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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 3, 2016 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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largest voter turnout in history. >> there you have it. up for grabs 50 for democrats and 838 for republicans. >> matt is live on the republican side. good morning, matt. great to see you out there. >> good morning heather and has been bee. every triem mary tuesday is described as make or break. so far the numbers are not looking good for ted cruz. the average polls shows donald trump with a double dig git lea heading in. analysts say donald trump's message of frustration with the economy, loss of jobs and status quo politicians is resinating with voters in the blue collar
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state of indiana. one trump supporters told ted cruz to his face yesterday that the state of indiana is not a fan. take a listen. >> i appreciate your coming out. i appreciate you coming out and standing up and i think this entire process, any one that wants to be president owes it to the people in the state owes it to come before you. i am running for president. >> we don't want you. >> you are entitled to your view and i will respect it. >> if donald trump wins indiana he will coast to the delegates. cruz says he will fight despite a loss today and kasich all together bowed out of indiana. the county has essentially voted for the last 30 of the past 30. we will see what is on voter's minds. back to you guys in new york.
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it is do or die for bernie sanders in indiana. we were talking about fighting to the finish as polls show a tight race for them. >> hillary clinton a moving to west virginia that's not until next week. following the democrat race live from washington, d.c. good morning. >> good good morning abby and heather. bernie vowing to continue and find a path to the democratic nomination. 83 pledged delegates sanders has a substantially less dell cats. they must secure 2383. clinton has 2165. sanders 1357. still sanders says he can win. >> i have won with overwhelming numbers the vote of young people 45 years of age and younger.
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what it means is our ideas is the future of america. >> in previous comments she would quote put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> i want to know how you can put coal miners out of jobs and tell us. >> it was out of context. it was a misstatement, what i was saying is that the way things are going now we will continue to lose jobs. west virginia votes this week kentucky the next week. heather back to you. >> a lot to chew on. >> it is make it or break it with the cruz campaign. polls show cruz behind by 15
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points. >> the communications director to former deputy director. peept, thanks for joining us this morning. tell us a little bit about how things are looking on the ground. we have seen the polling numbers trump ahead of cruz. how do you think things are looking today? >> i spoke with carly fiorina yesterday afternoon. i asked her about that poll. she immediately lashed out at the credibility and reliability of the nbc news and wall street journal and maris. their back is up against the wall. >> very interesting. we talk about every primary it seems as a do or die state. as we heard from the reporters earlier it does feel like what happens today in indiana will change the race from here. how do the voters feel about that pressure about being the
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voice for the future? >> we have had a lot of waterloos and alamos in this race already. indiana is just the next in that line. people have been excited overall. it is not very often that the republican presidential primary comes to the state of indiana. people have been showing up to rallies, trying to get selfies with the candidates. they are taking it seriously they are the final pit stop on the way to the second ballot i believe whether or not there will be a second ballot. >> if test cruz doesn't do well there isn't any time to back down. he still has the money. what seems to be happening then. >> the election cycle has many twists and turns. it has been very what can awe dude el to say the least. i don't think they have any interest getting out of this race. the only viable play is a second ballot.
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they need to see this through the end, through california to try to stop donald trump. that's what they are going to do. >> thinking about the pressure. so many voters are going to put on him and john kasich is to get of the race is going to be tough to pull had a back. >> what is your guess that will happen tonight? >> trump 35, cruz probably in the 34 range. kasich will out perform at about 20. other folks who are on the ballot like jeb and marco will probably come in at one percent. >> when you talk to voters out there, republican voters, what do they say the topic is? what are they caring about most? >> the economy and jobs is number one on the minds of hoosier's national security. he speaks truth to power who is an outsider and elect ability.
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>> you are the perfect voice to have on this morning. thanks for being with us and getting up so early. >> truth to power. pete, thanks. system headlines now. the first for a missing mother and air force veteran intensifying this morning. police focusing on this surveillance picture. patriciaed to disappeared from her home. she didn't show up when her 2-year-old daughter was in the hospital. her wallet and cell phone were gone. this is one of the iconic photos of all time. the marine corps may have to rewrite history now. it is investigating claims one of the marines raising the flag in iwo jima was miss identified. it was named john bradley in 2014. two historians looked at hundreds of other photos in iwo
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jima and say it couldn't have been him based on discrepancies and clothing and equipment. no word on how long it will take the marine corps to correct this. >> a controversial bill passing the house and senate passed with a signature sealed guns with a permit. campuses make their own decisions about safety. the new bill would take effect in july. guns would be banned at stadiums and school sponsored events. >> the fate of prince's hundreds of million dollar fortune is in the hands of a court. >> five of the singer's six children appeared in a courtroom for a 10-minute hearing about his estate. they may have to split the fortune 7 ways now. a mysterious woman comes forward claiming to be his long lost
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sister. they have thousands of unreleased songs in fact but a will has not been found just yet. hard to image someone so special wouldn't have a will. that can get ugly. extreme weather and strong storms creating a mess with large hills battling the ground in virginia and washington, d.c. >> in north carolina loon gnaw, take a look at this. a kree trashes through the roof of the home nearly hitting the 87-year-old grandmother. her daughter saves her with seconds to spare. >> maria is tracking it for us. >> it will be a wet one. >> it will stay messy out there for this chunk of the workweek. we have a lot of moisture in place and we are looking at the threat for additional severe weather today including north carolina loon gnaw, south carolina and across virginia. we have threats of damaging winds and hail. also it will continue across places like florida.
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we could be looking at more storms, strong ones, at that. across parts of florida even as we head into wednesday. unsettleded across the eastern u.s. we are in the 40's in kansas city and parts of the great lakes and the northeast. as we head into later on this afternoon it will stay feeling like summer. tampa, florida 87 for the forecast high. you are getting a lot warmer out there across parts of the midwest. chicago you will be close to 70 degrees this afternoon. head over to you, heather and abby. >> close to 70. that's good news. >> it is wet. >> it is wet and ugly out. >> 10 minutes after the hour. adding up the map to victory. ted cruz, if he wins it could change the entire game. >> only people on campus protected by police. the wonder of one university that is sparking outrage.
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>> ted cruz says carly fiorina was introducing cruz at a rally. she left the stage a little earlier than she expected. >> and the next president of the united states, ted cruz. she is fine. she is fine. >> she is fine. she is fine. i believe that marks the second time she is dropped out of the race.
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>> is it really over after today. what is up for grabs today. thanks for always getting up so early. appreciate it. we say every primary is make or break but i think today>> here is where things stand now. trump 996. cruz 565. kasich 153. >> i think the thing to look at in these numbers, we talk about delegate counts like they are runs in the baseball game. there's a lot of fluidity in this. there is news ted cruz pledged unbound but pledged delegates in north dakota and look at how well trump is doing and they might switch. >> that's the crazy thing about unbound delegates. >> these numbers can shift depending on what's happening there. >> up for grabs 57 delegates.
2:16 am
30 go to the statewide winner three each to the winner of 9 congressional districts. whoever wins will come out with a big delegate hall. >> let's assume donald trump wins indiana today. what does that mean for the states coming up? >> if donald trump wins tooed the hayes is over. he will win all kinds of states down the stretch with all sorts of delegates. he will get 51 delegates in indiana. he could lose in nebraska. but there is a momentum factor. all of a sudden if donald trump is winning even the states that look like they are going for cruz. they are all heading for ted cruz right now that could switch. >> this is the big one. if he gets indiana you have the momentum to take on california. >> if he wins he ends up with
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1235 delegates. because of momentum could be even higher might get as close to the 1400. he could still get zero and come out fine. >> these are all winner take all states. nothing is certain after tonight. >> and new jersey is winner take all. let's assume ted cruz takes indiana today? >> it is about a 5 percent chance cruz wins. indiana 51 delegates go to ted cruz. if you look at the map you see all kinds of states where ted krudz could be doing well. south dakota, nebraska, montana. this is a big stretch. california, the biggest of all. if ted cruz shocks us all. we would have to rethink the whole race. maybe he could do the same thing again in california.
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he would end up with 899 delegates. that is not really the big number. >> what does that mean? >> he would be better off than he is today but not great. when you look at 68 of the states the only place he could win would be west virginia, new jersey, washington, oregon could be close. if donald trump is winning the last 10 states ted cruz will end up with 71 percent of the delegates left right now. a lot of the people that talk about switching up front ted cruz would win 200 delegates. it would be a contested convention. >> this would be a contested convention. that's not what donald trump wants. >> this is making the big assumption that ted cruz wins tonight. if he does we could very well see this. >> this is what he is hoping for. it is all about momentum.
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>> thanks for breaking this down. appreciate it. heather, what's coming up. >> the time is now 18 minutes after the hour. summer fun quickly turns tragic when a barbecue grill explodes into flames. what did you do if you had five minutes to stop that situation. >> you won't find in one in the dictionary. we will tell you where workers are getting paid time off. first on this day in history, in 1936 the yankees slugger jody image joe made his major league baseball debut. in 1952 the first plane landed in the north poll piloted by joseph fletcher of oklahoma and lieutenant colonel william benedict of california. when you booked this trip,
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look me... in the eyes... and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. >> it is 23 minutes after the hour. the manhunt for the two brothers who are wanted for cold blooded murder. police are getting inundated with tips saying john reed and tony clyde reed were spotted in mexico multiple times. they are accused of killing former army ranger shawn and his wife ore some sort of landis put. they are trying to get their iphone data to track their movements. >> some kill americans are free because they are no longer a darrening. >> those who have been cleared by a review board because they
2:24 am
no longer pose a serious dawninger to the united states. u.s. officials described them as the worse of the worst. obama is trying to fulfill his campaign promise to close gitmo before his campaign promise. the iphone now raising new legal questions after a suspect is ordered by a california judge to unlock her iphone with her finger print. some are questioning whether or not that order infringes on her right against self-incrimination and could equate to her testifying without ever saying a word. apple was at odds with the fbi to unlock the phone of the san bernardino shooter. apple declined to help saying that it sets a dangerous president dent for the company and the customers. >> check your privilege. a campaign started by missouri state university student government sparking outrage on campus. if you are confident the police exists to protect you you have white male privilege. you can expect time off from
2:25 am
work to celebrate religious c halladays you have christian privilege. they have been taking down the campaign creator said it was meant to raise awareness. the school does not sponsor those posters. i would hope not. i hope not. >> speaking of something elts, this next story really is pod ternity. it is a pet friendly idea and it is becoming a reality. several companies in u.k. are offering their employees paid time off to take care of their furry companions. you might like that on the job. >> it sounds amazing. depending on the pet's needs and the company people can take as little of a few hours off all of the way to a couple of months off. it can be used to carry out training attend vet appointments or spend more time with your new furry friend. >> are you kidding me? >> this is a terrible idea. i am a mom of a whole bunch of dogs and a real mom, too, and put it in perspective, folks. pet owners love their pups.
2:26 am
>> we do. just not to take time off work. >> time is 25 minutes after the hour. polls opening in less than an hour in the hoosier state show down. could it be ted cruz's last stand? we will have live team coverage. >> politics with a side of pan takes. talking to indiana diners about who they are voting for. >> what is on the menu? >> today is not going to be politics and pan takes. today it will be politics and r. can i have the pastrami omelette and home fridays and those. >> we have a bunch of people. it is about 25 minutes after 5:00 in the morning. polls open at 6 here in indiana. they are closed at 6:00 tonight. if it is a big sweep for somebody or everybody coming up
2:27 am
that way. look at this. fantastic. live from indianapolis it is politics and pastrami.
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♪ (music pl♪ throughout) uh oh. what's up? ♪
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♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪ >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". we are talking about the battle for indiana. that is today. good morning to all of you. it is an hour in the race where the candidates are turning it up in the heat for the push for the race. >> if we win indiana it is over. >> we don't want you. >> you are entitled to your view, sir. i will respect it.
2:31 am
>> do the math. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> there is nothing, nothing, nothing, we cannot accomplish. let us see indiana have the largest voter turnout in history. >> up for grabs for the republicans 57 delegates and for the democrats 83. we have fox news coverage. steve doocy is touking to voters in indianapolis. we are following the democrats. live for us in terre haute, indiana live for the republican race. how are things looking today? >> likewise, heather. good to see you guys this morning. the numbers show donald trump with a heavy advantage in the primary today. some polls showing trump with a
2:32 am
double dig get lead. aside from california indiana is considered the last state with 57 delegates up for grabs. trump's message and frausstration with the economy and restoring jobs is resinating in the united states. he told him to his face indiana is not a fan of cruz. >> you are the problem. >> you have a right to have your opinion but let me tell you this. sir, america is a better country -- >> without you. >> analysts say if donald trump wins indiana today it will be nearly impossible to stop him from getting the 12,37 delegates. many are questioning his math there. we are here where it is considered a bellwether county.
2:33 am
they have chosen 30 of the presidential candidates. we will be talking to voters we will keep you posted. back in new york. it is do or die for bernie sanders in indiana fighting to the finish as they show a tight race there. >> rich epson is following the democrat's side of things. he is live for with us from washington, d.c. rich, good morning. >> good morning, heather and abby. hillary clinton is looking beyond the indiana primary campaigning in appalachian states voting later this month and increasingly turning her attention to republican frontrunner donald trump. clinton is also answering for earlier comments she would quote put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> i am running in the primary
2:34 am
because i want to compete in west virginia. i apologize for how it was being used. i know that my chances are pretty difficult to be honest. >> clinton is still short the delegates needed to secure the democratic nomination. the democratic nominee. clinton has a total of 2165. bernie sanders has 15,057. despite the substantial deficit sanders is promising to continue his campaign. >> i have learned so far in this campaign is that when the voter turnout is high, when working people and middle class people and young people are prepared to come out and vote, are prepared to stand up and fight back to create a government that belongs to all of us, when that happens, we win elections. >> following indiana today, west
2:35 am
virginia and kentucky vote later this month. that is ahead of primaries including new jersey and california. heather and has been bee, back to you. >> indiana being called the do or die state in ted cruz. what are voters thinking? >> we are live at the dell kau tess sant. you were talking about a pastrami omelette. >> i had my first bite and it is fantastic. the first couple hundred people who show up get a free bagel. here are folks who showed up so early. good morning. how are you? what's your name? >> michelle heart. >> have you gone out and voted yet? >> i early voted. >> it was last week when ted cruz said, okay, don't vote for john kasich here, vote for me to try to stop trump. did that work with you? >> no, it didn't.
2:36 am
>> why not? >> well, i just don't fall for the typical politics. >> you know what it is? you don't like being told what to do. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. what's your name? >> keri. >> what's the big issue for you? >> the economy. >> who do you like? >> probably ted cruz. i am kind of undecided. >> when this all got started about a year ago who was your candidate? >> marco rubio. >> after marco rubio dropped out then who was your candidate? >> i was very sad. >> you have been stumping for a candidate for a while. >> i have. i am frustrated. >> if it turns out donald trump has a good night and ted cruz he has already be has already beend will you get behind trump? >> absolutely. >> she got the free bagel. so did this guy here. what's your name? >> rich. >> mary ann. >> you are from nearby. >> yeah.
2:37 am
>> so they are talking about how already they have broken the turnout for early voting in indiana. what's been the number one issue for you. ? >> i think it is a very polarizing group to choose from. it almost divides you up this way or that way. >> i am going to leave here and go vote. this will make the decision. >> so you haven't decided yet. >> i just don't know. i am really undecided. >> let's talk to this lady over here. what do you think? >> i already voted. i did early voting on saturday to avoid the lines. >> i don't blame you. that's what they are forecasting for today. >> do you mind revealing what went into your decision? >> everybody i wanted kept dropping off of the republican party. so it was a process of
2:38 am
elimination. i voted for cruz. >> he needs as many votes as possible. >> it is just because. it is just because. >> thank you for getting up so early to be on "fox & friends" today. >> thank you. >> are you going to eat that corned beef hash? >> i am. >> i will have to get my own. >> heather and abby, people are having breakfast already and they are excited to go out and vote. the voting starts in 24 minutes right here in indiana. >> steve, i know you well enough to say that i know you will get your own corned beef hash. steve is the skin neiest guy i have ever seen. >> that's metabolism on tv. >> thanks, steve. see you later. >> you bet. >> pack your umbrella. nasty rain moving to the east coast this morning. maria molina is live on our plaza tracking the storms. it is a wet one out there. >> it is wet and a little on the
2:39 am
chilly side. not the fwes day in parts of the northeast. also as we head further south along parts of the eastern u.s. it will get busy from florida to parts of the northeast. later on today we will have a threat for severe weather. especially across mid atlantic. damaged winds large hail and isolated tornadoes as well. the threat continues as we head into tomorrow. areas across florida will have several days of very messy weather out there in the forecast. temperature wise it is kind of a chilly morning across parts of the plains and great lakes and northeast. waking up to temperatures in the 40's and 50's this morning. heading into later on this afternoon it will be feeling like summer. very typical this time of year across parts of florida.
2:40 am
temperatures will be close to 90 degrees in the city of tampa. let's head back inside. >> hot, hot, hot in florida. maria molina this morning. the time is currently 40 after the hour. frustration in flight first world problems turning to first class problems. how the seat you choose could trigger air rage. and fashion fails at the super bowl of fashion. we are checking out some bad wardrobe choices. there is one woman we know who looked spectacular. >> she worked here. ♪
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends". a sefrp for a mother intensifying. this surveillance picture taken hours before trishaed todd
2:44 am
disappeared from her home. she didn't show up to get her 2-year-old daughter from the hospital. her car was found with the keys in the ignition but her wallet and cell phone were gone. >> it is round two for hulk hogan again. the hulkster suing the media guy apart. they claim they leaked audio of a racist rant to the national enquirer. he was fired wwe days after his release. he awarded $140 million in damage after gawker posted a sex tape of him on-line. gawker denies the latest claim. >> he's got to be getting tired of court. >> we blame air raids aon delay and shrinking fees. it is because of seat class. new say they were more likely if it was divided in seating. the flight would have to be delayed 9 and a half hours to
2:45 am
trigger that same. >> fox business alert. stunning new blow to johnson & johnson. the company among one of the most trusted in the united states now ordered to pay a million dollars in a case linking baby powder to cancer. lauren simonetti is here with more. >> johnson & johnson ordered to pay $55 million to a woman who said using the tal come powder caused her to develop ovarian cancer. it is the second trial loss which faces 1200 similar suits accusing it of not adequately warning consumers about the potential cancer risk. uber sued again over the driver's employment status. this time lawyers in florida and illinois have filed class action suits of violating labor laws. they are looking to recover unpaid over time, tips and expenses for drivers. ready, set, blink. sony filing a patent for contact
2:46 am
lenses that take photos. snap a pig for the winner stores that picture and bend it off to a phone or computer. nestle selling kit cats in melon and marscarpone flavors. they are getting a mixed reaction on social media. but if you were brave enough to try one head to japan where they are being sold. >> looks like a velvetta bar. >> sounds gross. looks gross, too. i don't want to eat that especially at 5:45 in the morning. >> the kit cats, no. >> 46 minutes after the hour. turning the tables see what happens when a predator hicks the wrong shopper to mess with. >> when summer fun turns to disaster. what do you do if you have five minutes to live? dr. mark seigel has more. >> if you turn yourself while you are barbecuing how do you know what to do? how do you know when to go to
2:47 am
the emergency room to get taken care of? find out after the break. "fox & friends first" will be right back.
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>> image this. you and your family enjoying a barbecue. now you can appreciate that. you think that's crazy, you think 17,000 people ended up in the emergency room because of drill injuries. >>
2:51 am
hi, doctor. >> good morning, heather, good morning, abby, if you've taken the cover off your grill for the first time, if god forbid a fire occurs and you get burned, what should you do about it? how do you know if you should take care of yourself about that? i'm here with a doctor. how do i know if i can take care of it myself? >> the best way to do is to show on you. >> you are going to show me first what i can do right away on the premises whether i have to go to the emple r. or not. >> we've all been burned. i should show you the burns that should be followed to make sure there isn't anything to be seriously worried about. >> i'm the patient. i burn my arm. >> let's say you are barbecuing
2:52 am
and you see a burn somewhere around this big. a little smaller than the palm of your hand. the first thing you want to do is get away from the fire. clean and dry. run it under warm water. next thing is an antibiotic cream. it's called silvadene. you want to apply it like that. >> what about my face? >> neosporin. then you want to take a clean dressing and put it on your arm and you want to make sure it stays covered and nice. now, that's how you start out with a regular first aid management. >> what if it's larger? what if it's a bigger burn? >> if it's bigger, you want to consider getting seen by a doctor or e.r. right away. >> bigger burn than this, go right to the e.r. >> right, if you have a burn around the entirety of your arm,
2:53 am
if it's huge blister, there could be signs of a deep infection. the burn that you start out at home gets infected, what will happen is you'll get redness up and down -- up and down your arm like this. >> you go right to the e.r. for this. >> if you see streaking like this, up your arm, you want to make sure to get seen by a doctor. if you see bumps in your arm underneath, you want to get that taken care of. we'll give you iv antibiotics to address the infection, unfortunately, in your bloodstream and we're going to consider giving you iv fluid. >> because i'm losing a lot of fluid through my burn. >> your skin is the barrier to protection against fluid loss and infection. >> everyone wants to know how to avoid scarring, how do you do
2:54 am
that? especially on your face. >> if you get burned on your face, your hands, your feet, any extremity, you probably want to be seen by your doctor or e.r. right away because early treatment is the best way to avoid scarring. antibiotic cream, bacitracin on the face is the best thing to do. >> if it gets really bad, call a plastic surgeon. >> thank you so much. dr. marc. >> good information there. >> when in doubt, go to the doctor. dr. seeingle, dr. cast thanks. tomorrow, more life saving tips to keep your family safe. the battle for indiana is our big story today. the polls up in minutes. the ultimate prize for a
2:55 am
pint--sized presidential expert.
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2:58 am
>> we're minutes away from polls opening across indiana. donald trump leading by double digits over ted cruz. 53 delegates for the republicans, 83 for the democrats are up for grabs.
2:59 am
we want to keep talking about the indiana primary, who do you know will win and join the race? join the conversation now on our facebook page with t the #keeptalking. it's time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. the good, former president george w. bush surprising a whiz kid at the presidential library. and a woman turns the tables on a convicted peeping tom. >> do you remember running me into me into the grocery store? >> wow. that's jeffrey paluzi, the finally the ugly, is he lebs show some bold choices at the met gala.
3:00 am
best dressed goes to our megyn kelly and her handsome husband. doug we have a picture of them right here. instagram. they look fantastic. >> classiest couple of the night. >> we love them. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. go out and vote, everyone. did we win in indiana, it's over with, folks, boom, boom, boom. we're knocking them out like cornflakes. >> civilized people don't scream and yell at each other. >> you'll find out tomorrow indiana don't want you. >> let's see indiana have the largest voter turnout in their history. >> this primary is coming down to the midwestern common sense, to the judge judgment of hoosiers. >> if you vote for me, i will stand up and fight for you through this campaign and into


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