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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 3, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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china's sort of -- they are not making as many things. that has everybody upset because now china sneezes and we catch the flu. "your world with neil cavuto" i coming up. if something weird happens, i'll see you soon. the network executives have made a decision to get behind donald trump. rupert murdoch and roger ales at fox news have turned fox news into the donald trump camp now 24/7. >> what happened? hey, everyone, i'm neil cavuto. just thinking of what the senator was saying, there's something going on between donald trump and my network, all things fox say donald trump. now, if we are in the camp for donald trump, the fact he refuses to come on any of my shows is a weird way of showing it but i'll let that go. the other argument that is in
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our interest is to see mr. trump eventually as the nominee. when if you want to buy the cynical point that as a media organization we would love a protracted drawn-out affair, which would be a contested convention, ratings juggernaut, then the last thing we would want is to decide it right now, right? i just heard that as i was on fox business. that wouldn't be good business, would it? then it's the other issue of it wouldn't be good ethically, would it? just saying. you know me. much more on that a the fallout from that and the blame game back and forth for frustrated candidates that might reverse itself tonight with a big win in indiana tonight as the state votes for the republican 57 delegates up for grabs. the winner takes them all. we first go to mike tobin in crown point, indiana. we'll take a look at what is at stake and how many are voting. sir? >> reporter: hello. many people coming and going
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from the republican locations, they say that senator cruz's decision to make the announcement of a running mate before he had the nomination, also this decision that he made with john kasich, governor john kasich of ohio to side the states, both of those decisions rubbed the voters here the wrong way. >> it probably swung me in the opposite direction. they are pulling out the stops to not get trump to win and it kind of feels like they are doing things shady and not ethical. >> the thing with carly was a little premature, he's not the nominee and a little presumptuous to name his vice president, in my opinion. and the thing with kasich i did not like at all. >> here's an interesting thing, some of the voters we spoke to said they were on the fence but it was the behavior of the anti-trump demonstrators, particularly demonstrators in chicago that ultimately caused them to make the decision to vote for trump.
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>> i was on the fence until the rally in chicago. and i wanted to see just what it was all about. and when i went there with my daughter and saw just how hideous people were treating us as, you know, just trying to educate ourselves, it made me think, well, if they are that mad about this, there's something to this guy. >> reporter: now the latest real clear politics average puts trump ahead in indiana by 10.8%. cruz in second place. kasich a distant third. now, indiana's in two different time zones, part of indiana is in eastern time and the other part where i'm at is in central time. so here we have three hours to go until the polls close. neil? >> mike, just looking back behind you, i'm sure things are going to heat up very, very soon, right? >> reporter: well, of course they are going to heat up very soon. i'm trying to figure out specifically what you're talking about. but things are hot and you see
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that donald trump, in particular, is trying to turn his attention to hillary in this case. and get the attention off senator cruz. and you see senator cruz talking about california because he doesn't feel like he's doing that well here in indiana. >> i'm just talking about the crowds. i'm sure they will show up very soon. michael, thank you very much. a little humor there that -- well -- in the meantime, ted cruz is obviously looking at this as a key moment in his campaign, not do or die, but he's going to go on with his campaign should he lose this state. even though he appears to be grasping at straws, including to his organization and lumping us in with mr. trump. this would be news to me because donald trump hates me. by the way, that apparently extends to senator cruz, but i am not a thin skin person as anyone would see me knows. anyway, fox news contributor
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bobby newark is in indianapolis with the fallout from that. obviously, by taking a look at blaming the media and saying that there is this concerted coordinated effort to make trump the man, you can remind people you're the anti-candidate, you're the anti-establishment guy. i understand that isn't resonating, what do you think? >> well, i don't think it is. cruz has been going out after the media the last couple of days, but i think what is important about today this morning at a stop in evansville, indiana, is that cruz just seemed to go off. he just totally unloaded on donald trump calling him a serial philanderer, pathological liar, a narcissist. he just went off on donald trump. and he prefaced it by saying, i'm going to do something that i've never done before in this campaign. and that is to tell you what i really think about donald trump. and a lot of people are like,
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why didn't you say that earlier? but this was an extraordinary moment. if you watch the entire 12 to 15-minute tape, this is a candidate who is really, really angry. >> but it's interesting, you flip it around, you see donald trump raising out of the blue the talk on the candidate's father, trying to link him to the jfk assassination. i didn't follow through on that or see the logic, but both of them are flailing. and this usually doesn't end well. >> no, and here's the problem with ted cruz in indiana. and we know that the polls show him behind significantly. it seems that perhaps even team cruz is worried that he could lose tonight. there are two real big problems. one is the delegate count. indiana has 57 delegates and won't decide the race biy itsel, but if trump wins, his path gets
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a lot wider and easier. but the path for ted cruz has the question of perception. not only after the trump victory in new york but after the five for five victories in the northeastern states. you had a lot of people in the republican establishment kind of coming around to the possibility of trump being the nominee. yesterday carl rove said on fox business, if trump wins in indiana, the race is, quote, effectively over. so if he does lose in indiana, ted cruz will be fighting that perception day after day after day that it is really over. >> thank you very much, byron. you mentioned fox business, we should tell you the markets are slumping, particularly tech stocks. a lot of this triggered origin family by soft economic news out of the likes of china and europe. that had interest rates tumbling today. people were putting their money in treasury bonds and notes because they are convinced that
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the world is looking at a slowdown and the federal reserve doesn't have to hike interest rates next month. who knows if that's the case. i can tell you for today it was the case and got a lot of folks nervous. also, that could be a headwind for hillary clinton should she be the democratic nominee and into that world she would be trying to get re-elected with the economy softening up in the market as well. fox business network is at a trump rally, tell me, connell mcshane, how does this help him? >> reporter: we'll see what the next few months bring, but the real historical evidence shows us what happened between august to the election, they have actually done research to say
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between july 31st and october 31st as the market goes down, if it goes dow of the time, the incumbent party doesn't do well and often luose the election 8 out of 10 times. then the party in power stays in power. i think what happens is there you are betting on a continuation of the policies or at least some certainty. and that is kind of interesting about this particular election cycle. it's not only hillary clinton versus donald trump presumably if that's how the general election turns out, but hillary clinton is a known commodity to wall street because of her history. donald trump, who is a republican, provides uncertainty according to investors we're speaking to. >> donald, thank you very much. just a reminder about the coverage just a couple hours away for you. this might give you a tease -- the tension that you can cut with a knife at the indiana polling place. now, i'm told that in some parts of the state, clearly not this part, there are record crowds.
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we want to be very careful here because at fox business news we follow numbers, but we have more people now than we did four years ago. so this could be a misnomer here -- well, it doesn't appear to be the case. but whether a lot show up or very few, you can imagine the excitement building ahead of this big home. or not. because we have great video there that i can't show you right now. oh, this just came into us. i know what you're thinking, this was a dust-up in turkey's parliament building. no, you're quite wrong. apparently these folks just found out they do not get fox business and they were not happy about it at all. we're trying to provide a free feed to them to cutback on --
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that's at 6:00 p.m., we'll be here all night trying to deal. love that. in the meantime, everyone is talking about ted cruz's run-in with this trump supporter. why isn't anyone talking about this laid off coal miner who took on hillary clinton? he's here, he's next. >> when you make comments like we're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs, these are the kind of people you're facing. this is my family. my hope is in god, that's my future. i want my family to know that they have a future here in this state.
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i just want to know how you can say you're going to put a lot of coal miners out of work because those people don't like that. >> i know. i don't know how to explain what i said because that was totally out of context from what i meant. because i have been helping the coal country for a long time and did put out a plan last summer. and it was a misstatement. because what i was saying, the way things are going now we will continue to lose jobs. that's what i meant to say and that seem to be supported by the facts. i didn't mean we were going to do it. what i said is that is going to happen unless we take action to try to help and prevent it. >> all right.
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so she answered a laid off coal miner's public question. was that answer satisfactory? with us now, the guy asking those questions. thank you for coming on. >> very nice to be on, neil, thank you. >> what did you think of what she told you? >> i think she was prepared for the question. you don't go into an area where you make derogatory statements or negative statements about the people in that area unless you're prepared to answer questions regarding that statement. >> how did you get to be in this small group that was going to be able to ask questions in the first place? >> well, first of all, i believe god put me there. but dr. dibeckett was in chargef
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the panel, but when he said they talked about putting an out of work coal miner there, that's how i came to be there. >> she mentioned you while campaigning, i want you to react to this. >> and bo was really clear, he's a republican, he's not voting for me, but i really don't care about that. we need to do better for bo and his family and families like his across america. >> what did you think of that? >> well, it doesn't sound like she cares about my vote very much at all, but the biggest topic is who will take care of the people in our region and that is what is most important. >> so when she said to you, bo, that when it came to what you say about coal, all but wanting to kill off the industry, that it was kind of taken out of
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context and she didn't mean that, that she was interested in helping you and fellow coal miners get their livelihoods back, you say what? >> i'm not wanting to wait until the general election is over and someone comes in to offer to bring in some kind of industry to our region. i'm going to be out of work for the near future as far as i can see. and i'm actually anxious to see what someone can bring now. i know we're focusing on who's going to be coming into office and what they can bring, but our people are hurting now. we're not really interested in waiting until someone comes in, we want to see something done now. >> this is the continuation of the administration, bo, you and others have talked about this that seemingly targeted the coal industry in favor of so-called cleaner fuels, cleaner energy. how do you answer that, that
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there does seem to be a big target on all of you guys' heads, that coal just isn't cool anymore, that there are other cleaner energy sources out there and yours isn't one of them. how do you answer that? >> there are a lot of technological advances in clean coal right now, but the current administration has really hand strung us to where the epa and their regulations among other things, the power plants and other things that use coal, they just made it unaffordable for these places to operate right now, so the administration kind of tied our hands for us. >> when you were confronting mrs. clinton on this subject, bo, were you nervous? were others in the room telling
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you, hey, bo, pull back, go easy? >> no, not really. i was a little nervous to start with but i think i speak for a lot of people in our area, we're people of faith, i put my faith in god and a lot of people had notes to prepare. i didn't have -- i didn't have any notes, i just relied on my faith in god and let him guide me and prayed he would give me the right words for the right time and feel like he did. hopefully everyone thinks i represented our people well. >> that was pretty powerful. i think anyone who agrees with you would agree in that sense. when hillary clinton talks about making sure she looks after guys like you, if she became president, do you believe that and think she would? >> well, i hope so. i don't know about her, in
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particular, but our people -- we put our faith and trust in god, we believe we're god's people and we believe god will take care of us. and his ways are not our ways, whether it's through her or mr. trump or cruz, whoever would be in office, i believe west virginia will prosper again, whether it's up to those people or not, it's up to god. and we believe it's in his hands. >> what do you think of mr. trump? >> i'm not sure on mr. trump either. i'm not 100% convinced as a lot of people in my area are already. i'm not 100% convinced on his genuineness either, but he has really stated he's for our state and he's really stated that he's for coal. so a lot of people from where i'm from are really excited about him. >> all right, bo, thank you very much. it's amazing to watch, and i
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>> wait a minute, isn't she supposed to be an unbiased overseer of this? debbie waltzerman schultz is criticizing bernie sanders for talking about the delegate system. here's how sanders' supporters are reacting to this. >> reporter: hey, neil. the rally tonight in louisville, kentucky, doesn't start until 7:30 but people started lining up at 10:30 this morning. there's a very long line here just like at every bernie sanders rally we show up to. we walked it start to finish and cannot find anybody in the thousands of people we spoke to, which was a few dozen, who agree with debbie waltzerman schultz that independents should be excluded from the democratic primary process. >> the dnc hasn't supporters sanders from the begin. >> she's a corporate democrat and supports other corporate democrats. >> you're going to bleep me when i tell you what she's full of. >> reporter: you'll get a sense
1:27 pm
from folks here today very upbeat despite sanders' delegate deficiency. the sanders camp does not identify as traditionally democratic. some have been telling us they have only voted democratic but sharply disagree with the party leadership and with the party front-runner. very few people here today are telling us they are going to back clinton if sanders gets out or sanders is not the nominee. some people are saying they are going for the green party, some people are going to write-in sanders. and a handful of voters told us they are going to back donald trump if sanders is not at the top of the democratic party ticket. it's very confusing what is going to happen here, but the one thing obvious is if bernie sanders goes away, no one candidate, no one party can count on all these people going for them. neil? >> all right, peter, thank you very much. it was an issue we raised just last week that jane sanders, the wife of bernie sanders, who suspects there is an establishment bias against her
1:28 pm
hur husband. listen to this. >> it doesn't seem fair that superdelegates play such a sized role. we will earn in democracy, it's one person, one vote. evidently not in the primary system. we don't like the concept of the superdelegates. it's pretty much an insurance policy for the establishment. >> all right. to a former indiana senator evan bayh, a democratic backer, what do you make of this view of senator sanders going after debbie waltzerman schultz going after viewing the superdelegates and that there is a bias there. that he and his wife may be right? >> you know, neil, i think this is a time for us to try to come together and you night for november and focus on -- >> that does not appear to be happening. >> well, you know, secretary
1:29 pm
clinton eight years ago ran all the way to the end. and there was some pretty harsh words exchanged between her and her campaign and president obama. and they came together when it was all over. i would have expected that would happen here. and listen to this interview and so forth, this has gotten way too complicated. the fact of the matter is that mrs. clinton has millions more votes. real voters, real people. so why not let the people decide and on that basis i would think that is one thing that most democrats regardless of who they are supporting could agree on. >> no doubt, governor, i wanted it to come up that there's a big difference between how that vote is portioned out in committed delegates versus the sup superdelegat superdelegates. in a contest, you throw the superdelegates it's over. so i think what bernie sanders and jane sanders are saying, this is a lament that someone is on the shorter end of the political stick, i can understand that, but it makes the fight a lot tougher with these superdelegates. do we need them? what do you think?
1:30 pm
>> that's not a decision for me to make. frankly, we could deal without them, but let's make it on the basis of who got the most votes from real voters, real people, who got the most pledged delegates. if you look at those two metrics, mrs. clinton is still significantly ahead. >> by that definition, sir, by that definition hillary clinton was ahead in the popular vote going -- right before the convention. so you could say she should have gotten the nomination eight years ago. >> yes, she could, yes, she could. look, i hear what the sanders people are thinking and i happen to agree with them. in my own state of indiana voting today, we allow everybody to vote in the primary. that's a good thing, we should welcome people in. i want the person with the most votes to win. fortunately, in this case, even if you disregard the superdelegates, the person with the most votes has the most pledged delegates and is likely to be the nominee. so they are really consistent
1:31 pm
here. >> without risking you alienating people in your own party, do you think it is appropriate for debbie waltzerman schultz to say the sanders people -- that she wants hillary to win? she said this during the timing of the debates, on the weekends, a lot of them during big sports events and to them this was the last straw? >> well, i think bernie sanders should be treated fairly and there should be a level playing field. i don't think any officials in the democratic party should be playing favorites. i think this should be decided where it aught to be decided and that is at the ballot box. by handling it that way, you have the best chance of people coming together when this is all over. can i say one final thing here, neil? >> real quick. >> i noticed i've been watching your program for a while and heard the donald was piling on you as an editorial for somebody who has known you for a long time, i think you're a nice guy. >> you know, i love you man.
1:32 pm
no -- >> i just had to get that in there. >> governor, thank you very, very much. we'll see how that goes. more voting going on in indiana right now. you can cut the dent with a knife in the hoosier state, huh?
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real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing all right, the voting going on in crown point, indiana. i'm sure from this vantage point you're thinking, where are the crowds? so are we. that does not minimize indiana one bit. this do or die state up for
1:35 pm
grabs. the latest in seconds.
1:36 pm
all right, i know what you're thinking, neil, you just showed one polling place in crown point, indiana. that is only one place. you're right, we are also in hodge, illinois, where it is quite a different story. crowds mean nothing, because people are still working, which they are. when they get done with work, they will vote in throngs. at this polling place, it does not appear to be the case but it could be. bottom line, they are still having an indiana primary. when the polls close, we'll have indiana history for republicans. bottom line, someone will win the state and it is donald trump leading. if he wins, he gets 57 delegates no matter who votes, no matter how many crowds show up. we have tsomeone from the ted cruz campaign, it was his backing in indiana that made cruz who he is, the real threat to donald trump even as we speak
1:37 pm
today. but bob, it is a do or die position tonight, he's got to win this state, doesn't he? >> well, right away he wanted to do well in indiana, but i don't think it's do or die. as a matter of fact, he put out his schedule for tomorrow, he'll be in nebraska and washington. >> it's do or die. >> well -- we're going to be more optimistic. >> are you going to give the other guy all 57 delegates? >> what we do know, neil, even donald trump sweeps indiana, which we don't think he'll do tonight, but if he sweeps indiana, he still won't be at 1,237. so we'll march on, march forward -- >> he'll be 57 delegates closer to it. he'll be within a couple hundred leaving only about 43% of the remaining delegates. that's doable. >> but neil, you know that i don't agree with everything reince priebus says, but he did say it only counts in
1:38 pm
horseshoes. cruz and everyone knows that cruz has the best opportunity in cleveland to come out as the nominee. >> you might be right on that, i don't know how polls go longer term but do know that polls in california show mr. trump with about a 35-point lead there. he has leads going into this state, but i would imagine if trump were to pick up this state and only need a couple hundred more with so many other primaries coming, ending with california where he's got a big lead, he conceivably could wrap this up prior to cleveland, right? >> he definitely could wrap it up prior to cleveland. no doubt about it. if he wins indiana the path becomes more difficult but it is not impossible. in regards to california, trump's had big leads in a lot of states a month away from the primary. wisconsin being a prime example. but then they get to know him and the heat gets turned on the state. they also get to know ted cruz. then they vote for ted cruz. i think carly fiorina -- she
1:39 pm
will be a big -- >> i understand, but are you worried as a friend of someone backing him that he's snapping, the candidate seems to be losing it or getting hot on the collar? he dealt with critics and protesters who show up, just like this exchange over the last day or so, and he handled that well, sometimes engaging makes it more trouble than it's worth, but then he goes on the side of the media being in bed with trump and it is our vested interest to see trump as the nominee, which you know, you're a man of god, but the fact of the matter is it's like heaven for us looking at a contested convention. and that is a ratings juggernaut. we would love that. so have you ever talked to him and said, come on, ted, really, let's get it together. >> no, i don't say that, legt's get a clue here. if he wants my advice, whether on carly fiorina being the vp choice, i'm happy to give that to him. i think what it is, you're
1:40 pm
right, it would be like heaven for all of us to have this contested convention in cleveland. that may be a great debate for the party with a whole world getting to watch politics 401. >> to me being interested in ratings, this organization included, why would we want to stop that, that is like free money? >> i think what he's pointing out is there is no doubt, you can't question this, not your program, not the cavuto show, but when you put the media together, donald has about $2 billion worth of free air time. there is scott walker and bobby jindal that say donald trump is the beneficiary of unprecedent ed -- >> the media can be unforgiving and relentless in pursuing nasty
1:41 pm
questions. we know that from the way the candidates respond on this show. but while i'm on the subject, your candidate isn't much better. we put in many, many calls to mr. cruz and he could explain that if he could. by the way, if you don't like something, you whine about it or blame others for it, that would be similar to me blaming a weight condition on a thyroid. unfortunately, it's not a thyroid. >> i think that is what the american people are looking at. to your point, they are looking for something to vote for. when cruz engaged the trump supporters yesterday, he was trying to engage them in an intellectual conversation as you saw, they wanted nothing to do with an intellectual conversation. some of the data and facts there, they just wanted emotion. >> maybe the problem is the messenger. maybe he's a horrible messenger. he's torpedoing because he's a horrible messenger.
1:42 pm
>> i will give donald trump credit because he taps into the american emotion. donald trump and i have to have a long conversation. there are things i want to talk to in regards to his stances on issues, but i will tell you i will never be in hillary's camp. >> thank you very much. we keep asking for senator cruz every day. i think both candidates hate us. >> but i love you. >> thank you, bob. always a pleasure having you on. we're getting word of a software problem causing problems at the polling stations, some in central indiana, which could explain the tension convention right now at polling places where crown point, they are trying to keep the crowds back with a stick!
1:43 pm
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about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. all right. when a lot of the indiana voters -- we are hearing the sparse crowds now, but earlier i'm hearing that in terre haute there were lines. i stand corrected, this may have been before work a lot of people came. other poll stations like in crown point, there are no lines. we don't know what the deal is or how this will turn out, but we have someone with us who has a pretty good idea. kathy richardson is with the hamilton county elections, the administrator there, joining us on the phone. good to have you here, kathy. we are hearing there were software issues in other parts of the state affecting voting procedures, do you know anything
1:47 pm
about that or how it is looking? >> no, we have not had any of those issues. we have heard from some of the other counties that they are on different voting systems than we are in. in indiana each county can select their own voting system. so i'm not -- we have not had that problem, fortunately. >> i got you. another thing we hear is that given the fact that the state falls within two time zones, of course, part of it closes at 6:00 p.m. eastern time, 7:00 p.m. eastern for the others, for the polling stations opened later, is it your history that voters come later or how is that broken down? >> in our county in central indiana we are in the same time zone, so that is not an issue for us. now, we will have -- we will start leasing results at 6:00. we will have our absentees and our early voting results that will be released. so i don't know if the fact that those numbers are being released
1:48 pm
have an effect on those other parts of the state. >> yeah, you just read my mind here, for those in the other parts of the state that are open later, whether that affects their vote or no? >> well, like i said, we aren't familiar with that issue here because we don't deal with it. but i guess i'm anticipating that in some of those areas, they will probably be standing in line and not necessarily sitting at home listening to our election coverage. >> i hear you. a lot of people are happy that they matter this go-around. >> yeah, it's exciting to us. it's the first time in my time here, i've been here about 40 years, that we have been at this point of the race, such a factor. and we've had a lot of national attention, a lot of people have been here, obviously, you wouldn't be calling us if we weren't in the spotlight right now. >> well, there is that. but again, i used to work in
1:49 pm
indiana, i will always call you a beautiful state. >> well, great, thank you. >> let me tell you about my indy 500 days. no, enough about me. kathy richardson, thank you for the latest there. ted cruz is on a do or die ballot. you just heard from his people say it isn't do or die for him. he can go ahead and lose and still be a significant factor. can he? ben stein on that after this. i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me, sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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right prior to his being shot. nobody even brings it up. >> maybe these guys are just tired. they do seem like pretty extreme, over-the-top remarks. ben stein, the author of "economist, et al" what's going on here? >> i think they're very tired. i imagine they're beyond the point of exhaustion at this point. the idea that fox news is behind donald trump is actually laugh out loud funny. i'm quite a fan of fox news, although i don't know what he's talking about. charles krauthammer, one of the smartest guys in the whole world, just tears trump into little pieces constantly.
1:54 pm
obviously megyn just commented on him. i call him a strutting little peacock. >> then donald trump comes back and talks about cruz and his father. >> i don't know what he's talking about. >> i guess what i'm saying, it gets long if the tooth, tiring, you're just exasperated. they've got to both be careful, right? >> well i have a very smart friend, who used to say to me -- don't say anything after 9:00 at night. don't say anything when you're exhausted. i think this is something like that. they're both very, very tired. but it doesn't really matter any more. if i may say so, and i'm not in the trump tank. i've written very critically about him for a long, long time. before most people have heard about him. with all due respect, the idea that he can be stopped on the republican side is just nonsense
1:55 pm
at this point. he's going to be the guy. he's going to be the candidate. the only question now is who his veep is going to be. i think he has a very good chance of winning the election. i'm not in his tank. i've never gotten a penny from him, he's threatened to sue me. >> why has he threatened to sue you? >> i wrote a piece in "barron's" called the art of the dubious deal, many years ago, about a casino deal where he stiffed his bond-holders while he paid off himself. he threatened to sue. he didn't. "barron's" said make him sue so we could get discovery of his documents, he backed off. the idea that any network is in the tank -- >> cynically, let's say you thought it was the case and it was a financial decision, wouldn't be the wiser financial cynical choice be run this puppy for a contested convention, because -- >> you bet, you bet.
1:56 pm
>> and i'm old enough to remember contested conventions and they are a ratings super bonanza. i cannot understand why any network would not want to have a contested convention. especially this time with trump supporters, they are very, very animated. i mean, it would be great theater. >> thank you, ben. it's always a pleasure. and to those who are like trump or cruz, they've both declined coming on our show. this is the reaction of people finding out they're going to be getting election coverage. isn't that great? >> you always watch and wonder, i wish i knew somebody. vo: across america,
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2:00 pm
really brings them all together. >> it's just unbelievable, fellow. >> this wasn't the british team celebrating its 5,000-1 odds being champs. these are brits happy they're getting coverage tonight. hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams. eric bolling, melissa francis and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." getting your election groove, we're about an hour away from the polls closing in indiana where the crucial primary bat sl under way. tonight could have a big impact on how the race moves forward. as americans exercise their rights to vote today. we should not forget the who than 150,000 u.s. military personnel currently stationed


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