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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 3, 2016 7:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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thanks for being here. what a night, folks. love to get your thoughts on the east coast go to file. tell me what you think. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. here's sean. >> this is a fox news alert. tonight, donald trump decisively wins the indiana primary and senator ted cruz drops out of the race making trump now the presumptive republican nominee. here is trump reacting to the news. >> this has been an amazing evening. i didn't expect this. i didn't expect it. and what ted did was s. really a very brave thing to do and great thing to do. because we want to bring unity to the republican party. >> yes. >> we have to bring unity. it's so much easier if we have it. >> and on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders defeats hillary clinton in the indiana primary. joining us now to react to all of this, fox news contributor tucker carlson, fox news senior
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correspondent geraldo rivera, legal analyst peter johnson jr. okay. i'm looking at social media i heard dana loesch on with megyn kelly. there are conservatives. there are ted cruz supporters now that are angry. how do you bring the party together? >> donald trump can do that. he has the capacity in business. he has had the capacity in terms of public service now in running these 9 and 10 months. he has the capacity in terms of his force of personality. his intuition. his ability to reach tout to people personally. his magnetism, flamboyance, empathy with a lot of people. people who are conservative, people who are liberal. people left behind in this country. people who are angry. he channeled the voice of the angry. he channeled the cries in the wilderness. and he will try to do that with cruz supportersing if forward it had be a process there are hurt feelings after a primary like this. >> this is a brutal grind process that tests everybody
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to the limit. >> he will bring folks together. >> you will see a profound convergence now. donald trump will move to the center of the g.o.p. philosophy. the g.o.p. establishment will move to donald trump. >> that's not going to help donald trump with ted cruz people. >> believe me, sean, is he going into california now. basically uncontested primary there. now is his chance to say, you know, that wall, the wall was a great idea but you know, brings, we need bridges, we need highways, we need schools. we need a lot of infrastructure. i'm going to bring people together. he is a winner. the people most panicked now are the lobbyists in washington, d.c. he has defied the establishment. he has gone right to the people. >> this year has been maybe like an election year we will never see again in our history. if we go back to the very beginning and we ask the question how did we get here, i think every single exit poll that we have seen and we saw it out of indiana again tonight and that is republicans feel betrayed by the republican party in
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washington. that they never stood up to the obama agenda. they never stopped healthcare. they never used the power of the purse. they never stopped executive amnesty. do you think trump learns from that and realizes that the things he said about building a wall and healthcare savings accounts and energy independence does he have to follow through if he wants any level of success? >> oh, he has to follow through. he is reinvented and continue to reinvent the republican party. >> absolutely. what he will say is we can be a broad tent we don't have to disenfranchise anyone. is he going to win more primary votes than any republican in the history of g.o.p. primaries. >> historic. and geraldo has talked about it and you've talked about it and you talked about it from the beginning. there has been nothing like this in the republican party there has been nothing like this come from nowhere win in presidential politics. >> he has impressed himself
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when i had the conversation with him on sunday morning. he predicted a decisive victory in indiana. he had no idea that ted cruz was going to pull out so suddenly. he will come to the fore. he will be to the left of hillary clinton on issues like trade. i think trump will with his movie star appeal reach out to different groups. i think the republican party will be remade and be better for it. >> he will reach out to ted cruz and he reached out to ted cruz tonight. and that's important. those are good americans. but the people who supported donald trump are good americans. and it's the people that supported kasich are good americans. >> and ted cruz. >> and they will come together in unity with common cause with a common purpose. >> maybe i read more social media than you guys. i mean, it has been circular firing squad on social media. it has been brutal they have targeted us at fox news you
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particularly, sean, blaming you for the will of the american people. this was not a fox news creation. this is a populist appeal, a man who has touched a nerve in this country a manor who will reach beyond the various lines. i believe even with women man remade. daughter evac can a. >> i think you ask the question that i toss and turn over every night, sean. he must make the message to the hispanic community that some the draconian statements he made. comparison with ted cruz today otherwise law abiding undocumented immigrant family with citizens deport them. that's one of the things he does. >> go back to the 17
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candidates and handicap it. of all the 17 candidates. is he best able to win a general election against hillary? was he the guy that was best able? was that a big factor in how the people voted? >> yes. i said some months ago and what we have seen in a lot of people, inspite of the fear mongering have said i'm going to vote for donald trump because i think he is the pest choice for this party and for this country. if donald trump wants to win this general election, this must be a campaign based on hope, optimism, solutions, ideas. this cannot be a negative campaign. he has got to exude the kind of energy and strength and warmth and innovation that he exuded in business. >> could ted cruz have won a general election? >> i don't think so. >> why do you say that. >> i certainly would have never voted for him that unpleasant ora of his. i know it is not an intellectual answer i give, when i look at ted cruz. i thought today when he withdrew from the race he was the most pleasant he has been. he has the lean and hungry
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look of catus of julius caesar. >> i think this is anybody's ballgame. anybody who sells donald trump short right now has not been paying attention for the last nine months. >> i have got to bring in tucker carlson. good to have you with us tucker. give us your take. >> obviously it's remarkable self-evident donald trump just became the republican nominee. the republican party by the way is much more united than the democratic party. bernie sanders won in indiana. what does that tell you? talk about a protest vote. i have to say though of the never trump people, i think it's entirely legitimate to be concerned about donald trump. the comment this morning about lee harvey oswald is nutty. washington republicans to pretend this is primarily an ideological dispute. the republican party in washington is not terribly conservative. they are not mad at donald
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trump because he is so liberal, they're mad at him bus, a, he threatens the status quo. he threatens their livelihoods. he thence anybody with vested interest in pretending that iraq war is a good idea. he threatens them in their reputation. that's why they hate him. what i object to is people affirmatively working for the hillary clinton campaign in effect, lecturing me about what it means to be conservative. lecturing the rest of us, telling us anybody who thinks, you know, a trump candidacy is okay is somehow not conservative. therefore we are going to work on behalf of hillary clinton that doesn't fly. you can say i don't like him or i don't think he should be president, fine. don't do so in the name of conservatism. >> let's stay there, tucker. get back to you. former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. mr. gingrich, good to see you. your thoughts on tonight. >> well, look, it's a big win for trump. a remarkable moment. it's a big night for cruz. exactly the right thing. and did it with class. and then i think was appropriately complimented
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by trump who came back with the right tone and right support. it bodes well for their ability to work together. a good night for reince priebus who immediately tweeted about reality and moved the rnc towards directly working with the new nominee who is clearly donald trump. so overall, you have to chalk it up as historic evening and one that really got a lot of different things done with in one evening. >> do republicans, looking at bernie sanders, for example, winning indiana tonight, we can talk about a super delegate system corrupt as any as i have ever seen, which assists hillary clinton, the establishment candidate on their side, but, when you look at the enthusiasm of young people, has american gone center right to a little center, maybe slightly left, younger people, millennials now expecting government to be the end all to be all to provide student loans and healthcare? >> i think we're trapped in an obsolete set of language. i listen to do that last conversation you had. let me give you an example
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in terms of foreign policy where, you know, and i'm not sure whether the right word is dumb or stupid so people can advise. but, let's take stupid or dumb versus something working. okay? overthrowing qaddafi didn't work. it created chaos in libya. it created migrants into europe it got an american ambassador killed it created a place where weapons went out to terrorists around the world. it just didn't work. now, if trump comes along and says the clinton obama policy of overthrowing qaddafi was dumb, and didn't work, is that a sign he is to her right or to her left or just a sign he is to reality? there were two. >> here is my question are there were two great movements in terms of the conservative movement. obviously the reagan presidency. the second one is when you became the speaker of the house. the ted cruz supporters that questioned donald trump's
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conservatism. specifically, that are saying maybe never trump, they can't abandon their principles, what is your answer to that? >> answer is, first of all, donald trump may turn out to be the most effective antileft leader in our lifetime. he is against political correctness. he is against break break-bureaucracy. he places american nationalism first which i think we desperately need. i'm tired of being told we have to have phony agreements and phony efforts. i watched john kerry rush from five star hotel to five star hotel try to get peace agreement that is absurdity. trump in that sense may be a return to more of an eisenhower kind of realism that is nonetheless very conservative. he may do more to miss man tell the left than anybody in my lifetime. i don't despair. the other side is if you are not for donald trump, you functionally are for hillary
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clinton and she is going to create the most radical supreme court take away your right to bear arms. religious liberty and move the party to the left. >> you said a couple minutes ago before the mid-atlantic and northeast primaries that it would be on the shoulders of the win tore unite the party. what's the best way, the most effective way to get there? >> well, he did two good things tonight. he praised ted cruz and he praised reince priebus. he said, look, we have all got to work together. that's a very helpful step in the right direction. i know that with paul manafort's relationship they have been reaching out to all sorts of folks in washington. i heard the other day trump say some very positive things to michigan mcconnell the senate majority leader. the way do you this is largely humans talking to humans. i think there is a potential for trump to bring into a
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much larger tent. this will be a much bigger republican party, three months from now. >> people showed. a lot of people. blue collar, reagan democrats once again joined the fold of the republican party. look ahead to trump vs. hillary matchup. how does that go down? >> i think it depends. one of the biggest decisions -- two two big decisions trump has to make. he is the guy. is he going to have to make the decisions. nobody else is. the first is he will to run a 50 state campaign or follow his consultants and try to cleverly target six or seven states. first big decision because those are two radically different campaigns. i obviously say we are 50 state campaign. that's how we took control in 1994. that's how reagan won a big victory in 1980. the second big decision is does he only run an anti-hillary campaign or does he line up the entire
7:14 pm
left so that, for example, the corruption of the v.a. being defended by the government employee unions who are hillary's allies becomes a definition of hillary. the failure of inner city schools because of, for example, the teacher's union in detroit going and having a sick-out where a system where 91% of the kids fail their tests and those are hillary's allies. can he go for a big decision. tie hillary to every element of the left and beat all of them or try to narrowly beat just hillary. those are the two big decisions he faces. >> who would be, besides you, a good v.p. choice? >> there are dozen of good v.p. choices. marco rubio is an absolutely talented person who would do very, very well. susanna martinez, the governor of new mexico is enormously talented. scott walker who has been through the kind of fight. remember, if trump wins and trump actually tries to change washington, it's going to be just like madison, wisconsin.
7:15 pm
you are going to have left wingers in the streets. you're going to have daily demonstrations. so, walker has some back growngsd that could be very, very exciting. ' rick snyder in michigan. a very attractive governor, got right-to-work passed in michigan. has been a very good reformer. so i can look around and see six to eight, nine different people they can look at who would be very good part of a trump ticket. remember, you have no idea what trump's range is. he could decide to pick a retired four star general. he could pick a lot of different people you and i wouldn't think of. because he is so unique that he is not bound by the normal conventions. >> mr. speaker, thanks for being with us. peter johnson jr. geraldo, thanks to you guys. we will get back also to tucker carl son. and coming up, senator cruz did drop out of the race: governor bobby jindal are all to weigh in on tonight's
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i won with women. i love winning with women. but i won with women. won with men. we won with hispanics. we won with african-americans. we won with every -- virtually every category. so it's just been amazing evening. >> all right that was donald trump earlier tonight. new york city speaking after his victory in indiana and senator ted cruz announcing he was dropping out of the race. here with radicalization former 2016 republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson. dr. carson, you were referenced by mr. trump. i assume you spoke to him earlier tonight. you said this was a movement. what did you mean by that? >> it means that the people themselves have just gotten disgusted with being manipulated and controlled. and what they recognize what
7:21 pm
the pun distal and everybody else was saying that we were going to end up with a brokered convention with something that they didn't want. so, they superseded the narrative. and they themselves said we're going to take this out of the hands of the convention. and i think that was a brilliant thing. >> it's really fascinating. when you look at the group of 17 from the very beginning, we're not talking about -- i mean, you are talking about probably the deepest bench that the republican party has had, successful governors like rick perry and bobby jindal who will join us, people like yourself and john kasich and senator rubio and senator cruz. former governor bush. these are really -- this is the best of the republican party. and have the best track record. it is a pretty -- why do you think that donald trump was able to defeat 16 other strong people? >> because this is the year of the outsider. it was going to be an
7:22 pm
outsider. the people had decided that because, look what's happened when we sent insiders. and they just keep doing the same thing over and over, be they republicans, be they democrats. it doesn't matter. and the people are absolutely tired of that more importantly they recognize that we are on the precipice. if we go over, continuing down the same pathway, we have consumed our children and our grandchildren. >> i think the people know that. >> we really appreciate your time, dr. carson as always. thank you for joining us. here with more reaction of donald trump's win in indiana tonight and now being the presumptive republican nominee, former 2016 republican presidential candidate, former louisiana governor bobby jindal, governor, good to see you. >> sean, thank you for having me back. it's great to be on the air with you. >> you know, when i mentioned the deep bench, i do mention you. i do mention rick scott in florida. i do mention nikki haley. dimension rick perry and john kasich and scott walker the governors and of course
7:23 pm
marco rubio and people outside of politics. ted cruz obviously a big part of that list. people like rudy giuliani, newt gingrich who we had on. do you think it's possible to united a dream team to run against hillary and win and save the country from the mess it's in. >> absolutely. sean. i would say. this i know a lot of my friends are in the never trump camp and i understand that look, i was very critical with donald trump. we need to be honest with ourselves. today we have two choices it's either donald trump or hillary clinton. it's a free country. people get to vote for whoever they want. that's great. i'm not telling anybody they have to vote the way i'm going to vote. anybody who says they can not support donald trump needs to understand they are one of the consequences and that will make it easier for hillary clinton to win. >> i think that's interesting you say that. >> i think we need to accept that as a country? when you look back here, even in indiana, every step of the way it seems that groups of people through every single thing that they had against this guy, and he was able to overcome it what
7:24 pm
does it tell you about him evolved somewhat throughout this campaign? >> well, look, i would say a couple of things. clearly, you have got to give donald trump credit. he tapped into people's resentment. the more people criticized him the stronger he got. foolish for the mainstream media the leadership went after him. it made him stronger the way they attacked him. sean, i will be honest, it would be false to simply and sit here and think overnight he has become this great conservative or that i take back everything i have said about him. i'm still critical of him. but, i think he is better than hillary clinton. i think under donald trump we have a chance to get rid of obamacare. under hillary clinton we have no chance. under donald trump we have a chance to get a conservative on the supreme court. under hillary clinton we have no chance. we have a supreme court that's evenly divided on religious liberty evenly guided on second amendment rights. >> he says is he going to list the name of the people. only people he would put under consideration for openings on the court so people would know before
7:25 pm
election day who those people are, right? >> i think that's great he says these are the kind of people he wanted to be his secretary of defense. obviously he will name his vice president. some of the key appointments would give people more confidence. may take people to coalesce and unify behind him. i thought he was gracious tonight. i thought he complimented senator cruz. i will say this about senator cruz. look, it seems to me paid the can bells to cannibals to eat him last. he was praising donald trump all the way up through december all then started attacking more recently. i think it was too little, too late. it was ironic of all the 17 running he was the most complimentary about donald trump for the long gles if donald trump calls bobby jindal and says hey i like what you did as governor of louisiana, would you come work for me, your answer? >> look, i'm not looking for a job in the trump administration. i'm going to support him and vote for him. >> if he called and asked you to serve and position you thought you could help,
7:26 pm
in let me ask the question that way. >> look, again, is he not going to call me to serve after some of the things i have said. >> don't be surprised. ' phone ring right after this interview. >> i don't want a job in the next administration. i'm going to support him. i am going to vote for him. en courage all the conservatives and republicans out there, we have 8 awful years under president obama. we can't afford four more years under hillary clinton. if you want to see this country become each more dependent on government and more ininindebt if vote for. my vote is for trump. >> carl cammeron standing by at trump tower. check in with him. bill hemmer is here to break down results out of indiana. trump's path going forward as presumptive nominee. plus, senator bernie sanders defeats hillary clinton in the hoosier state. we will explain how the super delegates are really decide hog wins the democratic nomination. is she really stealing it? my theory coming up. with the right steps,
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our theme is very simple. it's make america great again. we will make america great again. [ applause ] we will start winning again. you will be so proud of this country very, very soon. thank you all. thank you very much. thank you. >> that was donald trump earlier tonight after winning in indiana. is he now looking ahead to
7:31 pm
the general election probably against hillary clinton. joining us now live from trump tower in new york city is campaign carl cammeron. campaign carl, it looks like they are breaking things down behind you there. >> yeah. they are quick to close things at trump tower. they like to get us out of here as soon as possible they can get back to work on the campaign trail on thursday. donald trump will go to pennsylvania as the presumptive no, ma'am kneel and after more than a year of pounding the republican party, mocking the establishment, ripping into g.o.p. officials. tonight, donald trump began mending fences. he was very gracious thanking reince priebus in saying he did great job walking through the party and nomination process. he thinks it's worked out quite nicely. how could it not? he is now the presumptive nominee. he has talked about uniting the republican party. most notably he went out of his way with two lengthy comments about ted cruz saying he has a very bright future and is he, quote, a hell of a competitor and put up a great fight.
7:32 pm
it san open question as -- it is an open question as to whether or not he can unite the party. bobby jindal one of his harshest critics and dropped out having criticized trump nowlrrqh saying in binary situation republicans have to come and unite behind trump. there are still groups like the never trump and the our principles organizations, big super pacs raising lots of money trying to stop trump. sthe they have been editing themselves too they will fight in the convention. which is almost a signal in the advance, sean, they recognize when the convention comes around donald trump is going to clinch it beforehand. he will win on the first ballot cruz, kasich is now a thing of the past can trump unite the party. it's very important to remember that they have been bringing in new voters with record turnout on the republican side. and turnout is actually down on the democratic side. sphwhl it's going to be
7:33 pm
fascinating general election. you can't deny that joining us on the break down the big board. we call it billboard when you are here. >> come on, it's 11:00 at night. give me something. sean, i will take you through a couple of things now. the delegate map i'm supposed to show you some was before tonight. the dam broke in trump's favor that goes back 28 days. delegate math on the board. so far 51, 1 0e9 -- 190 away. trump is hitting nebraska as well. that's going to happen. before the day began, we thought that nebraska was all ted cruz. and now we may have to second guess that. but we'll sees a we come up in the coming days here. west virginia still favors trump. so he would be at 1071. oregon slight favor for trump. maybe that changes a bit.
7:34 pm
because after governor kasich's performance in indiana tonight, we thought he might -- kasich might slit the vote out here and maybe that changes in calculation in the coming days and weeks. washington state slight favorite for trump. montana winner-take-all does that calculation change in montana. right now we think it's cruz. same for south dakota. new mexico slight edge for trump as well. by the way we are in june at the moment in last five states and that winner-take-all. new jersey we think that is trump again. in california, we had him at 125 to start the night. that number may change. there are some estimates now sean that suggest 53 congressional districts in california that trump may play in all of them and, wow, what a number that would be. so, it would be plus 54 to get to the magic number of 1237. now i want to show you where we were four weeks ago tonight. 28 days ago. we are in wisconsin here. and that night ted cruz won it by 13 points over donald
7:35 pm
trump. and what happened four weeks ago until tonight? this is astounding, two weeks ago new york came home for donald trump. it was a home game. is he in purple. he swept the entire state. two weeks after that we went over to -- sorry, seven days after that it was rhode island. all trump. these are all counties now that fill. in same for connecticut. they all fill in for trump. same for pennsylvania. that same night it was a five night sweep from pennsylvania down to maryland, ultimately to delaware. notice one thing on that map. you see no color but purple with one exception. remember donald trump lost new york county? that's where he lives and where he works. that is the only one in the six states where he lost a single county. and that's where the dam broke in the state of new york. this is indiana tonight. virtually all trump with one exception. and ted cruz really had targeted this part of the state. this is allen county. it's fort wayne, it's conservative. cruz won it by less than 1
7:36 pm
point tonight. and that just shows you the shear dominance that trump has put on the rest of this field and he has done it, sean, in dramatic fashion starting in new york. in the east. throughout the mid-atlantic states. and now with the solid win in the midwest, to lock up that presumptive nomination title that reince priebus has now laid on him. it has been remarkable run. i think, well, heck, would you have guessed that? would you have predicted that, sean? >> well -- >> i don't know that someone would have said trump is going to run the table and be over. >> think back a month ago, this is pretty interesting. a month ago the stop trump or the strategy to prevent trump from getting to 1237 was very, very real. no one anticipated those seven states would go as not just wins but landslides in every single state. so, clearly people are speaking out. they want -- they really
7:37 pm
want an outsider. >> i would just add that something -- something switched within the republican primary system. you know, when trump rolled to you that new york and came to the east coast. these come got to him quickly. when ted cruz had the support of you called the establishment or talk radio in wisconsin. you have the governor, mike pence, popular governor running for re-election. jean katie from purdue and former coach of notre dame with him by his side. >> lou holts. >> i think holts is on board now. digger phelps. so you have that in the state of indiana where you know it's a rim and not a ring. >> one month ago this was a real race. one month ago, mathematically they certainly could have stopped trump from getting to 1237. i think ted cruz saw the
7:38 pm
math. and to ted's credit donald trump gave a lot of props to him he fought really hard in indiana people spoke out tonight. that's where we are. senator bernie sanders scored a big win in indiana. and tells hillary clinton the democratic race is far from over. but does it really matter when it comes to the democratic delegate count? in other words, is it corrupt? obama's former economic advisor austan goolsbee will be here with analysis as we continue tonight. i take these out...
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i understand that seecket clinton thinks that this campaign is over. i've got some bad news for her. i think that as more and more delegates to the democratic convention take a hard look at which candidate is generating the kind of enthusiasm, excitement, voter turnout, that we need to make sure that somebody like a donald trump does not
7:43 pm
become president, i think you will see more and more delegates concluding that that cap democrat is bernie sanders. >> that was senator bernie sanders earlier tonight telling rival hillary clinton that the democratic race is far from over. so how does his win in indiana now impact the 2016 race? here with reaction former obama economic advisor austan goolsbee. why are you smiling? are you voting for trump? that's what it is. >> you know i'm not voting for trump. i'm just smiling. >> i have got to give you credit. >> dinner get from a bet. we are betting. >> i think the country has moved a little more to the left than i like. put up with your best buddy who has ruined the economy. ruined our stature in the world. and i hope the country doesn't want more of that one in four families don't have one member in the labor force that came out last week, austan. how do you explain that? bush's fault? >> a lot of people are
7:44 pm
retiring. >> that's what it. >> i don't know if you or donald trump is thelma or the other one louise. you are driving off the cliff. >> more until food stamps. i will give you credit. did you point out that ted cruz was going to be formid being. >> i did. that's right. >> and he did extraordinarily well. i think he should be extremely proud. i think he, in the end, probably made trump a stronger candidate in a strange way. i know cruz people hate the trump people. trump people hate the cruz people. hopefully they will get together, but maybe not. i bet you hope they don't. >> i think you're right. i hope they don't? it would be fun for me to see them have to eat each other's words after what they said about each other. i could think you are right that ted cruz, a, and i appreciate you remember i said from the beginning is he formidable and they shouldn't under estimate him. i do think they made donald
7:45 pm
trump a lot stronger of a candidate. at the beginning i kind of thought donald trump might have a bit of a glass jaw. he really did not through this primary interesting without exception they want to do go up against a more trump.ional candidate. do you agree with is that? >> maybe there is a part of it is he a wild card or wild man. you don't know what will come out of his mouth. >> kind of like obama the olenski light. what kind of socialist comments will come flying out. >> we both agree donald trump is the anti-obama. both sides would agree to that. >> thank god. somebody has got to undo the damage this guy has done you are a mart man.
7:46 pm
how could you not -- go ahead. >> i stubbed my toe. instead of take my focus on stubbed toe i will shoot myself five times. >> numbers speak for themselves, eight years, he has taken on more debt than every president before him combined. millions more in poverty on food stamps, and the lowest labor participation rate and one in four families don't have a single family member working. thank you, president obama. really great job. >> look. last six years it's gotten a lot better. first year and a half it got a lot worse. we can agree on that. >> 0.5%, the first president in history who has never reached 3% g.d.p. great job. >> well, i mean, inflation has been extraordinarily low and we have had a horrible recession. >> horrible recession. and a horrible recovery, which isn't a recovery. it's recovery it, should be hire, i'm not disputing that. i'm not trying to make it
7:47 pm
out that everything is perfect. what i'm saying is if donald trump is the nominee, look, if trump were elected president, and he sent us into a massive recession by declaring a trade war on china, japan, mexico,. >> i dual what you do. >> if the republican doesn't do well. in the next 8 years. we will just blame obama. that's what you have been doing the last 8 years blaming bush. >> blame him for the wall? >> no i want the wall. the wall is one of the reasons he won this alcohol nomination. that had a big contact -- impact on voters. >> i think you are right. this is the thelma and louise moment for the republican party. do they realize the highway, that's air underneath you. that's not highway. like this thing is going down. >> those 11 million people, they actually compete for jobs that americans want and in the process they drive down wages. and the other part that scarce -- scares me is isis can get across the border
7:48 pm
because the border is not secure. >> this guy dressed up like usama bin laden and w?,fi across the thing in mexico, i'm telling you can have serious discussion of immigration and you and i have had it, but the kind of fast aisle approach that donald trump has taken, i just don't think it's going to work. i think when we actually start looking at the content he is going to fall apart. >> i think you are dreaming. weave will see. i hope you are wrong because the country can't tolerate four more years of these crappy policies you have endorsed the last eight. we have to roll on. >> we are betting on this one. >> we're betting big time, i'm in. more live reaction to breaking news. donald trump now the presumptive nominee after senator ted cruz has dropped out of the race. we continue straight ahead. give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he
7:49 pm
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7:52 pm
. we gave it everything we've got but the voters chose another path. and so, with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism, for the long term future of our nation, we're suspending our campaign. >> senator ted cruz dropping out
7:53 pm
of the republican race tonight after donald trump scored a major win in indiana. here with reaction, radio crn talk show host larry elder. larry? your reaction? >> well, it's an incredible night. i didn't anticipate ted cruz dropping out the way he did. i assumed donald trump was going to take indiana. if i were add viedzing ted cruz i'd tell him you're one of the last two people standing. i know kasich is still there, but not serious of the two cuban americans, he ran an incredible race. donald trump was gracious, and i just ask him to take a deep breath and join the side he's on. there is a common enemy named hillary rodham clinton. abc, anyone but clinton.
7:54 pm
>> i've been on the road with all of these guys and it's not an easy process. >> right. it's a new chapter for the republican party. part of it is the healing process. it's going to trump's leadership to bringing and uniting the party together. and part of it is what he said today about ted cruz, calling him a tough, smart guy. and really, realizing that he's going to not only need the establishment he's going to need those grass roots activists and delegates to come together and support him and to make sure that exactly right, that it becomes #neverhillary. >> you read social media tonight. do you think that is going to happen? >> i have faith, i do, sean. it's a long way to november. i think for donald trump it's his noement to step it up and really to be true to his word
7:55 pm
that he's able to unite the party. i can feel we saw what governor bobby jindal said earlier, there has to be a goal to defeat hillary clinton. >> larry? >> she's got a lot of ammunition. we're talking about the economy this, has been the worst economic recovery in the lifetime of almost everybody listening to us. hillary is running for a third term of the obama administration. the polls show most americans think we're on the wrong track and she's offered no major or minor criticism of obama. why, if i'm dissatisfied with the economy want four more years of the same policies? >> guys, we have more to get to. thank you, good to see you. but another live hour of "hannity" coming your way. we'll weigh in on tonight's big, breaking news, more reaction, donald trump becoming the
7:56 pm
presumpive nominee. more, straight ahead. ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪ at our retirement plan today. not now! i'm cleaning the oven! yeah, i'm cleaning the gutters! well i'm learning snapchamp! chat. chat! changing the oil... (vo) it's surprising what people would rather do than deal with retirement. pressure-washing the... roses. aerating the lawn! (vo) but with nationwide it's no big deal.
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8:00 pm
and grilled chimichurri shrimp and panko-crusted crab cakes bursting with crabmeat. because some choices are hard, but this one, this one's easy. so hurry in before it ends! welcome to "hannity". donald trump scores a victory in indiana and ted cruz crop -- drops out of the race. >> we're going after hillary clinton. she will not be a great president, she will be a poor president. she doesn't understand trade. her husband's signed the, perhaps in the history of the world, the worst trade ever done. we have such bad deals. they're not going to be able to do what we can do with the
8:01 pm
military and what we're going to do on the border, including the wall. >> here with reaction, the co-hosts of "the five". a lot of hurt feelings out there. i understand it. the candidates put themselves out there. they work hard. it's a grind, tough, gruelling. the party unite? >> all we have to put our big boy pants on and think about the positive future, what we can do to move the country forward in the right direction to restore jobs and really establish a free market capitalism in the country that will help everybody grow and strengthen our military, move forward with focus, foreign policy and national security. many of these things, including revamping the health care system. >> let me ask you, eric if you're sitting with a ted cruz supporter, never trump guy, what would you tell them? >> grieve.
8:02 pm
take your moment, feel bad and get over and unite. at the end of the day it doesn't matter how much you dislike donald trump. in the next 4 or 8 years you're going to get 1 to 3 new supreme court justices. you don't want hillary clinton picking those supreme court justices. >> trump is going to announce a list of 12-13 people only considered for the supreme court. so conservatives will have a good idea where he stands with that. i assume he wants somebody like scalia and thomas. >> it's going to be better than prom ever hillary clinton would do, would bring. she'd bring a liberal, a far left -- >> bring obama. >> she'd bring a clinton or obama. take purr pick. >> someone far left of morerick garland. that is what have you to think about. the future, going forward and how the party can come together
8:03 pm
about bringing more people into the tent. ted cruz is one of the brightest candidates we've seen. he has a lot to say for the republican party and conservative movement. he ran an outstanding campaign. think about 17 people trying to get the nomination. >> things were hostile today. do, for÷n example, ted cruz is years old? a young guy. he's got plenty of time to run for president. what about this idea i've been floating for a while. at the people that ran and some people that didn't, bobby jindal was on and john kasich and ted cruz. >> scott walker. >> and newt gingrich, rudy. you pull these people together if this was the strongest field of candidates that the republicans had in a long time, and the largest. and there is a lot of talent
8:04 pm
there. >> you can come up with something focused and purposeful with the party going forward. there is a movement out there. it transcended ideological politics. it wasn't about republican or libertarian. this is a movement about taking america back, getting it going in the right direction and yes, a tremendous amount of waits about an outsider. that is why bernie sanders has done well tonight and i say have a little bit of joy in your heart. hillary clinton -- >> bernie sanders is the evidence of that. >> what it be smart? how does donald trump, now that he's won, how does he unite and get everybody on the never hillary camp? >> i think he's going to do that.
8:05 pm
there could be a group of never trump. never get on the donald trump page. i think donald trump can win and needs to win by enticing bernie sanders voters. and there are people that said i need someone from the outside. exit polling showed 65% of the people, sorry. 84% of the people are dissatisfied or angry. 60% wanted an outsider. grab some of those independents and democrats and say here is your outsider. >> after wisconsin we're talking about the possibility you had ted cruz and john kasich. they're going to stop trump from getting to 1237.
8:06 pm
okay. indiana went heavily for trump. >> first it would be cruz and kasich splitting the field and the races and say, cruz saying i'll take indiana. you have oregon. it looked desperate. people are going that is pretty dispret. and ted cruz, great guy. but picking carly fiorina down by 600 or 700 delegates, looks like another desperate move. people realize, it can't work for that guy. >> i don't bee grudge ted cruz for making a move like that. i think he said we left it in indiana. you don't want to leave any, you know, card unturned and don't want to have regrets.
8:07 pm
at the end of the day, i think he felt he owed his supporters. >> i'm fine with that. raz a guy that probably wants to run for president again, i saw a packs knit man up there tonight. someone that would be president one day. won't be be dumb if he doesn't? >> i think he will. i think marco rubio will as well. so remember, ted cruz, seven times couldn't answer? now, i think he probably will. he's got a long political future. >> with john kasich cruz says we're moving forward and we'll see you in california. that is --
8:08 pm
>> he won one state. >> trump should figure out a cabinet post. >> i aagree. >> roll them out over time. say here is foreign policy advisors. show the people. >> show the stars you want to surround with. >> there is little bit of yes, this is a victory despite all odds that he can fight and win. those are positive things. that is part of the american dream. >> this is what the choice is going to be for everybody that is never trump. okay. who is going to build a wall? if everything, the things donald trump said, he's going to give names of people he'd nominate to the supreme court and it will be from that pool of people he will choose. he said to me, health care
8:09 pm
savings aaccounts, replacing obamacare, energy independence. did you see what hillary's comments about coal this week? >> going to put coal miners out of business? like frackers out of business? >> a guy had tears in his eyes. >> this poor guy. hillary clinton saying she's going to put coal miners out of business. here is how she responded. >> whenever you might comment we're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs. these are the people you're affecting. this is my family. that is my future, i want to know how you can say you're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and tell us how you're going to be our friend. those people out there, don't see you as a friend. >> i know that, bo. and you know, i'm, i don't know
8:10 pm
how to explain it other than what i said was out of context. i have been talking about helping coal country for a very long time. >> she's lying. she said put them out of business. >> west virginia is a sweeps state. and trump believes he had a chance to put pennsylvania. pennsylvania has a lot of coal country and coal jobs they lost and continue to lose, and will lose under president clinton. and is a game changer. >> why not try? there is a lot of history, but it's who comes out to vote.
8:11 pm
who feels most needed. >> we see record numbers for republicans. so those are interesting. >> you guys are in at midnight. >> as soon as you sign off. >> who is on the show tonight? >> five all stars. dana perino, juan williams. >> i like it when there is a war going on. i like a good fight. >> campaign carl. >> he's on tonight. >> i watch all the time. >> we finish a segment and he goes like this. whew. >> i had one appearance. it's like you're getting hit from all sides. >> it's fun, right? we're fired up and have a lot of
8:12 pm
energy and fight left in us. >> coming up, former 2016 republican presidential candidate governor mike huckabee is here, he'll give his take on donald trump being the presumptive g.o.p. nominee, straight ahead. de effects. de effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. if you've gone to extremes to escapetry clarispray.ergies. new, from the makers of claritin. with the #1 prescribed ingredient. and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with clarispray.
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8:15 pm
8:16 pm
just so you understand ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or doesn't like me but he is one hell of a competitor, he is a tough, smart guy. he's got an amazing future. he's got an amazing future. so i want to congratulate ted and i know how tough it is. it's tough. it's tough. i have had moments where it was not looking so good. and it's not a great feeling. and so i understand how ted feels and heidi and their whole beautiful family. i want to just say, though, that one tough competitor. >> donald trump tonight after his big win in indiana, of course, senator ted cruz dropping out of the race tonight. here with reaction, governor mike huckabee is with us. you know what donald trump said there, and i have been up close
8:17 pm
and personal with a lot of candidates. it really is tough. you go all in, spending over a year of life and you don't get exactly where you want to be in the end. it's brutal. it's tough. what did you think? >> tell me bit. you know? people don't understand that i think sometimes, it's harder to get out of the race than it is to get in. getting in, you kind of ramp up. getting out, is usually something you have to do abruptly. it is so painful. you feel like you've let down your family and friends. people sacrificed financially and given their time. it's a painful thing to walk and say we're done. >> a month ago, i think that ted cruz had a mathematical chance of stopping donald trump. that is how close it was. i don't think he has anything to be ashamed of. he ran a very strong campaign. i viewed trump and cruz as
8:18 pm
outsiders in different ways. the country did not want an establishment guy. it came down to those two. how does this work out, especially cruz supporters that are disappointed tonight? >> well, sure, they're disappointed. of course, they're hurt. but those wounds need to start healing and they need to ask would they rather have hillary? i believe donald trump will beat hillary clinton and i think he's the one guy left on the field that has the best chance to do it. and sean, let me put it this way. hillary clinton is like the british army and revolutionary war. very predictable. she's going to march shoulder to shoulder. she'll run a conventional campaign. donald trump is like swamp box. he'll hit her from the trees and it will keep her off her game.
8:19 pm
that is not something she handles well. >> are you that confident? >> yes, i'm confident. yeah. i know know hillary better than most anyone out there running. he's got the shot to do it. >> you had 17 really top notch republican governors and senators. i think the best field we have ever had in terms of depth. how did he systematically defeat these people? what is it about donald trump's message that now ends up in a record number of g.o.p. primary votes in the history of the g.o.p. ? >> part of what happened is that people had been focused on the purist of the conservatives. they've been electing and nominated people that pretended they were purist but people kept losing their job, they lost their health care, their kids couldn't go to college. they said if this is the purity
8:20 pm
of the conservative movement then we don't need it. let's go something unconventional. add that to the fact that donald trump did get most of the helium in his balloon. so yes, it floated higher, most of us were struggling to get our messages out. he was captivating. >> made news every second of every day. >> every day. >> and he was so effective. donald trump said at the mode yim that a lot of people said around the coffee shops with their buddies. and so when he would go and say it, people would say yeah, that is what i believe, too. and yet, he was saying it not with the normal kind of caution that most of us as candidates would say it because we are kind of maybe conditioned not to be too blunt. and hey, this is the year blunt worked.
8:21 pm
>> if he just did a few things, let's say he builds a wall. let's say he listens to our intelligence officials and says no way. let's say he does get rid of obamacare, and allows energy independence. we went over hillary's comments. if he just did some of the things and maybe spent less, would that create more opportunities? by preventing illegal immigrants from coming into the country and competing for jobs? >> he'll bring a sense of optimism and hope and will want to make americans winners again. americans are winners. that is what we do. we want to win.
8:22 pm
with obama, it felt like we're wanting to apologize. russians are not going to be flying fighter jets 30 feet from one of our navy destroyers when trump is president. that is just not going to happen. i think it's going to be a great opportunity for america to have a resurgence of american spirit. >> do you agree with newt rink rich that he could single handedly destroy the ideology of liberalism because he's so antiliberal? does that do a better job because it's works and tear down the walls of liberalism built up in the obama years? >> i think he has every
8:23 pm
opportunity owe do that. when he talks about tax policy, it's not just a sense of saying we're going to cut taxes because that is what i'm supposed to do. it's we're going to cut taxes because that creates jobs and put more merchandise on the shelves. he understands that. and i hear people say are you worried about donald trump? i thought i should have been the nominee. i told people across the country we'll be fine with trump. he will be an excellent president and he will beat hillary clinton. >> i think it's fair to say
8:24 pm
that, sean. he has brought a lot of people into the party. i want to say you ran a narrow ideological stride for the party. donald trump is bringing a lot of people to the party that were traditional democrats and independents. so get over. >> it was ted cruz less electable? >> he would have had a much tougher time against hillary. i'm in for donald trump. he's our nominee. he needs to be there. one concern with ted he was so
8:25 pm
predictable. i thought what is what hillary does. and what people are so accomplish tiff is that he's reacting to what is going on. you get a sense this is not just a guy reading notes and following sdript and carefully rehearsing everything. >> there is no doubt. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> coming up, more reaction to tonight's braenging news, donald trump, the presumptive republican nominee. that and more tonight on "hannity" ing news, donald trump, the presumptive republican nominee. that and more tonight on "hannity" ring news, donald trump, the presumptive republican nominee. that and more tonight on "hannity" eing news, donald trump, the presumptive republican nominee. that and more tonight on "hannity" aing news, donald trump, the presumptive republican nominee. that and more tonight on "hannity" king news, donald trump, the presumptive republican nominee. that and more tonight on
8:26 pm
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it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet? . i sense a great deal of momentum and i think while the path is that one, i do not deny that, i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. and if i become the nominee for the democratic party, and then, once we secure that position, i have absolute confidence we're going to defeat donald trump. >> that is bernie sanders
8:30 pm
tonight in his win over hillary clinton in indiana. now, we have josh putnam, from the university of virginia, kyle kondic is with us. and we want to talk about corruption in politics. take away super delegates, he's there with hillary. neck and neck. but the party is so corrupt they decided he can't win. >> welsh it makes it hard for hillary clinton because, and bernie sanders because the delegates are based off the proportional basis. so it's a slow drag happening and hillary clinton wants nothing more than to end this thing and not have to deal with bernie sanders anymore. the main stream media is pointing to a lack of unity. but the democratic party could be heading to a contested convention and it is incredibly
8:31 pm
divided. >> it is a great irony. the funny part is that hillary is going to have a tough time. i don't see those bernie sanders people as much as cruz and truch supporters at each other's throats. i don't see bernie sanders supporters feeling the bern for hillary in any way, shape, or form. >> i think it may be donald trump is helpful in that regard. i think american voters are often motivated by disliking the other party. there are a lot of democrats and sanders supporters who aren't going to like donald trump and a lot of republicans who aren't going to like clinton. there are a lot of voters motivated by hate in this election. >> what is your take, josh? >> well, you know, it's just asking them to do something he's never done. since they've been a part of the process. >> yes. >> going forward, we talk about
8:32 pm
unity. do you see a problem? >> i think it's going to be tough this, is where trump is going to have to bring the republican party and has to be a message of we're all in this together to stop hillary clinton. that is the alternative for the country. he's going to have to make the case z i think he's got a strong one, that is a way he can potentially connect with voters. >> the country will move center left. i get the sense watching the young people wanting student loans paid for, free health care, free houses. who knows what they want. they want a status utopia. is that going to impact the election? >> i think it's going to have to be one did the american dream. he's a very rich guy. he can say look, i want you to
8:33 pm
do well, and you haven't been. and that is why he's resonated with individual workers who felt like this economy left them behind. he's going to have to make that case to americans. >> kyle, do you think this appeal that did show up in pennsylvania and around the country, will it show up? does he have an opportunity? what? 60,000 to # 0,000 republicans wanted to vote for trump? >> so i think trump may be lose some of the games. >> they're going to be turned on by hillary? really? >> we saw to this extent to
8:34 pm
trump, it was. >> ier levels of education. >> who are they going to go with? >> well, they might just stay home. >> four more years of obama? >> i think that another problem, more than 30% nonwhite in this election. and he's got a lot of work to do. >> you can't cite an example. are you talking about comments about illegal immigration? or we have our fbi director and former envoy to defeat isis saying isis will infiltrate the
8:35 pm
refugee population? he said we should stop it? >> a lot of hispanics are worried about illegal immigration comments and trump is one of the leading opponents of sort of this birther theory. >> i think it's going to be difficult for hillary clinton to pull that coalition together that president obama was able to do in 2008 and 2012. there is a poll in ohio that had more than 12% of the vote. >> who has been so impacted by the negative economic policies that i think most americans if you look at the impact of illegal immigration, or i'll throw this to josh, our criminal
8:36 pm
health care system, i think americans are kind of fed up. that message resonates. >> it's been the story about the election cycle. is that danger on both sides, right? and you know, again, what we have seen is that that is not going to translate into the general election in terms of support. both sides are going to be motivated by the other candidates. >> one party has seen record numbers in terms of primary turn out and another that is gone down dramatically. guys good to see you all. and coming up, peter johnson junior, doug shown, charles hurt here with reaction.
8:37 pm
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see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> i've said i'll continue on as long as there is a viable path to victory. tonight, i'm sorry to say it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> senator ted cruz dropping out of the republican race, making donald trump the presumptive g.o.p. nominee. here with reaction is peter johnson junior, and doug shown, and charles hurt. let me start with doug. this is not a good night for you. you said the person you'd least want hillary to go up against is trump. she got a clock lean. >> she did. >> if you eliminate super delegates this is a real race. it's so crooked and corrupt, that they have basically given
8:42 pm
her the nomination with these super delegates. >> but bernie sanders -- >> what part of that is not true. >> it's all basically true with other big problems. donald trump is going to turn on hillary tomorrow. the republicans i think will unify. hillary has to fight bernie sanders and will face the possibility and likelihood of a contested convention. two reasons, money, and the platform. and trump who is tied or slightly ahead. >> in the battle ground these are the two most recent polls. >> the mourning poll, hillary is at 44. this is a very, very bad night
8:43 pm
for secretary clinton. they're going to be having tough moments now. >> is it amazing, peter johnson junior what a rough time she's had with a 74-year-old angry socialist from vermont? >> she did. tonight looked like what the heck is going on there? there is a commitment there. she has a fight in a lot of different ways. and this campaign for her is going to be a negative campaign and. >> no enthusiasm.
8:44 pm
>> the difference is that bernie sanders represents a positive movement about something positive and he has a mission to go all the way. ted cruz didn't have a great -- >> there is a narrative that okay. never trump. how does he get them in his camp now sna. >> he goes back to his basic principles, talking about dealing with illegal immigration, fighting terrorism, and you know. >> so stay on the core message? >> absolutely. >> does that mean he transitions? >> no.
8:45 pm
>> this is politics. hillary, if i was in the room tonight, i'd say turn hard on trump. don't let up. you're in a weakening position. >> she's a very poor candidate. >> she's got to attack trump. >> we have another problem of hanging out there that is james comey. >> this is going to be about character and conscience.
8:46 pm
and where are the trumpocrats? he needs to win a sizeable chunk of the democratic voter. >> it's a coalition of blue collar workers, of all strives who say for all of the promises what have they done for me? white, black, hispanic they've walked away from me. and record debt. >> she's going to make it a
8:47 pm
referendum on him. >> why are you voting for her? >> i have a long history with her, and her husband. >> do you like her? >> i like her as a better choice for president. >> i don't hate. i just prefer to be with you than her. >> do you think trump is going to win? >> i think have you to prepare this is going to be close. >> when we come back, more reaction to breaking news with our panel as we continue on this special hour of "hannity". "the five" right after this. savings whiplash.
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>> many people are going that won't believe. people who have said the worst things about me. i never had things said about me like this. in my businesses, i've been respected and people didn't talk to me this way. in politics it's easy. they're saying we'd love to get on the trump train. >> donald trump earlier tonight,
8:52 pm
we continue with our panel. het me play the hillary clinton on the comment she's going to put coal miners out of business. >> i'm the only candidate about how to bring economic opportunity using clean, renewable energy as the key into coal country. because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. those people labor theed in those mines for generations. losing their health, often their lives, to turn on our lights and power our factories. now, we've got to move way from coal. and all of the other fossil fuels but i don't want to move away from the people that did the best they do produce the energy we've relied on. >> she's against coal miners and fracking and drilling. and. >> she said coal miners. yes. not coal companies, but the
8:53 pm
first one she listed. and this is where trump separated and made gains on this issue. and it's just sort of says a lot on this, it's something that matters. >> let me ask you. you supported donald trump. he knocked out 16 really smart guys against all expectations. you were one earliest supporter. you have as much confidence he does that in the general? >> i have more confidence that he will do it. and it's a rev mend yum. >> interesting question.
8:54 pm
i see a lot of ted cruz people disappointed tonight. i sympathize with them. he should be proud and i'm sure he's down tonight. >> this is an inside, outside election. and all of the energy is with outsiders, donald trump is the ultimate outsider. >> i contend this establishment hated trump and cruz. >> that is correct. and i think the trump victory is a death nail for the washington elite and washington establishment. donald trump had to stay on that head. because the washington elite are a coalition of democrats and republicans who failed singly and selectively in leadership in
8:55 pm
america. so donald trump makes it clear he's not responsible for the sins of the past and he can win. >> it would have been better if he ran with ben carson. here is the thing. >> who else would be good? rubio? >> rubio would be good. >> how about newt gingrich? >> okay. >> i think rubio would be a problem. >> why? >> because he went through washington and was a tea party favorite. >> we ran against newt in 96. hillary will do it again. >> coming up, more "hannity" right after the break. we'll continue. ooh... >>psst. hey...
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unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything. >> welcome back to hannity ". i think i sneezed on the air 20 times tonight. i have terrible allergies.
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tomorrow night, stay with fox news channel "the five" is coming up next. you don't want to miss it with our friends. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow night. >> hello everyone, it's midnight in new york city and this is "the five". >> this is a fox news alert. thanks for joining us on this special late night edition of "the five" for the battle for indiana. donald trump says wins the indiana primary and ted cruz drops out of the race. here is trump reacting to his victory in the hoosier state. >> i have to tell you i have