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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 3, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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twitter every night. if you don't have twitter, sign up. it's free. make sure to follow me on greta on facebook. also go to gretawire. and sean hannity has trump tonight women come to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussion. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, hillary clinton defends native americans by saying she knows how to deal with men who go off the reservation. it didn't help her face turned red with embarrassment. and why is radiohead disappearing from the internet? please let tom shillue say anything about rock's greatest band. i will end him! and a brooklyn pizzeria developed a pizza bach made out of pizza? they join us live to answer your questions. tom? >> exciting. thank you, andy.
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let's welcome our guests. she is peppier than a high school cheer squad, jill dobson. he is so unpredictable he actually try the shrimp. tim dillon. she is saltier than the blue sea. host of "kennedy" on the fox business network. and he is harrier than a greek salad at a queens diner. the editorial director of let's start the show. one candidate is not afraid to be politically incorrect. yes, i am talking about hit recline -- hillary clinton. she was asked and her response angered native americans. >> eastbound are i have a lot of experience doling with men who who -- dealing with men
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who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and the way they speak. i am not going to deal with their temper tantrums or their bullying or their efforts to try to provoke me. >> on monday the pc police took clinton to task. >> i think it is a harsh statement. it is basically, you know, i can handle men. don't worry about me. i can handle men. if i made that statement about women, there would be front line headlines. i haven't brought up the fact that the indians have gone wild on that statement. the indians say it was a disastrous statement and they want a retraction. i am not gonna get into that. >> he is not gonna get into it. clinton did respond to the criticism saying, quote, i made one errant statement and now everyone is out for my scalp. can you believe she said that? no that was us. we made her say that.
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actually her national political director tweeted hillary clintonment no disrespect. she wants the election to be about lifting people up and not tearing them down and chopping them up with tomahawks. she didn't say that last part. was this politically incorrect? >> i wonder what all of the native americans thought about them calling them indians while defending their honor. i think that's not what you are supposed to do. >> you don't get on their side and you don't talk about the indians? does he have standing to criticize her on this issue? >> i haven't personally heard from the native american community. maybe they are like the invisible muslims cheering 9/11 coming down in new jersey. i haven't seen it and i haven't heard it. >> what about the men's issue? >> the imperial queen said
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there are so many men who have gone off the reservation. and the implication is there are men who need to be con intayed like they are imbeciles and i can't stand them. that's essentially what she is saying. donald trump may be talking about the cleveland indians and he may be speaking on behalf of someone from the baseball team who wants a retraction. >> that's right. the indians were upset about it. >> they were very upset. they want political correctness. i guess what this shows is if someone is going to make a politically incorrect, thoughtless statement you can't jump all over them, and that's what donald trump has been fighting against. it is hipocritical for him to nitpick something she said when he feels he is being attacked for saying uncouth things. >> give him credit. he didn't say engines. that's huge. that is huge.
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number two, these are his people. they are heavily involved in gaming. these are his guys. mexicans may be rapists, but don't say anything about the moheekan sun. you have to respect that and he dominated the issue. he looked great and that's what he has been able to do repeatedly in this election sy cycle is dsh dash election cycle and that's to have the last word. he dominates every story. >> well, jill, i mean, he said -- what she said was akin to saying i can handle men. if he said something like that against women it would have been front page news. it is right, isn't it? >> everything he says is front page news. she wasn't even talking about native americans. she used the word reservation. if i call a restaurant and want a table for four i will be careful how i phrase it. >> the term means something specific. to make a reservation at a restaurant -- >> what does it mean for our
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viewers? >> actually the treaties they have made was to keep them confined on the reservations and they would be incarcerated if they left the reservation. they would be treated as second class citizens and the crazy and somehow emotionally and mentally -- >> anything could be considered -- >> is it good to be off the reservation? >> to be off the reservation means that you have to beacon trolled and contained. that's why trump is jump on it being reverse sexist. >> i feel like he won that argument. jay she tries to be -- >> she tries to be the minority as opposed to being a. -- being a native american. >> she made the -- >> we let her get away with it. it is the woman card. >> he threw de blasio under the bus. >> yeah, under the bus. >> it looks like carly fiorina
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is really falling for ted cruz. she is introducing cruz and his family sat a rally in indiana on sunday. >> your next first family, heidi cruz. your next first lady carolyn and katherine and the next president of the united states, ted cruz. >> she went down fast, didn't she? some attacked cruz for not coming to carly's aide. the headline at jessibelle as he pretends not to see her fall off the stage. not so fast, jessibelle. we obtained a second video from another angle that tells a very different story. look. oh yeah, do you see that? cruz is so far back you can't even see him. he may not even have seened what happened. he may not have seen what happened. >> i don't know who was
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shooting that. maybe it was a relative. fortunately cruz and carly were able to put the awkwardness behind them as this vine shows. >> that's pretty awkward. was that the itsy-bitsy spider? >> i think so. that's good stuff. i love elections. >> what about this rally? the thing that annoyed me was the next president of the united states -- it is annoying they say that all the time even when someone is clearly not going to be -- >> in his own head, the next -- i don't understand why they are still doing this and why she is endangering herself on these stages. it's over. >> it certainly is -- it is going to be trouble for him if he loses ipped yn gnaw which is coming up. he is currently behind and nothing he can do can get him out of the position. >> i predict he wins all 57
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delegates. i think it is going to be a landslide. as the majority stake winner he will get the 30 state delegates. that's the level of dilution they are operating at right now. and it has been cruz's to win and the fiorina thing just seemed like a gimmick because it is as though they panicked the week before the primaries. oh my god, we are going to lose in five states. we will come in third place in four of them. crap, what are we going to do? what is carly doing? let's offer her the vp job. she will think it is hp. >> she is good in stages. >> and she is good on stage. they do have a chemistry together. >> she doesn't even look like she is falling. it looks like the devil is dragging her back to hell. it is like your work here is done. she doesn't seem like she is
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stumbling. she just goes back. >> wouldn't that be ted cruz since he is lucifer in the flesh? >> i think lucifer would be doing better. i don't think lucifer would be -- >> jill, why do you think carly didn't give him a boost? she had fans. >> he had a great idea to bring in a woman to the campaign in case he faces off with hillary and needs the female vote. i just feel bad for her with the stage fall. i'm sure you remember miss universe 2007 miss usa fell. >> was that you? >> that was not me. i did not win miss usa and didn't get a chance to fall at miss universe. >> did you see the kelsey grammer fall when he was at disney giving a talk and the stage is like a cog and he falls between the cog cases? >> these stages are too small. she is standing on a postage
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stamp. jay that's why i -- >> that's why i don't have a chair. you can fall off the chairs. like most arguments the debate is never ending. franklin graham railed against tunsil, smoking weed in a gas mask bong. when some responded "god made marijuana so it must be okay" the evangelist offered a counter argument. god made muss rooms, but some are so poisonous one can make you dang russly ill and kill you. but smoking it and chewing it is harmful to your body it is deadly. just because god made snakes does president mean they are harmless -- doesn't mean they are harmless. i will not pick up any rattlesnakes. oh reverend, don't knock it until you try it. there is no high like picking up rattlesnakes. i love it.
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pro-pot candidate gary johnson has released a new ad. >> oh gary. >> two-term republican governor gary johnson here. >> woi, it -- wow, it is short, but it gets the message out. >> he is out there and running. here is another one. >> google gary johnson. >> i kind of like him. he is right to the point. >> we don't have enough in politics. >> what we were talking about before? >> snake handles and reef smoking. >> as a philosophical argument i couldn't get away with it. god made pot and it is god. god made pot and it is poison. >> he also made the crocodile, but that is not something i would share a gas mask with. there are plenty of reasons to argue pro-freedom and for medical marijuana research.
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i think there are a number of things cannibus can do to heal the body and it is whoafully under researched the way it is scheduled in this country. and i don't think scientists need to make the case that god made dirt and dirt don't hurt and apply it to weed. there are other, smarter arguments and franklin graham wins this one. >> tim, i am encouraged and like the fact -- i am assuming they are pot smokers and they are mixing it up with franklin graham. it is a good sign. >> i think franklin graham if are you a pot smoker there is nothing better than franklin graham and a church full of rattlesnakes. if you do believe in god and you believe god has made everything including snakes and mushrooms, then it is an illogical proposition to say he made something great and smart. the real answer is there is not a god and he made nothing. >> that's not where i wanted
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to go with it. i was inspired by franklin graham's message. >> i was inspired by the piff and if franklin graham said god made rattlesnakes expiz don't pick them up that would have been better. i didn't need the mushrooms. >> it was long winded. >> he is a preacher and this is what he does. he wants to -- >> make it tweetable. 140 characters or less. >> i don't think he is concerned with word economy. %at's not his thing. >> who is the guy, the preacher i wuch on tv. i watch on tv. he is great. >> he talks on and on for like an hour. >> that guy named dollar or something like that? >> well i am devane -- william devane? >> joel olsteen. >> what do you think?
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>> god made her, grr. >> i don't think the bible says anything about bongs, but jesus was into wine so i think he parties, you know what i'm saying? >> it is true. >> good point. >> and wine -- >> he was like, water, schmater, boom, let's party. >> i don't think they were ever smoking pot in the old testment. >> they weren't not smoking pot either. >> you are a regular franklin graham. coming up we debate the current state of at thing right after this commercial break. irony.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia r major political showdown is about to take center stage, this time in indiana. donald trump says a win over ted cruz and john kasich in today's primary will mean, quote, it's over. his math is off, but trump would have a clearer path toward securing the delegates needed to claim the gop nomination before the national convention. on the democratic side underdog bernie sanders is vowing to continue the fight regardless of what happens in the hoosier state. confident of a victory in indiana hillary clinton campaigned in west virginia. she ran into angry protesters. they say her policieses will hurt the local coal industry. president obama is scheduled to visit flint, michigan tomorrow. state leaders say they are in dire need of federal fund to clean up the contaminated water system. start gz next week an additional 15,000 children and pregnant women will be eligible for the government health insurance.
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word from the pentagon. russian fighter jets have been buzzing and american military planes in recent days. they think the russians just want to send a signal to washington that they are well aware of the u.s. military presence in the baltics. and last night the solar power plane landed outside phoenix, arizona. the latest stop in what might bow a historic globe circling journey. it began in march of last year from the united arab of emirates. it is equiped with 17,000 solar cells. it will make two more stops before heading out over the atlantic. i'm patricia stark and now it is time to head back to your favorite show "red eye." for all of your headlines log on to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fog newschannel.
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we live in a media-saturated world. no one trusts advertising anymore and 4% of americans believe the marketing industry tells the truth. what do you do if you want to get someone's attention? perhaps go in the other direction. stop talking. disappear. last week radiohead deleted their twitter and facebook pages. the result? everyone is paying attention to radiohead and they are talking about their latest album? i don't know. we are talking about them. if i am talking about radiohead why am i showing you a man painting a fence? it played in the uk and viewers were riveted. look at that paint. it lasted a full three minutes. there was no talking. just painting. it is part of a new trend in what is called slow tv. it began when a producer mounted a camera on the front of the train and broadcast the trip from oslo to bergin.
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it attracted 1.2 million viewers and that's a quarter of the country. now they are planning a show with no voiceover and a three-hour museum tour. so is less more? he is drinking coffee and now going back to painting. i am charmed by this. panel? can you believe this? >> i watched the whole thing. i understand the trans fixation. he is about to tell you it is a one-coat paint. he just need one coat because it says so on the tin. >> he says so at the end. >> that was the one thing. at the end he pitched the product. >> i thought it was better if it was just the paint. >> i didn't even watch it. >> this is the extented version. >> there is a web only
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11-minute version. >> if there were an hour long show i would turn it on. when i have guests there is a white wall and a white room and it looks ugly. >> you have to turn it on. >> but then people interact with me. this would be perfect. >> i am waiting for mexicans to start scaling the wall and jumping over the wall. that's the only reason i would watch it. >> tim, do you understand that this is the future of marketing? people are tired of being told what to do. >> death is a quiet experience. if you will watch 11 minutes of this, it is time to go. >> we don't need you on the planet. >> if you are going to watch this for 11 minutes. >> and that's the thing. he is not a professional painter. he is a regular guy. >> it takes three minutes to paint a square about that big. >> look at it though.
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it is like mr. miagi. it is like i am danielson. >> it is going to norwegian television and do you think it will invade america. >> it has, the weather channel. they say people watch the weather channel for five minutes or 13 hours in a row. >> tell me about radiohead. >> do i node radiohead. once wished for my untimely death. >> he wanted you to die 1234* did you get in his face withy questions? >> i made a joke about the song "creep" and he didn't answer the question and he said i asked what the inspiration was and he said the inspiration is -- and he put his head down for like 22nds and he said stop the tape. i played that on my show "alternative nation" on mtv for five nights in a row and i thought it was amazing. the next time i saw him he tried to commit suicide by jumping into the pool almost
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taking a live microphone with him. this is like the beginning of slow tv. 22nds of him with his head down in an mtv era -- >> it said so on the tin. >> they are brilliant at getting attention. it is amazing and everybody is talking about radiohead. we assume it is an album. but it is because they shutdown their social media. >> we are such con terror yens. contrarians. >> they are sending out post cards to their fanses saying we know where you live. that's pretty creepy. >> do you think gary johnson will start doing that 1234* postcard to the fanses little by little. >> the handwritten letters from gary johnson? >> when gary johnson ran for president in 2012 he had his
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own rolling papers. we are not too far off. >> and don't forget the chia pet. coming up, half time with andy levy and the "red eye" pod cast is back. subscribe on itunes and fox news
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from
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tv's andy levy. >> how are you? >> good. >> good. >> dan, first of all, it is so cool that you are larry lombardi's son-in-law? >> yes. >> good for you. >> good stuff. >> lucky man. lil rein -- hillary in trouble for saying off the reservation. i believe that is okay. i think you have to check because it is different native americans that feel differently. >> do you have their e-mail? >> i am not on the group e-mail. >> or the reservation. >> shame on you. >> you're right. >> how can you do that, kennedy? how? >> i didn't want to do it, andy. i owed it to them. >> an old family guy joke. >> when hillary says she has
12:31 am
experience dealing with men off the reservation she was talking about bill, right? >> he is the template for -- [whistling]. >> you noted that trump said i won't breng up the fact that the indians have gone wild on this statement and i am not going to get into that. even chris cuomo noticed what trump was doing. that's how you know he wasn't subtle at all. >> he is drill gent and i think trump is brilliant at doing that. he says i am not going to say that. it is always i am not going to say his name and then it is lyin ted. >> you said they are trump's people because of the casinos. report they his competitors 1234. >> he works with them. don't you know the way it works? do you get it? >> after kennedy said where the phrase came from you asked wouldn't it be good then because it shows rebellion or
12:32 am
whatever? no because the praise was coined by the white people. it was coined in a derogatory way. >> so kennedy, obviously. >> wow, how did i get roped into your -- >> can we show that second video again? >> and the next president of the united states, ted cruz. >> when she falls she falls down and to the left. down and to the left. >> down and to the left. >> thank god we had a second shooter though to get that angle. >> kennedy you said cruz's fiorina thing looked like a gimmick. why so cynical? >> what happened to you? what happened to you? >> i blame my parents. >> cruz had a net favorable rating among republicans of
12:33 am
plus 48 in january. you want to know what it is now? >> yes. >> negative 6. >> great. >> people don't like him anymore. it is almost like the more republicans got to know him, the less they liked him. weird. >> franklin graham on pot. i mean franklin graham's take on pot. not franklin graham on pot. you said there are smarter arguments besides god made it and it must be good. nobody is seriously making this argument. a couple of commenters said that to him. >> stoners sometimes lack the eloquence necessary. plenty have said, hey, man, it came out of the ground. god made it. >> oh, okay. >> tom you asked who the other preacher is you asked for an hour. i think you met bill o'reilly? >> him too. i like him. joel olsteen i think he is
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great. >> dan, you said jesus -- dan i think it was you who said gee was into wine and he partied. but jesus said the son of man he comes eating and drinking and he is a gluton and he was falsely accused of being a drunkard, but he -- >> but in ezekiel something about a keg. >> we have been here before. >> you know what the bible says about not forgiving people? >> painting ad -- well we'll start with the painting ad. you said slow tv started with a norwegian channel showing a seven-hour train trip. obviously you have never seen the yule log. >> it was never -- it didn't get 1.2 million views. this really took off. >> and there was no music to the painting fence.
12:35 am
>> i believe 1.2 million people have watched the yule log. >> you might be right. >> more people have watch the yule log than "gangham style." >> it was notment to be watched. it was meant to be in the background. >> this show is programming and influencing the bbc schedule and coming to the u.s. mark my word m. >> i watched the yule log. >> you might like it. >> you said this would be perfect for when you had people over because it is something you can put on, but people wouldn't pay attention to it over you. >> that is my hope. >> what if they did pay attention to it over you? >> i would throw something through the tv and i would get violent and take away their wine glasseses.
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wine glasses. if i don't get all of the attention all the time it is a problem. >> kennedy, first of all, none of your radiohead jokes were funny. >> not jokes. >> why were you so mean? you know he is a sensitive soul. >> he is a grown man and he can grow a pair. he can deal with it. he is putting his music out there. >> you are sitting there and you are being mean to him. how dare you, sir. >> i am so sad about it. a little wet rat in the pool as he enters the beach house. >> you know what? when youo anything in your life that is a third as good as ok computer you can talk like that. >> what have they done since then? >> they have done kid a and am am -- amnesiac. >> that's dumb. >> you're dumb. >> their "saturday night live"
12:37 am
was worse than ashley simpson. >> that may be true. >> wow. >> thank you. >> by the way, one person who hasn't erased his internet presence is the long-time radiohead producer and on monday he cryptically tweeted a page that is supbreak down hoa novel. now there are people who are going crazy on-line trying to figure out what it means. it is fun to watch. >> people have so much time. >> isn't that miraculous? 11 minutes to watch fence painting and two and a half hours to watch a train ride? >> i have been on a conference call this whole time. >> also worth pointing out is radiohead have a great song on the "today" album called disappear completely. >> life imitating art indeed. >> or self-plagiarism. i am done. >> thank you, andy.
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>> it is time to take a break. the taco manager goes loco. first, here is what is coming up on the next kennedy. >> hey, "red eye" fans, on the next kennedy jedediah williams. and dr. travis store of is going to play doctor.
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live from america's news headquarterses i'm patricia
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stark. a man accused of plotting to blow up a large jewish center in miami making his first court appearance of. james medina, a muslim convert, is accused of wanting to bomb the jewish center. he was arrested after allegedly accepting a phony bomb from the fbi. he faces life in prison if convicted of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. new questions about the stability of iraq. there has been three isaac -- three isis attackses and hundreds of protesters took over building and accused the government of inaction. the state department says the protests will not affect the battle against isis, but they say change is needed. >> with the long-term answer in iraq it is good governments. we said that many, many times. that's the way to sustain a defeat. they are being defeated on the battlefield and they will continue to be defeated on the battlefield. you need good government. >> protesters who took part in the demonstrations this past weekend vow they will be
12:43 am
back. >> north korean leader kim jong-un can be called a wedding spoiler. he ordered all weddings and funerals to be canceled for security reasons this week as he prepared to be the official leader at the first worker's party of korea congress in 36 years. the country has alreadied citizens to spruce up the capitol ahead of the congress. the family of the late singer prince is telling the judge they can't find any sign he left behind a will. since prince did not have any children or was not married under minnesota state law his estate will be divided among his siblings. prince died april 21st. i'm patricia stark, now back to your favorite late. show "red eye." you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. >> the customers are always
12:44 am
right. especially if he is filming you with a smartphone. a manager at delta co has been fired after a pair of drive-thru patrons posted a video of him cursing them out. the dispute started when the man and woman didn't get sauce with their meals. >> this guy right here, he just called me a [bleep]. >> he just flipped you off. >> and he is flipping he off right now. >> soon the manager came back. >> hi, bro. you want to tell the story? i came here with no information. >> you don't have to act that way. >> i don't give a [bleep]. >> you are going to get fired. >> this is the manager right here. >> where are you going to post-it? nobody is gonna [bleep] see it. >> no one will see it. who ever heard of youtube? what is there a dot com after it? the manager continued. >> where will you post-it youtube? who are you going to send it
12:45 am
to. >> the boss. >> my dad is the owner so good luck with that. >> good luck. there was more back and forth. >> you want to leave or do you want to keep recording me? >> why don't you quit? >> quit. >> why would i quit? this is my [bleep] fortune. do you know what a pot of gold. >> i didn't come here for the salsa. i ordered two tacos. >> that's cool. >> i came back to buy more. >> that's cool. why do you have to give me [bleep] about the sauce. >> why do you have to give him tude about the sauce? any final thoughts? >> you are young and dumb. >> he doesn't have an idea what social media can do. >> and they were so wrong. no, they were actually so right. he is gone. that guy was fired. kennedy, what do you think? he seem -- he seemed a little charming even though he was swearing at them.
12:46 am
what do you think? >> it is like a depressed person who engages in auto erotic asphyxiation. on some level they have a death wish and that's the case with this guy. he knows there is a great chance that this video is going to fall into the right capable hands m. and that's exactly what happened. he wanted to be fired regardless of what his dad owns. >> really? >> yes. >> i think he thought he was sitting pretty. his dad owned the delta co -- or the franchise owner jai. he is the best employee at del taco. the rest are using the bathroom in the food. it is unfortunate that he is going. >> i like -- del taco. >> it is a great chain. but i think what he didn't understand is that his dad may be the franchisee, wut that is
12:47 am
not like an owner they can fire you. >> i don't think it is his pot of gold. i don't know if he would use pot of gold to describe the del taco. >> they have crinkle cut fries. >> we didn't seat whole thing. they started taping later. maybe they were giving him major guff. >> the real traj dough is he will never work a drive-thru again. >> this could be the end for him. >> what if you pay him $15 an hour. >> it might change it. >> he is getting a good salary because his dad -- >> he is sitting on a fortune. >> you know, i started off and i was going to be on his side. i thought this is a guy trying to work and getting harassed and then i quickly -- as soon as he said my daddy is the owner i'm like, i'm done. i don't like you anymore. jay he looks like a -- >> he looks like a guy whose dad is the owner.
12:48 am
>> who is worse, this goi -- this guy or girl who went off on the tow truck company? >> she is worse. >> it happens every few months. i am not sure if it -- like this guy said, this guy doesn't understand social media. does it have to work that way? do people have to get fired for having a temper tantrum? >> that was like an on camera career suicide. >> if there is one place you expect professionalism it is the drive-thru window. if something does president go right it should be documented immediately and you should ruin the life -- he has a great life and he is handing him a taco. take him down a notch. i think that's what social media is about. it is not about democratic revolutions in iran. it is about let's find a guy who is handing him an em paw gnaw do and let's get him --
12:49 am
>> i wish people would deal with this maybe get -- ask for the senior manager. i like writing letters. >> are you a letter writer? >> senior manager? >> you mail it and put a stamp on it. >> i used to write action letters and get action all the time. i had a run in with a blockbuster employee. are they around anymore? >> did you write the letter "letter from a nut. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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supply no "red eye" -- no "red eye" tomorrow because of election coverage. we will be back with alley and joe devito and straight from the movie "straight outta compton." >> these are exciting times in the pizza industry. domino's is testing a delivery system. they created the nation and dare say the first -- the world's first pizza box,
12:54 am
pizza? it is a pizza that is boxed -- >> a pizza box made out of pizza. >> exactly. i will give you a moment to pick up your jaw off the floor. >> he said he came up with the idea while board. i think youment stoned. we sent our largest writer. he is right on schedule. you went to brooklyn to vinny's pizzeria? >> wow. that's more delightful than i imagine. >> i am going to have the lid. >> are you going to eat the top? >> guys and no gals? >> kennedy i know this is not
12:55 am
-- >> we are going to delta co. >> you can't even be around. >> i'm sure it is great. >> i just hope next to my dead body they find this. >> tim. >> they are not going to find it. >> i want to show uh photograph. a year ago vinny created pizza topping -- i can't seen 8 it. it is pizza topped with pizza. >> vinny loves his job. >> he is an innovator. sean, bud the place vinny's bus he didn't think anyone would come to sean's pizzeria. >> have some pizza with sean. >> you are eating the box. how is it? >> it tastes like ben's hands. >> jill -- sean, aka vinny, said it will cut down on waste.
12:56 am
we don't even use plates here. >> this one ben carried on his lap the whole way here. >> with a regular pizza box he would carry that on his lap. it always tastes like ben kissel. >> you generally don't eat the pizza box. >> if you eat the pizza boxes this is a better choice. >> if you have resigned yourself to death this is a great way to do it. the iraq war was better than this. i am the sad person. >> you are not the first person. >> it looks like a shower mat made of dough.
12:57 am
>> i have to go, but have i to swallow. a special thanks to jill dobson and kennedy and dan. that does it for me, tom shillue. i'll see you later. -review list. and now you can use ziprecruiter for free. go to
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and a cast of others. we'll see you then, everybody. have a good one. tonight, the stakes are high heading into tomorrow's indiana primaries. >> it's over. think it's over now, but it's over. >> gop front-runner donald trump is here font with reaction. then, is indiana a must-win for senator ted cruz? and will he support trump if trump becomes the nominee? maybe not. >> are you going to support donald trump if he's the nominee? >> i am going to beat donald trump. >> laura ingraham will weigh in. >> i have a lot of experience dealing with men who get off the reservation. plus hillary clinton is being slammed for her distasteful remarks and donald trump continues to hammer the democratic front-runner. >> the only card she has is the woman's card. >> monica crowley, geraldo rivera, andet


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