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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 3, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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gala. best dressed goes to our megyn kelly and her handsome husband. doug we have a picture of them right here. instagram. they look fantastic. >> classiest couple of the night. >> we love them. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. go out and vote everyone. did we win in indiana it's over with folks, boom boom boom. we're knocking them out like cornflakes. >> civilized people don't scream and yell at each other. >> you'll find out tomorrow indiana don't want you. >> let's see indiana have the largest voter turnout in their history. >> this primary is coming down to the midwestern common sense, to the judge judgment of hoosiers. >> if you vote for me i will stand up and fight for you through this campaign and into
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the white house. >> hi everybody. welcome to the indiana edition of "fox & friends." indiana matters and today might be the most consequence sent shall day of the primary season. >> where is steve doocy? >> steve is at a restaurant at a diner in indiana called shapiro's. >> today, it's not pancakes and politics. it's pa strami and politics. i'm right at home here at shapiro's which has been in the heart of indianapolis for 110 years. >> steve, you keep hearing that the people of indiana are really juiced up. that they actually matter. much like new york had that adrenalin going, that people are running to the polls. you've been there for a day and
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a half do you get the sense that people are pumped up and will show up? >> absolutely. keep in mind they all showed up -- good morning, are you excited to vote? they have only had one cup of coffee. trust me they are. they have already set some early voting records in a couple of states and so that's why so many people are thinking this could really -- this could -- i was talking to one guy who said a couple of weeks ago, it looked like it was going to be cruz but now the guy i talk to this morning it could be a blow-out for trump. meanwhile, hillary was ahead for a very long time and i went to a rally over memorial circle here in downtown indianapolis last night and there were thousands of people and they were so excited to go into the polls and the polls open here in indianapolis minutes ago to vote for bernie so the electorate here is motivated. you should know that john kasich even though they had that alliance kasich and cruz kasich is still on the ballot.
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you got to come into the polling photo i.d. and right there at the door, they will say do you want the r ballot or the d ballot and you can take whichever one but be forewarned our next guest coming up andy downs tells me in some polling places somebody will actually challenge you, if you ask for a d ballot and somebody says you are an r, you got to work it out right there. >> it's a winner-take-all for the democrats. guess what. you have to have i.d. in new york they didn't even ask me for i.d. >> thank you so much steve. enjoy that coffee. we'll check back with you a lot. look forward to hearing from some of those voters in indiana. we just heard from steve in indianapolis now we're heading west to a place called terre
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haute. that's where we have matt. >> analysts have been debating many say this is ted cruz's last chance to show he is still in the game this morning the numbers are not looking good for me. the polls show donald trump have a clear lead some polls showing trump with a double digit advantage. indiana is considered the last prize state with 57 delegates up for grabs today. analysts say trumps message of frustration with the economy and restoring job is resonating here in the hoosier state. trump and cruz have said it's all come down to this take a listen. >> if we win in indiana, it's over with folks, it's over with and then we focus on hillary clinton. we focus on hillary and that's going to be fun, but remember we began with 17 and wi by one by
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one, they went off, a governor a senator, a senator, a governor. they didn't know what the hell happened but they went out, so now we're down to two and they are hanging by their fingernails. and on the republican side the primary has done its job, it has narrowed this field, there are two candidates who have any plausible path to winning the republican nomination. me and donald trump. we're here in vigo counties it's considered one of the most accurate bellwether counties in the nation. steve, back to you. i don't know if you've had a chance to see this video. a move by ted cruz relatively controversial and certainly bold. he has a chance to hop in his car and just leave an event. instead, he notices a group of trump supporters across the street and he walks over there
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and he -- ted cruz seems to be very happy the way this went. i think the protester should have reason to believe that he got the best of ted cruz. let's watch. >> lying ted. >> sir, actually -- civilized people don't scream and yell each other. >> you are the problem, politician. >> can i ask you something? >> no. no. you are the problem. >> of all the candidates name one who had a million dollar judgment against him for hiring illegal immigrants? >> where's your goldman sachs jacket at? we know your wife works there. >> you know donald trump had a million dollar judgment against him for hiring illegal aliens. he brings in hundreds of foreign workers instead of hiring americans. donald trump is receiving you. he is playing you for a chump.
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>> you'll find out tomorrow indiana don't want you. >> sir, america is a better country. >> without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments. let me point out i've treated you respectfully the entire time and a question that everyone here should ask -- >> are you canadian? are you canadian? >> oh, my word. this is getting nasty but a lot is at stake in indiana. what did you think of that steve? >> well, here's the thing, ted cruz you got to give him props for going up to those guys in the sunglasses and addressing them directly but then the other guy he almost seems like a plant. he had all the sound bites ready. he had the goldman sachs thing. he had the canadian thing. ted said yesterday it is a choice between crudeness or desense si and a couple of days ago he was talking about goodness over evil he was trying to take the high road.
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politics ain't bean ball and yesterday you saw it nose-to-nose face-to-face. >> it remind me of blue collar america against ivy league america. when you deliver a speech you can have these pauses to create drama. those pauses were filled with quick-qitd regular guy reactions. >> i don't think he was a plant. the guy was just informed. you understand -- >> he was ready. >> he was ready. you know with his lying ted and everything else. >> you get that two adults might disagree but have you seen this steve? the kids getting involved. so you have a group of veterans. you have two trucks several trucks driving down the street. everyone is hanging out, holding their trump sign. you have people protesting on the side of the road and kids are getting involved flipping them off and saying awful things.
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watch this. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> yeah. >> where is that? >> jimmy kimmel does this thing calls it unnecessary sensorship. that was necessary kren sership. the thing that's striking for molecular is the age of the kids. what about for you? >> well that is -- that is stunning for me and for you as parents to see that kind of behavior but also didn't the
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red truck say something like vets for trump or something like that? >> people who have fought for our country. >> where's the respect -- forget about whether or not they are for trump, they are veterans for our country, which is big and important and that is -- i'm glad -- you can't really look at that. i'm glad you can't really see their faces because i'm embarrassed for them. >> i think it's fine to teach your kids that you can disagree with someone but you have to be respectful especially to adults. i think that's taking it too far. >> the kids are screaming like that. they have that type of reaction and they are holding the mexican flag. that's not going to win too many americans, thinking in their mind it's mexico first. stay right there. i know you are hungry. >> i know you are really bothered by this. >> i got my pastrami omelet. >> we're a little jealous as we toss to heather nauert.
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>> good morning to you heather. >> we have disturbing and tragic news coming in from overseas. we have learned that an american service member has been killed in iraq. defense secretary ash carter making this announcement just moments ago in germany. it happened near erbil in the northern part of the country. historically that has been a safe place. not so anymore. carter didn't realize any other details about what happened to the service member. it's a very sad loss. our thoughts and prayers go out to his or her family. we'll keep you posted as we get more. the search is intensifying for a mother and air force veteran. trisha todd disappeared from her home in south florida. her car were found in the ignition. her wallet and cell phone are gone. the iphone is raising new
3:12 am
legal questions. a judge ordered a woman to open her phone with fingerprint. this comes after apple was at odds for the fbi to unlock the phone with one of the san bernardino terrorists. apple declined in that case. and kids in detroit be could be out for a second day as teachers extend their sick-out. watch. >> they are protesting after finding out the district will run out of money to pay their already-earned salaries in june. the sick-out closed more than 90 schools yesterday. they are urging state lawmakers to pass a $715 million package to rescue that district. a lot of financial problems in that state, the state of michigan and this is the latest
3:13 am
one. coming up a woman turns the tables on a peeping tom. >> do you remember running into me in the grocery store? no hey, where are you going, come back? get this guy. stop him. >> well, it didn't stop there. she chased him all the way to the parking lot. >> wow. >> and most polls put donald trump winning in indiana, but another poll finds ted cruz winning in double digits. let's break it down and find out who has the best science behind the polls.
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the polls just opened here in indiana, a state that has been called do or die for ted cruz. one recent poll shows ted cruz leading with 45%, nearly 16 points ahead of donald trump. but that's a stark contrast in nearly every other poll in indiana. like this one, which has trump ahead by 15 points. so which one should we believe? let's talk to andrew downs. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> we should point out the center mike downs was your
3:18 am
father a proud tradition in indiana politics. people are scratching their heads. did you see that poll where ted cruz is on top? >> it's understandable why they were. one out of 20 might be wrong. we start with that. that's included in the press release but beyond that we didn't weight the responses. in other words, we don't know who is going to show up. indiana turnout is usually very low in primaries. this year we know it's going to be very different and we don't know who is going to show. we don't know the percentage of female versus male. we didn't weight the results and we put them out there. >> last night, i was watching the local new and between the ted cruz and the anti-trump attack ads on the local tv they were talking about record turnout in indiana? >> we've had early voting for about a month now. 29 days beforehand we do early voting. if people look at 2012 it's a
3:19 am
bad comparison we're way ahead of that. 2008 depending on the county you are in you actually have seen a lot of turnout higher than 2008. >> throughout the morning we're going to talk to some of the diners turning up here in shapiros. the people who voted for donald trump, why do they vote for him? >> they actually like him because he's not the establishment. he's someone new. they like his business experience. in our polling that matches very much the narrative we're hearing. >> what about ted cruz? >> they like him in terms of his values. >> why are people voting for bernie sanders? i was at a rally last night and there were thousands of people there and they were motivated. there seems to be a real enthusiasm gap between him and hillary? >> remember he has been coming around the state and she hasn't. believe it or not, the number one category was surprisingly not sure and we think it's not
3:20 am
that people don't know it's just that if they can't sort of articulate it very quickly when someone on the phone says why. >> is trump going to win today in indiana? >> i think most of the polls say that. ours says something else but a lot of the others say him. >> this is andy downs. he will not be answering his phone as of 7:00 tonight. i'll still answer it. >> thank you. >> coming up live from indiana, chaos erupts inside a stadium. fans throwing flares sparring fires on the field and this before the game got started. and then he is the definition of a hero. surviving a 12-hour fire fight against the taliban, wounded. outnumbered, 6-to-1 but still manage to save lives and earn the medial of honor. retired army sergeant clinton
3:21 am
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quick headlines caught on camera. look at this. real life political punches. the gloves were off in turkey as parliament there brawled over proposed changes to the country's constitution. you can see members launching themselves over the tables while others were throwing punches and throwing water. the fans going wild at a championship soccer match in poland. all of this before the match even started. kick-off was delayed for 12
3:25 am
minutes. thankfully no one was hurt. pinned down under taliban fire for 12 hours in a remote valley in afghanistan, one man seized the moment and helped take down the taliban on that day directing air strike and helping many other fellow soldiers to health and survival. those actions earned clinton romesha the medal of honor. he recounts the battle in his brand-new book "red platoon." he joins us now. congratulations on putting this altogether and putting it to paper. this incident happens in '09. you get the medal in 2013. how difficult was it to recount what took place then for this book? >> as part of doing the book i didn't want to do a book that clint romesha did that or that.
3:26 am
it took a lot of collaboration talking to the guys i served with and to hear that accounts and perspective. you might be three feet away from another guy and what i remember and he remembered was totally different at the time. so to hear those perspectives and be able to give those guys a voice, to see and speak, was a great process to be part of. >> just to run through it and through everybody's mind there's an outpost that the military decided we should have an american outpost to try to stop those afghan taliban fighters from going back and forth and rearming and refueling. the outpost was isolated you are always under attack. >> it's that willingness to go and do and serve for those many that don't and to put that burden upon themselves is a beautiful thing to watch.
3:27 am
>> absolutely. and, sergeant to recount, we can't go into great detail. that's what the book is for. the taliban decides we're taking these guys out now. they are going to flood in and overrun your base. what happened that day? >> bright and early, 6:00 in the morning, we've got 52 americans sitting in the bottom of this toilet bowl essentially they hit us with approximately 300 fighters and enforce. these were well trained fighters they knew what they were doing. in the matter of an hour they breached our perimeter, overran our offenses. we were isolated in three buildings and all we had left in our control. with the great team members that i had there, the guys there that day and knowing if roles were reversed if i was stuck in that humvee he was going to come get me. we had to get him. >> it's estimated you saved around 30 guys while calling in air strikes at the same time. military decided to abandon the
3:28 am
outpost, that doesn't mean you weren't going to fight for everything you had. you wanted to bring up this excerpt from the book. you don't want this to be about you, sergeant. you want this to be about everyone that fought that day and continues to fight. so here's the excerpt we brought forward. >> you know what follows is not the story of one man but an entire platoon. if we qualified as heroes then the heroism we displayed that day was cut from a more ragged grade of cloth. a fabric whose folds concealed the shortcomings and failings of exceptionally ordinary men who are put to an extraordinary test. >> and you stood up to that test. did you know you had this inside of you as a young man before you signed up for the military? did you say i want a chance to prove the courage i have? >> you know i think, as you look back i think the things that kind of separate heroes from others is having courage for about five more minutes longer than the other guy. everyone has courage, but it's just being a little more
3:29 am
courageous for a little longer time. in a situation like that i had no idea what i was going to do. i just knew, like i said, if the roles were reversed. we had to do our job. do it one step at a time those great men around me were going to do the same. couldn't let them down. >> what's the reaction of you putting the book together amongst the family and friends? >> the book kind of came about because of the families of the eight guys we lost and the guys that served with the idea of having the attention and being able to tell the story in a firsthand perspective, you know there's nothing like that firsthand perspective to tell it and to make sure these guys get brought home and immortalized in print. >> clinton romesha has penned a new book "red platoon."
3:30 am
you'll see a lot about clinton talking about this book and story on his book tour. and walking and texting has become dangerous but one city has a solution to this problem. crossing signals in the ground. we'll tell you where that's happening. and pastrami and politics. steve doocy says they mix. happy birthday to eric church. he's excellent and he's 39. i'm sure he's watching. now i have to get him something. ♪ ♪ how are you supposed to choose one? simple. you don't. at red lobster's create your own seafood trios, you get to pick 3 of 9 all-new creations for just $15.99. and with this many new flavors trust me you'll be glad you can try three.
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carly fiorina was introducing him. >> the next president of the united states ted cruz. >> she's fine she's fine. >> whoa! >> she's fine. although i believe that's the second time she's dropped out of the race. [ laughter ] >> did you see that steve? it looked like they had one of those doors on the stage where you just fall down into it. bless her heart. they say she's okay. >> good. absolutely. i am here at shapiro's dell ka test san in downtown indianapolis. a whole bunch of people have shown up before they go to work and start their day. what is your name?
3:35 am
>> alan. >> did you early vote or vote later today? >> i vote when i leave her. >> who are you voting for? >> trump. >> why. >> for the economy. i think he's best suited to restructure our trade deals. >> what do you do for a living? >> i'm a business owner. >> ladies good morning to you. what do you and who do you support? >> yeah i'm a sophomore at butler and i'm voting for trump. >> and i'm pharmaceutical sales. i'm also going to vote for trump. >> would it be safe to say this would be a trump stable? >> yes. we came down to pastrami omelets because we heard it was on steve. >> i had one and it was delicious. as a college student, bernie sanders real it seems like they are a bernie students. isn't that the vibe?
3:36 am
we're for bernie it's free for anything? >> i see all that but i definitely don't think that's the right thought process at all. >> let's come on over here. this is somebody i -- i can't figure out who she might be supporting today. laura. they are thrilled with their mother they did wind up with a free bagel. >> you are going to vote for ted cruz today? >> yes, i am. >> when this all started about a year ago, who was your candidate? >> it was probably ted most of the time although i really did like carly so that was a bonus for me this week as he picked her as a running mate. >> boom she went yesterday. it was tough. second time she dropped out of the race jimmy fallon said. you got to go to school. >> soon. >> noon?
3:37 am
>> soon. >> noon, soon. sounds the same. tony what does it look like? so many people seem so motivated to get out to the polls? they opened 45 minutes ago. >> i just ordered by brian kilmeade book. 1976 has been since indiana mattered to republicans. you are either for trump or you want to see a contested convention and if you do you are voting for cruz. >> about a month ago, it did seem like ted cruz had the mo here in indiana but things started to change. how big of a factor was bobby knight coming out and lou holtz? >> if bobby knight is deciding elections in indiana, we've got
3:38 am
serious problems in indiana. talk about the ted cruz and kasich thing. people were bothered by that. if you want nonestablishment you go with trump, which is peculiar because cruz made his entire basis being nonestablishment. >> tony whoi are you here? >> i heard this is where the weinsteins were having their reception. >> a very busy morning. everybody is excited to go out and do some voting brian. >> how hungry is tony. he's already taken the plate away from you on live television. this is incredible. >> tell him we said hello. >> will do. we're going to hand it over to heather now who has some headlines for you and your family. >> good morning to all of you. i hope you are off to a great
3:39 am
day. manhunt for two brothers wanted for cold blooded murder. police getting flooded for tips saying that john blaine reed has been spotted in mexico they are accused of killing a former army ranger patrick sean and his wife over some sort of land dispute. authorities are trying to access their iphone data to track their movements. a woman turning the tables on a peeping tom. >> do you remember running into me in a grocery store? >> she called him out. that is jeffrey paluzi he served time for taking photographs of women in dressing rooms. thanks to this video, dozens of women are coming forward saying he did the same thing to them. the woman who shot this video will share her story live with us. you won't want to miss it. look up people one city
3:40 am
trying to prevent texting and walking disasters like this one from happening today. a german city now put traffic lights in the ground. they flash red when a train is approaching. so you don't get hit. >> we cannot spend more tax dollars on people's bad choices. >> we're tracking rain across the eastern u.s. did you remember to bring your umbrella brian, that's another question? because we're going to be dealing with that rain across new york city and surrounding areas and even down into parts of florida. pretty widespread area looking at very messy weather today. you'll be dealing with delays
3:41 am
out there and likely also seeing some delays at the airports if you are doing any traveling. the other concern out there across southern parts of the mid atlantic and extending down to florida is a threat for isolated severe weather today. we have threats for damaging wind isolated winds and large hail. chilly out there this morning, across the plains great lakes and northeast. widespread temperatures in the 40s and 50s. back inside. my weather app is totally wrong. it says sunny all day today. >> i don't know what to believe. we've got to tell you about the bad news we told you about 20 minutes ago. this is an alert. an american service member killed by enemy fire in iraq. breaking details are coming to us straight ahead and we'll share them with you. >> and it is do or die for ted cruz's campaign in the state of indiana. what could the race look like this morning -- this time tomorrow morning.
3:42 am
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hoosiers had heading to the polls today to vote in the state's primary and ted cruz and donald trump think the delegate math is on their side. >> i believe where we're headed is a contested convention in cleveland. i'm going to have a ton of delegates, donald is going to have a ton of delegates. in a contested convention he can't win the support of the majority. >> they have no path. where i have an easy path. we'll win it in the first ballot. >> who is right and what does the delegate math look like tonight? let's ask scott rasmussen. thanks for being with us.
3:46 am
>> great to be here ainsley. >> if donald trump does win today, what do the numbers look like going forward? >> if he wins tonight, he's the presumptive nominee. right now he's at 996 delegates. he wins 51 of the 57 delegates in indiana. in indiana, you get 30 for winning the state. three each for winning each congressional district. there's nine of them. trump, if he wins the state will pick up 51 delegates. nebraska is a state we thought would go to ted cruz. if there's enough momentum coming out of a big trump win, this could be a place where trumps numbers get bigger. west virginia 34 delegates at stake. trump will do well there. washington and oregon don't know what's going to happen but their proportional delegate allocation. come to this final day, donald trump, if he wins tonight, will be expected to do very well i'm
3:47 am
estimating about 133 delegates in california he's going to win the winner-take-all state in nung. right now we -- new jersey. right now we think he would lose these other three states. if things go well for him that could be another process. i'm estimate donald trump gets what he needs. >> that's the minimum. 1297. >> 60 more than he needs. >> it all depends on today. >> he wins today. the race is over. donald trump is the presumptive nominee. >> what about ted cruz? he says he's going to win today. >> and the prediction gives him a 5% chance. let's start with the basics. if ted cruz wins tonight, there's going to be shock throughout the political and media world. we'll have to rethink everything else. first thing that happens, ted cruz picks up the 51 delegates
3:48 am
in indiana, he would then certainly win nebraska. he could do well in west virginia. this is a state where delegates are elected directly. would probably do well in washington and oregon and on the final day of the season well, then ted cruz could -- i want to be clear in this if ted cruz wins indiana, we have to rethink everything we know about the race and give him the possibility of winning california. he could end up with 199 delegates on that last day. what would it look like then? we would be headed to a contested convention because ted cruz would have won most of the last ten states and he would be within a couple hundred delegates of donald trump. in fact down the stretch, if all of these things happened if cruz wins tonight, he would probably pick up about 71% of the remaining delegates. >> he's pulling out all the stops. in your opinion, what's going to happen tonight? >> you know i have to look at all the numbers and what you see, donald trump is the heavy favorite. a year ago i wrote a column
3:49 am
saying that people didn't understand -- people in washington didn't understand that americans were more afraid of a bush-clinton match-up than a trump sanders match-up. >> you predicted that this is the important state. here we are on this tuesday. coming up it is one of the most iconic images in u.s. military history but now we're learning that history could be wrong. wait until you hear what has just been uncovered about the marine memorial. and the u.s. open is coming to fox and the trophy look at it. there it is. brian is shining it. a little white glove treatment over there. it's coming to "fox & friends" before it goes anywhere else. holly sonders joins us live. welcome, holly. good to see you.
3:50 am
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the 116th u.s. open tees off next month. it will be on fox. we're getting ready for the green and we hope it will be nice at that point. >> we hope it will be really great. we're getting a history lesson about the event as the countdown ticks down. here to talk about all this is fox sports holly sonders and u.s. open historian michael troesal. thank you for being with us, guys. >> hey, happy to be here. we wish it was a little better with weather so we could be outside as planned.
3:54 am
>> we called an audible. if you don't mind me using the sports reference. talk about trophy, it dates back to 1895. this is what we're vying for. >> yeah, oakmont country club this is what we're playing for. as you can see beautiful silver sterling silver cup. bringing it around to the northeast is part of the tour powered by lexus. jordan spieth won it last year. we're looking to see who will bring it home. >> what are your predictions? >> holly is more qualified. but i think rory mcilroy and jordan spieth played well. >> always is asking do you think that jordan will get over that? jorld jordan is fine. he spent a week in the bahamas with rickie fowler. 98% of the people will put two in the water at -- >> and to be young, and so good he has a great career. >> but these are the best in the world. still the pressure gets to them.
3:55 am
got to mcilroy gets to spieth under pressure. gets to ernie els where he -- how many times, six tries to hit one single putt. >> nobody at home will understand and there's no way to simulate what the guys feel. we played oakmont last monday during media day. if you get above the hole it's an automatic three-putt. don't you agree? >> yeah. the greens are extremely slick. doesn't take much to have that pressure kick in. the gravity of the situation. anything can happen. >> all right. holly, let's talk about what the guys are doing to unwind. you said the guys are going to be fine. they're hanging out together. they went the bahamas. we have some pictures that they have been posting because -- is this okay with you? who's in the shot? rickie fowler. >> jordan spieth. i believe smylie kaufman in the final pairing with spieth. >> that's great. let's talk about the lexus, we have it out on the plaza. you're using this car to travel with the trophy? >> oh i'm not.
3:56 am
i think you are. you have that privilege, right? >> yeah. we're bringing it around. so the trophy tour powered by lexus, we're going to different fox affiliates different ballparks. we're bringing the people's trophy out to everyone. >> they get to keep the trophy for the year. >> the winner will get it for a year. >> do you think tiger is going to be out there? he's hitting it pretty well. >> april 25th was the first time he played a golf hole, an actual golf hole since august. so he's been practicing in his backyard. who knows what to expect from tiger. he is registered to play as of right now at the u.s. open. doesn't mean he has to show up if he's not feeling up to it. but he is rumored to have secured housing at the players -- >> that would be great. thank you for bringing in the trophy. appreciate it. good job. coming up ted cruz says he
3:57 am
has a shot at the nomination but don't tell that to the trump supporter. >> indiana doesn't want you. >> sir, america is a better country -- >> without you. >> donald trump's going to join us live right after the break. stay with us. >> that will be great. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma
3:58 am
is well controlled your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at at old dominion, we ship everything you can imagine. and everything we ship has something in common.
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4:00 am
did we win in indiana, it's over with, folks. we're not going to -- you know like corn flakes. >> once again, lyin' ted. >> don't just scream and yell at each other. i'm not yelling at you. >> you'll find out tomorrow. indiana don't want you. >> let us see indiana have the largest voter turnout in their history. >> this primary is coming down to the midwestern common sense, to the good judgment of hoosiers. >> but you will go and vote for me, i will stand up and fight for you. through this campaign and into the white house. >> we are live from indiana.
4:01 am
>> oh, it's happening. >> big day today. >> polls opened at 6:00 a.m., and they're open until 6:00 p.m. >> they'll have 57 delegates at stake today. it's a winner take all on the gop side. for the democrats 92 delegates, including nine super delegates at stake. ifd throw in the towel, yesterday, steve, he was demanding the transcript to be released for those wall street speeches. so no one told him to throw in the towel yet. i'm sure she'd much rather -- i'm sure that hillary would much rather pivot to donald trump or whoever it is. >> absolutely. but bernie sanders is still in there. the cover of the indianapolis star makes it clear, indiana decides today. i was talking to somebody who showed up here at -- this morning at shapiro's delicatessen in the heart of indianapolis, which has been in business for 110 years. i said, well, you know this year you actuallyget to be part of the process.
4:02 am
he said we have been on the back burner. actually we have never been on any front burner. this is unchartered territory. it could come down to what the people of indiana say about who's going to wind up being the nominee on the republican side. >> all right. we now want to bring in trump on the phone with us. we want to ask you, mr. trump, about the video we were showing earlier. you have these protesters there on the side of the road and they have trump signs. ted cruz comes over and he has a confrontation with some of your supporters. let's listen and then get your reaction. >> okay. >> well sir, you know actually -- >> he'll take down isis. >> civilized people don't just scream and yell at each other. >> you are the problem. you are the problem, politician. >> donald trump is deceiving you. he's playing you for a chump. >> you'll find out tomorrow. indiana don't want you. >> sir america is a better country -- >> without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments. let me point out, i have treated
4:03 am
you respectfully the entire time. and a question that everyone here should ask -- >> are you canadian? >> well, donald, what do you think of that confrontation between your supporter and ted cruz? >> well they know he's lying. they have been watching him lie. that's what he does. that's why we call him lyin' ted. the people are smart people. and they haven't been taken properly care of. you know by the government. you know these are smart people and they have -- it's very sad. you know middle income people haven't had a pay raise in 18 years effectively. 18 years and they're very upset and very angry and they have a lot of spirit. what's going on now is an amazing thing and we're going to stop china and all these countries from ripping us off and i mean so many things wrong with government that could be solved so easily. >> but he told that man, that trump supporter, you're being played by a -- as a chump by trump. >> yeah. i mean -- that's just another
4:04 am
lie. they understand it. he look him right in the eye and they said you know we know. he also said, donald trump said he's not going to build the wall. he makes stuff up. it just comes out his mouth. marco rubio called him a liar during the debate and i said well that's great because he really does. then that sort of opened it up. i never heard that before. when another senator says it it opens it up. but these guys have become very famous the way they handled him so easily. it was incredible. >> you never told "the new york times" you weren't building the wall? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. >> okay. steve? >> hey, mr. trump, i'm in indianapolis right now. i know you have been spending a lot of time out here in the hoosier state. a lot of people that we have talked to here in the deli here are very excited about your candidacy and they have already voted for you. early voting. a lot of them had the little stickers that said i voted so far this morning. but i was watching the local news last night and it seemed like with the local affiliates
4:05 am
during every commercial break, it was a cruz ad then an anti-trump ad then a trump ad and then another cruz ad. it seems like the establishment and ted cruz are throwing everything they can at you to try to stop you today here in indianapolis and indiana. >> steve, they're spending tens of millions of dollars on ads that are a lie. just like in florida where i won in a landslide. it's just like in other states. they're spending millions of dollars -- and the ads are a lie. one of the groups that did the ad they asked me for $1 million i said no thank you. and they went out and did negative ads on me. that's called club for growth. they're a bunch of extortionists. they came in wanted money from me and when i said no they started a negative ad campaign and they're up now in indiana and the ads are lies. and it is just disgraceful. but, you know i think people are wise to it. like the guys that were you know talking to cruz yesterday. they get him and they understand what's going on. and i don't think he's got thor the -- the temperament to be
4:06 am
president to start off with. i think people are tired of what's happening with the politicians and they're just tired of seeing our country get ripped off. >> mr. trump, there is an influential community of evangelicals there in indiana known as deep conservative state. and rafael cruz who is the father of ted cruz is really reaching out to that crowd and saying i'm for every -- i'm imploring every member of the body of christ to vote for my son. i think we have a sound bite and i want to get your reaction. >> i implore, i exhort every member of the body of christ to vote according to the word of god and vote for the candidate that stands on the word of god and on the constitution of the united states of america. and i am convinced that man is my son ted cruz. the alternative could be the destruction of america. >> does that resonate with the folks here in indiana? >> i think it's a disgrace that he's allowed to do it. i think it's a disgrace that he's allowed to say it. you know, i'm backed by -- you
4:07 am
look at jerry falwell jr., look at so many of the ministers that are backing my and they're backing me more so than cruz. i'm winning the evangelical vote. it's disgraceful that his father can go out and do that. and just -- so many people are angry about it. and the evangelicals are angry about it the way he does that. you know, there's a whole thing and you know his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to oswald's being -- you know, shot. i mean the whole thing is ridiculous. what is this right prior to his being shot, and nobody brings it up. they don't even talk about that. that was reported and nobody talks about it. but i think it's horrible. i think it's absolutely horrible that a man can go and do that. what he's saying there. >> right. there was a picture out there that reportedly shows rafael cruz standing with lee harvey oswald -- >> what was he doing with lee harry oswald shortly before the death, before the shooting?
4:08 am
it's horrible. >> well, one thing i don't think you think is horrible is rasmussen came out with a poll the presumptive nominee seems to be hillary clinton and you. if things are to stay the same after today and you both stay on a roll, you'll be head to head shortly. and right now, rasmussen in terms of a popular poll has you up by two points. that is dramatic shift. what's behind that? i know you're happy about the number. but what do you think the reason is? >> well because number one, people are listening to me they're listening to me on the military, they're listening to me on my policies on china and all of these countries that are just killing the united states. they're taking their jobs. people haven't had a pay increase in many many years as we discussed. i mean effectively they're making less now than they made 18 years ago. and we're losing our jobs. look at indiana where carrier is leaving for mexico. carrier air conditioning corporation, leaving for mexico. i have been talking about it for months and it's a disgrace. they're going to go to mexico. they'll make equipment, sell it
4:09 am
back into the united states. there won't be any tax to pay, there's nothing and we're losing our jobs. our manufacturing is way down. so i'm not surprised to see this poll. i'll beat hillary. cruz can't beat hillary. don't forget i beat her with all the negative ads they're doing. if kasich ever had a negative ad, he'd drop like a rock and the same thing frankly with cruz. you see the negative ads in indiana and they're all -- i mean, they're lies these ads. it's horrible they can do it but they do it. hopefully we'll make america great again. our whole concept and theme is to make america great again. and we can do that. >> donald funny you should mention carrier because i went to the bernie sanders rally last night. and one of the big things he talked about was united technologies pulling their carrier unit out of indianapolis and they're going to go to mexico. so you and bernie are on the same page on that also regarding hillary clinton, i
4:10 am
don't know if you heard the sound bite donald trump, but she said if given the nod by the american people she's going to bring her husband, bill clinton, out of retirement to help her in the white house. listen to this. >> i told my husband that if i'm fortunate enough to be president i want him to do nothing but work as hard as he can because he did a pretty good job when he was president. he created a lot of jobs. said i wanted him to really take this on. you'll get sick of seeing him. >> still has some pep in his step. >> yeah, pep in his step. this gets him excited because there's nothing he wants to do more. >> mr. trump, what do you think about that? how big a role do you think bill clinton would have in a hillary clinton white house? >> well, here we go again. if you'll remember all of the scandal that they had, all of the problems with not only monica, that was, you know, one. but whitewater and all of the things that went wrong. it was a mess. you know a lot of people don't
4:11 am
remember, he signed one of the worst economic bills -- probably the worst in the history of this country. it's called nafta. he signed it and nafta has -- it has drained our country of jobs, it's drained us of manufacturing. you look at indiana, you look at all of these companies that have left. i mean, take a look what's going on with it and it's still to this day just a disaster for the united states. that was a bill -- take a look at new england, the factories there drained of their jobs and their people. and we're going to turn it around. no the last thing we need now again is the mess we had before with bill clinton and hillary. >> donald trump, i know you always say that america has got to take on china and one of the the -- the president of the united states -- there's an editorial out today, urging the american senate to take up the tpp because china is forming their own regional comprehensive partnership with 13 other nations that includes australia.
4:12 am
he said tpp must go forward. to make sure that america isn't holding the bag, but holding the pen. what's your reaction to our tpp that would take on china as opposed to one -- the regional compact that would be with china? >> tpp is a disaster for our country. it will be worse for our country than nafta was. >> why? >> because it's going to drain our job, take so many out of the country. it will take what we have left after the disaster of nafta. one of the things that they don't even mention in tpp is the devaluation of currency. what they have done to this country through devaluation is disgraceful. we don't even cover it. it's the single biggest tool that the different countries we're talking about. china is not in the tpp but they'll come in at a later date at my opinion if the deal is great and if it's phenomenal for them. they don't talk about devaluation which is the biggest single tool. it is a disaster for our country.
4:13 am
and it should not be signed. >> all right, donald trump, thank you for being with us this morning. good luck today. >> okay thank you very much. coming up imagine you're outside, you're cooking, when the grill explodes into flames. your hands get burned very badly. you only have minutes to react. coming up we continue our series five minutes to live with dr. marc siegel who is live from the emergency room. the instant advice straight ahead. and former president george w. bush back in the headlines and the reason awesome. why this little girl got such a special surprise visit, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ (cat meows) flea bites can mean misery for your cat. advantage® ii monthly topical kills fleas through contact. fleas do not have to bite your cat to die. advantage® ii. fight the misery of biting fleas.
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a fox news alert. brand-new details coming in about the american service man killed in iraq. a defense official blaming isis fighters for his death saying that service man was assisting kurdish forces. when isis fighters breached the front lines and shot him. after that breach the u.s. launched more than 20 air strikes to support the kurds. right now no other casualties. it's one of the most iconic photos of all time, but the marine corps might have to rewrite its history.
4:18 am
it is investigating claims that one of the marines raising the flag here at iwo jima was misidentified. the man circled in red was named as john bradley. in 2014, two historians looked at hundreds of other photos from iwo jima. they say that it couldn't have been bradley based on the discrepancies in the clothing and his equipment. all right. today's the crucial indiana primary. but hillary clinton is looking to west virginia already. and tensions are mounting in the mountain state after clinton was confronted over comments she made about coal mining. she seems to be against everybody all about it. >> rich edson has more live. >> reporter: and hillary clinton is campaigning in coal country, hosting events in west virginia kentucky and ohio. it is somewhat unfriendly territory for clinton. the coal industry is shrinking, the department of energy says
4:19 am
coal production was expected to fall 10% last year. declining most in appalachia. in march she said we'll put a lot of coal miners and companies out of business. now with clinton campaigning in west virginia, she is facing protesters and one unemployed coal miner confronted her about that comment. >> i just want to know how you're going to say you're putting coal miners out of jobs and telling us how you'll be our friend. >> what i said was totally out of context. it was a misstatement because i said the way that things are going now, we'll continue to lose jobs. >> reporter: government statistics blame low natural gas prices and federal environment regulations for the decline. and republicans have criticized the democrats for the new regulations. senator sanders has a significant lead over secretary clinton, but she has an
4:20 am
advantage in delegates and polling in the other eremaining primary states. west virginia votes in one week. ainsley and brian, back to you. >> i don't know how many people she went over there, but it took guts to show up, i guess. rich edson, thank you. just about every democrat is against coal except joe man khon. >> imagine your hands get burned pretty badly after your grill blows up. dr. siegel has more coming up next. would you pay $17,000 for this dining table? one university did. they used your tax dollars. the table, trouble straight ahead.
4:21 am
4:22 am
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4:24 am
all right. time for the "news by the numbers." it's the indiana primary edition. first, 57. that's how many republican delegates are up for grabs in indiana today. three awarded to the winners in each of the state's nine congressional districts. the other 30 given to whoever wins the most votes statewide. next up, 270,000. that's how many people have cast their ballots in indiana. a new record for early voting. good job, people. even higher turnout expected in the republican leaning districts. and five. that's how many times indiana has supported a democrat for president. here's a live picture from the polls in terre haute, indiana. all the other presidential elections the gop strong hold has supported a republican. good looking group of people. speaking of good looking -- >> thank you, brian. >> well imagine this you and your family enjoying a summer bash yard barbecue and suddenly the grill goes up in flames.
4:25 am
more than 70,000 people ended up in the emergency room because of grill injuries. how do you make smart decisions when your life is on the line? dr. marc siegel is here, here to help us all as we continue with our brand-new series "five minutes to live." good morning, dr. siegel. >> thank you. are you looking at the lines to see if gas is leaking out? are you cooking too many fatty foods, so what happens if you create a fire and you get burned? can you take care of it yourself north? i'm joined by the assistant professor of emergency medicine here at nyu medical center. first question, dara, what do you do if you get a burn and how do you know if you had to go to
4:26 am
the e.r.? >> most of us have had a burn. >> what if i had blisters by the way. >> let's show you the sign of the burn you need to worry about. so first thing is if the burn is anything smaller than the palm of your hand. you probably can start treating it at home. make sure it's clean and dry. okay you apply some sort of antibiotic cream. this is silvodene. but don't use it on your face. >> what do you use on your face? >> use a triple antibiotic treatment. this can cause discoloring on your face. you can put a dressing and wrap it. now, if you have a blister like you asked about, you want to make sure not to pop it. >> okay. >> now, that's not necessarily what you'd expect. >> why wouldn't i pop it?
4:27 am
>> unfortunately the body's natural bandage is that blister cover. make sure that you leave it on top so that you don't expose that skin to any higher risk of infection. >> how about risk -- how about the idea that infection can get worse and worse? >> right. so once you have this covered, you're not necessarily going to check it all the time. how do you know there's an infection underneath? one of the best ways to show an infection is if you see streaking. if you see up your arm or down your arm okay redness going up or down or it getting bigger harder swollen, that actually is concerning for infection. you'd want to make sure to be seen by the emergency department or in the hospital. >> when else would you go to the hospital? >> any time you're at risk for an infection. if you're diabetic on any medications that suppresses your immune system, if you have infections that don't heal very well you should be immediately
4:28 am
evaluated by the emergency department. >> how do i avoid scars? that's what everybody wants to know. >> i think early and aggressive treatment is the best way to avoid a scar. any time you start to get treated it's better than waiting any longer. >> when would i need an intravenous line? when would i lose so much fluid? >> so your body's skin is the best defense against fluid losses. if you have a burn, you lose fluid at a higher rate than you normally would. so we give intravenous fluids to those with a large amount of burns. let say you're roasting a marshmallow and your sweater catches fire. if you have a burn up your entire arm which can be dangerous, get to the hospital. >> how about aic surgeon? >> that's a good person to follow up with after a burn to make sure you heal just fine. >> great answers. i'm glad to be on with you.
4:29 am
back to you, ainsley. >> dr. siegel thank you so much. dr. siegel's "five minutes to live" continues tomorrow. and a woman turns the tables on a peeping tom. look at this. >> do you remember running into me in the grocery store? no, hey, where you going? come back. stop this guy! stop him! >> it didn't stop there. she chased him all the way into the parking lot. and pastrami and politics. where are you? >> i'm glad you asked. right now at aim the corner of meridian and mccar did street where it's a little on the dreary side today. but as we just saw from the live report a lot of people in there voting. if you're in the area of shapiro's come on by. i'm going to buy you breakfast. have a bagel. we'll talk to the folks inside next.
4:30 am
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4:33 am
ted cruz is determined he says it isn't over by a long shot. even though it is over indeed by a long shot. >> the power brokers want this race to be over. the washington lobbyists want this race to be over. >> everybody wants this race to be over. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy kimmel last night, having a good time. steve doocy at shapiro's delicatessen, indianapolis. steve, what's the mood there? it seems like you're getting more people. >> the mood is festive because we're buying them free breakfast. >> everyone likes that. >> as you can well imagine. at least a bagel. i have to point out, in the 6:00 hour, half the people we talked to said they were cruz supporters and the other half
4:34 am
were trump. let's see how it goes at 7:25. what's your name? >> dave. >> what's your issue this time? >> the economy. >> who did you vote for? >> trump. >> what line of work are you? >> i work in health. >> what about bobby knight, did that have anything to do with your decision? >> i'm originally from ohio so no. >> good enough. what's your name? >> paul kelly. >> what do you do for a living? >> i have a computer training school. >> what's your issue this time? >> i like trump, he can negotiate and he'll protect the borders. he'll make america great again. >> i think i saw it on that man's hat over there. steve, you have already voted today. >> yes. >> why was trump your guy? >> well, if romney had kept his mouth shut it certainly sealed my decision, but i like him for his foreign policy actually because it's time that america would be strong rather than weak against some people in the world
4:35 am
that really mean us harm. >> all right. and how many times did you vote today? >> you're only allowed once. >> i'm sorry, i thought we were in chicago. what's your name? >> dan. >> what's your issue this time? >> border. the money that we owe. >> that's why you voted for hillary? >> oh no. >> okay. >> no more obama policy. i'm voting for trump. >> so you're a trump man right there. >> oh, yeah. >> let's come over to this lady. can i ask you a quick question? how was the breakfast? >> it was good. i got my free bagel. >> what's your name? >> melanie. >> do you want to talk about your pick for politics? today was politics and pastrami here at -- >> well i stopped in to listen and to hear what's going on here. i haven't voted yet. i will be doing that later today and i'm still -- i'm still thinking. >> she's still shopping. let's come on over to this guy. what's your name? >> rick earnest.
4:36 am
>> what's your issue? >> i wanted somebody who was completely out of the system and had some strength wasn't milquetoast. >> what kind of work are you in? >> in transportation. i do express delivery. >> so of the many men and women who are running who are you going to vote for today? >> i voted for trump. he was my man. he was the guy. >> okay. we're not find many ted cruz. anybody for ted cruz? what's your name? >> jeff. >> jeff why is ted cruz your guy? >> because i'm for the constitutional conservative values. i believe we have to get back to the basics of the constitution. >> okay. what kind of line of work are you in? >> i'm a tax attorney. >> oh okay. >> and i know that he's going to have a flat tax and probably kill my job, but -- >> you had a good run. >> yeah, i know. >> how did you like that alliance with cruz and kasich and cruz saying, hey, don't vote for john kasich, vote for me? >> it didn't bother me. i have been for cruz since the beginning so it doesn't really
4:37 am
affect me that much. >> all right. very good. why is it you have eaten all the eggs, but hardly touched your rasher of bacon? can i have some? all right. ainsley and brian, i'm bringing this home to you. >> don't bother. you took a man's bacon. >> crunchy. >> it's bacon! >> it's delicious. >> bacon! >> all right. thanks, steve. great job out there. >> you bet. meanwhile, heather has got the latest breaking news including disturbing video about a skyscraper bursting into flames. >> yeah but first, i love that place where steve is. it reminds me of growing up in the midwest with all the smorgasbord places of getting rice pudding and liver. >> what do you mean? but whose liver? a chicken's liver?
4:38 am
>> i don't know. they'd make you everything and you see that, that means they want me to take it away and do my real job. good morning, a skyscraper bursts into flames. it's climbing all the way up the side of the building. this happened in china. no injuries reported. the fire is believed to be out. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a woman turning the tables on a convicted peeping tom at a target store. watch this. >> do you remember running into me in the grocery store? no hey, where are you going? come back! hey, get this guy. stop him, stop this guy! stop that guy! >> wow. he runs off. jeffrey polizzi served time for taking photographs of women in the dreadssing rooms at stores. thanks to this, dozens of women are now coming forward saying that he did the same thing to them. coming up tomorrow on "fox & friends" the woman who shot this video will join us to share her story live. you won't want to miss it. this one is one costly mistake. what do you think about this.
4:39 am
the university of new hampshire admits it paid way too much for a custom table at their dining hall. look at that. how fancy does that look to you? the price tag? nearly $18,000. that's more than a year's tuition. so why is that -- just a simple looking table so expensive? it has a lightup display on the tops. they plan to keep it despite the uproar. seem like a good use of money? a big surprise awesome story for a pint sized history buff. 6-year-old macy hensley met former president george w. bush at his dallas library. "the ellen show" made it happen for macy who is known as the presidential expert despite the fact she's only 6. the whiz kid is said to be anything but shy. she told laura bush she was the best first lady because she never embarrassed her country or president bush. she's a lovely lady. all right. those are your headlines. >> she's adorable. >> we'll get you some rice
4:40 am
pudding an liver. >> and the way they interact is magical. meanwhile, 21 minutes before the top of the hour straight ahead, most polls have donald trump leading the pack, but another puts ted cruz ahead by double digits. who's right? larry sabato has his own crystal ball and he'll rub it next. you know her as running for the vice president on "scandal." >> and right there that's the problem. >> what? >> you're a know it all. >> so what is actress bellamy young thinking of the actual presidential election? there she is! welcome to fox. or get far away from it. because it's all about striking... the perfect form. beat yesterday with fenix 3 hr. from garmin.
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4:44 am
return to daytime tv. we'll see. and hulk hogan is suing gawker once again. he is claiming they leaked audio of a racist rant to "the national enquirer." he was awarded $140 million in damages earlier this year after the site posted a sex tape of him online. brian? all right, which republican candidate is slated to win in indiana? it depends on which poll you believe. nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist has donald trump up by 15 points. but one by the center for indiana politics something to do with purdue has cruz in a 15-point lead. what do we believe? we turn to dr. larry sabato from the virginia center for politics. larry, what do we believe? >> well good morning, brian. you know there are a lot of fly by night polling organizations out there. there's one i want to warn people about. it's called the steve doocy breakfast diner poll.
4:45 am
[ laughter ] that one should -- ignore that one completely. the guy biases people by taking bacon off their plate and this kind of thing. as to the serious question you asked, the truth is you never really put all of your stock in one poll. even if you really like the news organization or you like the person conducting it. you use polling averages. go for example to the real clear politics website. it's easy to use. easy to read. and just look up the polling average for the indiana primary and you will see as they average together all of the polls that have been taken from all of these different sources and organizations, trump has a decent sized lead in indiana. it's not overwhelming but it is decent sized. and so that's a pretty good indication that he'll win. let me add this. this season, i have seen the polling averages not just individual polls be wrong too. so in a way it's good to know
4:46 am
that everything and everyone is fallible. >> good. except of course me. andrew downs -- >> except you. >> thank you. if you don't mind. i wanted to correct the record there. andrew downs who put together the poll that has ted cruz winning joins steve at the diner. he said this went into my polling, why i believe ted cruz will take this thing. let's listen. >> there are a couple of things to remember. first in the world of public opinion polling one out of 20 can be wrong. beyond that we actually didn't weight the responses. in other words, we don't know who's going to show up. indiana turnout is very low in primaries. this year we know it will be different. we don't know the percentage of females versus male. we didn't weight the results. >> anything wrong with that science? >> well, he said one thing that was significant. other than the fact that he didn't weight and we don't have an hour to discuss weighting. but he did say something people should know.
4:47 am
for purely statistical purposes only one out of 20 well conducted polls have results that are outside their own stated margin of error. and that's because again you're getting a relatively small sample of human beings in any particular state or locality and you're projecting those individuals as representing everybody. well it's not always easy to do and things can happen in the process. >> right. all right, so i have to say, it looks like trump will take tonight because he's trending by double digits and now he's up by about ten. but what if donald trump loses tonight and cruz walks away with the majority of the 50-plus delegates, what changes? >> well, what changes is the punditocracy does not shut down the race. if trump wins then the contest is over. if trump loses and cruz wins
4:48 am
then this is clearly to go all the way through the primaries and maybe to the convention. and so we'll have a much longer playing field. >> right. i'm just getting word now -- is this true? we have -- we are going back to the diner where you dissed steve doocy a short time ago. the bacon poll was ridiculed earlier. do you have a reaction? >> first of all, as it turns out it was beef bacon. and you know larry sabato can be on tv talking hypothetically about the people in indiana, but he doesn't know dan. >> that's right. >> dan is from indiana. what do you have to say about larry sabato? >> wait a second. >> try again. >> wow. >> a little confrontational. even ted cruz said back off a little, steve. >> all right. hey, i'm sorry about that. i have no idea when breaking news, thanks for rolling with that. >> no, look, i'm going to stay above it all. there's no way -- steve can't.
4:49 am
but i'm going to stay above it all. >> by the way, over the last eight months you were the only person to ever stay above it all. i don't know if you have been watching but dr. larry sabato, this is the first time anyone has taken the high road in about ten years so congratulations. thanks for doing that. someone on the road high and he's lonely. up next on our show you know her as the former first lady, running for president, on the hit show "scandal." >> highway trust fund be run out of money. >> right there, that's the problem. >> what ? >> you're a know it all. >> what does bellmyamy young think of the election? we'll ask her next. there she is. she can't back out. we've locked the door behind her.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
she mys political drama to the silver screen. >> you come off as aloof, out of touch. >> i'm neither of those things. >> how much does gas cost? >> $2.02. >> that's right. >> of course it's right. i can give you the average price of every state if you'd like, regular or diesel. i can tell you if we keep the gas tax at 18 cents a gallon the highway fund will run out of money. >> that's the problem. >> what's that? >> you're a know it all. >> we love her on the show. bellamy young plays a former first lady running for president who comes across as out of touch with americans and it sounds a lot like the 2016 election. but it's one of the many plots of "scandal." >> what's more outrageous, the
4:54 am
stories of their show or our show. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> you were at the white house correspondents' dinner. >> we were there as well. >> you were the celebrity. >> all i worried about that night was not tripping on my dress. >> beautiful dress. >> i think it was a rookie mistake to wear that dress. >> who made that? >> george hibaka. >> he's good. [ laughter ] >> he's good. i don't know. all right. so bellamy, what is crazier? your stories or our stories? >> i think our writers have had a field day being so inspired by the madness of this race. you know every time we'd show up to the table read it would be something more extraordinary and by the time we shoot it, real life would have complete live -- completely usurped that glory and something more fantastic would have happened. so we have had a wild ride this season. >> did you know anything about
4:55 am
politics before this show? did you like politics? >> i think i was a proud member but not a fair and balanced member. now i have to pay attention in a more comprehensive manner. i love that. >> it's not plausible for a first lady to run for president. >> i'm not plausible at all. are you kid, it's the 21st century. >> right. we're living it. do you think the writers are looking at the headlines and trying to mesh it in or could they not care less? >> no, they're definitely inspired by. but as i say, i think some narrative they have crafted have been absolutely real life has gone further than before we could even enact it. so it's been a case of real life being made crazier than art. >> is that really what wonders in the white house? >> i know. i think it could be. in certain white houses. >> you're here for a product that everybody needs except for
4:56 am
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5:00 am
if we win in indiana it's over with folks. boom boom boom. we're not going to -- like corn flakes. >> lyin' ted. >> people don't just scream and yell at each other. >> you'll find out tomorrow. indiana don't want you. >> let us see indiana have the largest voter turnout in their history. >> this primary is coming down to the midwestern common sense, to the good judgment of hoosiers. >> but you will go and vote for me i will stand up and fight for you through this campaign and into the white house. >> i thought we'd get a howard dean after this. we're looking live at the voters lined up in beautiful terre haute, indiana. they're pumped up. >> a long line folks are going out to have their opinions, their voices heard. we are live from the diner there
5:01 am
where steve will join us in a second to talk about folks going to the polls. some have been to the polls already. >> it's do or die, maybe for both hillary and for donald trump. they could put away their opponents today. why? 57 delegates at stake for the republicans and over 90 for the democrats. and bernie sanders is within the margin of error on most polls. for ted cruz a state he was winning by double digits, he's now trailing on the average by double digits, steve. i can see the crowd, the murmur. unless you piped in a murmur sound is growing behind you. >> no, our sound effects guy is not working hard here. the cover of the indiana star, indiana decides today. hillary clinton hasn't had much of a presence in the last 48 hours here in indiana. bernie sanders i went to a rally last night, thousands of people. they love him, especially the young people. ted cruz is at it again today. his dad has been out and about. john kasich is actually still on the ballot. even though he and kasich and
5:02 am
cruz have teamed up and donald trump has certainly gotten some great endorsements here in the hoosier state with bobby knight, got digger phelps and lou holtz. if you're a sports fan and that matters, trump's got the all-star team on his side. >> he does. he can field any sport at any time or get a great coach behind i. joining us is laura ingraham a woman who could be a great coach. she was a great athlete. we think your athleticism is still -- it's still present, am i right, laura? >> oh, come on. the worst thing to hear was once a great anything okay? give me a break. >> all right. let me try it again. >> kilmeade, you'll get that pull-up bar next time in new york, let gets to the pull-up bar and see who can do more of the military style pull-ups. >> let me try this again. joining us now is laura ingraham, she's a star field hockey player and when she has
5:03 am
some time she looks at politics. >> yeah. >> can we look at ted cruz? how do you think he's handling these last few days from going with the kasich collusion, of course going ahead and naming a running mate. then doing a lot of confrontations on the sunday shows and then this with the protester who didn't confront him. he confronted a trump supporter. listen. >> lyin' ted. >> sir, you know -- actually -- >> take down the whole -- >> normal people don't scream and yell at each over. i'm not yelling at you. >> you are the problem. you are the problem, politician. >> can i ask you something? >> no. >> out of all the candidates name one who had a million dollar judgment against him for hiring an illegal immigrant. >> he's self-funded. >> donald trump -- >> that's right. >> not you not you. >> you like rich people -- >> yes's your goldman sachs jacket at? we know your wife works there. >> you know donald trump had a million dollar judgment against him for hiring illegal aliens do you know what he's doing in
5:04 am
friday? he brings in hundreds of foreign workers instead of hiring americans. sir, with all respect, donald trump is deceiving you. he's playing you for a chump. >> you'll find out tomorrow. indiana don't want you. >> sir, america is a better country -- >> without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments. let me point out i have treated you respectfully the entire time and a question that everyone here should ask -- >> are you canadian? >> do you want -- >> what's your reaction? >> that was painful. and i think in the final final days of a campaign like this and we might be at the final days, it is hard. i mean, it has been a difficult couple weeks for ted cruz and trump has had his difficult weeks where it seems like you can't get out of your own way and this happens. this kind of stuff happens. i'm not going to pile on ted cruz, but i think what happens
5:05 am
in these scenarios is especially when you're someone like cruz who is so smart, he's a champion debater. you feel like if you just debate that person it's going to work out, but we don't elect champion debaters. we elect people on the basis of a whole bunch of different factors. and it was very interesting to see harvard law and princeton versus kind of a working man. just in that little microcosm it was an interesting -- i think it was an interesting moment because you get the sense from those trump supporters they think this is their last stand. maybe this is their last fight for america, and with cruz he thinks the same thing. look if i don't win, donald trump -- he believes is going to do all this liberal stuff. and the country is going to go down the tubes anyway. so while it was painful, it was a little bit instructive too. but you generally don't want to get into the debate with a protester or a heckler. that generally doesn't work out so well. >> he was just really a trump supporter that ted cruz chose to
5:06 am
engage. >> of course, yeah. >> let's look ahead, because the rasmussen poll it shows trump actually beating hillary clinton now, 41% to 39%. what do you make of that? because those haven't been the numbers in the past laura. >> i've said for a long time whether it's cruz or trump, once the party starts to unify behind one person you're going to see these numbers get much closer than they were. i think even in california, a state that has seen its party battered over the last really 18 20 years almost things perhaps are beginning to shift. people think that we have gotten so close to the edge of fiscal insolvency open borders, bad trade deals, unresponsive government that we -- whatever we do, we have to shake things up. so i think hillary is -- you know obviously comes off to a lot of people as not very likable. trump has problems in that arena as well. in that area as well. so i think it's -- you know a friend of mine was joking he doesn't like trump or hillary, this is the first presidential race that an unpopularity --
5:07 am
that is an unpopularity contest. i don't know if i buy that. but i think the numbers will be close. that doesn't surprise me. >> when it comes to the electoral map, let's see if trump can flip anything. he was on with us earlier. >> they're listening to me on the policies with china and all the countries that are killing the united states. if you look at indiana where carrier is leaving for mexico carrier air conditioning corporation, leaving for mexico. i have been talking about it for months. so i'm not surprised to see this poll. i'll beat hillary. cruz can't beat hillary. if kasich ever had a negative ad he'd drop like a rock. >> laura? >> yeah, i think that it is true that trump has gotten more negative ads, he's gotten more press time probably than a lot of the candidates in the past.
5:08 am
but he's also been hammered. he's been the subject ofmonstrations. the front page of "the washington post" today there's a piece, trump bid raises prospect of nasty general election. i mean, as if the clintons don't know nasty. i mean, they're the ones who came up with the war room, remember in 1992. because trump is in there it will be nasty. for all my pals out there that said trump is a big liberal, he'll do liberal stuff, well, clearly the liberals don't think he's a liberal because they're going to fight him with everything they have. he better be ready for it. >> steve? >> laura, it's interesting because hillary clinton said yesterday if the match-up is trump/hillary, what's going to happen there. she said she'll bring her husband, the former president, out of retirement to give her a hand at the white house. listen to this. >> i told my husband that if i'm so fortunate enough to be president, i want him to work as
5:09 am
hard as he can because he did a pretty good job as a president. i said i wanted him to really take this on. you'll get sick of seeing him because that's -- >> still has some pep in his step. >> yeah he has some pep in his step and this gets him really excited because there's nothing he wants to do more. >> wait a second wait a second. i thought trump -- i thought that trump was so easy to beat? i thought trump was the easiest candidate, the one they wanted to beat. now she looks a little nervous. i mean, the damsel in distress. she got to bring bill off the bench. well, last time bill came off the bench it didn't end up so well for him. i don't -- i don't think that's going to be that difficult. i think if hillary is trying to argue that the '90s economy is the kind of economy she's going to have well i think that's going to be a difficult lift because we know we have had flat gdp under the obama/hillary regime in washington recently. i think she's going to try to resurrect the obama magic from the '90s. i just don't see that playing
5:10 am
all that convincingly. >> well, let's reinvent the internet and get a tech bubble and let it burst four years afterwards after what happened in the '90s. so much to discuss, but sadly we are out of time. and steve's hungry given. let's toss to heather. >> let's go over to heather with the headlines. and we start off with a fox news alert. an american service men has been killed by isis in iraq. a defense official now telling fox news that that service man was assisting kurdish forces. isis fighters breached the front lines and then they shot him about two miles behind that line. after that breach we're told the u.s. launched more than 20 air strikes in support of the kurds. defense secretary ash carter making this announcement this morning in germany. listen. >> that shows you the serious
5:11 am
fight that we have to wage in iraq and our thoughts and prayers are with that service member's family. >> he was killed just outside of irbil. traditionally a safe place. not now. this is the third u.s. service member killed by isis since october alone. our prayers go out to that person's family this morning. a plane full of passengers forced to divert after a man reportedly died while 30,000 feet in the air. headed to mexico city from chicago, making an emergency landing in houston. everyone on board remained calm during that ordeal. we are working to learn more details about that person's death. kids in detroit expected to be out of class for a second straight day as teachers extend what they call a sickout. they're continuing to protest after finding out the district will run out of money to pay their already earned salaries in june. the district's emergency manager is now urging state lawmakers to
5:12 am
pass a $715 million package to rescue that school district. and brian, listen up to this one. the bikini bombshell, you know kate upton. she's officially off the market. the "sports illustrated" model turned actress announcing her engagement to detroit tigers pitcher justin verlander. she sported a giant rock last night. self-proclaimed baseball fan, she says the two met years ago. just take a nice look. they have been inseparable ever since. we're all about bringing you bikinis in the morning. i know you're heartbroken. oh wait what's her name? who's the girl who loves you? >> my wife. >> other than your wife. >> who's the supermodel who loves you? >> do you have the list? >> giselle. >> petra. >> petra. >> i'm letting her date
5:13 am
celebrities in los angeles. we figured it was our time apart. >> have a wonderful day. >> there she. >> did you hear that too? >> yeah. >> they have been dating for a long time for a supermodel. >> she is so pretty. women can appreciate a pretty girl too. she's gorgeous. >> yeah. coming up the polls are open right now in the hoosier state. they opened at 6:00 a.m. and the lines are out the door guys. we are live on the ground there, coming up next. and the saga -- i love this story. surrounding kelly ripa takes another turn. could regis be back? he didn't like the job last time and he left without saying good-bye. how do you say hello without saying good-bye? that's deep. >> what a dilemma. >> good morning, brian. this is your friend petra. speed walk. or you like to bike. in place. next to these strangers. or you want to know your heart rate.
5:14 am
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their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. we are back with the latest on the battle for the state of indiana. polls are now open across that state. >> yep. and we have the latest on what senator ted cruz could have -- could be for cruz his last stand. matt? >> good morning, guys. yeah we are in vego county. it is considered one of the most
5:18 am
accurate bellwether county who they vote for goes on to become president. they only got it wrong twice since 1888. we have seen at least 200 people vote so far. we ran into janet. janet is about to vote. what are some of the most important issues to you guys here in vigo county? >> i think looking for change. i think the country is looking for change. i think there are times that many people including myself get tired of being politically correct. and sometimes we just want to say what's out there. i think it's important to value every person as an individual and who they are and what they want. but sometimes we sacrifice a greater good for the minority. >> indiana is considered a blue collar hard working state. restoring jobs and restoring the economy, is that important to you? >> it is important.economy, i think, you know here in vigo county we lost the pfizer plant. that was devastating to the county. i think jobs and job creation in
5:19 am
the country as a whole is important. >> who might be you be voting for? >> now, because i get behind the closed curtain i won't say that. but i do think it's important that every person get out and vote. >> fair enough, janet. thank you for your time. the polls are open until 6:00 tonight. we'll keep you update on what the voters are saying in indiana. >> i got some bad news i'd like to share with you. you cannot buy any alcohol drinks till the polls close today. i don't know how that affects your work day. >> brian, fair enough. to be fair there are some nonalcoholic beverages just behind us here. so we're not trying to focus on just the beer here in indiana. >> i love the state of indiana. voting in the grocery store, you can grocery shop and vote at the same time. >> but you can't buy alcohol. >> but they're standing in the alcohol aisle. >> right. >> pretty tempting. maybe you can buy o'doul's. great to see you this morning. a fox news alert.
5:20 am
this is serious. a u.s. service member killed by isis in battle in iraq. we have breaking details that have happened overnight. pete hegseth he was deployed in iraq and he weighs in on the tragedy next. >> we're still getting details. do you live in a floodplain area? the federal government wants to help you move with the help of u.s. taxpayer dollars. how to be a so-called climate refugee. yeah, that's next. look like this. feel like this. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk.
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5:23 am
fox news alert now. we woke up with this today. new details about a u.s. service member killed in iraq this morning. isis is responsible for the
5:24 am
brutal attack. pete hegseth is a fox news contributor, combat veteran of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. and before we talk about your book that's out today, pete the theater where you used to work in irbil we're in advise and assist how does this happen? >> we're not supposed to be near the front lines but apparently that didn't happen on the front lines. it sounds like it was a direct fire on this u.s. service member. it's a murky difficult business especially when you're telling your war fighters they can't be engaged in leading the fight. they're doing the best they can to support the peshmerga, the kurdish forces but something unfortunate -- >> what needs to change? >> we need to stop the slow drip surge. it's a drip without a real mission or without the capabilities brought to bear. you need to unleash rules of engagement that allow our war fighters to unleash hell on isis. then you need to destroy their capital. you need to unleash total war.
5:25 am
this president is not going to do it. you're seeing the litigation of it on the campaign trail and thankfully so. we're fighting politically correct wars and we shouldn't be. >> the government shouldn't be standing too much longer. a penetration of the green zone and the security forces stood by. this government could be overthrown by somebody even less friendly. >> that's right. because we politically disengaged, because we abandoned iraq we sent the wrong signals and isis moved in. joe biden returns, he hasn't been there for five years, suddenly he shows up and thinks he'll solve everything. they went awol in iraq. >> who do you think is the most pro military? >> a lot on the republican side are pro military. i think both ted cruz and donald trump would unleash on isis and destroy them which i think our military wants. >> you have done a lot of work with veterans you're a veteran and now in the reserves and tv host. it went into "in the arena" the
5:26 am
book out today. what it is about? >> it's about the need for gritty leadership and fight for the country we believe in. i wrote it for people who want to be inspired. want to be reminded. want to get in the arena and fight for this country. we need citizens, active it iscitizen citizens more than ever. the smaller our citizens get, the bigger our government gets. no more wimpiness and be adamant to fighter foyt in the arena and then it talks about foreign policy. my experience in iraq and afghanistan and let's win the wars we fight. we should talk about the surge, it's an example. >> are you able to talk about the entire experience -- >> yeah, it's not about me it's not a biography, but i talk about when america leads the world is a safer place. when we retreat it's anarchy. >> you get in the game things happen you don't fault a man
5:27 am
who gets in the arena. >> it's not the critic who counts. you'll fail and fail again. i failed many times in my life. but you have to enter the arena and america needs that right now. the people out there watching, if you believe in this nation, in your community, you don't have to carry a rifle. whatever it is. you can be involved. that's what this book urges people to do. >> people think you enter the military because you don't have options. you've graduated from princeton, you were a basketball player. >> people like to label that. you meet the guys they're the best of the best. they're going back to their community, they're going to lead city council and watchdog if -- the curriculum in the school. because the progressive elites who think they know better than us are running out and writing rules for us and the way we should live our lives. in we don't fight back at the local level and as proud americans we give away who we are. that's what the book is all
5:28 am
about. >> preach it. thank you so much, pete. thanks for serving our country. >> appropriate socks. >> i love them. >> you're such a great dresser. coming up, a woman turns the tables on a peeping tom. >> do you remember running into me in the grocery store? no, hey, come back. get this guy. stop this guy! >> it did not stop there. she chased him all the way to the parking lot. plus it is the 50th anniversary of twister, maria is getting warmed up for a challenge. looks like brian is going to join her. we'll talk to the guy who invented the game that gave us all those back problems years ago. we'll try to play again. go maria. but first, steve is talking to voters at shapiro's delicatessen in indianapolis. >> i am. thanks ainsley. i'm behind the line here at shapiro's. i'm going to get some biscuits and gravy, corned beef hash. get a close-up of this.
5:29 am
how good does that look? we'll talk to those people, see those people right there? they all voted today. we'll talk to them next live from indianapolis. who wants eggs? yeah! we needed 30 new hires for our call center. i'm spending too much time hiring and not enough time in my kitchen. (announcer) need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over 100 of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. you put up one post and the next day you have all these candidates.
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amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing ted cruz's running mate carly fiorina was introducing cruz at a rally and i think she left the stage earlier than expected. take a look at this. >> and the next president of the united states, ted cruz! >> she's fine. she's fine. [ laughter ] >> whoa! she's fine. she's fine.
5:33 am
although i believe that marks the second time she's dropped out of the race. [ laughter ] >> i love the reaction of the band. she is okay. hey, steve. >> that's good. absolutely. i'm here at shapiro's delicatessen in the heart of indianapolis where for 110 years people have come for some fantastic food. and we're going to talk to people. just get a little -- where i polled the audience it's pretty much split down the middle. about half the folks voted for cruz, the other half voted for trump. what years name? >> andrea. >> because we are in indiana, this is the question i'm going to ask everybody. who's your candidate? >> oh, nice one. i voted for trump this morning. >> why? >> i really liked his national defense. i really like he's creating jobs and i like that he is tired of america apologizing all the time. >> very good. right over here who's your candidate? i think it's -- >> ted cruz.
5:34 am
>> why? >> mainly just for his 10% tax across the board. >> it sounds good doesn't it? >> it does. >> i will be voting for ted cruz as well. >> i didn't ask who's your candidate yet. how did you feel about that alliance, ted cruz and john kasich? >> um, i was okay with it. i had mixed feelings but i see why they did what they did. >> all right. what's your name? >> good morning, i'm kelly. >> who's your candidate? >> ted cruz. >> why? >> because i believe in the constitution and our government was founded on it. and that's what he stands for. >> very good. let's come back over here. right over here. looks like everybody we're talking to so far for ted cruz. oh, camera guy on the other side. what'sio what's your name? >> rodney davis. >> who's your candidate? >> cruz. >> why? >> he's more of an outright constitutional conservative like i believe. i worry that -- i will still vote for trump. but i worry about the executive actions that obama has taken and i worry with trump used to being
5:35 am
the primary ceo if he doesn't get his way would he do the same way? i believe in constitutional conservatism. >> thank you very much. who's the one person who wants to talk to us? right here. i say kid. how old are you? >> 21. >> close enough. >> who's your candidate? >> it was donald trump. >> okay. why? >> donald trump is a business man. and as a young person in college, i don't want a national debt left behind to me. i think he can fix our country's finances. >> okay. and you're a young person. seems like a lot of the young people -- i went to the bernie sanders rally yesterday. can you figure out why so many people are for him? >> i ask people every day. i can't understand. college is not free. it shouldn't be. we pay to go to college. we get an education. i don't understand where the free stuff comes from. i try to understand it but i can't. >> too bad you didn't say that your candidate was bernie,
5:36 am
because if it was, i was going to give you free breakfast. sorry. >> i work hard for my money. i'll pay for it. >> that's the way it breaks down here. half and half cruz and trump. >> cruz are the later arrivals. they're sleeping in. so the cruzs are up and ready to vote. an interesting day. thanks so much. over at the shapiro's delicatessen. meanwhile, our reports have -- yeah. >> we have headlines for you. while you were sleeping a skyscraper burst into flames. see the fire climbing all the way up one side of the building with the thick, black smoke billows into the sky in china. no deaths reported. the cause is still under investigation. a woman turning the tables on the convicted peeping tom at a target. take a look at this. >> do you remember running into me at the grocery store? no hey, come back. get this guy, stop him!
5:37 am
>> well, that guy is jeffrey polizzi. he already served time for taking photographs of women in dressing rooms. thanks to this video, dozens of women are now coming forward saying that he did the same thing to them. coming up tomorrow on "fox & friends," the woman who shot this video will join us live to share her story. you won't want to miss it. millions of tax dollars going to louisiana to help climate refugees. it's the first move of its kind. here's what's going on. the community is receiving $48 million to relocate. they have been struggling with flooding over the past few years. a $1 billion grant was announced back in january for 13 states to combat climate change by building stronger infrastructure including better dams and drainage systems. and here's the new thing for your alarm clock. you need some motivation to get up in the morning? a lot of us do. well, the rock is now here to help you out. check it out. >> beep beep beep beep beep beep. i can do this all morning.
5:38 am
beep beep beep. >> that would make me one. a little annoying there. the rock just launching a new alarm clock app. it has 25 different ringtones that will send you a motivational video and a message messagemessage every day from the rock himself. you can't hit the snooze button though. there isn't one. the rock says life doesn't have to be a snooze button. those are your headlines. gang let's head on back to you. >> well thank you, heather. okay it is time to add twist to the plot of today's show because we are celebrating the game twister's 50th anniversary. >> i cannot believe how it was invented, it's 50 years old. to celebrate we have the inventor of twister and the author of "right brain red". tell us how this game came to be. >> well, the idea of people being the players was what started it all. and i was developing a premium
5:39 am
for a client. all of a sudden i realized wait a minute. people being the players isn't done. and so we put together a team and the team came up with this and about seven other ideas that we went on with. >> three million sold. johnny carson made this popular. what was your thought when johnny carson was playing this on his show? >> the team -- the whole game had been pulled from the market by milton bradley because the retailers were afraid it was a little risque. [ laughter ] and they kept -- but they kept the time with johnny carson and eva gabor on the show. next thing you know they were standing 50 deep at abercrombie & fitch the next day. >> 50 years ago it's still going on. and you invented the nerf ball. >> my goodness. >> can i spin here? maria against ainsley.
5:40 am
the goal is not to fall over correct? >> whoever falls over loses. >> she wins already. she's doing it in high heels. >> keep my thumb out of the way. here we go who's going first? you both go. >> we both go at the same time, right? i guess so. >> all right. >> the right hand on purple? >> no. no purple. >> oh my goodness. [ laughter ] >> green green green. there you go. >> left hand on red. >> left hand on red. >> i'm hitting it too hard. we are going right foot on yellow. >> right foot on yellow. >> all right. >> blue, blue. >> left hand on blue. >> oh, wait, how do -- -- >> just move your hand. >> there you go. make an error, slap him. >> left hand on red. >> left hand on red. >> one more spin. >> all right. >> okay.
5:41 am
>> that's right hand on green. >> right hand on green. now it's getting challenging. >> here we go. >> my left leg -- >> right foot on red. >> right foot on red. >> oh. this is hard. >> here we go. >> hold on. >> stop complaining, ainsley. >> there, i got it. thankfully we have more than one mat. >> and right foot, blue. >> right foot on blue. oh, my gosh. >> ainsley, you went over there. that's interesting. you could have went right there. >> are you allowed -- >> left hand red. >> left hand on red. it's already on red. >> okay. >> last one. >> right hand, blue. >> okay, it's a tie. but that's why this game is great. because if you do fall, some people -- >> good job, my friend. >> all right.
5:42 am
>> thank you so much for inventing this game. we had so many great memories at our household. >> used to torn hamstrings. thank you. >> thank you. >> if you don't want twister, buy the nerf ball. >> or my book "right brain red." >> it's a great american story. coming up is this the tolerance liberals are preaching about? >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> kids cursing donald trump supporters on the street. is this a new low? answer at home. ♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them with k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas ticks and mosquitoes. k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog.
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side effects include increased blood pressure... ...common cold symptoms, urinary tract infection... ...and headache. it's time for you to make the calls, so call your doctor to see if ...myrbetriq may be right for you. visit to learn more. left wing protesters hitting a whole new low as children are
5:46 am
caught giving the finger and cussing out donald trump supporters and veterans. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> in this disturbing scene, these kids are joined by clearly consenting adults. here to react is fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. >> i watched this yesterday, and how this can be? is this america in 2016? those are american children for the most part. those are children that are born in america and should be suffused with the american ethic, the american value. and that's not the way we engage in the first amendment, with the middle finger, with dropping your pants, with shouting and cursing out veterans. when i grow up and i don't want to sound like a terribly old fogey, but the notion that you get out in a public place and then curse people who proclaim that they are veterans that
5:47 am
they're standing up for some particular candidate, that's just wrong. >> then make it on national television. >> yeah it's totally wrong. but it's the parent's fault. and the children see what they see on television. they see people trying to terrorize rallies. they see people trying to close down rallies. they see people trying to integrate themselves into political rallies and then shut it down. whether it's moveon, whether it's black lives matter, whether it's an anarchist group, any kind of group at all. and so when american children who are of hispanic ancestry see that they're seeing an example that america doesn't want to fall in love with. >> we had to bleep it. we had to -- look at that. >> all pix alated. all clouded up. >> i saw the video. and little boys are holding their finger up and yelling the "f" word. they look like 10 years old.
5:48 am
>> repeatedly. i'd like to see them holding the american flag. if they want to protest donald trump or ted cruz they do so. and they do so in a peaceful way that brings credit to who they are as americans. >> exactly. >> these are american children. i understand assimilation, i understand immigration. i am a great product of the immigration. i'm proud to be from immigrants, but at the same time there needs to be an understanding that they are americans now. they need to act as such. >> those veterans gave them the right to live in this country. >> totally wrong to do. >> thank you so much for being here this morning. she blew everyone away on "dancing with the stars" and on "grease live." was she a good student growing up? julianne hough is getting personal with us. she's walking into the studio. come on in. let's first check in with martha to see what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> hello there, ainsley.
5:49 am
so we know that the hoosier state will be deciding tonight. there's a lot on the line for ted cruz today after the vp pick, the kasich deal, the battles with the protesters. voters head to the polls and it could be do or die today for ted cruz. and hillary confronts her own joe the plumber on the campaign trail. but this time it is bo the miner. and they talk in coal country. we'll show you what transpired there. and a new poll shows that ohioans believe it's time for john kasich to get out. we'll show you those numbers. we'll talk about it when bill and i see you a couple minutes away.
5:50 am
nexium 24 hour introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here.
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5:52 am
julianne hough is a triple threat entertainer. she's an actress, singer and dancer who has knocked our socks
5:53 am
off in "grease live" and "dancing with the stars." >> yep. she's giving us a lesson in giving back in honor of teacher awareness week she's joining sonic to help raise money for public schools across the country. julianne hough is back on the coach with us. >> she's not only beautiful but giving back. a heart of gold too. which is perfect. >> you say it with a bit of anger. >> no, i love you! i have ever since your first episode of "dancing with the stars." >> thank you. thank you. i'm so happy to be here too. i really appreciate you guys taking the time, because teachers are in my family. and i have friends that are teachers and i feel like teachers go underappreciated a lot. of course it's not just teacher awareness week but we're celebrating teachers around the country. i'm teaming up with sonic because they're giving up to $1 million for every time somebody retweets or uses the #thanksteach. that's what we here for today.
5:54 am
>> thanks teach. you cite your teacher? >> yeah. what ever you want. as long as you use the hash tag, thanks teach. >> they spend a lot of their open money, they don't make enough. they spend a lot of their own money to provide supplies for the classroom. >> there's what the whole campaign is about. it's amazing how much they put in out of their own pockets. they're so influential on us, as kids. i'm so grateful for my teachers and what they taught me. and just encouraged me with all of my dreams. it is important to appreciate our teachers. that's what we're doing. >> universal thing, if i walk down the street, who are your first five teachers everyone can name them. but for you, the student, julianne do you have a report card with you so we can see what kind of student you are? were you someone who studied or were you julianne hough -- >> i wasn't a very good person with my homework. but i don't know. i feel like i was always in the
5:55 am
vocational classes. so i feel like my academic classes, they let me get away with a couple of things and maybe turn in homework late. >> that was pretty good. i know as a kid, your mom and dad had you out there early performing. >> yeah. we danced and sang and we were in plays growing up. and so academically i loved my teachers. even vocationally too they transformed -- >> your life changed. you were on "dancing with the stars" and then that led into "grease." what was that like to perform live? >> that was the most fun. >> why? >> it starts with our people, it starts with our director tommy kill and then the cast was so fun. it felt like we were literally back in high school. we got to do everything we love we got to sing dance and act. and do it all live. >> was that on a loop in your house too? >> oh yeah. that was the first movie i watched that i thought, oh my goodness you can sing and dance and act?
5:56 am
i have to be olivia newton-john. >> right. >> i feel very blessed and fortunate i got to recreate sandy. >> what about this appearance on this show? >> this is the top of the line. so i'm super excited. thank you again. >> no a great program. thanks so much. it's #thanksteach. >> yes. >> more with steve in indiana when we come back. allergies can distract you. so when your symptoms start... doctors recommend taking non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. with claritin you get powerful non-drowsy relief, 24 hours a day, day after day. and with fewer symptoms to distract you... you can focus on the extraordinary things you do... every single day. live claritin clear. introducing clarispray nasal allergy spray. new from the makers of claritin© with a different ingredient.
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i smoked a lot, and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. hey, log on to for the "after the show show," steve. >> thank you. shapiro's has been open for 110 years. what is this dessert? >> that's a carrot cheesecake. it's carrot cake and cheesecake and we combined the time. >> what's going to win tonight? >> hillary and trump.
6:00 am
bill: another american serviceman killed in iraq behind enemy lines with isis. he was working with kurdish forces near irbil. some 5,000 u.s. forces in total are on the ground. today's critical primary in indiana. voters are hitting the polls. tonight could have a big impact on how this race moves forward. could it be the end of the road


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