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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 3, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> thank you. shapiro's has been open for 110 years. what is this dessert? >> that's a carrot cheesecake. it's carrot cake and cheesecake and we combined the time. >> what's going to win tonight? >> hillary and trump. bill: another american serviceman killed in iraq behind enemy lines with isis. he was working with kurdish forces near irbil. some 5,000 u.s. forces in total are on the ground. today's critical primary in indiana. voters are hitting the polls. tonight could have a big impact on how this race moves forward. could it be the end of the road for ted cruz.
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i'm bill hem early. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: both candidates say tonight is a big one. >> if we win in indiana it's over with, folks. then it's on to hillary clinton. remember we began with 17, and one by one by one they went off. >> you are being lifted up in prayer. millions of americans are lifting the state of indiana up in prayer. i could not be more encouraged that this primary is coming down to the midwestern common sense judgment of hoosiers. martha: trump is 996, cruz 565.
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bill: start with the delegates first. what's on the line? >> indiana has 57 delegates. a large chunk of them go to the winner statewide. the importance here is that if donald trump wins a lot of these delegates, his path to 1,237 to winning the nomination before the convention is much easier. if he wins here, there willing a lot of talk about how trump has a fairly easy path to the nomination while ted cruz has an impossible path. >> cruz has not won in five weeks. how does that work out. >> he went on to lose a bunch of
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races, new york, maryland, pennsylvania, the problem is winning begets winning and lose be begets losing. karl rove says if donald trump wins here the race is effectively over. if cruz loses here he will have to fight this growing assumption it is in fact over. bill: the cruz-kasich alliance. you are there, what do you think? >> not popular. i have been to trump rallies where they say they don't like it, they think it's sneaky. and at cruz rallies. a poll shows a majority of the
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people disaproper. bill: do you find support for that sort of margin in indiana based on what you reported. >> he does seem to have significant support here. we have seen other polls that show trump in the lead by less than 15 points. there is a consensus donald trump is in the lead. that clip we played earlier. trump is absolutely super confident. he believes that indiana is going to put him over the top and put him on a glide path to 1,237. martha: hillary clinton and bernie sanders make their final pitches to hoosiers in the hoosier state. >> we are doing something very unusual in contemporary american
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politics. we are telling the truth. >> i am going to do whatever i can to try to help. i'm not going to overpromise and say it will all be perfect because we have to work hard to get to where we can and look honestly at your daughters and your son say there is a future and here is how we are going to get it. martha: peter doocy is live in indiana this morning. are sanders supporters looking at indiana as their last big shot? >> there is a sense of urgency about tonight, but no desperation yet. we were out with a sanders volunteer knock on doors in southern indiana. like a lot of people we met at sanders events, she has never been involved in a campaign before, and she does not plan to back hillary clinton if she becomes the democratic nominee
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instead. >> i'm tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, i would say, i want to vote for who i want to vote for. there would have to be a lot of changes. reporter: we have been hearing that a lot in indiana. bernie or bust. they all share the common goal of stopping hillary clinton. martha: trump has been saying he thinks he can win some of the sanders voters over. how about bill clinton? are we starting to see a role developing for bill clinton, peter? reporter: we are. and not just on the trails. also potentially in a hillary clinton white house. she hinted yesterday that if elected she might bring him on board back to the white house in
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an official capacity to reinvigorate some of the depressed manufacturing community she has been visiting. >> i told my husband if i was fortunate enough to be president i would want him to work as hard as he can because he did a pretty good job when he was president. reporter: she was called out by a voter for recent the statement she made about putting coal companies out of business. she now says that was a misstatement. martha: it was an interaction with a coal miner. bill: here it is in the hoosier state. hop your candidate, indiana. 56 delegate on the line. here on the map are your
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congressional districts of which there are 9. so the remaining 27 delegates, 3 each per district. you will fight here in indiana and indianapolis. and in evansville and fort wane. and gary to the northwest. here is where trump can run up the score. where cruz is going to hold down that number. on the delegate map. there are 10 state left on the map throughout this next five weeks is it. leave indiana out. trump start at 996. west with virginia is next week and that is favored for trump. in oregon, favor trump slightly. same for washington state. montana favors cruz, so does south dakota. california is a big one. we upped that to 124 delegates
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for trump at this stage. same day is new jersey. 1,237 is your magic number. that would put trump over the top not even counting indiana. if indiana goes away look where he would be june 8. including the 40 in pennsylvania. this is why indiana is so critical with ted cruz. if he can reverse that, you can see how that number drops down. as of right now, donald trump is in a really good position, a good place to continue his argument that he's not just going to have a number in cleveland, but he might be able to get that number before cleveland begins. we saw steve doocy was talking to people, a lot of them, so
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we'll see. we'll see. live coverage for you coming up oon the battle or indiana. special coverage with megyn kelly and bret baier. polls closing in indiana, she said at * tonight. at 7:00 tonight. it's indiana, closes at 7:00, if it's tuesday it's buffalo. bill: we are going to go through state capitals later in the show. what would be the strategy? martha: it could be a november surprise that democrats don't want to see. why obamacare prices could be spiking just days before voters head to the polls. bill: ted cruz going to to tote with a trump supporter.
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these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors bill: donald trump, and hillary
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clinton looking for knockout blows. donald trump says he can win the voters over. >> a lot of young people with bernie sanders want jobs, they see what's happening. we agree on one thing, trade. the difference is i'll make great deals out of it. he's a socialist, i'll make great deems out of it. the young people, i believe they will vote for me. i think a lot of the people with hillary will come out to vote for me. both are strapping millennials. bill: interesting theory. is it valid, do you see the line? >> there is a lot of overlap between trump and sanders because the left and the populist right meet on a lot of
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stuff, trade, opposition to interventionism. opposition to politics and an anti-wall street. but young people don't like donald trump have much. he has a 75% disapproval rating with young people. bill: listen to his argument there. you are not suggesting he can make the sales deal. >> i doubt what young people find most inspiring and interesting about bernie sanders is his position on trade. on trump on racial issues, political correctness, young people find that very hard to swallow, and it's hard to see him unlocking that part. bill: kirsten, i know you agree with that but for different reasons. >> i think that -- there is a
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lot of -- there would be some natural reasons for them to like trump for all the reasons rich said. i think the rigged system has the same message donald trump has. he's the most political incorrect candidate which helps him with older voters. but then the matchup with hillary clinton they don't particularly love either. but they overwhelmingly -- in the harvard institute of politics they overwhelmingly go with hillary. she is the lesser of two evils with hillary and trump. >> you have someone on the cusp of being the presumptive nominee talking about winning over the voters of a socialist. it shows how scrambled this race is. you will have donald trump
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hitting hillary clinton on her iraq war vote. who in the last 10 years would have thought that would be possible in any world. so this race will be fascinating, bizarre, and highly negative. bill: back to the topic at hand. barack obama was very popular with young americans. can she make that crossover? >> it doesn't look like it. she doesn't have that kind of appeal. but she'll be banking on the obama coalition. she is going to bank on donald trump negatively motivating them to get out to the polls. >> that's true, but she has done surprisingly well among african-american voters. i think they will probably turn out for her. the bigger problem with the millennials isn't that they are
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going to vote for trump, it's that they are going to stay home. your point is very interesting about -- go after a democrat for her support of the iraq war vote. how do people get their arms around that? >> this is why i would avoid making incompetent predictions about how this election is going to turn out. he banked a lot of up popularity with a lot of key electoral groups in the general. he will attack flert right when it suits his purposes and from the left when it suits his purposes. trump has purposed hillary further to the left on trade and
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social security. and she can't move back to center because then trump can attack her on trade and social security. if. martha: prices go up and up and it could be a big factor on how americans delays their votes. an american serviceman was killed in iraq. ash carter called this a combat death. >> it's a serious fight we have to wage in iraq. there are american service members involved.
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martha: obamacare customers are about to get hit with a huge bombshell as we get word rates are about to spike again. gerri willis, author of "rich is not a four-letter word." we were supposed to save $2,300 a family under obamacare. >> we'll have a double digit increase that will come right at the time of the election. so people will have the reminder right before the election of the failures of obamacare. what this tells you, united health group, the nation's
6:25 am
largest medical insurer. they can't make money on obamacare. that's a billion dollars for a company that should be able to make it and can't. you see a lot of trouble for insurers. it will end up give them more money for giving subsidies to people on obamacare. you know democrats are going to go for that. martha: when this whole thing went down, insurance companies were supposed to be protected. republicans got rid of so-called risk corridors. now the insurers are highly exposed. at the end of the day it's not just affecting the cost for people on obamacare. it's for people with healthcare
6:26 am
insurance from an employer are also seeing their costs rise too because of the cadillac plan tax. everybody's costs are going up in direct contravention to the promises the president made. do you remember the president promised you would pay no more for obamacare coverage than you would for a cell phone. that it wouldn't add a dime to the deficit. if you look at those promises it's astonishing what he thought he would be able to accomplish and clearly what has not happened. martha: he said initially costs would rise but over time it would pay off. >> we are far, far away from getting everybody covered in this country. when you look at this in depth you see a system that's not working. they put this in place a month
6:27 am
after the recover require began. a fifth of the economy thrown into turmoil. it was wrong headed, the timing is bad. now we are finding the program itself is just not working. bill: 27 past the hour. if it's tuesday there is a primary somewhere. they are voting in indiana as we speak. what will today's vote tell us about where americans are and who they want as a candidate. martha: very interesting exchange on the campaign trail with ted cruz as he confronts a donald trump supporter. does the texas senator have a chance to gain support from a supporter like this. >> where is your goldman sachs jacket, we know your wife works there. >> donald trump is playing you
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for a chump.
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bill: breaking news from iraq. a u.s. soldier was killed after coming under fire from isis. reporter: we don't know who the soldier is. we only know he was killed by enemy fire, whether it's mortar or gunfire or rockets. the deck terr tear -- the secrey of defense expressed his could be dole evens to loved ones. here he is. >> it shows the serious fight that we have to wage in iraq. there are american service members involved and that's all i know at this time.
6:32 am
>> the pentagon said went to great length to say that the american service man was killed 3 to 5 kilometers behind the front lines. the u.s. soldiers are there in a strictly advisory capacity. in this confused battle, the distinction between advisory capacity and combat capacity are greatly blurred. bill: a third soldier killed. another one lost his life in march. >> marine sergeant louis cardin from he me temecula. and master sergeant joshua wheeler was killed by isis forces during a rescue mission that freed hostages from the islamic state.
6:33 am
he wassed the first american service member to be killed in the battle against isis. this comes after the deployment of 200 special forces operators. man the past two weeks president obama has approved the deployment of 400 additional forces to iraq and syria. this occurring in the midst of a great upheaval. we saw supporters storm the green zone. but we have also seen many hundreds of people killed in recent suicide bombing in and around baghdad. so thing are very, very tense in iraq to be sure. martha: we have dramatic video out of indiana. ted cruz in an extended and intense discussion with a donald trump supporter. watch some of this.
6:34 am
>> i want to thank you just for being here. >> vote trump. >> you are entitled to have that view. and i'll treat you respect and civility even if some people in this elect don't. >> case up dropped out, now it's your turn. drop out. >> if donald doesn't get to 1,237 are you going to call for him to drop out? >> if i were donald trump i wouldn't have come or to talk to you. you know what i would have done? i would have said go over there and punch those guys in the face. >> you are lying like you always do. >> i respect your right to speak. but i'll say in america we are a nation that is better than anger and insults and cursing and rage. and i believe the people of indiana have a common sense,
6:35 am
good judgment [whew, vote trump] martha: lisa, you have got to give him credit for having that conversation. it went on for several more minute than what we were able to show people at home. but ted cruz is in a tough fight. >> he can't get to 1,237 mentioned delegates so his objective is to stop trump from getting to that number. there is a reason senator cruz has done everything he can possibly do. he's trying to build momentum. that's why we saw him acquaint or do this grand speech. also, his pact with case up. he's literally done everything he can to throw it again the
6:36 am
wall to see if it sticks to build momentum. and as you say, he tried everything. he got mike pence's endorsement. that was. >> the big hurdle in indiana. we'll see if he end upcoming up with a surprise tonight. it's been a long time since ted cruz has had a big win. there are rumblings the four pacs that are supporting him might not want to throw good money after bad. >> donald trump won every congressional district in he county in play tuesday night by a significant margin. he's trying to get to 1,237. the 57 delegate helps him do that for senator cruz. if he can't stop donald trump in indiana. how does he make the case to delegates. or how does he make the case
6:37 am
with the remaining voters who still have contests to vote in. martha: indiana was supposed to be cruz territory. i think that's one of the interesting things, when you look across the country and the places where john kasich was supposed to win. you look at the places where ted cruz is supposed to win. donald trump is taking those voters away from these people. and you look at california, very expensive race in california. a big state. so my question to you is, will these backers stand by ted cruz any longer because he says he's going the distance. people already know he can't get to the number to win the nomination outright. they are hanging on to the chance somehow he can block donald trump. you lose that argument, you can no longer make that argument for
6:38 am
the remaining contest. he's got 24 republican senate races where president obama won, 24 in play. so i just have to ask yourself if you are a donor, is this the best allocation resources. martha: we have seen some people, kelly ayotte, they will focus on those races, on holding the senate and holding the house. there is also rumblings that people are talking about a third party run. your thoughts on that? >> i think that's horrible for the republican party. this is the problem i have. system was set up. the rules of engagement are played, and the fact remains, there were 17 candidate that started out in this republican contest and there are only three guys standing.
6:39 am
after tonight there may only be one person. if you don't like that person, that's your prerogative. but he has won these contests fair and right. >> many of those 17 were people that's thought were very promising. they were excited about for the last four years. very interesting. thanks. bill: we are trading lower today, investors reacting after the markets boasted solid gains monday. we closed 17,891. an upset for the ages. this was a title no one saw coming. how about a 5,000-1 shot. if you put $10 on that team for the year. we'll tell you what they just
6:40 am
did that has never been seen before. martha: john kasich is still in the presidential race. what is his argument at this point. here he is in california. >> she says people need a choice. i'm just going to keep going. one foot in front of the other. you know. this might look like a zero-gravity drop... but it's actually a triumph of predictive analytics. because of optum. through population health data, they provide insights so doctors and hospitals can identify high-risk patients. like me... asthma... potential hospital visit. so now thanks to optum, this asthma thing's under control. gravity not so much. this is healthier, powered by optum. from health plans to providers to employers. we connect all parts of health care. healthier is here.
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martha: no school for detroit's students again today. teachers staging a mass sickout after word that the city won't have enough money to pay the teachers after june 30. they are working on a package that should fund salaries for july and beyond. >> kasich will cut taxes, freeze
6:44 am
new regulations. so punch the clock and take that to the bank. john kasich leaves no one behind. america never gives up. bill: that's a radio spot from governor kasich in oregon. a new poll of ohio voters shows nearly half want the governor to drop out. that number goes higher when you ask republicans. kasich says he's playing the long game. >> in the short term there is a consequence. in the lightning term i win the general election and everybody elses wills. that's how d everybody else loses. we are doing soul searching from time to time, but i feel terrific. how you doing, sir? thanks for coming back. spoke to the governor last
6:45 am
night. where's his head? >> he's feeling good about things. he has had good receptions in oregon at his town halls and it's going well. ellen meeting with the foreign policy team. and you have got to remember that ohio voted for john kasich over donald trump by 11 points. it's the widest margin of victory over donald trump. a new poll came out showing trump has 49% of voters. there is a lot of hung jury dynamic going on. bill: he's waiting for someone to fall apart. he's kinds of the back stop if something happens. >> trump has not cleared the 50% mark. his sky high negatives are causing unease, his unpopularity
6:46 am
among women and millennials. so we'll see if in fact donald trump goes on to maybe get near that 1,237. what does he do, dose have a shift we have been hearing about or dose go back to the insults people are turned off by. bill: i went searching on the website for the events he has done. the last event i found was san jose, california, on saturday. is he laying low? >> he's been doing sat tours all -- he's been doing satellite tours all over oregon. he has been doing a lot of satellite radio and media tours all over oregon. that's our focus and why we are on the air there. bill: what do you say to the 58%
6:47 am
of ohioan republicans who say he should drop out? >> he says he wants to stay in this race because he's the best person to lead our country. he wants to bring his record of job creation and fiscal sanity that he demonstrated in ohio to the country. either trump or clinton is going to keep wruls we have been. divisive, broke in washington, finger pointing and everything else. bill: those numbers back in theio suggest a wall. he beats hillary clinton head-to-head in 17 of the last 17 polls that asked that question. why has he not done better among republicans from state to state? >> this has been an unconventional year.
6:48 am
nobody expected this to happen. he is the only one who can beat hillary clinton. the same polls show donald trump losing badly to hillary and the numbers getting worse for him. it also shows ted cruz can't win. those are the things the delegates will wrestle with. bill: do you think it's really a hung jury? when you look at the delegates. >> i really do. bill: when you look at the delegate math, trump is clearly on target right now to get to 1,237. >> there is the delegate math and the popular vote math. 2.5 million people or so voted for somebody other than trump. there is a bit of a hung jury that's been participating in this process. we'll see how the process plays
6:49 am
out. governor kasich is going to stay in it because he wants to give voters a choice. bill: you as a republican, if trump is your nominee, will you support him and vote for him? >> this isn't about me, this is about who is best able to represent the american party and the ideals it has stood for. that person is john kasich and that's why i'm staying behind him. bill: the view from the kasich cam. thank you, sir. martha: sometimes parliament can get a little bit heated. punches being thrown. water bottles. find out what they are so angry about. then there is this.
6:50 am
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bill: when you don't get your way in politics, you grab your boxing gloves. dive on in. keep going. this is in turkey. these are lawmakers jumping over tables, hurling water bottles at each other over a proposal to trip them from immunity from prosecution. oh the horror of being held responsible. they have come to blows a couple
6:54 am
times in less than a week. martha: the sport world is buzzing over lester city's remarkable run to it first ever soccer championship. they beat monumental odd. jonathan hunt joins us to explain the true significance of all of this. they are calling it the greatest sports story of all time. reporter: it's -- the evening hire premiere league is the toughest soccer league in the entire world. at the start of the season last august you would have got odd of 5,000-1 against lei correct ster city winning the league.
6:55 am
it meant a lot to the players. they were watching as the this reaction of the leicester players watching. watch this. by the way, they were at the house of their leading goal scorer jamie vardy. he was playing part-time soccer while earning a living putting together medical splints in a factory. leicester is a nothing city in the middle of england. they suddenly went to the mains and ended up winning the world series. it's that big a shock.
6:56 am
martha: that's a great story. i feel a movie coming up in all of this. >> with english soccer being a relative term. but leicester was put together for $79 million. tottenham $225 million. arsenal $367 million. and manchester city $611 million. they had reason to celebrate the real team spirit. if leicester can do it. bill: will a indiana victory
6:57 am
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martha: donald trump aiming for a knockout as indiana voters head to the polls fighting to lock down the nomination as ted cruz face what is could be the last chance to show he is still in this game, folks. that's what makes it interesting tonight. welcome to a brand new hour now of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. trump predicts the race is effectively over today. indiana, 57 delegates up for grabs. trump needs 241 to clinch the nomination. john roberts on the road in indianapolis. let's start this hour with this. how would indiana set direction
7:01 am
for this campaign after tonight? reporter: bill, this is an inflection point, if donald trump comes out of with a big win, particularly a big win could seal the deal as presumptive nominee. if ted cruz based on upset on the polls, that could change the whole narrative. donald trump is telling people this week if he wins indiana it is all over. certainly there is tremendous amount of excitement here in the hoosier state, first time anyone can remember things really matter here. that their vote really counts. what happens with the republican party. donald trump at a rally in south bend, indiana, last night tapping into that enthuse after. listen what he told the crowd. >> now all of sudden indiana, usually it is late, but now indiana is becoming very important. and i say, i say so important in terms of the race. usually by this time it is over and doesn't matter. but this time you folks belong where you belong. it is called importantville, right? i love it. [cheering]
7:02 am
i have so many friends here. reporter: indiana is importantville according to donald trump. it is difficult to predict bill, which way voters are going to go today. preponderance of polls have donald trump out in front. fox news, and nbc poll had him way out in front. one poll from purdue showed cruz with big league. exactly opposite of the polls. could go to the preponderance, may be outlyer but may show what people in indiana truly thinking. we have to wait until the polls close at 6:00 to find out what happens. bill: what does ted cruz say he will do next? what are you hearing from him? reporter: every time we talk to him, every time we listen to him on the campaign trail, bill, he insists he is in this to the convention. hess entire campaign, candidacy is premised on idea of getting to contested convention. all these campaign rallies and appearances he puts in he tells
7:03 am
nobody can get to 1237 delegates to clinch the nomination before the convention that is fallacy. that is he is telling people something that is not true. listen to the exchange i had with cruz yesterday. >> regardless what happens in it state, nobody is getting to 1237. i'm not going to but donald trump isn't either. >> that is not true because he could if he wins this state. >> i don't believe he will. and ace mentioned in california, when you and i visited, the entire race will ultimately come down to california and i believe where we're headed is a contested convention in cleveland. reporter: so he wants to get to that contested convention. bill, if he loses and loses big tonight pressure will mount on cruz to drop out of the race because increasingly people in the republican party are thinking if donald trump looks like he is going to be nominee, is it really worth upheaval to the party to go into contested convention in july. bill: thank you, john. raining there like it is here. john roberts in indianapolis. martha: let's look at delegate
7:04 am
count as it is heading into tonight's big contest in indiana. donald trump, 996, ted cruz 565, kasich back there at 153. fellow at american enterprise institute and good morning, marc. always good to see you. >> good morning, martha. martha: we heard about the purdue poll shows ted cruz up by 15 points. outlyer poll every once in a while turns out be something real, if that is the case, what does tomorrow look like to you? >> that is big upset for ted cruz. all the polls show donald trump with double-digit lead. if ted cruz manages narrow victory in indiana tomorrow it upsets the whole rice. if ted cruz pulls off a close win he is still alive and goes on to fight another day in california. martha: if he loses, we heard him there with john roberts moments ago, he said this all along, he believes there will be
7:05 am
a contested convention, but in order to make that happen, you've got to have people behind you. you have to have momentum, the will to contest the numbers that donald trump looks likely to have at that point. is that likely to happen? >> becomes increasingly unlikely if he loses in indiana. if he loses in indiana means he choked. he was within striking distance few weeks ago. seven different polls showed him two and nine points behind. so he was within possibility of taking over, winning indiana and all of sudden spread out to double digits. "nbc/wall street journal" poll has him down 15 points. martha: why do you think that happened, marc? what do you think he did wrong? >> if it turns out to be true because he lost his outsider status. the reason he is only guy standing left out of 16 non-trump candidates, not counting kasich is because he was campaigning as an outsider. there is "huffington post" poll
7:06 am
came out shows 62% of the republicans see him as part of the establishment which is up from 36% in december. so something happened between december and today and accelerated last few days where cruz was, seen now as part of the establishment. why is he seen as part of the establishment? part of it was this bad alliance he tried to forge with kasich which looked like he was gaming system. people don't like to be gamed. trump made a big deal trying to win all the delegates using rules. he says the system is rigged. all these things fed the narrative that ted cruz is part of establishment that is rigging the system. you've seen that guy where he had the confrontation in indiana with trump supporter. he said you're the problem politician. that sums it up. he is seen as just another politician in recent days. martha: when you look at the big picture for the gop going forward, if the outcome is as polls indicate right now, that
7:07 am
is a big if, we don't know the answer to that yet, if donald trump does seal the deal in indiana tonight, what happens to the your part of the, sort of line of thinking out there in the party who feels they don't have conservative candidate in donald trump? >> they're right. donald trump is not a conservative candidate and he is a moderate republican leaning towards a liberal democrat. so he is, there is not a conservative candidate but i think there is a movement towards seeing him as the inevitable, as the nettable nominee. already before tonight's results, 91% of republicans believe he will be the republican party nominee. if he wins tonight in indiana, you go into new jersey, it is winner-take-all, huge lead there, huge lead in california, he could very easily win this on the first ballot and there won't be a contested convention. in which case a lot of these machinations and these scenarios people are dreaming up are
7:08 am
becoming less and less likely. so everything hinges on indiana tonight. >> the a lot of gnashing of teeth. we'll see where it goes. booed to talk to you. bill: be sure to stay here on the fox news channel for battle of indiana. live coverage all day long. megyn and bret start coverage 6:00 eastern time when the polls close. we'll see you then as well. meantime hillary clinton goes face-to-face with coal miners, workers in west virginia when this happened. >> i'm going to do everything i can to help no matter what happens politically. bill: and why, and what she said about closing coal companies. why it did not to over well with that group. our panel will take that on in a moment. martha: ted cruz hoping to slow down the trump train. we'll talk to both campaigns, to see how they're feeling the day of the big indiana race. first, here is the texas senator. >> indiana is in a position to decide the direction of this race, not just for indiana, not
7:09 am
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7:13 am
here is part of yesterday's west virginia exchange. >> i just want to know how you can say you're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you're going to be our friend? because those people out there don't see you as a friend. >> i don't know how to explain it other than what i said was totally out of context from what i meant because i have been talking about helping coal country for a very long time. it was a misstatement because what i was saying is that the way things are going now, we will continue to lose jobs. that is what i meant to say. martha: matt schlapp, chairman of the american conservative union and former white house political director for president george w. bush. david goodfriend, is former deputy staff secretary to president bill clinton and supports hillary clinton as well. welcome, gentlemen, good to have you here today. i don't know, some of the staffers may have been catching some flak and you know,
7:14 am
answering the question, how did that happen matt? would you imagine that is the case? >> yeah. you know, hillary clinton usually sees the questions from children at schools ahead of time. so yeah, i imagine she wasn't that happy about this. and here's the fact of the matter, martha, that president obama said by his policies he was going to bankrupt the u.s. coal industry. we have now seen almost every major coal company file for bankruptcy. in fact peabody coal, the largest publicly held coal company is in bankruptcy now. 50,000 jobs across the country f these obama policies get fully put into place hillary clinton endorsed utility rates in 48 states will skyrocket. we'll see a loss of manufacturing jobs. this is abysmal policy and coal industry -- coal country in which there is a war on coal should rightfully be upset about these policies. martha: i want to show a couple things on background. look at town hall where this statement was originally made. this will be hillary clinton. then after that we want to look
7:15 am
at president obama's original comment you talked about. let's play those. >> i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity, using clean, renewable energy as the key into coal country. because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. martha: all right. here's president obama statement that matt referred to. if somebody wants to build a coal powered plant, just that it will bankrupt them because they will be charged a huge sum, they will be charged for all the green house gas being emitted. david is this problematic in west virginia and other places for clinton campaign? >> well, look, it is not a news flash that the democratic party supports renewable energy and addressing climate change and republican party does not. that is nothing new. i think my friend matt knows from working in white house as i do sometimes your candidate says something you wince, i wish they hadn't put it that way. the actions here are pretty clear cut. the person that hillary clinton
7:16 am
was with, when this event took place is joe manchin, former positive, current senator. somebody who took a bullet, aimed a bullet and obamacare and won election big-time in west virginia. he wouldn't be standing with her at all if he didn't think her policies overall will be good for west virginia. let's not forget, hillary clinton has won multiple times in west virginia in primaries. bill:to too. martha: absolutely. >> big picture she is very popular in appalachia. i think that will carry her there. martha: she is claiming she wants to work hard to put programs in place to help people transition into other jobs. bill clinton will be one of the people who leads that effort in coal country. that was larger context which we showed of her comment. >> right. martha: however, we are living in a pretty different political era and i look at this gentleman sitting at this table, you got to wonder is this, is this a democrat who might find himself voting for donald trump, matt? >> i think the article --
7:17 am
>> exactly right, martha. if you're a coal miner, look at that man. if you're a coal miner who spent your whole life in that profession there is no earth energy job for you, number one. number two, you're not going back to school to get high-tech job which is fantasy for most of these people. third thing, martha, this is the real killer, the manufacturing job that results in this country because we have cheaper forms of energy like, say, affordable coal is gone. we're losing those manufacturing jobs. usually people can transition into different manufacturing job. west virginia seen those jobs shed. 50,000 jobs we shed from the obama policies. it proves became and clinton don't care as much as they talk about for these working people who they are harming by their terrible policies. >> that is wrong? i can respond to that. martha: i do think the point is valid that workers who may be sort of in his category may be kind of people that might consider going to trump in this
7:18 am
election. >> there is no question that trump is further to the left than hillary on trade, for example. that he is sort of scrambled the egg if i will on certain issues, that don't fall neatly into party politics. there is no question, that trump will get certain votes from labor members, labor union members but i also think there is no question, when you look at raising minimum wage, when you look at job training, when you look at helping closed income inequality and wage stagnation. there is no comparison. hillary clinton laid out multiple things. that is why she is winning. martha: we got to go, guys. that is whole another can of worms. you can talk about whether or not raising minimum wage is going to actually lose jobs in this country because, companies will find a way to higher fewer people. we'll save that for another day. david, matt, thank you very much. >> thanks, martha. bill: live look right now, indiana voters at the polls. that is portage near gary indian that, gary, indiana.
7:19 am
martha: which reminds us of a song. bill: the other is the terra haute, other side of the state western border, boy, you're going to be president. what will indiana tell us. ♪
7:20 am
7:21 am
pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment is our partnership with habitat for humanity. our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e,
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and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california. bill: news breaking out of iraq. american service member killed in line of duty in mosul. one report suggests he was behind isis enemy lines while advising kurdish forces. ambassador john bolton. fox news contributor.
7:23 am
senor fellow at american enterprise institute. this continues now. we lost service member in march as well. how do you seethis today? >> i think this demonstrates that the americans in iraq and in syria around 5000, that have been disclosed and maybe more, really are in danger. they're in harm's way. they may be on an advise and assist mission. this is a combat role. i don't know what the president thinks but advise and assist doesn't mean you're sitting in academic environment. our people are taught and trained themselves to engage the enenemy that's what they're trying to advise and assist the iraqi army to do. i think it is time for the president to be honest with you here, when you put americans in harmses way, there are boots on the ground in iraq and syria and dispense with the nonsense it is not true.
7:24 am
bill:fy thousand boots on the ground, 5000 men and women serving in iraq today. question for you, couple specific ones. can iraqis beat isis without us? >> i don't think so. i would not help the current government of iraq to do that i think we need a different kind of coalition, using who -- the kurds who have been very effective not a government dominated by the ayatollahs in iran. that is driving sunnis of western iraq into the hands of isis among other things. could we help even the current government of iraq defeat isis? yes, we could do it a lot more quickly if we had a president who has search a incident vision when he wants victories. bill: these are f-15s, these are drones. we're at war. >> we're absolutely at war. if you ask our servicemembers in syria and iraq they understand they're in combat zone. they have trained for it. they are ready for it and taken action on their own.
7:25 am
when they hear the president say no boots on the ground this, is advise and assist role this, is disrespectful to them and understates the risk they're in and steps we're taking the fact we're back at war in iraq and syria. that is the answer. the president tried to pull out in 2011 and because of that mistake now we're back in. bill: joe biden was there last week i think on friday for about a 10 hour visit. parliament went to hell after that. in a general election campaign, how does this figure into what is shaping up? >> well, i think this should be an indictment not simply of the obama administration, but of it is secretary of state for the first four years. it was in 2011, when she was secretary, that obama pulled all american forces out of iraq. that is the proximate cause for the turmoil that we see now, i think it would be very different had we stayed. but the net result turns out to be the same. we leave the situation,
7:26 am
deteriorates, we're back in. we could have save ad lot of lives and treasure had we stayed there. bill: will he have to explain or defend it? >> i'm sure she will try to have it both way ways, thank you for your time. john bolton here in studio. martha? martha: donald trump eyeing the white house, he is ready for the next round he says, with hillary clinton. >> win all five in a landslide, win them all in a landslide, right? we'll win the whole thing. we'll beat her in a landslide right? we'll beat her.
7:27 am
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mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of the at&t network, a network that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t. ♪ >> if we win in indiana it's over with, folks, it's over with, then we focus on hillary clinton. [cheering] remember we began with 17, and one by one by one they went off. a governor, a senator, a snort snort -- senator. a governor. they didn't know what the hell happened but now they're out.
7:30 am
down to two and they're hanging by their fingernails. bill: donald trump predicting victory looking past indianas looking for head-to-head with hillary clinton. that is the trump team. katrina pierson with the team, national spokesperson out of dallas. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: let's start with tonight. what is the trump team expectation for indiana today? >> we expect to win indiana, we expect to win it handily. mr. trump has been meeting folks with massive crowds and rallies. we have a lot of support coming out of didn't yana. we're really excited. bill: what does that mean in a delegate sense, if you win the state, you get 30, past that you have 27 more in the line. >> sure. bill: what are you predicting? >> we expect to win the state and also expect to win majority of delegates in the state. mr. trump has, from the very beginning talked about getting out there and campaigning on his issues and values, particularly when it comes to putting america first and that is the message resonating in indiana.
7:31 am
bill: that is the case now, your team will shift even more towards a focus towards hillary clinton. now, in a nutshell, katrina, what does that strategy look like in a general election campaign? >> it's going to be the same strategy, bill. i know the conventional wisdom and traditional campaign folks don't really understand what mr. trump is doing. mr. trump is simply running as someone who is committed to putting americans first, putting america first, with regard to his policy. there is going to be a huge contrast when it comes to policy. he is going to run on his vision of making america great again. with regard to trade and taxation and -- bill: there you go. i want specifics. go ahead. tick them off. what will it look like? >> yes. bringing back jobs to the country with regards to trade. bringing back fair trade so we can compete nationally with other companies and taxation. mr. trump has been talking about these things. he put papers out on them. and common sense foreign policy.
7:32 am
we can not have a country without borders. we have to stop illegal immigration. and what is so amazing about this concept that so many people are upset about is simple fact that these are current laws. they simply are not being enforced. mr. trump is going to enforce them. bill: listen to this trump supporter yesterday in indiana with ted cruz. on this specific point here. watch. >> he is only one that will put us where we need to be. what are you going to do about the second amendment? >> okay. great question. >> what are you going to do about the second amendment. >> i have defended second amendment in front of the supreme court of the united states. do you know that donald trump supported bill clinton's national ban on some. most popular firearms in america? and that is a fact. while donald trump is a new york liberal, who will take away your second amendment rights. this man is lying to you. and he is taking advantage of you. bill: we'll see if your prediction comes true. if it does you move on closer to general campaign.
7:33 am
that clip will show you what the clinton team is likely to do. they will say trump is the not guy who he says he is. what will you do. >> mr. trump's policies today will be same running forward. senator cruz likes to talk about things from 20 years ago. that is simply not the case, we can point out senator cruz supports bringing syrian refugees in the country and expanding green cards for illegal aliens who are here. we have policy we have a message, that is resonating across this country. mr. trump has vision to put americans first with regards to all aspects of government, coming -- cutting out special interests which is something hillary clinton can not deny and mr. trump will put country first. he is only person who is personally invested in the success or failure of this country because his entire business and empire is built right here. and so he wants to protect that and protect the people of the united states. bill: we're going to get to the cruz team in 10 minutes.
7:34 am
we'll contrast some of what you're saying with them. thank you for your time, karina. >> great to be here. bill: katrina pierson out of dallas with the trump team. thanks. martha: we have the gop race heads for contested convention this summer it would not be the first. jon scott walks us through america's long history actually of contested conventions. watch. >> we have a system that is crooked. we have a system that has a lot of problems. we have this delegate system which is a sham. >> donald trump crying foul over a system he calls rigged. >> donald, it ain't stealing when the voters vet against you. it is voters reclaiming this country and reclaiming sanity. >> ted cruz working that system to send delegates committed to voting for him if not on round one, then after. >> i would really like to have your help because we're going to an open con very. it is all about couple lating delegates. >> john kasich struggling to get more of his own and stay in the
7:35 am
race. but it is not the first time a race for the white house has become so heated. in fact one of the most contentious republican contests occurred more than 150 years ago. ♪ one of the products of a con tested convention turned out to be a pretty good president, abraham lincoln? >> that's right. lincoln had a strategy going in. lincoln was covertly manueverring to be acceptable second choice for as many factions as possible. people didn't quite see this until the convention came together and dynamics were exposed. lincoln began to pick up steam and momentum. he picked up steam and winning all the pieces to the pus sell and winning nomination. >> more than 100 years later, the rise of a hippie counterculture, far cry from the tensions building in washington over the race for the white house. a race that closely mirrors one of the plot lines of today.
7:36 am
establishment republicans trying to keep arch conservative barry goldwater from winning nomination. >> '64 has eerie parallels to 2016. barry goldwater was absolutely outside of republican establishment. he was front runner heading into the 1964 convention but bitterly opposed by rockefeller forces within the republican party. republican establishment seemed like it was out of gas. they seemed to be on retreat. '64 goldwater dominated. his forces pretty much amassed through shows of strength of primaries and working with state and local primaries they were clearly going to be majority heading into the convention. establishment realizes too late. and attempted to marshall forces to block goldwater at the convention. >> moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. [cheers and applause] >> pat buchanan was advisor at that point, you know, pat, if
7:37 am
anybody ever tells you we have to stop person x, immediately put all your money on person x, trying to lock the barn door after the horse is already gone is very difficult thing. and in the case of '64, moderates got their act together way too late. didn't read the tea leaves correctly and ended up trying to stop something that was pretty much unstoppable. >> establishment failed. goldwater rode the conservative way to victory and gop nomination. but goldwater would lose in a landslide to lyndon johnson in november. ♪ 12 years later a former governor and hollywood leading man tries for starring role in national politics. >> i believe the republican party has a platform that is a banner of bold, unmistakable colors with no pale pastel shades. [applause] >> the party hero of this day is ronald reagan and he challenged a significant president. >> that is exactly right. reagan in '76 afford desperately tried to get reagan to stay out of the race, reagan basically
7:38 am
ignored him. the particular dynamics were really interesting. reagan was conservative. he swept latter primaries. ford was entrenched establishment moderate republican who had done well early and had a lot of these, to extent party people were controlling process and weren't very much, but ford had their backing for the most part but a huge idealogical fight under a new set of rules that nobody really understood. >> i am honored by your nomination and i accept it. [cheers and applause] >> the reagan-ford race brought to light some of back room politics that can occur in contested convention. some of the stories that came out of that convention are wild. convention delegate who broke her leg and wasn't allowed to go to the hospital because there were fears that her replacement would vote for the other camp? >> yeah. that is exactly where we were in 1976. the republicans moving into this new system, the party elites, even candidates best advisors
7:39 am
didn't really know what this new system would produce. >> the way these political battles are fought and winners decided has changed significantly over the years. but there is this constant. one candidate will advance, the others will go home. >> i'm reminded of teams that lose in the super bowls and, we really dominated fame, we had more first downs, we had more yardage, you win by putting more points on the board. if you don't defeat the other team by the standards and rules that exist you don't win and rules have been pretty clear. you need 1237. if you don't walk in with that total, all bets are off. martha: nobody remembers losers. you need darren swab to remember who was in the race. bill: he a big part of our election coverage. martha: makes you realize we've been down that road before and survived. bill: we did. martha: it will all be okay. coming up, ted cruz says he is in this for the long haul, but
7:40 am
what is the path forward for the senator if things don't go his way tonight. we'll talk to a spokeswoman for the cruz campaign, see what is going on inside of their camp next. >> i am in for the distance as long as we have a viable path to victory, i am competing to the end. when consultant josh atkins books at
7:41 am
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he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some...
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7:44 am
mistakes over and over again. martha: alice stewart, communication director for the cruz campaign. good morning, alice. >> thank you, martha, good for having me. martha: there is a lot of talk about good and evil on campaign trail, coming from the cruz camp over past couple days? why is that? why frame it in those terms? >> well, first and foremost because ted has been out there at campaign trail talking about his positive vision, uplifting vision for future of this country. about his actual solutions and plans to create jobs and improve the economy. strengthen our national security, as well as work to fight immigration. whereas donald trump on other hand has done nothing but insult his competitors, insult people all throughout the process, denigrate the process itself, calling the convention process crooked and those taking part in it, as being underhanded and engaging in some kind of a nefarious activity.
7:45 am
-- is to the white house. it is about providing solutions. >> a couple stories out there this morning asking about the pacs support cruz campaign. there are four major pacs that support the cruz campaign and perhaps there is some nervousness, starting to look for other places to put the money. what is your feeling about what is going on behind the scenes and whether or not they will hang in there with you all if he doesn't win tonight? >> well, all i can comment on, all i'm familiar with with our fund-raising. we had tremendous fund raising this past month. $10 million recently. we raised $90 million to date. we're confident in our campaign can do for the future. the pacs are on their own. we don't coordinate with them any way, shape or form. look the path ahead for donald trump it is not a, it is not a foregone conclusion. he has a tough road to hoe. he has the fact he got this sealed up. in order for him to win 1237 before the convention, okay,
7:46 am
we'll give him indiana. say he wins indiana tonight. he has to win in new jersey, nebraska, new mexico. he also has to win in washington state oregon and california. he also must win in biblical proportions in new jersey by 90%. kind of landslide election victories seen by soviet dictators that paul manafort is used to working with. he does not have easy path to victory here and with that, if any of those scenarios do not take place, we will go to the convention. it will go to the second ballot. that is favorable lineup for ted cruz because people that go to these conventions are the grassroots, volunteers and activists that have been working hard for the republican party. martha: i understand. >> they support ted cruz and on second ballot we are in great shape to win. martha: it is anybody's guess obviously, how those numbers pan out because if you talk to the trump people or even outside analyst who is look at it, there is a number of ways that he could get to 1237, after
7:47 am
california, rather and then even if he falls short, whoever falls short there is scramble period between then and convention which could be prove to be instrumental in all this you say 100% he will stay in it all the way through, no matters what happens tonight, is that a fact? >> the plan is for us to stay all the way through. i strongly disagree with what you're saying ease of him getting to 1237. all those states i mentioned have to fall in place for donald trump. martha: which of those states, which of those states would you say the cruz camp believes ted cruz can and will win? >> we have good support in several of the incoming states. nebraska should be a good state for us. we have a good ground game in california in order to pick up several delegates. the key not so much what states we predict we'll win. we're not in prediction game, but facts remain and looking at maps ahead donald trump has to win those states in order for
7:48 am
him to secure 1237. it is not mathematical inevitability for him to get 1237 before. we are strongly confident when that happens we will go to convention and the, convention voters, those who are on the convention floor are the people that have been fighting for the conservative principles that ted cruz has been fighting for his entire life as opposed to donald trump who has been contributing to and supporting democrat issues and candidates for his entire life. so we are confident about the road ahead and we have crunched numbers and looked at the math. it is very difficult for donald trump and we are confident that we'll be taking this to cleveland, battling it out on cleveland floor and second and third ballot is good one for ted cruz. martha: thank you. we'll see what happens. we'll see what happens going forward. good to speak with you this morning. >> you too. bill: jon scott up next "happening now," good day to you, jon. >> good morning, bill hemmer. as martha was discussing it is another crucial day in the race
7:49 am
to the white house. as indiana voters head to the polls. hillary clinton and donald trump hope to cement their front-runner status. we have analysis coming up. gordon chang on china policies and the growing military threat from china. bad day underway for u.s. stocks. we'll get into that on "happening now." bill: nice piece a moment ago. good history. well-done. >> more to come. bill: thank you, jon. see you at top of the hour. guess what really smart people found? astronomers he said discovered these three planets. why they may be key to finding life way out there ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
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bill: the drama that. treo of astronomers talking about a plant that orbiting a dwarf star. we have mike massimino, engineer at columbia. what is happening? >> pretty exciting stuff. bill: what is it? >> these are possible can diets earth-like planets. they're about the right size. they're temperate. which means they're about the right temperature. they're not too far away, only 40 light years away. this is new system, a new planetary system. and, it is, what is exciting about it, that it is another potential target where it could be earth-like planet. bill: right around the corner. only 40 light years away. the right down the street. >> if you could send a message speed of light. they could message back, 80 years there, 40 years back. we would hear from them.
7:54 am
put it that way doesn't seem that encouraging. relatively speaking it is pretty close. what is interesting here, you can identify these planets. we have discovered over 1,000 planets, meeting the world, astronomers have. rarely get candidate planets that you think could be earth-like. there will be three of them in one place. they will be turning hubble space telescope and james webb in the future and learning more about it. bill: two specific questions. i'm reading it as relatively close. >> yeah. bill: but it is faint. >> yeah. bill: because it's faint you have the ability to see it and study it. >> that's correct. so it is not overly bright. it is smaller star, the star itself is 1/8 size of our sun. it is a lot cooler than our sun. one of the interesting things they didn't think it would be possible for planetary system around a star in that category, but now they found it is possible. bill: you're expert on hubble. >> yeah. bill: you wint to it twice for repairs? >> yes.
7:55 am
bill: hubble joins the search a week from now? >> i'm not sure what the timing is. that is what the hope is. bill: what could hubble do, mike? >> hubble, if you point the hubble telescope at it and use its resources it could do a few things. number one get a better image than what they currently have. they looked at it through either-based telescopes. hub is sensitive within a lot of wavelengths of a light spectrum. it has spectrographs on board, to analyze atmosphere, see what the temperature is like, if it has atmosphere. what is it like. that is what we learn from hubble that would be next step. bill: last question. when you hear about the potential for discoveries like these as an a astronaut. bill: does it get you excited that we may peel back another layer of the universe out there? or just another one in long line of stories that perhaps will not yield the results guys like you are looking for? >> bill, it is like two things.
7:56 am
one, it is very exciting. we found another potential planet where there, might be either like planet life as we know might exist. what we really want to do is find life somewhere else. we haven't done that. some ways very encouraging. these are huge steps, at same point, you realize this is 40 light years away. we can't get there. we'll point hubble at it or whatever resources we can point out. it is still a long way away from what we're able to actually do. but it's a big step forward. bill: tempered optimism. >> tempered optimism is the way to go. bill: potential dead end toot. >> potentially. you hit enough of these things you might score one. bill: thank you, mike. >> pleasure. thanks for having me. martha: there is life on this planet for sure and life in indiana. hours from now polls close there. we have live team coverage from the whoser state where people vote. where is this race going next? anybody's guess, folks.
7:57 am
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jones. >> i'll take that for 1000 hours. we will see you later today and tonight 's the night happening now starts nine. by everybody. speed we be one we begin with an alert on what could be a game changer in the presidential race as voters in indiana head to the polls in a contest that could give both frontrunners and almost unbeatable edge. good morning on this today, i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather back in for jenna lee. ted cruz has a whole lot at stake and he is campaigning hard, holding an event 30 minutes from now. that's because the hoosier state could be senator cruz's last chance to stop donald trump from clinching the nomination before the convention and that's th


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