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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 4, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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campaign. that leaves donald trump as the last gop candidate standing from a pool of 17 last summer. we look at the likely show down between donald trump and hillary clinton. we are covering all of the news now. >> we are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> coming back to it bite her. >> what i said was out of context. >> is it enough to bring win the
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voters. >> he dumped the victims like trash. >> the jury in a trial of an accused serial killer. did he murder ten people? terrifying moments on a hot air balloon ride. what went so terribly wrong. it is all "happening now". we begin with a fox news alert. john kasich will suspend his campaign less than 24 hours after ted cruz threw in the towel. donald trump is on on the path to beginning a nominee. and >> barring theunexpected. everything is not expected this year. >> it is an unexpected campaign year. i am jon scott. thank you for joining us. >> andin am heather nauert.
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hillary clinton and donald trump focusing on attacks of each other and bracing for a six month attack. john kasich will make his statement from columbus, ohio. bernie sanders insists that he is not going anywhere after upsetting clinton in indiana despite with clinton's overwhelming lead in the delegates. >> rich is live for us in washington. >> reporter: good afternoon, jon. governor john kasich is suspending the campaign. and kasich was relying on a strategy of denying donald trump the delegates needed to secure the nomination. and on the following ballots, many of trump's pledged delegates can go for other candidates and kasich can secure
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the nomination. kasich is performing best with the republicans that remain in the race against hillary clinton. a positive tone and campaign would attract delegates and voters. kasich acknowledges that strategy is impossible. kasich won ohio. that's it. he has fewer delegates than marco rubio. trump has 1047. and short less than 200 delegates, trump has no national challenger and hundreds of delegates available to secure the nomination in upcoming primaries. the republican national committee is calling him the nominee. and such opposition, upon republicans will have to choose
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whether they will support trump and his policies or continue to oppose him. most of the former competitor failed to offer support. now he is the only one left. we'll see what kasich does this afternoon in ohio. >> rich joining us from washington, thank you. so what happens now? with kasich leaving the gop stage to donald trump and bernie sanders a thorn in hillary clinton's side. i am joined by the former are spokesperson for george bush. and welcome to both of you, how things change. it was less than 18 hours ago, that the kasich campaign put this post on facebook to supporters. what is next? and it reads tonight's results, meaning the indiana results are not going to alter governor
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kasich's campaign plan. our strategy is winning the nomination in the open convention. kasich will remain unless the candidate roaches the 1237 bound delegates before the convention. what happened? >> the kasich campaign woke up with a political hang over. kasich and his time realizes that donald trump has the momentum in the next coming states with west virginia, new jersey and california to roach 1237. and the other thing is, you had the rnc reince priebus tweet that donald trump would be the nominee, that sends a strong signal to the kasich campaign. >> one of the points he argued, he polled the best against
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hillary clinton. when you look at numbers, according to the latest real clear politics hypothetical match up with kasich and clinton she gets 41 percent and he gets 48 percent. jessica, how do you square that with him dropping out? >> i think mercedes hit the nail on the head. reince priebus said we want to avoid a contested convention and this thoo trump is likely to get to 1237. the party made it clear that is not the case. and it seems like unless they could get resources and everyone can coa lease behind him. but there seems to be something we have seen in the entire
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primary season and political season so far. this is difficulty oven with the kasich cruise folks in the pact in indiana, there was a lack of cohesion and saying no, this is what we are doing. and trump took full advantage of that at every turn. >> talk about lack of cohesion. it is a hypothetical match up between donald trump and bernie sanders and sanders wins this match up. 52- 38 percent. but it doesn't a pore bernie sanders is on track to be the nominee, jessica. >> he is not at this point. and his folks admit he has a very, very narrow path. he won indiana last night and still splits the delegates with hillary. and it is interesting, most of the folks that are sanders
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reporters. those people will stay home, but their bigger concern is donald trump. and if donald trump is on the other side, they will come out and it is not the only reason, but it will motivate them. their big pest fear is having donald trump as president. and i think we'll see an incredible turn out. >> but trump has excited a bunch of people. calling them reagan democrats or whomever you want. he excited a bunch of people who traditionally did not vote republican. >> there is much enthusiasm in the republican party this primary season. but with that being said, for donald trump, he does attract that blue collar reagan democrat to vote for him. he will need to broaden that base and reaching out to college educated and make sure he will bring in women voters. this is an area where he is weak
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and based on how he is filling out with the campaign structure, i think he could in essence and sticks to the right economic message and national security message, he could court those voters. hillary clinton is unlikeable. they are both unlikeable. and she has unlikeable as well. >> donald trump started out with high negative numbers with republicans and look at where we are today. he is about to be the republican nom no and democrats said he will never be elected. but he turned the numbers on the republican side. are you fearful he could do the same thing in the election? >> there is an interesting sort of voter strategy that is going to be happening on both sides. but also we are going to be seeing and there was a lot of talk about p this last night and we heard rumblings with the the
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never trump folks, there is a possibility of having republicans for hillary, particularly those in the foreign affairs field. and i know that the hillary campaign will reach out to those folks. and it is it yes, we are talking reagan democrats for trump. how about republicans for hillary? it is it a race unlike any demographically. and i think it is given all of the consultants a run for the money. >> it is a rocket ride so far. thank you both. nthank you. fox news alert to bring you. new numbers out of the state of new jersey, showing hillary clinton with a massive lead in the polls. clinton has doubled the support that bernie sanders has. 60 percent to tlo percent.
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bernie sanders, he's campaign nothing kentucky and mrs. clinton speaks at a forum in washington. our senior political official mike emmanuel continues from washington, hi, mike. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign is encouraged by the poll numbers in new jersey a feeling like she will be the democratic nominee. clinton invested time in ohio. and hoping with donald trump on the the republican side sell herself to gop voters. she's also trying to turn things around in places where democrats haven't done well in recent cycles. >> i will keep trying to convince people otherwise. that is not what this trip is about. i am here because i do want to be your president, because i believe that our best years can be ahead of us.
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>> bernie sanders is fired up after the critical win in indiana. bernie sanders is competing in kentucky and believe bes the income inequality message will connect with voters. he said it is not over for democrats in virginia or oregon or the blue grass state. >> we'll go to kentucky and oregon and have a good chance to win there. and we will go to another bunch of states and cullinating in the largest state with the most delegates and that is the state of california and we think we have a pretty good chance to win there. >> reporter: the clinton campaign said it is time to allocate resources based on remaining primary states and critical places in the general election. her team wants to be ready for november. >> mike, live for us in
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washington. great to it see you. we have more to come on mefrp's national headquarters. hillary clinton trying to walk back comments she made on the coal industry. is it too late? and air bag maker te cadda made a noupsments that affect millions of vehicles in the u.s. i'm terrible at golf.
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welcome back. with less that i week to g. hillary clinton is grappling with a growing controversy about her recent comments on coal. here's what she said. >> i am the only candidate that has a policy of how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy in coal country. because we are putting a lot of coal miner ares and coal
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companies out of business. >> we are putting a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. that prompted an exchange with an out of work miner. >> how can you say you will put coal miners out of jobs and come in here and tell us how you are going to be our friend? those people out there doesn't see you as a friend. >> what i said was taken out of context. i have talked about helping coal country for a long time. the way things are going now. we'll continue to lose jobs. i feel sad and sorry that i gave folks that the reason or excuse to be so upset with me. that's not what i intended. >> we'll bring in someone with that state. hop py is on the talk line radio show. how is that comment going over
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by hillary clinton? >> like a lead balloon. it really hit home. it was huge news in west virginia and hillary clinton's credit she went to the heart of the coal field to walk it back. but that is very difficult. you played a clip and he summarized the feeling of west virginians. you come and say i didn't mean that and mean something else. that is it a tough sell in a part of the state that is economically challenged. >> people are not giving her the benefit of the doubt on that? >> i don't think so. manchin said he believes her that they will invest in west virginia and move the communities forward after coal. but for the average voter connected with the coal industry that is difficult sell.
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and they are struggling and we'll hear the coal miners out of business. and in a place like virginia. they are direct and to the point and don't pull punches and you hear a politicians claiming that she misstated things, i can't imagine that goes over well. >> you just heard beau. he is a dopely religious guy and he was not disrespectful or mean. how can we believe you? that epitomizes the questions for people in west virginia. it will make it difficult in the race with bernie sanders and if she is the nominee going forward. that will be a trump state in november. >> and sticking with the democrats in november. there is not a lot of reliable consistent polling and our experts that look at polling in west virginia. how do you see things playing
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out between her and bernie sanders. >> sanders was up 2- 1. that has started to change. what i heard so far, hillary clinton has closed the gap to within the margin of error. and some polls have her up a bit. i think it is close on tuesday with a chance of hillary clinton winning west virginia on tuesday. because she has the momentum right now over bernie sanders. >> she might be able to overcome the comments of shutting down the coal business. and how about kasich, how are folks responding to him and ted cruz. >> we are bordering on ohio. it is a nonstory and not a big deal. our polling has shown and i hear people on the talk show. it is not about kasich, it is all about p trump. our polls show 60- 20 or cruz and 60- 30 over cruz. and kasich in or out doesn't
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make a difference. this is a trump state. >> your state is an interesting p one that is blue traditionally and switching to a red state. and we'll watch. and you have new polling numbers coming out. we have the current stuff on and we'll check it out later this weekend. hoppy. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> we are learning more about the tragic death of a u.s. navy seal and how it all unfolded in iraq. and then there's this. incredible video of a heart stopping rescue, american service members leap in action to catch a woman and three kids forced to jump from a burning building.
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>> welcome back, a grouch u.s. service members helping to recue a family from a burning build ping in south korea, take a look at this. terrifying. a woman and three young children were upon trapped on the fourth are floor and the fire department still on its way. the americans gathered on the ground and convinced them to jump. as a parent. that takes your breath, way. >> they grabbed a blanket and caught three children. one was a-year-old and captured the mother as well. the woman only suffered minor injuries and the children walked away without a scratch.
10:26 am
congratulations to the brave men and women there. speaking of brave? >> we are learning about the navy seal killed by isis fighters in iraq. he is identified as charlie keating from phoenix. he was advising forces in northern iraq when he was caught in an intense fire fight. william is following the story from los angeles. >> reporter: jon, advising, but that's what white house insists that the forces in iraq are not fighting isis but advising the partners on the ground. but isis forces used car bombs and bulldozers to attack a u.s. outpost. the quick reaction to rescue the soldiers and isis rpg hit
10:27 am
keating's white suv and there was a gunfire ensued. >> it was 125 enemy fighters involved in this complicated complex attack. >> keating decided to join the military in high school after 9/11. later dropped out of college to enlist and reported to the seal base in san diego. he was age 31. >> i have his wedding announcement on the refrigerator. you know, he was getting married in november or was. i am devastated when i think about that. >> reporter: now as a teenager are keating taped a special in costa rica. he survived on beans and rice for are three weeks. >> first time i got here, if you go past this line and i did that
10:28 am
four times and it was four times and people got upset. they were like bringles. >> reporter: in high school c4 was a warm and friendly and empathetic kid. unlike charlie keating who cost taxpayers and and convicted in fraud. he served four years in prison. c4 was not a shy kid and loved his grandfather and the past is the past. and the flags fly the at half mast. >> what a brave and handsome young man. and a lot of people sad about that and around the country. another story right now, one of the largest recalls in history is about p to get bigger.
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in a statement 5:00 p.m. eastern time. as trump and clinton have insurmountable leads in the delegate count. they are focusing on the general election. but both clinton and trump have obstacles to overcome, very high negatives. trump with a 65 percent unfavorable rating and hillary clinton doesn't fare better. 55 percent of the voters view her unfavorably. we'll talk to david web who is a fox news contributor and liz is a strategist and contributor to forbes'.comand co-host of steel and under. welcome to bofth you gentlemen. >> good political morning. and how things have changed. talk about the kasich news.
10:34 am
he will dropout in three and half-hours and suspend the campaign. are you surprised? >> no, he was fourth in a two- man race. there was no path. there was no way to make the aufrment logically at -- argument logically. >> but so many delegates who wanted to vote for someone else. >> we heard that last night. kasich said he was staying in until the end. i was scratching my head. where was the logic. it will go on the first ballot to mr. trump. you figure he has something he games to get impact the platform or rulings. any way you went at it. it was a big 0. you had to know he would dropout. >> after indiana, you are convinced that there was no way donald trump will not go in with the delegates.
10:35 am
>> the math works in his favor. the cruz argument unbound delegates would vote for him. that meant they could vote for donald trump and momentum has a lot to do with this. >> and now no one is running against him. he will get it. i don't think he will need california at this point. i think he will have it wrapped up before he gets there. >> talking about the negatives. this is going to be a heck of an election. t two presummative nominees have unfavorable. >> do they offset each other in upon one with the base supporters and two sets of negatives. donald trump is a businessman given to both republicans and democrats and played the business game and hillary clinton with a history they
10:36 am
would like to forget on the democratic side. white water and scandal and a track record that trump can use against her and the independents may pay attention to especially the older ones that vote. >> but a lot of those haven't heard of those. >> both of them are doing terribly with the younger one. it is not the obama coalition that brought in. and so the case has to be made that the other negatives go to the largest block of women and independent voters and tie that to them. >> i view it differently. i think it is elections turn out to be turn out elections, this will be the turn out election of all time. well are enough democrats that are not happy with hillary and republicans that are not happy with mr. trump. the question will be who will turn out to vote for those
10:37 am
candidates because they dislike the others. the bernie supporters, will they turn out and vote for hillary. kids have a funny way of staying home. >> and low average. >> you have republicans that turn out. and they are not necessarily happy about their candidate. it will be a big turn out. nturn out has been higher in the primary season. does that bode well? >> i don't know that it does. high turn out those against trump said he was not getting majorities. for so long polaritiy victories. in the end of the day it is it the independents. in the open primaries, that could be an indicator in the change of the electorate. the electorate has changed. trump can capitalize that and the split with the unions. she is appealing to the
10:38 am
leadership. and the ua w. and reagan democrats and coal country. look at the work now. there is a fracture in the black community. 40 or 50 years of failure and return on the investment baltimore and philadelphia and all of the other cities, detroit that are broken. blacks are looking at it differently. >> i don't think she has to worry about the blacks. but the union is interesting issue. people forget unions did get behind republicans and richard nixon it is probably the last one. but the question will be can hillary get all of the unions in the fold. she has most. and what the union leadership does is different than the members. they are often reagan democrats. they are now republicans. and so we are going to have to see about that.
10:39 am
i think hillary clinton has the edge with those people but it will be close. >> voters are looking for outsider candidates and bernie sanders is doing well. and donald trump locked up the republican nomination. and so the fact that he is newer on the scene politically than hillary clinton is. she's been front and center in politics. and does that work to his advantage? >> it does. i have gone to the bernie rallies and clinton and trump rallies, they don't like it, clinton one word answers she is old and stale and part of the establishment. trump is new hot and hip and that is something about the popularity contest that is a general election and the reality is popularity contest win if you look at it. >> i agree with him. now hot and hip, not my idea.
10:40 am
>> but to the voter he is. one of the first things any candidate has to do is get your attention. trump has that factor. >> ask the 16 other republicans. >> i think they are talking about the three of you. new, hot and hip for sure. fox news alert. the largest automobile recall. more than 40 million cars are recalled due to faulty air bags made by tackada. it could take up to four years. >> reporter: the problem of the air bags involves the propelet. it is ammonia nitrate and explosives. it changes as it gets older and causing it to burn to quickly as
10:41 am
soon in the test by the highway transportation. it affects a far larger number of a bags. the expansion of the recall, effectively doubles the number of vehicles recalled. the national highway traffic safety is aware of more than 1100. brokening facial bones and loss of eye sigh and teeth and pran injuries. there have been 11 deaths world wide. a family alleges that the air bag threw metal and killed her in the neck. >> the problem is not the cars, it is the ammonium nitrate.
10:42 am
it is 40 percent of the power of the hand grenade, takeda should never have placed the material. >> it recalls 22 manufacturers. not every model is affected. one contributing factor to the ruptures appears to be long- term exposure to heat and humidity. you should take immediate action. >> that is a shame. they can speed things along so it doesn't take four years. >> new developments in the trial of an alleged serial killer. defense attorneys for the man known as the grim sloper unveiling a new theory to what they say may have committed ten murders. and gusty winds turn
10:43 am
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>> a square in germany. several passengers had to be tweeted for shock after a balloon was violently shaken by gusty wins. it is tied down. and there were 20 people in the basket and they had to crouch down to keep from getting out. >> it will come down and the wind came down. >> no one was hurt amazingly police say. new information on a serial killer trial we have followed on "happening now". a california jury in deliberations following the closing arguments in the trial of lonnie franklin junior. the former sanitation worker is
10:47 am
accused being what they called the grim reaper killer. he is charged with killing ten women. one of franklin's relatives might be the real killer. here is brian sill rer and ashley merchant. explain the new theory that went before the jury? >> i don't think i can explain it and i don't think anybody else can to be honest. if the dna in the case is reliable and that is a question in every dna case. why is it on victim after victim? and why were the bullets found in seven victims found to be matching a gun in his house. no matter what theory they want to conjuror, in the end of the trial it is it not supported by the evidence and it flies in the face of all of the heavy, heavy evidence that proves guilt.
10:48 am
that is the problem. >> that is explained to folks. he is now claiming that a relative of his may have placed the dna evidence in the crime scenes. and what is interesting about that? that is an argument before the jury went in deliberation. is it even plausible and what is the point >> while i continuing is unlikely, the defense has certain things to argue. they can argue that someone else did it. you have dna and gun found in the home, the only other explanation to offer, is that someone else in the family could have done it. that's what they are doing, putting forth a reasonable determination of guilt and that shifts the burden back to the state and the state has to disprove that theory. that's what they are doing.
10:49 am
>> and brian. you think there is an argument to be made that the defense is showing they made a sufficient defense. they say we threw everything at the wall? >> that is the problem. you know, i don't believe in the shotgun defense and you spray everything a million different ways. you have to walk in with a cohesive theory and jives. in the end of the day, the jury will use common sense. you can't walk in with a case breaking theory in the bottom of the 9th. it doesn't work lake that. and they did that here and they will lose. >> ashley? >> you have to go with what you have. they have dna and gun and victim who can testify. and so they didn't have another theory to argue. and the defense attorney was trying to come over the claim and do the best. >> one brave woman who managed to get away.
10:50 am
the grim sleeper. he stopped and then came back again. terrorizing people in los angeles a long time. thanks merchant. thanks a lot. good to see you both. a shocking new report out about a leading cause of death right here in the united states. >> we spend a lot of money on heart disease and cancer. the number one and two causes of death. it's time to recognize the third leading cause of death, medical care gone awry. real cheese people
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show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. hi everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. soon, there will be one unless something else weird happens. donald trump will be the republican nominee for president. how will he raise enough money to compete when word is gop
10:54 am
donors aren't going to drop a dime? who should trump pick for vp? we're going to reveal top picks to you. now we know who made the 911 call the day prince died. who was it? new details on how that person could have saved his life. just minutes from now. >> it's the study that has a lot of medical patients paying severe attention. like getting the wrong medicine or a doctor leaves a tool inside the body after surgery or even operates on the wrong body part. a new study from johns hopkins finds medical errors are a leading cause of death in the u.s. jonathan terry takes a look at the epidemic of troubles live from atlanta. jonathan? >> hi john. this research team believes the problem is grossly underreported. they blame an antiquated system that dates back to the paper records of the late 1940s.
10:55 am
listen. >> the government tallies are statistics using billing codes. that's a logical flaw. people don't die from billing codes. they die from patient handoffs and fragmented care like they do from bacteria and from cancer. researchers at johns hopkins analyze individual studies on medical errors to come up with a nationwide estimate of the number of death a year. if accurate, that would place medical error as the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer and more lethal than lung disease and car crashes. they publish these. include adding an extra box on death certificates to ask whether a preventible complication from medical care was a contributing factor in the death. they want a standardized method of reporting and collecting information on medical errors to paint a more accurate national picture so medical providers can
10:56 am
learn from their mistakes. this is one area where the health care industry could learn from the aviation industry and how it handles air crash investigations. john? >> pilot checklists also making their way into medicine as i understand it. >> exactly. >> thanks very much. jonathan serrie. >> i like that idea. coming up next, a miracle rescue of man's best friend. watch. >> i thought it was a buoy. gosh, there's something moving. >> saw his little nose sticking up out of the water. >> it's a pup. >> the survival story on the high seas that you will not want to miss.
10:57 am
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in our final 30, a story of survival. look at this cute little jack russell terrier.
11:00 am
he fell off his owner's boat in the gulf of mexico. was swept away and then another boater found him swimming in a life vest. three hours later he was tired but he's been reunited with his owner. >> what are the chances of that? wow. thanks everybody for joining us today. >> the real story starts now. tons going on in the race for the white house. the presidential field shedding another candidate. hi everybody. i'm gech en carlson. this is the real story. ohio governor john kasich will hold a news conference. he's expected to confirm what we learned. he's suspending his campaign. this is as donald trump goes towards -- texas senator ted cruz of course, dropping out of the race following that crushing defeat. still live in indiana, in gary today. jeff, why is kasich dropping out now after he put out a big ad a couple hours before and he said he was staying in? >> exactly.


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