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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 3, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thanks, everyone, for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow. it is a big day, everyone. big indiana day, right? primary under way. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. it is "the real story" today for a tuesday. the outcome is a crucial, critical one. donald trump looking to inch closer to the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination. but ted cruz is trying to block him and force this whole thing to an open convention. voters making that decision across the hoosier state today, the polls closing just hours from now. we have fox news live team coverage. jeff flock is at butler university in indy. bill hemmer is live for us here in new york city. let's begin with john roberts also live in indianapolis. john, really today this is do or die for the ted cruz campaign. >> reporter: well, not if you listen to ted cruz or his closest campaign associates. they say he's going to continue this all the way through to the
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end. if you talk to a lot of establishment republicans, even they will he abobegin to acknowledge if ted cruz loses tonight, the path forward will be very difficult for him. if he loses indiana tonight, it won't be for lack of effort. he's certainly taken a page out of donald trump's playbook in terms of earned media. he's gotten on the air a whole lot. the confrontation yesterday with the trump supporter announcing carly fiorina as his running mate early. there was the endorsement of indiana governor mike pence. then that path that he had with kasich. this morning when donald trump accused ted's father rafael of being in league with harvey oswa oswald. >> i'm going to do something i haven't done for the entire campaign for those of y'all who have traveled with me all across the country, i'm going to tell you what i really think of donald trump. this man is a pathological liar.
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he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. he lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth. >> reporter: the language from ted cruz much more strident than it has been even in recent days. if you look at what happened on the eve of the primary here in indiana, gretchen, ted cruz had an event last night where he had a few hundred people. the room was probably one-third empty, whereas donald trump had a big event in south bend, indiana. he had at least a couple of thousand people in there before the fire marshal shut the doors and said to the hundreds of people waiting outside you can't come in. donald trump certainly looks like he went into today with a lot of momentum. >> what does donald trump need to do to try and seal the deal? >> reporter: you mean other than suggesting that cruz's father rafael was in league with lee harvey oswald? he put out a statement this afternoon saying that cruz is
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despera desperate, trying to rescue a failing campaign. at every stop along the indiana campaign trail he's been repeating his familiar "lyin' ted cruz." here's trump last night in south bend. >> ly ts ted, donald trump has said he is not going to build a wall. i think he's crazy. honestly? i think he's crazy. lyin' ted does not have the temperament to be doing this. he is choking like a dog because he's losing so badly. >> reporter: i remember a time not too long ago, gretchen, when these guys actually were friendly to each other, if not outride buddies. but that was before it almost almost a one-on-one race for the nomination to be president of the united states. there is a lot on the line here today. so all of that camaraderie well automatic the window. >> no doubt, john roberts, thank you. now to a polling location, fox busy correspondent jeff flock live at butler university in indianapolis.
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there you are with people voting today. can ted cruz pull off an upset tonight? >> well, i tell you, it is kind of like a butler basketball game. if you lower expectations enough, maybe they come in and sneak in and do something like the butler basketball team often does. ted cruz, not to minimize what's happened here -- i heard what john had to say about the big crowds that donald trump turns out, but ted cruz has been doing this one-on-one. he's got very good organization in this state. he has the governor behind him and the governor's potential organization. as john pointed out, if he loses, it is not for lack of trying. he has campaigned everywhere, even campaigning today. how rare is it that somebody campaigns actually on an election morning when people are already at the polls? big effort here and don't underestimate that ground game. donald trump says he's learned that ground game, but ted cruz has a ground game. we'll see. >> okay, let's talk a little bit about hillary clinton now. because she won in indiana against then-senator barack obama.
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but if bernie sanders pulls off an upset tonight, does he still have a path to the nomination? >> reporter: well, he says he does. you know what? this is a state that has a lot of college students as well. this is an open primary which also then favors somebody like bernie sanders who gets some crossover vote. but even -- of course, his path is, he's going to argue that he goes to the convention with a contested open convention because he will point out that nobody will have -- neither he, nor clinton -- enough pledge delegates. she has to rely on the superdelegates. if he can slip them around before the convention, maybe he gets a chance to win. even if he doesn't, here's an interesting voter that we talked to in kind of a democratic precinct here who says he is a sanders supporter. you'll be interested to hear who his second choice is. listen. >> if it's hillary against donald, i think we're going with donald. >> how can that be? >> well, if you think about it, i think bernie people and donald people are looking for the same things. aren't they? they're looking to bring some
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jobs back in. rebuild the middle class. and tighten up the borders and tighten up national security. they're just coming at it from different ways. >> reporter: gretchen, that is donald trump's scenario. he says that he thinks he can -- sounds crazy. that you are a he a socialist voter, might vote for donald trump. but you know what? there may be people like that out there. >> there are tons, jeff. we've heard that in these exit polls all throughout this primary season. fascinating time. jeff, thank you. here is a look at where things stand. the map. indiana has 83 delegates up for grabs on the dems side. the overall tally has hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by 800 pledged delegates. hillary clinton has 2,165. that includes 520 superdelegates. senator sanders has 1,357 delegates and that includes 39 superdelegates. clinton says she's ready for a showdown with donald trump. >> people have been dumping stuff on me for 25 years and
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here i am on the brink of being the first woman nominated by a national party to run for president which is an extraordinary honor and a historic responsibility. i'm not going to be responding to his every insult and attack. that is just not what i think this election will eventually come down to. >> let's break it all down with bill hemmer. he is at the "bill" boards. his wall. show us first indiana. talk about a couple of the counties. >> so in indiana, you can break it down probably maybe in three different ways. jeff flock was just in marion county, this is indianapolis. most of your votes are going to come from here and in the north, hamilton county. if ted cruz does well here, he'll do very well in the center of the state pulling votes out. allen county, ft. wayne, the eastern part of the state. donald trump is going to do really well in these southern counties, and really well up
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here around lake county and gary, indiana. steel country. but if trump can run up the numbers against ted cruz here, we're going to see this map fill in probably with a lot of purple trump tonight which is because as we've indicated for him throughout this primary contest, these are your nine congressional districts. again you get 30 delegates if you win the state. there's another 27, three each, in these districts if you are able to win them tonight. that's how the delegates break down. >> now, moving forward after indiana tonight, what's next? >> well, if you look at this, grech rn, this is what's daunting for ted cruz. as it is right now. trump's at 996. he's 241 away according to our scenario. what we believe right now is projective of the future. take indiana out of this equation entirely. next week is nebraska. we think that favors cruz. same day as west virginia, primarily for trump. week after, oregon. slight edge for trump. same for washington state which
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is a bit of a flip from a week ago. now we are into june with five states left. we think montana, south dakota favor cruz. we think new mexico favors trump by a little bit. but down here in -- now you're at 172. we think california favors trump in a significant way as of today. about 120, 125 delegates. now you are at 1,189. same thing, new jersey winner take all. look where he would be. we have not even gotten to the contest for tonight which is indiana. we think trump does very well. we think in the hoosier state he picks up enough delegates that would put him well over the 1,237 number which is what he needs for the nomination. that's how we see it today. you can flip it around. maybe cruz wins indiana. you take that away, you see how that number drops down again. >> it is so fascinating because these numbers are getting closer to that magic number of 1,237. >> they are. >> we will be watching tonight, bill. so marco rubio no longer in
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the race. but remember, he's still holding on to his delegates. 171. so where would those delegates go if we get to a contested convention? and is rubio actually warming up to trump now? plus, did you see the fireworks today? the battle between trump and cruz. boy, did it get even nastier today. >> if you hooked him up to a lie detector test, he'd say one thing in the morning, one at noon and one at evening, each lie contradicting the test. whatever lie he's telling, he believes. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication...
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welcome back to "the real story." marco rubio no longer in the race for 2016, but by keeping
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his delegates, he could still play a role in deciding the entire outcome. here's a look at how the delegates stack up right now. donald trump, 996. ted cruz, 565. rubio, still there with 171. john kasich, 153. trump needs 42% of the remaining delegates to lock down the nomination. it's mathematically impossible for cruz or kasich. there's only 76 days until the republican convention gets under way now in cleveland. alex conan, former communications director for the rubio campaign is back with me since your candidate dropped out. great to have you back, alex. there are reports out there that marco rubio is warming up to donald trump. is that true or false? >> it's false. i saw those reports. they were actually misreports. they were false. the very next address marco said the delegates at the convention should be able to pick whoever they want to win the white house this fall. the fact that a report like that spread around the country as fast as it did without the
11:15 am
record being correct and the fact that we are still talking about it here on fox news nearly a week later, that's the sort of challenge for me as a communications professional we constantly had in the campaign in the current media environment where things happen so fast and sometimes there is not a lot of respect for the truth. >> that's exactly why we wanted to get the real story on it today. talk about the 171 delegates marco rubio still has. what's he going to do with those? >> he's holding on to them right now. he won those delegates and he said during the campaign he would do whatever he could to prevent donald trump for winning the majority. i no longer speak for the senator but i know he wants to hang on to those delegates. at the end of the day in cleveland those delegates help pick the nominee, that's probably a good thing because it means donald trump didn't earn the 1,237 ahead of cleveland. i believe personally if he doesn't achieve the 1,237 on the first ballot he won't be the republican nominee, delegates in cleveland can pick somebody who has a better chance of are winn the white house this fall. >> right at the end of your
11:16 am
candidate's candidacy he started going very negative against donald trump. now we're seeing ted cruz doing the same thing. listen to him. >> i'm going to do something i haven't done for entire campaign, for those of y'all who have have traveled with me all across the country, i'm going to tell you what i really think about donald trump. this man is a pathological liar. the man cannot tell the truth, but he combines it with being a narcissist. a narcissist at a level i don't think this country's ever seen. but the man is utterly -- >> marco rubio dropped out of the race after he went negative on trump. is this signaling what's going to happen to cruz or do you see it differently? >> well, i'm in no position to give advice to senator. obviously donald trump has been calling cruz a liar throughout this campaign. nicknamed him a liar. i'm not going to fault cruz for responding to that. i will say it speaks to a larger problem facing the party which is that the only chance we'll win this fall is by uniting. donald trump had said he's not
11:17 am
interested in uniting the party. i think he needs to win the support of conservatives like me, conservatives like those working hard for us in the building behind me right now. the next generation of conservative leaders. he needs to win their support if we're going to have any chance of winning this fall. the onus is on him. >> i'm interested in knowing what happens if he doesn't intend to do that. and also, i'm more interested in knowing what you learned from being a part of this campaign, what was it? >> well, i learned a lot. you always learn more when you lose than when you win, i think. as a communicator i learned that brand is really important at the outset of the campaign. i don't think there is any coincidence at the start of the campaign there were three candidates who had an existing brand -- bush, clinton and trump and they were the three front-runners for their party at various points. i think trump was very smart going after bush early on and knocking him out of the race effectively. i think as an underdog candidate like marco rubio who's never run for national office before, i think the bar is much higher. same goes for ted cruz.
11:18 am
>> but why, alex? so you believe that trump was unstoppable because of that brand recognition and just who he is. and would you have changed your strategy knowing what you know now, or is there nothing that would change that? >> well, i don't think he was unstoppable from the start but i think he had a tremendous advantage that other campaigns, including our own, underestimated from the outset. i think when voters around the country already know who donald trump is, already see him as some sort of fantastic businessman, you have to confront that at the outset or people are going to believe what they already believe. it is much harder for a candidate like marco rubio who's in the process of trying to introduce him to the country while at the same time responding to reports like the one we just discussed that in an era where falsehoods move so quickly, it is really hard to introduce yourself to the american people in the context of a national campaign. >> no doubt. alex conan, thanks for your time. >> thank you. time for "my take." going into the indiana results tonight, here's where i think this race changed in the last
11:19 am
week. the so-called alliance between ted cruz and john kasich was a flop. not the idea of the alliance itself, but the way in which it was designed to play out. when cruz and kasich were asked about it, they wouldn't even admit to it. that put the nail in the coffin. news flash -- people are sick of political talk. they just want the truth. momentum. it's human nature for people to want to pick a winner, and with so much talk in the last week that indiana will be the make-or-break state, i believe the momentum shifted to trump, the only candidate with the math to win before the convention. and finally, bottom line. no one has figured out how to go up against trump and win. rubio played nice, then attacked and dropped out. cruz was nice at first, but now is in serious attack mode. and is that working any better? and that's why i don't think anyone knows what would really happen in a trump/hillary clinton match-up. so, voters in the hoosier
11:20 am
state today hitting the polls. how early voting and the volume of voters today could signal something very positive for republicans in the general election. so here's our question of the day for you. it's live going on on twitter right now. will indiana decide the gop nominee? tweet me yes or no at gretchen carlson. use the hashtag the real story. already right now 72% of you say yes. 73% of say the hoosier state is going to decide it. let me know. vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza® is not for weight loss,
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welcome back to "the real story." today about a million republican voters are expected to turn out at the polls today in indiana.
11:24 am
that's up from 635,000 four years ago. about 4,000 people with a history of voting democrat have switched parties to vote gop. and nearly 75,000 new voters have registered in total. just cardwell is my guest today on "the real story." jeff, you've seen this surge of people, this enthusiasm and interest, specifically on the gop side. right? >> absolutely. it's been incredible. it's historical for indiana voters all across our state. >> let's talk a little bit about the numbers because i think people have forgotten that people have had early voting going on in indiana for the last month. let's look. in 2016, you had 279,368. 2012 you had 119,639. much less in 2008. i guess this has become part of the norm now in indiana, people know that you can vote early. right? >> absolutely. there's been a lot of long lines
11:25 am
in voting early centers. so it's been an incredible turnout. across our state we are seeing a 250% increase over just four years ago. >> so when you talk about early voting, how do you think that plays out for each of the candidates? because as we cover here on a daily basis, the story lines change so drastically from week to week or even day to day. >> well, i think really it has a lot to do with this is the first time in my lifetime indiana voters have had this opportunity to pick the next nominee for the president of the united states. it is a historic time for us here in indiana, so it's really got a lot of people that's engaged in the process that has not been engaged in the past. >> how do you see it playing out with regard to where we are stand something right now? i know when we were talking to people in pennsylvania last week they had a good sense of where the votes were going. do you have any sense of that right now? >> well, i can tell you, two of
11:26 am
the candidates have spent a lot of time across the state of indiana. i can tell you cruz has had an incredible ground game, but also donald trump's events have drawn enormous crowds. so i would say over the last few weeks coming off the momentum, coming in to indiana, i would say that trump had the momentum coming in to indiana. >> exciting time for you guys in indiana because the state usually, foregone conclusion. unfortunately, indiana doesn't matter. but this year, it certainly does. >> it matters this year. >> #itmatters. jeff, thank you. new accusation by donald trump today that ted cruz's father was with the man who assassinated is john f. kennedy jr. we'll give you "the real story" on that. plus, hillary clinton getting more questions over her comments on the coal industry in west virginia, while her opponent is still going after her. >> hey, indianapolis, you ready for a political revolution?
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bottom of the hour now on "the real story." let's talk about some headlines, things making news today. u.s. navy s.e.a.l. killed in mosul, iraq. a study finds some peewee
11:31 am
football players get back on the field faster, they're more likely to return to the field less than a day after their injury than players in high school or college. tsa lines at the airport getting longer. they say that's because a number of screeners have declined while the number of american travelers haven't. hillary clinton and bernie sanders not waiting around for the results of today's indiana primary, charging ahead to their next contest, campaigning in kentucky and west virginia. sanders will be holding a rally in louisville, kentucky. do sanders supporters think is he doomed if he happens to lose indiana tonight? >> reporter: they don't, gretchen. he is coming here to louisville tonight. if things don't go senator sanders' way in indiana, next week in kentucky maybe he'll have better luck. we spoke to one campaigner finding houses in indiana.
11:32 am
she explained why indiana is not make or break for sanders. >> there is a sense of urgency but i believe for me, it is our turn. >> reporter: senator sanders was campaigning at a diner across the river in indiana. hammering home a point today that's been very popular at rallies throughout the state of indiana about jobs and about the dangers to the state of outsourcing jobs to places like mexico. sounds kind of familiar, like something we hear on the republican side as well. candidates talked a lot about companies shutting down and moving to mexico. donald trump does now say that he thinks if sanders was to exit the democratic race at some point, then a lot of the people who support sanders -- and there are hundreds, if not thousands of them now in line ahead of this 7:30 p.m. rally -- will go join the trump train. >> very interesting. keep hearing that. so is the clinton campaign still cleaning up? she had that flip-flop yesterday with regard to coal.
11:33 am
>> they are. they've moved on from just explaining that she misspoke when she was courting environmentalists and said that she wanted to put coal companies out of business, put coal miners out of josof jobs. she now says that she thinks natural gas is doing a lot of harm to coal communities and they are taking aim at a coal company ceo by the name of don blankenship who was one of the protests at her appearance yesterday in virginia. blankenship was just sentenced to prison in a case connected to the deaths of 29 miners and a clinton spokesman now says that, "our campaign is proud not to have don blankenship's endorsement. if donald trump wants to accept his support, then he owes a serious explanation to the families of our miners we lost in upper big branch and the people of west virginia." now notice there no mention of sanders but a lot of talk about donald trump from clinton. she did admit in an msnbc interview that just aired that she is in general election mode. she says sanders can stay in the race as long as he wants. it's his right.
11:34 am
but that she is now focused on trump. >> thanks much, peter. did you hear about this? the national enquirer splashing some mud into the presidential campaign. donald trump repeating the story printed in the tabloid about the father of ted cruz linking him to lee harvey oswald, the assassin of president john f. kenne kennedy. cruz spain stating the stoe i s absolutely false. >> his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to kennedy being shot. prior to his being shot. and nobody enbrinven brings it . that was reported and nobody talks about it. >> here now to talk about that, president and founder of the new democrat network and former bill clinton campaign advisor. tony, this story was in the "national enquirer." we have no idea if it is true or not but it's in the "national t.
11:35 am
is it legitimate for him to bring this up about cruz's father? >> we've questioned many times, gretchen, the logic, strategy and credibility of some of trump's attacks. remember when he attacked john mccain for service in vietnam when he says i like people who didn't get captured. then he attack the pope when he visited america on his immigration policy. both instances turned out didn't hurt trump that much. at this point i think trump is inoculated when he says some of these nutty things. he's kind of stepping on a very big story which is if he wins indiana tonight -- all indicated are he will -- he's essentially clinching the nomination on the first ballot for the republican designation. so i don't understand the logic in introducing such a far-fetched story substantiated only by the "national enquirer" on the verge of a major electoral success that he's probably going to have tonight. >> that's a great point. ted cruz really got angry today. here he is responding to the trump allegations. >> this morning, donald trump went on national television and
11:36 am
attacked my father. donald trump alleges that my dad was involved in assassinate something jfk. now let's be clear. this is nuts. this is not a reasonable position. this is just kooky. >> listen, i don't know if trump is inoculated himself from these kinds of things, because he's got the lowest approval rating of anybody to run for president in the last 40 years in american politics. he's losing badly to hillary clintoned in the head to heads. there is clearly a debate going on inside the trump campaign about whether he acts more presidential or more trumpian, right? i mean this is sort of more trumpian. i think the longer this goes on, i think the more damage it is going to do and it is going to make it harder for him and the republicans to win in the fall. >> okay. let's move on to the big state of indiana. because indiana's changing
11:37 am
republican landscape could spell trouble for cruz in today's primary. look at your screen right now. this question was asked -- the chance that ted cruz will win the nomination on april 5th, 36% said yes. on april 30th though, only 12% said. tony, what's happening out there? >> couple things. number one, winning creates a gravitational force. donald trump has absolutely dominated the last two primaries, especially last week when he won five northeastern states, won every single county. that's materialized in indiana where cruz once had an advantage. also in indiana there was this false analysis that suggested it was this monolithically socially conservative state. things shift. demographics shift. opinions shift. we've seen that in some of the data. you were with bill hemmer before. you talked about marion county, that's indianapolis. those suburban ring counties around indianapolis have a whole lot of moderate republicans. that's the battleground and probably where trump has made up ground.
11:38 am
cruz seems to play to the right wing of the party maybe overanticipating their turnout. >> that's interesting. he did play hard on the north carolina law about transgenders being able to go into different bathrooms. he had that dialogue going for a long time. you would have thought that would play well with the more conservative voters at least in indiana. do you think that that's back fired at all, simon? does that have anything to do with any reason why he's down in the polls? >> i don't know. honestly. i do know that over the last week i think the choice of carly fiorina and also his alliance, whatever this was, with john kasich, both looked desperate. i mean i think they were both the moves of a desperate candidate. frankly, voters seem to be seeing it that way. right? i mean cruz is kind of in free fall in polling right now. i think that there's going to be real questions tomorrow if trump has the kind of victory that we think he is going to have, about whether or not ted cruz can keep going, because he is not just losing, he's losing badly, and he's dropping in the polls. his negatives with republican
11:39 am
voters are now much higher than trump's are, and that's saying something. >> we'll see how it plays out tonight. very interesting. gentlemen, thanks. voter i.d. laws across the nation could have a major impact on the election come november. in texas a controversial law requires certain forms of i.d. to vote, but it also calls for providing the necessary i.d. free of charge. shannon bream live for us in washington. what's the latest? >> it is just unof many state voter i.d. laws now being challenged in court. last week it reached the u.s. supreme court. opponents filed an emergency request trying to block the law, but for now justices declined leaving the law in place. texas attorney general says the state does require specific i.d. but tries to make getting it as easy as possible. >> if you don't have a driver's license or military i.d. you can get a free i.d. from the state of texas which allows you to go and vote just like anybody with a driver's license or other identifying form of photo i.d.
11:40 am
that argument doesn't really hold water because we offered up free i.d.s to people who don't have them. all they have to do is go get one. >> this year more than a dozen states will have new or newly beefed up voter i.d. laws for the first time going into a presidential election. >> what do we know about how voter i.d. laws impact this specific party? >> well, critics claim the laws are meant to suppress minority voters. they say that hurts democrats. they point to studies like one from the university of california san diego which concluded, "the analysis showed the strict identification laws have a differentially negative impact on the turnout of hispanics, blacks, asian-americans and multi-racial primaries in general elections. and this skewed democracy toward those on the political right." but greg abbott said voter i.d.
11:41 am
critics turn a blind eye to illegal voting and intend rail against voter i.d. as discriminatory and disenfranchising. the facts provize." it is all in who you ask. >> yes, it is. like so many other issues. shannon, thank you. the fbi needs your help finding this guy. what he did at a popular supermarket that has the feds trying to hunt him down. plus, hillary clinton apologizing after an encounter with an out of work coal miner in west virginia.
11:42 am
11:43 am
11:44 am
good luck with the meeting today. thank you. as our business is growing, and you're on the road all day long, it's exhausting. holiday inn has been a part of the team. you're on the fourth floor. it makes life on the road much easier. book your next journey at duracell quantum lasts longer it makes life on the road much easier. so kevin jorgeson can power through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones back in january ted cruz said he would not get into the mud with donald trump. that changed. certainly did today, because today in indiana, ted cruz
11:45 am
sounded off on the front-runner, and questioned trump's religious beliefs, among other things. apparently part of a last-ditch strategy to try to salvage the state. we'll speak with a reporter who says ted cruz has bet the house on indiana. an enormous gamble which may not pay off. that's coming up in 15 minutes on "shepard smith reporting." back to "the real story." the fbi now on the case releasing a mixture of a man they say contaminated a food bar at whole foods in ann arbor, michigan, reportedly pouring a mysterious substance on top of the food. while it is not toxic but they still want to find the guy responsible. back to politics now, hillary clinton working to clean up her comments on the coal industry. earlier in the campaign she talked about putting coal miners "out of business." but after coming you understand fire from an out of work coal miner, she quickly apologized and today she seemed to blame
11:46 am
other things for taking a toll on coal. >> there are so many other factors at work. the rise of natural gas as an alternative has hurt the coal industry. the glut of coal around the world has hurt west virginia in particular. >> joining me now, charles payne, anchor of "making money with charles payne." tough to get out of the comments she said originally. >> they were cold-blooded, mean-spirited and they hurt one of the most devastated industries in our country. >> we have this man an out of work coal miner who is sitting right at the table with hillary clinton. and catches her off guard and here it is. >> my apologies for what we've heard outside. although a lot of those people out there don't agree with some of the things you've said about coal, and our source of our income and our lives, there's better ways of going about
11:47 am
expressing that. >> we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. right, tim? and we're going to make it clear that we don't want to forget those people. those people labored in those mines for generations. >> so he actually showed her a picture of his family and he said here are the people i'm trying to support and you're telling me you don't want me to have work. >> right. she went on to say that they're going to try to find him jobs. president obama declared war on fossil fuels. his big aim initially was coal and came out with a series of power plant rules, mercury rules, particle rules, all these rules costing billions of dollars, all of them erasing thousands of jobs. you've got at least five major coal companies that have gone bankrupt. on friday i think it was bill
11:48 am
maher said market capital of coal billions is less than $6$6 billion. >> this could be crucial in the general election, could it not? we are looking at states like west virginia, parts of pennsylvania. these are swing states potentially. >> these are swing states potentially. and of course it is so painful and we've got to figure out what's going to happen from here because obviously i don't think hillary clinton would deviate from what president obama's already done. in the clip we did show her talking about natural gas, natural gas does play a greater role. i got to be honest with you, a few years ago i was long. we owned some of those coal names. walter. arch coal. these were any nominal companies. i'm shocked at how small a percentage coal is to our electric grid these days. one of the ways to solve that is obviously a better economy for the thermal coal, bett eter ecoy
11:49 am
for metallurgical coal. there are ways to revive the industry but i'm not hillary clinton would have that at the top of her agenda. >> it is hard to get out of that original statement when you want those people to lose their jobs. >> it is tough. because so many already have. companies are bankrupt that were great american companies. they won't come back. >> all right, dharcharles, you , though. 6:00 p.m. eastern tonight. former air force fighter and mom missing now in florida. police just releasing this last known picture of her before she vanished. the latest on the search for that mom next. >> it's just there's no sign of a crime. none. there's absence of it. her wallet is not here but her purse is gone and her cell phone is gone and her keys were in the --
11:50 am
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time to check out what's trending today, what americans are clicking on. prosecutors slapping former pharma ceo martin shkreli with another indictment. he made headlines in september for drastically raising the price of a life-saving drug. a new study linking unruly airline passengers to first class seats. instances of air rage. no bad behavior on this aircraft. the solar impulse 2, the first solar powered plane attempting to circle the globe, it landed in phoenix last night. so we have a frantic search under way happening in florida for a missing mom and air force veteran. 33-year-old tricia todd was last seen a week ago. she was supposed to pick up her daughter from her ex-husband but never showed up. trace gallagher has been following this story and he joins us live now.
11:54 am
hi, trace. >> hi, gretchen. the authorities say the last known surveillance images of tricia todd were taken a week ago at a public supermarket in florida. they say what's interesting about the video is that the 33-year-old mom appears to be in good spirits and in good shape. that night she dropped off some medication with her ex husband for her 2-year-old daughter and then apparently she just vanished. she didn't pick up her child the next day and didn't show up to her job at a hospice care. tricia todd's car was found parked in her neighbor's driveway. the keys were still in the ignition. and her purse was left inside, but her wallet and her cell phone were gone. so investigators examined her credit cards, phone records, and social media accounts, but they came up empty. here's the martin county sheriff. listen to him. >> as of this moment, we have forensically examined tricia's car. we have forensically examined her home. we have forensically examined her former husband's car.
11:55 am
and there is not one bit of evidence of a crime. >> interesting, right? no evidence of foul play, but yet they cannot rule it out. the ex-husband has been interviewed twice and is said to be cooperating. friends, family, and search teams continue combing the woods and brush near tricia todd's home, but still no sign of her. tricia todd's mother is among those desperate for answers. listen to her. >> if my daughter is out there alive, that god will comfort her, strengthen her, and give her hope. and the other thing is, that if she has deceased, that we would find the body. >> not much to go on. police are hoping surveillance video might help fill in the exact timeline of exactly when she parked her car and apparently disappeared. gretchen? >> all right. hopefully they'll get some information. trace, thank you. it's one of the most
11:56 am
historic images from world war ii. sit possible that we got something wrong about the men who took part in it? i'm terrible at golf.
11:57 am
11:58 am
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oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you. the marine corps investigating whether a mistakenly identified one of the men raising the u.s. flag at iwo jima. the iconic photo shows six men raising the flag during a grueling 36-day battle. the marines have not given a timeline for their investigation. yesterday, i was away from the real story, but for very good reason. it was with great pleasure i received this year's women of distinction honor in nashville, tennessee, for my book "getting real." congressman marsha blackburn has been putting on this special bipartisan event for the last 14 years, and yesterday we had 600 women and men come out to celebrate all kinds of women making a difference in their community. so thank you, nashville, for welcoming me. lovely town. folks in indiana at the polls right now. we asked you earlier, do you think indiana will be the state
12:00 pm
to decide the republican nominee? we have a ton of answers. yeah, look at that vote. live vote total on twitter. here's what some of our viewers had to say as well. jenna says yes, weeks, if not months. the people vote trump. 84% right now is going to do it. watch tonight. i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, and decision time in indiana. >> if we win in indiana, it's over with, folks. it's over with. and then we focus on hillary clinton. >> we are neck and neck. this race is tied in indiana. >> how are you, sir? >> the cruz ticket pressing the flesh, pushing voters to the polls. >> it is my prayer that hoosiers will come out and vote today in record numbers. >> but hoosiers haven't all been hospitable. >> too slow! >> on the other side, sanders making a stand.


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