trump. we have to get ready for the fight against hillary. marco rubio said the same thing. i didn't know about rick perry. rubio, when he was fighting with trump, still in the race, he never went there. now he says you know what, it's time to coalesce. hillary is bad for the country. look, if it's not our guy, it's not our good. >> it took four months. tough bill to swallow.
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>> rubio has to deal with cruz going forward. >> only for six more months. >> no, no, no. >> to run against him -- >> are we already talking about 2020? i have to take a break. >> rubio saying i'm not going to endorse ted cruz. >> that's right. by the way -- >> i'm ready to get the primary over. >> for a republican, you should be talking about 2020. >> nice one. we have one more piece of sound to show you. >> we have never done that before. >> what? >> you mocked. >> you made a mock about nature. >> you ought to watch this show, i get mocked. come on. she's sharp. >> i get to drop the atomic model once in awhile. this is gelting buzz, talking to
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a trump supporter. >> i'm willing to be everyone's president. you are entitled to your views. >> do the math. you asked kasich to drop out. now it's your turn. >> donald is going to get to 1237. swhak do you like about donald? >> everything. >> give me one. >> everything. >> give me one. >> the wall. >> the wall. do you know he said he's not going to build a wall. >> you're lying. once again, lying ted. >> ted cruz is not lying about that. at this point, supporters for donald trump seem to be locked in. >> that went out for some reason. it was honestly difficult to watch. he stood there and he took it but it was hard for me to watch for both sides.
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i didn't like that one either. do you think that helps him? the question is, he's the chief debater that was talked about, the best one we have had. he's going to question average, every day voters, debating. what is he hoping for? did he lose his temper? >> i think he kept calm. it's been hard for ted cruz to get media coverage. one way is we keep saying republicans need to talk to people they wouldn't necessarily talk to. you can't just talk to people you agree with. i admire him. i couldn't do it for eight minutes. >> he kept his cool. others would have walked away. he said i'm fighting hard rksz no humility. take the tough question, i want this. >> he answered effectively when he said trump said that. that was an effective answer. seeing where cruz said, who
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would you rather have, a guy endorsed by mike pence or mike tyson? >> i bet 90% of people said something else. >> trump's endorsement by tie sson but left out the other. >> he's appearing with him today in indiana. >> before we go, a couple programming notes. trump will be sean's guest on hannity tonight. tomorrow night, catch an extra hour of "the five" at midnight. we'll be here live, awake, breaking down the results of tomorrow's battle of indiana. we hope you will join us. ahead, the battle over the women heat up between hillary clinton and donald trump. some say she hurt it too much.
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details ahead.
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hillary clinton and donald trump's feud about the women's vote is heating up. hillary is taking a lot of heat for her response. watch this. >> i have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and speak. i'm not going to deal with their temper tantrums or bullying or efforts to try to provoke me. he can say whatever he wants about me, i could care a less. >> a native american activist pointed out her off the reservation remark is offensive. she walked it back tweeting about the use of an expression that has some offensive roots. divisive language has no place in politics. hillary clinton meant no disrespect to native americans. she wants this election to be about lifting people up, not
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tearing them down. trimp hits back at hillary in this interview tonight on "hannity." >> it was derogatory. as though she's going to tell us what to do, tell men what to do. if i would have made that statement or another man would have made that, it's a headline. she's playing the woman's card like i have never seen it. women are disgusted about it. if she were a man, she wouldn't get 5% of the vote. >> he's double l down. >> tripling. >> you are laughing, what do you think? >> i think this. i remember that episode of "seinfeld" when they used the term indian giver and they talked about how insulting that was. if you are in the camp, you cannot condemn hillary clinton about the reservation. i don't think she intended to insult one american indian or anyone. if you want to find it later,
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you may not want to use that. fine. i am for the new world where we are more politically tolerant. i don't think anyone should jump on her, she didn't mean anything. there's no way that was a sincere apology. either apologize or don't apologize. i done need one. >> that's like apology through surrogate. >> through twitter. >> any microaggressions you are feeling? >> he was nodding with me. >> i was waiting on these two to tell us. this is terrible. my heart pours out to those native americans. >> mockery of native americans, juan? >> the term for the washington football team. >> you have to say it. >> i have a t-shirt of the washington football team. >> you wore the redskins jersey i gave you.
2:21 pm
>> you gave it to me, what are you talking about. >> sure. it has a little thing -- but, anyway, i think this is, again, for a group of people to say, these microaggressions. this is so small, petty. >> off the reservation. >> who even knew? >> so selective. that is petty. calling the football team that's been called the same name for 30 years is offensive. >> what about the fighting irish? >> is indiana offended? >> indiana? >> yeah. the kansas city football team. can you say the cleveland indians. >> this is what trump has you all doing for the first time. >> that's hypocrisy.
2:22 pm
offended by one name, but not the other. >> let's get back to the topic at hand. >> can we please continue. >> trump said something about fiorina's face and cruz and megan kelly. that's why we have a d differential in women voting. >> so, off the reservation could be in one of a band phrase. if you are trying to explain that somebody is not on the same page. not on the same page could be a banned phrase. she's hoisted on her own. then she apologized. that is actually a phrase. >> the dana words. >> actually, we could look that up.
2:23 pm
>> anyway, what is a candidate supposed to do? he had said all the things, like you mentioned, the p.o.w. thing with john mccain, the media hardly talks about it. he will never apologize for it. she apologizes immediately for something that is not meant to be offensive at all. >> back and forth. get ready for your table tennis, 2016. at this table, we are saying you shouldn't be offended by it. >> on the liberal side. she said it was okay, a little thing. forbid one of the republicans said it. the republicans are unbelievable. >> trump said they would have been -- >> i didn't know. dana didn't know. >> you could get the context clues. remember those? off the reservation. think about it, it's a phrase we
2:24 pm
use all the time, but it could be offensive. >> it's a learning moment because hillary clinton thought she had a softball over the plate. she would not get 5% of the vote if she were not a woman. she thought she would get it with jay tapper. she apologizes the next day. the slow pitch she was supposed to hit over the center field fence ends up being an apology. not as easy as you thought. >> guys used to throw hitting fastballs. >> girls are good at it. >> crushing way over the fence. >> how about the timing? all right. and the release? when we return, violence erupts on the streets of seattle during a may day march. could it be a result of turning into an entitlement society? more on that, next. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life.
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democratic contender, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are no strangers to freebis. >> we have to make tuition free. >> i have a plan for debt-free tuition. you will not have to borrow a penny to go to college or university. >> the time is overdue for the united states of america to pass a medicare for all single payer programs. >> we have to have a paid family leave program of 12 weeks plus seven days of earned sick leave. >> oh, boy. promises like these are inspiring free stuff and rights for college tuition, making
2:30 pm
people angry and entitled. that's where in seattle may day violence. molotov cocktails at police. at least nine were arrested and five police officers were injured. you heard it, you know, may day yesterday. the working class of people, may day, causing violent protests. didn't we have a discussion about the violent protests last week as well? >> most of the may day demonstrations in l.a., san francisco, oakland and here in new york were people. that one in seattle had a violent edge to it. that was the second of two marches in seattle. there's no excusing. that is criminal, violent behavior. i don't think it symbolizes the movement, it symbolizes lost soul. >> the protesters and anti-trump protesters jumping in cop cars
2:31 pm
and you said it was understandable? >> this has a different feel to it. it is about immigration. people are saying end deportati deportation. trump because of his hateful rhetoric. >> what do you mean? >> you were pushing back. i said there was a place in america for civil, peaceful protest. >> the violent outbursts are unacceptab unacceptable. >> i don't have any trust to people who engage in violence. >> you want to weigh in on hillary clinton saying 12 weeks and you are off one every four or five days. >> i think the republicans need to figure out a way through incentives or something, figure out a way to provide for some sort of maternity leave. a lot of companies are going it on their own. it's also paternity leave.
2:32 pm
if you are the father or the mother, you get that time off to bond with your baby. the millenial generation is going to demand this. i don't think the government should do it. i like the free market doing it through incentive. there's good reason to get women back to the workplace. if they feel like they can't come back because they take time off with their child. it's not a good thing for the overall economy. of course, she's pandering. sometimes pandering works in an election. >> there was a story in fox business talking about summer internship programs. companies like google, facebook and snap chat and microsoft we giving interns a lot of money, $6,000 to $10,000 a month. >> wow. >> the government didn't force them to do it. they did it on their own. >> people get interns there. they are developing them to be good employees and retain those
2:33 pm
who are the best and brightest. i like the idea. look, fantastic. they work hard at internships. i worked for free burritos every da. literally, in front of the v.a.'s office. my boss didn't buy me lunch. >> we should be paying $15 an hour, $12 or $15, whatever she is this week. >> who is going to pay for all of this? is she in charge of the private sector and businesses? is she the one to determine? let the market decide. pick who they want to hire, what they want to pay and what level they want. do they want to do an internship, a job development program? are there unique, interesting ways to get people into the work force and train them for a job? i like those kind of ideas. i like business innovation? >> you are opposed to social security and medicare? >> no.
2:34 pm
>> oh, because it sounds like it. >> most americans, most re republicans say -- when it goes to young people and helping with school, bad idea. >> free market works best. >> are people looking for a reason to protest and violently protest just about anything? >> i'm not really sure. i know in europe, during the bush years, president bush went to northern california, up in seattle, there were attacks on his car. this rotates through, showing violence through citialization. liberal school, comes out and says stop with the saved spaces. you are not going to get free education. here is the line that got him
2:35 pm
booed. if they offer a free lunch, make sure you have breakfast. he got booed. he was a democrat that turned out to be a republican. no safe places. >> half the protesters pulled out their iphone to see the text. swhok is paying for that? >> forget that, apple would have never innovated the iphone if it weren't for capitalism. >> it's been five years shins the navy s.e.a.l.'s killed osama bin laden. more on that when "the five" returns. whenever i try to grow out my hair, strands always break off.
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forces in a daring raid in pakistan. yesterday, the cia used their twitter account to tweet it as if it was happening in live time. some criticized the agsz for the time line posts. one twitter user called the move grotesque and embarrassing. rob o'neil, the navy s.e.a.l. who pulled the trigger, reflects on the anniversary. >> five years later, the death of osama bin laden was good and able to -- it got rid of the leader of al qaeda, but provided a vacuum for, you know, out of iraq, al qaeda was our eyes were on the prize there. once we thought al qaeda was done, now we have our eyes on isis. we have to still have our eye on al qaeda. they are out there. they are still dangerous.
2:41 pm
>> we killed bin laden, it was just al qaeda and sects over in afri africa. now they have isis, they are going to kill everyone who is not a muslim. what do you think? >> the cia is trying to do modern communications and you will see that a lot of people, including former press secretary for george w. bush does the live tick tok on the anniversary of 9/11. it's a good reminder of what happened that day. it's a good way to communicate. i don't blame the cia for doing that. i don't want to take away from that moment in history, but i agree with rob o'neal, that moment does not tell the entire story of the foreign policy of president barack obama and it's clear that isis is resurrected on his watch, growing on his watch and the next president is going to have a lot to deal with as it spread into africa and the
2:42 pm
united states. >> there are more sunni violent terrorist groups than any time in history. you nod, juan williams. >> i agree. there's no doubt. the thing is, it's not directly connected in a linear way to bin laden's death. we attacked the people who attacked us on 9/11. it was a success to finally get bin laden. there's no question about it. when you have something like, what i consider a cancer me tast sizing around the world, it's not saying you got bin laden. it's not effective because you have growth elsewhere. terrorist, muslim ideology, that is a cancer around the world. >> the cancer has been allowed to spread around the failed policy of barack obama. i'll finish my comment, thank you. and someone tied to that foreign policy is hillary clinton,
2:43 pm
former secretary of state, under his watch. when you said that, it has proliferated and spread like seed throughout the middle east and you have al qaeda and isis, bigger, stronger than it ever was from when president obama called it jay-z. >> it should be a national holiday. what do you think of that? make it a holiday. the difference between that, being super offensive and the obama's administration inability to fight the terrorism. the more we don't say that, the more empowered they are. >> we could celebrate his demise on a national holiday. that's a decent idea. >> it is. but also reminds me a more lethal terrorist with a more sinister mind he is the new bin laden on steroids and isis who says come and get me.
2:44 pm
al qaeda comes into communities and sits there. it's harder to weed out. we have two terrorist groups that believe one thing and find a way in western civilization and they can't wait to die trying. this isn't a day to celebrate a world championship. it's a day we thought we won but we are forced to relive it. he is dead, but bin laden's group is more lethal than ever. >> it's not only bin laden. you have these other groups like, you know -- you have different forms of it. i think it's simple minded to say, that's it. if we didn't win because we got bin laden. yes, we did win. that was a tremendous victory. we have been searching for him for a long time. i'm pounding out, there was a kill shot under president obama, but the plans and information were gathered under
2:45 pm
the bush administration. >> under 43. group effort. proper credit. [ inaudible ] >> i hope obama takes out al shabab before he leaves office. >> i looked at your body language and watched your finger. >> the control room, they blame me. thank you very much. let me tell you what's coming up straight ahead. question, would you have taken a gap year or break between high school and college if given a chance now? it's a popular choice for students. we'll debate the hiatus next.
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♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. the white house announced malia will attend harvard in 2017, not this year. before that, she is taking a so-called gap here between high school and college. its's a trend that is gaining popularity. is taking a hiatus before starting college a good idea? would my fellow fivers have done
2:50 pm
it if they were 18 again. brian? >> i was playing, i had to play soccer in college, so that was a bit of an issue. if i wasn't into sports, no way. you have to stay on a role. so many of my friends fell in love with money. there was not a lot of emphasis, some of them, to stay in college. they would have taken the gap year and made it a career. i see it so many times. your stats say nine out of every ten go back to school, but i don't see it. >> i agree with him, i don't see it. absolutely not, what are you going to do? what job are you going to have? what are you going to accomplish? >> go to gap conferences. >> how about maturity, responsibility? how about go to college, get a job and take the class zs after hours or on the weekends? i don't know, i was about going to college, doing well. eight weeks off, maybe, between
2:51 pm
graduating college and law school. >> when reading about this, it says not only do they become more mature, they appreciate the opportunity to go to college. at this table, we complain about college student who is drink too much, think it's an opportunity to party. they don't take it seriously. now, let's go to someone whose son decided to go to college. >> congratulations to malia, getting into harvard, what an accomplishment. by the way, if you are the right student, the right kid who can take a year off, do it. it comes down to, if you can afford it, go for it. if you are the right type of personality to do that where you are not going to get derailed by the things you do if you are not studying, go ahead and do it. it's a fantastic opportunity. my son is very social, very aggressive. he loves people, loves friends. he's very good at studying.
2:52 pm
i think the best thing for him is go directly to school. >> not get out. >> my daughter went for a gap year between college and law school, she went to teach english in peru. >> that's good. >> you approve or not approve? >> approve. i would have done it. i didn't have a chance to travel anywhere. not that my mom and dad took us to a lot of places. i hadn't seen anything of the world. been to england, that was it. i would have loved to have experienced more of the world and seen what third world countries are like. >> a between high school and college? >> i don't care. i think anytime you can get that world experience. i have to say, if i were in a position to hire somebody, i would be more likely to hire somebody that went and did something interesting like that and saw the world or gave back, in a way, if they could afford it. that's the thing that bothers
2:53 pm
me. the gap year seems to be for wealthy kids. the 1%, not the others. >> there's a great program between australia and canada, they do exchanges. you can work in canada for a year or vice versa. that could be great if we could do that. >> one more thing, up next. stay with us.
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2:57 pm
thing." a 6-year-old, ellen degenres -- today, she took her venn tril quest george w. bush doll and met this guy. >> there it goes. ♪ >> george w. bush. >> he can talk. just try to hide your mouth behind his head. >> all right. >> you want to try? >> sure. i have been trying to do this forever. >> i love mrs. bush's answer. that was really fun. >> i have to tell you, it was too cold to take a stroll. i take a guy from louisiana, willie from ""duck dynasty"." an exclusive trip on what it's
2:58 pm
like. >> where the meat comes from. >> identify by the time it comes from the street vender. >> squirrel? you don't have squirrel? not squirrel? you should try it. >> he says he grew up eating squirrel. >> it is great nutrition. a lot of protein. >> not a lot of eating in a squirrel, though. >> kimberly. >> we were at the white house press correspondents dinner this weekend. we missed you dana. brian was there. these are the couple shots. peter there. we did a little selfie. we saw the guy they call instagram star sensation. see him with the little hairdo? anyway, very cute. then we had to take pictures of our pilot. they came out of the cockpit. very nice. we had a great time.
2:59 pm
i'll be on greta tonight. you can catch me on that and later on lou dobbs. >> i had a couple pictures from the binner as well. i will put them on twitter. new gingrich, a great time with him. tony romo and his beautiful wife there. kerry washington and this one, a quick story. i'm in the hallway, in the aisle. all of a sudden, the color guard walks down, they are about to play the national anthem. i weave through the crowd. the national anthem plays, i put my hand over my heart. i turn to try to find my table, i'm standing directly next to mr. vice president. i shook his hand. i said if donald trump picked you as his vice president, he would win. he laughed, we took a picture. mr. juan williams with this picture.
3:00 pm
check it out. >> they didn't show the picture. >> there it is. >> i think we are out of time. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." special report is next. ted cruz confronts a heckler in a final sprint across indiana. donald trump adds another coach to his bench. hillary clinton confronts the past and bernie sanders insists it's not over. this is "special report with bret baier". good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. indiana could be a game changer in the race for the white house. today's play books could be an indication of how the candidates are feeling going into tuesday's primary. all but one of the presidential candidates hit the campaign trail today. donald trump is in indiana, hoping to hold on to a lead in recent polls there.


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