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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 4, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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he'll join bill o'reilly tomorrow. >> tomorrow, newt gingrich and lou holtz. >> wonderful. i love lou holtz. he was the coach of my university. then we have actress kristin chenoweth so join us. >> sounds like a great three hours. i'll be back. >> great. i will too. bill: good morning. get ready for donald trump. the presumptive nominee. trump setting his sights on the nomination. martha: ted cruz's hail mary in indiana ended with a crushing defeat last night. the texas senator saying his campaign has come to the end of the road. >> tonight i'm sorry to say it appears that path has been
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foreclosed. together we left it all on the field in indiana. we gave it everything we got. but the voters chose another path. bill: cruz not mentioning trump by name, but his exit clears the path for the billion air businessman to win the nomination. >> i have met some of the most incredible competitors i have ever competed against right here in the republican party. we started off with that 17 number. ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or doesn't like me, but he's one hell of a competitor. he's a tough, smart guy. i want to thank and congratulate
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the republican national committee and ryan is prebus who i just spoke to, he's doing a tremendous job. it's not an easy job when he had 17 he goes. he's down to one. this country that is divided in so many ways will become one beautiful, loving country. we'll love and cherish each other and take care of each other. martha: reince priebus tweeted donald trump will be the gop presumptive nominee. peter doocy is in jeffersonville, indiana where all the action happened last night. quite a morning for donald trump after a very big night. so what are we hearing from him
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this morning? >> we are hearing from trump that he was caught completely off guard by the cruz concession. trump explained he was planning on campaigning against cruz until the convention. now that he doesn't have to, he thinks it's okay to hang up the nickname he has branded the senator with. lyin' ted, we'll put that aside. i respected the job. i mean he was a very tough competitor and i said that last night. there was no path in my opinion. but i still thought he was going to the end. reporter: trump says he still hasn't spoken to senator cruz, but he might soon. martha: now the focus has to shift to putting together an
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expanded campaign and something that looks like a general election process. >> trump is starting to say nice things about the 15 republicans he ran against and defeated. but trump says he thinks he can bring it supporters of those other 15 republicans under the same tent, but he doesn't think he needs to. >> are you fully confident you can unite the republican party behind you? >> i can unite some of it. but some i don't want. there were statements made about me, and they can come back in eight years after we served two i think we'll do well against hillary.
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reporter: the talk in indiana is about trump being the favorite to be the nominee. kasich says he is not going to drop out until trump gets the 1,237 delegates the rnc rule book says he need to officially be the nominee. martha: peter, thank you very much. bill: chris stirewalt, today you polled republicans. 56% say right now there is a divided party on the gop side. what trump just said on the "today show." some of these people i don't want, they said nasty things about me. >> i think he's right. politic is nasty things. but donald trump doesn't need to run back to the base of the republican party to rebuild mitt
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romney's 57% of the republican party. he has to come up with serious dough seriously fast. now he's expecting the money he has given to be paid back and 50 million to $60 million to build an operation. and that's advance money on probably a billion bucks. bill: he said this morning he will raise money. just pause for a moment and consider the history of the past seven days. fiorina is chosen, kasich alliance is made and he loses by 16 point in a ruby red republican state. >> one of the things i like about working with you, you feel blessed doing the job we get to
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do. but when you think about this year and think about that week you described. you think about what you have. i sure didn't walk into donald trump's announcement speech when he rode down the escalator. i didn't think it was taking him into the history books. he's the first nominee since dwight eisenhower to run without political experience. bill: the voters are not listening to the party. trump has forged a different path. >> the party were dead and they didn't know it. the movement of money, the super pacs, the changes in the way people thought of themselves. the party may have been shelved and trump lifted up the lid and said there is nobody home.
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bill: here is what john wafer we weaver said about kasich. he will continue ... so then what now? baugh you write this morning, the next few weeks will tell us a great deal about how it will end. >> i don't want to get your ohio credentials revoked and get in trouble at home. but someone said john kasich was running fourth in a two-man race. ted cruz didn't say he quit. he said i'm suspended my campaign. so did marco rubio. if this turns into a pig pile at the convention. donald trump is -- what do they say about the fir runner up?
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if the republican nominee is unable to execute the responsibility of his job. bill: i don't know if that's written on a plaque or on paper. >> we'll get it made. martha: bernie sanders edged out hillary clinton in indiana. took the hoosier state by 4 percent and point. >> i understand secretary clinton thick this campaign is over. i have got some bad news for her. take a hard look at which candidate is generating the kind of enthusiasm, voter turnout that we need to make sure that somebody like a donald trump does not become president. and we'll see more and more delegate concluding. and that candidate is bernie sanders. >> the narrow margin of victory
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means clinton on sanders will split the delegates. lots more coverage ahead. that's a pivotal moment in this race. we'll talk about how hillary clinton is focusing on the general elect matchup. we'll talk to the rnc chief strategist. so much has happened in this race in the last 24 hour when you think about it, and so much has changed in terms of the republican party. do you need as much money as you used to need? donald trump demonstrated getting this mom nation that he didn't need the money candidate needed in the past. bill: a year ago donald trump was making instagram videos from his office on avenue. a year later he's the presumptive nominee.
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sanders will go on, he like west virginia, oregon, kentucky, all these state could spell trouble on the democratic side. he was conceding nothing last night. the likelihood of a trump-clinton matchup? is that stronger than ever in bernie sanders says no. how will that compare the obama-romney matchup of 2012. martha: the story of how the clinton foundation raised all that money will come to the big screen. also this. bill: the u.s. fight genesis *. ash carter traveling in europe offering a grim prediction about the terror group. >> the fight is far from over. we must continue to look for opportunity to do more as we work with our partners in iraq and syria. for as long as i can.
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martha: details coming in on the fight against isis. secretary of defense ash carter says the fight is far from over. the secretary meeting with u.s. counterpart in germany one day after a u.s. navy seal was killed in iraq. the pentagon has identified charles keating as a 3-year-old
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who was lost in that fight. he was struck by isis fire when he was advising peshmerga forces behind enemy lines. >> we are going after hillary clinton. she'll not be a great president. she'll not be a good president. she'll be a poor president. bill: donald trump will take on hillary clinton. a new national poll shows trump trailing hillary clinton by double digits. allen, you start. give it a shot. >> the republican party is a private organization. they can do whatever they want. last time they changed the rules
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to keep out ron paul. if they want donald trump to be their nominee and have him risk not only the presidency but also the down tick in races. if he got to where he was by insulting john mccain, minorities, immigrants, that's their call. bill: brad? >> donald trump i think will have a different tone in this election going forward. but that doesn't mean to say he won't be tough on hillary clinton. i don't think there will be any candidate the republicans can field better to get to hillary. he has to fundraise and build a national organization. and he must look at the technology the democrats have done and incorporate that with the rnc in the get out the vote effort.
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we have a monumental battle to take on hillary. bill: indiana from last night. 53-36. this is the electoral map four years ago. barack obama is in blue, mitt romney is in red. obama did 332 on the electoral map. romney did 206. it appears based on memory what memory flipped indiana from 2008 and romney also flipped north carolina. but everything else on the map stayed the same. how does this look now in 2016. >> we are electorally challenged. we need florida ohio virginia. we need new mexico, colorado. donald trump has to hit the
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ground running and we need a strategy by which we can convince people in these states to come home and flip these to red states. i think we have an uphill battle. but i think it's absolutely doable against somebody like hillary clinton. this election, if we learned anything, is about outsiders, and there is nobody more inside than hillary clinton. bill: bernie sanders. did you hear him. there is no quitting him. >> he said it's a contested convention, he's not going anywhere soon. bill: he's look at the map that is favorable for him. you are going to get a long drawn-out process until the third week in july. do you dispute that?
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>> no, it will be a long drawn-out process because he won't give up the fight. bill: what is the effect of that on her and a large were general election context? >> i think he made her a better candidate. he helped move her to the left on certain issues. she is hopefully reading the tea leaves and seeing his populism is appealing and attractive, and hopefully if she is the nominee she'll be able to reach out to the millennials and help them understand why he is appealing to those people and bring them in just as trump is going to have to bring in people and the republican establishment who have not been tear any friendly to him. bill: women, hispanics, brad? >> this is another thing that trump should be thinking about today. you want to pick somebody who
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can compliment the your ticket electorally. i think the governor of new mexico would be outstanding. bill: susana martinez? >> yes. martha: a stunning report about one of the leading causes of death in the united states. even more than traffic accidents, and it may surprise you. bill: this is a huge fire taking over an entire town forcing tens of thousands to leave their home. we'll tell you where it's happening and whether firefighters can get under control today. versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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bill: president obama goes to
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michigan in a few hours. pell meet with the governor who take a drink from the water to show that it's safe. martha: an epidemic of errors in our hospitals. a patients getting the wrong medicine. even removing a wrong limb. stuff common medical mistakes are more common than you know and they could be the third leading cause of death. jonathan serrie, is this a new problem or are we just learning more about it? >> the study's author says the problem has been underreported. when someone dies the cause of death is listed on a death
6:26 am
certificate. the causes of death fall into an international code or hospital error or medical error in general is not among the potential codes you can use on that death certificate. so the problem is often not reported. researchers at johns hopkins university came up with a nationwide estimate, that estimate more than a quarter million deaths in a given year. if accurate, that would place medical error as the third leading cause of death, and more lethal than lung disease and car crashes. they published their analysis in the bmj. martha: what do they think the solution is. >> death certificates should allow you to list the cause of death even if it doesn't fit into one of those nice neat international code that are
6:27 am
customarily used. they suggest certificates could include asking whether a preventable complication contributed to the patient's death. and they say a standardized method of reporting and collecting his information is needed to get an accurate national picture of the problem sow medical providers can learn from their mistakes and hopefully do no harm. bill: a fox news alert. overseas markets mostly down as we await market reports. we'll check county opening bell 2 1/2 minutes from now. hillary clinton says sorry to coal miners in west virginia.
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6:32 am
much of it. some of it i don't want, there were statement that were made about me, that those people can go away and come back in 8 years after we serve two terms. there are some people i don't want. people are voting for me, not the party and i think we'll do well against hillary. martha: donald trump on whether he can unite the republican base. the republican frontrunner almost securing his nomination. the never trump group says nothing has changed for them. so much of this has played out in the media. this issue of never trump. i want to put up the front cover of today's new york post which has thrown it support for donald trump. can i believe the shock that resonate around the way we
6:33 am
watched things unfold. >> it's not only a shock but torture for people opposed to donald trump. a number of conservative commentators associated with this network saying they were in the never, never, ever trump camp right up until the moment he rays his hand over the bible. then bill kristol wants to get a third party conservative bid which would hand the keys to the white house to hillary clinton. they think he will ruin the gop brand. they would rather give up power for four years than give it to donald. martha: obviously trump's victory in indiana maybe it more
6:34 am
challenging. it's mast fating to look at this. you think about william f. buckley and the philosophy of the most electable conservative out there. you think about mccain, dole, maybe jeb bush who was the hope of some conservatives. romney, it didn't work out so well. think is a whole new ballgame. >> donald trump's whole theory though he says he's a common sense conservative, he's a mixture. he has some moderate and conservative positions. that has thrown the republican party into a tizzy. there are other anti-trump people who are softening. maybe we can work with this guy.
6:35 am
they don't want to be in the uncomfortable position of opposing the nominee maybe out of party loyalty. martha: the never trump crowd, the criticism of him is they didn't get their act together. all the moments in this campaign when so many said that's it. the trump campaign is going to fall apart. they lost essentially. they lost. trump was a force of of nature in this campaign. like him or hate him. all of these big time nors who were going to beat him couldn't compete with the street fighter who couldn't be involved in a political campaign. trump was very agile, he adjusted his mess and and now he's running the show.
6:36 am
many find it a tough pill to swallow. there are a few who says he will support hillary. some people may think hillary is preferable to donald trump. martha: if they are never trump they have two choices. john kasich would say they have one more choice to add to that list. they are either going to vote for hillary clinton or stay home. they have to recognize we went through how many people to get to this point, right? the asking you at the end of the last presidential campaign was that the bench was so deep on the republican side, scott walker, chris christie, marco rubio, ted cruz, there was so much talent on the republican side that their cup was going to runneth oh. but donald trump showed them the people were looking for something different.
6:37 am
>> trump in a way nobody he will has, maybe bernie sanders on the left sensed the anger and frustration among working class folks who are fed up with the political establishment and the media establishment as well. martha: donald trump fired up and shot all over the tent at everybody, pretty much. some of these norms the way thing are done have been blown out of the water. >> he used against ted cruz the idea that the system is rigged. the state he won, there were more delegate awarded to ted cruz. he did it with media and twitter and constant interviews. martha: he said yes all the time. >> he did it with rhetoric that some people call divisive.
6:38 am
martha: the fact he said yes all the time. there has been criticism by ted cruz of fox news very specifically saying that donald trump was created by fox news, he is very angry at the media, and feels it's the media's fault that his campaign floundered. there is a point to be made about all the free coverage trump got on all of the cable news network and elsewhere. ted cruz had a frustrating type. he needed to deflect attention from that. as he ratcheted up the rhetoric, we wanted trump to be the nominee, i think people weren't buying it and we saw that last night in indiana. >> the inhave i takes went out across the board to the candidate.
6:39 am
we said how many candidate can we get out tomorrow. donald trump said no to us plenty of times, too. >> but he said yes to a lot of them. very interesting to talk to you. bill are later tonight trump is on with bill o'reilly. you can see that exclusively 8:00 eastern time on the fox news channel. what is next for trump. he was asked about a running-mate. what is he look for in a vice president. we'll talk to the trump campaign. martha: hillary clinton says she still hasn't been interviewed by the f.b.i. over the email investigation. just in time for the election, a new book about the clinton's finances-be told on the big screen. >> you have a foreign corporation or foreign government who want something from if the government.
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by hillary clinton says the f.b.i. has yet to interview her over her use of a private server as secretary of state john kerry. a new documentary released this summer based on the best-selling book called "clinton cash." >> enormous amounts of money have flowed to the clintons from foreign governments and foreign finance years. with the clintons nothing is sacred. bill: the executive producer of the documentary and director of the documentary "clinton cash." peter, it's been some time since
6:44 am
we have spoken. i want to know what viewers will learn new from this film. >> when "clinton cash" came out there was a lot of interest. it's a book with 30 panels of foot notes. most people don't want to read books like that, they find them heavy and plodding. the documentary is a series of stories. you will see it in a visual way. bill: she hasn't been interviewed, apparently. are you surprised by that? >> no, not really. what's interesting is if you look at f.b.i. investigations and the time of the election, i find it interesting the investigation has not wrapped up yet. that indicates to me, it's more than a year in, they are probably finding things, if they were not finding things they
6:45 am
would wrap this thing up pretty quickly. it does not surprise me. we'll have to wait and see what the results are. the longer this drags on, the worse it looks for hillary clinton. bill: many believe it's not just about her server. they think it's about the clinton foundation. are you part of that? the latter? >> i hate to dong the question. if we are contacted by law enforcement agencies when it deals with corruption. we are glad to share with them. i'll leave it at that. suffice it to say as fox news and others reported. this is not just about the server. this is about the clinton foundation and the interplay of money flowing to the clintons while hillary clinton was making decisions favorable to the people providing that. >> how many f.b.i. agents are on this story? >> the estimates are 150. there have been reports that a
6:46 am
couple months ago they added people to the investigation which to me is quite interesting. you would expect if they were not finding anything or wrapping things up, they would not be adding investigators. but that's what some the report are. bill: is there any way of of saying when they would have concluded this investigation? you think about this historically, it's never been done like this before. if they do find something or wanted take it forward with charges, when would that happen? >> that's a good question. the pat answer from the f.b.i. is we take as much time we think we need for the investigation. clearly there are political pressures. if the f.b.i. send a criminal referral to the department of justice, that will be leaked. the department of justice is more political. the f.b.i. and the u.s. military
6:47 am
are probably the two remaining government institutions that a lot of people have credit for. even if the d.o.j. does not decide to prosecute. i think the fact that you have a criminal referral that the f.b.i. is saying we believe that crimes were committed by hillary clinton. i think it is a difficult thing politically for her to overcome. bill: you have also said, if you look at what's motivating trump and sanders supporters, cronyism and corruption in washington. >> people look at the immigration issue with trump or income inequality with sanders, and i think issues play a role. but what is the unifying principle? donald trump saying i'm too rich to be bought. bernie sanders is saying i'm so far out of the mainstream i can't be bought because corporations hate me. whether those statement are
6:48 am
factual or not, i think that's fueling the appeal. people are fed up with the notions politicians go into politics. they are relatively middle class. and after 15 years of so-called public service, they are fabulously wealthy. i think people are frustrated and fed up. >> you are arguing that's true for both sides, right? >> that's right. i think that's what you are seeing with bernie sanders and donald trump. depending on how the primary races go, where is the energy and excitement. it's clearly with the two candidates perceived as the biggest outsiders of this race. bill: bill clinton called this f.b.i. investigation a game. what is the effect of that wet agents hear that or watch that. >> i would think it would be frustrating on their behalf. bill clinton has tried to
6:49 am
poo-poo all of this, and i don't think it's very effective. bill clinton gave an interview in africa when he was asked, are you going to keep giving these speeches when your wife becomes president of the united states? he chuckled and said yes, because i have to pay the bills. they are worth $100 million and they don't have a problem paying the bills. bill: on the 24th of july in philadelphia the movie is out. the eve of the democratic national convention. it's going to get some attention. we'll see how much. peter suicidesser. thank you fo. martha: what is john kasich's plan after ted cruz says he's suspending his campaign.
6:50 am
he's expected to address the media an hour from now. bill: reince priebus appearing to get behind donald trump in terms of the nomination. can he unite the party? martha: a west virginia coal miner not too happy about what hillary clinton said about putting them out of business, but is the apology too late. >> i don't think she care about the my vote have as much at all. the biggest topic is who's going to take care of the people in our region and that's what's most important. [ cheering ]
6:51 am
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>> i watched hillary clinton as she was talking about the miners as if they were just miners.
6:54 am
she was talking about she wants the mines closed and she'll never let them work again. let me tell you, the miners in west virginia and pennsylvania which was so great to me last week, ohio and all over, they will start to work again. martha: that was donald trump about putting west virginia coal miners out of business. this week she did apologize in front of a group of people in west virginia including our guest phil copley, a miner who is out of work. beau, thank you for being with us today. >> thank you for having me. martha: you said you haven't decided who you will vote for or who you have like in this election process. it looks like the choices are getting a little bit more narrow. but you heard donald trump reaching out to the miners in that speech he gave. what was your reaction?
6:55 am
>> he's really resonated with a lot of the people in our area. from the very beginning he has championed coal which is what we want. god has given us a great reverse in our state and area and the surrounding states, and we feel like it's not used out. we can do more with it if we have someone that will kind of pull back the reins that this administration's epa put forth on us. it's a daunting task. whoever goes into office, if they can help us in that regard, that would be tremendous. martha: what do you think, when you look at the choices you have in this election now. it sounded to me yesterday like you may have been leaning towards ted cruz. i don't know if that's true, you
6:56 am
tell me. if that was the case. what do you think you will do now? >> i'm really wasn't leaning in any direction. i put my faith and trust in god and whatever way he leads me that's the direction i'll go. so it's something i'll seek out in prayer and fasting and if he leads me in the direction of mr. trump, i would love to hear what mr. trump has to say further as exactly what his intentions are for my state and for our country. but i still haven't made up my mind 100% yet. >> you will have a lot of people visiting your state in the coming weeks and months and you have made your voice heard in an eloquent way in this process and we thank you very much. we wish you the best of luck and we are glad to have you with us. thanks for sharing your thoughts.
6:57 am
bill: in a moment we'll hear from john kasich. that will be live. trump wins big in indiana. cruz suspending his campaign at the same time. t the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom! you've never seen a number like that! you feel me lois? i'm feeling you. yeah you do! let's do this! watch out he just had a whole thimble full of coffee... woot! woot! the ready for you alert, only at la... quinta! yeah! ..
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>> donald trump setting sites on hillary clinton as he punted to stick it to the republican nomination, a brand-new hour of america's newsroom. after last night's runaway victory forced ted cruz to drop out, trump winner by 16 points he will have his work cut out for him in the head to head against in all likelihood hillary clinton. a new poll giving clinton a double-digit lead beating trump 54-31 and that is your starting mark as of this morning.
7:01 am
martha: good to have you here, congratulations to your team on a big win last night. you look at that poll, the matchup with hillary clinton and you have your work cut out for you. >> we are in a great position moving forward, a historic win last night, donald trump is doing a better job uniting republicans than hillary clinton is uniting democrats. last night was a perfect example of that, putting national polls aside look at the battleground states and the polls that have been taken over the last week or so, donald trump in a head to head that heat match with hillary clinton, that is where we have to look at places like ohio, pennsylvania and across the software donald trump will do extremely well and hillary clinton has not locked up the nomination were donald trump did that last night and i think we are an extremely good position and a better place than she is
7:02 am
right now. martha: give us an inside look at how things are being ramped up and retold, donald trump thought he would have more races he had to compete in but it doesn't look that way. when you look at the money the clinton operation is spending on technology and data collection, $5 million, $1 million, an enormous amount of staff, 783 employees on the payroll and it makes the operation you are running look small and behind the ball on the technology side. >> when you have a weaker candidate you have to compensate for it. hillary clinton is the weaker candidate so they have to do a lot more to compensate for that but at the same time we understand we are moving into the general election, we have to expand the campaign as we have over the past several months, adding staff, continue to do that and we have the opportunity to focus on the general election, set our sights on
7:03 am
hillary, is she still worried about bernie sanders to lock up the nomination, she has to continue spending a lot of resources doing that. martha: the vp question is inevitable. here is what donald trump had to say this morning. >> not a name in mind but i like the political sphere, the military sphere, political sphere and business. i think i am going to be very good on the military, the hidden strength and probably i would like to go with someone with political experience. >> he did a historical thing locking up the nomination, complete outsider in the political process, and good to break somebody and from this political sphere but at the end of the day looking for the best person for the job. and unite the country, and the
7:04 am
issues, and creating jobs, securing borders and keeping the country safer. martha: do they have a committee in place, setting up meetings at this point with potential people? >> i don't think any specific meetings have been scheduled with potential nominees but he is spending time talking to people, getting feedback from a very tight circle and will continue doing that, looking through many names out there that would make a good vice presidential nominee. martha: in terms of funding this operation, he made it through the first round, many millions
7:05 am
less than other people spend so far, here's what he said about whether he will use outside funding and where he might get it. >> do i want to sell a couple buildings and self fund? i don't know if i want to do that but i won't be asking for myself, i will be asking money for the party. and to start on right away. >> interpret this statement? >> he will self fund a lot of his campaign operation but when you become the nominee, the republican party steps in and have a lot of coordinated efforts, my best guess is we will focus beginning this week on helping the party build up so they can complement campaign operation he has been funding and we continue to fund. martha: and outside pack has been formed, we will talk about that later. thank you very much, good to see you this morning. bill: ted cruz announcing his exit from the race, he did that in indianapolis without
7:06 am
mentioning donald trump. >> we gave it everything we have got but the voters chose another path. so with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign. but hear me now, i am not suspending our fight for liberty. bill: trump is a 16 point winner. i want to bring in the managing editor of the crystal ball university of virginia center for politics, how are you doing? >> good morning. bill: i want to show you where we were four weeks ago yesterday, this was a statement
7:07 am
that ted cruz won by 15 points and it was two weeks after that when the dam broke in the state of new york and this set up a series of votes, state after state county after county that went for donald trump and started in new york, 7 days after that it went to rhode island, all purple, connecticut the same night, pennsylvania same story to the west, maryland to the south, delaware to the east. all of the states, six states over eight days donald trump lost one county, new york county. the dam broke on april 19th in new york. >> it is so interesting, we talk about momentum in campaigns yet ted cruz had the big victory in wisconsin and didn't do anything after that. what happened is the race moved to favorable terrain for donald trump, northeastern and mid-atlantic states where he was always polling pretty well, trump romped and something
7:08 am
happened nationally to the point where republicans decided for the most part we are comfortable now with donald trump as our presumptive nominee. before new york trump would routinely run worse than pre-election polling indicated. after new york he started to outperform the polls and that helped me that republican started decided this is our guy and we will go for it. sandra: bill: some of them you go on and on and but he hit a wall. you can trace it almost every time. >> it is amazing too indiana looked like a decent state for ted cruz and the anti-trump forces play there to some extent, performance was really poor and trump got 50%. bill: this really mattered
7:09 am
yesterday, 9 states left, there is a chance trump could take all 9 of them. it is possible. polling from cnn, the reason for voting for clinton, opposition to donald trump 51%. reason for voting trump, opposition to clinton, 57%. that shows you a majority will vote against someone right now rather than voting for someone. what does that say? >> there is a trend in american politics we have seen for a number of cycles now that a fancy term for it is negative partisanship. what that means is voters are motivated by disliking the other party and the other candidate more than liking their own candidate. i think this election will be a great test of that theory. as that poll indicated you have a majority of clinton voters, majority of trump voters who are just voting because they don't like the other party. that tells me you have two
7:10 am
pretty unpopular general election candidates and this should be probably a pretty nasty race. presidential elections in american politics are almost always nasty but this one can be vicious. bill: we will talk again real soon. martha: we are waiting to hear from john kasich, the only other gop candidate remaining in the race, expected to speak to reporters coming up. we will see what he has to say. we will take you there live when that gets underway. martha: trump technically is not at 1237. we will see if he backs that up or 1047. we ask for it and give it to you. the trump train is leaving the station. >> this is divided in so many ways, will become one beautiful,
7:11 am
loving country, we are going to love each other, cherish each other, take care of each other. bill: how republican leaders planning to focus on winning in november, have a look at that. martha: asked carter saying the war on isis is far from over. where does the united states stand? neil: if he police rushing in after an armed man hijacks the city bus. >> it is a bizarre incident, very uncharacteristic to take a bus, attack a bus driver. because the hardest part of any trip, should be leaving. expedia. technology connecting you to what matters.
7:12 am
7:13 am
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because the time to think about today. go long.
7:15 am
martha: a city bus hijacked in washington dc, an armed man got on board the bus, went a few stops and attacked the driver, the suspect drove off, killed a pedestrian. the man was upset and violent when officers arrested him yesterday. >> a bizarre incident, very uncharacteristic for someone to take a bus, attack a bus driver, the whole incident occurred in three minutes. the officers did a great job bringing the suspect into custody, >> caller: all the passengers
7:16 am
are okay. >> i didn't expect this. i didn't expect it. what ted did was a brave thing to do. we want to bring unity to the republican party. we have to bring unity. it is so much easier. >> donald trump transforming from presidential candidate to presumptive republican nominee. conservatives who refuse to back them are starting to feel pressure to follow in line as the race pivots toward the general election, trump clinching the nomination in indiana and ted cruz withdraws from the race, those things make it clear, he is 200 delegates away from 1237. the communications director and chief strategist for the rnc, good to have you with us. your reaction to last night and thought on the fact that there
7:17 am
are some who say they will never get on board. >> the tweet rights priebus sent out last night, the math is what it is, donald trump doesn't have the 1237 as of right now but the trajectory is there that he will have it and we need to focus on the general election and beating hillary clinton. this is more than beating hillary clinton, she has the potential of appointing three supreme court justices, that will shape the country for a generation. we don't have room in the republican party to lose votes, we need to gain votes, build our party, at more to our ranks if we want to keep hillary clinton out of the white house. to all those who may not have been on this team, we need to lot of that steak.picture martha: let's look at one of the exit polls, this asked indiana republicans who did not vote for donald trump how they felt about
7:18 am
donald trump and 51% saying they would never vote for him and the rest are persuadable, 51% simply not persuadable. you say you want them on board but do you want to take action to -- see if they come around? >> we need to focus on party unification in the coming weeks. we need to come out of cleveland united as a party. you need to do a little fence mending. a lot of people felt passionate about individuals they were supporting. we need to get back on the team talking about how united the party is, folks that supported somebody else, making the case for united party and focusing out of cleveland, on the
7:19 am
importance of winning back the white house. martha: john kasich won't get out until donald trump gets 1237. are you encouraging him to do anything differently? >> not at all. as we said from the beginning every candidate needs to run the race they see fit. we have never been in a position of telling a candidate to stay in a get out. we won't start now. john kasich has every right to stay in the race, make the case to voters but it is our job to look out for what is best for us to take back the white house, and the down prices as well. martha: in terms of donald trump has your candidate, the discussions that went back and forth between rights priebus and donald trump there was tension at times, discussion about tone in this race, loyalty pledges that were signed, do not drop out and start a third party or run as a third-party candidate, what is the rnc's advice in
7:20 am
terms of communication to donald trump about the way he should present himself? >> in 2012 the growth and opportunity report talked about republicans taking our conservative principles to places we hadn't gone, and the asian community, do better with single unmarried women. there are a lot of places we can do better, candidates that followed, recommendations that came out in 2012-2014 whether it was governor, senators or house down to mayoral races did better, you look at cory gardner, barbara comstock in virginia, gray gathered in texas, made going to places that haven't been heard in the past, we did much better, no question we need to do that. and towards the general election, away from primary voters, and the republican party
7:21 am
wants to grow and take over what we haven't been in in the past and talk about solutions that unite us all as americans. martha: the window gets smaller. thank you very much. bill: u.s. navy seal killed by isis in iraq, more on his extraordinary life, what the pentagon is saying about his death, the disturbing state of isis. martha: disturbing details of the man who admitted to contaminating food at supermarkets with mouse poison. >> we have to ask ourselves does this happen anywhere else? >> what if he has been doing it for weeks or months or years and suddenly someone saw him? makes you think about everything you buy. on baked-on? it's never gonna work. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. see? told you it would work.
7:22 am
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7:25 am
martha: a man suspected of poisoning food in several grocery stores is in custody. he admits to contaminating produce and prepared food bars or three stores in ann arbor, michigan, an investigation finds under surveillance sprayed the food with a mixture of water and rat poison. bill: we are now learning more about the life of a navy seal killed by isis fighters in iraq. there is a defense briefing happening in baghdad, the operation against isis, the navy seal identified as charles keating iv who grew up in indiana and died yesterday in a large-scale coordinated attack
7:26 am
north of mosul. the story out of the west coast newsroom, what a tragedy this is for him and his family and everyone who knew him. what happened? >> reporter: keating is the third us serviceman killed fighting isis. the white house claims the us is only there in a support role, moment ago the defense secretary admitted he died in, quote, combat. according to reports they were trying to rescue kurdish fighters pinned down by the islamic state near mosul. when the seals tried to save them isis responded, car bombs and rpg hit, keating's white suv. he decided to join the military after 9/11. long-distance runner in phoenix, a ruthless businessman was the young keating was more friendly
7:27 am
than empathetic. >> on a refrigerator, married in november. i am devastated. >> reporter: keating was 31, flags in arizona are at half staff. bill: for those that don't remember the keating name will ring a bell especially in arizona. keating's grandfather was charles keating, land developer in baker whose company american continental left 23,000 customers with worthless investments. he was convicted of fraud in the early 90s, serve four years in prison before the convictions were overturned, his political contributions led to congressional hearings. keating senior died two years ago. 's grandson grew up with a name synonymous with fraud, but he said he loved his grandfather
7:28 am
and the past was the past. the white house insisted he wasn't killed by isis but was simply in a dangerous place. >> he was armed, trained and prepared to defend himself but unfortunately he was killed. he was killed in combat. that was not part of his mention. >> keating has been a seal for the last eight years. a statement from the track coach at and m university. charlie was such a nice guy, everyone loved being around him, such a goof with no worries in the world, never saw him upset, loved having a good time and it was contagious. gone at 31. martha: that is sad, bright young man at such a loss to his country and his family and we thank him for his service and thank them for their sacrifice as well. conventional wisdom says that a candidate needs a strong infrastructure to win an election but this campaign has
7:29 am
been anything but conventional. can donald trump stand up to hillary clinton's campaign machine? we will talk about that. and another lost alligator, this one stopping to ask for some directions, he rang the doorbell to see if anyone was home.
7:30 am
>> . >> .
7:31 am
7:32 am
bill: a fox news alert, we take you to harris county texas, west of houston with a man with a shotgun entered a local business ashort time ago. the sheriff says the situation is under control and that the shooter is down but there are multiple injuries . unknown the extent of any injuries but no fatalities recorded now. a nearby high school has been shut down as a precaution,
7:33 am
just checking here. active shooter lockdown at morton ranch high school in katy texas and the shooter was reported in a transportation stop at that school so it looks like it's under control. we don't know the extent of injuries but at least several people suggested injured as a result so we are working this story from the sheriff department, harris county texas. more on that. martha: also waiting to hear from john kasich, at an event outside washington today. expected to take questions from reporters. you see them gathered there, what his plan is going forward after ted cruz suspended his campaignso we will look to see if there's any news and that is moments away so stay tuned for that from don kasich. now donald trump and hillary clinton in the path , a strong ground game is key in reaching out to voters must this election cycle everything seems different doesn't it? donald trump has turned the gop convention on its head with a bare-bones infrastructure and is
7:34 am
confident his campaign has what it takes to go the distance. >> i think were going to beat hillary. she's horrible on the economy, horrible on jobs. she's really horrible on the military when you look at what she's done with the military and her decisions were terrible. bernie sanders says she suffers from poor judgment. i may be using that line a little bit over the next couple months. martha: that line and many others. james rosen joins us live. it seems hillary clinton's campaign infrastructure and what is part of it already really dwarfs donald trump's. does it matter and is that really true? >> it is true and it probably will matter. the question is whether it's going to be decisive. hillary clinton inherited the largest, most successful political machine this country had seen since the kennedys. it's been retooled for the digital age beyond the
7:35 am
apparatus over equipment used in 2008. published reports estimate hillary clinton has spent 5 million on technology and data collection, opened offices in 28 states: employees aidstaff, upwards of 10,000 volunteers and an army of paid consultants four times that of donald trump and his team . >> it's a traditional block and tackle campaign. they haven't begun to put that together where the clinton campaign is already a-year-old. she's got a year advantage over him. these things are like startup businesses. they need their thing time to work things through. he's starting very late, he's not ever done thisbefore . >> as of now the trump campaign has about 100 employees . heather: martha: how difficult will it for him to bt build the infrastructure needs to have a good grounding boy forward? >> the first thing mister trump will need and lots of it will be something we don't often think of him as lacking, money. at critical juncture through the primary cycle cycle the infrastructure was also seen
7:36 am
, even nonexistent and by most accounts trump does not have the kind of personal wealth necessary to self fund the campaign through november, an estimated 2 billion in cash. he will also need to patch things up with the party and he's accused of running a primary.martha: part of the deal with trump is forcing the delegates, many of them were grassroots activists who will pick up the phone and make those calls and knock on doors and also, make sure he has the support of the republican national committee which they have kind of a natural organizational pace that he's going to need in many if not all of the 50 states. >> with rnc chairman reince priebus crowning trump the presumptive nominee in a tweet , all sides elected him having the benefit of the organization behind him. martha: we talked to john spencer and it seems that way insight from two of the pros, ed rollins, campaign director for ronald reagan's reelection campaign and he's joined a donald trump super
7:37 am
pack. joe trinity, the former campaign manager for howard dean. good day toboth of you. i'm doing, why did you sign up? >> i think is important we bring the republicans together. i think donald has run a great campaign. i can help him put a structure to the super pack. he's got a lot of catching up, as james just said. he's a super candidate and candidates also do very well but you need that ground game . bill: here's where we are for our viewers. we thought this would matter yesterday at this time. wethought the remaining nine contests would matter with republicans. here's where trump is now, 1037. this may not matter, presumptive nominee but it may matter in a significant way to bernie sanders and hillary clinton. this is where we were four years ago. 2012 , mitt romney picked up 206 electoral votes, obama 332. 337 the magic number. romney flipped three states, indiana, north carolina. ed, starting today how do you see this math lesson but
7:38 am
where is the race?>> democrats always have slight advantage in electoral maps. they make sure they stay in the republican line and then there's three or four other states, those target states that donald trump's unique ability to communicate with blue-collar democrats and other voters i think gives us an opportunity to go there. you've got to hold your own, expand and add people every day and obviously i was a cynic like many other people, i didn't think he could do this. he's far exceeded any expectations i had for him and i think he will be a strong candidate. bill: if you want to use this bait line as a starting point, go ahead. where is the campaign going? >> i think the first place is going to be florida. the republican can't get there without that state i don't think, even with trump winning places like pennsylvania which i think ed's talking about is one of the three or four midwest states where he might be able to gain some with blue-collar
7:39 am
whites, bring them over. bill: interesting. he went toflorida first ? florida, look. democrats, hillary clinton is going to start with about 240 or so electoral votes in states that have voted six out of six times for democrats. florida with its 29 electoral votes puts her over the top so he's got to stop there. what's fascinating about that state obviously is he did amazingly well there in his own primary as did hillary clinton and trump considers it a second home. bill: 66 of 67 counties, right joe? >> he beat the native son marco rubio in that state. red, what state would you pick? >> florida and ohio are the two keys. republicans can't win without those two states. i hope ted cruz gets back home and start putting the
7:40 am
pieces together for the convention and to win the state in the fall. we don't win those states it's hard to get them. bill: hillary clinton tweeted 30 minutes ago, joe, you can take this. there's only one candidate left who can stop me from presidency. chip in now if you thought hillary is back . >> raising money, donald trump's going to be the great unifier and i do want to say one thing to add, he's starting to remind me of al pacino. every time he gets out, they call him back in. >> i'm an old war horse. this is the last one though. bill: we will see about that. ed, thank you. martha: talking about kasich, he is saying don't talk counting out yet republican leaders say donald trump is the presumptive nominee they are awaiting the governor's first on camera comments area stick around. martha: bill: also, the pentagon far from over. the u.s. navy seal hill
7:41 am
behind the front lines. where are we now in that fight in the war on terror? >> this fight is far from over. that point was brought into stark relief by yesterday's attack on peace of forces in northern iraqwhich unfortunately claimed the life of an american servicemen . ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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7:44 am
giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t. . bill: as we mentioned we are waiting for the headline that will be john kasich, expected to speak any moment now. what will he say as he continues his race? his team sent out a number of tweets today talking about our only hope. at one point, now more than other there are two paths. he sent out a video that was clearly made before last night, may 4 be with you. that's a nod to star wars on this star wars fan day and it's a clever spot but we'll see what the governor has to say in a matter of minutes. he said last night he will stay in it until someone gets to 1237. technically he would be
7:45 am
correct, trump is not at 1237 so we will see how he explains that. inside the room we shall go in a moment. in the meantime. martha: first the pentagon admitting there is still a long way to go in the fight against isis. defense secretary asked carter seeing coalition forces have made gains on the terror group since the brussels attack but the fight is far from over which is very clear to everybody that watches the situation as comments coming on day after a navy seal was killed by enemy fire while fighting on the front lines in northern iraq . >> this fight is far from over. and there are great risks and we were reminded of this yesterday when an american servicemember, petty officer first class charles keating, a navy seal was killed while providing advice and assistance for the peshmerga forces north of mosul.
7:46 am
martha: retired navy captain chuck ãis a fox news military analyst and he joins us now. good morning to you.>> good morning? martha: you argue that right now aside, and he's backed by russia are in the process of regrouping and starting a new offensive, a new initiative in syria right? >> absolutely. the cease-fire that was brokered which never really was acease-fire, it was just a cease-fire around damascus , that ended at midnight last night but it didn't matter because the government troops, assad's forces and those aligned with him, have been massing to take back aleppo and they've been doing that even under the cover of the cease-fire and now secretary kerry is laying down another red line saying there will be consequences if any action istaken against aleppo . so assad's days are numbered, that was said five years ago. redline, chemical women's now the new red line is if you move against aleppo which clearly is in the cards,
7:47 am
that's what they've been prepping for for the last several months. martha: we've seen hundreds of thousands of people killed in this situation and as you point out, the first said was there was a red line that was put down if these chemical weapons, we all know what happened with that red line that did not exist as far as the united states was concerned then we heard from hillary clinton and the president, assad must go. within a heartbeat, this whole situation is going to change in course assad is dug in and still killing people and in this case dropping bombs and exploding in areas where we have people that have been trained by the us. >> well, and that's the thing. assad's forces and the russians who are supporting him are mostly attacking the forces that the united states has stood up and trained and is equipping so those are our guys so as to speak. the moderates if you will, moderate rebels and in the meantime while the regime and
7:48 am
russians and our guys are duking it out, isis is free to roam so we are dividing our time, we are working, we the us and their coalition are working against isis but there are no ground forces to go in against isis so that's what you need. we can only use the airpower which is limited by finding your targets. you find targets, mostly infantry targets, you find them with other infantry. you force them to coalesce, defend themselves against the ground force then you bring in all the airpower to take out those defended, dense forces.martha: of course we don't have the numbers on the ground that would allow us to call in those strikes and we seen a tragic mistake that happened at the doctors without borders facility because of that and now we have lost three lives of those who were on the ground in training positions to try to prevent and end the reign
7:49 am
of isis in that area so we got as asked carter says a long way to go.captain ^ thank you very much. good to see you. >> nice to be with you martha. bill: john scott is coming up on happening now, good morning. jon: very big night for donald trump. he won indiana's primary by a huge margin as his path to the nomination gets a whole lot easier. bernie sanders also celebrating a big victory last night but hillary clinton already moving on, anticipating a general election matchup with mister trump. we are also expecting, looking ahead tonext tuesday. fights in west virginia and nebraska. we will have a fox team coverage and in-depth analysis of the results . bill: what a morning it is. jon: it's quite interesting, isn't it? bill: more trouble for millions who have a certain airbag in their car. why thelist of recalls continues to grow plus , anyone home? talk about your unwanted houseguest. whoa.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
the roaming reptile, something you would never think possible. now appearing to ring the doorbell. kind of falls down. and he falls over. in south carolina, the person who captured this video said the gator wandered around the cul-de-sac about an hour. she found scratches on her door , she hopes he will come back and repaint. she didn't let him in though. i don't think he was selling girl scout cookies. she isn't having any of that. jon: largest automobile recall in the us may be getting larger. the list could grow back by tens of millions. doug miguel on nbc on this
7:54 am
and why the expansion? why now? >> ,there is an under pressure from regulators to expand the recall days after another family filed suit against the airbag maker after a the death of a loved one from the faulty airbag. the family of holman on the alleges it had on her back but exploded during a minor accident. the family is suing tk holdings the airbag manufacturer, honda, the company that sold the car and others responsible for maintenance . during the accident the airbag exploded improperly throwing metal shards into holmes neck where cut several arteries. >> the problem is not with the cars or the models. the problems is with the ammonium nitrate in the airbag and if you have this material which is an explosive material, it's tantamount firing off a hand grenade. they should never have placed that material in these airbags.
7:55 am
bill: to people in malaysia died where accidents where airbag and flavors exploded with too much force.the exact cause of death has not been determined but there is an alleged connection between the faulty airbag explosions and long-term exposure to humanenvironments which can make that explosive in the inflator unstable but not all the misfires have happened in human places . >> what makes and models are affected? >> it covers a huge range of these american and european cars, as many as 20 manufacturers in all. here's a list of brands affected but not every car nor every model year of these brands is affected so you need to check with your dealer or the manufacturer for details. the nhtsa will have a news conference later today to announce this expansion. this addition of 35 million inflator to the recall more than doubled the size of the original recall making it the largest recall in automotive history. bill? bill: michaela met in washington dc. martha: will waiting for john kasich to make a statement,
7:56 am
the first time we hear from him after ted cruz decided to exit this race. he will be in virginia in a few moments. last night no indication that john kasich would do anything except fight on. we will take you there live to see if anything has changed . we will be right back. >> in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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martha: so it's may 4, may 4 be with you. it is star wars day everybody. fans all over the world celebrating the film franchise that started in 1977 thanks to luke, hand solo and leah and nearly 40 years later the franchise continues to grow. episode seven is already out on blu-ray, and disney during
8:00 am
up for a new star wars film road on which will hit theaters in time for christmas and i guarantee you i will be in the theater next christmas watching that. good stuff. bill: check in on the fourth later today. martha: may the fourth be with you everybody. we will see you later on radio. jon: new fallout this morning from the stunning results in indiana turning donald trump into the presumptive gop presidential nominee and handing hillary clinton and embarrassing defeats. welcome, i'm on. heather: i'm heather in for jenna lee. who would have seen all this stuff coming what a day. donald trump seen senator ted cruz is quote, one heck of a competitor. cruz dropping out last night after trump's victory put in less than two hundred delegates shy of that magic number, 1237. >> this has been an amazing evening. i didn't expect this and what


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