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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> where would you go except felt nc. harris: great to have you. stay here for "outnumbered overtime." he stays here on the web. fox, click on "overtime" tab. right now "happening now." a fox news alert. indiana polls close five hours from now in a primary that could put the front runners on a clear path. >> donald trump and hillary clinton ready to put rivals out of business and turn their firepower on one another. >> if we win in indiana, it is over, folks. >> the entire country is depending on indiana to pull us back. >> can the race come down to the the hoosier state? >> and plus, a teen found dead
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after prom night. new the date is on trial. mother nature bearing down on dc. it is all "happening now". we begin on the fox news alert on vote nothing the hoosier state. it is a primary that could impact the 40 race. it is 40 years since down down mattered. i am jon scott. welcome to "happening now". >> and i am heathernauert. >> and so 7:00 eastern. that's the earliest we'll begin whether or not the front runners will be winners. kasich sitting this one out. a trump victory would decimate
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cruz. bernie sanders said he will not go anywhere. trufrm leads the republican race with 996. and cruz has 565. and kasich 153. >> and hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders by 700. and we are watching the republicans from outside of trump tower in new york city. carl? >> reporter: you just put up donald trump. you need 12 then to clinch it. there are 57 up for grabs. 30 for the statewide winner and fweven are throw apiece in the
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nine congressional districts. if trump were to win tonight of high single or double it is likely he would get all of the indiana dell great and lock up the nomination. there are a few after indiana and california on june 7th. and on a day to lock that nomination up today. the republican front runner seized on a national enquirer tabloid that suggested that cruz's father raph a el who was a castro supporter before coming to the u.s., is in photographs and videos of passing out pamplets. and this is what donald trump
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had to say this morning when he called in fox and friends and talked about it. >> his father was with lee harvey oswalt prior to being shot. the whole thing is ridiculous and no one brings it up and talk about that. that was reported and no one talked about it. i think it is a horrible. that is among other things. and this is how he will tell people how he felt about donald trump. cruz was the last to come close and he didn't hold back today. he responded today.
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>> this morning. donald trump went on national television and attacked my father. alleging that my dad was involved in assass isinating jfk. now, let's be clear, it's nuts. that is not reasonable. that is cobbing. >> and cruz is getting more and more personal. and that is ridiculous outburst. and ted cruz does not have the temperament to be the president of the united states. if he wins tonight will be the presumpative nominee. >> it is a strange your in
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politics. carl cameron. >> reporter: gets more entertaining every single week. >> thank you, carl. on the other side of the aisle, bernie sanders stumping hard in indiana and trying to grab the lion's share of the delegates. mrs. hillary clinton was in ohio. and mike emmanuel joins us live in ath eps. she's going ahead with the general, is that the point? >> no question about it. hillary clinton is on the way here to ohio to focus on issues critical to supporters which is jobs and the economy. she spoke in charleston, west virginia. clinton is trying to connect with white rural working class
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voters. they cemeteried her husband but may be more inclined to support donald trump. she claims she understands the issues. >> we have the highest percapita overdose rate in the country. we can't keep losing people like this. and predominantly and not completely young people who have so much to look forward to and contributions to make. >> reporter: bernie sanders is fighting in indiana and trying to drive out the turn out. sanders needs delegates to keep his 2016 campaign relevant. he hammered on the issues, trade policy. >> you was on the picket lines. secretary of state supported
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every one of the disastrous trade agreements. and that is what the voters of america will have to consider. >> reporter: hillary clinton on msnbc said bernie sanders has the right to stay in through the remainder of the primaries but noted 3 million more votes. she doesn't want to offend sanders diehard supporters. still on the republican side, donald trump wants to put ted cruz in his rearview muror. and it is time to start focusing on hillary clinton. here's more on the significant vote. the senior political reporter, corey former communication advisor to president obama is with us as well. thank you both of you for being here.
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ashley to you first, there was a time when ted cruz was leading donald trump in indiana by 16 points and what happened? >> now trump is leading him by 15 on the day of primary and that is not good news for ted cruz. indiana is a die or die. his winnow is narrowing here. there is less states and less delegates. 118 percent of the delegates to get to the the nomination. it is impossible. but indiana should be a good state for cruz. they are high income and also a manufacturing area that plays in trump's hands on his message on trade. it will be interesting tonight. >> he's played every card he can
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play. the deal with john kasich and the announcement of carly fiorina, has it helped? >> it hasn't at all. i can't remember a candidate who needed momentum do this badly. it was a bad day for ted cruz. failed agreement with kasich. and announcing carolina fiorina as v, candidate. john boehner called him lucifer in the flesh and no one stepped up to defend him. and he's having a sidewalk debate with a guy holding a trump sign. that's how far he fell. and what is he talking about. defending his father and saying he was not a part of the kennedy assassination. donald trump knocked him off of
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his game. you will see the death of the stop trump movement and this state is good for tump because it is it an open primary in closed republican primaries donald trump hasn't done ha well. but independents and democrats switch and vote in republican primaries, he's done well. and that's why you see the 15 percent increase and see him victorious tonight. >> ashley, this states demographics are tailor made for ted cruz. >> they are. the never trump movement, this is a do or doichlt they have tried to take him out. and now, what i will say moving forward, cruz needs to focus his sights if he plans to stay in the race in california. but polling shows trump is up 34
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points. but cruz is forcing it to a contested conviction, but comes down to indiana and stopping the delegates there. trump may win in indiana, but if cruz wins congressional districts, he will take away delegates. if he wins in indiana, trump could win the blue collar districts that should krrn cruz. he needs to focus on the fifth congressional district and that's what they should be looking at tonight. suburban areas of around indianapolis and concentrated gop voters, wealthy voters and well educated voters that tend to be favorable to cruz. >> his unfavorables are rising with with the republican voters, right, cory? >> that's right. over the past ten days and since
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he made the comment about the ring versus the hoop we have seen numbers go down and negatives going up. he's 45 percent unfavorables. that's not the direction you want to go inap essential win for him. and finally california, if donald trump sweeps up and 30 and every congressional district it is pretty much over and california is basically going to be the sine die for ted cruz and john kasich and the republican establishment. and so at this point, everybody is looking toward the convention and they keep saying it will be contested, i will tell you a lot of folks are seeing it as the last dead dog for ted cruz and the conservatives. >> we are going to talk about a possible contested convention later in this hour. corey and ashley, thank you for
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being with us. >> thank you, jon. >> quick reminder 6:00 p.m. eastern. megyn kellyy and bret baier will have the latest analysis and results for indiana. >> we are getting live reaction from the voters in the hoosier state. donald trump and hillary clinton are looking to a show down in november. and voter sentiment could be an issue for bofth them in the general election. will clinton and front cement front runner status in the indiana primaries. and we'll join in on the conversation. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
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welcome bavenlth votering is underway in the republican and democrat voting primaries in tine dine today. it could be the deciding factor for donald trump and hillary
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clinton. there is a article. voters harbor different concerns about p hillary clinton and donald trump. in it, the very attributes where mrs. clinton is stronger knowledgeable and experienced and right temperament to be a good president happens to be areas where voters harbor biggest doubts and attributes for donald trump bringing change and honest and straightforward is where mrs. clinton is weakest. and jerry, explain that to us. the qualities they like in hillary clinton are considered weaknesses in donald trump. >> that's what will set up these two interesting fall campaign. people see opposed to attributes in two candidates and as you suggested, hillary clinton it is knowledge and experience and right temperament and ability to
10:19 am
handle an international crisis. this is where they have the biggest doubts of donald trump. trump can bring change and effective and honest and straightforward, those are the areas where people have doubts about hillary clinton. what are people looking for in 2016. none of these things have going to do with policy questions. it is personality and attributes. >> jerry, do you find that people want attributes and personality traits as issues positions? >> certainly the question this year it is important. one is over time, people who sit directly behind where i am in the capitol don't get much anyway. politicians say this is the five point plan i will enact. not many five- point plans get
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enacted in washington period. this year it is attitude than agenda. and ability to shake-up washington and get things done. that is a question of leadership. and not any one candidate in which voters find all of those attributes collectively. and you put the strength of hillary clinton with donald trump that would be a good candidate. but people have to make tough choices. the question of presidential temperament and that will be important. >> he seems to be changing. he's had a good last couple of weeks. are people coming around. >> i think you can see the republicans making peace with donald trump. and it will be interesting in the weeks ahead how many can or can't do that. and if tonight goes to
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expectations, that is a big question. >> i know you will talk to your folks on the campaign. >> and a navy seal killed by isis fighters in iraq. what we are learning about mosul where a american died. and a dazzling light show, right near the u.s. capitol. without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. his day of coaching begins this is brad. with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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>> a fox extreme weather alert. look at washington d.c. the system sparked lightning strikes near the u.s. capitol. it might be be a message from god. the area hit with high rain and
10:25 am
wind. and flooding the streets. that is a magnificent sight and looks like something out of independence day. >> scary. we are learning more about a death of a u.s. navy seal in iraq. ash carter said it was a direct fire by isis fighters. the seal was assisting curdist fighters. >> and we don't know the name of the navy seal. it is law that the military wait 24 hours while next of kin is notified. we know he was operating outside of the city of mosul in northern iraq. and the military saying he was 3 or five kilombeters behind the front lines. but the reality is, the advisory and combat role are blurred,
10:26 am
where the isis forces broke through and took down the navy seal with small arm's fire. they were operating at close range indeed. we heard that the president conveyed condoll epss while overseeing a change of command in jeremiah. secretary of defense ash carter spoke of the seal's death and highest stakes mission in iraq. >> it shows you the serious fight that we have to wage in iraq. there are american service members involved and that's all i know at this time. >> reporter: this is an exceedingly tense time in iiraq. there was a storming. green zone. they were supporters of shiite
10:27 am
cleric sadr. they want to dismantle the cabinet that is corrupt and full of sec terror arian quotas and there is a heavy death toll there. both secretary of defense ash carter and vice-president biden made recent appeanc in baghdad. and the government is hanging on by a thread. it is that context that the u.s. navy seal gave his life today. that's it from the pentagon. >> you know it didn't happen without a serious fight doug, thank you. >> we think of that man's family and say prayers. a prom night tragedy leading to a man on trial and facing
10:28 am
life in prison after his girlfriend dies. is he to blame or is someone else? indiana voters turn out in a key primary. we are on the ground looking at crown point, indiana. it is 12:30 in the afternoon in that state and that part of the state. voters at the polls will talk to folks to see what they think when we come back.
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it half past the hour upon. donald trump said it is over for ted cruz if he wibs the indiana primary. voting is going on in the hoosier state. polls start to close at 6:00 eastern time. front runners hoping to cement their status. mike tobin is live with the mood in crown point, indiana. what are folks telling you there? >> reporter: they are excited to be relevant this time around, heather. and listening to ted cruz. his dialogue said it is imperative and turning his attention to california. and look at real clear average show he is trailing trump by 10.8. how did he go from cleaning up in wisconsin to trail nothing a midwestern. talk radio was not in his corner
10:33 am
the way it was in wisconsin. and speaking with a political science professor. data was different. and you prohibit robbo calling and indiana was not canvassed and you don't have the precise ground game. >> indiana is a tough state to get a vibe for, for several reasons. we are are considered midwestern but we are not like ohio or wisconsin and other midwestern states that trump did not do well in. we have lower family incomes. lower education. and we in almost all demographics we are more like a southern state. >> reporter: now outside of a trump event in south bend, you had the blue collar voters and on the other side you had dancing and vulgarity and anti-
10:34 am
trump sentiment. but it doesn'ts inially translate to pro cruz sentiment. it is on pace in lake county to set records for turn out. polls close and part on eastern time and part on central time. the polls close here five and half-hours. >> and in indiana, mike, great to it sigh you as always. new information on a strange and sad case. a trial of a young man facing life in prison over a prom night tragedy. prosecutor said may 17th, 2014, 2 years ago, 18-year-old eddy, he was 18 at the time rented a hotel room for the big night, bought two bottles of whiskey and obtained prescription pain killers all with the help of his
10:35 am
mother. and the next morning, he found his girlfriend jacqueline gomez dead. and they had known each other since freshman year and apparently their first date. doctors say she had elevated levels of hydrocodon't in her system and blood alcohol level of.26. she also had bruising around her neck. hererra claimed that gomez asked him to choke her in conessential sex. he was charged with causing serious bodily injury by choking. it was not determined if that was the cause of death. his mother was taken into custody charged with drug possession. yesterday herera's trial began. a jury of ten men and two women hearing the case.
10:36 am
we'll talk to a list and eric is a criminal defense defense attorney. first of all, why is he not charged with murder, simply because they don't have a certain cause of death? >> they didn't rowel it to be be homicide ad first. now it is ruled homicide. but just two people in the room, and he said he went to sleep and she was alive and he woke up and she was dead. they can't prove it was homicide. and the other thing in the ruling, that they are not going after homicide. the sentence would be the same. first-degree felony could carry up to life. and this is not a death penalty case anyway. from a prosecutor's point of view, if the sentence is the same, and the penalty would be the same is, why not for the easier proof level. it is a hard and sad case for the prosecutor, but the easy are is the lower one.
10:37 am
>> serious bodily injury in a dating relationship. what is that all about? why is that kind of a charge brought forward? >> that is a lot easier than a murder charge. there was choking on the neck. they can show he choked her neck. he admitted but said it was between consensual sex. >> she asked for it? >> that's what some folks are into, don't pass out on me. and that's what the prosecutor had. it was an uphill battle. they don't know whether she died from the choking or the pills and the look alcohol level.26. some people can easily die with that level. that is why there is a battle here. >> i have to interject on this one as a mother of two young
10:38 am
kids myself. a 19 and 23-year-old. this mother got those kids, ten pills each, john. each. and two pints of whiskey. she's looking at three years max. i can't believe she is only looking at three years max. she is culpable as the boy is. she got them the rom and ten pills hydrocodeine and that's all she is looking at? >> the investigators were a skein was mother case first began. listis. >> she directly gave five hydrocodon't pills to her son and jacqueline gomez and purchased two bottle of crown
10:39 am
royal for prom night. >> that's why she is facing criminal charges. >> this happenses all of the time. there is open house parties and give children drugs and alcohol in a "controlled" environment. don't enable your children to do this. incidents like this can happen. during prom season, they enable them to do that. >> they are buying them and not just giving them the house and buying it for them. sdmshgs using the id. >> apparently, her son wakes up probably in a fog himself. sees that his date is dead. mom is down in the lobby. >> the mother is staying in the hotel room. -- not the room, but in the hotel. >> mom is down in the lobby waiting for them and she helps
10:40 am
him put clothes on the deceased girl. the police talked about that as well. >> right away, it appeared that something is a miss and not right. this doesn't occur on a typical dead body scene. >> it is unbelievable. he could look at life in prison. >> ten men on the jury. >> that helps. it might help the defense. maybe you have more women on there they fell empathy. i don't know. it is hard to play that one out. >> and remember, the prosecution is going for the low hanging fruit. they could have gone for a murder charge, but so much difficulty in proving that. and they should get a conviction. >> you have marks on her neck. >> and he admitted on it. >> and thank you bochlth >> so sad.
10:41 am
>> parents need to know about that as well. results in indiana, could bring republicans closer to a contested convention. jon scott investigates and look at what happened at contested conventions and how they shaped american politics. it's your home. it's everything you've always wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way. ♪ sometimes, maybe too hard. get claimrateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. call an allstate agent first. 888-429-5722.
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these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors >> we haven't seen one in decades but contested conventions have played a part in american politics. i sat down with co-author of the
10:45 am
book "campaigns and collection and rules and strategy choice" and to wake us through the american history of contested conventions. >> we have a system that is crooked and has a lot of problems and a delegate system that is a sham. >> donald trump crying foul over a system that he calls rigged. >> it ain't stealing when the voters vote against you. it is voters reclaiming this country and sanity. nted cruz working that system and getting delegates to vote for him. i would like to have your help and we are going to an open convention. and that is not the first time the race to the white house became so heated. the most contentious occurred more than 150 years ago.
10:46 am
>> one of the products of a contested convention turned out to be a good president, abraham. lincoln was maneuvering to be an acceptable second choice for factions. and people didn't see this until the convention came together and dynamics were exposed. he picked up momentum and he picked up all of the pieces and winning the nominations. more than 100 years later. the rise of a hippy counter culture and a race for the white house. and a race that mirrors one of the front lines of today. establishment republicans trying to keep an arch conservative bare gold water from winning the nomination. barry gold water was the front
10:47 am
runner and bitterly opposed bite rockefeller forces. >> the republican establishment seemed like it was on the retreat and goldwater dominated and it was amassed through a show of strength and primaries and working with the parties. they were going to be the majority in the the convention. establishment realizes too late and attempted to block gold water at the convention. >> moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. >> that is advisor at that point said to him. pat, if anyone tells you we have to stop person x. trying to lock the barn door is difficult thing and in the case of 64 moderates got their act
10:48 am
together to late and trying to stop something that was unstoppable. >> gold water rode the conservative wave to the gop nomination. but he would lose to johnson in november. 12 years later, a former governor and hollywood leading man tries for a starring role. >> the republican party has a banner of gold with no pale pastel shades. >> the party hero of the day is ronald reagan and he challenged a sitting president. >> that's right. reagan in '76 after ford tried to get him to stay out. reagan ignored him. the particular of the dynamics was intchlth he had swept the primaries and ford was a moderate republican and had a
10:49 am
lot of parties people that were controlling the process. and ford had their back. and huge ideological fight under a new set of rules that no one understood. >> i am honored by your nomination and i accept it. >> it brought to light the back room politics. >> and stories are wild. convention delegate who broke her leg and not allowed to go to the hospital because of fears of replacement would vote for the other camp? >> that's where we were in 1976. the republicans moving in the new system, party elite and candidates best advisors didn't know what the new system would produce. >> the way political battles are fought changed over the years, but there is a constance, one
10:50 am
candidate will advance and others will go home. and i am reminded of teams that lose in the super bowls and dominated the game and we had more first downs and yardage. and defeat the other team by the standards and rules that exist, you don't win. the rules have been prettily clear. you need 1,237. if you don't walk in with that total, all bets are off. >> people act like conventions are always predetermined things, and they aren't. >> they aren't. >> will this year be an open convention on the republican side? >> that was such a terrific look back. if you folks missed it, we'll post it on the website. this one is a cinderella sports story for the ages. that rivals the 1980 miracle on ice. an underdog english soccer team beating impossible odds. how they made it into championship history without even setting foot on the field.
10:51 am
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because your laundry can wait! keep those sweatpants on! order another pizza! and watch on! [ cheering ] don't wait a whole year for xfinity watchathon week to return. upgrade now to add the premium channel of your choice so you can keep watching. call or go online today. donald trump claiming that ted cruz's father was with john f. kennedy who assassinated lee harvey oswald. have you seen reports marco rubio could be warming up to donald trump? we'll ask his former campaign manager about that, and what happens to rubio's delegates if we even get to a contested conventi convention? and a mom and airport veteran missing after a trip to the grocery store. the last known photo of the woman alive. we have it. where is she now? "the real story" -- moments from now.
10:55 am
this is being called one of the greatest sports victories ever. leicester city, now english soccer champion after winning the premier league for the first time in the club's history, after two teams ended up tying. jonathan hunt is live for us in los angeles to explain what happened here. jonathan, and the comparison to the 1980 hockey match between the u.s. and soviets. >> yeah, this one is the miracle on grass, heather. a team that was so bad 30 months ago it was on the brink of being dumped out of the toughest soccer league in the world. now they are champions of the english premier league. a team of rejects and second-stringers. some have found a spirit that has swept all before them. and last night when the only team that could catch them, tottenham, failed to win their game against chelsea, the crowd was leicester's and the crowd all gathered so their leading goal scorer could finally
10:56 am
celebrate. now that home, by the way, belongs to jamie barbie, who just a few years ago was playing part-time soccer and earning a living making medical splints on a factory line. like his teammates and leicester city as a whole, his value has shot up. this was a team assembled on the cheap. $79 million compared to rivals tottenham at $237 million, arsenal $367 million, and manchester city at $611 million, including one player who costs more than the entire leicester team. so as leicester celebrates, where does this sit in the world of sports upsets? probably the only fair comparison, the miracle on ice. it gives hope to underdogs everywhere, >> we were just tal comparisons to baseball. how could baseball teams have small pay rolls but still manage to do really well.
10:57 am
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thanks, everyone, for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow. it is a big day, everyone. big indiana day, right? primary under way. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. it is "the real story" today for a tuesday. the outcome is a crucial, critical one. donald trump looking to inch closer to the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination. but ted cruz is trying to block him and force this whole thing to an open convention. voters making that decision across the hoosier state today, the polls closing just hours from now. we have fox news live team coverage. jeff flock is at butler university in indy. bill hemmer is live for us here in new york city. let's begin with john roberts also live in indianapolis. john, really today this is do or die for the ted cruz campaign. >> reporter: well, not if you listen to ted cruz or his closest campaign associates. they say he's going to continue this all


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