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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ tonight, "on the record," election news and all your news right here liberal university cod ling called ling cod caddelling your kids. >> fox news tracking dangerous and dangerous storm. plus, are you getting iced out? trophy brewing, really brewing at starbucks over too much ice and too little coffee and tea. while i'm out it, whatever happened to small, medium, and large? the "on the record" legal panel investigating this bizarre lawsuit. donald trump says the rules are rigged. tonight on the eve of indiana is he laying out
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blame. look out. right now, the videoed you will be talking about tonight and still tomorrow. maybe all the way to the convention. cameras rolling senator ted cruz gets into a heated dispute with a donald trump supporter regardless of who you are voting for. we can all agree all the candidates deserve a chance to be heard. this confrontation it went off the rails. have any want to thank you just for being here and exercising your first amendment right. >> vote trump. >> you are entitled to that that view i will treat you with civility. if not everyone in this process does. i will tell you this election matters. it matters a lot. >> it does matter. >> it matters. do the math. >> i appreciate your come out. i appreciate you coming out and standing up. i think this entire process, i think anyone who wants to be president owes it to the people of this state to come in front of you and ask for your support. and i'm running to be everyone's president. those who vote for me. >> we don't want you. >> you are entitled to your views, sir. i will respect? >> do the math. >> you ask kasich to drop out.
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it's your turn. take your own words. time drop out. >> when donald doesn't get to 1237. >> donald is definitely going to get to 1237. is he going to get more than 1237. >> let me ask you something, sir. what do you like about donald. >> everything. >> give me one. >> everything. >> pick anything. >> donald trump. >> the wall. >> okay. the wall. >> that's the main thing. immigration. >> trump is building the wall. >> wait a second do you know on the wall that donald told the "new york times" editorial board is he not going to build a wall and deport anything. >> once again lyin' ted. >> you know, sir. >> civilized people don't scream and yell at each other. i'm not yelling at you. you know donald's words were caught on tape in the "new york times" recorded the whole thing. publicly recorded. >> career politicians. [. >> all lies, lyin' ted. >> career politicians have killed america. >> you are the problem.
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you are the problem, politician. you are the problem. >> can i ask you something? >> no. [shouting] >> out of all the candidates, name one who had a million-dollar judgment against him for hiring illegal immigrants? >> self-funded. >> okay. rich people. >> where is your goldman sachs jacket at. we know your wife works. >> there actually, i was supported by and am supported by 1.3 million convictions, all over the country. our average contribution is $60. on immigration, you know donald trump had-million-dollar judgment against him for hiring illegal aliens. do you know what he is doing in florida? he brings in hundreds of foreign workers instead of hiring americans. sir, with all respect, donald trump is deceiving you. he is playing you for a church. and ask yourself two questions. that the mainstream media so desperately wants donald trump. [shouting] >> every chance you can.
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>> why is it that john boehner supports donald trump? do you agree with john boehner? >> no. >> do you agree with nancy pelosi? >> the thing is. >> do you. >> i believe in trump. he is the only one that's going to put us where we need to be. what are you going to do about our second amendment? >> great question. >> the second amendment. all right. i have defended second amendment in front of the supreme court of the united states. do you know that donald trump supported bill clinton's national ban on some of the most popular firearms in america. and that is a fact. you can go read his book where he said i agree with bill clinton. in fact, he said i hate guns. that's a quote from donald trump. i have spent 20 years fighting to defend the second amendment. i will tell you, this sir. if donald trump ever becomes president, he has said on the supreme court he is going to cut a deal with chuck shuman. he said that in two debates ago. which means he is going to put a liberal on the supreme court. is he going to take away your second amendment right there. is a reason why gun owners of america has endorsed me in this campaign because i
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have defended the second amendment my whole life while donald trump is a new york liberal who will take away your second amendment rights. this man is lie talking and taking advantage of you. i would encourage you, sir, look, i appreciate your being out here speaking. if i were donald trump, i wouldn't have come over and talk to you. i wouldn't have shown you that respect. did you know what i would have done? i would have told the folks over there go over and bunch those guys in the face. that's what donald does to protesters. i think a candidate campaigning to work. >> you are lying like you always do. >> what word did i say was a lie? >> about donald people telling people to punch people. >> let me ask you, sir. go home and google donald punch in the face protesters. and at his rallies, look, this is on national television. you can watch the facts of him standing at the podium saying punch that guy in the face. in fact, he says he will -- i will pay your legal fees when you punch him in the face. and there is a problem. listen, donald trump has accused everyone in this race of being a liar.
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donald cannot tell the truth in one minute. >> you will find out tomorrow. indiana don't want you. >> well, sir, you are entitled to. >> yes with we do. yes we do. [cheers] >> sir, america is a better country. >> without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments. i have treated you respectfully the entire time. and a question that everyone here should ask. >> are you canadian? >> are you canadian? >> do you want your kids repeating the words of donald trump? would you be proud in your kids came home -- >> -- no. >> yelling and insulting, let me give you an example of donald's problems with the truth. yesterday, he was on national television. he was asked about his support for mike tyson a convicted rapist. and his response is ted says tyson is a rapist. that's why we call him lyin' ted. mike tyson was convicted by
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a jury of his piers and serve rape here in the state of indiana. donald screams it's a lie to say mike tie soon rapist. facts matter. >> you want to carpet bomb women and children. >> that's actually interesting. you say carpet bomb women and children. carpet bomb. i added the women and children that's what you will be doing when you carpet bomb somewhere. >> sir, let me respond to you. it's interesting that you added women and children because your candidate donald trump came out and said he would order our military to kill the wives and children of terrorists which is a war crime. when he was asked in the debate what about when soldiers don't want to commit a war crime and murder women and children. he said i will tell them to do and it they will oobey me. i will tell you anyone that served in the armed services a president who thinks he is going to order american soldiers to commit war crimes is a president who doesn't respect the fighting men and women of this country. >> right. >> what i said is we are going to carpet bomb isis. target the terrorists, take
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out infrastructure and take out command and control and take out oil refineries. nobody would target women and children except for a bully like donald trump. sir, i respect your right to speak, but i'm also going to say in america, we are a nation that is better than anger and insults and cursing and rage. and i believe the people of indiana have a common sense, good judgment. >> vote trump! everybody vote trump. [cheers] >> and a huge day tomorrow for senator ted cruz. cruz won't say it but everyone else is it could be politically do or die for him with 57 g.o.p. delegates. indiana is the biggest jackpot until california. right now senator cruz is getting ready to speak in indianapolis. "on the record" griff jenkins is did he indiana state fairgrounds where he talked to voters. griff? >> that's right, greta. senator cruz is not going down with a fight.
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he will make his fifth and final appearance here at the indiana state fairgrounds. and as you mentioned, you know indiana has the second biggest delegate prize left behind california. the folks here know it the mood is elated. they are energized. they are filling. in they expect maybe 3,000 coming here. glenn beck may appear and try and fire these voters up. because, what we found when we spoke to voters earlier, surprisingly is, there are still a number of undecided voters out there. many of them choosing between donald trump and ted cruz. take a look. ♪ primary and why. >> ted cruz, he holds conservative values that our nation stands for. >> i have not decided yet. none of the above, is that an option? i wish we could go back and do this over again. >> i'm voting for bernie.
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i think he cares the most. >> i will vote against hillary regardless. that's basically it. >> i'm voting for hillary clinton, the most qualified person that's probably ever run for the office. >> i'm not particularly fond of any of the candidates on either side but if i had to choose, i would probably vote for hillary. >> undecided. >> i think by election day i want to hear a few more things that they have to say, actually. >> i'm tired of watching people just spin. >> i'm voting donald trump. there is something about cruz that just doesn't -- we're not clicking. >> probably leaning toward hillary but not totally decided. >> i have not decided now. >> i'm leaning toward ted cruz because i think he is the -- i think he is the only true conservative left in the race. >> are you going to say it's all come down to indiana. >> i never would have thought it would come down to indiana. >> cruz trails in the polls here by 15 point and he has not won since april 5th in wisconsin. but as one supporter told me on the way in today he is just going to have to go in
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and find those 15 points. greta? >> griff, thank you. and now it is donald trump's turn. the g.o.p. frontrunner is about to take the stage in south bend, indiana. already the audience is huge. thousands of people packing themselves in. fox news chief political correspondent carl cammeron is live inside the century center. carl? >> hi, greta. i wouldn't say thousands. perhaps maybe 1500. not the kind of 10,000 person crowd that trump has had before. we're here in south bend where today donald trump won the endorsement of former notre dame legendary coach lou holts and, of course, he has already got the famous indiana legend bobby knight in his corner. trump will have a raucous show here tonight. he and his aids firmly believe they have indiana all but locked up. this was a state for the last month ted cruz has been saying that he would be able to win. it was a red state it is a red state where he believed he would be able to stop
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trump who has now won six states in a row. five northeastern states last week. and, of course, his home state of new york the week prior to that and basically, six of the last seven polls have shown that trump is leading. there was one poll that suggested that cruz had the advantage. whether or not that can be realized tomorrow really has most of the stop trump movement across the country on pins and needles. the general con consensus has been amongst the establishment that if ted cruz campaign could not stop donald trump tomorrow, it would be almost impossible to prevent him from clinching the nomination prior to the convention and, thus, avert a contested convention which really is the only hope of both john kasich and ted cruz. kasich, of course, is not competing in indiana. with his arrangement with cruz, he pulled out of here and cruz will not compete in new mexico and oregon coming up so that kasich can maximize his possibilities to stop trump in upcoming states. after tomorrow's indiana votes, there will only be
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nine states left and about 450 available delegates. that would be more than enough for trump to clinch the nomination with about half of them assuming he can do that. and based upon his results in the last couple of weeks he has been hovering around 4207 plus 50%. and that would put him over the top. so tomorrow cruz has to do well. he knows it and the crowd here recognizes that trump has a possibility of putting a lock on it and keeping kasich and cruz away from that contested convention. greta? >> carl, thank you. and it was a star studded night at the annual white house correspondent's dinner. some of the big names actress rachel mcadams, actor will smith. more the main event president obama channeled his inner comedian in chief. >> if this material works well, i'm gonna use it at goldman sachs next year. [ laughter ]
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earn me some serious tu tubman. >> in my final year, my approval ratings keep going up. [ applause ] the last time i was this high, i was trying to decide on my major. i am hurt though, bernie, that you have been distancing yourself a little from me. [ laughter ] i mean, that's just not something that you do to your comrade. you have got a room full of reporters, celebrities, cameras, and he says no. is this dinner too tacky for the donald? >> i'm very proud of what you've done. it has been an honor and privilege to work side by side with you to strengthen our democracy. [ applause ] and with that i just have two more words to say. obama out. [ laughter ] >> that was, of course, president obama's last white
4:15 pm
house correspondent's dinner. and g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump is calling out his party's leader chairman reince priebus. hear trump's attack next. and also an ice cold lawsuit. why is a woman suing coffee giant starbucks? that's coming up. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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delegate -- cooked delegate system where they go in and try to get delegates so they can play games. but, i tell you what the voters wouldn't stand for it when you win by millions of votes. that's what i have been saying. the bosses pick whoever they want to pick. >> that was donald trump reigniting the g.o.p. feud. the republican frontrunner once again going after his own party. including g.o.p. leader reince priebus. rick cline and from the weekly standard daniel halper. governor january brewer also of arizona. this is what she said to neal cavuto. she is not happy arizona doing. this let's listen. >> i felt very cheated. everybody knows i'm a donald trump supporter. i paid my $50 to go to the committee. i was on the donald trump slate and when it came forward electronically, my name was not pop plated.
4:20 pm
so, if you pushed the button for the trump slate, i didn't get to vote. so i lost. first time in 35 years that i have lost an election. >> well, rick, is the party bosses as donald trump said, are they sabotaging him? is the system rigged against him? >> they are helping him because they are giving me a good talking point. i do not think there is systemic effort to disenfranchise trump supporters. that's effective augment for donald trump to use for voters out there. there may be a scattered problem. i don't know the details what governor brewer is talking about. there will be a process to appeal that all the way at the republican national convention in july. more broadly, donald trump knows that there are rules. his supporters are getting better after the exploiting those rules and using those rules as they did last week in pennsylvania. when he doesn't win, is he going to use it to make a broader point against the party that fits so well with his campaign message. >> you know, daniel, i haven't looked at the ins and outs of these rules. i probably should have done it last summer. when i hear things like donald trump wins the state and many delegates like wait
4:21 pm
a second, how can that be fair? those are the rules. >> right. it does seem crazy. another hand, there aren't clear indication or clear accusation that the rules themselves aren't being followed, right? even if donald donald trump's accusations is that the rules themselves seem to favor party insiders. who shows up at statewide conventions. people very vested in local republican parties. it seems to make sense that they would favor themselves but at the same time donald trump is trying to blow up the system he says and part of it, you know, as rick, i think, said very well. this seems to be helping donald trump. whether or not it's really being rigged, whether or not it's really the rules aren't being followed it seems to help donald trump because he is able to take this and say this is where i need to blow up the system. >> is indiana tomorrow do or die for ted cruz or not? >> it's do or die for anyone who wants to stop donald trump more broadly. this is the best effort they will have to try to deny him the delings on the first ballot. if donald trump is able to take that state despite more
4:22 pm
than $3 million in negative ads. ted cruz naming running mate in carlie fiorina. he has played every card he did k. possibly have in his hand. if donald trump is able to walk away with the lion share of delegates it, helps his math and helps momentum and you will start to see more and more calls for the party to coalesce around donald trump. >> who is more likely to campaign for donald trump if he gets the nomination, cruz or kasich? >> kasich. cruz, it really appears, has developed. he really dislikes donald trump. it really appears from that long segment that we saw earlier with the trump supporter. kasich, meanwhile, seems a lot more forgiving and a lot more -- more of a trump fan. >> we'll sees a time marches on. thank you both. >> thanks, greta. >> do not miss donald trump tonight on hannity. donald trump talks to sean about one thing trump has in common with, ready for this? senator bernie sanders. that's a good tease, isn't it? >> i think a lot of the young people that are with bernie sanders are going to
4:23 pm
come over to my side because they want jobs. they see what's happening. and bernie sanders and i agree on one thing, trade that we don't know what we're doing on trade. the difference is i will make great deals out of it he accident know what to do. is he a socialist. he doesn't know what to do. i will make great deals out of it the people with bernie sanders, the young people i really belief they will come over and vote for me. i think a lot of the people that are with hillary are going to come out to vote for me. >> do not miss the entire interview with donald trump. watch hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. and former new york city mayor michael bloomberg just got booed by a bunch of college graduates. that's next. plus vice presidential candidate carly fiorina taking a spill. the viral video and what happened next coming up. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad.
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good by first amendment. safe spaces evading college campuses. a new college trend to create safe space areas where students can be sheltered from opposing views. university of michigan graduates may have needed one this weekend because they got an earful. they got schooled by former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. he blasted the idea of these safe spaces at michigan's graduation. and he was met with boos. >> some university boards and administrations now bow to pretty much groups and shield students from these ideas through safe spaces. code words, and trigger
4:28 pm
warnings is in my view a terrible mistake. [cheers and applause] the whole purpose of college is to learn how to deal with difficult situations, not to run away from them. a microaggression is exactly that micro. [crowd booing] >> in a macrosense one of the most dangerous places on a college campus is the so-called safe space because it creates a false impression that we can isolate ourselves from those who hold different views. >> co-host of the five kimberly guilfoyle goes "on the record." and i am so team mayor bloomberg on this. how about you, kimberly? >> i'm right with you. i'm team mayor bloomberg. how refreshing for someone to be unafraid and courageous and go to a college campus and actually talk to them about things
4:29 pm
that they will need to succeed in life. it is really doing children and students and college students that are going to be the young adults out there working and building in this economy and moving this world forward to tell them that it's okay to cellular up in little like heated electric blanket or little sleeping bag and create a safe space. that's not the real world. you have to be able to listen, to understand other viewpoints, and not be coddled because it will do you no favors going forward to try to get a job, to pay off student loans, to be able to raise a family and go forward with your life. i applaud him for doing that i don't understand why he got the boos. it should have been a standing ovation. >> i think back to the university of wisconsin antiwar days protests against the war in vietnam and imagine if the state legislators then had said we need a safe space and upsets us that you are protesting the war so we're not going to allow people to protest and exercise the first amendment right because it upsets us. >> such a great point. the university is supposed to be where you build and
4:30 pm
expand your mind and listen to other people and then be able to formulate your own opinions, your own ideas. you are not going to be able to grow as an individual and develop if you are sheltered and if you insist on other sheltering you from the truth and from broadening your mind. >> and just think, kimberly, like you growing up to become a lawyer. prosecuting in the courtroom. imagine all the tough stuff, the elbows that we have taken and you have taken and the whole idea like oh, no, please, i need my safe space. to me, it's the coddling of this is so incredible. not only does it hurt you in later life and step all over the first amendment but it's extraordinary that that's now sort of admired among young people instead of being the first amendment. >> the first amendment is the place that it's supposed to like live and thrive and breathe on college campuses and, instead, you see people saying if they see the word like trump written on school property that they have microaggressions, safe
4:31 pm
space. uncomfortable for them to get at school maybe they should get out of final exam. that's not the real world where we live. in listen, i welcome the opportunity for you to come forward and tell me what you think about it and maybe you might learn and grow and actually change your mind about something. it's too bad. >> and every university some students were upset. they were hurt. they were troubled or something because someone had done chalk markings about donald trump. you know, where are the students protesting the safe space? that's what i wonder. where are the students who are in favor of the first amendment? >> it's so true. they should be having like we celebrate. we applaud the first amendment t-shirts made at college campuses and encouraging people with diversity of thought and opinion to come and speak to them at these events. i recently spoke at cornell. i was treated extremely well. one of the third most liberal schools in the country. and they were wonderful there they gave a little speech announcement before i gave my remarks to say please respect the rights of the speaker. allow them to speak. and if you have questions
4:32 pm
you can ask them later. that was great. that was the way to handle it. >> incredible. kimberly guilfoyle one of the stars of the five at 5:00 p.m. eastern. thank you, kimberly as always. >> thank you, greta. >> viewers, now is your chance to vote at home. you know how kimberly and i feel. vote at home on twitter. do you think the pc police have gone too far with safe spaces? tweet #yes or no at greta. we will show you throughout the show. over the week a terrorist attack stopped bomb plot at florida synagogue foiled by the fbi. florida man under arrest after undercover operation. james medina tried to buy a bomb from an fbi source to blow up the adventure area center near miami. he faces life in prison if convicted. and also over the weekend hundreds of protesters storming iraqi parliament. antigovernment protesters breached a secure area and
4:33 pm
staged 24-hour sit continue in baghdad's green zone. calling on iraqi prime minister to resign and country to hold new elections. protesters have pulled out of the green zone for now. they say they will be back. and the family of bob levinson, the longest held hostage in u.s. history, is desperate for answers. and it's cruel that they don't have them. levinson, a former mib agent and working for the cia as a contractor disappeared in iran in march of 2009. the levinson family says the obama administration is not doing enough to pressure iran. bob levinson's son, dan levinson who recently took a surprise trip to iran goes "on the record." dan, it's very nice to have you back but i always think every time i talk to a member of your family is, it enough? enough? the obama administration has said they think your father sought of iran, which suggests to me that if they have enough information to think he is out of iran, they must have some idea of where he might be. what are they telling you?
4:34 pm
we met with president obama and secretary kerry in february. they made it very clear they think the iranians know what happened to them. they think that the iranians arrested them. it's very clear to us that he was arrested in iran and taken there they have moved him from kish. i went to kish very likely wasn't there anymore when i went there in late february. they moved him. we don't know where he could have been modified to now. probably tehran. could have been moved across the border. at this point we don't know. everybody on our side of the of the government believe the iranians have a responsibility and they know where is he. >> well, here is what is so appalling to me among other things is that we have got this deal with iran. and thankfully we have some of our hostages released like jason reyes we fought very hard we tried to put the spotlight on the show. we have the situation where now iran is getting flushed with cash. the president himself was in iran today with the president of iran trying to deal deals with trade back and forth. everyone is welcoming iran back into the world fold help give business and
4:35 pm
money. meanwhile, no one is bearing to help the bob levinson family or bob levinson who worked for the fbi or the cia. >> i couldn't agree poor. we believe that if the obama administration said to the iranians there will be no further discussions, we are not going to help you with this until you resolve bob levinson's case and send him home, we think they would move quickly to send him home they are not doing that. >> why aren't they doing that? why wouldn't they? >> i don't know. i think this relationship, immoving v.i.p. more important to them than getting a person who was serving his country when he went over there. testimony can show the improved relationship between iran and the u.s. with this cooperation to get my dad home and just resolve his case. it's been nine years. we shouldn't be waiting this long to get him home. >> i have heard these wild rumors like that your father is being held by some terrorist group outside of iran. you have heard anything like that? -fully know where is he some faction of the iranian government took him and arrested him.
4:36 pm
i don't believe that for a second. >> well, dan, i just want to throw one other thing out there, dr. afridi helped us get usama bin laden is in prison in pakistan. we have left him there behind as well after he helped us, pakistani who we can put a lot of pressure on them, too. they won't let him go. but, anyway, dan, i hope that we can get some information for you some time about your father. you know, i now know some members of your family that it's getting very painful to all of us here "on the record." >> you have always been great about keeping my dad in the press. we don't want him to be forgotten. thanks again for doing this. >> let us know. we will do whatever we can thank you, dan. and deadly flooding in parts of the country and guess what the storms are now on the move. they could now be headed your way. that forecast is next.
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it all. >> it's all moving toward the east, greta. can you see on the doppler radar. a slow moving cold front is dumping inches of rain along the east and some severe weather as well. can you see frequent lightning associated with this. we have an area of low pressure and a trailing cold front a warm front to the north. heat and humidity today, temperatures running into the 80's. more like summertime weather. and this is the area of concern. a severe thunderstorm watch, highlighted in yellow as far north as washington, as a matter of fact, in southern maryland just a few minutes ago. we reports of a tornado touching down and while try to confirm that in the meantime we are looking at the storms moving toward the philadelphia area. but the main threat is damaging winds and also frequent lightning along with large hail. that storm near d.c. and southern maryland had a history of ping-pong size hail. this is our convective outlook. the vast risk for severe weather is in this yellow
4:42 pm
area. winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. you see the threat from washington through roanoke, charlotte, also raleigh, durham, the area that we are talking about includes 14 mlt people impacted by the severe weather threat that will go into the overnight hours. and that's not all. as this trailing front continues to move eastward in the next 48 hours, we're talking about 1 to 3 inches of rain. and in a coastal storm, developed as we head toward the weekend. it's going to be days before we are out of this weather. it looks like the weekend by the time we are dry along the east coast. greta? we'll send it back to you. >> cathy, thank you. >> get yesterday to speed read the news. historic new york city church burned to the ground on orthodox easter sunday. this incredible video showing flames shooting out of the 161-year-old cathedral. just hours before the fire broke out more than 700 people were gathered inside the serbian orthodox cathedral of saint -- was it arson?
4:43 pm
investigators are still trying to determine a cause. history made today in cuba. a u.s. cruz ship arriving in havana for the first time since the 1970s. cubans gathered to watch as the ship pulled into the port. and happy birthday to princess charlotte. the daughter of prince says kate middleton. receiving gifts from 64 countries. books clothing and of course and duchess of cambridge are incredibly grateful and that's tonight's speed read. and who gets the massive prince estate? the "family feud" is on. that's next. a campaign tumble. vice presidential candidate carly fiorina taking a spill in indiana. that's coming up.
4:44 pm
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well, nothing like big money and no will to light a "family feud." and the relatives of prince, late music icon in court today to begin duling over prince's estate. he doesn't have a will. giant property and music. ted williams and katie phang. katie, well, brace yourself, right? >> it's going to be a wild ride. so, apparently they drilled inside this huge vaulted safe inside prince's home and it involves his music catalog but frankly i think everybody was ready to find, da, da, da this will he should have had. how does somebody have 300-million-dollar estate and not have a will. in every state there is something called the will which is called the probate statute but really if you have that kind of money, you have got to have a will.
4:49 pm
is he a walking ad for estate planning attorneys. >> i think ordinarily depends on whether you need a will or not. the state will take care of it in terms they will give it to your spouse or kids or whatever. but whether you have enormously complicated estate like he does, i suspect that he thought he was would live forever. he has a re complicated estate. now the court has appointed an administrator who will then do what? >> well, they have appointed a special administrator and that person will overlook the estate. they will pay the bills and take care of the estate. >> they will gather all the assets. >> absolutely. that is until a personal representative comes aboard. but you are talking about a mess. when you die intestate without a will, you have got a lot of serious problems. >> if you have a lot of assets. >> he does. >> i know everyone should run out and get a lot of wills and stuff but if you have got a complicated matter that you want to go to someone other than your kids or your spouse or something, you might.
4:50 pm
and plus the fact, katie, he has made a lot of money in his death because now everybody ran out and bought his music. >> well, the intellectual property rights to his estate are really going to be at issue. you have one full blooded sister and then about half -- about five half siblings shah have stepped forward as recently as monday yet another half sibling has stepped forward. i may step forward and say i'm staining -- stake ago claim to part of prince's estate. more than half is going to go for taxes. greta and ted, taxes and death. death and taxes, right? >> that's when you need a will. all right, panel. how about starbucks? is starbucks icing you out? coffee giant slapped with a lawsuit lawsuit claims uses too much ice. woman says misleading customers and using less coffee than advertised. does the case have merit? well, "on the record" investigates and we sent out our fearless investigators. ted and katy to starbucks for a very unscientific experiment.
4:51 pm
>> greta is my name. >> ice cube don't look that large. it looks like they did it above the third line on the top. >> i am now pouring the ice out of the coffee into a measuring cup. and, as you see, when we measure, this and we turn it around, it comes to about 14 to 16 ounces. >> okay. panel, now first, besides the fact that katie is a liar and says she is greta. ted, i will start with you first. what did you conclude. >> don't tell trump that she is a liar by the way. she will be called indicatey the liar. >> justin wells, your producer had us doing. this he should have been out there. i can tell you we must be in
4:52 pm
the silly season. in one instance you're ordering an iced coffee. and what do you expecting in there? ice in the coffee. but when you measure it and you see the amount, you can tell starbucks is making some additional money. >> can i just tell you something? whenever i buy -- go to starbucks, i by hot coffee. i have the other problem. i say please don't fill it to the top don't put milk on it they fill it to the top. i have to pour some out. i don't want to pour so much out it feels wasteful. i walk away and coming out of the top filled it to the top and burning my hand. >> hire a lawyer. >> i actually have the other problem. katie, you went up there and falsely said you were greta. but tell me your thoughts. >> and they didn't even spell your name right but that always happens when you go to starbucks. allegations in this lawsuit is a class action lawsuit. they are seeking a million dollars. but it's on behalf of the entire class. not on behalf of the one named plaintiff who is a woman in illinois. they are alleging fraud. you are alleging fraud
4:53 pm
against starbucks. $19.2 billion in revenue last year. they are going for the jugular by wanting starbucks to pony up money to replace over 10 years' worth of allegedly defrauding people who are buying iced drinks. for the record and "on the record" i ordered a ice latte today and i asked for no ice and they put ice in my iced latte. >> the problem is you probably said small, medium or large and they don't call them that anymore. that's a whole another lawsuit. what happened to small, medium, and large? we ought to put that on a milk carton. ted and katie thank you both. coming up, i want to be fired just like this woman. i will explain off the record. hello, all of you. get organized at of many pieces in my i havlife.hma... so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
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you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. let's all go off-the-record. senator bernie sanders just got his pin-up girl poster child for corporate glut. marissa meyer, ceo of yahoo.
4:58 pm
rumors are she is about to get the boot. don't worry, she won't have to stand in line at kinkos printed ago batch of resumes. severance package a $5 million. yes, $55 million for failing. and getting the boot. i bet you would have been willing to get fired for a whole lot less than that. i know i would have. which brings me to the real culprits the board of directors at yahoo. what were they thinking. teachers and firemen watching savings in yahoo drop. the bored of directors is la vic sh visually spending it for failure. not getting fired for success. go figure. okay, bernie, i will give you this one. here's the truth. there are millions and millions of rich people bernie won't talk about. the ones who made their money the hard way earning it for success and work constantly giving back, doing good works and charity. bernie, when are you going p.s., and i add tongue in cheek, no equal pay for women at yahoo. get this. in 2014 yahoo fired a male
4:59 pm
executive enrique castro 53.8 million. was not. she has been there four years. golden parachute pay gap. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and time for your campaign flash. donald trump holding a packed rally at the century center in south bend, indiana. senator ted cruz 150 miles south in indianapolis. senator cruz is about to take the stage at the indiana state fairgrounds. and a not so graceful campaign moment for carlie fiorina. foreign that falling off the stage in indiana after introducing senator cruz and his family. the vice presidential candidate, who is fine. quickly pickedself up. and that's tonight's campaign flash. live twitter voting results on your screen right now. do you think the p.c. police have gone too far with safe spaces? here it is 21% say no. 79% say yes.
5:00 pm
don't forget to vote on twitter every night. if you don't have twitter, sign up. it's free. make sure to follow me on greta on facebook. also go to gretawire. and sean hannity has trump tonight at 10:00. lots going on. good night from washington. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: [shouting] >> move back. >> violence on the far left escalating. a number of police officers hurt in seattle over the weekend. and now little children are joining in. [shouting] >> tonight, a special report. far left violence in america out of control. >> yo barry. you did it, man. you did it. >> the political correct folks angry with comedian larry will more. and also mad at hillary clinton. >> i had a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation. >> tonight, charles krauthammer and i ll


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